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RE: Maps of where you have been

I will apologize for my tirade also. Drove too many miles and got cutoff by too many maroons I guess! Isn't that being a bit racist? How did you know they were Maroons ? Or did you mean a sort of purplish red colour (color for you those that speak American!) Or did you really mean morons? Just in a "Stir the Pot" mood today :B
Canadian Rainbirds 08/28/14 12:40pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2002 Monaco

Another question: it has a 350 HP Cummins/Allison 6 spd with about 70K. How many more miles might this combo go? What do I need to look for right now? We have the same engine and same year. Only expensive problems were the fuel pump about 5 years ago and we broke an injector line last year. Lots of rough roads, Alaska to Mexico, not to mention the I-5 :) We have a bit over 100,000 miles on it. PS Carry a spare serpentine belt. Don't ask me why I know that! :S But you can read about it here.
Canadian Rainbirds 08/26/14 11:06am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Plugged in or not..

It really depends on your converter/charger. If it will maintain at a good float voltage (13.2 approx) then you are good to go. Some controllers aren't so good at that and can over charge the batteries.
Canadian Rainbirds 08/26/14 10:46am Class A Motorhomes
RE: medical insurance travelling to and from Mexico, from Canada

Hi CC; We're across the bay from you at Willis Point! We get our out of country Medical from Westland Insurance in Victoria and have been for decades. It's quite a bit cheaper than what you quoted and we're both a bit older than you. We also get our homeowners insurance and our BC vehicle insurance through them and they are very good a assisting us with our vehicle insurance refunds for the time we are in Mexico. Highly recommended. Send me a PM if you want my phone number. Art
Canadian Rainbirds 08/26/14 10:39am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: inverter and start batteries

Until you identify the problem I would turn the inverter charger OFF. Most likely suspect is that you have a battery with dead cell. So, your inverter/charger is trying to charge a 10 VDC battery as if it were a 12 VDC battery. Take the battery in and have it load tested. X2
Canadian Rainbirds 08/25/14 01:56pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tub girgling when filling grey tank

I am hooked up to the campsite water and I have a plastic thing that holds my toilet valve open so the water runs and I can fill the black tank to 1/2 or more full. You do NOT need to do this. In 99% of all MH's the sink in your bathroom dumps into your black tank. Simply open the faucet in the sink to fill your black tank. Takes a whole lot less time and fuss. 99%? I don't think so. In our last three, only one (a Triple E) did. Our Horizon does not. However, they all should be plumbed this way. Who needs 40 or 50 gallons of Black Tank! :E
Canadian Rainbirds 08/24/14 10:45am Tech Issues
RE: Dreaded Norcold NO CO error - Looking for help diagnosing

Is yours in a slide? We had problems with ours last year in Mexico. When installed in a slideout the there are two fans that are impossible to reach and a thermal switch on the fins behind the upper wall vent. We bypassed the switch and once the fans started running we had no further problem. In Yuma on the way home we asked a tech to replace the switch. The switch was fine--the connections had become a bit corroded! :S
Canadian Rainbirds 08/24/14 10:37am Class A Motorhomes
RE: motor on hwh leveling system

I have one. Mine did the same thing then quit in Whitehorse YT and they replaced almost the entire unit including the reservoir. Had the motor "repaired" in Mexico. It's sitting in my driveway ready for anyone who wants to take it away. You're probably too far away.
Canadian Rainbirds 08/24/14 10:30am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Why buy out of California

We bought ours in Arizona and took delivery in California! The rig was being exported to Canada so no taxes. Just couldn't register it in AZ for several years.
Canadian Rainbirds 08/24/14 10:24am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Mounting large TV... Ceiling?

:E I had no idea there was an extreme RV show! I need to find this show! Emaay, I'll definitely post pics of however we end up doing it. I need to check out the ceiling and see what we're working with first, but hopefully there's some supports up there somewhere that we can use. Extreme RV? How's this: RV Racing
Canadian Rainbirds 08/23/14 04:51pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: RV Drivers License

The idea to just pick it up and drive it home because the police won't know the laws is probably true; but in certain circumstance a couple of hundred dollar fine may be the least of your worries. If you are involved in an accident and it goes to a civil trial I can assure you that any competent attorney will find out that you were operating without a valid license and will use that against you. X2 I know that in British Columbia, driving without a valid drivers licence FOR THE TYPE OF VEHICLE that you are driving is essentially driving without a valid licence. AND the insurance will not cover you except for third party liability--if you or anyone else in your vehicle is injured you will not be covered for those injuries nor will your vehicle damage be repaired EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT AT FAULT. For that reason my DW got an air brake endorsement on her DL. (I already had mine.) Does your home state have an air brake permit requirement? In any case, in airbrake course is highly recommended.
Canadian Rainbirds 08/23/14 04:40pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Over the door awning

The Dometic Oasis Elite over the entry door has a motor that is burned out and a replacement is no longer available as Dometic no longer sells or supports this model. I would like to go to a manual awning as a replacement. My rig is a 2006 Winnebago Vectra. Any experience with this situation or insight into getting a manual replacement. Thanks for any help I can get. We just replaced the motor on our 2002 Horizon, likely the same awning. They are sort of right. The same motor is not availabe, HOWEVER the tech was able to install a new motor (which fits INSIDE the roller tube) with minor modifications--just screw holes I think. This is a "Before" pic (you can see why we had to replace it; they don't do well with overhead tree branches :S ) http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-DA-Qy70KLOA/U7zKt38qOoI/AAAAAAAAHcU/zlVJ_o_4jDY/s1600/DSCN1576.JPG height=400 I'll try to get a pic of the new installation in a day or so.
Canadian Rainbirds 08/23/14 04:28pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Butane prices along West Coast Mexico?

In the high county, where it gets cold at night (Patzcuaro etc) it's usually Propane. If the sign says Propano, it's propane. If it says Gas it could be butane or mix. Sorry I couldn't tell you the price, I just pay it!
Canadian Rainbirds 08/19/14 06:06pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Why should I switch to golf cart 6v batteries

Mexicowanderer probably knows more about lead acid batteries and their care and feeding than everyone else on this forum combined. Follow his advice. For us, changing from 2 group 24s to 4 GCs was a good move but we do depend on them when shore power is inadequate, which is frequent, in Mexico. We did have to slightly modify the battery compartment to deal with the extra height and are very pleased that we did. IF you don't drycamp/boondock regularly or for long periods the group 24s will probably be fine. If $$ aren't a consideration, go for the GCs. Another note: how well do you look after the batteries that you have? A little preventive maintenance can increase battery life.
Canadian Rainbirds 08/18/14 07:49pm Tech Issues
RE: Replacing Batteries

Hi, I would not use the T-125. I don't know why PT said that but I do know that he has a lot of first hand realtime experience with solar and batteries so I would pay serious attention to any of his comments.
Canadian Rainbirds 08/18/14 07:34pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: O.K. ... Here's a bona-fide 'stupid' question...

I suspect the shows are basically scripted and the potential buyers have already completed the purchase and are just reliving the process for the cameras and 10 minutes of fame. Wish they would do a one year follow up. Might be a bit different prospective after the coach sits at the dealer for weeks waiting on warranty repairs. X2 Would love to see a follow up! :S:M:E
Canadian Rainbirds 08/18/14 07:31pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: To solar or not to solar? That is the question....

Yes, do the solar thing. While you are at it, install a decent PSW inverter, 2000 Watts minimum. And take along a 40 Amp or better portable battery charger that you can plug into shore power directly. Often shorepower at Mexican RV parks is less than adequate, sometime dangerously low, or high, or both, depending on time of day. The reason for the other charger is that it is unlikely to be damaged by poor line voltage yet will give some charge to the batteries. If you have lots and lots of panels and never camp under trees or other shaded places you could skip the charger, but it is a good backup if you need to charge and can't or don't want to use your generator. When we are camped with shorepower in Mexico we usually leave the inverter enabled. Our inverter (Xantrex Prosine 2.0) will cut power to the coach if incoming AC is out of spec. Leaving the inverter enabled means the TV doesn't switch off in the middle of something "important" :) We disable the invert function at bedtime and when we are out. We have often found sites where in shorepower is unusable; open ground or hot/neutral reversed. In these cases the portable battery charger can be put into play if the usage exceeds the solar charging.
Canadian Rainbirds 08/17/14 07:26pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Reupholstery

We have had upholstery redone in 2 motorhomes in Mexico. The first one was done in light coloured cotton and it was impossible to clean! The second was done in high quality vinyl (what they use in pleasure boats) which was fine. Until one of the dogs climbed onto the sofa trying to get out the window to escape the noise of nearby fireworks! Mexicowanderer lives in Mexico, he should know!
Canadian Rainbirds 08/11/14 06:00pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Determining AH rating of aging batteries

Here are the words of the Master, Mexicowanderer: Equalizing
Canadian Rainbirds 08/10/14 01:11pm Tech Issues
RE: Replace failed RV fridge with "apartment" fridge & inverter?

What batteries are looking at? I really don't understand how you could have enough battery AH for the fridge if it won't accept the current from a 400 Watt solar array, maybe 20 Amps or so. (Isc X Voc) I have 4 GCs that will yield supposedly 484 AH. The theoretical C20 charging rate is 96.8 Amps. (484 X 20%) I have my Xantrex inverter/charger set for 96 Amps. My 420 Watts of battery seldom provide much over 20 Amps, about a 5th of max charge rate. If I were to run a residential fridge in our rig (the plan if/when the Norcold gives up the ghost) I'd add more panels to give us somewhere around 600-750 watts total. I would also consider adding a couple of AGMs and feed them separately with a couple of panels and inverter.
Canadian Rainbirds 08/10/14 12:52pm Tech Issues
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