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RE: Power Wahser to Clean Rear Radiator

Do not use regular Simple Green as it leaves a residue. Use Extreme Simple Green The other reason to use Simple Green Extreme is that it is Aluminum-friendly. And most CAC (Charge Air Coolers) are aluminum. Remember, the VAST majority of the dirt is on the front of the CAC, which "filters" the dirt before it gets to the radiator which is behind the CAC on the vast majority of rear radiator coaches. X2 or 3 on the Extreme Simple Green. We have used it with success, washed off with a garden hose. Never thought of spinning the fan as someone mentioned earlier. I wonder why I didn't. :h :S Rig was in the shop last week and they said it didn't need cleaning! :)
Canadian Rainbirds 07/28/14 08:17pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Microwave not working, convection OK

I would suspect the magnetron. This is what produces the microwave radiation and could be a bit pricy. NOT a fix it your self item. Microwave circuitry can be complex and dangerous. Best to take it in to a repair shop. Or, depending on age might be time for a new one. magnetrons usually fail very soon (warranty) or will last a long time if not abused (micro wave run with nothing (or very small amounts) in it. Like reving an engine with no load. It could also be a fuse which is again probably for the shop.
Canadian Rainbirds 07/28/14 08:05pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Aux battery

Thanks for the reply: Heres what I know, cant get in touch with the guy I got it from. The camper is an 85-86 Pilgrim,11'3". When I got it the entire interior had been redone, including all new plumbing, all new wiring including a new converter. When I say new I mean approx. 5 yrs ago. I cant get to the rig right away, its at the storage lot. But I can take some pics tomorrow and forward. That's the problem I don't see any battery wiring, I don't think he got that far, but I can tell you he was a plumber and he had the wiring professionally done, guy did a nice job from what I can see. Thx Ray It's very possible the guy installed a converter/charger, but never connected batteries. When you post the model of the unit, that will tell the story. Exactly! No point guessing until he/we knows what he has.
Canadian Rainbirds 07/28/14 12:36pm Tech Issues
RE: Broken off anode blues!

You might also try vinegar to really clean the scale from inside the tank: Fill the tank with a 1:4 or 1:2 mix of white or pickling vinegar and water. You could turn the heater on for a while, the reaction is faster if the solution is hot. Leave it sit for 6 to 12 hours, flush and rinse well. You may need to do this once more. We have a water distiller for drinking water in the stick house and have to descale it this way every two weeks or so.
Canadian Rainbirds 07/28/14 12:31pm Tech Issues
RE: What did you do to your Class A MH today???

Brought it back from the shop ready for another year. The good news: Transmission service NOT required at this time.
Canadian Rainbirds 07/24/14 10:22pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Lithium Ion vs Lead Acid

One of my nieces' husbands. . . hmm, lets rephrase that. :o The husband of one of my nieces is an engineer with an electric vehicle/lithium battery company and this year he had been twice to Europe to replace the batteries and/or drives in a couple of large ferries. Guess it's coming. I tried to get him to design me an electric toad that could be towed 4 down and recharge if necessary while doing do. He declined!
Canadian Rainbirds 07/23/14 09:24am Tech Issues
RE: Personalized plates

Not on a rig but I saw a car with a tow bar on the front. Vanity Plate? RIBBIT. On our motorhome: VA7RV. Not Personal (Vanity) Plates as such, but Ham Plates, issued on request (for a small one time fee)to Ham Radio operators using their Ham Radio callsign. I was lucky to find that call not yet issued when we bought a motorhome and was able to pay for a second callsign.
Canadian Rainbirds 07/23/14 09:10am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Misread Trojan Battery Manual

I've not seen this particular Link before. I like the "tips on how to maximize your battery life" at the bottom: As a general rule of thumb, the total amps from your PV panels should be sized between 10% and 20% of the total amp-hours (Ah) of the battery pack. I deliberately lowered my battery capacity so that my solar can just barely reach 10%. 198 watts for a 130 A/h battery I've taken some minor grief here and there on this forum for employing this strategy. So a 210 amp 6v pair of GC-2's should get between 21 and 42 amp/hours capacity from the solar panels, for the day, if I am reading that correctly? I get 6.5 to 7 amps/hour at as close to 15.0V as I can for a Trojan T -1275... and 50% of a 150 amp hr battery is 75 amps to be replaced max, per day. No way I am going to get that kind of output come short days of winter and the sun low on the horizon. Summer time, yes. I think many are misinterpreting this. I am pretty sure what is meant is to charge at the C10 or C20 the AH rate, ie for a 210 AH battery the MAX charging rate should be 21 Amps (C10) or 42 Amps (C20) That is the charging current in AMPS, not total AMP HOURS. When the batteries are low they will accept for example a max of 42 amps which will reduce as the batteries approach full charge. On a somewhat related note, my BlueSky solar controller will supply a max of 25 Amps. BUT at that current there is a full volt drop between the controller and the battery because of the long #6 leads so although the battery had only reached 13.8 volts the controller thought they had reached 14.8V and began to reduce the charge voltage. To try overcome this I increased the controller output voltage but this of course allowed the battery voltage to go too high when the current (and thus voltage drop loss) decreased. The point of this last: Ensure that the solar controller is very close to the batteries or at least use a controller with remote battery voltage sense.
Canadian Rainbirds 07/22/14 09:55am Tech Issues
RE: What did you do to your Class A MH today???

Took it to the shop for a small list: Lube oil etc, incl transfluid; check rear rad for gunk-clean if necessary; check and advise re rear seal leak; find and repair slow air leak (drops to 40 pounds in 12 hours, down to 60 in 2) estimate cost for paint on an oops; And finally have a good look for any loose or wearing wiring harnesses etc.
Canadian Rainbirds 07/22/14 09:30am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Hot battery

Gaetan, I hope you come back to this thread: Read again and follow "westend"s advice if you haven't already. Bon chance.
Canadian Rainbirds 07/21/14 11:47pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery Watering Time

I added the pro fil watering system to mine last week. The only way to put the water in before was to remove the battery's. The pro fil system was so easy to install and now I can make sure they have the right amount of water all the time. X2 Then I got forgot and they (4 GCs) took about 2 liters (Quarts +/- for you old fashioned Americans that don't do metric :B ) Now I do it every couple of months, more often when in Mexico and my less than perfect (much less) solar charging system tends to overcharge down there.
Canadian Rainbirds 07/21/14 11:33pm Tech Issues
RE: new class c that bounces way too much

If you are planning a trip to the West Coast, try these guys.
Canadian Rainbirds 07/21/14 11:25pm Tech Issues
RE: ? for the battery gurus...

Hopefully Mexicowanderer will chip in here. What he doesn't know about lead acid batteries isn't worth knowing. But I don't think you did it any good!
Canadian Rainbirds 07/21/14 09:17pm Tech Issues
RE: Question about diesel brakes

Thank you for the information. I appreciate learning from you all. I wonder what my Mandalay has? (2005 Freightliner/Cummins 400hp). It stops on a dime and has an exhaust brake as well. We just didn't know if that was standard to have half air/disk and half drum, all drum or all air and what is preferable. Does anyone know what Tiffin Allegro Bus has Thanks again. You will have air brakes all the way round. The drum brakes are air brakes.
Canadian Rainbirds 07/20/14 06:58pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: HWH Hydraulic Jacks

It sounds like a relay operating (click). If you do not hear the hydraulic pump motor running it could be several things from dirty/corroded connections to an open winding on the motor. Find the relay, (follow the click) check for voltage in and out, check the connections, (don't just look, remove, clean, replace) There may be fuses at the motor, there are several in ours, which is a bit newer so it may be different. When our slides quit (same motor as jacks) the problem was an intermittent winding on the motor. Had to get the assembly replaced. Good luck and please let us know what you find.
Canadian Rainbirds 07/20/14 06:53pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: XANTREX inverter charger

I have a Xantrex Prosine 2.0 If the batteries are low it will charge at 96A (The level I set) then decrease. I suspect you have a battery issue. You can set the charge rate to what the max the battery should have. You still didn't answer what "era" is. That's new to me too.
Canadian Rainbirds 07/18/14 12:02pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Question Toll Fees Durango To Mazatlan ?

Clicky I had to cut and paste this URL several times to make it work. Seems OK now.
Canadian Rainbirds 07/17/14 11:53am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Solar panel

I use an old one to trickle charge the starting battery on my 5KW generator in the stick house. The battery used to go dead at least every year before that.
Canadian Rainbirds 07/14/14 07:10pm Tech Issues
RE: Need help with tow wiring

Pull the taillight assembly. There is lots of room as said above and easy find the correct wires.
Canadian Rainbirds 07/14/14 07:00pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: HWH levelling jacks fluid tank

Found the vent. Now, what can I use for fluid? Will power steering fluid work? Not power steering fluid. Transmission Fluid. Or, you can just get the fluid from HWH. HWH uses Dextron 3 trans fluid. The HWH fluid IS Dextron 3 but does not have the red dye. Doug As always, Doug has it right. My HWH manual says the same thing.
Canadian Rainbirds 07/14/14 12:50pm Class A Motorhomes
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