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RE: How do you answer when a stranger asks about MPG?

I also sometimes say "I don't really care. It gets better mileage than my boat ever did"!
Canadian Rainbirds 07/26/16 12:17am Class A Motorhomes
RE: How do you answer when a stranger asks about MPG?

I'll tell them that we get about 6.5-7.0 mpg and then say 'what does your house get'? (stole that from somebody as I thought it was a funny answer). They usually laugh. MM. Me too! (though we average 8.2 over 8 years with our "small" DP and 5.9L Cummins)
Canadian Rainbirds 07/26/16 12:15am Class A Motorhomes
RE: New 6 volt batteries, problem?

I saw 13.2 at the batteries while the engine is running. This is, all, however immediate after being plugged in for 3 days into the PD 9270. Bought a hydrometer on the way here. One battery shows 1250-1255. The other is a healthy 1270-1275. The low one also shows .06v lower than the other. Possible bad battery? Is every cell in the one battery 1.250-1.255, or just one cell? This is too low. Battery or cell is not charged. You need to charge this battery at 7.5-8.0 Volts until the specific gravity stops rising. If you don't have a "6" volt charger that will do this use the "12" volt charger. You may have to put it in equalise mode to get this. When SG stops rising that cell or cells is charged. If not up to 1.265 or better and is not rising with 15-16 volts (7.5-8 using one battery) then that cell has had it. Get the replacements offered by your dealer. Best to do this charging with ALL LOADS off the battery. Also, watch the cells for electrolyte level. When charging or equalising, there should be enough electolyte to cover the plates and keep them covered. DO NOT over fill--the fast gassing can cause the electrolyte to spill over. Once the batteries are fully charged then top up the electrolyte with distilled water to just below the notch. If the weak cell(s) come up to an acceptable level and stay within the range of the other cells after that then the battery is likely OK, though you should keep an eye on its SG. If it always falls much lower than the others, replace it.
Canadian Rainbirds 07/24/16 12:21am Tech Issues
RE: Zacatecas Options

Park on the side of the lot by the building. DO NOT park under the trees on the highway side unless you like your rig covered in bird s#it by morning! You don't need to ask me how I know this! :E
Canadian Rainbirds 07/23/16 12:38am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: rv to Lake Chapala area

I agree with Brian/Sue. We too use Lewis and Lewis, and can attest from 1st hand personal experience the help you can get from the Broker should there be an issue with the adjuster. Here is a link to our blog which describes our several crossings from Texas (Laredo, Columbia Bridge) and also one of the "horror" stories that you hear about, our Jeep being stolen. Note that this incident did NOT prevent our returning to Mexico. Here is a better link to part of our blog starting with our crossing at Columbia Bridge in November 1015 Be prepared to spend at least an hour dealing with paperwork at Aduana and Inmagracion. There are usually two stops and inspections; one at the border and a main one several (often 20 or more) kilometers south of the crossing. Buen Viaje
Canadian Rainbirds 06/11/16 03:40pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: San Carlos-Nogales VFR Direct?

We usually do Mazatlan to San Carlos in one long day, don't really like the alternatives, either crappy so called RV parks or a long detour. This year, due to a broken serpentine belt just south of Los Mochis we stayed at the large Pemex just south of the city. They have a large overnight lot in the back. Lots of trucks so a but noisy. There were 4 other RVs there that night. San Carlos to Nogales in very doable in a long day. We usually go to Ajo, crossing at Sonoyta/Lukeville and arrive at Ajo about 5:00 PM. IF you go that route note that the Inmagracion at the checkpoint closes at 4:00 PM IF you need to get you passport stamped and turn in your FMT. You can do that at Sonoyta but parking in extremely limited.
Canadian Rainbirds 05/10/16 09:04pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: San Carlos-Nogales VFR Direct?

Watch your speed going through Hermasillo. It is 60 KM/H for a long way. The police love that. As you enter Hermasillo your left turn is just a few blocks ahead. Watch for the large overpass and KEEP RIGHT. Don't go over the overpass. Keep in the right lane and turn at (just past) the hotel on the right. I forget it's name for the moment, if I recall it I'll post it here.
Canadian Rainbirds 05/10/16 08:55pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: That Wanderer Gringo

He posted on Zihuatanejo.net board this afternoon. Sounding like his old self.
Canadian Rainbirds 05/06/16 11:36pm Tech Issues
RE: Anyone have any experience with this inverter.

Sorry I have no experience with AIMS inverter. Does it still look like this? Yes I believe some consideration should be given for more ventilation. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-xuNJJb1wGVA/UtxPWcXS9kI/AAAAAAAAHZY/OJ0nZYZj_Yo/s1600/DSCN4112.JPG width=600 I understand the appeal of the all in one. However my preference is for separate components. Yes, pretty much though I have since added a solar controller! Yep. More heat. HOWEVER when we are parked, especially in Mexico, I leave the door open. The extra cords and such are now stored elsewhere. I have some concerns with venting that compartment re ingress of moisture to the electrical compartment. Perhaps a couple of marine type vents, as seen on pleasure boats, in the door might do the job. As for the separate components (also recommended by Xantrex when talking with them when this first failed) the lack of space would mean extremely long cables.
Canadian Rainbirds 04/29/16 12:59pm Tech Issues
RE: Anyone have any experience with this inverter.

Sorry no experience on that specific inverter Have dealt with that resale Store and had several good experiences Did you have any luck trying to get it repaired? I have lots of parts for those old Prosine units No one locally wants to touch it. I wish we had been able to drop it off at your place but we had some rig problems and needed to get home.
Canadian Rainbirds 04/29/16 12:51pm Tech Issues
Anyone have any experience with this inverter.

My Xantrex Prosine 2.0 has died. This is the second one in 8 years. Don't have a lot of room so I am looking for a 2KW PSW inverter/charger with Minimum 50 Amp up to 100 Amp battery charger. (4 GCs at the moment) This one does not have the programmable settings that the Xantrex has but for the price will this one do a reasonable job?
Canadian Rainbirds 04/28/16 04:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Campers with gross mass over 3.5 tons

This is a major cause for concern for us as we have a truck camper. If we were to get a 10 year TIP for the camper ( which we have had to get once before)would this solve the problem? I believe that for a 10 year TIP the vehicle registration must define the vehilce as an RV or Motorhome.
Canadian Rainbirds 04/27/16 01:47pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Tow bar

Roadmaster Stowmaster All Terrain towbar and the Brake Master which operates from the motorhomes air brakes. I really like their All Terrain towbars, easy to disconnect even if not parked straight or level. 32' DP towing Jeep Wrangler.
Canadian Rainbirds 04/20/16 07:00pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: RV parks or dry camping near Taxco

The link is correct, and I have stayed there in the past. However, there are some incorrect postings on the left side of their Facebook page that refer to the Gulf coast. There is also an El Paraiso near San Blas. When I saw the map on the left that is what I looked at. Why is the wrong map link the first map link you see? They need to fix that. The link posted by Briansue took me to the right page and the right map. I recognised it immediately, we had checked it out quite a few years ago, I'm guessing 12 years--it has improved much since then. We stayed closer to Chiconquoc at Trailer Park Campestre which then was very new--we were the first Gringos there and had to wait half a day for the power to be wired into the site. We visited again (by car) about 10 years ago and it was pretty much complete, lots of permanent Mexican rigs there. These are both in the 4th edition of the Church book.
Canadian Rainbirds 04/17/16 04:22pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: RV parks or dry camping near Taxco

Lots of room at El Paraiso, Amacuzac, about 30 miles from Taxco El Paraiso Trailer Park That link shows it to be on the Gulf of Mexico at least a days drive to Taxco which is south west of Mexico City. The nearest RV park to Taxco would be near Cuernavaca. There are a couple there though we havent been to them in yearsd.
Canadian Rainbirds 04/14/16 01:50pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: river barge tours

One of the best trips DW and I did was for our 20th wedding anniversary. She was informed of the flight 4 days before, and the big surprise 2 day before because we had to buy wet/cold weather gear: A canal boat (narrow boat) trip in Yorkshire, England accompanied by BIL, SIL and two large dogs! A skippered trip (he went home at the end of the day and came back each morning!) gave us both confidence and privacy. Great fun.
Canadian Rainbirds 04/08/16 08:33pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2 adults 2 teenagers in 28' Class A for a week?

A decade or so ago my sister, brother-in-law and two girls used to travel the coast in a VW Camper Van! As the girls grew into their teens BIL bought an old Boler TT. which he towed with the VAN! He gutted the propane, stove, Icebox etc, leaving not much more than the bunks. I think he left the sink but I'm not sure. The girls loved it--called it their Condo! They did Disneyland, Death Valley and lots of other spring break trips while in school. The girls are now out in the big wide world and the boler is gone.
Canadian Rainbirds 04/08/16 08:28pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: HWH controller questions...

I have a 2002 Itasca Horizon, a close cousin to yours. I press the jackrabbit switch once the jacks have retracted and the Low Air warning has gone off. If the pressure is high enough you will see one gauge drop (mine is the front gauge) and the suspension will start to fill and the coach will start to rise. The other gauge will not keep increasing until they are equal then they will both rise to max. If you press early, just after the warning buzzer stops, or just after the jacks are retracted you may not see any change and both air tanks will fill at the same time. It will seem slower as the bags fill. If the jack rabbit switch is NOT pressed, the air suspension will NOT fill until you put the transmission into gear. Then you will see one gauge drop then rise until the suspension has come up. Also make sure you don't turn the control panel off before hitting the bunny. On occasion I have found that the bags did not fill, which is why now I wait until the air pressure is approaching 80 psi or so. Then when I see the pressure falling I know that the bags are inflating.
Canadian Rainbirds 04/08/16 08:14pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Every wagon masters nightmare

OOPS! Double Post. Hit Quote instead of Edit. :S
Canadian Rainbirds 04/05/16 11:48pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Every wagon masters nightmare

We had a similar experience in a small town in the interior. Clipped a taxi who was coming towards us, swerved to our side of the street and parked a foot from the curb. Trying to avoid the oncoming truck behind him I side swiped the taxi. What could I say? He was parked, I was moving. A transito happened to be on the spot. I asked what the driver thought the dammage was. The transito mentioned 2 or 3 hundred pesos, the taxixta wasn't really happy with that. I suggested that I could call my insurance. The transito saud Yes, I could, then pointed out to the poor taxista that he would have to stay until both our adjusters arrived. The taxista had a customer waiting, which is why he pulled in where he did. (Never mind that it was a stupid move and he would have been ticketed NOB I asked if 500 pesos would be OK and he accepted it and we went on our way. (More or less but that is a different story! Scroll down to Mazamitla to Coyutlan) In Mexico, in a non injury accident, the police will not get involved if both parties agree on a financial settlement. This is what we have insurance for. In our case, I offered our deductible which appeared to be satisfactory.
Canadian Rainbirds 04/05/16 11:43pm RVing in Mexico and South America
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