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RE: What did you do to your Class A MH today???

Moved it to the neighbour's drive way Sunday night so that this morning the truck and small excavator could dump and spread a load of gravel. I had asked for 3/4 road base as I wouldn't really mind a few things growing through it but through a misunderstanding I got a load of ground asphalt! Oh well, it's a smooth and flatish parking space now and I won't have to have the right front wheel barely touching the ground in order to be level. The mini excavator has been working next door so I didn't have to pay travel time. The things we do to do to stay at home all winter.
Canadian Rainbirds 10/20/14 11:41pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Motorhome Painter in Mazatlan?

Another vote from Juan. However as has been said he is VERY BUSY. Twice over the last few years I have phoned him to let him know I was coming for some smallish paint repairs (couple of doors, back panel etc) and he has said to phone him when I arrived. Both times, when I did call from the park he would not be able to get to it for a few weeks. He has managed to do some work for me in the past and the works was exceptional. A friend, who had repainted rebuilt his old Bentley himself had Juan do his old Vogue DP and said the same. He also said that Juan used the same paint that would be used at home. HE went on to say that it wasn't worth doing the job himself. So: Juanito is the boy if you can nail him down. I might have his cell phone number if you want me to dig for it. Not that there is at least one RV Park that Juan won't work in--they charge him too much of a commission.
Canadian Rainbirds 10/16/14 08:37pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Things I am missing not RVing to Mex

Wish you well BL. At least we can still hang around here.
Canadian Rainbirds 10/12/14 09:06am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: First trip into Mexico

Good for you. We have a good friend who travelled in Mexico in a motorhome as a single woman without a large dog for many years--into her 70s. She had to stop driving when her eyesight gave out. We don't know Baja, but we know the mainland very well and wintered in Mexico without major issue until last year. I won't get into that here. Here is a link to our blog Don't dwell on last seasons problems. Go back and browse previous posts. An absolute must is A Travelers Guide to Mexican Camping by Mike and Terri Church. Available at major book stores and Amazon. Here is a link. http://www.rollinghomes.com/ You should also get a good Mexican Road Atlas. Guia Roji's Por Lass Carretrras de Mexico is the best one. Also Garmin has a good Mexico map. SOME of their new ones (the RV one for example) include Mexico maps with the rest of the North America City Navigator map. I think you might prefer the mainland west coast. The roads are a little wider it think and there are a lot more larger cities. For the first few days there will be LOTS of driving. You can make Nogales to San Carlos in a day--a long one though. San Carlos is a pleasant place, lots of Gringos too.:) San Carlos to Mazatlan is really long--10 to 12 hours depending on your driving speed. There are a couple of options for overnight stops but they are an hour or so out out the way. Mazatlan is a good place to settle for a while though not our cup of tea. Same goes for Puerto Vallarta, which we prefer for the climate--hotter. Our first trip 13 or 14 years ago was to PV. We travelled in company of friends to Mazanlan then ventured on our own to PV. For us, from the border to San Carlos was a White Knuckle drive, getting used to there being NO shoulders on the road and how close the oncoming trucks were. The lanes aren't always as wide as we are used to. On to Mazatlan we fared a little better and by the time we got to PV we felt quite comfortable. I am sure that you will get lots more encouragement here. O course there will be a few idiots who will tell you how dangerous it is. We envy you, perhaps will see you next season--we are not going this year because of an ill dog. After paying out all that money getting the new Jeep set up for towing. :(
Canadian Rainbirds 10/11/14 12:05pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Is killing batteries three times too much?

When you get your new set of batteries give them a good full charge then check and record the S.G. of each cell. (They must all be the same or there is a problem.) This is your fully charged point. Test regularly to ensure that they are being fully charge with your system and routine. I now only check the S.G. every three months or so, the batteries are almost 2 years old and still return the their original Full Charge S.G. Mexicowanderer posted an excellent treatise on charging, top charging and equalising batteries some where on this forum. He is THE lead-acid battery guru.
Canadian Rainbirds 10/09/14 12:28am Tech Issues
RE: Is killing batteries three times too much?

Hi, Pulse desulphation is, I fear, pretty much a pipe dream. It can be quite detrimental to AGM chemistries. The cost of the BatteryMINDER 12248 is nearly as much as replacing the converter with something better suited. I have tried pulse desulphation on various batteries, one set of 2 volt cells I had a desulpfater on for over a year with zero improvement. waste of time and money.
Canadian Rainbirds 10/09/14 12:20am Tech Issues
RE: cousin Eddy's RV vandalized. (how can you tell?)

The really cool thing to do with a rig like that would be to leave the exterior alone and do a first class modern interior with all the options. You should then probably do a full running gear rebuild/upgrade as well.
Canadian Rainbirds 10/03/14 05:57pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Life lesson - In case you're not aware

I thought that it was common knowledge that you would let ANY of the CC companies know when you were about to travel out of your area. Been doing it for years with no problems. X2 However, this will have to be renewed every three or four months depending on the bank. Call the 800 number on the back of the card.
Canadian Rainbirds 10/02/14 03:53pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: spot trace

Very nice.
Canadian Rainbirds 10/02/14 03:47pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: What did you do to your Class A MH today???

Drove it to the co-op and back to top up the fuel: $175.75 worth of diesel to which I added fuel stabiliser. On the way home ran the generator and the heatpump to exercise the genny for half an hour or so. First time in 13 years we have had to add stabiliser; due to the dogs health problems we are not going to Mexico this year. :( In a month or so I guess we'll have to winterise too.
Canadian Rainbirds 09/30/14 06:35pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: New RV park, just south of manzanillo

That would be perfect for splitting the Puerto Vallarta - Zihuatanejo run into two days instead of three. And it will give us one more state for the map! Unfortunately because of an ailing dog we won't be going this year. Hopefully it will still be in business next year. First time in 13 years that we have not wintered in Mexico. Don't know how we'll manage the cold, rain and dark. :(
Canadian Rainbirds 09/29/14 12:55pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Flat Inner Dual Tire :-(

Just out of curiosity, was it the right side inner dual? A tire tech told our motorhome group that that is the most common tire failure with duals. Why? Driving off the edge of the paved road puts full load on the single tire. Eventually it had been over stressed enough. Over the last 20 years we have had two flats, (one a blow out, one discovered when checking pressure before the trip) both were right side inner dual.
Canadian Rainbirds 09/28/14 12:18am Tech Issues
RE: traeger Jr., a grp 27, an inverter. What's the best recharge

Definitely do the four battery bank up at the loop. Easier to stuff amp hours back in and a week at 80% upper charged capacity won't hurt a darned thing. Listen to Mexicowanderer. He is THE man when it comes to the care and feeding of lead acid batteries.
Canadian Rainbirds 09/28/14 12:10am Tech Issues
RE: Pemex Los Mochis

The one with the secure parking is also called La Pilarica It is on the east side of the highway. Southbound, just over the bridge at the southern edge of Los Mochis exit right and go back and under the bridge. Northbound, keep an eye out for the bridge coming up and exit right. There are signs as you approach for a rest area, which is in fact the Pemex. We have stayed there in the past but now we just leave early. stop there for fuel or lunch then carry on. San Carlos-Mazatlan. Leave at dawn, arrive at dusk.
Canadian Rainbirds 09/25/14 09:16am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Reciprocal Ham license?

Hi Steve. Yes the process is a challenge. At least is was 12 years ago and I don't believe it is any better. At that time you had to take the paperwork to the Feds in the State Capital. You also needed written permission of the property owner and a station inspection was required. We were travelling in a motorhome. After being refused a permit in Chihuahua because I was going to be in Cuernavaca, Morelos for the first 6 weeks they said I needed to apply there. Fortunately in Zacatecas I met a taxi drive who was a ham. That evening he brought his good friend and fellow ham to the rig to visit. He was also head of the Federal Communications dept (FCC equivalent)! After consuming several cans of Canadian Beer he said that they weren't worried about mobile, Just Do It! He said that the police knew nothing about radios in the first place and didn't have the authority to do anything about it in the second place! He gave me his business card with home and office phone numbers in case I had any hassle anywhere along the way. Unfortunately I have since lost the card. We have travelled and operated mobile in Mexico every year since with no trouble. I'm not on a lot, usually APRS via the ISS or a bit of 20 or 80 meter SSB or CW. I use XE1 (or 2 or where ever I happen to be) /mycall for ident. Since the radios are installed in the rig I have not had a problem with customs. Bring a rig down on a plane or in a box in a car could be a problem. Unfortunately we won't be down this year because the Vet advised against it--one of our dogs is seriously ill and needs close vet supervision. Art, VE7FED and VA7RV/M APRS VA7RV-12 (only when travelling)
Canadian Rainbirds 09/22/14 11:47pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Few question about insurance

We had over all good results (eventually) with Lewis and Lewis. We had a hard time with a Qualitas adjuster for a while but Jim Lewis came through with a little polite pressure and the claim was paid. There was no accident involved so there was no reason for the adjuster to come to the scene (miles from no where). We met with him a couple of days later. If your Spanish isn't at least conversant you could have problems though most of the adjusters speak at least some English.
Canadian Rainbirds 09/22/14 11:28pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Changes @ KM21 and other border areas.

This type of corruption happens at KM21 in Sonora all the time. Only it is Mexicans who are the victims. In every town and village in Sonora there are local residents with second hand stores. Most of the goods come from yard sales in Tucson and beyond. Typically the owner of the store travels to AZ every week. He will usually have a 1/2 ton and maybe a trailer. When he gets to 21 the vehicles are loaded as high as is legally possible. Every nook and cranny is filled with goodies: furniture, appliances, clothing, small appliances and more. One of the aduaneros will examine the list of goods and come out to inspect the goods. At this point the driver is given a choice: Pay a "fee" to the audanero and carry on or unload the truck and trailer so the goods can be examined. The driver usually takes option one. Cost is between $100 and $150 usd. Option 2 is a disaster. At least 4 hours and the goods are scattered all over the parking lot. I have been told( not verified) that there is a system similar to tips in a restaurant. All of the "fees" are pooled with the shift boss taking the biggest share. Great business model. Moisheh Happened this summer to a good friend, a Permanent Resident of Mexico. Returning to Mazatlan from Canada with a used vehicle to import, filled with personal belongings from his storage locker, was told he had to completely empty the vehicle so that it (the vehicle) could be inspected for the importation. With the assistance of his broker and $100.00 UDS to the head of Aduana, he managed to not have to do that, nevertheless, he cleared Km 21 AT 3:00PM, having arrived at 8:30 AM. :h :S Needlss to say, he didn't make Maz that day!
Canadian Rainbirds 09/17/14 12:02am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: How to inflate to 110 psi....

It seems that a lot of responders don't seem to realise that you are filling from the DP's own compressor. The on board compressor won't kick in until it's tank pressure drops to about 90 psi so if you get to say 100 psi in the tires and the tank pressure drops to that it won't fill any more and the compressor won't come back on. The trick is to start airing as soon as the tank pressure equals the tire pressure. If it won't fill, then you will have to fan down (via the brake pedal) to re engage the compressor. It's much easier with two people!
Canadian Rainbirds 09/10/14 12:11am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Should I consider these Dealer Accessories?

1) RESIST ALL PAINT AND INTERIOR PROTECTION. $2471.00 plus sales tax, and 2) TyronRun Flat bands. $2602.00 plus sales tax. These are two very valuable options. FOR THE DEALER. For the buyer, not so much.
Canadian Rainbirds 09/06/14 08:44pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fridge and Water heater work on gas only?

Do they run from the same breaker? 120V breaker may have tripped or be turned off. Often appliances will revert to gas if there is no AC. Will they run on gas? Clicking sound is from the igniter trying to light the gas.
Canadian Rainbirds 09/04/14 05:49pm Tech Issues
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