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RE: Seat Belts

As a retired Firefighter I say everyone period!! Retired after 30+ years as a paramedic and Air Ambulance dispatcher I don't complain about people not wearing seat belts, motor cycle helmets etc. (except for kids). After all, they and other stupid people helped keep me gainfully employed all that time and are a large part of the reason that I now have a nice pension.
Canadian Rainbirds 04/28/15 04:39pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: What did you do to your Class A MH today???

Tore all the carpet out. Water stains are old (the RV sat for a long time with a massive fridge vent leak before I bought it). Putting down some Pergo once I get all the staples out of the plywood. http://i1263.photobucket.com/albums/ii636/jestoltz/no_carpet_zpsguf5ayms.jpg If some of that flooring is punky I can highly recommend a product called "Git-rot". Our ham radio club used it on a 60's something trailer almost 30 years ago and it is still holding up well. Mind you it doesn't get used much but still... Re the staples: we did ours some years ago and I hired a couple of neighbourhood kids to pull the staples!
Canadian Rainbirds 04/25/15 12:10am Class A Motorhomes
RE: pusher squealing belt

We have had excellent service at McKay Truck in Albany, OR just off the I 5. You can even over night there.
Canadian Rainbirds 04/20/15 05:25pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: The 1959 Ford Thames campervan restoration begins.

We'll be in Lancashire and Yorkshire for a week in June. Be tempting to drive up to Scotland and see it in the flesh, but time is a bit tight.
Canadian Rainbirds 04/11/15 02:49pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: balanced battery cables

Looks like a Winne bay. Have you considered looking for another place you can build a DC hub and lose all those wires on the battery? Between the house feed, solar charger, Magnum Inverter/Charger, external sense, temp sense, and the watering system, it just got too cluttered. Now there is the watering manifold, temp sense, and 2ea. 4/0. All else is in a cable raceway Not a Winne, but close; 32' Itasca Horizon. Being only 32' there is not really anywhere else to put them. We spend a lot of time in the rig and carry too much stuff!
Canadian Rainbirds 04/08/15 03:10pm Tech Issues
RE: balanced battery cables

Its going to be the same just like BB_TX said. But why?? Are the terminals different?? You will still have two wires connected to one terminal. Now I have three wires (Load, Charger, Jumper) to one terminal and one (the jumper) to the other. Pianotuna; Not enough room for buss bars. The 4 GCs are in the upper tray. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-xuNJJb1wGVA/UtxPWcXS9kI/AAAAAAAAHZY/OJ0nZYZj_Yo/s1600/DSCN4112.JPG
Canadian Rainbirds 04/07/15 11:23pm Tech Issues
balanced battery cables

It seems obvious but is it? We have 4 6V GSs in series-parallel with the two 12V pairs connected as in the diagram below. (Which I unashamedly copied from one of Painotuna's posts.) However, both the load and the charging cables are LARGE, (000). Add the series-parallel cables they really fill up the lugs. Here is the question: If I move say just the charging lines to the other pair of the parallel + and - terminals is it still properly balanced? http://www.rubyorchid.com/RV/images/Pianotuna12V.png
Canadian Rainbirds 04/07/15 07:59pm Tech Issues
RE: Magnum Hybrid Inverter and ground fault

I gave up trying to figure out the how and why of mine. (Xantrex Prosine 2.0 inverter). If shore power is plugged into a GFCI it ALWAYS trips that breaker. UNLESS: The breakers to the rig's GFCI circuit(s)are open (off). THEN plug the rig into the shore power GFCI. I discovered this out by: Opening (OFF) all the breakers in the rig. Connecting to the GFCI shore power. Close main RV breaker. Close all individual circuits one by one. All RV breakers were on, so was the power! I went back and unplugged and replugged with first only one breaker on, then two etc. Found that I only had a problem if breakers to either or both rig's GFCI circuits were on when shore power was connected. They worked fine if energised AFTER shore power was connected. TIPOIO (The Innate Perversity Of Inanimate Objects.
Canadian Rainbirds 04/05/15 12:22am Tech Issues
RE: House batteries not up to ah rating

Mexicowanderer- Batteries recharged to full (60amps that were drawn off the other day). Turned on fan and drawing just under 5 amps. Will run to -30 or 40 amps. Then I will wait an hour or two and check voltage. Then recharge. Will post results sometime tomorrow. So I am testing to see what difference a slow draw makes on capacity. Yesterday, the batteries were equalized for 2 hours at just under the suggested volts. "Just under" suggested voltages is a "fail" when equalizing. You need to get a full 16.0V or as high as you can get a V reading on the battery, before shutting off the charging, with the battery disconnected from everything on the RV. Get specific gravity readings per cell, that is what is most important, log them all down, before and after an equalization. Wait a day after equalization to take a SG reading, there is a lag period from when the V maxes at 16.0V to when the battery chemistry catches up and homogenizes the whole electrolyte mix 24 hours later. What you believe is fully charged is for certain not fully charged. Not by a long shot. He's right. I consistently (Unknowingly) undercharged my batteries until I paid attention to the above. Also, here is Mexicowanderer's equalization dissertation. Follow it.
Canadian Rainbirds 04/03/15 12:13am Tech Issues
RE: Charging LI bike light batteries with my camper's 12V system

Charging voltage and current are critical for Lithium Ion batteries. And the parameters vary by manufacturer and type. Use the inverter and the manufacturer supplied charger.
Canadian Rainbirds 04/02/15 11:58pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery charger with equalization

Mexicowanderer is THE lead acid battery guru on this site. He's binderedundat. For many many decades! :B Here is the link to his dissertation on Equalization and "Top Charging". Read it and follow it. MW: Well received by our ham radio club. Thanks.
Canadian Rainbirds 04/02/15 11:54pm Tech Issues
RE: Low Propane Flow after Refill

Your Regulator is BAD. Replace it. Yes. It was bad. Installed the new one today. Everything is back to normal. Thanks! There goes Doug again, Right as always. You'd think he was an RV Tech or something. :B
Canadian Rainbirds 04/02/15 02:56pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: RVing into Bahia LA

For vehicle insurance we have always used (13 years) Lewis and Lewis and can recommend them. we had a problem with a claim a year ago and Lewis and Lewis (Insurance Brokers) were very helpful in dealing with the adjuster. I would also highly recommend the Churchs' Baha book We are experienced Mexico RVers and wouldn't think of going down without their Mexico Camping book. Take copies of your marriage certificate. In the case of emergency you must to be able to prove that each of you have the right to look after the other. Note that should you go over to mainland Mexico you will need different insurance and vehicle import permits. Have a great trip.
Canadian Rainbirds 04/01/15 10:09am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: What did you do to your Class A MH today???

The tech arrived yesterday to diagnose why the heatpump (Coleman basement unit) wouldn't start. In a word, shot compressor. :E Heatpump has a 2 year warranty. Work completed on the installation of this one: 29 March 2013. :) Now to see how long it takes to get the new one and whether or not they will pay for the install labour. That is a real chore. Some of you may remember our blog about repairing the old one in Mexico in the fall/winter of 2012/2013.
Canadian Rainbirds 03/27/15 12:16pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: onan 7500 quiet Diesel

Congratulations on your new to you rig. We have a 2002 Itasca Horizon, a very close cousin. Hope you get the gen sorted. We have never (touch wood) had a problem with ours.
Canadian Rainbirds 03/17/15 07:55pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Lugs on #4 battery wire?

OK, I'll have them install me heavy wall lugs. The Dielectric grease in the lug, while a good idea, is overkill, unless perhaps you plan on boondocking with your wheels buried on the beach and waves slapping your rv at high tide and have your wiring submerged. Axles were buried alright. The actual beach is 300 ft away, but the entire area was like a beach. The photo was made after the rain stopped. http://i.imgur.com/Ut1fcaBl.jpg Mud after the hurricane went almost up to the doorstep and filled the under-belly. So I moved AGM batts from the front perch - where they were sitting few inches below the frame, to the front storage where they are sitting above the frame. At least, they are out of direct rain and marine spray now. Rain is rare, but when it rains it pours. Little OEM electrical box with trailer wiring under the front frame came close to being buried in mud too - see those dunes around the tongue. I think I'll replace this box with a waterproof plastic box. Doesn't bother me much, since the loads are off when I'm not there, only controller is running. We can feel your pain: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-7ZZYE8RlVsc/ULrk0eDAhjI/AAAAAAAAGAY/xYNdmmZJeZQ/s320/039.JPG Here is the whole story. I didn't have the excuse of a hurricane! Stuck in the mud in Mexico.
Canadian Rainbirds 03/15/15 11:05pm Tech Issues
RE: Is "Gringo" an offensive or derogatory word?

Like use of the Argentinian word 'boludo"; It means many rude things, the most polite being "stupid". However, "Che, boludo" is often said as a greeting to a buddy. Said to a taxixta who cut you off it would likely result in a fight.
Canadian Rainbirds 03/14/15 12:01pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Buying a used RV in USA as a Canadian

We bought our Itasca Horizon from a dealer in Arizona and imported it to Canada without problems. We had followed the rules on the website posted earlier. Buying privately could be a problem because you MUST have a letter from the MANUFACTURER, both chassis and motorhome builders stating that all recalls have been resolved. This could be hard to get through a private sale. Most large dealers are familiar with the procedure and have the contacts. Also the purchase documents must be Faxed to the US CUSTOMS OFFICE at the crossing you are going to use, 5 business days before crossing. You must check in with them at the border and get a clearance before entering Canada and reporting to Canadian officials. We were fortunate and bought when the US Economy had just tanked and the Canadian dollar was strong. We bought because of the selection and were able to find the perfect RV for us.
Canadian Rainbirds 03/14/15 12:36am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Info on a chasis battery chager from coach batterys

We use this one. Charges the chassis battery from the house batteries IF the house batteries are a 13.0 volts or higher. Also works on 24 volt systems. Max charge current is a respectible 15 Amps.
Canadian Rainbirds 03/11/15 07:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Bandito Watch 2015

JerBear, We didn't go down last year either. Our dog seems to be handling his hepatitis and if he continues to improve or at least remain stable we'll head south in October. Our final destination is Zihuatanejo so usually drive the 200 in one direction or another. Where do you spend the winter? PM me if you wish.
Canadian Rainbirds 03/11/15 11:40am RVing in Mexico and South America
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