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RE: 12v inverter draw on batteries with microwave

we use the MW 90% of our cooking upgrade the alternator to a high performance version that puts out more amps than the standard version and does this at lower RPM's solar..is nice..but it only supplies power during the day it does NOTHING to help at night when you want to warm something up but there is a big difference in ONE minute to warm a cup of coffee or the Two minutes needed to heat a cup to make hot tea or soup and 15minutes to cook something with good batteries and wiring "warming' something at night is NOT a problem baking a potato is another matter Depending on the size of the potato! :B We use our MW a lot. Using it with the inverter we'll only run it for a couple of minutes, maybe up to five which is enough for a vegies for the 2 of us. We then let the battery voltage recover (several minutes) before the next lot. Our 484 AH of batteries are producing 160 Amps or more--the longer it runs the more amps it draws as voltage drops. Anything more than that its gen time. It usually needs the exercise anyway.
Canadian Rainbirds 12/17/14 12:22am Tech Issues
RE: Dish Network on Mexico West Coast

These should help you figure it out, though I don't know what size dish was considered. Dish Network footprint map
Canadian Rainbirds 12/16/14 05:39pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Newbie from Scotland looking to Tour USA Canada

One thing I have not seen discussed yet is power? Your side of the pond generally has 220VAC for residential power. We use 120VAC. Are you going to have an appropriate transformer with you to step down the voltage? How about connections? Over here we normally use Neam rated plugs and receptacles. Over there you have a different standard. The other issue I see is water, sewer and power connections. Over here they are on the drivers side. Meaning the left side. Over there, at least in those countries that drive on the wrong side of the road the connections are not going to be in the right place. Just more food for thought. His rig is a left hand drive so the services should be on the correct side BUT besides the voltage (220 vs 120) and frequency (50HZ as opposed to 60HZ here) the sewer and gas (propane) fittings may well be different. Water connection should be the same as far as I know. It would take a pretty big transformer to run everything, and some things might not run well on our 60 HZ AC. Is your rig equipped with a decent inverter? Generator? If so, when you arrive here you could buy a North American battery charger, 40 to 60 amps depending on the battery capacity, to keep the batteries up and run the electrics from the inverter. You would need the generator to run air conditioning if so equipped. One thing you will love over here is the price of fuel, currently $1.00 per liter or less! Mind you, you will be doing a LOT more miles than in Great Briton or Europe!
Canadian Rainbirds 12/12/14 01:30pm Class A Motorhomes

If your trip could include the west, check out Henderson's Lineup in Grants Pass Oregon. I would hazard a guess that they are the most recommended shop in the US for handling and ride issues. They made a real difference to our 32' Itasca Horizon DP.
Canadian Rainbirds 12/12/14 01:15pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Camping in Columbia ( Cartagena )

I really envy you. Would love to spend a year RVing in South America. Would that I was younger or fitter. Or both.
Canadian Rainbirds 12/07/14 11:22am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Mazatlan Bypass

I think that would cut more that the 30 minutes mentioned with a rig, esp from the North Beaches.
Canadian Rainbirds 12/06/14 01:18pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Arizona - easiest place to return vehicle permit?

And from Nogales, its about 21 Km south of the border crossing.
Canadian Rainbirds 12/05/14 12:29pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Still Don't Get It (Solar)

I have done it both ways now and can compare them in the same location and time of year on the same batteries. It is the amps that charge the battery and they both do similar amps. You can set the same absorption voltage. The charge controllers may have the same or different charging profiles but either or both could be suitable for the 6s. The only difference for the batteries is that one set-up may get a few more amp hours in during the daylight available that day. Hit and miss on that. Sometimes the MPPT high wattage panel could do better and sometimes, such as when panel temperature is high, the PWM can do more amps and so AH. They both work well so which to choose should be based on other things like panel size/roof clear spot areas, cost, perhaps wiring if that matters. For portables, I have learned it is easier to lug around two 12v panels one at a time than one big 24v panel and to find places to carry them in the trailer when travelling. This is of no concern for roof installations. I'd follow BLF13's advice. He has done a lot of definitive experimenting and real world research.
Canadian Rainbirds 12/04/14 12:13am Tech Issues
RE: Time to bite the bullet on batteries

My 4 GCs drop to that if I'm running the microwave on the inverter, but they pop right back up. Really need to know how much current the load is drawing to drop the voltage that much. Having said that, 6 years is pretty good. If what you have have been working for you why change it? I'd replace with the same. You obviously know how to maintain them to get 6 years.
Canadian Rainbirds 12/04/14 12:09am Class A Motorhomes
RE: What did you do to your Class A MH today???

ctpres, Suggestion: 15 minutes, even if under more than 50% load is not enough (per Onan, etc). Remember, you want to run the engine/generator long enough and under enough of a load to get the OIL, not just coolant up to temperature Run it for a minimum of 30 minutes with A/C's and/or heaters equaling at least 50% load. And to get the alternator itself up to temp to drive out any moisture.
Canadian Rainbirds 12/03/14 04:46pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: what happens when you take the dealers word

We had a salesman tell us that the rig we were looking at had "an emaciator". :S I told him I could stand to lose a few pounds but wasn't that desperate. We didn't buy the rig.
Canadian Rainbirds 12/02/14 08:17pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: What did you do to your Class A MH today???

Update to this post. The "Re-manufactured" Prosine 2.0 purchased on E-Bay arrived Friday, the mobile tech arrived this morning and installed it. He left me to set all the parameters but at least I have battery charging again. I'll get to the advanced settings tomorrow or Thursday.
Canadian Rainbirds 12/02/14 07:51pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Villahermosa water park

We were there a few years ago and decided that rather than take the 4 door Jeep we would take a taxi. That was easy, they called one from the park. The big problem was finding a taxi to take us home again. It seemed that all the taxis took as many fares as possible that were heading in the same direction. From the Zoological gardens (Parque Museo La Venta) we couldn't get a taxi nor figure out which bus we needed. In the end we walked a loooooong way back to the supermercado where we finally, after a long wait found a taxi to take us home. The taxis there are coordinated at the exit from the mercado--you tell the man in charge where you are going and eventally you get at cab. They didn't seem too enthused over only two people. Here is a link to our blog that covers that trip, with a few pictures of the park.
Canadian Rainbirds 12/01/14 11:59pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Autopista from Oaxaca to Puebla

Very sorry about to hear that. What a stupid way to protest. They are not harming or inconveniencing the guilty parties but alienating those who may well be sympathetic to their cause.
Canadian Rainbirds 12/01/14 11:44pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Where did you get your Electrical knowledge?

Got an "Electrical Kit" for Christmas at the age of 10. Batteries, DC motor, lights cores and wire. Next year a Electronic Kit with tube, capacitors resistors etc and built amplifiers and radios. Had to take one apart to make the next! So a receiver and a transmitter but not at the same time! 1957 ARRL Radio Amateur's Handbook. Heavy going for an eleven year old but I got the basics. Worked as an apprentice (gofor!) in the radio-TV service business in the late 60s and early 70s As an adult I assisted the electrician rewire (60A service to a 200A service) my old house then built and wired my new ham shack starting with the sub panel. It passed the inspection! In fact the final inspection came in the mail! The inspector had me wire an outlet and light switch when he came to inspect the rough in so I guess he figured I knew what I was doing.
Canadian Rainbirds 11/24/14 06:00pm Tech Issues
RE: 94 Brave LP Tank Shocker!!!

I had a valve leaking, shop emptied tank, took apart valve repaired cost $125. you need a propane shop not CW. X2
Canadian Rainbirds 11/24/14 05:43pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Jeep Toad accumulate miles?

My 2005 Wrangler with 6-speed manual did not accumulate miles. However, I logged all the miles the jeep was towed just monitor tire wear and brake wear. Ray And wheel bearing etc. When we have our toad serviced (Wrangler) we tell the service tech what the towed mileage.
Canadian Rainbirds 11/24/14 05:41pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Electrical Problems! Chassis Battery / Alternator Issues.

I would suggest a higher capacity charger for those emergency moments. 1.25A will barely make a dent in big deeply discharged batteries. At a voltage of 12.9 it may not have reached it's maximum charge. Was the battery voltage still rising or did you just stop at 12.9? Normal charging with a smart charger is to take the battery up to at least 14.4 until the voltage stops rising. A float (maintaining) voltage is usually around 13.2 or so give or take a decimal or two. I suspect the battery has reached or past it's "best before" date. A hydrometer will tell you the real story.
Canadian Rainbirds 11/24/14 05:36pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Autoformer storage over the winter.

Other than critters( bugs, etc) my only concern would be moisture. I left a battery charger outside in an unheated shed a few years ago and it got quite rusty but worked OM. The autotransformer will be fine, assuming it's safe from flooding and critters and such like hazards. Cold weather won't harm it.
Canadian Rainbirds 11/21/14 04:33pm Tech Issues
RE: How to measure how much solar we need?

How much solar do you need? More than you have room for! It will never be enough--it's like a boat or an RV. Always need just a little more. Like BLF I too live on Vancouver Island. My solar, 420 Watts, and 484 AH of battery is almost enough for the winter in Mexico (without AC) and the same up here in the summer if we're not under the trees. On a day like today I consider installing rain gutters and a downspout with a water turbine on the end.
Canadian Rainbirds 11/21/14 04:29pm Tech Issues
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