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RE: San Blas bypass route

Any recent reports on the condition of this road ? We're not headed home yet, but will be working north in a couple of weeks. I just hate to climb that Tepic hill only to come down again. RYV RyV: Even if we HAD been over that route recently we wouldn't dare recommend any route over another to you. :B
Canadian Rainbirds 02/26/15 02:35pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: El Pozo Trailer Park, Patzcuaro

Like this one?http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-nVbxHpz8PXA/U6jbzsZmNnI/AAAAAAAAHcE/6aQ2YAROLDY/s1600/2011+Jeep+Wrangler+for+Mexico.jpg
Canadian Rainbirds 02/25/15 08:40pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Rotate tires on Class A YES OR NO ( why?)

Rotate RV tires ONLY if an unusual wear pattern occurs. By the time a wear problem shows up the damage is done; it can't be reversed. All you can do is repeat the uneven wear to the other side We rotate annually: (All tires are Michelin XRV and same size.) Year 1: Right duals to front, fronts to right rear. Year 2: Left duals to front. fronts to left rear. We do wear out our tires after 100,000 miles or so usually in 5 or 6 years. The toad tires are rotated every three thousand miles or so. (The fronts get a lot of scrubbing).
Canadian Rainbirds 02/25/15 01:04pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: El Pozo Trailer Park, Patzcuaro

Very sorry to hear that. We always enjoyed staying there. Guess we'll have to get up early and make either Guanajuato, Queretaro or Guadalaraja the other end of the day. Ot take the 200 :E
Canadian Rainbirds 02/25/15 12:53pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: What did you do to your Class A MH today???

It's a basement heat pump and only has one zone. If it doesn't start the propane kicks in. I know I had the right heat source selected, far right on the selector switch. There was no high current draw as there should have been when the compressor kicked in. The unit was new 2012. I'll do a few more checks tomorrow using the generator. It won't run on the shore power where it is plugged in as the run is too long--a couple of hundred feet and the start draw drops the voltage to much. Just hope the mice didn't chew through any wires.
Canadian Rainbirds 02/24/15 11:48pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: What did you do to your Class A MH today???

Started the generator, when it took over from the shore power I switched on the heatpump. Heat pump didn't start, the propane furnace took over instead. Too cold for the heat pump? About 7 or 8 C (45 F or so). Then drained and refilled the dehumidifiers, and went out to check the batteries for water. They took about a litre (4 GCs) Glad I hadn't left them much longer. Back inside went to wipe up a small spill on the counter--the paper towels are nothing more than a pile of shredded paper! :E Mice! A quick look around didn't turn up any more sign, tomorrow we'll put the slides out and have a good look in all the cupboards and cupboards. I'll also see what I can of the heat pump wiring. Shut the gen down--no shore power! Down at the breaker box the GFI had tripped. It reset without a problem. Sigh.
Canadian Rainbirds 02/24/15 07:02pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tree Sapp

If it is a big lump, Crisco, margarine, butter etc should soften it enough to get the worst off without risking damage to the roof. A good dishwashing liquid such as Dawn(not for automatic dishwashers) will remove the remains of the grease. Let sun and time take care of the residual.
Canadian Rainbirds 02/24/15 02:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Solar overcharging batteries

It is a 30A 4-stage PWM controller. http://www.zampsolar.com/product/30-amp-4-stage-pwm-digital-indoor-solar-charge-controller-zs-30ap/ I did not see anything in the manual in regards to a reset/reboot but will check again. Outside ambient temperature at this time was around 65*C which I wouldn't think would require temp compensation. 65* C ??? I hope you meant 65F. 65C is about 150F :E
Canadian Rainbirds 02/24/15 02:08pm Tech Issues
RE: Solar Power for Dummies

One thing that hasn't been mentioned: Unless your controller has remote battery voltage sense, it is imperative that the controller be located as close to the battery terminals as possible, and I don't mean 15 or 20 feet. At 20 amps I have almost a full volt drop between the output of the controller and the batteries. This means that the controller starts to taper off the amps thinking the batteries are at 14.6V when they are in fact only 13.8V. If you don't know already (you will soon learn in your reading) batteries need to get up to 14.4 volts for a while to become fully charged. I unknowingly spent an entire season undercharging my batteries and couldn't figure out why. :S
Canadian Rainbirds 02/21/15 12:29pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Parking for Copper Canyon Train

I can't answer your question either but we made a few good purchases in Mata Ortiz some years ago. By the way, there was a GREAT Italian restaurant in Casas Grandes. Opposite the church and the park. Fresh home made pasta. Popular with the locals for lunch (pizzas) to go. The train is still on our TO DO list but we still have the two dogs.
Canadian Rainbirds 02/18/15 12:01am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Whats a Good Brand for a Inverter

What is the Low Battery cut off voltage set to?
Canadian Rainbirds 02/14/15 07:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Whats a Good Brand for a Inverter

I am now on my second Xantrex Prosine 2.0 Runs a large microwave without problem. The first failed after many 6 years of service; would not pass the AC through. Suspected the internal transfer switch. Xantrex says "parts no longer available". An internet search found me a "reconditioned" one for about what it would cost me to ship off the old one to to someone who repairs Xantrex so I went with that. I now have a great 2 KW inverter that won't charge the batteries. I can use it at home as a stand alone inverter with my ham radio battery bank and use an automotive charger to recharge. Assuming we head south to Mexico next fall I may drop it off for repair and pick it up on the way home. I've otherwise been happy with Xantrex. I took it apart to see what I could see and the construction look top line.
Canadian Rainbirds 02/14/15 05:23pm Tech Issues
RE: What did you do to your Class A MH today???

0. Flushed the radiator. 1. Replaced the upper and lower radiator hoses. 2. Added fresh 50/50 antifreeze. 3. Replaced the serpentine belt. 4. Replaced the fuel filter 5. Replaced all 4 incandescent 1157 tail/stop light bulbs with LED. 6. Replaced OEM shocks with Bilstein shocks 7. Cleaned ABS front wheel sensors - ABS light is now OFF! Already? What are you going to do this afternoon? Just reading that list has me ready for a nap.
Canadian Rainbirds 02/13/15 10:21am Class A Motorhomes
RE: South America??

About 8 years ago we left our motorhome at the El Manglar RV Park in Zihuatanejo Mexico and travelled by car to Mexico City via Oaxaca and Cuernavaca. Left the car with friends in Cuernavace and flew from Mexico City to Buenos Aires. Argentina is a HUGE country, many hundreds or even thousands of kilometers between cities making seeing the country by car unrealistic. Would have loved to do it in an RV though. We came across a few. Most from Europe who were spending 6 months or more. We spent 2 weeks in Buenos Aires then flew to other areas of interest: Esquel and Bariloche in Mid Pategonia in the foothills of the Andes (Day tour to Chile); Ushuaia, (known as Fin Del Mundo) in Tierra del Fuego; Mendoza (Winery tours!) and another tour into the Andes; Iguazu Falls (spectacular). After each place we had to return to Buenos Aires for the flight to the next! We spent another week in Buenos Aires after Mendoza, and Iguazu falls was just an overnight tour from BA, Hotel, Flight and Guide organised by a small BA travel agency. Note about Iguazu: the largest falls are on the Argentina side, and you can get quite close to some of it. We were told that the best view is from the Brazil side of the fall. At the time we were there US and Canadian citizens NEEDED A VISA for Brazil. Unfortunately our European passports were back home so we were unable to arrange a temporary visa it time. Iguazu: worth a couple of days--find a GOOD GUIDE. Early March temperature was 5 degrees C!! IN Iguazu, a week or so later: 30C and humid. BA, Mendoza, Bariloche temperatures were very comfortable. Things were cheap then, even cheaper than Mexico. Here is a link to more up to date costs. Note that forged bank notes were a problem; Usually easy to spot as we found out too late! (poor photo definition, poor paper etc) Ask at your hotel, a waiter, taxi driver etc what to watch for. We even got a fake 100 peso note at an ATM! Having said that, ATMs are the best way to get local currency. To ensure that you get enough small bills, take out small amounts such as 290, 390, 490 etc. Don't pay any attention to that dufus who has never left the USA and thinks that everywhere else in the world is too dangerous for him.
Canadian Rainbirds 02/11/15 10:55am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Very Low OCV on Full Batts???

:S:S OldTimers. What can I say?
Canadian Rainbirds 02/10/15 08:44pm Tech Issues
RE: Very Low OCV on Full Batts???

Pardon my ignorance, but what is "ocv" ?
Canadian Rainbirds 02/10/15 07:27pm Tech Issues
RE: Fridge won't stay burning in hot sun

Is your fridge in a slide and vented out the side instead of the roof? If so it has 2 fans blowing air up to the cooler behind the top vent. Are those fans running? There is a thermistor that turns the fans on, located behind the top vent on the cooler fins. It could be a thermistor problem, a fan problem (though there are two) OR, in the case that Dougrainer diagnosed for us (Once I listened to his advice :S ) a corroded connection that acted like the thermistor was bad. I'm thinking that perhaps the cooler is working without the fans (or perhaps with just one fan) until the ambient temp up at the top gets too high. A degree or two could make a difference.
Canadian Rainbirds 02/10/15 07:18pm Tech Issues
RE: Atwood H20 Heater wont pass water

We had that happen to us. Jammed check valve.
Canadian Rainbirds 02/10/15 07:06pm Tech Issues
RE: Metered Electricity

Check with Julia across the street.
Canadian Rainbirds 02/09/15 02:28pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: 2000 Itasca Horizon 34BD Power Inverter

I also have three batteries for the coach so I am going to get a charger for sure. Does it matter which battery I connect to? Should I leave it on since my inverter/charger is not currently hooked uo to charge the batteries? I have cranked up the RV twice now in the last two days as it seems the solar panels I thought would keep the batteries topped off are not able to do that (maybe because it is cloudy )? What do you think? We have 420 Watts of solar panel and even in Mexico sometimes have to revert to the Xantrex charger, so unless you have some pretty awesome panels they won't be supplying enough. Most people (including me!) tend to expect too much from their solar panels. What size charger did you buy--how many Amps? If you can, connect the charger to the same terminals that the main battery cables are connected to. In the short term, connecting to one + and one - will be fine. Once you get the House batteries charged you should connect the charger to the Chassis batteries to top them off. There will always be some drain from them--smoke detectors etc. On ours, they (the chassis batteries) also power the slides which takes a lot of current. Then put it back on the house batteries.
Canadian Rainbirds 02/08/15 07:44pm Class A Motorhomes
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