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RE: few questions about a RV I am buying

A good deal is when both the buyer and seller are happy. If you are happy with the price you got it to, then do the deal. Don't listen to us on here. We will tell you how we got a better deal on our unit. Lol x2 Go for it OP Travelon X3
CavemanCharlie 02/01/15 08:42am General RVing Issues
RE: Rain in the Desert.....

Awwww the poor people getting rain in the desert. I feel so sorry for them,,,,NOT. Now the people in Boston getting 2 feet of snow I feel a little sorry for them. I also commend them for dealing with it without complaint. Remember a few years ago when some southern city got a few inches of snow and everybody got stuck sleeping in there car because they didn't close the schools or nothing. (Wasn't that Atlanta?)
CavemanCharlie 02/01/15 08:17am General RVing Issues
RE: Read the park rules folks !

I didn't read all the postings in this thread. I do keep my dogs on a leash. I do sometimes take them swimming though. The rules say you can't but, the dog loves it. So, I take him out early in the morning when there is nobody around to bother us or, us to bother them.
CavemanCharlie 02/01/15 08:11am General RVing Issues
RE: TV while traveling

We don't watch too much TV camping either, just catch the news in the morning and maybe watch one of those $5 movies at night. We bought a 19" TV with a built in DVD. 19" is tiny by today's standards, but we put the TV on the dinette table. The crank up antenna works better than you would think, but if the site has cable we use that. Agree with everyone else, no need to jack up the trailer if it sits for a month opr so. Happy camping! Me too. I just go camping locally and I get about 2-7 channels around here. As long as you TT came with the antenna you might as well buy a 150 dollar TV and see what you can get.
CavemanCharlie 02/01/15 08:00am Travel Trailers
RE: Power Leveling System - Worth it on a TT?

I agree with the above. You can't level your TT at the corners. The only way to put a power system on is if the TT had hydraulic or air springs. Then you could pump them up to level the TT at the wheels.
CavemanCharlie 02/01/15 07:56am Travel Trailers
RE: Furnace Troubleshooting

CavemanCharlie 01/31/15 08:21pm Travel Trailers
RE: Carlisle Radial RH speed ratings - many over 65pmh

For those of you who want trailer tires made in the USA, look here, at Carlisle's USA Trail line of tires. I think Carlisle might be coming around a bit. Bruce The sad part is that the USA Trail line had worse reviews than the Radial Trail RH's when I researched them a year ago. So much for American Made. I won't buy American Made if it is a less desirable product. I will.
CavemanCharlie 01/31/15 10:15am General RVing Issues
RE: Considering Purchasing a Used Travel Trailer

It's good to get kids into the outdoor when they are young. It helps them build up immunity, decreases the chances for allergies, and teaches them to love the outdoors early and they will keep that love going for the rest of there lives.
CavemanCharlie 01/31/15 10:03am Travel Trailers
RE: where do you wash and detail your rig?

To answer the OP's question I wash it at home. I don't detail my TT I live on a gravel road, it's 20 years old, and it's a camper not a car. I just use the garden hose and rinse it off. I do use a brush to scrub the bugs off of the front though.
CavemanCharlie 01/30/15 01:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: trucks

If they did sell quite a few at first it is most likely because of pent up demand because they quit making the ranger and S-10. But, if they did start making them again and they got as bad of mileage as a full size truck it would only be a matter of time until people figured that out and quit buying them. I wish they would make a Ranger again but, it has to get good mileage or what's the point?
CavemanCharlie 01/30/15 12:58pm General RVing Issues
RE: Well it is different

I would rather it had a Star Trek them on the back. lol
CavemanCharlie 01/30/15 12:42pm Travel Trailers
RE: trucks

Why does Honda even attempt to push this vehicle in the USA? Sales figures are so miserable that it can't be profitable. They haven't the good sense to walk away from the table and only they seem to know why. Like I said if anyone else made this and had sales figures like this those responsible would have been fired and the line cancelled. Do you suppose that Honda is profitable? Is there any chance that the Ridgeline is going to run them out of business? They could probably give Ridgelines away and still be profitable. I never heard anything about the Japanese government or anyone else bailing Honda out. If you want to talk about profits start a thread about GM. You're right, GM would have dumped the Ridgeline like they did the Pontiac and Saturn, but sometimes there is more to a business plan than instant $$$$ gratification. EDIT. It took GM over75 years to determine that Pontiac couldn't be a money maker. Go figure!!!! There was a time when Pontiac was a money maker. GM just ran it into the ground like they did the rest of the company.
CavemanCharlie 01/29/15 03:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: Travel trailer camping near Grand Rapids Mn

Can anyone please tell me where is a good campground with full hook-ups near Grand Rapids MN. My sister in law is getting married in May, and I really don't know the campground scene too well up there at all. Wife's family up there don't camp and are no help to my quest. So I am reaching to you guys/gals for some help. Thank you in advance Making sure your asking about Grand Rapids MN--I saw a response to Michigan and not Minnesota? We haven't found a lot of choices around Grand Rapids, MN. Back in 2008 we stayed at a little resort, Birch Cove campground, with mostly seasonal sites on Lake Pokegama. Nothing spectacular but it's on Lake Pokegama and it's close to town. We had full hook-ups on a small site lined up among seasonal sites but we were in Grand Rapids for a graduation and didn't spend much time at the campground. Here's a website listing that resort and others. If we ever stayed in the area again, we'd try the Corp of Engineers campground at the Pokegama dam or this place looked really nice just north of town. Depends what your looking for in amenities. Good luck! You say you haven't found a lot of choices but, that first web site you listed shows quite a few. I think your right it depends on what your looking for in amenities.
CavemanCharlie 01/29/15 02:55pm Travel Trailers
RE: Propane and battery locks

When camping? No, I'm near the camper and if I do leave there are other people camping around. I go camping at the local campgrounds and we all keep a eye on each other. I store my camper at home and I live way out in the country so I'm not worried about it here. If I was traveling across country I would put my battery's in a locked case. It may not stop them but, as somebody said if you can slow them down they might just move on to easier pickings.
CavemanCharlie 01/29/15 02:38pm Travel Trailers
RE: Considering Purchasing a Used Travel Trailer

I think you guys scared off another one. I sent her a PM and she hasn't read it yet.
CavemanCharlie 01/29/15 02:25pm Travel Trailers
RE: Getting expensive

In MN, the State Park Campgrounds have gone up in recent years and are scheduled to increase again in 2015. Now $28 for a site that has electricity (but no other hookups) and scheduled to be higher next year. This is on top of either a $5 daily or $25 yearly fee to enter the state park. And if you ride a horse or cross-country ski, there is $5 or $6 daily or a $20 or $21 annual fee to be able to do that as well. Add to this that they prohibit bringing firewood in (EAB prevention, which is fine) but they sell you green wood at a price of $5.50 for a small bundle. Just last week, we stayed at a state park campground. They had wood bundles and smaller bundles of kindling. I asked how much the kindling was and was told that it wasn't kindling, it was just more finely split firewood, and it was the same price as the larger pieces in the bigger bundles. They said that the contractor had provided them with green wood that was harder to get lit and burn, so they went to another contractor to get "more finely split wood" (the kindling) and that we should buy some bundles of each in order to get the wet wood burning. So instead of either lowering the price of the wet wood, or selling the kindling at a cheaper price, they were making twice as much money by selling twice the bundles of wood, all for $5.50 each. The firewood problem isn't at all MN state parks. Another we camped at a few weeks ago was selling nice very dry wood for $5.50 and a very nice bundle of kindling (kiln dried survey stakes) for $1.50. We do enjoy camping at MN state parks and for the most part they are well kept, but they are getting expensive and the side costs, or extras do begin to add up. The one night stay I did in my local MN state park campground last weekend was 39 bucks and that included one bundle of firewood. Not cheap for sure, the firewood was not green though. The county parks in my area that I frequent are 17-22 dollars a night. The 17 is with electric only the 22 is with electric and water hookup but, no sewer. You have to buy the firewood in town, it's heat treated firewood to kill the bugs. 2 bundles of it are 9 dollars.
CavemanCharlie 10/23/14 11:40am General RVing Issues
RE: DEF addative

Oil too,,,,, These new diesel engines require there specific oil. If you dump in as little as a quart of the old style oil you have royally screwed it up.
CavemanCharlie 10/22/14 07:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: Satellite TV. Service

DirecTV uses spot beams, so if you travel a state or two away, you will loose locals. They will change service location twice a year without a Hastle. Dish will willing change more often. It is against DirecTV's service agreement to have service at two locations on a single contract. But people do it. They do have contracts with distant network services for RV's that gives NY or LA locals anywhere you travel. Direct refused to install service at new home. The insisted that we had to move service from our old home and so forth and pay a much higher price. We didn't have direct, at our old home. It is in our RV. I went round and round with idiot woman, so did my wife. Went to Sams and bought good deal, but this idiot woman somehow got hold of the account and wouldn't do it. Kept insisting we move service from our old home. No amount of reasoning got this this woman. Finally bought in my name. So we have two accounts. The one in RV is still listed at the old address and no amount of calling or reasoning with this bunch of fools works. The previous Owner had installed cameras and security system. He had receivers and Direct receivers all mounted in basement and distributed to 8 rooms. The ripped out the extra cables for cameras, receivers, and security system. It will take a few thousand dollars to rewire. They manged to kill legislation to let us only receive channels worth watching. Over half are home shopping, and seedy stuff. We lock it out but still pay for it. Channels we want we won't buy because we already pay extortion rates. Once I am able to get about I'm just about ready to put a tower in and antenna. OK I understand most of this but, not all. You have me curious and confused. Why will it take you a few thousand dollars to run a few co-ax cables to a few rooms in you new house? You may be getting ripped off in this deal And, really in this day and age I would be surprised to find out that there was not some way to send a wireless signal from the main TV and Receiver in one room to the rest of them
CavemanCharlie 10/22/14 07:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tires always lose air in storage is this normal?

My experience is that yes, they will lose air. How much they lose depends on the quality of the tire.
CavemanCharlie 10/22/14 07:38pm General RVing Issues
RE: Urgent!! Brand new furnace not working

Heck, any portable electric space heater will keep a 16 foot TT warm until you get the furnace fixed. I love my furnace when I need it but, if I have shore power I use the electric heater anyway. Cheaper to use there electric rather then the propane you have to buy.
CavemanCharlie 10/22/14 07:35pm General RVing Issues
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