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RE: Getting expensive

In MN, the State Park Campgrounds have gone up in recent years and are scheduled to increase again in 2015. Now $28 for a site that has electricity (but no other hookups) and scheduled to be higher next year. This is on top of either a $5 daily or $25 yearly fee to enter the state park. And if you ride a horse or cross-country ski, there is $5 or $6 daily or a $20 or $21 annual fee to be able to do that as well. Add to this that they prohibit bringing firewood in (EAB prevention, which is fine) but they sell you green wood at a price of $5.50 for a small bundle. Just last week, we stayed at a state park campground. They had wood bundles and smaller bundles of kindling. I asked how much the kindling was and was told that it wasn't kindling, it was just more finely split firewood, and it was the same price as the larger pieces in the bigger bundles. They said that the contractor had provided them with green wood that was harder to get lit and burn, so they went to another contractor to get "more finely split wood" (the kindling) and that we should buy some bundles of each in order to get the wet wood burning. So instead of either lowering the price of the wet wood, or selling the kindling at a cheaper price, they were making twice as much money by selling twice the bundles of wood, all for $5.50 each. The firewood problem isn't at all MN state parks. Another we camped at a few weeks ago was selling nice very dry wood for $5.50 and a very nice bundle of kindling (kiln dried survey stakes) for $1.50. We do enjoy camping at MN state parks and for the most part they are well kept, but they are getting expensive and the side costs, or extras do begin to add up. The one night stay I did in my local MN state park campground last weekend was 39 bucks and that included one bundle of firewood. Not cheap for sure, the firewood was not green though. The county parks in my area that I frequent are 17-22 dollars a night. The 17 is with electric only the 22 is with electric and water hookup but, no sewer. You have to buy the firewood in town, it's heat treated firewood to kill the bugs. 2 bundles of it are 9 dollars.
CavemanCharlie 10/23/14 11:40am General RVing Issues
RE: DEF addative

Oil too,,,,, These new diesel engines require there specific oil. If you dump in as little as a quart of the old style oil you have royally screwed it up.
CavemanCharlie 10/22/14 07:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: Satellite TV. Service

DirecTV uses spot beams, so if you travel a state or two away, you will loose locals. They will change service location twice a year without a Hastle. Dish will willing change more often. It is against DirecTV's service agreement to have service at two locations on a single contract. But people do it. They do have contracts with distant network services for RV's that gives NY or LA locals anywhere you travel. Direct refused to install service at new home. The insisted that we had to move service from our old home and so forth and pay a much higher price. We didn't have direct, at our old home. It is in our RV. I went round and round with idiot woman, so did my wife. Went to Sams and bought good deal, but this idiot woman somehow got hold of the account and wouldn't do it. Kept insisting we move service from our old home. No amount of reasoning got this this woman. Finally bought in my name. So we have two accounts. The one in RV is still listed at the old address and no amount of calling or reasoning with this bunch of fools works. The previous Owner had installed cameras and security system. He had receivers and Direct receivers all mounted in basement and distributed to 8 rooms. The ripped out the extra cables for cameras, receivers, and security system. It will take a few thousand dollars to rewire. They manged to kill legislation to let us only receive channels worth watching. Over half are home shopping, and seedy stuff. We lock it out but still pay for it. Channels we want we won't buy because we already pay extortion rates. Once I am able to get about I'm just about ready to put a tower in and antenna. OK I understand most of this but, not all. You have me curious and confused. Why will it take you a few thousand dollars to run a few co-ax cables to a few rooms in you new house? You may be getting ripped off in this deal And, really in this day and age I would be surprised to find out that there was not some way to send a wireless signal from the main TV and Receiver in one room to the rest of them
CavemanCharlie 10/22/14 07:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tires always lose air in storage is this normal?

My experience is that yes, they will lose air. How much they lose depends on the quality of the tire.
CavemanCharlie 10/22/14 07:38pm General RVing Issues
RE: Urgent!! Brand new furnace not working

Heck, any portable electric space heater will keep a 16 foot TT warm until you get the furnace fixed. I love my furnace when I need it but, if I have shore power I use the electric heater anyway. Cheaper to use there electric rather then the propane you have to buy.
CavemanCharlie 10/22/14 07:35pm General RVing Issues
RE: Getting expensive

And because the Fed is keeping interest rates low so that RV sales continue and campgrounds can borrow to build and expand, those who have saved for retirement can not get a decent yield on savings and investments. There is no longer any such thing as compound interest...what do you get on 0.1% or even 0.99% Oh well. Happy Trails. And I don't care what it costs, I love traveling in the Motorhome. I hear you. I had a few extra thousand I wanted to save this summer. After looking at interest rates it really wasn't worth it. Could just as well have dug a hole in the back yard and buried a coffee can full of cash in it. If you find a way to save money that earns a few pennies of interest PM me and let me know.
CavemanCharlie 10/22/14 07:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: Getting expensive

Everything always goes up in the long term. There are good camping deals out there. You just have to get off the beaten path and find small out of the way campgrounds.
CavemanCharlie 10/22/14 07:20pm General RVing Issues
RE: 20% Bio Fuel at Flying J/Pilot

Most of this stuff is the same sort of malarkey that they said, or are still saying, about ethanol. This B.S. about new injectors, lines, filter, and stuff is just someway for someone to make easy money off of you. You may have to change you filter out at first. That's about it. But, by now you have been running bio-diesel in your rig and never even knew it so I'll bet you have the system acclimated by now. A fungicide is a good idea though. Especially for RV's that set around a lot and don't get used. I live on the farm. We have used 1000's and 1000's of bio diesel in every type of diesel engine without issue. But, we do put a fungicide in the storage tanks.
CavemanCharlie 10/21/14 07:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: Entry Door Hinges

I have heard of some manufactures using a steel pin in aluminum hinge. This causes a ; (oh heck , what's that called again) problem that causes them to seize up.
CavemanCharlie 10/21/14 07:25pm Travel Trailers
RE: Plugged up Black tank

Make sure you let lots of water build up before draining the tank. It will help keep this sort of thing from happening. When I go out on a one/two night trip I add 12- 15 gallons of water to the waste tank before I leave. That way I'm sure there is enough water in there to get everything to break up and flush out easily.
CavemanCharlie 10/21/14 07:20pm Travel Trailers
RE: repairing shattered window

A quick search found this site. I have no idea how reasonable there prices are though. I didn't have the time to search further. http://easyrvwindows.com/index.html
CavemanCharlie 10/21/14 07:05am Travel Trailers
RE: Cost of staying connected.......

Since I see you are here you must be staring at a screen too!! Remember that before you yell at me THINK..... Just Saying. My apologies. Sometimes when I want to add emphasis to a word, I forget that caps to some people means yelling. Is/was not my intent. I think we are pretty much on the same page in terms of connectivity, but all realms together, I spend less than an hour/day staring at any screen. And trust me when I tell you that I have never been bored enough to pick up a phone. No problem
CavemanCharlie 10/21/14 06:53am General RVing Issues
RE: Cost of staying connected.......

=CavemanCharlie I hear you. There are so many options these days it can drive a person batty. Or, you can go outside, sit in a chair or take a walk, read a book (remember those?) and forget about battiness. How many years do you figure you have left and how many of them do you want to spend staring at one screen or another? Just sayin'. THINK I was just trying to help the OP with his problem. I only have OTA TV in my camper. I have Satellite TV in the house but, I rarely ever watch it. Your preaching to the choir. True, I have one of those fancy smart phones but, the only time I use it is when I'm so board and have no other options or other things to do. (Which is strangely enough,,, at work) In the mornings when I get up I check out this site. I do the same thing before I go to bed in the evening. Since I see you are here you must be staring at a screen too!! Remember that before you yell at me THINK..... Just Saying.
CavemanCharlie 10/20/14 07:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: DEF addative

Yup, DEF goes into a separate tank. All modern Diesel engines have it. It's kinda a pain but, you do not have to fill up the DEF tank that often. DEF stands for Diesel Exhaust Fluid.
CavemanCharlie 10/20/14 07:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: Water Heater Question

While camping this weekend, I experienced something scary with my water heater. I was using electric to power my water heater. The water heater had been on the entire time, and was working perfectly. When I woke up on day three, I smelled a strange smell. I couldn't pinpoint where the smell was coming from, so I thought the smell was coming from outside. It wasn't an overpowering smell, but there was a strange smell. About 4 hours later, all of a sudden, smoke started coming out of the compartment that houses the water heater. Quickly, I turned off the water heater, and opened the compartment that houses the water heater. At this point, I could tell that the strange smell was coming from inside the compartment. I didn't see any fire, smoke, or any signs of anything burning. I opened the outside door to the water heater, and didn't see any damage either. I kept the water heater off, and only turned it on when I needed hot water. Every time that I turned it on for the remainder of my stay, I checked the water heater compartment for that strange smell; but I never smelled it again. Has anyone else experienced this before? Boy, if you have smoke I suggest not using it until you get it serviced. You know the old saying; "Where there's smoke there's fire". Now, that may not be true in this case but, I bet if "There's smoke there's going to be a fire" . What was the color of the smoke?
CavemanCharlie 10/20/14 06:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: Maiden voyage was a success

Congrats. Don't expect there to be much of a owners manual if any. The appliance in the TT should each have their own manual but, most TT don't have a manual for the TT itself.
CavemanCharlie 10/20/14 06:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: 37 RV Hacks

The trash can looks interesting. I wonder how much weight it can hold. Thanks for the post.
CavemanCharlie 10/20/14 06:29pm Travel Trailers
RE: Cost of staying connected.......

I am no nearer to stretching my connectivity dollar than I was when I posted this question... I hear you. There are so many options these days it can drive a person batty. My local small town newspaper also has a service for selling and fixing computer/phones etc. They also can tell you your TV options and help you find the right service. Can you find a local dealer near you that can help you?
CavemanCharlie 10/19/14 06:56pm General RVing Issues
RE: Waldo Fl. speed trap update

I went to Chicago about , oh heck, probley 20 years ago now. Anyway, as you got closer and closer to downtown the speed limit was dropped slower and slower. The traffic got heavier and heavier. Problem was, everybody was going faster and faster. On the edge of town everybody was driving the limit. By the time you got close to downtown everybody was 20 over. It was weird. Don't try that in Minneapolis / St. Paul.
CavemanCharlie 10/19/14 06:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: Check your valve stems!

I'm sure this is all true. You say when you bought the trailer you put on new tires. Does this mean you bought a used trailer? If you did when you had the new tires put on did they install new valve stems? Or, did the cheapen out and used the old ones? If they did the age of the stem might have also contributed to the failure.
CavemanCharlie 10/19/14 06:44pm Travel Trailers
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