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RE: Two found dead in RV at talladega

Will be interesting to find out the cause.. Carbon monoxide is fairly easy to "Diagnose" as a cause of death. Since they say "Not suspected" I would tend to believe it's not the cause. (Though it takes a while to certify it as a cause of death, it takes like 1`second to put it high on the list. or eliminate it from what I understand).My vote is "hillbilly heroin". I don't know what that is. What is it?Actually, it is not meth, but rather concentrated opioid pain killers. There have been numerous reports about pharmacies in that region of the world that dispense several 100 times the normal amount of pills like Oxycodone than similar sized pharmacies in other areas. Highly addictive, highly dangerous and cheap, since they are often paid for thru insurance fraud. "In That Region Of The World" ??? Since that region of the world is also all of ours I'm not sure what that statement is about.
CavemanCharlie 05/04/16 10:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: Death by GPS

I think it's happened to all of us at one time or another. Roads that really aren't roads except for hikers and mules. The latest crazy thing my RV760 did was show a dotted line over a lake to get to the other side. What does that mean, drive real fast as skip over the water? Not me. I don't have GPS. BUT, I never go far from home. The worst part is that "Good" maps are getting hard to find. There was a teenager near me that wanted to dive the 10 miles from her local town to another one. (And, let me point out to you that she had passed her drivers test and had a license. ) On the way home the GPS screw up and took her down the wrong road. It old her to keep going straght so she did. Right off a curve and into the ditch. The she sat there for a hour not knowing what to do until someone happened along and found her. I have nothing against GPS but, doesn't anyone have any Common Since anymore ?
CavemanCharlie 05/04/16 09:55pm General RVing Issues
RE: Ever had TT frame failure?

I had the A-frame break off my Weekend Warrior. I was on the way back to the dealer (cross country) to get it we-welded after I saw a crack start. Total failure south of chicago, closing the interstate for 5 hours while 4 heavy wreckers cleared the trailer from the freeway. HOLY S**T. How much did that cost you and how much time did you spend in jail ? Around here you would have been in a world of hurt. To the OP. If you think there is a problem get it checked out before you end up in a situation like the one above.
CavemanCharlie 05/04/16 09:20pm Travel Trailers
RE: Weights on Minnesota titles

The lighter you can get it registered as the cheaper it will be to licenses it each year. And, there are less regulations on lighter trailers. But, don't be stupid about it. You could get run through a portable scale and if you do and are grossly over weight they are going to know you tried to scam the system. But, there are certain cut off weights. (Which are at weird points) For example, I think you do not need to have brakes on a trailer until after 2900 pounds or something like that. You really should check this out before you try to get a trailer license . It will make your live easier.
CavemanCharlie 05/04/16 09:10pm Travel Trailers
RE: Day 6

I love your posts keep them coming. If it makes people happy to put them all in one thread then go ahead. But, don't stop posting. I look forward to these posts.
CavemanCharlie 05/04/16 08:59pm Travel Trailers
RE: Things I don't understand

This thread is almost as good as hanging around a boat ramp at the end of the day! Hey I like hanging around boat ramps at the end of the day! Get some popcorn, a beverage of choice, a lawn chair, maybe a video camera.....laughing is good for you! :B Nothing better than the boat ramps for a good laugh!!! It's the perfect spot to witness life's most embarrassing moments! If the guy in this video had a beard he would look like me lol . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qHdPhkSSNQ. This is a good safety video . Everyone should watch it. I seem to get a kick out of it too.
CavemanCharlie 05/04/16 08:45pm Travel Trailers
RE: which roof is better?

I think you will find that there are practically nothing but TTs with rubber roofs available. Fiberglass would be more durable, you just gonna have a hard time finding fiberglass on anything but MH roof. lots of small TTs with fiberglass roofs. I wouldn't have another rubber one myself. bumpy I was getting ready to make this exact same statement Bumpy, but you beat me to it. I had a EPDM roof that was properly maintained, not damaged, caulked frequently, etc. and at 5 years service the membrane started failing. Moisture was leaking through the membrane. This is obviously an expensive issue and the 12 year rubber roof warranty that all manufacturers advertise is totally worthless. Try to make a claim and see how far that gets you. I had my rubber roof replaced with RV Flex Armor (rvroof.com). I will never ever have another rubber roof other than the length of time it takes to take delivery and take it to a rvroof.com install facility. And now I can even hear the television when it is raining due to the thickness of the RV Flex Armor material. Ya, but, they have a very limited installation area. If you live nearby that's great. But, what about those of us that are 1000's of miles away ?
CavemanCharlie 05/03/16 07:37pm Travel Trailers
RE: What about the RVIA Sticker ?

I would figure out a way to get a new one. It can't be that difficult to do and why take the risk ? Is it going to cause you problems if you leave it off ? Probably not... But, you never know. You may run into the wrong person someday that want's to make a big deal out of it. Some people have nothing else to do but, take little things and blow them out of proportions.
CavemanCharlie 05/02/16 07:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: Stereo dilemma

Could this be caused by a short in the RV somewhere ??? AKA a Hot Skin ? I don't know that is why I am asking.
CavemanCharlie 05/02/16 07:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: Day 4

Great story. Keep all of your posts in a folder so then you have a long novel at the end of the trip. Then you can look back at them next winter and plan for the next trip. I hope you took some pictures !
CavemanCharlie 05/02/16 06:52pm Travel Trailers
RE: Things I don't understand

DW and I talk to everyone but I don't always get it... One guy won't travel with any fresh water or anything in the waste tanks. No convenience of freshening up or having the bathroom? Another guy shuts his propane tanks so he can only run six hours at a time before his fridge gets too warm. Won't drive with his tanks open. Also shuts them when he leaves the camper. Another guy checks his tire pressure every morning. Every morning? Really? Another checks his oil at every gas stop. I asked him how often he needs to add oil and he said he goes oil change to oil change without ever adding any. Another guy unhitches even if he doesn't need his TV. Says its rediculous to keep all that extra weight on his truck. Another guy won't put his slide out unless he's staying more than a day. He said every time he puts it out its one less time it will work. I've met a number of people who won't do their business in their own toilet. They just don't want that in their tank. :@ I didn't read all 6 pages of this thread. I have a friend that will also not use his toilet. What do you even have it for then ???? I don't get it. I agree with all of your other points. But,,,,,, I am one of those people that hardly ever uses the awning because I'm afraid the wind will rip it off. So I am probably not any better then the rest. I'll put it out on a calm day. We hardly ever have calm days here. We have electric generating wind towers everywhere you look. We have a lot of wind.
CavemanCharlie 05/02/16 06:46pm Travel Trailers
RE: Day 5

Woke up this morning and checked out the campground we were in. Some would love it but it wasn't for us. Heavily wooded, dirt and gravel, unlevel sites, in the middle of nowhere. We had a leisurely breakfast and headed to Luray. Better to our likes! We have a campsite at the top of a hill overlooking farms and rolling mountainsides. We can watch the sheep, cows and horses in the pastures below us. I think we're going to hang here a couple of days. We did something today that we don't usually do. Nothing! We ate, we napped, we read. It was a beautiful day and we did nothing but sit out and enjoy it! Tonight.... It is storming to beat the band!!! Torrential rains again! We are snuggled on the sofa watching "The Ultimate Gift". It it the ultimate sappy chick flick. So DW watches the movie and I write you folks. :) Ain't it great to have a nice warm TT to be in when it rains !!! That is one of things things I love most about mine. I am one of those people that probably would have liked the first park better. To each there own. Thanks for the posts
CavemanCharlie 05/02/16 06:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: Furnace Question on new Rockwood Trailer

If it is brand new and under warranty I would take it back to the dealer. The large grill under the sink is the return vent as DownTheAvenue said. I bet one or more of your floor vents are unhooked at the furnace. It happens. If it is no longer under warranty then I would remove the grill under the sink and take a look for yourself.
CavemanCharlie 05/02/16 06:35pm Travel Trailers
RE: Mystery bathroom switch

I've lived in this house for 30 years. The house was built in 42. There is a mystery light switch in my kitchen. I'm not sure what it does. I removed the cover once and the wires leading to it were kinda funny. One answer I got from an old timer was that they were low voltage wires that lead to a relay that would turn the outside light on the farm power pole on and off. That way the light did not have to be illuminated all night long wasting electricity for no reason. I also have round shaped mark fairly high up on the kitchen wall. There is a small hole in the middle of the mark and when I look in the hole I see those funny wires again. A old timer tells me that this was a built in clock with a timer on it that would turn on and off the house water heater at certain times of the day. That way it did not have to be on all the time wasting electricity. Wasn't it great how out ancestors knew how to conserve things !!! To bad we can't do something "similar" to things like that these days.
CavemanCharlie 05/01/16 08:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: Asphalt storage pad

I still don't get why the OP can not just use gravel ? He only wants to park on it once and awhile. Where I am the road I live on is gravel, my driveway is gravel, most everything is gravel. It's a lot cheaper then either asphalt or concrete. Now, some stupid city ordnance may get in the way. I don't know about that. It just seems like you are all trying to do things the hard way.
CavemanCharlie 05/01/16 08:31pm General RVing Issues
RE: Bent spring hanger - how to fix?

Heat it up and bend it back. If you want to use one of the other holes then you will need to heat it up with a torch to bend it back the right way. I wonder how it got bent ? I would do a close inspection to look for other damage. I wonder if you will have tire wear problems down the road ?
CavemanCharlie 05/01/16 08:21pm General RVing Issues
RE: Stereo dilemma

CavemanCharlie 05/01/16 08:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: Darker colored trailers.

I prefer darker colors. White is so hard to keep clean and shows every little fingerprint and dirt spot. When I think bright white I think of sanatoriums , hospitals, low income apartments, mental hospitals, senior centers , and just about everything else depressing. ....hey Caveman.....you described ME :) .... a low income, mental idiot that belongs in a santorium ! No wonder I love my white trailer ! :B I'm glad you are laughing. I meant no offense. Just my opinion. I was also talking about interior colors. Dark on the outside is different. That would be hot and hard to keep clean. I just like my interior colors to be a little darker. For example, I think Oliver TT's look really well built. But, I don't think I could stand being in a TT that is that bright white inside. I know some people love them . It's just not my style is all. After all, the walls of my cave are not that white. :)
CavemanCharlie 05/01/16 08:03pm Travel Trailers
RE: Stollen

It was found two days later and had been "rummaged" through. She took it to a repair shop but has decided that she will buy a new one. I'm glad it was found and at least she can recover some of her loss. Not sure why she wants to buy a new one but, to each their own.
CavemanCharlie 05/01/16 07:55pm Travel Trailers
RE: Camper satisfaction

Bought the one in the sig new on Halloween in 2009. Only problem - the manufacturer didn't put the hood vent directly over the stovetop, but halfway back. Cannot use the stovetop at all because of this (first time I tried it became obvious very quickly that the air was becoming unbreathable). I was only trying to make coffee, as I do all my cooking outside (learned my lesson in the old trailer when I fried some fish). I can still use the oven if needed. One thing I miss about the old hybrid we had - you had windows on all four sides and could always get a breeze. Now we only have windows on two sides. Um,, I don't understand this ? Why was the air becoming unbreatable ? I rarely ever use my stove vent when cooking. All it does is remove the cooking odors. It is not there for any other reason. I love my old TT and I am very satisfied with it.
CavemanCharlie 05/01/16 07:49pm Travel Trailers
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