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RE: Would you run these tires? Expert needed

No, not very far that's for sure. Sorry. And, I'm not a tire fanatic like some people but, those look too bad to me.
CavemanCharlie 03/29/15 06:11pm Travel Trailers
RE: Clearance

I'm sorry..what is that like? passing someone? Gary Haupt On a two lane road move over slightly so you can see around the lower car in front of you. If someone is coming get back over and stay back from the car in front of you at a safe distance. If no one is coming start building up a little speed. But, be very carefully at this point because you are moving faster then the car you are following be ready to brake hard at any moment!! When you get close enough to the car in front of you peek out again. If someone is coming brake hard and get back to a safe distance. If there is no one coming, signal, pull out into the left lane. Make double sure you have enough distance to complete the pass and then GO!! This is the most unsafe part of the passing procedure so put the pedal to the metal and get your a** moving. If you are driving a automatic just be careful when the car downshifts that if the rear tires break loose keep it under control. :B When you get safely in front of the car you are passing, signal, get back into the right lane take your foot off of the gas and cost back down to the speed you want to be at.
CavemanCharlie 03/29/15 09:10am General RVing Issues
RE: 7 way trailer plug issue...

Are you sure it's not working when you are moving? If set up correctly it should work so well that you may have a hard time telling the difference in braking from when you are not towing. Find a safe place where you don't need taillights. Then stop with the connector plugged into the truck and measure the distance. Then unplug the connector and do the test the same way again and measure the distance. Maybe it's working and you just don't know it.
CavemanCharlie 03/29/15 08:49am General RVing Issues
RE: Kit to add auto-fan to air conditioner

Repaired link to mod AC Mod Looks great! It would be nice if your relay had a timer built in so that the fan would run for 60 or so seconds after the compressor on the AC shuts down to get the last of the cool from the evaporator . I think they make that sort of relay too if I'm not mistaken.
CavemanCharlie 03/29/15 08:34am Travel Trailers
RE: Which Dicor Sealant?

Thanks for the replies
CavemanCharlie 03/28/15 04:01pm Travel Trailers
Which Dicor Sealant?

I want to do a small crack right on the very edge of my rubber roof where it goes around the top edge and starts to go downward. Should I use the self leveling or non- self leveling? I'm afraid if I use the self leveling stuff it will run down the side of the wall on the TT.
CavemanCharlie 03/28/15 01:40pm Travel Trailers
Axle Flip

Hi, I own a travel trailer but, my older brother and his wife have a 5th wheel. They own a 2002 KZ 24 foot with one slide. Last year they bought a new one ton pickup for use around the farm and for pulling the 5th wheel. The pickup is to high and even with the hitch adjusted to the max the camper runs to high in the front when traveling down the road. They also have a problem with tire wear on the camper. They are considering having the axles flipped and the trailer axles aligned. The problem is the nearest place to have this done is about 75 miles away. They are wondering if it's worth doing on this old of a camper. The camper is in good shape with a good roof and only one small crack in the siding hear a window. They only use it about once a year, maybe twice. I completely understand that prices will very a lot by region but, I was wondering if any of you have had this done and what the approximate price range for doing this is going to cost. Thank you for any information you can give.
CavemanCharlie 03/28/15 12:17pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Worlds Fist Camper ?

To bad they didn't have any pictures of it after it was fixed up.
CavemanCharlie 03/27/15 06:06pm General RVing Issues
RE: wind speed and wineguard

i am supposed to get thunderstorms with up to 60 mph winds later today. do i need to crank down a wineguard with batwing?thanks for your help. I certainly would. But, I'm known for being cautious. Besides, mine moves around in the wind and with modern digital signals it looses the TV channel on windy days anyway.
CavemanCharlie 03/27/15 06:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: Working to "Save" my Camping Weekend

To me OHV stand for Over Head Valve. I can't say on this family friendly site what I think FHU stands for. (And, really none of what my imagine comes up with makes much since.) LOL! OHV = Off Highway Vehicles FHU = Full Hook Ups (electric, water, sewer) I had a manager about 30 years ago who told the story about a situation at his former job. They made electronics and one of the testing techs was called into Human Resources because a woman in the re-work department took offense because he was sending stuff over labeled as NFG. The HR rep explained the reason for the meeting and the tech asked "Well they're supposed to fix the Non Functional Gear, right?" Meeting over. Thank you the OHV one I should have guessed. I never would have gotten the other one. I'm just a weekend camper so I don't need full hook ups.
CavemanCharlie 03/27/15 05:57pm Travel Trailers
RE: Bike-accessory research

I'd be happy to take it but, I don't ride a bike. I walk instead. I'm 51 years old, I don't have a very good sense of balance, and I'm afraid of falling from a bike. At my age this could cause worse injuries then when you are young. Besides, to get a decent bike around here you have to spend at least several hundred dollars and because I would only use the bike a few times a year I don't wish to spend that much money on one.
CavemanCharlie 03/27/15 05:48pm Travel Trailers
RE: Propane tank soft covers

I have no experience with soft covers. Or, hard ones for that reason. My friends and I just don't use any cover. I just keep everything painted up nice. Every spring I repaint the tanks, tank holder, and the hitch on the front of mt TT. If I trade tanks during the season I always make sure I get a nice looking one and then I pull off the advertizing plastic rapper they have put on it.
CavemanCharlie 03/27/15 05:42pm Travel Trailers
RE: Packrat damage- even worth fixing?

(I'm a she :) ), and yea- I did make a half joke to my dad when we were up there to just throw his cigarette in there, but I was so freaked out! I think we'll have it towed somewhere (of course it's in the middle of nowhere at pristine camping land!), professionally cleaned and then sold 'as is'- with the damage. Fortunately or unfortunately, the land (and campers on it) are in the process of being sold, at least we're trying to sell the property, so we'll just have to take the camper off the price and try to get back a little bit if at all possible. Thank you so much for all the feedback, I really do appreciate it. Aww.. when it was "new" :( https://fbcdn-sphotos-b-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xap1/v/t1.0-9/10256912_10203618151311736_5927134896499179497_n.jpg?oh=5261fb6c52fc3ee62a6a50c0e19608cf&oe=55A617E4&__gda__=1437736625_123fb49eb08330799ef0a6d0e8ebe1c9 width=700 Sorry for your loss. You look so happy in the photo. I know you must be heartbroken. It will all work out. Have a nice Day
CavemanCharlie 03/26/15 07:55pm General RVing Issues
RE: Working to "Save" my Camping Weekend

To me OHV stand for Over Head Valve. I can't say on this family friendly site what I think FHU stands for. (And, really none of what my imagine comes up with makes much since.)
CavemanCharlie 03/26/15 07:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: Thoughts after one week living in the Oliver

I did a black tank flush this evening. The nice thing about the SeeLevel gauge is you can set it to stay on for 5 minutes. So I could watch the tank fill while the hose was connected to the flush connector. I drained the tank, and then I filled it to 80% via the black tank flush and then opened the drain valve. What a difference! There was still alot of yuk in the tank and drain pipe after I dumped. It's up to you but, I don't feel that it is necessary to get the black tank that clean. I'm just a weekend camper with a old TT. I'm lucky that my bathroom sink dumps into the high side of my black tank. After a weekend camping trip all I ever do is to drain the black thank and then I dump a bucket of clean water in the bathroom sink. If no one is waiting in line at the dump station behind me I will dump another bucket of clean water down the toilet while holding the flush valve open. Then I drain the gray tank and flush it with a little clean water. Then I go home. After I get home I add about a gallon , or so, of water to each tank to keep the rubber seals on the drain valves moist until I'm ready to go out the next weekend. To each his own but, this has worked well for me.
CavemanCharlie 03/26/15 07:16pm Travel Trailers
RE: Will this do the job pulling my RV ???

Love it. Actually, this would be a better toad for the Class A people. It would be like towing a Jeep, a Boat, And a car all at the same time.
CavemanCharlie 03/26/15 07:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: Packrat damage- even worth fixing?

I think a pile of oily rags and a match would fix that up... Seriously, if that was mine I'd total it and never set foot in it again. I realize you are suggesting he total it. I hope you aren't serious about your suggestion that he commit arson. (And, really, you could get in a lot of trouble around here just for suggesting it)
CavemanCharlie 03/25/15 05:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: Thoughts after one week living in the Oliver

Thanks for the update. It is weird that they did not label the breakers of fuses. That was probably a oversight on there part. I , personally , would not like the long tube between the toilet and the black tank. That sounds like a place for a clog. I would be most worried about that. Sorry I wasn't clear. The black tank is directly below the toilet. The drain pipe runs from the tank about 2 feet to the valve, and then about 15 feet to the discharge port in the bumper of the trailer. It is a large diameter pipe - either 3 or 4 inches. I'm not worried it would clog, but it could leave some stinky debris in that long run if you don't flush properly. I see. If your not able to use the built in flush a 3-4 gallon (15L) bucket of water dumped quickly down the toilet might do the trick in a pinch.
CavemanCharlie 03/25/15 10:02am Travel Trailers
RE: New Trailer

Congratulations on your new TT.
CavemanCharlie 03/25/15 09:57am Travel Trailers

Sorry for your bad luck. Maybe this is a way to get all of your bad luck for the season out of the way and it will be better from here.
CavemanCharlie 03/25/15 09:47am General RVing Issues
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