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RE: Indiana LEOs

bigcitypopo I may not be reading your post correctly . It looks like you saying that any one that draws attention to themselves is more likely to get a ticket because of that. So, if someone has aftermarket rims on there vehicle or a different paint job they are more likely to be a criminal???? When I was younger I did stuff like that and I did get more tickets. I finally gave up ne became the same boring, dull, blob that everybody else is. I just don't understand why the police force us to all drive around in the same bland cars with no individuality allowed. Why must we all be mindless minions going to work for nothing and not allowed to have a opinion or different interest of any kind?
CavemanCharlie 07/24/14 06:43am General RVing Issues
RE: Heater inop when on battery

See I learned W=VxA
CavemanCharlie 07/24/14 06:31am Travel Trailers
RE: Towing Safety Question

I wonder if sometimes these sway questions come from people that are inexperienced or bad drives. Not in the OP's post of course. He is just telling us what he saw. I tow a 20 foot TT with my half ton pickup and use no weight distribution hitch or sway control of any kind. It tows quite nicely. I've been towing trailers for 35 years. I was on a 4 lane road the other day and got passed by a semi and I see what you are all talking about with the suction of the semi truck pulling you. I just held the wheel straight and kept me speed stable and let him pass. It was not a white knuckle experience at all. Your dragging the trailer, don't let it drag you. Don't over compensate, if fact, don't compensate at all. If you go straight the trailer will too. You have to pull it, not let it pull you. Now, if I was going cross country in mountains with high winds I would give a some of these sway control devices a though. As a weekend camper that lives on flat ground and never goes more then 70 miles from home I sometimes wonder if some of you maybe just need to learn how to drive. I have no experience in other places though and maybe that is why I feel that way. But, Still, just drag the darned thing and get it over with.
CavemanCharlie 07/23/14 06:33pm Travel Trailers
RE: fresh water won't fill

I have to fill mine at a slower speed or the air can't get out fast enough.
CavemanCharlie 07/23/14 06:13pm Travel Trailers
RE: Covering skylights

I too did the foam rubber trick. I found some that was some part of a bed at one time. It's about 1.5 inches thick foam , fairly stiff, and dark gray in color. I cut it a bit to big and then I stuffed it in the vent. It blocks all the light and the heat too. When I want I just remove it and throw it on the bed. I usually install it at night so the light doesn't bother me in the next morning.
CavemanCharlie 07/23/14 06:03pm Travel Trailers
RE: Indiana LEOs

They are serious about your dollars. They could care less about your safety. Be aware they also drive utility trucks with high output engines in them, other wise unmarked. Indiana has what is known as "wolf packs", they travel in small packs from one area to the other. They work one area and then move to another. They are like that everywhere. All that counts is money. Safety, responsibility, and respect no longer matter.
CavemanCharlie 07/23/14 05:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: Getting around the Campground

I have a friend who's 11 year old son helps me pick rocks on the farm. We use a Kawasaki Mule for this job. He drives it quite well. I would never leave him use it unattended or course but if the adults are in the golf cart with them I don't see why a 10 year old couldn't drive them around. How fast do the golf cart things go anyway? I bet a 10 year old on a good bike could go faster.
CavemanCharlie 07/23/14 07:42am General RVing Issues
RE: Coleman AC parts

I found a Coleman Pan Base on PPLmotorhomes.com. check that out. It was $122.00 list price. Thanks. Do you have a link? I've looked there but, for some reason can never find it.
CavemanCharlie 07/18/14 07:52am General RVing Issues
Coleman AC parts

I have a buddy that saved a Coleman Mach roof mount air conditioner from a camper that was going to the junk. But, he didn't save the base pan that mounts the AC to the roof of the camper! After a search on the internet I can't seem to find this part. If anyone can help I would appreciate it. Thank You and Have a Nice Day
CavemanCharlie 07/17/14 07:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: Stolen TT - a word of advise

All these wonderful "ideas" could be eliminated if you just have the right insurance. If you want mine, take it...I just don't want to see it again. My insurance company will handle it from there and I don't have to cobble up some "motion detector" that no one will hear, or take the wheels off every time I park, or some obscene license plate.. B.O. The OP has stated he doesn't want it back. He just misses the personal objects he had inside. As for insurance company's. Don't be so danged sure they are going to give you much, if anything, for it. If they can wiggle out of a deal using some loophole they will. They are after all the worlds 3rd greatest evil. Right after Lawyers and Banks. I know they would never give me much for my 21 year old TT. I would never find one in this good of condition, in a floor plan I love, for what I paid for this one again. That's why I said I would cry if something happened to mine.
CavemanCharlie 07/17/14 12:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: Kudos to AAA

Good post. I've had AAA for 35 years and they always been good to me. I don't have premier and I don't have the RV plus but, I don't ever tow my TT very far and I have friends that could come and help me if needed.
CavemanCharlie 07/17/14 07:41am General RVing Issues
RE: Senior Moments

Food, somebody said food. Now I'm hungry. What was this thread about anyway? Must have been about some sort of food. Hope it was low fat, low sodium, hart healthy food. I think I'll go have a salad. What room is the ice box in again? (Extra points to anybody that remembers when they were called a "Ice Box" and why they were called that.) Didn't the earliest cold chests consist of a compartment on top of the "fridge" that the owner would pack with a big block of ice which would then keep the bottom compartment at a chilly temperature? Cheers! Mike Yup, In the winter men with big hand saws would go out onto the lakes cut out big chunks of ice and then drag them back to town with horse's. They would pack the ice into sawdust inside a insulated building. Then all summer the ice man would bring ice to your house you would then put the ice in your ice box to keep things cold. I don't remember it. I have seen the ice boxes and I've seen pictures.
CavemanCharlie 07/17/14 07:35am General RVing Issues
RE: Stolen TT - a word of advise

Might as well post a picture on here too. You just never know.
CavemanCharlie 07/17/14 07:28am General RVing Issues
RE: Northwood Manufacturing's Defective Trailer

A quick summary: 1. No plumbing in the unit. 2. No sign of leakage at all. I wanted to add a nicer floor and that is how we found the damage. 3. Our insurance is not covering it because there was mold, even though they cover flooding, not damage caused by flooding...thank you for being polite who mentioned insurance. 4. Insurance deemed it a manufacturer's defect and have talked to RV dealers who have said this is a wide spread issue. 5. I am not American. Thank you all for your support and kind words. :) And thank you for giving more details. I live in a house with a wet moldy basement. I've been here for 27 years. Thankfully I'm not one of the people that has allergies to mold. If it were mine I would fix the problem destroy the mold and go on my way. But, that's just me most people are not like that I completely understand this.
CavemanCharlie 07/17/14 07:26am General RVing Issues
RE: Stolen TT - a word of advise

All interesting ideas, including the Hellfire. Insurance will cover the TT, that's fine. It's the man-hours of labor, sweat and blood I put onto that TT to make it perfect in my view, alongside the personal items that we've had for the last 3 TTs that are gone forever that pisses me off (including personal belongings of the deceased MIL - my Wife is very upset about that). I found a TT to lease nearby, a 2011 Coleman 270BH (this exact TT: link). It'll suit our needs for this vacation. Doesn't come close to my 263RLS' floorplan, but to find a TT in great condition on such short notice, I'm quite pleased. John You say you don't want the trailer back and I understand that. But, why have you have given up so quickly on it being found and you getting your personal stuff back? Are the cops in Canada as incompetent as the ones around here? I know I shouldn't say this because there are retired LEO's on this site and maybe they are going to tell the local PD that I said this. BUT, quite frankly our local cops couldn't find there as* with both hands. All they do it fill out a report , go back to the station, and eat another donut. I guess your cops be the same way.
CavemanCharlie 07/16/14 09:06pm General RVing Issues
RE: Circuit breakers heating up

My suggestion is to get it fixed right away. There is most likely a loose connection somewhere. If your not very comfortable with this type of work then take it to a professional. If your asking questions on here then I feel you may want to take it to a professional. I'm not trying to be a jerk. I just don't want to read about you and your family burning up in a fire. If it gets hot something is wrong. Warm maybe, but not hot. I hope you understand why I'm speaking this way.
CavemanCharlie 07/16/14 08:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: Northwood Manufacturing's Defective Trailer

I do feel I need to join in here and say the OP's post was not very informative. If they would have provided more details about the problem and the steps they took to fix it then we would have a better idea of what is going on.
CavemanCharlie 07/16/14 08:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: Senior Moments

Food, somebody said food. Now I'm hungry. What was this thread about anyway? Must have been about some sort of food. Hope it was low fat, low sodium, hart healthy food. I think I'll go have a salad. What room is the ice box in again? (Extra points to anybody that remembers when they were called a "Ice Box" and why they were called that.)
CavemanCharlie 07/16/14 08:33pm General RVing Issues
RE: thanks to you we're on our way! almost...

Stay close to home on your first couple of trips. That gives you a chance to learn what you want to bring and what you can leave behind and save weight. If possible for the first trip camp in your driveway. That way if you have forgotten something you can run in the house and get it. If the toddler can't sleep without her favorite toy you can go grab it for her. Just make sure she knows the next time she needs to bring it with.
CavemanCharlie 07/16/14 08:24pm Travel Trailers
RE: Pioneer 19t4 TT water tank problem

If you are reading the water level by using the lights they ate notoriously inaccurate.
CavemanCharlie 07/16/14 08:15pm Travel Trailers
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