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RE: Let's talk trash

I only weekend camp at local campgrounds in my area. There was a time, back in the day, that everybody had a trash can at their site. Those days are over. Most places I go do have a dumpster. There are no bears in my area so I just use a small kitchen garbage can outside my TT and take the garbage to the dumpster at the end of the weekend. It seems to me that many of you should be thinking about where all that garbage comes from !! Why are you getting that much garbage to begin with? With a few simple changes you can eliminate a lot of that garbage. Better for you, better for the park, and better for the environment.
CavemanCharlie 02/06/16 07:58pm General RVing Issues
RE: Another oldie. Not mine. This one is a looker

I wonder what it weighs? Of course back then they did not know you needed a diesel an duallies to pull it. Seriously! When I was a kid, I used to see TTs being pulled by sedans and station wagons. I grew up in NY and pick-ups were the odd site. Occasionally I'd see a GMC panel truck with a mattress in the back and my parents would keep me away from those folks. They were the trailer trash. Nice family people towed with the Ford Squire and working folk with the Chevy wagon. Cousins in Medway, Mass. Had a 35 ft that they lived in. My greatest thrill is when they let me ride along when they towed it to a new "piece a Land to set it on" with their 1964 Chevy Impala station wagon. The weight police would hate me but somewhere I have a picture of me towing my 27 ft Fleetwood with my 1987 Ford Crown Victoria. (I still have the Crown Vic). I only did it a couple of times on shorter trips but it did fine. I do admittedly live in one of the flattest states. Some good stories. Back then cars were built tougher. More like half ton pickups. These days cars are all made of plastic.
CavemanCharlie 02/06/16 07:41pm Travel Trailers
RE: Another oldie. Not mine. This one is a looker

Thanks for sharing. That thing is nice. But, you could buy a fairly decent house around here for that. Still, for those that have the money, why not?
CavemanCharlie 02/03/16 05:14pm Travel Trailers
RE: The best $50 I've spent!

scratching their head and asking 'where will the coffee maker fit?' That's exactly what I was doing :h. Coffee maker took valuable counter space. http://pic80.picturetrail.com/VOL992/4288072/22618539/376038255.jpg Until I did this. Mounted a shelf on two drawer guides and put coffee maker on. http://pic80.picturetrail.com/VOL992/4288072/22618539/377885640.jpg Put water in top and slid up to storing position. http://pic80.picturetrail.com/VOL992/4288072/22618539/377885587.jpg It's held up by an arm under shelf http://pic80.picturetrail.com/VOL992/4288072/22618539/378024338.jpg http://pic80.picturetrail.com/VOL992/4288072/22618539/378024309.jpg C.B. What a cool idea. :C
CavemanCharlie 02/03/16 05:10pm Travel Trailers
RE: TT without wardrobe cabinets next to master bed

Can't help but to wonder if he could just remove the cabinets himself (or pay someone local who will work at a reasonable rate). I've considered this in the past. I'm either left with storing the cabinets until I want to sell or dumping them and hoping the next owner doesn't care about the missing cabinets. Don't worry about the next owner. Do what makes your wife happy.
CavemanCharlie 02/01/16 04:04pm Travel Trailers
RE: is storing the TT (not travelling) slightly tongue-high ok?

As long as your ammonia refrigerator is off. X2
CavemanCharlie 02/01/16 04:00pm Travel Trailers
RE: Fancier isn't always better

I have a manual awning. I rarely ever use it. I live on the prairie where the wind always blows, or comes up suddenly. I'm so afraid of it getting ripped off of the camper that I never put it out. If I do put it out and the wind changes, then I have to run quickly to the camper and struggle to put it in while the wind is trying to rip it away from me. I , for one, would love to have a power awning where I could just push a button every time a wind / rain storm blows in. I walked though my favorite campground one day last summer when there was a thunderstorm in the forecast. The only people with there awning still out were the people with electric awnings. Everyone else had pulled theirs in just to be safe.
CavemanCharlie 01/31/16 06:33pm General RVing Issues
RE: It's amazing how much water we use

I'm 51 years old. When I was growing up I had 2 parents and there were 4 of us kids. We had a 80 gallon water heater and I never, ever, remember it ever running out of hot water. I have a friend that has a 31 year old single daughter. She has 4 kids. She had a 80 gallon water heater and was always complaining that they were running out of hot water. She had to have a bigger one installed. ( I think 130 gallons or something like that.) I just couldn't figure out where all the hot water was going. When I asked her she said things like "4 kids taking baths and laundry". I said "Why can't the older kids take showers and then do some of the laundry in warm (or even; god forbid; cold water)". I got that "roll eyes" look like I was from the stone age or something. I realize this is a story about hot water and not just water. But, if they can't get by on that much hot water imagine how many gallons of water they must go through in a day. By they way, there electric bill is staggering too. lol
CavemanCharlie 01/31/16 06:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: furnace not heating well

I would say it's Not Normal. But, it might be a poorly designed Travel Trailer. Can you take it to , or possible just talk to on the phone, a different dealer?
CavemanCharlie 01/31/16 05:44pm Travel Trailers
RE: Went from Class A to Trailer - any lessons learned?

A 33 foot long TT is going to be quite a thing to tow if you are not used to towing. Practice backing. I don't know what the roads are like in Alaska but, I was under the impression that something that big and long would be difficult to tow around up there. I could quite easily be wrong about that. I have never been there.
CavemanCharlie 01/31/16 05:40pm Travel Trailers
RE: Another nice oldie

Thanks for sharing.
CavemanCharlie 01/31/16 05:32pm Travel Trailers
RE: Good morning! Newbie here saying "Hi"

Welcome. Go camping in your driveway the first time. That way if you have forgotten something you can run back in the house to get it. That way you will be more prepared for when you are ready to really go camping.
CavemanCharlie 01/31/16 05:27pm Travel Trailers
RE: Howdy! Looking for an entry level tt on a budget!

Consider buying used the first time. It takes a lot of us 4 TT before we decide on the floor plan we like best. No use buying new then deciding you hate it and are now stuck with it. If you do buy used then use the resources of this site to make sure you know what to look for in good used .
CavemanCharlie 01/31/16 05:24pm Travel Trailers
RE: Broke Swivel Stik end in black tank. Oops.

If you think it is still stuck in the pipe on the way to the black tank then I have seen these Grabber things on a flexible hose. Like the hose on your tank wash. You can purchase them cheap and you might get lucky if you snake it carefully down the pipe to the tank until you feel it and the grab / pull it back out. For that reason, after all this work and everybody guessing where it is you could just go purchase one of those cameras mounted on a flexible hose, put it down the toilet pipe and see where it ended up. That would then give you a better idea of how to proceed and "Might" be cheaper then cutting the fabric on the bottom of the RV to find out that the part is not where you thought it was.
CavemanCharlie 01/27/16 06:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: Huge Electricity Bill - Plot Thickens

...My brother on the farm has some sort of meter where the company must come out once a month read it, unlock something and push a button, then get a second reading. I don't know what that thing is.... A load meter has to be reset every month. If he has one he needs to do some research and consider getting rid of it. They are only beneficial to the power company. Not in his case probably. A farm these days uses a heck of a lot of power. For Example, our grain dryer that lowers the moister of the grain to a level to where it can be kept in the grain bin has very large electric motor powered fans on it. Plus in the fall there are many large electric motors going to run all the augers. It would be nice to have 3 phase power but, those lines do not run near the farm. When we told them we needed to upgrade because we were going to be using so much power they came out, changed the transformer in his yard to a different style, and added this meter at that time. They told us that he would hate it. But, there is only a few weeks a year when the power requirements are that high.
CavemanCharlie 01/27/16 06:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: any words of wisdom?

If you do decide to purchase it and if you find out how it works let us know. It looks like a nice option to me but, I'm not sure how it works.
CavemanCharlie 01/27/16 05:40pm Travel Trailers
RE: Another oldie 1962

I like seeing pictures of these old girls. My first TT was not much bigger then that. It served my needs well at the time. I sold it to a friend and he still has it.
CavemanCharlie 01/27/16 05:38pm Travel Trailers
RE: Rv insurance comprehensive coverage language?

CavemanCharlie 01/26/16 05:17pm General RVing Issues
RE: Huge Electricity Bill - Plot Thickens

My meter is still of the old spinning wheel type. We read it once a month ourselves and write the numbers down to mail it in. The bill is always a month behind this way. My brother on the farm has some sort of meter where the company must come out once a month read it, unlock something and push a button, then get a second reading. I don't know what that thing is. My water meter reading is done by us too. We've been bitten that way because we got a huge bill one month. When looking for the problem we found there was a leak in the well pit and the water was soaking away into the ground. Because it was after the meter we were responsible for it.
CavemanCharlie 01/26/16 05:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: 16-18' Travel Trailer for 4 - WHO Has the BEST Floorplan

OK OP here and this is what I think I've come up with; 1. Need room to sit in the water closet. NOT enormous just big enough. 2. Need to be able to walk around the bed. So both can get out in the middle of the night, also is then possible to make it in the morning. 3. Need a place to sit, and the Seat's need to be comfortable, so you can watch TV - work on computer, rest, relax and read. (footstool) 4. Need to be able to prepare a meal, if inside. 5. Need - Refrigerator - Stove? - Micro/convection? - Sink and Counter space. Might look to have a flip up or slide out extension for counter top. 6. Need a real shower (6'2" and 225). 7. Need a real closet, or will the 1/2 sized unit on each side of the bed work?? Thinking a little personal storage space would be nice.(but in 18' where would it go? 8. Need light - Windows - more light the better - add to that really good lighting and something that works for reading in Bed. 9. Need really Good Heat and A/C - as efficient a unit as possible.(would be great if it ran on a single 110 plug - 15 amp max) 10. Dreaming that a Desk top, Dishwasher and a W/D combo would make this really nice, just no place to put this in 18'x8', JAT Have I thought of everything? This is still the closest thing to what I think will work. Floorplan Here Keep the info coming, I don't think you are going to find numbers 9 and 10 in a TT the size you are looking at. Nothing wrong with a 20 amp plug on a TT though. You can buy a 20 to 15 amp adapter plug and then just be careful with power usage.
CavemanCharlie 01/26/16 04:45pm Travel Trailers
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