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RE: Yackity Yack

I didn't read all 4 pages of this thread. I agree that it was terribly rude and I don't do that. Actually, I can't think of anything to say on a phone for that long. I have a hard time keeping up a conversation in person for that long. That being said when on a cell phone I do talk LOUD. It encourages the other person to talk loud also and I can't hear on cell phones. I'm not sure if it's the small ear piece or the fact that the sound is digital. I have the volume on my cell phone turned all the way up and I still have a hard time hearing it unless I'm in a quiet place. On my old home phones that have a cord and a receiver that is built in a cone shape so you can actually put it to your ear I have no problem. But, a cell phone? Forget it. Might as well be using 2 tin cans with a piece of string between.
CavemanCharlie 10/01/14 06:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: done for the year :(

I may be done too. I'm a farm hand and we will be in the field from now until it's hip deep in snow. I store the camper in a machine shed on my farm site and sometimes in the winter I go to the camper and pretend camp. I haven't winterized yet, I bought a water heater bypass this year and hope to get time to get it installed. My camper never had one before and the first year I had to use about 8 gallons of anti-freeze to winterize it. Last year I just blew the lines with air and left a electric space heater running in the camper all winter long. Neither if these options was cheap so I'm hoping to get the by-pass installed if I get the time.
CavemanCharlie 10/01/14 11:57am Travel Trailers
RE: Tornado Black Tank Review

My bathroom sink is connected to the high side of my black tank. I just dump a couple of 3 gallon buckets of water down the sink after pulling the dump valve and call it good.
CavemanCharlie 10/01/14 11:52am Travel Trailers
RE: TV Antenna

I hated Digital TV when it first came out and I'm still not a big fan. But, in my area it has allowed a lot more channels to come out. The whole 12-1 12-2 thing is better. But, I still don't like the all or nothing idea. Ant slight gust of wind makes the antenna move enough that the picture drops out or freezes up. In the end on most days I don't get anymore channels in the camper then what I got before.
CavemanCharlie 09/28/14 07:29pm Travel Trailers
RE: Any Fridge Damage?

I have a problem deciding on what level really is? Yup, I have a bubble level to put on the freezer section floor. Problem is the freezer floor is not level itself. It has a bow down toward the middle in it. No matter where I put the level I can come up with either level or un-level.
CavemanCharlie 09/28/14 07:14pm Travel Trailers
RE: RV antifreeze

On the farm where I work we have to buy 50 gallons to winterize the farm weed sprayer. It's cheaper to buy it in gallon jugs then it is to buy it in bulk. One of my jobs before every winter is to open and dump in the jugs one at a time.
CavemanCharlie 09/28/14 07:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: house drapes open or closed while away?

I wonder if a recording of people talking or a dog barking that comes on at random times would do any good? Along with the TV and lights on a timer that changes the time of the day they come on. As for the drapes I would say closed. If there open at night it would be too easy to see in at night and tell that no one is home. I've heard of electric drapes. If you added something like hose you could put them on a timer too. Open during the day and closed at night.
CavemanCharlie 09/28/14 06:58pm General RVing Issues
RE: Wire Brush wires left on Grill after Cleaning! DAMGER

When I first heard this I though it was a myth. After doing some resurce it turns out to be true. So I threw my wire brushes away. I've never found anything else that works though. So I just break off the big clumps and cook on the rest.
CavemanCharlie 09/28/14 06:45pm General RVing Issues
RE: RV antifreeze

Bomgaars had it for sale at 3 bucks a gallon in Spirit Lake, IA
CavemanCharlie 09/26/14 08:02am General RVing Issues
RE: Yet another, Atwood water heater problem

A fuse blowing, especially that fast, means a short to ground somewhere. Is there a wire somewhere that was rubbing on metal and got the insulation wore off?
CavemanCharlie 09/25/14 09:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: probes in gray water tank ??

Most of us gave up on those long ago X2
CavemanCharlie 09/25/14 08:58pm General RVing Issues
RE: A/C vibration

I can't believe the places those wasps get into. Somebody in ancient times must have got cursed by some god and we are all still paying the price. (I'm saying this tongue in cheek and am not in any way trying to bring up religion)
CavemanCharlie 09/25/14 08:54pm Travel Trailers
RE: Arrrghhh! MICE!

Hungry Cat is the best. In my house I have mouse traps that are called "The Better Mouse Trap". I like them you can set and release the without ever getting your fingers near the mouse section. You grab and squeeze from the back of the trap to set and release it. They are great. !
CavemanCharlie 09/25/14 07:56am General RVing Issues
RE: Norcold N811 cooling unit failure

Glad to hear a good story and a satisfied customer for a change. Thanks for posting.
CavemanCharlie 09/25/14 07:50am General RVing Issues
RE: Was I out of line?

You did the right thing, and they did the right thing too by moving. It was a good meeting of the minds. Relax and move on. I didn't read all 3 pages of this thread but, I agree with this.
CavemanCharlie 09/25/14 07:46am General RVing Issues
RE: Waldo Florida Spped Trap

I didn't type it up very well, and it was a long time ago. They may have been given the right to post bail when they went to court on Monday but, of course, not before then. They were still given the choice to plead guilty or go back to jail until they found a bails bond's men and in the small towns around here that ain't easy. Basically you have to get your family to bail you out. They did not get smart with the judge but, they did laugh at the cop because they thought they were safe with there designated driver and they obviously should not have done that. (Which they know now but, it was a expensive lesson to learn.) They felt they were not guilty because the cop never saw them in the bar only in their friends car and they didn't think this was "Public." So what you guys are telling me is anytime you are drinking at any place the cop can write you up for Public Intox? So, If I have 3 beers tonight and I'm over .08 and the cop knocks on my door he can just haul me away? Doesn't sound fair to me. Sounds just like away to make money; if that is the way it actually is; and I don't know. Or, is the inside of a vehicle different? If it is does this mean we can't drink in our campers?
CavemanCharlie 09/23/14 04:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: Black Ice Reminder

Not a bad reminder. When I was younger I was driving near the river one night on the way home and tested the breaks to find it was very slippery. I slowed way down. A car came up rapidly behind me, went to pass, and just a few feet in front of my car they lost it and started skidding sideways down the road. I could see the front wheel on the other car actually turning slowly backwards as it skidded. Because I was still going straight and in control I was able to break and the other car pulled away from me while sliding sideways! They hit the shoulder of the road and spun all the way around and into the ditch. I stopped to help and a group of teenage boys tumbled out of their car apologizing. We did a little digging and they pushed themselves out and drove away at a much reduced speed. They were in front of me now and a few miles further down the road when we were not near the river I tested the breaks again and found the pavement was now dry. I ended up passing them on the way home.
CavemanCharlie 09/23/14 03:52pm General RVing Issues
RE: Wheel Bearings

My 2004 Chevy truck had a wheel bearing failure at 85000 miles. Now I think the other one is going bad at 115000 miles. The whole hub is sold as a unit due the anti-lock sensor being inside it. It costs over 300 dollars. I wish I could still pack them.
CavemanCharlie 09/23/14 07:46am General RVing Issues
RE: Waldo Florida Spped Trap

It's all just about the money, nothing else matters. Some years ago I had some friends that were women. They decided to go to a bar one Saturday night to watch men dance in there underwear. They had a designated driver. On the way home they got pulled over by the police that were setting just down the street from the bar. They pointed out that they had a designated driver and they could not be arrested. The cop says "Oh yes you can", and arrested everyone in the car for public intoxication. He then let the driver of the car go home. After setting Saturday night, Sunday, and Sunday night in jail they got to go to court Monday morning. They told the judge they wanted to plead not guilty. The judge says "fine you can do that, I'll put you back in jail get you a court appointed lawyer and you can go through court in a few days". "Or," he continued, "you can plead guilty right now I'll let you leave today and we can set up a payment plan for your fine." Guess which option they took?
CavemanCharlie 09/23/14 07:41am General RVing Issues
RE: Keeping residential fridge doors closed during travel

I'm almost at the point of hammering a 2x4 in the door handles to hold them closed (just kidding - for now!). There's something wrong with this solution??? Anything that can't be fixed with a hammer and a two-by-four just can't be fixed at all, in my opinion. Duct tape comes in a close second! :B I was going to say that. I thought I would let someone else bring it up first. Velcro sounds like a good idea. Along with packing the fridge in a way that heavy items don't push the door open. A glue on clasp would work too. For each person and each camper there will be a different solution.
CavemanCharlie 09/22/14 07:33pm General RVing Issues
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