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RE: Jack

This is the same jack I've had in my truck for basically 'forever'.. I don't even remember how old it is, but I've had it for a loooong time.. http://i1177.photobucket.com/albums/x358/MitchF150/brakes2.jpg Mitch Placing the bottle jack as in the photo can cause a weak spot in the frame that can cause the frame to fail. Be sure to place wood or metal to spread the force out over more of the frame. Too much weight on the small 1 inch jack. Don't ask how I know, but you can find a good used TT in NM with a broken frame if you want to use it as . . :M . . "do not move" trailer. That's what I was thinking. Not the correct place to put a jack.
CavemanCharlie 07/25/16 08:12pm Travel Trailers
RE: First TT

I have a 45 degree clear coupler off the dump valve and stick about 12 inches of hose down the sewer pipe held by the lid or a rock. When the black water is drained I dump about 2 gallons of fresh water down the toilet as an extra flush. Then I close the black valve and open the gray. Then I rinse everything with fresh water, put the hose andback into the bumper and the 45 degree coupler back in the storage hold. I prefer using the dump station instead of a full hook up, because it is intended as a dump area and rinse water is usually available. This is what I do. Except I don't have the clear coupler. I just put the loose end of the dump hose in the dump station port and use something to hold it down. After dumping I throw a couple of buckets of water though the toilet flushing the black tank. Then I open the gray tank. Throw a half of bucket of water through it by dumping the water down the shower drain. Then I load up and go. Getting out of the way so that the next person can dump.
CavemanCharlie 07/25/16 08:08pm Travel Trailers
RE: Air Conditioner Test

Was just in Oklahoma where the top temp for the days was 99 to 100 I believe. The highest the camper got in the middle of the day was around 78 with both ac's running. Pretty close to 20 degree difference we expected.... Many people seem to misunderstand the 15 - 20 degrees. It is intake air and exhaust of the unit, outside temperature is irrelevant. If the intake air is 95 the air coming out should be 75 to 80 degrees. As the room cools the intake air obviously is cooler, so when the intake air is 75 degrees, the output should be 55 to 60 degrees. What the OP doesn't realize is that he has a problem with his unit resulting in the very low temperature output. What is happening is that due to defective separation of the intake and output, it is cooling the same air over and over again. The baffle between the intake and output needs fixed. Ha Ha, If I have a problem with my unit I'm happy for the problem. It works well. See my second post.
CavemanCharlie 07/25/16 11:48am General RVing Issues
RE: First TT

At the age of 65, I just purchased our first travel trailer after years of tent camping with the kids. It's an immaculately maintained 1997 Kit Companion 22ST. I've been keeping the internet sales guys at Campers World busy buying the things I discovered I needed before our first trip. Being 20 years old, the owners manual is gone and I'm not having any luck finding one. I'm considering installing Bearing Buddy's on the trailer. Would you guys recommend this and if so, does anyone know the hub bore size on this trailer? Thanks in advance for any comments, and I look forward to participating on this forum. You should start a new post with your questions. You will get more responses that way. I had to learn these sort of things too. Have a nice Day.
CavemanCharlie 07/24/16 07:06pm Travel Trailers
RE: Out West whirlwind 2-week trip report

Great write up and pictures !!!! Thanks for sharing. I would love to do something like that myself one day. To bad your AC plan didn't work out so well. Now you know the problem and can take your time to figure out a way to make it better.
CavemanCharlie 07/24/16 07:00pm Travel Trailers
RE: Bringing kayaks camping

I have one "set on top" Kayak. I think it's 10 foot. I have a tool box in the bed of my short bed pickup. I can nose the Kayak under the tool box, put the rear of the Kayak on the top of the end gate, and then tie it down. It sticks out a couple of feet behind the truck but, I still have plenty of room to turn and it never hits the TT. After you purchase one you can then do some looking to see where it will fit. Until you get one it is hard to say where you will like to put it.
CavemanCharlie 07/24/16 06:49pm Travel Trailers
RE: Air Conditioner Test

double post
CavemanCharlie 07/24/16 05:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: Air Conditioner Test

A update : This weekend I went camping on a 95 degree day with humidity levels in the 70's. I don't usually do this. I went camping to a different park when what I usually do and it was a partly shaded spot. So, I would say about 1/4 of the TT was in the shade. I do not have a humidity meter in the TT. I have what they call a 20 foot TT. But, only about 18 foot of it is the trailer, the rest is hitch or something. ( I have no idea why they call it a 20 foot.)It has no slides. I kept the roll up style window shades pulled down. At 6 PM when I unhooked it was 95 degrees inside the TT. By 7 with the AC on it had fallen to 78 inside. By 8 it was 72 degrees and the AC was cycling on and off like it is suppose to. By 8 pm the outside temp had fallen to 88 degrees. (I have no idea the BTU of this AC.) The humidity "felt" fine inside and a lot of water was running off of the roof. Now the fridge was a different matter. When I left home is was cold and had some food and beverages in it. When I got to the park and unhooked at 6 it was 45 degrees inside running the fridge on propane. I've never had a problem with it before but, like I said I don't often camp when it is this hot. I put a gallon zip lock bag about half full of ice inside the refrigerator section and by 8 it was 35 degrees in there. I moved the bag of ice to the freezer section. I stayed on propane all weekend because the voltage at this park was not great so I left it on propane. The fridge worked well all the rest of weekend after that .
CavemanCharlie 07/24/16 05:09pm General RVing Issues
Air Conditioner Test

There has been a lot of posts on this site about AC performance. You see a lot of people saying that you can only expect a 20 degree drop in temperature from your AC. I'm not sure how this story got started. I had one member tell me that if I talk to a HVAC technician that they would tell me that it was true. I think maybe someone printed something in a textbook once that was wrong and now everybody believes it,, maybe ??? I ,however, never believe anything until I see it proven myself. Today I did a test. It was 95 degrees outside and 95 degrees inside my TT when I started the test. I put a temp probe on the output duct of the AC and it read 95 degrees. This was at 8:47 PM. I turned the AC on. At 9:02 PM the temp probe in the duct read 58 degrees. At 9:05 the temp probe read 55 degrees. The temperature in the TT had dropped to 92 degrees. At 9:11 the output temp probe was 52 degrees and it was now 90 degrees in the camper. After that I stopped the test. I had more important things to do. And,, no my AC never freezes up !!! I will freely admit that this is a 23 year old AC using obsolete refrigerant. But, I have seen someone else on this site saying that he had similar performance from their modern camper AC. Don't believe everything you are told.
CavemanCharlie 07/21/16 08:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: Maiden Voyage

Glad you and your dad had fun.
CavemanCharlie 07/21/16 07:26pm Travel Trailers
RE: ac freezing up

The #1 reason any A/C freezes up is low on freon. I bet that is your problem. X2 Well,,, I hear what you are saying but,, there is no such thing as Freon anymore. That was a brand name for R-12 Refrigerant and it has been banned for many years. What you are trying to say is that you think that the unit is low on Refrigerant.
CavemanCharlie 07/21/16 07:24pm Travel Trailers
RE: Will high temps and humidity do and damage to a camper?

I really don't know for sure. I would say, either leave the windows open a bit to keep the inside and outside temps the same. Or,, run a dehumidifier. If you have a temp difference between the inside and outside you are going to have condensation somewhere.
CavemanCharlie 07/20/16 08:43pm Travel Trailers
RE: My camper is in the river now or the river is to my camper

All I got to say is that would really suck. It almost happened to me last weekend. Thankfully, I was in the highest spot on top of a mound of dirt. The water was a foot deep around me. It was 4 foot deep near the creek in a post I often camp in. From now on if it looks like rain I run.
CavemanCharlie 07/20/16 08:37pm Travel Trailers
RE: Mail Services

Thanks for all the info. 1ofmany, is the mail service part of the dues for Escapees or is it extra. I'll be looking at the other 2 services too, already found there websites. You have to be an Escapee member ($39.99/yr) to use the mail service. Here are the rates. We used category A for over 16 years with absolutely no problems. https://escapees.com/support/mail-service/mail-service-rates T
CavemanCharlie 07/20/16 07:34am Full-time RVing
RE: ac freezing up

Run the fan is on high during times of high humidity, make sure the unit is clean so that the air can flow. That means, remove the cover from the bottom of the unit and replace the filter and make sure that there is no blockage in the air flow. That also means getting up on the roof removing the cover and make sure there is no blockage in the air flow. You may just need to clean both the evaporator and the condensor
CavemanCharlie 07/19/16 08:31pm Travel Trailers
RE: what's the worst thing that could happen

You are in trouble now. You jinxed yourself. Look out from all directions! Yup, that is what I was thinking. Better knock on wood, cross your fingers, watch out that no black cats cross your path, and all sorts of other things like that.
CavemanCharlie 07/19/16 08:23pm Travel Trailers
RE: What do you leave in RV

I store my TT in a shed on my farmsite. I leave everything in there except in the winter. Then I remove the canned food
CavemanCharlie 07/18/16 03:59pm General RVing Issues
RE: New to rv's and the forum

Welcome to the forum
CavemanCharlie 07/18/16 03:47pm Travel Trailers
RE: Long day towing

It not really that towing is too much. Nor is hooking up. Shoot, that is the easy part. It's all the stuff that goes with it while you are there. The thing is. I can't bend over, and stay bent for more than a few seconds. When I do. I can't straighten up, and I'm not sure it's worth the pain anymore. I'm thinking about just keeping it, and doing shorter trips where I don't have to do as much. Lots of setup, and tear down at the beach along with emptying tanks every day. There were 9 of us in the TT, and tanks fill fast with 9 people in it, especially when 3 are little girls that think the most fun thing in the world is to stand and let water run into the black tank. And I won't stop them, because I told them to use plenty of it. Even the flat tires don't worry me so much, except the not knowing one is flat part. That bothers me a lot. Not good to run on 3 tires for long. Kind of dangerous. Any way. Lots to think about. 4 tires to buy before we go anywhere else, and if the TT don't sell pretty quick. We'll go again. We don't have to sell, and I'm not going to give it away. We'll see. There were 9 of you and nobody helped to empty the tanks or did any of the other work ? Maybe you need to have a talk with these people and their parents. There were 9 of you and nobody followed you home and offered to help ? I am not to your age yet but, I'm not getting any younger and I make the kids do some of the work to help out. They need to be supervised but, they can do it if you watch them. Maybe you are just being too nice of a person and nobody knows your struggles ?
CavemanCharlie 07/14/16 06:31pm General RVing Issues
RE: Renting RV out as a house/room on AirBNB?

No way I would let friends/family use mine much less strangers That's harsh. Glad I'm not related to you. Friends on the other hand,,, depends on which friends.
CavemanCharlie 07/14/16 06:15pm General RVing Issues
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