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RE: tiny house

a house like that as a cabin in the woods or, on lake front property, would work for me. Small foot print, cheap to build and maintain, and things like that I find attractive. This is exactly what caught my eye but I've learned this is a challenge. Many/most areas have zoning laws against such use. You have to have a full sized home on the property. This is often times a 1000 sq ft stick built or manufactured home. These mini-houses are kind of caught in a catch-22 between RVs and houses. The house that I live in is 22 foot by 22 foot and it is a story and a half. So, the second story is only about 1/2 as big as the first. How may square feet is that ??
CavemanCharlie 10/22/16 11:43am General RVing Issues
RE: Being Prepaired

I carry tools and such. Basic things like the other posters have said. I don't carry extra capacitors and such. But, I never stray too far from home or civilization. If I did get far from civilization a spare capacitor would not help me anyway.
CavemanCharlie 10/21/16 07:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: tiny house

I don't understand the "tiny house on wheels" fad that is going around. But, a house like that as a cabin in the woods or, on lake front property, would work for me. Small foot print, cheap to build and maintain, and things like that I find attractive. As for the great big houses, and the big RV's, that many of you have I'm OK if that works for you. But, I like my small home and my 22 foot TT . To each their own.
CavemanCharlie 10/21/16 07:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: Easy food ideas

I have a NuWave induction cooker. Although, it is not really camping food I sometimes put a roast, pork chops, or chicken in it with some cream of mushroom soup (or French onion) and vegetables and put it on low for a few hours. Easy to make and it keeps everyone fed. Another thing to do it to get some cubed steak. Then you tear off a piece of aluminum foil add some of the steak with some diced potatoes and vegetables of your choice. Then you add a little cream of mushroom soup (or french onion) along with a shot of water, rap the whole thing up tightly and put it in the coals of the campfire. Make several personal sized packets of this and everyone can add their own favorite vegetables and eat it when it is ready.
CavemanCharlie 10/21/16 07:19pm Travel Trailers
RE: Camp host rant

It appears you guys are in 2 totally different parts of the country where rules are totally different. Yet you want to debate the rules as though they apply to everyone. The great thing about this forum is that it facilitates a national discussion. Sometimes everyone doesn't seem to understand that it is a big country out there.Different areas and environments across the country have different regulations. Every dissenting comment does not have to be perceived as a personal attack. Lighten up. Or I'll report you to the CG host as soon as he returns from ...?? the beyond. Thank you. I was thinking the same thing.
CavemanCharlie 10/20/16 08:11pm General RVing Issues
RE: After camping 60+ years, finally ran into the ultimate ....

...most inconsiderate, rude, belligerent, pig-headed, camper ... ever ... in 60 years! Really. This week-end ... Potato Creek State Park, near South Bend, Indiana.... Great week-end. We arrived Thursday night, left Sunday about Noon. Everything went well ... until Sunday morning.... Rain, lots of rain. Maybe this put everyone in bad spirits, I'm not sure. Everything was fine until leaving the park. Got up to the dump station ... oops ... I'm the 5th camper back. Each camper is taking approximately 10 minutes. Slow progress, but still ... progress. There are 2 dumps at the station, and you enter from opposite end. So one can turn right in, the other has to make a U-turn to get in. People are nice and polite. 2 camper in line, facing each direction. Everyone waiting their turn to decide if they should go "right" or make the U-turn and come in that way. AND, quite obvious everyone being polite not to block anyone in by being 3rd in line on one side or the other. So actually, we were 5th in line on the road, but 4 more at the actual dump. 45 minutes later, we finally make it up to the dump. Still everyone VERY happy. Everyone VERY civil, everyone VERY polite ... in spite of the damp weather. And oh, by now, the line on the road is about 20 camper deep. I couldn't see the end any more, it snaked down the road. I'm happy dumping, thanking myself (and the man upstairs) for getting me off the camp site when I did, so I would not have been caught too far back in that line. Everyone still happy, I'm dumping away ... maybe having my own private church service in my heart or something .... like I said ... really great weekend, very happy! Then all of a sudden someone on the road starts yelling, then someone else comes running up to the camper behind up, then the camper behind us starts backing up, then going forward, then came in behind us, then another camper behind them follow (3 deep now and we're on the U-turn side) ... People yelling and screaming, and my wife says, ... that guy behind us and the guy behind him cut the line and everyone is going ballastic! My wife grabbed the phone and started recording, expecting fists to start flying. I continued dumping, hoping to just get out of there. I finally finished, started putting sewer hoses up, when the guy behind us is now being confrontational with my wife. Not sure how that got fired up, but tempers were not very pleasant. Well ... no one messes with these things in a mans life ... his food, his house, his dog, his shot gun, and his WIFE! So, that's when I gave the guy my 2 cents worth. OK, I wasn't very kind, but I did experess my self pretty clear about what I thought of him jumping ahead of about 20 other camper who had also been waiting in line for a good hour! It's quite obvious to say... my "religion" disappeared at that moment, and my actually calmed the situation down. By now, there were several people who had marched to the campground gate entrance and made their voices heard loud and clear. Nothing exploded into violence, but this guy was ready to reach for a fight, calling everyone around him wrong, he was right, no one knew the proper procedures for entering the dump station, he had the right to pass everyone else because they weren't moving, and "WE" cut in front of him???? hum???? We'd been 2nd in line at the actual dump when he pulled in behind when we moved forward to dump. That blew my socks off ... I'll call a liar a liar, and I thought he was going for something loaded with ammunition! Really! Well, we successfully got loaded back up and moved out of there. The campers facing the other direction looked horrified, like ... OMG... I'll be dumping right beside this guy! People on the road still yelling and screaming at each other. When we pulled out, I stopped at the gate house (which was right there) and raised my concern too. The situation was anything but pleasant. Leaving the park, we saw several DNR trucks heading to the campground! I will say, I've been camping all my life. My parents were campers, I grew up with it, and this is by far the absolute worst fellow-camper I've ever seen, and definitely the most hair raising experience I've ever encountered! Well, I've heard of "Road Rage" before. But I really think this is the first time I've ever experienced "Dump Rage!" Be patient folks. Don't you all know the dump station is part of the camping experience. If you can't build time into your schedule to dump, take your order in line, and be polite about it, I think you've got the wrong hobby! I'm glad you had a good time camping. I'm sorry your dump experience went bad. You post did kinda make me giggle and think to myself "Glad I have been lucky enough (so far) to never been in the middle of something like this." Tell us where you posted your wife's video. I would like to see it ! It may have been best if you wife wasn't filming. In my area as soon as someone acts like this everyone dials 911 and the police show up in moments. After that everyone seems to magically calm down.lol Unfortunately since you were one of the ones acting angry you would have possibly been arrested along with the others. Best to have just stayed calm and got the F out of there as quickly as possible before the cops showed up.
CavemanCharlie 10/18/16 07:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: Camp host rant

IF camp host being absent is a panty twister..then volunteer next season. I don't need a camp host to go and enjoy my camping. Camp host is the last thing on my mind. RV is self contained and I am self sufficient I agree with this. I do understand your origanl post though. You thought that since there was a park host that you could get firewood once you got there. It does suck but, sometimes things happen. I usually can find enough sticks and things to have a small fire at times like this. I have a few blocks in the back of my pickup for emergency's. This would have been one of those times they got burned. Enough to get me through one night with a small fire and then worry about it the next day. Now you know the next time you are at this park you can not depend on firewood. Especially after season. Nice Picture !!! I see why you like camping there.
CavemanCharlie 10/18/16 07:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: trouble lining up your hitch?

We used to be able to purchase Agri Hitch Bumpers for our farm trucks. You just ordered the truck without a bumper and and then installed one of these from the company of your choice. They would telescope and swing sideways and where heavy duty. They also had springs built into them to absorb the shock of towing. They were wonderful things. I suppose these days they would not be legal or something. Maybe you still can get them.
CavemanCharlie 10/18/16 06:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: Camp host rant

Around here they sell firewood that has been "Heat Treated". There are no bugs in it and I always carry one bundle of it with me just in case of a problem like you had. I don't know if this is allowed across all state lines but, the heat treated wood is accepted at all the local parks I go to in southern MN and northern Iowa.
CavemanCharlie 10/17/16 08:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: Storing first TT inside pole barn

If the batteries are fully charged they will probably be fine disconnected and left alone all winter. If you have a trickle charger and power in the pole barn then just trickle charge them out there, no need to bring them into the house. I agree.
CavemanCharlie 10/17/16 07:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: Campfire in a can

If I wanted something like that I think I could build something similar to it from mostly spare parts. Would not be round though.
CavemanCharlie 10/12/16 07:07pm General RVing Issues
RE: how important is being level

my question is does it make a difference if the off level is side to side or for and aft???? knowing somewhat how the fridges work, I'd think that being off level side to side e.g. horizontal when facing the fridge would be much more of an issue than being off level front to back e.g. vertical. But then I'm not an excpert on these fridges. Good question. I just always assumed that off level in any direction is bad.
CavemanCharlie 10/12/16 06:59pm Travel Trailers
RE: Hurricane Mathew

If you think about it these "Mandatory Evacuation Orders" worked. Even though not everyone evacuated, and even though in some places it does not seem that bad, it would have been a lot worse if everyone had stayed put. Then the extra people would have overloaded the system with just the normal amount of accidents. It could have been worse if people had not gotten out of the way. Evacuation should be determined by your circumstances. I'm OK with the "mandatory" orders, as long as there's no legal penalty for ignoring it. Your decision to evacuate should always be based on your circumstances and your needs. I know some folks that built a house in the Bahamas that was designed to laugh at CAT5 storms and storm surge, all while maintaining full electricity. There are many homes designed the same way. For me, unless I feared imminent danger, I'm staying put. Then again, I don't live in a mobile home or in a flood zone. I understand that. But, in that case you should be willing to sign, and accept, that in a emergency you are not going to be the first on the list because you accepted the responsibility for staying. Being prepared great!!! But, for those people that are not,, and that is most of them, when they say get out then you need to get out.
CavemanCharlie 10/11/16 08:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: how important is being level

The more level the better for the fridge. You may not kill it instantly but, you are killing it slowly. My TT and fridge are 23 years old and the fridge still works. (knock on wood) But, I always try to keep it level unless towing.
CavemanCharlie 10/11/16 07:59pm Travel Trailers
RE: Hurricane Mathew

If you think about it these "Mandatory Evacuation Orders" worked. Even though not everyone evacuated, and even though in some places it does not seem that bad, it would have been a lot worse if everyone had stayed put. Then the extra people would have overloaded the system with just the normal amount of accidents. It could have been worse if people had not gotten out of the way.
CavemanCharlie 10/10/16 08:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: Wire safety leash for towing?

You know, last summer my brother left on vacation with his 5th wheel from here in southern MN. He got as far as Nebraska and decided that his 5th wheel was not going to make it so he stopped at a dealer and bought a new one. As they were hooking it up to his truck the dealer saw the Break Away Cable and said "You don't need this" then he rolled it up and zip tied it under the hitch. lol My brother towed that 5th wheel all over the West without the cable being hooked up. This year I helped him hook it up before he left on vacation.
CavemanCharlie 10/10/16 08:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: Propane...winterize full or empty

I would fill it in the spring. No need to spend the money now. But I would make sure the cylinder is turned off for storage. How do you know that the price many not spike before spring and it will cost more to fill ? The price is low now, there is little chance it will go down by much before spring. But, it could easily go up.
CavemanCharlie 10/09/16 06:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: $1.8 million worth of luxury RVs stolen

Replacing the VIN on the plate under the windshield is not as easy as it used to be. I would never buy a vehicle without checking the VIN out and the title to make sure everything looks legit.
CavemanCharlie 10/09/16 06:17pm General RVing Issues
RE: $1.8 million worth of luxury RVs stolen

Farm and construction equipment aren't titled and registered like coaches are. I don't see these things staying in the States. A couple of years ago a co-worker bought a used luxury car here in Texas. It had a clean title. A few months later the Feds showed up at his front door and informed him the vehicle was stolen in New Jersey and they were impounding it, but they knew he hadn't done anything wrong. He was left with a car loan and no car. The credit union advised him to report the car as stolen (from him by the Feds) so that his insurance could pay off the loan. . Something sounds fishy here. Not on your friends part. But, how did he get a car with a clean title unless the owner signed the title? We will never know but, it might be part of a divorce or angry couple type thing. That happens a lot. I've had friends that got stuck paying for stuff because there EX charged stuff to them after they split. They had to run a advertisement in the paper saying "I am only responsible for my own debts" or something like that.
CavemanCharlie 10/07/16 06:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: $1.8 million worth of luxury RVs stolen

You might be surprised how easy they would be to unload. Years ago, in another profession, I once picked up and returned an out-of-state prisoner who was part of a ring that stole large, high-dollar farm equipment. On the trip back I asked how the heck one unloads a large tractor or combine. He said it was easy when you offer a very expensive item at a fraction of its actual value to someone who has the cash to pay for it no questions asked. "They know it's stolen, they just don't care when they can get it so cheap." This is the biggest part of the problem. If they knew it was stolen and bought it anyway then they should get as much time in prison and the thieves. But, they won't. If they got prosecuted at all ( And the probably didn't) they would get a slap on the wrist because they have money and are "good Upstanding members of the community". There would be a lot less crime if people didn't support the crime by purchasing the stuff and having no worries.
CavemanCharlie 10/07/16 06:30pm General RVing Issues
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