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RE: Camping Director Chair porta-pottie???

Ha Ha :B I'm guessing the real reason for the cup holder is because it is the same chair they make for other things. They just add a different seat. Cheaper to leave the cup holder and shelf on it then what it would be to redesign the whole thing. If it was inside one of those potti tents I would use it. Looks more comfortable then the little porta-potti bucket thing I have.
CavemanCharlie 08/19/16 05:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: Positive experience

Besides everyone would rather hear about the diesel in the gas and what the dealer did or did not do and the eventual outcome than the fact that some random dealer had good service. On the topic of good service though, this was too long ago to count, but Billion Chrysler Jeep in Rapid City? SD had the best service of any place I've taken something. Late on a Friday afternoon I rolled into town in my brand new pickup hauling a trailer with the second completely roasted rear differential in as many weeks. Dodge dealer in town said f you, see you Monday if we have the time. Those guys, worked til like 8:00 that night trying to get the truck back on the road for me while another guy scoured the city for a rental with a trailer hitch to rent me. Wasn't happening on the repair or the rental with a hitch. Service MGR actually drove to the rental places and looked for a suv or something with a hitch. First thing Sat morning, they rented me a minivan so I could take as much stuff as I needed or could fit from the trailer and sent me on my way, along with a 100,000mile bumper to bumper ext warranty on the truck for free just for my troubles! Then they called about 4 days later after getting a new rear axle ordered and installed and bought me a 1 way plane ticket back to SD to pick up the truck! Now THATS service! He!!, I sent them guys a card and cookies for Xmas! I'm glad you found such good service. I wonder why you had a second axle roast in less then 2 weeks ? I wonder if the place that fixed it the first time screwed up. Or,, ripped you off.
CavemanCharlie 08/19/16 04:56pm General RVing Issues
RE: Refrigerator and fueling?

BTW there are no vapors around gas stations any more. The EPA is even going to nixgas pump boots because all vehicles have built in vapor recovery unit. No vaprors around? Definitely not true. All vehicles? I don't thing so. I even still see a lot of gas pump nozzels without the boots you refer to. And what about the gas fumes while people are filling portable gas cans for their generators and lawn mowers, ATVs, etc.? Plus occasional spills from careless people over filling. I believe fires or explosions from fumes igniting are very rare, but the hazards remain. I've never been out of MN, SD, or IA in years. But, I have never seen the boots you are talking about except on Television in CA.
CavemanCharlie 08/19/16 04:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: Best Practice to tie up dog?

Like I said in a earlier post. I have both a chain with a hook on both ends and a plastic coated cable too. One thing nice about the chain is that I can always shorten it by attaching the hook on a link further down the chain. A cable can not be shortened as is always the same length. That is one of the reasons I carry both. I also have a couple of standard leashes, not sure how long they are. And a retractable leash about 15 feet long. I shorten the retractable leash for walks near people. When out in the open on long hikes I give the dog more slack and let him sniff around.
CavemanCharlie 08/18/16 07:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: furnace duct work, only coming out of 1 vent strong

Try to baffle the ducts with the strongest air flow by using steel wool as the baffle material. It will re-direct air flow to the weak ducts. I had the same problem with my TT and the dealers's service department did not resolve the issue to my satisfaction. I think you can purchase outlet duct diffusers that have a way to adjust the flow .
CavemanCharlie 08/18/16 07:28pm Travel Trailers
RE: Adding an odometer, cheap.

Neat idea. I like your creative spirit. I'm just a weekend camper but, my question is, why do you need to know ? I mean, it's not like you have to change the oil. I understand that there are maintenance needs that are required every so many miles but, they are not that specific. If it is just something that you like to keep track of then that's great. I sometimes keep track of things just for fun.
CavemanCharlie 08/18/16 07:24pm Travel Trailers
RE: Enough is Enough - Out with the Norcold 1210

Even residential frig's box temps are normally mid 30's - usually above freezing in a frig. Are you trying to freeze what you put in there? Good point.
CavemanCharlie 08/17/16 07:55pm General RVing Issues
RE: Why do you prefer your rig?

I didn't read all 5 pages of this thread. I love my short Travel Trailer. It tows and backs up easily. It also fits in tight spots. It is also a lot cheaper and easier to maintain then a motor home. I have it set up for dry camping and I can use it for 3 days, or more, without plugging in. I use the 1/2 ton, extended cab, pickup I tow it with as my daily driver. I can get 4 people in that. (But, the back seat does get a little cramped on long trips.) After getting to the park I can drop the Travel Trailer in minutes and then use the pickup to go see the sites. It is a nice size camper for a couple or, for me and the dog. I have had up to 5 people in it for sleeping but, that is a tight fit. It works well for me on my weekend camping trips. A large family would not like it as well. To each there own. What works for me will not work as well for someone else. That is way there are different styles.
CavemanCharlie 08/17/16 07:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: Best Practice to tie up dog?

I didn't read all 3 pages of this thread. I have made a chain like you said in your original post. But,,, make sure your snap links swivel, or that you have a swivel in both ends of the chain. Otherwise the chain gets twisted up and then it gets shorter and shorter. And,,, don't run the chain around a tree. The chain around the tree can kill it. I also have a pre-build dog cable I bought at a hardware store. It has a plastic coating around the cable. I can put that around anything and it does not hurt whatever it is wrapped around. I'm a little nervous tying my dog to anything that moves like the camper or the pickup. I usually tie him to the picnic table. He does get tangled under there sometimes but, I have had him for 4 years and he has learned to untangle himself fairly well. When he can't he has learned to just follow my finger around the table legs until he has more slack in the chain again. My dog is a hyper lab too. His nickname is Stupid. :p The kids at the park love calling him stupid and not getting yelled at for it. lol. And, he loves the attention. :B
CavemanCharlie 08/17/16 07:29pm General RVing Issues
RE: furnace duct work, only coming out of 1 vent strong

On my 22 Foot TT it has 3 ducts. One right by the furnace and 2 at each end of the camper. By removing drawers and a couple of panels I can see all the ducts. It blows most of the air out of the duct near the furnace. This makes since if you think about it. That duct is closer and has the shortest distance and the least resistance to air flow. If your furnace is keeping the TT warm I would not start cutting anything. If it works don't mess with it. Now, on the other hand, if next winter you are having problems you may have to fix it like the other members above have said. But, don't cut anything just yet. Wait until it gets cold and see how well it works.
CavemanCharlie 08/17/16 07:15pm Travel Trailers
RE: Add air bags or air shocks to level trailer???

Walk over to any vehicle with air shocks Step up on bumper and see how much bounce you get Same thing would happen with a trailer as you walk around inside.....boing boing boing Not the right application. Not if you had shocks installed too. I have a Lincoln Mark VII that has; from the factory; a air spring instead of coil springs in each corner. It is no more bouncy then a coil spring car. There is a 12 volt pump under the hood, a air dryer, a sensor for ride height at each corner, a valve built into the spring, and a computer in the trunk. It keeps the car level no matter how much weight I add to it. To the OP. You can still purchase the Lincoln Mark VII springs with the valve built in. They may be exactly what you are looking for. You could get rid of the leaf springs and add a air spring for each wheel. You would have to add a trailing arm to keep the axle in place and shocks but, with a little thought it could be done. There is a company that modifies this type of system for cars. That way the car can be lowered at a car show and then raised up for going down rough roads. A little internet searching should find the company.
CavemanCharlie 08/17/16 07:05pm Travel Trailers
RE: Enough is Enough - Out with the Norcold 1210

Sorry for your bad luck. I do some dry camping so I love my Gas / Electric fridge that I have in my 1993 Travel Trailer. I get the feeling that maybe the newer ones are not as good.
CavemanCharlie 08/16/16 06:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: In general, when do schools start classes?

In MN it is against the law to start school before Labor Day. But,,, a few years back they changed that law to allow for schools to start earlier if they get permission from the state. A few tried it, then changed back. There are still some that do a early start though.
CavemanCharlie 08/16/16 06:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: It takes a village - Thank you

Weaner? As in weaned off their mothers? Yup, after being weened off their mothers they go into a nursery and onto a diet of feed with a lot of dried milk in it. After about 5-6 weeks in the nursery they then move on the finishing building where they live the rest of their lives. When they hit 240 pounds they go to the slaughter plant.
CavemanCharlie 08/16/16 05:36pm Travel Trailers
RE: Is Your Insurance Company on Your Side?

Insurance companies are the worlds 3rd greatest evil. Just after Lawyers and Banks. You're painting with a pretty broad brush there. I'm no fan of some insurance companies, lawyers, and banks, but I don't think all of them are evil or that they are inherently evil. Banks are a handy place to keep money, insurance is a way to protect oneself from financial ruin, and lawyers can be pretty handy when you get in trouble. I've availed myself of all three and was glad they're there. Ya, I was. It is just something I say when someone mentions any of the 3. I've had both good and bad luck with banks and insurance companies. I really have never had any luck with lawyers where I didn't end up feeling that I just paid them a lot of money to not do much. But, I have not needed them very often. (Knock on wood) .
CavemanCharlie 08/15/16 06:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: Maiden Voyage

Glad you had fun. A toilet, shower, and a place to get out of the rain is why I love my TT.
CavemanCharlie 08/15/16 06:34pm Travel Trailers
RE: It takes a village - Thank you

I'm glad it worked out for you. Thank you for dealing with a bad day in a good way. Congratulation to your granddaughter on her pig !! Got 500 wiener pigs here right now. The move out to the next building on Friday.
CavemanCharlie 08/15/16 06:32pm Travel Trailers
RE: Refrigerator & water heaters

I am just a weekend camper. I only have a gas water heater and I shut it off between my weekend trips to save gas. I shut the fridge down too. Although I try to keep it level it seems to me that running it more of the time could lead to the blockage in the tubes that kills these types of fridges. If my trips were only 2-3 days apart I would leave the fridge on. Sometimes when I am absolutely certain they are only 5 days apart I leave it on. (Besides it is extra work to unpack and repack it.) But, if I'm not sure when the next trip will be or if it is more then 5 days I shut it down. Clean, dry it, and prop the door open. (Never forget and leave the door shut and the fridge off. You would be surprised how fast and how much mold can grow in there. lol)
CavemanCharlie 08/15/16 06:15pm Travel Trailers
RE: I'm a hillbilly..... are you?

My second 16 foot long TT did not have a AC. The only place to put a Window Unit AC ( Or, Window Shaker as the OP called it ) would have been out the drivers side and I didn't what it hanging out of there while going down the road scaring people in the other lane. So I bought a compartment door from a RV salvage place. I mounted it in the drivers side. On the inside of the TT I made a shelf under the compartment door. While going down the road, or when AC was not needed, I just set the Window Unit AC on the shelf. After getting to the park I would just open the compartment door and set the AC in it. Worked like a charm.
CavemanCharlie 08/15/16 06:05pm Travel Trailers
RE: How common is common.

I think its NOT common.. and maybe 1 in a 10,000.. or less. I have traveled all over this country . 48 years worth.. Work, Vacation, motorcycling. never seen a RV tank hanging .. almost everything else.. but not a RV storage tank. Back in the Day... metal gas tanks hanging from under cars... YES... many. 2 thin metal straps hold a metal tank and 25 gallons of gas.. and winter Rust.. and TAR as a Rust retardant. I had a buddy back in the day that had a Ford Falcon. It was about 20 years old by this time and was very rusty. The springs rusted off the back of the car and poked through into the trunk. After that when he went over a big bump the gas tank would drag on the ground and throw sparks. :E We told him that he should get that fixed. So he crawled under the car and wired a 6X6 block of wood to the top of the axle to keep the car higher. That worked but, it the car sure rode rough after that. :p
CavemanCharlie 08/15/16 05:52pm Travel Trailers
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