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RE: Battery series/parallel questions...need advice/info

I suppose my main concern was the fact that they are different battery groups. Just needed more info on that since it's hard to find info on that using google search. So I figured I might as well just ask all questions to experienced more experienced rv owners than I. We just bought this TT two weeks ago, and before that had a vintage 1958 Aljo that we restored and fixed up. It didn't have a battery and just plugged into a generator for lights...no furnace, no bathroom...truly boondocking. Our family has and is growing so had to upgrade, so been learning as much as I can, and fast. That said, experience is the best teacher, but would prefer to learn beforehand from others'experiences vs on my own the hard, expensive way where possible. I'm thankful for you all and forums like this one! And youtube, lol. And thank you for learning how things work first. To many people go out unprepared, have trouble, and then complain. I respect the fact that you are trying to learn how things work before hand.
CavemanCharlie 05/06/15 07:15pm Travel Trailers
RE: RV 3 way refrigerator

Nice looking TT from the one picture you posted. But,,, your crank up TV antenna is broken too. I can see the crank handle in the picture and it looks wrong.
CavemanCharlie 05/06/15 07:06pm Travel Trailers
RE: Left Hand Wheel Bolt Needed

If there standard style studs, just buy a bunch of new ones. If their the funky stud bolts, you might be screwed. Many older drums (60's into early 80's) used on trailer axles often did not use "studs". Instead they used screw in BOLTS, the drums had THREADED HOLES to act as "nuts".. They were a real pain to work with since you had to lift and hold the tire, then line up the rim hole with the drum hole then insert the screw threw BOTH the rim and drum.. Then attempt to turn the bolt without cross threading the hole mess.. Repeat that 4 more times for one tire. At the same time someone decided to play a trick on unsuspecting owner and mechanics by using a LEFT HANDED thread on the DRIVERS SIDE ONLY to make things even more interesting. The left handed bolt has a BIG "L" stamped in the top to inform the person it is left handed.. Not everyone realized what that meant. Finding those left hand bolts now days is most likely impossible.. BUT, perhaps all is not lost.. You might be able to convert that drum to a standard "lug" with a screw in STUD! See if THIS might work for you.. Alternately the only other option would be to replace the brake drums on both sides which will get you to modern day studs all with right handed thread.. Yup, I've heard of this too. You bump into some crazy stuff sometimes.
CavemanCharlie 05/06/15 06:59pm Travel Trailers
RE: AC fan on?

I use a small fan for white noise when I'm not running the AC. In my quite old TT the AC fan is quite noisy. I'm still stuck on WHY anyone would want 'any' noise white or otherwise at night when RV'ing. :H I have worked on the farm all of my life. My hearing as been badly damaged from all the loud equipment noise. If I don't have some sort of background noise going on at all times my ears get a "ringing" sensation going on. (I wouldn't describe it as ringing myself but, that is what I've heard it called.) There is a technical name for this but, I don't remember what it it called. The white noise from the fan is enough sound for me to drowned out the ringing in my ears. It's a common problem for those of us that work in environments where there is a lot of noise.
CavemanCharlie 05/06/15 06:54pm Travel Trailers
RE: First Trip Out

Your fine. In fact you may be more then fine. You didn't say how cold it is going to be? I can go camping for a weekend in 40 degree weather with 2-6 volt golf cart batteries and still have plenty of power left over. I do have LED bulbs though and I keep the furnace at 55-60. The furnace fan draws a lot of power! As for the propane I only go through about 2 tanks a season. I don't use the furnace often though. You get a lot of BTU's from one tank of propane. That's why it's used as a fuel. The fridge uses very little propane. Especially when it's cold outside. It does draw a little power but, not a awful lot. The furnace fan will run your battery down a lot, lot, lot, quicker then the circuit board on the fridge.
CavemanCharlie 05/06/15 06:42pm Travel Trailers
RE: Yes you can drive 55 and 60.

I didn't read this whole thread. I'm sure you can go 55-60. But, I don't want too.
CavemanCharlie 05/05/15 07:17pm Travel Trailers
RE: Long day

Crime in Canada?? Say it ain't so! Every time we go to Canada, we are amazed at how civil and pleasant it is, especially compared to urban Southern California (where we lock everything, all the time). This is not the norm, in fact, I was quite shocked it happened. To give you an idea how infrequent this is, I asked the rental store about video surveillance, and they don't even have any. All of their tow able tools are out in the parking lot in a chain-link fence enclosure. Which would be pretty to steal with some simple bolt cutters. Of course, what they are not telling you, is that they have GPS tracking devices in almost all towable equipment. I'm north of you in Muskoka, and some little jerk broke into my van a couple of years ago in my driveway. The van was unlocked already, but the moron broke the door handle to access the lock rods.... It is so rare here for theft, that I have left keys in the ignition for weeks at a time (never intentional, just forgotten until I need the vehicle again) We even had a bear move into our garage for a week because the door didn't close properly. No one came into our house all week and it was completely open, perhaps the guard bear kept them away LOL. Maybe you have come up with a new security device. Gard Bear Security. All you have to do is feed it.... And, try not to get eaten yourself. Maybe, that isn't such a good idea. What about a mechanical bear?
CavemanCharlie 05/05/15 07:11pm Travel Trailers
RE: Clicking with Shore Power

I had a buddy that said his converter was clicking and it turned out that he had is battery hooked up backwards.
CavemanCharlie 05/05/15 07:03pm Travel Trailers
RE: AC fan on?

I use a small fan for white noise when I'm not running the AC. In my quite old TT the AC fan is quite noisy.
CavemanCharlie 05/05/15 06:59pm Travel Trailers
RE: 10 year rule, I figured it out

I didn't read all 4 pages of this thread and I don't want to comment on the 10 year rule. But, I have a 22 year old TT I did not purchase it new. I've had it for about 4 years. It is obvious that not that many things have gone wrong. I did have to put a Dinosaur board in the fridge. I replaced the original tires when I bought it. And, the awning is in sorry shape. I don't use the awning often so I don't care. The curtains need to be replaced , and I really should have the roof coated. But, I store the TT inside a shed, I'm just a weekend camper, and the TT is so old it's not worth the effort. Those are the only problems that I've had.
CavemanCharlie 05/04/15 09:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: pack rat

I don't believe in poison. Even after it is dead you may accidentally kill a pet that chews on the dead rat. Pack Rats ?? !!! Yet another reason you have all scared me to the point I will never leave the upper central Midwest.
CavemanCharlie 05/04/15 09:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: mice!

We were parked next to a farmers wheat field, hosting in a State Park. After seeing our first mouse inside, I set a trap and caught it, but from that point I also set 4 traps outside. There was at least one, and often two caught most every night for two months! Never any more inside. I set my traps at the front legs and tires, 95% were caught at front legs. Never saw or caught any during day. First and only time we ever had mouse issues. I've since heard that mice won't cross those strip lights on the ground if left on all night. True or no? I have no experience or evidence with it but, I think the mice would just chew up the strip lights you leave on the ground.
CavemanCharlie 05/04/15 08:58pm General RVing Issues
RE: Furnace fan issues

The water must be coming from somewhere. You must have a leak. The furnace should make enough condensation to make water run. Is the furnace under the fridge? Does your fridge have a drain tube that goes outside? If it does may that tube has a leak.
CavemanCharlie 05/04/15 08:53pm Travel Trailers
RE: Dometic model 3107541.009 AC compressor stays on

Hi, You need to shut off the circuit breaker to that A/C unit right away. The compressor relay is stuck 'on' and it will not stop, even though no power is applied to the relay by the thermostat. If you do want to run the A/C, turn on the thermostat and make sure that the fan is in the 'on' position, and on high speed is preferred. Then turn on the circuit breaker, run it as long as you desire the room to keep cooling, then shut it off at the circuit breaker. DO not shut it off at the thermostat, because IF the compressor keeps running (and it will until you get a new relay) and the fan stops, you can destroy the compressor. That is why it overheated and started humming. Shut off that circuit breaker now - if you have not done so already. If you do not know how to shut off the circuit breaker, unplug the RV or stop the generator, or you can damage the $650 air conditioner beyond repair in about 5 minutes ! Good luck! Fred. I agree.
CavemanCharlie 05/04/15 08:49pm Travel Trailers
RE: Oven will not light ,but pilot stays on

Humm, with what you have said I'm also thinking there may be carbon build up on the thermocouple. Or, it may not be positioned in the flame good enough. Make sure it is clean and directly in the flame. I'm not so sure about the carburetor cleaner thing though. Sounds flammable to me, plus it stinks.
CavemanCharlie 05/04/15 08:47pm Travel Trailers
RE: Long day

Ill make one more off topic post, because I am on my laptop and can actually articulate my response better. For the record, I am an IT professional with a top wireless carrier in Canada. So although my responses lack the grammar and punctuation when I am on my ipad, it is not the way I speak. I will however, make a better effort going forward as I agree it makes it difficult to understand. I think this thread has taken a different spin, because I welcome the fun discussion. I can laugh at my short comings. I must admit, I ran a forum for Holmes on Homes for 3 years(yes, I can prove it), and I am a member of many different other forums. I just have never seen the level of critical responses as I do here. I posted this story to somewhat vent to my CAMPING FAMILY. It was a rough day all around for me as it honestly was a day FULL of problem. I only posted the camping related stuff. But honestly, when I see some of the flaming on here, I think "Man, these are some of the people I camp beside?", and then question whether camping is actually for me. I sincerely hope I have not made any enemies in posting this and I assure you, I am not speaking about any responses in this thread but the responses in general I see. Have a happy day and May the 4th, be with you! No problems here. Have a nice Day. I often leave stuff in the back of my truck. A case of beer being the most common because it's more legal back there. I've never had one stolen but, I will have some day. I wonder if when you opened the tailgate to get the chainsaw out someone setting in another car in the parking lot; just because he was shopping at the same store; just happened to see the battery and then watched you go into the store. At that point he decided to grab it and dash. Dollar says it was a teenager.
CavemanCharlie 05/04/15 08:27pm Travel Trailers
RE: Fridge roof vent has hole in it

Remove the outside panel behind the fridge and see how wet it is. If wet, find a house fan and use it to temporarily vent the back side of the fridge compartment, with the back panel removed. I agree. .
CavemanCharlie 05/03/15 06:29pm General RVing Issues

Oh Good Grief! Is this for REAL? How does one get to a state where one cannot judge for onesself when to launder their towels and how many to take on a trip? I understand there is no such thing as a stupid question but this really pushes the envelope. My goodness what are we becoming as a people? Are we really the descendants of those really brave and hardy settlers that traveled from St Louis to Oregon or California walking behind teams of oxen and covered wagons and settled the wilderness and made cities, towns, schools and Bed Bath and Beyond? Actually, Walnut Grove of "Little House On the Prairie" fame is 30 miles from me. And, on June 12th I'm going camping at a state park near DeSmet SD where Laura Ingalls Wilder based some of her books on.
CavemanCharlie 05/02/15 07:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Furnace fan issues

Sorry, I can't help you more. I just don't know.
CavemanCharlie 05/02/15 07:34pm Travel Trailers
RE: How do you feel about people walking through your campsite?

It depends on a bunch of things. If they are polite, the campsite is big, and they are at the edges of it, and need to do it for some reason, then I don't have a problem with it. It also depends on the type of park. Some are more layed back then others. And, it dpendes on the weekend. On holiday weekends like the 4th of July everybody is in party mood. Then so am I and I don't care at times like that. If they come right through the middle and are annoying then it's different.
CavemanCharlie 05/02/15 07:16pm Travel Trailers
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