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RE: Should my 5th wheel have shock absorbers?

First FW no shocks. Second FW had 'em at such an ungodly angle couldn't possibly have worked. Third FW has 'em. Couldn't tell the difference in any of them. I wanna see those fifth wheels where you could see day light under the tires cause they didn't have 'em :S Maybe on an unloaded boat trailer or light utility trailer. Or one hellofa bump, that wouldn't make a diff with or without! LOL
ChopperBill 04/23/14 12:45pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: toilet paper ....

Had my share of toilet paper problems this winter. I could see in my clear elbow that it was coming out whole and in bursts. We started comparing papers. There are some that will not break down. Even in chemicals that claims it will in theirs. Came to a conclusion to test what you purchase use plenty of water then use more water. If you are in full hook ups thats no problem other than having to dump more often. Boon docking you have to be more careful so deal with it how you have too. Women are notorious for using WAY more paper than us men think is necessary so you are own on dealing with that sensitive problem.
ChopperBill 04/22/14 10:56am General RVing Issues
RE: Carpet cleaners

Found a guy in AZ where we stay for the winter that charges $39.95 for any RV carpet cleaning. Great job. Once a year and we are good to go.
ChopperBill 04/22/14 08:46am General RVing Issues
RE: 2014 KZ GoldRush Nugget, picked up saturday

Great look new fifth wheel! Love the modern look not like some of those "New Orleans house of ill repute" interiors that you see all the time. White landing gear is a nice touch.
ChopperBill 04/22/14 08:40am Fifth-Wheels
RE: iPad won't connect to remembered wifi

Start with simple fixes and work your way up: Hard reboot - Hold power and Home buttons down until the iPad restarts. Settings - Wifi - "Forget network" on the offending network Reboot your wifi If none of those work, do the network reset on the iPad. I leave that for the last resort as you'll have to set up any and all wifi links that you might use all over again. Like I said I tried all off that. The iPad simply has a poor antenna. My guess it's the metal case, but I'm far from an expert. If I'm right on top of a hot spot,like a hospital, coffee shop, motel it works great. Across the street it's real iffy. My old lap top sees at least 6 of my neighbors signals. The iPad nada, nothing, zilch. Read hours of the problem on the internet. It is recommended to even relocate your OWN router in your OWN house! It's a very common problem. Other than that one quirk, and most folks won't even be aware of it, it's great machine and the OS is top notch in my opinion.
ChopperBill 04/22/14 07:28am Technology Corner
RE: iPad won't connect to remembered wifi

We're having a similar problem. our iPad worked off of our home wifi for about a year and even printed to our HP wireless printer. One day, the printer jammed and in the process of clearing the printer, somehow the iPad lost the ability to use the printer. It will show the printer when looking at what wifi's are available, but when you go to print, it says no printer available. We have tried everything from resetting both the iPad and the printer, to removing and reinstalling ePrint and several things inbetween. Nothing works. We now have to send an email to our laptop (HP) and let it send to the printer for printing... PITA. We finally just gave up. Ron I could not get the Galaxy, I had for a week, to find my printer. I tried in vain then I found an app for about $14 that I paid for and It worked. The app found the printer then I printed it out from the Galaxy. Worked great. Ended up being money thrown away when I returned the Galaxy but it just might work in your case. Sorry I cant remember the name but I am sure there our others out there.
ChopperBill 04/21/14 10:17am Technology Corner
RE: iPad won't connect to remembered wifi

Its the pad that has the problem, the phones do not. As for the Galaxy comment, I never had such a miserable week with the Galaxy I purchased last year. Was relieved when OD took it back no questions asked. Told the clerk that I was going to go with the iPad. He said "I don't blame you"! Now, if the Galaxy Pro was available then I am pretty sure I would still own it. Its reviews are even a lot better then they older offering.
ChopperBill 04/21/14 07:25am Technology Corner
RE: iPad won't connect to remembered wifi

Yep, found that out this winter where we were spending. iPad SUCKS at WIFI! Signals my Five year old lap top pulled in my IPad would not, even when it showed 2-3 bars. Even stayed in one camp ground that showed a continuous 5 bars and the iPad was iffy, lap top no problem. Doing a search you will find out this is a common problem. Tried all the fix it remedies and worked for a very short time. Not worth the hassle.
ChopperBill 04/21/14 03:05am Technology Corner
RE: Electrical Shock!!

I had a band extension cord that I was using cause that. Couldn't see a thing wrong with it.
ChopperBill 04/21/14 02:54am General RVing Issues
RE: Thor Acquires K-Z

That stinks. I wonder if KZ was in financial trouble or why they sold out?KZ is a 100% totally debt free company (privately held). Not many, if any RV companies can say that. I remember our dealer saying the owner's health has not been great and maybe, just maybe, he figured he's had a good run with his company and it's simply time to cash out... Who wouldn't consider that if in similar circumstances? KZ hasn't exactly been languishing in recent times and if fact, this year's models have a lot of great new features compared to 2013. Being a KZ owner (in 2nd year owning one), I can say that factory warranty support is pretty good compared to others. I've read many cases of poor factory support from Heartland and Keystone, and for me compared to KZ, enough that I would not buy one. I don't know if Heartland's & Keystone's quality and factory support got better or worse after acquisition but I hope KZ at least stays the same. Who knows how KZ will end up in coming years. At least KZ didn't go to Warren Buffet. Thor Industries is a publicly held company and perhaps shareholders could exert influence on KZ's operations down the road. On the Lippert comment, they make some decent frames and some not so decent ones. A number of ultra-lite travel trailer brands and models use the identical not-so-decent Lippert frame and it's not limited to any single brand and model. It's not correct to say that just because a TT or FW has a Lippert frame, it's not good. Also, the RV manufacturer has a hand in the design and spec. of a frame and it's not just the frame manufacturer that dictates what the frame is like. Where in the heck did you read "many cases" that Heartland has poor factory support? That has got to be a new one on me!
ChopperBill 04/20/14 02:17pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: The GPS Got Me

Just got back from a trip to another town and plugged in the address. GPS took me on a "short cut" about 5 miles through the country and when I put home in it took me right to the interstate only a mile away. I had a devil of time trying to escape toll roads and the GPS kept wanting to take me back to them. Then I discovered an option to tell it to ignore toll roads. Guess I need to study the directions a little more.
ChopperBill 04/20/14 08:09am Technology Corner
RE: Any good ideas what to do with old propane bottle?

Target practice. You always see them at a rouge shooting range.
ChopperBill 04/20/14 02:35am General RVing Issues
RE: Thor Acquires K-Z

You guys crack me up. All through this site everyone touts their brand and makes recommendations to those asking and a good majority of those are RV's built by company's under the Thor umbrella. Keystone which by the way includes the Montana, Heartland, Crossroads and even the Airstream TT. I'm thinking maybe KZ was needing some $$ to grow and keep up with the demand for the business. Most of the time nothing changes it remains business as usual except they now have more $$ for growth. You are wrong. Keystone does not include Heartland. Heartland is a separate company that Thor acquired. It operates independently. Monatana is a keystone brand and not a company. Airstream is owned by Thor but is independent of Keystone. Please get your facts straight. They are all under the THOR umbrella! That's what I said, most of these Thor haters don't know what the heck they are talking about!
ChopperBill 04/18/14 08:30pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Thor Acquires K-Z

Yep, some of you guys crack me up too. Mobile suites uses Lippert frames, Thor owns Heartland. Absolutely nothing wrong with either of those company's and you automatically write them off.
ChopperBill 04/18/14 08:29am Fifth-Wheels
RE: firewood - emerald ash borer

Have a beautiful Marshall Ash in the back yard. For the past five years I have treated it with Bayer tree insect and fertilizer to keep the EAB away just in case. Found that Monetary makes the same stuff without fertilizer and is cheaper. Was not going to use it this year, but if those suckers are in Boulder guess I am going to have to rethink that.
ChopperBill 04/17/14 08:46am General RVing Issues
RE: Inflating 110PSI Tires #2

150 lb 6 gal. pancake compressor. best $99 I have spent. Going on my third year. Always has air reserved for immediate use. 6 gal is enough to keep up with my blow gun set at around 30-40 lbs. for blowing dust off my Polaris RZR. When boon docking the Honda 2000 is used for topping it backup. Use it to blow out my fifth wheel and sprinkler system for winterizing. Topped off my old trailers 110 lbs tires in no time and plays filling up my 80 lb. tires on current trailer and truck. Easy portable to take to the storage lot to use there. I use it more than my Craftsman upright at home, its quieter also.
ChopperBill 04/17/14 08:35am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Just ordered a louvered tailgait for my F-250

One thing I ran across with our prior unit that had the fancy cover over the pin box. You still have to be pretty straight backing in or out because the cover would hit the sides of the V. Sometimes it was near impossible and had to unlatch the V gate.
ChopperBill 04/17/14 07:20am Fifth-Wheels
RE: A unique camper spoted

Better then a tent.
ChopperBill 04/16/14 02:18am General RVing Issues
RE: WOW! What a stench - almost gassed us out!

Our prior trailer had an odor around the sink and I could never figure it out. Found that same valve under the kitchen sink. I unscrewed it and was hit with the stench you were talking about. Now I don't know what rotton skunk poop smells like but this had to be ten times worse then that. Was so bad it must have come trough the components. I started doing thant bleach thing as regular maintenance and the stink never came back. I also found out some off those vales are so cheap that they don't have the return spring and rely on the rubber diaphram to do its job. Mine did not have the spring so I replaced it wth one that did.
ChopperBill 04/15/14 01:02am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Dewinterized, Got down to 22 degrees, Problems?

I winterized just last week after spending the winter in AZ and it was 75* when I did. Lived her since 1945 and pretty much figured out this country. Sure enough was 19* this morning.
ChopperBill 04/14/14 08:50pm General RVing Issues
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