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RE: Would you buy again?

Look at the Ford guys that kept buying junk diesel after junk diesel, they still are buying Fords. I still got my 03 Dmax I bought new in 02 that the injectors were suppose to be junk. Still got the same injectors but I'm knocking on wood. Yeah, if I could afford it I'd buy another Dmax.
ChopperBill 07/28/15 08:45pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Sold the Tundra... : (

Sell a Tundra and getting a real truck, best news I've heard all day.
ChopperBill 07/28/15 08:36pm Tow Vehicles
RE: DW wouldn't ride with me anymore

Yeah, every year he drives down to Green Valley AZ for the winter. I told my brother that we should get together the expense and he could drive down with dad and fly back and the same coming home.
ChopperBill 07/28/15 05:34pm Around the Campfire
RE: DW wouldn't ride with me anymore

We had a Miata for few years and it was really fun, but couldn't take the place of motorcycles. That and we started having trouble climbing out of the darned thing. :) Different but fun. I figure when I can't balance/support the bike any more I'll go to a 3 wheeler like a Spyder. I'm not crazy about 3 wheelers but the Spyder looks like a good compromise. My dad, 92, wants a Polaris Slingshot so bad he drove 100 miles to go sit in one. He wanted the deluxe model and they didn't have one. He's in better shape than most of us. 150 sit ups every morning of his life. Golf 3 times a week and walks most of the time. Will walk a Half to a mile to coffee or breakfast everyday. However it's time you just gotta say no way. Told him if he got one I'd follow him around with a broom and a dust pan. LOL
ChopperBill 07/28/15 04:18pm Around the Campfire
RE: Yes I did it, 2015 F-150 and 35 foot TT

And awaaaaay we go. To the whipping post.
ChopperBill 07/28/15 03:59pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Did I Just Fry My Appliances?

Yes, had a buddy by a new to them motor home. He called and said he can't get electric to it. I went over looked and asked him where he was plugged in. Went in the shop and showed me were he made an adaptor and plugged into the shop 220. I said you can't do that! He ran over to the outlet and unplugged the trailer. Kinda lik he was going to unplug it before it did further damage. Little late for that because he had it plugged in since the day before. Then I found out he smoked the micro/convection but just thought it was defective. Got that the fridge board and the converter. Several hundred bucks later he had electric. As much as you hear about it you would think there would be a warning by the power cord.
ChopperBill 07/28/15 03:50pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: SRW or DRW??

I don't care about the "cool factor" here. I don't have this camper or either of these trucks anymore. But I can tell you first hand knowledge of what each one did and why I suggest what I do for the OP. Here is the day we brought the Cyclone home. Afterwards, we had a race 200 miles away. On the way home, we hit a wicked storm traveling west to east as we were traveling north on I-85 near Lexington, NC. Although the crosswinds were tough, everything did great. During nice weather, traveling 70 mph was little to no effort at all. Unfortunately, a trip to the scales weeks later showed I was 1000 lbs. over on the rear axle of the truck. That was the only reason we traded her in. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v357/lawnspecialties/Cyclone50611015.jpg This was about a month later. New F450. Plenty of room on the rear axle ratings now. But in all honesty: no difference in how it pulled regarding stability. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v357/lawnspecialties/Camper014.jpg In the end, if you could discount the rear axle rating, the SRW is by far a better choice for me. Easier as a daily driver. Not a huge factor on keeping tire pressures equal. Not as fat in the hips for the McDonald's drive-thru. But since you can't eliminate the rear axle rating of the truck, you have to go with the DRW if your pin weight requires it. Kind of a funny story here. My winter neighbor in AZ had an F450 and pulls a 36 Mobile Suites. And double tows a Can Am on a trailer. He traded for a newer F350 SRW. Wife wouldn't drive it and he got tired of driving it when he always stays in the same spot months at a time. He's a full timer. Said the same thing, can't tell the diffence in towing except it smother riding. Have no idea what his weights are, ain't my business. I did question him in my own mind, when he put on a goose neck hitch, again none of my business.
ChopperBill 07/28/15 12:29pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New truck - back in a Cummins again!!!

Fun aren't they?
ChopperBill 07/28/15 12:15pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Baby Duramax (Canyon/Colorado)

If diesel continues to be cheaper than gas there will be people that will justfie them.
ChopperBill 07/28/15 12:12pm Tow Vehicles
RE: At last, at last, at last....

Might be good for washing out a couple of danties after an active bean day. About it.
ChopperBill 07/28/15 12:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: NASCAR blows it.

No doubt that rules changed benefits Busch the Gibbs team. Lots questions being brought up on different forums why this is happening. I'm just surprised that he was complaining after a rules "tweak" got him in position to get in the Chase. Think I would have just yelled "yippee" and exited stage left. No doubt us old guys are fading away. Got a buddy, 80 years old, been to every track that I know of. Followed NASCAR from the beginning. We went to PIR every year but last together. Called him the other day. He said he's about done. I can't think of a soul 15-20 years younger than me I know that is remotely interested in NASCAR. I'll keep hanging in there but my interest is somewhat numbed.
ChopperBill 07/28/15 10:46am Around the Campfire
NASCAR blows it.

NASCAR blows it at Indy, even the ole Busch belly ached about it. These rule tweaks and changes weekly are out of control. How can they change a rules package in season when you can't even test it. These should be off season changes and tested in my book. Maybe they are trying but their getting it wrong. The drivers and fans seem to agree. Look at the stands, fewer and fewer seats filled. Keep it up and TV ratings are going to plunge. One other thing. They need to keep their nose OUT of politics. They are upsetting more fans then they gaining! I consider myself as a die hard fan, some here may disagree, but I'm finding its getting easier and easier to miss a race and go do something else.
ChopperBill 07/28/15 09:27am Around the Campfire
RE: Show us your Aerial/Copter/Drone photos/videos.

What's it take to get in the hobby and have a nice setup without breaking the bank? My dad has a buddy that has a high doller unit that even has GPS and will fly right back to your feet with a push of a button. Even his two battery's cost more than I can afford to put into one. Way over my range.
ChopperBill 07/28/15 08:56am Around the Campfire
RE: 8 foot bed?

Front range in Colo nothing on the lots. This is grocery getter territory. Even hard to find a "standard" box. Get out to were a lot of commercial and farm trucks and you can find them. If they quit the 8 foot bed ill patch my "03" until I die.
ChopperBill 07/28/15 08:31am Truck Campers
RE: Rear caps - pros and cons

No rear cap looks level entry. I can see thy would be cheaper to build. However I have been on the roof of a few that had caps and the fit was terrible.
ChopperBill 07/28/15 07:05am Fifth-Wheels
RE: DW wouldn't ride with me anymore

My wife said she doesn't feel safe on my Harley and chooses not to ride any more. She is the worst wiggle worm I ever packed, just can't sit still. Put on my solo seat and removed the buddy pegs before the sun went down. I generally don't venture more than 10-15 miles from town anyway. But, I feel safer too.
ChopperBill 07/27/15 09:51pm Around the Campfire
RE: SRW or DRW??

Anyone that believes that the RV just stops getting heavier when it reaches the GVWR is delusional. Perfect example, 21K GVWR actually weighs about 23K with 100G water on board. So I would advise a dually. Combo in pic is a one finger driver. http://i.imgur.com/uzdhKubl.jpg I'd advise against a one finger drive and I would worry more about the front axle than the rear. You may be doing that "white knuckle" deal I have been hearing about. LOL
ChopperBill 07/27/15 09:37pm Tow Vehicles
RE: SRW or DRW??

I'd go with a motor home and pull a toad before I would deal with a dually like I use my SRW. I would down size the trailer first. My Truck runs every day and a low percentage of actually towing.
ChopperBill 07/27/15 03:40pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Kyle Busch wins the Brickyard 400

7 or 8 years since three in a row run. Wheel man is definitely on a mission. What I'm really wondering about is Toyot' s sudden resurrection from the dead. Yep, last year there motors weren't fast and they couldn't keep them together. This year NASCAR decided to lower the horse power and viola they can keep them together and they are fast. Gee ain't that strange. Or is it?
ChopperBill 07/26/15 09:21pm Around the Campfire
RE: Kyle Busch wins the Brickyard 400

Relief! Now they won't have to tweak any more rules.
ChopperBill 07/26/15 05:55pm Around the Campfire
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