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RE: Suburban SF-30 Furnace - Current draw

I really don't think you will save that much current- the motor should draw ~6 amps, and it is moving 300 cfm room air plus combustion air- that's a lot of work.
Chris Bryant 09/17/14 02:10pm Tech Issues
RE: Furnace burner cycling during normal operation

You should be able to test the power to the board while it is running- the thermostat, sail switch and limit switch can all cause this problem- and it can be a combination, as each item can cause a small drop in the supply voltage to the board. If the voltage at the board stays above 11.5 volts, and the board still cycles, it has to be the flame sensor, which could be a burner/orifice , electrode, LP pressure, or lead problem.
Chris Bryant 09/17/14 08:00am Tech Issues
RE: Need help with my sketchy battery cable situation

That small box was most likely a breakaway switch for the trailer brakes.
Chris Bryant 09/17/14 07:00am Tech Issues
RE: 50 amp Volt/Amp Meter W/O EXT Shunt ?

I don't know I could get it hooked up- Thin red wire: power supply input anode (DC 4.5-30V) Thin black wire: power supply input cathode (DC 4.5-30V) Thick red wire: measure positive voltage input (voltage displayed between thick black wire and it is the voltage displayed on meter head.) Thick black: measure current flow (between thick black wire and thin black wire is communal land, it is connected.) (measure negative voltage input) Thick yellow wire: measure current inflow (connect with load cathode and the load positive pole connects with thick red wire.) Kind of confusing, in a machine translated way. Also- read the comments- all 8 units came with NO shunt resistor on board - CAN NOT measure Current. i assume all comments above are fake beware!
Chris Bryant 09/17/14 06:53am Tech Issues
RE: Most secure email account for RVing & traveling

Secure communications is pretty easy actually- I can give my pgp signature and anyone could send me a message using it which would take even the NSA quite a while to crack. My public key (which is also on a number of key servers): -----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- Version: GnuPG v1 mQENBFMvIV4BCAC/enNBTSTbKaTY97kcn/kKYUpFZzD6A23hWZrA+7tb7EILHdEs qCyfyStpN7wYlyIbM51sVhtWZa05ORtg2s1qSQnnokZaOlqjShgbYUooLRwZoLRP OGIkZwrlzHbgAGRAnZWEECVIizakMMEOCbJODTL6cFSZXPOVhXVEHgLNl/lM8Fml UlEEaodQliidwmxf+fdF9zZv976vJn/q1i5jOH5MgDxXQwakgGdVCRWI4x6M7Lhl s1ndwaMQL83UhULhTAhUq/vPHpYwjMVyKAyzUPAJKFbKwnjoRUIbuuLZqno728Nh p3Yg33J5ESV6D5GpSIayTh3E0/yfy0Lb1S2zABEBAAG0M0NocmlzdG9waGVyIEQg QnJ5YW50IChuZXcga2V5KSA8Y2hyaXNAYnJ5YW50cnYuY29tPokBPgQTAQIAKAUC Uy8hXgIbAwUJAeEzgAYLCQgHAwIGFQgCCQoLBBYCAwECHgECF4AACgkQxM+kxinT DONsrwgAsMU7lMHVwluiNrC7dmASynK0t8wTFteVNOxRtwOAERhXdYhtARrTLjPY j+9CA4Hj0PadRvhrfKFpG1L0kik2MvYp5XlsCbDPGDRQ6TTJWaR+a3JE/3tg0lDH rQ7Bt8MTfsJmNucy1/velEfmISHu68uvf6sUvyfjgZFHF06M0Aw8zFWY1R8JO1J3 kZrQ0d1De8WZC1JCkju8WwdJ/4qgs+ZSXI+uYk3BMDqDN2ZJxh2y9EXvnDyey+nM ydSolPKPPbcSSHv2hxd/ZMkishRBf8w6evbgRaIp3x0FTfHV0BSsdtqs3aSbIVor a0F0NRXNyH856lxdnjZ1Ke25ENJFirkBDQRTLyFeAQgAx6ZtbnXEGEnbhZZ3kts4 IOHIfY4TDNyuDG7Qd2m/bzHp5duOXDCePgf5ghxha1xX6OSgTStdQB49iiY+6FNP 4TBe2A4U1niMmKvwNYbjrOnMOaQ/6kukcUq2ERqa77ORaFC5aT6pnQaOspH6eUbu XOm7gH8b1HCt6W9+/nPbIzhPuPwkzgKXvvIDKyfOkoHh5JtrnEcKlfhJPc645TEd aUaab/4468JYMUhMd64O4mH6kpnPS/W42/ENlYplo/z7YXs5lMJoErfg4rAPQ7Em vQHfg892Kmzffh0EPcA0roluuCrXxQL5tKKKhPf8kwJa+v0FuSnj1M+voeaqO3Q+ IQARAQABiQElBBgBAgAPBQJTLyFeAhsMBQkB4TOAAAoJEMTPpMYp0wzjQu8H/jRa DIlLQsrD9Sa0ZoipiZnVX4wbmH/X30q1erdovzBvgakyTWJbC1RXLAzKSiBk/O1C 1zU39/5N0sI3AirhXB9/olzrDjE/QmLGdMwJ+teuppXbfSZ+1+q5yZhBKGFa1MLs yazl++XjcvG2XW3CPI1h8zoDZuMlY5Gwsi5FUhjQsCqcHBvC1tS9MqI0KR8SWAPj 29MT91BbBU9o7ppcU04w4ZH4ElQXX7DoOP1EGZJlG7lYzZ/62/SxlxlK3bJsdS9U gQuMjYK/oU2HX5hA00gqOPifReqhLPzKnX58iMLaVlbpyzCKk7d4qtp/AYFqsNYE Dna9gnV3GeZf4dcKZI4= =0nhE -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- Using pgp, anyone could send me a message that only I (with my secret key) could decrypt. Not sure which program is best on Windows, but http://www.gpg4win.org/ should work well.
Chris Bryant 09/17/14 06:39am Technology Corner
RE: Dometic RM1350MIMX no electric

I have a 2013 RM1350 that has stopped running on AC, runs fine on LP. I checked the outlet and have power. Did a diagnostic test that is in the manual and when I do Test 3 "Turn AC heater on" I get no reading. When I do test 4 "D+ status alternator voltage" I get no reading. Everything else tests fine. Anybody have any ideas. When you say you get "no reading" on test 3, what do you mean- you get no voltage on the heater terminals, or the display is blank? If the display is blank, check the fuse on the board. On the D+ test, the engine needs to be running to give a display of O N, and the D+ terminal needs to be hooked up (this is for the auto door lock, and not on every 1350).
Chris Bryant 09/17/14 06:06am Tech Issues
RE: Most secure email account for RVing & traveling

If often using public access, you might look in to a good Virtual Private Network service. If you *really* want secure email, there are providers like RiseUp, but the NSA doesn't like it :)
Chris Bryant 09/16/14 03:09pm Technology Corner
RE: Recommend a decent AM antenna for house

Chris Bryant 09/16/14 02:14pm Technology Corner
RE: Freightliner part - unavailable

It would help if you let people know where you are located. How can we recommend a repair place if we don't know where you are. Good luck, John Repair service place isn't my problem. I've got all kinds of repair services around here. The problem is they can't find another pump to repair it with. Nobody has one. I just need a place that has a pump to fit my rig in case I need one when they tear into the defective one and find that a seal kit won't fix it. They probably do not have one because everyone rebuilds rather than replaces. If you are that paranoid about being stuck, my only suggestion is find a wrecked rig, buy the pump, have *that* pump rebuilt (after all, cannot trust a used part). Or order a new one and wait.
Chris Bryant 09/16/14 06:45am General RVing Issues
RE: Front Dometic A/C just ticks when I turn it on.

Did you check the breakers on the generators itself? Is yours a 30 or 50 amp service coach? Any power management devices?
Chris Bryant 09/12/14 12:36pm Tech Issues
RE: kwikee step issues

The new ones work differently than they used to- the door switch is reversed- yours is normally closed, the new requires a normally open one- a new switch should have been included in the kit. As well the main "power" switch works more or less backwards.
Chris Bryant 09/12/14 12:33pm Tech Issues
RE: Dometic buys Atwood

I have a much better relationship with Dometic on the service side, though my Atwood road rep sales droid is good (sorry, Rex :)}. I just worry about what will happen to product overlap- will the Atwood Helium refrigerators and Australian sourced rooftop air conditioners just be orphaned? That has happened before- Atwood made a refrigerator and rooftop air conditioner in the '80's.
Chris Bryant 09/09/14 04:32pm General RVing Issues
Dometic buys Atwood

Well, I didn't see that one coming- Dometic has signed an agreement to purchase Atwood Mobile Products for an undisclosed amount, a deal the company expects to broaden its product line and North American customer-base, the companies announced Tuesday. http://rv-pro.com/news/dometic-acquires-atwood-mobile
Chris Bryant 09/09/14 11:23am General RVing Issues
RE: This is scary stuff

I believe the issue is not the voice, but data connections. The fake tower could spoof a data connection easily, loading all kinds of junk on to your phone (if it is "smart").
Chris Bryant 09/08/14 10:27am Technology Corner
RE: Question on how long RV Antifreeze is effective in lines

It doesn't go bad, it just gets diluted, so if you haven't drained/flushed the system, you should be good to go.
Chris Bryant 09/08/14 06:28am General RVing Issues
RE: What's wrong with my slideout?

Because the lights didn't dim, I would look for a bad connection in the slide circuit. Most motor/mechanical problems would dim the light considerably, through increased current draw.
Chris Bryant 09/08/14 06:22am Tech Issues
RE: A/C Not Working

Did you check the breakers on the generator itself?
Chris Bryant 09/07/14 04:19am Tech Issues
RE: 1984 ford E350 chassis van terra turtle top motorhome

You should have 2 batteries- sounds like the second one is dead, it's trying to charge it and the auto reset circuit breaker is kicking in and out. Just a guess...
Chris Bryant 09/05/14 06:49am Tech Issues
RE: Any resale value of roof ac with no freon?

You can get $50 all day long for a shroud in good condition- the blower motor has a like value as well. There is also a bit of copper in it for scrap.
Chris Bryant 09/04/14 07:51am Tech Issues
RE: Water Heater pilot light will not stay lit?

If the thermocouple in question is like the one in the picture, it is a bulb type and the "wire" is not a wire but a copper tube. You can't crimp the tube too sharply or it won't transfer pressure to the control. It has to fit the control and be installed snuggly. What did you do with the extra 8 inches of thermocouple? That's a standard thermocouple- no pressure at all. I did a write up of this type on this RV.net blog post- pictures of an Atwood, but the Suburban is functionally identical. While the copper is a tube, it is an electrical conductor- not a pressure tube.
Chris Bryant 09/03/14 12:16pm Tech Issues
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