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RE: Problems updating Zorin Linux

2nd the suggestion to ask on the Zorin forum. Not being familiar with Zorin, it's tough to give advice, even though I know Linux reasonably well.
Chris Bryant 10/30/14 02:27pm Technology Corner
RE: RV Exterior Painting

I've actually seen good results using Sherwin Williams A100 and a roller. Not car show quality, but.... Prep is key.
Chris Bryant 10/30/14 02:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: Water pump won't shut off

I've run in to a couple of new Shurflo bypass pumps where the bypass pressure was set higher than the cut-off pressure. From the Shurflo manual NOTE: By-pass adjustment should only be performed by a professional technician with proper gauges and equipment. The by-pass is a spring loaded diaphragm that opens up allowing water from the discharge side back to the inlet side. The by-pass is set to begin opening at about 40 psi and creating full by-pass at about 62 psi (lower pressure pumps will vary depending on the by-pass and pressure shut-off settings). The pressure switch on the pump is set to shut off at 55 psi. If the switch or by-pass are adjusted too much, the by-pass and switch shut-off can overlap and THE PUMP WILL NOT SHUT OFF. Screwing the switch screw in clockwise will raise the shut-off pressure. Unscrewing the switch screw counterclockwise will lower the pump shut-off pressure. Screwing the by-pass screw in will raise the pressure at which the by-pass starts and raise the full by-pass pressure. Unscrewing the by-pass screw counterclockwise will lower the pressure at which by-pass starts and lower the full by-pass pressure. WARNING: If full by-pass is reached before the shut-off setting, the pump will not shut off. Full by-pass pressure setting should be at least 10 psi higher than pump shut off pressure. Disregard if it's a different pump. :)
Chris Bryant 10/30/14 12:55pm Tech Issues
RE: How to measure DC current

When I replaced my last meter, I chose one without high current measuring capability (it does read micro amps, which I use to troubleshoot ignition modules). I added this Tenma AC/DC clamp, which will work if you have a millivolt range on your meter. As a note- you can also test current by using the standard blade type fuses as a shunt- turn on the load, measure the voltage between the two side of the fuse (on the top). While I don't have the figures in front of me, fuses are a reasonably well calibrated resistance- different for each value. Often you can do this just to detect a load- if you see a voltage between the fuse legs, there is a draw on that circuit (or the fuse is blown :))
Chris Bryant 10/30/14 06:53am Tech Issues
RE: Grid Tie Inverters with Generator

The trouble with grid tie is they will not work stand alone- they must have power in to operate. Many new inverters will do a boost, or generator support.
Chris Bryant 10/29/14 10:19am Tech Issues
RE: stronger rear end

The "tow rating" is completely meaningless, and is usually based on a stripped model with a driver, nothing else. You need to find the Gross Combined Weight Rating, then actually weigh your truck as it will be while towing. Subtract the trucks weight from the gross combined figure- that will give what you can tow. That figure is often thousands of pounds below the "tow rating".
Chris Bryant 10/29/14 06:14am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: stronger rear end

if i was to beef up my leafs (possibly 2500) and replace my shocks with towing shocks, will this increase the lbs i can tow? No.
Chris Bryant 10/28/14 12:15pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Dedicated 15A Outlet

Why should the outlet be GFI? Don't ask me, I didn't write the code.The way the code might be subject to interpretation though- (article 551.40 paragraph C). If one outlet that the rig is hooked to is miswired, it could be bad.
Chris Bryant 10/28/14 09:51am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Dedicated 15A Outlet

Nice job- though strictly speaking, the outlet should be a GFI, to conform to code. Regardless, for my personal coach I would probably do the same as you.
Chris Bryant 10/28/14 06:45am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Replacing a 55 amp converter with a 45?

Do it- the 45 amp PD will do a much better job than the 55 amp WFCO, it will charge faster and better, despite the 10 amp "rated" difference.
Chris Bryant 10/28/14 06:05am Tech Issues

To be honest- I usually prefer dealing with Web based stuff in a web browser- whether it is this forum, Facebook, Amazon, eBay, etc. I feei (perhaps incorrectly) have more control over look, feel, and what info I provide.
Chris Bryant 10/27/14 02:39pm Technology Corner
RE: CareFree Electric Awning / Front support not all the way in

There really is a fairly wide range- as long as they kick the roller out from the metal wrap, and don't hit like the OP's problem, they are fine. Adjustment could make them work a bit smoother, if the roller rotates a long way before they engage, but if it works, it's OK.
Chris Bryant 10/26/14 01:25pm Tech Issues
RE: CareFree Electric Awning / Front support not all the way in

That hook is a rubber part, which is meant to kick the awning out from the metal wrap- it's just misaligned. Just rotatie it a bit downward, so it goes past the wrap. It is literally held on by rubber bands (an O ring) and a couple of screws. You can see how to align it (Carefree calls it a "tractioner") on page 6 of their service manual (a pdf file from Carefree).
Chris Bryant 10/26/14 08:34am Tech Issues
RE: Never brag about your refrigerator !

Hey Bob- small world! The board is on the rear of the refrigerator- black plastic cover. I have the service manual on my service manual page at =http://bryantrv.com/docs2/docs/ncoldnnewnseries.pdf, but if it isn't giving any error codes, I really would just change the thermistor. With a failed thermistor, the board think the temp is OK, with a failed board, usually the symptoms are different. The thermistor is also *way* cheaper than a board :)
Chris Bryant 10/25/14 02:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: Fridge Seems to be running odd - Says AC but running on gas

Make and model of the refrigerator?
Chris Bryant 10/25/14 04:35am Tech Issues
RE: Is there a such gen that is quiet AND features auto-start?

They have not made the Honda RV models for years now, and they are not at all quiet. Really, an Onan micro quiet fills the bill. P.S. a friend has a number of the Honda EV6010 6500 watt RV gensets for sale, but he had to have 6 of them to keep 4 running at all times. Now he switched to Onan (and solar).
Chris Bryant 10/25/14 04:33am Tech Issues
RE: Power Efficient Computer Monitor Upgrade?

I would ask what do you use the laptop for? Because you like to tinker :), you might consider an LED TV the right size, along with a Raspberry Pi and a wireless mouse keyboard. The Raspberry Pi runs on 5 volt USB power. I believe it is typically under 3-4 watts. Those folks also have a neat little 12 volt amp (usually on sale for $15)- I have several, and use them with my 1970's era Minimus 7 speakers.
Chris Bryant 10/24/14 12:53pm Tech Issues
RE: Never brag about your refrigerator !

When you say it shuts down- do you mean no cooling or no indicators at all? What is the model number? THE most common failure I have seen in late model Norcolds is the connection of the thermistor inside the box at the light- the connection gets funky, making the refrigerator think the temp is different than it is.
Chris Bryant 10/24/14 07:46am General RVing Issues
RE: Best no contract cell phone?

Another vote for AT&T Go phone. We don't use it much, so I use the $0.10/minute / $1/day plan, set to auto refill at $25 every three months. Money rolls over, so I have a credit of over $250 on mine, but every now and then I do a bunch of text donations to use it. You can get a basic flip phone new for around $15, but I just got a windows smart phone (set to data over wifi only), for $40.
Chris Bryant 10/23/14 01:47pm Technology Corner
RE: Freezing propane tanks

Keep them as full as possible- they have to absorb heat from the surrounding air to vaporize the LP, and a full tank has more "wetted" area to absorb- http://bryantrv.com/images/temp/rvnet/cylinder.png
Chris Bryant 10/23/14 10:49am Tech Issues
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