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RE: Standard vs Hi Def?

I should have said I have a Standard Def roof mounted self seeking Directtv (sic) Satellite dish. Mounted on my roof. What I would like to know is does the HD self finding seeking satellite dish have a harder time finding the HD signal than SD dish? Hope that clears it up. AFAIK, with Directv you must use a Slimline dish, not an automatic one, to get HD... as you alluded to in your first post. I may not be understanding what you are saying, but the Winegard Traveler Slimline dish for DirectTV is automatic and is approved by DirectTV.
Clay L 04/26/15 03:28pm Technology Corner
RE: Batwing, amplifier, AC power?

The amplifier in is the batwing head and requires 12 volt dc to operate. It feeds to the amp via the coax that the amplified signal comes back from the batwing head. You should be able to get a small 12 vdc power supply (wall wart type) and connect it the amplifier switch/wall plate that should come with the new batwing system.
Clay L 04/22/15 12:19pm Technology Corner
RE: Wheelchair in an RV?

We found what they called a transport chair that would fit through the hallway going to the bedroom. It folded up and fit in the trunk of my Honda when we took him to doctors appointments. Unlike standard wheelchairs, which has large wheels that can be reached easily from the seat, transport aka escort chairs wheels are only a few inches in diameter. They are designed deliberately to limit the user's own ability to move themselves without supervision; they are designed to have someone else push the user around. Unless the intent is to have an escort to push their chair, or if the user's legs have enough power to push the chair, an escort chair is probably unsuitable for the suggested usage. You are right. Our friends left it with us after they no longer needed it and I just went out to the shop to take a look at it. I had forgotten that it is intended only to be pushed by someone other than the user.
Clay L 04/20/15 12:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: Furrion TV DirecTv remote codes

I haven't checked this out because you have to register with the Furion forum to download the pdf with Dish and DirectTV remote codes, but if you need a Dish remote code it might be worth a look. Furion remote codes PDF
Clay L 04/19/15 02:36pm Tech Issues
RE: Wheelchair in an RV?

As far as narrow wheel chairs go - a friend fell off his motor home ladder backwards landing on the heels and shattered both of them. He had surgery and a two month prohibition on walking. We found what they called a transport chair that would fit through the hallway going to the bedroom. It folded up and fit in the trunk of my Honda when we took him to doctors appointments.
Clay L 04/16/15 01:47pm General RVing Issues
RE: For fans of hardcopy: Where do you get books on the road?

There is a beta browser on my PaperWhite e-reader but it is pretty primitive and not something I would want to surf the web with. Mine is a couple of of years old and maybe the newer ones have a more advanced browser. The Kindle Fire tablets have an adequate browser - name is Silk - and my wife uses hers to surf and visit forums, Facebook, and so forth. It also doubles as an e-reader. I haven't used mine outside so don't know how well it works in sunlight.
Clay L 04/16/15 10:23am RV Lifestyle
RE: COPD and traveling with oxygen

The Inogen One G3 mentioned above is one that a guy a few sites down from us winter before last had. He used it both as a portable unit and also for night time use. It worked great, is much smaller than the big Invacare home unit my wife has and if we had continued full timing or snow birding we would have got one for her. She just needs it at night but it is so much smaller that it could go in the bedroom instead of under the dinette like her Invacare unit. Not convenient under there and having to disconnect the hose and coil it up every morning was a pita. You can see it HERE
Clay L 04/15/15 12:04pm RV Lifestyle
Dodged a bullet.

Dodged a bullet (small one). Last fall when I winterized the motor home I had a problem with the entry door lock. I had to mess with the key a lot to get the lock to open. Had to start using the deadbolt. Thinking I would have to buy a new one, last week I called Winnebago to ask how to remove the assembly. I couldn't see how to get the door handle and locking latches off. Winnebago said that wasn't necessary. The inside plate comes off with the latches and handle in place. I called a local locksmith to see if he could repair the cylinder if I took the assembly to him. He said the TriMark units were not repairable because of the way the cylinder was put in. He then said the keys usually wore out before the lock cylinders. I hadn't thought of that, so tried my wife's key which was rarely used for the 11 years we have had the motor home and sure enough the lock worked fine. I called Lichtsinn Motors (about a mile from the Winnebago factory) and ordered a key - $2.10 plus $4 shipping . Got here in about four days. Much cheaper than the cost of the entire assembly.
Clay L 04/15/15 11:49am General RVing Issues
RE: LP gas tank extension question

You might want to consider a Stay a While or Extend a Stay Tee. They are available with a outlet and hose for an external grill and an outlet and hose that will fit an external cylinder. The later can be handy when you are stopped for a while and don't want to move the motor home to fill up the on-board tank. They have some built in safety devices so are better than just a plumbing Tee. You can get a longer hose for the grill. As I recall the one that comes with it is about six feet long. A friend had one made that was about 20 feet long. I installed mine myself - took maybe ten minutes.
Clay L 04/15/15 11:21am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Can Win 8.1 make a "Smart TV" dumb?

My Samsung Smart TV stopped being able to access the internet a few weeks ago. Like yours it also said it was accessing the router. I tried rebooting the TV by unplugging it for a few minutes but that didn't work. I ended up calling Samsung and the guy had me update the TV firmware. That worked and no problems since.
Clay L 04/13/15 11:30am Technology Corner
RE: For fans of hardcopy: Where do you get books on the road?

When we stopped full timing and started snow birding I found that our local library has a e-book loan system. I can go on the internet and check out an e-book and read it on my Kindle. So I could sit there in AZ and read books from our library in CO.
Clay L 04/13/15 11:20am RV Lifestyle
RE: Pressure Washer --- First Time Buyer

One thing not mentioned is that the output psi is not the only important specification. Flow rate is very important. A smaller orifice will increase psi but that reduces flow so when comparing units look for a high flow rate and a high psi.
Clay L 04/07/15 11:28am Tech Issues
RE: How do you seal a sewer hose

If you are talking about the red Valtera fittings that screw into the end of the hose, you have to screw the fitting in until the hose is really compressed on the fitting. If you screw it on hard enough there will be no leaks - even with standing liquid in the hose.
Clay L 04/07/15 11:14am Beginning RVing
RE: Drop receiver for towing CRV

Blue ox says up to 3 in above or below is ok. You are correct the manual does say that now but my 2004 manual says up to six inches below and nothing above. That's also what the reps at the Quartzsite RV show told me. I wonder when they changed it and why.
Clay L 04/06/15 11:11am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Toilet upgrade advice

You can download a Thetford/Sealand conversion chart from my DropBox HERE It has some clearance dimensions and bolt hole pattern info. It isn't ceramic but we got the tall (19 inch) elongated Bravura. We didn't have room for a ceramic one and didn't really want the extra weight anyway. Ceramic does clean a lot easier and doesn't seem to require brushing as much.
Clay L 04/05/15 12:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: New Computer Download Sequence - "Results"

I've used my 8.1 machine for a year, booting only to the desktop view. Looks just like 7. No outside "shell" or add-on is needed. I've never once used the "metro" view or whatever dumb name they've given it. Strollin above has shown you how to set it. Why don't I just get modern? Because I don't want to, that's why! Me too. I hate changes made just for the sake of change and moving things to different locations where they are harder to find. An example is the little icon that brings up the desktop when there are several program open. First it was on the left end of the taskbar, then they moved it to right side, now in Win 8/8.1 it isn't visible but if you move the cursor to the far right edge on the bar and click, it brings the desktop up. That sort of thing aggravates me. Other items that makes me unhappy - In their infinite wisdom MS has also decided File History is all we need - a System Image that preserves settings and installed programs is not needed so they have now made it difficult to find. When Win 8 was developed they decided that the mouse was an anachronism so paid little attention to it's use. That bit them in the tookus so now we have Win 8.1 and shortly Win 10. Okay, off my soap box. :)
Clay L 04/02/15 04:01pm Technology Corner
RE: Kwikee steps

Looks like thanks to you guys, I've sourced the bolts and bushings. Wave (spring)washers sounds like a good idea, and should be easy to find. Any suggestions on lubricant with stainless bolts in bronze bushings? (almost wanting to think none required, or maybe just a coat of that white sticky anti-seize?) When you look for them it may help to know that they have several names IE; Belleville washer, coned-disc spring, conical spring washer, disc spring, Belleville spring or cupped spring washer. Are you sure the bronze bushings are not oilite bushings? Oilite bushings are porous sintered bronze and are soaked in oil which they retain for a long time. If so Grainger is one company that has them.
Clay L 04/02/15 02:21pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Thermostat

Double post
Clay L 03/31/15 02:09pm Tech Issues
RE: Thermostat

Although I prefer digital, as I recall there was a hysteresis control on many/most of the old mechanical thermostats. It was called an "anticipator" I believe and the ones I remember were a sliding metal arm that moved on a wire coil wound on a flat piece of insulating material. (A potentiometer in my world.)
Clay L 03/31/15 02:08pm Tech Issues
RE: New Computer Download Sequence - "Results"

SNIP a hinge has broken on this laptop and the display back light has gone out at this moment i am using my TV for a display all this happen saturday this time i bought the 3yr service contract, this thing turned two on Jan 29, so FRYS gets to repair it or replace it..their choice ? taking it in this week, just as soon as i can backup all my files and data and verify i didn't miss any thing I rarely buy service contracts for anything. Laptops are the exception. I have bought one for all of our laptops for years and have saved money in all cases. An Example: Last week my wife's HP envy m6 was replaced just shy of a year after we bought it because of it's propensity to do thermal shutdowns could not be repaired by whomever BestBuy uses to do work under their service contract.
Clay L 03/30/15 02:54pm Technology Corner
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