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RE: Winegard Traveler Satellite VS ..installation.....

I had an existing manual dish so the hole was already cut but it only took Bill Adams (he later went to work for Winegard as a roving dealer trainer) maybe 3 hours to install my Traveler
Clay L 08/27/15 11:34am Class A Motorhomes
RE: How Long?

We full timed for 11 years and snowbirded for 1 year. We were about ready to stop anyway but health pushed us to make the decision. Great life style and enjoyed those years immensely.
Clay L 08/26/15 11:12am Full-time RVing
RE: Fresh water storage

I have a 75 gallon water bladder for replenishing my fresh water when out boondocking. I transfer the water from the bladder to my trailer with a spare rv water pump. It works great and the bladder folds up to save space. SNIP That is what a couple of my boondocking friends do. I don't think they have bladders quite that large though. They both have Jeeps as toads and they can't handle the weight a pick up can.
Clay L 08/23/15 02:12pm Full-time RVing
RE: Pine sap removal from rubber roof on slide out

Isopropyl Alcohol works well. Daubing it on the spots works better than rubbing.
Clay L 08/22/15 10:57am General RVing Issues
RE: How easy is it to revert back toW8.1 after W10 upgrade?

Regarding using a system image to go back to 8.1. I did a clean installation of Win 10 from the ISO file. That removes all of Win 8.1. Win 10 would not allow me to activate - it said their server blocked activation. After a lot of research and questions on several Windows forums I gave up and decided to use the system image to go back to Win 8.1. When I tried to use it to revert to Win 8.1, Win 10 would not allow it. Said something about the partitions were not the same on this computer. I have now obtained recovery discs from Lenovo (6 each) have Win 8.1 back up and running and am in the process of reinstalling software and setting everything back up - a time consuming recess. So if you are doing a clean install, a win 8.1 system image install may pose a problem.
Clay L 08/19/15 02:09pm Technology Corner
RE: Noisy Workhorse engine fan

Regarding the temp gauge - it is basically an idiot light. It has four points as shown below. Like others above I use a Scangauge and the fan comes on at about 210 and goes off at about 206. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v425/ClayL/Actia%20temp%20gage_zpsgjovjamt.jpg
Clay L 08/19/15 01:43pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Front windshield screen stop working

My MCD shades did something that sounds like what you describe. One windshield shade would move a half inch at a time but the other would not move at all. The cause was a shorted motor in the shade that did not move. When it was disconnected the other shade worked fine. The MCD factory used a pretty small wire size and when the shade switch was pressed I think the voltage drop on the power lead to the shades was so much that it screwed up the other shade.
Clay L 08/17/15 03:06pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Smelly water

Atwood says to add vinegar through the pressure relief valve hole. The following is from the Atwood manual. "1. Turn off your main water supply. Drain your water heater tank. Reinstall drain plug. Remove the pressure-temperature relief valve. With a funnel use 4 parts white vinegar to two parts water. (In a 6 gallon tank that would be 4 gallons vinegar to 2 gallons water). 2. Cycle the water heater, letting it run under normal operation 4-5 times. At no time do you remove the vinegar from the tank Once this has been completed, remove the drain plug and drain the water heater. 3. After thoroughly draining the tank, to remove the sediment, flush the water heater. If you elect to use air pressure, it may be applied either through the inlet or outlet on the rear of the tank or applied through the pressure-temperature relief valve. Remove the pressure-temperature relief valve and insert your air pressure through the pressure-temperature relief valve coupling. In either case, with the drain valve open, the air pressure will force the remaining water out of the unit. If air pressure is unavailable, your unit can be flushed with fresh water. Fresh water should be pumped into the tank either with the onboard pump or external water pressure. External pressure may be hosed into the unit either through the inlet or outlet found on the rear of the tank or the pressure-temperature relief valve coupling located on the front of the unit. Continue this flushing process for approximately five minutes allowing ample time for the fresh water to agitate the stagnant water on the bottom of the tank and forcing the deposits through the drain opening. 4. Upon completion of the steps above, replace the drain plug and the pressure-temperature relief valve. 5. Refill tank with fresh water that contains no sulphur."
Clay L 08/12/15 02:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: Waxing decals

My Avery graphics owners sheet says not to use any product containing petroleum distillates. Many waxes do have them.
Clay L 08/11/15 12:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: Direct tv hd dish alignment

If you are currently using a tripod be aware that it probably won't work with the new dish. The new dish uses a larger pipe. Also the dish is quite a bit larger. This company sells tripods that are adjustable and of the right size HERE and a lot of people have posted that they were happy with the product and service.
Clay L 08/10/15 11:52am Technology Corner
RE: RV Water Softener

I have the FloPur Mark 8000. Cost is $220 and includes shipping if bought from the site above. Regeneration is done with a box of common table salt. It is similar to others like the "On-The-Go" water softener which is the one Camping World sells I believe. Both are 8000 grain units which means they will last longer without requiring regeneration. Some folks use "Water Sticks" but the biggest one of those I have seen is only 1500 grains. In AZ where we spend most of the winter the water hardness is about 50 grains per gallon. That means that an 8000 grain unit will soften about 160 gallons before needing to be regenerated. Since we use about 13 gallons of water per day we have to regenerate every 12 days or so. In our home in CO we have a water hardness of 20 GPG, there the softener will last about a month. I still have it but have sold the motor home. If you are going to pass through Grand Junction CO on your way south you might want to send me a private message.
Clay L 08/10/15 11:42am Full-time RVing
RE: Winnebago basement air

Some people have reported problems obtaining parts for the Winnebago units. Has that been solved? Also at least two people have posted that they have added a rooftop AC because the basement AC did not cool their 40 foot units enough. You might try a google on "John Canfield roof ac". He has pictures and info on the project posted on his blog and another forum.
Clay L 08/10/15 11:28am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Trade In question

Many folks don't realize it but you rarely get more than wholesale for your trade in and often less. They may play with the numbers to fool you but dealers buy at wholesale and sell at retail. They couldn't stay in business otherwise. So with depreciation on your rig and your trade in at wholesale you may have to spend/finance more than you might think.
Clay L 08/09/15 01:04pm Beginning RVing
RE: The family is done.

I tried to sell my 10 year old motor home via Craigs List, ads in the local paper, and several forums. Two months and no offers. Took it to a large local dealer that takes some consignments. He sold it in three weeks - picked up the check yesterday. He gets 10% and takes care of the financing. It sold for about half way between NADA low retail and average retail.
Clay L 08/08/15 12:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: Dumping Gray Water In Your Campsite

I've had a accident where some gray water got on the ground. For those of you who say it doesnt stink are full of it. It stunk the whole weekend. Even after rinsing down. To those who want to think its ok, and the rest of us are greenies, you're talking outta your arse. There is always a way to dispose of it. It's most likely you're lazy, cheap, or don't care about anyone but yourselves. It does stink if left in the tank for a while. If drained as it enters the tank it does not smell. I have two RV sites with water and power next to my house but no sewer hook up. Letting the gray water drain into the gravel as generated leaves no discernible odor.
Clay L 08/08/15 12:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Gray Water Tank ?

There are usually air admittance valves on the kitchen and bathroom sinks. It comes off a stub on the sewer side of the traps. It has a flap that opens when the gray water is dumped so water is not sucked out of the traps. If the flap does not close properly odor can escape the gray tank. That might be where the odor is coming from. The air admittance valves usually can be unscrewed by hand. Replacements can be obtained many hardware stores
Clay L 07/30/15 01:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: Wobbly Winegard Dish

I put the wind kit on mine and it didn't do much good. I put a spring on the back that held the dish in place and was capable of stretching enough when the dish was in the travel position. That worked pretty well. There were some posts a few years back about a hex screw that may be loose and tightening it is supposed to help. At that point I had the Traveler installed (thanks for a great job Bill.Satellite) so I didn't have a reason to mess with it any longer and didn't try it.
Clay L 07/29/15 01:02pm Technology Corner
RE: Mail Forwarding Service

The year we snowbirded and the year before that, we had a TEMPORARY mail forwarding done to our mail forwarding service for any mail going to our new address and new mailbox. Worked well for us. Note that you want a temporary forwarding not permanent. It was good for up to 6 months and I think an extension could be done on line although I didn't do that - in fact since were gone less than 6 months I went on line and had the temp forwarding discontinued.
Clay L 07/27/15 11:25am Snowbirds
RE: Engine alternator only charges engine battery

The diagram below is commonly used by Winnebago. The solenoid has a poor reliability record. I had to replace mine at about 7 years. The battery Mode solenoid is the one in question. It is made by Trombeta and some folks have bought an upgraded unit with a higher voltage coil. There are much better ones out there but most are larger and I did not have enough room for them. I got mine from Lichtsinn Motors - a dealer very close to the the factory. See Licthsinn http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v425/ClayL/batterymodewiring.jpg
Clay L 07/27/15 11:08am Tech Issues
RE: Kwikee Slide acting up?

The StoreMor under slide compartment is limited to 300 pounds. Do you have too much stuff in it? I did and had problems retracting the slide.
Clay L 07/27/15 10:52am Tech Issues
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