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RE: Traveling through upstate NY

We stayed at Lake George RV Resort. I do not know there policy but it was a great CG and will go back. I haven't run into a two night policy yet. We also stayed at Newbourg KOA for an evening. Happy Trails
Crabbypatty 04/21/18 05:44am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Engines to avoid on F-250?

Ive had K & N cold air kits on 5.7L Tahoe and 8.1L Suburban each sold with over 250,000 miles and going strong. It adds gas mileage and there is a noticeable uptick in power when towing. Tweaking the exhaust and a a 5star tuner, like I used on the Suburban, will increase horsepower more than 5% making towing easier and more fuel efficient. While diesels get better mileage and have more torque, it don't tow anything that heavy to warrant the extra initial price and fuel costs. 95% of the time the truck is used locally, then we tow with it. Very happy with the 6.2L 6 speed setup. The Burb was 3 speed and bruted through towing. This works for us.
Crabbypatty 04/21/18 05:42am Tow Vehicles
RE: Engines to avoid on F-250?

I have the 6.2l gasser with a 6 speed. We've had the truck two years towing a heavy 30 footer. Sunnybrook has an aluminum frame. The engine is fine, the 6 speed gets it up and going perfectly. The truck was outfitted with the camper package and has 3.73 rear gears. Im slowly tweaking it and added a K & N cold air kit. Next will be the exhaust then a tune. Not for more power although that is good, but to inch up the mpgs. Just completed a 1500 mile trip and we averaged in the high 8's, 9 mpg. I noticed that while towing it rarely would stay in 6 th gear at highway speeds. Love the truck and the set up
Crabbypatty 04/19/18 04:48am Tow Vehicles
RE: WiFi antenn plus booster

For Wifi I use the Hawkings Smart Repeater with a Hawkings Amp to an outside marine antenna on the roof. I put it on a movable mount and raise it when not moving. Works pretty good and Ive picked up signals more than 10 miles. However its one thing to see a hotspot its another to actually obtain a usable signal. Park wifi is an issue with everyone having a smart phone, net flix etc. I also bought a directional antenna as we dry camp but it can be a pain to aim and reboot the repeater. I am going to make a high gain omni directional antenna to try and solve that. A larger amp will also help this one is variable to 500 mw. Cell wise I have a Wilson amp and the candy bar antenna. I spoke with Wilson about a ceiling mount or better gain antenna and they said being in an enclosed room like an rv, surrounded by metal its not a good idea as there would be to much radiation. They had me run tests on my amp and it is producing properly. It is older 3g unit and I am going to buy the newer unit which should work better. This time I am going to ask them If I could purchase the ceiling mount antenna and perhaps place an attenuate in line to lower its gain as both my wife and I use the phone.
Crabbypatty 04/13/18 04:53am Technology Corner
RE: Outer Banks

We stayed at Camp Hatterus CG, on the ocean side. The CG spans the road, so if you want to be on the bay side with blazing red sunsets you can do that as well. Concrete pads, level and we parked naer the ocean and could hear it every night. The CG also has a pool. Bring bikes as you can bike for ice cream etc. Day trips up and down the road lots of fun. We went in Jly and climbed up the light house. thought I was gonna die. It was a bazillion degrees with no wind. Walked off a few beers that day...
Crabbypatty 04/12/18 04:45am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Bouncing on Concrete Roads

There is a stretch here locally that goes to concrete and we buck like a bronco. Our new to us f250, with the camper tow package, im going to upgrade the shocks to Bilsteins and see if that helps the ride etc.
Crabbypatty 04/12/18 04:38am Towing
RE: Packing ez lube bearings

The Two Pumps was not enough to do anything. I did not want the zerk and hidden supply tube to be empty. I will not pump until the reservoir is filled up which would probably take half a tube to make the grease come out the front. Repacking and inspecting the bearings, magnets, brakes and seals is a minor maintenance issue and provides big piece of mind each spring roll out. I did it every spring on my first TT, now this one with the EZ Lube, will have the same treatment. Im not sold on the EZ Lube being a cure all. In theory if you don't want to pay or DIY, it might makes sense for some people, but seals fail, as I saw, by pumping in to much grease to watch it come out the front until it was new grease. Its not a perfect system. So how do you know what you got unless you take a look?. You can only truly do that by taking it apart. It took longer to jack it up and take the wheel off than actually cleaning the bearings and replacing the seal. 4 wheels working slowly it was just over an hour. Small price to pay for piece of mind. Glad this came up for discussion which was the point of it to raise awareness. If this helps someone some much the better.
Crabbypatty 04/12/18 04:35am Tech Issues
RE: RV in line water filters

We bring drinking water. the CG supply is used for showering. What I do not see at many CGs is a back flow preventer on each spigot. So whatever comes out of your neighbors rig stays there. Its a concern as Ive parked next to some less than sanitary rvers. Im no Felix Unger but also not interested in Montezumas revenge either...
Crabbypatty 04/12/18 04:20am Fifth-Wheels
RE: What can I tow with my Suburban

For your reason we waited and found a 3/4 ton k2500 Suburban with an 8.1L. We towed e that for 10 years. It was designed and marketed for people pulling a 2 horse trailer. Before you buy the 1500, cancel that and buy a 3/4 ton vehicle. Unless your going to tow something smaller, which you can do then move up. We started with a 27 foot wilderness and moved up to a 30 foot Sunnybrook bunkhouse with slide.
Crabbypatty 04/11/18 04:24am Towing
RE: Packing ez lube bearings

Its good to have a forum like this as after trying to get a proper answer from both Dexter and Lippert, it actually came from a discussion with my local auto parts store guy. So I thought after doing the service then a long ride, that I would share that information with everyone. I hope others searching the forum will now have some factual simple guidance. Happy Trails..
Crabbypatty 04/10/18 04:59am Tech Issues
RE: A highway bridge at 7 ft., 7 in. -- what could go wrong?

If they had a height indicator hanging at the entrances to the parkway, this never would have happened. For those of you who do not know, there are sections of the NJ Parkways that you can drive on with commercial over height vehicles. The driver should have reviewed his route however to many people dumb down and buy any GPS and believe that i will guide them to there destination... Just coming home from the south on the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, which is the only commercial route from the south into Long Island, we were behind a car carrier who switched into the left lane at the Brooklyn Promenade as he couldn't fit under. The sign said 12'9". We were next to him in middle lane. We came upon an over pass and he stopped before driving into it, stuck in the left lane, a professional driver. The fault lies with both New York State for not properly adding signage as well as the driver for not pre-planning his route.
Crabbypatty 04/10/18 04:54am Travel Trailers
RE: Packing ez lube bearings

Larry JM, Not at all, as the bearings were properly packed so there is no need to pump any grease in. The zerk fitting could just be taken off. Properly packed bearings do not need to be fiddled with. The ez lube system designed for water submersion not over the road, I think is a problem. Depending on my over the dunes use, ill simply repack them. Its easy enough and now easier as I purchased the trailer aid jack from CW. I spent half the time jacking and un-jacking. Now its a simple drive on. Happy Trails
Crabbypatty 04/09/18 04:30am Tech Issues
RE: Beach Camping

You cant dump gray anywhere on the beach, not at any municipal park i've ever been to. Just another point 35 gallons is more than 240 pounds, try pulling that through the sand to the dump station. The left or waste valve side is not always accessible via truck as you might be parked next to someone. So you need to move the tank by hand to the hitch. When dry camping, outer beach camping, conserve is the word of the trip and we do it about 3 +/- weeks a season.
Crabbypatty 04/08/18 05:00am General RVing Issues
RE: I wasted time and money on a sewer hose holder tube

That was only hung that way for one reason....No way I,de follow that. I did have a funny experience coming up over 50 Bridge in Maryland, I guess my bumper cap came off and the hose was pushed in to tight so it sprang out. I looked in the mirror and saw a few feet of hose signaling a lane change for me. I had to laugh and certainly kept people away..
Crabbypatty 04/07/18 04:52am General RVing Issues
RE: Packing ez lube bearings

Factually, and just completing a 1600 mile road trip, after repacking my bearings and just 2 pumps into the zerc fitting, my hubs were cool the entire time. So pumping the hubs full of grease, in my opinion is just asking for failure of the rear grease seal. I stopped in at CW and purchased the trailer aid, to make it go faster next time. Happy Trails
Crabbypatty 04/07/18 04:48am Tech Issues
RE: Boston to Outer Banks

Yes you can cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. We went that way to OBX but we live on LI so not sure how far you will go in first day. The eastern shore is accessed through route 13 or 113 and is a step back in time. On the Eastern Shore we have stayed at Toms Cove in Chincotegue VA, 8 hours from Eastern LI, and Cherrystone in Cheriton 9 hrs from Eastern LI. Cherrystone is 11 miles north of the Bay Bridge. (If you have kids, you may never leave there!)Then South over the bridge into Norfolk where we took 17 to OBX. We stayed at Camp Hatteras in Waves on the ocean side. the CG spans the road so bay side for sunsets, jet skiing, paddle board etc, ocean for beach. We stayed just a couple sites away from the beach entrance and could here the ocean every night. There is no view as the dunes are high. It was expensive then $85/nite plus a cable charge for tv, but we would go again. DM me fo rother suggestions if needed. Happy Trails. Im jealous...
Crabbypatty 03/28/18 04:51am Roads and Routes
RE: Enough Solar for conservative boondocking?

We have 428 watts of solar (4 panels) feeding 2 Trojan t125 6 volt golf car batteries. We dry camp as much as FHU. The water pump is a killer as is heat. We feed the rig with a 2000 watt Xantrax inverter. I found a single circuit that feeds the entertainment areas and outlets in bedroom. I pulled that from the 110 box and plugged it into the inverter it always runs that way. So if its solar its charging, if its plugged in to FHU its charging. Do your self a favor and do not cheap out on the batteries as you get what you pay for. I sold my other TT with the same batteries going on 10 years. This new to us TT these batteries are going on their 4th season. Never let your deep discharge batteries go below 50%, if you routinely do, you will shorten their life dramatically. So when we wake up we use the water pump first, then it has all day to charge up if need be. We watch tv, dvd's, charge our phones use computers all the time, without worry. Works perfectly. Happy trails
Crabbypatty 03/27/18 04:53am Tech Issues
RE: I95 Southbound NY to SC? Gripes & Accolades?

Burbman you have decided for me. Going 81. Last time I cut over at 66 to 17 to 95. Spent the night in Fredericksburg. Iwhen you go 81 to 77 where do you layover? Ny Rver it's two day trip. I try to make the first day longer so my second day is shorter. From home it's about 14-15 hrs total drive time.
Crabbypatty 03/24/18 04:10pm Roads and Routes
I95 Southbound NY to SC? Gripes & Accolades?

Any recent traffic travel reports? Heading down next week and would like to see what anyone is running into. Thanks
Crabbypatty 03/23/18 01:47pm Roads and Routes
RE: Packing ez lube bearings

Th reason I repack every year is that I outer beach camp. Which means I air down the tires to 20 psi and pull the camper over the dunes onto the beach at our local park and camp oceanfront. I worry about some sand getting in there but honestly I drive so many less miles than I used to with it. I doubt if i put a thousand miles on it last year. Probably 5-600. Perhaps overly cautious but its not a really hard thing to do once your all set up. Thanks for all the replies Happy Trails 2018!
Crabbypatty 03/23/18 01:33pm Tech Issues
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