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RE: New England Campgrounds

SO you have probably camped at Pinewood in Plymouth. We went there last year, and it was really good except for the two groups of adults who pulled in the same day as us. They couldnt drink or curse or yell enough. It was all about them. But the cg was very nice. Youve probably been there. So the further away from the big city the better. I would use the search function in rv.net, as well as Woodalls. Probably private small parks will limit families with kids.
Crabbypatty 03/17/17 04:30am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Started Solar Array

While I only head out for a week at a time, I chose not to tilt the panels and use fixed mounts. 4 panels = 428 watts into two trojan t-125's. Ive found that when extreme ie, 3 college kids laptops, phones tv, water pumps etc, the batts fully charged up in the late afternoon. I might add two more panels.While tilting or trackers are the most efficient, my choice was to have it be autonomously and not have a another thing to add to my list when camping. However I have seen others add a portable panel, one or two and leave them on the ground tilted.
Crabbypatty 03/17/17 04:22am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Is it possible to run 110 outlets off of the battery

The great thing about rv.net is that there is a wealth of experience in its posts. Use the search feature above and you can search for your answer and learn all about whatever it is you need to know. You will find many many posts about your subject. Happy trails
Crabbypatty 03/16/17 04:26am Beginning RVing
RE: Advise on Solar Mounts ....

I simply made my own by buying 1.5 inch aluminum angle from the hardware store and cut them into 1 inch lengths. 1 per corner and bolted them tot he panels, then screwed the panels to the roof using a glob of self sealing dicor. Rock solid no leaks servicable and inexpensive. If you want to spend the big money on moveable mounts thats up to you. I for one like the fixed mounts and its one less thing to do after setting up camp. I didnt want solar to become a chore. I fully recharge in the after noon with only 428 watts. Thats with three college kids, their devices, us, tv, as well as being really lazy and using the electric coffee pot. I have two Trojans t-125's and Mornings Star 45 with a trimeteric meter. What batteries are you considering?
Crabbypatty 03/10/17 04:51am Tech Issues
RE: Champion 2800/3100 Invertor Generator

The champion is much louder and as long as your far away enough so as not to disturb your neighbor, then I guess saving a couple hundred bucks is a good thing. I had trouble with a guy next to me with one, and his attitude was as loud as the generator. I unfortunately for the first time in 20 years, had to call security. We all have our own economics, no judgement, and something is better than nothing, but when one spends $20-$40k on a TV then $10-$30k on a TT, why hold back when for just a few more bucks, everyone can enjoy it better. You and the neighbors. Not to mention reliability. My honda is now 12 years old and I dont think the Champion or Generac inverters will get that mileage. Just my 2cents. Happy trails
Crabbypatty 03/08/17 04:37am Tech Issues
RE: Honda generator noise mitigation

I not only saw an exhaust extension on a honda 3000i, but they installed vents on compartment doors and installed a box fan, so when genny was on it was pulling air through the compartment at a good rate. The 2000 is so light, I would just place on the ground under the fver.Dont forget to add more co2 detectors.
Crabbypatty 03/01/17 04:45am Fifth-Wheels
RE: new Escalade as TV

The Escalade towing the horse trailer was possibly the 2500 version, like my Suburban k2500 which has the 12,000# rating. Sounds like yours is the standard version which is a 1500 series or half ton. I pull now with an F 250 with the 6.2l and a 6 speed. The Burb had a 3 speed, the six speed makes a great difference, so the eight speed, I imagine would also be nice. Gearing makes a big difference.
Crabbypatty 02/22/17 04:44am Tow Vehicles
RE: Half-ton vs 3/4 Ton

1/2 ton trucks are really consumer grade and aren't designed to take the abuse of a truck 3/4 ton work truck. Your lucky that your white knuckle experienced didn't turn into a crash as you were upside down. The tail wagging the dog. A 3/4 ton will pull the weight and is also heavier so it will offset the trailer weight and help with handling. In addition the truck will last longer and everything is beefier again ore designed as a full time work truck. How many half tons do you see as work trucks when on the road? that should tell you something. Today the 3/4 tons all have nice consumer features but on the heavier chassis. Growing up towing my father went through all kinds of break downs towing with sedans then wagons. So I knew towing with light duty vehicles just wasn't an option as I wanted to enjoy myself not fret. First TV was a 3/4 4x4 suburban and now we upgrade to f250 quad cab short bed 4x4. We towing a heavy SunnyBrook with an aluminum frame and slide. Handles like a dream. BTW the f250 is the xyl's everyday ride!You wont be disappointed.
Crabbypatty 02/21/17 04:49am Travel Trailers
RE: Camping off-grid & batteries/propane/solar

We dry camp as much as FHU. For your first trip out you should buy a Honda or Yamaha 2000 watts inverter generator. When dry camping every time you use electric, your draining the battery and need to replace it. If you drain your battery below 50% rated charge then you are shorting its life. So I would safe for your first trip, have a generator and start to get used to it. Look around your trailer and see if there is a way to use less electricity. After that two 6 volt deep cycle batteries, I have Trojan T-125's are great. Your trailer is small so unless you need the heat for a weekend one 20lb propane will work. I have twin 30's but my trailer is twice the size. Later on if you can afford it, solar is great. I have 428 watts soon to increase to over 600 and as long as your in the sun, no generator needed. In my current set up typically dry camping for a week at a time, without heat, I use maybe a 1/4 of one 30lb propane, but we drain a 65 gallon water tank. Typically on day 5 I take the portable poopy tank and make a dump run. Mind you I dry camp with 5 people. My batteries are fully charged by 3-4 in the afternoon. 5 people 5 phones and other items to charge, ie each college student comes with a laptop, phone etc... Last you did probably the most important thing you can, you joined rv.net and there are plenty of people ahead of you that figured it out. So search or ask a question and most of all have fun! Happy Trails
Crabbypatty 02/16/17 04:28am Travel Trailers
RE: Head Northeast for the Summer from Texas?

In New York. Lake George Camping Resort is a short distance to Albany which has a larger airport. Further South. KOA Newburgh in the Hudson Valley wine country you have four to choose from Stewart small regional or the big three Laquardia, JFK & Newark. Cape Cod Camping Resort in Massachusetts, your an hour to Boston Logan or Providence RI for Regional Service. Also in Mass is Normandy Farms 45 mins from Logan or a small intimate CG Boston Minuteman. Once you head further up into the mountains of Vermont,we stayed at Brattleboro KOA about 45 minutes east of Albany, you then run into small regional and you would have to drive. Bar Harbor Maine has a small airport now linking to larger cities but service is only a few days.We also spent a week in the WHite Mountains at Danforth Bay CG on Lake Ossippee, but thats about 2 hours to Manchester NH airport of 3-3.5 hours to Boston. On balance the North East is pretty easy to drive around. Just stay off of I95 coming and going and take I81 up before turning east. I95 is a mess on a good day. Happy Trails sounds like fun!
Crabbypatty 02/02/17 04:27am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Our Lemon Forest River just squeezed some more juice

I'm just wondering. Did you energize all systems before signing on the line and paying for it? I see to many people complain when in fact its on them as they didn't check it all out before paying. That's when the dealer is paying the most attention as they can small the money, but you have just one more question. Regarding the broken pipe, did you use a restrictor on your garden hose to limit water pressure? Full house pressure can rupture plastic pipe. FR is a good brand but quality control today on everything isn't good. So perhaps one slipped through. Its up to the consumer to fully check everything out today, not believe the seller before buying anything. Just my 2c
Crabbypatty 01/31/17 04:38am Travel Trailers
RE: Catskill campgrounds

We spent one night in KOA Newburgh. Comfy but sites are tight.
Crabbypatty 01/27/17 04:40am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: 2016 3500HD Suburban

We had a k2500 Burb for 10 years. 3/4 ton, 8.1L 4wd. Towing Capacity 12,000. Loved it. Couldnt find another so we now tow with a 2015 F250 3/4 ton short bed. The Burb was a beast and there wasnt anything it couldnt do, or tow the TT just about anywhere as well.
Crabbypatty 01/27/17 04:38am General RVing Issues
RE: More Solar for "Us"

I had 100 watt panels that I took off the house that I moved from. From what I have been reading here on the net is that there seems to be two schools predominately. Trickle charge and re charge. So I have noticed that most who dive in for recharge go with 400+. I have a Morning Star controller, Bogart Engineering Tri Metric Battery Minder and they charge up two Trojan t-125 flooded wet cell batteries. The Tri Metric tells you your battery state, watts in, amps in and what kind of charge. The panels lie flat on the roof in full sun they deliver 8+/- amps with the sun over head. The meter indicates that we drawn down to 70-75%. It gets up to 88-90% quickly then levels off. The last bit to 100% takes the longest. This was with 3 college kids charging everything possible, phones ipads laptops, plus ours and we even got lazy and brought the electric drip coffee pot. The only other use and biggest draw is the water pump. I do have two more panels which will bring me to over 600 watts. I noticed that a fair amount for person here where they go to 400 increase to 600. I would like to add two more Trojans but Im getting close on the tongue weight.
Crabbypatty 01/24/17 04:37am Tech Issues
RE: adhesive for solar panel to rubber roof

The issue is not the bond to the rubber roof, its the rubber roof bond to the plywood. I can just visualize the panel flying off and tearing peeling off a long strip of rubber roofing. I bought 1.5 x 1.5 inch aluminum angle from the hardware store and made an "L" bracket for each corner. Cheap effective and set into a blob of dicor. Then I topped the screw with Dicor. Doesnt leak and now the panel is mounted to the plywood, like it should be. Happy Tails
Crabbypatty 01/23/17 04:40am Truck Campers
RE: Largest Used RV Dealers In Northeast?

You need to look everywhere. Craigslist, RV trader, camping world etc. There is no ONE place. We purchased our new to us TT from CW in Kingston. Lot of listings on Craigslist locally and we sold our TT and TV on craigslist.
Crabbypatty 01/04/17 04:29am General RVing Issues
RE: Emergency Severe Weather Notifications

The weather radios have only a couple of frequencies, so you dont have to reprogram. Just flip the channel until you get a signal. I travel as well with one after getting caught in a lightning storm of epic proportions. They work on batteries. Just google it. As far as tornado warnings sometimes they only pop up as severe thunderstorms, which they are. If the weather folks dont see a turn they wont issue. Its not perfect. Any severe thunderstorm warning is something to pay attention to. Yes its very scary especially when your in a straw house like an rv.. Happy Trails
Crabbypatty 01/04/17 04:24am General RVing Issues
RE: F-250 tire pressures

I never run the door pressure which is suggested with the oem tires. I always run what the tires say. When towing their rating is at full pressure and that's what I do and have done in my last tv a 3/4 ton 4x4 Suburban and now a 2015 f 250 CC short bed with the 6.2l gas engine. Under inflation is what causes the blowouts.
Crabbypatty 12/31/16 05:09am Tow Vehicles
RE: East Coast Family Camping Suggestions

In Upstate NY Lake George Rv Resort. Lots of fun on the Schroon river and they shuttle you into town.Lots of stuff for kids and adults. In Va we have stayed at Toms Cove, but depending on the site it can be very tight! This is located on Chincotegue near Assategue NP and the outer beaches. Better for kids another hour south on 13 is Cherrystone CG. Its the destination kids activities planned all day as well as adults. This by far is our favorite CG when we travelled with our daughter. You wont be disappointed. Both great choices it just depends on which way you turn the steering wheel. Happy Trails!
Crabbypatty 12/27/16 04:51am Family Camping
RE: Looking for RV park west of Wash DC near train to city

South and slightly west of DC is the Fredericksburg KOA. This is our first stop when southbound from NY. Quiet safe CG restaurants and stores nearby. We never went to DC from there but they say the VRE train is nearby along with bus tours. Call them to find out & Happy Trails http://koa.com/campgrounds/fredericksburg-washington-dc/local-area/
Crabbypatty 12/27/16 04:33am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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