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RE: Smokers

I have the Weber Smoker and you can go 12-14 hours with charcoal in it using the minion method. Go to and see for your self. Have it at least 10 years and will be using it in two days. http://www.weber.com/grills/series/smokers/smc-smoker-18
Crabbypatty 07/02/15 04:50am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: SE New England to Charlotte, NC (Carowinds)

I would do 84>287>78>81>77. Unfortunately for us we live on Long Island so we have to drive, I mean sit through the snarl getting off LI. Our last trip south having done the I95 route to many frustrating times, we went 78 to 81 south to 66 to Fredericksburg KOA. our favorite layover when we went to Charleston. However there are cg's down 81 so I would go to 77. It is longer but the same time as your actually driving and not sitting in traffic Jams. I95 is just horrible southbound all the way to Richmond VA. Avoid it like the plague. Happy Trails
Crabbypatty 07/02/15 04:43am Roads and Routes
RE: My Daul Cam after approx. 15000 miles of towing.

Mine said nothing about grease. I have had my setup since 2004 and just switch over to a heavier trailer last year. I have noticed any new wear. I would think that grease would lessen the effect of the setup making it easier for the bars to slide which would defeat the hold back of the anti sway. I would rather replace the cams than lessen the sway authority. Sway makes me nervous and I like it all tight. Ill research this with Reese.
Crabbypatty 06/30/15 04:43am Towing
RE: How Often to Pack Wheel Bearings

I repack at the beginning of every season as well as tend to anything else it needs, like painting the frame, checking batteries and connections, looking over roof and window seals, checking tires, light bulbs, sanitizing water system etc. It usually takes me one long Saturday or spread out over the weekend. Its all part of the season preflight. After that we top off the booze, put beer in the fridge, snacks in the pantry and get ready to roll....
Crabbypatty 06/30/15 04:38am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Rating RV Parks Internet Connections

Its hard to rate cg connections as some can be very strong until everyone in all the rigs start streaming netflix or their kids are gaming and streaming other stuff. Seems like everyone is connected.In addition wifi is affected by surrounding objects like trees, other rvs, buildings. So stay in a nice beautiful wooded cg and your probably going to have issues unless your very close to the antenna site. We have found that most cg's are and have upgraded to their wifi to stay attractive to to us. However if everyone is streaming and we need to log on for business we just go up to the office with the laptop.
Crabbypatty 06/30/15 04:30am General RVing Issues
RE: Newbie, what makes me nervous

What makes me nervous is when someone cuts me off, or the light goes green yellow RED. I take my time, and pay attention. Especially leave space between me and the guy ahead. At campgrounds or anywhere else you need to pay attention to the height of your rig and any obstructions, such as trees, bridges, overhangs etc. Take more shore trips until you drive more and you will feel comfortable. Though there are many with rv's there are still rvers around that would be glad to help you if asked. Sometimes as you noted youll get approached. We watch and try top help thoe who need it.
Crabbypatty 06/24/15 04:45am Beginning RVing
RE: What happens when you lose a tire at 70-75 MPH?

Hope your not on the road when I'm on it. I don't want to get collected up by someone so irresponsible. Its fine if you want to kill yourself and your family, but what about all the innocent travelers around you? All they want to do is enjoy the ride looking forward to the destination not an unplanned dirtnap caused by someone else.
Crabbypatty 06/24/15 04:36am Travel Trailers
RE: I know it's been asked before..Do you regret a TT over a FW?

Now on my second TT and I would like a fiver however we pull with a 2500 Suburban so we have to buy a pick up. Why would I switch I am told the difference in towing is amazing and this is probably why the tractor trailers are just big fivers and not towing. Secondly the fiver offers more ceiling height, king size bed, bigger bathrooms with real showers, more storage and bigger kitchens with island options. As far as size my new TT is 32 feet long and that is a long way down the mirrors and takes longer to get into tight cg spots. That would be my size limit. There still is room in the bed of the pick up after hooked provided you don't restrict the hitch. That will be our next rig but for now the Sunnybrook 298 BH is it. We love it except for the tight bathroom, but we also are only in it around 20 nights per year. When we were on the road a lot it was 40 nights. When we get closer to retirement time will increase and the need for a bigger rv will also increase.
Crabbypatty 06/24/15 04:31am Travel Trailers
RE: Honda eu3000 overload running carrier air v for 5 minutes

As others stated turn off other electrical items such as converter which converts 120 ac to 12v dc and charges the battery. Don't forget to turn off electric hot water heater, which uses huge power. Also to make it easier on the generator you can buy a hard start kit for the ac. Its just a larger capacitor that charges up then kicks the ac over.
Crabbypatty 06/23/15 04:29am Tech Issues
RE: Camping World Problems

Ive been buying from CW for the past 12 yrs and never an issue until now. We even bought our TT last year from Kingston CW and had a good experience. They had the best price on the item which is why we ordered it. When we return if its not on the doorstep, we will cancel and get it somewhere else. Whatever is up with CW this is a new issue at least for us
Crabbypatty 06/18/15 08:08am Travel Trailers
RE: Wi-fi antenna - omni vs. yagi

I use a smart repeater inside for wifi, hooked up to a Hawkings amp and a Hawkings dipole on the roof. A yagi will give you better signal but then you have to aim it which is one more thing to futz with. Most campers have aluminum skin and or metal frames like mine which block radio signals. This system works very well for me and I was able to hook up many many miles away.
Crabbypatty 06/18/15 04:44am Technology Corner
Camping World Problems

Ordered a new shower head for the TT 11 days ago. Realized yesterday that it did not come. Looked back into the email receipt and sent them another email asking whats up. NO ANSWER. Called later on. On hold for over 30 minutes! Then a polite woman said that its in process but couldn't tells us when and blamed it on a new computer system. I'm leaving in 4 hours and really wanted to try it out. Very disappointed in CW's poor service I would have ordered from some other place to have it for this weekend....
Crabbypatty 06/18/15 04:38am Travel Trailers
RE: Tips for long trip with travel trailer?

While its impossible to predict everything, I bring spare parts having had issues over the road. After having brake issues, I now carry a pair of brake assemblies and a pair of bearings. I have two axles but I have each left side right side is enough along with bearing grease and punches. Tire repair kit. Electrical wire, connectors, wire ties and volt meter. Extension cord for 30 amp. Sometimes your site may get its power from a mast 30 feet away. Extra length of water hose and sewer hose. We did park at a cg and have to have extension all the utilities including cable tv. Teflon tape, pipe wrench. Duct, electrical and eternabond tape. Small plumbing supplies. A couple of tarps and bungies cords. Rachet straps After that its the personal stuff, we cook outside as its hot to cook inside during the summer.Just another note. AAA will not tow your travel trailer. You need Good Sam for that. I broke down on NJ turnpike and AAA was useless. I wasn't leaving my TT along and limped it off the road myself. You also did the most important thing and that is to pre-flight everything before having an issue. Happy Trails
Crabbypatty 06/17/15 04:35am Travel Trailers
RE: Good CG in the Mt. Washington Area?

About an hour east, on the other side of the Kankamangus(sp) highway, which made for a pleasurable trip,(without towing!) is Danforth Bay CG. Its on a smaller lake that feeds into Lake Ossipee. We used it as home base and then went exploring. Without FHU, there are a couple of parks, however we need FHU. If you go I would highly recommend Yankee BBQ. Best BBQ north of the Mason Dixon Line! We reserved a waterfront sight which provided for only one neighbor and a view of the water through the trees. Would go there again. Happy Trails!
Crabbypatty 06/16/15 04:46am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: What is the single best part of RVing?

The freedom of "Away". There is a big feeling of freedom when I make that turn out of the driveway. If I can think of just one thing.....
Crabbypatty 06/16/15 04:31am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Real world weights for Sonnybrook 298BHS

Your Jayco is made out of wooden 2x2's. The Sunnybrook is an aluminum welded frame. Heavier and sturdier. Its a big trailer and we tow with a 3/4 ton Suburban with an 8.1l. I couldn't imagine towing it with a 1/2 ton even though they state it in the brochure. It would just be to much. Look for a lighter series trailer like the Jayco or upgrade your TV. I liked the Jayco G2 Jayflight and it was lighter but looking at fit n finish its just not built as good as the Sunnybrook.
Crabbypatty 06/12/15 04:39am Travel Trailers
RE: Used RV Sales @ Camping World - Pricing

I bought our current TT from CW Kingston. Made my offer and that was it. of course tried to sell us extra stuff and I caught them on the missing tire from the picture and they tried to charge us for a battery that we didn't need. Took a little back n forth but the salesman was great and was persistent, even had the manager come out when the spare tire was missing. I saw it in the photos but it was missing when we got there. The cleaning crew left something to be desired and my wife insisted they clean it again. That girl should have been showed the door, she didn't care at the critical point of purchase. If they didn't meet our needs and price we would have left it as there is always another one! All things considered our salesman and the tech appointed to go over the TT and hook it all up were terrific. which made the difference and resulted in us getting a good used TT and CW making a sale.
Crabbypatty 06/12/15 04:31am General RVing Issues
RE: How fast do you drive your rig?

Almost every time when went on a long distance tow, I have seen the carnage of a flipped or wrecked rvs. The people who speed are being irresponsible to the people around them as you just do not have the reaction time or space for safe maneuvering and I dont want to be collected up in your stupidity. I tow at around the speed limit if conditions warrant it. MY 4 ton TT coupled up with my 3/4 ton Suburban will not stop in the same distance as uncoupled. The big MoHo's all that mass cant stop at the same distance as when they speed. Its like a loaded gun, maybe it'll go off and hurt some one, but maybe it wont. Why take a chance? unload it and drive responsibly for the sake of the rest of us.
Crabbypatty 06/12/15 04:25am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 4 week northeast trip suggestions July 2015

Coming up from Williamsburg on rte 13. Charrystone & Toms Cove. Stayed at both and spent a day at the beach. Kiptopeke SP is also supposed to be great down by the Cheasapeke Bridge. We never stayed at Assastegue but its on the list. In NJ is Liberty CG supposedly the closest to NYC. Ive heard that its nothing more than a parking lot but its the closest to NYC. Going North we layed over at Newburgh KOA which states that it runs NYC trips I would look into that andits about an hour north of NYC or so. Further North we had a great week at Lake George Escape RV resort. Tubing on the river, shuttle to downtown, fireworks, lots to see and do, or not...For Boston there is a CG that we are going to for the 3rd time Boston Minuteman. Small but in the woods, FHU nice owners with a train nearby to zip into Boston. In New Hampshire we spent a week at Danforth Bay camping resort on Lake Ossippee. From there we drove all over the White Mountains. Drive up Mt Washington, Zipline tours, hiking, kayaking. If you go there Yankee BBQ was amazing. In Maine we stayed on an oceanfront site at Bar Harbor Oceanfront KOA and did the whole island plus biked in Acadia National Park. If you go there on the bridge going into Mt Desert Island (Bar Harbor), there is only one road, stop and eat at Trents Lobster Pound. We each devoured a 2 lb sweetest lobster ever had. The cg does have its own lobster guy if you just want to stay in..On Long Island there are County Parks (look up Suffolk County Parks) plus Hither Hills SP in Montauk,which is on the ocean. Cape Cod Camping Resort was fun. Just north of Falmouth you can drive the whole Cape. We would also go into Woods Hole, take a science boat tour. Eat at Schuckers for the best lobster roll. Waterfront dining on a crooked deck. We also jumped on the Martha Vineyard ferry for a day trip to the island. At the end of the Cape is PTown and they have Whale tours which was amazing and a bike trail. The converted the rail line into a bike trail and you can stop at different towns along the way and check them out. fun! Keep in mind that this is the busy RV time so plot your course and make reservations. The cgs fill up fast. {Please report back where you went so others can enjoy as well) Happy Trails John
Crabbypatty 06/11/15 04:54am Roads and Routes
RE: Excess Genny use

I have no problem telling them to turn it off and the same goes for the DP whose pipe comes out the drivers side. One guy was gassing us out and said he didn't realize about it. Told him to buy the long pipe and pipe it up over his roof. Most of the time people just don't think and a gentle reminder is enough. Then again you get non rver's who once a year go out and terrorize the rest of us. Ranger rick is definitely an option I the am so they can be spoken to more firmly by someone other than you. As for the one suggestion, we generally avoid the weekends as much as possible and completely avoid the holiday seasons.
Crabbypatty 06/10/15 04:43am General RVing Issues
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