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Anytime you buy anything, its up to YOU to make sure that you are getting what you paid for. To sign on the line like a deer in the headlights, without checking everything out, then its your bad. Doesnt matter what or where you buy it. I bought my new to me TT from CW in Kingston. I was polite and persistent, the salesman was new and admitted it, but was eager to do the right thing. The Tech was knowledgeable and the manager was slightly difficult but he wasnt going to make a sale that day unless he did the right thing. I put a deposit on the rig over the phone as the store was 5 hours away and told them when I was coming. I requested that the unit be placed by the garage bay as I wasnt going to buy it unless we could turn it on and test everything. It took 4 hours for me to be satisfied and we drove out with it. I decided instead of dead heading home to layover at a nearby cg to make certain that everything was good and told the salesman that. Wouldnt you know it a slight leak developed in the toilet. I called the salesman and he offered for me to come back or mail me one. I received two toilets on my doorstep! So they replaced a 7 year old toilet with a new one on a used TT. Took 10 minutes to swap it out. So CW Kingston NY is a good place but it could use a better manager and cleaning crew. I would buy again, but again new or used, Im going over everything before I pay for it. If any dealer resists that, go somewhere else.
Crabbypatty 04/21/17 04:24am Camping World RV Sales
RE: Ok, Time to Come Clean and Admit Our Screw-Ups

I never really had a screw up over the road but i have had my share of breakdowns. Tire side walls cracking, trailer brakes failing, fuel pump shorting out, front axle going. But my biggest was leaving my water hoses and extention cords home going to a cg where the mast are far away. After a trip to Wallyworld in another state, now I have two of everything....
Crabbypatty 04/21/17 04:13am General RVing Issues
RE: Where can I drop camper in middle of trip?

We reserve and drop at a CG. I don't mind paying for the knowledge knowing that my rig and belongings are safe. Just let the cg know and give them your cell# should something come up. We do it to visit our daughter in a city where obviously we cant bring the TT. We have found a cg about 30 minutes away. You can save $ if you don't need hook ups. I take just the electric site to keep the fridge running on ac and not propane.
Crabbypatty 04/20/17 04:17am Travel Trailers
RE: Battery-generator-charging upgrades?

You should invest in a better quieter generator like the Honda 3000i. Without to much pulling on it you will get 24 hours of run time for charging. Of course if you run AC it would be less. It just sits there and purrs along. Mine is now 13 years old so you get what you pay for. First thing change your batteries. This is my second TT and my last TT had Trojan T-125's 10 yrs old and going strong. So I did the same thing on this new to me TT. The trick to batts is never let them get below 50% otherwise you shorten the life. In the morning, start the gen and charge up the batts, while you are making coffee using water pump etc. You may have to run genny for 2-4 hours to charge them up depending on how much you discharged. Those are the first two things. After buy a charge wizard module to plug into your existing charger, it will properly maintain and charge the batts. Later on perhaps you can add solar. I have had solar for two years and my last 4 times out dry camping a week at a time, I never started the generator. We even got lazy and used the elec perk coffee pot instead of the stove. We watch TV, dvd's, play on our laptops, charge phones. Two of the trips included 3 college kids with all of there toys.
Crabbypatty 04/19/17 04:23am Travel Trailers
RE: Surge Protector?

I am seeking a surge device however I have also heard that some of the hard wired protectors block generator power. I dry camp as much as wet camp, and also have 428 watts pv on the roof, but that shouldnt matter. I would like to have it hard wired as its one less hing to do as opposed to plug in portables. Portables I just wouldnt plug it in with the genny. Does anyone have any experience with using portable generators and hard wired surge protecters??
Crabbypatty 04/18/17 04:45am Truck Campers
RE: Beach camping

I have found that the wind removes the sand around the stabilizer jacks so, I adjust them every morning. Our beach is dunes and we have to back in, so sometimes we are on a good angle. I was almost speared by the TT when I disconnected as it lurched forward even though the wheels were chocked. The sand settles. So now I always use ratchet straps and strap the two wheels together so they cant move. I also carry extra beach umbrellas and a tarp with bungies just in case we get a sudden storm. In the mornings here we get heavy dew so we cover everything in the evenings. However through everything there is nothing like waking up on the ocean and the feeling when the day trippers have to leave and your putting another log on the fire and watching a sunset.
Crabbypatty 04/18/17 04:27am Travel Trailers
RE: Suburban 2500 (GMT900) towing build - 11th gen -

We owned a 2001 k2500 4x4 Burb. FANTASTIC tow Beast. We actually named it Beasty! I put a class 4 hitch on it from etrailer.com. No fussin bolted right up. Towed thousands and thousands of miles without any issues. We even hit a huge bump on the BQE trying to escape NY and went airborn. Burb and Trailer were one. We tookit on the shin and kept rolling. We couldnt find another one so now we have an F250 quad cab and Luv it. PS I did put a K&N on it so it could breath and tuned it with a programmer. Made a big difference. Happy trails
Crabbypatty 04/13/17 04:39am Tow Vehicles
RE: Traveling to Maine

While Maine has a tremendous coast that I have yet to fully explore, I was able to spend a week at Bar Harbor Oceanfront KOA on MT Desert island. First they have a lobster guy cooking lobstah dinners right in the CG. Second before you get to the CG when approaching the causeway over to the CG is Trents Lobster Pound. So before you set up, you need to fill your selves with a 2 pounder steamed in seas water over a wood fire.......Once in KOA you need not dirve anywhere if you dont want to. They have a FREE shuttle that loops through all the CG's and hotels and brings you into town. We did drive over Acadia NP and road our bikes up to the lodge for another fine meal. You wont go wrong with this as a starter, finisher or just plain old stay there and have fun. PS there are also multiple Lobster pounds on the island so your certain to have scales when you leave.
Crabbypatty 04/11/17 04:33am General RVing Issues
RE: Install CB radio or not?

Here in the North East, especially southbound of NYC its very helpful as the truckers give work arounds to the snarls. Otherwise north of NYC and South of Richmond VA you dont hear much. Language is PG13+ so pay attention if you have kids int he car. It has saved us numerous times from sitting in traffic. I am also a ham and eventually will have that with me as well. I would imagine if your boon docking it would help with family comms when your out of cell phone range.
Crabbypatty 04/05/17 04:55am General RVing Issues
RE: Honda 3000 or New Briggs & Stratton 3000

I have had the Honda 3000 since 2004, runs perfectly and is perfectly quiet.You have invested $10 of thousands of dollars in you tow vehicle and your travel trailer, spend the money on the Honda and enjoy years of trouble free service with neighbors that will appreciate it as much as you. So you need to be considerate of those around you as well. If you have a medical reason for running it, you may want to mention that at the cg's so they can place you further away from other campers, if they have genny restrictions during the over night hours. I bought the 3000 over the 2000 as its a key start, so the DW can do it when Im not there. They also make a remote start kit for it.
Crabbypatty 04/02/17 06:08am Beginning RVing
RE: total newby just jumped into the deep end!

Congrats and welcome you found the place to search for answers. Just about anything you can think of someone did it or has an experience from it. Think of rv.net as a library of rv info. Repairs-toplaces to visit etc. I have the same truck pulls our 30ft Sunnybrook very nicely Happy Trails
Crabbypatty 04/02/17 05:49am Travel Trailers
RE: Water pressure regulator

You should always have a regulator on the end of the hose line limiting pressure to 45 psi. Camper plumbing is not built to take street pressure. If your leaking after that then you have a plumbing issue. Perhaps if you went unregulated you trashed your lines. Go to the home depot or lowoes and buy PEX tubing and shark bite connectors and effect repairs. Its not that hard to do. Happy Trails
Crabbypatty 03/31/17 04:25am Travel Trailers
RE: Any Regrets Flipping Axles?

My former Fleetwood was just to low. I hit the gas station aprons pulling out and dragged on the sand when beach camping. Never had an issue.
Crabbypatty 03/29/17 04:31am Travel Trailers
RE: Whatever happened to fiberglass LP tanks ?

They are advertised in Trailer Life and they are costly as they aren't main stream. So it costs more to make. I was wondering what the weight savings would be as I have two 30# on my tongue which would be my only motivation. As I have twin tanks, lp level is simple, when one tank runs dry, switch to the full one, then fill up the empty. I know that this method doesn't work for MoHo's B's & C's, but they do make guages for that.
Crabbypatty 03/29/17 04:24am General RVing Issues
RE: New England Campgrounds

SO you have probably camped at Pinewood in Plymouth. We went there last year, and it was really good except for the two groups of adults who pulled in the same day as us. They couldnt drink or curse or yell enough. It was all about them. But the cg was very nice. Youve probably been there. So the further away from the big city the better. I would use the search function in rv.net, as well as Woodalls. Probably private small parks will limit families with kids.
Crabbypatty 03/17/17 04:30am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Started Solar Array

While I only head out for a week at a time, I chose not to tilt the panels and use fixed mounts. 4 panels = 428 watts into two trojan t-125's. Ive found that when extreme ie, 3 college kids laptops, phones tv, water pumps etc, the batts fully charged up in the late afternoon. I might add two more panels.While tilting or trackers are the most efficient, my choice was to have it be autonomously and not have a another thing to add to my list when camping. However I have seen others add a portable panel, one or two and leave them on the ground tilted.
Crabbypatty 03/17/17 04:22am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Is it possible to run 110 outlets off of the battery

The great thing about rv.net is that there is a wealth of experience in its posts. Use the search feature above and you can search for your answer and learn all about whatever it is you need to know. You will find many many posts about your subject. Happy trails
Crabbypatty 03/16/17 04:26am Beginning RVing
RE: Advise on Solar Mounts ....

I simply made my own by buying 1.5 inch aluminum angle from the hardware store and cut them into 1 inch lengths. 1 per corner and bolted them tot he panels, then screwed the panels to the roof using a glob of self sealing dicor. Rock solid no leaks servicable and inexpensive. If you want to spend the big money on moveable mounts thats up to you. I for one like the fixed mounts and its one less thing to do after setting up camp. I didnt want solar to become a chore. I fully recharge in the after noon with only 428 watts. Thats with three college kids, their devices, us, tv, as well as being really lazy and using the electric coffee pot. I have two Trojans t-125's and Mornings Star 45 with a trimeteric meter. What batteries are you considering?
Crabbypatty 03/10/17 04:51am Tech Issues
RE: Champion 2800/3100 Invertor Generator

The champion is much louder and as long as your far away enough so as not to disturb your neighbor, then I guess saving a couple hundred bucks is a good thing. I had trouble with a guy next to me with one, and his attitude was as loud as the generator. I unfortunately for the first time in 20 years, had to call security. We all have our own economics, no judgement, and something is better than nothing, but when one spends $20-$40k on a TV then $10-$30k on a TT, why hold back when for just a few more bucks, everyone can enjoy it better. You and the neighbors. Not to mention reliability. My honda is now 12 years old and I dont think the Champion or Generac inverters will get that mileage. Just my 2cents. Happy trails
Crabbypatty 03/08/17 04:37am Tech Issues
RE: Honda generator noise mitigation

I not only saw an exhaust extension on a honda 3000i, but they installed vents on compartment doors and installed a box fan, so when genny was on it was pulling air through the compartment at a good rate. The 2000 is so light, I would just place on the ground under the fver.Dont forget to add more co2 detectors.
Crabbypatty 03/01/17 04:45am Fifth-Wheels
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