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RE: Ford 6.2 VS 6.8

I went from a 2000 V10 with 4.30 gears to a 2013 6.2 with 4.30 gears and would never go back, the 6 speed is a amazing transmission. Denny
Denny & Jami 04/09/17 08:04am Tow Vehicles
RE: Pathway X2 Owners

I routinely see 40-50. Of course rain wipes it out. For us getting each arc often means TV vs No TV and an unhappy DW. I've found that occasionally a cable may look ok but replacing it will clear up signal loss problems. This what I'm looking for to make my decision, my Tailgater has never had that kind of signals, the Playmaker really impressed me but it doesn't have the eastern arc. Denny
Denny & Jami 04/01/17 10:44am Technology Corner
RE: Pathway X2 Owners

48 locked on to 129 transponder 23 (CNN HD) right now. Keep in mind that the portable antennas require high-quality quad-shield coax since they are transmitting programming signal as well as control voltage and signal(s) on the same coax. We had issues until I upgraded all the coax. Rob I checked that transponder and got 25 but it is cloudy today, will have to wait a couple of days for clear skies down here in Texas. I checked the trailer coax the other day by connecting directly to the reciever and got tne same signal strength. What I'm really looking for is something that will bring in the weaker transponders, I played with a new Dish Playmaker by Winegard and was impressed by the signal strength over the Tailgater. But I like the bigger dish and the eastern arc discussion abilitythat the X2 has. Denny
Denny & Jami 04/01/17 07:40am Technology Corner
Pathway X2 Owners

We've been having signal strength issues with our 6 year old Tailgater, after taking it apart and cleaning years of desert dust out of it it's better but still low signal on most satellites. I'm talking 15 to 32 depending on the transponder mostly around 20. Before I spring for a X2 what kind of signals are you getting. Denny
Denny & Jami 03/31/17 07:32pm Technology Corner
RE: Passport america

I bought a lifetime membership 2 years ago and it has already paid for itself. There are two passport websites. passportamerica and passport-america. I see a lifetime membership on just one. I understand that there are two different competing offices selling memberships. What you are looking at is their add site and the main site, same company. We use it all the time in fact we are staying in one right now for 3 nights in AZ, we are also lifetime memberships Denny
Denny & Jami 03/15/17 08:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Dexter Axle wheel studs

Just a suggestion but torque them to 90 and check them one time after going around 50 miles and don't check them agian unless you take the tire off. IMO you are over tightening them and fatiguing the studs. I torque mine to 120 but I have 9/16 studs, I only check them one time after removing a wheel. Denny
Denny & Jami 03/05/17 08:58am Tech Issues
RE: Ford 6.2 Mileage while towing

We get 8 to 9 pulling a 16K trailer but we have 4.30 gears. Denny
Denny & Jami 01/02/17 03:38pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Questions from a newbie to DISH

DISH's Western Arc (WA) sats are 110, 119, and 129 (and 118 for International programming). The Eastern Arc (EA) sats are 61.5, 72.7, and 77. Generally, areas west of the Mississippi use the WA sats and areas east use the EA. If you RV around the country, then you'll probably need to keep track of what arc to use. How do you know what arc to use? As a rule, your ZIP code determines which arc you use: - Use your current ZIP code to find what city your local TV stations come from. - Then use The List to look up what sats are used for that city. For example, the Milwaukee, WI TV HD locals are all on 61.5 (the EA). However, the SD locals are also available on WA sats 110 and 119. I've used our Tailgater from east to west coasts but no further north than New York City in the north east. I have always been able to get all the western arc sats, one time in Florida I had to change my service area to get HD locals, I find that most spot beams overlap so using a map I change my loacals to that service area without changing my location. If my Tailgater quits I will look at the getting a Pathway X2 for the bigger surface area. Denny
Denny & Jami 01/01/17 09:43am Technology Corner
RE: Gas Choice

Poor gas quality seems to cause generator carb problems. How many of you choose to pay a little more for non-ethenal gas? Thanks I haven't read all the posts or do I care to, the way to get good gas is to stay with busiest stations to get the freshest fuel. Nothing that you are running will have a problem with E10 but if you have something that has never had E10 run through it it will take a few tanks to clean the fuel system out. I run E10 in my truck and everything else that we have including our generators, mowers and outboard motor with no problems at all. Denny
Denny & Jami 11/21/16 06:53pm General RVing Issues
RE: Dish tailgater losing signal

The info that Denny gave was spot on, everything is working fine, I just need to order a new rubber wheel from king controls. After doing some research, cant seem to come up with a replacement wheel, any suggestions out there? I think you will have to call King Control's directly. Denny
Denny & Jami 11/07/16 08:12am Technology Corner
RE: Dish tailgater losing signal

Take the cover off your Tailgater and see if there is any rubber dust in the bottom, if there is check the rubber wheel that moves the dish up and down. Link Denny
Denny & Jami 11/06/16 09:06am Technology Corner
RE: Dexter 8k axles, nev-r-lube bearings

Were your original axle Dexter or Lipert, if they were Lipert that was your problem not Never-R-Lube thats a Dexter product. lipert made their own and it was failure. Denny They were Kodiak hubs on Alko axles. You are correct that Nev-R-Lube is a Dexter name but they both use the same 50mm bearing cartridge. Lippert has never made bearings, they source them from other vendors as does Dexter. Its the design of the hub that can make a difference, the center of the bearing has to be centered on the weight bearing part of the hub. The same goes for the wheels they have to have 0 offset with Nev-R-Lube bearing where standard bearings with take a offset to a point. Denny
Denny & Jami 10/22/16 12:12pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Dexter 8k axles, nev-r-lube bearings

2 year old Nev-R-Lub left me stranded for a week waiting for a new axle. I have since switched to the old fashion repackable bearings when I had the MorRyde suspension installed. I use to check the hubs with a temp gun but when it failed we had been driving for about 3 hours and I don't remember if I checked the temp during the prior stop but doubt it would have indicated a failure pending 3 hours later. I believe a failure of this type happens quickly. Were your original axle Dexter or Lipert, if they were Lipert that was your problem not Never-R-Lube thats a Dexter product. lipert made their own and it was failure. Denny
Denny & Jami 10/22/16 08:19am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Ford F-350 switches

Remove the panel below the steering wheel and the side cover on the side of the dash and you will find them straped to the wiring harness, different switches have different amperages. Denny
Denny & Jami 10/20/16 06:58pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Dexter 8k axles, nev-r-lube bearings

I "had" never lubes on my 2009 5er. This past summer while heading out to Alberta, the left rear brake drum broke up and the only thing left was the part that held the wheel studs. When a repairman came to the 5er where we were in a campground in Edmonton, he found the bearing to be damaged. He tried to get a new drum and bearing but Lippert told him they didn't make parts for that axle anymore. So got rid of the never lubes and got 2 new Dexter axles with bearings that can be greased when needed. The summer before last, my repairman, here, was able to change out the never lubes and one fell apart in his hand. I have never liked having them because I could never grease them myself. Lipert made their own version of Nev-R-Lube, they were not Dexter bearings or axles. Denny
Denny & Jami 10/20/16 06:50pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Towing with full fresh water tank?

Get 1 or 2 pieces of 2x2" angle iron the same length as the outer edges of the frame. Bolt them up under the fresh water tank. That's how my fresh water tank has additional support from the factory. Hopefully I'll get a chance to find out how rough the roads are in Alaska are in a couple years.:) Waiting for the wife to retire. When you do it take the whole summer and be prepared to dry camp to get the full experience, most CG are dry camping anyway. Don't miss Banff and Jasper NPs in Canada along with Skagway and Hyder (get Hyderized) in Alaska, we spent about as much time in BC as we did in Alaska. One more must is spend the 4th of July Chicken Alaska ;) Denny
Denny & Jami 09/26/16 08:31am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Towing with full fresh water tank?

Last time i checked Alaska has water...................... You shouldn't need to bring your own IMHO One thing you learn when traveling in and to Alaska, dump whenever you can and fill the tank whenever you can. I would install a piece of 3/4 plywood under the tank, that way you will never have to worry about it agian. Denny We were in redding California and sitting around a campfire with a group of campers. They asked where I was going , I said to the redwoods then up the coast to maybe Alaska. The consensus was i would be wrong to take my new truck and TT there unless I wanted to make them old in a hurry.....never went and when we do shortly we will fly in do the glaciers then the ship down the coast. I've been to Alaska and traveled with a full tank of water the whole time but our tank is well supported. As far as rough roads there were some but I wouldn't pass up the trip of a lifetime because of them, the roads in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia were worse, we've also been on the roads in California and they aren't anything special either. The biggest problem was people trying to drive fast instead of slowing down and enjoying the trip. Denny
Denny & Jami 09/26/16 06:47am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Towing with full fresh water tank?

Last time i checked Alaska has water...................... You shouldn't need to bring your own IMHO One thing you learn when traveling in and to Alaska, dump whenever you can and fill the tank whenever you can. I would install a piece of 3/4 plywood under the tank, that way you will never have to worry about it agian. Denny
Denny & Jami 09/25/16 04:38pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Ford Navigation

If anyone has the Ford Sync 2 like my 2013 has be sure to download the free 3.8 updated from Ford, it's a great improvement over the last update with updated voice recognition and some input improvements. Denny
Denny & Jami 09/25/16 07:29am Technology Corner
RE: Dissolving Silicone Sealer?

I have found that plain old mineral spirits works well on silicone. Denny
Denny & Jami 09/23/16 06:34am Tech Issues
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