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RE: Jerking Feeling when Towing

I have the basic Moryde pin box. It feels more like a lateral jerking then it compressing the suspension....Maybe all the same thing, but feels like back and forth jerking. What you are describing sounds like the stock suspension is causing your jerking. I would install a Mor-Ryde SRE4000 rubber equalizer to dampen the sepension. Denny
Denny & Jami 02/03/16 08:43am Tow Vehicles
RE: 8 on 6.5 Steel Wheel for 17.5 tires for 1/2 inch Lugs ?

.........The Sailun 17.5 tires are available at ~$200 apiece ! But , I can't find a conventional steel wheel with 8 on 6.5 lug spacing , for 1/2 inch studs to fit my 7k axles ! Every website I have seen lists the heavy steel wheels that are made to fit either lug centric 9/16's or 5/8's studs-OR- the same steel wheel which is Hub Centric with the same two stud sizes . ..........Maybe the 8 on 6.5 wheels for 1/2 inch studs are Unavailable due to the 4805 lb. wheel rating , I'm not sure ! Anybody done any research on this issue ? , thanks , jf Here are wheels that will take both 1/2 and 9/16 studs Link Denny
Denny & Jami 01/26/16 09:52am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 8 on 6.5 Steel Wheel for 17.5 tires for 1/2 inch Lugs ?

I can't remember the last thread on here about problems with 17.5's . That , to me is significant . , jf =============================================== Maybe that's because hardly anyone uses 17.5's Maybe it's because the ones that dumperd 16" GY614G tires just don't have tire problems anymore. Denny
Denny & Jami 01/26/16 09:46am Fifth-Wheels
RE: The right fuels to use. Don't be foolish

OK guys all stations are required to have monitor systems, the systems check for water in the tank 24/7 365 and if you have water there will be a very load alarm, they also compare the amount of fuel received with the amount despenced again 24/7. The readouts are checked by outside authorities randomly. So no water can't be added to make the fuel go further. I've installed monitors in stations and states and whoever monitors stations are very serious about this. If your received and despenced figures don't match you can be closed down and have to pay to have test wells drilled to check forleaks, because of ground water contamination they are very serious when it comes to fuel leaks. Denny
Denny & Jami 01/11/16 08:39am General RVing Issues
RE: The right fuels to use. Don't be foolish

I use any brand that is available and accessible when pulling, when not pulling I go by price. I've changed between pure gas and E10 and I can tell no difference in mileage or performance. When I was working I put 100s of thousands of miles on service trucks using unbranded gas usually E10 and I never had problems with a dirty a fuel system both on EFI and carbs. I pulled some of the motors down for rebuild and there never was an carbon build up or any signs of bad fuel. Denny
Denny & Jami 01/10/16 10:56am General RVing Issues
RE: Greaseable Wheel Bearings?

I just bought a new axel for a utility trailer That came with EZ-Lube fitting. The paperwork stated to use caution not to overfill as you could blow past the seal and damage the brakes. But there is no way to gauge how much greas is in or how much you are adding. Safe way is to do it by hand! When greasing a true EZ-Lube jack up each wheel and rotate it as you are pumping in grease. The old and excess grease well come through the outer bearing into the dust cap, just clean the excess grease out of dust cap and you are done. Also when it's jacked up it's the time to check the bearing end play. Denny
Denny & Jami 01/01/16 10:58am Tech Issues
RE: Verizon Ellipse tablet

I'm using my Ellipsis 8 for a hotspot, our Mi-Fi was giving us trouble and the tablet was needing to be replaced so I combined two into one. It works just fine as a hotspot if the tablet goes to sleep but it is 4GLTE or XLTE only so if we are in a 3G area we will we the smartphone for a hotspot, I'm very rarely in a 3G only area anymore. Denny
Denny & Jami 12/29/15 10:05am Technology Corner
RE: Ford V10 engine light

You can only see 100 yards and you RV didn't want to go 65. I think your RV did a good thing. Check the air filter and the MAF sensor, upstream of the fiter. Denny
Denny & Jami 12/27/15 10:53am Tow Vehicles
RE: Best Android GPs app no cell required...why?

I just started using Voyage for android, you have to create the route with a connection but after that it can be used offline. Denny
Denny & Jami 12/23/15 02:44pm Technology Corner
RE: If You Had To Buy A Tablet ?

I just changed to a Ellipsis 8 from Verizon, its 4LTE connected with a hotspot so other devices and connect through it. It replaced our Wi-Fi so our plan will not change, it was only 49.99 with a two year contract. Denny
Denny & Jami 12/20/15 08:20am Technology Corner
RE: Dish locals in Arizona

We are using a Camp Verde address and we are sitting in Yuma and have had no problems this year or in the past years. We were also able to get the Phoenix locals when we were in Mexico. Remember they have no idea where you are located, the dish receiver is one way so unless you are hooked to a phone line the there is no way to tell where you are located. Denny
Denny & Jami 12/07/15 05:45pm Technology Corner
RE: Engine Replacement - 2000 Rexhall with 6.8 V10

Are you installing the 362 hp version while you're in there? Excellent question. Now is the time to do it. The higher hp motor has different intake manifold and different computers to control it. You can't even go to the 2 valve 2000 motor with PI (Preformace Improved) heads because of the intake and computer change so going to the 3 valve 362 hp would be very costly and would require a another motor home chassis for parts. Denny
Denny & Jami 12/07/15 09:22am Tech Issues
RE: Dish Pathway X-2

Run a separate coax to the standard dish for the added receiver. Denny
Denny & Jami 11/30/15 09:21am Tech Issues
RE: Chevy integrated brake system

If you are having trouble with your ibc and hydraulic brakes just take two brake magnets and clamp them to the frame, wire them in parallel with the actuator set your controller to electric. It will think it's working with electric brakes not hydraulic. Denny
Denny & Jami 11/29/15 08:48pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Are self-adjusting brakes really self-adjusting?

Yes they self adjust, yours worked great until the day I removed them to install disk brakes. It was cheaper to install disks than replace my Dexter HD brake drums and backing plates,they were wore out after 12 years of heavy use. Denny
Denny & Jami 10/22/15 08:31am Tech Issues
RE: Dish Satellite RV Package

There is no such thing as an RV only account. There is a pay as you go (PAYG) account which allows you to turn the service on and off. If you use a receiver at home and in your RV you will usually be better off with a standard account. There is also nothing special or different about the Dish channel line up that would be RV related. It's all the same, just a different way of paying for the same service. When I changed from our house account to our RV only account 5 years ago we no longer have a home address, all billing is paperless and our billing address can be anywhere we want, sometime it gets changed with our locals and sometime it doesn't. I know where to change it to eliminate sales tax if I want. We also have the month to month option but we haven't used it yet. If you have a RV only account it's easier to change locals because they know you have no ties to a home account and other receivers. Denny
Denny & Jami 10/18/15 02:10pm Technology Corner
RE: Dish Satellite RV Package

We have a RV only Dish account and use a Tailgater and a 211K receiver, we've been with dish for 15 years and 5 with a RV only account. When we are at our homebase we just move the receiver into the house were we have a normal dish. If our Tailgater dies I will go with a Pathway X2 for a bigger dish and eastern arc satellites. Denny
Denny & Jami 10/17/15 05:44pm Technology Corner
RE: Frame flex

Being it's a Lippert frame I'm sure you may find some problems, there's a lot of threads on how to make repairs and it's normally not all that expensive in you can do some of the work yourself. I'm not sure what kind of wall framing you have, aluminum or wood but there are ways to get the scews to hold after you get your flex under control. The wall framing will not stop your frame from flexing, I know Nu-Wa thinks they can but it doesn't work for long, my trailer is 12.5 years old (a NuWa) and I it's been flexing for the last 10.5 years after the glue in the wall let go. It moves between 1/8 to 3/16 of a inch from hitched to unhitched. I ran this by my nephew ladt year who's a engineer, he's the president of a marine engineering company that builds bridges and he says that any steel framing has to flex and it its designed properly and the right steel is used it will fex for many many years before it fails like our Youngs welding frame, I think it a Lippert frame is reinforced it will also last for years. Denny
Denny & Jami 10/15/15 04:13pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Frame flex

First why did you block the frame, you just added more weight to the pin. The axle weight is spread out over both axles starting at the from spring mount and ending at the rear mount. Do your experiment again with the axles taking the weight and see how much movement you get. I would drop any covers and inspect the frame for any damage and do your experiment with it exposed. You don't need jacks and blocks just put a 4x4 under the pin and use your landing jacks to take the weight on and off the pin. It you have any damage a good welder will be able to fix it, some movement it to be expected. I'm not defending Lippert their reputation is not the greatest but what you did was take about half of the axle weight and transfer it to the pin. Denny
Denny & Jami 10/15/15 08:33am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Portable Dish Antenna?

We use a Tailgater but it it quits I would go with the X2 just because it will get the eastern arc Denny
Denny & Jami 10/14/15 07:15pm Technology Corner
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