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RE: Are self-adjusting brakes really self-adjusting?

Yes they self adjust, yours worked great until the day I removed them to install disk brakes. It was cheaper to install disks than replace my Dexter HD brake drums and backing plates,they were wore out after 12 years of heavy use. Denny
Denny & Jami 10/22/15 08:31am Tech Issues
RE: Dish Satellite RV Package

There is no such thing as an RV only account. There is a pay as you go (PAYG) account which allows you to turn the service on and off. If you use a receiver at home and in your RV you will usually be better off with a standard account. There is also nothing special or different about the Dish channel line up that would be RV related. It's all the same, just a different way of paying for the same service. When I changed from our house account to our RV only account 5 years ago we no longer have a home address, all billing is paperless and our billing address can be anywhere we want, sometime it gets changed with our locals and sometime it doesn't. I know where to change it to eliminate sales tax if I want. We also have the month to month option but we haven't used it yet. If you have a RV only account it's easier to change locals because they know you have no ties to a home account and other receivers. Denny
Denny & Jami 10/18/15 02:10pm Technology Corner
RE: Dish Satellite RV Package

We have a RV only Dish account and use a Tailgater and a 211K receiver, we've been with dish for 15 years and 5 with a RV only account. When we are at our homebase we just move the receiver into the house were we have a normal dish. If our Tailgater dies I will go with a Pathway X2 for a bigger dish and eastern arc satellites. Denny
Denny & Jami 10/17/15 05:44pm Technology Corner
RE: Frame flex

Being it's a Lippert frame I'm sure you may find some problems, there's a lot of threads on how to make repairs and it's normally not all that expensive in you can do some of the work yourself. I'm not sure what kind of wall framing you have, aluminum or wood but there are ways to get the scews to hold after you get your flex under control. The wall framing will not stop your frame from flexing, I know Nu-Wa thinks they can but it doesn't work for long, my trailer is 12.5 years old (a NuWa) and I it's been flexing for the last 10.5 years after the glue in the wall let go. It moves between 1/8 to 3/16 of a inch from hitched to unhitched. I ran this by my nephew ladt year who's a engineer, he's the president of a marine engineering company that builds bridges and he says that any steel framing has to flex and it its designed properly and the right steel is used it will fex for many many years before it fails like our Youngs welding frame, I think it a Lippert frame is reinforced it will also last for years. Denny
Denny & Jami 10/15/15 04:13pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Frame flex

First why did you block the frame, you just added more weight to the pin. The axle weight is spread out over both axles starting at the from spring mount and ending at the rear mount. Do your experiment again with the axles taking the weight and see how much movement you get. I would drop any covers and inspect the frame for any damage and do your experiment with it exposed. You don't need jacks and blocks just put a 4x4 under the pin and use your landing jacks to take the weight on and off the pin. It you have any damage a good welder will be able to fix it, some movement it to be expected. I'm not defending Lippert their reputation is not the greatest but what you did was take about half of the axle weight and transfer it to the pin. Denny
Denny & Jami 10/15/15 08:33am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Portable Dish Antenna?

We use a Tailgater but it it quits I would go with the X2 just because it will get the eastern arc Denny
Denny & Jami 10/14/15 07:15pm Technology Corner
RE: Excel RV...Entertainment System ?

Someone on the Excel Owner's Club Forum would likely be able to help you. Bummer that Peterson Industries is no longer in business. They are no longer making trailers but their service center is open, we drove past it last week and the doors are open and the bays were all full. Denny
Denny & Jami 09/01/15 11:40am Technology Corner
RE: Verizon is doing away with contracts

Sorry double post
Denny & Jami 08/09/15 08:50am Technology Corner
RE: Verizon is doing away with contracts

I will have to stop into a store and check it out, we have just one smartphone with 6GB data shared with our MiFi for about the same price they are offering with the new plans (we bought our own phone) . The biggest difference is only 20 for another phone instead of the 60 they wanted before, it that is the case I will buy a phone when my Tracphone minutes are used up and transfer my number. May also go to the 12gb data. Denny
Denny & Jami 08/09/15 08:50am Technology Corner
RE: 1989 Nuwa Hitchhiker II axles

I'd certainly be willing to spend the money to buy two if I can find ones that will fit relatively quickly. The one I took off was easier than I expected since it's below the spring, so it wouldn't be a huge project. I'm headed to Garden City tomorrow where there's several agricultural trailer dealers. I worry that since the ones on my camper were apparently fabricated by Young Machine in Chanute, KS, that they may be nonstandard in some way. But I'll call and find out. The axles weren't fabricated by Youngs Welding they were Dexter axles supplied by them when they built the frame my 1987 HtH II had Dexter axles. Call them and they will send your exact replacements with new brakes. Denny
Denny & Jami 07/26/15 05:40pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Gasoline Auxiliary Fuel Tank Questions

I use a Handy Tank in our gas truck Handy Tank this is the 3rd truck it's been mounted in. I use a Holly rotary vane pump to pump into the main tank when fuel is needed. Denny
Denny & Jami 07/04/15 07:19am Tow Vehicles
RE: Will a dirty magnet cause intermittent brakes?

If you have grease on your shoes and magnets you will have to clean that up before you can diagnose any other problem. Denny
Denny & Jami 06/21/15 06:01am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Electric Brakes for Fifth Wheel

When you are looking price the difference between drum and disk brakes. I'm not sure that you can find 12x2 drums that are self adjusting. Denny
Denny & Jami 06/08/15 06:22pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Valve stems and tire inflation

Thank you folks for your help. My truck does not have stock TPMS but I do have a TST system. I will change to metal valve stems and be done with it. Miles away, the air pressure listed appears to be for fully loaded as it shows the max load weight for the truck. I'm thinking you may be incorrect on your statement. Lets see what others have to say. Best wishes t all. When you have your stems changed have them use the short ones so the sensors don't stick out so far. I have the TST flow through ones on our trailer and had the stems changed to short ones so the sensors stayed inside the rim. Denny
Denny & Jami 06/01/15 07:29pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: New brakes are hopping

After 12 years and around 90K miles our Dexter HD (12.1/4 x 3 3/8 shoes) they were wore out and it was cheaper to change to disk but I did it myself, $1750 for all the parts and material for 8K 13" disks. Denny
Denny & Jami 05/16/15 07:51am Fifth-Wheels
RE: New brakes are hopping

Glad to see you found the problem since your last thread. Just wondering what was your brake problem? Well, from what I'm told by our dear friends at CW, I burned through 4 magnet/brake backings and 2 of 4 drums in about 5,000 miles. I looked at the 2 drums that had to be replaced, and there were serious grooves in the drum inner wall. I also looked at the backing plate (as if I knew what I was doing) but wasn't sure what was wrong there. All I know is that I spent $1100 and now it at least tries to stop way better than before. I'm guessing the hopping is not where I want to be, but after adjusting down to 6.5 from 10, things are getting better. I still need to check the suspension before our Memorial Day trip. But we just got her out of the body shop, moved ot 17.5 inch wheels/tires, replaced the brakes, had her detailed and can't wait to get out in her. Dang....this is fun....pricey, but fun..... Thanks guys! Tom The groves where the magnets ride on the drums will cause excess magnet wear and damage the arm they ride on. You will also get poor braking and maybe some surging until the magnet wears into the groves in the drum. With my Dexter HD brakes and grooved areas where my magnets ride I used up a few magnets but never had the problems you were describing. Not seeing them mounted on the axles best guess would be something was mounted wrong the first time. I solved my grooved drums by converting to Kodiak disk brakes instead of throwing money at outdated mechanical nightmares called electric brakes. Denny
Denny & Jami 05/16/15 07:14am Fifth-Wheels
RE: New brakes are hopping

Sounds like the primary and secondary shoes are reversed. Denny Soooooo, which should be the primary and which should be the secondary? Is it a front/rear axle thing.....based on physics, that would makes sense..... The front shoe is the secondary and normally has a smaller surface, the rear shoe dose 90% of the braking. When the magnet moves the front shoe out it contacts the drum first pushing the back shoe hard against the drum. If you look at the backing plate you will see that the top of the back shoe is solid against the pin were the front shoe pivots out with the arm. The solid shoe dose the braking going forward, if the shoes are reversed it will a case a chatter. If they replaced the hole backing plate and got right and left sides reversed that will also cause all sorts of problems, the magnet arm should be to the front. Denny
Denny & Jami 05/16/15 06:46am Fifth-Wheels
RE: New brakes are hopping

Well, I had some new brakes installed on my rig. They are electric drums on a 16k carriage cameo. On the way home from the shop today, I had to stop quickly. The rig started hopping like crazy. I backed down the gain and it got a little better. I eventually backed off almost 50%. So, was the hopping caused by too much gain and my brakes locking up? Or was it something else? Thanks so much folks! Sounds like the primary and secondary shoes are reversed. Denny
Denny & Jami 05/14/15 06:37am Fifth-Wheels
RE: tst 507

When I added TPMS to my previous trailer I went with the flo-thru 507's and can easily see why TST recommended metal stems (which I did). Those sensors are pretty long & I could evision them whipping around in certain situations. However after I peeled one off on a curb & switched to the older "button" style (doesn't stick out past tire) I'd be less concerned. Those are so small & light it doesn't seem like rubber stems would be a problem. YMMV. Next trailer had metal stems so a non-issue. They make a short metal stem that will keep the flow through stems inside the rim, I have one tire with a short stem and 3 with the longer ones, today I'm having them all changed to short stems. The short stem will read a little warmer but that seems to be the only difference. Denny
Denny & Jami 05/11/15 06:08am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5.4 is a screamer!!!

I took delivery of a new 26 ft camper that weights just under 6,000 pounds. GVWR is 7,650, but it is empty right now. I live in Texas which has a lot of rolling hills. It rarely goes into over drive, so it stay sin 3rd gear and every time I hit a hill, it downs shifts to 2nd gear. Boy that motor can scream! My truck has the 3.7? ratio. I remember someone mentioned that don't spend the money for 4.10, go straight to 4.30 for better performance. If I do that, will it stay in OD longer? I got 8 MPG, but I was expecting better MPG. If I go for 4.30 will it get better MPG for not down shifting a lot? 2001 F250 5.4 Crew Cab RWD. Changing to 4.30 not only changes your rpms it changes the mechanical advantage so you deliver more power to the road. Simple example You have a bolt that tongues to 1000 ft lbs so you use a 10 to 1 multiplier so it only takes 100 ft lbs to get the 1000 lbs of torque but if you use a 5 to 1 it will take 200 lbs of torque to get the 1000 lbs of torque. You will get better performance through all the gears and put more usable power to the ground without modifying the motor. Denny
Denny & Jami 05/03/15 06:39am Tow Vehicles
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