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RE: ever feel like we need some Japanese RV manufactures

What we need is buyer's to stop buying the******out there and force the manufacturers clean up their act. Denny
Denny & Jami 04/03/15 06:29pm General RVing Issues
RE: Disc Brake conversion?

If you are having trouble with your controller and disk brakes just take two of your old magnets and strap them to your frame and wire them to the same wires that come from the truck controller (in parallel with the actuator wires) and it will make the controller think you are running electric brakes. Denny
Denny & Jami 03/31/15 09:32am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Disc Brake conversion?

As soon as we get home I'm ordering Kodiak disk brakes for Nev-R-Lube bearings from etrailer and a Dexter actuator from Trailer Parts Super Store. Denny
Denny & Jami 03/30/15 05:12pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Factory ordering truck?

We built our 2013 on the Ford site and sent it to 4 dealers from the Ford site. We ended up with 3 prices and ordered it from the lowest priced dealer, only talked to the sales person when we had to give them a credit card for the down payment, we were in Arizona at the time and dealership was in Nebraska. Denny
Denny & Jami 03/22/15 08:42pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Excel Closing Its Doors

Many informed RV owners that are looking for a newer unit will now turn to quality used 5th wheels. They are out there, but you may need to look hard and travel a few miles to find the unit that will meet your needs. Jayco, and other companies may decide to make improvements to their lineup to meet the needs of the informed owners. Kansas RV the old NuWa buys a lot of used Hitchhikers and runs them through their service center(the old Snowbird plant) and then sells them. Our 12 year old HH is still going strong and we plan on keeping until it's no longer serviceable. Denny
Denny & Jami 03/21/15 07:06am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Are most 5th wheels 102" wide now?

When you are looking just look for wide body in the advertising, they will be 100 to 102 wide. Like you I would miss my wide body. Denny
Denny & Jami 03/18/15 06:41am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Does your dually fit in the garage?

Ours fits through our 9ft wide doors but you have to be careful. Denny
Denny & Jami 03/10/15 07:41am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2011 F350 DRW brake pads

On our last F350 I replaced them with Preformance Friction Carbon Metallic pads and that's what I will use when my new truck needs pads. Denny
Denny & Jami 03/08/15 01:59pm Tow Vehicles
RE: So, how long can house batteries last?

We are starting our 13th year on two Optima Blue Tops,first 10 years with a one stage charger and now a staged charger. Denny
Denny & Jami 03/07/15 05:22am Tech Issues
RE: Axle Ratio and tow rating

You guys really think the mileage and wear and tear on the drivetrain is worse on a pickup with a 3.73 rear axle ratio running down the road at 60mph in 4th gear and 3,000 rpms versus one with a 4.10 rear axle rating running the same 60 mph and 3,000 rpms in 5th gear? I say that today's six or eight speed transmissions make it easy to find the right combination of road speed and rpm's that work best. Empty or lightly loaded no but loaded or pulling heavy yes it makes a difference. What you choose for gears has to be balanced against what your using it for. Denny
Denny & Jami 02/26/15 09:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Axle Ratio and tow rating

I'm just trying to call it what it is. The power doesn't change. You just swap rpm for torque. That's how the 400hp turbo-diesel climbs the hill at 50mph in 4th while the 150hp hot water six in can only make 20 mph in 1st. Gearing down won't give the diesel more power, it would just slow it down. Simple example you need to torque a bolt to 1000 you use a 10 to 1 multiplier so you only have to exert 100 ft lbs to get that torque. If you go to a 5 to 1 multiplier you would need 200 ft lbs to gain the same same torque. The lower gears affect every gear all the time. Diesels have to be geared different than a gas motor because of their rpm operating range, gears that work for diesels aren't the best for gas motors just like gears for gas aren't the best for diesels. Denny
Denny & Jami 02/26/15 10:56am Tow Vehicles
RE: Axle Ratio and tow rating

You can talk this to the death but it all comes down to the HP/torque at the pavement and the lower the gears the more HP/torque you have at the pavement. Denny Leave the HP part out and I agree with you. Whether the lower gear ratio is in the axle, transmission or auxiliary transmission (transfer case, underdrive, etc) makes no difference. Call it whatever you want it's still the amount of power applied to the pavement and lower gears will give you more power to the pavement were it counts. Flywheel HP is a good for advertising but it's the final numbers at the ground that matter. Denny
Denny & Jami 02/26/15 05:24am Tow Vehicles
RE: Axle Ratio and tow rating

You can talk this to the death but it all comes down to the HP/torque at the pavement and the lower the gears the more HP/torque you have at the pavement. Denny
Denny & Jami 02/25/15 05:29pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Axle Ratio and tow rating

Just think of the rear gears as the final torque multiplier, the lower the gears the better the torque multiplication so you can pull more weight. Denny
Denny & Jami 02/24/15 04:33pm Tow Vehicles
RE: DISH Network Tailgater Question

If you have Dish as your residential sat provider, and have some combination of Hoppers and Joeys on your account, Dish will only allow one VIP211 series receiver/Tailgater on that account. You can of course set up a separate account for the receivers used with multiple Tailgaters, at a much higher cost. Dish has no way of knowing if you are using a Tailgater or a standard dish,so I can see no reason why you can't use a second receiver on the same amount. If you are using the X2 and you have 2 receivers only one has to be the 211 (the main one) the other one doesn't control the dish so I can see no reason to be one but for the price I would use the 211. When you call and change your locals all receivers on your account will be changed at the same time so there should be no confusion if you have 2 receivers, they also have no idea were the second receiver is located. It would be just like having multiple receivers at your house. If my Tailgater quits I may change to the X2, not for the second receiver but because it's bigger, time will tell. Denny
Denny & Jami 02/21/15 06:42pm Technology Corner
RE: Slide Creep!

Yes it's a 643150 I tried to find a parts breakdown but I couldn't, but by looking at a it I think it's the same setup as my Monarch pump. When you look at the pump where the hoses are on both sides you will find a large hex fitting, remove them and you will see a screen and ball check mounted in the hex nut. The ball check is what stops the fluid from flowing back to the tank and all it takes is a small piece of dirt and the slide will creep. I cleaned mine by using hot water and soap, the ball is easy to depress for cleaning. I just shake it in the water rinse and let dry. You will also find a spool valve with a spring on each end, just put it back in the way it came out, because of the way yours is mounted it should stay in the pump. Denny
Denny & Jami 02/18/15 12:16pm Tech Issues
RE: Replacing swollen wood on slide out bottom (outside)

Looking at your photos I can tell that the OSB flooring is beyond saving and is falling apart. So you can bandaid it or replace the floor, the manufacturer used the cheapest OSB board available so it was a problem waiting to happen. If you replace it and use OSB go to a lumber yard not a big box store and buy some high quality OSB sheeting or plywood, you may have to laminate 2 pieces together to get the right thickness. Cover the underside with fabric that higher end units use to keep the wood dry and use aluminum flashing to seal the edges. You may want to go to a dealer and look at how other manufactures seal theirs. Denny
Denny & Jami 02/18/15 06:27am Tech Issues
RE: Another Reese 20K Hitch Failure

If the hitch is in good shape and locked around the pin, it can't open. Metal can't just squeeze past a small gap. But the design does lend it's self to be hooked up improperly. It's hard to tell unless you get a light and check the jaws around the pin. I've forgot twice to latch a 20k reese and towed it for an hour that way. Only noticed when I needed trailer brakes, didn't hook those either. One person got hurt and I hooked up and left in a hurry. The second time was to move it from under a tree in an ice storm. Jerking on trailer to get it up from froze ground. Not sure how it didn't come unhooked. That being said, my new hitch has a wrap around jaw and I feel it's easier to know your hooked correctly, I like it better. If your 20K has the two piece jaw after the pin is in the jaws the pin can't come out because of the location of the pivot pins. When the jaws are closed and the pin puts pressure on them the pins will not allow them to open. The OP has the other style that uses a single arm that locks behind the pin. Denny
Denny & Jami 02/15/15 09:21am Fifth-Wheels
RE: F250 6.2 gas Towing heavy with 3.73 rear ??

having this discussion on another forum.. about 3:73 vs. 4:30 rear gears for the Modern Super Duty Gas engines...this is a 6 speed tranny with 5 and 6 being over-drive gears. "But... once operating in a transmission over-drive gear,either 5 or 6, the torque is not magically produce by the 4:30 rear gears...right? example: 3:73 gears, 5th (1st over drive from transmission) engine operating at 2200 rpm = X torque at wheels 4:30 gears, 6th (2nd over drive from transmission) engine operating at 2200 rpm = X torque at wheels. in this case X should be equal? " What say you? The rear end gears are the last torque multiplier so lower gears will give you more mechanical advantage through all the gears. Simple example you need to torque a bolt to 1000 you use a 10 to 1 multiplier so you only have to exert 100 ft lbs to get that torque. If you go to a 5 to 1 multiplier you would need 200 ft lbs to gain the same same torque. Denny
Denny & Jami 02/11/15 04:30pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Back up camera on Ford 5'er tailgate

I took the Blue Oval badge with the backup camera out of my oem tailgate and mounted it in my V tailgate, I did this after I destroyed the tailgate on my new truck. Denny
Denny & Jami 02/08/15 01:26pm Fifth-Wheels
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