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RE: Hercules H-901 235/85r16 LT

Years back I used them with good luck but then they changed something and they started falling apart but maybe they changed again. Denny
Denny & Jami 04/12/16 09:00am Fifth-Wheels
RE: External screws and silicone

Hello, if you have trim areas / caps such as the electric cord cap with screws holding it to fiberglass wall ( external) and they are coming out what is a good solution ? All I'm concerned with is the cap flying off and is there concern with water damaging the area where the cap sits. I noticed there has never been any silicone around that cap, but thinking maybe I can put some around it to help support that cap and prevent water from entering. Thoughts, ideas ? Thanks I'm new to campers. Bought this new 9//2015 Kz spree escape 17TH I looked at the way your trailer was constructed and my guess would be the screws are just in the siding backing plywood for your electrical cap. I would remove the cap and install plastic anchors that fit the screw. There are a lot of silicone sealants that work outside and hold up to the weather, I like Nova/Flex. Been using silicone on my trailers for years but they have to be high quality, if they say for marine use they will work. Denny
Denny & Jami 04/11/16 08:09pm Tech Issues
RE: Removing Frige?

There's 4 screws in the corners along the inside frame and two at the base you get to through the outside access panel 6 total that's all that holds it in there. Disconnect the 12V, unplug the 120V and disconnect the gas line and it will slide into the RV. Denny
Denny & Jami 03/25/16 08:47am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Finished the disc brake conversion

I did the same conversion with 13" Kodiak disks from the Dexter HD brakes with Nev-R-Lube bearings but I used the Dexter actuator. I would never go back to electrics again, I have no delay with the Dexter actuator. Denny
Denny & Jami 03/13/16 10:13am Fifth-Wheels
RE: This is going to hurt!

I have a 2013 Ford with Sync and it has its drawbacks the biggest one being its voice recognition but with the name on the dash name proudly stating Sync powered by Microsoft says it all. It's one company that never gets it right the first 10 or12 times. Denny
Denny & Jami 03/09/16 07:13pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Mounting a fifth wheel hitch?

Why don't you use the pucks which come with the truck?It looks clean and better if you want to take the hitch off. Not all trucks come with the pucks, it has to be ordered that way. If it does have the pucks you can't use the Reese mounting hardware because the puck hardware is in the way. Denny
Denny & Jami 03/06/16 08:50am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Mounting a fifth wheel hitch?

I recently traded my 2011 F350 dually for a 2016 F350 dually.The 2011 had a Husky hitch with Reese custom frame brackets. I went to a Reese dealer to be sure the 2011 brackets would fit my 2016 frame. He told me they never use any brackets to mount the rails.According to him, they use the 4 center bolts holding the bed to the frame. The rails have a round hole in the top at each end. I did some measuring and found that the bed mounting locations do put the rails in the correct position. He said to use grade 8 bolts. My question is, has anyone ever heard of this? I am not sure the hat rails on the bed would stand up to the strain of a 16,000 lb. fifth wheel trailer pulling and pounding on them.These rails between the bed and the frame are approx 1.5"X 1.5" and made of the same metal as the bed floor. It would be a very easy way to mount the fifth wheel rails but I am just not sure of it's strength and durability. On my present truck and my last truck I used the box bolts to mount my 20K Reese hitch. They go all the way through the box and thread into the nuts cliped to the frame. The box bolts go through the front lip of the rails and I used the Reese mounting brakets under the box to the frame for back lip of the rails. Ford uses a round tube that goes through the hat channel to the frame so the weight won't crush the box or hat channel. You also have to use flat washers to fill the space between the box and rails to seal the tube off so water doesn't get into the tube and rust the threads, I found this out the hard way. Ford's box bolts are very hard and strong, better than the carriage bolts that came with the hitch. Denny
Denny & Jami 03/05/16 09:03am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Dually tire question.

Its been my experience with duallys that the outer will wear quicker than the inner for some reason. All of mine have been that way. You need to rotate to try to keep it even. The outside DRW tire will always wear faster because when you turn corners it has to spin just a little more than the inner tire. Denny Both tires/wheels on a dually are bolted together. They cannot rotate at different speeds. Take and draw two circles one inside of the other, the outer circle (outside tire) has to travel further than the inner tire. Denny
Denny & Jami 02/29/16 08:37pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Dually tire question.

Its been my experience with duallys that the outer will wear quicker than the inner for some reason. All of mine have been that way. You need to rotate to try to keep it even. The outside DRW tire will always wear faster because when you turn corners it has to spin just a little more than the inner tire. I only rotate the fronts and let the rears stay where they are, on Fords you have to dismount the rears because of the aluminum wheels so it's not worth it. Denny
Denny & Jami 02/28/16 08:40am Tow Vehicles
RE: TPMS advice

Do you need to rebalance the tires due to the weight of the transmitter? And why is there the choice of brass and aluminum? No you don't have to rebalance your tires, one thing I did was have short valve stems installed so my TST pass through monitors don't hang out pass the tires. I also didn't need a amplifier on my setup. Denny
Denny & Jami 02/24/16 08:54am Fifth-Wheels
RE: F350: 4.30 or 3.73 Gears

I really hate to enter in to this spirited conversation mid stream , but I am in desperate need of advice. I HAD a 2013 F-350 6.7psd 3.73 rear that towed my 15000# fifth wheel. It has been wrecked and now I am looking @ a 2016 F-350 or F-450 . My question is if I opt for 4.30 gears what will I gain /sacrifice over my 2013 in terms of fuel milage, top end etc.etc. I understand that I will have a better bottom end but at which cost. I would greatly appreciate any advice or feed back that can be offered When talking about diesel 3.73 gears are great because of the rpm operating range, 4.30 gears would kill your top end. We've been discussing 4.30 gears in a gas motor not a diesel, gas motors make most of their power in the higher rpms unlike the diesel so the 4.30 gears are better suited for gas motors that are pulling loads. Denny
Denny & Jami 02/10/16 08:20am Tow Vehicles
RE: F350: 4.30 or 3.73 Gears

Something else to consider is that you are putting less stress on the transmission torque converter or clutch on every initial start if you have a higher gear reduction in the axles. That's also a very good point and another good reason to go with lower gears. Denny
Denny & Jami 02/08/16 09:14am Tow Vehicles
RE: F350: 4.30 or 3.73 Gears

Well it's obvious that very few here has actually changed gears in a truck and then pulled the same load like I have. Denny What transmission did you have on the truck you changed gearing on? I've been around rving for a long time and built a few trucks to pull with but the one that had a 4 speed standard that I changed to 4.10 from 3.54 was the most noticeable but the C6 built with towing in mind and a RV stall converter was next, it was changed from 3.73 to 4.10 gears. Every other truck I've bought and used for pulling had the right from the start. Denny
Denny & Jami 02/08/16 09:11am Tow Vehicles
RE: F350: 4.30 or 3.73 Gears

Well it's obvious that very few here has actually changed gears in a truck and then pulled the same load like I have. Denny
Denny & Jami 02/07/16 09:16pm Tow Vehicles
RE: F350: 4.30 or 3.73 Gears

I've driven a Ford V10 with 3.73 gears and 4.30 gears and all the way through the gears the 4.30 wins hands down, I have friends with 6.7 Fords with 3.54 and 3.73 gears again the lower gears win. One of my Ford trucks with a 460 I changed from 3.73 to 4.10 night and day difference pulling the same load. The 6 speed makes a dig difference because the second OD keeps the rpm down when cruising down the road in 6th pulling because the final gear ratio puts more available power to the ground. No what is said the final mechanical advantage (rear gears) makes the difference, just go to any truck specs and see what happens to the towing capacity increases with lower gears. Denny
Denny & Jami 02/07/16 12:51pm Tow Vehicles
RE: F350: 4.30 or 3.73 Gears

I would like the 4:30... 2 wheel drive 3:73.. very towable.. the 4:30 would allow a higher gear going up hill.. less rpms engine is fine at 4,000 rpm's.. but body, sound, vibrations.. my opinion The 4:30 will not allow less rpms going up a hill. If climbing a hill requires x horsepower then the the engine will have to turn y rpm to make that horsepower. Thus same rpm regardless of the rear end ratio provided you have a transmission that will allow the required rpm. The newer 6 and 8 speed transmissions do this very well. There is nothing wrong with using 6 th gear with a 4:30 and 5th gear with the 3:73. The final gear ratio to the rear wheels will be very close. Rear end Gearing does not make more power. The rear end gears are the final torque multiplier, so the 4.30 gears will give you more power at the pavement. Here's a simple explanation, if you have a 10 to 1 torque multiplier on a wench it will take 100 ft lbs of torque to apply 1000 lbs of torque to the bolt but if you use a 5 to 1 it will take 200 lbs of torque to get the same 1000 lbs at the bolt. So even when using the lower transmision gear you will not get the same torque to the rear wheels when using 3.73 gears over the 4.30 gears. Denny
Denny & Jami 02/07/16 08:37am Tow Vehicles
RE: Jerking Feeling when Towing

I have the basic Moryde pin box. It feels more like a lateral jerking then it compressing the suspension....Maybe all the same thing, but feels like back and forth jerking. What you are describing sounds like the stock suspension is causing your jerking. I would install a Mor-Ryde SRE4000 rubber equalizer to dampen the sepension. Denny
Denny & Jami 02/03/16 08:43am Tow Vehicles
RE: 8 on 6.5 Steel Wheel for 17.5 tires for 1/2 inch Lugs ?

.........The Sailun 17.5 tires are available at ~$200 apiece ! But , I can't find a conventional steel wheel with 8 on 6.5 lug spacing , for 1/2 inch studs to fit my 7k axles ! Every website I have seen lists the heavy steel wheels that are made to fit either lug centric 9/16's or 5/8's studs-OR- the same steel wheel which is Hub Centric with the same two stud sizes . ..........Maybe the 8 on 6.5 wheels for 1/2 inch studs are Unavailable due to the 4805 lb. wheel rating , I'm not sure ! Anybody done any research on this issue ? , thanks , jf Here are wheels that will take both 1/2 and 9/16 studs Link Denny
Denny & Jami 01/26/16 09:52am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 8 on 6.5 Steel Wheel for 17.5 tires for 1/2 inch Lugs ?

I can't remember the last thread on here about problems with 17.5's . That , to me is significant . , jf =============================================== Maybe that's because hardly anyone uses 17.5's Maybe it's because the ones that dumperd 16" GY614G tires just don't have tire problems anymore. Denny
Denny & Jami 01/26/16 09:46am Fifth-Wheels
RE: The right fuels to use. Don't be foolish

OK guys all stations are required to have monitor systems, the systems check for water in the tank 24/7 365 and if you have water there will be a very load alarm, they also compare the amount of fuel received with the amount despenced again 24/7. The readouts are checked by outside authorities randomly. So no water can't be added to make the fuel go further. I've installed monitors in stations and states and whoever monitors stations are very serious about this. If your received and despenced figures don't match you can be closed down and have to pay to have test wells drilled to check forleaks, because of ground water contamination they are very serious when it comes to fuel leaks. Denny
Denny & Jami 01/11/16 08:39am General RVing Issues
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