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RE: Maxxis M8008 self-destruct

Do you have an option to upgrade weight rating? I was thinking the same thing. Those 205/75R14's are good for 1430 pounds each, and that's at maximum pressure. That's 5,720 pounds, total. Link to specs O.P.'s rig weighs 5700 lbs. as measured on a scale. 20 pounds of redundancy is cutting it way too close in my opinion. Sounds like you can be trusted to do a better job of monitoring pressure/speed than I can, O.P.! I'm impressed with how well they performed - thanks for the info.
Francesca Knowles 09/29/14 11:27pm General RVing Issues
RE: Doing the math ....

.....snip... All you have to do is ask to see the invoice of the vehicle you are looking to purchase. THAT is the price TO the dealer....snip... O.P. is looking at a second hand unit. MSRP is irrelevant; cost-to-dealer of second hand rigs is never posted anywhere.
Francesca Knowles 09/29/14 10:08pm Beginning RVing
RE: Misrepresented Year

Fer cryin' out loud- go down to the DMV and get it fixed. What's the big deal?
Francesca Knowles 09/29/14 10:05pm Camping World RV Sales
RE: trailer weights and tow vehicle?

Oh. My. Remember the '56 Shasta trailer I mentioned that's sitting in my yard? Well, it's the blue-below model. Would go PERFECTLY with that wagon. A match made in Heaven! It's completely unrestored due to my own procrastination, but if you're interested in a project and are willing to come here to get it, I think we need to talk. That baby deserves a real home and I'm not givin' it to her! P.M. me if you're interested in a rescue operation...
Francesca Knowles 09/29/14 10:00pm Travel Trailers
RE: TT selection for Highlander SUV

Your Highlander would do very well with one of these: Escape Trailers,in B.C. - 21' model:h The trailers he's looking at have quite a bit more space than the Escape 21, and for a lot less per-square-foot money. That may be a consideration in addition to his weight limits. I've known others with similar parameters... ;) But if much smaller trailers are under consideration, I'd suggest that he can in theory also tow a Casita, Scamp, Camplite, R-Pod...the list goes on!
Francesca Knowles 09/29/14 07:06pm Travel Trailers
RE: Backdating sales contract and bank note

we purchased a new RV from a Camping World and they backdated both the sales agreement and the note we signed for the purchase as well as most of the other documents we signed at the time. I'll admit that I did not review the documents closely at the time of the purchase. :S
Francesca Knowles 09/29/14 06:56pm Camping World RV Sales
RE: Doing the math ....

It's already been sold once. Somebody got all or nearly all "new" dollar for it. I'm surprised they can keep a straight face when quoting the price to you! This is a used unit, no matter how "lightly". And I'd add that mileage is no measure on an RV- could've been driven to a destination once and lived in for the entire time the owner had it. Using all those fancy options, too. And it's the first of October, fer cryin' out loud! I think you said you get a lot of snow where you are- do these guys expect to sell a whole lot of RV's in the next few months, including this one? Offer 30% under that so-called asking price if you're truly interested in this particular unit.
Francesca Knowles 09/29/14 05:27pm Beginning RVing
RE: Down sizeing

Has any one out there down sized to the Leisure Travel Unity 24MB? If so how do you like it and did you go from larger mh to the Unity? Wayne Love the B's! If I were you, I'd ask this question in the B forum ( link )- more likely to find folks there that actually own one and may have come to the rig from a class A.
Francesca Knowles 09/29/14 04:30pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Intermittant foul water taste

That taste can be due to the lack of air, too. Water goes flat when confined in a hose, especially in warm weather. Once it's moving, it's aerated and taste improves. To see if that could be a cause, fill a cup of that first water, then aerate by pouring it back and forth between cups a few times. Taste. If it's better, you've found the cause which is of course nothing to worry about. Doesn't make that first flow more palatable, but at least you know you're not eating plastic! Filters will "treat" this problem, too, if you're still concerned- just being forced through causes enough turbulence to re-aerate the water.
Francesca Knowles 09/29/14 02:51pm Tech Issues
RE: Driving to Disneyland experiences?

Greetings from the Olympic Peninsula, neighbor! I took my Granddaughter to Disneyland a few years back. We RVed down but stayed in a hotel across the street from the park. They let us park the rig in the lot. Did this because we thought it would be more convenient/easier. WRONG! It was "across from the park", all right, but it seemed like miles to get to the ENTRANCE. I found out later that places a teeny bit farther away actually had shuttle service- buses dropped folks off right at the ticket booths. If I do it again, I'm going to make sure that wherever I stay, that transport's available. Got enough territory to cover on foot once inside the gate. Have fun!
Francesca Knowles 09/29/14 02:37pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: tow capacity question

It is a 2004 Highlander 4 cylinder. It does not have a tow package. No boat for you! Just kidding...sort of... In my opinion, if this is just a matter of an occasional local day trip tow of twenty or thirty miles to a nearby lake you would likely do just fine with a hitch and light wiring. But if you're wanting to go on trips etc. you'll need to upgrade some. It may be possible to add the required enhancements if you can find out what they are. If it's just a matter of a hitch, bit of wiring and an add-on transmission cooler, that's a few hundred bucks. But if suspension enters into it, could be dicier. Though since one can tow a boat with a lower tongue weight than a TT, you might squeak by, suspension-wise. And we still don't know about brakes-on-the-trailer- does it have them? I'm betting not, given that 3,000 pound GWR. Common label stuck on units to stay below State must-add-brakes rules. That doesn't mean yours is going to weigh at or under that number, by the way. It could well be over that, real-world-wise, in which case all bets are off. Better info about the boat itself would help us help you!
Francesca Knowles 09/29/14 11:41am Towing
RE: tow capacity question

Adding a bit of a caveat to my earlier go-right-ahead: I'm looking at manuals for mid-teens Highlanders. You don't give a model year, but since the Highlander's stated limit dropped like a rock when Toyota adopted the SAE standards and you say this one has 3,000 stated pound capacity, I'm assuming it's not a more recent unit. Since owner's manuals cover vehicles equipped different ways: Do be aware the Highlander's 3,000 pound upper limit applies only to those 4-cyls that have Toyota's tow package; those without are restricted to 1500 pounds. Tongue weight also enters into the equation: 300 pounds with tow package, 150 pounds without. Dunno what the "package" consists of in the Highlander's case, though it may include mods to the transmission/cooling system, trailer wiring, and sometimes a hitch or even suspension upgrades.
Francesca Knowles 09/29/14 11:15am Towing
RE: tow capacity question

Doesn't sound impossible to me, depending. I've towed a 2,000 pound m/l standup TT a lot of miles with a 4-cyl. In your case, it doesn't really matter what the trailer sticker says- without knowing the weight with the boat it's hard to answer the question. Can you look up the brand/model of the boat and get weight info? Sounds pretty small, though and since we do know that total weight cap of trailer is 3,000 pounds: Unless as noted the tow vehicle's carrying a lot of payload too, I frankly wouldn't hesitate to tow a BOAT with this combination- not the same struggle at all as a stand up trailer. Wind resistance in the latter case might kill the deal- not such a problem with the boat. One caveat: The trailer must have its own brakes in this scenario; don't expect your tug to safely stop it. This not to mention that this requirement is likely also in your Toyota owner's manual for towing any trailer over about a thousand pounds.
Francesca Knowles 09/28/14 10:23pm Towing
RE: Recall??/

Above link requires one to subscribe-to-read; here's another with free access: NY Times/Ford recallStrange - I don't have a subscription and I can open it:h Or a log in, I should have added. At least that's what I encountered. And I'm too lazy to go through the signup/log in process when other sources are available.
Francesca Knowles 09/28/14 10:10pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Trailer Sway

ironically most of my problems (swaying) are driving down I5 in washington state which is where you two responded from on your profile. not the best hwy to begin with. Don't I know it! Been down there with the trailer often, which reminds me: I can actually PREDICT certain places on that road where my (properly balanced) trailer will tend to sway, since road conditions themselves can actually have an important effect that's unrelated to the setup. Downhills and curves come to mind, both of which require very judicious attention to speed. There's one curve near Longview that has both conditions at once! I can think of more such spots in the Northwest, too. Interestingly, as I've become more familiar with both the roads and how my combination handles I've made much less use of that good ol' sway-stopper, the manual slide knob on the brake controller. Ain't that magic? At the first hint of sway, slide that knob over (without applying tug brakes) and PRESTO! that bad sway be g-o-n-e GONE! :)
Francesca Knowles 09/28/14 10:05pm Travel Trailers
RE: Trailer Sway

when i drive about 65 mph or more the swaying increases dramatically and is very consistent. anything under that is fine or on single lane winding road no problem. up hill no problem with my truck for the most part. If your tongue-to-trailer ratio is correct (10-15% of TT total), then in my opinion you should just slow down. Most combinations have a "sweet spot" speed-wise, and it sounds to me like you've found yours. If the trailer doesn't sway at around 60, that's a good speed for you. Another consideration may be that the tires you have on are likely limited to maximum speeds of 65. Why push the edges of more than one envelope? And since speed is the most important component of fuel economy, your wallet will appreciate it, too.
Francesca Knowles 09/28/14 09:44pm Travel Trailers
RE: It's just a dog or is it?

Would you consider spending spending 2600 on a $1200 dog? Is it your position that everyone has such a choice? I ask because while I have that kind of financial freedom, there are many devoted pet owners who do not. I suppose there may be some who just can't afford a $2600 vet bill. In the case of the woman who owned the dog described, she could have come up with $26000 if she needed to but she is an accountant and so for her it was a matter of working the numbers ... he was 5 years old so had depreciated some and was not worth spending that amount of money on. She had him put down and bought a new one. Late details, likely as fictional as they are ridiculous. Thanks for the (however obscure) answer to my question.
Francesca Knowles 09/28/14 08:39pm Around the Campfire
RE: Mexico toll road discussion?

Who is the IDIOT that made that chart? The tax the OFFICIAL IVA on combustibles in Mexico is 16% Did you look at the link provided with the chart? The number is NET- after the subsidies that the Mexican Government contributes to the gas biz via subsidies to offset the effect of price controls. Beginning in about 2006, retail prices didn't even meet production costs. Things are a bit more balanced now due to gradual inching up of the price at the pump in more recent years. Source
Francesca Knowles 09/28/14 06:29pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Recall??/

Above link requires one to subscribe-to-read; here's another with free access: NY Times/Ford recall
Francesca Knowles 09/28/14 02:31pm Tow Vehicles
RE: I need advise on what SUV and what travel trailer !

So which 2001 Tahoe are you thinkin' about? There's a 2,000 pound spread in tow capacity among the models you posted.
Francesca Knowles 09/28/14 01:54pm Travel Trailers
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