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RE: Trailer brakes

For retrofit, if your axle is a torsion-type Dexter and has mount flanges installed, you can buy parts to add brakes for less than a hundred dollars a wheel. Maybe far less, depending on size. Not a complicated install for the average do-it-yourselfer. If you're just repairing some you already have, the guts are also available, simple to install, and are of course cheaper.
Francesca Knowles 09/23/14 01:58pm Travel Trailers
RE: In the market for a Samurai

oops! I didn't know that. I thought I read some months ago about classified ads. Quick! Edit/change the opening post! If you're looking for towability and off-roadability: consider a first-gen Kia Sportage 4x4 manny tranny (1997-2002 model years) The original Sportage design was a collaboration between Ford/Mazda and is the ONLY small SUV (CUV) with real ladder frame construction. That puppy is t-o-u-g-h. (Not true of later Sportage). My '97 has lasted for over 200,000 rough miles and is still goin' strong. Though she do look a bit bedraggled...
Francesca Knowles 09/23/14 01:51pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Black Ice Reminder

As I was typing my "wet leaves" reminder I also wanted to remind people about black ice......snip.... Maybe you can help with something I can never get straight: Is running with scissors a "do" or a "don't do"???? ;) For you, running is not only allowed, it is encouraged. :B Thanks- if there's no black ice or wet leaves, I'll bring my own banana peels! :B:B
Francesca Knowles 09/23/14 01:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: blog name help

Well said, Elizabeth- glad to see you're still with us! Sounds like my suggestion "Weiner Take All" is too jokey for what you're trying to do, plus maybe you don't want the dog to be too much the focus. I s'pose this is a little lowbrow, too, but here's an expression I've co-opted for my own when attempting to express my appreciation for the gifts the Creator gives us: "Ain't that a good God!". Words were spoken by an old lady in a book by Melissa Fay Green, and so beautifully expressed the sentiment that I can't help but remember them at certain times. And I think they'd make a great Blog title!
Francesca Knowles 09/23/14 12:45pm Full-time RVing
RE: Black Ice Reminder

As I was typing my "wet leaves" reminder I also wanted to remind people about black ice......snip.... Maybe you can help with something I can never get straight: Is running with scissors a "do" or a "don't do"???? ;)
Francesca Knowles 09/23/14 11:22am General RVing Issues
RE: Price Match not really

I don't understand- did you show them both the other advertised numbers and the response you received from the Company assuring you that price matching would cover this item????
Francesca Knowles 09/23/14 11:13am Camping World Accessories
RE: Picking up our first TT on Friday...what to expect?

make a check list after the orientation. I'd take this a step further: Take a checklist with you, stick to it, and arrange for any defects/concerns to be addressed before you sign off on the unit. No need to have everything fixed at that point, just to make sure there's a written understanding that they will be. Changing Gears has a checklist that you can actually download and customize for your particular unit, then print and take along. Here's the link.
Francesca Knowles 09/23/14 11:06am Beginning RVing
RE: Role of grand parents.

I'm going to an event at Benaroya Hall in Seattle tonight. My first grandchild (now 14 YO) wrote a story for her English class at school last year that, unbeknownst to her, was later entered by her teacher in a contest for inclusion in a book of stories by young writers. Hers was one selected, and the event is to mark her achievement and that of the others from Washington chosen. When I'm sitting in the audience tonight, it'll be with the sure knowledge that the hours and hours I spent with her, lap reading, exploring, talking, and helping her learn to think played an important part in bringing her to that moment. I wouldn't trade the time I spent/spend with her- and my other Grandchildren- for any amount of "freedom"!
Francesca Knowles 09/23/14 10:52am Full-time RVing
RE: Class A with tag axle - beware of $1000. fine in AZ!

So a gas class A that may have a GVWR of over 26k lbs or has a tag axle pays less than a DP would to travel on the same road?! HMMM? Makes no sense, from a common sense way of thinking! Without knowing anything at all about the fuel tax structure in Arizona, I'd guess that only road-diesel fuel has this multi-tier tax structure. It may be that everybody using plain gasoline pays the same tax (likely as high as the highest charged for diesel); and that if an exemption exists for ag equipment or something the farmer gets it via some refund process.
Francesca Knowles 09/23/14 10:39am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Towable versus Motorized RV?

Yes- shipping/dry weight is same same. Per tongue weights they may have listed: those are also of course dry, and may not even account for the weight of such standard add-ons as propane bottles and batteries. These items can easily add a couple of hundred pounds to the tongue, hence the truck.
Francesca Knowles 09/23/14 10:06am Beginning RVing
RE: Towable versus Motorized RV?

Another way to find payload etc. specific to your vehicle is via the VIN. Any Toyota service department can look the vehicle up and tell you anything you want to know about how it came from the factory. This would include weight/load limits. Meanwhile: I'm betting that practical limitations will point towards a bumper pull unit not exceeding 7500 pounds or so DRY WEIGHT. That's the number you'll see advertised by trailer makers, and represent the weight of the unit before you've put anything in/on it. (Loaded up, weight can rise by as much as a thousand pounds what with water and all.) You'd be smart to concentrate your search in that group of trailers. P.S. Do not, I repeat, do not ask any trailer salesman "what your truck can tow". He likely either doesn't know but will hazard a guess, or will just plain assure you that the truck can pull whatever trailer he's trying to sell you. Nothing against salesmen, but let's face it: his job is to move units. It's your job to know the limitations of your own equipment.
Francesca Knowles 09/23/14 09:47am Beginning RVing
RE: stranded

if you click his profile, it says member can not be found. Oddly, though: his posts survive! Click here for ten pages of them. Which begs the question: If he "can't be found", do the lingering posts constitute proof that he actually exists?
Francesca Knowles 09/22/14 09:09pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Towable versus Motorized RV?

Ba hahahaha .... Oh my. That made me laugh. I guess I need to change my location on here. (Off to find where I change that.) We moved last year, and we are now in northern Kentucky, right below Cincinati, OH. I see you managed to change the location in your avatar....Now, THAT makes a little more sense! :)
Francesca Knowles 09/22/14 09:04pm Beginning RVing
RE: trailer weights and tow vehicle?

1986 23' komfort tt with 2 axles. I found the weight of the trailer is 3,460. The tag by the door is to worn to read anything off of it for other weight info and cant find anything online. Sounds like you got the weight numbers for the trailer off the label- am I right?. Likely dry weight; loaded will exceed that by five or six hundred pounds at least, likely more. Even before loading, that's WAY too much trailer for your '56 wagon no matter how you gussy it up. And why bother? It's not like the mid-eighties trailer is going to go with the tug, looks-wise. Fahgeddabout this combo. There's a '56 Shasta sitting in my yard right now that would go with that car real nice. Weighs about a thousand pounds. That's the kind of thing you should be looking for to put behind your old wagon.
Francesca Knowles 09/22/14 09:00pm Travel Trailers
RE: blog name help

Sheesh, kcmoedoe- no need to totally rain on her parade! All she really asked was for suggestions for a good name...got any?
Francesca Knowles 09/22/14 07:15pm Full-time RVing
RE: Propane supply valve is stuck

The park ranger thought the propane valve was closed when it was actually all the way open, so when he used his channel locks it made it open even more. . :h Lemme get this straight- the propane was already on, but no one knew it. Is that right??? Didn't you try to light something, or did you just assume the gas was off?
Francesca Knowles 09/22/14 07:07pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Towable versus Motorized RV?

Speed, we had around 50" here ... almost setting the record for the most snow ever. There was almost no salt to be found to salt the roads! It was so not the norm! Sadly, the wooly worms and the Farmers Almanac are saying this winter is going to be worse. I'm hoping they're wrong. :/ O.K., I've looked and looked again at your location....and now I simply I have to ask: Just where the heck in "So Cal" ARE you that gets 50" of snow????
Francesca Knowles 09/22/14 05:37pm Beginning RVing
RE: blog name help

If the dog has the personality for it: Make it a sort of "spokesdog". People love that...and then you can name the blog "Weiner Take All"! :B
Francesca Knowles 09/22/14 03:53pm Full-time RVing
RE: stranded

Peaches&cream. You don't own an RV and not a member of Good Sam? So why do you drink so much of their Kool-Aid then? Because it goes down so much easier than your bile? :B
Francesca Knowles 09/22/14 03:47pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Class A with tag axle - beware of $1000. fine in AZ!

Looks to me like the fine isn't for "fueling at the wrong pump", but for avoiding the extra road tax (.08 per gallon) required of vehicles over 26,000 pounds or with three or more axles. Sounds like that reg's been around for quite awhile in Arizona; and as I see it, really no different than getting caught elsewhere using untaxed off road diesel in a highway vehicle.
Francesca Knowles 09/22/14 03:06pm Class A Motorhomes
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