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RE: No fun there!

Water pressure at many campgrounds is "lacking". When that happens just fill the fresh water tank and turn on the pump……..
JTHarley 12/18/13 06:46am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Carfax on used motorhome?

Car Fax + Recall searches for chassis and systems + inspection + road test + PDI…….there ya go!
JTHarley 12/12/13 02:13pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: How cold does it have to be before diesel gels?

Just wondering out loud here but if your engine has a pre-heat or an aqua hot and you turn that on when the temps get low wouldn't that stop the gelling? If it does gel there are additives you can put directly in the filter like diesel 911……..or I'm wondering if it does Gel and you pre heat the engine before you start it wouldn't that take care of the gelling?
JTHarley 12/12/13 02:11pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Who's spending Christmas in the RV?

Christmas eve and christmas day in the coach in our families driveway…..the 26th we are pointing it south and are out of this coooooooold weather.
JTHarley 12/12/13 02:05pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: I was an IDIOT for buying a Thor Palazzo!!!

How very sad this thread is…….I too hope Thor and other manufacturers out there are watching and listening!!! I don't care if Thor has contracts with Shwintek, if the product is sub par and causing problems they can certainly get out of that contract and put a more tried and true system in their coaches. The problem as I see it is if Thor makes a statement by canceling a contract or eliminating these slide mechanisms they are in essence admitting they have sold units to the public that have a potential BIG problem. This would most likely open them up to a class action law suit by owners who are having slide issues. I've found there is no worse issue to come up than a slide issue! Very few of the house systems will stop you getting from point A to point B with the exception of a slide that will not go in or one that goes in and skews or stresses the structure. Once that happens it is hard to ever make it right again. I feel your pain….
JTHarley 12/11/13 08:39am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Cost difference of propane vs electricity

Propane=filling tanks up…. All electric coach=never having to get propane=priceless. I've owned 5 coaches that used propane and 2 coaches with aqua hot for everything…..never go back to propane again EVEN IF IT IS CHEAPER.
JTHarley 12/08/13 07:44am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Who's spending Christmas in the RV?

If the temps get that low here are a few tips from someone who has been in sub zero before…. Pull in the slides. (It will hold the heat better) Disconnect from the water source and keep some in the fresh tank. Have full propane tanks, the heaters will run a bunch. Put 100 watt bulbs in the plumbing bays. Fire up a space or cube heater in the bedroom and living room. Pour a tall scotch on the rocks, put on your snuggie and watch Michigan State beat OSU!!
JTHarley 12/07/13 07:03pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 69 south to Nashville to Florida….

Thanks all…
JTHarley 12/07/13 06:01pm Roads and Routes
RE: 69 south to Nashville to Florida….

I'm confused. I75 does not go thru Nashville and I69 heads southwest. That's not the way to Florida. If i75 is not your choice, then I65 would be best. From Michigan we take I-69 to 65 to Nashville….from Nashville head south to Chattanooga and then link up to I-75…….We are trying to avoid I-75 thru Ohio because in September in Ohio there must have been hundreds of miles of construction at various points and some of those lanes got really tight and a bit of white nuckle driving especially when next to semi tractors.
JTHarley 12/06/13 02:05pm Roads and Routes
Woods and Water…Columbus Indiana

We are heading south on either Christmas Day or the day after and was looking at "Woods and Water campground in Columbus IN. as an overnight on the way to Nashville. I have a big rig 45' with a toad and just want to pull in, plug in, sleep and hit the road the next day. Is this park ok for big coaches?
JTHarley 12/06/13 09:58am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
69 south to Nashville to Florida….

We plan on hitting the road from Michigan to make our trek south on either the 25th or 26th of December. Normally we take I-75 south but the construction coming back from Nashville in October was terrible thru ohio. How is the construction on 69 thru Indiana…any areas I should avoid?
JTHarley 12/06/13 09:54am Roads and Routes
RE: ''3M" film on front of coach

Mine is foggy and looks horrible so we are removing it when in Florida this winter. Lots of info on how to do that but we've got the plastic scraper with lots of extra blades, a heat gun and a big can of "goof off". Others who have done this said it will take at least 2-3 days to remove it and then you have to hope the paint underneath is in good shape.
JTHarley 12/06/13 06:40am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Who's spending Christmas in the RV?

We are visiting family from the 23rd to the 26th camping in the driveway plugged into 50 amp……the day after Christmas we start the trek south and spend the next 4 months running away from the cold. We are already planning next year to leave BEFORE the season and right after thanksgiving. I don't want to be in Michigan anymore after December 1
JTHarley 12/06/13 06:33am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Friend with a major problem

Yep, there's the "let's sue everyone" response. Really... Can you point out where I said to sue everybody? There is a reason we have a court system. If you go through reasonable channels and cannot get resolution and are certain you are correct, you can go to court and a judge will determine who is right. There would be nothing wrong with filing in civil if a repair facility not only didn't fix your engine right but neglectfully damaged your radiator and overlooked a more serious problem that caused complete engine failure AND refused to take any responsibility. Now, if one were suggesting to inflate the "lawsuit" for emotional distress etc., then I could understand your comment. I'm sure if this happened to you, you would just let it go right? And there should be no repercussions for a repair shop completely botching a job and causing further damage right? The problem will be proving neglect on the part of the shop that fixed the water pump. Did they follow the request of the owner? Did they diagnose the problem themselves? Did they cause the damage to the radiator? The big question will be the mixture of coolant and oil together and what caused that? As many here have said the water pump might have been a "symptom" of a much bigger problem like a cracked head or block or bad rings or pistons ect… I keep going back to a comment you made earlier……the entire motorhome is NOT WORTH the $7,000 fix of the engine……that being said, does anyone really want to enter into a legal battle that will need to call expert witnesses, depositions, lawyers fees, ect….at $150 per hour doesn't give you much wiggle room before you have already exceeded the cost of the repair costs……the dollar amount puts it above small claims court and I wonder if you are in a state that allows counter suits to pay for legal expenses of the person you are suing if they are found innocent?
JTHarley 12/03/13 10:20am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Friend with a major problem

My concern is that, as you say, the motorhome is not worth $7K then a major problem doesn't surprise me but a water pump causing oil and water to mix??? Maybe a cracked block or cylinder but the water pump? It's gonna be tough to gain any traction that a repair facility should bear the brunt of any expense other than the water pump.
JTHarley 11/29/13 03:56pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: I was an IDIOT for buying a Thor Palazzo!!!

I'm on motorhome #7 and slides are ALWAYS an issue at some point if you own the unit long enough. I've had electric, hydraulic, you name it…..On my first MH ( a gulfstream) which was a piece of trash, the slide rusted and twisted after one year, leaked from day one... dealer took it back on a trade. On my winnebago Vectra, 2 solenoids blew and we had to crank them in by hand using a small tool provided…9 hours later we where on the road to get it fixed. On my Dynamax the main slide needed adjusting constantly to get it to "seat" just right and then a hydraulic cylinder blew and it was in such a position that an exterior bay had to be torn open to get at it…..$6,000 later it was fixed. In making the decision on my current coach, I had no problem what so ever going down to 2 slides The point is, slides are a pain in the butt. They add so much living space you just can't live without them if you spend extended time in your coach. BUT there is a price to pay. I do agree that the flat floor slides seem to be the one's with issues. You just don't hear about slide issues on Foretravel's, Prevost's, Newells but none of them are flat floor. I asked the Prevost dealer what the maintenance is on the slides I have now and he said none! The inflatable seal may need to be replaced every 10 years or so but that's it. These things go in and out smooth and silent. Slide issues in my book are the WORST problem to have. I can feel your pain…especially on a new coach.
JTHarley 11/28/13 04:32pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Water in winter

If you don't have tank heaters then I would suggest a small cube heater in the bay and or a 100 watt light bulb just to keep it from freezing.
JTHarley 11/26/13 06:01am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Blowing out water lines

Why remove the water filter.. Well, for one it restircts flow so you get a better blow without it And for another, You should be removing it, obtaining a new cartridge and replacing it come next season. They are not good year to year, IN fact a full season is pushing it on most of them. I get it……I picked up some new ones in Nashville in mid-october and put them in thinking we would be gone before we got a freeze so I wouldn't be winterizing the coach at all this year but alas……we can't leave till Christmas so I did end up taking the filters out and blowing out the lines, putting anti freeze in the traps and tanks but I did not run it thru the lines since I am keeping the aqua hot set at 50 degrees until we leave. Since they are only a month old, I put them right back in after blow out.
JTHarley 11/24/13 05:50am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Blowing out water lines

Probably a dumb question, but when blowing the lines out with air why do you need to remove the water filters? Of course if you are pumping in anti-freeze it makes sense but just air? Is it because the air will not empty the chamber of water that the filter is in? I always assumed once you charge the lines with air it will empty ANY water that is in the system.
JTHarley 11/21/13 03:31pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Heated fresh water hose

If the weather is cold enough to freeze the water hose than there is probably going to be a problem with the water supply system. When it's that cold I use on-board pump and stow my hose in heated compartment. Yup, me too….fill the fresh water tank, use the pump and disconnect the hose. With the heated bays everything works great.
JTHarley 11/13/13 04:28pm Class A Motorhomes
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