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RE: 2013 sightseer 33c wind noise

Here's a link to the thread about the weep hole inserts: Inserts
Jim@HiTek 05/24/16 03:19pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Motorhome steps

After checking on what Darsben suggests: I would shut off power, climb under and disconnect the electrical wire bundle, disconnect the arm (easy job - just one nut). That lets it swing free. Then I'd use a couple heavy duty zip ties (1/4" wide) to tie it in the up position. If I didn't have one, I'd buy one of those single plastic folding steps to use until I could get to a place I could repair the steps. I did this once and traveled hundreds of miles with it zip tied.
Jim@HiTek 05/24/16 03:06pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: CA to MO, best route?

I wouldn't ever advise moving to Misery. But since you're determined, take the northern route in order to escape the heat index that's bound to be very high 'in a few weeks'. Have a great trip!
Jim@HiTek 05/24/16 02:15pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Increase Ground Clearance for Driveway

Many folks have just built themselves wooden ramps.
Jim@HiTek 05/24/16 11:50am Class A Motorhomes
RE: SF-42 Suburban Furnace

AFAIK, both the small furnaces and the heat pumps are removed from outside. The ducting can usually be pulled far enough along with the furnace to gain access allowing them to be disconnected. Sometimes, the ducting can be accessed above and pieces travel along with the furnace as it's removed. But I've only done it once, a Suburban, where I was able to access the ducting tubes above under the closet floor. I've read how to do it on a heat pump floor furnace and in both cases, you should have a stand or table ready to place the furnace on, once it's pulled out a little. Propane turned off of course, along with AC & 12V. Good luck!
Jim@HiTek 05/24/16 11:45am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Adding Fans to Norcold refers

I just added 4ea. Noctura NF-12 fans to the upper exhaust vent. After doing way more research than I ever thought could be done on fans, these were chosen because they are EXTREMELY quiet for their CFM airflow, they're IP65 environmentally rated and can live in temps of 250 degrees plus. All 4 at full speed can barely be heard with your ear in the outside vent, and not at all inside, all while easily holding a piece of paper flush to the vent from suction. I run them on a PWM speed control at about 30% and when in LaQuinta a few weeks ago ran them on full at 95+ with the sun on the fridge side and was struggling to keep is above 28 degrees on temp set 4. The plan is to tie the PWM controller and fans to an ARP and let it run the show as needed. If I did it again I would probably use only two fans but overkill is always good with these fridges. Very nice job, Jeff. I've added the fans to my Amazon wish list. Great of you to do the engineering on the fans for me already! I think I'd just use a home designed PWM with a switch selectable speed control setup out in the vent along with a thermodisk or two for overall control. First TD closes, the fans come on at 30%. 2nd TD closes, goes to 95%. As was mentioned, extra fans probably aren't necessary for this 2-door model on a fixed wall, but, I like doing projects, and this one looks to be fun. Thanks for all the advice everyone. I'm up in the cool NW ATM and will probably tackle this project in late June or so. Or even later, depends on weather.
Jim@HiTek 05/24/16 11:02am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Norcold refrigerator not working despite propane burning

Wait 24 hours. It takes quite a while for those fins to even attempt to cool down. If you're leaving on a trip and are in a hurry...fill the freezer with frozen foods. And Ice. In the refer section, put in gallon jugs of frozen water. Don't put any warm foods inside, buy on the road after it cools down.
Jim@HiTek 05/22/16 04:16pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Adding Fans to Norcold refers

That's a great link, 2oldman. I like the quad fans inserted into the upper vent. My kind of project. I've found my refer, since it's not in a slide, does not require a fan like the refers in kitchen slides do, so mine didn't come with one. But I will probably add two (or four) anyway, just to be erring on the side of caution. Also, thanks for linking to my RV repair blog post! I added those fans as shown in that 2nd link to my old Dometic '94 refer a couple years ago. I've already added one fan to my newer Norcold. It also has an incandescent automotive bulb so it's also easy to wire up since it can be done inside the refer. I haven't finished the wiring job on that one so no write up on my blog yet. Soon though. For anyone with a curious nature, Norcold has a fan kit for installation in those refers in a slide, and you can see how and where they installed it here: Fan Installation - See page 36 I just found this document link. The copy I had was only a users guide...this link is a service manual. Happy I found it so I can add it to my document file.
Jim@HiTek 05/22/16 03:19pm Class A Motorhomes
Adding Fans to Norcold refers

Bought a '02 Winnie Journey back in February and it came with a 2 door Norcold Model N842IM. The rig only had 70K on it so nearly everything looks brand new and has had very little use. It appeared the original owner ate out while traveling. I searched the internet and didn't find that model on any recall lists. Then called Norcold service. They didn't find it on any recall lists either. I put myself on their owners list, just in case they get around to recalling this model in the future (it's happened before as the refer law suit progresses against them, they keep adding models to the list). In order to get ahead of the curve on what could turn out to be an accident waiting to happen, I've added a 4" pancake fan to stir air inside the refrigerator section so the refer doesn't have to work too hard under normal circumstances. But I'd like to also add additional air movement fans outside under the cover. And that's the purpose of this thread... Does anyone have some advice to offer about placement of pancake fans, which I assume most people use? Have any pictures of your installation? Or is a 4" tube fan in the chimney the best route? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
Jim@HiTek 05/22/16 12:22pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 12 available in house ONLY when the motor is running

In my older class a, there were two salesman's switches above the entrance door. Labeled 'Main' and 'Aux'.
Jim@HiTek 05/22/16 10:36am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fueling DP is SLOWWWWW

AFA using the truck nozzles? Since they don't fit in the RV filler tube I have to stand there holding the nozzle in place. Not fun when you're putting in 55 gallons or so. Especially in bad or cold weather. So I stick to the car pumps. Are you talking about diesel? As far as I knew they all accepted the truck nozzles at least all later models. Then of course I have been wrong before!:B Chris Yes, diesel. AFAIK, few Class A RV's accept the 'truckers' sized nozzle. But I've only owned 2 RVs so someone else that knows more could maybe answer that question...maybe Brett knows. Do all, most, or some Class A diesels have the small fill tube that the typical truck stop nozzle won't fit in? Or is it just a chassis manufacturers thing where Freightliner needs the car sized nozzle?
Jim@HiTek 05/17/16 03:33pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 1976 Kings Highway

I always thought it was a law the VIN had to be on a metal tag on the dash near the driver where it could be seen from outside thru the front windshield. But my '02 Winnie has it on the tire pressure plaque next to the driver's left side. No way could it be seen from outside. There's another printing of the VIN on a tag under the hood. Also, it would help if you put the year, brand, and model of your RV somewhere in your post. Most of us put it in as part of our signature.
Jim@HiTek 05/16/16 11:54am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fueling DP is SLOWWWWW

Both my Class A's (90 gallon tanks) had the same problem OP is having and both have Frieghtliner chassis. What I learned from the 1st rig was to just put the nose of the nozzle half way into the filler tube. And to just go to the first fill click on the handle. Sure it's slower than if I try to set the handle at fast fill on the 3rd click, but it's much less annoying as it doesn't snap off every 3-4 gallons. Naturally, I have to stand there and hold the nozzle for safety reasons if I only put the tip of the nozzle in the filler tube, but I generally do my window washing when I arrive at or leave a campground. If I must do it at the station, (most of which just put a drop of soap in the window washing tanks), there are times when I have to finish filling first, but still, it's way under 30 minutes. Occasionally, I can put the nozzle nose into the filler tube half way and set it on the first click. Those times I can do the windshields without holding onto the handle. So it seems there's a difference in how the stations nozzles behave, and of course ambient temp and pressure play a role. But as far as taking 30 minutes to fill? Even in the worse of circumstances, pulling the nose of the nozzle out half way while filling does the trick for me and I rarely need more than 15 minutes. Most of that is waiting for a spot to open. AFA using the truck nozzles? Since they don't fit in the RV filler tube I have to stand there holding the nozzle in place. Not fun when you're putting in 55 gallons or so. Especially in bad or cold weather. So I stick to the car pumps.
Jim@HiTek 05/16/16 11:48am Class A Motorhomes
RE: refrigerator rebuilds

My Dometic replacement cooling unit lasted 12 years no problem. Because I left it on all of the time (full time RV'er). Dometic says that they knew of one unit that lasted 70 odd years. If treated properly, an absorption refer has a very long lifetime.
Jim@HiTek 05/12/16 08:18pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Power Step

My '94 Kwikee 2-step is bolted to a plate with 4X 1/2" bolts. Over time 2 then 3 of the bolts rusted through and broke due to the stresses placed on them when using the steps. Removed the entire assembly and serviced everything. Since it had broken free and swung hither and yon, had the gear case open up too. So that needed repair. I used heavy duty zip ties to hold it all in place until I could get to my own garage. Luckily, no gears where broken, only needed to straighten an arm, drill out a busted bolt or two on the gear assembly and add a few new bolts to hold the entire assembly to the RV. Removed the motor and cleaned it. Made it all nice and pretty. Cleaned the gear assembly, greased it up. Used contact cleaner and a small brass brush to clean all connections. Did not have a bad motor. But I've learned that you can take the old motor into Napa and they'll replace it with a window opener/closer motor. I believe the gears inside the gear box are all standard size too. It looked pretty stout to me when I was in there. I'd recommend you take it off the RV and service it where you can get to everything for inspection. Good luck!
Jim@HiTek 05/12/16 03:05pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Any idea what these are for?

That's where your pet bats spend the night. Or you hang coffee cups, widely spaced, off them.
Jim@HiTek 05/09/16 03:55pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Air Actuated Step Cover

I tried following the schematic to try and locate the two relays that control the air ram but couldn't find them. They are not in the large fuse/relay/solenoid/CB box under the hood cover in the front of the RV. Anyone know where the relays for the step cover actuation are?
Jim@HiTek 05/08/16 02:46pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Motorhome registration tag and tax cost by state

That Google link isn't really much help as they all seemed to be fees for cars, not RVs. I just bought a newer RV in Arizona and California wanted to charge me $1500 for taxes, title, and registration. So I went up to Oregon and got it all for $442 (includes new plates). Good for two years. Two years from now it'll be less since I don't have to buy the plates again. $180/year seems fair to me. Someone has to pay for all the road work.
Jim@HiTek 05/08/16 09:49am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Steer tire width...

Ah, if only it were that easy... Although the large GF idea is sellar, most of them don't come with a mute button.
Jim@HiTek 05/06/16 11:56am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Do I need to carry spare tire?

THANK YOU FRIENDS. I didn't realize that ERS can mount new tire to my rim in the field. I don't carry a spare and now I feel SO much better knowing the emergency process. My State Farm agent assured me that ERS would show up; and yes, we will warm up the pizza while we wait. This is true for a good ERS, but they're not all good.
Jim@HiTek 05/06/16 11:48am Class A Motorhomes
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