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RE: Staying in Canada in Winter

Vancouver...but the rain is relentless. And as mentioned, it can snow quite a bit.
Jim@HiTek 03/19/18 12:44pm Snowbirds
RE: Water pump shuts off all by it self

The other day I was just finished my shower and it worked fine worked fine , Then went to run the water and the pump was off. Turned it back on and a few hr I tried it again and it was off. It still works fine but this is new. My coach is 7 years old. Maybe a ground wire or a switch , I have never herd of this problem but thought I would see if any body has had this problems and what they found out. Something similar happened to mine once. It would toggle between Off/On and On/Off seemingly randomly. I never did figure out what caused it but it went away as soon as I pulled the wires off the control module (inside the wet bay very near the pump) and cleaned the contacts. Can't help other than that because they are very reliable and don't go bad very often so not much expirience. Has there been rain where you are? I'm wondering if you got a drop of water or two on the control contacts or on the contacts of one of the switches? Check the basement pump switch first, if you have one.
Jim@HiTek 03/19/18 09:25am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tankless water heater

A gas tankless WH roars like a jet taking off. Noticed easily when standing outside nearby. On the inside of the RV, it all depends on the RVs quality of construction, amount of insulation, if it's mounted on solid frame structure elements, and placement of the WH that determines how loud it is to the occupants.
Jim@HiTek 03/19/18 09:13am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Norcold 811 Refrez

You should probably get it to a reputable shop soon. Check RVServiceReviews before choosing. Not sure if you might not have other problems with it, Norcold has had big problems with several models, and yours is one of them. Several recalls due to injury fires, up to and including deaths. So having a knowledgeable shop look at it would be the best course of action, IMO. Check here for info: Temp limit Switch
Jim@HiTek 03/18/18 11:33am General RVing Issues
RE: Anyone interested in 83 Pace Arrow Tear down and Rebuild?

Jim@HiTek 03/17/18 07:26am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Had to stay in hotel anyways

:? Did you consider a campground? I don't expect to park for nothing on property someone else is paying for and maintaining. We're in the middle of winter here. No campgrounds open with all the snow. Most don't open till middle of May. DOH! Didn't even consider snow...sitting here in my shorts with the A/C on. Funny story, brother and I went camping once and headed up into the hills. Started snowing, eventually we had 12" or so on the ground. We hadn't considered campgrounds being closed. Anyway, it soon got dark, and we happened upon a closed campground with lots of snow everywhere. No evidence of any traffic in there. We just pulled into a spot, hooked up electric, dropped money into the night slot and waited for a knock on the door. Which never came. Left the next morning happy as can be. Never did see anyone else at the park. Of course you're talking about 'feet' of snow, not just a foot. So...good luck!
Jim@HiTek 03/16/18 07:41pm Truck Campers
RE: Had to stay in hotel anyways

I was thinking the same thing as Romore. There's like 20 or so RV parks within a few miles of there. Surely one of them would have been suitable. Most RV parks have after hours check in too. You can find these using a cell phone and the RVParky app. Also, in a pinch, remote freeway entrances are generally wide enough to pull over and spend the night.
Jim@HiTek 03/16/18 07:18pm Truck Campers
RE: Travel with Cats

Teach them to use the toilet... Kitty Trainer
Jim@HiTek 03/16/18 10:21am RV Pet Stop
RE: ground squirrel or mouse??

Fresh Cab is the natural product used in farm equipment. I used it this last spring while at Lake Tahoe (forested area so millions of rodents) and didn't have a problem with mice. And I don't use peanut butter with traps. Messy compared to a little chunk of Tillamook Cheddar Cheese. The cheese works better because they can't just lick it off the trigger like they can PB. They have to tug if off... Also used slices of Irish Spring soap on top of the tires and near openings, they don't like the smell.
Jim@HiTek 03/15/18 10:48am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Chassis battery won’t charge from converter

As a work around while you're figuring out what's wrong: Had the same problem with my '94 Bounder, which had that big BCC (Battery control Center) I priced out and found it was very expensive. Plus I didn't know if that was the problem. What I did, to hurry things along so I could enjoy the RV rather than immediately start fixing or replacing major components, was to install a Schumacher Float Charger. Back in '04 they were only $20, and the Bounder's battery compartment had a nearby electrical outlet in a basement compartment I used to power it. It was a set and forget kind of deal because it was permanently attached to the battery and once I arrived at a campground, plugging into shore power would keep the chassis battery charged. As a result, I didn't get around to trying to figure out what was wrong in the BCC until years later. Having too much fun traveling so never got 'round2it'. Turned out my Bounders BCC wasn't involved with charging the chassis battery except for controlling the puny solar charger on the roof and passing the charging current on to the chassis batts. Which is typical for millions of RVs. When I bought this '02 Journey, I soon checked the voltage on the chassis batts when plugged into shore, and sure enough, voltage there indicated there was NO trickle charging going on. In this case, there wasn't a handy 120V outlet nearby, so I installed the Trik-L-Start. This device just borrows some power from the House batts to keep the chassis batts charged up. What I'm saying is that it's often easier to just install a Trik-L-Start or some other inexpensive charger for the chassis batts than to track down and fix a non-functioning charger. And often much less expensive.
Jim@HiTek 03/15/18 10:22am Class A Motorhomes
RE: extra propane capacity

If you're talking about extended stays at RV parks, you can reduce your propane use by installing an electric water heater element. (Or using the one already installed if available). There are a couple brands and they work great. I installed one in my old '94 Bounder and in this '02 Journey it came installed from the factory. I haven't used propane to heat my water for over two years now, relying on the electric element and timing my shower and dish washing needs so they don't coincide. The factory installed heater is bigger than the aftermarket heater but the aftermarket element I installed helped a great deal too. Only required that the propane be turned on for 5 minutes before a shower and off immediately afterward. If you leave your hot water heater on all the time on propane, that isn't necessary and wastes fuel. Just turn it on 10 minutes before you need hot water, and off after. As far as adding a tank for your furnace, do your neighbors have one? Have you asked them where they got their equipment? That's the best way. Many towns you just call the propane company and they'll bring one out and attach it for you. You pay a deposit and go on a 'keep filled' month to month charge basis. If you're talking about adding a tank so you can boondock longer, that's a whole 'nuther story.
Jim@HiTek 03/14/18 09:54am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Alternator replacement on Cat C7, Freightliner XC chassis

My Journey is a bit older, but I also have the closet slide and limited access under the bed. To improve access, you can remove the mattress and the wood cover fairly easily, than you can remove the entire bed frame for even more. Than as others have mentioned, you can access from below, and I'll add that I've read where people have removed the radiator for the best access. When I replaced my surge tank here recently, I found that there is an air dam above the radiator that you can remove easily for the most part and get excellent access to that tank...and other portions of the engine. I'm pretty sure that now that I've done it, I could do that job in 2 hours if necessary. But probably won't need to for another 77,000 miles. Here's a link to the surge tank job: Replace Surge Tank
Jim@HiTek 03/13/18 07:58pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Towing with Class A in Ontario

Don't think it matters. The issuing state rules are what apply.
Jim@HiTek 03/13/18 09:56am Class A Motorhomes

They are $285 on Amazon. I hardly ever see those. Over the last 13 years of full timing. Don't think they are very popular and it's probably because most don't believe they are necessary. Have you talked to some owners and found out what the benefits are?
Jim@HiTek 03/13/18 09:52am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Park Sewer Connection Unusual

Huh. Strangely, just today I did battle with a 22 degree offset sewer connection. But mine points towards the road, not the front of the RV. It overflowed while I was dumping. Sewage. Ick. But, the sand surround sucked it up pretty quickly and once I slowed down the flow (which I've only had to do a few times in 13 years of full timing), I was able to get the tanks emptied. Than I took a bucket of bleach infused water and dumped it all around the wet spot. Killed the smell immediately. No fix other than contacting the park groundskeeper for the overflow. As far as connecting? Nothing to it in my case since it's all sand. Can't you dig a bit out so you can wedge your connector in there?
Jim@HiTek 03/12/18 08:05pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: New Orleans RV Resorts

I liked Ponchartrain Landing because it is a PassportAmerica park good for one week (some are only PPA for 3 days or so), had the shuttle to downtown (very handy), and it was fairly easy to get to in a big ol' class A. There's a bar/restaurant on the grounds, and although the sites are gravel and relatively small and sparce, I was there to visit New Orleans not the RV park. Wifi was weak but usable. Cell reception was great so that's a way to get Wifi if needed. Really loved that shuttle. Used it nearly everyday for the week I stayed there.
Jim@HiTek 03/12/18 06:45pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Quikee Step problem

Hard to understand how people are using these steps in order to need multiple motor changes. But I've only owned two RVs. Neither Kwikee step assemblies have needed a motor, one was 22 years old when I sold it, this one is 14 years old. Maintenance yes, motor no. I did get the chance to pull a gear box apart on my 22 yo Kwikee and it was fairly well made. Even though it had been stressed enough that the gear case had popped open, the gears and motor were still in excellent condition. Just took some squeezing of the case and a couple new screws and all was well. I hope that you 'young' RV owners have the same luck I had with those steps.
Jim@HiTek 03/07/18 08:28pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: The Adventure Begins

Don't bother going back to the east, stay over here in the west where you can either enjoy lots of sun in the winter, or shade of the pines in the summer. See ya on the road...
Jim@HiTek 03/07/18 07:12pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Sealing Maintenance

Are you asking the poster of this thread, or me?
Jim@HiTek 03/07/18 07:01pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Anyone planning on traveling in Pennsylvania - take note

I think it's a good idea to shut down the roads to RV's. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I think the RVs are fine, it's the drivers that should be shut down. HAH!:)
Jim@HiTek 03/07/18 06:55pm Class A Motorhomes
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