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RE: surge protector????

X1 million on the Progressive. I'm here at a RV park in Mexico and my 50A fixed PI not only protected me from the repeated overvoltage, but after they fixed that, it protected me from a huge overload on an underrated CB, which caused the entire park to get a huge spike and sparks everywhere. Equipment in several RVs was ruined (but the RV park owner bought them new - kind of unusual), but mine was shut off by the PI as soon as it started so I only lost a SWiM PSU for the satellite. Probably from the repeated abuse over the preceding weeks. Had a spare. The PI also has removable surge and spike devices so if you do get a huge spike, you just replace that board and you're good again. For free!
Jim@HiTek 03/23/17 07:39pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dash Cam on Class A

I use this one...it's feature rich, so many features that I forget how to work it sometimes. It's a looper and uses different sizes of micro SD cards for storage, which size depends on how much it can record of course. Slips off the window clamp easily to hide it when parked but the window clamp stays there. No fumbling with it. It does fall off when it gets too hot from sun though so you have to stick it back up there once in awhile. The window mounting clamp device is usable for my sloped car window AND the nearly straight up and down RV window. And at only $25 per camera, I bought one for my car and one for the RV. Window Cam!
Jim@HiTek 03/23/17 03:18pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fill up air in inner wheel

Even though they were clamped by the rubber grommets they still leaked? That is strange. I have no idea what might have caused that, except maybe defects in the stem hole in the wheel. Like if they weren't properly milled originally and had some metal needles around the hole where the rubber O rings resided. But with two wheels involved, even that doesn't sound reasonable. Strange, and a warning to always be on the cautious side and check my air pressures often.
Jim@HiTek 03/20/17 04:48pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fill up air in inner wheel

You didn't mention if you used the valve stem clamps with your long stems. If you don't use the clams, then the spinning tire can cause a slight rocking motion of the long stem, especially if it has TPS caps. That is why you're suppose to add a clamp. The expansion and contraction of metals, or the differing metals wouldn't have anything to do with it, IMO, because there's a large rubber washer that's there at the mounting area to prevent that sort of failure modes. Did your stems have clamps?
Jim@HiTek 03/20/17 03:13pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Newbie Adventures in a 1987 HONEY RV w/ a Chevy 454

Looks nice! Great job. I watched that video and you really work fast. :)
Jim@HiTek 03/19/17 10:35pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fill up air in inner wheel

I have had solid metal valve extenders for inner duals for years with no problem. Also have valve stem covers that you do not have to remove to air up. Yeah, the solid metal ones seem to work OK. It's the braided flexible extenders that I've had trouble with. I did have a solid extender that the rubber seal gave out in only 4 years. It would leak down to 40 psi overnight. Really annoying.
Jim@HiTek 03/19/17 07:58pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 210 series leveling jacks joystick

I always grab my rubber mallet when I have a solenoid issue on the jacks or slides. Or starter, or even the back up camera. A good whack often gets it to work for me so I can deal with it at my leisure. Finding the right solenoid often isn't necessary either. Just being in the vicinity usually works. If it's a solenoid issue that is. But, it's very satisfying to whack on stuff.
Jim@HiTek 03/19/17 09:04am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fill up air in inner wheel

What I did was used tin snips to cut a slot (1/2" wide X 3/4" deep) in the chrome rim over the stem and then bent the cut down and back so the edge was rounded. That way I could see the stem and it was easier to attach and hold the truckers style air gage, or the fill up hose. This was all before I bought brass extensions. The kind you install when you're putting on new tires so they're part of the wheel. They don't go bad often. Cost $70 for two sets for the rear duals but they were well worth it. But they did need the cut in the chrome rim to make them more easily accessed too so it worked out well.
Jim@HiTek 03/17/17 08:07pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Trip to northwest

If I were doing that trip, I'd drift south at the beginning of the trip and head north as summer progresses. Remember, that most of California is a desert. Think Death Valley. Taking I-5 up into Oregon and Western Washington (where I was born) is interesting and it's cooler then down south. Taking 2 east at the end of summer can be fairly comfortable...temp and weatherwise. US2 in North Dakota is sparse people wise but there are some fun places to stop along the way. Several bars with food have little RV parks out back. Dipping your toes into the lakes is kinda fun too then because the water is fairly warm at the end of summer.
Jim@HiTek 03/17/17 05:06pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Winnebago Adventurer Roof issues

Back in '16, Winnie sent out recall notices to certain '15 model year owners about the roof. Winnebago put Eternabond on the roof edges as the fix. The thread is on iRV2 from back in '16 but I forgot to copy the link and lost it. But that kind of suggests Winnie does know that there's a problem, and the shade tree fix we're all using, Eternabond, is appropriate.
Jim@HiTek 03/17/17 04:13pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Winnebago Adventurer Roof issues

Here's my blog post of what I did with my '02 Winnie Journey's roof... Roof maintenance...before a disaster. There's some pictures. Hopefully, I did the right thing in the right places.
Jim@HiTek 03/16/17 11:03pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: When to throw in the towel on an older motorhome

Fuel pumps can be replaced with an external pump at 1/10th the cost if you do the (easy) work yourself. Coach-Net roadside assistance policy would have saved you over $200 on the tow. Maybe spend a few weeks tinkering by yourself on the rig. Return here for advice as needed. Maybe you'll grow to like it after all. That would also increase the value so you won't lose so much if you do decide to sell this coming spring.
Jim@HiTek 03/16/17 01:39pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Good Sam link gone?

Sounds like you all are saying this site needs some new up to date people to manage and rewrite some of the code to fix these glaring errors in the code. Having said that, I almost never have a problem getting on RV.NET nor have a problem posting. Not so much that, as we'd like to see maybe some attention by the IT department to update and upgrade the site. There are some cumbersome 'features' here that have been improved by practically every other online forum in the world, but not here. The 'percent' sign fault without an error message given is just one example. The 'Quick Reply' getting erased instead of carried over to 'Advanced' is another. As I recall, this site is the most popular of all the RV'ing forums and answers to questions come quickly and are numerous...that's why I'd like to see it improved. I'm here at least once a day, sometimes many, both answering questions, and posing my own. I do appreciate the site. I'd just like to see it made better. More user friendly.
Jim@HiTek 03/16/17 10:56am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Best crossing going north?

We use Lukeville (Sonoyta) regularly, 32' DP towing Jeep Wrangler. Usually very quiet and quick, no tight unless they try to send you to the far right. Very difficult to find space to park big rigs on the Mexican side to turn in any paperwork, (FMT etc) and get a passport Exit stamp if you need one. You have to park on the street. HOWEVER I have no info on road conditions on MX 2 West of Sonoyta. To the East, the highway in good. I am assuming that you have only been in Baja and do not have a TIP for the rigs and toweds. If you have to cancel TIP, you will have to go much further West on the 2 almost to Caborca. Thanks! Very helpful. We both have only been in Baja and don't have TIPS so we're good there.
Jim@HiTek 03/15/17 07:17pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Good Sam link gone?

It's too bad that's not the only issue. RV net also faults when you use practically any other special character too. Then there's also the stupid and terrible 'Quick Reply' vs. 'Advanced Post Form' issue. You start on the quick reply, then realize you want to add a link, click on Advanced only to find your reply is gone. I've forgotten that 10's of times over the years. Now I can 'copy' the quick reply first, or use the back arrow to go copy it, but every other forum on the planet just carries your already completed partial post on over to the advanced page. Gah! And on and on... It's like they fired anyone that knows anything about the structure of the site and just happily take the ad revenue that comes in, never bothering to update or upgrade the site. It's a couple DECADES behind in features.
Jim@HiTek 03/15/17 03:14pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Newbie Adventures in a 1987 HONEY RV w/ a Chevy 454

Nice looking rig! Not only will you and the boys have many adventures, you'll also get to work on it. Something you'll likely enjoy, if you're anything like me. And now for a little shameless promotion, I bought an older ('94 Bounder) diesel class A and wrote a repair blog about it for 12 years. Although it was a diesel, many of the house and some chassis systems are the same as yours and you might find something of use in it: RV Repair Blog
Jim@HiTek 03/15/17 12:56pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Good Sam link gone?

If your new post has any unusual characters in it, anywhere, it's rejected and gives us no error message. Something that other forums cured a couple decades ago. So, check for odd characters and remove them, then try again.
Jim@HiTek 03/15/17 12:34pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Samsung French Door Fridge

If bins are used, perhaps use bins that have the slots all over them in order to maximise air flow. Helps with efficiency. Mats that cut off or hinder airflow are probably not a good idea. Some mats do have 50 percent openings though. Others are like 25 percent or less openings.
Jim@HiTek 03/15/17 12:19pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Good Sam link gone?

Over the years I've gone to the 'suggestions' thread here on RV.net many times and made suggestions with hopes that they'd actually fix something. This forum is like from the dark ages...and apparently always will be because they never did ANYTHING about all the annoying old time features this site has. I just tried to post to a thread and nope, doesn't work. "Site can't be reached". The same things on here that forced us to use the GoodSam portal are still wrong here. I mean, really, what other site in the entire world faults without giving an error message when you just use the 'percent' sign in a posting? Dumb.
Jim@HiTek 03/15/17 12:15pm Class A Motorhomes
Best crossing going north?

A friend will be crossing the border with me in two weeks and we're looking for information on the easiest place to cross...searching forums hasn't helped much. Two 35' class A's, towing toads. We are in San Felipe, will head north on MX5, and will be heading east after crossing. I've heard the following about different crossings: 1) Calexico - east; they are now Xraying RVs...adds time. 2) Calexico - west; long lines, narrow lanes, RV lane sometimes closed and takes time to reopen. 3) Lukeville - I cannot tell if this crossing is OK for RVs or if it's just for cars & peds. 4) San Luis - This seems like a good crossing point, but it would be great if I could get some info about it from a RV'er that has used it in a long vehicle setup. Is there room? Best lane to be in? Any crossing info would be helpful. Thanks!
Jim@HiTek 03/14/17 10:03pm RVing in Mexico and South America
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