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RE: Best time of year for the Florida Keys?

We go down to the Keys every winter, and the weather is usually very nice...average 80 day time and 70 night time. Sometimes a little lower. We're long time Floridians so we don't like cold/cool water. The water starts to warm up nice in about April and the winds tend to be a little less, which is better for boating/kayaking. Hurricane season is June 1 thru November 30, so if there is a threat of one coming, they evacuate all the tourists first. You need to keep that in mind. It's a long way down there. It's pretty hot and muggy in the summer, but bugs aren't a problem. Just because no hurricane hit Florida in the past few years, all it takes is one tropical storm. We lived through 2004 and 2005 hurricane seasons in Tampa and those were "years from hell." Ask any Floridian. We were under almost constant threat of one hurricane or another. We were all "storm weary" for most of the season. We have a lot on Cudjoe Key and love to spend winters in the Keys. If not for family obligations, we would be there from Dec 1 (end of hurricane season) through the end of May when it starts to get pretty hot. Whenever you go, it's nice, but summer is pretty hot.
Klueck 12/15/14 07:39am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: If SC too cold may go to FL over Christmas-Suggestions

We're in central Florida and it got down to 34 last night. burrrrr. Don't expect warm temps in SC over Christmas. We can't even count on them to be warm in the Tampa Bay area. It's a crapshoot. Most RV parks in Florida have heated pools, but most that are south of Tampa are probably booked already. We're at Quail Run Rv Park in Wesley Chapel, Fl. Nice heated pool, but the 300 sites are already about 80% full and the remaining ones are booked.
Klueck 12/15/14 07:25am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: No DC power, so we have no heat or air conditioning

OP here Thanks for all our your help. We got some excellent info on a Monaco owners forum as well and it seemed that our problem was the battery cut-off solenoid, or salesmans switch. We were told how to bypass it, but were uncomfortable doing it ourselves. Fortunately our mobile rv mechanic was able to come out. It took him 15 seconds to by pass it and all is well. We have DC power again. :)
Klueck 10/28/14 05:29am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2004 Monaco Executive

As I sit with probably the same problem, I'm also wondering what ended up being his problem.
Klueck 10/27/14 06:18am Class A Motorhomes
RE: New cat in house......dog is not happy

Good job rescuing the poor kitty. Slobbermouth will get over it and they'll be good buds. We had a slobbermouth too....but we named him Blue. Slobbermouth was more appropriate though.
Klueck 10/26/14 05:43pm RV Pet Stop
RE: No DC power, so we have no heat or air conditioning

One of the things you said can be interperted two ways We checked the house batteries and all four were 6.92 Now, House batteries are always 12 volt (Resting full charge is 12.6) never 6 volt.. HOWEVER a 12 volt battery can be made by wiring two six volt batteries in series. So do you have 4 12 volt (Six cells each) batteries or do you have 2 12 volt batteries each made from two Six Volt (3 cells each) batteries? The answer to that makes a BIG difference. I'm guessing you have 4 very dead 12 volt Marine/Deep cycle and likely will need to replace them because they tend not to recover from that level of discharge. on the other hand, if my guess is wrong, they are full up. ---------------------------------------------------- We have 2 12 volt batteries each made from two Six Volt (3 cells each) batteries He says they are fully charged, at 6.92 v each. I know nothing about this but am relaying what hubby tells me. thanks for your help
Klueck 10/26/14 11:15am Class A Motorhomes
RE: No DC power, so we have no heat or air conditioning

Also, check the salesman switch by the front door....altho from the condition of the batteries, it sounds like they simply drained down overnight. Have you checked their water level? Why is your inverter ON if you're plugged into shore power? Did your shore power go off during the night and the inverter kick on? That would really drain the batteries. Keep us posted....Dennis Dennis Yes. The water level in the batteries is good. The inverter is always on, because in our manual it says "the main switch to the inverter is to remain on." We have done it this way for the 3 years we've had the coach. NO, it doesn't appear we had a power outage overnight. Our Progressive Surge electric management system would have indicated that, and it didn't. A few people on a Monaco forum think it may be the solenoid that's connected to the battery cut-off switch. They have told us how to go around it, but hubby and I are nervous about attempting that. Don't want to blow anything up. :) Evidently, these solenoids are known to be faulty. Right now, we're hoping our mobile RV tech hasn't left for Florida and can help us out before he leaves town.
Klueck 10/26/14 09:36am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Lost 12 volt for coach and chassis

We are having the same problem. If you get the answer, please let me know.
Klueck 10/26/14 06:22am Class A Motorhomes
No DC power, so we have no heat or air conditioning

Everything was fine when we went to bed last night. When we got up this morning, we noticed none of our DC lights were working. We have a 2003 Monaco Windsor DP. We have an inverter. All AC systems are working, but we have no lights, can't run the heat or air conditioning because the thermostat is dead, no water pump The TV, coffee pot, portable heaters all work. Hubby checked the 4 house batteries and they are all reading 6.92 The 2 chassis batteries are reading 13.7 The inverter is blinking green as normal. We did not accidentally hit the battery cut off switch, but we flipped it off and on, just in case. Any ideas?
Klueck 10/26/14 05:53am Class A Motorhomes
Problem with Driveshaft Disconnect

We have a driveshaft disconnect on our 2012 Nissan Frontier. It was put on 37,000 miles ago. We had an issue with a broken cable, but nothing else. The other day, we were driving the truck. We heard a faint pinging noise, then the driveshaft dis-engaged. It was like we were in neutral. We were able to stop and re-engage it right away. We were able to drive home with no further problems. We haven't driven the truck since. We need to locate someone that is familiar with a driveshaft disconnect, but we are in the north Georgia mountains. Can anyone recommend anywhere that installs these driveshaft disconnects that is in this area. We are about 90 miles northeast of Atlanta, and about 30 miles south of the North Carolina border.
Klueck 07/28/14 08:23am Dinghy Towing
RE: Contemplating trip to Florida Keys

We have been wintering in the Keys several years now. We love it so much that we ended up buying an Rv lot at Venture Out Resort in Cudjoe Key. Rv sites are very hard to get in the Keys and getting one in a state park is next to impossible during the winter months, and nearly impossible other times. :) There are quite a few private Rv parks, but most people book next years site before they leave. A few places off the top of my head are Grassy Key, Fiesta Key, Sunshine Key, Bluewater Key, Venture Out (privately owned but some owners rent their site. you need a realtor to find one for you) Jolly Roger, Breezy Pines, Big Pine Key fishing Lodge, Geiger Key Marina. You can do a Google search on these places and see what you think. Plan on $100 a night winter rates and not much less other times. It's not cheap, but is so worth it! Check out my blog if you want to see some pictures from the Keys. (I take a LOT of pictures) Just do a search on Florida Keys from my blog. http://florida-georgiacamping.blogspot.com/
Klueck 07/06/14 08:48am Class A Motorhomes
RE: rv sites florida keys

We own a lot at Venture Out Resort in Cudjoe Key which is at milemarker 23. It's not strictly an rv park. There are small older trailers, mid rise, high rise houses and scattered RV lots. They are all privately owned, so you would need to book directly with a Realtor. The park is very nice, gated, large ocean front pool, Atlantic side, marina and boat launch, tennis, hot tub....any amenity you could imagine. There are a few Realtors in the area that handle Venture Out rentals for the owners. Dolbery Realty is who we use. There are others. Another park is Sunshine Key between Marathon and Big pine. We stayed there every year until we bought at Venture Out. It's nice in the winter, not so nice in the summer.
Klueck 07/06/14 08:38am Class C Motorhomes
RE: How much reliability would I gain replacing an old AC?

We're in the same boat. We have two ac units and the rear one failed recently. It was about 11 years old. We use our AC most every day so they have both been used a lot. The replacement one seems to be a lot more powerful, so we've been happy with it. We are always concerned about our cats and I've been reading about some systems that will send you a text showing the inside temp of your rv. I haven't had any chance to do any research yet. We're wondering whether or not to replace the other unit. Now when it's convenient, or later down the road when it breaks at the most inopportune time. Ou
Klueck 07/02/14 06:38am Tech Issues
RE: AC at the beach...

We're in Tampa, Florida. No shade and it's very hot and humid. We have two a/c and the mh stays cool. We were in the Keys through April and it was hot, humid there too. No shade and we stayed cool. Our mh is insulated well and we have dual pane windows though.
Klueck 06/30/14 07:53am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Lazy days in Florida

We have bought two motorhomes there and wouldn't go anywhere else. Three years ago we bought a used Monaco mh. They went over it with a fine tooth comb and fixed everything they could find. We ended up with new tires, batteries, slide topper, slide gaskets, toilet. Mike Ballard was our service tech (ask him if you buy one). He checked everything out and found things we would never have found on our own (or not for a while) When you buy, you have 30 days guarantee. If you are on the road and find a problem, and can't get back to Lazy Days before the 30 days are up, you can call them, make note of the problem and they will fix it for you (under the 30 day warranty) when you can get back. Not that kind of service for many dealers. If you buy one, do not be in a big hurry to leave their lot. The clock on the 30 day warranty doesn't start ticking until you drive off the lot. We traded one end, so they set us up in the change over area. We kept finding little things that needed fixing, so they kept fixing them. We ended up being there a good while, but it was lucky because the refrigerator chose that time to fail and we got a new 4 door Norcold refirgerator, which was about a $5000 refrigerator. I can't say enough good about them, however some friends of ours bought an almost new Monaco and ended up being in their "Crown Club" It's where the high dollar rigs are taken care of. They got terrible service. I think it all depends on the technician that is in charge of going over that particular rig. As I said before, ask for Mike Ballard! He was great. Tell him Al and Karen Lueck sent ya!
Klueck 06/30/14 07:51am General RVing Issues
RE: Water...please tell me it's gonna be ok!

I know you don't want to ruin your vacation but maybe it's best to get it handled right now. I would definitely call the insurance company and get it repaired correctly.
Klueck 06/27/14 06:03pm Travel Trailers
RE: Best Spyware, Malware Recommendation

I like Malware Bytes and Windows defender
Klueck 06/27/14 05:41pm Technology Corner
RE: Residential Refrigerator

Lazy Days in Seffner (near Tampa) Florida
Klueck 06/27/14 05:40pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Onan diesel 5500 generator oil leak

We had a small leak on our Onan. It has way more hours on it though. Hubby tightened the drain pipe and put some teflon tape on it. It hasn't leaked since (knock on wood) He always uses Onan oil and filters.
Klueck 06/27/14 05:37pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: No A/C at night....????

We prefer to sleep without the ac running, but it needs to be cool enough. What we do is to turn on the fantastic fan with it vented to go OUT. Then we open one window by the bed. The fan sucks the air out and blasts cooler air in through the open window. Then put a fan by your bed.
Klueck 06/26/14 06:22am Travel Trailers
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