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RE: Love My 6.0L Ford

Unfortunately, there is always someone that tries to spoil someone's positive experience or recent purchase by posting negatively instead of being happy for the OP. It's not so much people wanting to ruin the OP's positive experience. It's to point out that despite the OP's positive experience the 6.0 has been a problem plagued engine since its inception. At this point I could not recommend that someone purchase a 6.0. There are simply other less risky/costly options. I am happy for the OP, however I still do not see the 6.0 as a quality/reliable engine. The 6.0's notoriously terrible reputation is too horrible to ignore.
Lantley 12/18/14 06:02am Tow Vehicles
RE: Stainless Steel tabletop gas grill

The OP ask for opinions and comments. If the OP wants us naysayers who where dissatisfied with the grill to lie and say it worked great what's the point? My intention was not to be mean,but to be honest. Hopefully I could spare the OP the mistake and aggravation that I experienced. Sometimes the truth hurts! Interestingly enough I was not the only one unhappy with the grill.
Lantley 12/17/14 04:35am General RVing Issues
RE: Exit Now

Time. The app, IExit. It much easier to use than a book. At least as long as you have cell service.And... As long as you have a smart phone and pay those monthly data fees. Sorry but the future is here! They did not quit printing the book do to excess demand. I have a few older versions of Next Exit but now use the I exit App and GPS info.
Lantley 12/16/14 07:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: Stainless Steel tabletop gas grill

I had what appears to be the same unit. I purchased it from Sam's. I was not happy with it. Did not cook very well. It was a bit hard to clean as well. I sold it on Craig's list for $50.00 Do yourself a favor and return it now. Add the difference and get a Weber Q top choice top dollar or a Coleman Roadtrip 2nd choice. I believe the Weber is a better grill overall. Well built, holds the heat well. but I like the Coleman because it comes with a stand attached and does not require a table.
Lantley 12/16/14 07:20pm General RVing Issues
RE: RV`s with low CCC

and these are trailers aimed at families, whose stuff will certainly exceed 200lbs. Not only that, but the weight against the CCC needs to include the people in the camping unit. Most people don't consider that when buying rvs. Granted, for tts and 5ers it isn't being towed when people are in it, but people weight still stresses the axles, tires, and jack stand. While I understand your point. The CCC is not the static load capacity. They are different ratings I wasn't talking about the static load capacity - I was talking about the gross vehicle weight rating. (GVWR - UVW = CCC) The GVWR does not apply while in static condition. When the trailer is parked who cares how many people are in the trailer? My rig can easily sleep 10 people. I'm not at all concerned with their weight or the effect of their weight while parked. I understand there is a static load limit, but it is not the GVWR. I don't think I can have an entire football team in the RV jumping at once.But I'm not a all concerned with an RV full of people filling every bed and seat available at the same time. The dynamics while traveling down the road are totally different from the forces encountered while just parked.
Lantley 12/16/14 03:33pm General RVing Issues
RE: RV`s with low CCC

and these are trailers aimed at families, whose stuff will certainly exceed 200lbs. Not only that, but the weight against the CCC needs to include the people in the camping unit. Most people don't consider that when buying rvs. Granted, for tts and 5ers it isn't being towed when people are in it, but people weight still stresses the axles, tires, and jack stand. While I understand your point. The CCC is not the static load capacity. They are different ratings
Lantley 12/16/14 12:33pm General RVing Issues
RE: 2013 Ram 2500 6.7- pull a Montana High Country 293RK?

Many people may consider that combo OK. However I don't think it is a very good match. A Mega Cab with all the goodies has a very low payload rating. You should have bought a 1 ton SRW version. Good Luck. If this is a long term decision/situation. I would at least investigate the trade in value/possibilities or your current truck towards the correct truck. Good Luck
Lantley 12/16/14 12:15pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Batteries Stolen...Now What?

Try BD battery lock Battery Lock http://ep.yimg.com/ca/I/yhst-34031511458386_2268_320420
Lantley 12/14/14 07:55pm Travel Trailers
RE: Lightening tongue weight

Margaret I understand you are new and seeking advice. I will be blunt with these comments. Removing tanks and or battery to lighten tongue is a bad idea. The easiest way to create instability and induce sway is to lighten your tongue. Unless you know what you are doing you will be making a huge mistake. Are you using a Sherline tongue scale to verify your moves and taking test rides? In short reducing your TW is not a solution.Instead it is a recipe for disaster
Lantley 12/14/14 08:29am Travel Trailers
RE: Huge discrepancies

But the math is compelling. If you subtract the curb weight from the GVWR, you should get the payload, no? Math doesn't lie. So why is the sticker so much less? Where does the mfr. come up with these figures? You are correct in that you get payload by subtracting the curb weight from GVWR. The discrepancies are due to the configurations and options. Most ads and salesmen will use the best case scenarios which sound best. A base model, regular cab, 2x4 can have 3k payload. A crew cab, Lariat, 4x4 will add a lot to the vehicle's curb weight, which subtracts directly from the payload. You need to go by the sticker, they are legally mandated and are accurate. Keep in mind that sticker number also gets reduced by dealer added options like bed liners, side steps etc. The 2k+ payloads are rare to find on a dealer lot. You'll likely need to special order the tow and HD payload package. If you're going to go there you might as well get a 3/4 ton of the lot for less $. I'm definitely not a mathematician, but I'm wondering about some things here. The mfr. sets the payload, based on what he puts on the truck as it rolls down the line. That's the sticker. The dealer adds a little this and a little that - maybe a tow mirror and a bed-liner. They increase the curb weight, which reduces the difference between curb weight and GVWR, and supposedly reduces the mathematical computation of available payload. But in each case, the differences between the sticker and the mathematical computation (GVWR minus curb weight) was huge - many hundreds of pounds, much more than the weight of the items the dealer/s may have added over time. And if I understand this process correctly, if the sticker is the holy grail, then no one should ever add anything to the vehicle after it leaves the assembly line, because doing so will render the sticker incorrect. Do I have that right? You almost have it right.While dealer added items will reduce payload in general that reduction will be negligible. What you really need to consider is that RV towing is like no other recreational towing activity. A boat,jet ski,or even a utility trailer will not impact the towing parameters in the way an RV trailer does. WE have not mentioned frontal area which is a parameter seldom mention but has a dramatic impact. In the end RV trailers are designed to be tongue heavy to ensure stability. The heavy tongue suck up payload in a hurry like no other recreational trailer. Unless one specifically seeks out and orders their 1/2 ton truck with specific increased payload packages if /when available. Most 1/2 ton trucks will be limited when towing an RV trailer. Their really is not a huge discrepancy in the ratings, but there is discrepancy in understanding the ratings. There is also debate on the value of the ratings. In the end either you believe the engineers and designers or you don't. Your Sequoia is a nice truck but it is far from a great RV tow vehicle due to its lack of payload and soft suspension. I prefer to be totally relaxed while towing. I also don't want to be concerned about having too much cargo. I don't want to fear that having full tanks can affect my towing performance. I don't want to fear that everything must be just right in order to have a relaxed trip. We all have are comfort level. I don't believe the sky will fall in one exceeds a rating. However I don't believe in ignoring the ratings either. A combo that is within ALL of its ratings will perform noticeably better than a combo that is not within its ratings. Tow your trailer with your Sequoia, than tow it with a 3/4 ton vehicle with ample payload. The experience will be enlightening. At some point you must decide what your priorities in a vehicle are and how dedicated you are to RV'ing. Only you can make that decision. While research and discussion will help you make a determination, ultimately you hold your own cards.
Lantley 12/13/14 12:31pm Travel Trailers
RE: Lightening tongue weight

Higher tongue weights are more stable for the trailer, provided the tow vehicle can manage the tongue weight (i.e. not overladed, no front axle off-loading). As tongue weight (as a percentage) goes down, the speed where the trailer becomes unstable also goes down. Other factors include the moment of inertia (where the most is in relation to the trailer's axles) and center of gravity, as well as trailer wheelbase and suspension, axle, and tire stiffness. In short.... there's a lot of variables when it comes to trailer vehicle dynamics. Reducing tongue weight, or having an insufficient vehicle doesn't guarantee a problem will happen, but it certainly increases the probability. If you were moving a trailer occasionally across town, you can often fudge the ratings quite a but since speeds will be lower, and other factors like traffic, fatigue, and weather are easier to accommodate for. But to be shopping for a new truck being used for regular RVing, I think it would be nuts not to just buy something that meets all your specifications. Agree with the above. I will add if one additional passenger or the weight of Kayak's causes instability than the combo is poorly matched or poorly set up. On a bright clear sunny day being within the ratings and having a well matched combo may not matter. But when the unforeseen happens and the weather goes south. Or the traffic is bad and the road is steep and curvy being within your ratings can make all the difference.
Lantley 12/13/14 11:39am Travel Trailers
RE: Love My 6.0L Ford

Will I own a 6.0? Maybe one day if my needs require a diesel. Right now I could buy a really nice 06 F350 SuperDuty Crew Cab Long Bed dually 4x4 in King Ranch with about 100k miles for $22,000.00 asking price. I would do the following to this truck immediately. *BPD EGR Cooler *BPD Oil Cooler Kit... (replaces the engine oil cooler with an air to oil cooler and sends coolant straight to the EGR cooler) *Coolant filter And thats at a minimum. Thanks! Jeremiah Or you could by another brand truck of the same era and avoid the expense and hassle of bullet proofing the truck....I did
Lantley 12/13/14 08:51am Tow Vehicles
RE: securing a genny ??

You will need 2 smaller 2000 watt generators to run AC. Just one will be questionable. If you are serious about your idea you will need a dedicated enclosure of some sort to truly secure your gensets. If you are relying on locks and chains there will always be risk. Once upon a time I carried my genset in an enclosed diamond plate box. It worked very well. http://i185.photobucket.com/albums/x69/Lantley/RV%20Mods/IMG_2467_1.jpg width=480
Lantley 12/13/14 08:39am Travel Trailers
RE: Sewer smell when using exhaust fans

Your trap or Air admittance valve should be blocking those fumes. Why are you leaving your gray valve open? Leaving the valve open can be a source for issues including sewer flies.
Lantley 12/13/14 08:27am Travel Trailers
RE: Is a Resort REALLY a Resort & is a Park REALLY a Park or??

Bil Satellite - Good point about the 99% but thats ok with me. There are places to stay all within a half days drive or less anywhere in the US. Again, parks are divided into different categories dependent on what they offer and how they look. You may not be able to or want to stay in a Platinum location but you will be able to find somewhere to stay that for sure will fit your needs if you have a big-rig; TRULY Pull-Thru, TRULY Full-Hookups and TRULY Big Rig FRIENDLY. If you prefer a Coyote Ugly site just for the night, it's on there. Basically, all I have done is visited tons of sites that rate these parks & used their input, I also visualized them on Google Earth and gleaned as much info from that as well. I have done my best to ensure they fit the needs of Big Rig, Full Hookups and appear to be the nicest in their area. Basically, according to me as interpreted from tons of ratings these parks ARE the best of the best in the area they are located in. While I think your intentions are good and many may find your info valuable. The reality is we are not buying the parks but for the most part just staying a few days. There is little disparity in the true destination parks. It is the more out of the way places where the gray areas exist. But if you have a need to be in Havre De Grace, MD than you take what is available plain and simple. There is no need to do lots of research on the matter. Some places will always be better than others. As long as the place is safe and has functional hook ups. I can find a way to make it work for a few days. While I appreciate a nice paved, well landscaped spot as much as everyone. I am not seeking perfection at each stop. I find a simple review with RV parks .com or RV Parky and I can find out all I need to know. If something is questionable I may call. But I don't need full military reconnaissance of the RV park. All the details just aren't that important. I'm not buying I'm just staying a few days. In the end I'm more motivated by convenience than amenities. Any site that I can somehow maneuver into with 50 amps will do. Sure an extra large pull through site is better but if the Resort/park/campground is not located convenient to my ultimate destination it doesn't matter. Once you've been through the circuit a time or two, I find choosing a camping spot is really not that complicated.
Lantley 12/13/14 08:23am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Considering going from a TT to FW

The problem with selling it yourself is that your selling price will be very close to what a new one can be bought for. Holding onto you old unit is the only way to avoid the loss. Otherwise you are going to take a hit. Trading it in will ultimately be the most painless way. You will get your best deal now while RV sales are at their slowest. Dealers are a bit desperate and more willing to be creative to make a sale. Come Spring your trailer will be easier to sell, but the dealer will have a easier time selling his trailers as well. Decide how much of a hit you are willing to take and try to negotiate that figure now. Good Luck it's sort of a no win scenario. Selling a 6 month old financed RV will always be a losing proposition
Lantley 12/11/14 08:34pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Buying my Hemi WAS a good idea

Just a few years ago the diesels were at what the Hemi is with a with the altitude handicap. If these diesels worked for the people you speak of then, why wouldn't they work now? OK I'll bite It's all about change.Needs change. Trailers change. Capability changes. Much in the same way the OP left his original diesel for a gasser, because at the end of the day his needs and opinions changed. There are people getting larger trailers that need more power than the current gassers produce. Towing is not a one size fits all scenario,finances,terrain,towing frequency, RV size are all factors. My 07 Dually does the job very well,but a 2015 model is more capable, more refined, and more expensive but it would do a better job hauling my current rig. If money were no object I would have a 2015 Dually, but in the real world we all have finances to balance. I'am very satisfied with my 07 Duramax,but that does not make it the best or most capable truck available. The Big 3 are continuously trying to build a better mouse trap. As a result both gas a diesels are becoming more capable. Yes gassers are taking on loads that were once reserved for diesels. Duallys are taking on loads once reserved for MDT's. Turbo charged V-6's are taking on loads reserved for 8 cylinders. The beauty of it is there are lots of choices. The real key is to listen to what others are doing and become familiar with all the available options vs. being stuck in your way with blinders on believing that only one way will work. Don't shout down the changes and options but have an open mind. Understand that engineering and technology is constantly advancing. What is top of the line today may be obsolete in the future. The lines between gas/diesel, 1/2,3/4,1 ton are constantly being blurred. If we expand are minds and are thinking we will quickly realize that tow vehicles come in more shapes and sizes than ever before. Figuring which shoes fits best is not as simple as it once was. A track shoe is now capable of doing many things that combat boots used to do. We've just got to be open minded enough to try one on for size.:) Sooner or later we realize that track shoe is a lot more comfortable than a big ol' boot. In the end I'm a die hard diesel guy used to nothing but combat boots,but I'm learning. As my needs change there could be a gasser in my future........ I doubt it but I have learned never say never.
Lantley 12/11/14 07:00pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Buying my Hemi WAS a good idea

Today's big gassers have just as much "pulling power" as the diesels. How many big gassers carry around forced induction at altitude? Your flatlander statement isn't 100% valid for everyone. That is kind of the theme of the entire thread "Buying my Hemi WAS a good idea" for the OP it was a good idea. However that "Statement isn't 100% valid for everyone!" For the OP the Hemi works for many of us the Hemi isn't enough. There is no right or wrong in this just different point of views
Lantley 12/11/14 06:31am Tow Vehicles
RE: TowMax ST tires recalled

My 16" Towmax tires only last 1 season before the blowout. Maybe they should recall them as well!
Lantley 12/10/14 08:59am Tech Issues
RE: Pounds "average family packs"

My 7200# dry weight TT generally weighed in at 9.5K to 10.5K loaded. Loaded weight included genset on rear platform,Porta bote,outboard motor, gas cans,4 bikes,grill chairs ,tools, floor jack,full fresh tank,2 batteries,lots of beer and ice etc. etc. I could easily carry 3K worth of cargo............and still do in my current rig
Lantley 12/08/14 08:59pm Travel Trailers
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