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RE: X chock vs ONEstep chock

As long as you're happy we are all satisfied too! The only person you have to convince that the One step does both functions is yourself.
Lantley 04/23/17 03:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: Explaining RVs/campers to people who just don't get it!

I'm sorry but I work for a living. I don't get 3 months off I have at most 2 weeks to make my trip, usually only one week. This year we are going to the Nashville area and it's a 671 mile trip. 1 day down 5 days there 1 day back. I get what you're saying OP and like it, but I have to agree wit this poster. Most of us can't afford that kind of time! I am a working stiff as well. It becomes more of a mindset to relax and take it easy vs. a marathon. I'm part of the rat race every day. Hurry here ,get there, stick to the schedule etc. On vacation I prefer to slow down 671 miles is a 14 hour day why not cut it in 2 and stop for the night and chill out. Nashville will be there when you get there. You will be refreshed and relaxed vs. worn from the long drive. Somewhere at the 350 mile point will be a nice spot,maybe with a pool that you can enjoy for the evening. Eat dinner at the CG and start out fresh. I used to be a straight through marathon traveler, but eventually I realized that traveling continuously is too much like work. I prefer 350 mile days and smelling the roses. There is fun to be had along the way. The fun doesn't have to start in Nashville. There is fun to be had somewhere along the way. Its more about your mindset vs. the amount of vacation time you have.
Lantley 04/23/17 08:58am Travel Trailers
RE: Newbie question, should have asked this first.

Your in PA. If you really want selection. Wait for the Hershey show in September. It will give you a chance to see everything that is out there in person. Hreshey is a huge nationwide show.
Lantley 04/23/17 08:29am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Platinum RA 9 yr member not helped on a Sunday

I think that I'll make it a point to NOT travel on Sundays and Holidays from now on. If only it were that simple. Don't travel and breakdown if an area where there is a higher paying police requested tow. Or a more lucrative direct pay customer as you will be moved to the back of the line.!
Lantley 04/23/17 08:19am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Lancaster Pa

My vote is for Country Acres close to the action. But not in the action. Clean and well managed
Lantley 04/22/17 06:22pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: X chock vs ONEstep chock

The OP is not trying to stop rocking. He is trying to stop the slight rolling of the tires. Semantics. There in lies the problem. He needs both items. The X-chocks will stop the vibration or static movement of the tires but they are not designed to stop tires from rolling. The one step will not stop vibration,shaking or static motion but it will stop the tire from rolling. The OP wants to believes one device can do both. As far as I know. There is not a device currently marketed to do both. The old Roto-Choks may have been capable but they are now defunct.
Lantley 04/22/17 04:21pm General RVing Issues
RE: X chock vs ONEstep chock

Let's calm down before an administrator feels the need to close this thread. You might recall my earlier post where I indicated I've had and used both products so have a valid opinion, which is I found no real difference between the products. For clarification, that was with a 38' Wildcat FW with standard front jacks and a wind down rear stabilizer. My DW always commented about how much the RV shook, using either product. Now with 6-pt levelers, I only use the one-step as a chock. I tell you on difference between the two. Put them both in place and try to drive away with only using one or the other not both. The X-choks will come spitting out from between the tires and you will be on your way. The ground based wedge Chocks will not let you pull off. BTDT.
Lantley 04/22/17 11:06am General RVing Issues
RE: Disney and universal Florida. How to do both..

I was just in Orland at Fort Wilderness 2 weeks ago. My thought is Universal has more rides for adults and older kids. If you are interested in doing rides you will need a fast pass at either park. Without the fast pass the wait will be excessive. Fast past patrons (those who paid the extra $$) will continually be placed in line front of you making your wait even longer. I did not understand the reality of the fast pass phenomenon until recently visiting the park. If you are there for the rides the fast pass is required in my book.....it's only money.LOL Without the pass every line will be an hour plus wait. You will never get to do the entire park at that rate. You will run out of time. Luckily I am past the ride phase of my life, however I can see how the Fast Pass has changed the game and is really a 2nd ticket/payment required to enjoy the rides at the park! Without the pass your experience will be less enjoyable due to the long wait. times.
Lantley 04/22/17 09:31am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: X chock vs ONEstep chock

Love the absolute declarations with only anecdotal stories to support the argument - either my way or the highway. Too funny. :W Do you sense the irony? Why do you feel the need to fight with me? You haven't tried the product, yet you are the expert? I know exactly what I was trying to fix with either this product or the X-Chock. I have now tested both products and feel that they both achieve roughly the same effect, albeit in a different manner. The purpose of this thread was to determine if one product was substantially better than the other. In my opinion, based upon using BOTH products on the same trailer with the same conditions, they both work equally well. Why this needs to turn into an argument is beyond me... Argue with someone else, or plan a camping trip. Except you have decided that these items are for the same purpose when the manufacturer's not Sound Guy dispute your claim. I won't debate it with you. If you're happy I'm happy, but I'll stick with what the manufacturer's have to say concerning their use vs. your interpretation of their purpose
Lantley 04/22/17 09:17am General RVing Issues
RE: Disney and universal Florida. How to do both..

I'd spend more time at Disney and skip Universal which pales in comparison. I would agree if you are not interested in rides. If you are after thrill rides you won't want to miss universal.
Lantley 04/22/17 08:10am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: RVs and Condos

I understand many keep their RV's at off site storage and manage fine. However I would not like that arrangement. I require the convenience of seeing my rig everyday. I go out and tinker around whenever I want. I fix things, mod things at my convenience at any time. I wash interior and exterior without making any plan to do so. RV stays plugged in 24/7/365 allowing me to extend my camping season through December. For me, keeping RV at home is a must. I doubt I would own an RV if I had to use off site storage.
Lantley 04/22/17 07:56am General RVing Issues
RE: Registration......Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!

Maine has a permanent one time tag fee which is nice. In Maryland we pay an annual registration fee for our trailer tags. In the end each state as to collect the $$$ some way. Be it income tax, property tax,personal property tax,gas tax, registration fees etc. My thought is it all evens out in the end.
Lantley 04/22/17 07:36am General RVing Issues
RE: F150 and towing advice to pass on

A poorly set up trailer will sway and tow just as bad behind a F250 as it will behind a F150. True to a point. An F-250 will make up for some of the shortcomings. Things will not need to be fined tuned quite as much. In the end the heavier ,beefier truck will always provide more control vs. the lighter,smaller truck. Conversely the lighter truck will always ride a little softer and use a bit less fuel when not towing.
Lantley 04/21/17 09:03pm Travel Trailers
RE: RVs and Condos

And therein lies the big problem people have with their RVs off site. I have never had, nor will I ever own an RV if I have to store it off site. I agree . I know to never say never. however I could not agree to live somewhere where I could not keep my RV on site.
Lantley 04/21/17 06:45pm General RVing Issues
RE: Pulling A Fifth Wheel vs. Bumper Pull

I don't know. Never weighed it. I would consider weighing a starting point. Knowing not guessing,estimating or brochuring your weights will let you know where you stand within the parameters of your combo. Good or bad the actual weights is valuable information if you are serious about finding a lasting solution.
Lantley 04/21/17 09:17am Beginning RVing
RE: Platinum RA 9 yr member not helped on a Sunday

I decided to see if I could find out how tow companies prioritize their calls. I called a friend who is a principal owner of a towing service and asked him to elaborate. He told me they take calls on the following priority: Public Safety - Emergency/Dangerous Individuals - danger Individuals - non-danger Public Safety - non emergency Insurance Companies Private Tow (Business Tow away zones) Roadside Assistance Companies He said their agreement with public safety is they have to come if called. Their agreement with all others is on an agreed time/distance/time of day for the tow. He also said they have the right to decline a request from all but the public safety calls. He said his agreement is the same for all of the assistance companies and he doesn't have a preference for which. Although he did say the insurance company calls are the best paying. This was for his company but he did say it was pretty much the same for others. That's very interesting. And what it seems to break down to after the Police calls is economic in descending order of how much it will pay. And if this is accurate then really as a customer we should be informed BEFORE we buy the road service that any given tow company has the right to decline the service call and thus leave us or in this case the OP stranded. But I fear GSE and all the other Road Service companies corporate ears are closed to this. I strongly suggest you follow this link to Consumer Affairs to see why GSE want these complaints to come to this site/forum. It makes interesting reading. ConsumerAffairs-GSE Road Service I think it's time for a bit more openness and clarity on the part of all of these companies about how this service is really structured. Would it not be better for them to admit this upfront and just promise to pay for the Police or private call to the tow company? That would certainly satisfy me on this issue and make me a happier customer for sure. Really I don't see the need to reviews all the various agreements. 90% of the tows occur at normal business times and are cut and dry. If I am able to get $500.00 tow for a $100.00 membership fee I'm happy. I don't need to review the books or see what everyone else is paying. I try to travel during daylight hours in an effort to avoid precarious scenarios if possible. Nevertheless I know there are lots of pitfalls and I don't expect a tow truck to be there within an hour or any set time regardless of the advertisement. I know it will be luck of the draw. My other option is to have no tow coverage save my annual dues and deal with it on my own. In the end I'll take the coverage with alls of its shortcomings and cross my fingers. I understand the tow drivers are in it to make a profit and that they will take a more lucrative call over my budget price tow every time. If I want express instant service I can pick up the phone and dial direct and pay direct without the benefit of the roadside plans discount. Of course that assumes I know who to call at all times.
Lantley 04/20/17 09:24pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Given your knowledge, would you do it again?

I made the move in 2012 and I have my current rig figured out and modded the way I want it. While this is not my last RV, I tend to keep them a long time. My goal is to keep this one at least ten years. Upgrading every 3-4 years is a waste to me. It takes that long to get it broken in and the bugs figured out. I generally don't hesitate to upgrade make improvements or add some bling along the way. But this one needs to lat me until at least 2023......We'll see...LOL
Lantley 04/20/17 06:23pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Replacing roof on 2001 Fleetwood Toy Hauler 5th Wheel

While it is not cheap I would consider on of the new commercially applied RV roof coating Sprays. Flex Armor RV Roof looks to me like white truck bed spray in liner .. Yes that is sort of what it is. I have no first hand experience. However I have seen roofs that have been done in person. Much stronger and more durable than any rubber/fabric product. No seams or joints.
Lantley 04/20/17 06:17pm Toy Haulers
RE: Platinum RA 9 yr member not helped on a Sunday

^^^ I agree completely. The odd part on this one is apparently GS will reimburse them for the tow, so they are being charged and paying the $1,400 anyway. The bad part is now the bad press and poor feelings with the OP - and anyone else considering GS. As a disclaimer - we have GSRA, and like all RSA we hope to never need it. We had CoachNet back in the day and used it once with great results. I'd hope the same if we ever needed our GSRA, however based on this one, and how close they actually were to a very major trucking/truck stop hub, if they couldn't find a truck here where the heck CAN they find one? Finding a tow truck in that area should have been as easy as finding an RV at a campground. I agree GSRA may pay anyway, but they are forced into that scenario. I'm sure they avoid the 1400 tows and will not pay the higher fees if given the opportunity to decline. Which I imagine leads to longer wait times as GSRA pursues a cheaper tow truck
Lantley 04/20/17 09:54am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Just my opinion

Grit Dog make the point that we all discover.Money comes and goes, But your time and health are the real barometers to all of this. I'd just assume eat cat food in the end knowing I enjoyed it all vs. having a 6 figure bank account but being too old to really go out and have fun. I'm still a weekender, working stiff. I can only hope I am in good health when I get to retirement age to do some full time RV'ing. After 60 years of working daily, health and fitness will be a bigger factor than finances.
Lantley 04/20/17 09:48am General RVing Issues
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