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RE: This just makes no sense to me

It does speak to the campers they a catering to. They have a base rate of just to people. Making their initial price seem cheaper. They then add additional people as required. For couples this works great and in the end it is probably a fairer way to price vs. including a charge for 4 people when there are only 2
Lantley 08/01/14 10:28am Family Camping
RE: lettuce talk sewers.......

I have the same set up. I think your current approach is easier than setting up the wye and additional hoses. My rear grey (galley tank) does not fill that fast. I simply move the hose and connect it to the rear connection on departure. Setting up the wye is just additional work that is unnecessary just to dump the rear tank one time. Maybe the wye would be worthwhile if I were staying a month or longer. But the one hose method will last me at least a solid week
Lantley 07/31/14 06:00am General RVing Issues
RE: What do I look and listen for when buying a 6.7 F350 Diesel

While I'm not afraid of a high mileage diesel. 160K in 3 years means the truck has been run hard in my book. Not a total deal breaker but too many miles too soon for me
Lantley 07/30/14 04:57pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Portable gen running on the back of a moving RV?

I had 2 eu2000's running in my pickup bed to power the ac while going down the road..no problems There is a lot more movement and bounce at the rear of a rig vs. the bed of a pick up. I'm not saying it won't work but if bounce is reported to be an issue, than locating genset on the rear may make have a negative impact
Lantley 07/30/14 04:52pm Tech Issues
RE: Another negative recommendation of an RV Park

You could have met at a restaurant. I understand why a campground does this to control numbers of guests. I don't see your complaint as valid. I agree. Complaining about a clearly posted fee, after the fact, is just not credible. X2..
Lantley 07/30/14 04:43pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Dual AC a handicap when only 30amp is available?

In the end its not just about A/C a 50 amp rig/site has advantages over a 30 amp rig/site. A 30 amp rig is fine and is very capable however a 50 amp rig requires no energy management or additional conservation. Dual A/C's, multiple space heaters, hair dryers microwaves can be used without tripping the breakers.
Lantley 07/30/14 04:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: Depressing Depreciation

I am in the buy a 2-3 year old truck crowd however my opinion maybe changing. I'm afraid I'm wearing them out too fast. I keep my trucks until they are worn out .My last F-250 had 240K on it. I hoping to get 300K out of my current truck. I have 175K now. I'm starting to think a 1 year old truck with 10-12K is ideal for me. I save the depreciation and pick up mileage in the long run.
Lantley 07/30/14 11:03am Tow Vehicles
RE: New signup less than half of renewall

I cannot figure why anyone would purchase Roadside Assistance from anyone other than their Insurance Carrier. I was covered by Progressive for 3 yrs. at $39 a year. Used it 1 time. Service was great and no increase in my premium. Also, no deductible to pay. Seems to me, most want to throw money away for this coverage and then complain about it. :h Many policies do not cover towing. Especially large RV trailers. Coachnet and GS provide coverage for RV's and trailers. In the end they all use the same towing services. What type of service provided to you on the highway is determined more by your location,time of day and the quality/ability of the tow service dispatched. All the above criteria are generally out of the RV'ers control. Coachnet,GS,AAA or whoever are not actually doing the towing. They all contract someone else leaving us all at the mercy of the tow service that is dispatched.
Lantley 07/30/14 10:32am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: New signup less than half of renewall

C'mon guys every business does this; it is not unique to CW. Check your credit card companies and/or cable provider! Instead of complaining, why not just call CW and state your case for customer loyalty and see if they will adjust your fees? Exactly and if it makes the OP feel any better they will treat the new customers the same as they treat you once lure them in the door!
Lantley 07/30/14 05:56am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Opinion needed if you've owned a TT and a FW

Trailering stability is a major. Less rock and roll. Storage space is another. Ease of setup and takedown. A 5er tracks behind you better on turning. All of the above were factors in our decision. Backing up is more difficult with a 5er. I could back up my long ago 22' boat and drop it in when only inches to spare. This carried over to our travel trailers. I have yet to remember that a 5er takes patience - not my long suit! You crank too hard or not give yourself enough "pull forward" to ease the turn and you will jackknife it sure as heck. Which is why I try and get pull thru spots whenever possible. No question which way I would recommend - 5er. And we got a long bed truck (SRW) so I could put the infamous silver box for storage of tools and things right behind the cab. Hmmm, that might be a hard sell for the husband. He is not horrible with back the TT only having it for a year. He isn't always great either. I was hoping the 5th wheel would be easier. I know people say it's different. Maybe if we decide to do this the RV Dealer would let him practice with a used one before we buy. We also have a long bed so we would still have some space. That was another reason my husband wasn't fond of the FW besides the price. A TT responds quicker to the steering input from the truck vs. a fiver. With a fiver you need to pull forward more to straighten things out. With a TT the response is qucker and there is less need to pull forward. In the end they respond differently to the steering from the truck. A TT is a bit easier to learn and get used to.
Lantley 07/29/14 04:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tire decision... My turn :)

The Ribs and the R250 have 3042 lbs of capacity and don't match a 40' 15500 GVWR trailer with 7k axles ..... if the trailer has 7k axles It does have 7k axles and I agree Jim. I would not use a tire with a 3042 rating. Tires.... for such a simple device it sure can be a confusing subject. I am still having a hard time believing that in this day and age when there are so many large 5th wheels on the road that there are so few QUALITY tire options out there. It just boggles my mind. I hear of so many people using Ribs with great results on big trailers yet they are "only" rated at 3,042lbs and I am just not willing to take a chance running a tire that is rated that low. It may be the greatest tire on the road but what if..... what if it fails and you have an accident and someone gets hurt and your found guilty of running under rated tires.... what if? Yes there seems to be lots of RV trailers out there. But in the grand scheme of all vehicles there a very few RV trailers. RV trailer tires are a niche market. That's why there are lots of issues because there are not many tire choices. Many end users don't understand RV tires. The scenario gets even more complicated because the OEM tires are often cheap marginally rated tires that need to be replaced from day 1. Go into your typical tire store and talk to them about RV trailer tires and you will not get a lot of solid answers. The Goodyear is truly the only choice for a heavy duty dedicated RV tire. Sailun tire has come along and provided another option. The are a few good LT choices, Duravis, XPS, ribs and commercial T/A's. Nevertheless if you need a heavy RV tire for a rigs in the 15K GVW range your choices are still somewhat limited.
Lantley 07/29/14 06:35am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Free Wi-Fi??

Looking at my verizon bill with two droids,two tablets,one flip phone and home phone,I'd really much rather pay for wi/fi in a rv park,than go for mifi. We were in a campground and their wifi went down and I wasn't using it and so didn't know it. but the DW was and she went over to data and it almost wound up costing me a fortune. It doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg if you get the proper plan. If you have a low use plan and go over you will be whacked with overage fees, however if you get an adequate plan from the start the rate is more reasonable. We all want top notch wifi however many aren't willing to pay for it. We expect the CG to provide adequate WI FI for free which for the most part doesn't happen. The big catch is what is adequate? Is it the ability to check e mail or is it the ability to stream movies? Big difference.
Lantley 07/29/14 04:38am General RVing Issues
RE: Was I Wrong? (Long Story)

It's quite easy for us Monday morning quarterbacks to pass judgement. However you should have walked away long before it escalated to the point he was at your site. I don't think you were wrong but often the smarter thing to do is to simply walk away.......there is nothing to prove ....
Lantley 07/28/14 06:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tire decision... My turn :)

Neither I would get Sailuns. They seem to be every bit as good as the goodyear but much cheaper Check out 16" Sailun tire here I purchased 4 last year.
Lantley 07/28/14 06:17pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: picking up our new 5th wheel, need advice

I have have been on a few solo trips it can be done no problem. Take your time and don't hesitate to get out and look when necessary!
Lantley 07/28/14 05:50pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Sometimes camping just isn't fun as it should be

I tell my husband not to complain to me if he is not willing to complain to those in charge. Same to you. My wife and I usually agree on things like this. She has my back and I hers. As I said earlier, the workers saw the dogs being aggressive more than once and turned their heads to it. Sometimes you have to weigh the gravity of the situation what the problem is, and "who and how many" are involved. Running off and complaining could put your husband ( and you) in the spot light with these people. I'm too old for confrontation, especially with younger people. Or looking behind our backs. So if you enjoy watching your husband sparring with neighbors, that's up to you. Like I said, I've learned my lesson. Next time we'll pack up and leave voicing our complaint on the way out. The only problem is around this state just moving to another campground they are mostly reserved and full this time of year. Unfortunately if you are not willing to complain and confront the offending party via management than you are as guilty as management for letting the issue persist. Management should deal with the issues ans allow your complaint to be anonymous.
Lantley 07/28/14 07:50am General RVing Issues
RE: Beware Bauer Keyless Entry

After watching the video it appears you change the pass code. It appears once it is change the factory code should not work anymore. It says to remove the battery from the inside of the door panel for ten seconds to go back to the factory setting. You can only do this from the inside so unless you have a faulty unit it appears it should be secure. JMHO I did not watch the video. But it appears the OP may have jumped the gun with his post. For the record. I have keyless entry and its great not having to deal with keys I did not jump the gun. My friend has a Redwood with this keyless entry. When he was having problems with it, Bauer customer support told him to push the buttons that clear the code, then enter the default code. This caused the lock to operate. Bauer told him to just use the default code until he received a replacement in the mail. Bruce Did your buddy mention taking out the batteries?
Lantley 07/27/14 05:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: Blowing tires on 5th wheel

I assume you have the OEM tires on your trailers. Investigate and upgrade all of your tires to LT rated tires. Blown OEM tires is a common issue on RV trailers
Lantley 07/27/14 05:00pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Beware Bauer Keyless Entry

After watching the video it appears you change the pass code. It appears once it is change the factory code should not work anymore. It says to remove the battery from the inside of the door panel for ten seconds to go back to the factory setting. You can only do this from the inside so unless you have a faulty unit it appears it should be secure. JMHO I did not watch the video. But it appears the OP may have jumped the gun with his post. For the record. I have keyless entry and its great not having to deal with keys
Lantley 07/27/14 04:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: Finding fresh water.

We always pull to the Michigan Nascar race with a full tank of water. We've hauled much further than that with a full tank too. It comes from our home so we know the source. If it's hot you'll want all the water you can take. I agree that it probably makes minimal difference in fuel costs. Probably about the cost of a 12-pack. The difference/cost will be too small to measure or quantify.
Lantley 07/27/14 02:52pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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