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RE: Best Fifth Wheel RV

Your question is too vague. Sort of asking what 4 door car is the best. Value,performance,luxury,full time use. what are your parameters?
Lantley 09/29/16 08:00pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Could this be the start of something big?

THe class action may not make the consumers rich. But hopefully the large fee the lawyer's collect will motivate the RV industry to change the way they do business....I doubt it, but I'm hoping
Lantley 09/29/16 07:21am General RVing Issues
RE: Getting sick of campgrounds

here on the east coast , they are selling campers like crazy . But they havent built a new campground in decades Ah yes, the infamous "they" ... it's a plot, I tell ya. :R :W Truth is, Mike's problem is the same problem we all have, everywhere - more users = less availability. Personally, I'd like the various park systems to open earlier in the spring and close much later in the fall. Everything costs though and here in more northern climates that most often means a camping window between May to Oct, with tens of thousands of sites totally closed for use the rest of the year. :( No question, it's a plot ... "they" did this to us. :W I hear you on opening earlier in the year and staying open later. I think the CG's play it safe. The schedule is built around worse case conditions. They try to be 100 per cent sure the cold weather has ended and they try to shut down before the cold weather begins. Stretching the schedule creates the potential for other issues. In the end I think the OP is just showing his age. In some ways I feel it happening to me. You prefer peace and quiet over anything else. You can't imagine how those people could be up so late hooping and hollering. While I did respect quiet hours...once upon a time I was one of those people. At some point we get old and forget what fun was all about. I'm not condoning breaking the rules, but its OK for people to enjoy themselves. Some expect silence as though you were in a church..LOL
Lantley 09/28/16 08:53am Travel Trailers
RE: Getting sick of campgrounds

The state parks in my area. MD, VA, PA have banned alcohol. The policy is not strictly enforced. However it has eliminated the total drunk partiers. If you are causing a drunken disturbance it is an easy way to throw you out
Lantley 09/27/16 06:14pm Travel Trailers
RE: Big Foot vs Level Up

The ground control is electric motor driven and if they are as slow as the front legs on my 5th wheel then I would get old waiting for them to level the rig. So I marked them off my list..... I'm not suggesting one is better than the other. But speed is a non factor. Generally I plug in and hit the auto level button. I then connect water and sewer lines. My point is there are plenty of set up task to do that I don't need to stay there a watch the system work. I just move on to the next set up item while the auto level system does its thing.
Lantley 09/26/16 06:55pm General RVing Issues
RE: Air-conditioning

If you are thinking about trading go try some of the new ones with the A/C on. The difference in noise between our new Cedar Creek and our 2011 Big Country is amazing..No longer do we have to turn the Television way up whenever the air comes on. Never had any idea there could be this much difference.. B.O. X2 Went from a 2013 Big Country to our new Venom and the difference is amazing. Old ones were Norcold and new camper has Coleman ac's that are off ducted to the sides of the ceiling so the noise is cut way down. And the air flow is much better too. I can actually feel a breeze when they are on. The 2017 models are ducted differently. The new models now have quiet AC, much like the central AC in a house.
Lantley 09/23/16 05:32pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: I won't be back

I stay at Hershey every heer it is a fantastic place for visiting the park. I have stayed at other parks in the area and none compare to the convenience of staying at Hershey Camping Resort. The shuttle makes all the difference. No parking and no trams to deal with. Shuttle drops you off right at the ticket gate. Yes the RV show creates lots of demand , the CG charges peak summer rates due to the show. I have no problem with charging those rates because there is tons of demand during the show. The Hershey CG is a destination CG in a resort area. There rates are in line with resort CG grounds on the east coast. Sure you can find cheaper places to camp but they won't be in prime resort areas Sort of like comparing Hotels. There's the Hyatt,Hilton level and there Holiday inn Express comfort inn level. I have stayed at both. All depends on what your looking for . But I don't expect to pay Comfort Inn rates at the Hyatt.
Lantley 09/22/16 08:06pm Rallies, Shows and Gatherings
RE: Disc Brakes

Parts were delivered. This week. I'm scheduled to have install in a few days. I expect dramatic results.
Lantley 09/22/16 04:29am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Greenbrier State Park MD

40' would be pushing it. There are probably some spots that are long enough for it, but not many. Its like Patapsco in that regard. Patapsco is doable for me. There are a few sites I can work with. Greenbrier is close enough for me to take a drive and check it out. Thanks for the heads up
Lantley 09/22/16 04:24am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Greenbrier State Park MD

I am close to Greenbrier and I have been there when I was younger. However I have never been to the CG. I guess my 40' 5'er would not do well there?
Lantley 09/21/16 06:07am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Grey water and more?

Actually it is none of your business what Camping World does on their property. If they thought you should know they would have told you. You do not know what the RV owner does with their waste or even know what it is. Actually if camping World is allowing illegal dumping on their property it is everyone's business. The local health dept. would like to know as well. However you raise a good point. Did the OP actually witness someone dumping in the grass or did they just see a hose. How do you know the RV in question was not using a tote?
Lantley 09/17/16 05:40pm Camping World Service and Installation
RE: Gettysburg Campground

I personally think it's petty to charge for coming and hour or two early. In a full occupancy period, in order to get on early the previous occupant had to have left early, they already paid for your early arrival. I can see maybe if there wasn't anybody on that site before you arrived. If I were the campground owner that's how I would play it. It's more about maintaining the rules.Not so much dollars and cents. The CG is not getting rich off the fee. But they want to discourage campers from arriving early. If for some reason they insist on showing early than they can wait until the posted check in time or pay the fee. It's really not that complicated. I imagine sometimes an early arrival is no big deal. Then again I'n sure there are times they are not prepared/ready for early arrivals. Same applies to departures. Sometimes departing time is critical some times its not. Either way the inmates cannot run the asylum. The CG management sets an enforces the rules, the campers cannot expect to do as they please and arrive whenever they want without consequence.
Lantley 09/17/16 11:59am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Camping up North for the holidays

Thanks BusSkipper I was not aware of Shields Village
Lantley 09/17/16 08:51am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Woodsmoke Campground Pet Policy

S Let's say 20 people didn't pick up. Are they really going to pick up 20 droppings and send those in? And who is going to raise their hand for that job! THat's it someone has to clean up the poop now without the policy. No one is raising their hand but the task must be done by CG staff. ....Do you think they just leave it..LOL I am all for the policy. It irritates me everytime I see poo on the ground.
Lantley 09/17/16 08:35am General RVing Issues
RE: Gettysburg Campground

I think that's crazy. We usually leave a campground earlier than the check out time. So, does that mean they are going to give us $10 back? see how crazy that sounds? As far as cleaning, I have seen very little of that. Most places we go, I usually am picking up cigarette butts and disposing of them. I don't think I have ever seen anyone leave a camp slot with trash and garbage on it. Just the cigarette butts now and again. If a camp ground is cheap about the early fee, they are cheap about everything else too. Not for me. Do you arrive early at work and volunteer for the first hour or two? I imagine if you arrive early you expect to be paid. So does the CG.
Lantley 09/17/16 07:08am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: PDI walk through tomorrow

Curb your enthusiasm. Be prepared to play hardball. Thoroughly inspect everything. Don't let them rush you. Every latch ,switch, outlet ,lock,valve door hatch, latch, window, system. Check it all. If you find a problem later consider it your fault! I dunno about this. Is everyone's dealer really that bad that they won't fix the stuff you notice when you start using the unit? I've only bought one trailer, so I don't have alot of experiences to draw upon, but our initial walk through (yes, I had a PDI inspection checklist from someone on here and we were videoing the whole thing) was primarily orientation on how the dang thing works. I've seen someone say 'make em let ya spend the night in it in the lot before you take it home' the above post says look at every last detail including testing every outlet, every latch, every everything. Why? Are dealers not fixing problems that aren't noticed before the rig leaves the lot? Dealers will fix problems found later. Except now your at the back of the line. How long it will take to get it fixed and how long your rig will sit on the dealer's lot waiting to be fixed is anyones guess. My approach keeps the leverage in the buyer's hands. The dealer will PROMPTLY do whatever is necessary to make the sale vs. putting you in line after the sale. The why is because finding it 1 week, later is no good. vs. finding it during the PDI when it will be fixed right away. Do you want to discover the hot water doesn't work on your first trip? Or the exterior outlet doesn't work? How about a door doesn't latch properly. Do you want to take you rig back 1 week later to have it fixed 2 weeks after that? vs. getting it fixed before you leave. If you are purchasing from out of state it is wise to spend a night nearby. But if you are buying local a thorough PDI is the best approach. Understand no one at the dealer is concerned about your new rig as much as you are. Do you think they checked every outlet,latch, valve etc.?... Of course not! Which is why you should check before the deal is finalized.
Lantley 09/16/16 08:32pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: PDI walk through tomorrow

Curb your enthusiasm. Be prepared to play hardball. Thoroughly inspect everything. Don't let them rush you. Every latch ,switch, outlet ,lock,valve door hatch, latch, window, system. Check it all. If you find a problem later consider it your fault!
Lantley 09/16/16 06:58pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Gettysburg Campground

We're in the NE this summer. I've noticed a fee for early arrival at all CGs we have reservations. We time our trip to make sure we don't get there early. We made a Walmart stop one day to take up time. I understand the charge. You're using elec. & water which they have to pay for. Exactly the fee is to discourage you from arriving early. Most read and abide by the check in and check out times. For those that want to arrive early a fee is charged to cover any additional cost and to hopefully keep you from arriving esarly the next time. Honestly I would just pay $10 fee and not worry about. Beats hanging out at Wal Mart or on the side of the road
Lantley 09/16/16 06:51pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: I-90 in New York

A trip from Maine to Alabama and your worried about $42.00 in tolls through NY state. I sure $42.00 is a small percentage of what the overall trip cost. Be glad you had a safe enjoyable trip and leave it at that. The cost of living/driving in NY is much greater than Alabama or Maine. Consider it a lesson learned. I understand you are not made of money,but in the end you gotta pay to play. Especially in NY! I trust the trip was fun enough that $42.00 is not a deal breaker. Check the tolls on I 95 from MD to NY. Or how about the one way toll across the Chesapeake bay bridge tunnel. I'm sure there are others. Tolls are just part of the game just like taxes.
Lantley 09/15/16 07:05pm Roads and Routes
RE: LCI - Lippert

Everyone should be aware that Lippert is the largest supplier of components to the RV industry. They have been buying up smaller companies. They build frames for much of the TT mfrs. These frames like most of Lipperts stuff are junk. Same for their slide outs. Probably cost the mfrs. less than other slide out systems. I don't think you see that Lippert c--p on mid to high end units. Winnie loves their stuff. Moisheh What other slide out systems? Lippert is the only game in town. Once again we read of problems only and want to condemn everything. We don't hear of the LCI products that are working fine. If Lippert is so bad why has no competitor step in and taken away market share? Why is Lippert able to expand into other areas. RV manufacturers are using lippert more not less. For the record Winnebago is one of the better more financially sound RV manufactures. LCI stuff is prevalent across all RV lines. What's funny is that this thread condemns Lippert because a motor failed...and the OP could not diagnose and fix problem himself. Motors fail ... it happens however there is no need to throw Lippeert under the bus over the issue. The entire thread is a lot of LCI bashing based on nothing. Here we go again. Someone running their mouth without doing any research. 'only game in town'? Really? Let's see, HWH, Liftco, and Accu Slide are manufacturers of slide mechanisms. As for RV manufacturers using MORE of LCI stuff, it's because of the price to manufacturers. They're using a bunch of cheap Chinese junk and able to offer a lower price. It's gonna bite the manufacturers in the butt by doing so. I for one would gladly pay more for a product and have it made in USA and give me better reliability. Could have But you didn't. You purchased the same massed produce stuff that 90% of the RV world uses. LCI is a much bigger company with way more market share than those companies you listed. My point is LCI is expanding their business not Accu-slide or any of the others. Is that LCI's fault? As you found out it's hard yo buy an RV without LCI components. Is that because LCI is terrible? Is it because there is little competition? Not sure but LCI continues to expand and consumers continue to buy their stuff. In the end I imagine it's because price is always the driving factor. RV consumers claim we want better but in the end we are not willing to pay and the premium manufacturers that use better material continue to fall to the wayside.
Lantley 09/13/16 06:04am Class A Motorhomes
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