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RE: Garmin RV 770 LMT-S

The point being that you should not buy any Garmin when Google Maps and WAZE will get you their faster and more accurately. Every Garmin (every GPS) is out-of-date on the release date and will always be 1-2 years behind what's really happening out there due to the delay between updates. Google Maps is a very useful app. However it is the anti RV app once you get close to your destination. Google maps generally takes you the most direct way. Google Maps does not know or care that you are in a large RV. It will quickly take you down a tiny street if it thinks that is the shortest way. I've had my 760 LMT for 4 years now? And it still works like a champ. If its 2 years behind I have yet to notice. What I have noticed is that in RV mode it keeps me on large streets and avoids the tiny ones. At the end of the day both Garmin and Google maps have their pros and cons. Knowing when to choose one over the other is the key to success. When traveling in an RV in an unfamiliar area the Garmin 760 TV is a better option than Google maps. Furthermore have you ever experienced what happens when you are closely following Google maps guidance and the phone rings! Suddenly you have no GPS. Garmin is dedicated and does not have that issue.
Lantley 01/17/17 06:45pm Technology Corner
RE: RV weights?!!!

What makes you think your not a member of the weight police? So you load the trailer and it comes in at 10,200. That's 1225 lbs. of tongue weight. I've seen plenty of 1/2 tons that will handle over 1500 lbs. of payload. Ok, how much does mom, dad, 2 or 3 kids and a large dog weigh? I'm guessing well over 275lbs! Now that I think of it maybe I am a member of the weight police. Just not as vocal as some! Either way, the majority of 1/2tons on the road will not be able to tow one of those I mentioned with the family on board! What you probably mean is, the majority of half tons would be over their payload rating and you aren't comfortable with that. Probably none of the "weight cops" on here worked construction I think. There's a million half ton trucks getting beat like they owe someone money every day, day in day out. How many you see with busted axles or broken frames sitting on the side of the road? I'm not advocating abusing your own truck or doing something you're not comfortable with. I love using my HD pickup for "1/2 ton towable" trailers. Handles them effortlessly, but I have, do and will likely continue wringing out half tons on the jobsite. Not ideal, but certainly not the end of the world death trap some make it out to be. A construction worker beating up his truck to travel across town is a much different scenario Then Joe RV hitching his 9K dry TT to his 1/2 ton truck and heading off to the mountains. Before he leaves he loads in the dog, wife, kids and firewood assuming all is well because the large sign said 1/2 ton towable! Not sure where the fault lies at some point Joe RV needs to know the towing parameters for himself. On the other hand claiming a 9K RV is half ton towable is like the tobacco industry claiming smoking isn't bad for you. The devil is in the details!
Lantley 01/17/17 02:47pm General RVing Issues
RE: 3/4 ton payload vs. towing capacity

I would like some feedback on the 3/4 payload vs. towing capacity. I know this has probably debated before, however I am new to this forum and new to towing a 5er.From what I have been studying the Ford and Dodge gassers have better payload and the diesel has more towing capacity. Which is more important? They are 2 different parameters that are equally important. They represent to totally different factors. Sort of like asking what is more important When determining what makes a nice weather day. Is it a clear sunny sky or is it the temperature? An 85 degree day at the beach is no fun if it is pouring down raining. A sunny day at the beach is no fun if the temperature is 15 degrees. Just like the weather you need to be concerned with both. Also just like the weather there are more that just two parameters to be concerned with.
Lantley 01/16/17 07:07pm Fifth-Wheels

These threads always seem to amaze me. My fiver has a loaded weight of 16k lbs and loaded pin weight of 4K lbs. I have no doubt the OP's Redwood will be WELL North of 4K lbs pin weight when loaded for extended trips. That is really pushing your luck on a SRW truck, no matter what brand. Just because others tow overweight doesn't make it right. Dont make it wrong either. No Exceeding the payload rating makes it the wrong truck. Why buy a truck for towing a large 5'er that is not adequate from the start? There are trucks with adequate payload readily available. If you want a SRW no problem just get a lighter trailer, however if you want a big trailer you need a big truck. The guys that want a big trailer but still want to maintain a little truck are generally ignoring some parameter to justify there decision. Somehow there is safety in numbers because some other guy on the internet also has the wrong truck and is happy.
Lantley 01/16/17 05:20am Tow Vehicles
RE: How about this for "quality" work on our new trailer ?

If those are your worst issue you are doing OK. 30 amp service has its limits and the clamp thing is rather minor don't you think! Sloppy,lazy, but minor in the scheme of things
Lantley 01/16/17 04:31am General RVing Issues
RE: Praise for ProPride 3P

Once upon a time I towed a 11K loaded TT with a Excursion using a Hensley. It was very solid in all conditions. Wind nor passing trucks had any attention getting effects. Your set up by your description sounds marginal to me. PP and HA are great hitches but they will not make up for a mis-matched combo
Lantley 01/15/17 05:11pm Towing
RE: Walmart vs Cracker Barrel for overnight stops off I 95

I've thought about Cracker Barrels, but they all seem sort of hard to get into. The stalls seems too small. Therefore, I like the bigger parking lots. Good Point on the size of the lots. However all locations are different. I have been to WM with height bars in place to keep RV's out. I have been To WM's that are in questionable/seedy locations that are not desirable for overnighting. Cracker Barrel lots are much smaller but if you are coming in late a leaving early, before the crowds arrive you are generally OK. There is no across the board best choice, each situation and location must be taken on its own merrit
Lantley 01/15/17 03:53pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Half bath

I have them in my toy hauler. When dirty it helps keep the front half cleaner. Also If I have someone in the back it is nice for privacy. They can have their own bathroom. If you don't understand it then obviously you don't need one therefore free to buy something with one bathroom. No need to complain about the option. I will say I did not consider the 2nd black tank. If both toilets dumped into a single tank I would be OK with it. However for the most part piping toilets to the same tank has its own share of problems. In hindsight I would not buy a towable with 2 black tanks again. My hope is that maybe my complaints will keep someone else from making the mistake I did.For me the the convenience is not worth the additional maintenance. After having a 1/2 bath I do understand that I don't want a 2nd black tank again. Prior to actually owning my rig I agree with you I did not understand how the 2nd toilet would effect the plumbing system. In the end I am totally happy with my rig. In fact I plan to keep it a long time and just installed disc brakes. For those that don't understand there are moderators in place to decide what should or should not be posted. I did not know our opinions had to be the same. This is called an "Open Forum" members are encouraged to express their thoughts both pro and con. Complaining is ALLOWED. Especially if it involves extra time at the dump station:W
Lantley 01/15/17 03:44pm General RVing Issues

Redwood 38RL Hitch Weight 2828 Ship Weight 13672 GVWR 16500 Those numbers put you in dually territory!
Lantley 01/15/17 12:47pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Overnight Flying J

theron211, do you have a route picked out? And when you are going to be making the trip? When we went down to Disney World, we found South Carolina to be a good area for an overnight - this is coming from Connecticut. We are leaving from upstate NY in the evening. Looking for a quick overnight then we are going to spend 2 nights in Savanna before Disney. Have you considered taking 81 south past the DC area or take take 301 to 13 and head south along the eastern shore of MD and VA. Both routes would allow you to by pass the entire Balto./DC and even Fredricksburg traffic mess.
Lantley 01/15/17 12:39pm Roads and Routes
RE: Backing up

There is a leaning curve to backing a RV trailer, but in the end they are both equal. Neither is easier or harder they just have different pivot points to deal with
Lantley 01/15/17 07:55am General RVing Issues
RE: Overnight Flying J

Prince William Forest and Americamps are 2 campgrounds in the area both have easy access and are good for overnighting. The flying J will be very busy. If you want a free spot consider Cracker Barrels in the area. Assuming you are coming in late. Prince William Forest RV Campground Americamps
Lantley 01/14/17 03:07pm Roads and Routes
RE: Amazon echo dot

There is currently a case in Arkansas where Amazon is being sued to release the audio that Alexa has which might be relevant to a murder case. Apparently it does send the audio back to Amazon's servers. The questions asked of the Dot appear on my Alexa phone app. So they are out there somewhere!
Lantley 01/14/17 09:58am General RVing Issues
RE: Half bath

I love having our half-bath. If you don't want one don't buy one. As usual it's all personal preference. Well you can buy a bath and a 1/2 unit like me a modify/eliminate the 1/2 bath if necessary. My exterior closet is really a good idea. Maybe I'll create a new trend.:B
Lantley 01/13/17 07:52pm General RVing Issues
RE: Half bath

Lantley, not all 1-1/2 bath 5th wheels have two black tanks. Our new 1-1/2 bath RV, currently being built, has only one black tank. It's a Mobile Suite. Amen to that! I'm OK with 2 toilets but not 2 black tanks. I'd be interested to see the floorplan. Most toilets discharge directly into the black tank. I imagine the toilets would have to be fairly close to each other to share the same black tank
Lantley 01/13/17 07:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: Cargo Carrying Capacity (Realistic #'s)

To Have ample payload consider the brochure weights are misleading. The brochure weights do not include options. Your dry weight will be heavier than what the brochure list meaning your actual starting payload will be reduced a by 200 pounds or so. For a rig your size with five people I would try to be as close to 3000# as possible. Eliminate any rigs under 2000.
Lantley 01/13/17 04:16am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Half bath

DSDP Don you have given us some good insight. I understand with motorized RV's the 1/2 bath allows for bathroom use with slides closed. However with towables the extra bath does allow for easier access if there is a large group. However it adds an additional black tank that just creates more work if there is a small group that does not need the extra capacity. The 5 of us can go a week on a 40 gallon black tank with ease. However if we use both toilets we end up with two half empty tanks vs. one 3/4 full tank. The tank cleaner (Me) ends up with more tank maintenance without gaining any real advantage. I'm OK with a 2nd toilet. It is the 2nd black tank I have come to despise! LOL
Lantley 01/12/17 09:33pm General RVing Issues
RE: My Cheap Heat install

Yes I agree 1500 is a tad too much as well, but it's better than 1800 watts
Lantley 01/12/17 08:02pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Half bath

My Vengeance has one and so did our former Cyclone. The mere fact that its just another black tank that needs to be cleaned out is enough for me to wish we didn't have it. I'd much rather have that place be a nice pantry or something for storage. X2 my 1/2 bath is now a storage closet/shed. The additional black tank made it more trouble than it was worth. However having a nice closet with interior and exterior access is worthwhile
Lantley 01/12/17 05:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: Winter Camping Part time

Why do I need to insulate the lines every time? If I bleed them of water each time isn't that fine? By bleed do you mean drain or blow them out? You mention lots of snow Typically how cold is it?
Lantley 01/11/17 08:31pm Travel Trailers
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