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RE: What's more important? Kids space or living area?

You don't have to have a bunk house to be comfortable as a family...there is nothing wrong with spending rainy days together. For the DW and I...we had our queen bedroom...if we needed privacy we just headed to the bedroom. The boys loved our convertible beds, they were very comfortable sleeping arrangements. Spent several months in the camper (no slide to boot) with this configuration...lots of fun and great memories. Thanks! Jeremiah For me this why you need a bunk house. For privacy the adults should not have to retreat or leave the room. Privacy will be available for both adults and kids if kids have a dedicated space of their own. Converting beds gets old.
Lantley 06/28/16 05:01am Travel Trailers
RE: What's more important? Kids space or living area?

If I were in the market today and had kids I would get a mid bunk floor plan as show below. Best combination of kids space and living area. Kids need their own dedicated space. When kids have their own space the adults can also have their own space Highland ridge mid bunk floorplan. Look around there are others https://www.highlandridgerv.com/uploads/admin/floorplans/132/RF371MBH_small.png
Lantley 06/27/16 04:29pm Travel Trailers
RE: Leaving camper unoccupied - help

It's a shame that our country, and our morals have degenerated to the low points we are at today. Just because something is allowed, or not disallowed, doesn't mean it is the right, or courteous, or proper, or ethical, or moral thing do. We have gone, as a people, from caring about each other, and helping each other, to a people who only want what they want, and by god they are going to get it. One way or the other. I personally would not do this... it might be allowed, or not expressly disallowed, thereby allowed by exclusion, but either way, it's not right. But, it is yet another example of how people are just gonna do what they want, because THEY want, and the impact to others be damned. We've really made alot of progress as fellow citizens, haven't we... Mike This post has nothing to do about morality or degeneration of today's society ( actually that's a whole other converstaion and would quickly be closed on this forum) . It's actually about running a business. It's for profit. It seems many here don't get it. If a owner (whomever it is) allows it, that's their business. They have every right to make sure their campground is full and maximum profits are earned. They have families to feed and bills to pay. If they were worried About losing business over it, I'm sure their rules would change. It's a business model that is successful for them. Why do many of you take issue with it? Again, buy your own campground and decide what's the best for you and you customers. Don't complain about people who live within the rules. People aren't just doing what "they want". It's permitted and advertised and encouraged. To some degree your right. However the OP has not stated what CG or if it is a public or privately owned CG. There are likely rules in place that are being ignored
Lantley 06/25/16 12:33pm General RVing Issues
RE: Fresh water tank getting fresh water?

The idea of traveling with an empty tank as not as foolproof as many think. The weight will have negligible effect on MPG's. Location of the tank can effect balance and tongue weight of the trailer. A partially full tank with water sloshing around in it can contribute to the tank becoming loose from mounts and falling out onto the ground. I always travel with a full fresh tank
Lantley 06/25/16 08:50am Tech Issues
RE: Leaving camper unoccupied - help

We could end all the speculation if the OP tells us what CG he is occupying. From there the rules and policies will speak for themselves
Lantley 06/25/16 08:08am General RVing Issues
RE: Resort Fees

Understand the charges fees and pricing structure. Decide if you want to stay or not. By boycotting and entire chain are you penalizing yourself or the CG? If it is an well manage upscale place $10.00 is not going to ruin the experience one way or the other. Sometimes we get stuck on principle and can't see the forest through the trees.
Lantley 06/23/16 04:43am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: anybody towing without a WDH?

I have towed 34 camp trailer and 20 foot flat beds hauling 3/4 ton diesel pickups without WD but I was doing it with a tow rig that could handle the tongue weight. In my opinion WD is a band aid used to correct the problem of too much trailer for the tow rig and if you can't tow your trailer without WD then you shouldn't be towing it. Sure WD can make the ride nicer but should not be needed to tow a trailer safely. What! WD is not designed to make the ride comfortable, nor is it a Band Aid. It is designed to restore, maintain weight on the front axle/wheels. If you hang 1000+lbs. off the rear of the truck it will reduce the weight at the front of the truck simple physics. Have you ever measured the front axle weight with and without a WD hitch?
Lantley 06/21/16 09:15pm Toy Haulers
RE: Black tank question

Back to the question. If its just an overnight stop I won't connect any hoses at all and just keep moving in the morning. 2 days most likely will not dump either and just keep moving. I see no point in connecting hoses and going through the trouble. Of course this assumes my final destination is a FHU site.
Lantley 06/19/16 04:16pm Travel Trailers
RE: Colorado Campground - Beware of Cancellation Policy

While the cancellation policy may seem harsh. I trust it is place to keep campers from cancelling reservations and leaving the RV park in the lurch. Sure many sometimes the CG can re book the sites. However I'm sure there are times the site will be vacant. Either way the CG has to scramble. In an effort to totally avoid cancellations a strict policy is in place. The policy penalizes the person who cancels not the CG. Somewhere there is some dog eating a kids homework and a camper cancelling reservations because their grandmother just died.
Lantley 06/16/16 11:32am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: TT to a 5Th Wheel

Even at 30' to 33' a 5er is a big advantage, FAR more stable, inherently more stable!! With a TT even with a Hensley when the deification hits the rotary oscillator, the true pivot point is still 3' to 4' behind the rear axle! That will push the back one way and force the front the other way. I took too many engineering classes in school. The step issue, I partly solved our issues by adding steps! Made each step smaller. added a step into the bedroom level and replace the three step entrance with a four step that all the risers are the same height. Some of the TT guys swear up and down that the Hensley type hitches make their travel trailers tow the same as fifth wheels and those statements have never made sense to me. I guess I've never tried to understand the physics of it, but at the end of the day it seems to me that your physical attachment point is still 4' behind the rear axle and your travel trailer is still lighter on the tongue than a fifth wheel is on the pin. But I admit I've never used that kind of a hitch. Those are TT guys that have never towed a 5er. Not true! I have done both and the TT with the Hensley tows every bit as well as the 5er ever did. Those that do not understand how this is possible might want to take a long look at, and study this thread. :) Engineering classes notwithstanding, the true pivot point is never 3' to 4' behind the rear axle. Barney X2^^ As mentioned in my first post. The towing advantage of the 5'er is overstated. My 39" 11K GVW TT towed just as well as my current 5'er. It did take a lot more effort to get the TT dialed in. But once I discovered the Hensley my TT was rock solid. Just as solid as my 5'er
Lantley 06/15/16 07:23pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Semi truck drivers..lack of concern ??

Not nervous just concerned about the idiot drivers that do not understand aerodynamics that will eventually kill somebody because they feel being a cowboy makes them tall when they are short http://www.wmcactionnews5.com/story/25738017/accident-on-i-55-bridge-shuts-down-northbound-traffic If you're linking a article from 2014 I'd say your nervous or your moves more that it should when being passed. Being passed by a semi should not cause you to lose control. A properly set up rig combo can withstand the forces of being passed by a semi. Otherwise I-81 through PA, WV and VA would have accidents 24/7/365.
Lantley 06/15/16 07:03pm Travel Trailers
RE: TT to a 5Th Wheel

I upgraded a 4 years ago. In the end the difference is not dramatic if you compare similarly equipped RV's. A fiver is a bit more spacious due to higher ceilings. A fiver is a bit easier to hook up no WD hitch to deal with. The towing advantage is overstated a properly set up TT can tow just as well although a fiver requires minimal adjustments and tows well right out of the box. Auto level is a great feature currently not available on TT's but that is coming. More basement storage is a big plus for the fiver as well as the ability to have a built in genset
Lantley 06/15/16 05:51am Fifth-Wheels
RE: axle problem

There is a recall for this very thing Maybe why the rig set around for 7 years?....and now the rest of the story
Lantley 06/13/16 06:54pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Water capacity?

I'm a big tank guys as well. I have a 85 gallon fresh tank that will last my family for an entire a 3 day weekend without any conservation. I also carry 2-7 gallon jugs,just in case!
Lantley 06/13/16 06:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: Champion 3500 watt inverter

I just purchased the Champion 3500 / 4 KW generator, I tried it out and it ran everything in my Coleman Lantern, plus an air compressor and a large skill saw, just to see, it never even slowed down or stumbled, even with AC and microwave both running. I got it at Lowes on sale and it came with the wheel kit, cost with military discount was 263.00 The OP is referring to the inverter model.
Lantley 06/10/16 08:52pm Travel Trailers
RE: Generator Usage in Parking Lots/Public Streets

AS long as it is a quiet inverter type genset your fine. If it is a loud contractor grade beware not to annoy /disturb others around you
Lantley 06/10/16 05:44am Beginning RVing
RE: Route from Gettysburg to DC

A little shorter and a lot less traffic is 15s to 270s to 200 East to 95s to 212 west. Avoids 495 altogether. However 200 is a automated toll road and requires E-Z pass or equivalent to pay toll.
Lantley 06/10/16 05:29am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: 110 PSI Air While on the Road

I carry a 150 psig air compressor. Ken X2 150 PSI 110 volts AC Keep in mind I have an on board genset
Lantley 06/09/16 12:20pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Anyone have an idea to adding weight(s) to trailer tongue?

It can be done. I had a 200# platform carrying a 180# genset welded to the rear of my prior TT. I did have to re load my cargo to balance everything but once this was done TT was very stable. However whatever you use to create balance (weight in the front) needs to be permanent. Don't rely on a fluctuating ballast like a water tank. I will add my platform was on a large 32' 11K GVW TT which gave me lots of room and weight to balance things out.
Lantley 06/09/16 05:01am Travel Trailers
RE: Beer can pickups

I hope Ford gets their act together. A friend of mine had his new f150 smacked in the bed. Body shop tried to repair it but instead, ordered a new bed. Took from January 18 to March 9th to have a bed shipped to Jacksonville. That way too long for such a major part. Sounds like they either weren't familiar with aluminum repair or had to wait because it's a brand new product! The same would happen with any manuf with a brand new 1st year product aluminum or steel! As I was complaining to the insurance adjuster about how fragile my fiberglass pick up bed was he explained it wasn't so bad because the fiberglass sides were bolt on parts. He said to be glad I did not have an all aluminum body F-150. I imagine it will get better but currently there were a lots of issues getting the aluminum bodies fixed in a timely fashion. Lots of specialty tools and clean rooms required. The fear was corrosion down the road if the trucks were not re-assembled correctly. Lots of dissimilar metals worries.
Lantley 06/08/16 08:21pm Tow Vehicles
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