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RE: Advice on tire issue with fifth wheel

Replace those ST tires with Goodyear G614 or you can save a few dollars and get Sailun 637 LT tires.
Lantley 10/25/14 09:19am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Dealer hourly rate

Profit is NOT a dirty word. All the traffic will bear is also not a dirty word. I own a service business with 17 employees at one time. I live in a normal neighborhood and not in a mansion. I am responsible for shoes. All those shoes. Seventeen pairs of them to start and then their families shoes too. If you have never run a business, owned a business, then you really have no right to decide what the dealer should charge. You have a choice, vote with your checkbook and buy elsewhere. Lets pick on dentists and doctors now. Being responsible for all those shoes entitles me to earn a bit more than my lead tech. So what is a reasonable income for a business owner? 50K, 100K,150K,200K. Guess you might want to ask Bill Gates or Donald Trump. When you come to these forums you find many service people providing thousands of hours of free advice so you don't have to go to those service people. Anyway, I have vented now. Thank that small service business person for the jobs they provide and the taxes they send to the government. You might want to ask them how many donations they are asked to make through the year too. Every other day some organization is asking for a small donation. It adds up. I spend about 5K a year on little league, soccer, police and fire support, make a wish, and you name it. Excellent response Most simply don'y understand all of the cost involved. Most have no idea how overhead cost impact the final price.
Lantley 10/25/14 09:06am Travel Trailers
RE: Combination lock on a slam latch?

There IS a real theft danger here if you're storing your trailer at a storage facility. I speak from experience. Our 5th wheel was broken into not once, but twice. Thankfully after the first time and having to replace the flat-screen TV, we learned not to store anything of value in it. After the second break-in at the same facility, my DH installed crossbars on all storage compartments as well as padlocked the front door, all with combination locks. Not aesthetically pleasing to look at, but does the job. The OP's concerns are not unreasonable here. Also, we now live in a home where we have property large enough to store the trailer ourselves. Definitely a factor in our home purchase too. (And I can camp at home!) I agree there is a risk for RV's in storage. Unattended things like bikes,chairs and coolers may disappear at some of the more unscrupulous CG's. Yet I stick by my comments that it is very rare for a theft to occur inside of an RV that is being used especially at a CG with others Around vs. a remote boondocking scenario. Continuously locking and unlocking compartments is not necessary. While combination lock would alleviate the need for a key, even spinning the dial is more hassle than I care to deal with. Ultimately my point is by locking the compartments the only person I'm keeping out and inconveniencing is myself. A genuine thief will access the compartments in seconds. It won't matter if the compartments are locked or not. IF a thief shows up it will come down to do your want damaged doors and missing stuff or just missing stuff! The redeeming factor is fortunately a bonafide thief seldom if ever strikes occupied campers in a CG.
Lantley 10/25/14 08:54am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Leaving water in fresh water tank

I keep my 80 gallon tank full at all times. I travel with afull tank at all times Generally it sits no longer than a month at max. 2 months. Never an odor never a problem. I fill from a chlorinated source. I avoid filling from an unknown source. If I have to fill from an unknown source, I will drain and refill from my known trusted source when I return home. A full tank contains less air and less chance for bacteria growth. An empty tank is a dark damp place which is ripe for bacteria growth. Even when dumped/emptied the tank is not totally bone dry. There is always a considerable amount of residual water left. I believe I am better off totally full vs. totally empty. Having a full tank also give me peace of mind. I have a on board genset. My RV is fully self contained at all times which is nice case of power outages, foul weather or any natural disaster.
Lantley 10/24/14 06:43pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Girard Tankless Water Heater GSWH-1M

My experience has been tank less water heaters have a bit of delay in actually getting hot water to the faucet vs. a standard heater. That delay amount to wasted water which is not a good thing in a RV. I have a 12 gallon tank and we do not run out of hot water. The 12 gallon capacity always keeps up with our usage. I'm not sure what the point of a tankless heater is in an RV. In a stick home the ultimate advantage is to save energy cost. However in an RV you are only dealing with a 12 gallon tank there is zero/negligible energy savings vs. a house where there is ample savings. A tankless heater for an RV is a solution looking for a problem. In my mind there is no problem with standard heaters,a 12 gallon DSI heater easily keeps up with our usage.
Lantley 10/24/14 06:31pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Do you let your TV warm up before towing?

In general 7.3's like to be warmed up. However 50's is pretty warm. Losing power is not typical at those temps.
Lantley 10/23/14 06:56pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Interesting TV over the weekend.

I won't say I see a bad combo every trip but they are out there. I have seen more than one poorly matched combo. However only the bad ones stick in your mind. So out of hundreds of RV's I may see while driving about only a small 1-2% minority stick out. Nevertheless this small minority are still a danger to themselves and others. In reference to safety is more about driving conditions and the driver. Tell that to the guys that work the weigh and inspection stations. Seems like the state of MD and lots of other states are wasting a lot of time inspecting and weighing trucks. Those trucks I see impounded at the Baltimore Harbor Tunnels on sunny days must all be due to bad drivers. Since the condition of the truck trailer combo really never comes into play...........Good Grief
Lantley 10/23/14 06:04pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Bunk beds and large shower

All those listed above have small tubs or tight neo Angle showers. Since it sounds as though the trailer is not going to be towed regularly, you may want to consider a 5th wheel. Upon further review looks like you have fiver now? Maybe fiver's are out and you must have a bumper pull now? The floorplan shown below has bunks and a nice large shower. Open Range began putting these large showers in 2013 the year after I bought my rig:S. Go figure http://www.openrangerv.com/Images/floorplans/roamer/RF367BHS.jpg
Lantley 10/23/14 04:53pm Travel Trailers
RE: Another reason NOT to use the "Water Thief"

Funny when your state starts to run out of water "Water thief" takes on a new meaning.
Lantley 10/23/14 03:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: How far do you go in a day?

Once upon a time I would drive 10 hour stretches. However I've wised up and no longer travel that long if I can avoid it. Which I do! Can you start out the night before and go 3 hours or so. Overnight somewhere and start fresh in the A.M.
Lantley 10/22/14 09:06pm Towing
RE: Wheel weights for heavy 5ers?

Definitely balance tires on a heavy RV trailer why would you not?
Lantley 10/22/14 08:55am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Combination lock on a slam latch?

RV locks are worthless simply because RV doors frames are very flimsy and be open with any type of pry bar or large screwdriver. Only honest behavior is keeping your stuff safe. Get any type of lock you want, if a real thief shows up to steal your stuff it will be gone and you will have a bent door frame to show for it. Leave your worry and fear at home. Yes you/we are vulnerable while camping,but don't let it bother you it's only stuff. Focus more on enjoying yourself and your RV junk will take care of itself. While I'm not against reasonable precaution, locking,unlocking re-locking is way too much work. Keep valuables out of site and let your insurance deal with the rest. Camping is way more relaxing that way. I guess I consider locking things a reasonable approach to helping keep honest people honest. I lock my car even when I don't leave anything in it to steal. I lock my portable generators to my RV. Nothing is perfect but a little effort probably eliminates almost all of the casual theft that does happen. AND, it allows me to relax and enjoy my trip. Locking things is easier than retraining my brain to be a personality type I'm not. :) It's not necessarily the loss of "stuff", it's the plain annoyance and hassle of having to replace everything and doing without when you need it =now=. Lyle I'll risk the chance of the loss vs. the inconvenience and hassle of constantly locking and unlocking the compartments the entire trip.
Lantley 10/22/14 04:31am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Combination lock on a slam latch?

Kohai I follow where you are coming from. There is nothing wrong with wanting to keep your stuff secure. But you can tell from the feed back many/most RV'ers are not overly concerned about security. I think we all lock our cars and keep the garage door closed at home. However when camping we still lock our cars, but most develop a different mentality. Campers/RV'ers would not pack up our possessions and families and travel for hours to there destinations if it were not safe and theft free. If CG were inherently not safe and theft were a regular occurrence, camping would lose its luster real quick. People simply would not go through all the trouble to arrive at a CG and have there stuff stolen. Part of the freedom of RV'ing involves leaving the problems of the world behind. In some ways that may be naive idea,nevertheless all campers are there to relax and enjoy themselves without worrying about their camping gear or possessions. Since everyone at the CG is in the same vulnerable position of not being able to really lock there RV's. As mentioned above RV's are just to flimsy to be locked. Campers tend to watch out for each other when it comes to theft. That doesn't mean theft is non existent. However most theft I have read of occurs when items are left out overnight or the RV is in storage. Chairs, coolers bikes etc. maybe taken by some low life if left out . However, someone actually breaking into an occupied/in use RV at a CG is just rare. With that in mind most experienced RV'ers don't spend a lot of time locking things up. Lastly beside a few tools or maybe a genset, most RV compartments don't contain a lot of high demand valuables. Chairs,grills,hoses,flashlights etc. Don't bring a lot on the black market. Even expensive things like macerators,hitches and satellite dishes are not big black market items. In the end lock things up if it gives you peace of mind, sounds like that will be easier than changing your routine or retraining your brain. Once things are batten down nice and tight.Unwind have a beverage and enjoy your camping.
Lantley 10/21/14 07:17pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Different Ways to Empty a Waste Tote?

I have the basic tote like this: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41aoNwHWSoL.jpg width=340 I never lift it when full, just roll it over to the truck and use a cinch strap to attach to the trailer hitch. Drive slowly towing the tote, then roll over to the dump receptacle. Hold your breath, open the hatch, attach dump hose, and stand it up to drain. I could lift it up into the truck, but it's a gut buster when it's full. Why it has wheels, so you can tow it to the dump station. I agree a 4 wheeler with a blade valve so you could attach the hose first would be nice, I just don't use mine that much. Burbman what are gonna do with a baby tote like that? Your not drinking enough if that tote is doing the job. I have a man size 42 gallon like this. I tow it as well. The newer models have pneumatic wheels. Actually I don't use mine much either. But I like the larger model because I can dump my entire 40 gallon grey tank into the tote and make one trip to the dump station. I have been equalizing and back filling my black tank which allows me to make it through a 3 day weekend without dumping. I often bring my tote but I seldom use it http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41%2BCYH3cggL._SX425_.jpg Back to the OP's post. You can just attache a stinky slinky to the side connection and dump from the bed of your truck.
Lantley 10/21/14 12:25pm Tech Issues
RE: Combination lock on a slam latch?

RV locks are worthless simply because RV doors frames are very flimsy and be open with any type of pry bar or large screwdriver. Only honest behavior is keeping your stuff safe. Get any type of lock you want, if a real thief shows up to steal your stuff it will be gone and you will have a bent door frame to show for it. Leave your worry and fear at home. Yes you/we are vulnerable while camping,but don't let it bother you it's only stuff. Focus more on enjoying yourself and your RV junk will take care of itself. While I'm not against reasonable precaution, locking,unlocking re-locking is way too much work. Keep valuables out of site and let your insurance deal with the rest. Camping is way more relaxing that way.
Lantley 10/21/14 12:03pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Never Enough Time

True dog lovers no that day will come when are friends must leave due to their shorter lifespans. Nevertheless we enjoy the dogs company while they are here. While it maybe a crude way to look at it I understand my dog is somewhat disposable. I love them while they are here, I replace them when they are gone. While I treat my dogs as family I factor their shorter lifespan into out relationship going in, It makes it easier to accept their passing going out. While I always anticipate I am going to out live the dogs. One day the tide will turn and the dog will be the sole survivor....That thought really concerns me more than the dog passing along. What would happen to my man's best friend without me!?
Lantley 10/21/14 06:32am RV Pet Stop
RE: Different Ways to Empty a Waste Tote?

I bought the Barker 42 gallon 4 wheeled unit with tow handle, pull it behind the truck or use the macerator pump to fill it when in the bed. I have a 10 ft. sewer hose that that is use to dump the tote from the bed or on the ground. The barker wheels have been replaced with better wheels, and I 'm thinking of making a longer rear axial and replacing the rear numatic single wheels with dual wheels, should make it easier to hand pull the tank to the truck, when I have to pull it up a slight hill by hand. I also have a 42 gallon barker. While I generally tow it, I have a macerator and could put tank in back of truck and drive it to the dump station. I could then dump from the back of my truck with a typical 15' stinky slinky.
Lantley 10/21/14 06:22am Tech Issues
RE: Frederik Maryland

Thanks for the hargertown idea I am going to checkout the Jellystone park. No kids but then this isn't the time for them (thank God). The park would be 39 minutes from the DD. So would be cool plus it is kinda in the right direction of Asheville NC my 2nd stop. If you don't like the price of Ramblin' Pines, you're going to hate the price at Jellystone. State parks in Thurmont,MD. Little Bennet or Ramblin Pines, New Brunswick are basically your choices. Hagerstown is getting kind of far to be convenient. There are no bargain priced places, Frederick is no longer on the outskirts and has become part of the metro area.
Lantley 10/21/14 05:38am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Electric automatic jacks

I really like my 4 point system as other have mentioned, 4 point vs. 6 point is really a function of the frame integrity. While I love my system I'm not sure I'd spend the money $3K? or so to install an aftermarket set up.
Lantley 10/20/14 08:46pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Y R exhausts/hookups on awning side

While my connections are street side. Furnace is not . It is really not a big issue for me . Water heater is easy enough to turn off. If it is cold enough to use furnace I'm generally not sitting under the awning.
Lantley 10/20/14 05:25am Beginning RVing
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