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RE: Dropped Trailer on Bed Rails Today

As long as you remember to use it, Butch's latch is a great idea. But if you can remember that every time then you should remember to hitch up correctly every time. To me it just adds a couple extra steps to hitching and unhitching. Agreed . It does offer additional protection, however I'm not crazy about the extra step.
Lantley 04/14/14 11:19am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Loud explosion while backwashing black tank

Lesson to learn from all this is black tank does not need to be spotless. Don't obsess over the cleanliness of the tank. It's ok to rinse it out but no matter what you do there will always be residual stuff. Trying to get it spotless can create serious issues. Why get it spotless when all you are going to do is fill it up again? I slowly learned myself, that obsessing over the black tank is counterproductive. A quick rinse or 2 and be done with it. While I understand overfilling was an accident, there is no need to fill tank to the point of causing an issue. You should have quit filling long before the point of rupture. Quick rinses is all you need. If you have odors use chemicals occasionally or as needed to eliminate odors. Repeated long fills are unnecessary, Especially fills long enough to rupture tank. Lastly you cannot trust tank monitors to determine fill level. Use a timer. Decide how long it takes to fill tank based on time. I never let my 40 gallon tank go longer than 5 minutes. Using a clear elbow I watch what comes out. Usually one or 2 rinses is all it takes. I also back wash black tank with gray water which works very well. If it is not convenient I do not flush at all. If I am camping again in the near future I do not flush at all. Once you get things back in order, I suggest you change to a less rigorous flush routine. There is simply no need to take the risk of causing damage, think quick rinses vs. long fill ups.
Lantley 04/14/14 06:21am Beginning RVing
RE: Should I leave my Travel trailer plugged in or not?

I left my last rig plugged in 24/7 365. I keep my current plugged in 24/7 365. The only time it is not plugged in is when it is rolling down the highway. I have had no issues. Monitor the water level in your batteries and you will be fine.
Lantley 04/14/14 04:18am Travel Trailers
RE: Should I be concerned? (tire question)

Yes you should be concerned. ST tires are problematic enough when using the correct size tire. Using an underrated ST tires is just asking for trouble.
Lantley 04/14/14 04:13am Travel Trailers
RE: Blue Ox Bed Saver Doesn't Work on Pullrite Superglide?

When I purchased my Bedsaver. Blue Ox did not have a model to fit my Hensley BD3 hitch. However I shipped my hitch to them and they fabricated a bedsaver for me. They paid shipping both ways. Yes I shipped my brand new $2K hitch to them. Shipping my hitch was the best most efficient way for them to get a prototype made.
Lantley 04/13/14 05:15pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Reliability of fiver latch mechanism

All 3 types work. Drops occur as the result of operator error vs. equipment failure. The pins do not just come loose. They are generally not secured properly when a drop occurs. A bedsaver is cheap insurance and a foolproof way to avoid a drop. Otherwise pay attention and stay focused on what you are doing and you will be fine.
Lantley 04/13/14 05:10pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: RV760 vs nuvi 2797

In addition to the ability to program the size of your rig into the 760 it also plans your route based on the size of your rig. The 760 knows when you are in RV mode vs. car mode and plans the route accordingly. In addition to clearances it guides you on major routes vs. smaller roads when in RV mode. The 760 also has a video input that allows you to use the Garmin wireless back up camera. One advantage of the Garmin camera is you do not need another monitor on the dash. The GPS screen serves as both camera screen and GPS screen. Not trying to sway you towards any model but there are more differences than just clearances.
Lantley 04/13/14 03:39pm Technology Corner
RE: Dropped Trailer on Bed Rails Today

I guess with the blue ox you don't even need to hitch up, just tow with BO :h Correct....Thats the "RedNeck Slider Hitch".......L.O.L. Well you are sort of correct. If you do absolutely nothing the Blue Ox is going to capture the pin and avoid the drop. Hopefully one will be smart enough to stop at that point and address the hitching issue.
Lantley 04/13/14 12:27pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Camera systems

I have a rear camera but I don't use it for lane changing. My truck has nice big tow mirrors which get the job done. Cameras are a distraction to me. I can see the entire side of the 5'er and the next lane beside me using my mirrors
Lantley 04/13/14 07:42am Travel Trailers
RE: Dropped Trailer on Bed Rails Today

Nothing wrong with the Butch's bed saver design. The operator just needs to remember to use it. Much in the same way the operator needs to remember to hitch up properly. Dropping the rig generally boils down to some form of operator error vs. equipment failure. The blue Ox bed saver requires no input from the operator. It is foolproof. It is designed to save the operator from making a hitching mistake.The Blue Ox will save the operator from himself and keep the operator from causing damage do to a hitching error. The Blue OX does all of this automatically. There is nothing else to remember or set.
Lantley 04/13/14 07:26am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Portable Ice Makers

Another advantage if you don't always need the ice, you have an extra freezer.....Dennis These icemakers are not freezers in anyway at all. They make ice cubes and nothing else. You cannot put anything in them and expect them to stay frozen. If you had one you would understand this. We had two rigs with the ULine separate ice makers and used them as freezers quite a bit..so I guess it all depends on what brand you buy.....Dennis Where your units portable ? Or were they built in?
Lantley 04/11/14 04:07am General RVing Issues
RE: What does this unit weigh? Cargo capacity include water?

Trying to figure out what the as built dry weight is of a 2014 Creekside 27bh. Most trailers I have looked at have a yellow sticker listing the weight from factory as built. This unit has a sticker that states the cargo capacity should not exceed 1,094 lbs. It then cautions that a full load of water equals 666 lbs of cargo @8.3lbs/gal. The GVWR of the trailer is 8,800.I believe that, in the end, you will find out that the cargo capacity as printed on the sticker does not include the weight of a full tank of water. Page 4 of this brochure shows the 27bhs with a Full Featured Dry Weight of 6935#, Cargo Carrying Capacity of 1865#, and Maximum Trailer Weight of 8800#. IMO, it is highly unlikely that propane and optional equipment could increase the "Dry Weight" to 7706#. There are very few options available. I'm guessing the true CCC is much closer to 1865# than to 1094#. 49 CFR 571.110 - "Tire selection and rims and motor home/recreation vehicle trailer load carrying capacity information for motor vehicles with a GVWR of 4,536 kilograms (10,000 pounds) or less", paragraph S4.3.5 states "---If the vehicle is a recreation vehicle trailer and is equipped with a propane supply, the weight of full propane tanks must be included in the vehicle's unloaded vehicle weight. If the vehicle is a recreation vehicle trailer and is equipped with an on-board potable water supply, the weight of such on-board water must be treated as cargo." However, it appears that Creekside decided not to treat the on-board water as cargo and reduced the printed CCC accordingly. I think the dealer and factory are telling the truth. Ron If Creekside reduced the printed CCC by including water weight they are confusing everyone by creating their own system. Furthermore I thought there was some sort of new rule that declared the ratings had to be presented in a uniform standard form to eliminate this kind of nonsense. Creekside is assuming the rig will always be full of water which is a poor assumption.
Lantley 04/10/14 07:58pm Travel Trailers
RE: What does this unit weigh? Cargo capacity include water?

The 6935 brochure figure is a bit fictional. It is the weight of a unit with no options. The trailer you are looking at has 7706-6935 or 771 pounds of options. The weight of these options must be accounted for and are deducted from the GVW. Leaving you a net CCC of 1094 if you have a full load of water you need to deduct another 666 pounds leaving only 428 pounds for cargo.(1094-666=428)
Lantley 04/10/14 05:13pm Travel Trailers
RE: weight of water too much?

Not all water is created equal, there's some nasty tasting water out there that I don't want in my water tank.I could never just fill it up just anywhere. It is a good idea to flush out and run some bleach through the lines once in a while to keep it tasting the best it can be. Very true but But the water in my tank is the same water I use everyday. I don't filter my city water at home. TYhe water in the tank is the same water. I keep my tank full at all times.It takes too long to fill at the campground. I don't have 20 minutes to waste filling tank. Not to mention time spent finding water connection, connecting hose,disconnecting hose, putting everything away. I prefer to arrive at site with fresh tank already full. There are enough set up chores without adding filling fresh tank to the list
Lantley 04/10/14 04:07pm Travel Trailers
RE: Sailun Tires?

Sailun Tires of China appear to have their act together with new modern and technologically advanced plants. I am going to replace my 16 inch wheels and tires with 17.5s. I just can't see putting out $425 ea for Goodyear LRH tires when I can get Sailuns for as little as $145. Anyone have any knowledge about Sailun, good or bad? Thanks. Are they steel ply carcass tires? If not it defeats the reason to go to 17.5" tires. Chris I have 16" Sailun S 637 and they are all steel. So far no issues. They appear to be wearing great. I am going into my 2nd season with them
Lantley 04/10/14 04:28am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Baltimore/washington Parkway with a 5th wheel tralier

There is really no advantage to taking 295 vs 95. It is only 2 lanes each direction and a bit more congested than 95. While I don't believe you'll have any clearance issues, the road is not set up for trucks. It is a commuter road designed with lots of cars in mind. I understand 295 allows for more direct route however the traffic patterns eliminate any advantage. Take 95 to 695 south to the Key Bridge. In the wee morning hours or late evening hours(non rush hour times)you may take 695 north around to 95 N as well. 295 may look better on paper however it is a Parkway with lots of commuter traffic.
Lantley 04/08/14 07:49pm Roads and Routes
RE: Diesel Gas Mileage and Reliability???

Hi, T Here is some additional information that may help to define my question better: 1. I tow a 5k pound trailer and may get a slightly bigger one in the future, but not a 5th wheel any time soon. Matt A 5000 # trailer does not require a diesel. Your solidly in Tundra Territory. For your requirements go with the Tundra diesel is not required.
Lantley 04/08/14 11:28am Tow Vehicles
RE: Redwood no need for 8k axles option

100,000$ camper with a 500$ suspension.....If you just drop and camp for the year then its not a problem...But if you travel to camp then I think the RV industry should step up and give a 100k$ 5er road worthy suspension not the parts used for a small utility trailer..it's a shame that after 3yrs of ownership one needs to replace the springs w/plastic bushings and axle tubes... Well said if you travel a lot your suspension parts will wear out prematurely and cause issues. If you don't travel a lot the issue may never come up. Overall loaded weight will also be a factor..
Lantley 04/07/14 05:58am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Portable Ice Makers

The less I have to put in my MH that takes up any more space the better. Bags of ice cost a few bucks. Four bags of ice in a cheap throw away cooler has always keep me and my friends in cold ones! Just don't see the need for an ice maker. 4 bags of ice will cost at least $10.00 bucks around here. Since I have an ice maker I no longer purchase ice. I load up from the freezer at home and replenish ice via the portable ice maker during the trip. The ice maker has paid for itself a few seasons ago.
Lantley 04/07/14 04:22am General RVing Issues
RE: name sign holders

DH likes the lantern look but thank you for the idea, I will show it to him.. Dutchman sport- we have similar taste, same TV (white chevy duramax -mine is srw, yours drw) and I'm looking at a very similar floorplan in a Sabre tt. Not to hijack the thread, but: Click here. I can guarantee you'll love that floor plan. Dutchman I am enjoying your new signature line. Lots of new stuff congrats.
Lantley 04/07/14 04:16am General RVing Issues
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