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RE: What brand and power size of generator do I need ?

Why do you need to run both at the same time? I agree with Fireball that 3,000 may not do it and with 2oldman saying not for long with his two 2,000 watt Hondas. Seems....wasteful to buy a generator to do both for a few minutes each day max. For the most part I agree. Running A/C and micro together is not the ideal criteria to base your buying decision on. Nevertheless I used to in my TT and still do in my current 5'er use my genset for lunch breaks. On a hot summer day their is a dire need to run A/C while warming up lunch in the microwave. My Subaru 4300is could do it. And my current built in Onan can do it. Making lunch in the RV on a hot day is a nice option to have.
Lantley 05/25/17 09:42pm Travel Trailers
RE: What brand and power size of generator do I need ?

I had a Robin Subaru 4300is genset on a rear platform. It produced full power equivalent to a 30 amp pedestal Robin Subaru 4300is https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51Wf53UgSvL._AC_UL130_.jpg
Lantley 05/25/17 05:18pm Travel Trailers
RE: Unbelievable how cheap they can make them.

Somebody mentioned a video about where the manufacturer bragged about building a trailer in 7 hours like that was a good thing to say. In my experiences structure is rarely ever the issue. It's always water intrusion, gaskets and interior trim. I agree the seal is important however at some point lesser materials may flex more and break the seal
Lantley 05/25/17 03:39pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Born Free Motorcoach

We all want a quality well built RV. WE complain about quality and poor workmanship all the time yet we are unwilling to pay/ support the premium brands. Born Free is another manufacture that was building a better mouse trap. Their workmanship and quality standards were a step above the competition, but like Cameo,Evergreen,Excel and other quality brands they have fallen to the wayside due to lack of sales. In the end we prefer bang for the buck vs. quality
Lantley 05/25/17 04:24am Class C Motorhomes
RE: RVing w/ Pit Bulls

I have a Doberman that is restricted at a few places. For the most part he is welcomed in 95% of places I go to. However there are 1 or 2 places I avoid due to their restrictions. Overall it's not a problem but beware there are restrictions out there.
Lantley 05/24/17 07:37pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Obbessive Compulsive Dumpers?

If I need the added capacity. I deliberately let my tanks mix. THere is always more room in the black tank. So I will let the full grey tank drain, mix, equalize with the black tank to create more space in the grey tank. I can often get another days usage or a couple of extra showers that way. I hope you never find yourself standing in brown water in the shower because you miscalculated. I often park where dumping gray water is allowed and I hope my neighbors don't adopt this "combined" method of storing waste water. On the other hand, I suppose the manufacturers could save money by providing a single larger tank for those that prefer this method. I guess it could happen but generally the grey tank will be totally full when I let it dump into the black. THe grey water pressure helps keep it a one way operation. I hope!
Lantley 05/24/17 04:19pm General RVing Issues
RE: 5th Wheel Entrance Steps

Installed my MorRyde steps last March and love how solid they are. The only issue I have is when at my in-laws the ground slopes away from the RV and I have to add a cement block as an extra step. Storage i not a problem for me.I like how they lift into the doorway. As far as a hole where the other step were, my isnstructions and the video both show the existing steps remaining in place (as mine are right now). Mor Ryde needs to develop something to take advantage of the old step space. Seems like a waste. The old steps can never be used, why just leave them there? Develop a cabinet or bin for the space and make it a selling feature vs. a wasted space... Mor Ryde is missing an opportunity to create a unique selling feature that the other aftermarket stair competitors don't have.
Lantley 05/23/17 08:50pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Propane tank pigtail rupture

Never heard of a "fast turn on" causing any issue regarding RVs and propane. You always want to turn on lp valves slowly. Turn valves on too fast may cause the built in safety mechanism to engage, which will automatically limit the flow of propane. The turn on phenomenon is for real, however it does not cause bursting hoses or any permanent damage
Lantley 05/23/17 08:43pm Travel Trailers
RE: Obbessive Compulsive Dumpers?

My only "Never" is to have both valves open at the same time. I do not want any comingling of the two tanks in case I ever have to dump my grey water on the ground. Time permitting and water running into both tanks, I go black, grey, black, grey and then get out of your way. If I need the added capacity. I deliberately let my tanks mix. THere is always more room in the black tank. So I will let the full grey tank drain, mix, equalize with the black tank to create more space in the grey tank. I can often get another days usage or a couple of extra showers that way.
Lantley 05/23/17 07:38pm General RVing Issues
RE: Stability, hitch and tongue weight....

IMHO, Travel trailers do NOT tow as good as 5vrs. If you have a crosswind and a semi passes you WILL feel it. There is no such thing as someone towing a TT and "forgetting it is back there", no matter what you might read on these forums. . You have obviously not used a Hensley or Propride. My Hensley towed my prior 39'- 10.5K loaded TT just as well as my current fiver. They are expensive . But they work
Lantley 05/23/17 05:47pm Towing
RE: Still can't use percent signs

%%%%%% Looks like it worked
Lantley 05/23/17 05:09pm Forum Technical Support
RE: Sewer Hose Cleaning and Storing

Dump grey last and put it away. No freshwater required.
Lantley 05/23/17 03:25pm Beginning RVing
RE: Should we buy used 5th wheel

Funny how these discussions always revolve around price. A used unit will always be cheaper. But that is where it ends. Used is no more likely to be sorted out or not have hidden problem vs. new. THere are used cream puffs and used lemons and everything in between. There will always be something you are settling or compromising on when buying used in order to take advantage of the savings
Lantley 05/23/17 07:50am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Upgraded software PLEASE

This forum is full of information and it's free. While I realize it may be a bit behind the times in terms of software. I have no major issues using the forum. Yes there are other RV forums with more up to date software but they are not as active or informative. While the world seems to prefer style. I'll take substance over style any day.
Lantley 05/22/17 09:01pm Forum Technical Support
RE: Is PA "warning" Rvers. (license).

Maryland requires a Class B or A non-commercial license for RVs. Few people know about it, including me until 3 weeks ago. I have a Class A but no one else in family does. Trying to decide on whether we should go with my desired diesel Super C or a Class A gas. Bet there are a lot of Marylanders driving RVs which require a Class B license but do not have and the dealers do not tell buyers. Here's a link to the requirements. http://www.mva.maryland.gov/about-mva/info/26300/26300-52T.htm And the testing requirements. http://www.mva.maryland.gov/_resources/docs/Maryland-Recreational-Pretrip-Guide.pdf I have read the rules a few times and I agree over 26001 combined you need the upgraded license. But some have claimed that towing a trailer over 10K requires the upgraded license. I have not read anything to support the over 10K trailer claim.
Lantley 05/22/17 08:53pm General RVing Issues
RE: Should we buy used 5th wheel

I you have the experience to identify and evaluate a 5th wheel. Then buying used is OK. But if you lack the knowledge and don't know what to look for. Or even what you are looking at buy new. THere are bargains to be found on the used market, there are also plenty of leaking money pits. If you If you have the knowledge you'll be fine. If you lack the knowledge by new from a reputable dealer.
Lantley 05/22/17 06:06am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Which sewer tote tank do you use?

Barker 42 works well with my 40 gallon tanks. I prefer Barker over Thetford
Lantley 05/21/17 10:05pm Travel Trailers
RE: Fired GS within 1 month of becoming a member

It is not clear to me that.....OP had GSRA tow him to the shop that a 2 week wait. If not, then GSRA should have considered this a first tow and no hassle. Did I miss something ? Yes his contract that basically says GSRA does not tow shop to shop. Whether it is a good policy maybe up for debate however it is their written policy
Lantley 05/18/17 08:06pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Fired GS within 1 month of becoming a member

I understand your point however your contract specifically states they do not provide a tow from a qualified shop. Pricing and wait times are really immaterial. They did not say they make exceptions for expensive shop or busy shops. Fortunately you had a back up plan. I have roadside assistance but I never use it locally. That's not why I have it. I want it when , I am in the middle of nowhere out of my element. That is the market GSRA caters to. They are really not interested in non emergency,not stranded towing. Their policies are geared toward stranded motorist only.
Lantley 05/18/17 07:03pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: The weight police

Got to agree with Russ, common sense, experience, awareness, reaction time/avoidance, can far out weigh number charts, when Mr. Murphy crosses. Jerry Yea, another believer in common sense, reaction time, experience, awareness...I am not saying it's ok to ignore the numbers.... Ultimately that is my point as well. Our reaction time and skill set is what it is. THere is nothing you can do to make an overweight truck stop faster. We can't control what may happen. That guy on the cell phone just may create havoc right in front of you.Your reaction time and experience as great as it is will not make an overweight rig stop faster. You can talk avoidance if you like, but speed will still be a factor. You may want to accelerate vs. brake to escape the danger but the weight will still be a factor. In short you cannot control the cell phone driver, you can't control the weather or road conditions. But you can weigh your rig and keep it within its design parameters. Which is what the OP is trying to tell all of us in the beginning of this thread. As always you can think his point is valid or you can believe you know better and his comments don't apply to you.
Lantley 05/17/17 07:22pm Fifth-Wheels
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