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RE: Anything new in Hilton head?

I went there a few years back and it certainly was not my cup of tea... No where to get close access to the beach. Everything seemed way overpriced... Even had trouble finding the WALMART hidden back off the road with no signs... Parked my truck a few blocks away from the beach front - walked around a little bit. Had lunch - visited the Walmart (hehe) then headed back to Charleston/Sullivan's Island/Isle of Palms... Felt like it was too richie for us... Might have been a bit better if we had reseached it first... Just my take on it... Roy Ken Overall Hilton Head is a more upscale place. But it does have great restaurants, access to great golf and tennis and great bike paths. It is more adult oriented and less kid friendly Nice beaches. I like it for what it is ,but I agree it is not for everyone.
Lantley 05/25/16 05:26am General RVing Issues

..... Do you notice much with the wind? Not at all. The rear axle weight is mostly my fault. Full of fuel, I'm holding over 120 gallons of diesel. That's an extra 600 lbs. of fuel that the truck usually wouldn't carry. So I rarely don't run it full of fuel when towing. I agree for the most part of "more truck is always better". But I have to ask an honest question that merits an honest answer. No fights or yelling please. How often do we see or hear of a truck/camper failure because the truck was overloaded? We see F150s pulling big campers and old F250s almost dragging the ground with big triple-axle fivers. But I have never seen a truck break because it was overloaded. I'm sure it happens but in the grand scheme of things and how often it happens every day, I have no worries about my set-up whatsoever. We're heading to Disneyworld in December. That's over 1200 miles round trip. We'll probably put everything (clothes, coolers, golf cart) in the garage of the camper and then unload when we arrive. I have no doubt we'll be fine. I had a F250 that I replaced springs on twice simply because I overloaded the truck with work tools. I also replaced the tranny twice. I'm sure the excess weight wore things out a bit faster. Failure does not have to be catastrophic. You don't need to snap the frame in half to feel the effects of being overloaded. We all have our comfort level what you describe as OK I see as being overloaded. Your reasoning for preferring a SRW is you don't want a dually as a DD. I understand that. However I don't think that makes it OK to exceed axle ratings or to have a vehicle that is something less than stable at 70 MPH. I prefer to put up with the inconveniences of having a dually as a DD because I want the added stability and performance when towing.
Lantley 05/24/16 05:11pm Toy Haulers
RE: Tire Pressure for G Rated Tires

My G rated tires a aired to 110 PSI. I want the extra capacity/margin that 110 PSI provides I suggest the OP do the same. After a few trips check to ensure the tires are wearing evenly across the face of the tread.
Lantley 05/22/16 07:40pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Satellite dish aiming

I played the manual game for a few seasons and then I decided to pay for convenience and purchased an automatic dish and never looked back. Words like align,azimuth,angle are no longer in my vocabulary
Lantley 05/22/16 02:06pm Technology Corner
RE: Older Doggies

If dog is not experiencing any pain or discomfort why subject her to the procedure? What is the goal that her teeth look good?
Lantley 05/22/16 01:12pm RV Pet Stop
RE: SUV for towing trailer

I'll second the Excursion V-10 with 4.30 gears. Mine pulls my 9200 lb TT with no issues. Setup properly they are THE best towing SUV out there. The V-10 tows just as well as the diesel. I'm getting 7.8mpg towing so the price difference between a diesel and gas is comparable. BTW, I'm at 17,500 lbs combined weight. No problems in any hills or mountains. Another Excursion fan. They are great for towing large trailers. I owned both a V-10 and a 7.3 PSD. If you can find a 7.3 PSD buy it. The V-10's are great but the diesel will get significantly better MPG's. My 7.3 got between 11-12 towing a 9500 # loaded trailer. While my V-10X came in at 7. At this point a V-10 X maybe a better value due to price and availability. But don't pass on a clean 7.3 if you find one
Lantley 05/22/16 12:37pm Travel Trailers
RE: RV.net needs to get with the mobile times

Your mistaking style for substance. This is the best RV site going because it is very active with lots of users and lots of information. In other words lots of substance. Most are not concerned if it is not presented in the most up to date style/format. As long as it is accessible from a mobile device most are happy. There are other RV sites with more portable accessibility but they lack substance once you reach the site. In the end I prefer substance over style
Lantley 05/21/16 09:17pm Forum Technical Support
RE: Tankless Water Heater - does it waste water?

They will waste more water, unless they have a constant recirculation or heat setting. This setting keeps the heater warm and reduces the amount of time for the heater to start heating the water. Kind of defeats the purpose of the unit. All the tankless heaters take time to sense the water flow, start the ignition cycle and then get the heat exchanger up to temp. could be anywhere from 5 seconds to 20 seconds. So what is your experience with these units? Ours fires up in less than 2 seconds with as little flow of .5 gallons per minute. Our real life propane use is less than with a tank type unit Ike we used to have. The only advantage tank types have is that they have the ability to run on electricity. With more and more rv parks charging a meter rate for the electricity used, the electric option is a waste compared to the cost of propane. How much water do you waste when you have to empty the water heater tank after a camping trip? Check out the real facts for the Precision Temp RV500 on line. Yes, it really does use less propane! Learn the facts before spreading rumors and non-truths. Keith Almost 30 years in the plumbing and heating trades specializing in boilers and hydronics so I guess not much. I have probably installed over a thousand tankless heaters of all different brands, and I do have one in my house as well. But you must know it all since you have one in your RV. Agreed both of your post have been spot on. Nothing wrong with tankless but without recirculation of some sort they do waste a more water than a conventional heater. Maybe a deal breaker for some and not a big deal for others. but the waste occurs either way I am also in the plumbing business and have yet to see a tankless produce instantaneous hot water without delay.
Lantley 05/20/16 06:55pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tankless Water Heater - does it waste water?

Tankless is a good idea at home. Because there is an energy rebate and there are no waste tanks to consider? However in an RV there is no energy savings and the waste factor is more of an issue. My 10 gallon heater never runs out of hot water, essentially I have an unlimited supply under normal conditions. If I have hook ups/sewer to take care of excess waste water than I have electric to heat the water for the cost of admission.... I just don't get it. Why would i want tankless in an RV. By the way I do have a tankless at home.
Lantley 05/19/16 08:17pm General RVing Issues
RE: Ever heard of this?

In my post above I wrote Carfax Should have written Carmax:S
Lantley 05/19/16 04:08am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ever heard of this?

Most dealers won't accept TruCar relationships for that very reason, and any salesman who matches their pricing is going to be out of a job unless he makes the lost profit and costs back on the trade. The opinions given above who suggest otherwise don't know the industry. CarMax is also notorious for lowballing trade-in values and only beat dealers by a small amount statistically. (When between labs I stay busy with a seller's license, I'm GMC and Ford Certified.) If you need to buy a vehicle, get your advice from Consumer Reports. Getting it from where you are reading this right now is not the place. Car Fax is paying wholesale value. They are generally paying what the car is worth with fewer gimmicks than a traditional dealer. There are only 3 options: sell yourself, trade it in or Carfax Carfax is a good option to have
Lantley 05/18/16 03:19pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tankless Water Heater - does it waste water?

I have tankless at home and I do believe it waste more water. In the RV my 10 gallon tank heater has yet to run out of hot water.Essentially I have an endless supply with a 10 gallon heater! The 10 gallon heater keeps up with our use without fail. There is no energy rebate from the hot water for me while camping. I fail to see the point or need for a tankless heater while camping.
Lantley 05/18/16 04:27am General RVing Issues
RE: Lippert Level up on a travel trailer?

"The OP asked for opinions and got 'em" No, jack, he asked for info from anyone who may have the system. All he got in the first few posts were the "forum Lippert haters", just like almost any other easy question that people here think they can splash their knowledge of nothing on the rest of us. Lippert is like any other mfg, they've had problems, just like your Datsun!! In my opinion, having some of their stuff, they've been pretty good lately. A lot of their products now (as mentioned) are past companies that they have purchased. Look again, and tell me where he asked for "opinions"!!! Interestingly enough the posters that actually installed the system on a TT have positive comments vs. those with no real 1st hand knowledge that feel the need to bash Lippert just because someone mentions Lippert. It appears to me Lippert must be doing something right. They keep expanding and no competitor has surfaced to challenge them.
Lantley 05/17/16 08:12am Travel Trailers
RE: Donation only dumpsite...How much is fair?

How much is it worth to you. Consider your options if this dump were unavailable. I see it as $10.00 minimum
Lantley 05/17/16 05:03am Beginning RVing
RE: Am I the only one bothered by a pet charge at RV parks?

Doesn't bother me. I am a responsible pet owner willing to pay. When I find a park that allows pets that has no stray mysterious pile around I will know all owners are 100 per cent incompliance. However I have yet to find such a campground with zero piles. Wonder who is leaving those piles,Maybe it's the greedy CG owners. You know the one's that are just trying to gouge us pet owners. Of course none of our pets left the piles I see at every CG. We are responsible pet owners.:h In the end us responsible owners must pay the fee to cover the irresponsible owners. Not fair but I understand.
Lantley 05/16/16 07:18pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Dump the Micro-wave

I think a good compromise might have been to just leave microwave in place and use it for storage!
Lantley 05/15/16 12:21pm Travel Trailers
RE: I-95 Fredericksburg VA to Rte 17 north

Candy Hill in Winchester is your best bet. Just off I-81 and VA 37 and very clean. Candy Hill msybe clean but it is nowhere near I-95/17 The Fredericksburg KOA is decent choice. Well managed pretty closed to the highway with decent access
Lantley 05/14/16 02:39pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Comparing Customer Service and Quality

The PDI is your only defense. A slow thorough PDI is the most effective way to hopefully have a decent RV experience. Unfortunately most do not conduct a thorough PDI and suffer the consequences down the road when they eventually discover issues that could have been caught during the PDI. Most do not understand the importance and necessity of the PDI You next line of defense is the dealer. Is the dealer competent? Are they on your side once money has exchanged hands? Will the dealer stand behind your warranty claim and go to bat for your or will they hang you out to dry? A 2 year warranty is always better than a 1 year. Lastly how good is the factory support. It's reassuring to know the factory will take a unit back and make it right. However if your unit needs to go back for repairs you are already well into a RV'ing nightmare. Most importantly the RV industry is somewhat shady and unscrupulous with lots of little secrets. They are not as above board as the auto industry. Most consumers do not initially realise how treacherous the RV industry is until it's too late. By the 2nd purchase the consumer has wised up and is up for the challenge
Lantley 05/12/16 08:58pm Toy Haulers
RE: Glowsteps $50.00 off

Put ours in last year and love them. We added the Camping world step carpets because the dogs didn't like the ribs on the steps. So far the step carpets worked great on a 10 day trip earlier this month. A point, Glow Step does make a hand rail that replaces the stock rail. Only downside is if you have a slide out on the door side that is too close to the steps the support/steadying pole can't be installed. THe steps are great. However my dog does not like them. Carpet solved the going down problem, However he does not like going up the steps either. Part of it dog is getting old and has trouble with steps. Part of it dog is afraid of open risers. My point is dog was fine with OEM steps but is not comfortable with GSR steps. I have purchased riser kit but have not installed it yet.
Lantley 05/12/16 04:58am Fifth-Wheels
RE: I need first hand experience from you all...please

Seek out Maxxis. It appears you have c rated tires. Upgrade to Maxxis D rated
Lantley 05/12/16 04:21am Travel Trailers
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