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RE: Generator Use

Has anyone ever stopped to figure how much it costs to run let's say a 4K gasoline generator for 8 straight hours? If it is significant then staying at a medium price RV park would probably make better sense. Sorry for my ignorance but, do most generators have thermostat controls on them where they can shut off and come back on depending upon the demand? When its hot and humid out it really doesn't matter, I'll have to take the savings another time. If I can afford to be out in the RV I can afford to run the A/C. For me overnighting at wal Mart has nothing to do with saving money. It's more about convenience and scheduling. Many just don't understand going to a CG can consume too much time or limit travel time when on a tight schedule. WAl Mart is quick and convenient.
Lantley 02/27/17 02:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: Generator Use

For us, if it is so hot that we need to run the generator all night, we just find a campground.x2 X3 I would rather pay for a camp site with full hooks than maybe getting dead from exhaust fumes ! Its called a Genturi. Those that are concerned about exhaust have one. No need to limit ourselves to CG's when you have invested in a built in genset. I often will go the CG route, but it's nice to have the option to do the Walmart thing when necessary.
Lantley 02/27/17 11:12am General RVing Issues
RE: Wow!

Buying new is fine as long as you plan to keep it long term. Trade sell in 2 years you will get screwed. Keep it for 15 years and depreciation does not come into play. Buying used is not the cure all for buying an RV. It does reduce depreciation however it has its own set of pitfalls. Buying new you can have the exact RV you want equipped exactly how you want it. Buying used you must settle for what someone else selected. Buying used you inherit someone else's problems, you have to sort RV out and figure out what has been neglected. There is currently a thread concerning dump valves on a used unit that had been altered. Lastly there is very little warranty buying used vs. a full bumper to bumper warranty on a new unit. New units warranties can be for up to 2 years. I'm not suggesting buying new is better than buying used. Buying used can be beneficial just beware buying used comes with its own set of pitfalls. To the OP the mousetrap is constantly evolving. At some point you have to do your research figure out the features you want and be happy. Next years model will always have a new gizmo. Most cannot afford to constantly trade in to have the latest feature. YOu mentioned you liked the 2017 models. What happens in 2018/2019 you will be lacking features again. Keep what you have. Don't be afraid to modify it to your liking. Once you get a fews mods done you won't be so quick to trade it in.
Lantley 02/27/17 04:25am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fold down entry step: Length??

THOse one piece stepn are growing in popularity. Mor Ryde makes a version as well. I see them as a big scoop ready to dump debris into the trailer when you fold them in. If they are wet you will have to dry them before putting them in. Yes you could sweep them each and every time you fold them, but I'm not looking for more breakdown task. Lastly 1 piece steps block the door. I often set a cooler or other cargo just inside the door when loading up. The one piece stair will block entry unless they are down. Which means steps are in the way when trying to set a heavy cooler in the RV. I saw enough of them to determine they were not for me. I still prefer my GSR step. They remain outside at all times, which is where a set of exterior steps should be.
Lantley 02/26/17 12:48pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Generator Use

For us, if it is so hot that we need to run the generator all night, we just find a campground.x2 Sometimes a CG just doesn't fit the schedule. For those of us with built in gensets A/C is available with just the push of a button. A genset allows for lots of options.
Lantley 02/25/17 09:45am General RVing Issues
RE: How do you carry a gas boat motor

I carried my johnson 9.9 and now my Nissan 8.0 in a large plastic tote inside the storage area. Tote is used to contain any leaks. 14' bote is carried with ratchet straps beneath RV.
Lantley 02/24/17 07:51pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: PhotoBucket lost all my pics.

I'm not trying to throw salt on the wound but do people really upload all their images to the cloud without having any other back up?
Lantley 02/23/17 09:17pm Technology Corner
RE: Tear in brand new TT fiberglass, thoughts ?

Contact the manufacturer directly. Escalate the problem up the ladder. There are whole host of possible causes, but the bottom line is none were caused by you. With that in mind I would not let them get away with passing their defect, mistake,mishap,accident on to you. I imagine someone at the factory has seen this type of damage before and knows what caused it. Let's face it stuff happens! The difference between a good manufacturer/dealer is how well they respond when stuff happens.
Lantley 02/23/17 06:18pm Travel Trailers

I do not ever travel with tanks full. Maybe half a tank of water and that's it. It just struck me as odd. As to say it has very little storage capacity? I thought 2800 lbs was a lot of carrying capacity for the trailer until I thought about the tanks. The 5ver I am looking at is the Keystone sprinter 293FWBHS. You have to consider YOUR camping style. Do you have the need to travel with all tanks full? I have on a few occasions traveled with both grey and black full, however fresh was 1/4 full. If you are a boondocker waste tank capacity and GVW can be a real concern. For most camper it is not a major issues however I'm sure there are some that consider the GVW vs. water weight a real issue.
Lantley 02/22/17 03:06pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: At what pressure do you run your Sailun tires?

What ever the maximum cold pressure printed on the sidewall is the correct pressure, unless your wheels are not rated for that high of pressure. DITTO Thats not how it works. The tire is rated for 4480# per tire at 110 psig. If you are not carrying 4480# per tire you are over inflated. Edit The 4480# per tire is just a number...i dont rmember what the exact capacity is. That's how it works on paper in reality ST tires are notoriously cheap. Until I went to the top of the line tire like a Sailun. I had blow out issues. I want maximum capability and maximum margin therefore I air my tires to max. pressure. I understand it is possible to over inflate your tires however my wear patterns are fine. Trying to dial in load to tire pressure is pointless. We know the tires do not carry the same weight because the RV is not balanced that way. Why bother filling the tires to some lower pressure in an effort to have pressure match load. If the load on each tire is different the pressure in each tire should be different as well if you truly wanted to match load to pressure. I avoid all that nonsense and air to max pressure in order to get maximum capability and margin. Why derate the tire by lowering the air pressure? If I wanted a less capable tire I would have purchased some el cheapo vs. buying a Sailun and reducing the pressure to less capable ratings. 3 years at max. pressure so far no issues.
Lantley 02/21/17 09:24am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Amazon Reduces Free Shipping Minimums

Amazon is reliable as well. Two day shipping is something you can rely on. Free shipping is no good if the arrival time is not accurate or reliable. If I have to guess and hope that my purchase will arrive in a timely matter, I may choose to purchase locally vs. on line.
Lantley 02/21/17 09:10am General RVing Issues
RE: Is there a midbunk with an outside kitchen?

The Jayco does not have a washer/dryer prep.....it is so hard to find everything you want in one rig. This one has it all Highland Ridge Roamer RF371MBH https://www.highlandridgerv.com/uploads/admin/floorplans/293/RF371MBH_small.png
Lantley 02/20/17 04:28pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Amazon Reduces Free Shipping Minimums

Uh, that "Free Shipping" costs you $99/year. One purchase a month works out to over $8 in shipping charges. Quite a few places ship cheaper than that. "Safety net"? Having Amazon store your credit card for quick usage is a "safety net"? In the end Amazon is a known quantity with known policies. I can shipped it back just as easily as I ordered it. In the end you get what you pay for. Amazon may not always be the cheapest but they are always competitive and the most hassle free way for me to internet shop
Lantley 02/20/17 03:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: Why you should not leave your grey valve open - Sewer Rats

Well it is certainly possible. You guys assume there is a 3',4',5' vertical drop. of the sewer before connecting to the horizontal line, But there doesn't have to be. The sewers can be quite shallow with no vertical drop at all and the rat could simply run up the pie. Remember the line only needs to fall 1/4"/foot. These are campgrounds we are talking about. I'm sure the sites are not always plumbed to code. Furthermore consider that the sewers can flood/overflow and the critter could simply swim up the pipe or get washed up with the back flowing sewer water. I have read stories of RV's flooding do to sewage back ups. I have personally witnessed homes flooding do to sewage back ups. Yes in those back ups toilet paper and #2 does come up and end up in basements. A critter could easily wash up or in with the backflow of water. I have witnessed sewage flies in sewers and getting into homes and businesses so it's easy for me to see flies getting into a RV. Rats are a bit more of a stretch but it is conceivable. I believe rats do have access and live in the sewers from there it's not hard to imagine one crawling up or being washed up a pipe and into a waste tank. The video mentions it is a rare occurrence. While I no first hand knowledge of a rat in a tank I do believe it is possible.
Lantley 02/20/17 02:58pm Tech Issues
RE: Have you tried this Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker w/LED Light

With all due respect to the OP and I am sure they are nice folks, but in my view ALL forms of outdoor speakers on RV's should be banned, torn off the wall, made dysfunctional or otherwise destroyed. The LAST thing I want to do at a campground or RV PARK (or even a WalMart)is listen to your choice of music. Generally speaking if you can hear it your neighbors can hear it. Agreed I imagine you don't want to hear what I call music and I don't want to hear yours.
Lantley 02/19/17 07:58am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: How heavy is TOO heavy? GVWR on a 2500

Not to be picking at the little things, but I sure did not like the looks of that receiver hitch, that is bolted/clamped to the OPs FW bumper, pictured on page 5. That is the accident I see waiting to happen. At least the spare tire is not hanging on that bumper too. OP should look into a receiver that mounts to the frame. Jerry I noticed that too. I assumed he was not using that bumper hitch to tow his trailer. Hopefully there is something I'm missing, or some sort of reinforcement or another receiver not visible in the picture
Lantley 02/19/17 07:54am Tow Vehicles
RE: How heavy is TOO heavy? GVWR on a 2500

You guys want me to believe a 1/2 ton will stop the same as a dually because the trailer brakes are stopping the trailer. Sorry I don't buy into that. Experience has taught me otherwise. That hasn't been my experience. However I rework all my trailers brakes so the brakes will lock all the wheels up.... if I so choose. Just because your trailers brakes didn't perform 100 don't assume all trailers brakes are the same. My wifes 1500 crew cab chevy 4x4 will stop my 6800 lb empty weight 16k GN tri alxe stock trailer (7k axles) much quicker than my 3500 DRW crew cab 4x4 454 will. Its all about mass weight. I can load the same trailer (6800 lbs) with say 8000 lbs of beef on the hoof. This type trailer can be loaded to whatever hitch load my 2500 Dodge needs or my 3500 DRW crew cab needs. My 2500 Dodge/Cummins because of its lighter weight will stop it in a shorter distance than my DRW. I don't even think you believe what you wrote. But it's OK to be devil's advocate if you just like being contrary Based on your advice I'm going to dump my dually for a 1/2 ton eco boost. Because it has enough power and will also have better braking as well. We'll ignore the fact that the 3/4 ton and dually have bigger brakes to go along with their increased mass. I'm sure you leave the dually and 3/4 ton parked and prefer to tow with the 1/2 ton. Why does anyone have a larger truck the 1/2 tons do the job just as well if not better..Can't argue with that logic...Good Grief
Lantley 02/19/17 07:20am Tow Vehicles
Why you should not leave your grey valve open - Sewer Rats

See Video
Lantley 02/18/17 09:18pm Tech Issues
RE: At what pressure do you run your Sailun tires?

I air my Sailun's to max. pressure 110. No issues in 3 years.
Lantley 02/18/17 06:07pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: GVWR, does it really matter

First off very few trailer arrive at the dealer at the brochure dry weight value. THe brochure weights are notoriously incorrect because they are base on a stripped no options model that really does not exist. If you want to get a better idea start with the ratings sticker that is on every RV. This is your real starting point. Keep in mind it is specific to the trailer it is on and that the sticker dry weight is generally not readily available on line. Your 10K brochure weight will more realistically be a 10,300-10,500 sticker weight depending on options. My rig came from factory with 2 A/C's and a genset. My brochure weight was off by quite a bit. You are correct that you may never fill trailer to max GVW. But the cargo weight for everyone is different. Some bring everything including pink flamingos while others are reluctant to carry an extra drop of water. GVW is used because it is the worst case scenario and allows some margin for error. If you know yourself and are willing to use scale vs. guessing using yoiur exact weight is doable
Lantley 02/18/17 11:44am Fifth-Wheels
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