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RE: Can you back out once you place a deposit ....guidance?

Correct on the $3500 question. You need to also figure in cost to go to Ohio vs. local pick up. On the back side consider cost of having a local dealer vs. having a Ohio dealer. Leo's will not perform warranty work on units they did not sell. As I mentioned Leo's can barely keep up with units they did sell!That has NOT been my experience. I have had them go out of their way for me... and that was without any incentive money. The one time I had an issue with getting taken care of immeadiatly.... A 20.00 bill solved the problem. I went from a 2 month backlog to being on my way all fixed up in 2 hours. Selling dealers like to say all kinds of things to influence you to by from them. That doesn't make it true. What is a fact is that they live for the dollar today!! When two customers are needing service at about the same time... The most profitable one will be taken care of first. WHY? Simple. The customer willing to pay more, can go anywhere he wants. The one beholden to his selling dealer is committed to that dealer. Of course "good" dealers would never do such a thing.;) LOL. A good dealer will take the extra money, and keep quiet about it.:B He has to. He cannot let that money walk away. The other customer he sold to with a promise of service has already paid him and will be there anytime because of his financial investment to him. I am familiar with Leo's. They will not gladly provide warranty service for units they did not sell. They can barely keep up with units they did sell. Maybe you could have the manufacturer force them to do the work but who wants to go through that each time? If you are a DIY kind of guy warranty is less of an issue but If you rely on dealer service regularly it is an important factor. Making a large purchase decision on price alone is usually a bad move if there is after the sale considerations involved. Having a good/decent relationship with the local dealer is always beneficial. Travel time for service should be considered as well. TTaking your rig in for service to a local guy is a hassle. taking it hours a way is a humongous hassle!
Lantley 11/22/17 06:16pm Travel Trailers
RE: Portable electric heaters

Ceramic heater preferably with a "tip over switch". Read the labels carefully to see if the heater has a tip over switch. Rv's are small and these units are usually placed on the floor where it easily can be knocked over. Which finding one with a safety 'tip over switch' is becoming harder and harder to find since UL caved in and changed the laws and says they are no longer mandatory because lobbyist says its too costly for the manufacturers. :R I digress IMHO buy a heater with a tip over switch. It tips over and it shuts off immediately. The new safety functions.....when the heater tips over it will only shut off when it touches something and catches fire to raise the temp level high enough to shut off. A little too late for me. Off my safety alert soap box. :C Well as son of a Firefighter I avoid portable electric heaters as much as possible. I am Concerned with draw on an RV outlet, and fires started by contact of flammable materials. The only semi safe portable electric heater is the oil filled, but still the issue with draw on the outlet. I can agree there is some risk simply because electrical fires do happen. However that risk exist with any hi draw appliance. Furnace and LP fires happen as well. In the end use reasonable precaution and you should be OK.
Lantley 11/22/17 03:53am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Can you back out once you place a deposit ....guidance?

Correct on the $3500 question. You need to also figure in cost to go to Ohio vs. local pick up. On the back side consider cost of having a local dealer vs. having a Ohio dealer. Leo's will not perform warranty work on units they did not sell. As I mentioned Leo's can barely keep up with units they did sell!
Lantley 11/22/17 03:48am Travel Trailers
RE: Can you back out once you place a deposit ....guidance?

I'd still like to know HOW MUCH WAS THE DEPOSIT? I see a big difference between a deal for a unit on the lot already and one that has to be special ordered, etc. for one on the lot I would deposit about $100. on a special order that is not the usual lot run I would expect the dealer to demand a larger deposit. bumpy The deposit was 500 dollars. They just got it on the lot. That makes the solution easy. Tell the Ohio dealer to take another 500.00 off and you got a deal!
Lantley 11/21/17 09:15pm Travel Trailers
RE: Portable electric heaters

Another volt for oil filled.
Lantley 11/20/17 07:01pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Can you back out once you place a deposit ....guidance?

Burtonsville... well hello neighbor! I'm over in Cloverly!!! I would take the newest quote from the further dealer and try to negotiate some more with your local dealer. $4000 is a lot of money. Chances are that your deposit is substantially less than the $4000 you would save by going elsewhere. If it was my commission and I had already done the work, I would be willing to accept a lower commission than no sale at all. Just curious what your local dealer is versus your out of state dealer. I bought mine at Keystone Mega RV in Greencastle, PA. Its a little over an hour drive, but I saved a LOT of money going with them and they have a great service department. Just remember though, RV dealerships aren't like car dealerships. Your local RV dealer has no obligation to service a trailer that was purchased elsewhere, even if they sell the same brand. Most dealerships seem to be loyal to their customers and would make someone else wait for warranty work. Just a thought. Hi neighbor going to use the out of state dealer to negotiate local. RVwholesalers is the out of state dealer in Ohio (have to take my true there) 1000 miles round trip. Leo's rv is the local dealer, easier to get my trade there. Like the idea of servicing local. I purchased from Leo's after negotiating with a out of state dealer. Leo's was very competitive on the price. However I give Leo's a 7 on a scale of 1-10. They sell more units than they can service. While they put on a good front. I have not been impressed by their service dept. They do have a decent parts dept. and will assist you however they can. As long as you don't have to actually count on them for service you'll be fine. My unit was assembled well and did not require any warranty service. But if you do require service be prepared for a long wait and just OK workmanship. Luckily I have not needed any service from them and there is a decent independent service guy in the same area. If you do buy from Leo's be sure to do a thorough PDI. Make sure everything is 100% before you sign, while you have their full attention and are at the front of the line. Leo's sells a lot of units and can be very competitive on pricing. They can get very close to the out of state pricing if you press them
Lantley 11/20/17 07:00pm Travel Trailers
RE: Can you back out once you place a deposit ....guidance?

I would show the dealer my better price and ask him to meet it or get close otherwise I'd walk. An Email is not a binding contract.
Lantley 11/20/17 02:28pm Travel Trailers
RE: Found a Weber Q carry/storage bag

What?? You can't put a Weber in a Napolean bag! That's a sin. Just kidding. Glad it works. Weber makes a carry bag for the Q series that is really nice, I have one. Made to fit with big carry handles similar to a hockey bag. Not the cheapest but very strong and durable. I've had mine for over 10 years. Weber bag Thanks for the link I swear I have looked for a Weber bag for at least a year. Maybe I never looked at the Weber site :S ! I'm happy with my other brand bag but now I feel like a moron for never discovering the Weber bag!:? Anyway now I know there is an official Weber bag thanks for the link.:)
Lantley 11/20/17 05:27am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Towing > 40ft - drw vs srw?

You are solidly in DRW territory
Lantley 11/19/17 08:46pm Tow Vehicles
Found a Weber Q carry/storage bag

A couple a years ago I ditched my Coleman Roadtrip for a small Weber Q 1200 series. The grill has been great. But I missed the nice storage bag that I used to keep the road-trip in. I improvised and used a duffel bag but I never found anything that truly fit the Weber....Until now. https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/41lcktVSFhL._SS160_.jpg Found this bag on Amazon. I purchased a used one for $25.00. I'm happy to report it fits the Weber Q very well. I Can't speak for durability or longevity, but it is a grill carry bag, just not made specifically for a Weber Q. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on the quality. For anyone looking for a decent way to store their Weber Q 1200 I'm giving this bag the thumbs up. Weber Q 1200 Storage bag
Lantley 11/19/17 08:37pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: connecting grey tanks to get more capacity for the shower

Here's an image I got off rvtrader that shows the dump valves. While the dealer states that there are two grey tanks, this photo seems to indicate a single grey tank valve. https://cdn2.rvtrader.com/v1/media/5a00ab3a332c99657347fb35.jpg?width=1024&height=768&quality=70 You can't really tell by that photo alone. My convenience center is similar to the photo but I have another set of valves that control my rear waste tanks. Those valve are located behind the tires at the rear of the trailer I have 2 grey and 2 black tanks. I also have to discharge pipes.
Lantley 11/16/17 07:08pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: multiple problems with new Forest River

so how is a cheap battery forest river? Have you bothered to check your crappy wfco converter for proper output seeing its as well not forest river.The ac thats not forest river needs taken off auto to stop coming on.The non forest river heater might need properly sealed Would you be this forgiving if, say, your new truck's outsourced transmission blew up? Of course not--you would expect the manufacturer to take responsibility and fix it, and rightly so. It's Forest River's choice to use these parts, and it should be their responsibility to repair the unit. Auto's and RV's are 2 different things, with very different assembly procedures, warranty policies and consumer protection laws. The sooner you separate the 2 the sooner you will have a better understanding of the challenges of RV ownership.
Lantley 11/16/17 05:25am Travel Trailers
RE: For the electrical gurus. Getting 50 Amp off two outlets?

I read plenty of posts where 30 amp will run two air conditioners. Try once and see. Watch your voltage, especially on the hot days. In the end the correct answer is maybe?
Lantley 11/15/17 09:04am Tech Issues
RE: For the electrical gurus. Getting 50 Amp off two outlets?

This is what you need RV Safepower transfer switch. THe device is designed to do exactly what you want. It is designed to work on GFI outlets. I have one and it works great https://nebula.wsimg.com/obj/RDczNzFEMkY4MEZDRDQyNTdEMzQ6OGRjZmNkMmQwMmFjMzYzYzc4YWE3MGQ3Mzk2ZjVhMzc6Ojo6OjA=
Lantley 11/15/17 05:32am Tech Issues
RE: King jack antenna

The Jack provides great reception. My rig came with a Jack installed from the factory. The downside is the Jack is more vulnerable to limb damaged vs. a typical crank up. My Jack has been knocked off by limbs twice. Another downfall of the Jack is that it can rotate too far a snap the flimsy internal coax. When this coax breaks you have to remove the entire unit and reinstall. I like the reception the jack provides, however in hindsight I believe there are better more durable options.
Lantley 11/12/17 08:13pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Bigger BP TH's - pros and cons

Tow like ****... Step up to a 5er People who say they tow fine have never pulled a 5er and just dont know any better. It's all in the set up and balance! Tow a 36' TT with 3' generator platform. 39' overall. with a Ford Excursion. It behaved/towed just as well as my current fiver.
Lantley 11/10/17 11:54am Toy Haulers
RE: Contemplating the 2017 Platinum F350

Well its about done. I hope you guys steered me right.:B Don't blame it on us. I think you new where this was going back on page 1!:W Congrats on new truck:)
Lantley 11/10/17 11:04am Tow Vehicles
RE: Larger gray tank capacity trailers

We have a Heritage Glenn bunkhouse, with 2 38 Gallon grey tanks. The one for the bathroom fills up first, but they both use the same dump connection. I can put a cap on it, and open both, and it will equalize That's gotta make dumping an enjoyable task.:E Actually it's become quite a common practice to combine tanks. you can also use the same method to back flush your black tank with grey water. The poster wrote they capped the line, But I imagine they used a twist on gate valve to cap the line.
Lantley 11/08/17 12:55pm Travel Trailers
RE: Larger gray tank capacity trailers

I agree there are places where you can dump your grey. But most places you cannot.The entire population of Canada does not compare to the US. Just California has more people than all of Canada. Canada has vast areas that have little population. While their park system maybe huge there is no one there to use it. ( I know try getting a site on a Holiday weekend). My point is most CG's do not allow grey water dumping. My comments are not based on the size of the CG, But simply the rules that are in place to make grey water dumping illegal in most CG's. The OP is looking for larger tanks for a reason, he cannot just dump his grey water on the ground! You sure do love that word "most" even though it's not nearly as accurate as "many" or even "some". As for Canadian park systems and their use why comment when you obviously have so little understanding? Yes, the OP did ask for comments regarding trailers and tank size but as some of us have pointed out our view is tank size need not be an issue just because you're dry camping. The solution isn't larger tanks as even those may still not be enough, having an efficient method of restoring those tanks is. ;) Many, most, all or none doesn't begin to address the OP's question on buying a trailer with larger tanks. I am in an area where grey water dumping is illegal. I understand the OP 's desire for larger tanks. There are places that I camp that provide water and electric but no sewer. There is no need to bring in water because it is provided at the site. Again grey water dumping is illegal in these parks. Larger tanks provide advantages in this scenario. We all have different camping styles and scenarios.
Lantley 11/08/17 04:48am Travel Trailers
RE: New RV Purchase Issue

I don't believe in a big PDI either because you shouldn't have to find things and hold the sale over their heads. I did our last PDI in 30 minutes. Noted a few things and then went in and paid. Sure there was stuff to fix but I can count on this dealership to take care of all my concerns via the warranty. I know I can count on them because I researched the company beforehand. And I was right. They have gone to bat for me with the manufacturer and did the right thing. I don't really dispute your approach because in the end you are satisfied and that all that matters. However I don't like returning my RV to the dealer for any reason. I prefer to find all faults and issues initially and avoid returning unit to the dealer for any reason. just hooking up to drop off and pick up is a waste of my time that I would rather avoid
Lantley 11/07/17 08:52pm Camping World RV Sales
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