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RE: Don't think you need a generator?

OR, you could just suck it up and do what you did 40 years ago. Remember when all you needed was an open window or 2 and maybe a fan? Yeah we used to hunt and butcher our dinner too, but we evolved.:)Some people still hunt and certainly still butcher at all the slaughter houses around the country. It's just that the masses have it done for them. Sort of like sight unseen, don't want to know. :E Today, almost everyone is hooked on a pampered lifestyle, no longer camping, but RVing with all the luxuries. A home away from home, no longer "getting away from it all". :R Nothing wrong with any of that, accept the denial. ;) I have all the amenities but I manage to get away from it all every trip. The All is the rat race not AC and color TV
Lantley 07/25/16 05:35am Full-time RVing
RE: Bridge Heights

Does anyone have experience with a RV GPS, they are suppose to route you around low bridges when you enter your rig height. RV GPS are helpful. I have a Garmin 760. However there is no silver Bullet. Tree Limbs are not on any map or GPS data base. The driver will always have to be aware and alert, no way around that fact
Lantley 07/24/16 08:03pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Why does Camping World corporate not improve service?

It seems to me that CW is just as bad/good as any other RV dealer. Industry wide there is lots of room for improvement, but at the end of the day I imagine CW is a good as everyone else. Far from perfect but adequate most of the time. CW is the only national RV and has way more stores than anyone else. When you read a complaint, it may seem like there is a lot but you really have to consider how many transactions CW has a day. What seems like a lot of complaints is a very small percentage. Again no better or worse than Home depot, Lowe's, Wal Mart or any other big retail chain
Lantley 07/17/16 07:47pm Camping World Service and Installation
RE: Bad experience Lancaster KOA

Lets put it this way, if I was in the area after reading this thread and numerous reviews, I'd go elsewhere. I don't agree with the philosophy of the place if nothing else. And trust me I'm not a complainer, never in my life have I complained about anything at a campground I stayed at except stuff which was totally inoperative and important such as power or water. I personally feel at least some extra effort should be made to accommodate handicapped people after taking care of one. I personally do not like some of the attitudes expressed here at all. And for those concerned about lawsuits, do check into where the payouts for injuries really occur. It is for children, wage earners, people who have lots of remaining earnings potential and responsibilities. As rough as it sounds, older handicapped retirees are more depreciated in this regard. I'm sure any well run RV park would have liability insurance that would cover any ordinary practice of accommodating a handicapped individual. The danger of a high payout would far more likely be a child injured or a younger wage earner with good earning potential. Funny I did not get the same vibe. KOA's are generally not my first choice. Nevertheless I would not eliminate the CG based solely on this post. There are 2 sides to every story.
Lantley 07/15/16 12:00pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Bad experience Lancaster KOA

The $18 fee was as follows, $6 for car and then $6 for each person in the car. So at best we could have saved $6 by having one of our friends stay at the gate. Not sure if he would have charged us again for drop off. Manager we dealt with was some what nasty and not helpful on other questions we had, it was almost like we were a bother. We had previously stayed at the Gettysburg KOA and they could not have more accommodating. When they saw my wife come in to register with a cane, they said "oh lets get a better site for you and one that's closer to pool etc." No problem with shuttle going to our site. We have had similar good experiences at other rv parks. Consider those fees appear to be in place to discourage guest for any reason. I imagine the CG while willing to, really does not want to collect the fee. Rather they hope the fees discourage guest because they would rather not have to police the guest. In the long run the CG is happy with their pay or stay away policy... because it is effective in discouraging/limiting guest.
Lantley 07/13/16 08:33pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: sleeping with generator on

Interestingly enough FMCA warns against sleeping with genset running FMCA website Motorhome Basics has same list posted above
Lantley 07/13/16 08:24pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: sleeping with generator on

I'm not saying it is extremely risky to sleep in RV with genset running.But there is a risk and precaution should be taken. People Die every year from sleeping in their RV's with genset running. Yes with some precaution these deaths would not have happened. Even though they are avoidable RV genset deaths continue to happen. Many/most appear to involve someone sleeping I can find an infinite # of RV genset deaths by searching the net. Just one example I did not make this list up just something I easily found via google. Though many appear to be in denial, Sleeping with genset on is a real issue. RV Safety Tips from CarbonMonoxideKills.com Use a carbon monoxide warning detector Inspect your RV's chassis and generator exhaust system regularly Inspect the RV for openings in the floor and sidewalls (seal any holes with silicone adhesive or have it repaired before using your generator again) Inspect windows, door seals, and weather strips for effective seal Yellow flames in propane-burning appliances (coach heaters, stoves, ovens, water heaters, etc.) indicate a lack of oxygen--determine the cause and correct it immediately Do not operate your generator if the exhaust system is damaged in any way Park your RV so that the exhaust can easily dissipate away from the vehicle--do not park next to high grass or weeds, buildings, or other obstructions Be aware that shifting winds can cause exhaust to blow away from the coach at one moment, but under the coach in the next moment When stopping for long periods of time, be aware of other vehicles around you that may have engines, refrigerators, or generators running Do not sleep with the generator operating Leave a roof vent open any time the generator is running (even during winter) If you do not feel well, do not be fooled into thinking it is because you have been driving too long, you ate too much, or you are suffering from motion sickness--shut off the generator and step outside for fresh air Have your built-in vacuum cleaner inspected to ensure that it does not exhaust on the underside of your RV Consider parking in a "no generator" zone at RV rallies
Lantley 07/13/16 08:13pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: sleeping with generator on

Lets see. Have any of the posters that state to NOT run the Genset ever been to a Nascar race?? There are hundreds if not thousands of gensets running all around you(including yours) and if the exhaust could easily get inside your RV, we would read about scores of CO deaths every week at Nascar races. If you are running the Genset, odds are you are running it to run the Roof AC units. With those running you have a slight higher air pressure INSIDE the RV and you will be pushing OUT air and that will not allow CO to migrate inside. Doug THere have been deaths at Nascar tracks caused by CO poising from generators. The only foolproof method is with a Genturi. Without a Genturi you are taking a gamble. THe risk factor may not be great but it is for real.
Lantley 07/13/16 03:45pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Current events having second thoughts

JUst left MB had a fantastic time. Best part is my TV was not on so I had no idea of the insanity going on. As others have mentioned turn off the TV and go camping
Lantley 07/11/16 05:56pm Family Camping
RE: New Torklift glow steps

Thank you Torklift. I got my new steps installed today, easy peasy. True bolt in operation. These things are rock solid, but will take a little getting used to. Definitely takes more effort to deploy them, but I think they'll be just fine.. The more I use MY GSR the more I feel they are harder to deploy. Not an issue when actually camping, but if you want to do a quick in and out while the camper is in storage in the back yard the extra effort is a bit of a hassle. Nevertheless I am still happy with my GSR's the extra effort is worth it for the added stability the GSR's provide
Lantley 07/10/16 09:50pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tire advice needed,long trip planned

I have had my share of problems and I would still run the OEM tire for one year. Two years on the smaller stuff. I took that approach when my rig was new. I was thinking with my wallet not my brain. I had a blow out before my year was up. I knew better. Yes I suffered body damage. The blow out and being stranded along the roadside I can deal with it's the collateral body damage that is the deal breaker. Make the change now. Why gamble? There is really no savings in gambling, just added stress and the potential for body damage. BTDT
Lantley 07/10/16 09:38pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Need help with towing capacity

Don't just focus on the engine alone. Consider the rest of the chassis. Frame and suspension are factors as well
Lantley 07/10/16 08:06pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Even new rigs need to be inspected when you get home

We get your point about the things you find later. However the real key is to do a thorough PDI before you leave the lot. Consider everything you find later partially your fault for not finding it before you sealed the deal. If you take this approach you will slow down and take all the time you need to scrutinize everything. Let the dealer know you plan to take lots of time looking the unit over. Scrutinizing everything sounds like a big hassle but in the long run it will save you headaches and time down the road
Lantley 07/10/16 07:16pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Hilton Head Harbor RV Resort & Marina

HH Harbour is a great place. Well landscaped adult oriented family atmosphere. It is not a party central place. You will be fine there. More upscale than the MB parks.
Lantley 07/07/16 04:38pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: 2016 MS36RSSB3 purchase

Great News NC sounds like you have a lot of balls in the air, but your moving forward. What an experience. If I'm correct toyhauler was a bit too long. Luxe was a bit too far away and not quite the right price. MS was the right floorplan,located in the right place and at a great price. Glad to hear things are getting sorted out. Keep making lemonade out of those lemons.Keep that stress down. I look forward to seeing photos of your new rig.
Lantley 07/07/16 04:34pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: add a detachable step to steps

Check out Glow Steps by Torxlift Steps always. Touch ground. No bounce. no wiggles. No stools no drop offs. Just solid footing https://www.etrailer.com/Merchant2/graphics/00000001/pics/T/L/TLGlowStepGlowing_2.jpg
Lantley 07/02/16 09:31am General RVing Issues
RE: Inexpensive small waste tote

It an Epic event because you move hose 5 t. Screw on five lids etc. then drive to dump and empty 5 containers. Each requiring lid removal etc. I'm worn out just thinking about it. Seriously?! You're "worn out" thinking about unscrewing more than one cap?!! Hmmmmm, well OK. :R I'm worn out thinking about the whole process. Multiple smaller tanks would not work for me. I understand you prefer the smaller size tanks and consider them an advantage, but for me the smaller tank just add more work to the process. My large one and done tank. Works well for me. Nothing wrong with the smaller tank approach if it works for you. That smaller tank method is just not for me If I'm opening multiple bottles,hopefully it involves beer!
Lantley 07/02/16 07:31am Beginning RVing
RE: Inexpensive small waste tote

I have a big Fat 42 Gallon Barker. I am one run and done. Emptying my grey is not an epic event. I'm missing where using a few smaller containers rather than a large wheeled tote tank to off load and dispose of grey water is suddenly an "epic event". :h If anything, the smaller containers are much easier to deal with as they don't have to be moved at all as does a wheeled tote tank which must be tilted up when full and dragged over to the tow vehicle hitch, often over a soft ground surface that makes the task even more difficult. My GW Aquatainers simply sit in the back of the truck so if I use my FloJet Macerator to pump to them my only task is to later lower them to the ground at the dump station for emptying. If I instead gravity feed the Aquatainers, which in this scenario would be sitting on the ground at the rear of the truck, all I have to do is lift each one into the back of the truck for a trip to the dump station. In either case, hardly an "epic event". :R As for total capacity there's no difference as it's simply a matter of math ... my trailer happens to have a 30 gal GW waste tank so I have four 7 gal Aquatainers and therefore make no more trips than you would with your large, heavy, ungainly tote tank. :pIt an Epic event because you move hose 5 t. Screw on five lids etc. then drive to dump and empty 5 containers. Each requiring lid removal etc. I'm worn out just thinking about it. My 4 wheel tote requires no lifting to roll it. I make one trip and return back to my place under the awning!
Lantley 07/02/16 07:08am Beginning RVing
RE: Tampa CW suckered us

I'm so sorry, I forgot you were right there beside me when we're discussing this coach. I forgot that you heard all the promises they made. My bad! If you have nothing better to do than ***** about what I've posted go play with something in the bathroom Your gonna need tougher skin than that if you want to post on a public forum. Just because everyone does not agree is no need to take things personal. You through it out there and most do not see it your way. Take the comments for what it's worth. I don't think we need to see video of the sales transaction and negotiation to have a valid opinion
Lantley 07/01/16 10:06pm Camping World RV Sales
RE: Inexpensive small waste tote

You guys can play around with the grey water all you want. I have a big Fat 42 Gallon Barker. I am one run and done. Emptying my grey is not an epic event. Yes I tow it to the dump station. I pull it over to the truck. The tote rolls like a wagon on quiet pneumatic wheels . I'm not concerned with how much the tote weighs because I'm not picking it up. Nothing wrong with 8 gallons if you like the little bit at a time approach but there are other options
Lantley 07/01/16 07:48pm Beginning RVing
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