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RE: Reservation Rant for the Day

To the OP the CG owners appear to be away for the off season. As others explained it is not financial feasible to man phones during the off season. Furthermore we have a hard to time grasping that a place can be closed. The owners are not trying to spend their entire existence making money. At some point they decided to take a break away from the CG. They are will to lose sales for peace of mind and relaxation. I see nothing wrong with that approach. It's not always about money or making the sale. Your trip is months away. Be patient and wait until at least March before you go into Rant mode. Many experienced owners have learned to get away while they can. This is there off season to enjoy themselves.
Lantley 01/31/15 01:33pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: New Living Room Bunkhouse Floorplans

@ependydad I can easily see where one could disagree with my 1/2 bath and outdoor kitchen thoughts By no means do I think I'm 100% right. I did not start out with these opinions. I though 1/2 bath would be great,but I should have given more thought to the plumbing end and the tanks! LOL The ironic thing about not liking the outdoor kitchen is I do all my cooking outside. Maybe I'm just an old dog that can't learn new tricks. I set up my outdoor kitchen with grill,griddle deep fryer etc.. I set my kitchen up where I want it (under the awning when need be) vs. at the rear of the trailer. (where I never want it to be) a few trips we are just hoteling it and on the go and I do no cooking at all. Ultimately my problem is I carry too much stuff including outboard motor,on board genset,washer dryer etc. I am constantly needing storage space. I prefer just plain storage vs. dedicated compartment like an outdoor kitchen. Even the 1/2 bath is not needed for my crew most of the time. Again that space can be used for other things. 2 kitchens and 2 baths is not efficient use of space when there is only 400 sq ft. total. Where am I going to put my outboard motor?! LOL...of course we need that. For the record I have a camping buddy with an outdoor kitchen. I enjoy hanging out at his outdoor kitchen area. I really can see how the kitchens and 1/2 baths can be convenient and beneficial they are just not for me.
Lantley 01/31/15 09:17am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Easiest route to Gettysburg from Cherry Hill?

Nothing wrong with #1 but for a driver unfamiliar with the area and even those familiar with the area, # 2 is a better choice. Avoiding 495 is never a bad idea. #2 avoids 495 and is still a direct shot. #2 uses all decent size roads that are easy to navigate towing an RV.
Lantley 01/31/15 08:55am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Need to look at those weight labels

Brochure figures are often misleading. However you have to understand what the brochure weights represent. THey are generally for a base model unit with no options. This very similar to trucks . The brochure weights are also based on stripped basic models. The brochure starts with a base model every option you add reduces the cargo capacity. Add a a 2nd A/C deduct 100#. Add a 4 door fridge deduct 100#. Add a genset deduct 300#. Dual pane windows deduct 200#. U lounge sofa deduct 200#. King bed deduct 50#. Each option subtracts weight from the CCC. Once you understand what the brochure numbers represent the figures are not as misleading. This is why brochure dry weight numbers should not be used when matching a truck/RV combo. Brochure numbers are an OK starting point but they are seldom 100% accurate
Lantley 01/30/15 07:37pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Cable driven slideouts mechanism

Cable slides are as reliable as shaft driven slides. They are not foolproof. But neither are traditional slides. The cables occasionally need adjusting but it is a simple procedure. Cables break,hydraulic lines leak,wires can short out or have bad connection. None 9of the systems are foolproof. In have 5 cable slides on my OR unit and I have had no major issues. I camp regularly and extend and retract my slides frequently. The advantage of cable slides is they do not require driveshafts. As a result smaller main beams can be used because they do not have to have large hole bored into them to accommodate the shafts. The smaller beams are lighter and there is a lot less heavy hardware. In the end the unit can be 1000-1500 lighter vs. using shaft driven slides. When the slides were first introduced they were new and most techs and people in the field were unfamiliar with them. However cable systems have been around a few years and the learning curve has improved dramatically. As mentioned more units have incorporated cable slides into their units. Cable slides are nothing to fear. They work as well as the other slide systems and provide significant weight reduction as well
Lantley 01/30/15 07:15pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Reservation Rant for the Day

Relax you did say a summer trip correct? They will call you back. If they are not there it is not very likely the place will be book solid. If it is off season maybe the CG staff is taking a vacation/break. You have at least a month before CG's really get going in many parts of the country. For better or worse this a normal during the off season.
Lantley 01/30/15 06:57pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: New Living Room Bunkhouse Floorplans

How about a Grand Design Solitude 365 or 366DEN model? Not a traditional bunk house, but is usable as an everyday living space as well. I like that floor plan. Although it's similar to what I have without bunks of above the sofa. It is also a bit more upscale. For younger kids I prefer the additional sleeping space. While I do like the floorplan it is a bit more adult oriented. Maybe upscale is the trend. One thing I like about the midship bunkhouse floor plans is there is only 1 bathroom. I have come to view the added 1/2 bath as overkill. I don't mind the additional toilet and sink but I despise the additional gray and black tank. The 1/2 bath has its own tanks which have to be dumped and maintained. In the end the additional 1/2 bath is more trouble than its worth do to the additional tanks. Unless we are on a long trip or have extra people a long I forbid my crew from using the rear bathroom because I don't want to deal with the tank. Eliminating the 1/2 bath altogether allows for better use of the space. I also feel this way about outdoor kitchens. The outdoor kitchens are convenient however an RV is too small to have/need 2 kitchens. I think the outdoor kitchens should be eliminated and the space utilized in a more efficient manner. I don't think many people agree with me on the kitchens because they are becoming more popular especially on bunkhouse units.
Lantley 01/30/15 11:03am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Bluewater Key Resort

One of the best campgrounds in the country, at any rate I will stay there again Sort of sums it up. This is not your typical campground. The rates are not typical. Don't try to rationalize the rate. Comparing prices to a state park is not fair nor is it a apples to apples comparison. This is a high demand exclusive place. Simple supply and demand economics apply. If you can afford it go and enjoy yourself. Don't try to rationalize or fret over the cost. It will overshadow the trip. You have to see value in the price based on the CG being in a superior to die for location with lots of amenities. It is truly a unique location with a premium/unique price to go along with it. Don't waste a lot of effort trying to figure out there pricing policy or the timing.Just go and experience the place at least once for yourself. Afterwards you will be able to determine the true value of the place. Simple supply and demand if you don't go someone else will.
Lantley 01/30/15 05:20am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Considering Purchasing a Used Travel Trailer

Wait a minute... were you thinking about taking 5 year old kids paintballing? LOL Lmao. I wasnt going to take my 3 kids under 5 paintballing! That was going to be a hobby for just the husband and i. I ran the numbers last night. I took the insurance premium, yearly registration, 2 sets of tires over ownership, camping fees, $400 yearly maintence allowance....divided it all up by 12 and added it together. In the end it would cost $1400 a year to insure, register, camcampgroufees for 12 trips, $400 a year in maintence, money towards tires. It would cost $1600-$1800 a year to stay in a hotel/cabin for 12 days a year. This option doesnt put stress on my truck or decrease fuel mileage. I can give a full rundown on numbers later. Essentially, it would take 7 years to break even on a $5000 trailer....thats IF there were no major breakdowns. doesn't make much sense Your calculations while accurate do not tell the whole story. If you are looking for the most economical hobby,pastime,or way to enjoy time with your family, It is not RV'ing. However if you enjoy spending time outdoors,seeing the country one small town/area at a time,fishing, swimming,hiking,camp fires etc. RVing is a great way to spend time with your family. There is a budget and style of camping for everyone,nevertheless you will not enjoy RV'ing if you approach it with a bean counter mentality. People criss cross the country daily in all types of RV's. Most are aware they could save money simply using hotels however they enjoy the freedom,adventure,security and stability RV living provides.
Lantley 01/29/15 09:20pm Travel Trailers
RE: New Living Room Bunkhouse Floorplans

The mid ship bunkhouses are really cool. Nice change from the traditional rear bunk house I'm used to. I really like to experience one in person to get a true feel of the space. Unfortunately the new bunkhouse floorplans are a bit too late in the making for me. While I enjoy my unit my next RV with most likely NOT be a bunkhouse floorplan as my kids are getting older. But If I were in the market those new floorplans are very intriguing.
Lantley 01/29/15 09:07pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 16" Load Range G Tires

Many thanks to everyone for posting great info. It seems like G rated tires in this size are rare so the choices are limited, especially for good ones. Please keep the information and experiences coming! That's just it. The Goodyear has been the only choice up to now. Nothing else has even compared. Goodyear has been able to charge whatever they want. Sailun represents real competition. It is a reasonably priced alternative to the Goodyear.
Lantley 01/29/15 07:31pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Stupid Pet Policies

The rule makes no sense. If they want a no barking rule make one. But don't make unenforceable rules. Do they really check unoccupied RV's to see if there are pets inside? Or do they only respond if there is a complaint like most reasonable places. If the dog is inside and doesn't bark what's the harm. I do agree their park there rules. I hope they actually enforce the policy otherwise it just chases away business. If they don't enforce it, but use the rule as a means to strictly enforce a barking policy than maybe it's OK. In retrospect if they actually enforce and check unoccupied RV's for pets I would not want to stay there with or without my dog. Too much big brother for me. Fortunately there are other options.
Lantley 01/29/15 06:51pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Lancaster visit?

Cherry Hill to Lancaster is not a bad ride but you want to avoid traveling during rush hour. I-95N to MD-32W to MD-29N to I-70E to 695N to I-83N to PA-30E These are all major roads with no lights until you get to 30E in PA. Lancaster has quite a few campgrounds. All of them are decent. Everyone has their own favorite. I like Country Acres. It is well run,clean in a very central location but slightly off the beaten and away from the heart of the congestion. Second favorite is Old Mill Stream not quite as pristine as Country Acres but still a nice park. It is well run. It is in a very central but somewhat busy location right on route 30. If you have kids there is a small kid amusement park right next door. If you like breakfast be sure to check out Shady Maple Smorgasbord You could take the Market St. exit instead of the 30 East exit and avoid a few red lights through the shopping area, but 30 is a direct exit.
Lantley 01/29/15 06:07pm Roads and Routes
RE: 5th wheel weights and trucks to tow?????

Definitely look into a HDT! Go over to the HDT Forum on Escapees and spend some time reading posts. For the price, capability and all around safety and comfort the HDT is hard to beat. As far as day to day travel goes, we carry our smart car on the back of the Volvo. Volvo & smart together cost about half of what you would pay for new diesel dually. Give it some serious consideration. Are you absolutely sure on your cost "guesstimate"? Do you know what someone actually paid for their 1 ton crew cab dually? So I'd need a Smart Car, a way to get it on the back of the HDT, then run around in 1/2 a car that, if rear ended could cause major damage and possibly some pretty bad injuries.......?? When a 1 ton crew cab/long bed 4 wheel drive will do all I need and I can park it in my car port and drive it everywhere I need to and it'll tow a quite heavy 5er....believe I'll stay with the pick up, and still have full warranty on the brand new truck...All have their pro's and con's, but climbing up into the cab of a HDT isn't something the wife and I have to do to tow a heavier 5er... I like how so many know what an individual paid for their truck...if going by MSRP, NOBODY pays that...It may cost a little more brand new but I have a full warranty.., Do they throw in a Smart car for free, or does one only pay a couple hundred dollars for one of those...Everyone I've ever seen has been a bit over priced in my way of looking at it, but guess we don't figure that in the cost?- I think you both have valid points. HDT"s are a viable option. HDT's are not as expensive as many think. I priced HDT conversion in the 25K-35K range. You cannot get a new fully equipped dually pick up for that. If you can I'll take 2. The new dually pick ups are way more capable than prior years. AS NC Hauler point out. His truck has a 37500 GCWR which is huge. 2015 GM Duramax dually has a impressive 7K payload rating. HDT are way more capable in terms of stability, power and braking than a dually. HDT are not for everyone. While some guys use them,HDT's are a bit large to use as a daily driver. To the OP. You will need at a minimum a very late model diesel dually pick up to tow a large DRV fiver and remain within all of your towing parameters.
Lantley 01/28/15 09:17pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 16" Load Range G Tires

I am currently running Sailun 16" S637 tires. It is a super heavy duty tire. After reading several favorable reviews on this forum I decided to give them a try I have not been disappointed. I have yet to read a negative review from some one who actually owns them. They are not your typical Chinese tire they are built to meet a high quality standard and Sailun has committed themselves to meet this accreditation standard. RV .net member NC Hauler is familiar with Sailun's certification and can vouch for the validity of the standard. The Goodyear tire has a stellar reputation. Goodyear has been known to pay for any blowout damage damage caused by the G614 tire. A quick search had the Goodyears priced at $321.00 each vs.157.99 for the Sailuns. That is $160.00 difference per tire or $640 for a set. I figured I already had insurance to pay for blowout damage. I did not need to pay Goodyear 160.00 more per tire just for the added protection. Beware I believe the Sailun 16" tires are a bit larger in diameter than the Goodyears So far I have been happy with my decision. I have had the Sailuns for 2 full seasons.
Lantley 01/28/15 08:49pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Considering Purchasing a Used Travel Trailer

RV are not quite the money pits boats are. However I don't recommend getting into RV camping because it is economical. Fuel is a big expense, campsite fees can be reasonable however tourist areas can be quite expensive. The RV will require maintenance. Things will break. If you DH is handy many things are easy enough to DIY. The RV will put added use/wear on your truck requiring additional maintenance. In the end most RV because they enjoy the lifestyle and not because it is economical.
Lantley 01/28/15 08:23am Travel Trailers
RE: Easiest route to Gettysburg from Cherry Hill?

Thanks D&M. I'm informed now. It seems MDTA should make more of an effort to accommodate out of state passes however maybe it is not a big issue due to lack of demand from out of state motorist
Lantley 01/28/15 08:16am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: My relentless pursuit to cure trailer sway - the dancing TT

Good info Cobra. My thought on the adjustable stinger is that appears much larger and heavier than the HA stinger. The adjustment part maybe convenient however you have to handle the much heavier stinger every trip. I prefer what appears to be the lighter HA stinger. I have never actually weighed the stingers but the PP stinger appears much heavier and more cumbersome. I not sure the adjustment feature is worth the additional weight.
Lantley 01/28/15 07:50am Travel Trailers
RE: 2nd opinion for tow vehicle please.

I think a 16K gross GVW fiver is solidly in diesel territory. If you are buying the truck new why start with a TV that is marginally capable? Being in FL does make gasser more acceptable. However do you want a combo that only performs adequately in FL and is marginal once it hits an incline. The new hemi 6.4 is the reigning king of the hill in gas motors, however it has its limits.I believe the 16K GVW of the 5'er is above a gassers limits and puts your combo in diesel territory.
Lantley 01/28/15 06:58am Tow Vehicles
RE: Where get gas with trailer attached

... Here's what we do! #1... I forget about traffic and I forget what's going on at the gas station. If I end up being a jack-a$$ to block the entrance or block a set of pumps, or block in cars that are parked! #1 ... I DON'T CARE ANY MORE! It takes time to get this attitude, but I've encountered way to many rude morons that don't give you time time of day. The WILL NOT wait on you, they will not give you an opening, they dodge around you when your backing up. So I finally got the same attitude..... ONLY I'M BIGGER... So bite me! Well if you can't beat 'em, join 'em! I really try to avoid this attitude, but we've been in some situations (even this last Christmas on our Florida trip) when people were so rude, we could barely move he trailer to get out of the station and out of everyone's way. It's those time you just have to show everyone you are bigger than them! Sometimes this is the only language that some people recognize. Dutchman Sport you and I are usually on the same page, but we disagree on this. If you have a diesel I recommend using a truck stop. All your grief centers around you choosing not to use truckstops. Using a truckstop does not require one to enter warrior mode to get fuel. One of the biggest untold advantages of having a diesel is you can refill at truckstops. I can agree that truckstops are not perfect,they maybe very busy places with lots of commotion some can be seedy. The pumps can be oily and dirty. Some,not all are uninviting. However they all have is SPACE. SPACE to:turn,swing,pivot and make an uninhibited approach to the pump. The ability to pull right up the the pumps without obstacles supersedes any other requirement for me while towing. For this reason I use truck stops exclusively while towing the RV.Once I pull up to the pump. I can deal with anything else. But If i have to fight just to get to the pump, my mindset is shot and my experience will be bad!LOL. Did I mention I will be pissed off even more if I have to fight and jockey some more to pull away from the pump. Use truckstops fueling doesn't have to be a battle
Lantley 01/27/15 06:46pm Beginning RVing
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