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RE: What has 3 rows and can pull 9K?

Pull is fine but be sure it has the payload capacity to carry the tongue weight and passengers. The SUV's listed do not the last time I checked
Lantley 10/26/16 06:19am Tow Vehicles
RE: Dual pane windows.....add weight? Reduced CCC?

3 Oaks I have to agree if I'm looking for some sort of pay back you might as well get rid of the RV.
Lantley 10/25/16 04:42pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th wheel hitch position in the bed

You give the fifth wheel no leverage on the rear axle if the pin is in front of the axle. So you have more stability. Correct . In general the idea is to not reduce the weight on the front axle by putting excess weight on the rear axle. You do not want a see / saw effect by placing excess weight on the rear and thus raising the front. By placing the hitch 2" forward you reduce the likelihood of reducing front axle weight or lifting the front wheels off the ground!
Lantley 10/25/16 03:26pm Towing
RE: Dual pane windows.....add weight? Reduced CCC?

Check the weight of the air conditioner/s on your roof. Can you do without 'em?..:h Wow! - Just think of the weight savings!..:C Like AC, dual pane -is- a "NO BRAINer" - :S - don't leave home without 'em...:W :C Dual panes are only beneficial if you full time or at least 3/4 time. Otherwise you don't even use your RV enough to make a difference. If your not full timing or paying your own utilities the dual panes will not produce an energy savings rebate like you get from windows in your home. Dual panes are a pricey item that generally will not pay for themselves through reduced energy cost. The construction of the dual panes is questionable. There is minimal thermal break or vacuum between the panes. I also do not believe they use low E glass. RV'ers are generally searching for moderate environments where dual panes will have less of an impact than vs. being in extreme conditions Dual panes do reduce the outside noise and create a quieter interior. However in order for the windows to be worthwhile I need them to provide more than just silence. I need them to save me tangible energy dollars which in most cases they do not. My A/C is clearly beneficial on a hot day. Both of them can run all day long and it does not cost me a penny more. I'll surely accept the weight of the units. Dual panes may reduce my CCC by 300# and reduce my wallet by $1200.00 without providing any real quantifiable benefit. In the end I passed on the dual panes when ordering my unit and I have no regrets
Lantley 10/25/16 03:09pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: F150 aluminum bed and sliding 5th wheel bracket

I sure am glad so many folks have the AL figured out. We are heading to AK next spring, am starting to look for a steel air plane to get me there without falling/corroding apart. :h Are the 150 starting to fall apart yet? Aluminum is not steel. It is not business as usual in the body shops or anywhere that has to attach , drill or alter the aluminum. It's not that it can't be done but there is a learning curve to deal with.
Lantley 10/23/16 09:00am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Elkhart Quadra Step

Aw c'mon, they're steps for cryin' out loud. You walk up, you walk down. :) And not all good things cost more money, sometimes just the ones with a better marketing department. :) If you walk up and down a set of glow steps and compare them to non supported steps you will see there is a big difference. Sometimes someone figures out a way to build a better mouse trap. They are not marketing the same old dangling steps. They have come out with a game changing idea/product. Those who own GSR's understand those who don't can only imagine.
Lantley 10/23/16 07:38am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Disc Brakes

I love any excuse to get a new tool :) I agree. If you need a flare tube. This job was the perfect time to buy it. While overall the brakes work. That additional tubing becomes a liability. The excess line results in lots of exposure and potential for damage. In the end it is a poor install but if it works and the OP is satisfied I guess that is all that really matters
Lantley 10/23/16 07:32am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2016 Truck of Texas

Fish that's great. 18 years I would sure hope they won! Now get out your check book since yours has no warranty left. Why should I? From a common sense point of view my truck is payed for, and is 4.5 years old and at 103k miles, not one single issue to date. I still have the original shocks on the truck and has been very inexpensive to operate. Having said that these new Super Duty's look like a jewel so the itch continues! At only 103K that truck is still like new. I would hope nothing significant has failed at this point. your truck has at least another 100K to go
Lantley 10/22/16 06:45am Tow Vehicles
RE: Spring break with kids

I think NYC is also a feasible idea. Plenty to do . Lots of Florida destinations but is FL. getting a bit too far
Lantley 10/22/16 06:05am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: F150 aluminum bed and sliding 5th wheel bracket

Everybody just needs to face it - sheet aluminum is a poor material to use for a pickup truck bed. Bruce I wouldn't say it's poor. The weight reduction is significant. However strength and corrosion issues are a major challenge. Time will tell if it was a wise decision.
Lantley 10/22/16 05:58am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Spring break with kids

There is Hilton Head,SC. It will be warm there 70's. Beaches, bike trails. Savanah, GA is close There is also colonial Williamsburg. Could be a bit chilly but it is a unique area with things to do. .
Lantley 10/21/16 09:35pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: F150 aluminum bed and sliding 5th wheel bracket

The dissimilar metal issue is a big deal with the new Ford's. Corrosion is a major concern. Check with any body shop they are having delays repairing the aluminum trucks. Lots of special issues to deal with related to corrosion
Lantley 10/21/16 07:11pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Ram Mega Cab

THe mega cab is a great configuration. I'm just not will to sacrifice my 8' bed in order to have a Mega Cab.
Lantley 10/21/16 06:49pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Question on clearance of Chesapeake Bay Bridge & Tunnel

Been through many times. You will have no issues. 18 wheeler's frequent the tunnel. There are no clearance issues.
Lantley 10/21/16 02:30pm Roads and Routes
RE: What would you do differently "next time"?

My biggest mistake was getting 2nd bath. I like the bath and laypout. However I do not like having a 2nd set of tanks. I should have considered the additional tanks required for my floorplan
Lantley 10/20/16 12:50pm Beginning RVing
RE: Camp host rant

It appears you guys are in 2 totally different parts of the country where rules are totally different. Yet you want to debate the rules as though they apply to everyone. The great thing about this forum is that it facilitates a national discussion. Sometimes everyone doesn't seem to understand that it is a big country out there.Different areas and environments across the country have different regulations. Every dissenting comment does not have to be perceived as a personal attack. Lighten up. Or I'll report you to the CG host as soon as he returns from ...?? the beyond.
Lantley 10/20/16 10:41am General RVing Issues
RE: How do you define too expensive?

We are getting older, the grand daughter is growing up. These vacations we go on with her will not last forever. Nor will our solo trips Spending money on experiences is much more important to us, than spending money on things. Like the latest and greatest TV. I (we) could care less if, our three weeks trips cost an extra few bucks, over what we could save by being cheap. We go where we want, see what we want, do what we want. Like zip lining or some other adventure. We will remember these trips until we die, and will always take great joy in them. So we could save $500 or $1000 bucks on a trip, just don't care. Money well spent in my opinion. You summed it up for me as well except I'm dealing with my kids not grand kids. Nevertheless I prefer a great experience,more convenience etc. vs. taking the economy approach and maximizing my savings at every turn. I prefer that the day be special vs. economiacl sometimes it can be both special and economical. Other times it can be special do to a great CG,or a special activity or attraction. We are out to make memories not plan for our retirement
Lantley 10/19/16 04:44pm General RVing Issues
RE: How do you define too expensive?

I seek savings in other areas but the RV show goes on as planned. That often means premium destinations during peak season. I am an avid weekend warrior.I imagine if I were retired, I would have and a different mindset. Trust me....waiting until you're retired is much too late to start saving. Waiting will also be too late to take my family to a beach front CG during the summer. I understand there are times to save and lots a ways to save money. Owning an RV and camping is a luxury not a necessity. It would be more rational to save every penny spent camping. However life too short for that. We enjoy prime CG's during peak season,we also in enjoy non prime CG as well. Bottom line is you have to pay to play. When it comes to picking a CG price is not the first factor I consider but is farther down my list of considerations.
Lantley 10/19/16 04:40am General RVing Issues
RE: How do you define too expensive?

Sixty in the middle of Kentucky might be high, while sixty on the coast is pretty dang cheap. Sixty bucks to park my RV overnight is overpriced no matter where it is. And, yes, KOAs usually charge about $10 more per night than local equivalents. Location is a real factor. If you are in a resort area, beach amusement park, lake front whatever $60 is a bargain. It's OK to like hamburgers, but don't tell me they are the same as a T bone steak. As others have mentioned there is Ruth Chris and there is McD's comparing the 2 in terms of price is pointless. If the CG is in the location where I care to be price is a secondary consideration. I generally prefer to be in a premium location vs. taking the savings. I want to be walking distance to the beach vs. be 10 minutes away and $20.00 cheaper. I want to be on Hershey/Disney property enjoying the shuttle to the park and other attractions vs. being 20 minutes away enjoying the savings. Yes I will pay more to stay at the cedar point CG vs. staying for $25 cheaper outside the park. Don't get me wrong I can enjoy Myrtle Beach state park vs. Pirate Land and the savings is great. However even then I'm choosing the more sedate state park atmosphere vs. the hustle and bustle of the prime time park. Even then I don't expect MB state park to be priced like a rural CG in West Va. In the end location,available attractions, my ultimate destination are far more important than CG price. The fuel cost to get there is negligible once I have chosen a destination. I am already heavily invested in the RV game. The only way to get value out of the RV is to use it to the fullest. When funds get tight I seek savings in other areas but the RV show goes on as planned. That often means premium destinations during peak season. I am an avid weekend warrior.I imagine if I were retired, I would have and a different mindset.
Lantley 10/18/16 07:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Camp host rant

I imagine some sort of note would have helped. However I don't expect the host to be available 24/7 7 days a week. On the other hand if a fire was that important to me. I would have brought wood from home or made an alternative plan for wood once I realized host was not around. I would not have waited until the end of the day and risk being shut out.
Lantley 10/17/16 06:41pm General RVing Issues
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