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RE: Hensley Arrow - Really that hard to hookup?

Wow That is quite a rig. I thought you were going the TT route to downsize. But that rig maybe heavier than what you have! Looks Nice enjoy it. What do you anticipate your Tongue weight to be? Is the Hensley limit still 1400#? I assume you will not be traveling fully loaded?
Lantley 10/30/14 07:52pm Travel Trailers
RE: Hensley Arrow - Really that hard to hookup?

The hitch head is adjustable up and down with the jack screws and it swivels side to side which helps if you're not dead on. Just takes a little practice or a good assistant who knows what they are doing. When I had my TT with a HA, there was definitely a learning curve to it. Using the method above, I could hitch or unhitch just as quickly as I could when I had my Reese Dual Cam set up. It does take practice, but once you find the solution, it becomes much easier. However, what little trouble it takes to hitch up, is waaaaay over shadowed by the overall safety and road handling ease of the HA. I would never, never have another TT without one. Period! Ron This^^^^ Nothing else hitches like a HA/PP so it does take getting used to. However once you get past the learning curve it's not a problem. Use a back up camera it will really simplify the process and shorten the learning curve. I used a Swift Hitch when I towed my TT with the HA. http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41boPNMDAuL._AA160_.jpg For the record my HA equipped TT towed/behaved just as well as my fiver
Lantley 10/30/14 06:12pm Travel Trailers
RE: 5vr vs Bumper pull what are the differences

You posted in a 5th wheel forum, did you really expect to get objective advice. The psychologist in me says you were just looking for confirmation of what you already wanted to do. So now you have two pages of one-sided advice. Any other questions? I'm not a psychologist. The OP is familiar with bumper pulls. Why not ask those that own a fiver what they believe the differences are? Who do you suggest he ask? Should the OP ask people who don't own a 5'er what they think? Seems logical to me to ask those who own a fiver. Many fiver owners have also owned bumper pulls as well.
Lantley 10/30/14 05:55am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5vr vs Bumper pull what are the differences

I went from a 39' TT to a 39" fiver 4 years ago. My TT towed just as well as my fiver using a Hensley hitch. The fiver does have lots more storage and more space in general. The high ceilings of the fiver, gives the interior a more Sticks and Bricks feel. The height of the fiver is always a clearance concern. You must always be alert for branches and trees. Fivers are available with built in gensets. Fivers in general are larger and require a bigger truck. Fivers are generally more expensive Fivers limit the use of the truck bed. Fivers have steps in the interior.Lastly fivers require a pick up truck which can limit your passenger space while traveling
Lantley 10/29/14 09:25pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Want new TT trailer but don't want a "Throw Away"

There is no Silver bullet . They will all leak and rot if you let them . Diligent maintenance is the key. Luaun and foam construction is not the greatest,however a 2 year leak will deteriorate all types of construction. Constant inspection of all seams including,lights,windows,doors etc. All protrusions to the interior should be carefully inspected at least twice a year. Longevity is not a factor of cost or even construction, but more a result of care and proactive maintenance.
Lantley 10/29/14 09:07pm Travel Trailers
RE: bucking/chucking with a TT?

bucking and chucking may not have been the best words....I am referring to being bounced around (via porpoising, etc.) when, for instance, driving on rough concrete interstates, etc.... With the air hitch in my 5'er I get less of the concrete slab induced porpoising than I did with my HA. I attribute the issue more to poor roads than the RV type. If the roads/joints are rough you will notice it with both types. Nevertheless I don't think either type is immune from the effects of poor concrete slab joints.
Lantley 10/28/14 08:23pm Travel Trailers
RE: bucking/chucking with a TT?

Bucking and chucking is not an issue. Tongue weight is a bit more critical with a TT than a fiver. Be sure to have enough TW 12-15% and you will be fine with a HA or PP.
Lantley 10/28/14 08:07pm Travel Trailers
RE: Mobile suites weight and mobility question

I would have to agree a DRV is a big step for your first RV. However If you are committed to the RV lifestyle it can be done. You can start with a lesser RV but if your ultimate plan is to upgrade than the baby steps are a waste of money. Truth is most people don't start with a DRV simply because they can't afford it. If you can afford a DRV and are committed to RV life go for it. If you are unsure or not fully committed to RV life, there are many cheaper worthwhile starting points. Keep in mind we all started somewhere. There is a saying. Do your homework and"Buy your last RV first!"
Lantley 10/28/14 06:02am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tow vehicle fuel tank size

I find that my fuel outlasts my families need to stop. I can only think of one time since 2009 that I was worried about running out of fuel. Besides, a person can alway add a jerry can or 2 of diesel in the back of the truck for the off the beaten path adventures.+1 I only get 180/200 miles or three hours and that is plenty before I need to walk a bit. One maybe two stops for fuel and I am done for driving that day anyway. I do try to time the fuel and lunch stop together. 600 mile range is overrated IMO. The problem is stopping takes too long. Unless you approach stopping like a NASCAR pit crew. A stop can easily take 15-30 minutes. My bladder can easily last longer that 3 hours. With those small tanks as soon as you get going it's time to start thinking about re-fueling. I do not need to stop at all on a trip less than 350 miles.90% of my trip are less than 350 miles, which means I seldom need to fill up with the 5'er attached. The small tanks are a nuisance and result in lots of hassle when towing. They are definitely not for me.
Lantley 10/28/14 04:19am Tow Vehicles
RE: Broken window, no help from CW

If I were in your shoes. I would have never messed around calling CW. I would have found plastic and covered the window and proceeded to my destination. From there I would have contacted the nearest Keystone dealer or Keystone directly. Depending on the frame and shape of the window I would have checked with local glass shops as well. I can't imagine getting a window overnighted from keystone, but I guess it's possible. I imagine I would have toughed it out with plastic, if I could not find a simple solution until I made it home. Beware those emergency windows can unlatch if not properly secured and flap in the wind.
Lantley 10/27/14 09:22pm Camping World Service and Installation
RE: Tow vehicle fuel tank size

. I can't imagine only having 28 gallons of fuel to work with. Stopping every 250 miles for fuel would be a real pain. Exactly. Small tank would be a deal breaker for me. I would seek other options
Lantley 10/27/14 09:02pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Breaking camp, when to retract slide?

The important common sense thing to do is to move the slide while the unit is level. When arriving I don't extend slides until unit is level. When departing I don't retract slide until unit is level. The sky will not fall if slide is moved occasionally while unit is not level, however I would not make it part of my normal routine to move slide when RV is not level. The unit will seal better and be under less stress if it is level before slides are moved. Speed,convenience and efficiency are all secondary considerations to the unit being level.
Lantley 10/27/14 07:58pm Travel Trailers
RE: Pin weight

The OP raises a good point there is no substitute for a CAT scale. Without a CAT weighing it's all guess work. There is no real basis for determining how well your combo is performing. Tire wear,acceleration,braking are all part of the same equation. In the end many are satisfied with guessing. However if you really want to know how well your combo performs take the time to head to the scales
Lantley 10/27/14 03:42pm Fifth-Wheels

Technology is moving forward at a very fast pace... and here we type in the dark ages on this forum. What's so dark about it. I can access forum from my tablet without issue.
Lantley 10/27/14 05:37am Technology Corner
RE: Breaking camp, when to retract slide?

In short I think having slides will/should change your routine. You cannot hook up until slides are in. You may have been able to hook up with your non slide RV,but now you will have to wait for the all clear inside. I have 5 slides to deal with. I ensure all are retracted before hooking up.
Lantley 10/26/14 08:40pm Travel Trailers
RE: Considering Going From 5th Wheel to TT --- Am I crazy?

If the TT fits your needs better than the fiver go for it. I towed my prior TT with a Hensley and it towed just as well as my current 5'er A Hensley or PP will tow just as well as a 5'er. I imagine MPG's will be similar.
Lantley 10/26/14 07:36pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Pin Box Modification- Update

I had to cut/clip the corners as well. Cut away. I used a grinder.
Lantley 10/25/14 09:36pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best RV parks near Washington, D.C. and New York City?

Another NYC option is Croton Point Park. Croton Point is a nice county park on the Hudson River. Full Hook ups in a state park setting.About 2 miles from rain station. Easy Drive to train station. About an hour train ride into Grand Central Station. Croton Point Park
Lantley 10/25/14 06:40pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Advice on tire issue with fifth wheel

Replace those ST tires with Goodyear G614 or you can save a few dollars and get Sailun 637 LT tires.
Lantley 10/25/14 09:19am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Dealer hourly rate

Profit is NOT a dirty word. All the traffic will bear is also not a dirty word. I own a service business with 17 employees at one time. I live in a normal neighborhood and not in a mansion. I am responsible for shoes. All those shoes. Seventeen pairs of them to start and then their families shoes too. If you have never run a business, owned a business, then you really have no right to decide what the dealer should charge. You have a choice, vote with your checkbook and buy elsewhere. Lets pick on dentists and doctors now. Being responsible for all those shoes entitles me to earn a bit more than my lead tech. So what is a reasonable income for a business owner? 50K, 100K,150K,200K. Guess you might want to ask Bill Gates or Donald Trump. When you come to these forums you find many service people providing thousands of hours of free advice so you don't have to go to those service people. Anyway, I have vented now. Thank that small service business person for the jobs they provide and the taxes they send to the government. You might want to ask them how many donations they are asked to make through the year too. Every other day some organization is asking for a small donation. It adds up. I spend about 5K a year on little league, soccer, police and fire support, make a wish, and you name it. Excellent response Most simply don'y understand all of the cost involved. Most have no idea how overhead cost impact the final price.
Lantley 10/25/14 09:06am Travel Trailers
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