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RE: 2nd air conditioner?

I have a 31' TT with only one AC... It keeps the camper cool and I would never add a second AC! That would be what I'd do if I didn't live and vacation in the summer in South Texas and points west. Geography has a lot to do with the OP's post, being from Dallas.
Major Dad 09/29/14 09:45am Travel Trailers
RE: 2nd air conditioner?

We take long summer vacations out west, and one a/c in our 29' Rockwood did not cut it. After driving all day in the desert SW, it would not cool down until the middle of the night. After seven summer vacations of this, we just traded it in on a 33.5' Open Range Roamer with two a/c units. We took it on a shakedown Labor Day weekend in 100 degree heat, and it cooled down fast. The Roamer also has really beefed up insulation, so that also helps. The only issue wwe have is that not all state parks have 50 amp service, but most of the ones we visit do, or else have shady campsites.
Major Dad 09/29/14 08:21am Travel Trailers
RE: Arctic Fox 25Y

Looking to buy an AF 25 Y 2015 with a GVWR of 10,000 pounds and dry hitch weight of 800 lbs. would the new Dodge Ram 2500 turbo cummins diesel have any issues towing this trailer? If not what Dodge model would you suggest. I'm looking to buy this truck soon then the TT to follow just want to make sure I have plenty of truck to tow this TT fully loaded on long trips throughout the U.S. Thanks for the help It shouldn't be any problem at all. My 2010 CTD Ram 2500 4X4 Megacab (3.73 axle) has a payload of a little over 2100 lbs, and a max trailer weight of a little over 12,000 lbs. We pull a Roamer with a gross weight of about 9500 lbs and hitch weight of just under 1000. No problems whatsoever. If you don't have 4X4 or a Megacab, your specs should be higher than that.
Major Dad 09/24/14 07:41am Travel Trailers
RE: What makes a 4 seasons trailer

There is no industry standard for a "4 Seasons" RV. It's all marketing hype just like "Arctic Package, Yetti Package, Canadian Package" and others. Until there is an established standard it's meaningless... B.O. I don't know if these claims are totally meaningless. If you are looking for a four-season RV, just put the specifications for all those who claim to be four-season side-by-side and compare. I know my 2014 OR Roamer claims to be four-season, but the dump valves are not enclosed, though the water hookups are. However, the insulation is great; when we looked at them on a hot South Texas summer day in Buda and also looked at new Jaycos on the same lot, there was a HUGE temperature difference; the Roamers were a good 15 degrees cooler. Arctix Fox does not sell down here and neither does Outdoors RV, so the Open Range is the MOST four-season we can get down here*. I think of the four-season claim as a continuum, but the consumers have to do the ratings for themselves. *Of course, OUR four seasons are Summer, Summer, January, and Summer!
Major Dad 09/23/14 09:30am Travel Trailers
RE: Removing the Stickers/Decals from outside of TT?

Actually, the Texas flag adds quite a bit of class to ANY RV...;)
Major Dad 09/22/14 06:56am Travel Trailers
RE: Roswell and Alamogordo how much to do, how long to stay

We make that trip every year going out and coming back from summer vacation. I would stay at Oliver Lee SP outside Alamogordo, but be sure to reserve one of the few water/electricity sites. Near "Alamo," White Sands National Monument is a really fascinating place to visit. If you do that, I'd spend a couple nights at Alamogordo. I would NOT get to San Antonio by going through Roswell, Carlsbad, and Pecos Texas. The traffic between Carlsbad and Pecos can be especially unnerving. The oil traffic on those two-lane roads is heavy, and those trucks travel fast. We go south on US 54 from Alamogordo to 375 and take that around the east side of El Paso to IH-10 east. From there, just decide where you'd like to stop to shorten the trip. There are few nice RV parks between El Paso and Junction, though Fort Stockton has some parks that are good enough for an overnight...but they are crowded with oil workers. I'd advise going through to Junction and staying at Junction North Llano River RV park if you want an easy overnight with full hookups and a great BBQ place nearby (Lum's BBQ). If you want natural beauty without full hookups (water/elec only), then stay at our favorite state park South Llano River SP. From Junction it's a two-hour drive into San Antonio.
Major Dad 09/20/14 07:14pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Chihuahuan Desert Camp'n Trip

Great trip and choice of locations! Balmorhea SP is always our first stop for summer vacation. We think about that cool water the whole time we're loading the trailer in hot San Antonio. We usually finish up each trip at Davis Mountains State Park. This past August was strange...the Davis Mountains were GREEN and cool...I have never seen that before. It sort of looked like Ireland, except with mesquite and cactus. We have done Oliver Lee SP for a couple of Spring Breaks. We love the Dog Canyon trail that starts at the visitor center (ironically, it's a bad trail for dogs unless you put booties on their feet). Last time we hiked it an F-22 from Holloman went supersonic and the shockwave echoed up the canyon; it gave me goosebumps. Of course I still bleed Air Force blue... The dump station was nonops last time we were at Oliver Lee...is it working again?
Major Dad 09/19/14 07:20am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: San Antonio

Depending on what your budget is there is a really nice park off of 1604 (west of I-10) called Blazing Star RV Resort that's really nice. Close to Sea World and Fiesta Texas if Theme Parks are your thing. Blazing Star an upscale RV Park for sure, but in a good location for Sea World/Fiesta Texas and not far from TX 151 which will take you towards downtown (but avoid rush hour at all costs). The Admiralty RV park is nearby but has been hemmed in by the fast-growing suburbs. Now there's a big construction project next door so it looks less appealing than before, though the facility itself looks nice enough.
Major Dad 09/18/14 09:02am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: What's the best deal you've gotten on a campground?

Riana Campground (COE) at Abiquiu Lake, northern New Mexico in Georgia O'Keeffe country. $16 a night with electric, flush toilets, showers, very large RV parking pad sites with separate area for covered picnic table and fire ring. Reserve America books it. As card-carrying geezers, of course, we paid $8 a night last October. Love the views there of Mt Pedernal above the lake. O'Keeffe loved to hike and camp there and directed that her ashes be spread there. The countryside scenery is wonderful, and you can reserve ahead to tour the artist's two homes. Shhh! now everyone knows about this spot! We have a rear bedroom trailer, and have stayed in campsite #1 (view of the lake out the back) during a full moon...what an experience! We did drive over to the Ghost Ranch two years ago in our Ram diesel and parked among the Priuses. We did not get a warm reception...:B
Major Dad 09/18/14 08:57am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Power awning question

We mounted our LED strip on the camper just below the awning. Mounting this way the lights can be used any time, independent of the awning. I routed the wires up over the top & down the ladder. I really like this solution to the problem. I have an electric awning with LED lights that can only be used when the awning is deployed. The only problem is that since my awning doesn't tilt, I only have it unfurled for shade and never for rain. There is no need for shade at night, so I really don't want to extend the awning just to use the lights...which means I'll probably never use the LED awning lights.
Major Dad 09/18/14 08:50am Travel Trailers
RE: Palo Dura Canyon

Thanks for all the replies. The couple we will be traveling with must have full hook-ups so camping in the canyon probably is out of the question. They have a very small trailer with very small holding tanks and really do need a sewer connection. I have heard there is a KOA close by. The KOA is well-run and close to the Big Texan Steak Ranch. We had to "redeploy" there this past spring break when a wildfire started in Palo Duro and we had to evacuate. The only negative is that the KOA is at the end of the airport runway and across the highway from busy train tracks. So when the a/c is not running, you have a lot of noise from the railroad, airport, and highway.
Major Dad 09/09/14 11:57am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: open range travel trailers

I just joined this Open Range Owners' Forum, if that helps. If there are others, I'd like to check them out as well.
Major Dad 08/09/14 06:14pm Travel Trailers
RE: open range travel trailers

We're picking up our OR Roamer RT288FLR Tuesday. We vacation in the heat of the summer, and have spent a couple years looking into a better insulated TT with 50 amp capability. Our new trailer will have two a/c units, both ducted. Since Outdoors RV and Arctic Fox don't sell trailers down here, the Roamer was the logical choice...especially since they have the floorplan and specs we want. I guess we will know after the two-year warranty period if it is as well-constructed as it seems.
Major Dad 08/09/14 02:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: Snakes and TTs

Please don't kill the snakes...they're better than rodents in campers!* I'd rather the snakes eat rats then go back to where they came from. *Except for rattlers. But plenty of non-venomous snakes die because some panicked humans think EVERY snake looks like a rattlesnake.
Major Dad 06/06/14 01:55pm Travel Trailers
RE: Axle Alignment Recommendations San Antonio Tx

Southwest Brake and Alignment 3930 Pan Am Expy (IH 35) SATX 78295. 210-225-5577. It's near Spashtown. They specialize in trailer brakes and alignment and have done a great job every time I used them. I hear them recommended by RV dealers and mechanics in San Antonio as well.
Major Dad 06/05/14 08:30pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Recomendation for rv park near Lincoln, NM

Valley of Fires. I love Valley of Fires, but the OP will be in NM during July. It will be hot enough to melt the lava fields again...
Major Dad 06/04/14 10:49am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Recomendation for rv park near Lincoln, NM

Bonito Hollow has full hookups and trees, and is at higher altitude so it is much cooler. We overnight there when going through the area.
Major Dad 06/01/14 07:58am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Traveling with the propane on.

Travel with them on......30 years Firefighter......Never saw a Fire,SOLEY CAUSED by leaving Propane on. Question ???????????? Do you turn your gas off,at home,when not using it, Just in case??????? Do you turn off your Electricity,at home ,when not using it...just in case???? Of Course you dont........Propane Fridges were ment,designed,engineered to be used on the road....PERIOD. Totally agree...great post! On the other hand, I have seen LOTS of vehicle fires caused by gasoline. Instead of turning off our propane, we'd be much safer turning off the GASOLINE supply to our tow vehicles while traveling down the road... ;)
Major Dad 05/31/14 08:59am Travel Trailers
RE: Why are teardrops so expensive?

A few points from an Economics teacher... .... Of course, these are generalities and individual results may vary You know, I am aware of all your points, and I agree with them because they are true as far as I was taught back in university economics. But that is not my point. Consider this - statutes are there to tell us what we can do according to the law. Morals are there to tell us what we are should do. Now take that inter-relationship and consider the parallels with regard to to economics and greed. That is all I am prepared to say on this. Robert the Aussie makes a good observation - the teardrops manage to be priced lower (appropriately?) Down Under. I would wager to say it is similar in Canada but I might be wrong given it proximity to us here. I don't think that we can be so presumptuous to say that those two countries are not familiar with the tenets of economics. Economics aside, if we do not stifle our consciences, we can allow that in the marketplace in which we live greed is a factor. As for the teardops - I think they are pretty cool (thanks to bakerkids who shared her beautiful picture - makes me feel like camping right now! :)) and her thoughts on why it works for them, and for many others who like small (that definitely has its advantages). The market (as long as market failure is not present) sets the price. In that context, if you want to say the supplier is "greedy" for selling a product for what the market will bear, then the consumer is just as greedy for trying to purchase something for less than the market price. I see no moral issues here; we're talking about travel trailers (wants), not life-saving medications (needs). Consumers and suppliers are both motivated by self-interest, and those competing interests in the marketplace are what sets price and production levels. It is tempting to ascribe "greed" to this process when a market doesn't produce something for the prices you want, but I can assure you that I never called myself "greedy" when I bought my trailer for an incredibly low price in 2008! IOW, understanding how demand, supply, and pricing works helps consumers make better choices (in this case teardrop trailers), and I certainly support that!
Major Dad 05/22/14 08:40am Travel Trailers
RE: Cochiti Lake COE Camping in New Mexico ????

Have you thought about the COE campground at Abiquiu? The lake is not accessible from the campground, but it is short drive to the lake. They say the fishing is great there, but I haven't looked into it yet. The view from the campground is incredible. Riana Abiquiu COE http://www.reserveamerica.com/campgroundDetails.do?subTabIndex=0&&contractCode=nrso&parkCode=rian
Major Dad 05/22/14 08:15am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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