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RE: Any Reason To Get A WDH?

We towed a lightweight 29' TT with an Armada, and learned about this the hard way. We had the automatic airbags, but even with that we ran out of payload quickly, even with WDH. The wheelbase is fairly short compared to a pickup, so there was ocassionally some discomfort when 18 wheelers blew by me. We loved the Armada, but is was only a marginally capable TV for the trailer we had. When the airbags failed (dang THAT was expensive!) we upgraded. Your trailer is lighter and shorter, but a WDH is a must-have in my opinion.
Major Dad 04/17/15 12:58pm Travel Trailers
RE: Travel Trailer Inspection in Texas

I agree. To explain why would be a political answer and the moderators are intolerant of such things. Texas is the only location I've been forced to travel through and constantly run into hassles unlike every state in the union. To my knowledge they are also one of two states whom constantly speak of leaving the United States. I have been through Texas a number of times and never had a problem. Could it be that you are a member of the "over 65 mph at any time" club. Just sayin.. There is no longer a lower speed limit for RVs, trucks, etc. in Texas. That being said, I don't exceed the 65 mph speed limit my trailer tires impose on me because I don't want to be the main course at a buzzard buffet on a lonely West Texas highway! As far as Texas seceding, we wouldn't do that because the rest of the country is too dependent upon us! :B
Major Dad 04/15/15 08:12am Travel Trailers
RE: Question about air conditioning

I have never camped in West Texas. But a 13500 BTU unit on a 30’ TT sounds light to me. If the unit has ducted AC you could try opening the ceiling vents on the AC unit for a rapid start of the cooling process. Once the area under the AC unit is cool you can close those vents to reduce noise. We had a 29' TT and spent 7 summers out west. Even the 15K unit could not keep up in West Texas/southern NM. Our first night on the road from San Antonio to Balmorhea SP was nearly always miserably hot inside the trailer. Our new trailer (33.5') has much better insulation and 2 a/c units, and we no longer have that problem.
Major Dad 04/13/15 08:44am Travel Trailers
RE: Big Bend

Keep in mind Fort Davis is a pretty good drive from Big Bend. If you want to go to McDonald Observatory (try to be there for a "Star Party"), Davis Mountans State Park has full hookups (incl. sewer) and a hotel, the Indian Lodge. Be sure to make reservations early; this park is popular.
Major Dad 04/08/15 01:33pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Suspension Question

I have 2014 Dodge Ram 1500, 5.7 Eng. 30 ft Autumn Rideg trailer . Tongue weight 900 lb. equalizer hitch. All hooked up the rear of truck is down about 4 inches. Folks have suggested Firestone airbags, stronger springs, etc. looking for help from folks who have experienced this and the ways you cured problem and got your dodge 1500 approx level. Thanks Here's the manual with step by step instructions. I would first check the inside of the driver's side door to see if your Ram model has enough payload for that trailer's loaded tongue weight. The unloaded tongue weight of my 33.5' trailer is nearly 1000lbs unloaded, and my 2010 Ram 2500 Megacab tows my loaded trailer almost exactly level. Without the spring bars, the rear end squats significantly. The manual shows you how to measure and adjust your weight distribution bars if the rear end is squatting and front end rides high.Equalizer manual.
Major Dad 04/02/15 04:46pm Travel Trailers
RE: Costco Auto Program

I buy from Costco because they provide quality goods at good prices. They also have the exact kind of dog food that is recommended for our greyhound. I could care less about their politics; I might add I drive my diesel pickup truck with an NRA sticker there for large purchases, as do many Texans. I don't go to Costco for politics; I have a variety of news sources I read for that. I read RV.Net for information about RVs, such as this thread about Costco buying program for RVs. It piqued my interest, though I'd probably never use their buying service for an RV. As an Economics teacher, I sure don't read RV.NET for information about Economics. This thread is a sterling example of why NOT to do that! :R
Major Dad 04/01/15 08:54am Travel Trailers
RE: LED lights. On Awning Tube or under roof???

Ours is on the roller, which makes it completely useless for us. Since our power awning can't really be deployed during significant rain (I can't change the pitch), the only time we use it is during the daytime for shade. I'd LOVE to have one on the sidewall, but then again we usually sit in the dark at night and enjoy the stars.
Major Dad 03/31/15 10:37am Travel Trailers
RE: Dogs in TT's

I found that heat was a big problem back there for the pups. It's hard to get AC back there when it's hot. I would have a remote temp gauge back there. If your dogs get stressed and hot, you've got a big problem. The noise level is also high. I have a Bed-rug in mine. You should have gotten a Megga-cab. I have the megacab and two large dogs. ONE St Bernard may fit back there with the seats folded down, but not two. I'm thinking for giant dogs maybe a 3/4-1 ton van may be the answer, with rear seats removed. The cap on the pickup truck would be a factor in hot weather since the OP lives in West Texas.If you take out the back seat you may be able to build a platform out of plywood. On my Ford crew the platform was 58"wide by 45"deep and has enough room for 3 Collies. Your megacab would be even larger. You could measure and cut cardboard the same size and lay it on the ground and have your 2 dogs lay on it to see if it would give you enough room. If not you won't have to change your truck. I thought of a 1 ton d-max van but it was De-rated on power with a lighter duty transmission. This would limit you to a TT as well. I wrapped the back seat in plastic and store it in the garage. Would take about 15 minutes to put back in. My 2010 Megacab already folds down into a very nice large platform. I put in a cheapo Walmart foam matress topper, sheet, and dog blanket on top of it. It is enough room for my 55 lb. greyhound and 62 lb. flatcoat retriever. Our neighbors have a couple of Bernards, and I don't see any way to fit TWO of those 100+ lb. lovable giants back there!
Major Dad 03/27/15 08:36pm Travel Trailers
RE: Dogs in TT's

I found that heat was a big problem back there for the pups. It's hard to get AC back there when it's hot. I would have a remote temp gauge back there. If your dogs get stressed and hot, you've got a big problem. The noise level is also high. I have a Bed-rug in mine. You should have gotten a Megga-cab. I have the megacab and two large dogs. ONE St Bernard may fit back there with the seats folded down, but not two. I'm thinking for giant dogs maybe a 3/4-1 ton van may be the answer, with rear seats removed. The cap on the pickup truck would be a factor in hot weather since the OP lives in West Texas.
Major Dad 03/27/15 08:57am Travel Trailers
RE: Dogs in TT's

Congrats Dvitale300, Showing a Saint is not easy. I have a show Bernese and he travels with me in the cab of my new Ram Laramie, fold flat floor in the rear. I would not travel with him in the TT because I need someone to talk to on the long drives. Not being able to lower the tailgate is also a bummer. Is there room to move the tanks back and then move the tongue jack back enough to clear the tailgate? Might need to do some welding to make it work. Think outside the box. How close is it to clearing? To help with the dog hair some I cover the entire back seat area with a sheet and take a few along on longer trips. Use the dog blower to blow out the truck. If you have too much dog for the cab you'll just have to get a class A MH like all the big dogs at the shows. Do you have your X-pens mounted on the back bumper yet? I've been thinking about replacing my hard tonneau cover with a camper shell, and replacing it with a cap that has a rear door. My tailgate doesn't open when hitched, so that might be an option for the big doggies. Cap with rear door I haven't looked into the brands yet, but one with this type of design is what I was considering.
Major Dad 03/26/15 12:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: Pet Resorts, Not RV Resorts

We have been in 28 campgrounds, both public and private, since January 1. We have been from Florida all the way to California. In only one campground did we have a dog problem and poop wasn't the problem. We have only encountered unpicked up dog poop in two campgrounds, one public and one private; in the public one it may have been coyote poop. Yes, we notice those things because we have a dog and work hard to make sure she doesn't disrupt the camping experience of others. Just like we work hard to make sure we humans don't disrupt the camping experience of others. And we have found that other campers, for the most part, are the same way. We have, however, run into Camp Hosts who seem mad at the world. Sometimes I wonder why they take a job working with the public they seem to hate so much. With some, it's dogs; with others it's cars or fires or noise or children or people in general. They really need to think about why they are doing what they seem to dislike so much. Now, I'm not saying you - the OP - are one those people. I'm sure you are very pleasant in person. But you may want to figure out why you have so much time to sit around and watch people with dogs doing their business. Maybe find a hobby. Maybe get a dog. Anything to relieve some of the stress you seem to be under. My nomination for best post of the day! This has been our experience as well. When traveling I feel it is best to be tolerant of others' lifestyle choices. Some take their dogs, some don't, some even take cats or birds. Some take their kids, some have a whole van full of active kids, some are childless. Some people are irresponsible with kids/pets, most are not. Sometimes parents are judged by ohers as being irresponsible because their kids are loud and seemingly ill-behaved, when actually they are dealing with a disability such as autism. Sometimes it is a cultural issue. In short, it doesn't hurt to be charitable and tolerant of those who make different life choices. It usually DOES cause strife when one negatively stereotypes all dog owners/cat owners/parents/etc. When people are inconsiderate of other campers and breaking campground rules, camp hosts and rangers can correct the behavior constructively, or they can be emotional and confrontational. In my experience in the military and in public schools, one of these approches definitely works better.
Major Dad 03/26/15 10:24am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Washington state or Texas?

Even though Texas is the best Republic---I mean State--- in the Union, we leave it for higher elevations during the summer. We have about the best weather imaginable for 9 months of the year, but Texas heat is something to ESCAPE!
Major Dad 03/23/15 01:27pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: El Paso, TX Campground

In all our years travelling through El Paso, we haven't found a place we liked in the city. We usually stay at the Hacienda RV Resort in Las Cruces for overnight stops. The Roadrunner RV Park does not fare very well on rvparkreviews.com.
Major Dad 03/17/15 12:15pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Forts visited or worth visiting

Major, I know. We studied all of that in Texas History in 1953. Now, about Goliad. Good point.."Remember Goliad", too (March 27)! For those readers unfamiliar with it, the Texians at Goliad were executed in 1836, three weeks after the Alamo. At Goliad, the mission and presidio (fort) are both preserved, plus the memorial to Fannin's men at the massacre site. The state park there has full hookup sites, though not ALL are full hookup. Goliad State Park Goliad would be an excellent stop for anyone on a historic fort tour of Texas.
Major Dad 03/04/15 08:14am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Forts visited or worth visiting

I'm not going to go through 5 pages, but has anyone mentioned the Alamo?? Of course I ALWAYS remember the Alamo (especially every March 6th!), but it was a mission used as a fort. Of the original Alamo mission, only the southeast corner with the chapel still exists; the rest is paved over :M. The original fort in San Antonio (the presidio) is no longer there.
Major Dad 03/03/15 09:06am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Jayco vs Forest River Salem vs Open Range

If you are referring to the Roamer 292RLS, the DRY hitch weight is 1020lbs. We love our Roamer 288 FLR, but it is definitely not lightweight. Have you considered the Open Range Light line of trailers? Open Range Light One thing Open Range has over the other brands you mentioned is much better insulation. We looked at Jayco products and OR products at the same lot last summer in South Texas. The OR trailers were easily 15 degrees cooler in the summer sun. They have 50 amp capability, which is important for us in sun-drenched (i.e. brutally hot) Texas. But we have done two cold weather trips and were grateful for the extra insulation then, too.
Major Dad 03/02/15 08:39am Travel Trailers
RE: Forts visited or worth visiting

Fort Davis is a classic, you expect to see John Wayne ride out of the rocks any minute. Best example of a frontier fort. Much of it is restored, more is restored each year. They frequently have living history exhibitions; last year we walked into the enlisted barracks and a Buffalo Soldier was there to tell us about his life in the Army. Davis Mountains SP is just outside town, which makes a nice place to stay to see the fort. It is the rare state park with full hookups, and even a hotel/restaurant (Indian Lodge) built by the CCC to resemble adobe dwellings.
Major Dad 03/02/15 08:10am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: San Antonio, Tx area

Travelers World and KOA are both good options to see downtown. If you are interested in Sea World/Six Flags, then Blazing Star or Admiralty are your best bets.There is no USEFUL mass transit between downtown and the two theme parks.
Major Dad 02/19/15 01:56pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Camping In Snow

Ruidoso is pretty far south; we stop over there at least once a year. Until you get up into the mountains, snow is not generally an issue. There are several major highways into the area, so they are probably kept clear...unless you drive there DURING a major winter storm. If you stay at a campground along one of these highways, it should not be a problem. I don't know what the road up to the Apache Ski area is like, so you may need chains. I would be more concerned about THAT part of the experience with 2WD than towing into an area RV park. Maybe their website (or the Ruidoso Chamber of Commerce website) has answers, or at least a phone number for you to talk to someone. If you have heated tanks, then you'll probably need to turn on the tank heater at night. Just remember to disconnect and drain your water hose at night and just go off your onboard fresh water tank.
Major Dad 02/09/15 08:34am Travel Trailers
RE: Camping in Branson

Does Table Rock have a pool? It has a nice lake to swim in according to the website, but no pool. I have been eyeing this state park for a visit as well. Check out Table Rock State Park
Major Dad 02/07/15 07:23pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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