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RE: Question for the guys

Not a big deal -- had one a few years ago. I don't recall any anesthetic, but I know I was awake for the whole thing, which lasted maybe a minute, tops. I also don't recall any pain the next time I "went," but then I've passed a few stones over the years, and they didn't really bother me either. Relax, it's hardly the worst thing you'll have to experience as you get older ...
Mike and Trish 03/20/14 04:03pm Around the Campfire
RE: Motorhome sway

Most buses and motor homes have side to side rear height control valves and one front center height control valve ( tripod air suspension). The left rear air bag pumps to a maximum of 135 pounds in a sweeping right turn while air transfers through a one millimeter opening from the left front air bag to the right front air bag. An immediate left turn allows the motor home to shift its weight onto an empty right rear air bag. The dangerous situation is further increased by acceleration and the fact that the right front air bag greatly increases the height of the center of gravity. These facts have been confirmed by a study of :- Highway and Urban Air Suspension Accidents 1. Exiting long sweeping curves. 2. Negotiating the second curve of close alternate turn. 3. Negotiating a curve either during or immediately port torque application. OK ... so you're the OP, and you appear to know the "why" to your near-rollover (well, more like a "tip-over" -- square items don't roll well, without a lot of speed). Others have given you the solution (go slower), unless there's actually something wrong with your coach, which as your quote above implies, would likely be in the side-to-side transfer of air pressure between the bags.
Mike and Trish 03/17/14 08:09am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Thor Tuscany Owners--------Comments Please

We own a 2014 Tuscany 40RX, purchased in September from Motor Home Specialist. We've put on about 8,000 miles so far, including the Colorado mountains, and have been very happy with the unit. We've had very few problems beyond the usual shakedown issues, and all have been solved to our satisfaction by Thor. Having been to Thor factory service with a previous coach, we scheduled a factory visit a few months after purchase, knowing they would take good care of us, and they did. This is our third motor home, and second DP, so we knew what we wanted and shopped thoroughly. We could have afforded a significantly higher-priced unit, but in the end found what we felt was the best combination of features and quality for the price in our Tuscany. No regrets here -- I'd make the same decision again.
Mike and Trish 03/12/14 05:26pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Some Weight/Numbers Help Please

Elias....You have your numbers all wrong. Your front and rear gross axle ratings equal your gross vehicle rating. You have 12000 and 20000 equaling 31000, when it should be 32000. You then need to subtract your unloaded weight which is 26100. This gives you 5900 pounds of cargo capacity (fuel, water, people, food etc). Since when did the sum of the axle ratings equal the GVWR? I want to see someone load a vehicle that precisely! Many coaches are spec'd that way, just look at the manufacturer web sites. Has nothing to do with how they're actually loaded -- these are capacities we're talking about.
Mike and Trish 02/24/14 09:21pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: prohibited tunnels "propane"

2chiefsRus is correct about the Baltimore tunnels. If you go through towing or in a RV they will stop you on the assumption that you have propane onboard. Turned off doesn't matter. It is a large fine and to make matters worse it is a "must appear" ticket. No paying by mail. I've been through the I-95 tunnel with our Motorhome about 1/2 dozen times and haven't had an issue. The statute claims no bottled propane gas in excess of 10lbs. Propane on our Motorhome is in a mounted tank, like a gasoline tank, not a propane bottle. We don't have EZ Pass. The toll taker took our money without question or concern. -Michael You got lucky, it sounds like the tollbooth attendant wasn't paying attention. As the law (and lots of signage, for those who read it, says), NO PROPANE IN THE TWO BALTIMORE TUNNELS, PERIOD. Every time this discussion comes up, there is someone who dissects the regulation and claims it doesn't apply to RVs, and someone who says "they didn't stop me." So I guess the answer is, go ahead, do it if you want, and if you get caught and ticketed, tell them that some guy on an RV forum told you it was OK.
Mike and Trish 02/24/14 07:52am General RVing Issues

We're on our second Thor DP, a 2014 Tuscany 40RX, after owning a 2008 Mandalay 43A for 4 years. We're totally satisfied with Thor Motor Coach's quality and performance, and especially their exceptional factory service center. For what we wanted, we think that Thor provides the best bang for the buck, and we have never had any serious problems with either coach.
Mike and Trish 02/21/14 01:52pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: How Far Can We Go?

Do you have a generator (or for that matter a hydronic heating system)? Those will usually cut off around 1/4 tank or so, a safety measure to preserve the last gallons for driving. One more reason to never go below 1/4 tank.
Mike and Trish 02/21/14 08:42am Beginning RVing
RE: Third Major Blue Ox Casualty

Bolts that come loose normally do dso because they were under torqued or over torqued and then continued to stretch. My guess on the tear outs being discussed is that the base plate attachment points are being stressed during turns. If a RV has a long over hang it is not unusual for the front tires of the toad to go in to scuff. As the tail swings the arc of the toad becomes tighter than the turn angle available in the steering linkage. When this occurs the load at the base plates increase dramatically. I have seen this scuff scenario a few times in smaller gas stations and it is most likely what is causing the "tear out" issues some RVers complain about. Randy Wow -- that's the most logical theory I've heard yet. I don't have the expertise to judge, but that makes a lot of sense to me. I think I'll go check my baseplate bolts now ...
Mike and Trish 02/21/14 08:20am Class A Motorhomes

Google Motor Home Specialist x2. Find them here - they will have a price posted on the web site that's about 25% off MSRP, but a phone call will get you their sale price, which is generally several % lower. We bought from them last year, and found them very starightforward and easy to do business with. One caveat though -- they are not generous with trade allowance, so if you have a trade, you might want to sell it yourself.
Mike and Trish 02/20/14 07:16am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Third Major Blue Ox Casualty

BTW: Where do your safety chains attach???? I'm hoping they attach or wrap around the frame, rather than just to the baseplate as traditionally done. My point is to everyone, if the safety chain is not wrapped around or attached directly to the frame, it is not a safety chain, it is a joke. Anyone who spends much time on any RV forum can remember posts of baseplates coming loose or breaking. This seems to happen every so often. On my Blue Ox Aventa and baseplate, the detachable safety cables do attach to loops on the front of the baseplate, but (when correctly installed) another set of cables secure the baseplate to the toad's frame. I've heard tales on this forum of baseplate installations that skipped that step.
Mike and Trish 02/20/14 07:10am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Next Exit 2014

Is 2014 spiral bound ? It will lay flat if so. "Exit Now" was the spiral-bound one, and they appear to have quit updating it.
Mike and Trish 02/15/14 09:19am Roads and Routes
RE: aqua hot

Just caught up with this thread, and as much as I enjoyed the bickering, I have to make an observation. Other than factual errors (mostly minor) on the part of some of the posters, I think the biggest cause of disagreement here, like on so many threads, is many members' assumption that every unit made by X (in this case Aqua-Hot) works just like theirs. In this case, as many of us are aware, some AH units have the "motoraid" feature, while others (like mine) don't, and AH has used various types of coolants over the years. The solution? Instead of saying "they all work like this," just say "mine works like this" (unless you're such an expert that you know the entire production history of the product). And/or, just take a chill pill, and don't get your feathers ruffled every time someone thinks (or knows) they know better than you!
Mike and Trish 02/14/14 10:44am Class A Motorhomes
RE: DP - Apply Throttle for Cold Weather Start? (That Depends)

You mean cetane, not octane. Opposite measures, more or less -- octane is a measure of resistance to pre-ignition (knocking), relevant to gasoline, while cetane measures combustibility, relevant to diesel engines. (These are rough definitions, which someone will undoubtedly correct me for.)
Mike and Trish 02/07/14 11:02am Class A Motorhomes
RE: DP - Apply Throttle for Cold Weather Start? (That Depends)

Make sure your fuel is fresh, winter fuel, (min. 87 octane) that you are using anti-gel, anti-moisture solution and your batteries are topped. That 87 octane fuel might run funny in your Cat C7 ...
Mike and Trish 02/07/14 10:37am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 350 HP ICE vs. 350 HP Diesel?

The same diesel engine could probably pull 10,000 pounds more than the gasser but the test just shows that all things being EQUAL, the gasser will out perform the diesel I got a chuckle from this. "Performance" encompasses far more than speed or ET in the 1/4 mile. My preferred "performance" test would be to load them up EQUALLY with another 10-20,000 lbs or so (getting closer to the type of performance you need in a motor home) and drive them up a long grade in the Rockies, like approaching Eisenhower Tunnel from the west. Let's see which one gets to the top first.
Mike and Trish 02/06/14 06:54pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: RV Fuel Issues & Prices - Post 'Em Here!

there is no shortage of propane in the salt domes around Mont Bellvue Texas. it takes trucks, pipelines , trains etc. to get it up north , and the industry loves any reason it can invent to jack up prices and screw everyone they can ! We are less than 200 miles from the main source of propane in the US and we are being hosed as well . Actually, propane stocks are low for this time of year nationwide, including at Mont Belvieu, but most critically so in the Midwest. The U.S. Energy Information Administration (my former employer) publishes the data weekly, here.
Mike and Trish 02/03/14 09:35am General RVing Issues
RE: RV Fuel Issues & Prices - Post 'Em Here!

Most of the propane produced is a byproduct of oil refining. It isn't easy to turn the switch up and down to produce more or less. It is a temporary shortage due to the hard winter which we were told was not going to happen much anymore. I hope the Super Bowl can escape the blizzard and heavy snow. Actually, more than half of U.S. propane production comes from natural gas processing. But that's even less possible to turn up and down to align with demand. And who told you we wouldn't have harsh winters anymore?
Mike and Trish 01/27/14 09:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: aqua hot

If you look at your owner's manual (or better yet, download the service manual for your model), they give you all the detail you need.
Mike and Trish 01/24/14 09:41am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Motor Home Specialist

We just purchased from them in August 2013, and the experience was very good all around, except for the 104-degree temperatures at the time. This was our fourth RV, so we've dealt with lots of other dealers over the years, and these guys are very professional and knowledgeable, though unquestionably profit-oriented. Their prices on new units are pretty much unbeatable, though they will want to go low on your trade as well, so they are best-suited for a buyer that wants a new unit and doesn't have a trade. Most of the complaints I've heard about them on these forums have to do with used, and especially consignment, RVs. I suspect those same units might have been a problem at other dealers too, but who knows. They have more units on the lot than any dealer I've seen, including Lazy Days. They'll loan you a golf cart, feed you lunch, and still no pressure. Even if you're not looking, drop by if you're in the D/FW area -- it's a dealership worth seeing for yourself.
Mike and Trish 01/14/14 11:47am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Put away dirty

Had the exact same situation, only a little worse, a few years back -- returned from Thor factory service in Elkhart to our then-home in Maryland, through a snowstorm that shut down the Pennsylvania Turnpike for awhile. Needless to say, the coach was coated with road salt etc., and I made a token attempt at rinsing it off before getting back to it in the spring. What I found a couple of months later was that salt had gotten into every exterior nook and cranny, particularly underneath. The pin locks for the Blue Ox (which I normally leave attached) had completely frozen with salt, and took a lot of soaking to free up. The towbar itself had frozen into the receiver, and took hours of hammering to remove. The latch to the propane compartment (open below) had frozen up, and required a lot of work to get to from underneath and fix. The entire undercarriage had way more rust than I recalled. Bottom line -- I'd be less worried about your finish and wheels, and way more about all the areas above. Even if you can't get to a truck wash, you can remove, clean and/or lubricate lots of things that might suffer badly from salt incursion.
Mike and Trish 01/01/14 12:31pm Class A Motorhomes
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