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RE: Fifth Wheel or Goose Neck

Then what about Andersens 5th she'll hitch ? The Andersen Ultimate 5th. wheel hitch is not considered to be a GN hitch. The hitch is held in place in the bed with a drop in ball. The pin of the 5er set's into an adapter atop the Andersen hitch, which is elevated above the deck of the truck bed and is supported by a triangular steel frame. I came within a hair of pulling the trigger on one of these while waiting for the elusive Mopar picture frame adapter, but stuck it out because I really like my Reese 20K Signaure hitch that pivots left to right and also fore and aft. I know several that are using these hitches towing some farily heavy 5er's and haven't had any issues that I'm aware of.
NC Hauler 04/20/14 06:03am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fifth Wheel or Goose Neck

Lippert sells/approves a gooseneck pin made by Reese. Lippert gooseneck Lippert may approve it, but I'd want it in writing and see where they stand "IF" something happens to the frame, delam, or structural issues down the road....again, so simple a caveman could do it...Call the manufacturer and ask them...how hard is that? How much is it going to cost you?...then you have your answer from the REAL experts. Odds are, they know more about what they manufacture than we know about what they manufacture...and though I too am an Engineer, I'll let THEM make the call on whether to use a GN with THEIR 5er's or not...pretty simple.
NC Hauler 04/19/14 01:21pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fifth Wheel or Goose Neck

A very simple, easy answer..Pick out the 5er you want to purchase then, invest a phone call to the manufacturer of the 5er and ask them what THEY recommend. If the manufacturer tells you it doesn't matter to them if you use GN or 5er hitch, do what you want. BUT, if they recommend a 5er hitch to tow their 5er with over a GN, then I would follow the manufacturers recommendations to keep from causing any possilbe damages. I alway's read where no one has ever seen these damages...I have, so that either makes me a liar, which I'm not, or proves that towing some 5er's with a GN hitch can cause some structural damage. What I saw was sidewall delamination. I've also seen welds broken around the pin box where welded to the frame and towed by a GN hitch... 5er's are built differently than horse trailers. Some 5er's can be towed with GN hitches, some aren't recommended to be towed with GN hitches. I would do what the manufacturer recommends, nothing more, nothing less.
NC Hauler 04/19/14 11:11am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Good sam roadside assistance

It'll run you $99 to $109 a year, (depending on what deal they give you). Is it worth it? I think it is. Good Sams or Coach Net, either one could come in handy sometime. For no more than it cost, it will give one a little "peace of mind". I've had GS and Coach Net both for about the last 14 yrs and to me, it was well worth it.
NC Hauler 04/17/14 03:44pm General RVing Issues
RE: Whats Your Real Weights? Truck and Trailer. The Real Deal

Hi guys, Its very good to read all of your post.As far as my opinion is concern a truck weight include the Total weight of truck + its load.The most important thing is that what capacity of your truck and how its tire rotation and gear system. Don't quiet understand what you're saying:h Truck weight plus what it's towing is Gross combined weight.What a lot report in here. Tire rotatation is nice, but doesn't really have anything to do with what one tows, GVWR, GCWR, RAWR or FAWR does matter....though what TIRES you have on the TV also matters...As far as transmissions, I still go by a trucks GVWR, GCWR, RAWR and FAWR...figure the tranny will take care of itself
NC Hauler 04/16/14 04:42pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Friends from the "OOP'S" thread.

Way to go rosie...go out and buy a bathing suit and it's 38 degrees, here, wind blowing and I swear I saw snow flakes already and it's supposed to get down to about 28 degrees tonight. All the apple growers are hoping the wind stays whipped up to keep the apple buds from freezing. What happened with the popular belief of "Global Warming" or Climate change"? Call it what you will, but SON~!!! it was cold this past winter and it's cold now...If we don't get snowed in, we're heading up to our camp in the morning...sort of reminds me when we came back in November :R Next time you go out and buy spring and summer things rosie, how about running it by us first:B
NC Hauler 04/15/14 05:03pm Around the Campfire
RE: Dodge cummins models and reliability

IB will probably be around to help you 'sort it out':)....Truck in my sig is my 3rd Dodge/Ram 6.7 cummins and I've had zero issues with any of them and they are a towing machine....If we can help, give us an idea of what you're trying to find.
NC Hauler 04/15/14 01:29pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Replacing Recliners

Just did this-replaced old with Lazy-boy units,I believe same as above.Back come off and electric recline. Yep:)
NC Hauler 04/15/14 11:31am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Want to get Air Lift Bags

Adding airbags does not mean that you are overloaded, they will level your truck so your headlights are not blinding oncoming traffic and will also give you a better ride. True statement:)
NC Hauler 04/15/14 09:34am Towing
RE: Replacing Recliners

We replaced the two recliners that went up against the back wall with a scissor couch sleeper and in the one slide out that housed a couch sleeper, we put a Lazy-Boy Love seat recliner, two separate recliners built into the one unit. The scissor couch sleeper is much more comfortable than the OEM couch sleeper was and the Lazy Boy love seat dual reclinder fits perfectly into slide out...Now much more functional and far more comfortable.
NC Hauler 04/15/14 09:29am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Trailer Wiring - Added Side Turn Signals

Mine already has the lights on both sides of the 5er...They come on with running lights and when giving a signal, whichever direction I'm turning, the lights blink with signal lights on truck..pretty cool:)
NC Hauler 04/15/14 09:23am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Friends from the "OOP'S" thread.

Hey, Jim! Better tie down all the loose stuff in the yard, like chairs, umbrellas, vehicles, and the house! 60 today, dropping to 26 tonight! Gonna take a bunch of wind to do that. I really hope my big trees don't have issues. Jim, "Mo' coffee!" Yeah, some strange weather for middle of April, (though I HAVE seen worse)....We were going to head up to WVa today, but will probably wait till tomorrow, though it's supposed to be, as you stated...COLD in the morning and tonight...freeze warnings and even snow in the higher elevations...It's 58 right now and has sprinkled some....Guess I'll need to do all the air pressure checks in the morning on the 5er and the truck...last time I did it was in the 50's...it may be freezing or below in the morning.... Hey, hope all of you are well and having a great day...I've been fighting one heck of a cold. Hoping I don't give it to anyone else but it's been rough last 3 day's, didn't think I was going to make it Sunday through work. hope all of you have a great day...stay warm and safe, later, Jim
NC Hauler 04/15/14 05:41am Around the Campfire
RE: Upgraded suspension on 5er.

We went straight to Mor Ryde IS...no more springs, hangars, etc., and the shocks are mounted at the correct angle, unlike what I've seen on every other fiver out there, including what we've owned. Best money we ever spent! Funny you should mention the shocks, they did re-locate them to where they actually look like they "belong there"....and compared to the OEM shock, the Monroe severe duty shock is a lot more robust then the skinny little shocks that came with the unit.
NC Hauler 04/14/14 03:52pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Jeep Wrangler as your towing vehicle

My son towed a Jayco pop up with 8' box. Said he could tell it on some mountains, but camper only weighed about 1400# loaded. Doesn't have the Jeep or the camper any more..
NC Hauler 04/13/14 03:18pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Hankook Trailer Tires

I am simply not going to argue with you. I run them on 7k axals on machinery trailers, and dully them up on 10k axals. I KNOW they work. Before I started using them sometimes I would only get 6 weeks on a new tire on a overloaded trailer. The ones I have now are at least 5 years old and showing some wear but never a blow out. Good luck.
NC Hauler 04/12/14 06:14pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Hankook Trailer Tires

"but has ISO accreditations that make it a viable tire. They meet the same stringent criterium to be a Tier 1 supplier that my company has to meet to compete in the world market... TS16949 accreditation shows that you have high standards of Quality control processes in place as well as record keeping, training, safety and management standards in place and are meeting specific criterium to show you are producing a quality product..." While ISo certification and TS16949 acreditation is indeed a good think. What is said here is a common misconception and inaccurate. I have lived through one certification and am in the process of getting the second of my three divisions certified. Just last week we had an audit by the certifying organization. In the jargon of ISO, these are NOT "prescriptive" standards. They mandate that one has process and procedures.They do not mandate what those procedures are. Each company develops its own unique procedures. A fully ISO certified company can (and many do) build poor products. Why? Because they have defined poor process and procedures. But they are still ISO certified because they have process/procedures in all the areas required by ISO. ISO certification is not an indication of how good your process/procedures are. It certifies that you have process /procedures in all the areas required by the standard. "are meeting specific criterium to show you are producing a quality product." The standards do not do this. They simply verify that you have processes and procedures in place. Not that they are good or bad processes/procedures and it certainly does not certify that you ""are meeting specific criterium to show you are producing a quality product." I will beg to differ with you, having been through these standards processes and audits since 1993. If they are "bad processes", you get a major finding, you can lose you rating, at that point, I don't know what business you are in, but in our business, we would lose business. It does guarantee Quality processes in place and being followed..if processes were bad, not documented, not proven, you could lose your accreditation. Processes are in place, being followed, manufacturing processes and testing procedures documented, along with training records...I don't know what you are dealing with, but our company manufacturers calipers and combi-calipers, almost 9,000,000 of them last year. Our customers, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Chrysler, Ford, GM, VW, Volvo to name a few...and if we don't meet these requirements, we could lose contracts....I know this for fact. I will not belabor the point, but know what I've dealt with in this area for almost 21 years. I will put more faith in a manufacturer who has the standards in place than a manufacturer who doesn't...
NC Hauler 04/11/14 03:09am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Sailun Tires?

Tires look good...bummer that you couldn't use them. Were you able to return without any issues?
NC Hauler 04/10/14 01:04pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Sailun Tires?

OK, the 17.5" is in the same S637 family as the 16" one people are using. I would say give them a try and keep us updated!!! Chris Agree:) The more reports we get on them, the better we will know how they are performing.
NC Hauler 04/10/14 10:53am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Hankook Trailer Tires

Hope we can hear from more users of these two brands, Hankook & Sailun, because I also am in need of new rubber for my 5th wheel. Got a recommendation and quote on the Hankook. Was reluctant to buy them because I'd never heard of them. Am doing my homework on them now so this thread is very relevant. Thanks in advance for all of you who are contributing your comments. I personally wouldn't purchase Hankook tires, but would purchase the GY and again will price the Sailun tires...so far I've not seen a negative report on the Sailun tires. What WILL be brought up is that GY DOES stand by their product and IF you DID have a tire failure, they'll probably "make it right", (I know this from experience), but the question is; IF their is a Sailun tire failure and it's a tire issue, will Sailun take care of the issue...so far, no tire failures to answer that question...As an earlier post stated...It's nice that GY backs their product and takes care of the customer, but it does cause "downtime" if their is a tire failure and can cause damage to one's 5er, which GY will also take care of if a claim is filed...makes it nice, but would have also been nice if tire failure didn't happen in the first place, (in my case, I don't believe it was the tire's fault, as discovered AFTER the fact)...
NC Hauler 04/10/14 07:16am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Sailun Tires?

Sailun is the ONLY Chinese made tire that I'm aware of that has met ISO standards and is TS16949 accredited. It speaks VOLUMES on the quality control processes set in place to manufacture this tire, along with manufacturing processes. I don't like chinese made tires, no quality control processes in place, BUT Sailun tires DO have quality control processes in place and DO make a quality product. When it comes time to replace my GY G614's, I WILL look at the Sailun G rated tires, and ONE reason will be because they ARE cheaper...got to love competition..you would think GY would drop their prices to compete, but evidently they're not worried about Sailun...only thing is, those that know manufacturing standards, eventually will see that the Sailun tire is a Quality built tire, or they would not have gained the TS16949 accreditation. IF they lose that accreditation, then I will remove them from my very short list on quality made G rated tires available for my 5th wheel, or if I start reading negative reports here on these forums. So far I haven't seen a negative report on these tires that are being reported on by our members on this and other forums....not the first negative yet....That CAN speak volumes on these tires...And again, I'm talking the only tire I'm really interested in...a G rated tire, though this company, with Quality processes in place, should be able to manufacture all their tires in a Quality manner at this point.
NC Hauler 04/10/14 06:23am Fifth-Wheels
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