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RE: crash course in 5th wheel hitches?

Some of you are recommending against ANY combination of F-150 and 5th wheel. I've "done the math", but maybe I'm missing something important. Assuming we can all read the numbers and do simple math, what might I be missing here: 2015 F-150 SuperCrew XLT 4X4 3.5eco Max towing: 11,500 lbs Max payload: 2,020 lbs. Cougar X-lite 26RLS (one example) Shipping Weight: 6885 CCC: 3070 Hitch weight: 1155 When I do the math, even adding weight for hitch and water and groceries etc. I come out ok. I see you come from the truck camper area so you should know about not exceeding RAWR/tire load ratings especially with a F150 and passenger car tires (P) which are required by fed regs to have their load capacity derated by dividing 1.1 ....example is say your P tires have a 2250 lb capacity, their now rated at 2045 lb. P tires are only a 4 ply rating and can have just one ply sidewall. Now lets look at those small 3800 RAWR on the truck. These trucks empty rear axle weight can weigh in the 2300-2400 lb range which leaves 1400-1500 lbs for a payload. The 2020 payload from Ford is a GVWR payload and is to be spread over the trucks FAWR and RAWR. If you put a 2000 lbs camper in this truck your 500-600 lbs overloaded on the rear axle. Trailers add little to no weight on a trucks front axle. The trailer your looking at will have right at a 10000 lb GVWR (6885 dry + 3070 CCC = 9955 GVWR). This trailer may be closer to 8000-8500 lbs road ready. This equates a possible 1600-1700 lb pin weight which will over load your trucks 3800 RAWR. Your gonna' have to mod the trucks RAWR or look for a trailer with a 900-1100 lb hitch weight. Dang buddy, we agree again...that's 2 in a row:B
NC Hauler 07/30/15 08:17am Fifth-Wheels
RE: crash course in 5th wheel hitches?

Some of you are recommending against ANY combination of F-150 and 5th wheel. I've "done the math", but maybe I'm missing something important. Assuming we can all read the numbers and do simple math, what might I be missing here: 2015 F-150 SuperCrew XLT 4X4 3.5eco Max towing: 11,500 lbs Max payload: 2,020 lbs. Cougar X-lite 26RLS (one example) Shipping Weight: 6885 CCC: 3070 Hitch weight: 1155 When I do the math, even adding weight for hitch and water and groceries etc. I come out ok. I am a "party of one", and don't tend to drive great distances with my tanks full. I'm used to the limited space of a TC, so don't bring all my worldly possessions with me when I travel. I reckon the vast cavernous pass-thru storage bays will be stuffed full with air for the most part. It is certainly true that some of the longer "HT" campers have an empty hitch weight approaching 2000, and also true that a 2015 F-150 differently equipped can have a max payload as low as 1600. It is also true that a few years ago an F-150 didn't approach the towing capacity and payload of the one I'm planning on, and that a few years ago even a "lite" 5th wheel was heavier than many current HT models. So, maybe once upon a time it was near impossible to do a 5th wheel on an F-150 without going to "weight police" prison...both sides of the equation have moved over the years. It is certainly still possible (perhaps even easy) to choose poorly, but it appears it is also now possible to choose well. Then you should be ok....I stated that there are 5th wheels that are 1/2 ton towable. All it takes is some simple math and some common sense for someone to figure out if their "combo" will work, no matter what anyone else say's...It's really ALWAY'S been easy to choose well, again, all it took/takes is getting weights, (not empty weights), and weigh the truck, do the math and use some common sense....Again, if your combo works, that's great..but someone like OP who is asking for information should be informed of all the possibilities...and a lot of us in here have been there, done that, have the T-shirt, spent more money than we needed to just because at one time or another, we've learned the hard way. There is no "weight police" prison:R..Just an ugly name pinned on some because, like me, they believe in having quite a bit of buffer when towing, some that disagree like to resort to name calling right off the bat....Most use RAWR for pin weights, I use GVWR, though there is nothing wrong whatsoever using RAWR, I just know that I"m not only well under my trucks GVWR, I'm also WAYYY under my trucks RAWR....
NC Hauler 07/30/15 08:15am Fifth-Wheels
RE: crash course in 5th wheel hitches?

Lot's of good information that the OP should take into consideration....He will be limited as to how big of a 5th. wheel he can tow with the 1/2 ton....they're out there, but they normally won't have a slide and are smaller..To the OP...weigh your truck ready to go camping, family, pet's, full tank of fuel..just like going camping and weigh the truck...see what the drive axle weight is, then look at your door jamb and see what the Rear Axle weight rating is, (for example, you weigh your truck and drive axle is 2800# and the RAWR is 4800#...that leaves you 2,000 for pin weight and the weight of a 5th wheel hitch, but that's also using up ALL the weight you can carry)....I would suggest you give yourself some room for a bigger 5er and go with an F250. Yes, there are 1/2 ton towable 5er's out there, just look around and make sure you don't go over your RAWR...I personally don't like to go over the trucks GVWR, but I'm one of those that does that:)). As far as a GN....and I'm not getting into that argument, I would suggest the OP call the manufacturer of the 5th wheel he purchases and find out what THEY say about towing their product with a GN...no arguments, just get the answer straight from the horses mouth, it only takes a phone call.. With a 6.5' bed, if the OP doesn't get a 5er with indents in the front cap, he very well may need a slider hitch.....He could also look at the Andersen Ultimate hitch...light weight and can be set up for short bed and long bed...I'm a proponent of the B&W RVK 3600, but again, OP might need a slider...
NC Hauler 07/30/15 04:26am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Can't figure out the sofa!

I canned mine...VERY comfortable couch, lousy bed.....On the one I had, you pulled the seat cushions off and you could see the bottom of the bed; as you are looking in, you could see a place where you put your hand to grasp and pull the bed upward and outward from the couch. Your's might be different, Is it possibly a scissors type couch sleeper, where you pull up on the whole bottom of the couch toward the back of the couch and it'll unlatch to allow the couch to lay down flat to make a bed? Don't know if I helped or not, but those are the two types of couches that make beds I've seen in older model 5er's.
NC Hauler 07/30/15 04:15am Fifth-Wheels
RE: New recliners - Lippert rocker recliner

We canned our sofa/bed and purchased a La z-boy love seat dual recliner that fit perfectly in the slide...one of the best purchases I've made in an up grade to our 5er. Very comfortable, very durable and easy to get into the 5er by removing the back of the recliner....May want to look at that aspect of putting certain sofa's and recliners into the 5er....that there is enough room to get it into the 5er
NC Hauler 07/29/15 05:23pm General RVing Issues
RE: Would you buy again?

Thanks for your expressing your thoughts on this. Maybe I'll use it as a reason to upgrade to a 3500. I have heard very good things about the 14+ Ram HD trucks. 13+ are great too, no difference in 13and 14's as far as 3500's go, if with the Aisin tranny, the 15 got a little more TQ than the 13 or 14'...other than that, they're identical...I've had mine 2yrs, and almost 3 months with 33,000 miles on it...only issue was replacement of windshield washer motor....all new frame, new front and rear suspension....same as the 14 and the 15...Nothing wrong with my 13.5:)
NC Hauler 07/29/15 02:29pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Friends from the "OOP'S" thread.

worked Monday and Tuesday.....very hot here today with a chance of some afternoon/evening thunder boomers due to the heat....spent the morning weed eating, push mowing, trimming and then on the riding lawn mower for the front yard....almost 4 hrs..but got it done and everything looks good... Hope everyone is doing ok and having a great day....The wife and I will be celebrating our 45th wedding anniversary Aug. 8th, hoping to be at our camp on the river...funny thing, 45 years ago, (almost), August 8th, 1970, my bride and I spent our honeymoon on this same river in a friends cabin...the place is about 1 mile from where our camp is today..is that cool or what:)
NC Hauler 07/29/15 01:35pm Around the Campfire
RE: UPDATE: Need Your Input

Glad you got it figured out. It is nice to have more tranny options, with the later model trucks. My tow haul, with brake activated downshift works great, but for the long steep down hills, I like to go manual, and control the rpm myself. Jerry The mountains I spoke of are quite steep, several I travel have long 7% grade, ie, I64 into New River Gorge section in WVa....In T/H with EB on aggressive and Aisin tranny, I've yet to have to manually downshift to slow down...I can put truck in cruise control going down some Interstates in the mountains and again, don't have to manually downshift....I had to with my 2010, and even my 12'....but not this truck.
NC Hauler 07/26/15 07:18pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: UPDATE: Need Your Input

Going down Old Fort,(Black Mountain), isn't that bad.....going down Saluda Grade on I26 can test one's grade braking as well as towing down I26 from NC into TN.....but using T/H and EB....have never had an issue nor had to gear down manually...(towing 5er loaded to 16,300#). That was all the input I could think of having towed these on I40 and I26 numerous times.
NC Hauler 07/26/15 04:46pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: What is the risk of exceeding payload?

"I'll still take a slightly under power rig, that can handle the trailer vs an overpowered rig that is too small in payload! Marty " Guess I'm covered then...I DON'T have an under powered rig, (385HP/850TQ), AND my payload is MORE than enough.....Even with toolbox, full tank of DEF, full tank of Diesel, wife, myself and two boxers in the truck, with a pin weight of only 3460...I'm STILL 1300# under my trucks GVWR of 14,000#...WAYYYY under the trucks RAWR of 9750# @ 65 psi.. (AAM rates the 11.8 axle @ 11,500#....Figure if I aired the tires to sidewall max of 80 psi, RAWR would conservatively be good for 10,000# (but I believe more) OP with 1 ton SRW will eventually realize he made the right choice.
NC Hauler 07/26/15 01:27pm Tow Vehicles
RE: What is the risk of exceeding payload?

I know 1/2 tons have come a long way. So has TTs and 5ers, but guess as Ive gotten older and learned more, I look back in 1970 WHEN I towed a basic pop up through the mountains of WV with a 65 Olds Cutless and didnt understand why it slowed down so badly climbing long grades....anyway, I lived and learned over the years, sometimes the hard way... so I guess I thought I might be able to help someone to do a better job than I did....guess I was wrong...believe the OP will have to glean from all the post and make up his own mind. Guess Im chicken and maybe trying to be too safe, only to find out Im on the wrong page...bottom line, tow what you want with whatever one wants to tow with now seems to be the general concensus on rv.net
NC Hauler 07/25/15 12:35pm Tow Vehicles
RE: What is the risk of exceeding payload?

I would say that exceeding your payload by 10% is no more dangerous than going 10% over the speed limit, something a great number of people do regularly. Dont think thats a good analogy. You overload your rear axle weight rating by 10%, (example, 6,000# RAWR @ 10% over will equate to 600# over their RAWR !!! Thats not safe. Going 10% over 70mph speed limit equates to 77mph....not hardly the same thing, and possibly wouldnt even get you pulled over. Just because some do it doesn't make it "OK", nor does it make it safe. I'll never come on these forum and with a clear conscience tell someone its ok to exceed their towing limits.
NC Hauler 07/25/15 07:50am Tow Vehicles
RE: School me on numbers

...and as stated..OP should use GVW of the TT he wants to purchase, empty weight is silly. No one tows empty or dry... then pick the right truck to do the job to where you wont have to worry about it.Err to the side of safety.
NC Hauler 07/24/15 08:18pm Tow Vehicles
RE: School me on numbers

...and as stated..OP should use GVW of the TT he wants to purchase, empty weight is silly. No one tows empty or dry... then pick the right truck to do the job to where you wont have to worry about it.Err to the side of safety.
NC Hauler 07/24/15 07:26pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Well finally out with the best TV I've had

DANG RICK!!! SON, you can't hide money, that's for sure:B...Couldn't afford a 2015 Ram??:B...OK, I'm done, you know I love you buddy.....It's a beautiful rig you have there and Tiffin manufactures a quality product from what I've seen... You knew Fish would get a few barbs in on your ex-Ram:)...Cummins with the Allison 3000:B..you'll learn how the downhill breaking works with the Allison....I believe you have a great engine and tranny with your unit....it'll take some practice, but you know what to do and won't need a long learning curve....awesome unit to be sure. Enjoy it and give us some run downs on how it's working for you....and don't be a stranger to the 5er or Tow Vehicle forums....You owned and towed with TV and owned and towed a 5er long enough to be expert on your opinions in here. Again, great looking rig buddy.. Jim
NC Hauler 07/24/15 08:10am Tow Vehicles
RE: What is the risk of exceeding payload?

Campfire Time stated something that hadn't been mentioned until page 2 of this post...REAL WORLD weight....The OP needs to be looking at the GVW of the unit he wishes to tow...."Dry weight" is a dream, not reality...I don't know what GVW is on units he is talking about...and use 13% of the TT's GVW to figure better on tongue weight...AND as JIMNLIN stated, look at your trucks rear axle weight rating....THAT is what you don't want to exceed, though I'm one of the "weight police":R, that thinks one should stay within the specified manufacturers recommended weight limits...GVWR, GCWR....but, those that say to stay within rear axle rate ratings (RAWR), are correct in what they say, "Don't exceed RAWR", if you do, you've taken away some very important safety factors. If it were me, I would go with the 3/4 ton instead of "wondering" if you're going to exceed the Toyotas cargo carrying capacity....I tend to err to the side of Safety, "Better SAFE, than Sorry is a sound philosophy.
NC Hauler 07/24/15 07:57am Tow Vehicles

I would recommend to the OP to call the manufacturer of his 5th wheel and get the correct answer, straight from the horses mouth, so to speak....They're the one's that manufactured the 5er and the one that will have final say-so in a warranty issue.. If they say a GN is ok, there you go, if they say no, then you just got a definitive answer from the manufacturer of your 5er....Only takes a phone call and you don't have to ponder the question.....get the correct answer.
NC Hauler 07/21/15 02:06pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Black Mountain whooped my butt !!

The heck with the mountains, I'm only going to the beach from now on !! And for the record, I looked at the elevation on my GPS before starting down this morning. It's right at 2500 ft. Not trying to scare ya, but after all the shark attacks off the shores of North and South Carolina..... I'll stick with the mountains....:B flat land towing is boring.................................................................................see:)
NC Hauler 07/21/15 01:29pm Towing
RE: setting out landing gear while still hooked up to truck

For years and years, when we went camping and were going to spend the night at a campground and leave early the next morning...I stayed hooked up...just disconnected the cable from the truck.....If I had spent a week somewhere and was going to leave early the next morning...I would run all my slides in and hook up to the truck and be ready to go next morning without disturbing anyone.....I NEVER had an issue with anything....left the 5er hitched, rarely dropped the front jacks once hooked up....nothing ever failed, never an issue with truck or 5th wheels. When you look at all the dealers lots across the country,..it's RARE that unit is level...all slides will be out, 5er sitting uphill, downhill, matters not, nothing seems to happen to them...and again, it never did anything to my tow vehicle by leaving truck hitched to the 5er...probably easier on the suspension than bouncing around towing for 8 to 10 hrs. If I were the OP who was pulling into the campground to spend the night, only to leave early next morning...leave truck hitched up, unplug cable to TV if you're going to hook to shore power, lower front landing gear if it makes you feel better, and spend the night and leave the next morning..(don't forget to raise your front landing gear:)).
NC Hauler 07/21/15 12:29pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Newbie shopping for first tow behind.

This is your first trailer? You may be much better off going used for at least the first one. It took 3 tries before we found what is ideal for us. I've seen many people buy new first and then find out they don't even like RVing. Until you try one or two, you could save a bundle by starting used. Very true...MIght even possibly look local...Many times people who "think" they'd like to start camping, buy the camper, the tow vehicle and either never go, rarely go or just seem to find out they don't care for it....More "like new" TT's and 5er's out there than you might think. I'd look for one of those new to newer one's that is 1 to 4 years old being sold by the owner...Might find what you like and cut your own deal....the owner is probably wanting to get rid of it badly. But what your truck can tow and buy something you think you can live with for the next 2-5 yrs...usually the only way you come out ok.....just my own .02 cents from having been there, done that, got the T-Shirt.....spent more money than I needed to..learning the hard way sometimes can help others if they want to hear it.
NC Hauler 07/21/15 12:23pm Beginning RVing
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