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RE: Post that do not stick to subject

When did monetary inflation matter.........we're talking RVng Money is not in the equation Speaking of equations Does anyone know the one for figuring fulcrum load forces vs effort force?
Old-Biscuit 05/27/16 10:49pm Around the Campfire
RE: Anyone switch from a motor home to a fifth wheel?

Where is 'janegowest'
Old-Biscuit 05/27/16 10:36pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: No Insulation in Enclosed Bottom

Various levels of 'insulation' just as there are 'entry level' to 'high end' rigs.
Old-Biscuit 05/27/16 05:10pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Gunnison to Ouray to Durango CO

10,000# GVWR 5vr and a F150......limited mountain driving ????? Downshift and hold speed down BEFORE it gets too much. Stay off truck brakes as much as possible........don't ride them Scrub speed off quickly (drop 10 mph) then off brakes to let them cool Downshift and hold speed down BEFORE it gets too much Pull over in 'pull outs' frequently to relax as necessary....and let truck brakes cool off if you have ridden them too much
Old-Biscuit 05/27/16 05:07pm Roads and Routes

WHY would anyone GO on a trip with a known issue :S
Old-Biscuit 05/27/16 11:45am Travel Trailers
RE: Need some opinions on pin weight effects for....

It is quite obvious you are another one looking for 'Justification' vs 'advise' http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-s3BsmtvBIik/UezWM5z2WAI/AAAAAAAAPU0/FgcLmjhydR4/s1600/heads+sand.jpg height=300 width=400 I'm DONE!
Old-Biscuit 05/27/16 11:39am Fifth-Wheels
RE: exhaust brake light

Obviously your 'indicator lights' are not syncing up with EB Mode----dealer should check software/programing Yellow -----FULL Exhaust Brake Function. Aggressive Exhaust Braking to SLOW vehicle (Very aggressive with Tow/Haul ON) Let off accelerator pedal and EB should slow vehicle (downshifting etc as needed ) Green -----AUTO Exhaust Brake Function. Smart EB/Less aggressive ----designed to maintain vehicle speed and slow it down as needed Let off accelerator pedal to activate
Old-Biscuit 05/26/16 10:00pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Don't Go to Mexico!!! (Just kidding)

Been to Orient ----it was OK Been to Indonesia ----it was OK Been to Australia ----it was OK Been to Mexico -----it was OK (Great bird hunting) None that I would go back too. People where GREAT ------ Places were interesting -----Glad I went Been from coast to coast/north to south and parts in between in the USA Some places I would like to revisit.....some no interest in (BTDT!) And like my other experiences--------Folks were great Don't have a passport (expired---not going to renew) So I choose not to go outside the USA Not out of fear.......just no longer interested in the hassle of borders/not being able to travel where when I want without proper papers/other restrictions etc. Others......go enjoy. I still have unexplored areas here in the USA
Old-Biscuit 05/26/16 09:42pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: shureflow pump

Shurflo Classic Series 2088 have been discontinued and VERY limited parts available for repairs Shurflo Revolution Series 4008 is replacement......higher flow rate/discharge pressure Replace pump now while you can shop for best price OR replace when it fails and options limited Proactive/Reactive your choice As for weak shower.. Have you removed 'restrictors'? In hose end at faucet (or possibly at shower handle)----disc with small hole. Some can be removed---some you just enlarge hole with drill bit
Old-Biscuit 05/26/16 09:14pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Remote Drain Question

Remove drain valve Re-route drain line to side of trailer for easy access and new drain valve Strap it/pipe clamp etc as needed to support new piping PEX, PVC, rubber garden hose.......your choice
Old-Biscuit 05/26/16 09:05pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Making a road trip & got some extra's

Doesn't appear to be closed.........yet!
Old-Biscuit 05/26/16 09:00pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: OK, this is weird. Our TT is haunted?

Open a faucet.........it will stop Then replace toilet water supply assembly cause if it is allowing water thru w/o 'pressure' then it is really going to flow with pump on/city water on Do you have an accumulator tank??????
Old-Biscuit 05/26/16 01:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: fresh water pump

No float/safety device in fresh water tanks to prevent pump from running Rv Pumps are diaphragm pumps and can be run dry w/o harm But if your are connected to 'city water' and water supply pressure is higher than pump pressure switch then pump will not try to run----no reason for it too as they are 'on demand' pumps But if you are not connected//no water pressure then pump should run.......wouldn't pump anything cause fresh water tank is empty (that is where pump sucks water from) In that case: Pump pressure switch stuck OPEN Pump 12V DC Fuse blown Pump controller failed (if you have several momentary on/off switches) Question......... WHY are you trying to run pump with fresh water tank empty in first place :H
Old-Biscuit 05/26/16 01:28pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Converter breaker trips when battery disconnected.

W/O info it's ALL just a guessing game WHAT Converter? What Year/Model of TT? Some converters need battery to act as 'load' Some converters are just junk
Old-Biscuit 05/26/16 01:22pm Tech Issues
RE: Making a road trip & got some extra's

Oh oh oh ........sign me up! I haven't been taken this week and am feeling neglected :S Reminds me of the traveling sideshow "Step right up........once in a lifetime experience.......don't miss out on YOUR golden opportunity. Yes sirree....Step right up. Hurry hurry----get it before it's too late" Shyster!
Old-Biscuit 05/26/16 01:13pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Need some opinions on pin weight effects for....

You are starting off with a very light pin weight to trailer weight percentage Dry weight 7990----dry pin 1279======16% GVWR 10,000------16% ===== 1600 5th wheels tow more stable, less chucking when pin weight percentage is 20-25% With 700# hanging off back you will lighten pin by roughly 280# With 800 hanging off back -----320# You think you have issues before (your other post about 5vr pushing) wait til you unload that pin weight and have all that extra weight hanging 32' behind you. Tail wagging the dog and enough 'chucking' to beat the band. Thought the idea of a TH was to have a garage for the toys....not hang them off back :H I won't comment more least words/ideas not expressed end up being attributed to me
Old-Biscuit 05/26/16 12:51am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Dometic refrigerator in RV

OK...so it's a NORCOLD ---not a Dometic That is the 'selector switch and SAFETY Valve' that is binding Part of the 'combination control' Combination Control is NON-SERVICEABLE (can not be repaired/rebuilt etc.) and must be replaced when it fails Good news........some are still available Bad news........roughly $320 PLUS BUT......BUT there could be light at end of tunnel That combination control went thru a RECALL (defective rubber seal) for units built Jan 1987 thru May 1995 Your 1992 falls within the recall period so if never done you may be able to get one from Norcold Good info..descriptions etc Service Manual Combination Control part Number---------- Norcold 624274 Recall Info
Old-Biscuit 05/26/16 12:27am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Phone drug scam..??

I thought everyone had caller ID in this day and age. That helps to know who to ignore. The the number of phone scams we receive has gone up exponentially over the past year or so. It's almost a daily occurrence. The do-not-call registry is a joke, since most of these calls originate from overseas. As per caller ID, there are apps/programs that can be used to change or hide the id of the caller, so that's pretty much as useless as the do-not-call registry. About the only thing you can use to protect yourself is your own wits. Unfortunately, that gets harder to do with age. I have a simple solution and works whether it is a landline or cell phone. DON'T ANSWER. I let 'voice mail' handle ALL calls. Family/friends KNOW this....so they just leave short message and I call back OTHERS.....most hang up/disconnect when 'message' starts I am NOT dependent on phone. It is a TOOL that I choose WHEN to use. Simple......
Old-Biscuit 05/25/16 02:59pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: sulfur smelling water and frig is freezing food

Have had a Sunseeker 3 years and never had this problem until this spring. The water has a slight sulfur odor. I have drained the whole system and refilled, but problem still present. I fill from our well (filtered) and don't have this problem in our house. Also the frig is freezing food. I have set the temp control to the lowest setting to no avail. This just started this spring also! Any help/information will be greatly appreciated! Steve Adjust to a higher setting, not lower. NORCOLD AND DOMETIC. Dometic 1-5 FIVE is the coldest setting. Norcold 1-9 NINE is the coldest setting. Doug That may be true, but when saying your refrigerator is too cold, you need a higher (warmer) setting, not a lower (colder) setting. O degrees is lower (colder) than 32 degrees. True if discussing 'degrees of temperature' OP stated .......lowest setting (which would be 1 and that is warmest setting) OP...look inside your food section----see the probe attached to fin? IF not attached to fin fridge is running continuously freezing food section.....reinstall probe in clip on fin (Thermistor) If Dometic....far right fin If Norcold....10th fin from right Sulfur smell.... Could be from water heater......drain/flush and treat with chlorine (replace anode if Suburban Brand) Also check that your trailer battery is not source of sulfur smell. Overcharging/boiling over------low water level---converter charging too much. Batteries under those conditions will smell like sulfur also.
Old-Biscuit 05/25/16 02:50pm Tech Issues
RE: Water heater gas valve knob needs pushed down for ON?

Normally you turn knob to 'pilot' position then press & hold it down until pilot lights and has burned for 30 seconds or longer (long enough to heat thermocouple up) then you 'release' knob and turn to ON Pressing knob down bypasses safety device allowing gas to flow to pilot AFTER thermocouple is heated........a millivolt signal is generated and energizes a magnet holding it OPEN (safety device) so holding knob down is no longer needed. IF you 'release' knob while in pilot position is pilot flame staying lit? If not------ weak pilot flame---should be steady blue flame with tingles of orange at tip. pilot flame should impinge/heat thermocouple (correct propane system pressure/clean pilot orifice) bad thermocouple/loose thermocouple connection at gas control---clean/tight connection or replace thermocouple OR bad ECO or magnet -----have to replace gas control If pilot is staying lit..... knob is worn/gouged/damaged Does main flame work......come on/off via thermostat and pilot stays on (when you push/turn knob to ON)??? If so......I wouldn't worry about it ON EDIT: LOVE the V-MAX I had a 1985 and a 1990 (drunk wiped out 1985)
Old-Biscuit 05/25/16 02:34pm Beginning RVing
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