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RE: air conditioner shifted position

Since you have to move the A/C unit, it might be a good time to replace the seal between the roof and the unit. It looks like you've been lucky that it doesn't appear to be leaking. Moving it back to the proper position might be enough to cause it to leak. Replacing the roof seal requires 'removal' of the A/C unit....disconnected electrically and lift it up out of roof opening.
Old-Biscuit 07/31/14 01:25am General RVing Issues
RE: Atwood Helium Fridge problem

I'm curious ... what is "helium" refrigerator technology? Helium replaces the Hydrogen in the absorption fridge.
Old-Biscuit 07/31/14 01:12am Tech Issues
RE: Fifth wheel 101

This subject/topic/article was covered in a thread yesterday.......LINK
Old-Biscuit 07/31/14 12:52am Beginning RVing
RE: water tank

he fills the tank through a port that is under the kitchen window. I was thinking the tank would be there but I don't that area has enough space for a 35/40 gallon tank. I'm thinking the tank is in the back half of the trailer there is a hot and cold water drain back there. I guessing there is no access to the tank sense it is between the frame rails. thanks for the information. Access to tank then would be from underneath. If enclosed underbelly then have to remove section for access. Standing in front of kitchen window....probably standing right over tank
Old-Biscuit 07/30/14 03:05pm Travel Trailers
RE: Converter vs. Charger, Whats in a name?

http://www.rv-dreams.com/images/RVElectricalConverterOnly.png width=450 http://www.rv-dreams.com/images/RVElectricalConverterInverter.png width=450
Old-Biscuit 07/30/14 02:59pm Beginning RVing
RE: Internet cost at home

CentruyLink.........$19.95/mo for 5 yrs. After that???? Kinda hostage situation. Down in a 'hole' so cell tower signal not the best unless I run up a tall mast. Internet providers limited........2 choices. Will have to see others offers when our 5 yrs. is up.
Old-Biscuit 07/30/14 02:51pm Around the Campfire
RE: Restrictions on Leaving Dogs in RV's

Thanks for the reply Old-Biscuit. Are there chains like KOA that allow you to leave pets unattended in an RV. That would make planning easy as we could just stay at a single chain of campgrounds. I agree, if it were summer and days were hot we would not leave our pet in the RV. I would worry power might cut out there would be an issue. But being as we'll be traveling in the fall winter days should be cooler. I'm sure we'll hit some warmer days in Southern California that may require AC or bringing him along. Old-Biscuit. What do you do with your dog when you go somewhere dogs can't accompany you? When you left your pet in the RV was it against pet policy or was it just a CG that allowed that. I agree with your statement that pet policies are needed for the reasons you stated above. All pets are different, and a blanket policy is sometimes required to maintain the peace. Josh We went to CGs based on our need of having a site every night. Only thing we were concerned with....allow pets. Yep.....broke the rule/unattended pet. Depending on where we were going whether she stayed in RV or not. Most of the time she went with us as we rarely went were she couldn't go. But when we did go to places like that she stayed in RV at CG. We did keep her on a leash and picked up after her when she pooped. We didn't understand the 'must be on leash at all times rule' but we kept her leashed even when unattended........one rule breaking was enough. (hopefully the 'sarcasm' was noticed) In other words......what went on/goes on inside my RV is my business. And as long as no complaints of 'dog barking' it will continue to be our business. The only time she is going to be barking is if someone is trying to get in...and then she can bite them! ON EDIT: You KNOW how your dog behaves.......act/plan accordingly
Old-Biscuit 07/30/14 02:41pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Blank Tank Ripper Comes To Elkmont

HEY..she hosed down the concrete pad, at least give her credit for that What she was/wasn't wearing.........who cares, her choice. She did hose down the sewer dump concrete pad.....better than a lot of folks who use a hose and drain/sling it around. Yeah.....left a 'trail' as she drove away......just like lots of folks have done. She did hose down the concrete pad :B
Old-Biscuit 07/30/14 02:23pm Travel Trailers
RE: Restrictions on Leaving Dogs in RV's

CGs' have that rule for a reason...... Unattended pets cause problems for neighbors (barking etc.) and due to safety concerns/liabilities (RV catches fire, floods, loss of power/hot etc.) We traveled with a large dog for 7 yrs. We did leave her 'unattended' at times but we were always mindful of the 'clock'..........5 hrs. max She just slept while we were gone (YES I have checked by sneeking back, asking neighbors etc. just like she did in the S&B) A/C Unit was set for 78* and the Fantastic Fans were set for 85* so there would always be air movement. YEP...CGs have rules about unattended pets. Such is life.
Old-Biscuit 07/30/14 02:18pm RV Pet Stop
RE: air conditioner shifted position

Take the inside grill off. In the four corners are hold down bolts. They are loose...they hold the A/C Unit in position and compress roof gasket to seal from outside. Loosen all of them......reposition A/C Unit so it is squared up in roof opening. May need help....lift/push it up to position....don't shove it. Then tighten the hold down bolts until 'snug'. Don't overtighten. Just snug enough to compress roof gasket. They get loose over time due to bouncing on roads, gasket getting compressed/aging etc.
Old-Biscuit 07/30/14 02:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: Blank Tank Ripper Comes To Elkmont

"Guy in the passenger seat is sleeping. Woman gets out......" Now that right there explains a lot. Woman is pissed off, frustrated, fed-up and just wants to git r done cause once again the guy has partied all weekend and she has to drag his drunk/passed out/hungover rear end home
Old-Biscuit 07/30/14 01:32pm Travel Trailers
RE: Spam - no, not the post from yesterday

Spam Vienna Sausages Sardines Potted meat Grab a sleeve of saltine crackers Yummmmmmmm........especially when on the bank of a river fishing
Old-Biscuit 07/30/14 01:25pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: attaching "stuff" to the walls

Command Strips..... Everything that we attach to our 5vr walls are with Command Strips. Large pictures, small pictures, key chains, wash cloth rings etc. 7 yrs. of bouncing down the road FT and nothing has ever come looose/slipped/fallen off. Just have to clean wall area as per instructions and they stick/stay stuck.
Old-Biscuit 07/30/14 12:59pm Travel Trailers
RE: 2011 Komfort Resort 249BH

Mfg. published tow ratings are magical marketing numbers. You will run out of 'payload' capacity long before ever reaching that magical tow rating. Payload is what is available after weight of truck (all passengers, all cargo, hitch weight, everything in/on truck) is subtracted from trucks GVWR, while paying attention to weight on rear axle and tires vs their ratings. MFG. 'Fine Print' (often not seen/read or ignored) *Maximum trailer weights in pounds for properly equipped vehicles with no cargo *May vary depending on model, trim and/or powertrain. *Maximum Loaded Trailer Weight assumes a towing vehicle with any mandatory options, no cargo, tongue load of 10-15 (conventional trailer) or king pin weight of 15-25 (fifth-wheel trailer), and driver only (150 pounds). *Weight of additional options, passengers, cargo and hitch must be deducted from this weight So YES that GVWR trailer at 7500# is more than the Durango's 7200# rating and the Sequoia's 7400#
Old-Biscuit 07/30/14 12:53pm Travel Trailers
RE: water tank

Under bed Under sofa Under bench seat Under....where they can fit it. Where does your friend fill his tank...it's opposite/below the fill port
Old-Biscuit 07/30/14 12:37pm Travel Trailers
RE: Converter vs. Charger, Whats in a name?

All of that just to say.... A 'converter' can also have a 3 stage 'battery charger' function. Bulk.......14.7V DC Absorption....13.8V DC Float.....13.2V DC But that the 'charger section' will actually provide the full 12V DC system with the higher 'charge' voltages when in 'charge' mode. Fortunately.......fridge/water heater/furnace etc. have a wide DC voltage operating range. And your lights will be brighter when converter is in 'charging mode' SO......your point is :H
Old-Biscuit 07/30/14 12:33pm Beginning RVing
RE: New Fifth wheel, Bay Hill 340Rk

Thank you everyone! We look forward to lots of "glamping"! Swing by a scale and get your real world weights........loaded for 'glamping'. Your truck will be over on GVWR and RAWR...and probably rear tire max load rating
Old-Biscuit 07/30/14 12:14pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Norcold trouble 1200

There are TWO fuses on that circuit board, one, the 5amp is for the 12V side of things...the other glass fuse is for the 120V side. Make sure you replace the fuses with the correct ones. Always use a meter to check the fuses and their holders....Dennis Depends on the serial number of fridge..... Could have one 3A automotive blade fuse for DC (purple) Could have two 3A automotive blade fuse for DC (purple) Could have one 5A automotive blade fuse for DC (tan) BUT will have one 5A AGC (glass)fuse for AC heater circuit
Old-Biscuit 07/30/14 12:11pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Issues With A Fridge... Can Anyone Help Me?

Sorry, I have a Dometic S619-007. Does that help? YES..see your other post
Old-Biscuit 07/30/14 01:12am Tech Issues
RE: Fridge Isn't working, Anyone help? :(

Old-Biscuit, I have a Dometic s619-007. That's a Servel Silhouette 120V/LP fridge. HERE is a service manual for that model of fridge. Need to do a thorough cleaning.....including the flue. Flame needs to not only be strong steady but correct height and flue baffle needs to be clean and in correct position to properly transfer the heat Electric........probably bad heating element. 300W Providing it's getting 120V AC power and fuse is good
Old-Biscuit 07/30/14 01:10am Travel Trailers
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