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RE: Ultra Low Sulfur Sign Fail!!

Sign company just mixed up verbage from different signs. There are NON-Highway Use diesel sign that warns 'Federal Law prohibits use in highway vehicles'. Then there are ULSD Diesel signs where it states required for use in 2007 and later and recommended for all engines Then there are new ULSD DIesel signs where it states required for 2011 and newer and recommended for all diesel engines And many other variations............just check out a Federal Reg. No wonder sign companies mess up
Old-Biscuit 05/22/15 01:24am Tow Vehicles
RE: Norcold N611 trouble cooling on propane

Obstructed ventilation ....but cools OK on AC so doubtful The following affect LP cooling Clean burner.....and clean/unobstructed combustion air thru openings Clean flue baffle and properly installed....suspended by clip Heat deflector properly installed.....pushed down onto end of flue LP propane pressure
Old-Biscuit 05/22/15 12:26am Tech Issues
RE: Bizarre California health care sitch

Does your receipt show the full amount then the discount or just the discounted price? either way if it were me I would be requesting a fully itemized statement to compare to my receipt then submitting copies of both with notations to the billing dept. You don't need a nasty surprise like them just calling then turning you over to collections. This s good advice. I know it can be a 'pain' but do not ignore.......just because they have not called you back (why should they..you have already said no) doesn't mean issue is resolved. They may take next step and send to collections which turns into a whole other 'pain' Contact the billing/account dept. Let them know you what to resolve issue........have them send bill and then send them a nice polite letter explaining amount due/discount applied with copy of paid in full receipt. Retain copies of all correspondence
Old-Biscuit 05/21/15 10:24pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Bypass water heater?

Close water going into water heater Close water coming out of water heater (if you have a valve) Open bypass valve Remove WH tank drain plug Now if leak is from water heater tank......you should not having anymore leak on floor Have you ID where leak is...split tank, loose/cracked fitting etc.?
Old-Biscuit 05/21/15 10:09pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dometic Refridgerator

Well....... Sometimes you just have to look in the right installation manual (DOMETIC Innovator Ventilation Installation Instructions). Note: Instructions are per Dometic for proper installation of fridge, vents (lower/upper/roof) and fans as required.....RM2852 amongst many other Dometic models are included. Fan kit, baffles, wiring etc. supplied by Dometic for installation by RV mfg. :h Just what I said - it's up to the installer whether a ventilation fan is installed or not. Dometic may offer a ventilation kit that may be used during installation of the fridge into the trailer but it's up to the manufacturer to decide if and what they're going to install in the trailers they're building. It's not part of the fridge but rather is an installation kit ... my previous Spree had one, presumably because KZ deemed it necessary, my current Freedom Express does not, presumably because they decided it wasn't. :S RV mfg. does fridge install BASED on installation instructions from mfg.....norcold, dometic or atwood. When fridge has cooling issues folks want to blame fridge mfg (norcold/dometic/atwood) yet most insufficient cooling issues are due to rv mfg. lack of proper installation (NOT following fridge mfg. instruction) Regardless of what you think...fridge mfg. knows what clearances are needed. RV mfg. choose to ignore/disregard or follow. Of course they make final decision, only because they are the installers. But when they don't do it right :H Whack your head on that!
Old-Biscuit 05/21/15 09:54pm Tech Issues
RE: Propane Tanks & Furnaces

Thanks so far gang... Just to further clarify... There was a already a half day of full demand on the propane. - hot water heater (always on) - fridge on propane setting - 3 burner stove and oven was used - furnace trying to light The switch over never turned red all weekend. It was turned toward the "in use " tank. (New info) Prior to the weekend I filled the spare "not in use" tank, hooked it up, but never turned it on. Maybe the lack of pressure on that side of the line mattered. I also took off the "in use" tank to weigh it. (2/3 okay) Put it back on line, but (and I already knew better) I did not turn it on slowly. I did not think I tripped the OPD since water heater, fridge, stove worked fine. Huh??? The OPD does NOT trip.....it is for refilling cylinder ONLY and is designed to stop overfilling.
Old-Biscuit 05/21/15 09:45pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Can a broken wiring harness affect the furnace fan?

I would guess, you have a thermostat issue as suggested earlier. Most furnaces run the fan ONLY after the heat exchanger gets hot. If that is the way it works normally, then there is a thermocouple that actually switches the fan on and off. There is also a switch on the stat to manually run the fan. Could it be in the wrong position ?? The problem could be either place. SOME older furnaces use that scheme...fan comes on after heat exchanger gets hot. Fan switch could be stuck closed. IF that is type of furnace OP has. If OPs furnace turns fan on to purge combustion chamber before firing off then t-stat is usually bad when fan runs continuously And always......fan in on position at t-stat (I always like this one cause fix is easy :B )
Old-Biscuit 05/21/15 02:26pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: No power to Norcold refrigerator

Plugged into shore power you should have 120V AC power to trailer.... With 120V AC power you should have 12V DC power via the 'converter' No 120V AC power than battery should supply 12V DC power You need 12V DC power for fridge controls As suggested check on trailer tongue for a small box that has battery positive cable going to it and cable from it going inside trailer. That is a DC Circuit breaker. Some are auto reset and many are manually reset. Look for small button on side to reset Also need to check that you installed battery cables corrctly and not reversed. Reversed polarity happens a lot when batteries are replaced. Battery cables are not standard colors.......can be black & white, can be red & green can combination----so trace battery cable to frame--that is n=ground/negative on battery. If connected backwards then 'reverse polarity' fuse(s) on converter are probably blown (30A or 40A fuses---can be on back or front of converter) With the shore power plugged in........ Check main AC power panel Main circuit breaker closed...all individual circuit breakers closed and see if converter is in a circuit breaker OR if it has a cord that needs plugged into an outlet. Then check ALL DC fuses in DC dist panel.......usually with main ac panel
Old-Biscuit 05/21/15 01:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: DIY 3 way refrigerator venting (drawing)

Do you have the fridge installation manual for your model? Follow the 'clearances' closely. If installing lower vent bottom of it should be flush with floor. (Don't need that floor vent) Then install a upper vent in side wall (just like lower one) Bottom of top vent should be level with top of fridge. There should NOT be any clearance between top of fridge and cabinet....Zero clearance otherwise you create a dead air space HERE is some Ventilation Installation information. Proper clearances -------better cooling
Old-Biscuit 05/21/15 01:43pm Tech Issues
RE: Can a broken wiring harness affect the furnace fan?

You have a bad thermastat THIS^^^^^^
Old-Biscuit 05/21/15 01:04pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: water pump, pressure sensor

Pump runs, builds pressure.........either a leak but it would be a big leak to keep pump running continuously. Small leak pump would cycle on/off/on/off Water heater FULL? All lines cold/hot air bled off? Then there is the pump pressure switch....separate part right on pump head. Stick closed.........pump will run continuously pump is a diaphragm style and will only build design pressure. Will not continue to build pressure if running
Old-Biscuit 05/21/15 01:00pm Truck Campers
RE: Propane Tanks & Furnaces

eHoefler and Old Duck got it right! Given the 2007 year trailer age, I would not think you have the troublesome red regulator on the far side tank. Many have problems with those. Chris Close..... It's NOT the Overflow Protection Device (OverFILL Protection Device---OPD) That is inside the propane cylinder and is a 'float' mechanism that shuts off flow when filling cylinder....set for the 80% max level. The 'Excess Flow Device' is what trips when opening a propane service valve too fast. It is inside the big green nut (ACME Nut). It is a spring loaded ball check valve that moves towards close when first opening valve........then as pressure downstream in system 'equalizes' the ball moves back to center position. Opening valve too fast causes an inrush and ball check valve closes. TO reset you close service valve, bleed pressure off and then slowly open service valve
Old-Biscuit 05/21/15 12:53pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Dometic Refridgerator

Dometic does include a ventilation fan for fridge installed in a slide out in outside compartment due to the upper vent being on the side wall of slide out vs having a roof vent. Helps with draft flow of cooling air. No where in the Dometic 2652 / 2852 installation instructions is a ventilation fan ever mentioned. AFAIK, whether any installation would include a fan or not is strictly up to the installer - i.e. the trailer manufacturer - and has nothing to do with the fridge manufacturer - i.e. Dometic, Norcold, or whomever. I've owned both Dometic and Norcold, some installations have had a thermostatically controlled ventilation fan, others such as the Dometic DM2652 I have in my current trailer do not. Frankly, I'm just as glad to not have one as that's one less drain on the battery when dry camping and in the two years we've owned this trailer the fridge has cooled just fine without it no matter how high the outside ambient temps have been. We dry camp enough now that if it did have a thermostatically controlled fan I'd add a kill switch to the circuit myself so I could turn the darned thing off. As for cool down times mentioned by another poster, I've seen this warning so many times that a gas absorption fridge will take anywhere from 12 to 24 hrs to cool sufficiently for use that I'd almost believe it if I didn't know for myself that's not the case at all. Any 6 cu ft fridge I've owned has easily been ready for use within 4 hours of turning it on, including my current DM2652 ... anything longer than that and I'd be looking for an issue with the fridge. Well....... Sometimes you just have to look in the right installation manual (DOMETIC Innovator Ventilation Installation Instructions). Note: Instructions are per Dometic for proper installation of fridge, vents (lower/upper/roof) and fans as required.....RM2852 amongst many other Dometic models are included. Fan kit, baffles, wiring etc. supplied by Dometic for installation by RV mfg.
Old-Biscuit 05/21/15 12:41pm Tech Issues
RE: Dometic Refridgerator

Dometic does include a ventilation fan for fridge installed in a slide out in outside compartment due to the upper vent being on the side wall of slide out vs having a roof vent. Helps with draft flow of cooling air. OEM fan would be center line of fridge just above absorber tubes. DC power would come from 12V DC terminal block by control module and would have in-line fuse (3A). Fan would be controlled by thermostat installed on far right fin of condenser (top of fridge) IF fan is running continuously....either t-stat is stuck closed/failed OR previous owner installed fan and didn't use a t-stat for control...maybe an on/off switch.
Old-Biscuit 05/21/15 12:27am Tech Issues
RE: Locked? unlocked? TT and 5th wheel RV's

5vr...close door and lock it. Compartment doors are locked otherwise they just have 'thumb latch to keep them closed When we pull into a rest area or stop for fuel or restaurant I don't have to remember to lock it Fire.........huh? Have you even seen a RV on fire.............minutes it's a roaring bonfire My time will be spent yanking hitch handle open and driving away from that blazing heap
Old-Biscuit 05/20/15 11:56pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Propane Tanks & Furnaces

1st cylinder valved is 'primary' use cylinder.........auto swap regulator will not swap to other cylinder until 1st one goes empty (looses pressure). Lever pointing to in service cylinder.......that is what resets RED/GREEN Flag. Furnace didn't light off 1st night just to not having enough propane flow thru furnace line. After operating other propane appliances...propane system flow established demand placed LP regulator
Old-Biscuit 05/20/15 09:51pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Disappointed - Just Venting

Really Old-Biscuit - it's a refer failure but not a rig failure just like a flat tire is a tire failure and not a truck failure. Fridge works on propane then fridge hasn't failed just because electric element brokeIf the fridge is not functioning properly, it has a failure. The fridge is a combination of components. If anyone of them fails, the fridge has failed. Fridge IS combination of components.....if it continues to function (Make/keep things COLD) then a component failed not the fridge When the cooling unit fails, when the control module fails, when fridge no longer makes/keeps things COLD then fridge has failed. Failure to me is when it completely 'no longer works'
Old-Biscuit 05/20/15 09:38pm Travel Trailers
RE: I never knew, balance trailer tires for mileage?

Op here.... Wife dug out receipt and in fact balancing was supposed to be included in the price. I walked around the TT and didn't see one weight. What are the odds of every tire being perfectly balanced from factory? Not very good IMO. Called tire shop and gave invoice number and voiced my opinion and their answer was...look at the inside the of rim. Went back out and looked real closely at inside of rims and Yes, I saw tire weights. Called back tire shop and wondered why they hide them on inside. They said, that's the best way to balance aluminum wheels. I learned something today. But still not convinced. Is that the best way balance aluminum rims or the way the industry does it now days? I'm asking because this tire shop has lied to me before and now I don't trust them. These tires were mounted late last year. Also will be last business their getting from me. Previous problem was posted here... http://www.rv.net/forum/index.cfm/fuseaction/thread/tid/28123204/gotomsg/28123620.cfm#28123620 Thanks Aluminum wheels ....weights on inside out of view....cause nobody wants ugly weights showing on their aluminum wheels
Old-Biscuit 05/20/15 09:33pm Travel Trailers
RE: Are these legal as a subtitute/replacement?

What is GVWR of trailer? Class 1----------2000# Class 2----------3500# Class 3----------5000# Class 4 - The strength rating of each length of safety chain or its equivalent and its attachments shall be equal to or exceed in minimum breaking force the GVWR of the trailer
Old-Biscuit 05/20/15 01:57pm Towing
RE: Problem with my Order Customer Service Can't Help

Hello tracyb-oh, I am sorry to hear about your delivery issue. If you can send me a private message with your contact information and if you feel comfortable enough, your tracking number, I would be happy to forward that to our executive desk and see if they can help you while the call centers computers are being upgraded. Thank you... Rudy, Camping World response team member. THEN AFTER 'tracyb-oh' provides info THIS....... Thank you for your information Tracyb-oh. I have sent that over to the executive desk for investigation and follow up. Have a good night. Rudy...Camping world response team member. Followed up by THIS........... tracyb-oh, Thank you four your time and post. At this time, we are in the process of upgrading our order processing system. The upgrade is scheduled for completion by May 18th 2015. Unfortunately, during this time, we will be unable to access orders, provide information or address order concerns. We would like to apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you. Please call 1-800-626-5944 next week at your earliest convenience, once the upgrade has been completed,so that we may assist you. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Thank you, Mark Marcus' Rapid Response Team goodsamcs@goodsamfamily.com Got to love the Catch 22. We'd like to help but can't help but would if we could but you'll need to do more follow up later when we might be able to help.
Old-Biscuit 05/20/15 01:49pm Camping World Accessories
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