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RE: Lights get bright and then dim

Converters don't cycle on/off....are always on when AC power is supplied to them DC Output voltage will change from 13.2V (float mode) to 13.6V (absorption mode) to 14.4V (bulk mode) Converter is supplying the DC System (Lights, circuit boards, water pump, furnace etc) when AC Power is supplied to them PLUS maintaining battery voltage. Well that sounds like some old school book smarts, but 'splain me this Lucy. When I bought my rig the PO just installed a new battery and a new "smart" converter (per his words.) When my lights go dim the OEM battery meter shows 3/4 charge. When the lights jump up to bright, the OEM battery meter reads full charge. :h Do you think it might just have something to do with preserving the lifespan of a deep cycle battery, like there might be some science to that also and there could be a bigger picture to this simple problem. :E Sounds more like you have an issue.......... Have you checked out your actual DC voltage using a multimeter? Lights should not be dimming/going bright
Old-Biscuit 02/10/16 02:09pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Bank Rant

Way overreaction for something your son is responsible for. Any other bank would have done the same. Their electronic system has no way to know if he's 16, 36, or 106. Sorry, no sympathy. If he's not tracking his day-to-day expenditures on a check register or a spreadsheet then it's not the bank's fault. From your description he played it way too close to the bone. I've been a TD Bank customer for years and swear by them. Their ability to stop fraudulent transactions before they start is remarkable. You can call the bank and see if they'll cut him some slack but in reality it's entirely his fault. The lesson here is that everybody needs to play by the rules. Well stated! http://www.moolah-moolah.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Facebook-Thumb-Up-Like-Button.jpg height=200 width=300
Old-Biscuit 02/10/16 11:36am Around the Campfire
RE: battery based on sodium ion (salt)

Lots of items can be used to generate power......fun/interesting but rarely practical http://blog.pcnews.ro/wp-content/photo/2007/05/3644b.jpg
Old-Biscuit 02/10/16 11:27am Tech Issues
RE: pets

Domestic or pet dogs may enter Canada if accompanied by an original valid rabies vaccination certificate, which is issued by a licensed veterinarian (a veterinarian who is licensed to practice veterinary medicine in the country of origin) in English or French and which clearly identifies the dogs and states that they are currently vaccinated against rabies. This certificate should identify the animal as in breed, color, weight, etc., and indicate the name of the licensed rabies vaccine used (trade name), including serial number and duration of validity (up to three years). Please note that if the duration of validity is not indicated on the certificate, the vaccine will be considered to be valid for one year. There is no waiting period imposed between the time your dog is vaccinated for rabies and the time she enters Canada. However, your dog will need to be vaccinated at least 30 prior to crossing the border back into the States. Pit bull types..stay out of Ontario.
Old-Biscuit 02/10/16 11:20am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: toilet help needed

Water supply is down low at pedal When you push pedal down water then flows thru water supply assembly up to top of toilet where vacuum breaker canister is located. Vacuum breaker canister fills up, closes air vent off then can be pressurized to flow into to bowl connection, flow around rim and then out rim holes into toilet bowl This can take 2 to 3 seconds on the norm.........longer if RV supply pressure is low, toilet water supply assembly is clogged or line up to vacuum breaker is pinched
Old-Biscuit 02/10/16 11:09am Tech Issues
RE: Propane..unlawful to have fridge on while moving

Geeez...don't get me wrong..I even run with my oven on, with a Dutch oven cooking a roast..or ribs...or pulled pork. I was simply posting this as an infomercial. Plus..the thought of all of the weight, tire, etc police getting all torqued up...I mean..how many of 'them' are now going to run with the fridge off? Because, after all..it is a law. Gary Haupt It may well be a LAW in CANADA but it does NOT exist here in the USA except for those FEW places IE: Tunnels and Ferries Running up/down streets/roads/highways/freeways/Interstates with propane valved in and in service is NOT against any US DOT LAW. Period......does NOT exist Debate goes on whether or not it should happen. But that boils down to personal preference. Not a LAW, Standard or Code----------Preference. I travel with propane valve open and in service...fridge/furnace as deemed necessary by my personal preference. When/If I encounter those 'tunnels/ferries' that have posted restrictions I comply with those LAWS......not someones opinion.
Old-Biscuit 02/10/16 10:56am General RVing Issues
RE: Lights get bright and then dim

Converters don't cycle on/off....are always on when AC power is supplied to them DC Output voltage will change from 13.2V (float mode) to 13.6V (absorption mode) to 14.4V (bulk mode) Converter is supplying the DC System (Lights, circuit boards, water pump, furnace etc) when AC Power is supplied to them PLUS maintaining battery voltage.
Old-Biscuit 02/10/16 10:27am Class A Motorhomes
RE: black water clean out connection leaks

I think I see what you mean. I wonder why the manufacturers wouldn't just do that in the first place? Seems it would be cheaper than the valve they install under the cabinet. Because of 'code'---'standards' RV MFG. must meet. Anti-siphon vacuum breaker required in potable water/contaminated water connections. The current device used is not suppose to leak when properly functioning The hose end vacuum breaker WILL leak each time water supply is secured.......by design
Old-Biscuit 02/10/16 10:17am Travel Trailers
RE: Interesting article on tire rack about tire applications

I know that people switch from STs to LTs all the time with good results. But the TT industry puts a million tires on the road every year. Let's see what happens when a significant number of them are LTs. http://images.sodahead.com/polls/003672505/515243590_holding_breath1_xlarge.png
Old-Biscuit 02/10/16 01:02am Travel Trailers
RE: Black Tank Flush

I am not OCD and on occasions use the built in tank flusher. Full Timed for 7 yrs and NEVER had an issue or odors because the vapor barriers ('P' traps, seals/gaskets, vents etc. ) all worked. And they are holding tanks which are going to get dirty again. Dump when FULL (high liquid volume/weight carries boulders down/out) Add some water back in after dumping so bottom of tank and anything left behind stays wet. Get a clear dump adapter (attach on drain line then sewer hose to it) and you can quit wasting so much water flushing/rinsing your black tank 4-5 times using a ton of water :B https://images1.campingworld.com/CampingWorld/images/products/20000/125x125/22171nnew.jpg Built in flush system components: Check valve inside hose connection on side of RV Anti-siphon Vacuum Breaker Spray nozzle (some rotate----some fixed) http://keyblog.digitalhill.com/content/bloggoe/mcith/POST667_Tank_Flush_Illustration.jpg
Old-Biscuit 02/10/16 12:48am Travel Trailers
RE: black water clean out connection leaks

just solved the problem today. straight thru inside the RV replacing the vent/check valve and put a vaccum break check valve on the outside. It screws onto the hose and then into the opening of the trailer. Does the exact same thing. I don't think it does the same thing. The original was in place to prevent waste tank contents from siphoning from the tank and out thru the garden hose. The one you installed (assuming it's a hose bib vacuum breaker like you would use on your house) is designed to keep the contents of the garden hose from siphoning back into the waste tank (house). It will allow waste tank contents to siphon out thru the garden hose and into the public water system. When connected to hose bib (cg) water can only flow away from hose bib and when you turn hose bib off vacuum breaker allows water in hose to depressurize. Now if you install it at other end of hose vs hose bib water will still only flow away from hose bib and when you turn water off vacuum breaker will still allow the little bit of water at RV connection to depressurize and then the check valve inside the flush connection will close Hose bib vacuum breaker is going to work the same regardless of which end of hose it is on. http://www.homedepot.com/catalog/productImages/300/8f/8fa11233-8be5-4902-ac12-52c7aa63ef00_300.jpg http://www.monroevillewater.org/images/air_inlet.gif height=300 width=400
Old-Biscuit 02/10/16 12:29am Travel Trailers
RE: New community forum

That's what I like about where I live.....we know our neighbors, actually talk with them face to face, town newsletter is sent out weekly and town council meetings are held each month where you can address Mayor and Council Members directly Internet is a great tool. But old fashion face to face is a communication skill that is being lost. Do YOU actually KNOW your neighbors or just recognize them as someone that lives in area and you wave at each other :H
Old-Biscuit 02/09/16 09:44pm Technology Corner
RE: Lights get bright and then dim

Sounds like your 'converter' is failing. When connected to shore power the converter takes AC power IN and puts DC power out. That DC power is used to supply all dc demands and recharge the battery Converter DC Voltage output should be steady (depending on demand). When converter starts failing the DC Voltage will fluctuate. AND this dimming/brightening of lights can be due to a bad battery......shorted/bad cell So you need to check each battery cell 'specific gravity', check battery voltage/load test and converter DC output with battery disconnected....voltage S/B 13.2V Time to buy a digital volt meter and learn to use one......every RV owner should have one and know how to use it.
Old-Biscuit 02/09/16 09:36pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: GM Recalls 473K Trucks for Brake Pedal Issue

Recall....the 21st Century marketing tool
Old-Biscuit 02/09/16 09:16pm Tow Vehicles
RE: More RV Regulations

Seems 'some' of the RV MFGs bought into that notion quite some time ago when they stated 'Full Time Use' would void warranty :S
Old-Biscuit 02/09/16 09:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: 2016 Subaru Forester flat tow

In 5 words YES In Neutral Ignition ON
Old-Biscuit 02/09/16 09:07pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: black water clean out connection leaks

If the water (fresh) is connected to the bottom in the illustration, then when the water pressure is removed and the plunger drops down, isn't the black tank now venting underneath the bathroom cabinet (or wherever it's mounted)? :E Yes with the cheap ones it can.........fortunately the openings in the spray nozzle are relatively small and odors don't build up much due to the larger open venting to roof.
Old-Biscuit 02/09/16 08:54pm Travel Trailers
RE: Replace Refrigerator Roof Vent & Repair Cuts in Rubber Roof.

1-A Heat gun and a plastic putty knife. As clean as you can get it without damaging the roof material. Do NOT use solvents. 1-B Butyl tape under the screw lines; then lots of Dicor Self Leveling Lap Sealant overlapping the edges about an inch and a half onto the roof. 2 Eternabond. Use the Primer, too! 3 Softscrub? 303? If you figure the black stuff out; let us know. LOOK UP! This is a great post. Well covered and I fully agree with the solutions.
Old-Biscuit 02/09/16 08:38pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: The best commercial of Super Bowl 50

That one was 'sentimental' NONE of them really stood out except those that were disgusting. Nachos preemie birth and dog/monkey/baby were low class Dogs sneaking into grocery store to get Nachos was cute. What has happened to advertisers --------spend that kind of money for air time and then blow it. Darrin Stephens and Larry Tate could have done better.
Old-Biscuit 02/09/16 03:00pm Around the Campfire
RE: How high can we count in images with numbers in them?

http://www.sonic.net/~jayrob/New%204171%20-%201.jpg height=300 width=400
Old-Biscuit 02/09/16 02:51pm Around the Campfire
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