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RE: Mopping up toilet water at 3 am!

Ball only keeps water in bowl Or lets it dump Water valve is leaking thru. Need to buy new water valve assembly and change it out In mean time..turn off water supply until you need to use it. When you replace water valve assembly.install a shutoff valve at same time so that you can isolate toilet separately in the future
Old-Biscuit 07/06/15 03:05pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Black Tank Backing Up-Please help!

My 5vr has two 45s and over a 3' drop from toilet to tank......no clogging issues. It's a 3" line. Even if vent line was blocked toilet would flush OK until tank got full. What I suspect is issue is black tank is a shallow tank and toilet line goes to far into tank OR tank is not sloped away from toilet line. Flush contents are dropping directly under pipe opening and not moving out into tank. They then pile up and block toilet line. Camera inspection would verify pipe length Closer visual of tank would verify if sloped Removal of tank is only means of repair. Some drain/vent lines go thru a 'slip gasket' in opening to tank and some mfgs. actually glued the lines to fittings attached to top of tank ( :S ) And of course the tank outlet drain line IS glued to tank. I hate having to mess with tanks, waste of fresh. They area PITA Rotor Rooter ...........but then might be cheaper if you had a inexpensive backup camera , laptop adapter and some video cable :H
Old-Biscuit 07/06/15 03:02pm Tech Issues
RE: atwood hot water heater

4th post........if you would stay with just one section of forum you could get more help. Other posts water heater quit working, no spark etc. Now it tries to light. One of other posts Maybe if you have MOD close all others and stick to one you will get better responses
Old-Biscuit 07/06/15 02:40pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Outdoor Kitchen Burners Weak?

Typical RV stove top burners (interior) have 6000BTU burners and a 9000BTU high output burner (BTU based on burner valve size---flow rate) You would need to look up specs for the outdoor 2 burner cook top........Brand/Model They may be a lower BTU style due to limited cook area. How do outdoor burners compare to indoor burners.....flame height/size/heating times?
Old-Biscuit 07/06/15 02:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: Suburban SW6D

12V DC (+) comes form DC Dist Panel (fuse) Goes to ON/OFF switch Then to DC Junction Box on side of WH tank Inside box are 4 OEM wires RED...DC + to t-stats Blue...DC + from circuit board to fault light in switch Yellow & Green DC -/grd RED wire goes to high t-stat lug thru it then via hard wire to normal t-stat thru it and from lug to circuit board. DC Voltage from circuit broad to gas solenoids while sending high voltage to spark electrode Easiest place to check for DC Voltage is at t-stats Remove rubber cover (above gas valve with 'reset' buttons Check for DC voltage at RED wire on top lug----that comes from ON/OFF switch IF No DC then issue is inside junction box, at switch or with fuse Got DC ...then check for it at bottom lug. No DC..then top t-stat is tripped---push reset, wire is burnt into---replace set of t-stats (12V DC ones) Got DC...then check for it at gas solenoids WHEN you turn it ON (DC Power is only on gas solenoids for approx. 6 seconds while spark electrode gets voltage) Check that spark electrode is properly gaped (1/8"), high tension wire is tight/clean connection. Example of t-stats Left set is for 120V AC element Right set is for 12V DC propane Top is Hi temp/bottom is normal temp t-stats http://www.forestriverforums.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=50669&stc=1&thumb=1&d=1398136243 height=300 width=300 http://www.forestriverforums.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=33421&d=1371439652 height=300 width=300
Old-Biscuit 07/06/15 01:52am Tech Issues
RE: And then was only 3..

What is date code on that tire? Looks worn down....... Glad it was just a flat tire vs accident Tires are always expensive. But the cost is also tied to 'how soon do you need it' Safe camping!!
Old-Biscuit 07/05/15 11:05pm Truck Campers
RE: hot water heater

OP......... Saw your 'other' posts in Forum Tech & Tech Support where in title you mentioned Atwood. That and your rig being a 2009 model help. You can rule out following because they are used for both electric and propane DC Voltage Circuit Board Thermal Cutout T-stats No spark is typically an issue with the spark electrode Bad connections, loose connection, wrong gap (S/B 1/8"), crack ceramic, dirty electrode
Old-Biscuit 07/05/15 10:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: Trailer brakes question

New brakes (shoes/magnets) need to be 'burnished' for proper braking affect. Per axle Service Manual Your trailer brakes should be burnished-in by applying the brakes 20-30 times with a 20 m.p.h. decrease in speed, e.g. 40 m.p.h. to 20 m.p.h. Allow ample time for brakes to cool between application. This allows the brake shoes and magnets to begin seating to the brake drum
Old-Biscuit 07/05/15 10:33pm Travel Trailers
RE: hot water heater

OP..post back with more info. Works OK on electric so probably not issue with t-stats unless you have one with separate set of them. Works OK on electric so must have DC unless you have one that uses DC for electric operation also Works OK on electric so circuit board must be good unless yours uses circuit board for electric See.....brand/model really help And what also helps is what does it do/what does it not do when trying to use propane? Fault light ON (Red light on panel)? More details/info.
Old-Biscuit 07/05/15 10:21pm General RVing Issues

Haven't been inside a CG bathroom/bath house since our tent camping days, many years ago......they were trashed back then. I use MY bathroom/shower. I know it's clean and will be kept that way.
Old-Biscuit 07/05/15 10:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: Norcold N821 takes FOREVER to get to cool temps

Test start at 4:15 PM 90* outside Freezer and Fridge at 82* check 1 at 6:30PM 91* outside freezer at 5* refer fins at 46* check 2 at 7:50PM 88* outside freezer at 0* refer fins at 37* check 3 at 10:00PM 83* outside freezer at -10* refer fins at 29* I think I'm getting the idea that the cooling unit is OK; it's that the control board, or possibly the thermistor, is the cause of my problem. Replacing either or both of them would be much preferable to replacing the cooling unit, both in terms of cost and effort. Cooling unit is not your issue...... Yes. Control module or thermistor. Suspect thermistor...you messed around with it when cooling wasn't going on and then you started getting cooling. Could have been bad terminal connections/loose/dirty etc. You can test thermistor. Unplug it at light/thermistor connector Stick thermistor in a glass packed with ice and a little water Should measure 30K-32K Ohms at 32*F But I really think it was just bad connection....no thermistor being sensed so fridge was in Backup Operation which is dependent on temp set point. 5 just wasn't enough in the hot weather....started cooling on 7. Messed with thermistor..then it really started cooling. I think your fridge is good to go.
Old-Biscuit 07/05/15 10:05pm Tech Issues
RE: Request for help determining required tow vehicle specs

Just for an example...... My 5vr.actual scaled weight 13,830#...actual pin weight 2980# My truck 2007 SRW 3500 with 5.9L diesel I am over trucks GVWR, right at rear tire max load ratings and RAWR. Truck/5vr combo great match. Steady non-issue towing and with added 'exhaust brake' mountain towing is a pleasure. Strong diesel tows and exhaust braking helps keep speed down on downhill grades. TOW/HAUL mode. Any heavier of a 5vr and it would be newer SRW or a Dually (Newer have much higher ratings)
Old-Biscuit 07/05/15 04:10pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Using bleach to clean water tanks

1/4 cub of house hold strength bleach (5.25%/6%) per 15 gallons of water to sanitize rv fresh water tank/plumbing system If you fill water tank via a hose connection.....pour the bleach into end of hose, connect and turn on water source. When you have bleach/water in fresh water tank..turn on pump and run mixture thru plumbing system (open faucet hot/cold until you can smell bleach). Don't forget toilet (and sprayer if you have one). Do you have a washing machine...don't forget those lines and the outside shower Also run some water out of the 'low point drains' so those lines get treated. I only do mine when I first purchase RV (new or used) and then ONLY if an issue occurs.
Old-Biscuit 07/05/15 03:53pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Gray tanks question

My tt has two tanks and two valves. One tank holds the kitchen and bathroom sinks and the other tank is only the shower. The specs for my tt say I have one 74 gallon grey tank but there are definitely two tanks. I am not sure how big the tanks are but I an thinking they are 74 gallons each. We as a family of three can go 4 days without emptying and we are not trying to conserve water. We only pause the show in between rinses to conserve hot water. Where does the toilet go?
Old-Biscuit 07/05/15 03:35pm Travel Trailers
RE: Refrigerator in slide out

Hey Old Biscuit, That wasn't the only problem I found. According to Dometic they want from the top of the fridge to the top of the cavity it sits in blocked off too. Well Forest River, Wildwood whoever one wants to blame apparently are not able to read and follow Dometic's instructions. It would be interesting to know how much mfg's have spent on warranty problems that were self created. Dometic, Norcold, Atwood......ALL have installation instructions for their various models with clearances noted and ventilation kits where needed :ie installs in slideouts, dead air spaces, baffling etc. Yet time after time RV mfg.s DON'T bother (assembly line/piece mill work) and that has a lot to do with fridge cooling issues
Old-Biscuit 07/05/15 03:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Propane container not releasing propane?

People keep saying NEW OPD Valves, there not new became law Oct 1998. IS THAT NEW? JMO Hey... I was made in 1950 So 1998 is NEW to me. And there are still alot of POL tanks out there. By Federal Law POL valves were discontinued in 2000 and can no longer be refilled. POL only valves were phased out, but every externally ACME threaded OPD LP tank valve I've seen is also threaded internally for a POL connection. Even the valve on the 2015 manufactured 40# tank I purchased a few months ago. Correct..... POL service valves on portable propane cylinders were eliminated. NOT the left handed connections. That is why the OPD service valve has the double threads. Right hand outside for ACME nuts and left hand inside threads for POL fittings. POL fittings were not banned just the POL style service valves....mainly due to ability to open the POL service valve and have propane flow without anything connected and being able to easily overfill cylinder (above 80% liquid level) 2 different components............POL service valve vs POL fittings/connections
Old-Biscuit 07/05/15 03:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: Health Care Costs

Thanks for those response from our Canadian members....... How is this healthcare PAID for. Taxes? At what rate. My tax rate is roughly 10% to Federal and 10% to State. My healthcare is free (don't pay a monthly premium) and I have small co-pay for prescriptions. BUT that is because I don't use ACA (Obamacare). IF I did it would cost be between $240/month for Bronze Plan (basic....high deductibles) to $500/month for Gold Plan. I am a US Veteran and have medical thru the VA (Veterans Administration). Local clinic for Primary Doctor....routine medical/lab VA Hospital for procedures/surgery/emergency. The VA does have some issues........especially those VA facilities that are where the snowbirds come, many of which are US Veterans. I personally have had nothing but top notch care via the VA. Even when we FTd for 7 yrs. Used VA Facilities across USA....all with good results and in a timely manner. Only recently have had appointment scheduling issues/delays which were fine prior to VA scandal. Healthcare will always be high cost..........whether single payer system, current system or old way (which is why new system ACA---Obamacare was implemented----high cost of old system.....new system would save monies). All pie in the sky hype.
Old-Biscuit 07/05/15 03:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: Propane container not releasing propane?

People keep saying NEW OPD Valves, there not new became law Oct 1998. IS THAT NEW? JMO Hey... I was made in 1950 So 1998 is NEW to me. And there are still alot of POL tanks out there. By Federal Law POL valves were discontinued in 2000 and can no longer be refilled.
Old-Biscuit 07/05/15 01:58pm General RVing Issues
RE: Health Care Costs

Question for our Canadian members........... How do you like YOUR Healthcare System? Do you get good healthcare...services/timely appointments/good doctors-nurses/hospitals run efficiently etc? How much does this healthcare cost..taxes/fees? Do you have co-pays/deductibles? Ours is obliviously NOT working
Old-Biscuit 07/05/15 01:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: Woman dies in MH accident at Flying J

Looks like the Lady killed was with the RV driver Another picture Police say an RV driver hit a pedestrian, a gas pump, and two vehicles. The pedestrian died on scene. Eye witnesses stated women (pedestrian) was directing RV to park when RV ran over her.
Old-Biscuit 07/05/15 01:41pm Class A Motorhomes
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