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RE: Connection issue with transfer switch

Are you talking about 120VAC wiring or 12VDC wiring... The pedestal is 120VAC only... The transfer switch is generally for 120VAC between the Shore power and on-board Generator or Power Inverter. You mentioned the pedestal voltage and your comments seems to be about 120VAC connections. Where are you finding these burned lug connections... The 120VAC connections by code must inside enclosed boxes. The burned LUG cable connections has led some of us (Myself included) to start thinking about Battery 12VDC issues... The batteries and the converter/charger on your trailer only produce the 12VDC side... The 12VDC connections from your 12V SYSTEM (Batteries and/or Converter/Charger unit) can be out in the open much like on battery terminals or open terminal strip lug connections... The 12VDC connections will not have anything to do with with your lower AC VOLTAGE readings at various places on your trailer. Roy Ken Roy, Re-READ thread Title and 1st paragraph.
Old-Biscuit 04/27/17 12:08pm Tech Issues
RE: Adjusting Atwood CA30 stove burners

Over the years food/liquids get spilled and can block gas ports in the burners Take a toothpick and carefully clean each gas port on the burners
Old-Biscuit 04/26/17 10:02pm Tech Issues
RE: Electric Water Heater

Did you ever wonder why when you go to the RV store to pick up a new nylon plug (after the old one fails) they sell them on cards of two? Yep....... Cause people bugger them up by over-tightening them or cross threading them so there is a market for the 2 pack
Old-Biscuit 04/26/17 09:50pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: No Hot Water - Motorhome

Old Biscuit At what times would I be shutting the shut-off valve? When bypassing the water heater for winterizing... Exactly........ I have 3 valve NO check valves Cold inlet Hot outlet Bypass Cold/Hot open--bypass closed (normal) Cold/Hot closed--bypass open (winterize)
Old-Biscuit 04/26/17 09:42pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: New Hot water Heater

IF your OLD one was a 6 gal Atwood....same size opening If your OLD one was a Suburban.....lots of sidewall rebuild needed If your Old one was a gas only pilot Atwood and new one is gas Only with electronic ignition you will need a DC circuit for the gas valve controls/ignition If your old one was an Atwood gas only and new one is gas/electric Your question is a bit like "How much rope is needed" Need to tie a knot or too hang someone :B THIS MANUAL COVERS ATWOOD WHs
Old-Biscuit 04/26/17 03:58pm Tech Issues
RE: antenna works better in down position

AS long as you have 'aimed' it in the proper direction (head of antenna towards TV Transponder towers)......it doesn't matter Some places we have to have antenna FULLY crankup......some place we found only half way up and some places we left it fully retracted for best signals
Old-Biscuit 04/26/17 03:47pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: No Hot Water - Motorhome

Check valve in HOT outlet nipple that screws into tank....check valve failed/clogged up. Cheap plastic parts. O-ring gets dislodged or plunger gets cocked....scale/crud clog it up---------no more HOT water flows out of WH Tank. You've had to deal with once...this time get rid of check valve and install a shut-off valve on HOT water out.
Old-Biscuit 04/26/17 03:36pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Another birthday

Company I worked for 'had' to sell their Power Plants back in 1999 due to 'De-regulation' (Had too...Ha they were one of the MAJOR pushers/backers of De-reg). Anyway they had a 2 yr contract t maintain/operate all the plants for the New Owners.....some of which had power plant backgrounds/some were just made of of investors\ At the end of that 2 yr contract the New owners decided to do it themselves so my company said...goodbye we don;t have a place in our different company for you. Some of you may be eligible for a 'package' as for you others ---so long I made 'eligbility' by 3 months.....so I took the package (no brainer there) BUT I was not yet 48 yrs old. New owners were hiring of course. They NEEDED experience/qualified personnel and then filled out the rest with folks right off the street that had no clue. But heck all of us had no clue at one point so it'll be alright. SO I hired on April 1st, 2001 (should have seen the omen with it being April Fools Day :S) Spent the next 2 yrs trying to get NEW owners to PROPERLY Train new hires/provide safety training etc. Just shy of 2 yrs with new company I had enough.....issue over an unqualified personnel doing work on a hydrochloric acid system. NOT !! Station Supervisor stated ---YES....I stated Not under my signed permission (all acid work had to be 'signed' by one authorizing work) Upper Management stated YES....Nope. And I quit on the spot. March 10 2003 sky of turning 50 yr. Monday I meet with my finance guru and went from 'unemployed' to 'RETIRED'. That was 14 yrs ago and I should have done it at 48 yrs old instead of put up with that nightmare at the New Company I like/enjoy retirement. Working was rough BUT afforded me the opportunity to retire so it was a WIN-WIN
Old-Biscuit 04/26/17 03:10pm Around the Campfire
RE: My Dometic Dilema

Update Well I think I am good to go now. The thermister was barely hanging on the bottom of the fin. And of all things Biscuit questioned my thermometer. :S I should of checked it first. It appears to be showing 4 to 5 degrees too warm. anyway, all is well that ends well. i'm gonna shut that project down. Thanks Biscuit Load it up and have a cold one!! :B
Old-Biscuit 04/26/17 02:31pm Tech Issues
RE: hinge pins for dometic #7732

CLICK HERE for part numbers and exploded views
Old-Biscuit 04/25/17 04:32pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dometic RM2453 freezes everything, only on propane

Your model of Dometic uses ONE thermostat (Knob B) for temp control whether on 'GAS' (propane) or on 'Electric' Only difference is when using Electric the thermostat will turn element ON/OFF as need to maintain temp based on whether thermostat is set (OFF to MAX) When using Propane the thermostat will cut the burner back to bypass which is a very small flame. IF thermostat was set to OFF the small bypass flame would run continuously Flame should NOT go out unless you turn fridge OFF (Knob A) If fridge can NOT go into bypass flame then it will over cool.....could just need good cleaning of burner area. You can find and download manual for your RM2453 Model CLICK---HERE Just type in RM2453
Old-Biscuit 04/25/17 04:21pm General RVing Issues
RE: Water heater safety valve

Opening the relief valve allows water to flow thru it helping to remove scale/crud that can build up on valve seat----especially if water supply is still on. Just stand back and let it blow. Recommended to preform at least once a year (RV and Resdiential WHs) ANNUAL OPERATION OF T&P RELIEF VALVES: WARNING: Following installation, the valve lever MUST be operated AT LEAST ONCE A YEAR by the water heater owner to ensure that waterways are clear. Certain naturally occurring mineral deposits may adhere to the valve, blocking waterways, rendering it inoperative. When the lever is operated, hot water will discharge if the waterways are clear. PRECAUTIONS MUST BE TAKEN TO AVOID PERSONAL INJURY FROM CONTACT WITH HOT WATER AND TO AVOID PROPERTY DAMAGE. GO on...do it. Lift the lever and let it flow
Old-Biscuit 04/25/17 04:00pm Tech Issues
RE: First ever Slideouts?

Pudey, Follet and Rhone-----English inventors. Patented a 'pull out' expanding motor vehicle. Both sides pulled out and top lifted up Early 1920's Had a picture can't find now !!! Here is a brief history of various RV's thru the decades. Some great photos of 'innovative' concepts :B RV History in pictures
Old-Biscuit 04/25/17 12:43pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Water heater safety valve

Water SWELLS when heated By design water heaters have a void at top of tank above hot out for an air pocket. Air pocket is normally established upon initial filling of WH tank...bleed air out of system via a open faucet. Over time Air pocket can get lost or absorbed into water. W/O air pocket to control increase in pressure from water swelling the T&P Relief can 'weep' as water is heated (can't compress water----can compress air) As noted above re-establish air pocket (due to small size of RV water heaters air pocket needed) http://beamalarm.com/image/Water%20Heater/Water%20Heater13.jpg height=300 width=400
Old-Biscuit 04/25/17 11:48am Tech Issues
RE: getting to zero degrees F in RV fridge.

Standard clearances for good installations Side walls........0" (zero) Top ..............0" (zero) Back wall ........1" MAX No dead air spaces, no gaps, fridge should have a tight fit into cabinet area. Air flow should go up thru absorber tubes (large slanted tubes) and then go across condenser fins before being vented out of compartment. Lower Vent/Roof Vent allow for Natural Draft (Chimney affect) Lower Vent/Top side Vent disrupt draft so fans are required to aid in air flow. Fans should be just above absorber tubing pulling air in lower vent and then blowing it up/across condenser fins and then out. Baffles should be used if back wall clearances are too wide. Below absorber tubing and above condenser fins (direct/curved/slant as needed) Standard Guidelines from Norcold-----works for Dometic too http://www.modmyrv.com/wp-content/gallery/mod-41-image-gallery/refrigerator-cooling-fan-venting-diagram-1.JPG http://dave78chieftain.com/RVCoolingUnit/Gvent3.gif http://pdxrv.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/3108707.774_upper_lower_vent.jpg height=400 width=550
Old-Biscuit 04/25/17 11:35am General RVing Issues
RE: Water Pump Question

Okay, my next question is if "Pump has a 'Bypass' Spring Loaded Diaphragm that begins Opening at 30# and is FULLY open at 65# (should not reach full open position)" the city water pressure is 45psi, what keeps the diaphram from opening(45psi>30psi) and filling the fresh water tank? Due to pump design....bypass opens based on pump discharge pressure NOT pressure from city water use. Bypass diverts pump discharge back to pump drive assembly which is upstream of pump check valve diaphragm Water leaking back thru pump is due to pump check b=valve not fully sealing....debris OR swollen
Old-Biscuit 04/24/17 06:38pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Reese Revolution

Either a sliding hitch OR the pivoting pin box NOT both. SO lock out the pivot feature on that Reese Revolution Pin Box OR replace sliding hitch with a fixed hitch. Locking out is CHEAP and easy to do. OP says his hitch is a "Super" which is not the same as the Superglide. If that is the case, then he might simply need the correct wedge for his hitch to get the best performance out of the Revolution. Well you're right......THAT would make a big difference. OP needs to contact Reese and inquire Technical Service At: 1-800-632-3290
Old-Biscuit 04/24/17 06:33pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Hot Water Heater on electric or gas

When running my gen I use electric......already generating electrical power so I use it. One fuel vs burning up two
Old-Biscuit 04/24/17 06:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: 10 gal suburban DSI water heater won't start

To properly clean the 'burner tube'....yes remove and use a small bottle brush to clean it While you have it out...unscrew orifice on gas valve. Soak in alcohol and then blow dry. Just blow on it....high air pressure from air compressor can damage it BBQ lighter at END of burner tube Putting a flame need the 'air inlet' to check propane flow......NOT unless you want to have a 'puff' . But it probably wouldn't light anyway due to improper air/fuel ratio.... Try a BBQ Lighter at END of burner tube
Old-Biscuit 04/24/17 06:13pm Tech Issues
RE: getting to zero degrees F in RV fridge.

YEP ED...... Majority of RV absorption fridge cooling issues are a direct result if RV MFGs lack of FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS BOTH Dometic & Norcold have Installation Instructions for each Model of fridge showing cabinet size and clearances to obtain proper DRAFT It's not difficult just a bit of TIME which RV MFGs do NOT pay for....piece mil work/slab them in and move to next one. I'm surprised that they even cool at all with some of the idiotic installations being done.
Old-Biscuit 04/24/17 06:06pm General RVing Issues
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