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RE: Any concrete contractors hereā€¦?

DO you have a 'U-Cart' or a 'Concrete-To-GO' rental in your area Concrete trailer you tow to job sight Can haul up to 1 1/4 yard of mixed ready to pour concrete with small motor that keeps concrete mixed (just like the big concrete trucks :B ) I've used then couple of times .......poured a carport pad (4 sections) and couple sidewalks (also in different pours) and some footings for a block wall Sure beat using a small mixer or mixing in a wheelbarrow. Now I would just hire it done :B
Old-Biscuit 10/26/16 12:29am Around the Campfire
RE: fuel smell

GOT a strong flashlight with a good wide beam? When dark out, open hood, start truck and then shine flashlight beam across top of engine and look for any misting etc. Then go to high idle and repeat. Don't look at light but look thru light beam ---do same down along side of engine Any misting/smoking etc should show up in flashlight beam
Old-Biscuit 10/26/16 12:10am Tech Issues
RE: Questions about 5th wheel on Lowered Truck

5th wheel hitch doesn't have a 'tongue' or 'receiver' (that is how a bumper pull travel trailer is towed) 5th wheel uses a 5th wheel hitch mounted in bed of truck and the 5th wheel trailer has a pin box with a king pin \ To tow a 5th wheel with a lowered slammed dually you would do better lowering 5th wheel trailer http://www.dieseltruckresource.com/pics/data/500/18907Ready_to_rumble.jpg height=300 width=450
Old-Biscuit 10/25/16 11:57pm Tech Issues
RE: Pin box clearance

How much clearance between truck bed rail and 5vr overhang? 6" is 'minimum' Do you have a short box, medium, long etc? http://www.etrailer.com/merchant2/graphics/00000001/pics/f/a/faq117_cc_500.jpg height=300 width=300 What part is hitting truck bed? The pin box or the mounting plates? If mounting plates........cut them off at an angle https://images-turbodieselregis.netdna-ssl.com/images/imported/2015/04/PinBoxCutpiece_zpscb2a13c9-1.jpg height=250 width=400 https://images-turbodieselregis.netdna-ssl.com/images/imported/2015/09/PinBoxCutoff_zps4c56326d-1.jpg height=250 width=400
Old-Biscuit 10/25/16 11:37pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Hot Norcold

1993 MH.......23 yr fridge....that is pretty good service Unplug thermistor leads Set temp control to highest setting (coldest #9) Place thermometer in glass of water in food compartment and a glass half full of water in freezer Let fridge run for at least 12 Hrs Check temp food compartment......should be below 35*F Water in glass in freezer S/B frozen (temp 0*F or lower) IF cooling unit is functioning correctly.....no clogs/no obstructions/no blockage inside the tubing
Old-Biscuit 10/25/16 11:14pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tow Advice F150 1/2 ton

OK, just for fun, and this thread seems to have died. I backed my 250 with small 6'x8' trailer up at the leaf drop off. It has 18" sides, so good leaf hauler. Guy backing in next to me with 3'x5' little trailer, that I could have pulled with my bicycle, but he had a 150. He had a little trouble, as he could not see the dinky little trailer in his mirrors. He got out said hi, and I said that is too big of a trailer for your truck. He said huh, you don't think the truck is big enough? I said it is just a 150 is it not? He said you can't be serious, most people make fun of my little trailer. I said ya, kidding, just thinking of a forum I enjoy, where everyone says you need a bigger truck. Nice fellow, gave me a friendly smile, and a have a good day as we departed. Jerry Way to go Jerry..... Now this guy is home trying to convince his wife he has to get a bigger truck. Probably won't sleep at night worrying :B
Old-Biscuit 10/25/16 04:43pm Travel Trailers
RE: Kidney Stones = Kidney Stone King!

Well I've it said that a man passing a kidney stone is as close as a man can get to experience 'child birth' Nope....Nada.....Hindi....No thanks....don't care to verify....uh oh!
Old-Biscuit 10/25/16 04:11pm Around the Campfire
RE: 220v in 110v system

Seeing as 200V Dryer receptacle is different then the 30A plug on RV power cord......HOW DID THEY GET IT PLUGGED IN :H (Jammed it/forced it!) You will note that it is only necessary to get the two flat blades shoved in far enough to make contact, and you'll see 240 volts across your RV's systems. Oh I am quite aware of the 'get a bigger hammer' method. Was just pointing out to OP that in-laws didn't plug in quite 'accidentally'...it took some effort
Old-Biscuit 10/25/16 03:41pm Tech Issues
RE: Coast to Coast

Go EAST until you see big pond of water Turn around and go west WE did that 12 times ...took us 7 yrs
Old-Biscuit 10/25/16 03:25pm Roads and Routes
RE: Insurance on Rented Travel Trailer?

Check with National Interstate Ins. They 'specialize' in covering RVs.all kinds/types etc.
Old-Biscuit 10/25/16 03:22pm General RVing Issues
RE: Getting RV exchanged by manufacturer

Your issues are: Having CW do the 'work' 'repairs' 'fixes' And unfortunately 'normal' lack of quality control at factory. Exchange.......VERY UNLIKELY Your Winnie is STILL fixable Contact Winnebago Directly Get one of there REPS involved SQUEAL, SQUEAL, SQUEAL It used to be kinda tongue in cheek about the squeaky wheel getting the grease BUT NOW it is a necessity SQUEAL LOUD and FREQUENT Plus DOCUMENT all interactions....repairs (failures). WHO/What/When/Where/How Document EVERYTHING...conversations who said what Pictures....take pictures LOTS of them Good Luck!!!
Old-Biscuit 10/25/16 03:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: book about working RV plumbing, elect fridge gas fridge etc.

Welcome Rob........ Make your OWN book Take pen/paper in hand. Write down each component/appliance BRAND/MODEL. Then goggle that BRAND/MODEL Service Manual Download/print out and place in 3 ring binder YOU now have your own specific manuals for your stuff Fridge....B/M (Brand/Model) Furnace..B/M A/C Unit & T-stat...B/M Oven-stove top.....B/M Water Heater....B/M Water Pump.....B/M Jacks/Stabilizers...B/M Toilet.....B/M Slideout .....B/M and TYPE Chris Bryant (RV Tech....member) has put together a LOT of these manuals HERE When done you will have a better manual then MFGs provide for their RVs
Old-Biscuit 10/25/16 03:05pm Toy Haulers
RE: Jumper for Batterys in Series

The corrosion is the least of my worries,the batteries are going to be replaced. No wonder, considering the obvious lack of maintenance. Perhaps the next set won't be so unfortunate. :W 8 years it was time:p Make sure you 'soundly' trash your friend for his obvious lack/care of his batteries. :B
Old-Biscuit 10/25/16 02:46pm Tech Issues
RE: 5th wheel hitch position in the bed

Question .... WHY are you SO concerned with transferring some weight to front axle via placement of where king pin will be :H Are you so close on being OVERWEIGHT that you are trying to get some weight off rear axle? Like I posted previously..... Very little weight will get transferred to front axle with a 5th wheel hitch.
Old-Biscuit 10/25/16 02:14pm Towing
RE: 220v in 110v system

Replace the electric heat element. That fuse that was blown on control board was the AC fuse for element. You're lucky that fuses blew. Most times when RV gets plugged into 220V circuit boards fry, microwaves fry, electronics fry. Seeing as 200V Dryer receptacle is different then the 30A plug on RV power cord......HOW DID THEY GET IT PLUGGED IN :H (Jammed it/forced it!) http://noshockzone.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/RV-Dryer_Outlets.jpg height=300 width=400
Old-Biscuit 10/25/16 08:35am Tech Issues
RE: Dual pane windows.....add weight? Reduced CCC?

Yes they will add extra weight but benefits (summer/winter) are worth it Besides....if dual pane windows weight is an issue then you need bigger truck And unless Full Timing CCC shouldn't be that big of an issue. Then again When we FTd I didn't use up all of our CCC (close) but I could open any cabinet/drawer/compartment door and SEE everything without having to DIG I've seen 'weekenders' pull in and start unloading and like a circus clown car the stuff just keeps coming out and coming out as if no end in sight :B
Old-Biscuit 10/25/16 08:21am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Reese 16k hitch

Personally I think 5th wheel hitch tow rating S/B at least 1000# higher then trailers GVWR I have no problem towing at MAX GVWR, max RAWR etc and it S/B OK towing at MAX hitch rating. BUT for some unknown reason I shutter when thinking about towing at max hitch rating. Really shouldn't be an issue....Rated at 16K and 4K pin
Old-Biscuit 10/25/16 08:14am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Do a walk around at every stop!

Why was his trailer umbilical cord so long that it would end up dragging? Walk around is just a regular routine for me........DAD instilled 'equip checks' I get out Infrared Temp Gun and check tires, hubs, rotors etc on truck and 5th wheel plus hitch pins, Emergency Brake Cable and umbilical cord Good routine to incorporate ....just like that finally walk around prior to leaving camp site.
Old-Biscuit 10/25/16 08:07am Towing
RE: 2016 ram 3500 dully??? gaser or diesel???

Example: 2016 CC Longbed 4X2 DRW 6.4L 3:73 GVWR -----13,300 Payload ----6320 RAWR -------9750 YET 'SAE J2807 Compliant' max tow rating is ONLY 12,450# (20%=2490 pin weight) Not going to run out of payload, not going to run out of rear axle (or tires w/dually), not going to run out of GVWR But run out of GCVWR which is 19,900 Same truck w/4:10 diff GVWR goes up 700# (14,000) Payload goes up 700# (7020) RAWR same (9750) BUT max tow goes up 3500# (SAE J2807 Compliant) and GCVWR goes up same 3500 (23,400) SO with 3:73 rear diff........NO with 4:10 rear diff......YES no problems
Old-Biscuit 10/25/16 08:00am Tow Vehicles
RE: 5th wheel hitch position in the bed

'Chucking' is for/aft movement of 5th wheel ....sway rarely is an issue with 5th wheel unless heavy winds then that is just getting blown around. Chucking can be due to pin weight too light (low % of trailers GVWR), trailer braking too soon/too aggressive and hitch placement (king pin) Forward of axle center will result in better towing Specific instructions for rail placement for your year/brand/model of truck should be the ones followed. I know different mfgs have different instructions but they are based on their rails and their hitches Use the B&W fixed rail installation instructions Here is a 'article' about placement-----LINK
Old-Biscuit 10/25/16 12:55am Towing
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