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RE: Flat towing 88 samuriai, couple of questions

Follow Mfg. Owners Manual for flat towing Follow Suzuki's advice, run the engine (T-case neutral, transmission in 4th) for about 5 minutes just before starting out and repeat about every 200 miles Problems are if T-case slips into gear.....not good for engine running in 2nd gear at 65 mph ---Ouch!
Old-Biscuit 12/11/17 09:01pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Propane running out super quick

What size propane Cylinders do you have vs other TTs propane Cylinders?? Two 20# or Two 30# What is outside temps? Check Vent holes and crimped body on LP Reg for leaks (small pin hole/1st stage & large screened vent/2nd stage) Check that pigtail hoses are screwed onto cylinders tight Check fitting on pigtail hose to ACME Green nut....some bad hoses Have LP System Pressure Drop Test done Basically ALL propane secured.........any pilot lights valved out Remove a stove top burner Connect Manometer to burner tube Valve in propane service valve Measure/record system pressure (10" to 14" WC---S/B 11" WC) Valve out propane service valve Open second burner knob SLOWLY and lower system pressure to 8"WC Close second burner knob. Monitor manometer for minimum of 3 minutes.......should hold 8"WC If pressure drops.....time how fast (indicates size of leak) Quick down/dirty pressure test... With one stove top burner ON high Place tip of screw driver on regulator output fitting (metal)and handle next to ear listen to flow (so you can judge noise) Turn ALL propane appliances OFF and valve out any pilot lights Now listen again to regulator.......S/B quiet indicating no flow We stayed in very cold temps (0*F day time/-19*F night time)...went thru a 30# Cylinder EVERY DAY....but stayed roasty toasty :B
Old-Biscuit 12/11/17 08:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: Exterior Sink Drainage Coachmen Leprechaun 319mb

area below slide out tray is open so get under there and remove/disconnect sink drain line and check for obstruction/blockage Could be drain line is 'pinched' https://assets-cdn-interactrv.netdna-ssl.com/interactrv/brand_photo/imgh_800x600-wm_mantecatrailer_com-m0328201717241515/brand_photo_201703280524151567844891.jpg height=400 width=400
Old-Biscuit 12/11/17 07:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Hot water element replacement

GC6AA-9E Tune Up Kit $30 Element & T-stats OEM element...1400W Backside of WH Tank Aftermarket element kit....450W Thru drain hole.....which has to be disconnected/removed each time to drain/flush tank which S/B done routinely 1999 - 2017 ====== 18 years pretty good service life.
Old-Biscuit 12/11/17 12:54pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: New Cummins Question

SAME.......just drive it and don't worry The EMC will 'protect' engine from overfueling just like it did with your 03 when you had no clue :B Gauges are nice to see 'what/how' engine is performing They allow you to tailor your driving habits because you can see how fast/slow your EGTs move in relation to boost psi And now that you have them you WILL notice how you drive :B
Old-Biscuit 12/11/17 10:19am Tow Vehicles
RE: Bad smells under the kitchen sink

Cheap ones use a flapper held on via a 'tang' Over time the 'tang' stretches and flapper is not pulled UP tight closing off openings to atmosphere When draining your waste tank a negative pressure (vacuum) can be pulled on sink drain line. This could suck 'P' traps dry....the 'Air Admittance Valve' allows air to be drawn into drain line after the 'P' trap. Then they close when dumping of waste tank is completely. If they don't fully close.......grey tank STINK comes back inside RV And Grey can STINK worst then Black Replace with a better AAVs like the Oatley
Old-Biscuit 12/11/17 10:13am Travel Trailers
RE: Hot water element replacement

Yes the Atwood electric element is NOT easily accessed EVEN when one has access to backside of WH Tank It is under a protective cover which being a 1999 vintage could have the on/off switch and set of t-stats there also. So YES you will most likely have to pull WH out in order to change out the electric element Mark/label all wires Replace the electric set of t-stats Check condition of OEM On/Off Switch....might replace just because you have access Which model of Atwood do you have?
Old-Biscuit 12/11/17 10:04am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Using propane exhaust to heat underneath?

. and to think.. people discouraged the Wright brothers..... . my idea has merit... aka inter-coolers for turbocharged engines... its just Work and money. maybe someone will come up with a cheaper way... and for Homes.. water heaters... and such. just like my idea an a engineer fine-tune a rear bumper stiffener with under body spare tire mount for a bicycle mount. people here called me and my friend (engineer) crazy and dangerous.. as long as the dangers are understood and addressed.... ever LOOK at an installation of a HOUSE water heater (gas)... most have a 2 inch gap between its exhaust and the remaining piping to exit the house. so its possible for exhaust to exit pipe and fill your home. Correct ...there is that possibility. Water heater manufacturers use a gap between the top of the water heater flue and the vent connector pipe above it in a regular water heater to pull additional air into the upward flow of combustion air to help it exit more efficiently. "back drafting" could occur if hood was knocked of of alignment OR if vent was blocked. Yes you could attach a duct to furnace exhaust and run that duct to an enclosed/skirted area. But that furnace exhaust would NOT provide any heating to that skirted are.....just NOT enough latent BTUs in that exhaust -----it WILL turn cold within a few feet of furnace exhaust port That is the major reason it will not work...regardless of the dangers of Carbon Monoxide Wet cold exhaust that will be end result.
Old-Biscuit 12/11/17 09:56am Travel Trailers
RE: Using propane exhaust to heat underneath?

That furnace exhaust will be COLD three feet from side of RV and all you will be sending down any duct work will be cold exhaust fumes
Old-Biscuit 12/10/17 08:26pm Travel Trailers
RE: Propane Changeover Valve

Cavagna 924n Replace the pigtail hoses also...
Old-Biscuit 12/09/17 09:02pm Tech Issues
RE: ARMY vs NAVY - Some Special Game!

Watched it the whole game. Great plays by both teams And what's better then an ARMY/NAVY game in the SNOW.........loved it Congrats to Army NAVY won 14 games 2002-2015.....longest wining streak NAVY 60 wins Army 49 wins with 7 ties GO NAVY!!!!!
Old-Biscuit 12/09/17 04:20pm Around the Campfire
RE: Frontal Sq'

Use the 'flat figure'.....width x height Curves will just make it less. Besides..frontal area is least of concerns. Trailer GVWR, tongue weight are more important factors when it comes to 'can it be towed' So would that be "I don't know? I didn't ask if I can tow it, I was looking for a formula. Actually I do know...... Here's the formula for a curved surface. Have fun! Curved surface formula------- 2 pi r^2 + 2 pi r h. And after you get it worked out you will realize it doesn't matter all that much.....just use the simple 'flat' formula ----W X H That is true I got the formula PM's to me and it isn't a significant amount of change. As others have stated the curve is mainly for less drag while towing. So what is the issue :H
Old-Biscuit 12/09/17 11:58am Travel Trailers
RE: Fresh water use

City water can not siphon water from fresh water tank Water leaves a fresh water tank via pump suction, siphoning out vent, siphoning out overflow or thru tank drain Water goes into tank via gravity fill port OR a 'fill' valve If in city water the 'fill' line would be flowing water into tank if fill valve was cracked open or leaking thru as it has city water pressure against it Pump ON and city water pressure low enough that pump runs using up water in tank Siphoning out vent, overflow Tank drain leak And what is this about having to unpack & dry out basement compartment ---twice a year :H LEAKS!
Old-Biscuit 12/09/17 11:49am Tech Issues
RE: Dometic RM2852 died

One last note: on the old 110v power strip, the new core has the freezer at 27 degrees, the fridge at 34 degrees. In the end, it was worth the trouble. What are you using to measure temps with :H Freezer needs to get to 10*F before food compartment can effectively cool down. Has to do with heat transfer....freezer low temp evap coil is 1st and the cold ammonia vapor absorbs most of the heat from freezer so very little absorption is available for food high temp evap coil UNTIL freezer is 10*F then food high temp evap coil has cold ammonia vapor available to absorb the heat from food compartment. Freezer should be at least 5*F but ideal would be *8F or colder especially with a NEW cooling unit. Did you get freezer section sealed up and use enough thermal mastic \
Old-Biscuit 12/09/17 11:30am Class A Motorhomes
RE: ? Buzzing sound from control panel?

It is coming from your converter.
Old-Biscuit 12/09/17 10:32am Truck Campers
RE: Water heater plug

I was wondering with motor aid heating the empty tank cause damage to the water heater. RVs are delivered w/o water so all water heaters with motoraid have been w/o water. engine coolant will only heat 'water' to 130*F w/o water in water heater the tank dissipates the temp very quickly due to size/mass of WH Tank and limited heating from that 1/2" tubing that coolant flows thru Non-issue I doubt it as the water is what? 180F? Even if the coils were hanging in the empty tank for days with hot water in them, doubt they would fail. Just not hot enough. FYI........ IF water heater was filled and turned on (electric or propane) the temps would only be 130*F or 140*F (Suburban/Atwood). Would only reach 180*F IF 'normal' temp t-stat failed then overheating could occur Motoraid is not a heating coil etc It is just a 1/2" 'U' Tube welded to back of WH Tank wall that hot coolant from MH Engine that flows thru it heating water in water heater while driving MH
Old-Biscuit 12/09/17 10:22am Class A Motorhomes
RE: When do you empty black tank on hookup?

One person in a trailer. It will be weekS before I empty it when full. Brewing and smelling into trailer through the bowl all this time. 77-80 in November-December, this brewery just loves it when it's warm. Emptying when 3/4 - maybe. It could still be a week or more. Yes, grey tank is always open, this is not a problem. There should be NO odors coming thru toilet bowl. Water should be staying in bowl which provides a vapor barrier Grey being open all the time could very well be your odors issue. Under bathroom sink is probably an Air Admittance Valve (allows air into sink drain line so 'P' trap doesn't get sucked dry) Most are cheap flapper style that fatigues and then stays open....that allows grey tank stink back into RV Grey drain valve always open allow liquids to flow out as they flow in so debris/stuff (body oils, hair, sloughed skin, cooking greases/oils, food particles etc) gets left behind-accumulates, dries out and STINKS Drain WASTE tanks when FULL for that WHOOSH affect. Water is heavy and the volume carries 'stuff' out A fast moving river can move boulders A slow trickle in a creek can't even budge a pepple
Old-Biscuit 12/08/17 09:10pm Full-time RVing
RE: Where do get your destination information?

We our very low tech folks.....didn't even have a computer or cell phones until we went FT Destinations....."That a way" Stay a week and then move on After setting up we would go find a local 'watering hole' and strike up a conversation with the locals. They would give us tips/info on where to go, what to see, where to eat and MORE importantly what was a big waste of time/monies For 7 yrs it worked GREAT for us....... Plain ole face to face conversations!
Old-Biscuit 12/08/17 09:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: Check thoroughly - Elder guardianship regs in your state

Hopefully so, OldB.........unless some crook convinces a Family Court that you are unable to care for your self and issues legally valid paperwork to move you out of your home...to a facility that is not in your best interest...and indeed, may sell off your assets (legally)....and worse, as happened to the couple in the NY article. Hopefully, if they had a living trust, various powers of attorney/durable health care statements, done right and notarized.....this would not have happened. Or,this might have been cut short had the daughter called the trust attorney or Court or police. I would HAVE to actually be 'unable' cause if some one attempted it THEY would become 'invalid' and in need of 'long term care' :B
Old-Biscuit 12/08/17 08:49pm Around the Campfire
RE: Bears

As a youth had close encounter with Mama Bear and her 2 cubs while deer hunting. SHE had our full cooperation! Had a few sightings of ones running across backroads when we were FT Traveling. One close encounter was at a day use park we stopped at for lunch. Down and across the road was a large picnic area that a group was setting up -----lots of various food items being placed out on tables. Just about the time they were ready to chow down we noticed a large bear standing in the tree line about 50 yards above them. It was swaying back/forth and sniffing the air We honked our truck horn....got their attention and pointed at the bear. They all got up, slowly moved to their vehicles and LEFT. Bear watched them depart then meandered down the hill and had a feast. When it looked like BEAR was getting close to being done ------WE departed :B
Old-Biscuit 12/08/17 12:45pm General RVing Issues
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