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RE: A new and improved way to tow a 5th wheel.

From back in 2008 when the North Dakota Bakken Oil Field was booming Good ole oilfield hand --- git-r-done
Old-Biscuit 02/19/18 01:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: Single waste holding tank

For many years RVs (not just TCs) came with ONE waste tank Grey waste can be nastier then black due to rotten food, greases/oils/sloughed body skin etc Combine them and move on. Smells inside RV just means a 'vapor barrier' needs fixed.....dry 'P' trap, bad toilet bowl or floor flange seals, vents etc Odors inside...find fix problem vapor barrier
Old-Biscuit 02/19/18 12:31pm Travel Trailers
RE: Suburban 3burner/stove combo

Brand new RV Crank oven up to 450*F and let it BURN OFF manufacturing oils etc. Run it for couple hours. Pizza stone or even an unglazed terra cotta tile piece laid on top of oven bottom It will help even out heat disbursement from oven burner Pre-heating of oven is critical to good cooking results And get an oven temp gauge......numbers on oven knob are 'guesstimates' If within 25*F they are deemed accurate So you need to know what temp oven really is....use oven thermometer
Old-Biscuit 02/19/18 11:09am General RVing Issues
RE: LP wtr heater, CO alarm

I would replace the LP Detector (probably not the CO unless it is a combo unit) They have a 5-7 yr service life.expiration date stamped on backside of detector Slim change propane for water heater is causing alarm to go off.....propane leak from water heater would be present 24/7 not just when in use Replace the LP Detector
Old-Biscuit 02/19/18 10:59am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Metal Smell and Taste From Water

Atwood water heater with aluminum tank.....need to do an acid etching. Vinegar Soak! Turn off water supply (or bypass water heater) Drain water heater and reinstall drain plug Remove T&P Relief Valve Using a funnel pour vinegar into water heater via T&P Opening *6 gal tank---4 gallons vinegar/2 gallons water **10 gal tank...7 gallons vinegar/3 gallons water Reinstall T&P Relief Valve Turn water heater ON...let it heat then cool down and reheat 4X **Do Not use the water....let it heat/cool/soak Best to let it operate overnight/into next day AFTER 4x heat/cool cycles Turn water OFF Relief Pressure ---POP open T&P Then remove drain plug and let it drain When Drained....turn water supply back on (or if bypassed --place back in service) and let it BLAST out of drain hole Drain/flush couple of times Install drain plug Fill water heater by turning water supply back on....bleed air out by opening hotside of faucet Turn water heater ON.
Old-Biscuit 02/19/18 10:12am Tech Issues
RE: Water heater issue

Replace spark electrode. It is used as return path for flame proof signal....milliamp signal that goes to circuit board and proves main flame lit so DC stays on gas valve No return.no DC on gas valve Spark electrode.
Old-Biscuit 02/19/18 09:52am Travel Trailers
RE: SW6D acting up

The spark electrode is used to provide ignition BUT is also used as return path for a milliamp flame proving signal.. No return of signal and circuit board shuts down gas valve...3x lock out Spark electrode \ Could be dirty/sooted up....clean with emery cloth Out of position......must be 'englufed' by main flame when it lits Ceramic insulator....cracked & tracking to ground. New electrode Dirty/corroded/loose ground ----electrode mounting screw provides ground...clean/tighten High tension wire....corroded/dirty/loose ---clean up/tighten up OR replace spark electrode with new
Old-Biscuit 02/19/18 09:19am General RVing Issues
RE: Converter Question

Old-Biscuit 02/18/18 05:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tasty Wiring

It's not just mice OR Asian/European Imports Last summer had Grid Heater Bad Low Voltage Code and then passenger side battery cell tops blow off when went to start truck one afternoon. Squirrel(s) had eating thru insulation behind battery under fender area causing a short. Vermin are a troublesome lot..........period
Old-Biscuit 02/18/18 01:26pm Tow Vehicles
RE: This Solar-Powered RV Runs Without Fuel Or Charging Stations

Common guys.......he is just a 'cub reporter' out on his first BIG assignment Jimmy Olsen didn't do much better :B Actually not much different then some of the junk spewed by 'seasoned journalist' Write some info down then try and sound like you know what it is .....:S
Old-Biscuit 02/18/18 01:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: Went to the car show...Ram Power wagon

Dodge Power Wagon....1st civilian production year 1945 4X4 WORK TRUCK https://s.hswstatic.com/gif/1946-1968-dodge-power-wagon-3.jpg That is ALL the Power Wagon was intended for.......4x4 working truck
Old-Biscuit 02/18/18 12:23pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Nitrogen in Trailer Tires

The compression process provides a very dry product so there is never a moisture issue to affect the tire, wheel or TPMS. You obviously don't have a compressor. The air inside the tank is at close to 100 percent humidity (you need to drain water from the tank on a regular basis). When it comes out, the temperature drops and that moist air turns into moist air and water. Their's a good reason they sell water separators, dehydrators, dryers to put on compressors. Yes, there's less water coming out than going in (which is why the tank needs regular draining), but what comes out is by no means "very dry."' We had several air compressor units at the power plants 400# Soot blowing air systems' 100# general service air systems 100# Instrument air systems Both soot and general service air was 'dirty/moisture laden' because they were just fed from an air compressor...just like the air from any air compressor Instrument Air had to be CLEAN & DRY Same old air compressor...air went to same type of storage tanks which had to be blown down occasionally due to water build up in bottom of tank BUT the key was air then went thru set of filters and a chiller unit to clean & dry it PRIOR to use. Air compressor alone will NOT make air clean/dry. Nitrogen...is drier gas RV Tires are filled at factory by RV MFG. IF RV Dealership is providing FREE N2 ---great IF Charging for N2 -------PASS Either way....sooner or later you will need to adjust RV tire air pressures. AND good changes are that will be done the old fashion way........with an AIR Compressor. Never PAY for N2. Benefit/cost does NOT make it worthwhile
Old-Biscuit 02/18/18 12:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: GFCI won't reset

GCFI needs AC power to reset....... Check the AC Power Panel Individual CBs Turn the ones for Convenience/Receptacles/Outlets OFF Then back on resetting the CBs
Old-Biscuit 02/18/18 09:45am Travel Trailers
RE: Upgrading Handle

Entry door area is going to be 'framed out' Close inspection from inside you may be able to determine exact location of vertical supports And sometimes you just have to go with thru the wall bolts with a backer board....especially with something like a entry grab bar
Old-Biscuit 02/18/18 09:39am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: How not to meet your new neighbors (funny dog related)

Had a Dalmatian/Lab Mix that was an escape artist. New neighbors had bought house just down the road and moved in. Due to my rotating shifts I had NOT had time to properly meet them......small grouping of homes out in the desert so everyone knows each other. They had been moved in for about 2 weeks....had set up and stocked their chicken coop and were setting in to a rural lifestyle. Until one morning around 2AM I hear a commotion going on/yelling/hollering and one clean distinct sentence comes thru "Get the GUN...I'm going to shoot that dang dog" Oh-oh I check around.........my dog is gone. Jump in truck and race down the road. There she is in the headlights with a big old white chicken in her mouth Call...she comes and jumps into truck bed.....I lay chicken down by tailgate/snap her into front leash and drive over to 'introduce myself to new neighbors' Guy was pretty reasonable considering and we settled on me replacing his chicken. I go back out to truck and the 'dead chicken' is standing there looking at my dog which is leashed and can't reach it....looking around for an escape route/pressing against tailgate as tight as it can I grab chicken, walk back up to house, ring door bell and when guy answers I hand him the chicken and smile. Two weeks later we are having a BBQ together.......laughing about the 'new neighbors welcoming' and eating grilled chicken :B
Old-Biscuit 02/18/18 09:35am RV Pet Stop
RE: Transfer switch

1987 vintage may not have an 'auto transfer switch' but actually use an OUTLET that one has to plug shore power cord into. Gen feds outlet..plug shore cord into outlet and then gen feds RV via shore power cord. Got a Unused 30A outlet in 'electrical bay'? http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-zDYIk-DU1oU/VhZP1Jny79I/AAAAAAAACgA/c-Vjkp353YY/s1600/GenReceptacle.jpg height=400 width=400 Otherwise..trace where shore power cord goes and where gen power cord goes. Both end up in a 'electrical box' with wires going out to main panel you have found the elusive transfer switch
Old-Biscuit 02/17/18 05:55pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Walmart....."NO......"

Town folks/Town council probably finally got tired/fed up with the 'stealth' camping. There are always a few that abuse and hence make it necessary to take stronger actions. Local Walmart got to the point that a shootout with Police and death of one of the vagrants push town council into action. Should have occurred earlier but w/o ordinance/signage Police were regulated to 'shooing' them away only to have them return. Kudos to the town council.
Old-Biscuit 02/17/18 05:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Hot Water ...AC and Gas ????

Atwood has a recovery rate of: Electric Only----roughly 6 gal/hr initial fill cold Propane Only-----roughly 10 gal/hr initial fill cold BOTH.............roughly 16 gal/hr initial fill cold Suburban has similar recovery rates even with a 2000btu larger propane burner
Old-Biscuit 02/16/18 04:42pm Tech Issues

Who says **** doesn't roll uphill? Good job. Just sad that people who design these places can't figure that out. Could be the contractor walked off the job before finishing it, or is working elsewhere in the park. That sewer doesn't have a threaded cap on it, which is code in Michigan, isn't it code in Nevada? Perhaps the plan was to cut the pipe close to final grade, and then install the threaded cap? If the park had followed code, OP wouldn't have an issue with the drain hose falling out, since it would be threaded in. There is a threaded sewer cap laying on the ground right next to sewer connection??? OPs sewer connection looks like the type that has threaded connection PLUS easy slip hose fitting http://kubury.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/61u3mlF-rEL._SY450_.jpg height=400 width=400 Sewer Connection only 5" above grade. Not a big deal RV waste tanks sit much higher....and gravity does the rest Connection above grade keeps the rock/dirt/debris from falling in sewer line everytime threaded cap is removed.
Old-Biscuit 02/16/18 12:03pm Tech Issues
RE: Atwood GCH10A3E WH very loud

It's even louder at 3am. Engine coolant?? Yes engine coolant... Has a 1/2" heat transfer tube on backside of water heater tank that has engine coolant flowing thru it ......hot coolant transfers heat to tank which heats water while in transit. Can heat water to 130*F LOUD..... Atwood uses a 10,000btu burner. Excess air causes loud flame. As suggested....make adjustment to the air shutter opening. Close it off until yellow flame then open back up just until yellow flame turns blue Suburban uses a 12,000btu burner and NO air shutter. THEY ARE LOUD.
Old-Biscuit 02/16/18 09:48am Tech Issues
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