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RE: 'change signature

Top right just under 'Welcome, whitetruck' click MY FORUMS Then blue header left side click MY PREFERENCES Then edit/add/delete info in signature box Click SUBMIT CHANGES (bottom of page)
Old-Biscuit 10/31/14 11:18pm Forum Technical Support
RE: What Do You Think?

I don't know anything about fifth wheel hitches, but I thought they all had specific hardware for specific trucks. Is this not the case? And if it is, do they really make one for that truck? Bruce A welding machine, some angle iron, drill motor/bits and a rail kit, I can install one on moped. Any hitch can be made to fit. And YES.....they make hitch/rails to fit a Nissan Frontier
Old-Biscuit 10/31/14 05:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: Keeping Things Cold on the Road

We receive hundreds of claims a year that are due to refrigerator fires caused by malfunctions in the fridge’s cooling system. A rig can burn up in minutes as a result of these malfunctions. Cooling unit failures are due to overheating issues typically caused by 'off level' operation which doesn't occur while in transit. And 'fridge' fires.....majority are electric wiring issues not from propane usage. Don't go to sleep with that propane on....yikes! Also be sure to follow these basic guidelines: Never paint your tank a dark color. Be sure your oven or stove burners are completely off when not in use. Make sure your engine and any propane appliances are turned off before refueling. Be certain that older propane tanks have an overfill protection device. Check exhaust and intake vents for any blockages. Install a propane gas detector. Do not drive with your refrigerator running on the propane setting. Paint.....The law "as temperature increases, volume increases" applies. Dark (Non Reflective) Propane Tank = Absorbed Heat = Propane Expansion = Relief Valve May Open Stove/oven off when not in use.......DUH :S Engine/propane appliances off refueling.......common sense and posted at fuel pumps Older propane having OPDs.........required by law on 4# to 40# cylinders manufactured after Sept. 30, 1998 and on ALL 4# to 40# cylinders after April 1, 2002 Exhaust/intakes clear......yeah otherwise the natural draft for proper cooling can not happen Propane gas detector..... Per standard ANSI A119.2 as required by the RVIA. Running fridge on propane while in transit......AGAIN personal preference. Both Norcold & Dometic reference to it being OK as rocking motion of RV will keep coolant flowing. NO laws/restrictions on using it while in transit.........only restrictions while on ferry/certain tunnels/fuel stations AGAIN personal preference to do so or not. Any other 'stories' are just that. Urban tales not based in fact.
Old-Biscuit 10/31/14 05:08pm Travel Trailers
RE: what should my puppy chew

Stop the chewing on YOU ASAP Stop the chewing on pants legs etc. As suggested by Dog Folks and Francesca Knowles Frozen wash clothes. Used them for all our teething pups.
Old-Biscuit 10/31/14 04:29pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Hitch removal acceptable procedure?

It can/has been done. Hitches are heavy....5vrs landing gear/king pin can easily lift them out of truck Some concerns (not mine) Jaws getting damaged by weight of hitch hanging from them King Pin getting damaged by weight of hitch hanging from it Handle getting moved, releasing hitch and it falling off king pin When I was strapping young man I would do it myself. Then I got a bit older......still strong but I work smarter now and use mechanical advantages when possible. I have NO concerns using king pin to lift hitch out/in truck and it can hang on king pin. If pin or jaws prone to damage/failure....then wouldn't trust them when towing
Old-Biscuit 10/31/14 04:20pm Tow Vehicles
RE: I'm confused about propane.

Complain/question pricing at time of charge. Otherwise why bother.
Old-Biscuit 10/31/14 04:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: Keeping Things Cold on the Road

Looks like a wheel bearing fire to me. And Woodalls is hardly an expert on propane. Not even in the same class as propane mfg. They can't even get a cg properly rated/listed Personal preference....I use propane You.....do what is best for you But please......stop with the bogus scare tactics. They are ridiculous and make you come across as ignorant
Old-Biscuit 10/31/14 03:45pm Travel Trailers
RE: What Do You Think?

Let him get a good head start before you leave the campground. You don't want to fall in back of Mr. Clownshoes on the highway. Better yet...leave before he does. That way whatever happens is behind you
Old-Biscuit 10/31/14 03:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Help - Propane valve stuck closed

IF you are absolutely sure that valve is stuck closed (no propane flow to stove top burners etc.--------and an 'emergency shut-off solenoid' isn't tripped close) then use a large pair of channel lock pliers and try to open valve by gripping valve stem. If you can not budge valve then need to have a bulk propane dealer involved. They maybe able to get t open so you can use the propane up. Valve WILL need to be replaced.
Old-Biscuit 10/31/14 02:41pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Our Girls Got New Zapatos!

DH so excited that he drove off and left you? Forget those Corona's.......gringo beer. Have a couple Tecate's instead :B
Old-Biscuit 10/31/14 02:31pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2009 Jayco Melborne 29C electrical

Toad jumper should be 12VDC Outlets should be 110VAC Two separate systems Check AC circuit breakers by flipping to OFF then push hard back ON....don't just look at them Also check for a tripped GFCI outlet in kitchen/bathroom rtc. that is on same circuit as wall outlets. Then there is the possibility of loose wires
Old-Biscuit 10/31/14 02:27pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Filled the Gray

Waste tanks do NOT have overflows Waste tanks should be able to be completely filled without spillage Drain line from sink/shower and vent line go into tanks and are either 'fixed' in place by gluing them/fittings into/on tank or by means of a grommet/slip fit gasket. Neither method should leak. Fortunately it was grey that leak BUT grey is still nasty AND any leak into underbelly is not good......wet insulation, pooling of water in low spots etc. Leak of any sort is not right or something one should ignore.
Old-Biscuit 10/31/14 02:19pm Toy Haulers
RE: Propane tank recertification

Re-certification is a Federal DOT requirement after 12 yrs from original date stamped on cylinder collar. You can have them re-certified 3 ways "Volumetric Expansion"-----good for another 12 yrs "Proof-Pressure"-----------good for another 7 yrs. "External Visual"----------good for another 5 yrs. External Visual-----------most common re-certification/easiest to have done and cheapest. A BULK propane company can preform/re-certify. Pricing......varies state to state/location to location $5--$15 common charge for 'visual'
Old-Biscuit 10/31/14 02:03pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Newbie with Propane Fridge Issue

We really need the make and model of the refrigerator. X2 on that!! Way too many different models for a good generic solution.
Old-Biscuit 10/31/14 01:48pm Tech Issues
RE: ft dw needs foot amputation

Best wishes to your wife and a speedy complete recovery. Life changes but one that can be adapted to. As for the solo workamping......"ring, ring-Hello, I have a family situation that requires my full attention at this time. Right now I am needed here. Thank you!"
Old-Biscuit 10/31/14 01:44pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Pinbox level gauge

Used one for 7 yrs. while FTng. Get into a cg site and check level on pin box without even getting out of truck cab. Shows which side is low and by how much. Didn't care for the little additional level on it that was to be used for front to back. Too small and doesn't stay in correct position....... For front to back I use a 2' level on bottom edge of bedroom slide (before extending). http://www.etrailer.com/Merchant2/graphics/00000001/pics/w/m/wm6780_bb.jpg
Old-Biscuit 10/31/14 01:35pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: What Do You Think?

http://lh5.ggpht.com/_61wwTWruWg4/S9XKq6oU5mI/AAAAAAAAef0/JUKpS7QO-xc/rv-towing-cartoon2%20%28Small%29_thumb%5B3%5D.png?imgmax=800 And there isn't a dang thing you can do about it "Yep.......tows just fine!" :S
Old-Biscuit 10/31/14 01:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: Correct Storage a Configuration

They are all leveling systems. Check with your manufacturer. Lillyputz Not everyone has the 'Big Foot' leveling system
Old-Biscuit 10/31/14 01:19pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Water pump runs without effect

My tank has plenty of water. I've been using the motorhome for several years with no previous problems. The control valves are as they've always been. I've tried running the pump with several spigots open for a couple of minutes without any luck. The pump is behind a panel and not easy to get to, unfortunately. Still haven't explained....... "What do you mean by this statement " As a test, I turned on the water pump while attached to city water, and the water pump cuts in and out appropriately." ??????
Old-Biscuit 10/31/14 01:15pm Tech Issues
RE: Keeping Things Cold on the Road

This is just one of 5 such wrecks in the last three months within 50 miles of my house and one reason I choose to run with the propane shut off because I can't control the other guy driving while I'm towing. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v652/jaycocreek/Untitled_zpsf377383a.jpg width=640 If you would take the time to read up on 'Propane 101' you MIGHT not be so afraid of using propane. How do you sleep at night when camping with that propane valved in service...YIKES! There are several 'safety' features built into the system. Not trying to change your mind....just educate you a little bit on how safe the use of propane really is. Do as you choose.....that is what everyone has the right to do. But this whole 'accident' argument and propane is NOT being truthful..just using hyperbole to support a 'personal preference'
Old-Biscuit 10/31/14 01:12pm Travel Trailers
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