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RE: ram 3500 oil change

Oil is the life blood of an engine. Air filters the lungs Fuel the protein I change oil, oil filter, air filter, fuel filter at 5000 miles when we FTd Now I do it at 7500 miles In the long run.....Cheap Ins.
Old-Biscuit 05/03/16 12:05pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Help! Water pump pressurizing when using hot water tank.

Well, not sure to feel relieved or dumb that things are working as intended. I'm at work so am unable to verify however I suspect that the leaky strainer will resolve the water hammer issues I've been experiencing. I am experiencing some of the accumulator behaviour that you guys speak of however I just don't recall this being the case in prior years. WHen I turn on the tap it's a good 2 secs before pump kicks in and a good 3-5 to shut off after tap close. All seems new to me however if it's working as designed, I'll try and let it go and go back to worrying about more important things. One more post later tonight to confirm water hammer gone and that may be the end of the thread. Thanks for all that chimed in to help me sort - greatly appreciated. What was OEM pump that you replaced.....same model as current or different model? Current one has a 55 psi discharge. (Revolution 4008)
Old-Biscuit 05/03/16 11:46am Tech Issues
RE: Help! Water pump pressurizing when using hot water tank.

Air is getting into system Only place for air to get in is on the suction side of pump (discharge side of pump is pressurized and any 'opening' water would leak out vs air getting sucked in Suction hose has a crack Pump strainer has a crack or is not sealing around top/gasket Pump inlet fitting cracked/sucking Pump case is cracked Winterizing valve/hose/connections are sucking air (if you have a winterizing kit on suction) Air is getting sucked into suction side of pump..........
Old-Biscuit 05/02/16 11:24pm Tech Issues
RE: Smelly Toilet

Is toilet bowl HOLDING water after last use? After last flush and bowl valve closes water should trickle into bowl....enough to cover the seal and stay in toilet. The water is what stops black tank odors from coming up thru toilet. Not holding water allows stick to get past bowl valve....clean seal
Old-Biscuit 05/02/16 05:27pm General RVing Issues
RE: Help! Water pump pressurizing when using hot water tank.

Air in the HW tank. Pull the pop-off lever and let the air out. Or open the highest valve and let run to remove air. Air pocket in WH SHOULD be there..it is by design. Water swells when heated. Water can NOT be compressed...air can W/O air pocket pressure will increase inside hot water tank/system causing TPRV (Temp/Press Relief Valve) to weep Air Pocket is good http://yourfulltimervliving.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/waterheaterairgap-300x244.png On Edit: Shurflo 4008 is a 55 psi pump You may need to use 'flexible' suction/discharge lines IF pump is plumbed with hard PEX (discharge line to cold water header) And you may need to install an accumulator tank
Old-Biscuit 05/02/16 05:19pm Tech Issues
RE: Overfilled Propane tank is what the firemen said...

Propane cylinder DO have liquid level indicators/........that is via the 'bleed valve' Bleed valve is part of the Service Valve (the non OPD ones AND the OPD ones have it) When filling the 'bleed valve' should be cracked OPEN until LIQUID spews out. Then filling is secured and bleed valve closed OP........ When you had that cylinder filled did the attendant crack open the bleed valve? NO.... Did attendant fill cylinder via a scale? NO.... Did attendant fill via gallons? YES... The OPD 'should have' (BIG SHOULD HAVE) prevented filling of cylinder beyond 80% capacity BUT it didn't. It is stuck OPEN and it's function should be tested next time filled. http://i182.photobucket.com/albums/x126/jjbirish_photos/cylinder-valve-detail.jpg height=400 width=200
Old-Biscuit 05/02/16 05:13pm Truck Campers
RE: Water heater scorched, flame out, re-ignites

Nothing looks modified on that WH. That sheet metal is the exhaust vent diffuser Your issue is improper air/fuel ratio mixture. You need to remove burner tube and clean it out with small bottle brush, then run a wire thru combustion chamber an dout exhaust vent....tie a rag to wire then pull it back thru to swab out combustion/exhaust 'U' tube. Also remove main orifice (brass insert) that is screwed into gas valve and clean out the center hole (soak in alcohol and blow out with air) Then reassemble........ fire off propane flame and adjust 'air shutter' until main flame has nice BLUE flame (Orange and loud equals soot)
Old-Biscuit 05/02/16 04:55pm Tech Issues
RE: Weight stations in New Mexico and RVs

I was thinking in my original post of a situation last fall. The inspection/weigh station was hundreds of miles from the international border and was not an ICE operation but rather a port of entry weigh station. The sign was not temporary but permanent and it was a large, permanent weigh station. Thus, my confusion. So, not an ag station, not an ICE inspection, a full regularly manned station operated by the State of New Mexico. Maybe someone that lives in NM will see this and have some comments. Your are not 'commercial'-----therefore not required to stop RV Haulers...Commercial Business delivering RVs as with ANY/ALL Commercial Vehicles MUST stop You are NOT 'Commercial'........drive on. NW Port of Entry
Old-Biscuit 05/02/16 11:05am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Weight stations in New Mexico and RVs

Unless the hwy goes into the weigh station where ALL traffic must flow thru it (Border Inspections, Agricultural Inspections Etc.) then I do NOT enter. 7 yrs of FT travel and not once have I been chased down for bypassing those that are along side of roadway where traffic has to 'exit' to go into station. I did go into one of those our first year and ALL of the Officers inside looked out like a tree full of owls and one yelled....Go on Git!
Old-Biscuit 05/01/16 10:37pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: convertor/charging questions

With 120V AC power to converter (via a circuit breaker or plugged into an outlet) the converter DC Output should be 13.2V DC Minimum.......otherwise converter is/has failed. Truck Alt will supply a 'charge' to camper battery via the charge line/pin in a 6 pin or 7 pin connector provided the fuses/relay in truck fuse panel are in place and line connected and truck is running. 6 pin or 7 pin charge goes to camper battery NOT thru converter. If you have a battery disconnect switch it has to be in proper position so that camper battery can be used/charged whether from truck or from converter. Plugged into a 20A outlet is OK Trailer wiring Converter Replacement----ASK Randy
Old-Biscuit 05/01/16 04:02pm Truck Campers
RE: Thermal Breaker

8".....6".....7" SDcampowneroperator Have the 'lady' replace her 30A Main Circuit breaker and check ALL connections within AC Panel tight
Old-Biscuit 05/01/16 03:56pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Domestic Frig in New Trailer

Or move those items lower in fridge Area directly under the fins is the coldest spot. Warmest spot is on door
Old-Biscuit 05/01/16 03:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: Article in local paper.

Dispersed camping at those 2 areas and couple of places in Camp Verde have been 'fuller' since the Cottonwood Walmart is off limits (Shoot out with police) Some of the RVs currently using these areas are from the TT CG spending their 'required' time out of TT. Most, like the one in 1st picture, are ones you see ALL the time that use to live at Walmart and now use the 2 areas mentioned in article or in dirt area by Shell Station at I-17 or Bashas' Parking lot in Camp Verde OR OR OR.... They prefer the term "stealth campers" They will probably have more 'stealth campers' soon when the dirt field by Shell is transformed into a Commercial Marijuana Growing Enterprise next year. Article in same local paper
Old-Biscuit 05/01/16 03:29pm General RVing Issues
RE: Dometic Fridge Hard to Regulate when Traveling

Electric element and propane burner have same cooling ability on Absorption Fridges. Electric element transfers it's heat thru direct contact Propane flame transfers it's heat via a spiral baffle hanging inside flue IF spiral baffle and/or flue are dirty, rusted up etc then the heat from propane flame can not transfer properly and just goes up the flue......result is less cooling due to less ammonia being boiled/turned to vapor in perk tube. Same if burner is dirty.. You need to thoroughly clean burner, flue and baffle. (or pay RV Tech to have it done if you don;t know how)-----should e done yearly as part of fridge routine maintenance
Old-Biscuit 05/01/16 03:13pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Dealers ... why, just why

X2 , you can bet that guy is not there best tech. Bet he IS! Others wouldn't have even thought about wiping up the water.
Old-Biscuit 04/30/16 03:38pm General RVing Issues
RE: Water for Water Heater

A newbie. We just got a 2016 Minnie Winnie 22R. A question. The water that goes into the water heater. When we are using City Water, will water get into the water heater or does that water only come from the Tank Fill connection? Thanks 'Tank Fill' connection............used to fill fresh water tank. That's it. (If left OPEN when using pump----pump will not build any pressure cause it will be sucking water out of fresh water tank and then putting it back into fresh water tank via Tank Fill. Called 'Round-Robin') "City water" connection supplies the WHOLE RV Plumbing system......Cold water lines and then HOT water lines provided water heater 'Bypass Valve' is closed and cold inlet to water heater is open. "Pump" discharge connects to same Cold water line 'City Water' feeds so pump supplies same Cold/Hot lines
Old-Biscuit 04/30/16 03:31pm General RVing Issues
RE: Very poor customer service (rant)

Should have ordered it early Monday morning....or even last Friday Waiting until last moment is just asking for it to fail The 7 'P's Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance.
Old-Biscuit 04/29/16 09:41pm Around the Campfire
RE: insurance rates

Get out from under that monthly payment......buy a annual policy and save even more
Old-Biscuit 04/29/16 09:30pm Around the Campfire
RE: Shower water pressure

Remove shower and hose from faucet Then check the end of hose for a 'restrictior' If not in hose then check in shower handle for one Some can be removed.......others just need to be drilled out (made larger) Water pressure thru out rig is same/very very close to same so get rid of the restrictor. Some will suggest swapping to an Oxygenic Shower. My OEM w/o restrictor is great.....now!
Old-Biscuit 04/29/16 09:12pm Truck Campers
RE: max capacity tow buffer

I run/tow at MAX ratings. case in point.... Truck rear axle is rated for 6200# by Dodge (AAM 11.5" mfg rates it at 8400#) BUT tires are only rated at 3195# at MAX PSI so I run/tow at MAX on rear tires and did so for 7 yrs FT.
Old-Biscuit 04/29/16 09:07pm Towing
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