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RE: 1998 Hitchiker II Valves

I have 3 dump valves also...... But on mine the front one is for black, middle one is for grey (shower/bathroom sink) and the rearward one is galley (kitchen sink) With enclosed underbelly and valves inside compartment you can't see the dump lines/valves. So easiest way is to dump opening one valve at a time. When flow stops.....flush toilet (no flow) then run shower (no flow) then run kitchen sink. Process of elimination OH hey.......you never responded back to your water heater post :H
Old-Biscuit 09/22/14 11:29pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: hot water heater

As suggested back in your June posting of this issue...... "T-stats not held tight against tank wall will not allow them to sense the correct temp. Best to just replace the set.....clean tank surface before installing new t-stats and make sure they are held tight and connections are clean/tight on t-stat terminals." Are you saying you have replaced the set of t-stats (normal & ECO)? T-stats are being held tight against a clean surface on tank? Brown wires are on normal t-stat? Red wires are on ECO t-stat? And with new set of t-stats the gas will not shut down? How hot is water getting? Is the Pressure/Temperature Relief Valve OPENING and BLOWING water/steam out of it? Normal t-stat OPENS at 140*F ECO t-stat OPENS at 180*F PRV Opens at 210*F/150 PSI Hard to keep firing (gas valve staying open) when power is removed. Power is removed when either or both t-stats open. Gas valve would have to be stuck open. But you would smell the propane when it wasn't lit and it would go BOOM when lighting off.
Old-Biscuit 09/22/14 11:18pm Tech Issues
RE: Class A with tag axle - beware of $1000. fine in AZ!

I like getting the info from the horse's mouth and sent an email to the AZ DOT. Typically, privately owned RV's are exempt. If this turns out to be something they intend to prosecute, maybe FMCA can step in. I do question how this works at the stations with an RV pump. The fuel is the same price as the car pumps, at least at the Pilot near Lake Havasu. ADOT Fuel Tax info.......LINK Don't see anything exempting RVs.
Old-Biscuit 09/22/14 11:00pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: water connection problem

I know the valve needs to be replaced BUT WHY IS WATER GOING INTO THE TANK? If you know something is defective and needs replaced, why would you question the effects of the device being defective. It's like saying "I know that cigarets are bad for me, but why do I keep caughing?" Fixing the dripping valve on fresh water tank with correct that problem but it's has nothing to do with why OP's tank is filling when using city water connection. That is the other issue OP has. Link has suggestion to fix that problem.
Old-Biscuit 09/22/14 10:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: What makes a 4 seasons trailer

Our HitchHiker (NUWA) is listed as '4 Season' Due to Insulation R values, enclosed & heated underbelly AND vented attic area. We have been in heavy snow with -14*F temps and hot/high humid 100*F plus temps. Stayed comfortable........BUT needed lots of propane and good A/C. Marketing hype....YES Some RVs do better than others in extreme temps.
Old-Biscuit 09/22/14 04:50pm Travel Trailers
RE: Are you a fan of buying at RV Shows?

NO buying at the RV Show. RV Show is for 'looky-louing'. Seeing what is what, Buying is done at the dealership after checking out dealers reputation and where one can level the field.....not be emotional/all excited.
Old-Biscuit 09/22/14 04:33pm Beginning RVing
RE: Furnace won't stay lit

Blower comes on.....flame lights then goes out. Spark electrode is what lights main flame.......it is also used to prove that main flame lit. (milivot signal generated by main flame...goes back to circuit board so DC power stays on gas valve holding it open) If electrode is carboned up, not engulfed in main flame or ceramic is cracked -------no signal/gas valve closes.
Old-Biscuit 09/22/14 04:29pm Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Slider or not?

http://blog.hensleymfg.com/Portals/18997/images/shortbed-5th-wheel-hitch-resized-600.jpg Measure from center of 5th wheel to outside edge Then using that measurement see if you will whack cab. (from centerline of bed just forward of rear axle to side of cab) Also take into account the front cab design on 5vr. Some are 'scooped' to give more turning clearance. Have seen some short-bed trucks where even with enough clearance the front cab get really close to truck cab when backing into off level sites If in doubt...get the slider.
Old-Biscuit 09/22/14 04:21pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Grand Tetons NP: Grizzly Closes Road

Park spokeswoman Jackie Skaggs says the bear's movements created a traffic jam Sunday as visitors tried to see and photograph the animal. She says some people got too close, and the bear became agitated :S One trip thru Yellowstone we happened to see a beautiful golden-tipped grizzle just at the tree line (60 yrds) having lunch. He was having a little elk rump roast, then some shoulder roast, then some filet mignon as he flipped that 7 point elk around.
Old-Biscuit 09/22/14 04:10pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Propane supply valve is stuck

Really not tryin' to be a smarty pants here, but since you say this was your very first trip with the rig: Is it at all possible that you (and the ranger) were turning the handle the wrong way? I well remember the first time I ever used a propane tank and discovered that everything works backwards- lefty is NOT loosey when it comes to propane valves...counterclockwise is usually "on", and clockwise is "off". Counterclockwise is normal way to 'open' a valve. Clockwise is normal way to 'close' a valve. Left-handed threads on 'gas' is the hose connection. Turn left to install and turn right to remove hose. (except for newer ACME pigtails) OP......if you could not open propane supply valve on tank then have valve replaced at a propane bulk dealer. They will have to empty tank before valve can be removed/new one installed. Then purge tank due to being opened to atmosphere and then refilled with propane. Have it done by folks that do propane for a living......not some wannabe mechanic
Old-Biscuit 09/22/14 04:03pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: water connection problem

For the same reason(s) that were suggested in your post yesterday.....LINK Leaking pump check valve or fill valve..depends on which way you fill tank
Old-Biscuit 09/22/14 03:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: Want to pull utility trailer w/golf cart behind 5th wheel

Full frame 2" receiver. AND at least 4 pin wiring harness for trailer lights
Old-Biscuit 09/22/14 03:41pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: one legged camping

Go for it!! Here's hoping for a full recovery and continued enjoyment of life.
Old-Biscuit 09/22/14 03:38pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Class A with tag axle - beware of $1000. fine in AZ!

Snowbird post 9/19/2014........LINK RVing in Mexico and South America post 9/19/2014.....LINK
Old-Biscuit 09/22/14 03:34pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Water Heater, Go out on me?

Does it look like this one........ http://www.ecalypso.com/uploaded_images/P1010064-775645.JPG height=450 width=450 That is an Atwood gas only with ignitor. 12V DC power (from DC Dist Center....fused) goes to ON/OFF Switch. From switch it goes to T-stat (brown wire) thru T-stat to module. From module to ECO (red wire) thru ECO to gas valve to ground. High voltage comes from module to ignitor (until main flame lights off) SO....with On/OFF switch ON you should have 12V DC to t-stat (brown wire). No 12V DC then bad fuse, bad fuse connection, bad switch etc. Just need to follow the 12V DC and find where it stops
Old-Biscuit 09/22/14 03:23pm Travel Trailers
RE: Blowing out water lines mistake ??

I have never used the 'pink' stuff or blow lines out......... I just open low point drains, all faucets/showers (hot/cold mix) and prop toilet open. Drain water heater and fresh water tank and run pump dry. Haven't had a bust line/fitting etc. Done this in UT, CO, WY, CA and AZ Water expands when it freezes...but only busts lines etc if it doesn't have room to expand. With an 'open' system the little bit of water that might be in lines can expand without damaging anything. This pink stuff..blow lines debate is silly. Do what works for you and makes you comfortable......even if it isn't necessary :B
Old-Biscuit 09/21/14 10:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: Water Heater, Go out on me?

Better info can be posted IF you would post Brand & Model of water heater. Suburban...Atwood Gas only, gas/electric combo. Pilot, pilot with ignitor, electronic sparker Etc. Different issues......different brands......different fixes.....different models Help us help you with more info
Old-Biscuit 09/21/14 10:36pm Travel Trailers
RE: Dometic AC, Thermostat no power, where is 12v fuse?

Old-Biscuit 09/21/14 10:10pm Tech Issues
RE: water connection problem

2 possible reasons One is the on-board pump internal check valve is leaking allowing water to backflow thru pump into fresh water tank The other way is if you have a water panel with valve/switch that you use to 'fill' fresh water tank, it is not fully closed or is leaking thru. So if you 'gravity' fill your fresh water tank....pump check valve. Sometimes using pump for a day or so can clean up the check valve (flapper) and then allow it to close. Sometimes you can disassemble pump, clean up check valve and it will work just fine Sometimes it's just easier to install an in-line check valve in pump suction line (about $10)
Old-Biscuit 09/21/14 09:03pm Beginning RVing
RE: New Rig

A 2008 2500 with a GVWR of 9200# towing a 15,500# GVWR 5vr........not a good combo A trip across the scales loaded up will give you a reality check.
Old-Biscuit 09/21/14 08:48pm Fifth-Wheels
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