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RE: attwood water heater acting funky

That RED light is a FAULT indication light It will trigger (Come ON) if: 1) Main Flame fails to light and PROVE it lit ....3 attempts then 'lock out' and FAULT light 2) IF the ECO OPENS FAULT light comes on (Electric and propane use SAME set of t-stats) T-stat (normal temp) OPENS at 140*F.it is the controlling t-stat. It starts/stops heating cycles whether heat source is electric, propane or BOTH ECO )Energy Cut Off---High temp back up safety) OPENS when t-stat has failed to shut down normal heating and temp as gone to high. It OPENS at 180*F but will auto reset when temp drops below 150*F. FAULT light comes on as a Visual Indicator of problem Until FAULT has been cleared no further auto heating can occur. FAULT light is reset by turning ON/OFF switch OFF then back ON You were using electric and Fault came on.....then t-stat is not functioning correctly Could be bad---replace Could be not making good contact against tank wall-----rotate t-stat back/forth several times to clean up contact surface Could be t-stat is loose....not being held tight against tank wall----check plastic washer and that t-stat is being held under spring pressure When in doubt.replace the t-stats...come as a set with new insulator pad. Look the same but terminals are different sizes...t-stat ones are smaller of the two And you have no Pilot Light...just main flame that is lit via a spark electrode
Old-Biscuit 12/06/16 01:03am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Coast to Coast memeber thoughts on being a member?

We full timed traveling for 7 yrs Bought a 'home park' with frozen yearly dues and the C2C Deluxe affiliate membership via RESALE Total buy-in was $950 (home park membership/transfer fees/1st year dues plus C2C Deluxe membership/transfer fees/1st year dues) We used C2C affiliate parks to stay at WHEN they were convenient (in area we were headed to) Stayed at a lot of those high priced private resorts/parks for just $10/$15 per night FHU site and we could stay up to 2 weeks at a time with the deluxe membership. Bought 'Points' on line at the C2C website..made reservations to parks via C2C website. Simple/Easy to use system Points.....1000=$10 We would buy $500 worth and get bonus points (like 7500 more===5 to 7 days free) Make reservation ....get confirmation Show up, check in, stay then move on ---CG got paid by C2C....points deducted from your account Home park dues.....$59/yr C2C Deluxe dues...$139/yr Total dues .......$198/yr Just one 2 week stay at $10/night vs $30, $40, $65.......yeah it was worth the $200 year in dues. We used C2C affiliate CGs roughly 10 times a year as we traveled all around the USA. Just one of the low cost resources we used for a place to be each night. RESALE.........pennies on the dollar Use the various CGs each year THEN it is worth the membership Otherwise....NO THANKS!
Old-Biscuit 12/06/16 12:43am Coast to Coast
RE: Suburban sf-30 furnace noise after shutting down

Fan continues to run after flame is shut off to cool heat exchanger...can run 30-90 seconds Is that the 'noise' you are hearing???
Old-Biscuit 12/06/16 12:23am Tech Issues
RE: Furnace "lockout"?

Hello all. It is starting to get cold at night in Texas and my furnace is giving me grief. When I turn the thermostat up the blower turns on, the igniter sparks up it runs for 20 to 40 seconds and shuts down. I have checked the fuse and cleaned all the connections. Blew the whole thing out with compressed air. Made sure the vents were open and uncovered and register was unblocked. I'm sure it's a more technical issue but I'm hoping to fix it myself rather then take in for service. Any help would be great. It is a Atwood Hydro Flame 8940 111 Is furnace in a RV or home??.... If either, the brand and model is always the best place to start... OP states its an Atwood, I don't think Atwood makes a home furnace. Only RV furnaces. Even posted model number ---8940 Here is service manual that includes that model (plus 7900/8500 series) LINK to manual
Old-Biscuit 12/06/16 12:19am Tech Issues
RE: Understanding Cat Scale

QUOTE First the truck is a Ford F-150,2015,supercrew ,3.5 ecoboost,4x4,max tow, 157' wheel base 6 speed,3.55 electronic lock, integrated break controller power mirrors, GVWR 7050, GCWR 17100, tow capacity 10700, steer axle 3525 drive axle 3800.END QUOTE. 2015 F150 GVWR-----7050# GCVWR----17,100# Steer axle (FAWR)----3525# Drive axle (RAWR)----3800# Tow Capacity (SAE J2807)----10.700# OP did NOT post any truck weights except those WITH trailer connected QUOTE Scale info Steer axle 3260#, Drive axle 3600,trailer axle 6820, gross wt. 13680 END QUOTE Steer Axle (Front)-----3260# Drive Axle (Rear)------3600# Trailer Axle-----------6820# SO OP is UNDER trucks F/R Axle Ratings, GVWR and GCVWR BUT that is all that can be determined from weights posted Truck/Trailer w/o WDH weights and Truck only weights will give the complete picture (how much weight is being transferred to F/R axles and tongue weight) But those weights were not posted
Old-Biscuit 12/06/16 12:07am Travel Trailers
RE: Understanding Cat Scale

It means you have transferred a total of 465 lb of trailer weight to the truck, and it seems to be 200 lb on the rear axle and 265 on the front. You've added more weight to the front axle than the rear, which might make the rear end squirrely. Seems you need to back off the WD just a little bit. Other issue: Looks like 465 lb is the tongue weight of the trailer. Is that 10-15 percent of the trailer gross? If not, the trailer is too light on the tongue. you can get the trailer gross using RCMAN46's second weight total minus the third weight total. Another issue: is the trailer level or slightly tongue down when connected. Hard to tell how much weight was transferred to truck F/R axles or tongue weight as there is nothing to compare posted weights to Trucks weights w/o trailer Truck & Trailer weights w/o WDH Trucks axles weights are UNDER their GAWRs Trucks weight is UNDER its GVWR Truck/Trailer is UNDER GCVWR Trailer has a GVWR of 8500# and with 6820# on axles it would appear to be UNDER GVWR for trailer also (doubt tongue weight is 1780#)
Old-Biscuit 12/05/16 05:43pm Travel Trailers
RE: Dometic Model 320 Toilet

Lesson learned........... Internet Shop FIRST Hint: CW has never been cheaper pricing. They were convenient but now with internet shopping right at your finger tips CW doesn't even come close And that Sealand 320........no ball/blade valve replacements made. Just seal kits so it ball/blade is damaged---whole new toilet needed
Old-Biscuit 12/05/16 05:27pm Camping World RV Sales
RE: sneeze and pain in chest

I have 'sneeze attacks'.........scents set it off. I can not walk down the cleaner aisle in grocery stores, perfume counters in dept stores, pot-pourri areas of gift stores, Yankee Candle section etc I start sneezing and continue for 10-20 sneezes one right after the other. Then when that is over with I have muscle cramps in the 2 lower floating ribs that just about bend those ribs in half. The cramping lasts about 1/2 hour afterwards I am sore for several days I have gotten on an elevator.....and then immediately forced doors back open to get out due to the 'fumes' exuding from others Sneezes are nothing to sneeze about :B
Old-Biscuit 12/05/16 05:11pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Furnace "lockout"?

Main flame is lighting BUT failing to 'prove' that is is lit. Flame 'ionization' generates a milivolt signal that uses spark electrode to go back to circuit board to 'prove' you have flame vs raw gas flowing As suggested... Pull connector and clean contact surface. Also check pins inside connector....not bent and that they can make tight contact when connector is pushed back on Clean electrode ......soot/carbon Make sure it is centered directly over burner slots Check ceramic for cracks And make sure ground is clean/tight
Old-Biscuit 12/04/16 11:04pm Tech Issues
RE: Camco Hybrid Water Heater - Not working

Have you checked the t-stats to see if the High Limit Control has tripped......it has to be manually reset (Red button depressed) if it tripped. If it did trip.....then the normal t-stat didn't open when it should have If not tripped....... Then with switch ON you should have power from switch to Hi T-stat (Blue wire) and then from T-stat (Black wire) to element. (With water cold so t-stat is closed)
Old-Biscuit 12/04/16 10:56pm Tech Issues
RE: Solitare

Maybe that version on your laptop is a 'pay for' that gives you xxxx amount of guest sign-ins then when they are used up to HAVE to register and pay?????
Old-Biscuit 12/03/16 01:37pm Technology Corner
RE: Mobile RV Service, Indio to Palm Springs, CA

Kudos to Sundance! Did you post a positive review at http://rvservicereviews.com/?
Old-Biscuit 12/03/16 01:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: What is this drain?

What overflow? If the fresh water tank is full it will blow back at you through the fill pipe. Then your tank is not full it is being pressurized due to POOR venting Fix your vent line......kinked, too long and has loop, not properly routed etc Fresh water tanks have overflows, vent and fill
Old-Biscuit 12/03/16 01:16pm Travel Trailers
RE: Social Security question/help

I used the figures I would get at 62 vs 66 and calculated when I would break even. It came out to 81 yrs of age. SO I took it at 62 for several reasons 1) Break even age of 81 2) Who knows what changes would happen if I waited until 66 or later 3) Figured IF I was already receiving my monies I would be hopefully be 'grandfathered' against any changes 4) Get SOME of my monies back before 'they' mess it up even more EDIT: I am on the SSA website right now...... Must be back from maint. https://www.ssa.gov/retire/
Old-Biscuit 12/03/16 01:01pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Stability issues in 5th wheel

First off....... Remove those slide out supports. Slide outs are 'self supporting' and do NOT need supports under them. Those aftermarket items can cause damage to slide out from the upward pressure especially should RV settle. They are just a means of getting your RV Monies. If needed the RV MFG. would have included them with the rig. And if you think this is just my opinion..check with your RV MFG. about their use As for stabilizing the rig.. Adding an aftermarket item that DOES help is JT Strong Arms or any other brand. They are criss-cross supports that go from front landing gear to frame and rear stabilizers to frame. They remove that side to side sway X-Chocks between tires both sides ....they help remove that for/aft motion And one thing I do to make rig more solid: After rig is leveled side to side and getting ready to unhook truck I run landing gear down several inches THEN drop inner leg and pin them Less inner leg used---less wobble I run landing gear until rig is level front to rear Lower front landing gear 1" below level Run rear stabilizers down TIGHT Then run front landing gear back up the 1" to level Still will have a 'little' motion due to tires/suspension But you can also place a couple of bottle jacks under frame by wheels to minimize/stop that motion
Old-Biscuit 12/03/16 12:35pm General RVing Issues
RE: Map of Burned Businesses: Gatlinburg Fires

We were there the end of October, glad we made the trip when we did. Sad to see it happen. Dolly Parsons? lol An 'S' or a 'T'........never could distinguish between the two :B Anyway.that gal with the big hair and big -----well her place is going to be helping out those families displaced Nice to see a corporation/company/foundation....private individual step up and help like that when folks need it especially around the holidays. Hint Hint CW/GS-------MR 'Profit'
Old-Biscuit 12/03/16 08:40am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Bestconverter.com warranty differs from PD

By law Best Converter has to honor that warranty so your receipt is golden. Keep it safe :) Best Converter doesn't need no sticking law. They do it because they are a standup company. They stand behind their 'word' even when a warranty has expired Best Converter and Torklift are 2 companies you can still rely on to do the right thing!
Old-Biscuit 12/03/16 08:30am Tech Issues
RE: 86 Dodge Falcon 190: Hot water tank valve and Front Springs

IF that 'hot water tank' is a conventional rv water heater (suburban/atwood) then you drain it by removing drain plug and open a faucet hotside to allow air in Drain plug is in outside compartment under burner tube. Suburban drain plug will also be an anode rod so you unscrew it and remove the whole assembly Atwood would have a Nylon drain plug only Course who knows what previous owners have done ....modifications made??? Can't help on front springs
Old-Biscuit 12/02/16 10:15pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Poor Gretchen got lanced today

Sending best wishes and thoughts of a speedy recovery! What's up with those 'booties' ? Where do you get them? Our rescue dog is back to having to wear her 'clown hat' (what I call that cone device around her head) We got her last Easter. Since then we have had an ongoing problem with swelling between her two outside toes on right front paw. Swelled up, oozed clear...vet probed/nothing..antibiotics for 2 weeks and it went away for 17 weeks. Then came back...surgery---nothing found/antibiotics...went away Came back.......more probing/x-rays...antibiotics.....goes away for several weeks after antibiotics are done but then comes back Surgery again.....found a very small foreign body size of grain of sand??? Antibiotics end come Monday...stitches dissolving slowly Clown Hat---Clown Hat At least Gretchen isn't having to wear one :B
Old-Biscuit 12/02/16 10:10pm RV Pet Stop
RE: I just don't know to do

Sounds to me like you do NOT have the necessary time nor inclination to provide for that high of an energy dog. Find a home with younger outdoor types. Having bad knees makes it difficult to provide that needed involvement. I know I have bad knee and foot so our rescue dog is older mellow slow walker because that is what I can provide for. No shame..just life. Do the dog a favor and place with energetic homebodies
Old-Biscuit 12/02/16 09:51pm RV Pet Stop
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