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RE: A Devastating Discovery

They probably thought that "The way it is built the water will flow down and not back up and leak, add a little putty and we are good". Not the right way to do it but a lot of manufacturers today believe that cutting a few corners is fine on just about everything that is built.
Photomike 04/28/17 11:10am Truck Campers
RE: Brand new RV'er

Another vote for renting or borrowing a unit to try it out. 10 minutes in one when looking is not enough time to decide.
Photomike 04/28/17 10:11am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Newbie - Sewer hose recommendation?

I purchased an el-cheapo hose for my 5th wheel in 2013. I stored it in the rear bumper. The next summer I noticed pin holes in the hose. I think there was welder slag in the bumper that created the holes while the hose was sliding in and out. I purchased a new, better quality hose and stored it in a length of PVC pipe. I assume a good quality hose in the first place still would have had the pin holes. Point is: How you store it is probably more important than the price you paid for it. I thought the little holes in the hose were so you can water the grass when using it :-) :-)
Photomike 04/26/17 11:37am Class C Motorhomes
RE: travel in freezing weather

Like others have said not a problem if only cold at night. Plus you will be living in the unit so the heat will be on at night and it will warm up nicely in the day. As long as it is warming up during the day you are good even to leave the unit even unheated. I have done it many times down to -10C or 14F with no problems. The real problem only happens when it hard freezes and then not fully thawing during the day. I like to leave the hot water pilot on (if you have one)or leave the tank on till bed then shut off and it will stay warm all night.
Photomike 04/20/17 08:51am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Cargo trailer battery

If the trailer sits where there is available light, consider adding a 5w or 10w solar panel to keep the battery charged. A little panel like this will not charge a battery, but it will maintain the charge that is on the battery. When I bought my class C I wanted to put solar on it and the sales guys says "It has solar" so I checked the roof and it has a tiny panel up there. I thought what good is that little thing, but I have been shocked how well it does to keep the batteries topped up (not charged but maintained). I would say any thing with a battery that sits should have a small solar set-up to compensate for any phantom draw. For the few dollars that it costs it sure is worth it in always having a good/full battery when you need it and not having to always plug in. This past winter I only had to plug the RV in once as I noticed during a dark and snowy time that the level was starting to drop and I probably was being too cautious as it cleared up a few days later and the solar probably could have caught up.
Photomike 04/19/17 08:08am Truck Campers
RE: coiling methods for 30 amp cord and fresh water hoses

Had the same problem on my RV for my power cord, then I got my Northern-Lite camper. It may be hard to visualize, but the permanently attached power cord is in a box built into the side of the camper. I haven't measured it, but it's probably at most a foot wide, six inches deep and 6-8 inches high. But, here's what's sweet - ALL i have to do is push the cord back into the box and IT COILS AUTOMATICALLY! Then I just close and lock the outer door to the cabinet. It's so cool. And that electrical cord is probably a 25'cord! So, I'm going to install similar boxes in my storage areas where I put my cords, hoses, etc. and use the same principle - pushing whatever back into the box will automatically coil it and the box will protect it. I'm sure I'm going to have to play around with sizes, but given how well it works on my NL camper, this will be a huge savings of work and space for me. Bill I have the same idea on my Class c for my power cord. The box is made out of a black plastic and is easy to clean, I would not say that the cord coils but it does all fit in there. When it is cold it is harder to get in but still works. For the water hose I use a reusable clamp like pictured above and it works great then the water line goes into a storage cabinet.
Photomike 04/15/17 07:21pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Camping at the Hotel/Motel???

Have done it, some are fine with it some not so much. I did it at one hotel as I had a dog with me and the hotel would not allow dogs. The front desk person was not happy but I moved my TCer to the back of the lot and nothing was said. At another I was told that I would have to pay for two people in the room as they figured that nobody would want to camp in a TCer when there was a nice hotel room, I think they were also thinking that I was going to come in for the free breakfast. After some discussion they agreed. In the bigger hotels I stopped asking and just did it, in the smaller ones I would tell them what I was doing and didn't ask for permission. The worst part was when the staff started showing up for work and they all want to see this camper in the lot, once they saw it most agree with my desire for my own place and are shocked at how nice it is. I have not tried it with the class c yet.
Photomike 04/14/17 05:26pm Truck Campers
RE: Class C without boondocking amenities

I deal with many people that are doing the same or similar to what you want to do, most are looking for a RV hybrid to go on expeditions and they don't want the full RV experience. From my experience to vary just a little from the norm costs way more than it is worth.Had a guy that had a chance to buy a nice little RV for $25,000 he passed as it had too much for what he wanted. So he built one himself when all was said and done for buying the chassis, in labor to build, parts and time wasted for trying to get insurance/ license and registration figured that he was into it for over $80,000. If he had to do it again he would have bought the RV and been happy. Then there is trying to sell it, there was a nice truck camper close to me that was in amazing shape the only issue for many was the guy that had it built asked for no bathroom to be installed as he never uses bathrooms in the RV, well nobody wanted it like that and the cost to add a bathroom was insane. Likewise a guy here had a trailer built with no bathroom or kitchen sink (so no water system). When he went to sell it nobody wanted it he had it for a couple years then ended up giving it away as it sold for such a low price. If you buy an RV and don't want the fridge to be cold, don't turn it on. If you don't want a hot water tank use the bypass. Easier than removing or trying to add if you decide to use it. Myself I like the extras even in a Walmart parking lot!
Photomike 04/11/17 12:15pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Camper running lights always on if truck running?

With my truck camper I did the wire to the running lights so when I turned them on the camera was on. Worked great! On my Class C they have set up the running lights to be on as soon as the key is turned on (not the head lights just the running lights). Good idea except the lights on alarm goes off when you stop and open the door until 3 minutes later the running lights shut off. This would work for a camera as well but it always has power. I contacted the manufacturer of my back-up camera for the truck and was told that they do not recommend the camera always being on as it was not designed for that.
Photomike 04/11/17 11:52am Truck Campers
RE: What is this horrible noise in our new Class C?

Did a window come unlatched? Had that happen to me 20 minutes after picking mine up. Driving down the highway I was a little ticked with the noise. Pulled over and found the window slightly open, slide it closed and it was fine.
Photomike 04/06/17 09:54pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: tips/advice??

Great advice so far, my only thing that I would add is to pack so you are comfortable not over packed. My wife will load up with crazy things before a trip and we never use them, if you don't use a item regularly at home you won't use it on the trip. Also, take clothes that you can layer in case you get some cool / cold weather.
Photomike 04/04/17 01:56pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Do you carry a spare tire for your Class C?

I do have a spare but now that we have been talking about them I have no idea if I have a jack, I will have to look into this. I do have roadside assistance and as long as I am off the road I would be okay with waiting awhile as I do have everything with me that I need. I would not starve and I have a bathroom so not a huge problem. I know many guys that carry the liquid tire repair to inject into tires. I always thought this was a bad idea but a lot of expedition people have started to carry a can or two with them. I am thinking of doing this but have not convinced myself yet.
Photomike 04/04/17 11:14am Class C Motorhomes
RE: What's the best way to heat camper between uses

First the only heaters that add humidity to the air are catalytic heaters. Electric and the furnace in your camper do not add humidity. You are seeing humidity as you are living in it. What I do is once home I open the windows and the vents for a few hours or a day (if no rain is forecast) then I close it up. If it is suppose to be dry I will leave a window and a vent open a little but that is it.
Photomike 04/02/17 10:35am Truck Campers
RE: Buying a Rental Class C. How many of us out there? (Long)

I'm new to the forum and will be picking up a Four Winds Chateau Sport 25C from El Monte in Las Vegas soon. I was hesitant buying used at first too but after reading this thread I feel a little better. That model that I'm picking up has a HUGE flooplan for a smaller rig since it has the slide. I think it has to do with the layout and that it doesn't have the big cabinet or fridge at the foot of the bed. Looks very open in there and you can lay in bed or sit on the bed while company is in there and not be all cramped in there. Apparently it is a pretty popular model and El Monte sales didn't think they had any more when I went to look at them. I got a call back from the sales dept and they said they found one that was still in rental and would pull it from rental once it returned to the Santa Fe El Monte to sell to me, all I needed was a 500 deposit for them to hold it from being rented out again. They are going to prep it for sale there in Santa Fe then deliver it down to Vegas. Great customer service so far. They are going to install an awning for me too. Can't wait to pick it up! 29k OTD with everything....seems reasonable when compared to the NADA. Gonna be nice going to the dunes and stuff and not sleep on a cot and go without a shower for 2-3 days lol. Curious question - are people buying sight unseen? We looked at used units for a long time. Many had water leak / delam issues. Granted it was individual owners vs rentals. I point that out because, perhaps, roofs / seams are more closely monitored on rentals than individual owners. $29 k is a good deal I guess but also a good chunk of money sight unseen (although as I say that we dropped a chunk too on our new unit at an RV Direct location that was 500 miles away sight unseen!). I put a refundable deposit down, drove up and picked up after an inspection. I would STRONGLY recommend that you go to the dealer and do a complete inspection before you close the sale or have someone do one for you.
Photomike 03/29/17 02:48pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Questions abou t new (to me) Northern Lite

The sewer hose was always a challenge with my NL. The first month I owned it I was driving from one campsite to another and when I arrived for the night I was missing the sewer hose, seems the size of the tube for storage was too short and when pushed in it the hose became a spring and on one of the bumps the door opened and the hose sprung out. Was not too sad as it was in bad shape so I bought another and kept an eye open when driving and fortunately saw it do the same thing on the next trip. So I went home and lengthened the storage tube to stop the high velocity escape :B
Photomike 03/27/17 11:31am Truck Campers
RE: Progressive Insurance (agreed value)

If I were in your position I would contact Progressive directly and get an explanation in writing. No matter what you hear verbally it will carry no weight when you file a claim and they only pay blue book. Also agree. It is funny (or sad) how many times something changes when push comes to shove. When I bought my TCer I insured it for replacement cost, which was listed on the contract for what I paid for it. I know I could never replace it for that much as I had done so many updates and other units were not even close to what I had. The only good part is that I would have my initial investment back - hopefully. That being said I deal regularly with people that have had fire or floods in their house. They bring in wedding albums and / or wall portraits for a quote on replacing them and I will do up a quote for $500 for acquiring the negatives, a new album, printing the images, packaging, etc. They will present it to the insurance company and be told they will only pay $50. A fully finished wedding album can not be bought for $50, many times the cover is more than that but that is all the insurance company will pay for replacement costs - they sure have a lot of fine print they can fall back on.
Photomike 03/24/17 09:29pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Why do Class C's always leak in the front upper bunk area?

Someone told me a few years ago: "Imagine if your stick house was subject to an earthquake for 4 or 5 hours a day, it would start to leak and fall apart like a RV does". I think a lot of time it is build quality but a lot is also we just don't take into account how much stress we are putting on these units and how much we need to do to keep them in good shape.
Photomike 03/23/17 12:14pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Full hook-up vs fill & dump

I would fill up your water tank at the dealer, use everything at the dealer (all taps, shower & water heater) then when you go to the campground use the hook-ups. This is probably closer to what you will do most days and will allow you to test the system both ways. I would also do a dump (have water in both tanks) the day you pick-up (run water in all the drains to make sure they work and don't leak) to make sure that you know how and that it works and so you can check for any leaks and that you have a dump hose. My system for traveling has been to fill up water tank at home, travel using the on board system, make camp, use what I need to then the next morning dump tanks and fill up water before hitting the road. I never know if the next day will bring me to a campground that has water or a dump station so I like to stay ready either way. If I have full hook-ups then I top off the water tank at night.
Photomike 03/18/17 04:51pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Bigfoot/Northern Lite TC size opinions

I had a 9'6" and loved it. Had lots of room for what it was. It was not a three room cabin in the mountains but it was livable for two people nicely. Storage was okay, I have a lot more usable storage in my class C for cupboards but the thing that I REALLY miss on the NL is the back seat of the truck for storage of things like lawn chairs, inflatable kayak, shooting blind, etc. Honestly how much garbage do you need to carry in the camper..... I can answer that as I filled up a good part of my garage when I sold the NL so yah the 9'6" must have had a lot of storage! I went with the 9'6" at first was because it was so light. Lighter than a number of pop ups and I never noticed it on the back of the truck when driving. I thought of going with the 10 but was not interested in the extra weight for the little extra space.
Photomike 03/16/17 11:43am Truck Campers
RE: Buyer Beware - Adventurer Truck Campers

You are not the first with issues with Adventurer and more than likely will not be the last. Always hate to see this as a little help with a problem goes a long way to getting more business. I and others here have owned or do own a Adventurer TC and are happy with quality and warranty service. Unfortunate for OP This could not be worked out. I have heard a lot of complaints about them. I am sure that there are happy owners out there as well. As the saying goes someone that is happy with a product or service will tell one or two friends, someone that is not happy will tell dozens.
Photomike 03/11/17 01:15pm Truck Campers
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