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RE: Some lessons for us truck campers

interesting, wish I had the guts to live like that. I agree with you.
Photomike 08/29/15 11:41am Truck Campers
Some lessons for us truck campers

Saw this on another forum and was impressed with all the storage and ideas that he had. I realize that it is not a truck camper but for those that are looking at building or modifying a tcer some good ideas. Video
Photomike 08/29/15 08:35am Truck Campers
RE: Reducing DC Water Pump Flow?

First trip on DC in our truck camper. No problems! My question is: Has anyone modified their electric potable water pump to reduce the flow rate? Either by physical flow restriction or electrical means… Our's is just pushing out way more water than we need to wash dishes, and I am willing to wait a few more seconds to fill a glass for drinking. By the way, our VMaxTanks 125 Amp-Hour AGM battery ran like a champ! Don't open the tap as far. Doesn't cost anything and no changes required.
Photomike 08/24/15 07:11pm Truck Campers
RE: Improving our brakes

I have always found my truck brakes soft, but that is mainly because my other vehicle is a Dodge Journey with micro sensitive brakes. A half inch on the Journey goes from no brakes to locked up. A couple years ago our local bylaw officer ran a RV check weekend. He brought in the commercial vehicle testers with there brake machine, you would apply brakes and then they would run the machine to test your braking and holding power. It would be nice if this was more available so that we could run the test more often and have all RV's tested once a year.
Photomike 08/20/15 08:31pm Truck Campers
RE: Can I leave my T/C plugged in to A/C when not in use?

It depends on the battery system that you have. If you have one that tops up and does not over charge you are good. I leave mine in 24/7/365 when not on the road and it is fine.
Photomike 08/10/15 08:17am Tech Issues
RE: Rented a Class A...NEVER again.

A lot of your issues seem to be with the way it drives as opposed to the amenities and I think that many people will suffer with that to get the luxury. That being said a rental unit is not usually well maintained. On the other hand a truck and camper that is paid for is sooooo much better than a 100,000 unit that you need to make payments on. I would love the ability to go from back to front without going outside and have seriously looked at a unit to do that. BUT with my truck and camper being paid for a little walk is not so bad :B and that $100,000 in savings will put a lot of gas in the truck and pay for a lot of campgrounds.
Photomike 08/04/15 10:40am Truck Campers
RE: Fulltiming in a TC?

One issue to consider is that if you want to use the truck by itself you will need to unload the camper, otherwise you will be driving with that huge camper on your back all the time. If you are not comfortable unloading then this could be an issue.
Photomike 08/01/15 07:19pm Truck Campers
RE: Quit the Kayaker's Life?

I use an inflatable, takes a while to set up and take down but easy to transport. Advanced Elements Picture from the website, not mine. http://www.advancedelements.com/images/index2014_11_loss.jpg width=640
Photomike 07/26/15 10:40am Truck Campers
RE: Camper Driving Lights and Blinker

I had an issue with that - I disconnected the plug going to the Tcer and reconnected and everything started working again.
Photomike 07/24/15 12:23pm Truck Campers
Glacier Park - Fire

If you are planning on heading to Glacier Park FYI. I know that I an staying home for a few more weeks, the smoke does me in. Incident Update Glacier facebook
Photomike 07/23/15 06:39pm Truck Campers
RE: Score one for the weight police :)

A number of years ago I was looking at a set of rims, LOVED those rims. At the same time someone on here posted that a number of the fancy aftermarket rims have a lower weight rating so I looked into it and BINGO those new amazing rims that I was going to buy were rated at half what the stock rims were. I would never have known and the shop that I was going to buy from had said nothing to me about that. Again I think it is more the fact that we use our trucks to carry so much more weight than the average person that we find out these things, sometimes the hard way. Glad you are okay!
Photomike 07/23/15 09:31am Truck Campers
RE: Sell truck and camper together or separately?

List it together but also state that you would sell it separate if offered. You may find a person that would want a complete package and not have the hassle of setting up a truck for a camper. Myself I would NOT sell the truck before the camper sold as I would want to be able to move the camper and if I sold the truck then I would be stuck.
Photomike 07/22/15 07:14am Truck Campers
RE: Saw this at the camp ground this weekend, thought I'd share

I have thought about doing that but I think I would rather buy a trailer.
Photomike 07/19/15 06:07pm Truck Campers
RE: TCs don't have bathrooms

I get the same response from just about everyone that I tell I have a TCer. Some day I will figure out what that space is suppose to be used for behind the sliding door.:B
Photomike 07/14/15 01:00pm Truck Campers
RE: Couple of storage mods.

Great job and some good ideas.
Photomike 07/10/15 08:34pm Truck Campers
RE: Leveling TC

I picked up a set of the 12x12 Lego blocks and that does me for most of the sites that I camp at.
Photomike 07/10/15 07:59am Truck Campers
RE: Wildfires and Boon Docking

Before setting out to remote destinations, you may want to check this website for current wildfire activity. It's going to be a dry and hot year out west: http://inciweb.nwcg.gov/ Very good idea. Here is a site for Alberta, Canada. Also be prepared to leave you campsite (keep things organized and know your escape routes) things are crazy and once a fire starts it is moving VERY fast because things are so dry.
Photomike 07/06/15 09:33am Truck Campers
Safety - another tool to use

Every once in awhile a thread will pop up regarding safety when camping. I'm not talking about safety from the zombies, or other threats that may want to attack us, what I am talking about is safety while traveling either as a couple, or as a single person, and letting friends and family know where you are and if you are requiring help. We've talked many times of buying different devices, such as a SPOT locator device, so when you are in trouble you can signal for help from friends or family. I think we all know the benefit of such a device, but I also don't think many of us carry such a device. This past week I decided it was time to upgrade my cell phone from a standard everyday cell phone to a smart phone. Ended up purchasing a Moto E as much for the price as for the features that it contains. While I was in the process of setting the phone up and all the different apps that came with it and that I use on my tablet I was pleasantly surprised to find that it had a built in alert app. When setup this app will either text and/or call the people that you added to a list of contacts. If you have it setup to text a contact list it will send a predetermined message that you have set up when programing the app along with your GPS coordinates to the people on your contact list. Now do I think that this is an app that we should trust 100% with our lives? Not at all. But for 10 minutes of setting up it is a great way to add another level of safety to our camping experiences without having to go and spend more money. I still think if we want to be even safer that we should look at a service such a SPOT, but I know that many people including myself would not go and buy one because of the expense and the monthly or yearly charges. I'm not sure if other cell phones also offer this app or if it is just a Motorola thing, but it is definitely something worth looking into as it will not cost you any extra. As a side note, if you are ever in an emergency situation and you do have your cell phone with you many of the 911 services now offer the ability to track calls even if the call is not answered. We had a situation last year in our area where a lady had fallen in a mountainous area with very poor cell phone coverage, she had broke her leg and was unable to move. This lady kept calling 911 but the call would never be able to go through completely because of the coverage. After several calls were there was no one present the 911 service launched a tracking program to find out where she was. It brought rescuers within a few feet of where she had fallen even though she was unable to complete the phone call. Another cool feature of this app is that you can set up so that it will text at a predetermined time and to a predetermined list of people where you were at that time. Say you are traveling to a campsite, the app would send your location at predetermined times so at least your family and friends will know the road you were traveling on and when you were there. This way people can have a map of where you are traveling (or at least where you have been). This can be very helpful if you do run into trouble that at least your friends and family will know where you're going from the places that you have been. Again I know it's not 100% reliable, but for many of us it would be an easy way to send this information to friends and relatives. The only big draw back that I see with this is that it is based on cell phone coverage, but again this is free and easy to set up so why not take advantage of it.
Photomike 07/04/15 10:46pm Truck Campers
RE: Running Furnace While Traveling

Leave the heat on the night before you leave then shut it off and drive. Unless it is really cold it will not freeze. I leave my water in when it gets just below freezing and not a problem. I also leave my taps open so not to build up pressure.
Photomike 07/04/15 09:53pm Truck Campers
RE: To TC'ers who have bought new trucks

in the US it depends on what your hauling. Carrying freight for profit? even your 1500 is DOT regulated. I have seen 450-and up with "not for hire, private RV towing" and I bet this was prompted by the owners being tired of getting pulled over. I have seen that as well and was wondering why, that makes sense.
Photomike 07/02/15 02:18pm Truck Campers
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