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RE: Majestic 19G renos have started

Not really a reno but I took the RV out a week ago when it was really cold and the engine light was flashing for a few seconds. Took it in today to my mechanic and the number 6 coil was shot, the boot was fried and the spark plug was loose. SO he did a complete tune up. Took it out for a test drive and to say that it drives better is an understatement. It drove okay before but in tow/haul mode it was really jerky, now it shifts so smoothly. Also the idle is about half of what it was. Another reno that I will have to do is that the RV does not have a block heater so next oil change it goes in for it will get a block heater as they need to order in the part.
Photomike 01/17/17 07:10pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Does chassis make matter for parts?

This is only my opinion...... For years I wanted a Sprinter, saved up and finally was able to buy one. Started seriously shopping around and ran into a lot of people that scared me away from them. One guy was selling his RV and we got talking and he had been a sales person for Sprinter, even after he sold his RV he still was contacting me to talk about RV's and still was against Sprinters. Why? Cost to keep running. Parts were priced crazy and Sprinter wanted nothing to do with selling the parts to other shops so parts were hard to come by. Then I had people contact me to tell me about the black death they were having with the engines. More people contacted me to tell me that finding a service place outside of major towns was a nightmare. Needless to say I stayed away from s Sprinter. Bought a Ford. Is it the best unit? Really not sure but at least I can go to just about any garage and they know the units and can get parts. Same with Chevy, you may be in back country US or Canada but there is probably a place that has parts and know the units close by.
Photomike 01/17/17 09:26am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Cross Country Trip - What length Class C???

Some great posts so far, let me share my experience. I came from a TCer to a 19' Class C. Length is great and I love it, can back it in and out of so many places with ease I can take it to work, the store and maneuver down roads without worrying about if I need to turn around. Problem for me is width, I do not have the ability to use it in narrow parking spots so in the peak season I still have to park in RV spots. With the TCer I only had the width of the truck to worry about, the class C is a lot wider in the rear. Makes for parking a little harder as you will take up the ENTIRE width of any standard parking places and maneuvering around obstacles is harder. Can you do it - yes! Is it fun in busy places - not really but I don't go to a lot of these places. Would I go for a short RV if I was like most people and used it for camping for weeks at a time in just the summer - no, I would get it a bit longer for the extra benefits that you have with the extra length and either take the tours or haul along a car/motor bike or bicycles.
Photomike 01/13/17 05:36pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: E350 Class C Major Problems

Seems like a troll to me. Needs to provide more information.
Photomike 01/12/17 07:28pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Class C pricing

It really depends on the unit and the dealer. Some places mark up a lot more, some places cut the price. Like mentioned above shop around - price out similar units. One thing to understand is if you are on the opposite side of the country from the manufacturer then you may end up paying more for the shipping to you, there is nothing that can be done about that.
Photomike 01/12/17 09:20am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Electric heater recommendation

I have an upright, I think it is Black and Decker. It is nice because it is taller than wider and takes up less space. It has a fan and rotates if you want, with the fan running it is just about silent. Bought it on clearance for I think it was $20 years ago. It also has overheat and tip over shut off.
Photomike 01/10/17 04:43pm Truck Campers
RE: Northern Lite 811 with solar??? Do you have??

Call or Email Keith at NL. He would be more than willing to help.
Photomike 01/06/17 09:47am Truck Campers
RE: Best Truck Campers for Winter Camping

As Jeffe stated above there is more than just the build of the camper. I loved my Northern Lite BUT it did not have thermal windows and that caused a lot of cold. If you can have one built for your needs and the temps that you want to camp in.
Photomike 01/04/17 02:41pm Truck Campers
RE: Very slippery shelves - need help

Like others have said tack it down or you can get a can of 3M adhesive and spray the shelf, let it dry and it will add a rougher tacky surface. I have done this by accident in my garage when working on projects and the over spray creates a rough surface on the workbench.
Photomike 01/02/17 11:28am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Removing overhead entertainment center

I pulled out a he big Samsung TV today; vert heavy! The supports on the side are identical to those shown in the parts manual for my Winnie. If I remove everything I would need to do a lot of finishing insiden not sure if I want to at this point. I will put light weight flat screen up there for now and use it that way for a while and see how things get used. Good to have monster TV out! Marty Gas mileage just went up with all the weight you took out :-)
Photomike 12/31/16 05:22pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Kayak storage?

Advanced Elements Inflatables. Takes a little longer to set-up/pack up but they are small when transporting and I love how stable they are!
Photomike 12/31/16 05:20pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: How many of you guys have or do not have a TPMS?

My toad ( also daily driver) has one and find it mostly worthless as I check pressures regularly. I don't think I would have paid extra for one. However, it may be helpful should a tire go flat while being towed. I do not have one on my mh. My question is how will you know if it goes flat when being towed? Does it communicate with the motor home or is it just on the vehicle? Photomike's reply above is confusing. The built-in TPMS installed on cars by their manufactures do not communicate with any other TPMS. Therefore, you have to get an aftermarket TPMS that will have sufficient amount of sensors for all the tires including the toad. Case in point, my Pressure Pro TPMS has provisions for 16 tires, but I only have sensors on 13.....8 on the mh and 5 (one for the spare) on the toad. Once disconnected from the motor home, I then rely on the car's built in TPMS to alert me to any problems with the tires on the car (toad) except for the spare. Hope this helps clear up the confusion. Ron Cannot see how this would be confusing, the OP was mentioning that they had a TPS in there toad but not in the motor home but also mentioned that "However, it may be helpful should a tire go flat while being towed.". So how will they know if they are towing the vehicle if only the toad has TPS? There is no way to know what the system is doing in the toad unless it is hooked up to the MH. My point is that this will not work and if someone thinks that it will alert them then they are missing something.
Photomike 12/30/16 09:00pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: How many of you guys have or do not have a TPMS?

My toad ( also daily driver) has one and find it mostly worthless as I check pressures regularly. I don't think I would have paid extra for one. However, it may be helpful should a tire go flat while being towed. I do not have one on my mh. My question is how will you know if it goes flat when being towed? Does it communicate with the motor home or is it just on the vehicle?
Photomike 12/30/16 10:36am Class C Motorhomes
RE: How many of you guys have or do not have a TPMS?

I have one on my van and always thought they were more of a pain then they were worth. Then a couple years ago we were coming back home from dropping my daughter off at University and hit a board laying on the road. A minute later off goes the alarm and I pulled over, the tire emptied in less than a minute and by pulling right over I saved the tire. My daughter on the other hand does not have TPM and she was driving her car and got a flat and by the time she noticed it the tire was shredded. Decided that I will be adding to the camper soon just for the extra piece of mind.
Photomike 12/30/16 09:18am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Removing overhead entertainment center

Most entertainment cabovers are just a fiberglass shell and that is it. They build a face to it and the inside is unfinished, the one on the link above is actually beds on the side and the TV in the center so the strength is already there. The shells are the same on most units (sleeper or entertainment) as the cost of having two different molds and carrying extra inventory is not worth it. BUT the difference is that the sleeper units are reinforced on the inside with material bonded to the fiberglass to add strength, lights added and windows added. You could do this yourself, it would not be hard just a lot of work. ANYTHING can be modified if you want to it is just is it worth it or not. My concern would be how much use it gets VERSUS cost/work/potential problems. May be better to bring a tent along, make a bed up across the front seats or have them sleep on the floor and save all the hassle.
Photomike 12/29/16 11:42pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Majestic 19G renos have started

You really don't need anything under you as most of the usable bed is above the cab of the camper and not over the cold air. That is one thing that I really like about the Class C over the truck camper.
Photomike 12/23/16 06:36pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Majestic 19G renos have started

Out of curiosity, how comfortable is the bed on that class "C" model? I like the size of it, and wondering if the loft bed is doable on a constant basis. For how many? For me I went and got some more foam and so far I do like it for just myself. I may change things again after a few more nights of "testing" :-)
Photomike 12/22/16 05:01pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: What Length Are They Really Referring To?

I have not found anything that was the same from campground to campground. Years ago I was given a camping spot listed for 32', I had a truck with a camper on it and a small trailer, total size was 25' and that is being generous and we had to disconnect the trailer and push it in by hand as there was no unit above a small car that could make the turn without taking out rocks and bushes. Another time we registered in a "small " site that was rated as car with tent or van and that was it. I backed straight in the site for 150' before getting to the camping pad, I could have put a semi in there with space left over.
Photomike 12/20/16 01:06pm Truck Campers
RE: Traveling in the Cold

Missing just one thing - have fun! Best suggestion of all!!!!
Photomike 12/15/16 10:35am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Traveling in the Cold

Some good advice and some questionable. First PLEASE do not use auto antifreeze, this is not designed for that and is in fact poison where RV is not. You can also get in trouble dumping this in sewer systems. Also do not use salt, if you want to promote corrosion go ahead but adding high amounts of salt is asking for difficulties and again is not good for the environment or sewer/septic systems. If you are not sure of what way to go then stay winterized and use RV antifreeze to flush. I use the large water jugs with pumps on the top for really cold weather so I don't need to worry about water lines freezing. When you are traveling a night of cold will not hurt anything (reasonable cold, not -35), pipes don't burst from one cold night. Several nights of cold with only slight warming during the day can hurt things as freezing and thawing will create blocks in the pipes then when they freeze again the water has no place to expand and will blow a pipe. I leave my units with water in them till late in the fall and they freeze a number of times but fully thaw during the day as I run the heat or the outside temps are warm enough. One trick is to shut your water pump off and open the taps if you think it will freeze at night, also leave the hot water heater on if you have water in it. Or if you are worried open the inside taps and the low point drain in the morning and by night the lines will be pretty much drained *** IN MANY CASES THIS WILL ALSO DRAIN YOUR HOT WATER TANK DOING THIS SO DO NOT TURN THE WATER TANK ON ***
Photomike 12/14/16 12:58pm Class C Motorhomes
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