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RE: extra propane capacity

Thats what I was thinking, Ive just heard horror stories with those little space heaters. I Could be overthinking it though The newer electric heaters are as safe as you can possibly get. The have overheat protection, tip over protection, etc, etc. I use a stand-up 1500 watt heater that rotates and it is wonderful!! At my studio for years I used an oil filled heater in the front entrance. I love the oil filled but it takes longer to heat up and does not spread around the heat, the benefit is that it is safer in that you can hang things on it without an issue (not that you should).
Photomike 03/16/18 08:12am Class C Motorhomes
RE: extra propane capacity

My question is how long are you staying? I have used the 20lb bottles for years in the truck camper and never used a full one on a trip, on the motor home I have not even dropped below 3/4 when on a trip. I only turn on the hot water when I need it and the furnace only when cold. If you have hook-ups you may want to get a 110V heater to relieve some of the draw on the propane one. If you do need more propane then I would go with a larger tank or if you are parked for long term someplace (months) then get one of the huge tanks and hook up to that.
Photomike 03/14/18 09:44am Class C Motorhomes
RE: The “Wall”....For Those Who Camp in the Cold

Cool idea.... or warm as it were. I use the moving blankets but they could use another R20 some nights.
Photomike 03/02/18 07:22am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Almost a TCer

I can see a lot of benefits of the tracks but I wonder what AMA would say if I called them as I needed one replaced?
Photomike 03/02/18 07:19am Truck Campers
Almost a TCer

This is COOOOOL!! https://www.x90x.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/IMG_7764-1024x687.jpg Newspaper Article TV Story
Photomike 03/01/18 10:05am Truck Campers
RE: Jefe's winter of discontent

I understand why people are mad at PB, they were giving people something for free (yes they had ads but looking at an ad only costs you time not money unless you buy) then after PB found out that their costs were going nuts for what they had to pay for bandwidth and storage they needed to do something. Now what they did and how they did it was going to the extreme but that is like so many other businesses and governments. A great example was years ago a local government was giving free permits for different things like building & development then they found out it was costing them money so they all of a sudden started charging $100 - $500 per permit.... the costs that they found per permit was $10 - $20 so why the hike so high because they could. Another one was there was a region that was allowing free camping on government land, People loved it!!! Then the government figured that it was costing them to patrol it so all of a sudden it cost $50 per permit to camp and X $ per night, it was all of a sudden cheaper to camp in a campground with full hook-ups then in the bush. PB should have found a way to incorporate ads in the images so when you looked at an image on a forum a small ad came up, that would have given them income to offset the bandwidth costs. Or offer a free plan with ads then a paid plan with no ads or smaller ads. They will change their name and prices in a year or two and people will start using them again.
Photomike 02/27/18 04:04pm Truck Campers
RE: How do myou keep your basement dry??

'Snow' Thanks for the reply. I was just really curious as was reading a Blog stating those little access ports were a great place to store your extra shoes/boots and other seldom used 'soft' goods. I am not worried about the water getting into the camper (2017 FWC 'Hawk' shell) Just wondering how people using them for storage kept 'em dry. Didn't sound right to me. K I used it for things that I did not care if they got wet or put the things in a bag. I miss that space on my C as it was great for things that could smell or leak.
Photomike 02/20/18 04:23pm Truck Campers
RE: Charging batteries with the engine

Thanks Pnichols. This is what I wanted to know. I’m not very good with electrical. In an hour, you can get a solid charge back into your batteries by idling the v10. I usually idle it up to 1000 rpm. Wow. Engine abuse!!! Haha. From idling. I’m in northern British Columbia where it is consistently -30 for extended periods. Our vehicles idle a lot! Doesn’t really seem to bother them much. Just the new diesels are a pain in the ass. No catastrophic failures that I know of on gassers. I imagine the lifespan reduction of my v10 spinning at 4000 rpm wide open for 3-4min straight climbing a long hill is a bit higher than idling for 1 hour charging batteries. If not, it’s something I’m ok to do to the engine. Burning more fuel than running the Onan... worth it in my opinion not to have to listen to that thing hammer away down there. Plus I can use the heat or a/c. I found out what I wanted to know. Thanks for the input!! If it is something that you want or need to do look at adding a larger charge cable or if you want to get crazy running an inverter off the engine to a 3 way charger for the house battery. I know in the real cold that running the vehicle can also help to warm up the fluids and to make sure that the vehicle battery is topped up, not that in Canada we ever have to do this :B
Photomike 02/15/18 11:43pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Depreciation

A great question and some great responses. From my view there are a couple more issues that effect the depreciation, the first is the original selling price. Many of the new prices are way out to lunch. I looked at a couple units recently and one was listed for $168,000, I pulled some ads from a couple years ago and that same unit was $80,000 so in two years it doubled in price but the chassis that it was on only went up by $5000. Used units were being listed for $120 to $140 and they were NOT selling because people were realizing that the prices were insane. In actual fact that new $168,000 unit was worth closed to $80,000 or less. When I talked to a dealer they told me that they are selling for market value but almost 100% of the inflated units were being financed so really the buyer was falling for the "Only $250 a month" sales pitch and not looking at the true selling price. Second is the financing. There is NO reason that an RV should be financed for 25 or 30 years with zero or next to zero down but many dealers are playing with the terms in such a way that they are getting 30 years and in some cases more. One local dealer even runs ads "Are your payments on your RV too high? If so come in and we will adjust them"! The way they are adjusting is they are adding big time years on the loans to save the borrower $50 or $100 a month but in the end they are paying tens of thousands more in interest and are facing huge buyouts at the end. Then when the borrower wants to sell they find they owe more than what it is worth. Saw a 5 year old unit that was for sale for close to new price, I knew the seller and he said "I cannot afford to sell for what it is worth". If you are buying buy what you can afford, sure you may get an older unit or one with less features but if you pay cash or the majority cash then you will not get stuck owing so much if you want or need to sell.
Photomike 02/15/18 10:16am Class C Motorhomes
RE: black seal creep in Bigfoot camper

Depends on the price. If it is a good price and you can live with the creep and it is not effecting the performance then go for it. If it will bother you then don't.
Photomike 02/14/18 09:17am Truck Campers
RE: Purchase of a former Rental Unit

As usual when this topic comes up the same old tired cliches and innuendos come up with no facts to back them up. I would suggest to the OP that they read the Buying a Rental Thread that was suggested before,it is a long read but there you will find 95 owners that own a Former Rental and their stories,none are unhappy with their decision. As I have said before the argument against rentals is that the renters abuse the rentals. That infers that no private owner abuses their unit and that all private owners have maintained their unit correctly. Rental units have to be maintained very well,otherwise they would not be profitable,they make no money when they are not on the road. They are all refurbished before they are sold and come with a 1 yr./ 12000 mile power train warranty and 30 day on all appliances. This is something you will not find from a private seller or any used RV Sales Lot. Make an informed decision based on facts,not from old tired cliches and innuendos or stupid movies. Everything I was going to say but I would also add that most of the people that are critical of ex rentals are doing so with no experience with them. "I saw" or "I heard" are not facts. I am positive that there are bad ex rental units and I am sure that there are bad used units sold privately or from RV lots. Would I buy another one? Tomorrow!!!!!! I have looked around at new and used and the ex rentals hands down were better!!!! Plus what I saved I could do a lot of repairs if I had to, so far I haven't had to.
Photomike 01/26/18 03:12pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Purchase of a former Rental Unit

Nope nobody..... Rentals
Photomike 01/25/18 06:49pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Storage Compartment replacement

Try to get a marine plywood, then coat that.
Photomike 01/24/18 09:28pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Bike solutions out there?

With a tow the only thing I can think of is a roof rack for two and a hitch rack for three on the tow. I use to haul a trailer for 6 bikes but that stops having a tow vehicle.
Photomike 01/22/18 09:04am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Lancer Camper. Inc Sold Out

Funny how a good news story of someone who builds a business and sells it turns into communism, ICE and quality dropping. I say good that he did what he did, good that he sold it, lets see what happens next.
Photomike 01/16/18 03:01pm Truck Campers
RE: Lancer Camper. Inc Sold Out

They are keeping the original owners on (at least for now) so almost looks like a deal to get Lance more buying power for materials / supplies and a retirement package in the future for the current owners. Only time will tell if they are going to do away with redundant staff in areas like sales and warranty. Could be good for the company / customer or like others have said the start of a slide but only time will tell.
Photomike 01/12/18 10:39pm Truck Campers
RE: Coach Battery

I have a 2011 31' Jayco Greyhawk DS. The coach battery is failing and needs to be replaced. It currently has a Marine Master DP 27. 650 Cold cranking amps. Since it only has one battery I would like something that will last longer between charges. Would one with 850 Cold cranking amps work better?? Any help on this would be appreciated.. Is there a reason that it is a Group 27? If you have the space go larger for sure or 2 - 6V. OR if you can maybe look to relocate the battery to get bigger that would be an idea as well.
Photomike 01/11/18 04:12pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: New models with 4x4 with cabover bunk?

You already got some great responses but here is what I have found. I had a TCer on a GMC 2500HD 4x4 and I loved it but honestly the 4x4 was hardly used as it was just so heavy, and most of that was top heavy, so I was not comfortable going anyplace that was not almost perfectly level as I could feel the rig sway like it was going to tip. Plus with the weight of the unit no winch would get me out of a situation if I did get stuck, I would need something big to get me unstuck so I stayed in the front country with it. I sold the TCer and got a small Class C (19') with the thought that I would be able to take it the same places that I could take the TCer and if it would go there I could do a 4x4 conversion if I wanted - boy was I wrong! The extra width of the Class C was insane, even on back roads I was hitting the mirror on trees on the side of the road so trails were out of the question. Add to that the creaking that the unit made on rough roads and I was afraid to take it any place rough. There is a road I like to drive on and even with my Dodge Journey it bounces and creaks the vehicle, with the Class C and the weight it was more than a creak I thought it was going to split in half and that was only on about 20' of the road so I turned back, I could not imagine a rough trail. I have since bought a Ford Transit and added a bed, portable propane stove, porta potti, will add a 12V fridge and a heater and use this for the rougher stuff. The weight is low, not a lot of extra weight like cupboards and tables and it is narrower. May upgrade if / when I need a 4x4 but at this time happy with what I got. I have looked at everything available new and used and could not justify the cost, weight and size to take it on trails.
Photomike 01/10/18 09:22am Class C Motorhomes
RE: I would like to have a warmer TC floor... any ideas?

One thing that I find is that heat does not travel well in a small camper, a small fan to blow heat down will also help you. I use a hot water bottle a lot, I like them more than electric blankets and helps to keep my toes warm and does not need power all night.
Photomike 12/27/17 12:23pm Truck Campers
RE: VIDEO ADDED: Baby It's Cold Outside!

12F here in NW Arkansas this morning with a forecast of 25F for today's high. Predicting 4F for Sunday night when the Alberta Clipper arrives. We do what we can to share our cold!!! We call it an Alaska clipper here :B
Photomike 12/27/17 12:19pm Truck Campers
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