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RE: Majestic 19G - Weigh in

Mike, Not trying to hijack the thread but what do you think of the 19G? Did you buy in Calgary? PM if you have the time, will be much appreciated Cheers, Dave R No Problem, will PM in a few minutes.
Photomike 10/21/17 07:20pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Majestic 19G - Weigh in

How big is the gas tank and how full was it? Not sure of the size but would have been full. What I pulled off the net says 35 gallon.
Photomike 10/21/17 04:37pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Majestic 19G - Weigh in

I assume these are in kg, so that's about 3470 lbs front, 5900 lbs rear, and 9370 lbs combined, right? If so, it doesn't sound out of line to me. Updated it, must have been kgs or the RV weighs close to what I weigh :B :B
Photomike 10/21/17 02:22pm Class C Motorhomes
Majestic 19G - Weigh in

Was on my way camping the other day and came upon a free scale so decided to weigh the rig. Waste tanks empty, water tank almost full, fridge full, a medium selection of clothes and camper gear. Two bikes on the rear rack & my son and I in the vehicle. The heaviest added thing on the RV was my electric bike on the back bike rack and that thing weighs a lot. Front - 1570 kg or 3462 lb Rear - 2670 kg or 5887 lb Both - 4240 kg or 9348 lb ----------------------------- Door sticker from Rv manufacturer says max should be: Front - 1837 kg or 4050 lb Rear - 2760 kg or 6084 lb http://www.firstchoicephoto.ca/tc/rv/stick3.jpg http://www.firstchoicephoto.ca/tc/rv/stick2.jpg http://www.firstchoicephoto.ca/tc/rv/stick1.jpg Wish I had the weights from my truck camper when I had it.
Photomike 10/21/17 01:12pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Recirculation for E450

So if it is cold outside do you just crank up the heat, or is there a way of intercepting the vacuum line that goes to the valve that controls whether the air is from inside or outside? Thanks. I would think MAX AC with the heat set at hot. A GREAT way to eliminate moisture inside a vehicle is to run the AC in the winter with the heat. First learned this trick when my Hyundai Elantra would turn on the AC when you selected defrost. REALLY pulls out the moisture!
Photomike 10/18/17 05:31pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Keep plugged in or disconnect battery when parked

With my truck camper I kept it plugged in 24/7/365 when not on the road. With the Class C I have a "small" solar panel that keeps the phantom draws in check but just so I leave unplugged most of the time and maybe once every month or two will plug in for a day or two just to help the solar keep up.
Photomike 10/18/17 05:29pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Truck camper alternatives

I loved my TCer and would still have it today except for the fact that I wanted a unit that I could go from the front to the back without going outside. I have a small class C that is about the same length as my truck and camper was so that is not an issue. Thing I liked about the TCer was that it was narrower at the wheel base then the class C, the class C house is a lot wider and makes narrow roads a challenge.
Photomike 10/15/17 08:13am Truck Campers
RE: spare tires

I have a spare but at this time no jack as I have roadside and I am thinking it is better to at least have the spare for the small town or the late at night need for a new tire. I also carry a 12V compressor to top up if it is a slow leak. I have been thinking of adding a can of stop leak as well just in case. My issue is with my health, if I could take it slow I would be okay but if I had to rush on the side of a highway then it would be better to call someone.
Photomike 10/15/17 08:07am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Where have all the Northern Lites gone?

My search for used Northern Lite 10-2 CDs has turned up practically nothing. New ones seems to be more available but certainly not abundant. Am I missing something? Used have always been in demand. Some locally to me but a lot are listed and sold right away if the price is reasonable.
Photomike 10/12/17 01:06pm Truck Campers
RE: Charging battery from Generator

Frig is a two door standard RV refrigerator - Dometic. I assume it is an absorption type. Battery is a Group 27 12 volt Battery from Costco. Run the fridge on propane and 12V use is almost nothing.
Photomike 10/11/17 01:05pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Danger! Tree Limbs!

A few years too late for me :-) Was in Glacier National Park for my father's memorial service, driving to some of the spots he loved and was having a good time remembering him when I drove up from the boat launch area to hear a strange dragging noise. Drove around for another 20 or 30 minutes till I got back to the camp site and got out to see the luggage rack hanging off the roof on one side. It pulled the rack all the way back and bent it enough so I could reach up and snap it off, never did have a use for that. The part that made me the maddest was the cap for the bathroom sewer vent was gone as well. Went home and bought a new vent, filled the holes from one of the anchors for the rack and went on with life. A trip or two later I was coming up from the same boat launch and heard a noise, this time I stopped and picked up my sewer vent and put it back on. After that trip I put a strap over the vent to secure it!
Photomike 10/05/17 09:57pm Truck Campers
RE: Using over the winter - do I need to winterize

Thanks RckyMtnVia! I wasnt paying attention to the forecast :( I will probably watch some youtube videos and figure out how to do it myself on Sunday. Nobody mentioned using electrical tape on the pipes or the holding tank heaters. I guess those things arent too popular? If you have a cold weather unit the water lines are already inside then using electrical tape is really not needed, in fact even for a unit that is not cold weather rated it takes a lot to freeze and cause any damage. I have mine in the cold (-10C) lots of time and all I do is to open the taps to release pressure and as long as it warms up the next day you will be fine. If you are unsure then turn the furnace on low and open the cupboards and run the hot water tank (if you keep water in it) before bed till it is hot. Most, if not all, of the damage is caused by pipes that freeze hard then start to thaw but still have blockages of ice in the line then they refreeze again. When this happens the water that is refreezing is stuck and cannot expand down the pipe so it expands outwards thru the pipe causing it to burst. To have a hard freeze you need to have freezing temps for a couple of days and nights to get a hard freeze, one night will not do it unless we are talking -25C. I was reading an article the other day about when to winterize and the writer put it perfectly "You need to winterize when daytime and evening temperatures stay below freezing" and I would add or when you do not have heat on during that time. Yes air works, many people and places do use just air to blow out the lines of RV's and more for the winter. Just look at underground irrigation systems - blow out the water and you are done, no antifreeze in them. Problems will occur if you do not blow out all the water, then it settles and you can have freezing. I worked at a hotel that was only open in the summer, in the fall we would hook up the compressor and open all the taps for 20 or 30 minutes, flush the toilets till the flush box was as dry as you could get it and the water was out of the line, scoop out as much water as you could from the toilet bowl, add a cup of antifreeze to the flush box, toilet bowl and a half a cup to the sinks and shower drains and we were done. We would have a leak or two in the summer but most times it was from the person rushing or forgetting to open a tap. Remember that draining water is harder in the winter when it is really cold and the water has started to freeze so if you are going to do that open your low point drains and pull the water heater plug on your way back home and let it drain out while the camper and tanks are still warm. Worst thing (not that I have done that)is to think you are going out and then it turns REALLY cold and you need to drain when the valves are frozen and the water is already slush.
Photomike 10/05/17 08:39pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Buying a Former Rental Class C. How many of us out there?

DOMETIC'S PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE Just paid the tab at State Trailer RV & Outdoor Supply for a new 13.5 BTU Dometic Brisk II a/c unit, t-stat, and control box....about $1100 for my 2011 Majestic 27G (former Cruise America). The a/c died last month in the AZ heat. I was getting a E6 code of the t-stat, researched that up and it was humidity sensor fail code. Took it into State Trailer whom I like and trust, having bought lots of accessories there and gotten a lot of "newbie" info from the guys there. Any way, they contacted Dometic and offered some tricks to try and reset the error code, which did but then an E4 code kept coming up (open circuit, out of range outdoor sensor), Dometic said the t-stat was bad. State Trailer (ST) said they couldn't just replace t-stat with a new t-stat cause the wiring and my old a/c unit were not compatible (Dometic's Planned Obsolescence??? by not making new equipment downwardly compatible with older equipment), therefore the unit, the control box, wiring, and t-stat had to be replaced. FYI, the original wiring was telephone wire...??? ST and I tried for a couple days to find a used t-stat of my same model but to no avail. I did forget to check with the service dept at CA...duh.... I was in a hurry cause I needed my rig for a mountain bike race this weekend, so I had ST replace it all... can't not have a/c in AZ. ST did a great job putting the new equipment in and it cools (and heats great cause it's a heating control t-stat too) great, and I'm off for a long weekend mountain biking. I was just wondering if anybody else experienced this "planned obsolescence" of manufacturers before, and if this is common in the RV industry? MtnBikeMarty Not just in the RV industry in everything!!!
Photomike 10/05/17 09:18am Class C Motorhomes
RE: RVshare mention bank denied loan - any recourse

Seeing that the person joined today and only made one post I think they are either trying to start something or fishing. Best to just ignore it and hopefully this post will be closed soon.
Photomike 10/02/17 09:49pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Saw this at Menards the other day

I want to see pictures of the inside!!!!!!!!
Photomike 09/26/17 10:11am Truck Campers
RE: Best Built Class C Motorhomes

moisheh you facts ? fed X and others have run the death out of those engines and they still prr after 300k. MB engines have a huge failure rate and are VERY expensive to repair with limited repair centers. Outside of major centers few if any places repair them and parts are a big problem to get and when you do get them they are crazy expensive. Even companies that use them curse them as they are so hit and miss. One guy on a Sprinter forum has 6 of them and other than two that have been relatively trouble free (only requiring work every few months) most of his are off the road every couple of weeks. Transmission, Black Death, electronic issues, etc, etc. A Sprinter was my dream vehicle till I started to hear the stories and talked to owners of them. Even dealers will tell you that they are nothing but problems when they are being honest. Check some of the Sprinter forums or Google Sprinter problems. The biggest thing that make them so bad for campers is that they need to be worked hard and long regularly and when you only use your camper a week or two a year they die sitting.
Photomike 09/24/17 05:17pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Ever trade in a TC at an auto dealership...?

I found my truck camper on a auto dealers lot. The took a truck and the camper in on trade. Only bad part for me was they sold the truck before I came so I had to get a truck for the camper. I think it depends on the dealer and the deal as to if they will do it or not.
Photomike 09/22/17 02:24pm Truck Campers
RE: 19' Adventurer made for Fraserway in Canada by ALP

Three years ago I went to buy a Adventurer 19 at the dealer in Calgary. I was told that it was the best used RV available in the country, it was in amazing shape and I would be VERY impressed. My son and I drove two and a half hours to look at it, first impression was it was in good shape but sure not great shape. A lot of the fit and finish was falling apart from use, and it looked used. Took it for a test drive and we managed to get it up to 100kmph and at that speed I could not talk to my son sitting behind me at the table as the wind noise was insane. The salesperson was with me and thought it was acceptable that you could not talk while driving and she could not understand what the problem was. Since then I have heard a number of complaints from their camper and truck camper on new unites of issues like doors not closing, pieces falling off, and many times they did not stand behind the warranty telling one person that he caused the damage on a new unit by using it. Saying all that you may hear from people that like their units but this is my opinion on the units. As far as the dealer that you have to buy from Fraserway I can only say be careful. Three weeks ago my family and I were in Calgary and thought we would look at a class B that I have been eying. The only dealer in Calgary with one in stock was Fraserway the same one we test drove the 19' from. After the previous gong show and lies I was hesitant to go there but we decided that we would stop in as it was on our way and at least look at the unit to know if I was interested in the layout. A sales person took us to the Class B and the batteries were all dead, when she tried starting it all the alarms from tire pressure on up went off. She went and got it boosted and it died when she brought it to us. When I finally could look at it the unit was a pig pen - garbage on the floor, in the cupboards, stains everywhere including a prominent satin of human cause on the mattress. I looked down on the floor for what the clearance was between the table and a cabinet and the salesperson must have thought I noticed something there and then admitted to me that the floor needed to be rebuilt as it was rotten - on a unit less than two years old. She told me I should drive it even after I insisted that I did not want to and as we left the dealer's lot she told me I would have to be quick as the unit was out of fuel and if we stopped and shut the unit off we could not get it going so we could not fuel up. Yup I was not impressed, turned around after a couple block went back and we took off ASAP out of that lot! Side Note: I asked about a warranty on the ex rental and was told "Our units are in such amazing shape that you do not need a warranty", the salesperson also said that I could not even purchase an separate warranty if I wanted one. Since then another person mentioned that each Fraserway dealer is either run or owned separately so your experience may be different.
Photomike 09/21/17 07:53pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Need Some Advice Re. RV Refridgerator

I did the cooling unit and was VERY happy with it. Only supplier that said to do the cooling unit only did not sell fridges, go figure!
Photomike 09/21/17 12:12pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Majestic 19G - This is strange!

So they have removed the 19G from their for sale section of the web site. I have tried calling and finding out what is happening and have not got thru. I have sent so many people to them this year that ask about mine, maybe they are out :B I have a friend that wanted one and was going to call.
Photomike 09/20/17 04:23pm Class C Motorhomes
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