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RE: Overhead Squeaking/Creaking Noise

You have my sympathy for squeaks.... not one of my finer moments when I have to put up with them. :M :M
Photomike 06/26/17 06:36pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Buying a Former Rental Class C. How many of us out there?

Before I put this to rest - I need to make sure I've given the Cruise America model a fair analysis. There are currently a couple things that make me pause, and I need to understand if there are potential solutions that I can live with - or move off CA for good. 1.) The single battery vs dual battery. I'm concerned that in the future if I want to add solar and an inverter that the Cruise America 23A will not allow it. Are there other options for the battery (even if it costs more) to be able to add the second one somewhere? Hanging bracket under the coach? Somewhere inside with Lithium maybe? I don't plan to boondock immediately - I'll be at campgrounds. Anything else that the single battery limits me on? Can I still run A/C or the microwave on shore power? 2.) Backup camera. I read somewhere that someone tried to install a backup camera on the Cruise America coach and couldn't run the wires, so had to go wireless - but the wireless was buggy and cut out. Is this true? A backup camera is high on my list for safety as a new driver. 3.) Anything else that is non standard that would be critical to know? Am I limited in what can be install on the roof? Does the hardwired electric cord cause any "gotchas". Stuff like that. 4.) Do the CA rigs have the black water flush like the Coachmen Leprechaun I've been looking at with El Monte RV? Hopefully some of the folks that bought from Cruise America will be able to let me know if I'm worrying for nothing. The pricing difference for me is substantial, even when I add back things like the awning. Since the difference is roughly 5 months of living expenses on the road - I really need to make sure I'm giving the CA rig a fair evalution. You don't say if you have a generator or not. My 19G does not have one so I used the space for a custom battery tray that holds 4 6V easily. Plus I have extra space and space for a 12V if I wanted one. http://www.firstchoicephoto.ca/camper/Majestic037.JPG
Photomike 06/25/17 02:50pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Host throne issue solved.

WOW that is high. Most of my family would need an elevator forget the stool :-)
Photomike 06/24/17 05:37pm Truck Campers
RE: Shortest Class C Recommendations

That Majestic 19 footer is about as space efficient as I have ever seen in such a short length. I would have thought there is enough of a market demand to sell them direct to the general public. Maybe one day. From my previous post..... Re Majestic RVs I hear the comment a lot that it is surprising that Majestic does not sell their units to the public and here is what I have found out. Cruise America, Cruise Canada and some smaller rental places have an agreement with Majestic that they will buy a set number of units per year to replace the units that have run up the required mileage (and they know this number down to a science). With this agreement Majestic has a guarantee each year to sell X number of units all without retailing anything. This also builds a demand for the units and Majestic is not completing with the rental companies to sell and lowering the ability of them to sell to finance new purchases. When you think about it this is a really smart business idea as Majestic cuts out all the middle men, they are able to schedule production based on a set demand that they know years before and they will never be stuck with surplus stock. The only thing that could change this is if the rental companies switched suppliers but I have heard that there is a ownership tie in between two of the rental companies and Majestic. Once in awhile low mileage units come on the market because of an accident or a close out sale but that is all I have ever seen.
Photomike 06/23/17 11:10am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Shortest Class C Recommendations

I am so jealous that you two have a Majestic! They are so hard to find and priced accordingly :/ Majestic is just the house "brand" that CruiseAmerica uses, I assume custom built to their specifications by one or more of the major RV makers. Typically they have a number of used ones for sale, listed on their web site. If you look there, they are not too hard to find and in my opinion priced appropriately for what they are. Right now there are non available any place and won't be till at least September unless it is a private seller. I was offered $20,000 over what I paid for mine, if I did not want to use it this summer I would sell and buy another in the fall to replace it.
Photomike 06/21/17 04:40pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Shortest Class C Recommendations

Max, Thanks for posting the photo with the dimensions. It almost looks like two people under say 5'9" could sleep angled north-south with their feet almost meeting. I wonder why they didn't use a conventional cabover to give more room at the front. You asked and they are doing :B The new units (this years ones they bought) have a traditional cab over design with more room but the trade off is no more fiberglass one piece nose. They also have windows that open in the cab over but for me not a big difference as I prefer to keep the roof vent open.
Photomike 06/21/17 01:01pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Shortest Class C Recommendations

I may be a little late on this thread. But just wanted to give my opinion as a owner of a Majestic 19G. We personally think it's a very convenient size, mainly because we are okay with the bed in the overhead cab. It's decent size, bed is technically queen size (and even larger). The headroom is better than on some other Class C because of the bubble shaped overhead cab. We've been travelling and sleeping in this RV for the past 80 nights and still feel this is very comfy. We've added a memory foam mattress topper and it helps (I wouldn't advise using the original "mattress"). We've seen the floor plan on bigger Class C's and what they call B+ like "BT Cruisers". To be honest, we definitely prefer our floorplan since we keep the table as a table and the bed as a bed. We also like the single rear wheel, the V8 instead of V10. We fit in a normal parking space, we've parked in cities, parallel parking... We were also able to go any road where there is a 22ft length limit. Plus, we've parked on BLM lands with dirt roads where I probably wouldn't go with a larger rig (rough roads), when you go down steep hills, the portion of vehicle behind the rear wheels is a lot shorter on a 19ft. But! The Majestic unit might be pretty basic for some. We've added Solar panel, Larger deep cycle battery, 1000w inverter, Maxxfan, backup camera and so on. http://dotsonamap.ca/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Bed_small.jpg width=400 I need to see some pictures of the solar, I would love to add some more. I had the original mattress restuffed and it did not do a lot :-( so I added a topper that helped. Yes it is great having a bed, I never take mine down and love the fact that it is always ready. I am thinking of a ladder to make it easier to climb up.
Photomike 06/20/17 10:12pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: camping policy at national parks

The two RV / vehicle rule is usually the same at most campgrounds, I know I have run up against this before. When I had my Tcer I bought a tent trailer as not all the family would be able to sleep in the TCer........ you guessed it "Sorry only one RV per site". BUT if you showed up with a 42' Class A towing a crew cab long box pick-up you could take any single site EVEN if you could not fit everything in it. Sorry a sore point :-) :-)
Photomike 06/19/17 06:52pm Truck Campers
RE: Buying a Former Rental Class C. How many of us out there?

I also discovered that there is a small solar panel already installed. Looks like a trickle charge for the house battery. Anyone else find one of these on their CA? VERY little charge, it adds some but not a lot of charge. I have found after a couple months of sitting that you need to plug in to top off.
Photomike 06/14/17 05:51pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: leaking

I don't think the post should have said "all class C's will leak" I think it should have said "All Class C's have the potential to leak" just like all other RV's. Years ago someone posted "imagine that your stick house is subjected to a major earthquake everyday, that is what your RV goes through when you are driving. That is so true, even a basic class B with only a roof vent could leak. In fact I know cars and SUV's that have developed road noise and leaks around the doors. Like everything keep up with maintenance and hopefully you will be ahead of any leaks.
Photomike 06/10/17 08:41am Class C Motorhomes
WOW a Tcer / Class c

May have been posted before..... TCer
Photomike 06/09/17 07:07pm Truck Campers
RE: Full timing in a truck camper.

You might want to consider added springs, or airbags or upgraded shocks. I will share some sage advice from a long time and experienced truck camper, this is the approach I am taking on the TC we just bought and picking up this weekend. His advice is, not to add any upgrades until first driving the truck with the camper, to determine if any issues present themselves requiring a mod, then address them as needed. He points out far too often folks add suspension mods based on what others may have or say and may spend more money than needed or get the wrong suspension mod. Makes sense to me. X2
Photomike 06/06/17 08:56am Truck Campers
RE: Black tank cleaning problem.

I was told years ago to fill the black tank with some extra water when leaving the campground (if you dump at or near home) or the night before the last day (if you dump at the campground)and let it sit overnight. Then dump and you are good. So far it has worked fine and I don't use any additives. One suggestion for a good cleaning was to buy a bag of ice, fill the black tank and dump the ice in as you are driving. The ice scrubs the tank with the movement and then melts so you can dump.
Photomike 06/04/17 10:39am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Buying a Former Rental Class C. How many of us out there?

Not "reconditioned" to your satisfaction? Well why did you buy it then? Were you forced or coerced? The only included warranty is one of limited powertrain...engine, trans, rear axle. An aftermarket service contract is available for purchase. No but I did drive 3 hours for the unit that I was told would be reconditioned, took the day off work and my wife took the day off as well to do that - I was just hoping that they would have lived up to what they advertise and the fact I was told the extra keys would be here in a month. The repairs were easy for me to do as there were not a lot but someone that was not comfortable in doing them would have been in trouble.
Photomike 06/03/17 10:48am Class C Motorhomes

To the comments about the camera :p :p :p :B I don't always have one with me, okay most of the time but not always! Frank nice looking rig as well. The one I saw had storage between the camper and the truck as well as storage bins on the side. If I went back to a TCer it would be a flat bed!
Photomike 06/02/17 09:13pm Truck Campers

I wish I had pictures of the unit I saw the other day. It was a Lance on a flatbed 5500 crew cab long bed. Drove by me on the highway when I was walking my dog. I can say it looks like someone knew what they wanted when they put this together. Would love to see some more pictures if anyone knows who this unit belongs to.
Photomike 06/02/17 07:08pm Truck Campers
RE: Buying a Former Rental Class C. How many of us out there?

When you buy used, everything on the motorhome is used. If you want one with all new components, then you have to buy new. They have a hundred or more 23A's for sale. You could have always picked one with less miles and therefore less wear on the above listed components. I agree with what you say about the used part BUT CA advertises reconditioned and I can assure you mine was not reconditioned!!!! In fact as I was signing I asked the sales person "Do the dishes come with the RV" and he said no they are taken out when we clean them for sale. WELL they were still in my unit!!! Plus a few other things that should have been looked after were not. He said the same thing, which must be a BS line from the company "If you find anything in the first month just call" well you can call but there ain't no one returning calls. Took me six months to get an extra set of keys that I was told I would have in a month then only one key worked of three. If that is how CA wants to run it, like you mentioned above, they should clearly say it "These are used, buyer beware!!".
Photomike 06/02/17 07:04pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Full timing in a truck camper.

I don't agree that you need to sell your house to full time. I know a number of people that live full time someplace but still own a home that they rent out. Why I think this is so important is that to sell a house and hit the road is setting yourself up for potential trouble. I also know people who have done that (sell the house) and found after a couple months due to unforeseen circumstances they were forced to move to a stick house and found themselves in financial trouble as they could not afford to buy because with retirement, sickness or other reasons the banks were not willing to finance. I strongly suggest that if you are looking at doing this you work out a back up plan in case..... Letting a grown child move into the home, renting it to a friend or family or doing something for fall back. I would even say if possible that you rent out the upstairs of a house and move your stuff into the basement or apartment in the house so you have a storage place. Yes you may not be severing all ties but at least you have a back up plan. Many will try full timing but sometimes it takes some work.
Photomike 06/01/17 11:37pm Truck Campers
RE: Sound deadening

Some folks have removed the interior paneling in the 'snout' and have 'insulated' it for better temperature control. They have used fiberglass or the silver bubble wrap material. The butyl tape might be an easier and better method. BE CAREFUL with the bubble wrap. You want the stuff that is designed for this not the standard stuff that you find at home repair stores. The home repair stuff is silver on both sides BUT it is plastic in the middle. After a few minutes you will start to smell it melting and a few minutes later the smoke will start. I started a motor home one time with the plastic stuff and could not figure out what was happening, got so bad that I had to shut it off and air it out while I was looking for the cause. Took the snout off and bingo, a few minutes removing the stuff and all was fine.
Photomike 05/30/17 09:09am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Value of Bigfoot Class C

Bigfoot MH's are hard to find and the people that do have them REALLY like them. Great insulation, good quality and built on a strong chassis they do demand more money then a standard unit. With that being said I would still negotiate big time on it. There is one close to me that has been for sale for a while as they also are asking in the higher range. All they can do is say no.
Photomike 05/29/17 09:13am Class C Motorhomes
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