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RE: Adventurer 19 RK

So I went for the test drive and I was not impressed. Here is a letter that I sent to the company when they asked about my experience..... Hello, yes I was contacted by one of your sales people in Calgary and she convinced me to drive up and take a Adventurer for a test drive. I have to say that I was more than a little disappointed after driving for 2.5 hours to look at the units that were being shown as "demo or sales" units. The sales person was right in that the unit was without squeaks and rattles but that is all that was impressive. I took a 23RB for a test drive, even though I went up initially to look at a 19RK, that was in part to the information provided by the sales person and in part at the recommendation of my son. I also wanted to take the 19RK out as well but after trying the 23RB I left the lot as fast as I could. On looking at the 23 there were a number of little things that were not right like pealing and missing silicone around the base of the shower, part of the roof air falling down, items in the unit that looked like it was not cleaned after the last person returned it from renting that I was told would be looked after but when I went to try the electric system nothing was hooked up. So on a demo unit I was unable to try the furnace, air conditioner, lights or generator. I still decided to take it for a test drive and like I said before I was impressed with the lack of noise in the form of rattles and squeaks but when I was driving the unit I was unable to hear my son sitting at the table directly behind me. I thought that it seemed very noisy from the wind but it was not till I returned back to the lot did I see the cause of the noise. When the sales person opened the RV door a pile of black weather stripping, the kind that you would get from Home Depot or Rona, was pealing off the door. This foam insulation was used to try and quiet the wind noise and was stuffed around the door leading from the RV. I have had an RV long enough to know that something like this is not a repair but a make shift stop gap measure that should have been repaired correctly before the unit was ever put up for a test drive. After seeing the issues I got off the lot as quick as possible without trying the 19. Buying a unit at the prices that are being asked and not getting any type of warranty with the issues that are present during the demo ride is not something that I want to get into. Hope this helps.
Photomike 04/27/16 07:37pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Here I go to the dark side......... maybe

It takes true effort to seek the "perfect" RV whether it's a TC or a class A - it's time consuming work. You should not rule out the smaller class A's - you might be surprised. At some point you may want to add a tow vehicle. A tow vehicle can handle additional load, like a trailer, and it allows for greater mobility than a pickup truck. And it can serve as a daily driver if not on the road. That is the problem, I don't want to tow a vehicle as a lot of the shooting that I do is when I am driving and it is really hard to drive down side roads and do U turns to get back to something when you are too long. If I drove to a spot and set-up for a few days then towing a vehicle would be great. I have thought of it but the problem is that many times I don't have the time to do this when traveling.
Photomike 04/26/16 09:01am Truck Campers
RE: Here I go to the dark side......... maybe

If you want a nice practical Class B: You could always built your own if you are a handy type, or hire a someone to do it for you... Fix it up the way you want it, then you know what you have. or hire someone to do it, you don't need all that bling of the super expensive Roadtreks etc.., junky Class C's etc... The commercial B's all look like they are dragging on the ground ready to rip something off at the first bump... Practical Class B's VERY sensitive topic as I would love to and have looked at a couple empty shells. It is sad that with the prices that they are asking for some of the Sprinters that they would not build them better / more practical.
Photomike 04/25/16 09:02pm Truck Campers
RE: Why did the front plug/connection come into being on TCs?

Good question. My thinking is that it is closer to most power centers on the TCer's (they seem to be up front so less run of cords to the back of the truck then back to the front in the camper), also at the back of the truck most people wanted to tow something so they did not want to use that plug and there was not another convenient place to put it at the back and still reach it when loaded.
Photomike 04/25/16 06:50pm Truck Campers
Here I go to the dark side......... maybe

Well a lot of things have happened in the past little while that got me looking at upgrading/ switching to a new RV. My health has not deteriorated a lot over the past few months but enough that I thought it was a good time to look at a RV that I can walk from the cab to the camper without going outside and something with a bed on the lower level. Also, I took my truck in for a check up and my mechanic gave me a list of potential repairs that will be needed in the next few months (I ask him to do this so I can have an idea of what is coming up so I can budget for it). Well there are only a few things that he can see needing to be fixed but there is a few other things that he said may have to be looked after soon. So that got me wondering if it is time to switch / upgrade my RV. I looked at a number of RV's and have eliminated TT, 5ths and Class A's from the list as they do not fit my needs. That has left me with buying a new truck and camper, a Class B or a Class C. I did a lot of research and today drove 300km's to look at some class c's that I liked the look of and the size. WOW was I disappointed!!!! I do not want to buy new for a couple of reason's so I looked at ones that are slightly used. The first one the company said it was in great shape and it was overall but there was a lot of little things that it needed, then when I took it on a test drive I could not hear my son talk as the wind noise was so bad from the side camper door. When I stopped I opened the door and there was a pile of weather stripping from a hardware store stuffed in and falling off the door so this is not something that was new. So I went over to try the second unit and it was not in as good of shape overall but with the price and the fact they offered a warranty I was not to worried about it. Took it for a test drive and the rattles and the banging drove me NUTS in only a couple blocks. I stopped in a parking lot to check things out and the original workmanship was horrible. Hinges on crooked, blinds not installed correctly and a lot of upgrades that need to be done to the entire unit to make it liveable, so much for first impressions being that it was not so bad. So that puts me back at this time to either keeping my truck and camper combo or upgrading to a new unit. I have heard a lot of complaints about truck campers but seeing these class C's I think we are doing pretty good!
Photomike 04/25/16 06:27pm Truck Campers
RE: Adventurer 19 RK

We are thinking of purchasing a 2013 Adventurer RK. Does anyone have any experience with this model, good or bad? We are aware that it is an ex-rental and what to expect, but looking for any advice that people may have for us. Thanks in advance! I am going to test drive one either tomorrow or Monday so I am also wondering.
Photomike 04/23/16 08:19pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Snacks / light meal ideas

Some great ideas, I need to start a list that I can look at when I run out of ideas. As for gas station sushi...... maybe not :-) I do like stopping for fresh fruit when in season but I find that many times I don't have fruit at other times of the year as it does not last in -30 temps very well. Keep the ideas coming!
Photomike 04/21/16 09:34am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
Snacks / light meal ideas

I hate it when I stop someplace for fuel and all they have are greasy chips, not that I don't eat them but I know that I shouldn't, and after a couple days of chips as snacks I don't feel the best. As well when I am on the road I find that many times I am trying to get someplace to shoot at a certain time and I tend to skip meals that take time to prepare which again is not something that is a good idea. So what are your snack/ light (and/or fast) meal ideas for on the road? I like things that can be brought into the cab in the morning and then eaten when I have time. For me Jerky, beef sticks, trail mix, cheese and crackers are my go to ones but I am getting bored with these. So put your ideas here so I can use some of the good ones on my next trip
Photomike 04/20/16 12:52pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Carrying/ storing an electric bike

Bedlam I was more concerned about the carrier than anything as they say only 45 lbs on each spot or 90 lbs total weight. I thought of doing the same thing with my cargo carrier but again to close to the door.
Photomike 04/15/16 03:27pm Truck Campers
RE: Carrying/ storing an electric bike

So after a lot of playing I think I am happy with the carrier and how it is mounted. I added an extension to bring it back a little further so I could open the door. Then made a wobble stopper out of a exhaust clamp. Did not add the second carrier closest to the door as I do not need it, when my son comes with his bike it is small enough to go in the back of the camper and if my wife ever comes we can take the trailer that has mounts on the top to carry the bikes. Played with a lot of ideas and this seems to be the best so far. Was concerned about the weight so weighed everything: Bike with panniers & battery - 54.8 lbs Bike with everything removed - 40.8 lbs Battery only - 7.6 lbs http://www.firstchoicephoto.ca/tc/bikecarrier001.jpg http://www.firstchoicephoto.ca/tc/bikecarrier003.jpg http://www.firstchoicephoto.ca/tc/bikecarrier002.jpg
Photomike 04/15/16 01:49pm Truck Campers
RE: Carrying/ storing an electric bike

Is it feasible to mount a receiver on the side of the truck just ahead of the rear tire and plug your bike carrier into it? Might look a little odd but, it puts it in a place that would be out of the way of everything else... or not! LOL Gary I thought of that, including mounting on the roof :B
Photomike 04/14/16 01:20pm Truck Campers
RE: Is a truck camper right for me?

Some good advice so far, my experience was this. Bought a Northern Lite camper for me and the two boys and hoping that the wife would want to come along. Traveled a lot with the two boys - me in overhead bunk, one boy on the table/bed and one that slept on the floor. Floor was as comfortable as any bed and the boys would fight over being able to sleep there. Worked great BUT limited movement at night. Wife does not like coming with because of whatever is the most convenient excuse for the day so that is not a problem. Did a trip with the ENTIRE family to the coast (me, wife, 2 daughters, 2 boys and the dog) We brought a tent and me and one of the boys got kicked out to the tent. Worked good but it was CROWDED for driving and sleeping. Another year one of the daughters wanted to come with so bought a tent trailer. WOW talk about a lot of space when they are opened up!! Only issue with the tent trailer was setting up/ taking down and it did not have a heater so a couple nights it was cold! Sold tent trailer for more than I paid for it - IF it had a furnace I would have kept it as it was amazing how big it was when set up. Wife would not sleep in it as it was not hard sided but honestly in the spring/summer and fall it was amazing and talk about easy to pull!! So I am at the point now that the two girls and one boy are on their own and it is only me and my one boy that goes camping, the TCer is perfect now. A lot depends on the age of the kids and how long you think they will be around. Some of the big TCers are amazing, more usable room than other Rv's in my opinion. Looked at a few class A's and they may have floor space but really not a lot have lots of beds.
Photomike 04/13/16 05:08pm Truck Campers
RE: Battery vs refrigerator...

A fridge can use power or it can use zero power when running depending on the fridge and its age, you should check this out so you know. My fridge uses zero power when running on gas, in fact when I replaced the cooling system I never even hooked up the 12V so I would not switch it on by mistake. As for battery use I can go over a week on one charge (group 31) as long as I am not using the furnace. Lights are LED so draw next to nothing, fridge uses nothing, only big draw is the water pump and that is not on long enough to do anything.
Photomike 04/13/16 09:24am Truck Campers
RE: Carrying/ storing an electric bike

Is it a folding bike? We sit both of ours under the dinette table when traveling without the trailer. Remove the battery and fold down the handle bars then push thru the door and fold in half and it slips under the table. A couple of handy hinges from Walmart, a hacksaw and you could make a modification to a standard bike LOL. Love to see a pic of what you come up with. Not folding and no hacksaw :B
Photomike 04/13/16 09:19am Truck Campers
RE: Carrying/ storing an electric bike

FYI I modified my cargo carrier with a hitch extension so the bike rack mounts behind the cargo carrier. A couple of anti-rattle fittings keep it pretty steady. I also replaced the 4 bike posts with shorter ones for 2 bikes only. Hope this helps, You are not helping things :-) I am considering that as well but it puts the carrier way behind the camper and really not sure how it would do with the weigh. I need to weight the bike and see how much I am dealing with. If I did that I thought of putting a platform on the top of the one side of the carrier and a small set of stairs to the ground from the carrier and not using the larger stairs at all. The good part of that is that I can secure the bike to the carrier at night and could use the door when traveling. More research :-)
Photomike 04/12/16 06:35pm Truck Campers
RE: Carrying/ storing an electric bike

Okay went shopping yesterday and got a carrier. Decided to go with a carrier that the wheels sit on as the ones that hold the top bar would not work as the bike top bar is angled. Got a double hitch receiver as well. Did not go with the swing away carrier as it was a lot more money, only could find one that held the bike using the top bar and I honestly didn't think it would work with the cargo rack and the crazy weight of the bike was a concern. Started assembling last night and tried many configurations and decided so far that the best solution is to drop the cargo rack and only carry the bike carrier. The main reason for the cargo rack is a second battery in cold weather, a place to put the generator and to rest the stairs. As the bike will be carried in warmer weather I really do not need the second battery or generator and I can put the stairs inside. Also as I am only looking to carry one bike I can mount the carrier close to the camper and the bike is not hanging way out back. So only problem that I came up against is that the back of the camper is not accessible when the bike is there. Honestly I do not go in the back much when driving but not sure that I like this, so will have to think about it for a few days. Will take some pictures when I finally decide on the final solution.
Photomike 04/12/16 12:47pm Truck Campers
RE: Carrying/ storing an electric bike

Bought at Cabelas, a thing that goes into hitch, but has 2 female ends. Higher and lower. So you can attach both a bike carrier, and a hitch haul. I was wondering about something like that, think I may visit a hitch dealer tomorrow and see if he has anything. I like the swing away carrier idea and if I used the double receiver then I would not have to use the carrier.
Photomike 04/10/16 06:27pm Truck Campers
RE: Ultimate off road camper (found on craigslist)

I love mogs as well, they are a unique vehicle and this one is VERY unique :-) 1/2 mog + 1/2 VW van :-)
Photomike 04/10/16 12:20pm Truck Campers
RE: Carrying/ storing an electric bike

The added weight are mostly from the battery and the electric motor. We have discussed removing the battery. If the motor is on the front - why not remove the front tire/rim/motor and store in either the truck or the camper? Yes will remove the battery (does weigh a little!), motor is on rear wheel and is a MAJOR job to remove and reinstall. Front is on a quick release so that would not be an issue but rear is bolted.
Photomike 04/10/16 10:46am Truck Campers
RE: Carrying/ storing an electric bike

Why not get bike carrier to fit on your ladder? I've attached 3 bikes to mine before. Weight is my issue. The electric assist bike is VERY heavy (even with the battery removed) and I don't think the ladder would hold on some of the rough roads that I drive on.
Photomike 04/10/16 08:59am Truck Campers
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