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RE: Fuel discounts

The last time I used my Good Sam card, I only got a two cents a gallon discount at a Flying J. I asked at the checkout, and the lady said that's what it is.
Popsie 05/04/17 06:34am General RVing Issues
RE: Slimline aiming - V's in the trees

I use the SAToolzDirecTV app, and have often found holes in trees, etc. If the situation warrants, I use it first to determine where to set up my tripod, and then to get the antenna aimed in the best direction.
Popsie 04/26/17 04:11pm Technology Corner
RE: Brand recommendations

We have a 2001 model year DP purchased new in 2000. It has over 100,000 miles all over 49 states (except Hawaii). We full-timed for a number of years, and now only do six to nine months a year in the RV. We have it serviced every year and have full records. If I were looking for a motor home now, I wouldn't hesitate to buy ours. However, IT IS NOT FOR SALE! If we were to look for a used motorhome now, I would look at either PPL or Lazydays. I've dealt with both of them for parts and service, and am very convinced that they are competent and above board in the way they do business. If you look at their websites, you can see what is available and at what cost. It will give you a good basis to assess what you might be able to get for what you want to spend. EDIT: IMO look for Diesels, not gas, and get something old enough that you don't have to deal with the DEF stuff. of course, YMMV
Popsie 04/26/17 01:59pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: RV Parks You Love Then You Hate Them You Need Them

The biggest issue I see is the co-mingling of the two different types of folks that normally stay in an RV park. I think this needs further clarification. ;) Well, we've stayed in RV parks in every state except Hawaii, and every where we've gone I've observed that there are two types, the male and the female.
Popsie 03/19/17 06:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: Rremoval of MegaBackup and MacKeeper from Mac

Flash Player is used by lots of malware as the entry method into your computer. There is no good reason to have flash, just get rid of it.
Popsie 03/11/17 08:17pm Technology Corner
RE: golf cart insurance

did you ask the golf card dealer?
Popsie 02/25/17 09:11pm General RVing Issues
RE: Satellite observation.

I don't have a working crystal ball, but I've read several articles on the internet that say that satellite TV, over the air TV, and cable tV, are all on the way out. They say that the communications industry is aiming at a USA where everything is done over the internet, fiber cables to buildings, and widespread wifi including satellite constellations. It will connect to buildings, vehicles, boats, airplanes, equipment on your body or in your pockets, in your tents and RVs in parks and campgrounds, etc. That includes what we think of as broadcast television, Netflix type stuff, telephones, online learning, school rooms, business, government, etc. etc. etc. remote working, online shopping, online medical care, and things we have'nt thought of yet. Instead of investing in multiple competing technologies, a bigger and better internet of the future will do it all. The hope is that one way of communicating will be more efficient and more capable, and less expensive than building and maintaining multiple methods. Have you all been seeing these articles too?
Popsie 02/14/17 06:16pm Technology Corner
RE: Best Ex-Pat area for full time residency

Slightly off topic: We loved living in Western Europe before the EC disaster, but I wouldn't go back the way things are now. As mentioned, Switzerland is fantastic, and is not in the EC, but IIRC it was rather expensive. We think the British Isles are great, and the language is not so hard to learn, but it's not a cheap area either.
Popsie 01/23/17 08:49am General RVing Issues
RE: Best Ex-Pat area for full time residency

These experiences are not recent: Our oldest son lived in Panama for several years and liked it - no problems. We've been to Mexico many times, and were happy with our visits, but wouldn't consider it now due to the news we read about crime. We have friends who own a house in San Miguel de Allende. They used to go down for several months every year and rent it out the rest of the time. Now they only rent it out and do not go down. We've also visited most of Costa Rica, and found it to be very pleasant and friendly to Americanos, but we didn't live there. You might consider making a short list and visiting the contenders for a month or so at a time before making a decision. You need to look at the whole situation including taxation and medical care. When we were in Costa Rica and considering moving there, we could have shipped cars and furniture etc. duty free when relocating, but I've heard that now they tax all your "imports" which is a problem. A good factor then was low cost good quality medical care, but I don't know if that's changed. best of luck!
Popsie 01/23/17 08:42am General RVing Issues
RE: The Future of SD Satellite Equipment

What I've been reading lately is that streaming video over the Internet is going to replace satellite TV, cable TV, and broadcast TV = it's just a matter of time. For example, look at DirecTVnow
Popsie 01/02/17 01:57pm Technology Corner
RE: Microwave removal

In our RV, the rear bottom of the microwave hooks onto a frame screwed to the wall behind it, and three bolts hold it up from above. Those bolds are hidden under the floor of the cabinet above, so I have to remove the cabinet floor to access those bolts. By the way, I'm older than you and have removed and replaced the microwave three times. The first time, I had it repaired, but the repair only lasted one year. So when the second one failed I replaced it, and when that one failed I replaced it with a more expensive Microwave Convection Oven. That one has lasted for years, and DW likes it better. BTW, since in our setup, the microwave swings down from the back lip when the bolts are removed, you might want to block it up before you remove the bolts then work it down. I used a stack of books to do this. YMMV
Popsie 12/18/16 07:01am Tech Issues
RE: shower door frame too low.

You might fabricate an upside down U shaped cross brace, bolt it to the low cross brace at each side, then cut away the head knocking middle of the existing cross brace. I'd estimate that this could be done in a couple of hours including a trip to Ace Hardware.
Popsie 12/17/16 06:52am General RVing Issues
RE: Router not connected to the Internet

I don't know if his will help your setup, but my wife has an iPad (which is also a cell phone) which she uses to download videos from Netflix over the internet, and she has an adapter that our daughter gave her that connects to the iPad on one end and to an HDMI cable on the other. She uses that to connect the iPad to the TV and plays the movies that she has downloaded onto the iPad. It seems very simple to use (not that I have done any of it). I think the key is the phone plug to HDMI connector.
Popsie 12/07/16 02:57pm Technology Corner
RE: Direct TV portable satellite

Here is the DirecTV kit that I ordered. I use it with the HR44-200 receiver from home. We use this sort of setup and have for years. We have 200' of cable, so when we are located under trees, etc. we can move the dish to a location where we have a clear direction to see the satellites. With the roof dish, if your RV site isn't open to the satellites, you're out of luck. It's a lot less expensive than the roof mounted automatic dish. We use dishpointer to get the settings for pointing the antenna.
Popsie 11/21/16 05:56am Technology Corner
RE: Cover for 1958 Dalton Glamper

You might consider a portable garage, instant garage, etc. That would be a tent with a metal frame and a water/snow proof cover that you park your trailer inside. There are lots of those available in may sizes. The main thing is that they keep the snow/rain cover off of your trailer which keeps you form getting mold on your trailer (which always seems to happen when you cover an RV with a tarp cover).
Popsie 11/19/16 10:22am General RVing Issues
RE: DirecTV and Genie

$25/month for what? Each receiver cost $6 or $7/month, not $25. The technical problem is that DTV does not think you can have a 5 tuner Genie plus 2-2 tuner DVR's as that is 9 tuners and a standard antenna can only handle 8. I am sure that you understand that a mini-Genie will not get any programming at all unless connect to a Genie (wired or wireless). Not 100 percent sure what you are hoping to do.In our stick house we have a Genie (records 5 channels) and two older recorders that each record 2 channels for a total of 9 that can record at the same time. The antenna (SL3 for us) sees all the available channels from the satellites. Just like an over the air TV antenna, each channel is separate because they are on a different frequency. The cable from the antenna has a wide enough bandwidth to carry all the channels at the same time. This is how it has to work, because when you change channels, your DTV box tunes to a different frequency for each channel. Your DTV configuration probably has one antenna cable coming (through a SWM power inserter) into an eight way splitter. Any signal coming out of that splitter can also be split again with a two-way or four-way splitter or whatever. Anyway, all of the channels the antenna can see are available on any cable split off from the cable coming down from the antenna. Of course you cannot split the signal too many times because each split lowers the signal strength available to the box on the end. This can be overcome by inserting high bandwidth high fidelity amplifiers although there are eventual limitations with this approach (to say nothing of cost implications). Think about a cable TV network servicing an entire community. They manage to capture the television signals and split them out to hundreds or thousands of homes spreading over miles of distance.
Popsie 11/16/16 04:23am Technology Corner
RE: norcold rv refrigerator

I do not have a Norcold refrigerator - however, My refrigerator has an external grill on the outside wall behind the refrigerator to let air in (it goes out the top). If I remove the grill, I have access to the refrigerator's AC power cord, and the 110v outlet that it's plugged into. It would be easy for me to put a meter on the outlet and verify whether or not the refrigerator is getting good AC power. YMMV
Popsie 11/08/16 01:40pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: US mountain west in May

One year we were tent camping in Yellowstone for the 4th of July. We got about 4 feet of snow. It was beautiful, but it took several days to get out of there.
Popsie 11/07/16 08:49am General RVing Issues
RE: Dipstick for diesel fuel tank

Are you saying it's flaky because it does not agree with the dash MPG and gallons used or for some other reason? The fuel gauge goes all over the place, high and low. I plan to get it fixed when we get home next year. In the mean time, I don't want to end up out of fuel with the gauge saying half full. My current plan is to stop and fill up every few hundred miles. I've gone over 900 miles between refueling in the past, but it just bugs me to look down and see the gauge down by empty when I think it can't be.
Popsie 11/03/16 07:34am Tech Issues
Dipstick for diesel fuel tank

My fuel gauge seems sort of flaky lately. Is their a good way to come up with something like a dipstick to measure the true fuel level? The fill port is on the side, and goes a couple of feet sort of horizontally before it opens into the tank, so I think I need something flexible that will dive down once inside the tank, and show where the fuel level really is. It has to sort of collect fuel or change color or something to show how deep it was into the fuel. Any ideas???
Popsie 10/31/16 04:39pm Tech Issues
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