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RE: Illegal GPS mounting

DW has the GPS on her armrest, and keeps me updated as we travel. I don't ever have to take my focus off the road to check the GPS. However, I regularly check my mirrors, all the instruments on the dash, and the rear view camera video (also on the dash) which does take my focus off the road and traffic ahead for moments. IMHO the mirrors require taking my attention away from the road ahead more than anything else, including how much the GPS would if it were on the dashboard.
Popsie 05/24/15 08:37am General RVing Issues
RE: Uneven tire wear

That sure sounds like an alignment problem.
Popsie 05/14/15 01:02pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Bump or indent

I've got several new tires with the "indent". Seems to be pretty common IME.Then it's a feature :)
Popsie 05/14/15 09:44am Tech Issues
RE: Bump or indent

You might put the picture and the explanation and the inspectors statement on a piece of paper, and get a notarized signature from him (or her), along with the name of the tire store, all the letters and numbers on the tire, etc. If the inspector is unwilling to sign, then contact the manufacturer and tell them you need a replacement tire because the inspector won't vouch for it. Added: You might inspect their inventory and see how common this uneven sidewall is.
Popsie 05/14/15 08:35am Tech Issues
RE: Beware the Danger Zone!

Hooking up our toad safely: First, I configure the tow bar to approximately the right location to connect to the toad baseplate - spread out to the right width + half way between all the way compressed and all the way extended. Second, I drive the toad up to be close to tow bar arms and closer to the RV than the final spacing. Third, I get out of the car and look, and if necessary I jockey the car around to be about where I want it (lined up with the tow bar arms, and closer than they will be when the arms extend and lock). Fourth, I connect the ends of the shortened tow bars to the base plate. Fifth, I back up the toad to latch the tow bars at their extended lengths. Sixth, if I can't quite get it right, I have DW get in the car and make some slow short movements - forward or back plus left to right - until both tow bars latch. Even if she gunned it, she couldn't squash me because I'm standing to the side, and the collapsed tow bar arms will stop the car before it can get all the way to the RV.
Popsie 05/13/15 03:41pm Dinghy Towing
RE: MH crashes into home in Florida I75

Brakes don't work during a blowout on a Class A. In fact it makes it worse! Here's an excerpt from the FMCA website: The man said he had completed the course at FMCA’s convention in Perry, Ga., in March. Soon after, he experienced a tire blowout on his coach. He slammed on the brakes, and his coach was about to flip. “Suddenly he remembered what we had discussed during the course in Perry and recalled what to do. What that grateful FMCA member did was follow the advice given in the RVAA RV Safe Driving Course: In case of a blowout or rapid loss of air on either axle, stab the accelerator to the floor to regain momentum in the intended direction of travel before gently removing your foot from the accelerator. Do not apply the brakes. I've had RV left front and sedan right rear blowouts. In both cases I was on a curve in the road, and the blowouts did not alter the direction of travel (left front tire on right hand curve in RV, right rear tire on right hand turn in sedan), nor did they change my momentum. I kept steering to follow the road, and immediately used the brakes to slow down and get off onto the side of the road. What is the factor that would make you change direction when you have a blowout? The only thing I can think of is a poorly designed suspension and steering system, or yanking on the steering wheel in a panic attack. Also, I was going 55mph in the RV, and around 100 mph in the sedan (on a German Autobahn). The immediate affect of the blowouts was noise, not any affect on the steering or direction of travel. Those of you have who have experienced blowouts, what happened to you as a driver? Oh yeah, I also had a blowout in a Corvair, and it was unsafe at any speed.
Popsie 05/13/15 08:26am General RVing Issues
RE: Directv -- install problem and fix

I'm sure some switches will work fine. I just posted for information purposes. If the receiver can't find the satellite, try bypassing the switch. Our local CW service department was talking about running new coax. Popsie, I'd like to keep the switch in play so we can just pop the antenna up when we don't want to mess with the dish. You wouldn't happen to know the manufacturer of your Antenna / Cable switch would you? Thx . . .I bought it on Amazon a few years ago. It looks like the A/B push button switch from Cables to Go that's on Amazon now.
Popsie 05/13/15 07:00am Tech Issues
RE: Directv -- install problem and fix

Can't be any splitters or switches in the line. Direct run only. I don't know if we are talking about the same stuff, but my TV is on now and DW is watching a DirecTV channel. The setup is, DTV SL3 antenna on a tripod, cable to a SWM power inserter, from the inserter to a one to two splitter (one output connected to the DTV box in the bedroom), and the other cable goes to the front where it goes through a splitter before connecting to the DTV box. The front splitter allows choosing between the tripod SL3 antenna (for HD) and an old roof mounted antenna (SD only) when I don't feel like putting out the SL3 antenna (weather usually drives that decision).
Popsie 05/11/15 01:52pm Tech Issues
RE: What's the cheapest way to get 15gb of data per month?

If you use a laptop or an iPad, and are willing to drive around away from the RV park, consider http://www.wififreespot.com. If you are anywhere near civilization, you should be able to find all the access you need.
Popsie 05/10/15 09:15am Technology Corner
RE: directv occasional use

I've heard that AT&T has made a deal to buy DirecTV, and that to get in line with AT&T, DirecTV is adapting their customer support to be more Company oriented and less customer oriented.
Popsie 05/04/15 05:22am Technology Corner
RE: Insurance

I had them decades ago for car insurance and had a problem, but that probably is irrelevant now. However, they use misleading advertising for car insurance which would make me stay away.
Popsie 04/20/15 07:10am Class A Motorhomes
RE: two questions

Some Velcro tape on the bottom of your cushions would probably do the trick. Try the wide tape, and put two on the bottom of each cushion running from front to back. If it doesn't work you can take it off.
Popsie 04/10/15 06:42am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Toyo vs. Hankook tires

Had a TOYO blowout. We have Firestone (made in USA) now. YMMV
Popsie 04/08/15 08:08pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: iPad Update

When an update is available, I first do a backup with iTunes before installing the update. That way, if some problem comes with the new update, I can drop back to the previous version by restoring from iTunes.
Popsie 03/13/15 09:13pm Technology Corner
RE: Yookartik sofa

We store a lot of stuff under our sofa, which wouldn't be possible with this design - so it's a NO for me.
Popsie 02/28/15 07:35am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Funny Story

Not quite the same maybe, but some years back I bought a new station wagon and traded in my sedan. I paid with my trade-in and a loan from my credit union. I had a signed contract, got a temporary paper license plate, and took the wagon home. When the paper license plate was a few days from expiration, I went back to the dealer and they were closed down. I went to the DMV, and after a few run arounds, I learned that the bank that financed the dealer's inventory had foreclosed, and now owned by station wagon. I was given another temporary plate and registration, and I had to keep renewing that until the legal matters were resolved (almost a year) before I finally got a metal license plate and normal registration. The credit union was very supportive, but the DMV acted like I had the plague. Apparently my trade in was sold at auction.
Popsie 02/24/15 06:05am General RVing Issues
RE: Mail Forwarding Delay

We are in Tucson now. Using USPS tracking, I will find a status that says that the package has arrived. In fact, it has arrived in Tucson, but apparently Tucson mail is sent to Phoenix to be sorted and then sent back to Tucson to be delivered (or something crazy like that - I learned this at the Post Office, but they weren't very clear about what was going on). So the actual delivery may be days after the online tracking system says delivered. Also, the guy at the Post Office said that if you send something like a birthday card or invitation to a neighbor on your street, it may take days or a week before it is actually delivered depending on the backlog at Phoenix - which is processing the mail for a lot of Arizona towns and cities. I also have been told that all Colorado Springs mail is routed through Denver to be sorted for delivery. I assume this scheme is being used in many places. This is supposedly being done to cut costs. Another side effect is a reduction in the number of counter workers at local post offices leading to longer delays sending or picking up mail. Also, the personnel cuts are done based on how long a person has been with the Post Office (union rule apparently) which means that the person at the counter to "serve" you may be really good at delivery, but not so good at going through all the Post Office gobbledy gook to send mail overseas etc- which helps to back up the lines. Are any other members here running into these delays?
Popsie 02/24/15 05:54am General RVing Issues
RE: Camping World Quality

Hmmmm ....: Why is it then - if quality coming out of China can be "all over the map" depending directly upon the specs of the company/distributor ordering the manufacture of it - that in contrast, products coming from Germany are almost universally of good quality? Could it be that there is some kind of "national culture", or other related thing going on with the personnel and workers within the German industrial complex that helps quality along? If there is ... then I prefer products sourced from such places with that magic ingredient that helps quality along. I'm not sure that the Chinese industrial complex contains the national culture, or whatever other things, necessary to put together products like Germany does ... regardless of the build-specs imposed.We lived in West Germany for a number of years. There was definitely a "national culture" - imagine everyone cleaning the sidewalk and street in front of their home, workers in factories having great pride in the quality of their work, etc. However, when the wall came down there was an influx of East Germans who had lived under socialism who lacked the "national culture". Germany is still working to regain their culture, but I doubt that it will ever return to what it was before.
Popsie 02/20/15 08:29pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tucson Area Suggestions??

Last year at this time I stayed a couple of days at a resort South of Tucson. I think it was at exit 267 on I-10.....It was a gated place that had anything you could think of on site. I don't recall the name of it but they did have plenty of room and treated us real good. I was 45ft towing a enclosed car trailer and didn't have to unhook. Pull through sites with lots of room.I suspect you are referring to Voyager at exit 270. The only RV Park by exit 267 is Crazy Horse, and it doesn't have that much in the way of amenities or charm.
Popsie 02/19/15 03:02pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: what are the most common things that break?

After 13 years on our Class A diesel - half full time, half half time: Problems in order of annoyance: first plumbing; second electrical (12v and 120v); third appliances (furnaces, water heater, microwave, cooktop); fourth maintenance of engine, chassis, generator; and fifth furnishings including flooring. What burns my toast is having a problem that I will have to buy something (tools/parts/etc.) to accomplish the fix when the needed tools and parts are sitting in my storage but have been left behind. Therefore, I carry a half a dozen tool boxes plus lots of parts. Having to buy stuff not only costs money, it can cost a lot of time especially if you need something that isn't readily available where you happen to be when you need it (especially on our Alaska trips). Fortunately, we have plenty of space and weight carrying capacity to carry stuff we might not need.
Popsie 02/17/15 10:12pm General RVing Issues
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