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Cell phone/data comparison report

Root metrics study results
Popsie 08/24/15 11:38am Technology Corner
RE: SOOO Confused

Have yet to decide whether to go with the Brake Buddy "Patroit" system or the "Ready Brake" system! The local RV center swears by the patroit system and says the readybrake will create problemd with the toad brake sytem because of the constant braking and its response you do while on the road. I drive a 2006 Liberty Jeep and one of the drawbacks I saw with Patroit was the need to plug into Jeeps 12v sytem via cigarette lighter and reset the Patroit everytime you turned key off on RV; I.E. stop for gas and before starting on down the road you would need to go thru start procedure on the Patroit. They also say the ready brake would eventually brekdown due to and salt clogging up the cable sysem. Plus, the RV center wants over $3200 to install the patroit system. Need some input; Advise as to your experience with either or both of these two systems. Last, which would be the easiest to install on my own and if its the Patroit system how would I avoid the 12v draw on the jeep?? Thanks in advance for all your comments. I could see $3,200 if it were to include the Blue Ox base plate, tow bar and Patriot with installation. When we stop for gas or anything else, if I do not turn the ignition key "Off" then there is no need to reset the Patriot. Even if it is off the setup procedure takes all of two minutes. I bought the Patriot because Winnebago warns against using a surge type toad brake in the owner's manual. Ready Brake is a surge system. Exactly what is Winnebago's concern with a surge brake system. I don't know Winnegago's concern from Shinola - however, the type of system that Ready Brake uses is subject to Hysteresis. So, if you step on the brake (especially if you hit the RV brakes hard), the toad pushes forward into the back of the RV. This movement is mechanically transferred to the toad brake through a lever and a cable. Then the cable pulls on the toad brake pedal as though a driver had stomped on the pedal. The toad would then pull backwards from the RV releasing the pressure on the lever and cable, and letting up on the brake. Then the toad (not braking any longer - but the RV is still braking) overtakes the back of the RV and which causes the lever to pull the cable connected to the toad brake pedal and the toad slams on the brakes and the whole cycle starts over again. The remedy for this herky jerky braking, is to use something like a shock absorber to stifle the repetitive action of the lever pulling on the brake cable. I would expect that the Ready Brake system includes some sort of damping mechanism to mitigate this problem. However, in the real world the toad's momentum and the effectiveness of the toad's braking system would vary from toad to toad. So the ideal would be to have a damping mechanism designed to fit the particular toad's mass and brake system. My guess is that the Brake Buddy uses a damper that is sort of in the middle of the road so that it works fairly well for most toads, but could be a problem pulling a heavier than usual toad. That's just my opinion, YMMV :)
Popsie 08/15/15 02:36pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Direct tv hd dish alignment

No. There are three things to get right. One is to make sure the mast is vertical. Two is to adjust the elevation and skew to go with your current lat long. Three is to point the dish. If you get the first two correct, it just takes a little tweaking to get max signal strength by pointing in the right direction. Having done steps one and two, I usually get signal strength in the high 90's within a minute or two.
Popsie 08/09/15 09:12pm Technology Corner
RE: Turning onto 15 degree sideroad - Can it be done ?

Oh yeah, for a simple test, cut out a cardboard scale model of your RV, and put down a flat board for the main road, and prop a board up at 15 degrees for your driveway. Then try to "drive" the cardboard cutout through the turn from the main road and up your driveway. Post some pictures!
Popsie 08/01/15 06:44pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Turning onto 15 degree sideroad - Can it be done ?

Well it's been many decades since I had geometry, but IIRC, at a fifteen degree slope, your 10 foot rear overhang is going to be on the ground within about 5 feet of the rear wheels starting up the slope. The front won't make it either. Of course, you could take the unit you are thinking of buying for a test drive and cautiously try and take it up your drive way. You'd want to have a representative load on board.
Popsie 08/01/15 06:30pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dinghy Back Up

The caster angle is set to go FORWARD not back the front wheels cramp in one direction or another & bend the towbar. I f they don't cramp off you can back forever but usually 3 to 10 feet they will cramp resulting in buying a new tow bar. If you can find someone stu*** brave enough to steer the toad be sure to stat it so the power steering helps. Do not pot thumbs inside the wheel so when it cramps they will not be broken. Not all cars have positive caster, especially cars with Macpherson strut front suspensions. You might want to try backing up on gravel or dirt or sand and carefully watch how you car behaves. Then you will know whatever limits you have to observe if you back up. IMHO, if backing up bends something like a tow bar, you need a more robust towing setup.
Popsie 07/28/15 05:49pm Dinghy Towing
RE: RVers Smartphone Apps

Geocaching :B
Popsie 07/16/15 05:39am Technology Corner
RE: Tour de France

The RVs in Europe tend to be quite trim compared to the US models. However, there are plenty of big busses driving on roads of all sizes. (Also big team busses during the tour.)
Popsie 07/15/15 06:34pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: mud flaps vs. bumper apron or none at all

Driving on gravel roads up to Alaska, we noticed that the big flaps as wide as the RV were hitting the ground (due to bumps in the road) and kicking a lot of gravel up on their toads. I've never noticed that on smooth paved roads. There are rock guards that go from under the rear of the motor home all the way across to the underside of the front bumper of the toad all the way across. I suspect these might do a good job of keeping rocks off the toad (in combination with flaps behind the RV wheels of course). YMMV
Popsie 07/15/15 06:28pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Possible Delamination - run away, run away!

I believe that in this situation, Rumpole would have a good fiberglass (boat?) body shop take a look and give you an estimate to repair the sidewall (not a big deal), and repaint to make it look like nothing ever happened (could be expensive - but not to much considering the size), and factor that into you offer.
Popsie 07/14/15 03:29pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Typical Data Usage

You can setup an automatic warning when Verizon thinks you might go over your limit. If so, you can increase your limit for the current month to avoid the overage charge. When you do so, be sure and reduce your limit for the next month. If you don't you can't cut it back until the following month - which would charge you more for that next month even if you don't hit over your planned limit. But if you keep cutting it down next month, and only increasing it during a month when you are in danger of overshooting your limit, you will keep your data costs down as much as you can.
Popsie 07/14/15 02:44pm Technology Corner
RE: What option would you add?

A. I'd like to see an adaptation of the Nissan Around View Monitor for a Class A RV. On of my friends has it in his car and it's so good, you have to see it to believe it. B. Really accurate and reliable tank level monitors. C. Built in water filters and softener. D. Large screen RV GPS in the dashboard. E. Built in driver's chair vibrator.
Popsie 07/09/15 02:36pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Uhaul tow dolly

I used a rental tow dolly some years ago when moving. It wasn't Uhaul, but some other outfit. It didn't have brakes, and it worked just fine. I think the rental ones are built more solidly than ones you buy for personal use because they get so much action.
Popsie 07/04/15 02:16pm Dinghy Towing
RE: DirecTV Software Download

I've had DirecTV send a technician to us when we were on the road in an RV Park. I've heard that since ATT is buying (has bought ?) DirecTV, DirecTV is modifying their customer support to fit the ATT model (we've had ATT in the past - never again), so they are unlikely to give you onsite support away from your home of record. In many areas, you can find an independent shop that sells systems like music in stores and elevators, etc. and also shops that sell free to air satellite TV systems, etc. as well as DirecTV setups. Many of these places will have technicians that can come out and help you for a fee, but with no hassle about being in an RV park. Also, to get multiple satellites, you need something other than the 18" round dish setup.
Popsie 06/23/15 03:21pm Technology Corner
lightning damage question

I know from past experience that homeowner's insurance covers damage from lightning strikes. Does RV insurance do the same?
Popsie 06/21/15 09:22pm Tech Issues
RE: How many class A owners have or want to down size their RV

When we retired, we bought a 40 ft. Class A DP. The number one factor was storage capacity - we needed to carry everything we might need, including the stuff to support our hobbies through all seasons. Secondly, we wanted to be able to carry family members with us on trips, especially educational excursions for our grandkids. We stopped full timing a few years ago because we needed a fixed base to support some medical issues. Even though we are not full timers now, we just returned from seven months on the road, primarily to visit family from coast to coast, and we usually spend more time in the RV than in our little townhouse. For our lifestyle, sizing down would have a negative impact. Of course, YMMV :) Also, considering our income, replacing the RV from time to time would not work out.
Popsie 06/13/15 02:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: Looking for a good cell phone booster

We just returned from a six month trip throughout the southwestern US. Without exception, in areas where our cellphone coverage was poor to nonexistent, by reading RV park reviews, we were able to find RV parks with decent to really good wifi service. It did seem to me that more expensive RV parks had better wifi, but that isn't a scientific result - just an impression.
Popsie 06/08/15 04:44am Technology Corner
RE: Damage from tire blow-outs

Left front blowout at around 55, class A DP. Damage = two cut wires, and knocked off mud flap. Nothing serious.
Popsie 06/06/15 05:58pm General RVing Issues
RE: My 2014 Honda CR-V ..

Since you Honda uses indirect tire pressure monitoring, you can replace the rubber valve stems with metal valve stems. If you had direct tire pressure monitoring, you would already have metal valve stems. Honda 2014 CR-V uses indirect tire pressure monitoring.
Popsie 06/04/15 06:53am Dinghy Towing
RE: Signal Booster location??

Our RV is about 15 years old, and I never turn off the power to the antenna amplifier. As far as I can tell, it still works, and the little red light is on every time I open the cupboard that has all the TV related stuff in it.
Popsie 05/31/15 04:15pm Tech Issues
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