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RE: Attaching carpet to floor

I think I've solved my problem. Industrial strength Velcro will stick to the floor fine. I used some Lexel to glue the Velcro to the carpet. I did a test first with small Velcro pieces on wood and carpet. Seems to hold fine on the carpet. I'm waiting several days to put the carpet back in to let the Lexel fully cure. Time will tell. :) Ralph
Ramblin' Ralph 04/19/14 08:52am Tech Issues
Need a new pass-thru window curtain

My old curtain has stain marks on it and I'd like to get a new one. Lance store told me my model is probably too old to get one through them. I don't mind changing the track if I need to. The track is about 29" long. The curtains are pleated lightweight fabric with plastic slides and about 18" tall. I'm going by the local (but small) RV/boat place today to see what they have. Probably will also check with a local seamstress. Anybody done this and have some suggestions? Thanks,
Ramblin' Ralph 04/18/14 12:41pm Truck Campers
RE: Permanently installing 3G antenna on camper roof?

Leave up while driving? I guess I don't understand. I should have also said "... and passing under low tree branches", since I camp mostly in USFS campgrounds. The mag mount antenna I have is very flexible vs. the rigid one you have. Re signal loss due to coax impedance mismatch that was mentioned, I thought about that. I'm sure there is some sort of calculation for it, but it's been a long time since my earlier days of active ham radio. :) Thanks for all the comments and ideas. Still TBD here. I'm not planning on any sort of signal booster at this time. Ralph
Ramblin' Ralph 04/13/14 02:08pm Technology Corner
RE: Permanently installing 3G antenna on camper roof?

Thanks for the picture. I want to stick with my flexible antenna I can leave up while driving, however. Ralph
Ramblin' Ralph 04/11/14 08:34pm Technology Corner
Permanently installing 3G antenna on camper roof?

For the last few years I've successfully used a Verizon 3G USB modem when traveling. If not in town, I use a Wilson 301103 Tri Band (800/1900 MHz) magnet mount antenna for a stronger signal. Since my truck camper has an aluminum roof, I have a steel plate I use as the required ground plane. I'm thinking about having a more permanent setup, by mounting the antenna on the roof. I'd epoxy the steel plate to the aluminum roof and use the mag mount. I'm thinking about using the roof TV antenna connecter to connect the antenna to the inside, vs. a new hole. I'd have to rig up some sort of adapter for the TV connectors on the outside and inside, since the antenna has an FME connector. Or, replace the FME on the antenna cable with a TV connector. Any comments or other ideas? Thanks,
Ramblin' Ralph 04/10/14 02:46pm Technology Corner
RE: Attaching carpet to floor

Thanks for the info. Seems like the norm is to "permanently" attach the carpet to the floor. I'm using indoor-outdoor type carpet and would prefer being able to easily remove it. Will have to experiment more. Thanks, Ralph
Ramblin' Ralph 04/01/14 02:49pm Tech Issues
Attaching carpet to floor

I've tried using Velcro to attach my carpet to the linoleum floor in my truck camper. The glue fails either on the floor piece or the carpet piece. Velcro might have failed to stay stuck together, too. Don't remember. I'm going to put new carpet in and am looking for suggestions on a better way. I want to attach the corners to the floor, but be able to remove the carpet for cleaning. Thanks,
Ramblin' Ralph 03/31/14 07:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Where to go in the Far West for a week in early May?

Wow, Ralph, that is quite a shot! Maybe I'm wrong, but it looks like you can see the top of Navajo Mountain in the middle of the picture, way off to the northeast?? Not sure of what was out there, but I sure could see a looooong way. :) Here are the GPS coords and another picture was a bit less haze. http://www.hogtimemusic.com/nomad/photos2/RVSep13%20232.jpg
Ramblin' Ralph 03/29/14 09:28am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Where to go in the Far West for a week in early May?

North Rim of Grand Canyon was mentioned. Last Sept I was there and I really enjoyed the NF Kaibab Plateau you drive through to get there. Loaded with dirt roads and all sorts of places to boondock. Of course, at 7K+ feet might be iffy for travel in early May. Pic below is a primo boondocking spot I had on the east rim: http://www.hogtimemusic.com/nomad/photos2/RVSep13%20242.jpg
Ramblin' Ralph 03/28/14 09:54am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: A Camper Window with a View 3

Camped in Seward, Alaska in August, 2012. http://www.hogtimemusic.com/nomad/photos/RVAug12%20088.jpg
Ramblin' Ralph 03/24/14 03:00pm Truck Campers
RE: Netflix Tech Support Scam - Video

Had a basic-computer-user friend google for Gmail support and got a fake website. They checked his computer and said it would be $250 to fix everything. When he declined, they offered a $25 senior discount!
Ramblin' Ralph 03/05/14 08:59am Technology Corner
RE: TC back from the hospital

Luckily, I have a couple RV gurus in our little burg, and one of them took care of it at a very reasonable price.Jefe, too bad for my pocketbook that I don't live close to you. :) Ralph
Ramblin' Ralph 02/27/14 10:18am Truck Campers
RE: TC back from the hospital

To answer some questions: 1) Here's what was on the detailed invoice regarding the repairs to the side (less obvious steps): Tie Down Repair, 7 hours: Replace dry rotted wood and add bracing to substructures for added reinforcement. Wing repair, 10 hours: Remove skirt section and reconstruct with new wood and panels with bracing for added rigidity. 2) I was surprised, too, that in the tie down area only staples appear to connect the horizontal and vertical member! 3) I've followed TorkLift advice on how tight to set the FastGuns. None of the other 3 tie down areas show a problem. Since a slight separation was already there when I bought it, that area was probably already weaker than the rest. In any event, I've backed off on my usual setting a bit. 4) The camper may be good to go for another 13+ years, but my old 72 year old body probably won't (at least for TCing). 5) Gripnriprod: If I come to AK again, it will be on a plane. :) Thanks for the fishing offer, though. Ralph
Ramblin' Ralph 02/26/14 07:34pm Truck Campers
TC back from the hospital

Bought my TC when it was 5 years old and have had it 8+ years. It had a very slight separation in the area of the front passenger side tie down when I bought it. It grew larger as I put around 80K miles on it. Tie down bolt didn't move when turnbuckle tightened, just sagged lower each year (see first pic). Decided I'd better get it fixed. I don't have an inside area to work on it and also lack the motivation needed to do it myself. Fortunately, I'm only 200 miles from the Lance factory. Took it there to get fixed. While they were inspecting it for a quote, they also noticed the rear passenger wing had a problem. I asked them to take pictures after removing the aluminum sides (remaining 3 pics below). They did and emailed them to me. Glad to see exactly what the problems were. Unfortunately, forgot to ask for "after" pics until the sides were back on. After the repairs to the side areas were made, I had them do a pressurized leak test. Several areas needed resealing, but not the large front window or roof, which surprised me a bit. I've never done a full re-caulk, just some infrequent "spot caulks". All 3 small windows needed to be removed and resealed along with other miscellaneous smaller areas. At $119/hr shop rate, the total increases quickly, but I'm glad to have a camper in better shape now. Except for a $500 electric jack, I've never spent more than $100 on any previous repair (all done by me). All went smoothly dealing with Lance. After returning home and taking the camper off my truck, I think I heard it say "Thanks for getting me fixed. Now I'm ready for Road Trip 2014 when you are". :) http://www.hogtimemusic.com/nomad/camperpics/Camper%20170s.jpg http://www.hogtimemusic.com/nomad/camperpics/DryRot1s.jpg http://www.hogtimemusic.com/nomad/camperpics/DryRot2s.jpg http://www.hogtimemusic.com/nomad/camperpics/DryRot3s.jpg
Ramblin' Ralph 02/26/14 01:05pm Truck Campers
RE: Spokane to 100 milehouse

On my trip to Alaska in 2012, I stayed at Goldpan Provincial Park. It's right on Hwy 1 and about 100 mi S of 100 Mile House (love that name). Just beside the hwy, so noisy, but I got used to it. Was $16 then. Here's the location. Park employee suggested Skihist Prov Pk 12 S on Hwy 1 as quieter place. Catch some fish,
Ramblin' Ralph 02/21/14 11:22am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Recommended backup software?

For several years I've used Casper to make a complete image on an identical drive to what is installed in my laptop. Every week I update that image (usually takes less than 25 minutes). Don't have to do a full copy every week, which takes hours. Recently upgraded my laptop drive from 320GB to 640GB. Only problem I've had is that things don't go well if there are errors in the file system. Sometimes I can't get rid of them to Casper's satisfaction. YMMV.
Ramblin' Ralph 02/20/14 09:28am Technology Corner
RE: Travels for 2014

My annual six month road trip starts in early May. It will be my 9th! I stay in CA until after Father's Day and then head towards MT, to visit my cousin in Dillon for a couple of weeks. We try to catch some trout and usually do. Routes to and fro are TBD. Will return to CA in early October. I've never been further E than MT. Would like to see the Dakotas. Might go there after leaving my cousin's after Labor Day. Also thinking about revisiting Canada on my way to MT. Total trip miles are usually 9 to 10K. Safe travels to all,
Ramblin' Ralph 02/20/14 09:11am Truck Campers
RE: Torqlift Quick Release pins bent

My pins are bent-they haven't bent any more, have been like this for years.Ditto. Got almost 80K miles on mine so far.
Ramblin' Ralph 02/16/14 09:41am Truck Campers
RE: Repairing window leaks

Thanks for the info. I understand why a window is removed now. Ralph
Ramblin' Ralph 01/31/14 12:27pm Truck Campers
RE: Repairing window leaks

But I'm wondering why they have to be removed to do it? Ralph
Ramblin' Ralph 01/31/14 10:44am Truck Campers
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