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RE: Leaky kitchen faucet

Thanks for the tips. I ordered a kit with spout parts, including an o-ring. I'll try the grease fix before the kit arrives.
Ramblin' Ralph 04/24/17 08:48am Tech Issues
Leaky kitchen faucet

The kitchen faucet in my 2001 truck camper has started leaking slightly where the spout enters the faucet assembly base. I pulled the spout out and there is an o-ring near the end. Would this be the only reason for a leak, or might there be others? Could I get a replacement o-ring at my local hardware store? There is a ring around the spout that tightens it down. I turned that until it was tight. I rather not put in a new faucet, as my old body has a hard time getting into the required position to do it. :) http://www.hogtimemusic.com/nomad/MiscPhotos/Faucet2s.JPG Thanks,
Ramblin' Ralph 04/23/17 04:18pm Tech Issues
RE: Connecting backup camera to rear marker light?

Thanks for the suggestions. AnEV942, thanks for using my pic to clarify what I'm trying to do. :) I tried drilling some small holes from inside towards the marker light. Some sort of obstruction about 2 inches in. However, from the outside I can insert a rod, through the marker light wiring hole, about 5" into the "box", . I've asked Lance for a drawing. Now that I think about it more, though, I'd like to be able to turn the camera on and off from my truck. Probably not much harder than what I'd originally planned, as far as wiring. As far as mounting the camera, I'll probably just run the cable over my roof and down the fridge vent. Cable from camera goes to wireless transmitter. Transmitter is wired to 12 vdc. Results TBD. :) Ralph
Ramblin' Ralph 04/21/17 05:24pm Truck Campers
Connecting backup camera to rear marker light?

I'm trying to install a Garmin backup camera on my Lance 845. Want it wired to a rear marker light, so I can use it when driving forward or reverse, with lights on. Tried to remove the center rear marker light to get access to power for the camera and also to see if there is room for excess cable behind the light. After cutting away the caulking I was able to pry the assembly away from the body partially. Then the lens popped off and I see 2 rivets holding the assembly to the body :M . I have a lot of cable to store somewhere and was hoping to use the space behind the light assembly to do this. Also was planning on drilling through to the inside of the TC from behind the light assembly. Then I would mount the wireless transmitter inside above the door and connect it to power and the camera via the space behind the marker light. I need the marker light off to see if my idea will work. If I drill out the center of the rivet, I'm assuming I could then remove the marker light. Any thoughts on this? BTW, I've already confirmed that the wireless transmitter above the door provides a good signal to the GPS screen. Thanks,
Ramblin' Ralph 04/19/17 05:56pm Truck Campers
RE: Camper running lights always on if truck running?

Thanks for unanimous vote that my memory failed me. Not really surprising at my age. :) Also, for the suggestions for getting power to the camera. I don't normally drive with my headlights on, but might do that. It would make getting power to the camera easier by tapping into the rear marker lights wiring. I want to be able to see if someone is behind me while driving.
Ramblin' Ralph 04/11/17 09:46am Truck Campers
Camper running lights always on if truck running?

I bought a back-up camera for my 2001 Lance 845. However, I want the camera to operate anytime my truck is running, not just when backing up. I seem to remember the running (aka marker) lights are on if the truck is running, regardless of headlights being on or off. Since my camper is off the truck I can't confirm this. Don't want to trust my memory and start the wiring. :) Thanks,
Ramblin' Ralph 04/10/17 08:49pm Truck Campers
RE: Taking the camper off the truck

For about 6 months, my TC is on the truck, then off for 6 months. When off-loading, I back into my driveway to the spot I want to drop it. Before raising and pulling out, I run a string along the edge of the driver's side tires. This becomes a guide for backing under it when I reload it. Still have to get out 1 or 2 times to take a look for "fine tuning", though. :)
Ramblin' Ralph 04/01/17 09:38am Truck Campers
RE: My map of 615 campsites I've been in

PM me with your email address.
Ramblin' Ralph 03/22/17 09:30am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: My interview in Truck Camper Magazine

Many thanks to all for the positive comments! :) Snowman: Thanks for the encouragement. Well before 95 I'll be in that "big campground in the sky". :) I admire your dad for keeping on going for that long. I too am a musician. At least I can sit in my rocker and do that after my RVing energy has left me. :) Hank: Very ironic that you live in AR and have stayed in Maple Grove before. Even more ironic is that I was born and raised very close to you, in Fayetteville. :) Maybe our paths will cross some summer in UT.
Ramblin' Ralph 03/11/17 08:22pm Truck Campers
My interview in Truck Camper Magazine

Truck Camper Magazine started ten years ago. I was one of the first they interviewed, after they found my website with tales of my first year of ramblin'. Other small articles about me followed over the years. For their 10th anniversary, they wanted another major article on me. They picked the "25 best campgrounds" theme, since they knew I was now keeping a map of all my campsites (now over 600). For some odd reason, the 25 best I picked are spread almost equally across the western states I've visited. :) The article is here. If you don't care much about the campground info, there are plenty of nice pictures.
Ramblin' Ralph 03/10/17 03:36pm Truck Campers
RE: My map of 615 campsites I've been in

Many thanks for all the thumbs up! :) To answer some of the questions: - I stick to the West for lower temperatures and humidity - My trip to Alaska was adventurous enough w/o going further North - I don't have 4WD and I rarely get on dirt roads I wish I wasn't on. The maximum length of campsites at a particular campground, which can usually be found on the internet, would probably determine if your rig would be suitable. - profdant139 nailed it. No internet, no map of this sort. :) FYI, I keep all my campsite data for a particular year (GPS coords, description, etc.) on a spreadsheet on Google Docs. I update it after each campsite. Accessing my yearly map automatically fetches the latest spreadsheet data and plots it. After each travel session, I merge last year's spreadsheet with my latest multi-year map spreadsheet. Since I always stay at some campgrounds I've been to already, I have to eliminate dups after the merging. I then upload the updated multi-year spreadsheet to http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/ and it generates the map for me (for free). I download the map data file and then add text explaining how to use it. The all-powerful-all-knowing Google is what is ultimately displaying the map and allowing pan and zoom. BTW, if you want the spreadsheet that generated this map, just PM me with your email address. Ramblin' on,
Ramblin' Ralph 03/05/17 02:05pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
My map of 615 campsites I've been in

Last November I wrapped up my 11th annual 6 month session in my truck camper. A couple of years ago I started a map of all the campsites I've been in. After last year, it's now up to 615. Most sites are USFS/BLM/NPS/State with very few commercial ones. About 40 are boondocking spots. GPS coordinates are included for all sites along with site descriptions. Click on the link in my signature to see the map. Hope it helps you find a new spot. Ramblin' on,
Ramblin' Ralph 03/04/17 12:47pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Idaho Falls Area Camping Suggestions

I've done a lot of camping in W Montana and parts of Idaho. Check out my 615 campsites map in my signature for some potential spots. The nearest I've camped to Atomic City, ID is about 60 miles away to the W. Been in lots of sites on the way to and around Glacier. Thanks for serving!! :)
Ramblin' Ralph 02/22/17 08:56am Truck Campers
RE: August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse - any tips

I camped in the Steens Mtn area, near Frenchglen, in 2013. BLM campground at the base is at 4100'. Camped at another in the mountains at 7600'. Keep driving higher and you get to 9500'. Path of totality is about 120 mi N, though.
Ramblin' Ralph 02/19/17 02:06pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Unlimited 3g verizon mifi help

I just called to add $5, and instead of provideing me account balance and payment options it directs me to a customer service que. Anyone else having this happen? Have 4510L. Just called and got the option to make a payment. Last renewed on Jan 18, which was after the Dec 29 "cutoff" date message when I renewed the last 2 times. Unit is still working and when I called today it said my expiration date was 2/23. I wonder if they are changing the renewal method in some sort of sequence (unit type, activation date, etc.) rather than all at once?
Ramblin' Ralph 01/26/17 05:42pm Technology Corner
RE: Little RV in the Wilderness: "Long Shots" of Isolation

Not boondocking, but almost the same. Nobody else in this BLM campground near Jordan Valley, OR. http://www.hogtimemusic.com/nomad/photos/RVAug11 044.jpg height=480 width=640
Ramblin' Ralph 01/12/17 04:08pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Lance 3000 8-6 Leaky Tanks!

I too had a problem with my fridge knob "socket" breaking. Bought new ones and after a while had the same problem. Me thinks they don't make them very strong. :) You might want to buy more than one.
Ramblin' Ralph 01/12/17 09:19am Truck Campers
RE: How many Ham checkins next 24 hours

W6IGG in Los Osos, CA. Ex K5EJQ in Arkansas.
Ramblin' Ralph 01/11/17 09:14am Technology Corner
RE: Unlimited 3g verizon mifi help

I've added funds after my due date, and my MiFi still works as before.I noticed a couple of months ago that the 888 phone renewal now says you have 90 days after expiration to pay w/o losing your phone number. Don't think I'll try it, though. :)
Ramblin' Ralph 01/03/17 10:10am Technology Corner
RE: Adding second battery, need bulkhead connector for cables?

I added a 2nd battery to my 845 and placed it in the truck bed, like you plan. Used an Anderson connector and ran the cable out the camper where the standard Lance cable is. Under the sink I connected the 2nd battery wires to a 4 position 1-2-Both-Off switch. Has worked great. http://www.hogtimemusic.com/nomad/photos/Battery1.jpg
Ramblin' Ralph 12/18/16 09:23am Truck Campers
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