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RE: Cool

So yesterday heading home from the grocery store I see a truck pulling a trailer. I always look at this style of trailer closely because it is the same as the first travel trailer we owned, thinking that one day I may see the one we owned. snip picture So I drop off the stuff I bought and head back out to see if it is still downtown. Our trailer had some little dimples on the driver side so that is what I always look for. I find it parked on the main street. I stop on the other side and my first sight is confirmed. This is in fact the first trailer we owned. We sold the trailer in 2004. Had a little chat with the current owners and bid farewell to the trailer once more. thomasgunnar, That's just not possible. There are some airstream owners on this site that swear box trailers only last 5-7 years and then must be junked. It was a nice dream you had but again, according to what the AS guys say, you must be delusional ;) FYI, that is awesome your, not owned by you, older TT is still on the road and looks great!
RedRocket204 08/31/15 11:48am Travel Trailers
RE: Experienced opinion please

One of the reasons I went with a basic Jayflight is it weights equal to most hybrids with similar sleeping arrangements. Unloaded Vehicle Weight (lbs) 4,425 Dry Hitch Weight (lbs) 510 Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (lbs) 6,500 Cargo Carrying Capacity (lbs) 2,075 Exterior Length 29' 1" Do not forget that the weight you mention in your OP is a weight that will not be anywhere near accurate. Expect that TT to be 5500 - 6000 lbs ready to camp and that will be based upon the frequently mentioned, "we pack light". Add to that the toys you have mentioned you want to bring along which sounds like will need to be subtracted from the TV's payload too.
RedRocket204 08/31/15 07:39am Travel Trailers
RE: Ceiling Vents Open during storage ????

Unfortunately I have to store my TT in a storage lot. That lot is dirt. I do have vent covers but my vents stay closed in storage or I will have dust every where in the TT. It is pretty dry here in CO but I usually use the passive dehumidifiers if needed. So, depends on where your TT is stored, humidity levels, heat, etc. There is not one solution fits all for everyone.
RedRocket204 08/28/15 06:03am Travel Trailers
RE: waxing to increase mpg

Let's suppose the various gizmos you added to your RV gained one half a mile per gallon. That is a substantial 5% improvement. So, instead of 10 mpg you got 10.5 mpg. With $3.20 gas you would save 1.5 cents /mi. so you would have to tow 10,000 miles to save $150.00. I don't disagree with the above quote but do not agree with would anyone be interested or would it sell for RVs. Rv'rs will spend gobs of money on their personal set-ups yet still penny pinch and complain because of fuel mileage, price of fuel and pricing of RV park spots. The general RV crowd on .net doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sense sometimes. :)
RedRocket204 08/20/15 10:13am Travel Trailers
RE: waxing to increase mpg

Will the wind stick to an unwaxed surface more than a waxed one?Ihave found that the wind wipes off real easy if te TT was waxed recently.:W hehehe. If anyone really would like to get a sense of where wind resistance, and more importantly, drag is created, do a little reading on this link and to see what seems to be the general consensus within the commercial land shipping business. atdynamics.com - AERODYNAMICS 101 Yes, that is a business and product for sale but there is some good info as well. Per the wind sticking to your RV or not because of better waxing... not going to matter when most of the resistance, drag, is created by the low pressure from the end of the trailer. I'm surprised no one has come out with collapsible rear TrailerTail® RV device as well as RV skirting.
RedRocket204 08/20/15 08:05am Travel Trailers
RE: Found my window leak

Interesting pressure test method, but it obviously works. Glad you were able to find your leak. Props for creativity for an isolated area!
RedRocket204 08/18/15 08:28pm Travel Trailers
RE: 2013 Trailer at dealer over 1 year

To me, the real question is why did the original owner only keep it 3 months? Will the salesman tell? Which story? The truth or the one the salesman just made up? ;) In fairness, probably very little chance the salesman knows the true story anyway. The one owner only owning it for 3 months may be fabricated too. Always do a very detailed inspection, or pay a 3rd party professional to do the inspection.
RedRocket204 08/18/15 08:07am Travel Trailers
RE: Dinette slide out works only sometimes?

Good to hear you nailed down the problem and thanks for updating your post with the resolution. safe travels
RedRocket204 08/18/15 07:51am Travel Trailers
RE: hooking up a travel trailer from the trailer's rear

There's also the option to just pay for RV storage.
RedRocket204 08/14/15 07:11am Travel Trailers
RE: Decals and Advertising on campers !!!

If it didn't have decals, I wouldn't buy it. That is my concern... the potential for resale.
RedRocket204 08/13/15 04:49pm Truck Campers
RE: Exaust brake 2011 F350

Tow/haul delays upshifts to reduce frequency of transmission shifting. Tow/haul also provides engine braking in all forward gears when the transmission is in the D (Overdrive) position; this engine braking will slow the vehicle and assist the driver in controlling the vehicle when descending a grade. Depending on driving conditions and load conditions, the transmission may downshift, slow the vehicle and control the vehicle speed when descending a hill, without the accelerator pedal being pressed. The amount of downshift braking provided It may not be the Ram exhaust brake, but there is definitely an engine brake.
RedRocket204 08/13/15 09:36am Tow Vehicles
RE: Anti sway, wt distribution

Hi folks, We are new to camping. We have a 26' Jayco Eagle 5200#. My tow vehicle is a 2012 GMC 1500 pickup with tow package. My question is; do we really need wt distributing and/or anti-sway mechanisms? After studying these things, they don't look like they really do anything. I have towed this trailer several times already with no problems. I see dealers pulling rigs all the time with no wt dist bars. So, are you asking to be talked into a WDH or are you trying to justify your decision not to use WDH?
RedRocket204 08/07/15 08:13pm Travel Trailers
RE: Stair well light

How SCVJeff's stair well lights up, I did something very similar but used an adhesive LED strip light. Although I did run my own wiring and also installed an additional switch that is independent of the patio light. I also removed the black only grip take and replaced it with grip tape that has a reflective yellow strip in it. Found the yellow stripped grip tape at Camping World.
RedRocket204 08/02/15 08:04am Travel Trailers
RE: No AC.... Deal breaker?

OP, If you ever desire to do some traveling here in the states and go below the border states, you will want AC. You may not use it all the time but better to have it. Heck, I live at just under 8k feet and it was 85 outside today. Sometimes you never know.
RedRocket204 08/01/15 09:21pm Travel Trailers
RE: How many have crawled under your trailer recently?

Was under mine on our last trip where I was able to trace down a fouled ground that was affecting my slide. Ground was really loose near the steps. Removed, cleaned, greased and tightened. All better now. I actually get under mine at least once a summer. I feel I know my trailer like the back of my hand.
RedRocket204 08/01/15 09:16pm Travel Trailers
RE: Need some direction with replacing skylight... please

You can probably get away with only cleaning the area where the Eternabond tape is going to patch the hole. The rest of the skylight area would be up to you but I would probably try and get it cleaned up really good. RV roofs, or any roof for that matter, is not something you want to cut corners on. Do it right, not over is my motto.
RedRocket204 07/31/15 03:21pm Travel Trailers
RE: Need some direction with replacing skylight... please

it's the word c r a p embedded that is getting filtered. A poor filter at best. Also does it to Gr a p evine. This Eternabond link has instructions for cleaning. But yes, you will want to remove all of the existing Dicor sealant as well as clean it as best as possible so the Eternabond can have the most secure bond possible. https://www.eternabond.com/v/vspfiles/assets/images/eb_hvac_tips_install.pdf
RedRocket204 07/31/15 03:13pm Travel Trailers
RE: Need some direction with replacing skylight... please

It looks like that cut is on the edge of where the skylight cover was as there must have been a tree branch, or similar, impact that broke the skylight and punctured the roof element. I would independently patch that cut first. Clean that up really good and use Eternabond tape as a patch using the Eternabond recommendations for prep. Also, this is assuming SB140 will not harm Eternabond. Once it is patched, proceed on installing the skylight cover as normal.
RedRocket204 07/31/15 02:50pm Travel Trailers
RE: Just added a Truck Camper!

Congratulations! You have accomplished my goal for RVs which is having both a TT and a TC. TT for luxurious family vacations. TC for selfish remote getaways where a TT just can't be taken. I want to have better high country remote access while towing my ATV trailer. My biggest issue, I am not allowed to store my TT, or even a TC, on my driveway. I would have to build a fence to partially block the TC which would work but my TT needs to be stored offsite.
RedRocket204 07/31/15 02:42pm Travel Trailers
RE: Towing up the mountains

The only reality of those TFL videos is the armchair racing and brand loyalty comments that follow. I live about 45 minutes from Eisenhower Pass (the real name, not IKE Gauntlet nonsense... OP, not criticizing you :)) and those videos are about as valuable as Toyota's Space Shuttle advertising stunt. It is amazing how many, who watch those videos, take to heart that because one truck made it up to the pass 30 seconds quicker, the other slower truck(s) are complete junk. Are people really that stupid? Those who drive that stretch of highway also know that it is not often you can wide open throttle it all the way to the pass because of traffic. Also not shown, adverse weather, wild life dodging, blinding sun rises/sets etc. The most important thing you should be looking for in a truck is can your choice of truck tow your intended weight safely at an adequate speed to get you to your destination. Well sorry I dont mean to be picky here but the REAL name of the pass is the LOVELAND Pass as it always was before and since the interstate. Only when the Eisenhower TUNNEL was built did folks started to call it the Eisenhower pass. (I think this EP name started with traffic reports) Note: it is possible that it has been officially renamed but I find nothing to support that. Yes, you are correct that technically, the I70 section that opened in '73 is Eisenhower Tunnel... but many locally refer to as Eisenhower Pass to distinguish from the real Loveland Pass over Hwy 6. One of the main reasons I believe is because of the different direction one might go for winter sports to "thumb" a back country day of skiing/snowboarding or to hit A-Basin. I do know Loveland Pass intimately since I've ridden my bicycle up it almost 20 years ago... much respect for those who do the Triple ByPass or Double Triple ByPass. But I agree with you this "IKE gauntlet" stuff is pure Webipoop from those who feel it necessary to make everything sound "cool". Yes, they might as well call it: The Mountain Dew EXTREME Truck IKE Gauntlet EPIC Challenge. They could also sell tickets and come up with all kinds of marketing junk to sell. Would be an EPIC event ;) :B
RedRocket204 07/31/15 08:30am Travel Trailers
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