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RE: How we added a whiteboard to our fridge

Very cool idea! Not only that, you got to use power tools AND curse when you cut it too short. It doesn't get better than that! Ha! Making mistakes and cursing seems to be my specialty:B For me, add bleeding to that list! ;) Great mod!
RedRocket204 10/24/16 09:13am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: those looking at generators

Ran the AC in ours just fine at 5500' Thank you! I'm hoping though that someone has tried it at an even higher altitude... roughly 9000'. I know it seems odd that one would want AC at that altitude but believe it or not, it does get warm enough for AC in a 'heat box'. ;)
RedRocket204 10/24/16 09:07am Travel Trailers
RE: those looking at generators

That is a killer deal, I would buy another in a heartbeat. We purchased ours this past March and it has performed marvelously. Just used it over the last week at over 7K' elevation (temps were near 20 degrees overnight) to power portable electric heaters, one on low and one on high. Curious if you have been able to run your AC at altitude with the 3100W Champion? Thanks!
RedRocket204 10/24/16 08:52am Travel Trailers
RE: TT prep question

Charged cordless drill with adapter for stabilizers Blocks for stabilizers A cheap set of FRS radios for driver and spotter for backing in Disposable gloves for sewer handling
RedRocket204 10/23/16 10:35am Beginning RVing
RE: Testing two photo file sizes: 161 KB vs. 9.4 MB

I often save photos in two different formats -- the full image, with no downsizing (several megabytes), and then a more limited size (a few hundred kilobytes). I use Lightroom for the downsizing. I am trying to see if posting those photos (via 1492's wonderful website) in full vs. limited makes any difference. Is the full image better looking? Or does it take too long to load? So here goes, and I will let you know whether or not there is a real difference. This is a shot of Duck Lake in the Sierras, near Mammoth. The first version is 161 KB. When I looked at it full screen on my computer, the sparkles on the lake were not very sharp: http://i.imgur.com/78iyftJ.jpg http://i.imgur.com/78iyftJl.jpg http://bit.ly/1jtQSid http://i.imgur.com/78iyftJ.jpg Click For Full-Size Image And this is the full size file of the same shot -- at 9.4 MB. I can tell you already that the bigger file takes a lot longer to load into the photo app: http://i.imgur.com/78iyftJ.jpg http://i.imgur.com/78iyftJl.jpg http://bit.ly/1jtQSid http://i.imgur.com/78iyftJ.jpg Click For Full-Size Image All right -- let's post these bad boys and see what happens . . . . . I suppose I'm a bit confused. I quoted your post and then removed the IMG tags and you can see both URLs are identical pointing to the same file. I know that on youtube, when uploading video the video gets transcoded (compressed) so detail gets lost. Same may be happening with the website you are using for photos.
RedRocket204 10/23/16 07:51am Forum Technical Support
RE: Microsoft email scam.

Not sure why you would have clicked on it. Exactly!!! DO NOT click on those links if you believe it is suspicious. Mouse over it and the URL should display. If you are suspicious of an email you received, Google the email in a browser for more info FIRST.
RedRocket204 10/22/16 05:45pm Technology Corner
RE: Truck camper, towing a boat and payloads

Red Rocket, "Honestly, you were given a good amount of information in the Tundra thread and now it seems you are only looking for someone to justify what you seem intent on doing anyway... happens on this forum a lot. Certainly not a very nice thing for me to point out but that is the way it appears to me. " Seriously??? My other post was titled "Tundra payload" which is alot less than most 1/2 tons. So you are criticizing me the newbie for trying to get info on this expensive proposition? I have to buy a truck and camper and I will once I have all the facts. I am not an expert and dont pretend to be. My mind is not made up and this is why Im trying to get opinions from somebody who pulls a boat with a truck camper (so far I have no one who has come forward). That was not the gist of the Tundra payload post. I mean seriously.......To the rest of you guys I sincerely appreciate your help and you have been a huge help to me. Thank you. It was the mention of not going with a 1/2 ton and recommending the 3/4 ton or larger was what I was referring to in that thread. Sorry about bringing it up the way I did as that really is the harsh reality. Certainly not trying to blatantly criticize you for attempting to get this info but it did seem as though you were fishing for justification... at least that is the way it came across for me. There are many posters that have come on this forum truly seeking justification for doing what they already have in their mind they want to do and it is not always a wise decision and I apologize if I read into your post what wasn't there. It is a touchy subject but guaranteed, no one says they have too much truck when it comes to substantial payload carry/towing. Vinsil, Yes I am taking your guys advise and NOT buying a 1500 series. Now Im hoping I can do what I want with a 2500 series. Thanks much! Good choice! You will be a lot more content with this path.
RedRocket204 10/22/16 10:04am Truck Campers
RE: Truck camper, towing a boat and payloads

There are higher payload capacity F150s but it has been mentioned on this forum many, many times that to find one of those, it will need to be ordered. 2017 F-150 Specifications. To get the highest payload, chances are you may need to compromise and not go with a crew cab, 4x4, LB and all the nice options. You will probably also be in 3/4 ton $$$ area also. So, does it make sense is the question you will need to answer yourself. Honestly, you were given a good amount of information in the Tundra thread and now it seems you are only looking for someone to justify what you seem intent on doing anyway... happens on this forum a lot. Certainly not a very nice thing for me to point out but that is the way it appears to me.
RedRocket204 10/22/16 08:12am Truck Campers
RE: ? Side-by-Side ATV Recommendations/Opinions

Has anyone answered the question about how the particular trail photographed in this thread is marked? No, the trail was not named nor how it is marked. I'd simply advise the MX folks to be careful about taking an us vs. them attitude. We need to work together. I do agree about using trails properly marked for what you have and to use established trails. The folks I ride with do this. Thank you. I don't have a SxS, only an ATV but agree this is not a us vs. them situation that should be pursued. Heck, I ride MTB too and know there are many hikers, MTB'rs and equestrians who are always looking at the chance to pursue trails getting closed to OHV here in CO. Be a responsible trail user and the reasons for trail closure go down. There are many MX only trails in CO and if that is your pleasure, do yourself a favor and seek out those trails if you don't want to see SxS/ATV/Jeeps on the trail. That is the attitude I take and what I do when I go MTBing. I apologize for all of my OT comments.
RedRocket204 10/20/16 09:05am Toy Haulers
RE: ? Side-by-Side ATV Recommendations/Opinions

Here's some good info on the recalls for Polaris due to fire hazards. Polaris Recalls RZR Recreational Off-Highway Vehicles Due to Fire Hazard, 900 & 1000 As for comments on OHV trails in CO, do your homework before showing up at the trail head as there are many 50" restricted trails but they will be marked. There are also restricted trails which only allow MX and those too will be marked. And please Stay The Trail! We do not need more reasons for trails to get closed.
RedRocket204 10/20/16 08:32am Toy Haulers
RE: Wax or not

You just might not believe the new number for MPG. You're right, I don't believe any of it. Why you say? There is zero chance of a controlled environment to have the same conditions both runs to prove your point.
RedRocket204 10/19/16 06:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: Downsizing to TC and a few questions

http://www.rv.net/forum/index.cfm/fuseaction/thread/tid/28989802.cfm Problem with that thread is the typical FOS poster's who never owned a Ford 6.7L and continue to spread misinformation with some sort of "less than a man" complex or something. Researcher beware.
RedRocket204 10/19/16 09:29am Truck Campers
RE: After camping 60+ years, finally ran into the ultimate ....

If the line at the dump is so long why not slip into an empty pull through site, do your business, & get out of Dodge? The CG owners should not mind. Better to have happy campers going out the gate than frustrated ones who have spent an hour waiting at the dump. Uh, hmmm... Full service sites. Indiana State Parks have very few "full service" camp sites. The majority are electric only with a common water spigot for an entire area. Some Indiana State Parks have areas with Electric and water on-site. But only a few. And even fewer have full hook-up. So the dump station is an important part of the State Park system. ...so you're suggesting they just dump on the ground. That would be even worse than the line cutter, and very certainly the CG owners (the State of Indiana) would mind. I don't see Veebyes' suggestion of dumping on the ground. I do believe Veebyes is assuming there are full hook-up sites at that campground... which was mentioned didn't exist. An honest over-sight.
RedRocket204 10/19/16 09:11am General RVing Issues
RE: trouble lining up your hitch?

A Reel-Quik Hitch has a Class III towing capacity of 6,000 pounds for gross trailer weight, and 600 pounds for tongue weight. Not a very high towing capacity or tongue weight. EDIT: downtheroad beat me to it ;)
RedRocket204 10/18/16 07:35am General RVing Issues
RE: Dakota Ridge RV Resort-Golden, CO

Busskipper has a good list and I would add DENVER WEST/CENTRAL CITY KOA CAMPGROUND to that list. Reason being is Denver still has a tendency to get "hot" during the summer, this KOA is up at around 8000' and will not be as hot. Still relatively close to Denver metro but you will get nice scenery/atmosphere where the campground is located. If here during 4th of July, you could probably even watch the Blackhawk/Central City fireworks display from your campsite.
RedRocket204 10/16/16 10:08am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: break away switch killed by Matthew

NO, you do not need to pull the pin when you disconnect from the trailer, proper chocks are all that is needed. Not sure why there seems to be reference to pulling that pin for just disconnecting from the TV.
RedRocket204 10/15/16 07:42am Towing
RE: Shopping for a different tow vehicle.

Sounds like you are headed down the road well now. Keep in mind this time you probably have a loaded trailer and that will also help get the WDH setup correctly. Another item that can cause issue is not having the proper tongue weight. Make sure you are at around 12% or slightly more as proper trailer loading, balance is very important too. This short video effectively shows what can happen without proper tongue weight. http://imgur.com/gallery/dYz2tCE
RedRocket204 10/15/16 07:36am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tomato Juice

We can barely get to 7 days before it shows signs of fermentation. Carbonation and a sour taste. Tomato juice mixed with beer came to mind from your description :) I frequently have an open container of Clamato in my home fridge way longer than a week but that comes packaged in a plastic container and of course it's a different blend but still highly tomato based. BTW, Clamato makes for an excellent bloody, just add a few drops of Tabasco in and don't go light on the vodka :B Maybe try buying TJ that comes packaged in a plastic container. It may cost a bit more but if you are throwing away product in the metal cans, then that is also driving up the cost.
RedRocket204 10/14/16 06:55pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Why EXTRA HOT chicken wings ?

It's also got to have good flavor. Absolutely!!! Experimenting with chilies in the 900,000 scoville range thing is just for the bravado, nothing more. Love the flavor of habaneros but will de-seed and de-vein them and gradually add them to a dish for the right spice. Also absolutely love Hatch chilies and those can rate from mild to a nice heat level... but if you've never had those, go to New Mexico during Hatch season and get a bushel roasted. The'll put them in a large plastic bag to let them steam for a couple of hours after the roasting. When you open that bag... the smell is heaven!!!
RedRocket204 10/14/16 03:40pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Sunnybrook 27 FKS Slide Out doesn't work

I had slide power problems on my TT, meaning also no power, unrelated brand. Turned out my issue was a fouled ground connection of the slide switch. The slide switch ground was connected to the frame directly below where the switch was. I was able to locate the fouled ground by systematically working backwards from the batteries testing all points independently on the 12V + wiring while using the frame as a separate ground. Then ultimately found that the ground used for the slide switch was fouled and needed to be removed, cleaned, greased and tightened. No problems since then. Just a FYI for something to look into.
RedRocket204 10/14/16 07:04am Travel Trailers
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