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RE: Fifth wheel or travel trailer?

Another point in favor of bumper-pull TT: If you make a bad mistake hooking up your trailer it doesn't fall on your truck. That's a wash with a bad backup job that could dent the back of your truck/vehicle. Having my truck bed available to haul my ATV will not work with a 5th though. Yeah, one could do a toy hauler 5th but then would be faced with removing the 5th hitch to transport the ATV without breaking camp. I also have two 12 foot sit-on-top kayaks that would be interfered with having a 5th.
RedRocket204 08/16/17 09:42am Beginning RVing
RE: Utilizing storage

ALWAYS try to maintain proper tongue weight (siding on heavier is better, most sway problems will be attributed to too light of tongue weight) and ALWAYS balance your load side to side as first priorities. That means most of my heavier stuff is generally in the front of the trailer. The rest is just a matter of find what fits where without going over on the trailer payload capability.
RedRocket204 08/16/17 09:31am Travel Trailers
RE: Need confortable chairs that pack up in a tube

Kijaro. End of thread. I'd take my Oztent King Kokoda any day of the week over a Kijaro. Only issue is 3x the price for the King Kokoda... but it's worth it.
RedRocket204 08/16/17 08:56am General RVing Issues
RE: Fifth wheel or travel trailer?

It seems Outdoors RV has some models at a local camper dealership I need to check out. Yes, Ketelsen in Wheat Ridge has a decent selection of Outdoors RV TT to go and look at. Did that a few weeks ago myself. As you've mentioned, you will absolutely want a much more capable truck than what you currently have. I would also not agree about the statement of 12k - 14k lbs being the territory for a diesel 1-ton. Maybe in the flat lands as having a turbo diesel at altitude towing 8000lbs + will be greatly appreciative. I tow a GVWR 9500 lbs TT with a turbo diesel in the CO mountains and would never consider anything less regardless of what someone tried to convince me of. You will also easily get a diesel to temp in 10-20 miles. That whole thing about short trips started many years ago and isn't quite that same regarding modern diesels running DEF systems. Many of us are using modern diesels as DD without the longer commutes. Also consider what toys you have which you will be wanting to take with you along with the trailer. That can impact what trailer type and will certainly impact payload numbers on either the trailer or truck. Plan and think this through appropriately. A quality and properly adjusted WDH will tow a properly balance loaded TT extremely nice and wouldn't let that "sway" your decision to go 5th over TT because some are convinced 5ths tow much better.
RedRocket204 08/16/17 06:13am Beginning RVing
RE: Propane tank explodes inside car!

RedRocket204 08/15/17 07:40am General RVing Issues
RE: Blue genny guy did the unthinkable!

I had my rear 15k AC running (starts easily), the front AC fan on Hi (both are ducted), the residential fridge on, the tv and satellite box on, converter on but not charging much, and odds and ends minor loads. I checked the display panel on the generator. It read volts 121, amps varying slightly around 14.5 and watts varied between 1700 and 1800. I compared the voltage reading to the one in my rig and it was spot on. Can you let us know what altitude you were running this at with this data? Also, does anyone know if this generator has high altitude jets available to purchase and change out? Thanks.
RedRocket204 08/13/17 08:59am Tech Issues
RE: New 30ft Trailer Towing Experience

I don't see where the hitch rating was ever de-rated. It obviously had to be at least 1000 lbs prior to J2807 to support a 10,000 max tow rating which would equate to a 10% tongue weight, the lightest I have ever seen specked out. If this was in regards to my post, I was only pointing out the tow capacity of the 2010 Sequoia, which I recall was at 9100 lbs. It was on the 2011 Sequioa, with no change to the vehicle itself, where the tow capacity changed to 7100 lbs. I recall those numbers but could be slightly off by 100 lbs or so. The Tundra also saw it's tow capacity fall as well for 2011, although not as much. In case someone else is reading and trying to justify a use case for a Sequoia, I'll restate my opinion. I would not tow anything above 7000 lbs with our 2010 Sequioa Ltd. Under 7000 lbs, most likely but depends. I tow at altitude every time I tow. At altitude where I tow, up to 11,000 ft, I wouldn't want to tow anything above 6000 lbs with our Sequioa.
RedRocket204 08/12/17 08:17am Towing
RE: Interesting conversation

It's like they can't finish what they started. hahaha, NICE. Squirrel
RedRocket204 08/12/17 07:41am General RVing Issues
RE: battery not staying charged

Fully charge the disconnected battery, from the 5th, via your independent battery charger until full. Take the battery to the dealer, or auto-parts store and have them load test the battery. At least you will know if you are dealing with a good battery. With a known good battery you can start troubleshooting other parts of the circuit. With a questionable battery you will always have doubts.
RedRocket204 08/11/17 10:20am Fifth-Wheels
RE: A/C air duct sealing

I seen this mod on another forum and did this myself. This has made a huge difference. + 1 It is so simple to do and doesn't cost much money for the aluminum tape and time. It is mind boggling why some just ignore the advice to do a simple reseal job on their AC and ducting to greatly increase the efficiency. "You can lead a horse to water..." Here are some associated short videos that one can watch to get an idea what is being found and how to easily make a substantial difference in the way their AC can cool their RV. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_GNjfFpTGU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzdQoDublzs
RedRocket204 08/11/17 08:24am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: New 30ft Trailer Towing Experience

https://pressroom.toyota.com/releases/2015+toyota+sequoia+product+specs.download Says 880 to 1000 lbs on this Toyota spec sheet. If the 730 lbs was correct then when the Sequoia had a 10,000 lb tow rating before j2807 (2008 and 2009) the max tongue weight would only of been 7.3 %, way too low even for a boat. FYI, it is the 2010 Sequoia that has the high tow capacity as 2010 was the new model. 2011 is when Toyota cut the tow capacity by about 2000 lbs without changing the vehicle at all. Would I tow a travel trailer that is over 7000 lbs with my 2010 Toyota Sequoia again? Not a chance. And yes, I've done it.
RedRocket204 08/11/17 07:38am Towing
RE: Tailgate pad to carry bikes

OK. I seen these in use while on vacation. my only question is why? Why have the bikes hanging out the back of the truck?! Why not? seems like a solution looking for a problem! If you have so much stuff in the bed of the truck then you are trying to bring too much. not only that but I believe you could get a ticket for improper and/or unsecured load. Seems like you're looking to invent a problem without having any real understanding of the product. I would never use one. too many better ideas/options! Better is very subjective. How about almost all other consumer product solutions cost more and in some cases, a lot more. I see bikes carried this way almost everyday out where I live and never see any unsafe conditions because of them. Not sure why you would even mention about the possibility of getting a ticket for an unsecured load? :h However one of these tailgate pads would not work for my truck as it would block my backup camera.
RedRocket204 08/11/17 06:48am Travel Trailers
RE: 101 degree heat & 30 amp air-conditioning

You do NOT have a a/c problem. 102 degrees less 15 is all you're gonna get. Keep that fan off...as all that does is make things hotter. Hmmm. 30' TT here with a single 13.5K AC 30A unit. Recently in Moab, set up in shade, but where daytime temp high was 108. I am able to keep the inside at 74 degrees. Granted, I have completely resealed the inside on my trailer's AC unit with aluminum ducting tape and it made a very big difference in the ability for my trailer to keep cool. Prior to doing the reseal, it was very hard to keep the trailer under 86 degrees when it was 90-95 out. OP, do yourself a favor and watch these short videos that gives an explanation why a lot of RV AC units do not cool very well. I really thought I was in need of a new AC unit but started doing some research and found multiple videos showing RV AC units are poorly sealed where gaps only continue to get worse over the years. A little time and a very inexpensive roll of aluminum duct tape can help a lot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_GNjfFpTGU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzdQoDublzs
RedRocket204 08/10/17 09:12am Tech Issues
RE: Booze in the RV... Legal?

RedRocket204 08/09/17 12:44pm Beginning RVing
RE: Is an upper tier trailer worth twice as much (price)?

Per your other thread and about tandem towing, I'd be making sure which ever TH you are after, has a very good reputation concerning their frame with aftermarket receiver hitch add. Lots of dissatisfaction threads about Lippert frames have come up over the years. Next I would be concerned about insulation value. Insulation works equally well for the summer as it does in the winter. Will that unit cool well with a single AC unit, or are two required and is that an option? Since you already pointed out most trailers use the same "appliances", it really does comes down to the build.
RedRocket204 08/09/17 09:44am Toy Haulers
RE: Better Shower Control Valve???

This item, LASCO 08-2471W Shower Head with 1/2-Inch Male by Female Pipe Thread and Volume Control Flow Adjuster, White Finish, will allow the hot/cold to be adjusted and then you can slow the flow of water or completely stop the flow of water without disrupting your hot/cold adjustments. I actually just bought it as it went to an "add-on" price drop down to $4.75. Had it on my wish list and kept monitoring for a price drop as the regular price is not so good. The current price is even higher than the regular price I was seeing, so it should drop at some point. It is not made of plastic and seems very sturdy.
RedRocket204 08/09/17 07:31am Tech Issues
RE: SoCal beach recommendation

San Clemente State Beach is right next to the trestles if you want to try surfing. Doheny SBP is just up the road and right on the beach but is size limited. Trestles is not advised as a place to learn how to surf, would be considered an advanced location. Trying to learn there is only going to extremely aggravate the natives. Doheny (not a sand bottom but a great learning area) or many other locations with sand bottoms is a much better location for learning.
RedRocket204 08/09/17 07:08am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tailgate pad to carry bikes

OP, The tailgate pads are quite popular out here in CO and I see them a lot. I have also seen a number of the tailgate pads being used with a tow behind TT, in fact saw one just yesterday traveling down I70. I do not have one myself so yes, I'm violating your original post request. ;) Why don't you just lay a very thick blanket or two over your tailgate and set two bikes into the "tailgate" position to the outmost corners of the tailgate. Hook up your TT and in a very large and open parking lot, make some calculated tight turns with someone keeping watch. That way you will know your specific setup and if it will work for you or not before spending the money on a tailgate pad.
RedRocket204 08/08/17 10:49am Travel Trailers
RE: To Tote a Tote or not to Tote

And it doesn't matter what you personally do or wonder why anyone wouldn't use their toilet for #2. Just know that many people do choose to use campsite shower houses versus their RV. As I said, a corner case which means it does not fit all.
RedRocket204 08/08/17 09:53am General RVing Issues
RE: To Tote a Tote or not to Tote

I just read through this entire thread... entertaining, LOL. Something NO ONE mentioned was a situation where those who use the campground toilets, and not their own black tank. If this is the case for you, you can equalize the gray and black tanks providing more space, possibly doubling the holding size, before your tanks need to be dumped. Sure, this is a corner case but still valid. Just DO NOT slow drip or dump that on the ground.
RedRocket204 08/08/17 07:40am General RVing Issues
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