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RE: Goodyear Endurance

Mine have close to 5000 miles this year also. No issues. First year is easy. Year 4 to 6+ are the tough ones. Yeah...they have been out for about a year now so 4-6 years and 25k-35k miles of trouble free service will tell their story. I know you said just about a year now, which is not far off, but I had my eye on them and was only able to get them late last March, some of the first out there. My Endurance tires were marked with manu date of March 2017. So they haven't quite been around a year yet but getting closer.
RedRocket204 10/22/17 09:46pm Travel Trailers
RE: Windy day reveals the 2019 Ram 1500...

Somebody at FCA really messed up. Those probably should never have been outside without their camo even if they were covered. I'd argue that someone at FCA did their job exactly as they were told. Pretty easy to plan that on a day that was forecast to have some wind.
RedRocket204 10/17/17 05:31pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Common courtesy

Common courtesy, along with common sense has gone the same way as society in general has...down the tirlet. X100 to that!!!!!!!!X101. Wait, things will get much worse with each generation that follows. Society had reached it's plateau a couple of generations ago. We are now witnessing a downward spiral. Then does that indicate the world has the previous generations to blame for this downward spiral? Meaning, you could have fixed the situation but instead ignored it? :h
RedRocket204 10/13/17 08:10am RV Lifestyle
RE: Winterize with low point drains

I wouldn't be so sure on not using the WH bypass for all situations. My WH bypass line is vertical, so if the middle valve is closed for normal operation, about 2-3" of line is filled with water to the closed valve. That can freeze and cause damage if not removed. I blow out the WH with bypass in normal position first. Then open the bypass valve to get that "standing" water removed. Then continue on with the rest of the process of blowing out the lines.
RedRocket204 10/11/17 05:05pm Travel Trailers
RE: Winterize with low point drains

Drain fresh tank first, then run you water pump to get all the water out if the pump and lines into the fresh tank. If your pump has a clear pre-filter, unscrew that and empty last. I would not solely trust the low point drains to get water out of your lines. I would definitely use an oil-less air compressor set at 45 psi. Don't forget about the water heater bypass, outside shower and black tank flush.
RedRocket204 10/09/17 08:39am Travel Trailers
RE: Tell me about the Oregon Coast

I suggest October. Best weather. Less people with kids back in school. From my 9 years living on the north OR coast, I'd say September is absolutely the best weather with also the kids back in school and the tourist crowds gone. October can be iffy on weather. People don't actually swim in the ocean on the Oregon coast. There is some surfing and wind surfing is popular. Agreed on the swim thing although I have gone out into the ocean in just trunks a small hand-full of times. But, I was always in the ocean as I surfed there year round and new what was going on with water temps. Of course, the surfing was almost always with a hooded full suit, booties and gloves. the southern oregon coast is more scenic,the weather usually warmer, the ocean a little warmer and it is less crowded. Less crowded, yes. The other stuff, no way. The ocean is not warmer in the southern OR coast and there are very scenic areas central and northern OR coast. Sure, the scenic stuff is subjective but having surfed all up and down the OR coast along with into northern CA and WA, the water is just plain cold everywhere.
RedRocket204 09/28/17 06:04pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Leveling TT

I was told the frig needs more than a 3 degree of tilt before it has problems. If true, that sounds like a significant tilt to me. Agreed. Some more food for thought... I leave my fridge running on propane while traveling and I've gone over 10 degree grades and the fridge continues to run. Now, I'm not condoning letting the fridge run for long stretches at such an angle but I question the "degree" of debate that goes on about making sure things are perfectly level for the fridge. Driving is different because the splashing and sloshing keeps the crystals from forming that cause the damage. Gotcha and thanks for the info.
RedRocket204 09/26/17 02:34pm Travel Trailers
RE: Leveling TT

I was told the frig needs more than a 3 degree of tilt before it has problems. If true, that sounds like a significant tilt to me. Agreed. Some more food for thought... I leave my fridge running on propane while traveling and I've gone over 10 degree grades and the fridge continues to run. Now, I'm not condoning letting the fridge run for long stretches at such an angle but I question the "degree" of debate that goes on about making sure things are perfectly level for the fridge.
RedRocket204 09/26/17 12:53pm Travel Trailers
RE: Toy Hauler or Truck bed rack?

Remembered one additional item to your potential dilemma. Are you primarily a hunter or do you trail ride your ATVs as well? If you trail ride and go to places like Moab, be prepared to have to move two ATVs to staging areas that will not accomodate a Toy Hauler/large trailer. Poison Spider comes to mind as you must transport ATVs to it and the staging area will not fit a large trailer. That means having a way to transport 2 ATVs. If you only have the TH, how would you transport 2 ATVs to smaller staging area trailheads that you can't drive the ATV to? If you decide to go with a TH bumper pull, get the DiamondBack as well.
RedRocket204 09/26/17 10:50am Toy Haulers
RE: Toy Hauler or Truck bed rack?

Forgot to address your additional questions about the DiamondBack. Loading and unloading is not difficult, although it might be a bit concerning the first couple of times. The bikes are up there, but it really isn't that bad. The 12' folding ramps are very secure and are "locked" in to the frame rails so they do not come off and no need to strap them down. The ramps have extra high sides to help keep the tires tracked. I'm not certain the ramps would keep large, deep lugged tires tracked but you would feel the tire start to lift if it were climbing the side ramp wall. I've never had that happen as I'm very careful about properly lining up the ramp and staying straight while driving on/off. I went with the ramp rails on the sides and back for options to load a single from the back, or two from the side. It's a good system. Once loaded, my truck does not feel top heavy at all almost like the center of gravity did not move. Truck is a 1-ton SRW Diesel CC LB and feels equally stable when towing my TT and Grizzly loaded on the tonneau.
RedRocket204 09/26/17 08:41am Toy Haulers
RE: Toy Hauler or Truck bed rack?

I have a DiamondBack tonneau cover on my modern 1-ton SRW diesel. I love it and therefor am not limited to TT type or really the size, yes there are some but I wouldn't go that heavy anyway. My TT is not a TH but does have a GVWR of 9500 lbs. I needed the extra 1-ton payload versus the payload on a 3/4-ton. Get the 1-ton diesel long box for the added payload and engine braking. Having the DiamondBack is great as it still allows a fair amount of storage under the cover which is still out of the rain and locked/secured. The DiamondBack does have a weight limit of 1600 lbs so be aware of that with two utility ATVs. I have a Grizzly 700 and would not load two of those on it as it would possibly exceed the tonneau max weight with 2 Grizzly 700s and a rider loading/off loading. Would it be an issue? Probably not but why take the chance? I could probably get away with 2 loaded using a winch to load/off-load and making sure all heavy extra items are removed from the ATV storage box. If you do go the route of a toy hauler, make sure and get one that separates the garage from living quarters. Common scenario would be traveling more than a day to get to your destination, camping for one night without really setting up camp. With no separate garage/living space, you will want to off load both ATVs so you can sleep without the gas/oil smell keeping you up. With those ATVs loaded on a DiamondBack, that is not a concern. They are also pretty safe loaded on the tonneau as most people are not going to touch them when they are mounted up there.
RedRocket204 09/26/17 08:40am Toy Haulers
RE: Leveling TT

I don't worry about it too much if you're slightly off level. I level the trailer side to side. Then unhitch and level front to back. Stabilizers out and then slide out, only have a single, large slide. If the trailer goes slightly off level where the slide side is lower, no worries as rain gets directed at the edge of the slide and not towards the slide seal. You trailer does not have to be perfectly level, pretty much just close enough to level is fine.
RedRocket204 09/25/17 03:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: Airstream vs Lance

If you get hail in Topeka and you end up buying an Airstream, make sure you have complete covered storage for it. Nothing more depressing than to see an Airstream that looks like a golfball.
RedRocket204 09/24/17 02:13pm Travel Trailers
RE: Seeking options to carry dirt bike on back of 5'er

Other option would to put a hitch on the front of your truck and carry the dual-sport there. I would probably choose this route. If you continue on with the idea in your first post, you may want to contact the 5th manufacturer and make sure they are OK with the added weight on the frame at the end of the trailer. That extra 100 lbs gets magnified with the bouncing that will occur back there.
RedRocket204 09/06/17 03:16pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Routes 53 and 26 in Oregon

RedRocket204, that is an easy drive until they get to I-5 at Olympia, they still have to deal with that mess called Seattle. 20 to Longview then 12 to Yakima would be my choice. Good point but if it was planned where they were on that stretch of I5 (Olympia-Tacoma) between 10a-1p then it would be manageable as off I5 in north Tacoma... unless traffic has got a lot worse than 5 years ago. It's just the drive up on Hwy 101 in WA towards Aberdeen is soooo much more scenic than Hwy 30 and up I5. I suppose depends on what the OP is looking for. :) Quick correction on your mention for the stretch of Hwy between Astoria and Longview bridge. That is Hwy 30. :)
RedRocket204 09/02/17 11:03am Roads and Routes
RE: Routes 53 and 26 in Oregon

Additional suggestion for a route that is both pleasant and avoids Portland. I've travelled this route many, many times in the 9 years I lived near Seaside, OR and would be the route I'd go, no question. North on Hwy 101. At Astoria, get in left lane to turn onto the Megler Bridge into Wa. When in WA, right to Hwy 401. Left at Hwy 4 then north right back onto Hwy 101 towards Aberdeen. Before arriving into Aberdeen, right onto Hwy 107 which is a cut-off to heading east. Then East on Hwy 12 into Olympia. North on I5 to continue on to your normal mapping to get to Leavenworth, WA.
RedRocket204 09/02/17 08:51am Roads and Routes
RE: Trailer crash on mountain road.

Tongue weight not adequate. Plain and simple. You see the load of junk on the TT's proverbial trunk?Yeah. Do you know how much it weighs, or how the load inside the TT is distributed? I'll answer for you - no, you don't. calm down mr control
RedRocket204 09/01/17 04:25pm General RVing Issues
RE: Trailer crash on mountain road.

Tongue weight not adequate. Plain and simple. You see the load of junk on the TT's proverbial trunk?
RedRocket204 09/01/17 04:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: I-70 in Colorado, going East

Thanks for all the answers. RedRocket, this is what I read also. I just wanted to make sure that it is an option whether one wants to use the toll part or not. I also believe from that the Colorado Highway Dept. said no trailers, so I would be inclined to believe that all trailers including RV's were included. Again Thanks to all............. You are correct that trailers are not allowed on the I70 eastbound ExpressToll lane. I even read somewhere that vehicles longer than 25 feet were not allowed either, but not sure if that is true. That ExpressToll lane is generally pretty expensive too, so unless going through there during peak traffic time, you would't want to pay for it. I've never paid for it but also don't usually find myself on I70 during peak traffic times... it can be a nightmare. Do yourself a favor and avoid that I70 eastbound section of highway Sat/Sun from about 3p-6p winter and summer. That lane has not even been open for 2 years yet and a lot of CO regulars commonly forget it even exists. Not surprising that it may have slipped Thom's mind that it existed.
RedRocket204 09/01/17 03:25pm Roads and Routes
RE: Unzip files

FYI, make certain that zip file is coming from a trusted source!!!
RedRocket204 09/01/17 01:12pm Technology Corner
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