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RE: Only 2 of the 9 SUV's passed the safety crash tests

1993? It was still legal to smoke cigarettes in public buildings, workplaces and restaurants at that time...everywhere in the US. Times have changed.
RedRocket204 04/16/14 08:08pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Only 2 of the 9 SUV's passed the safety crash tests

Not relevant to the thread but, while my DW is driving my F250, I'm driving my Prius for my 50-100 mile work route for the past couple of months. Today at 16:20 eastbound on West Bay drive in Largo Fl, a 2000~MY lifted F350 with 7.3L (black badge) pulled right up in my rear window. Nice winch! When the light changed and he got the chance, he changed lanes and rolled up on my left. The truck actually sounded pretty good! Then he got on it in what I assume was an attempt to smoke me out. It started to accelerate and blow smoke when alluva sudden it made a racket like a gasser detonating, blew a little grey smoke and he slowed and stopped in the center turn lane with his flashers on. Maybe just blew the turbo to intercooler line off or something but, if you're on these forums, thanks for the laugh!:B hahahaha! thanks for the laugh!
RedRocket204 04/11/14 08:54pm Tow Vehicles
RE: RV door lock recall--2,864,670 locks involved

Bringing this back up as RVing season is upon us. I did receive my new locks without issue, sent the old ones back, and everything was easy enough to replace. Now I just need to remember the lock works oh so slightly different...but is completely fine.
RedRocket204 04/11/14 08:32am Tech Issues
RE: Only 2 of the 9 SUV's passed the safety crash tests

My 6.7 F350 may not be great on turning, but it is amazingly powerful and accelerates very quickly. If you haven't driven one you'd be surprised. Yes, they have a good amount of power but also, as you know, trucks are 6500-8500 lb blocks of steel with relatively horrible suspensions for performance type applications. I'd much rather daily drive my smaller, nimble, very quick and sports tuned suspension as well vs. my big 'ol truck.
RedRocket204 04/11/14 07:07am Tow Vehicles
RE: Only 2 of the 9 SUV's passed the safety crash tests

But IIHS always has to be looking for new improved ways to expose weaknesses in crush structure. Wonder what they'll come up with next? Perhaps an elephant sitting on the rear trunk while the car is filled with water and being fired at with a 50 cal? ;-) So, that happened to you too?
RedRocket204 04/11/14 06:38am Tow Vehicles
RE: May have just destroyed my TV engine :-(

If I ever do this again (God forbid) you all have permission to kick me hard in the frontal area if I survive the DW's wrath. I'm sure that is motivation enough! :) Good to hear you are back in business.
RedRocket204 04/03/14 08:47pm Tow Vehicles
RE: May have just destroyed my TV engine :-(

..With Ford DEF ON LEFT,With Blue cap,much smaller cap....Ford,diesel on Right,with Large Green Cap.... Now,it is VERY EASY... to have a Brain Fart... Actually BFAST54, the DEF is on the right, and diesel on the left. At least on my truck it is. Yup. Sorry, had too :B Jim, best of luck getting this situation righted
RedRocket204 03/31/14 09:52pm Tow Vehicles
RE: May have just destroyed my TV engine :-(

For those suggesting to try and hide this event... The WIF light was on and registered in memory (my understanding of how the WIF information is retained) so this occurrence can not be hidden...although no distinction between water and DEF will be known.
RedRocket204 03/31/14 08:08am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford 6.7L Diesel Breakdown and Inspection

que the knitting circle banter ...oh wait, already begun
RedRocket204 03/28/14 05:00pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tow vehicle- do you use GPS or just a compas and a map ?

Less is not always more ;) I use both
RedRocket204 03/21/14 09:41pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2015 powerstroke 440hp/860tq

No ability to tow a Space Shuttle, no care.
RedRocket204 03/05/14 02:36pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Looking for used utility ATV recommendations

Quick update... Went ahead and pulled the trigger on a '07 Gizzly 700 FI/EPS with 1470 miles on her. Condition was very good and everything worked including the Warn winch. Paid $5300 private party which I believe is a good deal for this area. Paint is a little funky but is starting to grow on me. Previous owner did a made for plastic custom paint job. He got a little over-spray in areas so I might clean that up a bit and maybe throw on some black splotches to add to the camo. Now I just need to get myself a plow and I'll be set. Of course, if I want to have some exploring fun, I'll need to find a 2 place trailer, but that can wait. Thanks to all who replied to this thread as the advice was helpful. In her glory http://i267.photobucket.com/albums/ii301/_RedRocket_/IMG_0853_zps36ffdb18.jpg width=600
RedRocket204 02/02/14 08:36pm Toy Haulers
RE: TV for Cougar 28RBSWE - suggestions

<--was here for pictures of the Cougar. Let's just say I'm slightly disappointed. :B
RedRocket204 01/03/14 12:42pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing Capability Question

Only Toyota adopted the standardized tow ratings system; their ratings went down slightly but not drastically. To give you an idea of the ratings change: Our 2010 Sequoia Ltd is rated at max 10K lbs (Lets leave payload out of this) Year 2011 Sequoia Ltd is the first year where the ratings were change for Toyota...and the Sequoia dropped to a max 7400 lbs...which is the current max rating for the 2014 Sequoia. Do I believe our '10 Sequoia can tow 10k lbs (again, lets leave payload out of this), NO WAY. Definitely one of the reasons I bought a 1 ton truck in 2011 which is our primary tow vehicle now. I will admit that it is my understanding the Tundra rating did not change as drastically, but loosing 2600 lbs rating on the Sequoia is fairly significant.
RedRocket204 12/30/13 09:04am Tow Vehicles
RE: Stranded in Houston

Look on the bright side, you get a new truck on Monday :B Your going to love the new 6.7 PSD. Good luck A tough problem. When mine went I was not on vacation. Had warrant to 80, 000 miles and then traded the truck. The new 6.7 trucks are unreal. You wont regret the trade. I would not have an issue buying another 6.7L PSD but based upon today's current offerings, the new Ram would be very high on the list and most likely the front runner if I were faced with purchasing a new 1 ton diesel.
RedRocket204 12/23/13 10:04am Tow Vehicles
RE: Silverado dissolves itself

Did the damage occur during summer time? And is the damage getting worse now or has it stayed the same lately? Seems you are zeroing in on the source.
RedRocket204 11/24/13 08:36am Tow Vehicles
RE: Silverado dissolves itself

. Coincidently the mirror is on the same side (passenger) as the damage to the top! This is certainly noteworthy. General Motors has refused to help with any sort of investigation, but I am hoping that someone in this community has had a similar issue and might shed some light on what is happening. My current working theory is that the damage is caused by a chemical reaction and that the chemical is coming from the engine compartment. So, this is a diesel truck that goes into regen? This is the same side of the truck that the exhaust system is on? If so I believe your answer is somewhere in this arena! Could be either heat or chemical. Chris Chris If this were true then it would be a wide spread issue which OP has clearly stated it is not. Agree with other that the only plausible explanation seems to be concentrated sunlight rays. My old house on the cold NW coast of Oregon had a bunch of windows on the south side. When the sun's rays reflected off those windows, it was very hot...almost scary hot.
RedRocket204 11/21/13 10:49am Tow Vehicles
RE: Electric Tow Vehicle (Tesla)

... There are not batteries available, of high enough capacity, to tow a significant load very far. Doesn't matter right now. By the time Tesla would release such a truck, say 2030+, batteries should be significantly better. :B
RedRocket204 11/15/13 11:14am Tow Vehicles
RE: 75 cents per gal today in Phoenix, 20% higher diesel

Troll or not, I like ol' supercharged. He starts a thread with a fairly short and I guess random thought, gets a minimum 5 pages of responses and then moves on to his next thread. I got to admit, it is fairly entertaining. I've been known to have a drink or two also
RedRocket204 11/14/13 08:07pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 75 cents per gal today in Phoenix, 20% higher diesel

75 cents? I think you are back living in the mid 1970s. I recently found this receipt and was shocked. Certainly, not $0.75, but surprising none the less when you look at the date. :) http://i267.photobucket.com/albums/ii301/_RedRocket_/2002FuelReceipt_zps2738d1fa.jpg
RedRocket204 11/13/13 03:16pm Tow Vehicles
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