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RE: Weight capacity for TT bumper

I've not seen ANY 4" square RV bumpers that are truly "heavy duty." Bolting a hitch receiver to the bumper creates a fulcrum/lever situation and the 90 lbs. of generator and whatever the rack weighs become much, much more in terms of torsion (ft. lbs.) as the RV bounces down the road. There are countless stories on this and other forums about people who have set things up this way and end up dragging bicycles, generators, and other gear down the road by one end of the bumper or just the locking security cable they used. The only truly safe way to do things is to have a receiver hitch bolted or welded directly to the frame. Leave the RV bumper to what it does best: carry the stinky slinky. Rob 100% agree. OP, take a look at the thickness of the bumper as you may find it is actually very thin. Many reports of the metal peeling away with the type hitch installed you have mentioned. It is much safer to have a hitch welded to the TT frame then chance a RV bumper with hitch bolted to it. Of course all RVs are not created equal but willing to bet yours is not any different than the average cheap RV bumper.
RedRocket204 06/20/16 12:44pm Travel Trailers
RE: Can't stop sway

One thing that could help is if you post some photos - at least a couple of close ups of hitch and at least a couple from a distance with both TT & TV. That TT is long at 33'-5" and heavy at 7500 lbs GVWR and could possibly be pushing the truck to it's limits unless you have the right options. A truck with a longer wheelbase would have been better for that length of trailer. Relying on a dealer's WDH setup is not a good idea. Never trust them. They may not even have the bolts/nuts torqued properly. Did they measure the before and after front fender height? Even if they did, it would have been for an unloaded trailer and truck and when you are fully loaded the setup can change a fair bit. How much weight is restored back onto the steer axle? I thought newer Ford manuals say to restore approx. 50 percent (less than older trucks). How many chain links are under tension? You should aim for 5 links and if that transfers too much or too little weight, adjust the hitch head angle as needed. Less than 5 links may cause binding in turns. Getting a WDH set up correctly sometimes can take a lot trial and error tweaking of various things. Took me a whole season of fiddling last year to get it right, including playing with truck tire pressure, and I ended up having to get a ball with a 1" rise to get the TT to sit where it needed to be. How much does the TT scale fully loaded for camping - is it 6900 lbs based on your 12.5 percent TW? Did you weigh the truck and subtract that from it's GVWR to get the available payload capacity? Actual payload capacity can sometimes vary a lot from the sticker number. Did you calculate the weights being transferred onto the steer and trailer axles? How much does the truck squat when you're hooked up? It could be a combination or things, but I would say one thing that stands out is the truck's tires. If they're P rated, I would upgrade to LTs. I run our Michelin LT LRE tires at 75 psi front & 80 rear. Much less than that and it doesn't feel right. I would highly recommend some good heavy duty shocks on the truck like Bilstein. Shocks on the TT would help but that's not a simple or inexpensive bolt-on and go install. I would look at upgrading the WDH to something like a Blu Ox or Reese dual cam. We have the Reese DC hitch and it works great for us but it is not for everyone. I don't know how the two compare for sway control but I really like the proactive design of the Reese and the way it makes the truck and trailer almost snap back into line. Add the 2nd sway bar. However, it might just be at the end of the day, you need a bigger truck. We upgraded from an F150 to F250 and it is a huge improvement in towing. Lots of good information here. Also, read the Ron Gratz link posted earlier and also, go through this thread on proper WDH set-up, similar to that other link on WDH set-up: Travel Trailer Hitch Set-up Procedure I'm going to also disagree with those saying to add a 2nd sway control friction bar... not that one shouldn't be added but it is shocking to me about just adding the bar without first addressing the WDH set-up and sway issues you are experiencing. Adding a friction bar to a bad set-up is not fixing the issue! Sway control should be on a well functioning TT set-up where the tow is already good and sway control is there in the event an outside force causes an issue where sway control is needed. Do yourself a favor and learn about WDH hows and whys and then work through the process of fine tuning your specific set-up. That means fine tuning with a properly loaded trailer and trying to achieve side to side load balance along with 10%-15% tongue weight siding on more tongue weight for helping to fine tune and correct bad towing manners.
RedRocket204 06/20/16 10:07am Travel Trailers
RE: AC in the heat

Watch these videos and then address your AC units. Your RV has been on the road for 5 years now and chances are just needs a little attention, an easy fix. All the movement over the years results in AC unit seals that are no longer doing their job as good as should be. Properly seal those vents for the most efficient use of your AC units. You would be surprised what a difference it will make based upon escaping cool air being sucked right back into the intake and not cooling the RV. Coleman or Dometic roof AC not cooling properly. Check, test and fix All Seasons Mobile RV Repair. RV AC not cooling properly
RedRocket204 06/19/16 10:10am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 4 USB Charger Stations Installed in AF 990 (Pics)

I installed those too, if the LED starts to bug you they're reasonably easy to take apart and take out the LED. There's instructions in the Amazon reviews. I had some pics of my install from a couple years ago but can't find the post. I know this thread is about 4 months old... but was just referenced in a different thread... Instead of removing the LED, just add a DC toggle switch. That way you can turn off the USB port when not in use but when in use, you can still tell if there is a parasitic draw on the USB port because the LED will be lit. Super easy to do and only requires one more small hole to be drilled for the round toggle switch. I have the black version of the Blue Sea Systems USB port installed on my ATV with a DC toggle switch. Blue Sea makes some good quality products.
RedRocket204 06/19/16 07:58am Truck Campers
RE: Can't post question

This happens to me often. I finally figured out why (for me anyways). It was due to the links I was attaching. Either a photo or a quote even. If I edited out the link, my post would go through. Doesn't happen every time and when it does, woodalls works. Chances are your link contained a % and that is why it wouldn't post on rv.net but will on woodalls. Just use the Woodalls portal to avoid the rv.net posting headache. Mentioned already multiple times in this thread.
RedRocket204 06/19/16 07:22am Truck Campers
RE: Good Sam Roadside had me waiting in this hot weather

Posted: 06/18/16 01:02pm My main question is there any service out there that is known for great service? Well had to use my good sams roadside for the first time today on my F250,I leave in the Memphis area so its not like i was way out in the country, i switched from AAA hoping for a better experience but not to be. It started with me using the app on my phone and made the call was put on hold for 5 min saying nobody available please hold, another 3 minutes past and finally got a great lady that was very nice and said can I have your name and number, i said didnt the app fill all that in she said it works sometimes, anyway she got me all set up and said i can hang up and will get a text of who is coming. this was 10:02 am, got the text at 10:04 that's pretty good but the wait time said be there at 11:27 am 1.5 hrs in 90 degree weather, 11:30 comes I call and get on hold again and then get to a person and tells me to call the tow company so I did and they said he is on the way should be there shortly, call them again at 12 he is close he had to drop another load first, what so i am on a waiting list now. keep story short and they finally showed up at 12:35 that's 2.5 hrs of waiting in the hot sun. my subscription is almost up now I may look at some of the others listed on here. Posted: 06/18/16 01:13pm Thank you Kid2texas for your post. I apologize for the delay in service. If you can send me a private message with your membership info, I will investigate and respond to you directly. Thanks in advance. That only took 11 minutes for a GoodSam response. Good show!
RedRocket204 06/18/16 01:21pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Portable Generators

I had two Yamaha EF2000 generators. One failed at ~1600 hours with an excessive engine oil leak. Back to the shop for 4 (!!) months for warranty repair. Still leaks. Second failed at ~1800 hrs with the same problem and currently in the shop for repair. When I asked the Yamaha service rep he said that he normally does not see such high hours on the units. Sorry! I bought a premium quality generator and paid the price because I intended to use it. I thought the excuse for the failure was POOR! I went as far as writing a registered letter to Yamaha Motorsports voicing my disappointment. It was received but never acknowledged. ADIOS YAMAHA! Kind of shocked to read this of a Yamaha product since they have always been known for quality products. Even my 2007 Yamaha Grizzly 700 is still running very strong but I do know that was a Yamaha produced product. I understand that previous Yamaha small CC quad engines weren't build by Yamaha... curious if this may be the case with Yamaha's generator line too.
RedRocket204 06/18/16 10:34am Truck Campers
RE: How many links to lift on a WD hitch?

Thanks for the links, I was misinformed about the purpose of the hitch. I'm not so worried now No problem, glad it will be of some use. Couple of other points that are covered in those links. 10% - 15% tongue weight (I should have qualified my above statement when mentioning nose loading your trailer). On level ground, level your TT then measure the height from the ground to the inside top of the TT hitch ball coupler. Subtract 1/2" - 1" of the height and that is the max height of the top of the ball on your truck's hitch on the same level ground. Most importantly, ALWAYS assume the person who setup your WDH did not fine tune it or completely set it up wrong. Learn your WDH system and fine tune it yourself making sure your trailer is loaded for travel when fine tuning your WDH.
RedRocket204 06/18/16 09:15am Tech Issues
RE: How many links to lift on a WD hitch?

Some good information on these links that should help you set it up properly and also give an explanation on how it works. As an added FYI... keep in mind proper loading of your trailer is also key to a good tow too! When in doubt, consider raising your tongue weight by nose loading the trailer and also pay good attention to side/side load balance. Travel Trailer Hitch Set-up Procedure Weight Distribution (WD) Hitch --- How it Works
RedRocket204 06/18/16 08:49am Tech Issues
RE: Unlimited Verizon 3G $5 a month

Now I just have to figure out how to remind myself when the 6 months is up..... Outlook reoccurring reminders set to notify you 2-3 weeks before the occurrence are one of the greatest tools invented for men. Haven't missed my wife's birthday or our anniversary yet!
RedRocket204 06/15/16 08:50pm Technology Corner
RE: Toy Hauler for Giant Scale Model Airplanes?

Those are awesome! Those only cost about $100 each... right? ;)
RedRocket204 06/15/16 08:46pm Toy Haulers
RE: Unlimited Verizon 3G $5 a month

Our mailed-in reflashed 4620LE has worked well for us in some fairly weak signal areas... Did vzwmifi ship you back the exact same 4620LE device you mailed in? Yes, he did send back the same one. I was curious about that myself, so I put a little mark on my unit to see if I got it back. It wouldn't have made any difference to me though, if it wasn't the same one as long as it worked. Cool and thanks. He did reply to me stating it would be the same exact unit I sent him. My concern was not wanting a different model and also, this mifi I have was new and is still in like new condition. Thanks
RedRocket204 06/15/16 11:55am Technology Corner
RE: Unlimited Verizon 3G $5 a month

Our mailed-in reflashed 4620LE has worked well for us in some fairly weak signal areas... Did vzwmifi ship you back the exact same 4620LE device you mailed in?
RedRocket204 06/15/16 08:42am Technology Corner
RE: Help - I don't want to kill my truck with my trailer...

Something that can be critical to good towing manners with a TT... be very careful on lightening up a trailer to get a lighter tongue weight. Lightening up the tongue weight can result in an unstable tow even with WDH and sway control. It is recommended to have at least 10% tongue weight on a TT RV and many find 12% - 15% is much more stable based upon their specific TT.
RedRocket204 06/15/16 07:51am Travel Trailers
RE: Toy Hauler for Giant Scale Model Airplanes?

Seems like your TC with cargo trailer combo would give you more versatility and also allow you to transport your self contained hobby for day trips too. Unless the TC just doesn't have the living space room you want to be comfortable. In that case, the sky's the limit on how a TH garage could be customized to suit your hobby. With the TC combo, one major item missing in the cargo trailer would be AC for working on planes in the cargo trailer. Nothing that couldn't be dealt with by adding AC to the cargo trailer... assuming you have a gen to run it.
RedRocket204 06/15/16 07:37am Toy Haulers
RE: TT to a 5Th Wheel

Every style of camping (from a sleeping bag on the back of a motorcycle to 5 star Motor Home only resorts), there are compromises with each style, give and take, figuring out what most important, and what you are are willing to give-up. No camper is perfect. There is always some kind of compromise we have to decide for ourselves. Only you can make the final choice. So true! Lots to consider. This is a corner case but... I also need the TV bed use for my ATV. Yes, a 5th wheel toy hauler could suffice for carrying the ATV when using the RV trailer... but what about day transporting the ATV without the RV? Would be forced to remove the 5th hitch to get the ATV in the bed of the truck. And, also agree that dialing in a TT WDH is a bit more challenging, but if it is setup correctly with enough truck, I guarantee my setup tows equally as well as a 5th... just took more time in fine tuning it. DutchmenSport is dead-on about there being compromises with each style of RV... what is most important to you should be the reasoning behind the style you choose.
RedRocket204 06/15/16 07:16am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Has anything ever happened that wasn't the RV Park's fault

But hey what do I know,,Nothing were not as smart or intelligent as you evidently are.. Pot meet kettle? Probably best to leave it be.
RedRocket204 06/14/16 08:33pm General RVing Issues
RE: Taylor Park, Colorado

DMobley, I've been out in TP boondocking the last two years and one of those times was in August while the Rzr meet was going on. I was a bit worried about being there while that Rzr meet was happening but my plans were set and couldn't be changed. During the meet, the RV park and cabins at the Trading Post were packed, the road leading north of TP reservoir had morning and evening trains of Rzrs going out for the day on their planned rides... but honestly, we rarely encountered riders on trail. Maybe it was the trails we chose as we were mostly on 50" trails but also did some open to wider SxSs. Still, my experience even during the Rzr meet was not the scenario that was painted in this thread leading one to believe major crowding. And, there was plenty of area for boondocking north of the reservoir with that meet happening. Most everyone involved with the meet stayed at the Trading Post. Heck, I've encountered way more riders on Moab trails every time I've gone there.
RedRocket204 06/13/16 11:17am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: I-70 through Colorado

Colorado Road conditions can be accessed via this link - http://cotrip.org/home.htm;jsessionid=88C67946F416EBCB2C5999B3D2C215A1.node1 Current road conditions on I70 are fine right now. Remember to travel in the right lane, only using the left most lane for passing. Gear down on the descents (heading west, after Eisenhower Tunnel and Vail Pass) and you'll be fine.
RedRocket204 06/12/16 07:49am Roads and Routes
RE: Trip Advice - Vancouver to Moab

Another option would be coming down I84 and stay on it through Ogden. Then I80 east into the southwest corner of WY. 414 south and take that into UT and then the Flaming Gorge Reservoir area. It is a beautiful area and you could hang out there for a bit. Great fishing there too! Leaving, south to Vernal then over to Dinosaur, CO and south to Fruita. Then west via I70 for a bit, Hwy 128 along the CO River into Moab.
RedRocket204 06/11/16 05:32pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
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