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RE: What are these pieces called

A small piece of aluminum stock, cut short with a hole drilled in one end would never have to be replaced.
RedRocket204 04/27/16 04:33pm Travel Trailers
RE: What is porpusing?

EDIT: Didn't realize at first that OP is referring to a truck camper. As you eluded to, most posts on this site which reference porpoising are about trailers.
RedRocket204 04/27/16 03:15pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Horrible and frustrating rv.net forum experience

OP here. Just want to mention that I did switch to the http://forums.woodalls.com/ portal and haven't had the frustrating problems I was experiencing on rv.net. Thanks all for the suggestion to switch portals! As of now on http://forums.woodalls.com/, my posts are at 100% success rate ;)
RedRocket204 04/25/16 08:25am Forum Technical Support
RE: First RV purchase and need Bathroom Advice

OP, also take a look at Winnebago's Micro Minnie line. I've read many positive comments about those for smaller, lighter weight TTs. We have the corner triangle shaped shower with a shower door. Add an oxygenics shower head and a good pressure regulator and it's the best shower you'll find in a TT. I don't like to dump on someone else's toilet, sleep in someone else's bed or shower in someone else's shower. That's why we have a TT and don't stay in hotels. I fully agree with you on all points. I have been reading that one of the current trends in Hotel stays is to leave a post it note in the bedding as a warning to the next "guest" saying "if you find this note, maintenance did not change the sheets"! I really want to deal with that! The oxygenics shower heads are great as well. One of the best upgrades you can put in you RV. When it comes to hotels, you get what you pay for. If you constantly search out the cheapest hotel/motel, yes, all bets are off in terms of what you'll get for cleanliness. I travel a lot for work but primarily stay at Marriott locations as they were one of the first chains that banned smoking in the hotels. At campgrounds, a cheap pair of flip-flops keeps you from having to walk barefooted on any public floors/showers. BTW, I am very particular about cleanliness but have never found things so bad to where I was shaking my head and afraid to go into a public campground shower with flip-flops on or disgusted while staying at Marriott hotels. To each their own.
RedRocket204 04/25/16 08:00am Travel Trailers
RE: quality travel trailer - Lance, Nash, Arctic Fox, etc

Thanks all, I am partial to Nash as they are from my area and have a good reputation, and the smallest one is towable for me. No slideout though, that would require a bigger vehicle, which isn't totally out of the question but we need an SUV a lot more often than we need a full size truck. A truck gives us the option of a camper, though, which gives us true off road capability (within reason). If you're also considering upgrading the TV and going with a truck camper (slide-in) be VERY careful when truck shopping. I have been considering a change from TT to TC and I also do have a modern 1-ton diesel SRW but am completely shocked at the weight of truck campers. I do not want a "pop-up" truck camper so hard walled it would be. With that in mind, a lot of the nicer, bigger w/ slide-out(s), dry bath and more feature rich truck campers will require a 1-ton DRW for the required payload to tote around a TC... meaning expect to have a loaded TC at 4000 lbs +. This is definitely 1-ton DRW area. And, you will probably want DRW for the added stability with that much TC weight on your caboose. There are some lighter weight hard walled TCs but not nearly as many choices especially if you throw out brands that don't have the best reputation. My 1-ton (crewcab, LB, 4x4, SRW, diesel and even with camper package) has 3350 lbs of payload and that is a limiting factor for a truck camper for brands you listed on this thread. I realize you are primarily looking for a TT, but saw you mentioned TC and just wanted to pass along info since I have been looking at going to a TC in the future.
RedRocket204 04/25/16 07:38am Travel Trailers
RE: SewiePig, Who else has One?

The website is very vague in what its designed for. I think it goes over the sewer hose opening to keep the hose down? It`s cute, but what purpose does it serve? In 12 years I`ve never had a sewer hose issue! The purpose is to take money from your pocket and put it into the manufacturer's pocket. True, but it's no different from 80% of the other items bought for RVs. It's a novelty item with some very minor functionality. Kind of like stringing lights from your awning... looks good and provides additional light but where you almost certainly had an outside light already. Now, pink flamingos or gnomes set around the trailer I don't necessarily get but to each their own. Per the weight thing of the pig, it says on their website you fill it with water when you use it so obviously you can empty it for travel.
RedRocket204 04/25/16 07:21am Travel Trailers
RE: Hitch Receiver Adapter for Bikes

Response to Redrocket204. I see your point if the bumper is lighter weight and the hitch is centered. It could twist the bumper enough to crack the tube. In my case I have the thicker walled 4 1/4 tube. My generator mounts right next to one of the safety struts and the spare tire mounts about 8 inches from the other, so no twisting at all. Had my brother follow me and no movement at all. also have rubber eq-flex and shocks on TT. But I do agree with you on twisting if to much bounce is experienced. Yup, exactly. There is a guy on here who goes by the screen name Fisherguy, I think it was Fisherguy, where he has some pictures of where his bumper just peeled away where the mount was positioned. And agreed that not all RV bumpers are the same but my mtb bikes do not go on racks on the back of my TT period... they are a bit pricey so they go out of sight anyway. Just not worth taking a chance of getting them stolen or wrecked.
RedRocket204 04/24/16 07:10pm Travel Trailers
RE: SewiePig, Who else has One?

They have a great catch-phrase: "We're #1 in a #2 business!"
RedRocket204 04/23/16 09:57pm Travel Trailers
RE: Hitch Receiver Adapter for Bikes

Above post from IAMICHABOD. This is the way to go. I have a set on my 37' TT with a Champion Generator on one side and the spare tire on the other side. The bumper isn't going anywhere. Excellent product, Great company to work with. Real peace of mind thru 2 round trips from Wi. to Fl. Agree that those brackets are nice but keep in mind there have been cases where the metal on the RV "bumper" just peeled away because that metal is not a very thick gauge. Meaning where the add-on bike rack or generator platform was attached to the bumper, the metal failed and actually peeled back to where those brackets would not have prevented the failure.
RedRocket204 04/23/16 08:46pm Travel Trailers
RE: Any of you tow a TT and carry a boat above truck bed/cab?

I do not have a boat like you, only kayaks, but know based upon my roof loading kayak experience, your roof loader would be the way I would go. I am contemplating some changes with our RV situation once the kids have flown the nest. So, TCs are high on my list but that would be only for the wife and me. No way would I consider a TC, even the larges TC, for a family of four adults. And the nicest and largest TCs are VERY heavy. Some going over 5000 lbs. loaded and many 4000 lbs loaded. Also, the class A/B/C would be difficult too for towing a boat trailer if you had to break camp to put-in, take-out. So for me, class A/B/C would be a no. I feel you are on a track I would take with the TT and roof loaded boat so long as there were rollers and even a hand winch to help with loading. For what it's worth, you are going to have to compromise on something. Only you can decide what is the easiest compromise for you.
RedRocket204 04/12/16 02:05pm Travel Trailers
RE: F150 Ecoboost Reliability

...other than the poor fuel mileage over what Ford claimed they would make. You can have Eco or Boost but you can't have both! What turbo engine in boost, i.e. more air, doesn't require more fuel?
RedRocket204 04/12/16 01:23pm Tow Vehicles
RE: How do you avoid Bio Diesel (over B5) while on the road?

Almost impossible to avoid it. Thank your government for that. I was not aware the US govt was responsible for special interest groups that pushed it through and the farmers who are more than happy to get paid to farm the stuff. What was I thinking? Holy Moly! What country do you live in? Do you honestly believe that if the EPA didn't mandate bio-fuel tat anyone would produce it? Holy Moly! Do you not understand how the govt system in this country works!
RedRocket204 04/07/16 07:37am General RVing Issues
RE: How do you avoid Bio Diesel (over B5) while on the road?

Almost impossible to avoid it. Thank your government for that. I was not aware the US govt was responsible for special interest groups that pushed it through and the farmers who are more than happy to get paid to farm the stuff. What was I thinking?
RedRocket204 04/07/16 07:25am General RVing Issues
RE: Need overnight campground in Denver

If just an overnight to get back on I70 quickly, Dakota Ridge would be the prime choice. It is very nice but a bit pricey. Getting into Golden near Clear Creek and back to I70 is not difficult but will definitively take more time than just staying at Dakota Ridge. Not as tight as the sites are in Dakota Ridge - just jump off I-70 at exit 244 Idaho Springs and Take Rt 6 right to the park/Golden, but the problem is not parking it's being able to get a site, then just take Rt 58 to I-70 - more beautiful drive and less traffic(Rt 6) - Just MHO, if you just need to pull off to sleep in a safe spot Jeffco would be the better option - right at the Fairgrounds and larger sites, more room. Not trying to start an argument but....I've got more than a few hundred nights in these three locations, (Granddaughters live just up the road), so just saying, but Golden has been "Discovered" so it is just hard to get in - without a direct call to the desk. And IMHO is just a really GREAT LOCATION, BOL, You missed my point about getting back on I70 quickly and that is why I suggested Dakota. Into and out of Clear Creek RV park will definitely have more time involved especially if you head down the twisty, tighter canyon of Hwy 6 to get into Golden, not debatable. OP is spending time trail riding in Moab and may want an early start for the drive home, I know that would be my choice. I happen to be headed out for trail riding in Moab next week too so know the feeling. BTW, your granddaughters must live close to where I live as I live just up the hill from that area.
RedRocket204 04/06/16 08:29am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Need overnight campground in Denver

If just an overnight to get back on I70 quickly, Dakota Ridge would be the prime choice. It is very nice but a bit pricey. Getting into Golden near Clear Creek and back to I70 is not difficult but will definitively take more time than just staying at Dakota Ridge.
RedRocket204 04/06/16 07:50am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Jeep or ORV rental in Moab

Summer is going to be hot out there and generally not prime-time for being there. Maybe that will be a good thing but be very prepared for heat in the summer. Spring and Fall is considered the best times to ride Moab. The place is awesome and if you some good trail guide books, check out funtreks books, can order from their website or amazon. Also, the NatGeo maps are very good to have for Moab too. We do Moab on ATVs and will be back riding there within two weeks.
RedRocket204 04/04/16 08:07am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Backing My Trailer. Is This Doable?

Yes that address the bend of the approach in, but what I was referring to relates from which 'way' on the road you are on how you approach to back into the site. gotcha :)
RedRocket204 04/03/16 09:38am Travel Trailers
RE: Backing My Trailer. Is This Doable?

Yes, myself and others eluded to this in previous posts. Referred to as the Swoop or Scoop method for a much easier way to back a trailer. YouTube - THE SCOOP: How to Back up a Towable RV
RedRocket204 04/03/16 08:40am Travel Trailers
RE: Looking to get into Rv'ing but have questions.

My experience has generally not been quite the same as some who've posted on this thread. We made our first, and so far only, RV TT purchase in 2010. We did buy used but found a very nice 3 year old TT. A bit on the heavier side with a slide-out but it fits us well. I wasn't worried so much about depreciation of why we didn't go with new, what concerned me was not knowing was price to settle on when buying new so as we didn't get taken advantage of. Biggest advice I can give is be very contentious about floor plan to make sure it fits you and then go with a decent build known for quality. Now that we have been doing the RV thing for 6 years, I feel very comfortable with moving forward trying to work out a deal on a new RV when we choose to sell our current TT and go to a truck camper in 5-6 years. What I haven't seen mentioned in any of the previous posts is what price to go for on new RVs. What I have gathered over the last six years is that many, many people recommend buying new RVs at about 65-70 percent of the MSRP pricing. Keep in mind there can be many factors as to if you can do this good, or even better, but that is what I would shoot for probably offering 60 percent of the MSRP for my first offer and then work from there. Of course timing, demand, new models, ordering a RV, stock on hand all play into what is the best deal you can negotiate on a new RV. Used will be a bit harder to understand current market value as it will be hard to find an exact like for like RV, in you area, for true price comparison. As in any price negotiation, don't get emotional.
RedRocket204 04/03/16 08:20am Travel Trailers
RE: Backing My Trailer. Is This Doable?

Totally do-able. You need to learn the continue on the road you're on but pull into the turn slightly and then turn away moving forward until the end of the trailer is mostly perpendicular to the road you are backing on to. Then reverse and crank around backing into the new road. It becomes very easy once done a few times as it is something I have to do when backing into my driveway and have done it a lot now. Practice makes perfect... since no one was born with the knowledge.
RedRocket204 04/02/16 06:56pm Travel Trailers
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