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That is a very nice looking truck. Really like the color scheme. Congrats.
RedRocket204 03/01/15 06:24pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New garage for TT

Wish I had something similar as it looks like there would be enough room to squeeze my 1-ton crewcab long bed in there too! I'm definitely envious. I have the room and land... just not the easement or approval. Do you mind me asking what a ballpark figure on that? If not, a PM is fine too. Thanks!
RedRocket204 02/27/15 03:43pm Travel Trailers
RE: Ilwaco/Long Beach KOA

Look for the street with Gearhart builders Supply store to get back in the correct area. Unfortunately, Gearhart Builders Supply is now a U-Haul! Whoa, when did that happen? I only moved away a little over two years ago and surprised to hear that. With as much money as I spent there, surprised they are gone. Is the Astoria Builders Supply still around? I suspect that HD in Warrenton probably killed Gearhart Builder's business... so sad. They always had a nice and helpful staff along with good stock and prices.
RedRocket204 02/25/15 07:19pm Travel Trailers
RE: Ilwaco/Long Beach KOA

If you are going to be in the area during the 4th, make sure and visit the Seaside, OR area for fireworks on the beach. If you go slightly north into Gearhart, you can find a beach entrance to drive onto the beach (can't head south into Seaside area though) where you can watch fireworks. The furthest south beach entrance in that immediate area is directly on the west side of the Gearhart golf course. Look for the street with Gearhart builders Supply store to get back in the correct area. The OR state park is interesting which is the north western most point of OR where there is a lookout platform... overlooks the ocean and Columbia River Bar (the graveyard of the Pacific). In the same general area, you can see the remnants of the Iredale shipwreck and also walk up to it, tide dependent. There is also a WWII battery you can visit where it is noted the only place on the west coast that was "attacked" during WWII. Definitely some history there. Make sure and have rain gear and plenty of warm cloths. Be prepared for it to be rainy, cold and windy but hopefully you will get some nice weather.
RedRocket204 02/24/15 09:03pm Travel Trailers
RE: 2015 F150 Off Road Snowy 4x4 Review

I doubt anyone is being fooled, most of us know that any of the trucks could pull that off but it doesn't matter, still looks like alot of fun. Yes. However, what wasn't in the video was any sort of ascent in those conditions. Seems odd that here in the Rocky Mountains where you are almost always going up or down that the video only showed what appeared as mildly flat. Add hills and the story would change a lot. Here is video of us out in very similar conditions with OHVs but add in the inclines. I saw a lot of SxSs and ATVs get stuck or had forward momentum stopped frequently that day because of the snow with an ascent. Video opens at an area where there was a hill that could not be navigated. We had to turn around. COATV Ride in Central City, CO on New Year's Day 2015
RedRocket204 02/21/15 08:34am Tow Vehicles
RE: Q for "Cummins12V98"

The 15 on order is a LongHorn Dually crew cab 4X4 with all options except auto dim and auto wipers and it will have air ride. Also it will have the Aisin trans and 4:10 gears. Same white/gold trim and bumpers as the 11. I was told originally 6-8 weeks and it will be nearly 13 weeks by the time I pick it up. Have a 15 MobileSuites 39TKSB3 on order. Hope to pick it up mid April. Awesome. Pics of both when you eventually get 'em!
RedRocket204 02/20/15 07:22pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Aussie Caravans: Booming Sales new normal

So, what is the price tag for something like in the first post?
RedRocket204 02/18/15 05:59pm Travel Trailers
RE: Family of 5.... what travel trailer is best?

Sounds like it's time to head to a RV show with the family and do a "live in".
RedRocket204 02/14/15 07:50pm Travel Trailers
RE: Camping In Snow

Come on guys let’s get real. Since were keeping it real...just want to make sure that driving down Vail Pass and Eisenhower Tunnel (Loveland Pass area) in a snow storm is the same as driving in a snow storm from Indiana to Kentucky. ;) Maybe your comment wasn't directed at any of my comments. Carry-on. :)
RedRocket204 02/12/15 10:33am Travel Trailers
RE: Camping In Snow

Marty, completely understand where you're coming from. I do get you are very proficient at driving in those conditions and want to point out my comments were directed at most of the drivers in the PNW...which is why you will see some of those in the ditch, just not very much experience unlike your experience. When living there, I was out on the coast. The first 3 years I commuted into the west side of PDX which meant I traversed the Coastal Range, 155 miles a day. Sure, the Coastal Range is not very high but it does get adverse driving conditions every winter. Add to that, my boss was not very forgiving so I made the commute rain, sleet, ice or snow. Remaining 6 years I was driving to the airport just about once a week. Spent a number of times visiting accounts in and around Seattle. How a lot of the other drivers drove in those conditions was baffling to me and has a lot to do with the number of those, even with 4WD, who end up stranded.
RedRocket204 02/12/15 08:45am Travel Trailers
RE: Camping In Snow

A friend of mine pulled a 35' triple slide 5w the same weekends I pulled my TT up to the same ski area with a rwd F250. In the mtns around here 4wd is NOT always your friend. I got in a wreck in my 86 S10 one mid January weekend. The two WSP officers at the seen, realized I was a rwd rig. Pushed a 4wd subaru into the snow bank. They both had been working that part of the hwy for 3 winters. I was the FIRST rwd to knock out a 4wd. Every OTHER wreck was caused be a 4wd! i've seen Audi quattros in the median after going so fast, the slid into it, ALL 4 tires including the lugs and nuts were off the car from the speed and impact. More 4wd Suburbans, pickups, Jeeps etc on the side, tops, rolling over etc than I can think of in 35+ years of driving up to the local areas. VERY few if any rwd rigs! The folks with AWD and 4wd seem to think they are invincible. Reality is, they can get going, go real fast, but stopping....hah! no better than the rwd rig on 4 tires. WAY the heck worst than a rwd with chains on, when the chains required sign is up. Oh, if you cause a wreck with the chains required sign, while the WSP will let you be the chain check, you will still get a hefty fine for no chains, along with paying, well insurance company will pay for the wreck. Along with, this person may get there on a sunny day, no snow on the roads, have a great few spring sunny days, leave, without EVER seeing a trace of snow on the road! Done that a few times too! Anyone remember the days when 4wd was few and far between? How did we all get around with rear drive only cars. Much less part time 4wd, awd or fwd or radial tires with better designs for snow and ice than the old bias ply tires that were available........ Marty Please don't take this personally as it is not meant to be that way. After living 9 years in the PNW, CO to OR back to CO now, my experience is that in the PNW, most of the residents don't see snow that much and they don't learn how to properly drive on it and that is why you saw what you saw. I lived it and saw it too. Now, go and live in a place where snow is a common event, yes, there are some knuckleheads, but most understand how to drive in those conditions, 2WD, 4WD, AWD doesn't matter. It was a lot more dangerous driving on snow in the PNW or CA. They just don't have the experience...that doesn't make them bad people, just not very experienced is all. I've got a lot of experience driving in snow in the mountains and even I am nervous of driving over a couple of passes come April when I try and tow my TT out I70 to Moab. I am very much hoping there is no snow...and this coming from someone that is extremely comfortable driving in big snow storms.
RedRocket204 02/11/15 09:40pm Travel Trailers
RE: Is 80,000 miles on a used 2012 F-250 Diesel too much?

Get a carfax and an oasis report. The dealership gave me the Autocheck report on the truck. (similar to the carfax). One owner, no accidents, looks maintained. As mentioned, get an oasis report. That will be from Ford and will show if it has been in for continuous repairs which none of those other reporting services can do. If the oasis report is clean and the price is right, go for it.
RedRocket204 02/11/15 03:27pm Tow Vehicles
RE: SnugTop Outback - Anyone Have One?

Overall rather disappointing quality wise. Also don't have the Outback version but wanted to comment that my SnugTop canopy quality has been disappointing as well. Purchased mine new '11 and had it painted to match. Color match was OK. I had a rack system "installed". Too bad they did such a crappy job at installing it as I took the canopy back twice (1 1/2 hour drive each way) where they never could find the source of the leak. Turned out the source of the leak was because the idiots never properly sealed the tracks for the rack...which ultimately I fixed. I have not had issue with the lock, works fine. The back side windows? They are rattling now. The front hinged window? Very hard to swing down for cleaning. Like it was forced in during installation even though this is supposed to be a feature to help with cleaning. Seems SnugTop quality control falls in line with the general RV industry. Overall experience with SnugTop is very disappointed. I would not buy another SnugTop product and would recommend looking at a different company.
RedRocket204 02/09/15 09:35am Tow Vehicles
RE: new to TH's and looking for advice on SxS

Not only is Yamaha not in the game, they can't even find the ballpark. They "think" this is a sport unit, per there billing. R-spec? its so weak they are ashamed to even list the power rating. I've owned and loved Yamaha products, but this SXS is a joke. I'm sure it will work well around a farm or putting along on a trail, but they should not bill it as a performance machine. Meh on your comments. Without it even being available just yet, not sure how you can put it down without knowing much about it. Sure, its not a 1000cc PoPo or CanAm and it doesn't have the fancy plastics but it will probably do OK in the recreational segment. I had initial shell shock at first but understand they are supposed to be coming out with a new model per year for the next few years. And, if they don't come out with something V-twin to compete in the 1000cc market, they are truly missing the boat. Remember, Yamaha likes to maintain their reliability reputation so it seems risk is not at the top of their priority. I do hope they end up coming out with something full sport but can't agree with your comments in the quote. Not looking for anyone to agree, but everybody that follows the industry knows this machine doesn't even put them on a level playing field with a 3 year old Polaris Ranger or Can am Commander. Facts are facts, compare the front and rear suspension travel, compare the ground clearance, compare the engine size and power, compare the aftermarket and accessories. Reliability is not the issue, the Japanese don't have the balls to produce anything exciting in the SXS market because they still have fear from the three wheeler days (lawsuits, gov. regulation, etc...). They easily have the ability to build a great machine, but won't. Kawasaki builds a new street bike that will exceed 200mph stock with over 200hp, but their sportiest SXS, like Yamaha's, is a farm machine. Oddly enough John Deere builds a sportier SXS than any Japanese company. The lack of Japanese competition is very disappointing for us consumers and even more disappointing for the dealers. Well don't forget some of your comments are making assumptions here as not all the data has been released and it takes a bit of time to build aftermarket. If I'm wrong concerning the Wolverine HP numbers, please provide a verified source. Regardless what the HP numbers will be, there is supposed to be new models coming out, most are assuming more of a sport segment but Yamaha is very tight lipped. You are certainly welcome to your opinion just like everyone else is.
RedRocket204 02/07/15 03:49pm Toy Haulers
RE: Winter Battery Maintenance

Charge it...maybe once a month. ...aside: and use your new trailer as soon as possible. You are burning through your warranty period by just letting it sit. There are always issues (a punch list) that will need dealer warranty attention with a new trailer. and welcome to the Forum. Couldn't agree more. Will add, the reason to unhook the battery is also because there are parasitic drains on it and a battery will be out of juice within 2 weeks. If your batteries are still connected to your TT, you should get your batteries charged up pronto to make sure they last.
RedRocket204 02/05/15 09:59am Travel Trailers
RE: Colorado Springs area camping with OHV trails etc?

Hopefully someone will answer this better than I because this will be somewhat convoluted... I drove hwy 50 about 16 years ago and I do not recall very many hills...but again, 16 years ago. Hwy 24, uh, yeah, I rode my road bike from Vail to Leadville and it seemed somewhat mountainous but again, a much different perspective. But keep in mind, Leadville is at 10k feet so there has to be ascents. I take Hwy 285 from where I live and then to Buena Vista and up over Cottonwood. Yes it is a pass, but there are far worse passes in CO than Cottonwood where I would not consider towing my TT. Cottonwood? That would be my only choice as going down to Gunnison adds a good solid extra hour. Plus the drive is not as scenic. EDIT: I see, you're talking hwy 24 from Co Springs area. Completely different part of hwy 24 however I have driven that stretch. Again, a while back but if you are looking to avoid Cottonwood Pass, probably take 50 to Gunnison.
RedRocket204 02/03/15 09:52pm Toy Haulers
RE: Colorado Springs area camping with OHV trails etc?

Agree you'll be fine with your 5th. There is plenty of room getting in to the Trading Post RV. 6 days? The word is you could spend a month out there and not be able to ride all the trails...you'll be happy. Yes I've been there, just not enough...yet. CO is generally pet friendly, should not be an issue.
RedRocket204 02/03/15 08:16pm Toy Haulers
RE: Neat looking camper

Could be, but pop out what? I see a travel trailer with pop outs. If the moderator/s see a better Forum, I am sure they will move it there. Wayne Moderator hehe, should have put the ;) in there ;)
RedRocket204 02/03/15 11:00am Travel Trailers
RE: Colorado Springs area camping with OHV trails etc?

You probably already know about or have these but suggest having these book/map, also can be bought at the ATV/SxS rental place at the TP Trading Post: Funtreks Guidebooks: ATV Trails Guide Colorado Taylor Park, Crested Butte latitude40maps.com - Crested Butte – Aspen – Gunnison Trails Already mentioned in this thread, you will need a CO OHV sticker for each offroad vehicle: Colorado Parks and Wildlife - Off-Highway Vehicle Registrations
RedRocket204 02/03/15 07:34am Toy Haulers
RE: Colorado Springs area camping with OHV trails etc?

We are thinking about planning a camping trip to the Taylor Park, Colorado area to ride the trails with our atvs this August. Does anyone here have any experiences with the campgrounds in that area? I have found a lot of great reviews on the trails on different websites but none on camping facilities. First thing I would do is check with the campground/cabins at the Taylor Park Trading Post area. Find out if there is a big meet happening during the time you want to go. If there is a big meet, chances are most if not all the RV spots may already be reserved. The good news...there are A LOT of places to dry camp (boondock) in Taylor Park and to be honest, that is my preference, however I only live 3 hours from there. There are pay for dump stations in Buena Vista which I am assuming will be your way back, up over Cottonwood Pass and drop down into Buena Vista. Cottonwood Pass is not bad and I drive it with my 1 ton CC LB with my Grizzly in the bed towing a 8500 lbs 31' TT. Awesome place TP is. Make sure you bring rain gear and warm cloths as you will be camping at around 9500'. Pay attention to incoming afternoon thundershowers, try to avoid being at high elevation if those start up...you do not want to be caught in lightening. Most importantly, have a great time, it will be worth the trip.
RedRocket204 02/03/15 07:17am Toy Haulers
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