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RE: I think Mr. Murphy is following me

Here's to you getting home safe and still having a memorable story to tell! BTW, that cold front that moved through was very unexpected...at least by my standards.
RedRocket204 09/17/14 11:06pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Installing LED step lights

I did this mod a couple of years back and I love that the LED light is under the steps, lights them up perfectly without direct light pollution in the eyes, even when seated around a campfire. I added a rv style switch on the inside of the door near the porch light switch. I tapped off a 12v live line, porch light, and then snaked the wiring down through the wall, into the floor, out under the trailer where it connects to the LEDs under the steps. Whole thing looks professional and works great. I rarely ever use the porch light now...step light provides enough light without being annoying.
RedRocket204 09/17/14 09:28am Travel Trailers
RE: Newbie questions: Tiny toy haulers

Just an update. I have the service manual now, checking for relevant data. I don't have the tow package but I found one like mine that does, for sale in MA and asking more now than I paid then. The hitch is nearly identical to my U-Haul. The dash & console are identical. The hitch doesn't have a setup for a damper on the hitch, maybe that would go on the ball area when installed and not be part of the factory package. Rumor has it there is an Anti-sway engine control that some Wrangler owners would like to remove or disable from their Wranglers. Posts indicate it can't be installed or removed in the field but I haven't found it in the manual yet. I suspect this is another robo-nanny that prevents idiocy but bothers people who know how to drive. Knowing how to drive and having the right tools for the job are two very different things.
RedRocket204 09/14/14 07:21am Toy Haulers
RE: Half ton or Sequoia

That trailer would be an excellent choice for any 1/2 ton or the Sequoia. We have a '10 Sequoia Ltd 5.7l with third row seating and I wouldn't hesitate to tow the trailer you have listed with it...even in the mountains.
RedRocket204 09/12/14 01:55pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Nice RV Park on the Ocean Close to Disneyland?

After more research and my wife saying "We're going to Disneyland more than one day" I think we'll stay close and then spend a couple of days at the ocean. You really do need more than 1 day at Dizzyland to see the whole park and ride the rides. Also, having been born and raised on the beach spending a lot of time surfing in SoCal, I always found that the nicer beaches were south in Orange County into San Diego County or north of Los Angeles. Laguna Beach has some very interesting beaches to visit...look online for Thousand Steps. This beach was one of my favorites for just hanging out at the beach wandering around, beach combing. At Thousand Steps, make sure it is low tide and that there are not big waves breaking...but go down the 10 or so flights of stairs, turn left and keep going past the 3 or so different coves. You will come upon a cave in the rock structure. Go into the cave and there will be an exit on the ocean side a little ways in. When you come out, look south and back towards the beach sandy area and there will be some houses down lower to the ocean and areas where multiple sea pools were built. You can't access this area from the road, private roads, so it can only be accessed via the cave...or at least access used to be available via the cave but I would see no reason for it being blocked via the cave...it's public. Very cool area and not something many tourists are aware of. I spent a lot of time there in my youth.
RedRocket204 09/06/14 08:18am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Colorado State Parks

This is the OP..out of the 7 co state parks we have stayed....Fruita personnel is where we are having all this harassement problems. Mostly with a person named Shannon...good thing I don't carry anymore. Our problems, here at Fruita State Park in Grand Junction, Co., has nothing to to with bears and everything to due with this Shannon person and her bosses, Pete Furman and Aaron Fero. Also,we do not have Colorado license tags. According to one man in this park (local)"the lady at the window just gave him his Colorado state park pass" because she felt he had paid enough. Seems if you have Colorado tags you get free stuff. We purchased a pass and only will us it for 2 months, locals can use their pass (easier) for the full year. Now who is paying for these parks. Colorado people are nice, only, if you are standing their with your wallet open. Wish I was not feeling this way. You are classic. Generalizations and no specifics of what happened always reminds me there are two sides to the story. If these 3 people are not treating you nice, makes me highly suspicious of your actions. You are probably getting the treatment back that you initially cast out yourself. If this thread is any indication, especially the "good thing I don't carry anymore" I'd be willing to bet you get way out of line with your mouth. And for your generalizations of people in CO...please pack up and never return. I'm sure all of us Coloradans feel that way :R
RedRocket204 09/06/14 07:34am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: how long does your battery last?

I am guessing Mammoth in Yellowstone? OP is from CA so probably Mammoth Mountain, Mammoth Lakes area.
RedRocket204 09/05/14 11:00am Travel Trailers
RE: Pulling a 7500# Travel Trailer

I get the idea that having the most payload is nice for future needs and such but I can't ever imagine running out of payload on a 2500 with a TT. My 2500 has 3200# payload. Case in point...but yes, keep in mind this is my situation. I have a TT that has GVWR at 9500#, dry weight of 7200#, loaded it scales at 8500#. I do have a 1 ton as I wanted to make sure I had enough payload for the future RV everyone says they end up buying. Jump forward a couple years and my situation has changed. I moved to the mountains at ~ 8k feet. I also ended up buying an ATV to use as a snow plow. However, the thing is soooo much fun to ride, I am now loading it into the bed of my truck and pulling the same TT to dry camp (full water tank of 56 gallons) and still within my payload limits. I cannot say the same had I went with the same truck configuration but a 3/4 ton. So no, I did not upgrade to a bigger RV but other changes in my life did warrant the 1-ton which I am glad I went ahead and bought. I am also now considering selling our TT in a few years and buying a slide-in RV. Talk about eating up payload but my 1-ton truck is certified for a slide-in with heavier front springs.
RedRocket204 09/05/14 10:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: What RV Parks might consider..

Per the price thing being brought up in this thread... Still get shocked (You'd think I'd be numb to it by now) the amount of people on this forum who have spent tens of thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands, of $$$ on their rigs and then proceed to complain about the cost at RV sites. I didn't know it was a crime for an RV park to try and turn a profit. If that's your biggest concern I wish you continued success and happiness. Don't sweat the small stuff (and it's all small stuff). Completely agree!
RedRocket204 09/05/14 07:29am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Colorado State Parks

I do have to agree with the OP to a certain point about the inconsistencies between parks. Mueller SP were sticklers about all food and ice chests being inside a locked vehicle at night since we were in a pop-up whereas Ridgway SP said it was Ok to leave the inside the camper. That can be as simple as wildlife problems at the one site that the local rangers are trying to control. I personally do not see that as an inconsistency between the two locations.
RedRocket204 09/04/14 04:13pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Best way to winterize yet still use unit in winter?

EDIT: Side note, don't let the south fool you. We get below freezing very often. We thaw out during the day, but we freeze nearly every night. And 8 days of snow last year. Whoo hoo. But, it's not getting very far below freezing and as you pointed out, goes above freezing during the day. That may not even be enough to cause issues. If it sits unused for any length of time, just blow out the lines, pretty easy and quick, which will give peace of mind.
RedRocket204 09/04/14 02:31pm Beginning RVing
RE: Question on cable connection

Common problem with rig's that have a single exterior coax input as our TT does. Performed this simple modification to our TT and we have no problems watching our Directv HD satellite programming through the single exterior coax input. Awesome! Thanks for posting the link.
RedRocket204 09/02/14 09:26am Travel Trailers
RE: how long does your battery last?

Do you keep your battery topped up and disconnected from the TT when the TT is not in use? If not, chances are your battery is getting depleted within a couple of weeks then it sits without a charge for ??? amount of time...this is not good for the battery life. I also went ahead and changed all lights in the TT to LED so my evening draw is lessened. I have two 12V batteries with a ground disconnect in the event my TT sits without use. When I winterize the TT, I pull both batteries out and have them on a charger to keep them topped off which I understand as very good, long term maintenance. Just some ideas to help with dry camping. EDIT: some good info provided in the post which precedes mine.
RedRocket204 09/02/14 09:07am Travel Trailers
RE: Best way to patch fiberglass?

I would repair it with glass but if you are concerned about doing it I have an easy fix- Cut out around the damaged area and fill it with expandable foam so you keep H2O out. Sand it down as flat as you can. Then buy a 4x8 foot piece of 0.020 matte aluminum sheet with an adhesive laminate on it. Have the metal cut to run entirely across the ramp and cover the hole. It should look just fine and you will be good to go! If you need the aluminum- PM me. I can cut and ship a sheet with the adhesive already applied so all you have to do is peel and stick. I'm surprised you didn't mention Sun Cure: http://www.amazon.com/Sun-Cure That is exactly what I would have used for that repair and yes, it would have stayed water tight and a permanent fix. I actually carry a tube of it in my trailer just in case. I have done WAY to many fiberglass repairs and know this stuff works.
RedRocket204 08/28/14 02:37pm Toy Haulers
RE: Pre trip charge

Get a charger and bring battery home to fully charge. Hook it back up the day before you leave and turn fridge on propane. We store our batteries in the garage between trips and if a long time between charge them up while they are in the garage. That is exactly what I do as well. OP, get a good charger (link to read up on battery chargers). Don't forget to bring the batteries with you and re-install them before towing as your brake's break-away circuit requires the battery to work.
RedRocket204 08/19/14 08:10pm Travel Trailers
RE: Apache Camping, Everett, Washington

The RV dealer game is one of relationship and service. This is driven by the reality that purchase frequency of RVs are much lower than cars. This means the primary game is selling accessories and servicing / repairs-- Will add that the accessories and paid for service are higher margin items that they should be selling at a higher volume too. If a dealer chooses to not sell accessories, that's their business model they chose. Way too many businesses have lost sight of proper customer/business relationship which will lead to constant future business. I choose to do local business when I can even if the prices are higher (not outrageously higher mind you) as I value what local businesses bring to the community. I do not blame you for never wanting to spend a dime at Apache Camping after their response to you. For Apache Camping, must be nice to have so much business that you turn away potential customers. Apache Camping better hope their "so much business" never drops off.
RedRocket204 08/14/14 08:49am Travel Trailers
RE: son damaged awning

How did they force it? Did they manhandle the tube by spinning/twisting it so it rolled and that snapped the lock allowing it to roll? Lots, and lots of beer made those decisions. :B
RedRocket204 08/13/14 09:27pm Travel Trailers
RE: Slide adjustment or motor

Keep in mind my issue was actually because of misalignment which seems slightly different from yours...but yes, the same type of resulting behavior was experienced most likely because of binding on mine. A bit more on my slide issue... Slide is ~ 4' x 14', a large slide. The motor is a screw drive type. The screw drive motor turns a gear which makes the rod (rod ~ 14' in length connects to each side of the slide) move. If I remember correctly, each side has it's own passive gear that it moves on, in and out. My slide would actually have one of those side gears jump a tooth or two and become misaligned. This would cause the binding when fully in or out...resulting in the clicking heard from the slide motor. Hand cranking would unbind the slide and then the motor had enough torque to move the slide. It's been a while but I believe I captured correctly what the problem with my slide was. The dealer never gave me an absolute of what they did to readjust the slide. I sense they had to re-position the bars the slide moved on so it no longer became misaligned. Good news is when they finally spent the time to do the job correctly, I have not had an issue with it since...knock on wood.
RedRocket204 08/13/14 08:26am Travel Trailers
RE: Slide adjustment or motor

Sounds like slide adjustment. I fought a slide adjustment issue when I first bought my used TT but fortunately, I did buy it from a dealer who was ultimately able to get it fixed. Keep in mind it took them about 4-5 tries to get it fixed but I had the same issue of the fast clicking when it would not move. I would need to hand crank the slide out a bit and then could use the slide switch the rest of the way...sound familiar? Also, check when the slide is in and out on the seals...it should line-up and seal properly, no gaps or misalignment. Our's didn't seal properly when in and was a tell-tale sign of the slide out of adjustment.
RedRocket204 08/13/14 06:50am Travel Trailers
RE: tongue jack blocks for levelling trailer

If you are going to raise it that high make sure you are using wheel chocks on all the wheels...wheel chocks are cheap.
RedRocket204 08/12/14 09:08pm Travel Trailers
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