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RE: No Lights When Running On Battery....

I currently have the batteries disconnected and the camper unplugged from the house. I'd like to see if the batteries can hold the charge cause like I said, I think they're on their way out anyway. I'll play with things again in a few days when I get some time. Although you may have batteries that are not up to snuff that is NOT your issue! Just like other said, you have something going on in the wiring from the batteries to the trailer. IN my 2005 I had the auto reset circuit breaker fail. It was right below the batteries on the frame. My new trailer has one mounted in the battery box up high. Follow your hot wire from the frame and find either the fuse or CB and test voltage on both sides of it. There is one somewhere. Also check and make sure your ground wire is attached securely to your frame close to your batteries. Chris OP could also reconnect the battery and then test for voltage at one of the non-working lights using a separate ground. That should determine if the + side of the wire is good to that light. Using a differently supplied ground or + wire to test using the opposite existing wire and working back to the battery will certainly determine where the problem in the wiring is. It is a lot more thorough and pretty easy to do this and generally only requires one's time. I found a loose mid-trailer frame ground that fed my slide motor using this method.
RedRocket204 04/28/17 09:14am General RVing Issues
RE: CO2/Propane alarms gone off twice since we bought camper

I don't have the specific version of CO2 detector you have, but just some info here. The CO2 detector I have has two led status lights that will help determine the cause for an alarm. Not sure if your has the same but something to investigate into. On my TT , which we also bought used and it was 3 years old when we bought it, I had our CO2 detector go off a couple times one evening. I thought I was going to have to replace ours so I removed the mounting screws to take a look. Where ours was positioned, the back of our CO2 detector is exposed to our galley cabinet, and the previous owner had spill some dish soap back there. Since that wasn't cleaned up very well, if at all, it ate away at the CO2 detector wire shielding and started corroding one of the wires. There were only a couple of strands of one of the wires intact, ultimately getting very low voltage. I wasn't too versed in the CO2 detector at that time and didn't realize the led lights were indicating low voltage but it all made sense after I had a root cause analysis (RCA) on what was going on and why the CO2 detector alarmed. Of course it was an easy splice of the wires along with cleaning up that dish soap mess I wasn't aware of and no more issues. Just a FYI that low voltage to your CO2 detector doesn't always mean your batteries are low. Test the wires going to the CO2 detector to make sure you are getting the voltage it should be getting. There could be a compromised wire somewhere.
RedRocket204 04/28/17 08:19am Truck Campers
RE: Amazon Prime Now

As of April 27, 2017, listing of current Amazon Prime Now cities: Atlanta Austin Baltimore Boston Chicago Cincinnati Columbus Dallas and Fort Worth Houston Indianapolis Las Vegas Los Angeles and Orange County Manhattan and Brooklyn Miami Milwaukee Minneapolis and St. Paul Nashville Orlando Phoenix Portland Raleigh Richmond Sacramento San Antonio San Diego San Francisco Bay Area Seattle and Eastside Tampa Virginia Beach Washington, DC Metro
RedRocket204 04/27/17 08:46am General RVing Issues
RE: Camping in the Rain

I have no slide toppers and used to live on the coast in the Pacific North Wet. As mentioned, lower or raise the front of your trailer and pooling water will run off quickly. It will still be wet up there, but really, who cares? It never caused a problem for our trailer because, as mentioned, it will dry. Quite honestly, there were many, many times in the PNW where it was raining when packing up and absolutely no way it would be dry before bringing in the slide. Sideways rain meant slide toppers wouldn't keep the rain off either. It will dry and I wouldn't stress one bit on this.
RedRocket204 04/27/17 07:53am General RVing Issues
RE: Do I need power at pin 4 on my tow vehicle?

On Fords there is a relay that must be installed to charge the trailer. not real sure about the others. This is not 100% accurate. My 2011 F350 does have 14.35V on Pin 4 and there was no aftermarket relay installed. There may be cases, as you say, of some Ford trucks requiring a relay, but not all of them. There was nothing said about which model of Ford truck you were referring to, just a blanket Ford statement. Nope. it is NOT after market. The relay is supplied by Ford. It may not be that way on diesels, or 350s. but on 250s, and 150 gas. It is there. The relay is in a pouch usually found in the dash, OR with the jack. In earlier models that had no brake controller, Ford also supplied a wiring harness that hooked to a controller of your choice, and then just plugged into the port under the dash. There were relays, and wiring harnesses in my 2002 Expedition, my 2004 F150, and in my 2013 150, there was a fuse, and a relay that had to be installed. All supplied by Ford, and stashed in the truck. My friend had a gas 250, but couldn't find the relay in his truck. So since the Expe had 2. I gave him one, and once he installed it. His charge wire worked as well. Why they just don't go ahead and install them, I couldn't say. but I would think any professional brake controller installer would know they are there, and just put them in. Is interesting about why Ford would do that. But yes, mine is a diesel F350 and I didn't have to install any relay and do have the voltage on Pin 4 when running. I agree that it doesn't make a whole lot of sense why different trucks would be setup differently. Same with why GM would put a dummy fuse in the location for powering Pin 4. Did your friends F250 have the integrated brake controller? Assuming your 2013 F150 does have an integrated brake controller? Thanks for the added information.
RedRocket204 04/27/17 07:39am Travel Trailers
RE: Do I need power at pin 4 on my tow vehicle?

On Fords there is a relay that must be installed to charge the trailer. not real sure about the others. This is not 100% accurate. My 2011 F350 does have 14.35V on Pin 4 and there was no aftermarket relay installed. There may be cases, as you say, of some Ford trucks requiring a relay, but not all of them. There was nothing said about which model of Ford truck you were referring to, just a blanket Ford statement.
RedRocket204 04/26/17 02:10pm Travel Trailers
RE: Suggestions for tripple towing ATV trailer behind camper....

Gotta ask...why don't you put the ATV in the back of your truck? We use to put our 350 Honda Rancher in the back of our Tundra and then pull our 25 foot, 5500 lb travel trailer. Truck was right at it's max payload capacity, but with extra air bags, rear anti-roll bar and E rated LT tires, it handled really good. As imq707s pointed out, having more than a single ATV makes the problem a lot more difficult to deal with. Even having a toy hauler RV trailer means you won't be able to transport two ATVs to a staging area if you can't ride to the trailhead. Another solution to this problem, and yes, I was faced with this exact issue, is to look into something like a DiamondBack ATV Tonneau cover that can support two ATVs so long as you don't exceed the 1600 lbs load capacity. However, that puts almost all 1/2 ton trucks overloaded if you want to additionally pull a TT. I am fortunate enough to already have a 1 ton truck so I do have the payload for two ATVs on my DiamondBack ATV cover and pull my 9500 GVWR non-toy hauler TT. There are many places I like to go to where I would not be able to double-tow and I just don't want to do that anyway. The DiamondBack is the perfect solution for me. I know I sound like an advertisement for them but I can assure you I have no financial gain or connection to DiamondBack.
RedRocket204 04/26/17 09:32am Towing
RE: Suggestions for tripple towing ATV trailer behind camper....

I’m assuming I want to have a decent amount of tongue weight on the ATV trailer? I’m planning on filling the fresh water tank in the front of the camper to compensate for the extra weight on the rear. Thoughts? Ideas? Tips for triple towing? Oh, and in MO this is legal with a bumper pull camper….as long as the total overall length isn’t over 55ft long….I’m around 50ft total. This chart shows MO can be up to 65', but best to confirm with your local laws versus something "on the internet". onlinetowingguide.com - State Towing Laws (make sure to scroll all the way to the right on that linked table) But yes, you will want good tongue weight on that ATV trailer and that goes for even just towing that ATV trailer independently with your truck.
RedRocket204 04/26/17 08:52am Towing
RE: Where to put bikes?

Here is an additional option for transporting bikes in a RV trailer - Bike carrying solution....finally!
RedRocket204 04/26/17 08:42am Travel Trailers
RE: Should I charge from tow vehicle?

I see nothing to support the comments that on a RV 7-way trailer plug that pin 4 is required for brake/signal/running lights. It appears Pin 4 is strictly an AUX pin for charging the 12V trailer system batteries and for providing 12V power to the trailer. However, this would be critical back-up 12V power for the trailer break-away system and also as mentioned, for your refridge running on propane. etrailer.com - Trailer Wiring Connectors
RedRocket204 04/26/17 07:41am Travel Trailers
RE: Do I need power at pin 4 on my tow vehicle?

BTW, didn't see it mentioned... You can install a battery disconnect and have your battery disconnected when the trailer is sitting stored at home and not plugged in. This is a good thing for battery life. However, do not have your batteries disconnected when you are towing. The break-away brake system on your trailer requires 12V battery to activate the brakes in the event your trailer detaches from your tow vehicle. As for active power on pin 4, you really should have that power available. What would you do if your batteries were drained and you needed to tow? Having that power available will make you legal with regards to having the power back into the batteries for your break-away switch to properly activate the trailer brakes.
RedRocket204 04/26/17 07:26am Travel Trailers
RE: rv garage

Yeah, standard OSB will lite up as quick as any dried lumber. If you like the look of the sheet rock, you could always spray the OSB white or your preferred color. It will maintain an OSB texture through the paint but could help make it look a bit more finished.
RedRocket204 04/26/17 07:07am Fifth-Wheels
RE: DIY: Replaced the delaminated front Filon on my trailer!

Thank you for the added info.
RedRocket204 04/26/17 07:04am Travel Trailers
RE: Will this limit my TC selection?

I thought it was legal to shoot people in Texas for even thinking about forming an HOA. hehehe! Austin is a lone island in the lone star state.
RedRocket204 04/25/17 02:10pm Truck Campers
RE: How to get rid of birds?

For those birds like flickers and woodpeckers that make holes in siding, it is easier to remove the cause, i.e. their food. These birds are after the larvae of the Fly Wasp. I was the one who had the flicker issue and it was not food that was causing the source of my specific issue with the flickers, it was always spring time nesting. If it was food, the potential for the problem with the flickers wouldn't be isolated to only the east side of my house. The bird netting on only the east side of my house completely solved my issue with the flickers.
RedRocket204 04/25/17 01:35pm General RVing Issues
RE: DIY: Replaced the delaminated front Filon on my trailer!

Very nicely done! Curious as to the reasoning behind the gauge aluminum sheeting you used and why you ended up with the .020. Did you feel .020 was adequate, was it a cost thing, was the .020 readily available in large sheets in your area? Do you feel you will be susceptible to rock dings now I guess is the reason I really am asking. It looks really nice and am considering doing the same to mine as I did have a bit of water intrusion by way of some cracked marker light lenses. My front doesn't look quite as bad as yours did before your repair but my front panel condition still bothers me and I may sell my TT a few years down the road, would want it to look nice both inside and out.
RedRocket204 04/25/17 11:16am Travel Trailers
RE: Redneck toy hauler

EDIT: Scratch my initial comment, different truck pulling the gooseneck.
RedRocket204 04/24/17 12:33pm Toy Haulers
RE: White square drive counter sunk RV screws needed

I have some screws in my Lance TC that don't tighten up properly and I would like to replace them with longer and maybe larger diameter screws. I cannot find any that are larger then #8 and none of them are the flat head, counter sunk screw like are now in there. Assuming these are screws on the ouside of your rig? Were any of those screws that were loose have any discoloration or rust? If so, you could be getting some water intrusion in those screw holes, best to squirt a shot of sealant into the hole when replacing the screws too.
RedRocket204 04/24/17 12:25pm Tech Issues
RE: TT Awning Replacement

We have a 2007 Komfort 26BHS and I had to replace my awning material two years ago. I went with something very similar to the original vinyl that came with the trailer. On our Komfort trailer is a 19 ft , Awning_Brand: A&E Systems, Awning_Model: Dometic Sunchaser. I ordered it from http://www.shadepro.net/product/Replacement_Patio_Canopies/repfab_pv_standard.html at a price of $169 with free ship. I also just watch a few youtube videos on safe replacement of the awning material and had my wife help me when needed.
RedRocket204 04/24/17 12:19pm Travel Trailers
RE: WiFi verses Powerline

With the advances in cellular data, wifi will soon join the payphone, the cassette tape, floppy discs and tube televisions in the technology junkpile. AT&T seems to very much disagree with that opinion... and as everyone already knows, AT&T is selling cellular. AT&T Labs’ Project AirGig Nears First Field Trials for Ultra-Fast Wireless Broadband Over Power Lines Sounds like room for both wireless and cellular moving forward into multi-gig speeds
RedRocket204 04/23/17 11:43am Technology Corner
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