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RE: Cleaning and waxing exterior - what to use?

Agree with those mentioning McGuiars. I just did this on my 10 years old trailer after removing the vinyl decals. I used McGuiars Marine Oxidation Remover for Fiberglass, blue bottle. Then McGuiars Marine cleaner wax in the black bottle. A final with McGuiars Marine Wax, black bottle. The RV shine looks like it is new and I have a right Popeye arm now.
RedRocket204 06/25/17 06:17pm Travel Trailers
RE: Does this toy hauler exist

Hello. I am looking for a toy hauler that has a queen bed and set of bunk beds in front of the wall separating the toy area and the living area. I would prefer a travel trailer, not a 5th wheel. I would also prefer it to be in the 30 ft in length area. Neither of these are show stoppers, just preferences. If I need to go longer and/or 5th wheel, I will. I want the toy area no shorter then 8 feet. Does anyone out there know of a brand and model that gets me close to this? Thanks in advance. It would seem your preferences are asking the impossible if you think this out. But keep in mind that I'm not suggesting your asks are being unreasonable, just to me doesn't seem to add up. A 30' trailer, assuming you are talking about over-all length, will have a coach area ~ 26'/27'. At least 6' for the queen bed area but probably more like 7', another 6' for the bunk area and that is assuming you can stack both of those next to each other. Min 8' for the garage. That is 20' right there leaving ~ 6' of space to accomodate a kitchenette and bathroom/shower but using the garage area as fold-down living space. The floor plan as such may not work well either never mind considerations for trailer balance by way of making sure too many heavy items are not on one side/end of the trailer. Heavy items need to counter other heavy items otherwise bad things can happen when towing. Does a trailer in a floor plan you suggest exist? I do not recall seeing one myself but I haven't seen them all.
RedRocket204 06/15/17 08:37am Toy Haulers
RE: LINE-X for cap on a trailer?

Either you will need to do lots of work, or pay someone to do lots of work but that oxidation can be removed with Meguiar's M4916 Marine/RV Heavy Duty Oxidation Remover Once that has been applied and removed, make sure and use a high quality Marine wax, like Meguiar's M6332 Flagship Premium Marine Wax. It will look like new again once you're done with it. I just did this to my 2007 trailer and am shocked at the results... I'm very pleased. My wife can't believe that it now has that new shine look.
RedRocket204 06/12/17 05:45pm Travel Trailers
RE: Brand new Kodiak trailer - can't use toilet

This also shows the factory never did any water test on the plumbing because part of the test is flushing the toilet, I wonder what other issues are down the road, and what other test was not done as well... Almost no factory does any testing or quality control on new units. The dealer gets paid to do a PDI which obviously would have caught the problem. Factories make mistakes but in this case the dealer screwed the OP by not doing the work they were paid for doing. It only had about a 1 inch gap at the edge of the down pipe. Water would have easily passed by but number 2 no no no. Yeah, not sure how many PDI's put solids down the commode. "Do you have magazine and a few minutes, gotta test this out." ;)
RedRocket204 06/11/17 08:14pm Travel Trailers
RE: Brand new Kodiak trailer - can't use toilet

Soooo....He either told them he was going to sue them to death for screwing up the trailer, and they got scared and caved to immediately replace/repair/whatever as long as he completely deleted his posts blaming them for their incompetence... or... Chances are it was the first item you brought up. The OP, as best I could tell, was calm and collected but certainly pulling his hair out trying to understand if wanting this issue with his black tank being properly fixed was being unreasonable. He was not unreasonable. I do suspect for this issue to be completely resolved to his satisfaction, he needed to pull down public information pertaining to it. I would do the same thing. I wish the OP the best as no one deserves to be completely frustrated when you really should be excited about a new major purchase.
RedRocket204 06/09/17 02:24pm Travel Trailers
RE: New TT Pick-up Inspection - Should I use a professional?

...Luckily, I do have some mechanical aptitude and will plan to have someone with me that is familiar with RVs. It guess it won't hurt that I'm very observant and picky in this case. If you are new to RVs, that is a good plan. Someone with RV experience to know what to expect and run through the routine of using ALL the items in the RV. I know when I bought my first RV, it was very daunting learning about it without any prior RV experience, and yes, there were many items I would have more thoroughly checked over knowing what I know now. FYI, bring blue painters tape and tear off a small piece to mark something that needs fixing.
RedRocket204 06/09/17 06:25am Beginning RVing
RE: Brand new Kodiak trailer - can't use toilet

Says right on the paper work that they ingineered it. No wonder the fix is bad. Sorry to poke fun but that is just a bad situation. Really hope things turn around and it gets resolved to your satisfaction without too much more trouble. I do not feel you are being unreasonable or unrealistic based upon what you've posted. Good luck!
RedRocket204 06/08/17 08:18pm Travel Trailers
RE: Brand new Kodiak trailer - can't use toilet

Could the black tank be slightly moved to where a 45 off the floor flange could plumb properly into the black tank? I tend to think there is probably not enough room to shift the black tank to get the room to do that.
RedRocket204 06/08/17 07:21pm Travel Trailers
RE: Brand new Kodiak trailer - can't use toilet

Thank you! Anybody else just not see that working out?? You are obviously over reacting... ;) gotcha. Yeah, a poo pyramid would block that quickly.
RedRocket204 06/08/17 07:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: Brand new Kodiak trailer - can't use toilet

here is the URL and yes, copy/paste to see it: https://goo.gl/photos/RbYb9DZQHFfKxgPW8 There is only about an inch of space? Any idea what that black plate is?
RedRocket204 06/08/17 06:54pm Travel Trailers
RE: How do I copy DVR recording to laptop

The problems already mentioned might not be your only issue as most cable/telco providers will not allow 3rd party copy of content off of your STB as that is most likely a copyright infringement violation the cable/telco company has with the content provider in their contract. ( same generalization horton333 mentions) Generally, you are only "borrowing" the content on your DVR per your subscription, you do not own it. You may want to look into if your cable company has TV Everywhere or OTT type of delivery within your subscription. In some cases, the apps they provide may be able to securely transfer content to the device with the resident app for a limited time. I know with my subscription, I can transfer DVR content as well as specifically marked content to something like my iPad. That content can stay on there for set amount of days without network connectivity and with proper network authentication, the content time can be extended. Might be an option for you.
RedRocket204 06/08/17 09:27am Technology Corner
RE: Frustration trying to choose / what about a Suburban!

OP, Seems you are now finding out there is no perfect RV solution that handles 100% of the situations RV'rs want to deal with. Although your initial post in this thread didn't state towing a boat is a priority, it kind of sounds like it might be. So, if having a boat is a priority, what kind of boat is sufficient? There are plenty of smaller boat options one could roof mount on many tow vehicles or one could even go with something like a Porta Bote and small outboard. If the boat you're referencing is too large and must be trailered, honestly, your best option really is a truck and TC. Using a motorhome (A, B or C) to tow a boat is fine but there are also considerations there as well. Will that motorhome sufficiently put in/out a larger boat on a steep and possibly slick ramp? Will you want to break camp each time you need to trailer the boat? A TC manages those issues better as you can drop your TC and setup camp, leave camp setup and go use your boat with really, a proper tow vehicle for a larger boat. Just a FYI that I do see from time to time people on craigslist selling a combo TV/TC setup that seems reasonable. They are usually older units but also carry a more reasonable price. You are correct though, trying to buy a modern TC is usually a lot more expensive that it seems it should be. The bigger TCs with a slide(s) also weigh a lot and require a very stout TV... which is good money too. Try and be patient and look for a combo deal someone is listing for sale. You may also need to travel from your local area to find something suitable.
RedRocket204 06/08/17 08:13am Truck Campers
RE: Do Not Disturb While Driving mobile feature coming

To the negative responders in this thread, I will not engage you any longer. This thread was meant to be informational, not a battle on who is a better person. Please see MrWizard's post as he obviously gets it.
RedRocket204 06/08/17 07:51am Technology Corner
RE: Do Not Disturb While Driving mobile feature coming

I don't care if folks use it, I just don't think it's a "great idea" or that it will prevent people from using their phones while driving. We get it already and it doesn't take stating your disapproval 3 times for some of us to know you disapprove. How about we agree to disagree? Better?
RedRocket204 06/07/17 02:46pm Technology Corner
RE: Do Not Disturb While Driving mobile feature coming

Pretty evident that some find this feature appalling and that is great for you because we all know there are so many perfect people out there. This will make it easier for those folks who want to use it and find it useful, OK? I only posted this for those to know about it. I really don't care if you superior types don't find it useful. Kind of similar to the Keurig thread where there are people complaining about others using a Keurig in their RV. What business is it of complete strangers if they don't approve of using a Keurig in an RV? Some of you really should get a life.
RedRocket204 06/07/17 01:00pm Technology Corner
RE: Do Not Disturb While Driving mobile feature coming

Phone GPS systems do not work when the phone is turned off.
RedRocket204 06/07/17 11:41am Technology Corner
RE: Champion Inverter

I've got a set of the Champion 1700/2000 Watt Inverter Generators with the parallel kit and was able to test run my 13.5K BTU air conditioner, microwave and coffee maker (all run independently) at about 8000'. That was only a test run to see if it would work but I haven't had both Champions long term with the parallel kit as I just bought the second one. I bought my original Champion 1700/200 3 years ago. BTW, keep an eye on pricing at Cabelas as every so often they have an unbeatable price with free shipping (I purchased about 1 1/2 months ago for $399). I was also able to get the parallel kit on amazon for an unbelievably low price of $18, prime shipping around the same time. I do like that the Champion 1700/2000 gens only weigh about 50lbs each which makes loading them a lot easier than a 100lbs single unit. EDIT: fixed a watts inaccuracy I originally posted. For some reason Cabelas is listing 1600/2000 but Champion's website says 1700/2000. Amazon pricing is currently $439 for the single inverter generator.
RedRocket204 06/07/17 09:48am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Been away awhile and bought a small trailer

Very cool rwj146! I many times wish I had a smaller trailer or a truck camper to access more locations. Don't want to alarm you but make sure and check if your Polaris is under a recall right now. You didn't mention the model or year so just a general safety check as there have been a fair amount of Polaris recalls concerning fire dangers. Hopefully, you are already aware and your ACE is not under recall. Be safe and enjoy your new toy!
RedRocket204 06/07/17 09:33am Travel Trailers
RE: Provo, UT to Moab, UT Hwy 6

Busskipper is always mentioning RT128 along the CO River and for good reason. RT128 Moab Spring 2016 http://i267.photobucket.com/albums/ii301/_RedRocket_/Moab%202016/DSC_0434_zpsvqmqyvgx.jpg
RedRocket204 06/07/17 08:14am Roads and Routes
RE: Route in colorado

Ran across this thread and since we are heading to that area for the first time this September, will ask about best/most scenic routes that are suitable for my 43' coach towing a F150. We plan to travel from Colorado Springs down to Pueblo, then take 50 west to Montrose. From Montrose had planned to head down to Silverton, then Durango, then over to Mesa Verde before moving on to Moab and several places in Utah. Is 550 south from Silverton to Durango not a great idea? Keep in mind I drove over the Beartooth highway several years ago East to West into Yellowstone driving a 36' DP towing a Ford Explorer. I had no issues with that drive....it was a challenge at places but we did fine. Bob & Ann is not being dramatic at all about the stretch of 550 from Ouray to Silverton. My suggestion would be to go to youtube and see some of the many videos people have posted about that drive. I would do it with my 54' combo 1 ton truck with TT in tow. My truck is modern, properly maintained and I would have no issue doing that drive. That does not mean the drive is for everyone... even with dry roads. I quite enjoy heights and living on the edge and love that type of adventure so take that for what it is worth. I'm sure my wife would not fully agree about taking that route though.
RedRocket204 06/06/17 06:40pm Class A Motorhomes
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