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RE: Airstream, Winnebago, or another Travel Trailer?

Re-read my response... and feel it didn't accurately answer your question. During Spring through Summer this last year, IIRC, I received around 4-5 notifications alerting us to a cell moving through the area with the potential for damaging hail. Granted, this would be an isolated cell and will not be hugely widespread, but the event still existed. Did we get hit with damaging hail? We did get hail every one of those events along with a lot more storms with hail but No, we did not experience damaging hail during those events. It's kind of the roll-the-dice situation.
RedRocket204 11/23/15 08:16am Travel Trailers
RE: Airstream, Winnebago, or another Travel Trailer?

I live in the mountains just west and not too far from Denver. From Spring through summer, it is possible to get hail everyday. Granted, it is mostly non-damaging size hail but the potential for damaging sized hail is always a possibility. I believe the Denver metro area does not see as much hail but again, the potential is always there. You would be surprised how many cars you will come across in Denver that look like golf ball skin. When I am doing work in Denver or parked at the airport, I park in a parking structure versus parking outside when during that time frame mentioned above. Yes, I realize what I am saying may seem like an exaggeration but hail does happen here a lot. A majority of the time it is not damaging... but I like to go by the "better safe than sorry" approach to not have to give it a second thought. To each their own. :)
RedRocket204 11/23/15 07:48am Travel Trailers
RE: Airstream, Winnebago, or another Travel Trailer?

5) What's the best skin to resist our occasional hail storms? I see no one has approached this subject. Aluminum sided vehicles (both Airstream styles and aluminum siding) will get dented at some point here in CO if left in that kind of weather. How often do you plan to use the trailer? If kind of the average use, maybe not as much of a concern IF you store your TT in some sort of covered parking when not in use. Do Airstreams get hail damage? Yes, they do, I have a friend who has one where the entire front end looks like the skin of a golf ball. That is something only you can decide of if something like that happens, will you be OK leaving it that way or do you want to go through insurance to get this major issue repaired to be subject to it happening again. Airstreams are nice but are not my family's cup of tea. We found them too crowded, too sterile looking and being in an area that sees a lot of hail, not something I would consider having, I store my TT outside, uncovered. If you do not have your own covered storage, here in CO covered storage is very expensive and very limited.
RedRocket204 11/23/15 07:21am Travel Trailers
RE: RV Battery Charge

Something else to consider... it is possible the battery was originally good but where the charging circuit destroyed the battery, i.e. malfunctioning charger ruined a cell or two in the battery. You may want to consider having a quality technician look at the charging circuit.
RedRocket204 11/16/15 06:40pm Travel Trailers
RE: Gas mileage

I think if you factor in hotel stays and meals, you're not really paying a ton more to RV vs just a regular road trip. The huge inconvenience of an airport is another reason we prefer RVing. Going to more remote places, prices for flights can be crazy high. For paying double on fuel, I'd guess we save at least 80% on food, and save at least 80% staying at a CG vs a hotel. Those costs (especially food) would really add up with a larger family (just wife and I and 2 dogs for now) plus, if you can't take your dogs when you travel, now factor in the cost of boarding them! Don't forget to factor in the cost of TT, associated RV equipment, TV upgrade, etc. RV'ing is not about saving money versus other forms of travel, it's about convenience and the freedom to travel wherever you want including the off-beaten path. As mentioned, it is a hobby and hobbies cost money. Never buy a RV to save money as you will ultimately be very disappointed.
RedRocket204 11/12/15 07:23am Travel Trailers
RE: '71 Starcraft Wanderstar- "The Hilton"

Awesome. Thanks for detailed answers to my questions. I honestly didn't doubt you took that into consideration but since I didn't know, had to ask. :) Seems like when fully gutting and doing a rebuild on a RV trailer, balance consideration would be extremely important. Glad to hear everything worked out perfectly for you.
RedRocket204 11/10/15 05:24pm Travel Trailers
RE: '71 Starcraft Wanderstar- "The Hilton"

Nice build out and details on your thread! Was curious about something though as I didn't take the time to read through the entire thread, mainly scanned it and checked out all the pictures with commented details. It is a very long thread. :) My curiosity goes to the build you did. Was your build floor plan similar/identical to the original floor plan? If not, did you plan your floor plan for TT side to side balance and front to back appropriate tongue weight balance? If you didn't doing any such planning, were you faced with any difficulties in regards to balance and how did it turn out? I apologize if this was asked and discussed in your thread. Thanks and again, great build!
RedRocket204 11/10/15 02:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: Is my furnace working correctly?

BTW, while you are at it... Since you found out the QC, or lack there of, for your TT, check out this video which seems a common problem for AC ducting. You may want to eventually look into this too. youtube - All Seasons Mobile RV Repair. RV AC not cooling properly
RedRocket204 11/09/15 07:54pm Travel Trailers
RE: Is my furnace working correctly?

Wow! Great find. Looks like you will have your issue fixed.
RedRocket204 11/09/15 07:46pm Travel Trailers
RE: Is my furnace working correctly?

I also do not have your TT. As noted, AC is on the top vents, heat on the lower vents. My TT is a 26' coach and every single lower heat vent blows air just fine. You need to take your TT back to the dealer to have it fixed. I would not settle for the current situation you are having where all but one of the heat vents are not blowing air adequately.
RedRocket204 11/09/15 07:07am Travel Trailers
RE: Manufacturers?

My favorite was Sport Trek 312VBHK. Leftover 2015 and can buy for around 23k Also like the Prime Time 3150BH Forest River 8312SS Make sure you pay close attention to the weights on these TTs as those are big trailers for a 1/2 ton truck. Given your favorite: UVW = 7290 lbs Carrying capacity = 1190 lbs (this is not a high number for a TT and will be easy to max out for a family of 4 even without filled tanks) That would equal 8480 lbs for the trailer's GVWR, but forget about max tow of your TV and pay attention specifically to your payload. At 13% tongue weight (13% is a happy medium and a generalization, could be as high as 15% for proper town manners) of the GVWR of 8480 lbs for most likely a properly loaded trailer maxed out, your tongue weight will be at 1102 lbs. You stated your TV has 1562 lbs payload, so after only the tongue weight, you will have 459 lbs left over for WDH, family and any items loaded into your truck. Towing only 40 miles or for a short weekend will have zero to do with anything, you will still be out on public roads towing with your family's safety in consideration. Aside from all of that, you probably will not like the tow manners much with that big a trailer and will probably be stuck with the situation many on this site have been faced with... feeling like your trailer is too big for your current TV and faced with the decision to upgrade your TV. There is a very big difference between towing a flat bed trailer that weighs 8500 lbs and a high-walled TT that weighs 8500 lbs. The force of wind resistance traveling down that road is that difference and having higher tongue weights on TTs to help counter the wind resistance is the norm versus why flatbed trailers can get by with a lot less tongue weight. This is not something most like to hear but it is a reality and better to know ahead of time. Guaranteed there will be those that chime in saying no problem with that TV/TT combo and "I have done it". This is a decision you will have to make by yourself but better to be armed with information ahead of time than not. My point is, I would not do that combo you are considering... but that is purely my opinion.
RedRocket204 11/08/15 10:05am Travel Trailers
RE: Manufacturers?

Welcome to RV.net. Your question is really one that will require 1/2 a book to write. I don't mean for that to sound snarky, just that it is true. There are still A LOT of questions you need to ask yourself so that you can narrow down what to look at. New or used? Budget? Family size? Tow vehicle or will you match a TV to a TT you buy? Do you intend to stay with full hook-ups at a RV park or will you dry camp/boondock? A really good way to look at a lot of trailers all in one location is to go to a RV show. Go there and do a pretend live-in to see if a floor plan and space fit your needs. Then you will also be able to get an idea as to options you may like along with pricing. Look very carefully at the shipped weight on those TTs to know what range a TV you should be in. If you already own your tow vehicle, list it up as that is critical information. 1/2 ton vehicles can be very limited on what they can tow and it makes zero difference if you only are planning 40 mile trips, no water, bringing limited items, etc. There is a lot of experience on this site and some information you may not want to hear... but heed that advice.
RedRocket204 11/06/15 07:34am Travel Trailers
RE: Where to eat in Las Vegas

N9NE Restaurant at the Palms hotel is excellent. It's fine dining and a bit pricy though.
RedRocket204 11/02/15 07:56pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Softopper Review

Will be curious to see an update from you after the snow season sets in. I am assuming it should be able to support 1 1/2' of snow but would like to hear your opinion? If you do not plan to keep it raised during snow, what would it be like with snow/ice in the bed and then you would want to raise the soft topper? Assuming the snow/ice would interfere with raising the topper so snow/ice would need to be mostly cleared out first? Thanks for the updates and opinions on your canopy.
RedRocket204 11/02/15 08:30am Tow Vehicles
RE: Lights dimming in Jayco TT

I have checked the battery and all cells are full. I did see a small amount of corrosion on one of the terminals. I will clean that this week. Thanks for all the input. Checking water levels is about 10% of the job. There are numerous ways batteries can become a problem or fail, water level being just one. The next step is to take those batteries down to the nearest AutoZone, Pep Boys, O'Reilly's or whatever you have in your neck of the woods and ask them to test them. They will put a load tester on them and test for proper performance for free. Last time my rig's battery died, the water levels were fine, a volt meter showed full charge, after the gauge in the trailer said they were full, too. But when I'd turn on a light inside, it would come on, burn for about 30 seconds, and then fade out black. Wall gauge would show full charge, still. But when I took it down to AutoZone, their tester revealed that while it had full voltage, it was incapable of actually delivering more than a trickle of current. A new battery fixed everything. naturist, Absolutely. I too have experienced a bad battery, granted it was a motorcycle battery, where it would test perfect with standing voltage (12.5V) but hook it to a load, and voltage reading was around 7V. A load test is the only true way to determine if the battery is good or bad. Almost every automotive location will have a battery load tester, including places like Walmart.
RedRocket204 11/02/15 07:51am Travel Trailers
RE: Solar Array Install on a Lance 1995

Another thank you for posting this info. Do you feel the 200W is going to be completely adequate for your needs or are you planning to try this out for a bit and then add 1 panel or two if needed? Please update your thread after there has been some time with use to let us know your thoughts and anything you would do differently. Thanks. Enjoy your celebratory libations. :)
RedRocket204 11/01/15 04:29pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: CAn a jump starter power an trailer slide out?

I towed it recently for 900 miles even running almost 100 miles per hr most of the time, passing and overtaking cars and SUVS most of the time. My TT is 31 feet and weighs 7,260 pounds. yeah, nice troll post thehippie. You could have done a little better to not make it look so obvious. This thread really should be locked or deleted.
RedRocket204 11/01/15 11:27am Travel Trailers
RE: CAn a jump starter power an trailer slide out?

If you can't use your 7-pin connector because you stated it blows up the truck towing fuse, how the hell do your TT service brakes and lights work when you are towing? Osmosis electrical connections have not been invented for RVs yet. Everything you have stated adds up to BS.He might be saying that if he tries to use the slide out with the truck hooked up, the truck's fuse blows. That would make sense since the slide motor has only the truck's power through the umbilical to operate. He has no operating battery. The draw of the motor exceeds the size of the fuse in the truck. Trying to diagnose some of these 12 V electrical issues from a keyboard can be problematic, especially if the information given is not close to full or complete. Fair point.
RedRocket204 10/31/15 05:00pm Travel Trailers
RE: CAn a jump starter power an trailer slide out?

I'm extremely confused :h I cant use the 7 pin connecter coz it always blows up my truck tow fuse. Bypassing the fuse using the jumper cables always works all the time. Brakes r fine. they work even if it has no batteries. i've tested them. it has lights n brakes all r working If you can't use your 7-pin connector because you stated it blows up the truck towing fuse, how the hell do your TT service brakes and lights work when you are towing? Osmosis electrical connections have not been invented for RVs yet. Everything you have stated adds up to BS.
RedRocket204 10/31/15 12:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: Newbie question - Winterize or not

I like what another poster said he used vodka instead of the pink stuff to winterize. Did not have the after taste when dewinterizeing. Another plus is you would not have to sanitize the water lines. I can see it now... Dewinterizing: Nope, still vodka Nope, still vodka Nope, still vodka Nope, still vodka Noep, still vodka Noep, still vodka Noep, stiiiiiil vodka Noep, stiiiiiil voka Noep, stiiiiiil vokaaaaaaaaaa Noep Noep Yup Yup floor
RedRocket204 10/30/15 01:56pm Travel Trailers
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