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RE: 2015 F-350 w/ AF 811, Stable load or Air Bags

In my case, I started with air bags but I was still not happy with the ride. I installed the Sableloads and it was a night and day experience. So much of an improvement, that I only left enough air in the bads to keep them from getting pinched. The Stableloads cost so much less that I would recommend your parents try them first and if not satisfied, then try airbags. Ken
Roadlover 11/17/14 04:37pm Truck Campers
RE: How Do You Transport Your Portable Generators?

Thanks everyone for sharing your ideas and pictures. I especially liked bigfootford's application, but we need to raise the ladder to access the previous generator cavity for storage. I just ordered a locking system from lowprolockdown.com and hope it is what I'm looking for. Once I have it in place, I'll send some pics. Again, thanks Ken
Roadlover 10/28/14 09:52am Truck Campers
RE: How Do You Transport Your Portable Generators?

We need more pics of all these great ideas Yes, more pics please
Roadlover 10/26/14 10:32am Truck Campers
RE: DRW regrets?

Not for a moment. I love both my camper and truck.
Roadlover 10/24/14 07:21pm Truck Campers
How Do You Transport Your Portable Generators?

This past summer, my 3 year old Onan 2500 quit working and the generator repair shop said it cost about $1200 to get it back in working order. Since I never liked how noisy it was, especially in quiet, backwoods settings, I decided to purchase a Honda 2000 from Camping World for $1000. I'll admit, I do miss the convenience of pushing a button from the comfort of the camper but other than that, the Honda has done a fabulous job and I really appreciate how quiet it is. After removing the Onan, I installed a floor in the generator cavity and decided I would now use It for storing the Honda and additional gas. This idea works but I never realized how awkward it would be for getting the Honda in and out of the generator cavity. This now has me thinking if there is a way to secure and transport the Honda on the rear bumper. My thought is, if it can be locked and secured on the bumper, it wouldn't even have to be removed to operate it when needed. So my question is, if this application has been done or if there are any other ideas for transporting your portable generator, could some of you please share how you accomplished this? And picture would be great! Thank you for your help Ken
Roadlover 10/24/14 07:12pm Truck Campers
RE: TC Magazines "sub-wing" poll

We have an AC1150 (with sub wings), and after 3-1/2 years of truck camping, I just consider them a part of the camping experience. I love the floor space but loading is a pain. As for me, loading the TC has always been and will probably always will be the scariest and worst part of the experience. But if I always treat this duty with respect, caution and avoid thinking, "this is a piece of cake", it will only remain a brief downside to an incredible lifestyle. Ken
Roadlover 10/24/14 11:01am Truck Campers
RE: This is just a test

Thanks everyone. I've never posted a picture before and thought I'd play with the RV.net picture poster to see how it works. It's actually pretty simple and I'm feeling pretty proud of myself right now, thank you.
Roadlover 09/30/14 08:48am Forum Technical Support
This is just a test

This is just a test of posting a picture. http://i.imgur.com/8EAopsEl.jpg
Roadlover 09/30/14 07:30am Forum Technical Support
This is just a test

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 27979335
Roadlover 09/30/14 07:30am Technology Corner
RE: Will Stable Loads help with o/loads already engaged

I think you will be very pleased with the Stableloads. I also have air bags but since the addition of the Stableloads, I only keep enough air in the bags to keep them from getting damaged. With Stableloads being so inexpensive and simple to install, I would try them first and if you are still not satisfied, then try the air bags.
Roadlover 09/29/14 10:52am Truck Campers
Will This Battery/Inverter Combo Work For Our Needs

I want to thank everyone for their input in my resent generator/battery/inverter questions. So, I think I will probably pick up a couple of group 31 AGM batteries and a 2000 watt pure sine inverter (probably the Xantrex prowatt sw2000). I've already ordered the Honda eu2000 generator. Much of the primitive camping we do now is in the UP or Northern Michigan and I'm sure we will enjoy a quieter generator experience with the Honda. I'm sure the battery/inverter will be an additional benefit but I am hoping it will also be a benefit when we are on the the road traveling to a more distant destination and wanting to spend the quick overnights at a Walmart, rest stop or truck stop. Will the battery/inverter be all we need for our morning appliance usage or will we still need to use a generator? Obviously, with the Onan 2500, it was a simple push of a button (and waking up the neighborhood) to get the coffee brewing, and hair dryer, drying. Anyways, that is all history. For our morning coffee, we use a Keurig coffee maker which requires turning it on to heat up the water and then make two thermos's of coffee. Probably less than five minutes. Then my DW will require about 10-15 minutes to use her hair dryer and curling iron. And lastly, using the microwave for heating up some oatmeal. I hope this isn't a dump question but I have never been able to get a good grasp of RV electrical systems and if it is questionable whether this will work, then there is probably not a need to invest in this battery/inverter system at this time. I'm just hoping it will work. Thanks for you help and patience.
Roadlover 08/18/14 03:01pm Truck Campers
RE: AGM Batteries and Inverter - What Is Best For My Needs?

If you are looking for an inverter I recomend Xantrex PROWatt SW2000. Thanks, Scottz for this recommendation. I found it for sale at a place called Hodges Marine for $338. From what I've seen, this is a good price for a 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter. I think I'll probably order it. Thanks again.
Roadlover 08/16/14 06:42pm Truck Campers
RE: AGM Batteries and Inverter - What Is Best For My Needs?

It would be better to run a small 2,000 watt Honda generator for such high wattage appliances, then run the TV or other low wattage things with the inverter. But whatever you want. . . The Honda is about $995 at a place like this. Mayberrys.com Ask about delivery costs, as that can get expensive. I think this place is free shipping, but don't have current information. Fred, I appreciate your recommendation on the Honda EU2000 and I laugh only because I ordered one just yesterday from Camping World. They are running a special until August 18th of, $999 plus free shipping. I thought that was a pretty good deal. But I should also clarify when I would be wanting to run these appliances without the generator. I would only be wanting to do this when camping overnight at places like Walmart, rest areas or truck stops and not pull out the generator so not to look too much like we are camping. Once we arrived at our destination, I would be pulling out the generator. My current Onan 2500 is very noisy and with the mechanical problems I've had with it, I just want to remove it from the camper and then carry the Honda in the generator cavity. My plan is to remove it, get it serviced and then sell it. It only has 16 hours on it but just don't like it. I also barowed a friends Honda 2000 and it was able to run the AC we have in the camper. A question I should probably ask, is it then even necessary for me to have AGM batteries if only needing them to run appliances on these quick, overnight stays? I'm thinking I would still require a good inverter. As for the solar panels, many of the places we dry camp are so wooded, I'm not too sure if solar would work very well for us. Thanks, Ken
Roadlover 08/15/14 06:22pm Truck Campers
AGM Batteries and Inverter - What Is Best For My Needs?

I'm looking at purchasing a couple of group 31, AGM, deep cycle batteries and a new inverter for our AF 1150. We enjoy dry camping but always rely on a generator for making our morning coffee and for my wife to blow dry and curl her hair. So, what direction should I take as far as the correct batteries and inverter? My local CarQuest dealer has 31 group AGM, deep cell batteries for $248.99 each. They said the manufacturer for the batteriy is East Penn. Thanks for your help!
Roadlover 08/15/14 04:46pm Truck Campers
RE: Built in 2500 LP or Portable Gas Generator?

I wonder if it makes sense to pull it out, fix it, and sell it to recoup some of your cost for the Honda? Seems like people are asking $1000-2000 for working ones. Don't know what they actually get, but a low-hour one that works should be worth around 60% of the new cost.g That is precisely my plan. Once I repair whatever is the problem and with only 14 hours on the Owen, I'm thinking I should get back more than what I pay for the Honda. At least that is what I hope.
Roadlover 08/14/14 11:07am Truck Campers
RE: Built in 2500 LP or Portable Gas Generator?

I removed the Onan , converted the Honda to propane , modified the exhaust and installed in the generator compartment of my 1150. All the convenance of the Onan except the electric start How did you modify the exhaust, was that a kit?. Does the Honda run just as quiet on LP? I saw where there are remote start kits for the Honda 2000
Roadlover 08/14/14 07:30am Truck Campers
RE: Built in 2500 LP or Portable Gas Generator?

I can get through 4-5 days of AC on that. Buzzcut, are you saying you can run your AC with the Honda? Bedlam, we don't have a huge need for a generator but we do have some basic uses. Coffee in the morning, my wife's hair dryer, toaster, etc. We live in northern Michigan, so have not had a big need for AC, we will be spending part of the winter in Arizona this coming year but even then, I don't think the AC will be a big need. But I would miss the convenience of just hitting a start button in the morning to start my coffee. And when on the road and doing Walmart or Rest stop, overnight camping, I would not be too excited about having to go outside to pull a generator out for just a little power. So, how does one remove a generator from a TC? Thanks
Roadlover 08/13/14 05:04am Truck Campers
RE: Built in 2500 LP or Portable Gas Generator?

do you need the 2500 for AC which the 2000 won't run? bumpy We have never used AC while dry camping. I have always hated how loud our generator was so we would only use it very sparingly.
Roadlover 08/12/14 04:47pm Truck Campers
Built in 2500 LP or Portable Gas Generator?

It seems my Onan 2500 LP generator will be costly to repair, with much of the cost just to remove and reinstall it back into my AF 1150 camper. So, my concern is, if this is the case with just 14 hour on the generator, what can I expect as time goes on. So, I'm wondering if I might be better off with a portable gas generator, such as the Honda EU2000i. I've read a lot of positive reviews on the Honda and it will easily fit into the existing generator cavity. I realize I will now have to carry a supply of gas and I won't have the convenience of just hitting a button to start the generator but as it is right now, pushing a button doesn't work either. So, my question is this, for those who camp with a generator, which do you prefer, or would prefer, a built in LP generator or portable generator? Thank you
Roadlover 08/12/14 04:12pm Truck Campers
Ongoing Onan 2500 Generator Frustration

Well, the frustration with my Onan 2500 generator continues. After posting questions and several searches regarding why my Onan 2500 generator was first operating poorly then not at all, I changed LP tanks. Now, when I hit the start switch, the generator starts immediately, but as soon as I release the remote switch, it shuts off. The same happens when I push and release the switch on the generator. But as long as I hold the remote or generator switch, the generator runs well and very smoothly. Someone asked if I had a light on the generator which would have to do with error codes, but I do not. If this helps, the light on the remote switch will not turn on. Any ideas? Thanks, Ken
Roadlover 08/11/14 04:56pm Truck Campers
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