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RE: Full wall slides

We have a AF1150 with a full wall slide and have never noticed any unusually loud noise from the fridge. In fact, I'd say ours is pretty quite to the point of not even being noticed.
Roadlover 06/16/14 10:32am Truck Campers
RE: Another Arctic Fox 1140 / 1150?

We have a 2012, 1150 dry bath, which we purchased new three years ago and love it! There were some minor fixes at the start but other than that it has been a great camper. We actually love it so much, we have chosen to sleep most of the year in it. Last year we slept in it from May 1st through December 7th. We love cold weather sleeping but the snow was getting too deep for walking through every morning. As others have mentioned, it is heavy but travels very well on our Chevy 3500 and Duramax engine, especially with a few modifications. Our dealer (American RV, in Grand Rapids, MI) had recommended we also install air bags, so we did. It was an improvement but it wasn't until we installed Torklift Stableloads that we felt our truck was a good fit for the camper. A one ton is the minimum size of a truck you would want for a 1150 or 1140 and I would immediately install the Torklift Stableloads. Then decide if you feel you need to add additional modifications.
Roadlover 06/06/14 09:57am Truck Campers
RE: Anyone use TorkLift A7200 Stable loads on their GMC 3500?

Thanks guys, Yes I'm looking at stableloads and I'm wondering if someone has them already and if they like them compared to air bags. Thanks! I have an AF 1150 and started off with air bags but felt I still had more sway than I liked. I then installed the Stableloads and was blown away by the difference. I now don't feel I have any need for airbags and regret I ever spent the money to have them installed. My recommendation to anyone will always be to start off with the Stableloads and decide from there, what suspension needs you may have. I will pretty well guarantee, you will be extremely satisfied with Stableloads over airbags. Ken
Roadlover 03/23/14 03:47pm Truck Campers
RE: Long Term Stay Camper on or Off

Even if we are at a location for a week or so, we have a tendency to leave the site almost every day to visit the area and we find it's always nice to have the camper with us. For that reason, we have yet to remove the camper while on the road.
Roadlover 03/19/14 04:03pm Truck Campers
12 volt electric blanket

I'm trying to locate a queen size 12 volt electric blanket but not having much luck. People talk about them but the closest I find are electric car blankets that are only 42x58. Thanks
Roadlover 01/22/14 05:07pm Truck Campers
Electric Blanket with Inverter

I just picked up a 450 watt inverter and will be traveling out west and Walmart camping on the way out. Our truck camper has a single 27 group battery and curious if the battery and inverter is sufficient to operate a dual control, queen size electric blanket for about 8 hours, during the night. Thanks, Ken
Roadlover 01/22/14 01:16pm Tech Issues
RE: Duramax Won't Start

I want to thank all of you for your suggestions and help. With my truck sitting out in the open, I was concerned about removing the wheel well cover to get to the filter. I was afraid that trying to remove the plastic clips could end up breaking them. My fuel tank was about 2/3rds empty so I added about 16oz of 911 and then primed the filter about 30 times. It took a little cranking, but it did turned over. I then took it out for a run and filled up the tank. I started it up this afternoon and so far so good. A neighbor of ours has a duramax and is a high school auto mechanic instructor and is going to take my truck to his personal garage and give it a complete going over before we head off to Arizona in February. But again, I'm very greatful for all of your support. You're a great group to call on. Thanks Ken
Roadlover 12/17/13 03:22pm Tow Vehicles
Duramax Won't Start

I don't run my truck as much as I use to so I can save it more for when we want to travel. But when I have used it this winter, it starts up just fine and in the two years I've owned it, I have never felt a need to plug in the engine coolant heater. So, this afternoon, after about a week of sitting exposed to temperatures ranging from 20 to about 0 and not being run, I needed to use my truck to pick up some material from Lowes. I turned to ignition to the start position waiting for the glow plug light to go off and when it turned off, I proceeded to turn the engine over. As expected, the engine jumped on and ran for about 5-10 seconds then quit. I tried to start it again but it didn't like even want to spark. I have plenty of cranking power but nothing happened. I was hoping it maybe needed to be plugged in but after about 5 hours plugged in, it had plenty of cranking power but no indication it was going to even try to start. This time I also tried to turn the ignition to the start position but the glow plug light now only goes on for a very quick split second then goes off. Any ideas? Thank you
Roadlover 12/14/13 06:00pm Tow Vehicles
RE: How important to keep things level?

I have always done my best to keep it level and use blocks when I can but there are times when we go to so out of the way areas that "level" is just not going to happen. So far, we have never lost use of the refrigerator.
Roadlover 12/02/13 07:23pm Truck Campers
RE: Truck died at dump station

I must admit, this is a strange thing that happened this afternoon. The batteries are in great shape (both were replaced this past winter). The only electrical things I could see that I could not get working was the remote locks from the key fob and the radio. When I tried playing with the power button on the radio, the radio all of a sudden turned on and I hit the ignition and the truck started right up. All fuses were fine. I'm thinking it was some kind of security issue prevent the truck from turning over, but just a guess. Since I've gotten home, the problem hasn't come back but I do question if it could at a most inconvienent time, like at a dump station with 5 rigs sitting behind me. Fortunately, this happened on a Tuesday when most of the campground was empty. Travelnutz: very good to here from you and thanks for the reply. Very sorry about your Husky but it sounds like your new puppy is a real joy. We plan on being up at Tahquamenon the first weekend in October if all goes as planned. It would be great to see you again! Roadlover
Roadlover 09/03/13 07:40pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Truck died at dump station

With the key fob not operating the door looks it got me thinking it might be a security issue locking me out from starting the truck. I also noticed my truck radio would not turn on. I played with the on off button of the radio and as soon as the radio turned on I hit the ignition and sure enough the truck started. This is strange
Roadlover 09/03/13 01:39pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Truck died at dump station

Okay, here is something odd. I've got power in the truck but I can't use the key fob to lock or unlock doors. Even my spare key fob will not work. Could there be something related?
Roadlover 09/03/13 12:27pm Tow Vehicles
Truck died at dump station

Hopefully there is a quick solution or I am stranded at a campground dump station. I have a 2004, 3500 Chevy qually duramax that showed no signs of problems but will now, not start back up. I started up fine to leave the campsite and pulled up to the dump station to empty my tanks. I turned the truck off to empty but when wanting to turn it back on to leave it just cranks and does a "slit second" attempt to turn over then shuts down. There were no engine warning lights or any acting up to give me a concern a prodlem was emmenent. Thanks
Roadlover 09/03/13 12:15pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Where Do You Store Your Truck Camper

I built a 16X40X14' tall pavilion with 5' side walls on three sides of the building that extent down from the truss. This way I can park both the camper and truck inside. The reason I leave it open is because my wife and I sleep in the TC from the 1st of May till the middle of October. We live in a valley, surrounded by hills and trees, with no neighbors, so being out there feels so much like camping our in the wilderness. Besides that, we love our camper. I call the shelter, my Fox Pavilion.
Roadlover 07/31/13 04:22pm Truck Campers
Verizon Jet Pack Data Usage

I have a Verizon Jet Pack we use for our laptop but in recent months, the data usage has gone nuts. We also have three iPhones on the account but we have been forced monthly increase data plans to the point we are now on a 18gb plan. The problem is not the phones but the laptop. It has gotten to the point, we can no longer use the laptop because it uses about 1gb per half hour and this is only using web surfing and emails. No videos. Any suggestions? Thanks
Roadlover 07/29/13 01:29pm Technology Corner
Towing For Hire

Not sure of the best site to ask this question so I'll start here. My name was given by a local RV dealer to someone wanting to have their FW towed about a 100 miles from where I live. I normally travel with a large truck camper these days but use to tow a FW and still have my 24K hitch. But I have a couple of questions. First off, what is a going rate for this kind of job? I'm thinking seriously about getting into this as a side job and courious about what to charge. Don't want to price myself out of getting the job but don't want to cheat myself either. Also, I don't have a CDL or licensed for doing this commercially, nithered am I insured to do this for hire. So are there any particular issues with me doing this for someone who is going to pay me to move it for them. Those are the two questions I have at the moment but I'm sure there are other questions I should be asking too, so I would appreciate any impute. Thanks
Roadlover 07/29/13 01:06pm Towing
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