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RE: Class A vs. Class C engine access...

groundhogy:I'm new at this and have seen a couple of RVs close up. I was thinking that from the few Ive seen, the As seem to have better engine access than the class Cs. I posted this in the Class C forum earlier, now I'm posting it here. The Class C guys said I was right about the access, but that since the Cs are built in the Ford or Chevy factory, they are basically trucks and any shop will help or work on them. Dont believe THAT for a minute. Ive seen MANY truck dealers that wont do a thing on a class C motorhome They also said some of the class A wiring/ connector practices are not as robust to weather and age. Nor is the documentation. AGain..total BS Class A Fasteners can be of lesser quality and not age well. Yeah...right...lmao Also, since the engine access panel is larger and more into the living space of the class A, there is more noise and heat generated compared to class Cs. Responses? groundhogy Its all a bunch of lies and BS!
Sully2 12/19/14 11:15am Class A Motorhomes
RE: RV driver charged in fatal accident in Tennessee

MANY people behind the wheel of a large RV dont belong there! We have all seen that before
Sully2 12/18/14 11:36am Class A Motorhomes
RE: cpap machine

Mine just does 120 VAC...and works fine
Sully2 12/12/14 04:54pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Quartzite AZ

I flew over on Monday and there are white roofs speckling the area on all 4 sides of town. As early as it is I was surprised there were that many out there. You didnt catch the Quartzite Crud or anything did ya??....:B
Sully2 12/11/14 08:09am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Replacing 4 6 volt batteries

Sams Club has Golf cart batteries. I don't think they carry Trojans anymore. I bought 4 of whatever they carry and they are fine. I think they dropped the Trojans also. I bought 4 of their 6V's this spring but they had 2 different rated batterys. One was $88 and was the lessor the other being $105 each and was 220 watts/hrs. I went with the larger
Sully2 12/10/14 06:10pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Funny class A video

A real prize winner....LOL
Sully2 12/10/14 09:57am Class A Motorhomes
RE: leveling

Well Sir, First off, I've never heard the term "scotched" before Scott You too huh..???:h
Sully2 12/10/14 09:50am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tire pressure monitor

Ive tried 2 different systems and didnt like either one. Have had motorhomes since 1994 and never had a problem and auto's for more than 30 years and never had any sort of problems. No pressure monitor systems for me anymore
Sully2 12/09/14 01:06pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Quartzite AZ

That is definitely prohibited at the BLM camping areas near Quartzsite and if you get caught it can get expensive. Until you have been there it is hard to imagine just how many RV's are out there in January. :C Prohibited near Quartzite..?? Might be. Ive never been there so I cant say...but its NOT prohibited at other BLM sites
Sully2 12/09/14 01:03pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Quartzite AZ

Dropping grey water anywhere in the BLM camping areas around Quartzite area will get you thrown out and probably cited/ticketed. It is expressly prohibited and they take it very seriously. :E Ive been directed MANY times that for GREY WATER to run a hose out and barely open the valve and let grey water dribble out and DOWN A HOLE. Last thing the ranger(s) wanted to see was a mountain of soap suds.
Sully2 12/08/14 05:33pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Quartzite AZ

Now that the subject of VF is put to bed lets see if we can get back to the original subject of ridding ourselves of our grey and black waste. The black of course is the main problem. That has to be pumped out and removed from the area by a pumpout service or by you breaking camp and visiting one of the local places that allows dumping. My favorite subject tho is the disposal of the grey water. When the pumper shows up to dump you by all means do the grey as well. But for those times in between when the black is not ready take your special garden hose that is labeled for grey water only and hook it up to your black and grey water cap at the place provided to screw a hose to. Place the hose in the bushes in a snake/gopher hole or in the nearby creek/drainage ditch and be sure you know the grey water drain valve from the black water drain valve. (They are both black in color) Anyway open the grey water drain valve and drain the grey out. Upon reading this I am sure there are those that are going to holler illegal,unclean and whatever else they can think of regarding this action. It is not illegal on BLM land in the quartzsite area. Let the argument begin. I have a special hose labeled for grey water and carry it coiled up 95* of time in a rear compartment. And yes...if I could find a honey dipper to come to my campsite Id sure pay him for 2 loads...1 grey and 1 black. Im SURE there is a dipper service I can contack there.
Sully2 12/08/14 03:32pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Quartzite AZ

Don't worry about it Sully. If you are as tough as you sound on your posts, you have nothing to worry about valley fever. I have been all over the Mojave desert and I never have gotten valley fever. You will enjoy the trip to Quartsite. It makes you wonder what all those RVers are doing there in the middle of no where. Im not worrying Ray. I drag an OXY tank around because of COPD and wear a filtration mask anytime Im in anything you might consider dusty. Im more worried about my grey tank overflowing instead of valley fever...:B.....:S
Sully2 12/08/14 09:29am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Quartzite AZ

Quartszite/Yuma are not the only places where Valley Fever is found. The San Joaquin Valley in California and even So. California. It has been spread all over by farm workers. Most people get an extreemly mild case and then never get it again. Some do get bad cases, but very few end up in the hospital. If you have been to the central valley or So. California or Yuma or Quartzsite in the last 30 years you have already been exposed. I don't understand what all the hoopla is about. Im with you. I asked for info about Quartzite and someone jumps in screaming about disease and such...which BTW didnt have 1 iota of input about what I was asking. But you know how some people are.....:h
Sully2 12/07/14 02:14pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Quartzite AZ

What I'm saying is why would you pick Quartzsite and inject Valley Fever into the mix? True there might be a debatable increase in cases across the entire western US due to drought, Quartzsite is no drier than it's ever been, so what's the point ? There are very very few labs and especially doctors that can correctly diagnose VF, and when I was checked for it the only lab in the country was in Bakersfield where there really is a problem with VF.. It's there for a reason. I'd be more concerned about one of the dormant volcano's in the area waking up long before I'd be concerned about VF in a place that's already one of the driest areas on the planet. Tell ya just how much Im worried about Valley Fever. Look DEEP into my eyes...wayyy back...and see if you can see someone that gives a da**...!
Sully2 12/06/14 03:26pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Quartzite AZ

Where are you planning to go? There is a number of campgrounds with full hookups if you need them. Last year, most of them were about half full. The weather n Q can go from excellent to krapy real quick. Sometimes you can be in shirtsleeves and then next you have to be in thermal underwear, you never know. With our "World's Finest Motorcoaches" we are able to go 12 days without a dump or fill and still drive off with 1/4 tank of fresh. That includes a shower for two every day. But then again, Country Coach people don't get that dirty! We will be at mile post 99 during the last week of the RV show. Not sure Don. Might even be as late as 2016. Wife will have to take a full month off work but by then it wont matter...:B But you can bet your last buck I'll know all a man needs to know about the place before I pull off the main highway. We can go about 7 days before we HAVE TO HAVE fresh water and dump sewage Thanks for all info
Sully2 12/06/14 12:19pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Quartzite AZ

I have seen both Black/ Grey, and a separate fresh honey Wagon out there as well and have a card rom the guy last year. He used to hang out on CB Ch. 8 under the handle of "turdman".. Just call and tell him where you are. After that there is the Pit Stop on 95.. Full service dump, refill, fresh, and LP. Gets REALLY busy during show week but they bang em' out pretty quickly Ps- here is the number I have for one of the services direct. Remember that all these folks roll in for the show/ winter, so if you call now just make sure you ask if they will be in Quartzsite this coming year... They may or may not be. (928) 446-3660 Firewood has been for sale across the street from Gambler RV the past few years Mucho thanks, Jeff!
Sully2 12/05/14 02:56pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Quartzite AZ

Be carefully of the Valley fever and Quartzite crud. OH!!?????:E....:h
Sully2 12/05/14 02:55pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Quartzite AZ

I have seen honey wagons out off of Plomosa Road (North of Q a few miles) and have been told fresh water is also delivered. We need to have our gray water dumped about every three days if at least one of takes a shower each day. The cost for dumping - about $25 per pump - was more than the $160 per month full hook up RV park cost we paid so we just stayed in the Coyote Ridge RV park in Bouse. Bouse is at the end of Plomosa road on SR 72. About 25 miles from Q. Info much appreciated Clay.!
Sully2 12/05/14 02:19pm Class A Motorhomes
Quartzite AZ

Long time planning on a trip to Quartzite. Is there a "honey dipper" service there ( for pay of course) We can go many days without unloading but sooner or later... Fresh water service? I assume there is somewhere..??...hopefully even delivered to my campsite..?? Firewood? Some sell ( and deliver to site) firewood? Gota to have some burnables for the evenings sitting around....maybe even cooking over? What say all your old "desert rats"??.........:B
Sully2 12/05/14 11:44am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dealership service challenges if buying coach elsewhere???

I bought a new Fleetwood DP in Ohio in 2005. I had it warranty work done at several dealerships in FL and one in AZ. I never ONCE was given grief or even asked where I bought it. Most of it was minor adjustments to drawers,etc. There was one major repair on the kitchen slide (dealer billed 30 hours) and it was probably the best dealer experience. St. Augustine Camping World. RVs are meant to be traveled in. If it needs repaired it needs repaired. I remember where you bought that!!!.....:)
Sully2 12/04/14 10:46am Class A Motorhomes
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