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RE: questions re electric and water hook ups

Only thing about the pump. IF there is no water in the tank. You could burn it up if it were to run dry for a long time, We keep ours off as well. As for the battery drain on the truck. On my Ford. There is no power from the truck to the Trailer with the switch off. You have a GM, so I really can't say.
Terryallan 04/15/14 07:01pm Tech Issues
RE: Sometimes, a dog is just a dog?

Actually ALL dogs, are just Dogs. But that doesn't make you love them any less. We had to have our sweet Bassett "Rudy" put to sleep yesterday. he was in pain, and it is pure mean selfishness to make him hurt just because we want to keep him around. I will not let my dog live in pain. I'm just not that mean. BTW, according to the doc. The reason your dog snaps at other dogs, or people. He is afraid. He can't see, or hear as well, and knows he can't protect himself any more. Doesn't know when others are around, and when he suddenly becomes aware. It scares him, and he snaps to try to scare you off. It is all he has left. And there is a really good chance that when you caught him. It hurt him, and he lashed out in pain. In other words, You are doing the right thing. It will be a long, long, time getting over Rudy being gone., as it will for you. But it is best for him. And that is when you show love. Doing what is best for him. BTW. Look in the corner of my sig pic. There he is, Rudy the camper guard dog.
Terryallan 04/15/14 06:55pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Tax day and RV's

How about buying a new one, finance it, declare it a second home and deduct the interest. Just have to spend more than 14 nights to qualify. I don't believe this is true. There is no requirement to spend 14 nights, it only has to have a kitchen and bathroom and be your only second home to qualify for a interest deduction. This deduction only applies if you have enough to itemized. Which now takes a lot to be able to reach the standard limit. Mostly depends on your earning, and other deductions. I meet the standard every year. I always use my RV, and house interest, along with my city, and county taxes. Plus property taxes on my vehicles, including the RV. And no. There is no 14 day requirement. The only requirement is that the RV be used as collateral for the loan
Terryallan 04/15/14 06:35pm General RVing Issues
RE: Are there no experts that sell trucks?

Even tow truck drivers don't have a clue about diesels. When a driver got in mine he jumped in and tried to start it immediately.OK I'll bite. Why wouldn't it start?My 7.3L Ford's starting instructions were to turn the key, and wait until the 'glow plug' light went out. Yes, it will start without doing that (I did it once by mistake), but why does the owner manual say to do that? My current truck, an 8.3L Cummins, will not start at all until it finishes a 'boot up' of the instruments. And if you start it before the intake heater is finished, it will shake like an ice crusher. I didn't know that. The big diesels just start up. Only thing we had to wait on, was the air to come up.
Terryallan 04/14/14 06:42pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Use of Trailer Brakes (tekonsha voyager)

Thanks!! That helps a lot folks!! I didn't know there are proportional controllers and pendulum ones! Interesting! Thanks for the lesson! Roll-on! The accelerometer in the Prodigy is basicly a electronic pendulum. They both feel how fast the TV is decelerating, and act accordingly. Thing is with the Prodigy, as the TV, slows to a stop. It sends less power to the brakes, and finally turns them loose. The Voyager holds on, and s o there is a jerk when you let off the brake pedal.
Terryallan 04/14/14 06:37pm Beginning RVing
RE: Use of Trailer Brakes (tekonsha voyager)

Just towed for the first time this year (had to move the trailer so I could have 13 trees taken out from around my house). I have a question regarding the tweaking of the trailer brake controller. I've noticed that when I'm traveling the highway I feel safer to have my controller tight, so it reacts quick in case of an emergency. I back it off as I leave the highway and travel regular roads, and a bit more when I enter campgrounds, ie. going extra slow. Does this sound about right? Or is it best to adjust it one way and not touch it? Yes it does. The Voyager is not time based it is proportional just like the Prodigy. Difference is. The Prodigy has an accelerometer to "feel" the TV decelerate. The Voyager has a mechanical pendulum. The farther it swings, the more power is sent to the brakes. That is why you have to level it. As the Voyager is really grabby in stop, and go traffic. You will want to back it off in town, and in the CG. The Voyager does exactly what it is supposed to do. It is just much less smooth than the Prodigy. But does a good job stopping the trailer
Terryallan 04/13/14 07:26pm Beginning RVing
RE: Are there no experts that sell trucks?

Even tow truck drivers don't have a clue about diesels. When a driver got in mine he jumped in and tried to start it immediately. OK I'll bite. Why wouldn't it start? Every diesel I ever drove, started right up when I turned the key, or hit the button. Now admittedly, I never drove pickup truck diesels. They were all big trucks, and Busses. Just wondering what besides size, is the difference? Just wondering
Terryallan 04/13/14 03:45pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Small solar trickle chargers.

Mine came from Northern Tool, and they have larger sizes as well. Thinking of getting a larger one to take to the primitive CGs on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The only power we need up there is for the refer control board. A larger one would put more charge in the batt during the day.
Terryallan 04/13/14 07:56am General RVing Issues
RE: Champion Stand Alone Generator use in rainy Weather.

I think I'd be working on ways to run the C-Pap off batteries. A Champion generator running all night is a prescription for poor sleep for yourself and a lot of animosity from anybody within a mile or so. Those things are noisy, especially in the silence of darkness. I didn't think C-Paps drew enough power to require a genny. According to this: http://www.apneaboard.com/forums/Thread-Equipment-How-many-DC-Amps-does-my-CPAP-REALLY-draw you should have no reason to run a generator. 5 amps at 12 volts is only 60 watts, and running even the smallest generator, a 900 or 1,000 watt unit, would be overkill. If you have one of the 1 to 2 amp C-Pap machines, it'd be like hookin' up a nuclear air craft carrier to tow your canoe. Not to mention. "MOST" primitive campgrounds do NOT allow generators to be ran at night, during quiet hours.
Terryallan 04/12/14 08:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: How cold should I expect?

Yep. Gas is usually faster. And it does take awhile, especially in the hot weather. It seems the freezer cools first. There are a few ways to help it cool down faster. Letting the AC blow the hot air out helps a little. Also putting cold things in it helps a lot.
Terryallan 04/12/14 07:22pm General RVing Issues
RE: Small solar trickle chargers.

Can I ask just how small is small? (How many watts?) Thanks 2.5. As for the size. It is 3" x 9".
Terryallan 04/12/14 07:18pm General RVing Issues
Small solar trickle chargers.

Do they work??? YES :B they do. I have had my battery hooked to a solar charger all winter. It was in the building with the solar panel in the window. I put the battery back into the TT today. Hit the battery button on the info center, and it showed full charge.
Terryallan 04/12/14 06:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: Generator security

They will NEVER get mine. I keep it at the store.
Terryallan 04/12/14 12:11pm General RVing Issues
RE: trailer axles

Hi, I have a 2011 keystone summerland. I have noticed that when I go around curves like a coldest that the front and rear axles are not aligned. They have a different camber. But after driving in a straight line they shore back up. There is no irregular wear on the tires. Is this what they mean by floating axles? Thanks bill Yes it's normal. Also when backing in, and turning sharply you will see the tandem out of line. It is best to always back far enough to be able to pull up, and straighten them out. But that is why trailer tires are built differently tan TV tires. They are designed to slide sideways in a turn, and not pull off the rim
Terryallan 04/12/14 12:09pm Travel Trailers
RE: Not given site reserved

Best thing. Tel us the CG name so we all can avoid it. That happened to us at Secluded Valley in NC, just off 19 out of Spruce Pines. We were told we would have a riverside site, when we got there, they had given it to someone else. So, we took our money, and left, have not been back, and will not go back. People will only treat you as bad as YOU let them. BTW. From a friend who was there. I do know for a fact that the site they wanted to give us, stayed empty for the weekend, and the people in the site we were supposed to be in, left the next morning. So they did lose money on the deal. We however got a great site in the Blue Ridge Parkway, and had 3 great days.
Terryallan 04/12/14 12:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: Family of 5

if I had kids and were to make trips with them, it is far easier in a class A than any type of towable. If money is no object than I would look at a Jayco super C bunkhouse Why is it easier. Could be, Only if you never want to leave the RV Resort. well first from my experience most people tow a car so you can go where they please, next you don't have to stop every time little johnny needs the bathroom, people can get up and walk around as you drive, fix a lunch, watch TV, play games, can you do any of those in a TT or 5th wheel ? Actually, yes. You can do all of that, but use the bathroom. And in truth. Little Johnny ain't getting up and going to the bathroom while its moving any way. But yes. You can watch TV, movies, And yes you can play games, and even have lunch. Have you not been in a modern TV. they got everything. Also as long as you have to tow something to get around in. May as well tow the TT, and drive the TV around. It's much easier to hook, and unhook.
Terryallan 04/11/14 07:39pm Camping World RV Sales
RE: Yellow stickers....

Empty propane tanks and no battery. In addition dry weight may not include any option such as; AC, awning, etc. basically a stipped down model. You seem to be thinking of the brochure weight. IF it is on the RV on the lot. It is included in the sticker. The sticker weight, is the weight of the RV as it sits in front of you, with NO liquids. IF you see an awning, its in the weight, If you see a AC its on the sticker. Now a days Very few RVs are shipped without AC, and awning. The sticker will also tell you how much weight full tanks add.
Terryallan 04/11/14 07:27pm Travel Trailers
RE: Yellow stickers....

Yep. It is a US Federal requirement. Don't know about Canada. Since 2009. The Yellow sticker has the weight of the RV as it sits in front of you on the lot. IF the dealer adds any weight. He must change the sticker to reflect it. Really makes buying a trailer you can tow easy.
Terryallan 04/11/14 02:58pm Travel Trailers
RE: Family of 5

if I had kids and were to make trips with them, it is far easier in a class A than any type of towable. If money is no object than I would look at a Jayco super C bunkhouse Why is it easier. Could be, Only if you never want to leave the RV Resort.
Terryallan 04/11/14 02:28pm Camping World RV Sales
RE: Family of 5

Truth is. Your choices are endless. You DO NOT have to go to Camping World to buy a TT. You would do well to visit each RV dealer within 100 miles of your home, and pick one. You can also go to Forest River RV, and Jayco RV, Heartland RV. And look thru their selections, and find a dealer that sells the one you want to see.
Terryallan 04/11/14 10:10am Camping World RV Sales
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