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RE: Blue Ridge Parkway

We are seeing the Skyline Parkway, Blue Ridge Parkway and the Outer Banks this summer. Any suggestions for routes there as well as campgrounds to use would be appreciated. Leaving Boston area going to Skyline first. Thanks for any suggestions. Dan Allow PLENTY of time. IF you really want to see, and enjoy the Blue Ridge Parkway. Allow at least a week just for it. Also As for CGs on the BRO. there are several NP CGs with out hookups, and they are very nice, There is also Raccoone Holler near Glendale Springs, Miller Camp closer North, and Bear Den Near Little Switzerland. Enjoy, also. You will have to get off the BRP to fuel, and get food
Terryallan 06/29/16 12:45pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Ducted A/C Unit - Bypass Ductwork for Better Cooling??

Why? You like a ho bedroom while the living area is cool? Both our units are front and then one over the kitchen area with connecting ductwork. Sometimes only one unit, the rear or main one, is needed as the cooled air is spread throughout the coach. We can close the bedroom door and be cool and no noise at tall, fro the ducts in the bedroom. Agree I want the entire camper cool, not just one little part. that vent blowing down on the bed at night is priceless
Terryallan 06/28/16 09:43pm Tech Issues
RE: Air Conditioner without Auto??

I plan on going to the lake for a 8 days here in about a month and temps will be 90 plus during the day. Is it bad for it to run constantly or should I give it break when I can? I guess whats the worst I can do? Burn up the fan motor? I think I would be inclined to only run it while you are actually in the trailer. Why cool it when nobody is there using it? So it will be cool when you go inside. 90 degree temps will heat the inside up to an unbearable temp, and it will take a really long time to cool it down. May as well keep it cool all the time. Easier on the AC unit.
Terryallan 06/28/16 09:41pm Travel Trailers
RE: trailer brakes 'grabby' when warm and used lightly

Worth a try. I usually try to adjust so that I can just barely tell the trailer brakes are doing something. I try to adjust mine so that the TV, and TT stop as one. I don't want to feel the TT brakes come on, or go off. I want it to be seamless.
Terryallan 06/28/16 09:38pm Tech Issues
RE: trailer brakes 'grabby' when warm and used lightly

Maybe back off the gain a tad
Terryallan 06/28/16 12:36pm Tech Issues
RE: Locked keys in truck

Two things. First My truck won't lock with the key in the ignition, My car either, second. I have Fords with the keyless entry. should you lock the key in the vehicle on the seat or whatever. You just enter the code, and the door unlocks. real handy option to have
Terryallan 06/27/16 09:33pm General RVing Issues
RE: Horrible experience yesterday

My feeling is once the rapid response team wakes up they will respond and attempt to make it right. . Hold your breath for that
Terryallan 06/27/16 07:41am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: recommendation on new tires for my f150

Were I you. I would go to the Cooper Discoverer Plus tires. They have a max psi of 50, and a load rating of 2601lb. more than enough for any 150. I have used them for years. And while the Goodyears will let the TT move around a little. the Coopers will settle it down. They are great for towing. I have used Michelins. Goodyears, Goodrich, and all are more expensive than the Coopers, and the Coopers will tow better, and last longer.
Terryallan 06/26/16 12:51pm Towing
RE: Made it to Myrtle Beach, barely...

At this point. You really only have 2 options. 1. Take it to the closest Chevrolet store, and have them fix it, or 2. Take it to the closest Auto store of your choice, and trade it. I just did option 2. In most cases. Once they start acting up. They will continue to do so. Dollar you to death, and soon you will have a new TV price in an old TV.
Terryallan 06/26/16 07:56am Tow Vehicles
RE: Chevvy Shakes

While it does happen, overall it is rather rare. However, IF it is your truck that does it. It becomes personal. It does not matter how rare it is. I work at a axle plant, and we have VERY VERY few field failures. But when one does fail. It is a HUGE deal. No one wants to buy a new vehicle, leave the lot, and then have to bring it back. Even IF it is only one in a million. that is one too many if it is the one you buy. BTW just a thought about it. not a slam
Terryallan 06/26/16 02:41am Tow Vehicles
RE: Gas challenged?

Knowing that I'm going to get some snarky comments, I'm going to go ahead and ask my stupid question of the month. I am on a 19 day cross country road trip. I have tried to use gas stations that accommodate RVs. So far, I have not been able to figure out where I am supposed to get my gas. I have been to a Flying J, Love's, and TA. The regular pumps are hard to get into. The truck pumps, seem to only have diesel. I haven't seen any pumps designated for RVs. My trailer is a tiny 15 footer. I know you guys with bigger rigs aren't using the regular pumps. Where am I supposed to be going? Remember, I said it was a stupid question. Be gentle! Actually I know what you are talking about. There are many stations that have their pumps so close to the building that you can't make the turn from the building side, or turn quick enough from the road side. you will have to avoid those stations. However there are many stations you can get into by using the end pumps, and of course there are those with the lanes parallel with the highway. You just have to be careful which one you pull into. I have been known to pull into the lane from the road, and then to back out as there was no room to get between the lane and the building. Google earth is a good tool to use to find a station you can use
Terryallan 06/26/16 02:22am General RVing Issues
RE: Daytona

yes I agree,terryallan X3, it's become a sham Yep a VERY poor excuse for what NASCAR once was There was a day when each team was free to innovate and experiment to find that little extra that made them better. Now it's about baby boys ego and making every team the same. I guess they were not paying attention to what happened to IROC They should have. the same thing is happening to NASCAR.
Terryallan 06/23/16 07:53pm Rallies, Shows and Gatherings
RE: so is 29 ft the cutoff for not towing a toad ?

But then you WILL have to unhook, when you leave, and setup again. Also ANY MH is too large to drive around in "many" old historical towns. Charleston SC comes to mind, and no, You are not going to ride your bike to town from any Charleston CG, or from any Myrtle Beach CG, or from any NC mountain campgrounds. Were I you. Unless you don't plan to leave the CG. I would tow a vehicle.
Terryallan 06/21/16 07:42pm Beginning RVing
RE: Daytona

yes I agree,terryallan X3, it's become a sham Yep a VERY poor excuse for what NASCAR once was
Terryallan 06/21/16 06:53pm Rallies, Shows and Gatherings
RE: Kaboom goes the tire

What is the chance of getting one from the manufacturer of the trailer?
Terryallan 06/21/16 05:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: Nightmare at Camping World of Statesville, NC

Terryallan 06/21/16 05:20pm Camping World Service and Installation
RE: Daytona

Anyone camping at Daytona next week for the 400? We will be right outside turn 1, watching all the coaches and haulers go into the infield. Prolly a better show than the restrictor plate parade.
Terryallan 06/21/16 05:19pm Rallies, Shows and Gatherings
RE: Good reasons NOT to go with 5er over TT....

Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't understand a lot of folks issues with steps in a 5er. Unless of course you have mobility issues. While we don't have one yet, we have looked at several, and honestly I didn't even think about the steps being a problem and I'm no kid at 63 years old. I have to admit, they seemed to bother my wife though. She kept saying, "when we get older". Well, if I'm that bad off I can't walk up 2 or 3 steps, I will probably stay home. A lot of people have issues with anything associated with physical exertion! OR it could be that many of us led full active lives when we were young. We played baseball, We played basketball, football, water skied and we swam / dove, doing MANY crazy tricks. Often we landed the wrong way. Many snow skied. And in truth ALL of those fun activities take a toll on your body. My back pain partly comes from playing basketball, going for the ball, falling, and sliding backwards into the wall in the gym. My knee pain comes partly from sliding into bases, and trying to look cool, standing up as the end on the slide. Also from sliding too late. Have to remember. EVERYTHING you do when you are young. You pay for when you are old. SO. The 4 steps up into a 5er, and the 3 or 4 steps into the bedroom / bathroom bother me, and IF I had to do it over, and over, it would not be worth the pain. So a TT fits me better. Hopefully you will never have joint problems. However if you do. I guess you will just stay home in the recliner as you said. Me. I'm goin. Now to the real question. Do I regret playing hard and being put up wet? Nope. I loved every minute of it. Except maybe that time I fell waterskiing, and the ski belt came up my chest, and nearly smothered me, Or the time I broke my collar bone playing softball. Or maybe the time I broke my arm, or the gym thing. Other than those minor details. I'm good
Terryallan 06/21/16 12:54pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: What kind of Tires is Needed For Towing My TT?

Id like to know if 10 ply or if normal rated tires should be bought for towing my Cherokee 26bh Grey Wolf TT? As Im ready to buy a new set of tires for my 1999 Dodge 1500 quadcab 4x4 truck that I tow my TT with.... honestly. Buy some Cooper Discoverer Plus. they are rated to 2601lb. Way more than you will ever need for hauling or towing with a 1500 truck. Also. they last as long as any tire on the road. Also they will help to keep the TT inline, and stable. I have had Goodyears, Michelins, BF Goodrich what ever. None were any better than the Cooper. Most were not as good, All cost much more.
Terryallan 06/20/16 09:58pm Travel Trailers
RE: Good reasons NOT to go with 5er over TT....

So here are my reasons, and cases for both. 5er. More storage. As for towing. Have towed both. Trailertrucks are 5ers aren't they? They do have a 5th wheel. any way. A properly setup TT will tow as well as a 5er, after all they both are affected by wind. Backing. No problem backing either. Same basic rules apply. So as far as I can see. The big plus to a 5er is the storage, But then that means it takes more truck. Flaws? Steps / stairs. It is up or down every where you want to go with a 5er. More steps to get in, and then steps to the bedroom, and bath. TT. Less storage. Lots less. But then not as much truck is needed. Also, a little harder to hookup, but no chance of dropping it on the truck rails. Towing again. Pretty much a wash except for the easier hookup for the 5er. You do get to use your bed while towing, and not towing. And the big one for me. NO stairs. It's flat inside, and less steps to get in. What it comes down to. Is what YOU want, and what your TV will easily tow. Want a 5er, need more storage, and don't mind paying more. Get a 5er. Want a TT, don't like steps, want to use your truck bed, or tow with a SUV. Get a TT. It is ALL your choice. And it is all your money. YOU are the only one you have to please.
Terryallan 06/20/16 09:44pm Fifth-Wheels
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