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RE: Looking at newer used half tons

I'm focusing on 2011 and newer F150s and very recent Ram 1500s at the moment. There's a nice 2013 Ram Laramie, but it has a console shifter, which indicates to me that it probably doesn't have the newer 8 speed transmission. They list the generic 3.21 gear ratio, but a vin search indicates it's a 3.55. Anybody out there have experience with this setup? Thoughts? It looks like it should be good for 8000 lbs of towing. Just wondering why would a console shifter mean it won't have the 8 speed. Makes no difference on fords where the shifter is. the trany is the same. I can tell you. I love my floor shifter
Terryallan 05/26/15 01:18pm Tow Vehicles
RE: water heater

What are the correct postion of valves on back of my water heater iam only getting luke warm water all switchs are turned on its elec/gas heater my manule is very vague in description .Could it need a new anode. Should be 3 valves. ONE will be on the pipe going UP beside the WH. One will be past the up pipe, and one will be on top before the up pipe. The one on the up, or H pipe should be closed. Meaning the valve should be ACROSS the pipe. the other two should be open, Meaning the valve should be on a line with the pipe.
Terryallan 05/26/15 01:13pm Tech Issues
RE: water heater

Terryallan 05/26/15 01:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery question while in RV park

I always have, but not all are the same. Read your manual
Terryallan 05/26/15 01:08pm Travel Trailers
RE: Floor wax on motorhome

What would be wrong with just using wax designed for outdoor vehicles? Remember. Short cuts, also short cut quality. Automotive wax will protect your MH for the life of it. Wax it once or twice a year, and it will still look new in 20 years. Put floor shine on it, and it will look old instantly
Terryallan 05/26/15 08:31am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Help with weight distribution hitch

higher you raise it. the easier it is to hook
Terryallan 05/25/15 11:31pm Towing
RE: sway controll tips

So then a light trailer has the same ability to straighten out the sway bar as does a heavy trailer? I don't think so. Heavy trailers need 2. Per instructions. Remember they are only designed to slow down the swing of the trailer. not stop it.
Terryallan 05/25/15 11:30pm Travel Trailers
RE: Squeaking when turning

Do not grease it. IF you grease friction sway control. sort of ruins it.
Terryallan 05/25/15 07:35pm Travel Trailers
RE: sway controll tips

The idea that the friction sway control is adjusted at the factory is not correct. There is no way the factory knows if it will be used with a 1500 or 15000 pound trailer. 2. HOOK-UP a. Lubricate both balls with a small amount of grease, place socket of slide bar (6) over ball (1) and secure with clip (2b). Loosen handle (5) until the slide bar can be moved. Extend sway control assembly and place socket over ball on trailer, secure with other clip (2b). b. Retighten handle until it stops (handle should be in its original level position). The sway control assembly is preset at the factory with a tension suitable for most light trailers. c. On some installations, damage to the sway control may occur during extremely sharp turning maneuvers. This can be checked by slowly backing vehicle into a jackknife position while someone is watching. Do not allow slide bar to contract completely (bottom out) or bumper to contact sway control. If it looks as though contact will be made or the sway control will bottom out then the sway control must be removed before backing trailer. 3. ADJUSTMENT a. Trailer configurations and loading, road and weather conditions, towing speed, tire condition and pressure, and center of gravity of trailer, all affect towing. To get maximum benefits from the sway control assembly, a series of road tests should be taken with the loaded trailer. During the first road test try the sway control at the factory pre-set force. On subsequent trips increase or decrease tension by turning the adjusting bolt (7) in 1/4 turn increments in the direction shown on the label until the desired control is achieved. For large trailers, it may be necessary to install a second sway control unit. Read the instructions that come with it. They ARE adjusted at the factory. Sway bars do NOT prevent sway. that is NOT what they are for. They are only to help control it once it is induced by a emergency situation. Sway control should NEVER be used to keep a trailer in control under normal driving conditions. A trailer should NOT sway with out a sway bar installed. If it does. You have other problems you need to fix. As you are to remove the sway bar in slick conditions. It can prevent the TV from turning properly, and IF the TT sways without the bar on. How are you going to drive in the rain with out it. And should you ever need to adjust the sway bar, after it wears the pads. You turn the adjusting nut 1/4 turn at a time until you get the drag back to what it was. Remember a too tight sway bar will cause the TV, and TT to not straighten out completely after a turn. Will cause the TV to pull to the side the turn was. Been there done that.
Terryallan 05/25/15 06:35pm Travel Trailers
RE: Help with weight distribution hitch

Ok thanks y'all. Right now that jack screw isn't even hitting/resting on the shank. Above the jack screw there is another sort of 'bolt'(not threaded) that has some washers on it. Looks like you could add/remove washers?? This part is resting against the shank. I tried to go to 4 chain links but the brackets are so low I can't get the pipe underneath without the pipe hitting the ground. Yes I can get a different pipe or maybe put a bend in it just haven't had the chance yet. I think the ball was tilted toward the trailer when we set it up. I'll get the ball straight(level) and redo everything from there. Question...Do I adjust the tilt while everything is hooked up? I mean with the w/d bars tightened down and everything? If so, how exactly do I do that? Do I need to loosen the bolts holding the hitch head to the shank, or just crank on the jack screw? Thank you all again for the input, Ron No you add washers with the bars off.. Also. With the TT hooked to the truck. You need to jack the TT UP WAAAAY up. Even raise the rear of the truck. Not so far as to raise the wheels off the ground. But the higher you jack it while hooked up. The easier it will be to put the chains in the correct link, and pull them up. Raise it high enough, and you won't need the pipe. I stop just short of that. If you are trying to do it with out jacking the TT, and TV up. That would explain why you aren't pulling enough weight with the bars
Terryallan 05/25/15 06:17pm Towing
RE: 30amp camper plugged into 110 home outlet

Hi All: My camper has 30amp service. The dealer gave me a adapter so that I can plug the 30amp into a one side and plug a 110 extension cord into the other side and then plug the extension cord into a standard household 110 plug in the house. The extension cord needs to be about 80 feet long to reach the household plug. All cords are three prong. The extension cord is a heavy cord approved for outside use. Question; Is this safe for the camper and the household circuits. The plan is to run the refrig. to cool it down. I was told not to run the A/C or any other appliances. Thanks. Jim2007 Something is not right here. 30 amp service is 110 volt. Your house receptacle is 15-20 amp 110 volt, also. Am I misunderstanding? Did the dealer add a separate 110 circuit? That is the only way you can plug in 2 separate 110 volt sources. The factory setup would likely have been a single 30 amp, 110 volt line in to a breaker panel with a couple of lines out of the internal electric panel to run items and receptacles. Usually the 15 amp on the PS of the MH is to run small items outside, such as lights or bug zapper. It is not usually setup as a second input line. Talking about the adapter, not the RV.
Terryallan 05/25/15 04:17pm Tech Issues
RE: CEO Of Chrysler, Marchionne In Merger Talks With GM?

Just saw an article on autoblog that Marchionne is talking to GM about a merger with Chrysler. Please say it ain't so. Besides, wouldn't this end up being an anti-trust violation with GM/Chrysler merged? He has been trying to find someone to buy him out. A few months ago. GM would not touch it. Is it a new article, or old? Big question is. WHY???? would GM want it?
Terryallan 05/25/15 04:13pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Help with weight distribution hitch

Tilting the ball / hitch head, TOWARD the trailer will cause the bars to pull more weight. Also I too have a 2004. 5/8 inch rise on the front is too much. 150s of that year require that the front return to unloaded height. So tilt the ball toward the Trailer until the bars pull enough to bring the front back down. My TT weighs in around 6000lbs, and I "hang 3" chain links from the snap up bracket. You may, and probably do need to use washers / spacers in front of the jack screw to get the proper angle on the ball / hitch head.
Terryallan 05/25/15 02:46pm Towing
RE: sway controll tips

forgive me all. im new to tts. somebody walk me through setting up a friction sway control setup. thanks Take the TV, and TT to a level area. While unhooked. measure the distance from the front bumper to the ground. Also measure the distance from the rear bumper to the ground. Remember the measurements. Drop the coupler onto the ball. Adjust the WDH until the front bumper come back to the measurement it was before you hooked up. (Depending on the year of your truck, It may only ask to return 1/2 of the distance. read your manual). I return my front bumper to the original height. I have no sway. Once you have returned the front to the original height. Measure the rear. It should NEVER be HIGHER than it was before you hooked the TT to it. Get the front right, and the rear will take care of itself. Then air all your tires up. After getting the hitch right. You should have no sway. If you do there is another problem , like not enough tongue weight, or too light of tires. After you fix the problem, Then add sway control. A properly setup TV, and TT should not sway. If you are using a sway control bar. The handle is NOT the adjustment. It is the ON / OFF switch. Tight, and bottoming out the threads, and turned level with the tongue is on. Anything looser than that is off. The adjustment is a nut under that. You shouldn't have to adjust it as they are pretty well adjusted from the factory. you may need to after a few years, and the pads begin to wear. Until then. On / Off with the handle.
Terryallan 05/25/15 02:30pm Travel Trailers
RE: Brake Controler Problem...Update

We will hook up the trailer tomorrow ,get the volt and current meters out and get some more information. Artum Snowbird....That was my first thought. Unfortunately, he has lost the instruction book. (?) Something else to know. Press the brake pedal while Sitting still. and the Prodigy will send little to no current to the TT brakes. It works on inertia / movement. No inertia no need to send current. May be hard to check. IF you turn on the boost to 3. You can get a current for a second, until the Prodigy learns the TT is sitting still.
Terryallan 05/22/15 04:41am Towing
RE: Adding a transmission cooler

All things being equal. Say 2 F150s, both with the same engine, and both with the same trany, and rear gear. However one has the tow package, Basically a trany cooler, and power steering cooler. Giving it a 8000lb tow cap. the other does not. has a 2000lb tow cap IF you add the trany cooler and PS cooler to the one with out it. Yes you have just increased the tow capacity to match the other one. Now both have a 8000lb tow capacity. Now on some other vehicles it does not. Many tow packages have different components. some vehicles without the tow package come with a donut for a spare. And you can't tow on a donut. so the same vehicle with a tow package, comes with a full size spare. So to answere your question. Yes, and no. Depends on the vehicle.
Terryallan 05/21/15 09:10pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Brake Controler Problem...Update

My SIL has a Prodigy brake controller on his Ford P/U. ('05 4wd 3/4) The brakes on the trailer work using the manual control but no trailer brakes when pressing the brake pedal on the truck. Any advice? Do his brake lights come on? The TT brakes are activated when the TV brake lights come on.
Terryallan 05/21/15 09:00pm Towing
RE: Myrtle Beach

Terry, when do the Hogs thunder into MB? Second week of May. All gone before Atlantic Bike week.
Terryallan 05/21/15 08:57pm General RVing Issues
RE: Myrtle Beach

Numbers could be down a tad since quite a few of them are in the iron wigwam in Waco, TX. And the last time I was at MB there wasn't a Twin Peaks located there but that may have changed. Different bikers. This weekend is for Crotch rockets, Not Harleys
Terryallan 05/20/15 07:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: Myrtle Beach

For those wondering why, it isn't the weather. It's Bike Week. Motorcycles everywhere, cruising slowly.It's Bike Fest,Not to be confused with Bike Week, Might be more trouble than last year's More to the point. It is Atlantic Bike Fest. You don't want to be there. Especially in North Myrtle near Atlantic Beach. It's something to see. But you really don't want to see it. We made the mistake of staying at MB travel Park during Atlantic Bike week once. Even though they warned us about it. Took 2 hours to get from The GC to Barefoot Landing. A little over a mile mile away. Never again.
Terryallan 05/19/15 06:10pm General RVing Issues
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