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RE: Dog urinating and defecating on your site while owners watch

Only ONE solution. Diapers. Force all dogs to wear diapers. End of problem, OHHHHH! and get them a shirt that says. Does this diaper make my butt look big? :B:S:B:R:B
Terryallan 07/29/15 06:56am RV Pet Stop
RE: Charleston SC to DC

We use US-17 up and down the East Coast from Norfolk to Charleston. NC-544 to NC-31 to NC-9 to US-17 will bypass most of Myrtle Beach. If you take US-13 North where it splits from US-17 near Windsor, NC; you can pickup US-460 near Suffolk, VA which will take you to I-295/95 near Richmond. If you stay on US-17 it will take you to I-95 just South of Fredricksburg, VA. Pretty sure that is just a Typo. however Just to be clear. 544, 31, 9, and Myrtle Beach are all in South Carolina. Also from 9. You can hit SC 701 to NC 410 to NC 74 and on to I 95
Terryallan 07/29/15 06:52am Roads and Routes
RE: Campfire smoke

Odd that so many posters claim you cannot camp without a fire. We have not had a campfire for ourselves in decades. The only time we ever build a fire is when the grandkids are with us and we make s'mores, then we just use briquets. We do not object to others having a fire, we just do not want one ourselves. At night we stargaze for a while then go to bed. I cannot count the numbers of times I have an arriving camper in hot weather (100+ heat) build a blazing fire the first thing -- before camp is even set up. I never understood why. Never said YOU couldn't. Said we couldn't. With out a fire for us. It is not camping. It is RVing. We RV at the beach, We camp in the mountains. With out a fire in the mountains. May as well be in a motel. It is just our preference. Every one is not the same. And You are correct about the heat. That is why we have no fire at the beach. Too hot. But all summer long above 3000' on the Blue Ridge. It is cool enough to snuggle up to a fire. Which is why we have a 3000' rule. Never camp below 3000' unless there is an ocean in front of you. Nothing like cooking breakfast outside, and then warming by the fire while you eat. yeah. We do all our cooking out side as well
Terryallan 07/28/15 08:20pm Travel Trailers
RE: Campfire smoke

Camping requires a campfire made of wood (not propane) it's the law. Some campers don't have the skill set yet to get the fire burning right away. They lack experience. But think back, we all did once upon a time too. Go help them, let them know how to do it right... Not true, especially when the law says no campfires except propane (we are in drought conditions and if you don't have a propane fire, you don't have one at all... Guess you would just stay home and not camp if you have to have wood fueled campfire... BTW, I like a wood fueled campfire, but with the fire conditions, I will use propane and not take the risk.. (of getting cited or starting a wild fire).. That's what I do. IF there is a campfire ban in the mountains. I just stay home. It ain't camping with out a real fire. However. We do not have a fire at the beach. It is way too hot there to sit around a fire.
Terryallan 07/28/15 05:28pm Travel Trailers
RE: was this one of you guys??

All I can say. The TT wasn't that big. So he has plenty of truck. I believe his tongue weight to be light, in large part because of the carrier on the back. There is NO substitute for a properly setup WDH. His wasn't. AND if you look. The truck was RAISED. So, It appears to be a poorly setup combination.
Terryallan 07/28/15 01:50pm Travel Trailers
RE: No Generator

After a lot of research we thought we were going with a class A. Now we’ve changed our minds and going with a 5th wheel. The one we like is the Forest River 377FLIK. The only issue is it does not come with a generator. Since we want a residential refrigerator I’m not sure how long the unit will run on the batteries. I also know there are portable generators you can get and I probably will too but was just wanting to see how others deal with this. Is a 2000 or 3000 watt the best way to go? I don't know where you intend to camp. But you should know before you get a Generator. IF you camp in a National Park. You will not be allowed to run it during quiet hours (night), and also may be restricted to just a couple hours during designated time during the day. If however you plan on boon docking, staying at sporting events, or Wal Mart parking lots. A generator would be good to have.
Terryallan 07/28/15 01:38pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Need travel trailer recommendations

I towed my first TT with a 2002 Expedition. So one of my questions Is. Why do you think you need air bags? They will do nothing for you. The WDH will do everything you need to do. It will return lost weight and steering control to the front axle. Air bag will not do that. IMOP, after towing a 27' 6000lb+ TT with a Expe. Air bags will be a waste of your money. As for a used TT. check out Craigs list, and look at the roof very carefully. It is true. Your budget is very low to get a good used TT. You may need to bump that up some. Use the money you would have wasted on air bags to boost it some. Also try RV trader. as for brand. Means nothing really
Terryallan 07/28/15 10:28am Travel Trailers
RE: Slides only work with Shore Power

Just wondering. Do 2, 6 volt batteries. Make a 12 volt system? Or just more power for a 6 volt system. Isn't that why you need a 12 volt battery to operate a 12 volt system? and a 12 volt battery won't necessarily operate a 6 volt system? Don't know just asking
Terryallan 07/28/15 08:57am Travel Trailers
RE: I think this forum is dangerous

My biggest problem with Maxxis is that you have to order them from most dealers....that means they come from a warehouse...sometimes they can be 2 plus years old by the time you get them. Thanks! Jeremiah Do what I do. Specify the age of the tires, and if they are not new. Don't buy them. I tell my tire guy I want NEW tires. He knows if I read the code, and they are old. They are going back, and I ALWAYS read the code before allowing them to be mounted on my TT, or TV. It is YOUR money, They are YOUR tires. You don't have to take just anything. YOU are in control.
Terryallan 07/27/15 06:48pm Travel Trailers
RE: Dodge Ram trucks buyback ordered

Oh yeah! The 4X4 front axle carp!! That is also being done if you have 4X4. I do not. Buying back 500,000 3/4 ton and up
Terryallan 07/27/15 05:54pm Truck Campers
RE: Dodge Ram trucks buyback ordered

This is an FYI, not a flame on Chrysler. Not trying to start a brand wars thread. I wish this could be the case, but we all know where it will lead and the bickering that will ensue. I don't see where this agreement is helpful to the consumer in any way. Does someone else see something I don't see? An owner is free to trade their truck in any time they wish. Where you gonna trade a truck on the buy back list? All the dealer know about the problem. No one wants it. that is why Ram should make it good. To prevent a huge loss to their customers, and IF they do that. They may not lose all their customers, and go out of business. So, it is in Chrysler's best interest to make their customers experience right. their business depends on it.
Terryallan 07/27/15 04:22pm Truck Campers
RE: Electric Trailer Brake Question

Not all trailers will lock the brakes. A flat bed will because of the low weight, especially empty. In truth. you should NOT feel the trailer brakes come on in normal braking. The TV, and trailer should brake as one. You should only feel them when you use the manual lever. It should be a pretty good jerk depending on speed. Try it at 25, to 35 mph. You will have less jerk at higher speeds. My TT brakes will not lock with the lever either. However. Ina HARD braking situation. I can hear the TT tire cry as they almost lock up.
Terryallan 07/27/15 09:20am Towing
RE: Dodge Ram trucks buyback ordered

You can rest assured that Chrysler won't pay you any more than current "blue book" value for a truck. What they're counting on is that most people will not accept the buyback, due to the fact that they're coming out on the short end of the stick. You prolly right. The owner's are screwed.
Terryallan 07/27/15 09:13am Truck Campers
RE: Dodge Ram trucks buyback ordered

I still of the opinion that Ram should just give the affected customers a NEW truck. That would solve everything. Other than that. they should have to buy them back at NEW truck prices so that the customer suffers no financial harm. I'm not putting down any of the trucks. I just know IF they were to buy back my truck at Blue Book price. I could not go buy another comparable truck. It is only fair to leave the customer in the same condition they started with. Even if they gave customers a new truck, and have them still make the same payments on the original loan. that would be fair.
Terryallan 07/27/15 07:55am Truck Campers
RE: Uh Oh...GM now Chrysler

Y'all did see that Chrysler will also buy back 300,000 Ram Trucks as well. Wonder if they couldn't just give those customers a new one?
Terryallan 07/26/15 04:57pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Trailer Brake Gain

I was using Tow/Haul. Now that I think about it I might not have ever slowed the truck enough initially to allow the engine to maintain the speed. I was worried the engine was working to hard. I disengaged the tow haul a couple times to allow the engine to slow down. Again this was our first trip and I am very inexperienced towing. I guess I am saying I didn't trust the truck to do the work in fear of over reeving the engine. NEVER up shift on the down grade. the engine will hold you back and save your brakes. You will NOT hurt the engine by letting it do it's work. Now. IF you want to go even slower. Drop to first. Find the gear that will help you hold the speed you need. and yes you will need to tap the brakes every once in a while. But you should not need to ride them. Use your gears. That is what they are for. Also. As mentioned. It is a gas engine. So it does not need a exhaust brake. Gas engines do naturally what diesels need exhaust brakes to do for them. Create engine braking.
Terryallan 07/26/15 03:34pm Travel Trailers
RE: I'm completely discouraged after reading these posts...

I'm retiring in three years and was looking forward to purchasing a 5th wheeler to take on the road. Came here looking for advice, tips, etc. and all I see are problems, problems, problems. Systems that don't work, expensive repairs, units that do nothing but leak, poor customer service everywhere, and problems at RV parks. Wow, I'm just so discouraged now, I'm thinking I should totally abandon this idea and start looking for something else. I don't mind educating myself on minor maintenance and repair but I'm looking for a positive fulfilling traveling experience, not a job in Resolving Nothing But Problems. Been doing this for 30+ years. Had ONE (1) flat tire. Had 2 sink pipe leaks, and replaced one kitchen faucet that froze because of my error. Bottom line. Take care of your camper, do the maintenance required. And it will last, and last. Will it ever leak? Not likely, but then. Has your house ever leaked? I bet it has. Is this for every opne? no, Just those that enjoy the freedom of going where ever you want, and staying in your own place, around great people.
Terryallan 07/26/15 07:17am Beginning RVing
RE: Long Island to Myrtle Beach with 35ft RV & Propane?

Thanks for the quick responses! So the I95 is good all the way down except for Baltimore? No other restrictions in South Carolina? Depending on which Campground you are going to. You may not have to run 95 at all in SC. If you are going to the North Myrtle CGs, like Myrtle Beach Travel Park, or Apache you can get off at on 74, and go thru Tabor (410) city to 701 to 9 to 31 to 22 and right on to the access road, and actually you can do that going to south MB as well. Just run 31 all the way to 544.
Terryallan 07/26/15 06:35am General RVing Issues
RE: Ford F-150 5.0 V8 Towing

So I looked it up on the GM website, and it is more than we were told. The 3.08 has a 6300lb towing capacity, and the 3.42 has a 8200lb towing capacity. So there is a 1900lb difference in the 2 gears. The 3.73 was not listed. Nor was a 4.10. Still to be sure. We will go by a GM dealer and get their input. Any way. I told him. He may would be better off looking at a smaller Motor Home, than buying a TV, and TT. Cause he ain't towing much of anything with that Burb
Terryallan 07/23/15 08:09pm Towing
RE: Ford F-150 5.0 V8 Towing

Well. All I can say is. Y'all gonna have to argue with the Ford, and GM engineers. I have the Ford Factory towing specifications right here, and there is a HUGE towing capacity difference between the 3.31, and the 3.73, and the 3.15 is NOT even listed with a towing capacity.
Terryallan 07/23/15 07:42pm Towing
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