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RE: "Ahhh, the simple life" said my camping neighbor

My simple camping story. We have been camping a really long time. One weekend at Julian Price, we were getting ready to go home and it was raining. We had a Apache fold out. Yes a fold out. Had no canvas, just pvc sides that you put together when you cranked the top up. Any way it's raining, I folded the sides back in, and started to crank it down. You need to know on the Apache. The ratio is 100 turns to 1 inch of travel, or so it seems. As I was spinning the top down. The family next to us in Cox camper came out. You older campers know Cox campers have no crank. So they flipped one end over the back, flipped the other over the front, hooked to the car and was gone, and I'm still standing behind the Apache cranking the top down. I wanted a Cox camper so bad after that.
Terryallan 09/19/14 02:31pm Folding Trailers
RE: Thanksgiving withing 300 miles of Charlotte, NC

A CG with in 300 miles of Charlotte. There are literally thousands. But you might want to try some of the Charleston SC parks. It is prolly too late to get into James Island, but you can try. Also try Mount Pleasant KOA, Lake Aire, or maybe Oak Pllantation. check about fires. Also there is Ton Johnson RV park in Marion. and there is Happy Holiday in Cherokee
Terryallan 09/19/14 02:19pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: mildew on awning

A 1
Terryallan 09/18/14 09:41pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: mildew on awning

A real easy way to clean the outside of the awning, After you have soaked of course. IF you have a manual awning. Unroll it, Unhook it from the side of the RV, let the arm slide under the RV and let it hang straight down. Now you can use the side of the RV to hold the awning steady, and scrub your little heart out. I do mine that way. The underside is tougher. Of course IF you have a walk on roof. Roll out the awning unhook the arms from the RV, and bring it back over the top, and lay it out. Scrub your little heart out.
Terryallan 09/18/14 09:41pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Firearms in RV

I did call the state park and was told that NO firearms were allowed in Arkansas State Parks. This seems to go against Arkansas Law that I've read. I do carry, but this question was for her. Most LEO'S look out for one another, but there are rare occasions where they don't. She's a shorts and tee shirt girl and doesn't usually hide her gun when walking from a hotel room to the truck. It's not an issue in Louisiana and we have no issues open carrying in Louisiana State Parks as it's legal. Just wanting to see if anyone else has had an issue in Arkansas. I think the State Park rep needs to be updated on their state laws. You could be running into park rules versus state law. Park rules would govern IMO Law states " Any place at the discretion of the person or entity exercising control over the physical location of the place by placing at each entrance to the place a written notice clearly readable at a distance of not less than ten feet (10') that "carrying a handgun is prohibited". Also why would your girl need a hand gun on her person on vacation? I do carry a shotgun for protection in my RV so I understand that aspect but carrying a firearm around people who do not know she is a LEO could be disconcerting to them and bring undue attention to you both. I can just see you both being swatted in the middle of the night People get robbed on vacation too you know. I carry every where I go, Vacation or not. Why? Look at the news. Need you ask?
Terryallan 09/18/14 09:34pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Ford Expedition Mechanical Rear Load-Leveling Suspension

Had a Expe. It had the air ride leveling system. You still have to use a WDH. And if it is still air operated. The instructions went like this. Take it, and the TT somewhere level. Unhook the TT. Let the Expe level itself. Turn off the leveling system. BEFORE it has time to lower itself. Lower the TT back onto the ball. Then adjust the hitch as normal. After youe are done. Turn the system back on. You never need to turn it off again.
Terryallan 09/18/14 09:23pm Tow Vehicles
RE: black streaks

The wide gutters work well. But to remove the black streaks, and make it easier to keep them off. Just wax them off with a good cleaner wax. I use Mequire's. No need to use a harsh cleaner like awesome, or black streak remover. And then have to wax anyway. They will just wax off with cleaner wax, ONE step, and done. Works great. And fiberglass sides are super easy to wax. Again. Keeping a good wax job on the RV, Makes removing the streaks a breeze.
Terryallan 09/18/14 09:19pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: RV Park in Myrtle Beach and Charleston

This is brand new for us Terryallan. We have only used our past RV's for tailgating. But this one is so roomy and nice and we are at the point in our lives, that we can kind of pick up and go. I will check out the KOA FC, thank you so much! Since you are new. I believe after to try this for a few times, You will prolly change your mind about a toad. there are pitiful few places where you can go and see anything without transportation. Without transportation you severely limit what you can do what you can see. I can't see driving several hundrdowntowned miles to the beach, and not being on it, or going to Charleston, and not being able to see all of it. We were just there Labor Day. There is so much to see, and it is not all downtown. And if you have tom leave town by 4. You gonna miss that dinner with wine
Terryallan 09/18/14 03:39pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: RV Park in Myrtle Beach and Charleston

Misssmb. Have a question. Where have you guys been Rving that the Park you stay in is close enough to town that you can walk to the attractions? We have been camping for 30 years, and have yet to stay in a CG that is walking distance to the town we are near. Mostly it is a few miles to any thing of substance.
Terryallan 09/17/14 07:38pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: What's the best deal you've gotten on a campground?

At one time it was $3.00 per night. More now of course. However we are going to tom Johnson CG for free.
Terryallan 09/17/14 06:23pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: RV Park in Myrtle Beach and Charleston

You will need a rental car. Not a small confined area. I agree no chain restaurants. Support the small guy and better food most of the time. I guess by RV you mean a Motorhome. In MB Restaurant row is to the North. None are within walking distance of any the campgrounds. Barefoot landing, and Broadway on the beach are very far apart. You need your own wheels. Charleston has WaaaY too much stuff to see to call a cab every time you want to go see something. Plus a lot of it is on opposite sides of the bridge. Restaurants are pretty spread out, Folly Beach is a good ride from any CG, as is Sullivans Island. Walking to anything is not an option. You will need your own wheels to see any thing. A rental is your best bet, unless you bring a car. Might want to reconsider a toad. As for driving a golf cart to town from a Campground. Don't even think about it. 17, & 441, are NOT golf cart friendly. Pluss the battery would die befor you got back
Terryallan 09/17/14 06:15pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Questions about Tractor Supply

Also it is more of what the name says. They carry a lot of farm stuff, horse feed, water troughs, fencing, fence posts and things like that, as well as CarHart clothing, and boots. It is a really cool place. I bought 2 cattle gates with mesh from them, Just to make it easier to back the TT into the backyard.
Terryallan 09/17/14 05:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: It's a Shame!

Were your new tires not rated to carry the weight of the 5er??? Seems that would be a law suit waiting to happen. Remember. they don't carry the full load of the 5er. The pin weight is carried by the truck
Terryallan 09/17/14 06:46am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Advisability and Experience with F-150 3.5L w/EcoBoost

It was suggested that I start a new thread regarding the following question: We are relatively new to RVing. We have a 30' Sunset Trails ultra-light (6,400#) empty. We've been using our son-in-law's Tundra but we're seriously considering a F-150 3.5L with Ecoboost. The ones we're looking at have a 3:43 rear end. It sounds like this truck should handle our trailer. We're kind of resigned to getting lousy mileage when towing but would like to get the best we can the other 95% of the time. Any thoughts? To clarify, the 6,400# is dry weight, not scale weight under tow. Therefore, the total weight of the trailer under tow is probably in the 8K range. Still: same question, second verse - how do you think a F-150 3.5L with EcoBoost will do? You may want to look again at the truck. Ford does NOT offer a 3.42 rear gear in their trucks. they offer 3.15, 3.31, 3.55, 4.10, and 3.73. Tow capacity for F150 Ecoboosts range from 7300lbs to 11,300lbs, depending on the rear gear, AND the GVWR of the truck. You will need a pretty high GVWR to get over 8000lb tow capacity. you will need at least a 14000LB GCVWR to get over 8000lb tow cap. And that will only get you 400 to 800 over depending on the truck
Terryallan 09/14/14 05:04pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Toyota hitch

Sounds like a class III hitch. You would need to upgrade to a class III/IV. Also. Look on the hitch. there should be a stamp telling exactly what the hitch is rated for.
Terryallan 09/14/14 06:56am Travel Trailers
RE: sway control needed?

jerem0612. You are of course correct. Sway bars just dampen movement. However. IF you get them too tight. they will prevent the TT, and TV from completely straightening out after a turn. I have had them to keep the TV pulling to one side until I turn the other way. That is when you know it is too tight.
Terryallan 09/13/14 04:29pm Towing
RE: Anyone tow a 33ft bumper pull up Route 1 California coast

Having come down highway 1 in a trailertruck. (yeah I know you are not supposed to) I wouldn't do it. At times the trailer was dragging the mountain, and the tractor was hanging off the cliff. Not a lot of fun. In fact real scary. When you look straight down out of the truck window, and only see water WAY down there. You are too close.
Terryallan 09/13/14 01:43pm Travel Trailers
RE: TV Not Getting Signal/TV reception.

check that it is set for antenna not cable etc Do this. Prolly the answere. IF it is set to cable. It will prolly say no signal. So be sure it is set to antenna
Terryallan 09/12/14 02:05pm Technology Corner
RE: Blow Lines or AntiFreeze, or both?

We bring bottled water. No need to worry about the taste. But we do flush the lines every spring with a little bleach water. I have tasted the water and no abnormal taste other than well water was ever noticed. Up here in MI. we always use the red pop. Not taking that chance by just blowing out the lines. You're never going to blow all the water out. All it takes is enough to a pool up in one spot enough to expand after freezing. Water always finds the lowest spot. IF your lines were full of water, and they ice had no where to expand to. Then you could burst a line. But if they are most all empty, with just a tiny little water in a low spot. The ice can expand long ways thru the line, and should not hurt anything
Terryallan 09/12/14 01:59pm General RVing Issues
RE: sway control needed?

Y'all do know that a sway bar does NOT prevent sway, only helps control it AFTER it starts. Best way to prevent sway is as mentioned above. Get your trailer, and hitch setup correctly. A properly setup TT will NOT sway. The friction sway control bar is only for those times when the driver has had to jerk the wheel, inducing sway by dodging an accident of some kind
Terryallan 09/12/14 12:29pm Towing
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