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RE: Oak Plantation Campground - Charleston, SC

Since you haven't ressied yet. Take a look at Mount Pleasant KOA.
Terryallan 10/30/14 05:39pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Keeping Things Cold on the Road

You should post that picture of the "don't use while traveling" notice. That's what the poster you said took you to task wants. He provided several quotes which did not prohibit using the fridge on gas. He simply said if anyone could show info to the contrary, he would stand corrected. I'm the one that you are referring to and let me remind you that what you are saying to do "IS NOT" what I asked for. Below is the exact quote from my post ... Now if NanciL comes back and provides proof of their claim that their manual does recommend not operating their refer during travel then I will stand corrected, but I want to be able to independently verify this information and not simply "TRUST ONE'S WORD" The key elements are: 1. It has to come from an actual equipment manual 2. It has to say that you should not operate the refer during travel and that would be normal travel and not very limited and unique situations such as travel on ferries, certain tunnels, etc. 3. It has to be "independently verifiable" and by that I mean one can find the information on the web. I can gin up or photoshop some "document" etc. to say anything I want with any title listed source take a picture of it and post it and this is where the "TRUST ONE'S WORD" comes in that I say is not acceptable proof. To me arguments about increased chances of fire, explosion, ruptured line, etc. are red herrings and I could just as easily say one should never get in a vehicle and drive since that simple act exposes you to potential injury from and accident over not getting on the road at all. BTW the Dometic info I posted came direct from the manuals readily available on the Dometic website that anyone here can pull up and independently read. I would bet the info I posted from NORCOLD is also available on the web, but I actually have those manuals downloaded on my computer for ready reference so I don't have to use the internet to refer to them. I also provided the actual manual nr. and information that I pulled the direct quotes from. I will repeat, the whole reason I as some are calling it as "taking to task the info posted" is that I have a HUGE problem when I see someone posting misleading or false information that readers less experienced than some of us more "seasoned RVers" might read and actually take as being correct and using it believing that it is actually factual when in fact it is far from that. Larry Larry. He was on your side.
Terryallan 10/30/14 05:31pm Travel Trailers
RE: Keeping Things Cold on the Road

I think everyone knows you can travel with the RV refer on if you so choose but it's the issues that can arise that some choose not to chance knowing an accident can happen even to the best drivers...It's the explosion part that can and does happen in accidents..I've seen it happen for whatever reason. As Woodalls says: The key issues are safety-related: There is an open flame back there in the refrigerator compartment, so it is absolutely critical to shut the refrigerator off before you approach any kind of fuel-dispensing facility. In fact, before you approach a fuel station or propane fill station, all appliances that are capable of producing a flame or a spark must be turned off. Also, the fact that the propane must be turned on at the tank in order to operate the refrigerator may create a hazard in case of an accident or even a tire failure. If anything happens that creates a hole, crack or leak in the propane supply piping in the RV, you have an instant fire/explosion hazard just waiting for a spark. It really is safer to drive with the propane supply turned off at the tank. Most folks find that, for the average trip, the refrigerator will maintain a low enough internal temperature to keep your food fresh. It is also possible to freeze some Blue Ice packs the night before and use them in the refrigerator compartment to help keep everything cold while traveling. It can explode sitting still to. . Things happen. You can't sit in an enclosed bubble. Live life. It's too short to worry about what can happen.
Terryallan 10/30/14 12:52pm Travel Trailers
RE: Keeping Things Cold on the Road

I also run mine while on the road. I do however turn it off. When, and IF the fridge stops beside a fuel pump when I stop for gas. If it stops out from under the cover, and the fridge is 25 feet or so from a pump. I leave it on
Terryallan 10/29/14 09:42pm Travel Trailers
RE: bucking/chucking with a TT?

The only time I have ever had any porpoising is on some bridges. While I feel the expansion joints in the concrete, they don't cause the TT to bounce.
Terryallan 10/29/14 05:44am Travel Trailers
RE: Nitrogen option but only on two tires ? ? ?

IF you really want to improve anything. Put Helium in the tires. that will make them lighter, and get you better MPG.:B Suspect that was meant as a joke-- no problem. But the He molecule is very small and would more easily migrate through rubber than air (78% N) or pure N. Said another way, you would be checking and filling them more frequently. Yes. But you would just FLOAT down the road. :S:W
Terryallan 10/28/14 03:21pm Tech Issues
RE: Nitrogen option but only on two tires ? ? ?

IF you really want to improve anything. Put Helium in the tires. that will make them lighter, and get you better MPG.:B
Terryallan 10/28/14 02:21pm Tech Issues
RE: spin balancing vs bg balancing

And here I thought y'all were talking about the old time bubble balance. Sip, or bubble, both are good
Terryallan 10/28/14 02:09pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tires

Only tire I ever exploded was a Good Year Marathon. Never again. Maxxis is the way to go.. Yes a tire rated to the original is fine, and yes balance them
Terryallan 10/28/14 02:07pm Travel Trailers
RE: Blue Ridge Parkway/Fall Festival, so so color report

Could be better farther South. As they change later the farther South you go.
Terryallan 10/27/14 04:08pm Truck Campers
RE: Are stabilizers advised while the TT is just sitting?

It sat on it's wheels for months before it was bought. Won't hurt it.
Terryallan 10/27/14 04:05pm Travel Trailers
RE: Boone to Asheville NC Rt 321 and Rt 64

I love the roads and routes section of this forum. Nowhere else do I get such great help and advice. I am very appreciative to everyone who has taken the time to help and respond. Since it sounds like 321 might be narrow, even for a short distance, I think I'm going to be playing it safe and taking 421. Neither me or the copilot does well with narrow windy roads. Thanks again for all the help. Think about it like this. the BIG trucks do it every day. I guess since is the closest, and easiest way to Blowing Rock from here, and we go all the time. It's just not that big a deal. (The worst part is only a 6% grade) Especially since they have made it 4 lane almost all the way to Blowing rock. The only 2 lane part is a 35 / 25 MPH section as you drive past the "Canyons" restaurant, and start down. that is where I use 1st gear. As I said. I can come down towing the TT, with out using the brakes much at all. But then. If you are not use to mountain driving. It may be a wise choice not to go that way. Only you know your comfort zone. And then there is 105 to 221. While 105 is a wide mostly straight road to 221 where you start down to Marion. The top 3 miles of 221 are slow, and a little twisty, after the top 3 miles it straightens out, and brings you to 40 just before Black Mountain.
Terryallan 10/27/14 09:42am Roads and Routes
RE: Boone to Asheville NC Rt 321 and Rt 64

I recently drove 321 out of Boone through Blowing Rock. In and out of Blowing Rock the road is tight, some construction, narrow in some spots. I was in a car, I wouldn't want to be towing my 37' 5th wheel this way. Once a little past Blowing Rock it was OK, though. I know it's a lot longer, but I would stick to 421 to I-77 South. Come on now, Flat Lander. :)
Terryallan 10/26/14 09:12pm Roads and Routes
RE: Boone to Asheville NC Rt 321 and Rt 64

Are these decent routes going from Boone to I40? I have a 41 ft fifth wheel that is 13'6" tall and worry about narrow roads and underpasses. Last time I went out Rt 421 (was familiar with that route) but am wondering if I would be OK with the shorter (321 and 64) routes. 321 to 40 would be the best. In truth 321 down from Blowing Rock is not hard. Only about 7 miles of it has much grade to it. Gear down to a gear that will hold you back. Easy if you have a gas engine, OR if you have a diesel with an exhaust brake, or trany brake. There are no narrow roads, except for a VERY short place just out of Blowing Rock. Mostly flat thru that part. No low underpasses either. I can come down 321 with the TT and not use the brakes much at all. I start down in 1st, and soon as I pass the last 25 MPH curve. I go to 2nd, From there I only brake for the sharper curves. Actually have to feed it some gas to keep going. If you stay on 321, you will hit 40 at Hickory, and it is less than an hour to Ashville from there. You will of course have to climb Black Mountain. About 7 miles up. Also not so bad. All in all, a pretty easy drive. And 64 isn't bad either. You will hit 40 at Morganton. It is not 4 lane as I remember. But not a crooked narrow road either, and as it is at the bottom of the mountain. No steep grades. Still have to do Black Mountain though. A lot closer than going all the way to Hickory. You should have no problems
Terryallan 10/26/14 08:33pm Roads and Routes
RE: New to dry camping, questions?

While I don't drink Coffee. I'm told by very good sources, that coffee done in a perculator, on the fire is the best that can be had. The perculator are also sold pretty cheap at WalMart. BTW. We have dry camped for more than 25 years. We never once needed a generator. Of course, We just camped, Cooked outside, all our appliances run on Propane, including camp stove, and lantern. Plus we just heated water on the fire, and took it inside for a sink bath. The last thing I want to hear in the mountains is a generator.
Terryallan 10/26/14 08:17pm Travel Trailers
RE: For those who never had the unlimited verizon plan?

No movies, no TV in the mountains. No signal. We do however have a UNO game, a deck of cards, and a Yatizie game. Along with a Battleship game. Isn't that what camping is for? Can watch TV at home.
Terryallan 10/26/14 07:37pm Technology Corner
RE: Brake question, more curiosity though.

New and not worn. New as a rule. Just works better.
Terryallan 10/26/14 07:27pm General RVing Issues
RE: Care Free campground in Sylva, NC

Holly Cove is, or was a great places to stay. We stayed there several times, and would still be going there IF they had not went all seasonal. According to the owner last time I called. they no longer have overnight, or over weekend sites. So unless you plan on being there awhile. You may not get in.
Terryallan 10/25/14 06:25pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: For those with exterior decals ....

Any quality automotive wax will do, and no. Wax won't hurt the decals. I use MeQuires cleaner wax, and Turtle Wax.
Terryallan 10/25/14 06:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: All Wheel Drive

Anybody notice any major differences or concerns with 4x4 towing vs All Wheel Drive towing? Considering a Denali with AWD and the 6 liter. Just so you will know. You cannot tow on dry pavement with 4x4, and shouldn't in the rain. True 4x4 will not allow the wheels to slip independently of each other, and will put the drive shafts in a bind which will put the trany in a bind, and cook it. You can tow on any surface with All wheel drive, as the wheels can turn independently of each other
Terryallan 10/24/14 09:22pm Tow Vehicles
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