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RE: GVWR, does it really matter

Ffor me. the GVWR is a totally useless number. UNLESS it is only 500lb over the dry yellow sticker weight. I know if my TT has more than 1200lb of carrying capacity. I will NEVER reach it. As it is. My TT has 2600lb of carrying capacity. It weighs dry "yellow sticker" 4811LB. It weighs ready to camp, 5650lb give or take a couple hundred depending on where it is going. it is + 1600lb UNDER the GVWR. so that number is useless.
Terryallan 02/18/17 07:20pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Check engine

I started my 2003 F250 Ford V10 eng with 105K miles. One owner, looks new. The check eng light came on and stayed on. I took it into the Ford place here in Yuma and 3 hrs later they said I need a new computer. Cost will be $700.00 WOW. At 100K miles I had a complete tune up as I did not want to pay over $40K for a new P/Up That was $900 for new hoses, new brakes, trans flushed, rad flushed. new plugs plus other things. Now I wished that I had sold it last year as I was offered $15K Oh well, after I get back to Calif I WILL sell it. I never in the past kept any Vehicle with over 75K miles Anybody have computer problem on there Tow V ? I had the instrument cluster computer go out. It controls everything except lights, and transmission. I mean everything, speedo, fuel gage, odometer power windows, AC heat, tach, seats everything. Happened 5 years ago. Was going to cost $650 to replace it. And yes the ford store tried EVERYTHING to restart it. So I ordered one. Towed the TT home, parked and went inside. Unknown to me, because NONE of the warning bussers worked. I left the lights on. Needless to say the battery died COMPLETELY. I had to jump the truck off. and when I did. It jolted, and rebooted, the cluster, and started working again. Kept working for 5 more years. BTW, I canceled the order. My advise to you. Turn the lights on. Let the battery die completely. And jump start the TV. Could maybe restart it. Worked for me. And yes. The ford store unhooked the battery to reboot it. Didn't work. But jump starting did
Terryallan 02/18/17 07:05pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Need Towing Advice, PLEASE HELP

don't think you would have the power you need to tow such a TT. IF you had the V8, I would say do it. As it stands you will be over capacity with that TT.
Terryallan 02/17/17 06:46pm Towing
RE: Our first TV, we've come a long way..

My first tow vehicle was a 1965 Mercury Monterey. 390 auto. Next was a 1972 Cougar, 351 Cleveland, auto. Next was a 1972 F100 Ranger with a 360 4V.
Terryallan 02/16/17 08:31pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Got it narrowed down to a few, opinions please.......

Jason, I am just curious as to what the great attraction is for the bathroom door to the outside? I don't mean anything by this; just wondering what I am missing. I can answer for us. The bathroom entrance door is GREAT. Especially if you have small children. They can go in with out tracking through the whole TT to get to the bathroom. At the beach. You can stand them on the steps, rinse them off and put them right in the tub. Works for adults as well. And when it is time to rinse the black tank. You can bring the hose thru the door right into the bathroom with out having to pull it thru the TT. So the bathroom entrance door has MANY perks. We love ours.
Terryallan 02/16/17 08:25pm Travel Trailers
RE: Roadside Cancellation--Are tou kidding me?

Buyer beware. I have been a Good Sam club member for 2 years with roadside assistance the last year. I had the unfortunate experience of breaking down more than once in the last year. While Good Sam's response and service was good each time, I was just advised that my service has been cancelled for usage outside their "normal guidelines". There is no mention of these "guidelines" in their literature. These were not even complex or costly events. Just routine towing (of a vehicle not an RV) and lock service. Even after requesting reconsideration I was cancelled. This is certainly not the service I would expect from a world class organization. Disappointed and frustrated and looking for a new provider. Why do you think it is world class??????? World class usually means good.
Terryallan 02/16/17 05:14pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Got it narrowed down to a few, opinions please.......

First new or first ever RV? If this a first ever,,please do yourself a favor. Before plunking down thousands on a new consider how much your going to loose in two/three years when you realize the RV lifestyle is not for you. Or heaven forbid you realize this one simply does not work for you and you want to trade to something different. Go buy a used RV as a first and let someone else absorb the huge depreciation. Disagree. Buy new. that way it's all yours. I had used pups for 20 years. Thought it was great. Then I bought new. No better feeling in the world. The last pup, and the last 2 TT were new. I will NEVER buy a used RV again. After all WHY. the price of a new used one is not that much different, and with a new one, you get a warranty, and no scratches, or tears, or odd smells. Everything in it is clean. New tires, new brakes, new bed, new stove, new shower, new sink. It's just great. To the OP. get the one that pleases you. YOU are the ONLY one you have to satisfy Nothing like new.
Terryallan 02/16/17 02:06pm Travel Trailers
RE: What brake controller

Yes and it was adjusted properly. You had to change the setting while going thru a Campground or it would put you thru the front windshield. Scary part if U did not return to the heavier setting you basically had NO brakes on the highway. That certainly was not my experience with it. Me thinks you exaggerate a bit, or something was not right with either the controller or your trailer brakes. Barney Sounds more like a Voyager. My Prodigy was smooth as glass. In town, in the CG, or on the highway. Set, and forget. BTW. the factory controller in my F150 is the same way. Set, and forget.
Terryallan 02/16/17 11:25am Towing
RE: What brake controller

Agree with most. Get a Prodigy. NEVER use a time delay. They activate the trailer brakes a few seconds AFTER the accident.
Terryallan 02/15/17 09:25pm Towing
RE: Trailers without shower surrounds?

Didn't we just do this?
Terryallan 02/15/17 02:53pm Travel Trailers
RE: Driving with your hazard flashers on

Function of the Brake lights appear to be fine. Every time he put the brakes on the hazards stop and are bright. Every day for the last 3 weeks I have encountered the same Chevy truck driving down the interstate with his flashers on. It is a 20 mile stretch that he does this. Is he telling everyone to get out of his way I am in a hurry or is he warning everyone that he may break down at any moment and cause a traffic jam ? Either way it is anoying as hell because he changes lanes all the time yet isn't going super fast. It is just possible that his brake lights have in some way malfunctioned, and is using the 4 ways for brake lights. With the 4 ways on. They stop flashing and just glow when you hit the brakes, and would alert others that he is stopping. Not an excuse. Just a thought. Yep. That is exactly what happens when the brake lights are faulty. They work just as you described. I have seem many people use the 4 ways for brake lights. Again. Just a thought from experience.
Terryallan 02/15/17 02:52pm Tow Vehicles
RE: When do you know....?

Thing is. todays vehicles are not designed for shade tree mechanics. You have to have so many specialized tools, gages, and things to do just about anything to them. It is not like when we could just change plugs, and points, Put on a new distributer cap, install a new rotor, and pads, and go on down the road. Now you can't even find the plugs, and I haven't see a distributer cap in years. Seems to take days just to get the junk off the top of the engine to find the intake. So no. I don't work on them any more.
Terryallan 02/15/17 10:48am General RVing Issues
RE: Driving with your hazard flashers on

Every day for the last 3 weeks I have encountered the same Chevy truck driving down the interstate with his flashers on. It is a 20 mile stretch that he does this. Is he telling everyone to get out of his way I am in a hurry or is he warning everyone that he may break down at any moment and cause a traffic jam ? Either way it is anoying as hell because he changes lanes all the time yet isn't going super fast. It is just possible that his brake lights have in some way malfunctioned, and is using the 4 ways for brake lights. With the 4 ways on. They stop flashing and just glow when you hit the brakes, and would alert others that he is stopping. Not an excuse. Just a thought.
Terryallan 02/15/17 10:17am Tow Vehicles
RE: Moss removal

I'd replace the shingles.
Terryallan 02/15/17 10:09am General RVing Issues
RE: What type brush to wash fiberglass camper?

We only wax our unit twice a year. Ten year young and looks GREAT! Great. I did it that way too. Till I learned. and you can keep on doing it that way. Up to you. But waxing will easier if you don't use dish soap. My vehicles never stop beading water between waxes now. Before. They did. Waxing on wax is much easier,
Terryallan 02/14/17 09:25am Travel Trailers
RE: Idea: keeping fridge doors propped open during storage

We keep a broom in our MH. At our previous storage lot we had a similar issue. The slant was barely noticeable, but the fridge doors and cabinet does did notice it. When we first unpack, we would put the fridge near the door hinges and that would keep the doors open. The force of the slant put enough pressure on the broom stick to keep it in place. You really only need to worry about it until it dries out. Once it is dry, mold/mildew can't form. -Michael Agree. After it dries, you can just shut the door. I do.
Terryallan 02/13/17 08:08pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: What size truck will I need to tow a 28,000 pound trailer?

honestly. IMOP. you should be looking at OTR tractors. In truth you can find Freightliners, Kenworths, or Volvos in really great condition in the price range you are looking in. In truth the 5er you are looking at is only 15k or so away from what a road tractor hauls anyway. You can also get one that has a wheelbase comparable to a F350. A win win for you
Terryallan 02/13/17 08:06pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: What type brush to wash fiberglass camper?

We use the telescopic brush as well but we use Ivory dish soap. We had one of those professional RV wash companies tell us that Ivory was a softer soap and would not damage the graphics. All my life I used dish washing soap to wash my vehicles, and campers. UNTILL lately, when I found out. Dish washing soap takes the wax off. At first I thought it was only Dawn. But no, It is all of them. so now I use only soap formulated for vehicles. What I have now is Rain x. Only because it was on sale. But there are lots of other "car" wash soaps. And to be honest. I don't have to wax as often, Nor is it as hard when I do. Just a thought. As for the brush. I also use a soft tele brush.
Terryallan 02/13/17 04:33pm Travel Trailers
RE: Question about axle Ratios

Axle ratio is A LOT less important than it used to be with todays wide ratio 6 8 or 10 speed transmissions. Crawl ratio with a modern 6 speed and a 3.21 is better than the old 4spds with a 4.56. The gears are closer spaced making it easier to keep in the power band. Given a choice, the 3.92 is better and will be more enjoyable, but a 3.21 is not a deal killer like it used to be. Payload is the biggest issues with half tons, especially Ram. A few years ago Ram changed their general design philosophy to aim more squarely at the demographics. The vast majority of 1500 buyers want a nice car with a big trunk to carry awkward items and maybe to tow the jet skies or the bass boat to the lake. Most people looking to tow a RV were looking at 2500. So they softened the ride and added amenities to the 1500 to aim for the biggest audience. The result is if looking at a Ram and planning to tow anything bigger than a speed boat, you should be looking at a 2500. That is what Ram intends, but unfortunately most salesmen don't know or understand this and just want you to sign on the line. Hmm. So much what you said is wrong. But I'm just going to do the gears thing. According to the manufacturers. Lower gears tow more weight. Its just a fact. IF you will look at ANY of the ratings, You will see that a F150 with a 5.0, and 3.08 gears, is rated to tow far LESS than the same truck with a 5.0 and 3.73 gears. there are literally thousands of pounds different. So. According to the people that develop, design, test, build, and rate the capacities. Lower gears still mean as much as ever. And yes. I'm going with them. As for towing a speed boat or TT. My Tt does either equally well. I don't need a 2500 to tow a TT in the less than 7500lb range. Respectfully, nothing I said is wrong. If you do a spreadsheet of final drive numbers based on current 6 and 8 speed transmission ratios paired with numerically lower differentials vs older 4 speed transmissions and numerically higher differential ratios, you will find the newer combos have a more favorable 1st gear crawl ratio as well as more options for keeping the engine in the power band even with the numerically lower differential. So indeed the differential gear ratio is less important than it used to be. You used to have to choose between towing and economy because of the 4 speed's limitations. Now you get both in one. In fact some vehicles now do not have an differential gear option. One of my engineering courses was all about gears. The numerically lower differential will have a little bit higher gear tooth face force and thus a little bit higher friction (we are talking about a few percent here). If the axle ratio is the ONLY difference between two trucks, and Ford wants to use this slight difference to justify a substantially lower tow rating, that is up to them. Mathematically, there is no reason to, marketing wise, whatever. As far as towing a speedboat vs TT and payload, I was speaking SPECIFICALLY to Ram and stated so. If you look at the payload numbers for current generation Ram 1500 trucks, they bear this out. If you are looking at towing any substantial travel trailer with a RAM, you should be looking at their 2500. :) Again. I'll got with the engineers that set the capacities. Otherwise. What would be the reasoning in making different gear ratios. And as a gear maker. I can tell you. there are a lot of different gear ratios. All designed to make a certain engine, and transmission work better together. I make gears from the high 2s, to the low 4s. And all in between.
Terryallan 02/13/17 04:19pm Travel Trailers
RE: Towing a 6000 lbs TT with F150

Exactly what do you mean by "the truck currently doesn't have a hitch"? A hitch consists of a "receiver" and a "drawbar". The hitch head is mounted to the drawbar. I have never ever seen a F150 that didn't come with a receiver. Not standard equipment. And If it has no hitch. It does not have any towing equipment.
Terryallan 02/13/17 04:13pm Towing
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