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RE: Jack

I use the bottle "screw" jack that came with my F250. A piece of 2x12" under and place the cup under the spring perch. I like the idea of 2.5 ton scissor jacks mounted behind rear wheels. May look into that. They are like $30.00 at Harbor Freight, and come with a flange on top ready to mount on the frame.
Terryallan 07/22/16 10:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: Tire choice

Can you get MAXXIS? Best choice. At any rate. I would stay away from GY Why should I have a concern with a Goodyear G rated tire? The 614 is an LT tire. Mark Nope just ant Goodyear. Way over rated, over priced and just bad. There were all I use to buy, until I figured it out, they don't last.
Terryallan 07/22/16 06:35pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tire choice

Can you get MAXXIS? Best choice. At any rate. I would stay away from GY
Terryallan 07/22/16 03:21pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Jack

I use the truck jack, and just to make it better. The lug wrench fits the TT lugs. However I am thinking of mounting 2.5 ton scissiors jacks just behind the rear wheels on both sides. Than all I would need to do would be to place my leveling wood blocks under them and run them down
Terryallan 07/22/16 03:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: Integral brake setup

I had a integral brake install on my f150, I hook up my trailer this week to set my brake I hit the plus button several time think that would increase the brake, but I did not noticed any change. anyone with a integral brake would you please advise me on how to use it. Did you pull the manual lever at 25 MPH to test it each time? start at 6. Mine does a great job. I have it set at 7. And even at 7. Once the TT brakes warm up. It is almost too much Also there are 2 relays in the dash you have to install into the breaker box under the hood. they allow the truck to charge the trailer battery
Terryallan 07/22/16 07:56am Travel Trailers
RE: Campground off I-40 anywhere within 100 miles of Nashville

Looking for a economical campground to stay 1 night within 100 miles of Nashville TN in close proximity to I-40 this Saturday night. Just to stop and sleep the night so amenities don't matter as long as they have electrical hookups. Any ideas? Google Earth would be your friends. Google Highlands, and just follow the highway from the air to the point she thinks she saw it. You should see it as well just off the road
Terryallan 07/20/16 07:55am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: I26 to I40 to Maggie Valley

We are planning a trip up to Maggie Valley this fall ( September). We will be towing our Gearbox with the Spyder. I have done a good bit of flat land towing but no mountain towing. How is the route from Asheville west to 19/Maggie Valley? Any steep grades to be concerned with? I am a gas rig so no exhaust brake. 2500HD 6.0. I'm not over weight but I am towing heavy. Any information would be deeply appreciated. It's gas? You don't need a exhaust brake. Exhaust brakes are for diesels to make them do what a gas engine ALREADY does. All you need to do is drop to a lower gear coming down you have all the engine braking you need. You just use the lowest gear you need to hold the speed you want. It will bleed up a little. Use the brakes lightly to bring it back down. IF you have towhaul. It will do most of it for you. Remember to start down the hill at the speed, you want to hold, and the gear that will hold it. Don't start down fast, and try to slow it down. If needed, gear down as you go down. I have come down 8% grades using 1st gear, and barely used the brakes. As for interstate grades. Depending on how many gears you have. 2nd if it is a 4 speed, or third if 6 speed, should hold you fine. In any case NEVER, NEVER, EVER ride the brakes on the way down. Use the gears. Use the brakes only to slow for curves, and for the little bleed up it will do.
Terryallan 07/20/16 07:50am Roads and Routes
RE: trailor sway

And Tires. Does it still have the original tires. If so. That would be part of the problem. Very soft, and squishy.
Terryallan 07/20/16 07:36am Travel Trailers
RE: mini blinds issue

I took down my mini blinds, and installed plain house hold shades. Works GREAT, and not expensive at all. Easy peazy.
Terryallan 07/18/16 07:27pm Travel Trailers
RE: Door Buster Sale UPDATE

It's called "Bait and Switch" CW isn't the only one to do it.
Terryallan 07/18/16 07:24pm Camping World Accessories
RE: air ride seats

What about Bostrom Westcoaster Rocking Chair Shock absorbing seats? No air needed, and they have a pretty long stroke to smooth the ride. Plus as I remember. The shocks were adjustable
Terryallan 07/17/16 08:22pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Long day towing

It seems like all is well with the OP. In another post he just bought 4 new tires. Nope 5. The spare I bought in desperation on the way home is already too old to keep. Even though has never before been mounted. I found cracks on one side wall as I was getting ready to store it on the spare tire carrier. It is also 7 years old. So it is gone. I called my tire guy yesterday, and told him to get me one more. It has to have new tires if I sell it or keep it. I wouldn't sell any one any thing with tires that old on it. And if it don't sell. We are going to take it to the mountains in Aug.
Terryallan 07/17/16 06:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: Should have done it sooner

Ordered 4 new MAXXIS for the TT today. Will be here next Thursday. $383.00 including mounting, and balancing. I'm just gong to take the tires to the tire store instead of taking the TT up there. Take 2, get them done, come back , and get the other 2. They really don't have a level place to jack up the TT. Plus it will just be easier to leave the TT here. That's about what it costs for ONE (1) Goodyear G614s. Sure am glad Sailun now has a competitive tire in "G" Too much for any Goodyear. But then IMOP $1.00 is too much for any Goodyear
Terryallan 07/15/16 06:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: Should have done it sooner

You did get a good price. I just did the same tire this week and my 4 balanced and mounted ran 447. Congratulations on your deal. I will say, my tire dealer did pack my bearings while there and checked brake pads. that would be the difference. My guy will just mount and balance.
Terryallan 07/15/16 03:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: Why does Camping World corporate not improve service?

Why should they? After all. Every one reads how bad they are, and they STILL go buy from them. No need to improve. they get your money anyway.
Terryallan 07/15/16 02:36pm Camping World Service and Installation
RE: Should have done it sooner

Ordered 4 new MAXXIS for the TT today. Will be here next Thursday. $383.00 including mounting, and balancing. Good price. What size and load range? 205/75/R14 size that came on it. 1760lb each
Terryallan 07/15/16 01:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: Should have done it sooner

That's how I do it also. Don't really like them jacking up my trailer. They either don't care or don't know how to do it correctly. Great price on tires! Where did you order from? don't know what warehouse he ordered from. His main warehouse was out, and the backup is as well. that is what is taking so long. have to wait on them to come in to the area warehouse. I ordered them thru my usual tire guy. "Quality discount Tire" in Maiden NC. Usually it is next day, and would have been Wednesday. They ran out since then, and have to get more. Told him I wanted NEW tires. Won't be a problem since they keep running out. He always give me the best tire price, on all my tires. Smiles when he sees me coming
Terryallan 07/15/16 10:57am General RVing Issues
Should have done it sooner

Ordered 4 new MAXXIS for the TT today. Will be here next Thursday. $383.00 including mounting, and balancing. I'm just gong to take the tires to the tire store instead of taking the TT up there. Take 2, get them done, come back , and get the other 2. They really don't have a level place to jack up the TT. Plus it will just be easier to leave the TT here.
Terryallan 07/15/16 10:29am General RVing Issues
RE: Long day towing

Terry, which section of I-77? Right at Dave Lyle BLV, We got on off of highway 5 from Lancaster. Got stopped before this one disintegrated. This time my son inlaw brought me a new spare from Tractor supply. It is bias ply. But it got us home, and that is all I care about. Seriously thinking about selling the TT. I have got to the age, and health that it is really hard for me to do the things necessary to camp. Shay ask me at the beach after watching me almost crawl to the truck, How much longer did I think I could do this. After the trip home. I'm thinkin. I'm just about done. Comes a time when you have to accept you can't do the things you once could. It has been fun, and I really love it. But I been camping for more than 35 years, and it is just hard now.Have you thought about a seasonal spot? A lot less stressful to just show up not having to tow, set up, pack up and tow home. I understand it's not for everyone but beats giving up camping. Yeah. We thought about putting it at Raccoone Holler. Not sure that is the answere You could also do the beach....leave it stored down there and let them pull it out and put on the spot and put back...Pretty nice to get down there and all you gotta do is hook it up to the hookups and open it up. We've done it at Lakewood and Ocean Lakes. Maybe Pirateland has the same thing? Only cost us like $50/month or so to keep it stored down there (same price we were paying to store our old TT locally). It was nice leaving here at 5pm on a friday in the little car and getting down ther around 9pm and enjoying it for the weekend. Made it not such a bad trip. It's a thought. but we like mountain camping more than we do beach camping, because it is much, much cooler in the mountains, and we have more time to go as it is not so far away. We have decided to do the house, or condo thing at the beach, and divide it between 3, or four families. That way, the cost for the week is pretty much the same, and we wouldn't have to go to Myrtle. the Tt is still for sale, and if it sells, we will be done, If not. We will still mountain camp. I believe that is the decision we have made.
Terryallan 07/15/16 08:03am General RVing Issues
RE: Long day towing

It not really that towing is too much. Nor is hooking up. Shoot, that is the easy part. It's all the stuff that goes with it while you are there. The thing is. I can't bend over, and stay bent for more than a few seconds. When I do. I can't straighten up, and I'm not sure it's worth the pain anymore. I'm thinking about just keeping it, and doing shorter trips where I don't have to do as much. Lots of setup, and tear down at the beach along with emptying tanks every day. There were 9 of us in the TT, and tanks fill fast with 9 people in it, especially when 3 are little girls that think the most fun thing in the world is to stand and let water run into the black tank. And I won't stop them, because I told them to use plenty of it. Even the flat tires don't worry me so much, except the not knowing one is flat part. That bothers me a lot. Not good to run on 3 tires for long. Kind of dangerous. Any way. Lots to think about. 4 tires to buy before we go anywhere else, and if the TT don't sell pretty quick. We'll go again. We don't have to sell, and I'm not going to give it away. We'll see. There were 9 of you and nobody helped to empty the tanks or did any of the other work ? Maybe you need to have a talk with these people and their parents. There were 9 of you and nobody followed you home and offered to help ? I am not to your age yet but, I'm not getting any younger and I make the kids do some of the work to help out. They need to be supervised but, they can do it if you watch them. Maybe you are just being too nice of a person and nobody knows your struggles ? They did in fact help cook. But do not know how to do the tanks, and I just did it while they were out. As for following us home. Nope. We went down first, they all came later, and we stayed longer than they did. So no they were not there to help break camp. My son in law did bring us a tire when the last one blew about an hour from home.
Terryallan 07/14/16 08:41pm General RVing Issues
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