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RE: Under bed storage

the struts are not expensive. You will prolly need to brace the bed box. Most RV dealers have them
Terryallan 02/19/18 07:59am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Tasty Wiring

Shoot. the dogs i got to protect my Tt did more damage than any rodent. Those dogs cost me over 200 bucks to have the brakes, and the tanks rewired. Then i had to build a fence around the TT to protect it from them.
Terryallan 02/18/18 06:23pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Do I 'need' a WB 160"-175" for a 30'TT?

i tow my 31' Tt with a 145" WB 150. I have no sway at all. Notice. No manufacturer has a length limit on towing based on TV WB.
Terryallan 02/18/18 06:20pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Nitrogen in Trailer Tires

Back in the day I raced stock cars and we used nitrogen in our tires thinking it would help slow down the expansion of the tires as they build heat.Nitrogen obeys the same gas laws as other atmospheric gases. There is absolutely NO difference in heat expansion. What does make a difference is moisture, which you also get from air. Industrial grade N2 might have 5 ppm of moisture (~0.03% relative humidity @ 70F). Even dry desert air might have hundreds of times that. For today's Daytona race, right now it's 73F and 72% RH. That's ~12000 ppm moisture. Compressed N2 can simply be a more convenient source of dry gas than a compressor and good dessicant dehydrator. Nitrogen is just the cheapest compressed dry gas available. exactly!!! If you used dry air, the effect would be almost identical to nitrogen. but as you mention dry nitrogen is cheapest and easiest way to get a dry gas source. Race teams use it because (a) it is dry and (b) it is consistent. One small advantage is that the nitrogen molecule is slightly larger than Oxygen, even though the molecular weight is less. That means pressure loss over time will be SLIGHTLY less. not enough to justify it's use alone. Pass air through the right membrane and all the oxygen and water will go through and all your left with is nitrogen. also a nice way to make an oxygen concentrator. Race teams may use it. But they still start out with very low PSI, and wait for it to heat up, and gain PSI to desired setting
Terryallan 02/18/18 12:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: 2017 New truck says 5th wheel it not connect? Update 2-14-18

Dielectric grease will only make a connection worse, not better. Fix the bad connection and then, if you must, slather that stuff on it. But nothing conducts better than a clean, dry connection. Yep. May want to try contact cleaner instead. Cut the juice first.
Terryallan 02/11/18 09:05pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Blue Ridge Pkwy closure

I must admit that I have not looked this up, but I will put this caution out there right now for those that are planning BRP in the spring. If you know you must divert off the BRP, plan carefully. Our situation: In the spring of 2010 we were going north (east?) on the BRP in April. We did not get the word that the Parkway was closed from Pisgah east to the next crossing and we had planned to over night at Pisgah, but the campground that was supposed to be open was not as the crew had been out on the road trying to get it open. So, we diverted north.... The alternative was to back-track about 30 miles. The road to the north took us off the side of the mountain. We dropped 1500 feet in less than 2 miles of map and somewhat less than 4 miles of road. This was one winding steep road. Fortunately, we only encountered one vehicle that was up-bound and that was on a nearly straight section. So, if you are going to travel the Blue Ridge Parkway and you know that there might be closures, have your plans ready. I still think I could have checked out our taillights on some of those turns. Matt Sounds like you found HWY 80. no recommended for towing. However. you are exactly right. Knowing which road to use off the BRP is critical, Especially if you are not use to twisty mountain roads. Riding the BRP is a cake walk compared to the road you have to use to get on it. I would always suggest avoiding 226, and especially 80. 226 has a 15 mph speed limit at the top, and 80 is bad all the way down. We use 16, 321, 221 and 181 if we have to. They are twisty, but not so bad as the other 2
Terryallan 02/10/18 09:58am Roads and Routes
RE: Un winterzing...

I just hook up the city water, and let it run. IF you use your fresh tank(I don't). the flushing, and sanitizing is a good plan.
Terryallan 02/09/18 05:47am Tech Issues
RE: 1st time buyer (TT)

I would suggest you pick the TT YOU like, and that your TV will tow. YOU are the only one you have to please. It really doesn't matter what we think. Having said that. I would take care about buying a Tt that sits low to the ground. They drag easy. I would also pay close attention the where the sewer connection is. Seems many builders have taken to putting them UNDER the slide, and you can't reach them when they are under the slide. so IF you need to dump during your stay. You will either need to crawl under the slide, or bring it in. Either is a deal breaker for me. As for most other stuff. Find a floor plan you like, and make the deal
Terryallan 02/08/18 07:21pm Travel Trailers
RE: Trailers where slides do NOT block access?

the slide blocking use is a deal breaker for us. Some of the places we go to have lots of trees, and you can't always get the slide out. So being able to use the Tt with the slide in, in a must. Our Apex is fully usable with the slide in. But it does have bunks. Surveyer also has some that are usable with the slide in.
Terryallan 02/03/18 08:00pm Travel Trailers
RE: Proper Hitch Height

My TT 2016 Rockwood Ultra V 2715, wt: 7855, L: 32' TV: 2014 GMC Yukon Denali w/ 6.2L I have looked into the ride control, and have not found anyway to adjust the height when towing. Any ideas on where to check would be appreciated. I just changed my tires to LT's, although I did air up the previous tire when towing. I wanted to make sure that the roll was not an issue. A few more things that I have tried is adding more weight to front of the trailer (Filled Fresh water tank, Kept liquids in Black and Grey tanks, and 3 - 5gal bottles of water). The extra weight seemed to help with the sway issues. Thus the issue with How to adjust the weight of trailer without having to carry all the extra water weight? The only way to put more weight on the tongue is to lower the hitch, right or I am mistaken. Also, I checked the trailer tires and I keep 45-50# of Nitrogen pressure on them. You don't need to adjust the ride height of the TV. There should be a section in your owner's manual telling you how to adjust the WDH on a air ride vehicle. Mine read as followed. Drive to a level place. Unhook the TT. with the engine running, let the Vehicle level. Turn OFf the air ride. It should hold it's position. then you can adjust the WDH to fit the vehicle. First measure the front bumper to the ground, Then the rear bumper to the ground. Drop the Tt back onto the ball. Before installing the spring bar measure the front again. Then adjust the WDH until you have lowered the front bumper back down to reclaim at least 1/2 of the distance it rose. Then measure the rear to be sure it is NO HIGHER than it was unhooked. Then you can turn the air ride back on, and be good to go. No need to do it again. No just lowering the front will not add tongue weight. however it appears that you have a front bedroom, and bath. load the under bed storage with all your outdoor furniture. Load your outside front storage heavy as well. And be sure you have nothing hanging off the rear of the TT. In other words. Move every thing you can from the rear of the Tt to the front Hope this helps. Scales might help as well. that is a big trailer for a SUV unless it is a 2500.
Terryallan 02/03/18 07:38pm Towing
RE: Towing mirrors for 2009 Ram 1500 Quad Cab

Google mirrors on E Trailer
Terryallan 02/03/18 03:28pm Toy Haulers
RE: Proper Hitch Height

First. Do you have enough tongue weight? IF the TT is lifting the vehicle. I'm betting you don't Have another question. When you setup your hitch. did you follow the GMC directions on how to setup a air ride vehicle? If not. there is a chance that when you start the vehicle it is rising up, and changing the weight that the WDH transfers. I had to let my TV level itself, and while level. Turn my air ride off so that it won't lower to adjust my air ride vehicle. there is a button some where. You want the TV sitting pretty level BEFORE the air ride levels it. Next. Your TV tires. Do you air them to max when towing, and are the P tires, or LT. And then, as you didn't say what TT you have. Is there a chance that you have more Tt than the TV can handle? Sometimes it takes a lot of work to get it right
Terryallan 02/03/18 06:26am Towing
RE: Jacking and tire replacement

Make sure of the weight cap on the jack stands. then raise both side and use the jack stands to hold it up. When i do it. I also lower the stabilizers just in case.
Terryallan 02/02/18 08:17am Fifth-Wheels
RE: RV's not welcome in Denton Texas

There are thousands of towns with these same RV laws. No overnight street parking for RVs is quite common throughout the USA. I often wonder why I live in a small backwater podunk borough/township of about 400 people, where I can burn a tire, rebuild a car in the yard, cut down a tree, park my RV on the street, or paint my house fluorescent chartreuse if I want to. Oh the humanity. I too live in a small town. We often build fires in the backyard. My TT is under a cover in the backyard. My son has often worked on his car in the driveway, I have changed my oil in the drive way. there are time I do park in the road in front of my house. But NEVER at night. Drunks have been known to run over parked cars, and folks, Drunks are every where. I would NEVER live in a HOA neighborhood. My house, my rules
Terryallan 02/02/18 08:11am General RVing Issues
RE: Early 2018 show pricing?

Went to the Charlotte show last week. Yes they had some really good deals when compared to the on the lot price. Now it is to early to tell if the show RVs will still be priced as well after the shows are over.
Terryallan 02/01/18 08:15pm Rallies, Shows and Gatherings
RE: RV's not welcome in Denton Texas

Yeah. I believe I would check first before parking on the side of a city street.
Terryallan 02/01/18 08:11pm General RVing Issues
RE: Wondering if I could safely tow this travel trailer?

No matter how much power and torque, and how many gears in trans, 1/2 ton will most likely run out of rear axle weight capacity between tongue weight, passengers, and cargo. And then there’s the issue of rear axle durability. Would u rather have a 1500 axle running at around 100 percent capacity, or a nice beefy Full Floating rear axle in a 2500? Durability is important. Do remember. MOST of the socalled 1/2 ton trucks of today have 3/4 ton of payload. Wasn't true 25 / 30 years ago. But now is. My 150 is closer to a ton of payload than it is to a 1/2 ton of payload.
Terryallan 02/01/18 08:44am Towing
RE: Wondering if I could safely tow this travel trailer?

I had a 1500 4x4 chev and a 24 ft TT and the truck had 3.73 gears. it bucked all the time and the 350 engine just didn't like pulling that TT. I got a 2500HD chev truck and it was like night and day difference. I will never go back to a 1/2 ton truck for towing In my opinion you are comparing apples to oranges. The last time Chevrolet had a 350 in them was 1997 or 1998. Half ton trucks today have become far better than they were over 20 years ago. Very true. todays 1500, and 150 series trucks are much more capable than a socalled 3/4 ton of 20 years ago. Could be why so many are quick to put down a socalled 1/2 ton. they haven't been in one in more than 20 years.
Terryallan 01/31/18 08:23am Towing
RE: Wondering if I could safely tow this travel trailer?

Camper 214. By virtue of the fact that 2 pages in, no one has said “you need a 1 ton”, you can be assured it’s a safe combo as approved by the rvnet weight police board of directors! . Yeah. your going to need a F950 turbo diesel with a 13 speed double over Fuller Road Ranger trans for that trailer. Prolly need twin screws as well. :B
Terryallan 01/28/18 05:11pm Towing
RE: Where to weigh your Travel trailer

We don't have very much where I live except we do have Trucker stops with scales not far away that I can probably get a close estimate of the weight from. The RV repair place we go to said that we were close to our truck towing weight so I am a little nervous to travel now. Even though we only have towels, pots and pans in it. We have a 2007 Ford F250 diesel truck. You can get the exact weight. 2 ways to do it. 1. weigh the truck alone. Then hook up, and weigh the truck, and trailer together. (this will be the GCVW) Then just subtract the weight of the truck from the total weight. That will give you the trailer weight, but not the tongue weight. To get the tongue weight. simple pull the truck forward until the back wheels are off the scale. Weigh it. And subtract that from the trailer weight. that is the tongue weight. OR you can unhook and drop the trailer on the scale, and pull the truck off. That will give you the total trailer weight. however to get the tongue weight, you will still need to hook up, and pull the truck wheels off the scale, as above. ain't that hard.
Terryallan 01/28/18 05:01pm Travel Trailers
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