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RE: Maximum payload question

Actually max payload is all the truck is rated to carry, and all the BRAKES are designed to STOP. No matter where the weight is. The brakes are only designed to stop the GVWR of the truck. BTW. at max GVWR. The brakes are not designed to stop ANY of the trailer. Fairly certain that the axle rating takes into account the suspension, wheels, tires AND braking ability for the axle. Furthermore, trucks are designed to be able to handle a certain amount of trailer load without brakes. On my Ram its either 3500 or 5000 lbs of trailer are allowed without requiring brakes (I'll have to check my manual, too lazy to go outside now though). Again... my Ram's braking system doesn't know if that weight is in the bed or on a trailer. It will just stop the load. I believe that you will find. the brakes are in fact rated to stop the GVWR of the vehicle. meaning the brakes will stop the truck, and trailer well if they add up to the GVWR of the truck. Every thing over the GVWR is stopped by trailer brakes. A fellow that designed brakes. Finally convinced me of that, after I argued with him for several months. Because I towed pups with no brakes. and did fine. He proved to me that the truck had enough payload to cover most all of the weight of the pup. But when fully loaded to GVWR. It was only to stop the truck. Just like tow capacity. every pound you put in the truck reduced the tow capacity. I suspect the same is true of the no trailer braking you mention. could be 5k when towing with a empty truck, but is reduced as you load the truck. but then I've been wrong before.
Terryallan 06/25/17 08:28pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Maximum payload question

Max GVWR for 6.2 is 11,300. Max GVWR for 6.7 is 11,500. The extra weight of the diesel is the reason for the payload discrepancy. Yep but payload is pretty meaningless since extra weight of the diesel is almost all on the front axle, while your cargo or pin weight will almost all be on the rear axle. Axle and tire ratings are the figures to know. Actually max payload is all the truck is rated to carry, and all the BRAKES are designed to STOP. No matter where the weight is. The brakes are only designed to stop the GVWR of the truck. BTW. at max GVWR. The brakes are not designed to stop ANY of the trailer.
Terryallan 06/25/17 06:15pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Cleaning and waxing exterior - what to use?

I would, and do use MeQuires CLEANER wax. it works GREAT, Takes out minor imperfections, and restores the finish. I use it on my car, and truck, and my fiberglass camper. Can't go wrong. However. IF you haven't cleaned / waxed the TT in 14 years. You may have to do it a couple times to bring it back.
Terryallan 06/25/17 06:10pm Travel Trailers
RE: Crazy driving

68 MPH????? check your tires. There is really good chance you are out running your tires. Maybe by only 3 MPH, but still hurting them. so you may want to slow down, and let the crazies go.
Terryallan 06/25/17 06:07pm General RVing Issues
RE: Can't find leak

You can take it to a dealership, and have it pressurized. They will be able to pinpoint the leak. Then you can figure out what to do.
Terryallan 06/24/17 02:08pm Travel Trailers
RE: so TT is back to pre dog condition

Would have been easier to just exercise and train your dogs. Not only would they be happier but you would have saved all that time. Your welcome to give it a shot. Hard to watch them every minute. And they love liquid fence. Lapped it up. BTW. they get plenty of exercise. They live outside where they can run, and play to their hearts content. I wouldn't have it any other way. they were just puppies. Puppies chew. It's what they do. Lucy has calmed down a lot since Stella left. Stella was the ring leader. Taught her to play ball. Lucy don't care about it. she just wants to be loved on. So she is. On the plus side. the Chipmonks, and Squrrels are gone. Which is why I got them in the first place
Terryallan 06/23/17 11:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: so TT is back to pre dog condition

Maybe if you feed your dogs more they won't eat your trailer. :B they ate the TT, the swing, the door under the house, the wood pile. and the grill. Only have one now. She has calmed down since her sister left. Now she just carries the wood pile around.
Terryallan 06/23/17 06:37pm General RVing Issues
so TT is back to pre dog condition

Repaired the E brake, Repaired the brake wires, Replaced the sewer cap, Rewired the black, and grey tanks. Built a fence around the TT. so the dogs can't get to it. Ready to go again.
Terryallan 06/23/17 05:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: False Advertising

I would imagine most posters that talk about their experience with CW on here end up feeling better after the private side of their dealings is completed by the Team. One thing that I notice is that the GS Team responds, and you do not get other dealers responding on here when they have disgruntled customers. Wonder if there is a reason for that?? Like maybe this is Camping World's site, and the other dealers aren't on here? Hmmmm. Could be. just maybe.
Terryallan 06/23/17 05:36pm Camping World Accessories
RE: Newbie a little nervous about driving a class a

Just like driving a big car. swing out more in turns, give more space. use your mirrors. You will be fine
Terryallan 06/23/17 02:06pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: False Advertising

Mike, why do you think a mom and pop will cost more? By the time all the BS fees and charges are added the pricing usually isn't any better. In actual fact. Mom, and Pop will give you a better deal, and better service than Camping world. Why? Because they want your business, and are not so large, That one customer don't matter. they all matter to Mom, and Pop.
Terryallan 06/23/17 02:05pm Camping World Accessories
RE: Tire flex

More than likely "tire squirm." Different than flex. Mine took about a thousand miles to break in. Now they are fine. Agree, wear them in. they will settle down
Terryallan 06/23/17 02:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Charleston with a wheelchair?

My DH and I finally made it down to Charleston about 18 months ago, but unfortunately that was the time of the terrible flooding along the east coast. We had to head home two days after getting there. Last summer was terrible for me, 2 heart attacks so no camping was done. Luckily things are looking up and we would so much love to return to the Charleston area but due to my health will most likely need a wheelchair. I know old cities are notorious for the uneven sidewalks and small streets, etc. Has anyone done Charleston and/or Patriots Point while in a wheelchair. I can stand and walk for a bit but am on oxygen and long jaunts are just not do-able. I know there would be parts of the city that would not be accessible but hopefully we can go back and finish our trip. This has been on our bucket list for a while! Thanks for any help. I would suggest taking a carriage ride, or two. You will see a lot of the history. Each tour would take a different route thru the city, and will ride the whole way. I also suggest taking a harbor tour. The boat will take you around the whole place, Best thing. Both tours have narration by very informed guides. there is also a very nice waterfront park under the bridge with smooth paved sidewalks, and pier going out into the river. I think you would do fine on the carriage, and boat tours, and park. not sure you would want to do Fort Sumpter. Hope you have a great trip.
Terryallan 06/19/17 07:48pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Towing with Chevy Suburban 1500

?Sounds like it is doing a good job. No problems, EXCEPT as mentioned above. 99 percent of TT tires are rated to 65mph. IF you are running 70+ you are going too fast. Slow it down, and relax. No one will run over you. Excellent point and compromising a tire's reliability is not necessarily a cumulative thing ... IMO it's sort of like cracking a glass, it only takes one time to crack it and then you've done the damage immediately. In view of the potential damage from a blowout vs the total cost of new tires if it were me I would be replacing all those tires ASAP. I personally just would no longer trust them to any longer. Of course I'm also the one that if I do have a flat on a tire, I consider the other tire on that side also no good (i.e. compromised reliability wise) and I replace tires in pairs. Larry I change mine in 5s. Last summer I had 2 flats on one side of the TT in one trip. I am fully convinced that the second one went because it had to carry the full weight of that side of the TT for a few miles until we realized we had a flat. Later in the day. the other one blew. they were in their 4th year. so when I got home. I bought 5 new tires, and junked all of the old ones. No more old tire for me, and now I carry 2 spares.
Terryallan 06/16/17 08:18pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 30' Travel Trailer State/County Parks

We are moving up from our popup and want to get a Travel Trailer. We are considering a 30' trailer but i'm a little hesitant that it might be too long in state and county parks. Can anyone comment on this? We would mainly be camping in the midwest, (Minnesota, Dakotas, Wisconsin) I'm not too worried about pulling it down the road, I pull my 24 foot snowmobile trailer just fine, its just getting it in the park and positioned in its spot that worries me. Thanks for your input. so you have been popup camping. In your travels, you have prolly seen the campgrounds you want to visit. Did it look like there would be a problem with the sites you want to use? Honestly. There are a myriad of campsites that you could use in the popup that you won't be able to use with a 30' TT. We are going thru the same thing. We like to camp on the Blue Ridge Parkway. There are VERY few campsites in the CGs we like that we can get our 30' TT in. Have to pick, and choose very carefully.
Terryallan 06/16/17 04:52pm Travel Trailers
RE: Towing with Chevy Suburban 1500

?Sounds like it is doing a good job. No problems, EXCEPT as mentioned above. 99 percent of TT tires are rated to 65mph. IF you are running 70+ you are going too fast. Slow it down, and relax. No one will run over you.
Terryallan 06/16/17 10:56am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tip: "Tractor" fuel = RV diesel

I was refueling at a place that uses a touch-screen for paying at the truck pump. After I swiped my credit card, the following questions appeared: Tractor fuel: yes no I pressed "no" because I'm not agricultural or whatever. Then it said: Reefer fuel: yes no I pressed "no" and it came up and said "no fuel" and cancelled the transaction. I went inside and found out that "tractor fuel" is just regular diesel. So they tried to run my card in there and problems ensued because of their terminal, and I gave up. And at the next place, my card was declined because my credit card company had detected fraud. The moral of this story: if you're filling your motorhome and see "tractor fuel" on a screen, press "yes." however. IF it meant farm tractor fuel, and you are caught running it. It won't be cheap. Often. the pumps are side by side.
Terryallan 06/14/17 08:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: 6 days to get a tow

If I read some of you guys right the best thing to do is cancel your service and use the money to pay your own tow. Why the hell should you pay for service and then call an outside provider like you suggest. RT Clearly the service did not honor their part of the deal. So it is the owner's responsibility to get it off the road, to get it fixed, to get it to a point where it is safe. THEN deal with getting reimbursed by the crappy roadside service company. But first you take care of your property. You really think the roadside service will take care of any damage done to the RV while it was sitting beside the road. In your dreams. And why should they. It was left there unattended.
Terryallan 06/14/17 08:08pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: 6 days to get a tow

I have had that service for 9 years and I will be damed if I am going to pay out of my pocket for what I have paid over a $1000 dollars for, the responsibility was theirs to get me a tow, you keep right on thinking for yourself and I will do the same. your time, and your money. but I wouldn't let my RV sit in a gas station, beside the road for a week. I looked, but never saw where you got it home in those 6 days. Actually surprised the gas station let it sit there for a week. Again, Your money, your RV. And they would not have been responsible for any damage or theft while sitting there.
Terryallan 06/14/17 02:42pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: kids and camper doors.

3 steps - isn't far to fall if they do. Let them figure it out. I bought my TT when youngest juts turned 1. He will be 8 in 2 weeks. 1-3 years old I might be concerned with the problem stated. 6-7? Nah. My kids, and grand kids have been opening screen doors all their lives, all kind of doors. Camper doors, house doors, building doors. All of them open out. None of them have fallen because the doors open out. they have to step back to open every one of them. Lets face it. screen doors open out. Just a fact of life. Better learn how to open them now. I don't see it changing any time soon.
Terryallan 06/14/17 12:34pm Travel Trailers
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