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RE: Fiberglass restoration questions

Once you restore it. You have to protect it with wax. If not. It just goes back to where it was. So after you do in again. Put some good wax on it. You would want to wax it twice a year now that it has been restored. Pretty easy to do. At one time it was my job to restore fiberglass / gelcoat. A good paste wax after compounding, or water sanding is always the best thing to do, and if you keep it waxed. Not only will the shine stay, But it will be easier to wax every time.
Terryallan 02/06/16 08:52pm Tech Issues
RE: Mt. Pleasant KOA information

With your big ol truck. A shuttle would not be a bad idea. And once in town. You can usually catch the trolley from one end to the other when needed. Thing about your truck. Depending on when you go. Sometimes you can find a spot on the street. However. IF your truck isn't too high. You can go to the top of a parking garage and find a spot there. Barring that. Ride the shuttle. Also since you are on the Mt Pleasant side. You can go to the waterfront park under the bridge. A great place to sit and watch the ships, and water.
Terryallan 02/06/16 02:48pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Please check my TV/TT and WDh setup

we put about 900 miles on it last week, that is when the photo was taken. It pulls pretty well I think, but this is my first trailer, so I don't know what a perfect set up would pull like. We did get just a bit of porpoising on one road, but it could have just been the road. Would I lower the nose by removing or adding a washer to the hitch? IF it was a concrete road, It is normal. The joints make the truck, and trailer bounce pretty good sometimes
Terryallan 02/06/16 02:41pm Towing
RE: Firestone Tire Recalls

The recall is for Trailer tires. No RV'r should be using those on a Motorhome!!! Moisheh The recall is for FS561 heavy truck tires. NOT to be used for trailers. Firestone says they are NOT designed for trailer use
Terryallan 02/06/16 09:12am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Refrigerator Smells. Help!

The inside of the refrigerator in our TT smells foul. It was parked in our yard with food in it and we had a power failure that lasted several days. Of course we were away. We've emptied the fridge and cleaned it thoroughly. We put baking soda in it. It is working perfectly. It has been weeks and the inside still smells foul. What can we do??? DW refuses to put food in it until we get the smell out and we're set to roll in two weeks. HELP!!! Did you leave it open for a week or so to air out. If you keep it closed, and don't let it air out. No matter what you put in it. It will always smell.
Terryallan 02/06/16 08:59am General RVing Issues
RE: GMC commercial

I liked one of the questions asked in the comments. "How did four fit into the cab"?. The answer is, and I know some on here will freak out. But the fact is. The kids rode in the camper. A very common , and practical way to go on trips. AND WE LIVED THRU IT.
Terryallan 02/06/16 08:55am Truck Campers
RE: Please check my TV/TT and WDh setup

Looks like the front is only raising 1/4 inch. You should be good. If however you get any sway. Add another washer, OR pull another link to get the front down that other 1/4 inch.
Terryallan 02/05/16 08:01am Towing
RE: Aerodynamics Matter !!

Thanks for the comments... When gas prices double (which they will), we will be prioritizing a little differently, I suspect. ... Towing and high MPG don't go together. Don't fit the same sentence. If you want higher MPG then you would need to drop to a popup type of camper. But most want the TT to be ready to walk in with out raising the top first. Barring that. If you want high MPG. You would need to begin to think Motel, and a smart car. Not really an option fro most of us. Especially the smart car. With all due respect Terryallan, I guess towing and getting 27 MPG (9L/100km) shouldn't be said together then. That is what we have averaged over the last 25,000 miles (40,000 kms) with our first hard-walled prototype. It CAN and HAS been done. That said, I do appreciate your opinion. It is a good reminder that there is always a different perspective. Thank you. Ron Would like to see a picture of that TV and RV. Few if any towing vehicles that can tow heavy, get 27 MPG WITHOUT a RV. As I say. to get decent MPG. You would need to go to a low profile trailer like a Hi-Lo, or other type popup. However IF I'm wrong. show me. I would love to get 27 MPG while towing a 9' high 30' long 7000lb TT.
Terryallan 02/05/16 07:39am Travel Trailers
RE: Aerodynamics Matter !!

Thanks for the comments... When gas prices double (which they will), we will be prioritizing a little differently, I suspect. Just last summer, gas prices were double what they are now. The priorities were the same. Folks that want to camp / RV. Know they will have to pay the price. Towing and high MPG don't go together. Don't fit the same sentence. If you want higher MPG then you would need to drop to a popup type of camper. But most want the TT to be ready to walk in with out raising the top first. Barring that. If you want high MPG. You would need to begin to think Motel, and a smart car. Not really an option fro most of us. Especially the smart car.
Terryallan 02/04/16 08:59am Travel Trailers
RE: Charlotte, NC in July

"IF" you like State Park Camping. You can stay at Kings Mountain State Park, just down I-85 from Charlotte. They have electric and water on site, no sewer. Nice bath houses, and a dump station. Also there is Statesville KOA just up I-77. AND if you want to stay closer in. You can try www.visitnc.com/listing/tom-johnson-camping-center-racing-resort. Tom Johnsoncamping center. Now owned by Camping World. But it is closer to Charlotte, and besides the Charlotte Motor Speedway. There is lots of shopping, restaurants, and other activities to chose from.
Terryallan 02/04/16 08:47am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Wax?

I use Mequires "Cleaner" wax. It not only shines and protects. But it removes any oxidation, and slight scratches, Plus removes any black streaks that may be on the side. It is decal safe, and if you do it once or twice a year. It is easy. My last TT was 10 years old when we sold it. the finish looked like new, and it sat out in the sun 12 months of the year. This one is 4 years old, and the paint is like new. so judge for yourself. You can use a spray on that removes no flaws, or you can remove the flaws, and protect in one step.
Terryallan 02/04/16 08:24am Beginning RVing
RE: No brakes

When ever I try to do that. I always get a "bad formatting" message, and then it won't let me post. Sorry. I'm just not that computer smart.
Terryallan 02/03/16 03:43pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: No brakes

He Must have been thinking of Bowling Green Ohio. Yes. My bad. But I would still have had the brakes fixed. first
Terryallan 02/03/16 09:28am Fifth-Wheels
RE: No brakes

Over all, I think his arrival at the KOA is a loud testament to his skill to evaluate a dangerous situation, think it through, complete a plan, execute that plan, and everything and everyone arrived safe. I disagree. Trailer brakes were never designed to stop the trailer and tow vehicle, they're designed to ease the load on the tv. The fact that he drove any distance with only operating trailer brakes proves he had absolutely no regard for his own life, his family's, nor everyone else on the road around him. I'd venture to say you'd change your mind if this fool had rear ended you, possibly injuring you or your family, and you found out he knowingly was towing a trailer and had no vehicle brakes. In order to maintain peace in the family, we can respectively disagree with each other. I've had trailer brake failure on my previous trailer (3 times). Each time I was able to limp home with no trailer brakes, so I understand why someone would do something like this. Circumstances did not permit me stopping anywhere. Returning to a safe destination made better sense. (However, I was not on a busy interstate, I ended up taking back country roads all the way home with zero traffic. But I most certainly understand why the driver made the choices he did. Hopefully, you will never experience brake failure on either vehicle. However, if you do, it would be interesting if you'd report how you handle it. Once you're actually in the position, you see things differently. Personally. If it were me. I would stop at the first place I could. I KNOW I would not run an interstate for 450 miles Bowling Green To Nashville) with no brakes. I'm pretty sure in those 450 miles there was a place to get brakes fixed. Prolly passed by twenty or thirty of them. And I have had things happen on the road. Blew a tire running to Lake Charles, Stopped as soon as we got to a station. Still had 17, but that wasn't enough. Also blew a tire on the TT, changed it, and because the road we were on is pretty well deserted for miles , and miles. We drove to the nearest town, stayed overnight, and waited for a the tire store to open. You don't want to be walking thru a swamp in the middle of the night. But that's just me.
Terryallan 02/03/16 06:51am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2017 F-150 Diesel?

I would think putting a Diesel in would lower the pay load unless the really beef up the suspension. Diesels are really heavy. they eat up a lot of payload, Even on 250, 2500, and 3500s. Which is why "some 2500 diesels have no more payload than a 1500 gas. The diesel being proposed to use is only 3 liters, less than half the size of the 2500/3500 trucks. Ram's Ecodiesel only weighs about 150-200 pounds more than the Hemi. Take 200lb off a 1500lb payload. Not too good.
Terryallan 01/29/16 08:55pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2017 F-150 Diesel?

I wonder if the guy who's videoing has a diesel car? It may just be his car, but could be wrong. Regardless I would not be surprised to see Ford put a diesel in the F150. That would be a good truck with additional payload. I would think putting a Diesel in would lower the pay load unless the really beef up the suspension. Diesels are really heavy. they eat up a lot of payload, Even on 250, 2500, and 3500s. Which is why "some 2500 diesels have no more payload than a 1500 gas.
Terryallan 01/29/16 10:54am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2004 Ford pickup 5.4 liter motor tick noise

the motor on my son's 2004 Ford pickup, 5.4 liter motor has started making a ticking noise after it's warmed up, 94,000 miles, truck is in excellent condition other than this minor ticking noise. you can hear the noise at idle, but not when driving down the road. he uses Ford oil filters and Ford oil 5W20. most of you guys that ever owned a truck this model have probably traded them off for newer trucks by now. but, do you ever remember having a motor tick with your 5.4 liter Ford motor. if so, what is the cure, is it a valve, injector, it does not miss, so I would not think it was a plug loose. I really do not know what to tell him to do, as he likes to have his vehicles in top condition. he only drives the truck approximately 8,000 per year. has the oil changed at 6 months or 4,000 mile intervals. reason I ask here, he has ask the dealership, local repair shop and one or two others, who should know about this model motor, has gotten a different answer from each; bad plugs, loose or worn timing chain, flywheel loose, coil packs bad, etc: Thanks for any suggestions, I suggested changing the oil, use Ford filter and 5w20 oil, but replace one qt of oil, takes 7 qts (I think) with one quart of Lucas oil stabilizer, might be worth a try, before letting some one tear into this motor, again, any suggestions are appreciated! That 5.4 should be a 2 valve per cylinder engine, so NO cam phasors to worry about. As far as the 5.4 2V or even 3V ticking, yes, they ALL can do that and not have a problem. Some are more loud than others and often only when extremely cold.. I have one with just under 200,000 miles and it had a slight tick when cold that would go away when warmed up. BUT, even so, with a 2004 there ARE a couple of things that NEED to be checked. Number one is the spark plugs will tick when slightly loose.. If loose you ARE risking having a plug(s) EJECT causing a lot of expensive repairs (timesert or head replacement). Do not rely on the dealership to check the plugs.. I nearly found out that dealer mechanics do not know what a TORQUE WRENCH is the hard way. Had my 2006 in for plug replacement, shortly after they replaced the plugs I started smelling raw fuel in the cab (but only when backing up or stopping at stop lights).. Back to the dealership multiple times and each time they came back with no problem found? Finally I pulled the COPS one at a time I discovered ALL the plugs were loose.. One plug took a 1/2 turn by hand before hitting the seat! Those plugs NEED to be TORQUED to proper specs for that engine year. Secondly is a slight tick can be caused by a broken or cracked exhaust manifold or manifold bolts.. So far I have not had that on any of my 5.4s.. Sounds like it could be a royal pain to fix. As far as dumping stuff like Lucus or other additives, don't.. They are nothing more than expensive junk and will not "fix" anything.. All good info but small correction. 2004 was actually the first year for the 3 valve in the F150. for 2004, they also corrected the spark plug spitting problem. Only problem now. You can't get them out. Ask me how I know? Ford sent out a bulletin saying to change them at 60,000. they would come out easier. NOPE. Will not come out. Did all the soaking thing, and followed Fords instructions. they are still in there. It don't miss, and runs perfect. so I'm leaving them in. Now mine clicks for a split second on morning start up. Until the oil gets to the top of the engine. Quiet after that. Or I guess it is. Can't hear a little tick with the Magnaflow purring.
Terryallan 01/26/16 09:28pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Charge Batteries by Idling Tow Vehicle?

Al you will do is waste fuel and annoy the neighbors, you would need to run at a high idle for an extended period of time to recharge depleted house batteries. Plug into shore power or use a QUIETgenerator. So called Quiet generators annoy the neighbors as much as a truck running. where we dry camp. You can hear a "quiet" generator running 100 yard away. To the op. you can charge the batt with the TV. But it will take awhile
Terryallan 01/26/16 09:17pm Tech Issues
RE: Pulled over and harassed in texas

sheesh some folks have a lot of bad luck, or at least you hear about it more on the internet. only time i've been pulled over while on a road trip was six years ago, on I-80 in Wyoming. I was driving a BRIGHT ORANGE sports car, doing "around" 90 in an 80mph zone, getting passed by semi's doing 100+. it was a state trooper, he was polite, I was polite... he asked usual questions, complimented the car and sent me off with a printed warning. the whole time we were stopped, one semi after another was blasting by, they didn't even bother to slow down. dunno why the trooper wasn't interested in them, maybe he just wanted to check out the car... i've also heard it's a lot more paperwork to pull over a semi compared to a passenger car. Could be like it was in Texas when I drove trucks. The troopers were told to leave the trucks alone. They keep the state alive. With out the trucks moving product, the state would collapse, at least that is what we were told. And it seemed to be true. We were going into the Valley one day, and were beside a car we were PASSING, and the Trooper came out of the bushes and stopped him, and we just kept running. Didn't slow a bit.
Terryallan 01/26/16 06:36pm Around the Campfire
RE: Charleston, SC

FYI. On a Ghost tour. We learned difference between a Cemetery, and a Graveyard. We also learned that to be buried in Charleston proper / on the Peninsula. You have to be born on the Peninsula. I'll bite...what's the difference. Very interesting tidbit We it is so simple. I wondered why I didn't think of it. A Graveyard is in the Church's Yard. A Cemetery is not. It is on it's own piece of land.
Terryallan 01/26/16 03:41pm Roads and Routes
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