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RE: How's your A/C working?

My 1350 works great, even in mid 90s heat. But then. I don't turn it off at night, so it stays cool all the time.
Terryallan 07/27/14 06:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: nitrogen in tires

Now if you could put Helium in there. You might see some benefit.
Terryallan 07/27/14 05:58pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Puma by Palomino or Apex by Coachman

I realize weight may not be a consideration. However. IMOP the APEX has two features that put it ahead of the Puma. First is of course weight. the Puma comes dry at 8,137 Lbs. The APEX is dry at 5980 LBS. a difference of 2197 LB. However the Puma does have a much higher carrying capacity. the other thing is that the Puma is ridged aluminum siding. The APEX is AZDEL covered with fiberglass. The APEX will be MUCH, MUCH easier to keep clean, and to clean after it is used. Easier to wax as well.
Terryallan 07/27/14 05:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: Air conditioner noise

We have to turn our A/C and Fan off to watch TV. Even with the TV volume up to max we can't hear over the excessive noise of the A/C, and ours is ducted by the way. You could do what I did. hooked the TV to the radio, and run the TV sound thru the radio ceiling speakers. I got all the volume I need now.
Terryallan 07/26/14 08:10pm Travel Trailers
RE: New First Tine RV owner here with questions?

Some where inside one of the cabinets there should be a label with the dry, weight, water weight, carrying capacity and Gross weight. It is close but not right on. You would still need to weigh it to know for sure. As for your truck. It will more than likely tow 6000lb, Since it appears to be a V8, 5.3l. The determining factor will be the rear gear. Some where in your manual, or on a GM website. You should be able to find your towing capacity. Take your vin to a dealer and have them run it to find out how your 1500 is equipped. Plus since you appear to have the window sticker. the rear gear ratio will be listed on it
Terryallan 07/26/14 07:59pm Travel Trailers
RE: Air conditioner noise

At night you can lower the noise level by turning the AC fan to low.
Terryallan 07/26/14 07:50pm Travel Trailers
RE: Tow Guides can be downloaded

I just left a dealer. First thing I look at after the motor, is the Rear Gear. Higher than a 3.55, no need to look any farther. Actually, in truth. It would be best just to go into the office, and tell them what you want, then let them find it for you. Because the chance you will find a F150 on a dealer lot rated to tow 11,000lbs, Is slim to none. The only F150s that will tow 11,000 are the EcoBoost, with either a 3.73, or a 4.10, and 6.2L V8, with a 3.73 rear, and very few if any dealers order that combination. Plus they of course have to have the higher GVWR. so you may as well get them to find you one with out wasting your time on the lot.
Terryallan 07/26/14 06:24pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tow Guides can be downloaded

and you want to be armed with those towing guides when you walk on the dealer lot. Because the salesman does not have a clue what any of the tow ratings are on any of the trucks on the lot. This is good advice. Where do you find the "tow rating" for a particular VIN sitting on the lot anyways? The Ford F150 towing guide (Which I have one of) Gives you the tow capacity for each version of the truck. In the guide you will find the GVWR, axle ratio, engine, and GCVWR. It will be broken up by body style. The list will have the engine in the far left column, with the axle ratios in the next column, and the GVWR in the next column, with the various body styles, 4x4, or 4x2, and wheelbases for each listed by column across the page. The list continues down from smallest engine to the largest engine. All you have to do is match that to the information on the window sticker. The sticker has the GVWR, wheelbase, engine, and axle ratio listed on it. Should you be buying used. You will need to know the axle codes. The axles code is on the door jamb sticker with the GVWR Rear Axle Ratio Codes If you do not know the axle ratio of your vehicle, check its Truck Safety Compliance Certification Label (located on the left front door lock facing or the door latch post pillar). Below the bar code, you will see the word AXLE and a two-digit code. Use this chart to find the axle ratio that corresponds to that code ..........Axle......Non-Limited...Limited.............Electronic Vehicle...Ratio........Slip........Slip................Locking F-150.....3.15........15..........Not Available......... L5 ..........3.31........27..........Not Available..........L3 ..........3.55........19..........H9.....................L9 ..........3.73........26..........B6.....................L6 ..........4.10... Not Available...Not Available..........L4
Terryallan 07/26/14 12:35pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tow Guides can be downloaded

and you want to be armed with those towing guides when you walk on the dealer lot. Because the salesman does not have a clue what any of the tow ratings are on any of the trucks on the lot.
Terryallan 07/25/14 09:32pm Tow Vehicles
RE: anybody have an opinion? 18" wheels vs. 20"

Which, in your opinion, is a better size for tow vehicles and why? Depends on what the truck was geared for. IF the stock axle, and stock tires make it a 3.73 ratio, and you go bigger with the tire, you lower the ratio to a higher gear, and lose tow cap. IF the tires, and axle make it a 3.73, and you go to a smaller tire you raise the rear gear to a lower gear and gain tow cap.
Terryallan 07/25/14 09:30pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Reverse Snowbird----Seek summer site in Smokies/Cumberland

We are actively seeking a place to summer in the mountains, Cumberland or Smokies preferred. Would like to stay for the whole summer where it is "relatively cool" as compared to S Louisiana! Some attributes would be: Shade, wooded, water feature,view, possibility of erecting a shelter for the TT, an area that is not crowded,small RV park. Of course one place would not have all, at that point decisions would be made. Presently we are traveling middle Tennessee. Thanks, CCC I believe you will find the Smokys a little warm. You should try on farther up into NC, in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Much, MUCH cooler up around Boone, Linville, Glendale Springs. In fact the average summer temp at Linville Falls is right at 70F. However. If you want to be in the Smokys. Try Holly Cove just out of Cherokee. It is higher up, and cooler than Cherokee. But still close. A really nice park just off the expressway. Great views. http://www.hollycovervresort.com/seasonal-campground-near-Cherokee-NC/
Terryallan 07/24/14 08:50pm RV Lifestyle
RE: F-150 Crew Max Tow vs. Hideout 30ft TT

If would be great if ratings where ratings, but that isn't the case.. Look at the J2807 SAE tow ratings. Some trucks gained tow capacity (Dodge for one), some trucks lost (some Toyota and GM) and some companies don't test or publish them (Ford). It goes to show that ratings aren't black and white when it comes to door stickers, and one can find real ratings and go from there. People that think 2500/250 ratings are black and white, or not underrated have not researched the vehicle. They are paper and tire limited, not chassis. The key is to know the REAL weight limits and not the marketing ones. Maybe 150/1500's are better than I think, but look at the ratings they have with "P" tires and soft suspensions, if it walks like a duck, and looks like a duck... If you load them to the allowed number they operate at or near 100%, the same is not true about nearly all the parts on a 2500/250 or 3500/350 SRW. Everything is so black and white with Ford guys, lets just all get along and enjoy the conversation. In the end this is still 'Merica and we can do whatever we want. your world is just special isn't it. Nothing you own has the correct weight capacities, so you just make up your own. .......................................................................... If you load them to the allowed number they operate at or near 100%, the same is not true about nearly all the parts on a 2500/250 or 3500/350 SRW................................................................................. BTW IF you are at the max on ONE part. You are still at the max of your truck. Your weight capacities are limited to the weakest link. 100% is 100% whether a 250, 350, or 150.
Terryallan 07/24/14 07:40pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Light weight TTs: how do they hold up when boondocking?

I'd never buy a 150 to full time with. bumpy But now. they are not even putting real motors in 250s so it is a mute point.
Terryallan 07/24/14 04:14pm Travel Trailers
RE: From Charlotte to Boone, NC

Terryallan 07/24/14 04:11pm Roads and Routes
RE: From Charlotte to Boone, NC

We just go up 321. Because for us it is MUCH closer, and the road is way easier than it use to be. But then. I have been towing up 321 for 30 years. And yes. Honey bear is a nice CG IF you get one of the good sites. Not all sites are good. The RV sites in C up to the creek bridge. and D are the only ones we would consider using.
Terryallan 07/24/14 04:10pm Roads and Routes
RE: F-150 Crew Max Tow vs. Hideout 30ft TT

There is the difference. 150 rating are unrealistically high, and 250 ratings are unrealistically low. Cause you know the engineers think differently when it comes to 250s and know the numbers are optional. Yeah Right! It comes down to some not liking 150s/1500s and in fact not having the skill level to use them for their intended use, and needing something to make up for it. Not realizing that 1500s/ 150 are made the same way, all using the same components with different rear gears, and engines to get their GVWR rating. ...................................................................... Much like my truck I know the build specs of my TT, it's a 10K lb frame with 5,200lb axles. The GVWR was the dry weight plus 1,750 and much like my pickup is a paper limit that is different than the actual design specs. The same frame and suspension is used on various GVWR's, none of which are what it's actually designed for. It's all about knowing your equipment. I also never said you where overloaded, based on what Ford says you can do, I simply said I wouldn't do what you are doing with my family in the truck around here.
Terryallan 07/24/14 03:53pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Coachman

Anybody know of a good Coachman dealer? I have parts ordered from my dealer for 6 weeks now, they say the parts are in stock at Coachman, but they are real busy. I think I am getting the run around. I wish I could order directly from Coachman. Thank you Jeff IF you call Coachmen. you may be able to get your parts directly from them. They will direct your call to the RV division that made your RV. I called Forest River, and they transferred me to APEX. Got all my answers straight from them.
Terryallan 07/24/14 01:45pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: F-150 Crew Max Tow vs. Hideout 30ft TT

You must also realize that many folk can't leave ANYTHING at home and load their trailers up to 2000lb over dry. While many of us just take what we need to camp. Ususally less than 1000lbs. We are heavy, about 2500lbs over dry with food/clothes/etc for a 10 day boon-docking trip but nothing we take is really unreasonable and if it's not used for a few trips it comes out. But when you go 55 miles back on a dirt road you tend to pack a little heavy, it's a long ways to a store. On a 2-3 night trip we are only 1800-2000lbs over dry, and as mentioned some of that is now part of the trailer (hitch, batteries, 2nd spare, etc). Heck we drive enough dirt that I bet there is a few lbs of dirt built up in my enclosed underbelly :-) I'm also a big fan of dutch oven and cast iron cooking when camping and bet I have 100lbs of that stuff in the TT.You do realize while you are trying to give advice and think my truck is overloaded with my setup. You are grossly overloading your trailer if you are adding 2500+lbs and exceeding your trailers GVWR... Your trailer can only carry an extra 1750lbs!! http://cdn.dealerspike.com/imglib/newinv/OutdoorsRV/2011/specs/cs_26bks.html there you go. Do as I say, not as I do. BTW I carry all my camping gear and only added 500lbs to the dry weight. And that stuff included but not limited to. 9 folding chairs, grill, dining canope, sheets, towels, blankets, pots, pans, a metal folding table, plates, silverware, and a few cast iron things for cooking over the fire. Some clothes, and some food. No we don't carry water. I go to the central water faucet and fill the aquatainer, then set it on the picnic table. It is then used for cooking and washing. We never cook in the camper, we just sleep in it. and when we dry camp. We don't need power / electricity. That's why they made propane lanterns, camp stoves, grills, and campfires. We have no need for electricity when camping the Blue Ridge.
Terryallan 07/24/14 11:54am Tow Vehicles
RE: F-150 Crew Max Tow vs. Hideout 30ft TT

Not sure where you are getting your tongue weight figures from? Experience, they are always heavier than listed in a brochure. On my current trailer the lightest tongue weight I have ever seen, with an empty trailer, is 200# over the listed tongue weight.. and that trailer doesn't even have any options available everything is standard. Most of the bigger BH TT's end up with TW's that are 15%, yours is lighter and that's not the norm but in your case allows you to tow it. Dry often doesn't include things like propane, batteries, air conditioning, etc.. Propane and batteries are almost 100% tongue weight, very little goes on the trailer axles. As you have done, weighing is the best answer. See Kevin. It's experiance but only with outdated ideas. Folks that haven't trailer shopped, don't know or won't accept that by law the yellow sticker on a New TT tells you exactly what the TT weighes sitting on the lot in front of you. Including AC, Awning, Well everything you see. A very handy thing to know. It will also tell you the weight with full tanks, and has to be updated IF the dealer add any weight. However, Most come fully dressed so dealer add very little now days. Also some don't understand that "many" newer trailers are MUCH lighter than they were just a few years ago, For instance. My 31' APEX is dry with all options, Battery, empty propane tanks. (But tanks installed) comes to 4811 LB. Over 100lbs lighter than my 2004 24' TT. Very lite by older standards. It is less than 6000 ready to camp. You must also realize that many folk can't leave ANYTHING at home and load their trailers up to 2000lb over dry. While many of us just take what we need to camp. Ususally less than 1000lbs. So being stuck in the past they give outdated advise.
Terryallan 07/24/14 09:22am Tow Vehicles
RE: Max Tow weight for 2011 F150 ?

Its not so much the towing weight from what you read. Its more about your axle rating and tongue weight... Weight the truck at a scale and subtract your rear axle weight from the rear axle rating on the door tag. That will tell you a lot... Post that info and we can take it from there... Any other info you get here is null and void if you dont weigh.... Again this will tell you real payload and max towing capacity.. Additionally put the biggest trans cooler you can in the truck... Actually. you may not want the largest cooler you can buy. You do not want to cool it too much. If you cool it below operating temps, It will not operate correctly. In fact mine will not even go into overdrive until it warms to the proper temp. Best to size it to the vehicle requirements, and in truth. the factory towing package cooler is plenty good.
Terryallan 07/23/14 01:53pm Tow Vehicles
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