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RE: When does the fear stop?

Guys. It's just a long car. Don't worry about how big it is. I never did.
Terryallan 04/29/16 06:56pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: When does the fear stop?

How long did it take for people to get use to this? About 10 miles. In all honesty. IF you don't get to feeling good about pretty quick. You should rethink you hobby choice. A scared driver can be a dangerous driver. Not saying don't respect driving, and don't be careful. But don't be afraid. You have to learn that the things (wind, bounce, ect) you feel while driving what amounts to a medium size bus is normal.
Terryallan 04/28/16 07:51pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Ford Expedition auto leveling

The correct procedure for using weight distribution in conjunction with the auto leveling can be found in your Owners Manual. DO NOT turn off the auto leveling (I don't even know if you can). Ron Must have changed it since I had mine. Because the procedure I described was exactly how the manual stated it. In fact. there were several reasons for turning it off. adjusting the WDH was only one. reason you let it level, and then turned it off. Is because when you shut off the Expe with the Air Ride on. It lowers it self. IF you let it level, and then turn off the air ride. The Expe will stay in the raised position, and you adjust the hitch to that height. Not at the lowered height, because when it then raises up. the WDH will be wrong. So you adjust with the Air ride off, and raised, and when done turn it back on, and it is good to go.
Terryallan 04/26/16 08:21pm Towing
RE: Ford Expedition auto leveling

I have a new 2016 Ford Expedition with the auto leveling feature. Just looking for information on how people are setting up their vehicles to take advantage of this feature. It seems like mine is overcompensating for the trailer weight. Can you disable this feature or do I even need to? Had one of those. Prolly still works the same. Somewhere in your manual are instructions, and will tell you where to turn it off. Mine was on the wall infront of the passenger door. Anyway. Pull the TT to a level place, raise the TT off the ball. Leave the Expe running. Let the Expe level itself. Then turn OFF the air ride. Drop the TT back onto the ball, and adjust it as you would a TV without air ride. Once you get it right. Turn the air ride back on and you are good to go. You will not have to turn it off again.
Terryallan 04/26/16 03:08pm Towing
RE: Brakes or transmission??

Brakes are cheaper than transmissions. Ask yourself that question again, after you have burnt your brakes up, and glazed them going down a long steep grade. Lots of time to find the answer as you go over the side, or dive into the runaway ramp.
Terryallan 04/25/16 09:59pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Ocean Lakes?? Site 2178 scoop

How WIDE is the site. VERY often the site on the front row are so narrow, your awning almost hangs over the road
Terryallan 04/25/16 08:19pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Seasonal camping battery question

Nope. you won't hurt it, and there are "some" RVs that need the battery installed to complete the circuit to make the 12V system work. your lights run off 12V, even when hooked to shore power.
Terryallan 04/25/16 08:01pm Travel Trailers
RE: Brakes or transmission??

Me. I use what ever gear it takes to hold the speed I want. Often coming down from the Blue Ridge, That is first gear. then I can shift to 2nd as we get down to the less steep, and less twisty sections. General rule is to use the same gear coming down you use going up. But if you need more, drop another. Also even thought you may worry about your tranny. Using it will not only save your brakes, but may save your life. IF you heat the brakes too much coming down. You lose them all together, and then it will be too late to gear down. You will just be along for the ride. So for safety. Use the trany. I can come 321 from Blowing Roch, and down 16 from Glendale Springs, and hardly use the brakes.
Terryallan 04/25/16 07:53pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: How important is it to buy local?

Here is the thing. The warranty will be gone in a year or two. After that. It don't matter who fixes it. "Most" dealer service depts. want your business. It is how they make their living. IMOP. If a service dept is months behind. They are not good at what they do. Find another. So go ahead and buy the camper you want where you can find it. There are hundreds of places to get them repaired. It does not have to be a dealership.
Terryallan 04/24/16 09:38pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: secondary sway conrol

Something isn't right. You should have no sway. Adding sway control won't fix the problem, only hide it. You may need to readjust your hitch, and get the tongue weight up.
Terryallan 04/24/16 09:33pm Towing
RE: West Jefferson, NC

Truth is. 16 ain't so bad. It gets twisty, and relativity steep right near the top. But only for a mile or so. Speed limit near the top is 25, and 35 MPH. You should have no problems at all. I have been going up there for 15 years. IF you decide to go thru Mt Airy. You will add hours to your trip, and the road up the mountain from there is actually no better than 16. Another option is to go up 321 to the Blue Ridge Parkway, and ride it over and get off at Glendale Springs. Nice campground there as well. Raccoone Holler. BTW. 321 is no better than 16 either. Just 4 lane. And then there is 421 out of Boone to 221 to West Jefferson. OR. You could ride I-26 up the hill to the BRP, and ride it all the way over to West Jefferson. Just don't get in a hurry. And expect high RPM.
Terryallan 04/24/16 09:11pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Towing with 2014 Ram

You will have to transfer more weight somehow. Maybe you need stronger spring bars. Any thing else you do to raise the rear will NOT lower the front, or return lost weight to the steering axle. If you do not return lost weight to the steering axle. You will always have the same problem, EVEN IF you can level the TV with air bags, or springs. The front will still be light, and you will have sway. So tilt the hitch head down and pull more weight with the bars. IF you do it right. You will transfer enough weight to the front to get it back down, and that will raise the rear. Truth is. You CAN raise the rear of the TV completely off the ground with a WDH. You don't want to. But you can. In fact. You don't want the rear to raise any higher than it was unhooked. So readjust it again. You will prolly need to get it so tight, that you have to raise the rear of the TV, and TT tongue with the TT jack to snap up the brackets. Again. Air bags, or springs will do you no good, will not fix your problem.
Terryallan 04/23/16 09:06pm Towing
RE: Air bags

Is your truck a 1500 2500 or 3500. If it is a 3500 more weight may improve your ride. My 3500 rides excellent with a heavy load. I have all of the big three and have always found chevy trucks to be the smoothest going down the road. I also don't think air bags will help. But who knows. JMHO Truck is a 1500 extended cab, 4WD, with 7,200 GVWR. I have a Hensley Arrow, and there is very little squat in the rear end. Thanks for the replies. Nope. Bags won't help your problem. May make it stiffer though
Terryallan 04/17/16 08:32pm Towing
RE: Looking for a campground

Brunswick Beaches Camping Resort is on 904 just off 17 Wishing Well is on the same road farther off. Brunswick appears to be the best
Terryallan 04/17/16 06:44pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Should Slide Work With 12v Power Only?

Check your 12V fuses
Terryallan 04/17/16 06:18pm Travel Trailers
RE: Blinds up or down?

If you are towing, Why would it matter if people can see in? I would keep them up as well. Or you can get the hold downs and install them.
Terryallan 04/16/16 02:08pm Travel Trailers
RE: Light Weight Trailer

Why is the title of your post light weight trailer? The issues can happen with any rv. I have a "light weight" trailer (Starcraft) and it's been, with only a few exceptions, trouble free. It's been on par with my previous class c. A White hawk is not really a ultra lite. After all. the 27 Bunk house weighs 5800lb dry. Not lite compared to my Apex
Terryallan 04/15/16 01:17pm Travel Trailers
RE: Light Weight Trailer

Sorry for your troubles. Jaycos have a better reputation than most, and a longer warranty. Unlike what seems to be most on this forum. I don't believe your experience is normal. I have bought 2 new TTs, and one new pup. I didn't have near the problems with all combined that you are describing. My pup never went back to the dealer. I did replace a side panel that the seam came loose on. My first TT only went back once for a recall, and my current TT has been back once, for very minor issues, like a loose cushion seam, and loose bolts on the AC. All repaired in short order, But not of course at Camping World. It appears to me you have got a lemon. The delamination alone is enough to warrant a new unit replaced at Jayco's expense. Were I you. I would give them a call, and explain you want it replaced. NO TT should have that many problems. In truth, it sounds like it was built by management while the workers were on strike. Good luck.
Terryallan 04/15/16 06:57am Travel Trailers
RE: New To RV World Need Brake Help!

IF your Expe has the tow package. A Prodigy is indeed plug, and play. Somewhere in the Expe, there is a light wiring kit, and relay. Either in the dash, console, or with the jack. It plugs to the connector under the dash in front of the drivers right leg. Simply connect it to the Prodigy pigtale, and plug it in. Take the relay and install it into the space provided in the fuse box beside of the passenger's right foot. Mount the controller where you want it. Done
Terryallan 04/15/16 05:38am Travel Trailers
RE: Camping World damaged my RV

I wonder why, we here all these nasty stories about CW, yet there business keeps right on . they must do some good or they,d have to close the doors.because of these stories I don,t stop at CW.and theres one ten miles from me. They stay in business mostly because newbes don't know any better, and see "Camping" World, and foolishly believe anything with that name should know about campers. Much like many people really believe that Coleman really makes camping equipment. however. I will say that the Tom Johnson Concord store has never been nearly as good as the Tom Johnson Marion store. Concord wasn't a good place to buy or get service before CW bought it. TJs Marion was a great place. Not so sure now.
Terryallan 04/14/16 09:08pm Camping World Service and Installation
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