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Christmas present storage

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 29114061
Terryallan 11/28/16 08:38pm General RVing Issues
Christmas present storage

Has your camper, IF it is down for the winter. Became the North Pole for you Christmas presents? I have found the camper a GREAT place to hide Christmas gifts. No one EVER goes out there. I'm the only one that goes to the camper while its home in the summer. I can promise you no one but me goes to it in the winter. So it is full of shiny new , or old Santy Claus stuff.
Terryallan 11/28/16 08:38pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Sound barrier

CPAP will end the problem. Many of us have had to go to the CPAP for our health. Not always. DW has taken the over night sleep test, the over night oxygen test, and it has been determined that she has no sleep apnea. However. she snores LOUD, and it is hard to stay in the same room with her. So after nearly $3000.00 in tests, we are no closer to a fix but thanks to the ACA insurance situation in the US today. we are over 2K in debt.
Terryallan 11/26/16 08:29pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Transmission cooler

She's a gasser. How do you overcool? What would be the result? If you cool the transmission below normal operating temps. It will not shift as it should. It may not even go into high gear. My transmission has a thermostat. It will NOT let the trany change to high before it reaches a certain temp. It only works correctly at the proper operating temp. Cold fluid doesn't flow very well.
Terryallan 11/25/16 08:51pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Transmission cooler

I've used the Ford Truck VIN decoder. I have a class IV towing package. Doesn't say if that includes a transmission cooler. Some have said that it does include the transmission cooler but those are small. Some have upgraded to a bigger cooler. I'm thinking along those lines. Our Ex is a 2000 Limited. I love her! It does not have to be huge. But it will be external. Most vehicle cool the transmission thru the radiator. so the line from the trany will run to the radiator. On the other side of the Radiator will be another {return} line. IF it runs straight back to the trany, It does not have a external cooler. If it runs to a cooler , and then back to the trany, Good to go. The trany cooler should always be after the radiator, so that the fluid can be cooled lower then the radiator. A good tow package will also include a power steering cooler as well. It will be on the opposite side of the vehicle.
Terryallan 11/24/16 01:26pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Can Someone From CW Side Explain

The RV are unlocked? Way better than one of the Dealers near us. (Not a CW} they keep theirs locked all the time, and you have to get a salesman to let you into the ones you want to see. Needless to say. I didn't buy mine there. I like to shop at my own pace, and look, and talk to DW without a Salesman hanging on me.
Terryallan 11/24/16 10:10am Camping World RV Sales
RE: 2-way fridge question

Just to be clear. Even when on propane your fridge needs electricity. But only to run the mother board. It will need either battery, or shore power. but it will need juice. If on battery. the fridge will also die when the battery does.
Terryallan 11/23/16 09:33am Tech Issues
RE: Tires for F-150

Its time that I purchase some new tires for my F-150. I'm looking at a set of Cooper Discoverer ATP, anyone running these and how are they? Are they too much AT for highway driving? Thank You I like Coopers, and they last as long, or longer than the over priced, over hyped Michelins. Had those as well. I didn't buy Coopers this time because they didn't make a tire in the size, and weight range I wanted. If I could have found some I would have gladly bought them. however I used Cooper Discoverer HT Plus, rated to 2601lb. This time I ended up with Wrangler Fortitude rated to 2756lb. Yes way overkill for a 150. However they really make the ride solid while towing.
Terryallan 11/23/16 09:28am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford Super Duty Sets Guinness Flag Record

I agree even my silly comment but some burn the flag without Washington DC making any comments. what a mess we are in. chevman It is burnt torn, stepped on and even worse, with no comment, or charges. Sad what has happened to the US.
Terryallan 11/23/16 09:10am Tow Vehicles
RE: New to me pop up camper

North Carolina Every semitrailer, trailer, or separate vehicle attached by a drawbar or coupling to a towing vehicle of at least 4,000 lbs, and every house trailer weighing at least 1,000 lbs, shall be equipped with brake controlled or operated by the driver of the towing vehicle. Thing is. MOST pups under 3500lb GVWR don't have brakes, unless you order them. In 25 years of towing popups. not one of them had brakes. And none of the was over 2600lb GVWR Having said that. Had I been towing with a minivan. I would have prolly added brakes.
Terryallan 11/13/16 05:05pm Folding Trailers
RE: New to me pop up camper

Depends on how heavy it is and what you are pulling it with. And in truth not all pupa have brakes.
Terryallan 11/13/16 10:01am Folding Trailers
RE: Computer is old

so. finally got the new puter up and running. First had to reset it to factory. Man that took nearly all day. but it is working, and yes it does have windows 10, and no it is not nearly as good as windows 7. Much harder to use, and won't let you put in shortcuts, or choose your home page, or tool bar. But it is what it is. I'll get use to it.
Terryallan 11/12/16 03:20pm Technology Corner
RE: Computer is old

OK so. I went to Best buy. Just to look around and pick their Geek brains. While I was there they pointed me to the "open box" isle, and while there I met up with a guy from church, and he hooked me up with his Daughter in law who gave me a really good deal on what turned out to be a floor demonstration PC. It has no tower, the processor is in the back of the monitor. It is touch screen. A Lenovo IdeaCentre A7 Series. With all in one Intel Pentium 4GB Memory and 1TB Hard drive. 21.5" touch screen. She cut it from the "sale price of $455.0 to $375. We'll see. Thanks for all your imput. Now I just need to get the programs I want to keep transferred to it.
Terryallan 11/11/16 07:39pm Technology Corner
RE: Computer is old

I have had good luck with refurbuished stuff. As long as its a fairly new model, and has a good warranty. Might consider an extended warranty. Saves a lot of money. Same warranty as a new one
Terryallan 11/11/16 01:30pm Technology Corner
RE: Making a lighter load.

We carry ONLY what we use. And if it doesn't get used in a season. It comes out, and stays home. Also "most" of what we had came from our days as popup campers. So it is all lightweight, and compact. I'm in the camp of. The less you put out at the start of the trip, the less you have to put up at the end.
Terryallan 11/11/16 01:01pm Travel Trailers
Computer is old

so many of you can tell I know little of computers. It's just a fact. SO. I need a new? one, or can I get a refurbished one? According to what I have been told. Refurbished ones are those that failed at the end of the assemble line, and are sent back thru. they come with a keyboard, and mouse, but no monitor, and they have the same warranty as a non refurbished one. But the kicker is. they are less than 1/3 the price. They start at like $50.00 and go up. Here is my thing. I mostly just use it to surf, and search the net, Do this forum, some others, news, and product research. Do y'all think a refurbished PC would fit me? I really don't think I need the newest, and shiniest. Also they have windows 7, and some with windows 10? Haven't heard much good about 10. They have from 2G to 4G, and 160 mem to 300+. I'm thinkin it might be my best bet. What do you computer whizzes think?
Terryallan 11/11/16 12:56pm Technology Corner
RE: F150 Again

No reason why not really, as long as you stay in your weights. It should go up the hill with power to spare, but at some pretty good RPM. But in truth. My 5.0 sounds GREAT at the high rpms. I love it.
Terryallan 11/10/16 08:08pm Towing
RE: Wondering about safety in Mexico once Trump becomes Prez

Thoughts? I guess I'm just stupid. What would who won the US President have to do with Mexico? They have their own President, their own laws, and immigration system. Nothing the new President does should affect the people inside another country. Other than maybe to help keep them safe.
Terryallan 11/10/16 09:31am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: I RV radio problem

Does it say DVD on the front of the radio? Could be like most systems. Just a radio, and CD player. And does it say it can't read it on the TV screen? If not. It isn't hooked to the TV.
Terryallan 11/10/16 09:24am Travel Trailers
RE: So any thing exciting going on tonight?

Well, I stayed up till 2:00 am and couldn't go any longer. Does that count? I don't have to work today. So I watched until it was over, and waited for the Fat lady to sing. Still waiting
Terryallan 11/09/16 08:17am Toy Haulers
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