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RE: Can someone tell me how to read this correctly

Just a guess: Good, Fair, Low. These lights are just a sort of voltmeter and don't give a very reliable indication of the battery's stare of charge. A real DC voltmeter is a much better indicator.
Wayne Dohnal 07/28/14 07:06am Tech Issues
RE: Thermal cut off fuse

If it's really a diode it needs to be tested as a diode. Even if it's good it will read open circuit in one direction, and depending on the meter and setting, could read open circuit in both directions. Having said that, I've personally never heard before of a diode being used as a thermal fuse.
Wayne Dohnal 07/27/14 06:43pm Tech Issues
RE: Coleman 15K rooftop heat pump

I have NEVER seen a Heat Strip on a RVP HP. You can add one, but why???????? Same with Dometic. Some models you can add a Heat Strip to the HP, but WHY spend the money???? DougSimple answer, it was automatically included with the heat pump option on my rig. Kicked in for the first time a couple of months ago after 5 years of ownership.
Wayne Dohnal 07/25/14 09:27pm Tech Issues
RE: Coleman 15K rooftop heat pump

The 15k RVP heat pump ramps up the heat pretty slow, but once it gets "cooking" it throws out a lot of hot air. The specs are 12,700 btuh at 47 degrees, vs. 5,600 btuh for the heat strip, using about the same amount of electrical power.
Wayne Dohnal 07/25/14 12:06am Tech Issues
RE: Coleman 15K rooftop heat pump

This thread gives the a good opportunity to gripe about another bad RVP heat pump design detail: Operation of the optional auxiliary heat strip. The heat strip is triggered automatically in the 35 to 40 degree ballpark. When the temp goes below the switchover point, the heat strip runs instead of the heat pump. Like all heaters, when the heat strip is used after sitting idle for months, it smells for a few minutes. When I de-winterize I run the furnace with the windows open for as long as it takes to get rid of the smell. Can't do that with the aux heat strip, because the automatic design won't allow it (unless you're de-winterizing in near freezing weather). So when you hit the first cold day while camping and the aux heat comes on, it stinks like heck, and the only thing you want to do is shut it off. You want heat, not open windows to get rid of the smell, when it's freezing out. Because of this automatic-only operation, the aux heat strip is a mostly unusable feature. After getting hooked by it this spring I did add a switch to force the switchover manually, but what a pain to have to work around all these automatic things that should make life easier, not harder.
Wayne Dohnal 07/24/14 09:50pm Tech Issues
RE: Fortunately, I did not have a pair of 6v batteries

The OP documented a specific valid situation that possibly presents an advantage of dual 12s. I say possibly because there are twice as many interconnects with the parallel setup, doubling the probability of an interconnect failure. So while on one hand the consequences were less when the failure did occur, there's just as much chance it never would have occurred at all with dual 6s. For me the advantages of the dual 6s clearly outweigh the disadvantages.
Wayne Dohnal 07/24/14 02:02pm Tech Issues
RE: Coleman 15K rooftop heat pump

RVcomfort gave you an over-simplified version of what really happens. The thermostat does not know if the furnace is running or not. When there is a 5-degree separation between the set temp and room temp, the thermostat "assumes" you want or need help from the furnace. If the heat pump by itself doesn't bring the room up to the set point over a time period, the thermostat "assumes" it's ineffective and that's when it gets locked out. There's an example of how it works in this document http://www.rvcomfort.com/rvp/pdf_documents/1976497.pdf. I have like you sometimes wanted to use only the heat pump to raise the temp more than 5 degrees and found the furnace kicking on to be a nuisance. I've considered the toggle switch you mentioned, haven't done it yet. I often set the thermostat to 4 degrees above the room temp and walk it up as the room temp rises. Just another example IMO of poor design, optimized for those who don't care to understand how things work at the expense of those who do. If "electric heat" isn't working I'm perfectly capable of noticing that and switching to "gas heat".
Wayne Dohnal 07/24/14 09:25am Tech Issues
RE: Emergency Start switch didn't work

My motorhome uses an interconnect solenoid and there's a 150 amp fuse in the wiring. If the chassis battery is totally dead it can draw enough current to blow the fuse when the solenoid engages.
Wayne Dohnal 07/23/14 02:07pm Tech Issues
RE: HD DVR dedicated inverter

I feel your pain on some of these issues. I have a Prosine 2.0 purchased for the prior RV, and there's no good space to put it in the current small motorhome. I've used both Direct and Dish at home. The Direct DVR was so darn slow and unresponsive that I "wanted to pull my hair out". The Dish DVR is so darn buggy that I want to "pull my hair out". Either way, sat DVR's are bad for one's hair. The reboot on power glitch is just another aspect of poor design.
Wayne Dohnal 07/22/14 04:27pm Tech Issues
RE: Honda Generator

If you ever used them then you would know that to be incorrect. They don't every limit wattage, they simply try to maintain output voltage. If the you have a 3000 and a 1000 paralleled and the demand is 2500w the 1000w will trip it's overload and the 3000w will take over and run as a single. It's unfortunate that the forum format makes a back-and-forth discussion look like a peeing contest, which I vigorously try to avoid, so I'll take my best shot at a final point. Power and current in paralleled sources are not shared equally. The only thing that's forced to be equal is the voltage. The Honda's trip offline based on the output voltage crossing a lower threshold. When the smaller generator becomes close to being overloaded its output voltage capability will be down and any further added load will be drawn from the larger generator, 100%, until its output voltage capability is equal to the smaller generator's. When the load is close to the total capability of both generators, it's just as likely that the larger one will trip first. It's goes down to current flow in a simple parallel circuit.
Wayne Dohnal 07/21/14 09:52am Tech Issues
RE: Honda Generator

It will "work" but you will not get the full potential out. You can only pull as much power as 2x the lowest rated generator. If you pair anything with a EU1000 all you can use is 2000w. If you pull more than 2000w you will put the smaller generator into overload, as they don't have the ability to limit power. So a 3000w a 1000w has just become a 2000w generator, less than a since 3000w alone.. Pointless. So,yes it will work...but it's not a good or practical practice. Honda will still tell you not to mix-match.I totally disagree with this explanation. For each generator, as its power output goes up its output voltage goes down. This causes the load to be shared based on the capability of the generator, not the absolute power level. With perfectly calibrated inverters each generator's output voltage will be the same at rated power, meaning each one will supply its rated power without the other one overloading. From user reports we know that the inverters do vary in their load-voltage curve, and even the equal-size generators don't always share the load equally. This applies just as much to matched generators as to different size generators. A Honda inverter generator has no knowledge of what the source of the parallel power is. As long as the load-voltage curve of the parallel source is compatible (and the frequency is correct), the generator is "happy".
Wayne Dohnal 07/20/14 11:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Polaris introduce generators

Looks like they use the same no-sync Honda/Yamaha parallel connection. I'd guess they're either licensed by Honda or they won't be on the market very long while the lawyers get richer.
Wayne Dohnal 07/20/14 06:27pm Tech Issues
RE: Honda Generator

You cannot mix generator models, you must parallel the same size generators. This is directly from honda and the owners manuals.And according to users who have done it, you can mix different size Hondas. Here's one video example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSlI-HpQGPI, and several forums users have claimed to routinely parallel different size Hondas.
Wayne Dohnal 07/20/14 03:19pm Tech Issues
RE: What is a battery monitor?

I use a Xantrex battery monitor. It has several configurable compensations for things like charge efficiency, Peukert, and temperature. I find it really handy when boondocking to monitor the aH pulled from the battery to know when and how long to run the generator, and when to back off on the usage. Over a long idle period, like when the rig is parked for a month without being plugged it, it horrendously over-estimates how much the battery has discharged. It has an auto-synchronize function to declare 100% SOC based on the voltage and current levels while charging, but that has never worked for me. To re-synchronize I have to look at the parameters and push the button.
Wayne Dohnal 07/19/14 05:48pm Tech Issues
RE: Water heater switch

Atwoods do not have the outside switch, the 120 volt element is on the "back" side of the tank, and a single thermostat controls gas and electric operation. I don't have the Suburban heater any more, from memory everything from above is opposite: Outside switch for AC element, AC element accessed from the front side, and individual thermostats for gas and electric operation. Then there's the other opposite characteristics like different tank material, different anode material, and different drain plugs.
Wayne Dohnal 07/18/14 12:24pm Tech Issues
RE: temp patch on a cracked gray water pipe ??

With ABS I've always had a good result just using ABS cement on small gaps. Area has to be dry.
Wayne Dohnal 07/16/14 09:14am Tech Issues
RE: Are parallel cables universal?

Honda and Yamaha simply connect the AC outputs together for paralleling. Most, possibly all, others use a proprietary connection with some sort of sync signal. Kipor's original parallel connection used the Honda/Yamaha method and Honda "sued the pants" off of them, and they changed to a proprietary connection. Honda has their parallel technology patented and it wouldn't surprise if it's cross-licensed with Yamaha.
Wayne Dohnal 07/12/14 08:58pm Tech Issues
RE: New 2.lL 4 cyl diesel engine offered in Mercedes sprinters

wonder why my sprinter on the 3500 series has never coded?? 31k.and I have a dealer 10 miles away.You answered your own question :-) Mine has also been flawless with 27k miles, but there are some who are plagued with one problem after another. Just random bad luck?
Wayne Dohnal 07/09/14 08:29pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: inverter failure - what next?

There's nothing wrong with running the converter over the extension cord you used, and low AC voltage shouldn't damage it anyway. I have an old car where a few parts are fondly considered to have a 100% failure rate, and WFCO converters are getting the same reputation. IMO you got hit wait a random failure that was almost sure to happen sometime.
Wayne Dohnal 07/08/14 06:15pm Tech Issues
RE: Converter causes radio static: will a filter help?

Is it a PD converter? For all their nice features, they're really bad about introducing RFI onto the power line, and they nuke a lot of nearby AM reception.
Wayne Dohnal 07/06/14 10:43pm Tech Issues
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