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RE: Towing with a 6 Cyl B+ Spinter

Have about 15,000 miles towing a Honda Fit, in the 2,500 lb. ballpark. Overall mileage is between 15 and 16 mpg, never driving over 60. Performance-wise, plenty of pep in 1st and 2nd, pretty gutless in the higher gears. On steep grades we max out at 45 mph with the pedal on the floor. The more interesting exercise is keeping the speed down on the steep downgrades. Engine braking is poor, and I run in 3rd gear on the steep downhills, sometimes slow in 2nd on the extreme ones. Have been over the rockies a few times, no real problem other than slow going up and slow going down. I have a trans temp gauge and the highest I've seen is 210. Towing with the 6 cyl Spinter is fairly common.
Wayne Dohnal 09/01/14 09:40am Dinghy Towing
RE: Source for Battery Interconnect Cables

I don't think you will find AWG 4 cables at an auto parts store because their cables are generally sized SAE, which has a somewhat smaller cross section than AWG for the same gauge. As mentioned there are multiple AWG suppliers to choose from. I've used www.genuinedealz.com a few time with good results.
Wayne Dohnal 08/31/14 01:38pm Tech Issues
RE: Help with Converter problem, please.

If by "troubleshoot" you mean attempted repair, I suggest you first look at the two side-by-side white power resistors standing up from the board. They get too hot and their solder joints to the circuit board seem to eventually have a 100% failure rate (IMO, of course). Because of this I would not recommend an OEM replacement.
Wayne Dohnal 08/31/14 01:32pm Tech Issues
RE: Voltmeter ?

One possibility, the digital meters go through multiple steps to home in on the exact voltage. It could just be passing through the reading you see on the first display cycle. I have some AC voltmeters that read too low on the first couple of display cycles. I just ignore the reading until it stabilizes.
Wayne Dohnal 08/30/14 08:53pm Tech Issues
RE: Various amp draws

The Dometic RM2310 does not have a PC board, electric ignitor, or electric gas valve. It uses a manual ignitor, similar to a common RV cooktop, and the thermostat controls the propane flow directly. When operating on 120 volts, the mechanical thermostat switches the heating element.
Wayne Dohnal 08/28/14 09:43am Tech Issues
RE: Changing degrees c to degrees f

Being that it's a Winnebago I surprised the display is configured incorrectly. I might have expected a Canadian rig, except the speedometer being only in mph discounts that idea. I see nothing in the owners or service manual about how to change the configuration, so it might take a trip to a Dodge or Mercedes dealer, or somebody with a real Mercedes scan tool. You could also try asking on the Sprinter Forum.
Wayne Dohnal 08/27/14 06:45pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Can we tow a Honda CR-V with a Fleetwood 3500 max capacity?

I faced this exact decision a few years ago. Wanted a CR-V. Frame extension is rated at 3,500 max. After much agonizing went with a Fit at about 2,500 lbs. We can load it up with as much stiff as it will hold with no worry about busting the GCWR or chassis tow rating.
Wayne Dohnal 08/27/14 06:23pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Honda EU2000i Usage - Extreme

One of the concerns of some eu2000i owners is the plastic camshaft. It will be interesting to see if this comes into play as far as engine longevity goes. I doubt I'll ever get close to 3,000 hours on mine.
Wayne Dohnal 08/24/14 09:38am Tech Issues
RE: WFCO Converter Longevity

Even tho its probably a joke for any Wfco to put out its rated output into anything, it is not unusual for a PD converter to put out its rated DC output into a dead.......even 50% discharged battery. Exactly the opposite of my semi-intensive testing, which says the PD converter will achieve it's max output in amps only with a good 120 volt or higher sine wave, while the wfco will achieve its max output with just about any junky power you throw at it. Specifically, the PD meets spec with good wall power or an inverter generator. With less than 120 volts or driven by an Onan Microquiet generator, it won't meet max output. The wfco 45 and 55 amp models deliver full output with any of those power sources down to somewhere below 110 volts. Until they break of course.
Wayne Dohnal 08/21/14 03:49pm Tech Issues
RE: WFCO Converter Longevity

Based on how the failure works my guess is that the longevity is based mostly on the number of hours the converter is actually powered up. It's a heat related circuit failure and they seem to last at least a few years for most people. This is different from the "doesn't go into boost mode" issue, which is caused by the design of the converter coupled with the battery size and wiring in the RV. This one affects almost all WFCO users from day one.
Wayne Dohnal 08/21/14 11:12am Tech Issues
RE: converter buzzing...a little guidance appreciated

There are a hundred million variations possible when using the word "Buzz".Exactly why I said "all sorts of noises" :) I wouldn't describe any of what I hear as buzz. More like gurgling and fizzing, not very concise either.
Wayne Dohnal 08/21/14 11:06am Tech Issues
RE: Replacing Magnetek 6332 "Q" convertor - Any suggestions ?

From what I've seen and read, WFCO converters fail mainly because two power resistors soldered to the main board get too hot, resulting in either a fracture of the solder joint or slow changing of the board substrate into a carbon-like conductor. This is independent of the "won't go into boost mode" issue, and independent of market penetration.
Wayne Dohnal 08/20/14 09:53am Tech Issues
RE: converter buzzing...a little guidance appreciated

My PD9160A was silent for a few years, now it makes all sorts of noises, some similar to what you described. I shut it off when we're sleeping. It otherwise works correctly, including supplying its full output.
Wayne Dohnal 08/19/14 11:09pm Tech Issues
RE: Shore cord gets warm/hot!

If I didn't make a math error a 25 foot 10 AWG cord will dissipate about 46 watts at 30 amps. Same heat produced as a ~50 watt incandescent lamp. Not enough heat to burn up the cord or IMO discolor the contacts, but it will raise its temperature noticeably above ambient.
Wayne Dohnal 08/19/14 02:34pm Tech Issues
RE: New Dometic Heat Pump Stinks

OPERATOR ERROR.I disagree. It's "design error".
Wayne Dohnal 08/17/14 01:37pm Tech Issues
RE: Honda 2k verses Atwood 15k heat pump. A/C

The eu2000i will more often than not start and run my RVP/Coleman 15k air conditioner, but after it builds head pressure for a few minutes the power draw blows right through the 1600 VA continuous spec of the eu2000i. So even thought it has the appearance of working ok, I don't use it. If your Atwood stays below 1600 VA you're good to go.
Wayne Dohnal 08/17/14 01:30pm Tech Issues
RE: RV electrical

No where in my posts do I say to ignore a problem. I mis-interpreted what you said and apologize for that. Possibly another way to state my point-of-view is that if the rig trips the GFCI, it gets unplugged and stays that way except as needed to isolate the problem. If a voyage gets delayed over it, so be it. I've never encountered a 30 amp GFCI protected outlet so based on this the likelihood of seeing a GFCI trip on the road is close to nonexistent. If it does ever happen I'd most likely isolate it on the spot or just stay off of shore power until returning home.
Wayne Dohnal 08/13/14 01:40pm Tech Issues
RE: RV electrical

My 2 cents is opposite of the previous post: If the GFCI that the RV is plugged into trips, there is something wrong with the RV's electrical system. I want to know about it as soon as possible, and get it fixed. I actively seek out GFCIs for powering the RV.
Wayne Dohnal 08/13/14 09:47am Tech Issues
RE: RV electrical

The link to a page from a hot tub supplier isn't exactly something I'd call credible. OK, I'll stay out of tech stuff. The linked GFCI article on the hot tub supplier's site was originally on codecheck.com. It was removed some time ago from codecheck.com but survives on other sites. The author is a prof at U of Pennsylvania, has published hundreds of tech articles, and is a principal contributor at sci.electronics.repair and repairfaq.org. His GFCI article is referenced often on the Mike Holt forum, and I have not found any rebuttal to it there. For me, I consider it credible. Breaking the "no tech stuff" on edit, there's a newer GFCI chip from Fairchild that doesn't use the 120 Hz. signal. It still uses a 2nd coil which is normally not energized. When there's a downstream ground-neutral fault, the interaction of the 2nd coil with the main sense coil results in the sense amplifier oscillating, indicating the ground-neutral fault. I have a fairly new Leviton GFCI that uses a Fairchild chip. Older Leviton GFCIs used the LM1851 chip that uses the 120 Hz. signal. I don't know when the chip change occurred or if anybody uses the LM1851 any more. Here's a "How GFCIs work" powerpoint presentation that describes the 120 Hz signal technique: McGraw Hill GFCI presentation Slides 9 & 10 cover the grounded neutral detection.
Wayne Dohnal 08/12/14 02:38pm Tech Issues
RE: RV electrical

Huh? It does not inject a signal. Have you got a credible link to something that shows this?Too bad the large percentage of "How GFCIs work" pages on the Internet leave out half of its functionally. The ground-neutral fault function has been discussed on this forum multiple times for several years now. Links? Ground Fault Current Interrupters by Sam Goldwasser LM1851 Datasheet (Pages 6 & 7 are a good place to start) If you want proof, just connect the ground and neutral pins on a GFCI or downstream outlet together, and the GFCI will trip unless it's a really ancient one. You can do this on an installed device or on the workbench. It doesn't take a zero-ohm connection to do the trip. A lower resistance value that required for a hot-neutral trip to be sure, but nowhere near a dead short. How a GFCI works: Nema organization Need to read that document more carefully. It talks about grounded neutral detection at least a dozen times. The 120 Hz signal injection is how it's generally implemented.
Wayne Dohnal 08/11/14 07:28pm Tech Issues
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