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RE: 6 volt battery tenders?

Your 6 volt batteries are wired like THIS: Hook up the negative lead of the 12 volt battery tender to the "to ground lead" from the batteries and connect the positive lead of the 12 volt battery tender to the "12 volts out" lead from the batteries. You will be maintaining all four batteries. My battery tender can maintain more than one battery. Check to make sure your battery tender can maintain multiple batteries. Safe travels. JD
Yellowboat. 09/24/14 07:22pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Bridgestone/Firestone Tires

Les Schwab in Washington State put a new set of Bridgestone 19.5 tires on our motor home. I decided upon the Bridgestone tires because the date code was only 3 months old. With my new Bridgestone tires my motor home became very squirrely to drive. First trip on our new tires was to the coast. Because we were taking our grandchildren my wife drove some of the kids in our Dodge Durango and I drove the rest in the motor home. On the way to the coast, not towing, our motor home would dodge and swerve as we drove down the road. The first time my wife road in our motor home after installing the new Bridgestone tires she was scared to death. I weighed my coach and adjusted air pressure to meet Bridgestone tire pressurization charts. Les Schwab had inflated the tires to the max pressure. Adjusting pressure did not help. I had a steering stabilizer and rear trac bar added. My coach came with a front trac bar installed. The suspension mods made our coach drive a little better but it was still squirrely and would dodge either left or right whenever it decided too. After a few local trips we headed south for the winter. As we headed south our coach started behaving better. We took I-5 south through Oregon and California. After spending some time near LA and San Diego we moved on to Tucson, AZ. The last time our coach lurched was as we were driving into Tucson. Returning home from Tucson our coach drove great and it is still driving just fine. I sent an e-mail to Bridgestone but they never answered. I asked Les Schwab and they could not give an answer. I have posted on forums and asked RV industry experts but no one can give me an answer. My guess is that either the tires needed time to allow the rubber to age as they were only 3 months old when they were installed or the tires needed to be driven to break them in. I have never heard of either of my explanations. Safe travels. JD
Yellowboat. 09/18/14 11:30pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Routing Info, Bend to Livermore, CA

I take I-5 when traveling south from Washington, Oregon. 580 will take you closer to the big cities and lots of traffic. On your way to Bakersfield you can take I-5 or 99. Safe travels. JD
Yellowboat. 09/13/14 10:38am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Anyone noticed an increase in the rate of climate change?

This is my favorite graph on climate. The graph represents two billion years of Earth's history. Notice how there appears to be some type of thermostat that regulates Earth’s high and low temperatures. Also notice that the Earth is at the warmer temperature 80% of time and at the lower temperature about 20% or less. Notice that recent history has been oddly cool. Looking at this graph I would say that the Earth was going to warm up to the upper limit temperature, the temperature that is normal for Earth. I did get the sarcasm of the original post.
Yellowboat. 09/07/14 05:58pm Around the Campfire
RE: lightening strike?

X3 on GFI plug. If a few plugs are not working it is usually a GFI plug in the circuit. Remove and replace the GFI plug and the other plugs should work once more. Safe travels. JD
Yellowboat. 08/27/14 10:16pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: F53 warranty problems

My 2006 Ford F53 chassis had a 3 year warranty. At 3.5 years and 17,800 miles my engine started knocking. A ford dealer said that I needed a new engine. Make sure you get it fixed while you are still under warranty. Safe travels. JD
Yellowboat. 08/25/14 11:48am Class A Motorhomes
RE: I've got a couple years to learn

I don't know how good, or bad, this training is but for $20.00 you are not investing a lot of money. http://rvsafety.com/products-page/do-it-yourself-rv-care-preventive-maintenance-by-rv-doctor/ Safe travels. JD
Yellowboat. 08/25/14 11:41am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Yellow jackets (the stinging ones)

Two days ago I drained my black and gray water tanks on my motorhome. I hung the drain hose in my barn and as I was walking away something struck me on the back of my head. The spot started burning and stinging. I found a yellow jacket nest on the eve of the barn. I found two more yellow jacket nests on the eve of our house. The nests are no more. Today as I was cleaning the outside of our motorhome I saw something flying around. I got a little scared till I saw that it was a bee. He didn't bother me and I left him alone.
Yellowboat. 08/24/14 12:30am Around the Campfire
RE: RV Resorts/Parks in San Diego

There are two Navy Military RV parks in San Diego. I'm not sure how long you can stay in them but I believe they will allow active duty people to stay a little longer. Each military RV park has its own rules about length of stay. In San Diego there is the Admiral Baker RV Park and the newly built Fiddler's Cove RV Park. And just north of San Diego there are three military RV parks on Camp Pendleton. We have stayed at Admiral Baker RV Park and I have talked to active duty Navy personnel that were living there. I have never worried about safety in San Diego. That said, I believe both RV parks in San Diego do not have controlled access. Camp Pendelton, on the other hand, has controlled access. There is also a Navy Weapons Station in LA with an RV park about 15 miles from Disneyland and about 30 miles from Universal Studios. It also has controlled access. A nice place to go for a weekend stay. I don't think the RV parks in San Diego has storage facilities. I suspect the Navy has storage facilities somewhere in San Diego. Here is a link to Military Camping: http://www.militarycampgrounds.us/ Safe travels. JD
Yellowboat. 07/28/14 09:59pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Whats the best car to tow ??

A Saturn Vue can be towed as is. GM doesn't make the Vue anymore. The last Vue’s were built in 2009/2010. They do make a Chevy Captiva that is mostly the same car. One difference between the Vue and the Captiva is you pull a different fuse when you tow the car. You can't buy a Captiva new as it is only sold to Rental Company’s but used Captiva’s are now on the market. Whatever car you tow you will need to decide on a braking system. Safe travels. JD Captiva is not the same car as the view. It is much smaller. The same car as the view is the Equinox and the GMC Terrain. Both great toads. The 2007 through 2010 Saturn Vue and Chevy Captiva are the same size cars. Prior to 2007 the Saturn Vue was a larger car. In 2007 Chevy took over production of the Saturn Vue and they downsized the Vue. Here is a LINK. Look at the picture of the second generation Saturn Vue and then compare it to the Chevy Captiva. Info from link: Following the demise of the Saturn brand in 2009 for the 2010 model year, the Vue was discontinued. However, GM continued to produce the Chevrolet Captiva Sport, for the Mexican and South American markets. The Chevrolet Captiva Sport was introduced for the US commercial and fleet markets in late 2011 for the 2012 model year. Safe travels. JD
Yellowboat. 07/21/14 05:34pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Whats the best car to tow ??

A Saturn Vue can be towed as is. GM doesn't make the Vue anymore. The last Vue’s were built in 2009/2010. They do make a Chevy Captiva that is mostly the same car. One difference between the Vue and the Captiva is you pull a different fuse when you tow the car. You can't buy a Captiva new as it is only sold to Rental Company’s but used Captiva’s are now on the market. Whatever car you tow you will need to decide on a braking system. Safe travels. JD
Yellowboat. 07/20/14 10:42pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Slides awnings need replacing

I believe it is X5 for Tough Top Awnings. That is where I got mine. They worked great. Safe travels. JD
Yellowboat. 06/01/14 10:27pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: DirectTV / Wineguard

I don't know if it is still offered by DirecTV but at one time they sold a kit for use on your home system if for some reason your home antenna was disabled by a storm. The kit consisted of a DirecTV antenna, tripod, and cable. I bought one from DirecTV for $50.00 and used it in my RV till I bought a Carryout antenna. If you want, or need, HD this will not work. Here is a similar kit that is being sold on Ebay. Safe travels. JD
Yellowboat. 04/16/14 10:22pm Technology Corner
RE: Replacing Old TV w/Flatscreen...HELP!!!

Check here for pictures and info on TV replacement. These TV replacements are Winnebago's only but I think the ideas can be used in most RVs. Safe travels. JD
Yellowboat. 04/16/14 05:10pm Class A Motorhomes
Coach Battery Problem

DW and I headed south in November. We left our RV at my brothers house and returned home for Christmas. After about 4 weeks we returned to our RV to find the coach battery was dead. I charged it overnight and we were ready to leave the next day. While getting ready I discovered my jacks would not retract. I wondered if the dead battery had something to do with my jack problem. The jacks turned out to be an open circuit and probably had nothing to do with the battery. We traveled to Disneyland and stayed in a park nearby. I connected my Battery Minder to the battery and after 30 days the engine turned over 2 or 3 times and then click, click, click. I got the engine started and we moved to San Diego. My plan was to clean the battery contacts when we got settled. The battery contacts were last cleaned this past summer. When we arrived and got the coach set up I noticed my brake controller was still on. I crawled under the dash to remove the connecter from the controller and I noticed a small spark. The insulation on one of the wires had worn off on my brake release. I covered the area with electrical tape. When I connected my Battery Minder at San Diego the charging light was on. A few hours after I found and fixed the wire the light was blinking telling me the battery was fully charged. A day later it is still blinking. I believe I was very lucky to find this wire. It could have been hidden and very difficult to find. Safe Travels. JD
Yellowboat. 02/20/14 05:48pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Kwikee Jacks Fail To Retract

My jacks are finally repaired. The ribbon connector that connected my touch pad to the circuit board had an open circuit. I could move it around till the wires made a connection and then carefully press the buttons and I could get my jacks to work. I contacted Power Gear via e-mail and they let me know that the part I needed was not available. It was being re-designed. The new touch pad/circuit board arrived a few days ago and I was able to make repairs to my jack system. It is now working great. I hope their design changes have improved the reliability of the touch pad/circuit board. Safe travels. JD
Yellowboat. 02/15/14 09:03pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Having a problem towing a car on a trailer?

Till this year I towed an open trailer. I never had a problem with straps. Are you crossing the straps? In a former life I was a Flight Engineer on a Chinook Helicopter. When securing vehicles we were taught to cross the straps. The strap connected to the left side of the vehicle would be connected to a hard point on the right side of the aircraft at about a 45 degree angle. We did this for all four straps. I always did this on my trailer. When you tighten the straps you need enough wraps on the ratchet to lock the strap in place. Safe travels. JD
Yellowboat. 02/02/14 09:22pm Class A Motorhomes
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