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RE: No turning back... need advise moving forward

I use the Garmin 760 and am happy with it. http://jdfinley.com/garmin-dezl-760lmt-gps/ It allows you to program your coach size/weight so it can do a better job helping you avoid a bad route. X2 for the Garmin 760. It has a setting where it displays the miles to selected criteria. I programed in rest stops and truck stops. Safe travels. JD
Yellowboat. 09/21/16 11:02am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Corner weights in Forest City

I went on a weekend day. They leave the scales on and you can see the weight in the window. You have to drive with the wheels off the scale to get corner weights. I took a friend with me to guide me so that I was half on and half off. I thought that might be a little more accurate but it has been a lot of years since I took Statics at UT and I might be wrong. Most scales are not designed to be side stepped that way and it would have been interesting to see if you got a set of numbers, Then drove off and drove back on and see if you could repeat those numbers. If they changed, then how would you know if any of them were accurate? Having scales set up under each wheel set on an axle would give repeatable readings. I weighed my coach at a truck scale on I5 in Washington state. I weigh each corner, front, rear, and entire rig. My greatest discrepancy is when front and rear weights are added the result is 180 pounds less than the total rig weight reading. All other weight readings are within 80 pounds when added. For me the discrepancies were acceptable. Safe travels. JD
Yellowboat. 09/21/16 10:45am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2016 Ford F-53 Steering stabilizer

Yes. I had a Roadmaster steering stabilizer, trac bar, and rear sway bar installed on my 2016 22K Winnebago Sightseer 33C. Roadmaster didn't have a sway bar that fit but tbey were abile to modify a Tiffin Ford sway bar to fit my 2016. Because my dealership was about sixty miles fron Roadmaster headquarters they sent a team to measure my 2016 chassis for a sway bar. As far as I know there wasn't a problem installing the steering stabilizer. Safe travels. JD
Yellowboat. 08/18/16 03:00pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2017 F53 Tow Haul Problems

The 2016/2017 six speed transmission tow haul issues are on the 14,001 pound through 19,500 pound chassis. Tow haul works properly on the 22K and heavier Ford Chassis. Here is info from the IRV2 forum titled "Ford wont fix the 6speed problem". .... SSM 45876 - 2016-2017 F-53/F-59 - 6.8L Engine With GVWR 14,001 lb and through 19,500 lb - No transmission downshift on downhill In Tow Haul Mode Some 2016-2017 F-53 Motorhome Chassis and F-59 Commercial Stripped Chassis vehicles equipped with a 6.8L engine and a GVWR of 14,001 lb through 19,500 lb (4th digit of VIN is 4 or 5) may not downshift when going downhill when in Tow-Haul mode. Engineering is aware of this condition and is investigating. No repairs should be attempted at this time. Monitor OASIS for future updates. I have a 2016 22K Ford Chassis and my tow haul feature works as designed. Safe travels. JD
Yellowboat. 07/10/16 11:06pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Satellite radio check antenna warning

Two days of driving since tie wrap repair and XM radio is working perfectly.
Yellowboat. 03/28/16 01:57pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Satellite radio check antenna warning

I had the same problem with our 2016 Sightseer 33C. I could not access the back of the radio without taking the dash apart. We were taking a shake down cruise prior to returning for warranty fixes. I removed the heater vent and disconnected the heater duct hose to gain access to the back of the radio. I felt around and discovered that the satellite antenna connection was in the proper hole but not fully seated. I pushed it in fully seating it. It has worked fine since then. I had my dealer double check the radio in a warranty visit and they said that everything checked out. JD Update. What I thought was the antenna was instead the mike. I once again removed the heater vent and duct and I found the black box. I have secured the antenna with a tie wrap around the box. Tomorrow I will see if this fixes my antenna searching problem. Safe travels. JD
Yellowboat. 03/26/16 07:54pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Satellite radio check antenna warning

I had the same problem with our 2016 Sightseer 33C. I could not access the back of the radio without taking the dash apart. We were taking a shake down cruise prior to returning for warranty fixes. I removed the heater vent and disconnected the heater duct hose to gain access to the back of the radio. I felt around and discovered that the satellite antenna connection was in the proper hole but not fully seated. I pushed it in fully seating it. It has worked fine since then. I had my dealer double check the radio in a warranty visit and they said that everything checked out. JD
Yellowboat. 02/16/16 11:29am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Where did traditional oven go?

We just purchased a new 2016 Winnebago Sightseer. We looked at a lot of coaches before we made our decision about the new coach we like. After deciding on the make and model we got a pick sheet with all available options. One option was an oven or a stack of drawers. I asked my wife many times what her preference was. She said that she needed storage space so we opted for the drawers. If you find a make and model that you like see if you can order one with your preferences from the factory. I sent copies of my pick sheet to a number of local dealers and one that was known nationwide. A few dealers were willing to give prices and I would share the lowest price without disclosing the dealership. We went through a number of bidding cycles till I was ready to make a deal. It is easier to compare bids when they are all pricing the exact same RV. And we did not spend one minute in a showroom negotiating prices with a salesman. A downside is that it took a little more than three months for Winnebago to build and deliver our new coach. Safe travels. JD
Yellowboat. 02/13/16 11:45am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Winnebago Quality control

We bought a 2016 Winnebago Sightseer 33C which we ordered from the factory. We have found some minor quality issues so far. An access panel in the bedroom for shower plumbing had double start marks for every screw. I had my dealer change the panel. The XM radio antenna fell out of the radio. The coax cable that connects from the satellite connection to the switch box provides a snowy picture. Plus other minor items. The RV industry is ramping up from a dip in the market. RV manufacturer are hiring new employees and are trying to get them trained. Unfortunately their training has resulted in reduced quality that is testing the quality control systems of all RV manufactures. Some manufacturers will do better at catching defects than others. After delivery I discovered a crack in the front lower fiberglass cap. The delivery driver ran into something. My new MH had to go to a body shop for repairs. After the fiberglass was repaired and the front repainted I had to wait 30 days and then return to the body shop so they could apply the 3M shield. On the way home from the body shop I had my third P300 (Random misfires) engine light. My coach is currently at a Ford truck service center to find the fault. Safe travels. JD
Yellowboat. 12/19/15 11:33am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Steering help needed.

Hello I have a new 2016 Winnebago Sightseer 33C on a 2016 Ford F-53 chassis. I ordered our new coach from Winnebago. I had a Safe-T-Plus steering damper installed. It helped my Ford chassis. Safe travels. JD
Yellowboat. 11/17/15 11:59am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 6v vs 12v

I seldom dry camp. My experience with 12 volts is that they did not last long in my RV. I tried chargers that prevented sulfation, but even so I went through three sets of 12 v batteries in 5 years. The first set was bad when I bought the coach new. The second set lasted a little more than 2 years with a Battery Minder charger and a water fill kit that made keeping my batteries hydrated easy. My third set made it another 2 years more or less. Six volt golf cart batteries have thicker plates and can tolerate more stress over time. For me it was buying more of the less expensive 12v batteries or buying less of the more expensive 6v batteries. If my experience with 12v batteries had continued I would have spent more on 12v batteries in the long run. We just purchased a new coach and part of the deal was for the dealership to transfer my old 6v batteries to our new coach. Some suggest buying 6v batteries at Costco to get a good low cost battery. I opted for Trojan 6 volt batteries. Safe travels. JD
Yellowboat. 11/04/15 11:44am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Finding DirecTV Coax Cable

I never could find the satellite antenna coaxial cable. I tried a signal generator but it only worked at the the end of the coaxial cable and I needed to find the cable in the middle of the run. I also tried a 9 volt battery and I found two cables with a charge. I traced both cables to the switch box and neither cable had the correct color codes. So, yesterday I ran a cable from the bedroom, under the coach, and up the windshield post to the area of my satellite receiver. I tested it and it works. In the bedroom I changed the single cable outlet to a double. I then connected a switch box allowing me to send the signal forward or allow a connection in the bed room. I also ran a cable from the outside cable/satellite connections to add a second connection to my DirecTV satellite box from my portable satellite antenna. The two cables were ran together under my coach. I will connect the two cables from my portable satellite antenna and the two cables from my roof mounted satellite antenna to two switch boxes like the one in our bedroom. A: on both switch boxes will connect to the roof antenna and B: on both switch boxes will connect to the portable satellite antenna. I have to add tie wraps under our coach to make sure everything is secure but it is raining today. Safe travels. JD
Yellowboat. 10/28/15 11:44am Technology Corner
RE: Need a new GPS, recommendations etc.

I use the Garmin 760 as well. My experience is mostly Garmin products. Before there were GPS devices I used a PDA with GPS software. My first Garmin had a CRT screen. I like the Garmin 760. I've owed it for about six months and I'm still learning features. One feature not on my older Garmin GPS's is a ping and text notification when the speed limit changes either up or down. I find this feature useful when driving on secondary roads and I'm prewarned about an upcoming slowdown that often indicates a small town or congestion. In Garmin devices I have never needed an external antenna. The antenna built into the device is all that is needed. Any electronic navigation device can lead you astray. We carry maps and we use them when traveling. My wife likes to track our trips on maps and she will override the GPS if she doesn't like the route. And with my wife tracking our trips on a map and with GPS we have some well remembered trips when we ended up in the middle of nowhere. Safe travels. JD
Yellowboat. 10/26/15 12:25pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Finding DirecTV Coax Cable

Simplest? Signal generator and tracer. Can I use a signal generator and tracer to find the middle of a line. I have both ends but I need to find the wire in a bundle. I have disconnected all of the lines from the switch box and I get continuity on only two cables. I have a 50/50 chance of splicing the correct cable.
Yellowboat. 10/21/15 05:52pm Technology Corner
Finding DirecTV Coax Cable

In our new coach Winnebago directed one line out from our satellite antenna to the front of our coach and the other line out to the rear bedroom. I would like to identify the coax running from the antenna to the rear bedroom so that I can redirect it to the front to connect to my DirecTV satellite box. I have access to a bundle of coax wires and I'm trying to identify the wire running from the antenna to the bedroom outlet. I tried using ohms to check continuity on the outer shield wire. I find that all cables show continuity even when I have disconnected both ends of the coax. There must be a connection and a ground somewhere in the coax wire system. Does anyone have a method of identifying coax cables in the middle of a run?
Yellowboat. 10/21/15 05:13pm Technology Corner
RE: New Ford 2016 with six speed tranny

Yes, I have one. I traded our 2006 F-53 Ford chassis in on the 2016 F-53 Ford chassis. The 2016 chassis is easier to drive than our 2006 chassis. I can relax more when driving as the new chassis is more solidly in the lane of traffic. I believe that the improvement is in part due to the 22.5 wheels. I also had a trac bar, sway bar, and Safe-T-Plus steering damper added. The new six speed transmission appears to be great. RPMs on our 2006 chassis would top out around 5,300 RPMs. I never liked the engine noise at 5,300 RPMs and I would intervene and keep RPMs between 4,000 and 4,500 RPMs. So far the new six speed transmission and V-10 engine combination tops out at 4,300 RPMs. It is much quieter when climbing hills with cruise control on. IMHO I like the new Ford F-53 chassis. When we ordered our new coach I thought that it would be built on a 2015 chassis. I didn't become aware of the 2016 changes until after our new coach was being assembled. I asked our salesman which chassis our coach was on and he gave us the VIN number. We have chassis number 617 in the 2016 F-53 chassis. Safe travels. JD
Yellowboat. 10/19/15 11:27am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Winnebago, Schwintek In-Wall Slide-Out system - Problems ??

The new Winnebago's have a new system. The rail is not fastened to the slide wall. It is attached at one end and is flexible. Apparently a real improvement. I have a new one on order so I will know soon enough. The mechanics told me about the new system. Told me it freaks the owner out because the rail will flex and bow out on the side of the slide, which is norma. We picked up our new 2016 coach about a month ago. It is freaky to see the rails bending. We have used the coach once with a planned drop off at the dealership so that they can start fixing factory defects. Our coach is currently in the body shop to fix damage caused by the delivery driver. He hit something cracking the bottom lip of the fiberglass front end in two places, scratches in one area, and spider web cracking in the paint in three places. We are scheduled to pick up our coach this week for our next trip. Hopefully our slides will not give us any troubles. JD
Yellowboat. 10/04/15 09:15am Class A Motorhomes
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