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yeah, it just screws in. the orings seal it, so dont overtighten it when installing the replacement.
azpete 04/19/14 03:06pm Class A Motorhomes

you should go ahead and order one from hwh. i dont believe you will be able to disassemble the solenoid and reconnect the wire correctly, but while waiting for the new one to arrive, you may want to try that.
azpete 04/18/14 12:32pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Trucks or Buses Left Lane Only. Does that mean me?

what ever happened to common sense. use the left lane as needed. get in the right lane when appropriate, whether its the left or right. safety should be your first concern. motorhomes are not considered trucks. however following truck rules for safety is not a bad idea. having driven over almost all the major highways , 4 lane and two, in the lower 48 states, in various size vehicles,, ive found common sense, courtesy, and restraint using the middle finger has resulted in no accidents of any magnitude. hopefully the second million will be the same uneventful experience.
azpete 04/13/14 10:12am Class A Motorhomes
RE: trip to Iowa concerns!

be sure to verify your appointment with hwh a few days in advance. the month of july is one of the busiest months for hwh because of the winnebago grand national rally. get there early. there are parking spaces available, with electric hookups, first come first serve. there are also plenty of dry camping spots. if you arrive early afternoon, you will have a better chance of a spot. there are other campgrounds near by. the only close restuarants are in tipton, 9 miles north. the good one next door closed a couple of years ago. there goes the pie.
azpete 03/03/14 01:40pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: creeping slide

mike, the check valve is located on the side of the room manifold. its a 9/16 brass fitting with a spring and check inside. be careful when you remove it. dont lose the spring. the part number is RAP10021. its less than 10 dollars, and includes several different checks, and a new cap. it doesnt include the spring. fossil, the cylinder leak would make the slide move after its extended or retracted, but when you are running the slide, it should equalize and move in or out evenly. the extend solenoid valve is mounted higher on the manifold than the retract solenoid. the harness is also marked
azpete 02/23/14 09:02am Class A Motorhomes
RE: creeping slide

mike, i am part of hwh tech support. have been for almost 17 years. also have real life experience in the rv industry since 1967, being a service manager for 25 of those years. do the test. i stand by my statement. a retract solenoid will only cause the room to creep in. so many people made the same mistake that hwh finally gave up trying to get one solenoid replaced, and chose to go with replacing both. the theory was you cant miss with both being replaced.
azpete 02/21/14 04:52pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: creeping slide

mike, read the replacement bulletin again. if both ends creeps out, it is the extend solenoid. not the retract solenoid. that thinking is exactly the reason hwh recommends replacing both solenoids. you cant miss. i dont mean to be critical, but its a costly mistake to replace the wrong one. for a test of this theory, just open the extend solenoid when the slide is retracted. it will move out 3 to 4 inches. if instead, you open the retract solenoid, with the slide closed, it wont move. if both ends of the slide only moves out 1 to 2 inches, it will likely be the check valve. thats why proper diagnosis is so important. if only one end moves, the room cylinder or the sync cylinder is suspect. if there is no external leak, you will need a couple of pressure gauges,and a shutoff valve to diagnose this problem. low fluid will not affect creeping. if the slide moves all the way out, and all the way in, the fluid level is not part of the problem.
azpete 02/21/14 08:32am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Replace Water Heater

i have had a girard tankless water heater in my coach for two years. at first it was a learning curve to use, but it has not caused any problems for me.
azpete 02/18/14 11:06am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: use hydraulic lifts down or up in winter for storeing

hwh jack cylinder shafts do not rust. american made stainless steel does not rust. the outer tube and the housing are steel, and will rust. even on hwh. chrome plated steel like some other manufacturers use will rust. the newer hwh jacks with nickel impregnated steel shafts do not rust. impregnated means molecules of nickel combine with the steel molecules in a way that they are intertwines with each other. not just adhering to the surface. the standard test for corrosion is 100 hours of hot salt water spray. the newer shaft showed no corrosion. as far as storing jacks down or up, its your money. your operators manual should tell you what they think. or call the manufacturer. in the end, its your coach so its your choice.
azpete 12/05/13 05:46am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Good mechanic in Vegas for toad?

johnnie walker on boulder highway if its the towing part. i would not recommend findlay chevrolet for anything. ive heard nothing but good things about ted wiens
azpete 12/05/13 05:28am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Are Sharkbite fittings effective?

rj why would you go buy fittings when you already have the crimp fittings in hand. and the vroom to use them. i carry all three in stock. crimp is the most permanent of all the repairs. i use that method whenever i have room. i think all three work just fine. i believe personally that crimp is best. just like the manufacturer.
azpete 12/03/13 05:47am Tech Issues
RE: Are Sharkbite fittings effective?

sharkbite fittings are good. they are also pricy. a quick effective fix. that said, i prefer flair it, or crimp fittings. just a personal choice. i have one of those expensive crimpers bought at a sale a few years ago. not at the $200 original cost. they work, but you need room to operate them. flair it works in close quarters. as you can see, there are a variety of things you can use to repair a leak. to me, the situation dictates which i use for the repair. i keep the most common of all three in stock.
azpete 12/02/13 06:30am Tech Issues
RE: Live and Learn -- Didn't Get my MH

its only as is when you write the check. up un til then, no question is wrong to ask. no inspection means he knows the problems and is not willing to be bothered with them. its not that he is trying to cheat you, its just that he doesnt want to do the repairs. its up to you to make sure you get what you want, at a price you are comfortable with. dont worry, there is a motorhome out there that you will eventually find and own. drop all your other hobbies, this one will take all your money. even one in great condition still takes lots of care. ive owned several. none were without opportunities to learn about repairs.
azpete 12/02/13 06:23am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Friend with a major problem

i know in advance, ill get jumped on, but here goes. any shop that allows and accepts a customer self diagnosed problem to be repaired without a proper diagnostic check deserves having its repair procedures questioned, as well as their workmanship. like reagan said, trust but verify. there are a variety of ways to end up with a big puddle of coolant on the ground without it being a water pump. several holes in the radiator comes to mind. you leave yourself open to a lot of criticism when the repair fails to fix the problem, or causes another to pop up. i know there are times that one repair begats another on older coaches, but there are too many parts put on this coach to have the major failure described here. it doesnt appear that the water pump and the oil leak are related, so something was missed or incorrectly diagnosed,or the story is missing major sections of explanation. this is most often the case. unless there is some very apparent reason which i dont see, the shop has no liability. they did what the owner requested. its up to the owner to prove the shop did something wrong. like i said, if you or your shop doesnt personally do a diagnosis, and start throwing parts at a problem, you end up with stories like this. to the owner, if you leave home with an older coach, or any coach for that matter, you had better either have had it checked over and pronounced good to go, and be mechanically inclined enough to take care of it yourself, or have a fat wallet. on the road repairs can get very expensive.
azpete 12/01/13 05:36am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Reliable place to ge tmy RV worked on in Las Vegas/Henderson

i also would recommend johnnie walker. certainly not findlay chev. they do not think rv service is a priority for them. my personal experience.
azpete 11/13/13 08:50am Class A Motorhomes
RE: HWH leveling jack won't go up

why not fix the problem. bypassing a safety device is dangerous. the park brake connection is made at the switch on the park brake mechanism. its just not making a good connection. it may just need cleaning.
azpete 11/10/13 04:57pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Cambria Hydraulic Leak

take some engine cleaner and clean the pump and reservoir. then run the system. check the manifold hose connections and the valves for leaks. it should be apparent where the leak is.
azpete 11/10/13 04:54pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Good RV repair place close to Denver?

transwest truck and trailer fountain colorado, 1-719-533-1005 1800-685-0569 these guys are chassis guys. very good at what they do. rv friendly service center. tom nerhus is the rv service manager
azpete 11/05/13 08:20am Class A Motorhomes
RE: looking for a project camper?

all rv are ongoing projects. you dont need another hobby if you own a rv, of any kind. with upkeep, modifications, and just putzing, you can expend a very large amount of money in a very short time. but lord, its fun. that all that really counts.
azpete 10/23/13 09:53am Class C Motorhomes
RE: HWH jack springs

find the AP model number located on the cylinder. if you cant read one side try the other. front jacks on either side are always the same. rear jacks on either side are also the same. they may even show different model numbers on one side, but if you check the quick reference guide you will find the replacement parts are the same.
azpete 10/21/13 09:25am Class A Motorhomes
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