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RE: It's not us- it's the process that stinks CW-Oakwood, GA)

Crabby -- I used my water hose with a pressure regulator attached. thanks for the reply, however.
bodyshop bob 03/09/15 08:17pm Camping World Service and Installation
It's not us- it's the process that stinks CW-Oakwood, GA)

We discovered a water leak in our brand new unit as we were blowing out the lines getting ready to go on our first camping trip of the season on Friday. How can a brand new unit with "Winterized" stickers on every sink have a water leak? How come this wasn't caught at PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection). This is what two different Service Advisors, Lamont and Natalie, told us on separate occassions. New units are PDI'd shortly after arrival at the collision center which is just up the road from the sales/service location. If necessary, (it's always necessary) a Repair Order is opened to order parts to correct issues noticed at PDI. If it isn't a safety issue, the unit is then MOVED TO THE SALES LOT. Lamont,a Service Advisor told me, "it's real common that we find we've adopted a file with an open RO that has several parts on order that we didn't know anything about". So, if they did find a water leak at PDI no one knew about it in Sales and Service to tell me. I find it after spending $110.00 on a camping spot that I now couldn't use and my Friday off is spent disassembling my brand new 5th Wheel to diagnose a water leak instead of enjoying a beautiful day. Spoke with Service Advisor Natalie today who tells me, "we haven't worked out all the kinks with this new process yet". (PDI'ing units at drop off at the collision center versus Service doing it prior to a delivery after a sale) Yah think? Who's going to reimburse me for the $110.00 lost on the campsite or the wasted day of PTO?
bodyshop bob 03/09/15 09:46am Camping World Service and Installation
RE: Multi Insurance Policies in Ohio

I wouldn't be too concerned about throwing the trailer in with the house and cars. Definitely insure house and at least 2 cars with one major provider. Basically there are two types of customers-- those that want an agent and those that don't. If you want an agent I'd go shop 2 or 3 Independent agents that represent many different companies and toss the house and 2 cars in the pot. If you don't want an agent get used to having your email account and home phone blow up when you spend an afternoon on the Interwebs searching for deals. You can typically insure a trailer through many different companies that specialize in RV's and you can add the 3rd vehicle (use the oldest) to get a multi-vehicle discount. Ask the RV Insurance people how (or if) the awning is covered. If you're still paying for the RV ask about enhanced total loss coverage that covers the cost of the loan; ask about diminishing deductibles that reduce your deductible every year until you hit $0. Good Sam; Blue Sky; Allied are all decent carriers for RV's.
bodyshop bob 03/03/15 05:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: What a day! Bad accident on the way to get TT

The insurance will give us 12,400 minus 1,000 deductible. Not bad for a 11 years old bare bone truck with only 70K miles. I took my brake controller out while I was waiting for the tow truck. No way I would let that go. I got the rest of the stuff today. Any chance you can buy your totalled truck from the insurance company? They will be selling it to a salvage company for a very low price. They will sometimes/often let you have it for the same price. For the amount they are giving you there is a chance you can get it repaired for less. You could even come out ahead, especially if you know someone who can do the repairs or if you can live with some minor cosmetic damage. Their own repair estimate is possibly or even probably lower than what they are giving you, since they will total it if the estimate is 80%, give or take, of the book value. Granted you will have a salvage title, but if you intend to keep it for a while it won't matter too much. Michael I'd advise strongly not to think about repairing a truck with a damaged frame unless you could find a decent used frame to replace. Typically, shops try to pull frames straight and depending on what type of steel that can cause brittle points. Best bet is to verify the offer price from the Insurance company (call your local bank and ask them what Fair Market Value is for your truck)and never try to accept the first offer. Point out that your truck has significantly lower mileage than the average truck that old. Ask to see the "comps" the Insurance company used to value your truck. How far away did they have to search to find three similar trucks? Make a very reasonable counter offer (say 10% higher) and see what happens. Worth spending a few hours in research before agreeing to the deal. Who knows, the Insurance company may have shot you a good 1st offer but you'll never know unless you do some homework.
bodyshop bob 03/03/15 03:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: On the other hand, I had a very good experience

Just for the record -- I've only used an RV dealer twice for service work. I owned an Outback for about 7 years that had a fussy hotwater heater that got fixed after a few attempts and my first TT was a Fourwinds that blew an axle seal. My Jayco TT had minor issues that I tracked down and fixed myself even though I carry the CW Ext warranty. Just easier and quicker to do it myself. The rest of ya'll should stay away from caffeine and simple sugars and just go for a walk before posting something. I work in a Service Industry and I deal with screamers, whiners, liars and cheats frequently. The challenge is to not become immune and de-humanized so you fail to recognize a legitimate situation and offer a proper remedy. Service people are the same as any other, most are okay, some are excellent and some should be selling apples on the corner. Lighten up and compliment the ones that excel and be polite to the ones that try and let management know when you come across a dud - without ruining your message by spewing bile and hatred.
bodyshop bob 02/01/15 07:45pm Camping World RV Sales
On the other hand, I had a very good experience

Hello Team CW: I just wanted to memorialize my experience with CW-Oakwood, GA. This is the 3rd unit we've purchased from this dealer. This one took the longest and was the most stressful, but in the end I think I got a good deal and I know I got a heck of a good unit. My appreciation to my sales professional, Renzo who patiently and politely answered every offer, email and contact I made. The floor manager Jeff did a good turn for us, as well. At the end, I couldn't squeeze the grape for another dime below advertised price except for a gift card. In the end, although I don't think the deal was great; I'm equally sure that there wasn't going to be a better offer given to anyone else. Thanks CW. Bob & Carla
bodyshop bob 01/29/15 07:14pm Camping World RV Sales
RE: Pigeon Forge, TN During Spring Break

Not sure if you already have your campground picked, if not, wife and I stayed at Up the Creek RV Camp this past weekend. TOP NOTCH! Very impressed, probably in our top 3 campgrounds. Worth a look. Also, the new development, The Island, is awesome! Since Bulldawg and I were neighbors I will also give a shout out to Up the Creek. And yes, the crowds are thick during Spring Break. If your Break occurs in early to mid-March don't be surprised if snow/freeze is encountered.
bodyshop bob 11/13/14 12:36pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Hard Labor state park in Ga.

Before we got into RV'ing I've played quite a few rounds at the golf course and enjoyed the course a lot. So the DW and I went to the CG a few months ago to pick out some sites for our Fall Break outing and were really disappointed in the CG. The sites were quite small on averaage with very outdated electrical boxes. Since GA State Parks does not use a Reservation system (even though they dumped the old state-driven reservation system and signed up with Reserve America) it made us worried that after driving 1 1/2 hours we might find ourselves stuck on a site that just wouldn't work. The sites are level and very shaded which is good for any time earlier than Oct/Nov. There is an Observatory on the Park grounds that offers free visits on selcted Saturday nights during the Summer that gets rave reviews. The golf course is almost World-class. The CG is only good if you have units under 30' for most sites.
bodyshop bob 10/29/14 01:59pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Might be a Rant or could be an Idea -- not sure

PCB = Panama City Beach, FLorida. Where Saint Andrew State Park (SP) is located.
bodyshop bob 09/13/14 08:55am General RVing Issues
Might be a Rant or could be an Idea -- not sure

DW and I just got back from St. Andrew in PCB and drove over and checked out Grayton Beach. We've done St. George, Anastasia, Henderson Beach and (OMG)Faver-Dykes. Florida State Parks are better than most other State Parks but that doesn't make them a Peach, either. So here's my sorta Rant: Most SP campgrounds are getting rundown due to lack of maintenance and overuse. There is only X amount of dollars available for the entire maintenance budget per Park and its got to be doled out according to greatest use and need. There are more Day-use folks than RV'ers so areas with heavy Day-use need and deserve more upkeep. I get that. However, when RV'ers spend money locally those dollars have a greater impact because we use and require far less services. A citizen living in PCB pays more in property tax and sales tax dollars than I do during my 2 week stay but I don't use services like schools, Police, etc. So, my local investment is significantly greater than the Average Joe Six Pack that lives there. That's why Tourism dollars are so desirable. So - the CG gets run down because RV'ers aren't represented enough in total visits; but my contribution to the PCB economy is greater than the average citizen. Why aren't companies that receive a greater share of the Tourism dollar (restuarants, boat rental, fishing charter, RV repair) working with the local State Parks to update, improve and modernize the Campgrounds? When you think of the Infrastructure impact a 10 story Condo creates versus a 100 site Campground the real value of our Dollars versus the hotel/condo Dollars is extreme. Yes, the hotel/condo crowd is much, much larger than the RV crowd but it costs the city more to handle the Condo'ers. I think a "Friends of Saint Andrew" organization made up from the businesses we frequent would be a great investment in insuring I contine to visit the PCB area. Just a thought........
bodyshop bob 09/13/14 08:46am General RVing Issues
RE: Progressive Insurance Problems with Claim

Hi DaySping: I've spent the past several years in auto claims. Based upon your facts of loss and the year of the unit it doesn't sound good. Insurance laws vary state to state but the loss adjusting philosophy is pretty uniform. Two very important words are "reasonable" and "prudent". Is it reasonable to think a 16 year old roof would fail, regardless of maintenance? If it is reasonable to believe it wasn't "sudden" or "accidental" then coverage probably won't be offered. You have to prove the loss was sudden and accidental and offer support to show it wasn't reasonable that your 16 year old roof failed. Sadly, that is going to be quite difficult. I'm sure somewhere there is an expert that could examine the failed roof and determine if the polymers failed due to age or the wind. Your shop technician is most likely not capable of making that determination. You could try to speak to the Claims Manager and ask for some assistance. You could speak to their superior and ask the same. I know for a fact the company I work for HATES to have something posted on Twitter or Facebook that is negative. But purely from a claims handling perspective you are in a weak position due to the age of the roof.
bodyshop bob 09/12/14 10:35am General RVing Issues
RE: Blow up beds in couch

The queen sized airbed pump died in the first 6 months of ownership and we had a little trouble getting our dealer and Jayco to coordinate but finally got a replacement. It worked great for over a year but now the bed has a slow leak we can't find. The dealer told us they had lots of issues with owners trying to inflate or deflate with the pump obstructed which caused it to burn out. My understanding is that Jayco discontinued using airbeds beginning in 2013 but I don't know that for a fact. Comfort-wise the airbed was a vastly superior product to the old jack-knife deals. Those were and continue to be horribly uncomfortable.
bodyshop bob 09/12/14 10:08am General RVing Issues
RE: Insurance Company giving me a hard time

State insurance laws vary a lot from state to state but the principle underlying insurance is typically the same. That being said a recognized "principle" for a covered loss is "sudden and accidental". Did one snow event cause the loss or a build up of snow over the winter? If you can't pin down a general day or couple of days, was this "sudden"? Doesn't sound like it. 2. Independent Appraisers are Independent. They do not get to say what is covered and what isn't. They are appraisers hired by the insurance company and they do not get to speak for the insurance company. 3. I noticed a lot of anger/bitterness/resentment toward insurance companines in the comments. If you dislike your insurace company then change insurance companies. Insurance claim reps are held to a percentage of claims closed within 7 or 10 days. Their raises and bonuses are dependent on hitting this goal. For a claim to go this long really means something is preventing the claim from processing normally. A claim rep wants to pay your claim. Quickly. But if something isn't right they can't. 4. Everyone wants to hire a lawyer. In trying to close a Property Damage situation its usually not the smartest move. For Bodily Injury claims or Tort claims lawyers are fine. Look up Public Adjusters. Talk to one. Explain exactly what happened and ask for advice. Call the Insurance company. Ask to speak to the local Claims manager. Be nice and explain that you would like them to review the file and make a decision. Ask what else can I show or provide that would assist you in making a decision? Ask, politely, what has held up the determination of coverage? Good luck with your claim. BC
bodyshop bob 08/28/14 12:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: Great Smoky Mountains area RV Campgrounds

Hi Wolf: What is your idea of a nice campground? CG store important to you? Pool? Location? Scenery? Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge has a little of just about everything you're looking for. If Fall camping in the area for the 1st time and traffic gets you a little crazy -- bring lots of pills. Colors can be okay and 48hrs later can be dazzling or gone if heavy rain/wind comes thru. If you want out-of-the-way but not remote and don't need lots of amenities you can try "Camping in the Smokies" out 321 from Gatlinburg and a favorite with the Crafters in town for the show. If you like amenities "River Plantation" just outside of PF is nice but traffic can be staggering. If you like nice camp sites with some room and privacy and don't need pool or bath houses the best in class is called "Up the Creek" out 321 in PF and away from traffic.
bodyshop bob 08/25/14 01:46pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Oneida, Tn

Grew up in the area. Bandy Creek is nice. Agree with trip to Stearns and the sites up in KY. Another option is in Huntsville area. Trails End CG is nice but caters to ATV riders taking advantage of Brimstone which is a massive ATV area. If you ever go back look into a city called Rugby. A neat little community founded by some English group dedicated to a Utopian society. A number of historic homes still exist and it is worth the visit.
bodyshop bob 07/08/14 06:03pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Garilinburg Area Camping

Hi Jeff, Your question is too generic. G'burg and PForge have lots of campgrounds. Do you have kids? Need playground/pool/rec room? Like more open sites with a little elbow room? Close to town important? We've stayed in the area at least once a year for over 20 years and know it well. Give some details of what you'd like and we'll help you out.
bodyshop bob 06/22/14 07:44am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Atlanta area to Henderson Beach State Park

Needing advice on "best" route to Henderson Beach. The online services are split between I-85 to I-185 to Columbus/Phenix City through LA (lower Alabama)to I-10 and over; OR, stay on I-85 to Montgomery, AL to I-65 for just a bit to Ala 55 to either DeFuniak Springs or other local routes. The DW has nightmares of running out of diesel along the way or not being able to squeeze into a Ma/Pa gas station in Alabama. We've taken the first route quite a few times heading to PCB but I've never taken the 2nd choice. Looking for previous travelers who've used the 2nd route and their opinions. Thanks
bodyshop bob 06/03/14 12:00pm Roads and Routes

Sitting in my drive-way now is TT #3. The DW and I started the process for #4 and found what looked like an interesting deal online at CW-Birmingham. After numerous vehicles and the TT's and working for a few dealerships in the past; I was ready for the negotiations. I insisted and they agreed to handle everything via email as I work unusual hours and spend to much time on the phone during the day for work. They started with the usual "do you have a trade in" and the game was underway. What was kind of funny is that the sales associate kept mentioning MSRP on a used unit. What was unsurprising was the ridiculous trade in offer. I commented that if my trade in offer was typical of the margins they tried to maintain then they must have $XX in the used unit. That didn't go over well. After a day of back-and-forth emails with offers and counter-offers we never got close. I know that dealers are looking to maximize profit and I respect that. What I am rapidly getting tired of is the same old tried & true method of negotiations. Once they figure out that you've played the game and won a few hands in the past they quit dealing. The last quote I got was $500 HIGHER for the used TT than their previous offer but with a bit more on the trade. When they start going back up it was pretty obvious they had lost interest. There are companies springing up across America for a one price car purchase program that leverages the independent dealer network and relieves the buyer from the protracted silliness of negotiations. Maybe Marcus should consider offering a "One Price Online Guarantee" that allows for a reasonable profit to the dealer and saves the consumer from having to deal with rapacious sales managers. How about it, Marcus? Worth a shot? On Edit -- I got some follow up from the Response Team and got an email from the CW-Birmingham General Manager who told me the unit sold last Saturday. It was appreciated to get the follow up from CW.
bodyshop bob 05/30/14 09:43am Camping World RV Sales
TT engineers should live in one for a month

After reading about the new Jayco 338rets here and seeing pictures on the Jayco website the DW and I were anxious for some dealers locally to get some in so we could see for ourselves. We have the 308rets and we are looking for a similar design but with a larger bedroom. The 338 looked to be perfect. Finally, we were able to inspect one first-hand. Once again, the "engineers" have managed to put the satellite/cable TV jack on the right side up by the door so you have a cable running thru your site; the outside shower is cleverly placed directly under the city water hookup (about exactly where most people have the inline filter); the valve for one grey water tank is tucked directly under the bedroom slide and the other two are easily accessible; the 2 door pantry is narrow but deep insuring that you have to remove everything to get the one item in the back (slide out shelves would fix this)and interior shelves are NBA high. These issues plus 3 visible build flaws plus the unit is $13k more expensive than the 308 we bought 2 years ago equals a "no sale".
bodyshop bob 05/24/14 02:32pm Travel Trailers
RE: time to shop for new insurance?

How many cars do you own? Do you have an older one with just liability coverage? If so, swap it to Progressive and reclaim the multi-vehicle discount. I am in the insurance business and I always love reading these threads. One of the first pieces of data that shows on our main claims screen is Date of Policy Inception. We treat every customer with great respect and courtesy but we will exhaust all levels of courtesy to make a loyal customer happy. Been there and done it myself. Now, is it still financially smart to shop around? Absolutely. But you should typically put everything with one provider- auto, home, rv, life, etc. Multi line policies enjoy great discounts and your claims experiences will be all the nicer. Saving $200-$300 a year may entice some folks. I would rather know that if I have a claim the experience will be loaded in my favor.
bodyshop bob 05/14/14 07:49pm General RVing Issues
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