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RE: Yet another POOR Camping World installation.

Well, there are mistakes and then there is rank incompetence coupled with a "who cares" attitude. This looks more like the latter. Any discussion with the Service Mgr at the CW location?
bodyshop bob 07/31/15 09:03am Camping World Service and Installation
RE: Just an observation

The Service Advisor was fine - I had no issues with the poor guy. The problem was the lack of planning that had him alone. Personally, I always trained my office staff that a customer in front of you took priority over an incoming phone call. It's just that point -- it looks like no one has considered a customer's perception at CW and it certainly looks like no one is willing to spend some money to improve the customer interaction. On the other hand, Chick-Fil-A has actively pursued creating a great customer interaction, they spend the money to hire the staff and think about ways to constantly improve the customer experience. Let me give you one example: Several months ago the DW and I were there in the evening. It was cold and rainy out. The store manager was outside with a large golf umbrella and as customers parked the manager would escort them inside under the umbrella. It was, and continues to be, the single greatest example of customer service I've ever witnessed. It cost the store nothing, it didn't involve training or material and it had tremendous impact. It was undoubtably born out of a desire to please the customers and show appreciation for coming out on a miserable night. THAT is customer service.
bodyshop bob 06/03/15 06:57am Camping World Service and Installation
RE: Where not to picnic GSMP

I lean toward the "not knowing" camp. I know that spot well. It has the universal sign (to RV'ers) for a dump station and it's written out, too. However, 15 years ago "dump station" wasn't in my everyday vocabulary. These young'uns had probably been denied the RVing experience and had no clue. The Sugarland Visitor Center is close by and is usually packed.
bodyshop bob 06/02/15 09:05am General RVing Issues
RE: Just an observation

Wow! Here is an apple and here is an orange. If you want a $3.49 repair I'm sure you could have been out that fast. A little bit more goes into service at an RV dealer than fast food. Wow -- comprehension is a gift! I was obviously referring to the entire check in experience and not the repair itself. They plan to have the unit for a couple of weeks. Just to grind it to a fine point -- there is not one iota difference between the 2 processes. One just took entirely too long. so you think your comparison between a kfc and an rv service center are an equal and fair comparison ? Maybe a car dealership and an Rv dealer but fast food really? Last time I took my wife's Mercedes in for service I was greeted immediately , by a greeter who took the key and moved the vehicle, I waited about 20 minutes to actually talk to the service advisor. you must be from the " I want it now! " generation. Also have been to a few RV dealers, waiting is on par with auto dealers. Actually, no. This is probably going to irk you slightly; but, there isn't a dimes worth of difference from a donut shop to M/Benz dealer. Both are service companies. Both survive by meeting the needs of its customer, both have a unique medium. Be it bagels or Benz's the art of creating a pleasing customer experience begins by striving to please your customer. Then, you design processes that do that and build staff and incur expenses related to delivering the experience. Put more simply, you can want to please a customer or you can plan to please a customer. One is free and never works the other can be expensive and sometimes works. It's the culture that delivers the difference.
bodyshop bob 06/01/15 02:08pm Camping World Service and Installation
RE: Just an observation

Wow! Here is an apple and here is an orange. If you want a $3.49 repair I'm sure you could have been out that fast. A little bit more goes into service at an RV dealer than fast food. Wow -- comprehension is a gift! I was obviously referring to the entire check in experience and not the repair itself. They plan to have the unit for a couple of weeks. Just to grind it to a fine point -- there is not one iota difference between the 2 processes. One just took entirely too long.
bodyshop bob 06/01/15 01:29pm Camping World Service and Installation
Just an observation

Had an appointment and dropped off our 5er at CW- Oakwood today. Disconnected and walked over to Service where I queued up behind another gent. The one and only Service Advisor was on the phone and reviewing repair orders. So, we waited. And waited. And waited just a bit more. The SA acknowledged the gent in front and began waiting on him. Soon after another SA came in and took over gent #1. I came over, went over my concerns and and added some other items. Total time from walking in to leaving it with them was well over 30 minutes. Stopped by a CFA restaurant and was greeted in the drive thru by an employee who politely greeted me, immediately took my order and I waited less than a minute to receive my order. Extremely fast, amazingly friendly, and exactly what I ordered. Total time - maybe 3 minutes. Probably less. Why the difference between the 2 companies? Culture. That's it. A "want to" mentality. Both are service companies. Both use a medium to satisfy their customers. One uses RV's and one uses chicken. One does it very well and one doesn't.
bodyshop bob 06/01/15 01:16pm Camping World Service and Installation
RE: Big South Fork - Bandy Creek Campground

Thanks for the review. I grew up just outside of Oneida (gateway city outside of BSF) and we used to head down to the river to get in trouble as teens. Now, its all Federal land. Bandy Creek is pretty remote and the CG's around Huntsville all cater to the 4 wheeler crowd. In the Royal Blue area (Scott Co/Campbell Co line) they re-introduced elk a number of years ago. That's the area that's crying out for a nice CG catering to the hikers/sight see'ers. It's only 7 miles off I-75 and would probably do well with overnighters.
bodyshop bob 05/27/15 01:08pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Flooded trailer

From your description of the loss it sounds like it should be covered. An insurance company providing coverage and the trailer getting fixed correctly are two entirely different things. Please don't forget that. Your most important job once coverage is afforded is finding a reputable repair shop. Once you find that shop, trust them to do their job. Let them know you'd be happy to assist with any claims-related issues but don't try to control the repair. 50/50 as to if they repair or move forward with a total loss. If they decide to total send me a PM and I can give some pointers on how to maximize the offer.
bodyshop bob 05/10/15 05:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: National General has lost my business!_

How many of you check the plumbing under your shower? I noticed something running down the right rear tire cover. When I pulled the cover to see under the shower there was the p-trap just hanging there. The factory had glued the connection together instead of the correct way. We have vinyl floors never noticed any water (no carpet to get wet). Over time the floor in the bathroom, hall and out toward the kitchen area got soft. Very costly repair. I repaired the shower drain with a rubber coupling. Sure would've been nice to get some help from insurance for the floor repair. I don't believe it was a lack of maintenance on my part. Jeff Too late for this loss but a picture of the p-trap just hanging and your statement that it had always leaked would have supported an "accidental" loss and might have been covered by your insurance company. I've personally been involved with covered losses that were similar in nature. The age-old rule in insurance is coverage applies if the loss was "sudden and accidental". Just because it took time for you to notice the damage doesn't automatically deny the claim. The loss occurred because someone accidentally failed to connect the plumbing correctly. Another rule of thumb is, "an unbroken chain of events" so if you can successfully show such a chain existed in your loss then coverage might be afforded. You should know, however, that each use or event that led to the damage could be considered a separate loss and subject to a deductible. Insurance is weird.
bodyshop bob 05/10/15 05:33pm General RVing Issues
RE: National General has lost my business!_

There's part of me telling myself, "don't post this" but another part telling me "go ahead". First - the basic rule of thumb in providing coverage is "sudden & accidental". So, NatGen has a basis for the denial. However, and this is a big however, if your statement is true that CW has yet to identify the leak then a formal denial is impossible. How the water got in has yet to be determined. NatGen does NOT have to pay for a diagnostic - that's the owners responsibility. But without a diagnostic of how the water entered then the absolute truth of sudden and/or accidental isn't fully known. Did you have any violent thunderstorms recently? Could the water have entered thru a window left open accidently? If a window was left open it could be covered. Did high winds peel back some caulking allowing the water in? It could be covered. Simply put - without knowing where the water got in then the coverage is up in the air. Ask for a formal denial letter. Ask your adjuster to list who determined the cause of the intrusion and quote the policy specific language the denial is based. Then, pay CW there pound of flesh and go find another reputable repair shop and have them read the denial letter and see if they agree with the diagnosis from CW. If the new shop finds that the intrusion "could" be sudden or accidental you're back in the game by asking the adjuster to re-evaluate the original denial. 90 out of 100 adjusters don't know the first thing about RV construction. They absolutely rely on reputable shops telling them how and where the damage occurred. BTW - I know a little about how insurance companies work.
bodyshop bob 05/10/15 05:21pm General RVing Issues
RE: Cades Cove in GSMNP at Thanksgiving

Ditto the weather comments -- you have no idea what you'll get. However, there won't be any fall foliage except the very lowest elevations. That isn't necessarily a bad thing as they'll be fewer cars with FLA license plates messing up the traffic. It will be busier than you'd probably guess. T-giving is a pretty popular time for the campground and surrounding area. As to "best spots it will be 1st come - 1st served. You'll need a generator and some loops don't allow a genny. As the weather cools down the wildlife becomes much more active. You'll see so many turkeys you'll quit being impressed. Great time to hike some trails because the views are wonderful after the leaves fall. T-giving is quite busy in the G-burg and PF so plan accordingly if thinking about eating in town. All in all that's a great time to visit - as is any time in the Winter as the crowds finally disappear. Echoing the other comments -- it can go from throwing the football outside in T-shirts to well below freezing in 24 hours. Pay close to attention to the weather if planning some back country hikes.
bodyshop bob 05/10/15 04:41pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: wifi where?

Similar to RoyB -- we bought a Verizon JetPack Mifi at WalMart. We then buy 30 day wireless data plans. The wireless plans are available online thru Verizon and a number of retailers sell renew cards (like iTunes cards) for differing amount of data. The Mifi works wherever Verizon has coverage.
bodyshop bob 04/29/15 06:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: RV insurance

Good question on the towing -- wish I had clear answer. Thru your insurance (typically) towing is covered if you have a covered loss. Flat tires and mechanical breakdown are not covered losses. So - adding a road side assistance plan is not a bad idea. I will leave it to others to debate Coachnet vs Good Sam; however, neither one has its own service. They both (probably) use national tow vendors. Actual Cash Value (ACV) is okay if you bought it right and you paid a good bit down or if you own it outright. All RV's depreciate quickly which means the ACV continues to decline. If the value of the coach declines below the loan value (assuming there is a loan) and if a loss occurs that results in a total loss then you would be upside down on the pay-off. Basically, if you paid the coach outright then you won't be "upside down" but you may surprised how quickly it falls in value. If you do have a loan and you really want peace-of-mind you can ask about gap insurance which covers a portion (or all) of the difference between loan balance versus ACV.
bodyshop bob 04/25/15 03:59pm General RVing Issues
RE: Compare and Contrast TT's and 5er's

I'm only a few months into owning a new 5'er. Here's some quick observations: 1. That is one big dang camper that now looms over my truck bed. 2. Actual towing experience isn't greatly different. Haven't made long trip yet 3. Backing is different enough to know I have to practice. Bruises the ego 4. Hitching/Unhitching and set up is SO much easier. 5. I have new respect for OTR semi drivers 6. When everything works on the 5'er it's pretty decadent living. I like it.
bodyshop bob 04/25/15 08:29am General RVing Issues
RE: RV insurance

WOW - there's a lot of info and opinion on this thread. If you don't know much about insurance -- go find a reputable Independent Agent to assist you and tell him you want Collision/Comp & Liability coverage along with an awning endorsement at a minimum. If you can a write a check for $1000 any day of the year and not miss a meal, that should be your deductible. If you feel comfortable hacking through the jungle of online insurance quotes then feel free to spend an entire day trying to figure out the different quotes. The more you learn about the different add-on coverages the better shopper you become. Collision & Comp will be some what similar across the companies. Liability will be very different as each company has a different stand on how much risk they are willing to assume. You do need awning coverage. You most likely do not need personal property coverage for you MH. Your homeowners policy will cover your personal property while on the road. (10% of Section C coverage on your HO policy) -- call your HO agent to get the exact figure. Mine is $16,500 of coverage and I'm comfortable assuming the risk for any overage. There are interesting new wrinkles like paying a bit more but getting up to 25% of your deductible waived for each year of coverage without a claim. Very Important -- ask about total loss coverage and how is the value of the MH determined? Ask if coverage on some items is subject to depreciation. For example, you're camping and a Florida thunderstorm comes up and causes a large limb to fall striking your A/C unit and it can't be fixed. Will your coverage allow for a new A/C unit or will the value of the A/C unit be adjusted due to its age? Some depreciated coverage will reduce the value of the A/C unit up to 75%. In other words, the insurance company will only pay 25% of the cost of a new unit and still charge you your comprehensive deductible, to boot. Simply put, the more you learn the better your final decision will be. You CANNOT look at bottom line cost without looking at what is covered and how its covered. Having said all that -- it came down to Allied and Blue Sky for me and I chose Blue Sky. But I know exactly what I bought and exactly what is covered so I don't ever expect to have an issue if/when I need them.
bodyshop bob 04/25/15 08:09am General RVing Issues
RE: Nervous in Oakwood, Ga....

There is a great dealer, RV World of Georgia in Buford,, just NE of Atlanta. We purchased our new fiver from them, sight unseen, three hours away. Salesman was awesome, answered all of our questions, communicated nearly daily while awaiting slideout covers and washer and dryer to be installed. Day of the PDI the fiver was in immaculate condition with zero issues to found after two hours. Thet even hooked up my truck and test drove it for proper braking, which they adjusted. We will buy our next unit, a Class A DP from them. Look them up they are awesome. One problem with that -- the sales managers and a lot of the sales staff walked out of RV World quite a few months ago and landed at, wait for it.... CW of Oakwood. I have purchased 3 units at CW-Oakwood and live right down the road from the dealer. I knew many of the staff by name. The place has changed and changed for the worse. As to RV World - before the days of Camping World the Oakwood location was called "Camping Time". The owners sold to CW; waited out the contract no-compete clause, and opened up RV World. They have their own issues. Recently, a couple came in to complete the walk-thru on their brand new $300k motor coach. The service dept kept them waiting for 3 hours and they walked out. As they walked out they called their salesman to explain how upset they were. The salesman had to drive after them and get them to come back. If $300k sale doesn't earn a bit of TLC then nothing does.
bodyshop bob 04/25/15 07:32am Camping World RV Sales
RE: CW Oakwood... anyone home?

We had decent luck with Renzo as our sales associate. The Sales management team came en masse from RV World down the street and brought some of their sales staff recently. The sales department is definitely not the same level as a few years back. I noticed at a recent Atl RV show, a former RV World sales-person now representing Camping World. Are there several there now? Wonder if RV World being entertained as another CW acuisition? Guessing with the industry & larger metropolitain area, jumping around dealers/employers trying to find the best paying gig, is normal. Kind of scarey, I in-tune to this. Later, Markiemark:C Markiemark: They jump back and forth. We were at RV World several months ago and I browsed through their store and an employee came up and offered to assist. A few weeks later the same employee was at CW-Oakwood. I doubt that RV World is being looked at by CW. Although I really wish someone else could land the Grand Design franchise. I'm drooling over that make and RV World is just too hard to deal with.
bodyshop bob 04/16/15 05:01pm Camping World RV Sales
RE: Smoky Mountain National Park Area Camping

j'sgypsybuggy -- It's gonna be hot and sticky in August. If you plan to hike and everyone in the group is in good shape - Alum Cave trail is a great hike. It may be closed M-F for renovation. One of our favorite trails is Andrew's Bald which starts at Clingman's Dome parking lot. It will be cooler due to the elevation and is not as challenging. Walker Sister's trail in Metcalf Bottom is a great, easy stroll and the cabin is wonderful. I recommend reading up on the Walker sister's as their story is worth it. If your group likes wildlife -- get up early Wednesday morning and drive to Cades Cove and rent bikes at the campground store and hit the Cades Cove 11 mile loop road on bike. In August the critters will only be active early and again after sunset. I've driven loop countless times and it was only after my son and I rented bikes during a camping trip did I see all the details. There are actually several roads that lead to the Park. The main one is Hwy 441. There are very neat little roads that come into the Park from Wear's Valley and other locations that will lead you back into rarely-traveled areas. A great day trip would be to travel from your CG over to the Cataloochee area in North Carolina. Cataloochee has a wonderful elk herd and seeing those massive creatures is incredible. The trout fishing is pretty good in Cataloochee, as well. Plan to eat at "Best Italian" in the Elk's Plaza in G'burg and ask for a table outside. Go later in the evening and enjoy the little creek and you may be entertained by the Momma raccoon that has been known to beg for scraps. We enjoy the roof top dining of "Loco Burro" in G'burg. The food is okay and the frozen adult beverages sneak up on you. Very, very nice to sit outside in the late afternoon heat and drink frozen drinks. There is much to do in the Park and it is always better to be out of the car exploring the "Quiet Walkways" and such. However, the "Roaring Fork Motor Trail" is an excellent drive. Great day trip and plenty of places to pull over and have a picnic and explore the cabins. Writing all this is making me plan my next trip. Go have fun.
bodyshop bob 04/16/15 06:56am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: CW Oakwood... anyone home?

We had decent luck with Renzo as our sales associate. "Jeff" kept us from walking away and finalized the deal. The usual F&I guy was off and the fill-in was not comfortable with all the forms but got it figured out. One strange detail -- the final sales contract showed the sales price of our 5th wheel several thousands higher than we agreed but the contract also reflected several thousand more for the trade in than we agreed so the bottom line matched. That one still puzzles me. The Sales management team came en masse from RV World down the street and brought some of their sales staff recently. The sales department is definitely not the same level as a few years back.
bodyshop bob 04/16/15 06:21am Camping World RV Sales
RE: Very poor service from Oakwood Georgia location

Hi Brian & Angie, Sorry to hear about the issue with the service (or lack thereof). From experience I can tell you that your info was forwarded most likely to David Corder the Service Manager at CW-Oakwood. David is a busy person. Hopefully, David will work to get your situation resolved as quickly as possible. Part of the delays are due to the processes involved with warranty work and getting approval and then getting parts ordered. Also, RV technicians are an interesting mixture of cabinet repair, plumber, roofer, HVAC and alignment technician all rolled into one. Some are very good at almost everything; some are great at a few things; but most of them know a little about everything. It really is asking an awful lot to expect the same tech that successfully hung your cabinet door square to know why a solid state circuit keeps failing. Is it heat build up frying the circuits? Is it power surges and the booster box has the most delicate circuitry? The tech probably doesn't have a clue. I suggest you call the factory and ask to speak to someone in warranty. Ask if they've seen a bunch of similar failures. Ask what has fixed most of the problems. See if the booster has a manufacturer name. Google the name. Try to find a customer service number. Call it and ask about FAQ or Frequently Experienced Problems. Become a TV detective and look for clues and assistance. Then, go back to Oakwood, meet with David and tell him what you found. Ask him who do you need to talk to at Crossroads to speed up the warranty process. Tell him to "borrow" the part from another Crossroads. (they do that all the time). An active, involved customer who knows what is going on and where they can speed up the process is one they can't ignore. Good luck.
bodyshop bob 04/13/15 08:26pm Camping World Service and Installation
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