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RE: GOT the odor of gas smell.

Small red regulator was leaking based on my research.. Got a replacement on its way now. thanks all, randy
byrdr1 02/17/17 07:38am Tech Issues
RE: GOT the odor of gas smell.

Do you have a high pressure propane regulator valve, often referred to as the little red regulator valve, near one of your tanks? (Not the two stage change over regulator valve) Those little high pressure regulator valves are notorious for leaking. Inexpensive and easy to replace. I could smell propane in my driver's side propane tank compartment a number of years ago. Using soapy water and then leak detector fluid, I could not find any bubbles any where. After much searching and reading RV forums, I replaced the high pressure regulator valve and no more odor. When I removed the old one, I could see an oily like substance around the vent hole on the bottom of the regulator. Apparently it was leaking, but the soapy water was not getting to that hole on the bottom and therefore no bubbles. I do and that's the side it seems to smell the most from. I will start here. As long as the tanks are turned off nothing smells. BUT I do have the main switch regulator and the smaller red one on the opposite side. Never had that in the TT's or PU. Might be able to check that today once I get off. Thank's all. randy
byrdr1 02/14/17 07:57am Tech Issues
GOT the odor of gas smell.

I was messing with my camper this week before it turned cold again. I opened one propane tank and I can smell the odor of it. You know the smells like rotten eggs smell. I turned everything off right away. BUT do you or have you, know of a good starting spot to see what might be leaking or where. We had this our last trip out but I had also run over my black tank rinse( another whole story) so I thought it was that until this week. I now know it was the propane smell. Any thoughts on a direction or just start at the tanks and work every joint or fitting location of propane. Got to find this ASAP. 1st trip in 6 weeks. thanks randy
byrdr1 02/10/17 05:51am Tech Issues
RE: Tankless water heater upgrade

try an oxygenator shower head too. read the reviews for these. We have one ad I can take a nice long 6 gallon shower. NOT like my S&B but very good for a camper. randy
byrdr1 01/12/17 11:18am Travel Trailers
RE: Camping World "Store Brand"

I believe it is the Mallard line. They used to be available from regular dealers, but I think CW has bought the name, and Forest River is making them as an exclusive for CW. Our first TT was a mallard with a couch slideout and it was perfect for our first TT. Learned a lot using it after having a PUP for 6 years. Traded it for a new bunkhouse TT back in the day. randy
byrdr1 01/12/17 06:20am Camping World RV Sales
RE: Cold and windy!

if you do use bales of hay, wrap as much as you can in the cheap blue tarps. this will cut down on exposure to elements and maybe slow down the critter affect. I have seen that done on a picture on one of these here forums. randy
byrdr1 01/11/17 08:37am Roads and Routes

We ripped out the carpet in our old 2003 Cougar and installed Traffic Master Allure self-floating snap together flooring. It is water resistant. We loved it as it gave a warm interior and also a LOT easier to keep clean. Just a warning, if you pull out the old carpet, wear a gas mask and don't let you stomach get to upside down. Pulling the carpet out has to rank up there with one of the nastiest jobs I have undertaken. The carpet looked great on top but underneath, OMG, I thought my DW was going to gag herself to death. My wife is a stickler for "Clean" and when she witnessed this, the next thing I know, all the carpet was gone in our "brick and mortar"! Nasty! TRY that in a house where you are replacing it with hardwoods. MY wife and I tore it out and it had been down for over 15 years. MY Goodness!!!! I hope if we ever take it of the 5er it won't be that bad.. thanks randy
byrdr1 01/10/17 07:55am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Question about 50amp inlet plug

You're not holding your mouth right, try a smirk. As in "gotcha you turkey". I use a right angle adapter to take the load off the receptacle, never take it off the 50a cord.. Same here, it makes that angle just better. I got one when they were cheaper than they are now. ITS a Marinco 1RPC50RV Right Angle Locking Adapter. $87.00 at Amazon.com now. randy
byrdr1 11/15/16 07:19am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Pickin up the new one Friday!!

bought ours there.A friend bought his TH there also. You know they are opening up a store in North Myrtle Beach on highway 9. have fun. randy
byrdr1 11/14/16 10:15am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Spring break with kids

Myrtle Beach, SC touristy and then not so depending on the season, Spring break fills up quick at the 4-5 major campgrounds. Book SOON. my pick in order: Ocean Lakes, Pirateland, Lakewood (these 3 Southend), Myrtle Beach Travel Park, Apache(these 2 Northend), KOA(middle) randy
byrdr1 11/04/16 11:22am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Installing Dryer Vent '16 Keystone Cougar 333MKS ???

not to be a pain but this would almost be a stealer-ship deal that way they screw it up they can fix. You screw it up you are on the lamb. I can access my campers under storage cabinet panel (I was just in there on this last trip. almost half the screws had fallen out) so I pulled this panel and straightened some wiring out behind it and wire tied some more then put some new screws in and vacuumed the carpert. but there is nothing to access in the front storage box. You would be straight down from the front closet I think on my 327RES anyway. randy
byrdr1 11/03/16 06:56am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Ocean lakes Thanksgiving

byrdr1 - we use the same roads you do when coming back form visits "up North". Usually exit I 95 at Exit 13 in NC (last one in Lumberton - don't know about access there now due to Hurricane) and follow your path. Can also take U S 17 South to Hickman Road (RT 57) in Brunswick, NC. That will take you right to Rt 9 just before Rt 31 in Little River, SC. Another way we go to cut out going through Chadbourn is to go further on US 74 to Whitesville NC to 701 Bypass to Rt 904 to Rt 905 to 9 South. Back roads, never any traffic, and no Chadbourn! Don't know if its faster, but sure feels like it is! Big CGs in MB area are all fine. Not sure about the State Parks, although do know MB State Park is now open. 2 retired. On Tuesday of last week that's the way I went into Tabor City (US74E to Whiteville then onto US701S). I knew NC410 was closed due to a bridge washout and towing the 5er I could not chance it being closed and me haveing to turn around. Later that day My wife drove down after she got off work in our SUV and she said I might as well try it because she had nothing in tow and could take detours or turn around if needed. The road had just opened sometime on Tuesday. When we left that's the way we went home. We stayed at Daddy Joes Yogi Bear CG for the Halloween weekend. US74 was still closed on the eastbound side due to washouts and the DOT was working hard to get it cleaned up and open. BUT the switch of the lanes was not too bad and the speed limit was still 55mph on both lanes. but that's down from the usual 70mph. When we head back I will follow the I-73/74 US 220 to US 74 but get off at NC38&SC38 and drive into Bennettsville, SC then follow that highway over to US501 thru Conway and catch SC544 to OLCG. Easy towing on the 4 lane roads until NC&SC38 but it is freshly paved so it's not so bad until you get to the roundabout just before Bennettsville. Zacks3boys have a safe trip down we'll see you around OLCG. randy PS I understand about Kinston and the flooding Neuse River Store open back up yet or just starting the clean up processes.
byrdr1 11/03/16 06:50am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Ocean lakes Thanksgiving

Ocean Lakes is fine finally.some tree stuff still being removed this past weekend. Some of roads to get to SC are closed but most of the main ones are open now. I was just in Tabor City last week. US74 is open both ways but down to one lane each way around the Lumber River(Lumberton) area. I went down from US220 south/I-73/74 then east on US74(I-74) at rockingham, NC to NC410 south through Chadbourn, NC to US701 south through Tabor City, NC to SC9east to North Myrtle beach(US17). If you go this way you would just get on SC 31 east and bypass all the beach front roads(US17 and US17 bypass) and come to and then in on SC544 to OLCG. Randy PS site# 3019 11/18-27, 7 families on different sites with us. If you want to ride by.. rb
byrdr1 11/02/16 09:20am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Campground Suggestions for Pigeon Forge area??

We prefer to stay at River Plantation in Sevierville. I-40 exit 407. They do have a trolley from Sevierville to Gatlinburg and Dollywood. You can park at Patriot Park and catch the trolley. They have all day passes. My choice on this end of PF. BUT as some have said tree site and shade. IT can get hot in this area in JUNE-AUGUST time frames. ITS kinda like NC weather hot and humid. Anchors Down is a nice park and it's full sun and maybe closer to an hour if traffic is bad to get anywhere around PF area. We plan to go to River Plantain in June 2018. May 2017 is summer vacation already booked at Myrtle Beach and before school lets out. 2018 we are back on the school calendars again after several years off of them. Enjoy.. randy
byrdr1 10/11/16 01:10pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: aiming my directv dish

we used one the other weekend in the mountains of NC. We used a dual LNB and hooked two campers with home sets to see DirectTV. We just aimed based on the permanently mounted ones around us in the permanent sites. We got our BASIC DirectTV with what each of has as our packages at home. I had my local channels and all the others. I had to change my set up from SWM, multiport 32" dish that I use at home for HD and all the other stuff. To use an 18" dish I have to take the multiport out then reselect my set as an 18" dish. Programming is the same as home except I don't have FULL HD. Most of the time with us being on the east coast the angle is almost so close we don't adjust it, we just have to turn VERY, very slowly to catch the dish. never had a problem but I also keep my extra receiver on full time for an extra $6 a month, but I have the cable ran to the camper as it rest's under its shelter. So anytime I am at home I can turn tv on see DirectTV. randy
byrdr1 10/11/16 11:26am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Depth of bed and Height of new 2017 Fords

saw one yesterday, a 250 CC long bed and it was parked on the incline of the dealership lot and it was tall. I was like dang that is tall and not sure how it would hook up and it was also $70,000 plus on the sticker. They had a nice 2016 white lariat 350CC long bed with a sticker of $65000. I was thinking discount up to $10-15k and my 03 7.3PSD traded in and I might get out for under 40K. and the wife was like figure out how to pay for it and you can get it. There in lies another problem HOW to pay for it.. randy
byrdr1 09/27/16 09:54am Fifth-Wheels
RE: True, but scary, hitch story

DID the same thing once while towing the POPUP camper for like the first long tow. We left the house and the noise it made kept my wife asking what is that noise. I told her she just wasn't used to us towing a camper. We stopped 15-20 miles from our house to top off the fuel tank. I was doing a walk around due to the noise, I heard it too but brushed her off. I got to looking at the hitch set up and sure enough, the hitch was sitting on top of the ball and it was unlocked. Bought a hitch pin lock at that point and always made sure it was locked in and down on the ball. Both of us were lucky. Stay safe, randy
byrdr1 09/27/16 06:06am Travel Trailers
RE: Costco Card @ SamsClub

how about a BJ's card? randy
byrdr1 09/21/16 12:21pm General RVing Issues
RE: Chili Revisited

4 lbs of ground beef browned with already sauteed onions in real butter. drain off the grease, then add any type of can tomatoes you like, I saw fire roasted in the can these are good with garlic, Rotel(any flavor), etc. THEN Bushes magic chili beans in the can. each can say 3-4 servings so I cut that in half and figure one can per 2 people. if I am feeding my family we use the above with 5-6 cans of beans and it fills the Crockpot up to the lid. The extra meat makes it nice and meaty the only way to eat it is lots of meat and juice. this recipe will fix up in around 1/2 hour, but the longer you let it cook in a crock pot the juicer it will be and the flavor will soak in. UMMM good. randy
byrdr1 09/21/16 12:20pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Rig destroyed today!

Glad you are safe and your family. The other stuff can be replaced. Its just stuff.. have a better day, randy
byrdr1 09/01/16 06:58am Fifth-Wheels
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