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RE: Easter Dinner

We have done plenty of Easter's and many more Thanksgivings in our RV. We have a regular round crockpot that stays in there, but during holiday trips, I have a large oval that will fit a good size ham or turkey. Cook 6-8 hours on high or 8-10 on low and it is "fall off the bone" good. I always use strips of aluminum foil underneath so I can pick the bird or ham up out of the juices before serving. I will use the round crock pot to make green bean casserole or baked potatoes to then do twice baked potatoes with. (put in cp, turn it on high for about 4 hrs and they are good to go). I have done a big lasagna in the oval pot. Cook my burger and add ready-made sauce, onions, green peppers and whatever else I want to add. Make sure there is lots of liquid. Put a layer of liquid on the bottom, layer uncooked noodles, then sauce, ricotta cheese, then mozzarella, and continue layering. On the very top, I will add about 3/4 cup of jarred sauce mixed with 3/4 cup of water, then top with cheese. This will allow enough liquid for the noodles to cook. YUMMY and quick. Cook 4-6 hrs on high OUTSIDE (smells up the RV too much). Big Salad and we do some purchased italian bread, cut opened and buttered, on the grill. What do you normally have for Easter dinner? We do the same thing at Thanksgiving. Crockpot works wonders, mac&cheese is good in one too. ew havetn doen an Easter cooking yet we are either leaving a campground to come home or we wait until tuesday after to head out. randy
byrdr1 03/27/15 12:43pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: The 'Deviled' is in the details

boiled, peeled, cut in half, yolks blended with mayonaise and mustard to the right taste. I like mine with more mustard, the wife likes more mayo. (I could eat them with sweet relish the wife no way. a little off track here) but then add a little vinegar to that mix with black pepper. mix it all together and place into cut egg halves. top with some paprika for added color and flavor. We have a friend who eats them like candy, at Thanksgiving his wife makes 4-5 dozen eggs into deviled eggs. Thats a lot of work.. randy Must be an NC thing - love mine this way, too. Mayo, mustard, just a little vinegar, salt to taste. Sprinkle paprika on top! Kin can't get enough of them. Requested at every family get-together. my mom is from SC and my wife is NC born & raised. They make them alike. You're in eastern NC So i know you like that vinegar based food.
byrdr1 03/27/15 12:33pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: The 'Deviled' is in the details

boiled, peeled, cut in half, yolks blended with mayonaise and mustard to the right taste. I like mine with more mustard, the wife likes more mayo. (I could eat them with sweet relish the wife no way. a little off track here) but then add a little vinegar to that mix with black pepper. mix it all together and place into cut egg halves. top with some paprika for added color and flavor. We have a friend who eats them like candy, at Thanksgiving his wife makes 4-5 dozen eggs into deviled eggs. Thats a lot of work.. randy
byrdr1 03/27/15 11:34am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Griddle For Camp Chef Question

I just looked at these this weekend at CW and priced them on the interweb too. Nice addition to your cookware. if you have double burner why not two plates or the larger one other than cost. BUT i have friend who bought a flat grill from Lowe's last year and that thing is the bomb.very nice to griddle on.. I want to burn a ribeye but so far all we have cooked was burners and dogs. Its nice so I thing the ones that go on the double stove would be too. randy
byrdr1 03/26/15 02:11pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Opening Day Jitters

i have spent the last two weekends un winterizing my 5er.we have a trip planned soon. Stated by opening it up after being closed for the last two months once the weather turned cold I shut it down. It was open through Christmas but then closed up. I started the Frig as I had a problem last year that cost me a few hundred dollars and I wanted to make sure that was working. I ran some heat and started dusting the wood cabinets & vacuumed the carpet, pulled the coffee maker out and made me a pot to see it was working. This past week I started cleaning the bathroom area and bedroom. Same thing dust, vacuum and so forth. Sunday I washed the exposed ends from under the Rvport. Ready to wax those this week some time as the weather holds. Just take your time and follow a list that you can find on most websites. randy
byrdr1 03/23/15 02:01pm Travel Trailers

I am going back to OLCG after a few years break. We are going in May and November to beat the Higher summer season rates. I will enjoy these added features to the water area. My grandson and granddaughter will love them. I have missed the fun times at OLCG. But do not miss the summer season. Cant wait. I will be there in few months. Just in case its Harley Bike week we are staying.. randy
byrdr1 03/23/15 12:28pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: I wouldn't believe this one... parked car hit me!

This is why I have a dash cam. In this case it would show that the truck was not there as you approached. I just put one on my truck after the Christmas holidays. I had some Christmas money and for around $50.00 thought it was nice toy to have. Its neat to go back and watch the videos on it. I did upgrade to a 32G mini card. My Son In law did the same thing except the van was parked across from his site and it was our friends van. His Camper peeled it like a can opener. Lucky it was only around $2k damage and he paid it out of pocket. That just about ruined his and my daughter's vacation. happened at Ocean lakes CG. randy happens more than you think.
byrdr1 03/23/15 07:10am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Leaving house unattended

Cut water off at pump and use CPI security. randy
byrdr1 03/15/15 05:52am Beginning RVing
RE: Metal carport for 5th wheel questions

http://i.imgur.com/wzTNzTHl.jpg mine is 41X16X12. enclosed down the one side, I paid right around $3600.00 installed(tax,tip and some extra work the installers had to do to get it to fit around my house carport..)I had to pay for 18' wide rvport but it was customized to fit the 16' space I had to install it..also paid around $350 for some extra crush and run gravel. I have since installed a 3' panel on the left hand side to keep sun off that side of the camper. I am looking at installing at least a half gable end on the back side, wish I had done it in the beginning. TNT carport out of Mt. Airy, Nc. Carolina Carport is also in Mt. Airy, NC both run online sites for sales and installs. hope this helps you. randy
byrdr1 03/15/15 05:44am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Va i77 campground

I would stay at the KOA in Fancy Gap, VA just off I-77 before you go down the mountain into NC. ITs an easy to get to from the highway and you are right at the Blue Ridge Parkway the campground buffs up to it. Not much else around there. A few service stations right at the highway and maybe one restaurant in fancy gap. We go up there when its hot in the summer in central NC to escape the heat and humidity. randy
byrdr1 03/10/15 01:22pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Real Life questions about Florence RV Park

thanks all, We are coming to I-95s by way of US52s through Darlington so Florence is better suited for the night over. Unless We go the walmart route?? randy
byrdr1 03/06/15 08:03am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Real Life questions about Florence RV Park

Just wanting to stop overnight on our way down I-95. Does anybody have any real life experiences with this RV park or the other one in and around Florence, SC area. thanks, randy
byrdr1 03/04/15 07:57am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Cedar Key, Florida

Tiki bar at Low Key Hideaway, Pat and Cindy would love to meet you.
byrdr1 03/04/15 07:42am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Eden Pure Heaters

We have one, I think we paid too much, we use it to supplement the furnace in our basement at home. However, it keeps the basement a nice even warm temp and a regular space heater doesn't come close to the performance. We have a knockoff (from Sam's club) and I agree with your heat quality assessment. We use ours in our basement as well and it is a much more uniform temperature than the many other 1500w heaters we've used. Any knockoff quartz infrared heater will do the job. I have duraflame from Lowes hardware. Works nice I feel like with my grandchildren its a little safer to be around. the dogs like it better too. BUT it is 1500 watts. My mama always told me! randy
byrdr1 02/24/15 01:57pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: I now have training wheels!

Nizzzzze! Enjoy. randy PS the wife and I are talking.. I'l be 58 this year about 7 years away from the day. I told her now would be the time to trade my 03 in for something newer and have time to pay it off while I am still somewhat healthy and have a good income. 3500 Dodge is on the plate behind a Ford. Dually is not out of the question but I like SRW better. We'll see!
byrdr1 02/09/15 11:22am Tow Vehicles
RE: Don't go to the RV show!!!!

Bob, We shopped for new 5er for close to 2&1/2 years. Two RV shows a year. Several dealers across state lines. When we camped we looked at the other campers and talked to people who had something we liked on the outside a few tours of some of them.. Then when we made the decision to go and buy we spent another month doing the deal. We spent one whole Saturday, opening to closing at one dealer. He had what we wanted, but in several different variations. This brand versus that brand. What do we like here and there. GO home look on internet for better pricing, again looking at floor plans I had printed out, extras, etc. Went back the next Saturday instead of 10-20 different ones, just 3 to look at. The dealer said ya'll back again Yes we are. Here's the keys to a golf cart just let us know when we can help you. Look at one, look at the other and then look at the last one.. can we get it down to just two of them.. Wife makes a ruling we are down to two models different manufacturers. Back and forth, back and forth, you would know one was one side of the dealer lot the other was on the other side.. 5-6 hours we were up there again.. They came and said hey we got hotdogs for lunch if you want some. Sure.. ate and came home.. now we are down to two campers.. another week goes by. The next Saturday we go again to the same dealer 3 weeks in row. By now they know us by name. Ya'll going to buy today? not sure we reply.. but we have moved money from saving to checking so we are at least ready to put a deposit down if we can make a decision..Keys to golfcart again. OK we have researched these two campers for almost a month now. We have taken pictures and looked at them for 3 weeks. We have interneted them to death. We narrow it down to the cougar 333MKS, weights with my truck played a big part here. this was after a good 2-3 hours of looking and sitting it them. Sitting on the pot, standing in the shower. standing at the stove, washing dishes, etc. all the stuff we would do in the camper together or separate. OK we are ready to go and make a deposit.. Walk out of the 333MKS and there is a new row of 5ers not here last week. all Cougars.. What!!! lets just look in these???? We walk in the 327RES it has not been here for the month we have been shopping. The lights go off, fireworks burst in the air. THIS IS IT!!!! This is one we have been shopping for.. never mind the 333MKS this is ours... Cougar 327RES.. we jump on the golf cart drive to the office and we tell the salesman we are ready to deposit.. They all celebrate...... We picked it up the next Friday. Added 2nd air and awning toppers on all 3 slides. So we spent 4 weekends in row shopping at one dealers lot but I worked the internet over good looking at all others that were close to this model. But in the end great camper, great deal and dealer. Look story but to just let you know you are not the only ones who go through this battle of the mind and pocket book. Enjoy, Randy in NC
byrdr1 02/04/15 07:51am Rallies, Shows and Gatherings
RE: Open Range 347RES - anybody seen one?

Nice floor plan similar to my Cougar 327RES. Thats about i can offer the L shaped couch is wonderful, many a snooze fest in my camper.. randy
byrdr1 02/03/15 01:24pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Dual AC units

There is no technical reason not to have two 13.5k units. The only downside is the lesser cooling ability of the smaller rear unit. We have a 15k in the living area and a 13.5k in the bedroom in our 35' 5er. After a long day of travel when the temps are 100+ it takes both units 2-3 hours to get the inside temp really comfortble. After that the 15k will keep it cool with the 13.5k off. Not sure a 13.5k would. Since you do not camp often in the hot summer, two 13.5k units probably would work fine for you. Manufacturer probably just does not want buyers coming back and saying the smaller ACs do not cool well. I too have this set up in my 5er. We run the two units to get the heat out and then only run the main 15k unit at night. If the temps start to get up in the daytime we run both and the door to the bedroom wide open. I have used this set up for 3 summers in NC/SC now. I used both Ac during our Thanksgiving trip to take the heat down in the camper several days when the sun shined bright. and then ran the 15k main unit at night once. then before the week was over I had the heat on wide open with my Duraflame Amish style heater going too. SC beach weather??? IT boils down to what ever makes you comfortable. BUT a lot of the campers even if you order it, have retail packages and the 15K main unit might not be allowed to be removed or could cost you in resale value or just cost more because you messed up the dealer/ builder package. JMHO randy
byrdr1 02/03/15 09:48am Travel Trailers
RE: 55 amp Converter

To clarify, your looking for a converter. The WFCO is known to be problematic so as suggested before, contact Randy at best converter. I would personally recommend the PDI 9260 for it's robustness and three stage charging. I did this upgrade two years ago from the WFCO. I used the 55 amp one its like a 5 amp upgrade from factory. I did not get the link port thing. Saw no need for it.
byrdr1 01/02/15 01:21pm General RVing Issues
RE: Trip Report: The Perfect Family Trip!

trausa3, thanks for sharing what you have done. It was an interesting morning read for me. I will leave my camper(30 ft from my front door)(mancavemorning) this morning for the last christmas breakfast family thing. It was nice to see your trip through your eyes, words and vision. ONE DAY maybe. Again thanks for sharing.. Dont worry about what your family thinks about your trip and videos. You can enjoy them anytime you want and one day someone will want to watch them. I agree about the short utube videos.. make them and see how many hits you can get.. One thing would you do this trip again with a generator so you could have some AC/power when needed? That would be on my radar for a trip like this if I made it. randy
byrdr1 12/27/14 06:11am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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