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RE: questions on I-40 going west from NC to OK

5 days until we make this trip again. Going out empty and returning my camper to its home under the RVport for 40 plus days until i get to use it. randy
byrdr1 07/22/16 08:31am Roads and Routes
RE: UPDATED Great time in Myrtle Not so much on the trip home

I checked into scrapping it and could not find anyplace that would not charge me for getting rid of it. There are no RV boneyards near me. I have elected to get it fixed by a shop local to me and at a reasonable price. It should be done in 3 to 4 weeks. But it is indoors and safe and dry now. I am glad you are getting it fixed. I know the monetary hit is no fun, BUT someone said try the go fund me page that might help you with some of the upfront cost. I hate this for you. MY son in law has a 3-year-old camper and he found a leak on the front of his camper the week before we left for myrtle beach in may. He had found white mold in the left corner near the night stand thing. We got on the roof and found a very small hole at the front cap seam and we cleaned out the old caulk and resealed with Dicor, WHO dear old dad had in his camper. I purchased a rvport about 3 years ago just to protect mine while it's at home. IT has sat out in the weather for close to 2 months now in Oklahoma. So I am praying that it is OK. but I just had it cleaned and resealed at Myrtle in May. So good luck and keep us informed. randy
byrdr1 07/07/16 07:01am Fifth-Wheels
RE: questions on I-40 going west from NC to OK

No updates but the youngin' is having a blast. Working, getting paid and a long holiday weekend. She covered 2600 miles over the holiday weekend, She ended up in Salt Lake City for the holiday. She met up with another girl from her college who was interning in New Mexico. They then drove to Durango, Co and then on up to Park City Ski Resort then over to Salt Lake City. then back home again to lawton, OK. So she has seen the great salt lake, the rockies, new mexico, Amarillo, TX and all points in between.This young lady is spreading her wings and soaring. Gives me goose bumps.. She will be the one to leave the nest and travel to far away places. oh yeah.. 3 weeks until we start our trip back to pick her and the camper up to bring both back home to NC. randy
byrdr1 07/06/16 02:38pm Roads and Routes
RE: Ocean Lakes - Anyone Down Here This Week?

enjoy!! it will be November before we head back. randy
byrdr1 06/21/16 06:40am General RVing Issues
RE: weber q1200

I followed the U-tube video on converting mine. It was easy and then I have since seen where someone saved the original fittings and retro'ed that with quick connects to use the bottles again too. I plan to do that sometime. I bough supplies from Lowes hardware store. and use the yellow pipe tape not the white pipe tape. I use my weber baby Q every trip and it so far has been the best grill ever. I will have to look a target to see if our local has one. MY SIL wanted one for father's day and he got a fitbit and running shoes instead. :) randy
byrdr1 06/21/16 05:53am General RVing Issues
RE: questions on I-40 going west from NC to OK

deleted this post. finally got it to post the whole thing. Thanks pulsar, rb
byrdr1 06/16/16 09:15am Roads and Routes
RE: questions on I-40 going west from NC to OK

Oklahoma trip report: I got back from Oklahoma Friday night 6-3. I left work on Friday 5-27 at 3:30 heading owards Lawton, OK. We drove I-40W, US52N up to MT Airy, NC over to I-77N then grab I-81S back to I-40 around Sevierville, TN. with thoughts of bypassing the I-40 gorge past Ashville. So this was my chosen route. Made it up I-77 and Fancy Gap Mountain on I-77. Truck pulled this fine with camper attached. Got to Bristol, TN with thought of staying the night here but was feeling good driving so we drove all the way to Sevierville, TN and found a a campsite for the night (NOW remember this is Memorial Day weekend) took me 3 campgrounds before finding a site got set up just before dark. And then went and ate supper at like 8:30/9pm. Great site pull though and full hookups and only $30 for the night cash. 303 miles of my trip under my driving belt. Got up and on the road around 9:30 am, We(I) drove all day and called around looking for a place to stay the night by the time we found a spot I have been driving all day, I mean all day. We ended up in Sallisaw, OK at the KOA there. In case you wonder… that’s like 726 miles and almost 12 hours of drive time with stops for lunch in Jackson, TN, fuel stops along the way, We stopped and ate Supper(chips, cookies, junk food) at A Walmart and purchased diesel in Clarksville, AR. Should have stopped here for the night. First Walmart I have seen with a truck parking (15-20 spots) around near the fuel pumps. BUT we had a place to stay with limited hookups? Not too far I hope. Wrong another 80plus miles but I did it. So we arrive at this KOA with plans to hook up and go to sleep. BUT I have found a new meaning of limited hookups. (I.E. TENT SITE in the owner's of the KOA front yard) Luckily I had brought my Champion 4000 generator with me, got leveled and hooked with power turned on, AC running and away to sleep we went around 12 midnight. Woke up at 6:30 to no generator sound, IT had run out of fuel during the night and we were never aware of it. BUT it was all good I slept well and we used the showers and toilets as good as a $30.00 tent site would allow. After showering we got the truck hooked and turn around in the front yard and used my daughters car to get breakfast at local dinner, Its Sunday morning and we are not that far from our final destination (we are 239 miles away from Lawton, OK) and we are a day ahead of time as far as routing and driving go due to my hard headedness about driving. I will confess I had made plans and bought a seat cushion that was not too cheap to ride on while driving. IT worked for my back, hind end and everything else. I was tired but not worn out. I was excited to be going out west. The rest was getting camper set up (Sunday afternoon) on the rented RV lot and checking out all the sites around Lawton, OK which are pretty neat. We used Monday as a tourist day. Tuesday was mama and me riding around checking out the town of Lawton (3 Walmart’s) and surrounding area. My daughter had to report to work that am. Wednesday morning my daughter left for work and mama and I left for home with no camper in tow for this return trip. We drove to Jackson, TN that day ate along the way and fuel stops and stayed for maybe the first time in 12 plus years at a hotel, we have always had our camper, so this was different for us. BUT it was nice and we had driven 633 miles this day. We got up the next morning (Thursday) to the very nice breakfast (not a simple thing but a real eggs, sausage, muffins, etc.). So we got ready and drove back to Sevierville, TN (328 miles)as this was a stop where my wife wanted to spend some time(Shopping, just chilling). We had a great day as we got there around 3pm and chilled, spent some time around Pigeon Forge (checked out 3-4 campgrounds) and got back to the room and spent some time in the pool and hot tub. Slept like a baby that night. We got up Friday morning with plans to stay another night but mama said let’s do Gatlinburg, TN and head home later in the day. So again we had a full breakfast at this hotel, we got checked out around 10am and headed to Gatlinburg, TN for the day. We shopped, walked, talked did the touristy things again. Left Gatlinburg, TN and decided to go by Anchors Down RV resort on our way back to I-40E because we have read so much about it. All I can say it lives up to its billing. Very nice campground. One thing is its FULL SUN no shade anywhere and it you have a boat Douglas Lake looks very nice. IT is all it says it is. (JMHO). So we jumped back on the highway for our trip home. Home was another 291 miles away. We left Lawton, OK on Wednesday around 9am and we made it into my driveway at 9:05pm on Friday night. We had left the previous Friday at 3:30pm from work and drove all the way to Lawton, OK and returned home covered 2802 total miles with 1242 from home to Lawton, OK one way and back with the extra miles running around here and there in a 8 day period. I drove like a trucker and I wasn’t tired at all. Worn out yes, Had two days to recover, spent Saturday am mowing and doing yard work and then we had a nice supper Saturday evening and a great worship service on Sunday and Sunday dinner with family. I will do this round trip again towards the first week in August. With less time to use at work only 3 weekdays and 2 weekend days. So this will be a go out, turn around and burn the roads to get back home with NO recovery time to go back to work. Lucky I have a great boss and he is very understanding that these two trips have fallen on month end close weekends. Logistics’ paper work is due each close out weekend. I was able to get it done before month end deadlines this JUNE for May and I will have more time In August to get it done for July’s close out. . I do have a fuel mileage reports too. JUST a heads while up towing I averaged 10.15 MPG, Not towing averaged 17.87MPG, with one tank of fuel 18.8MPG. Average speed towing was 65-67 MPH, not towing was always 5 over posted speed limit (so around 75MPH) pushed 81MPH once(GPS said so). I want to thank all you who have answered my questions about roads and routes. NOW that I have driven them I am better prepared for this return trip. THANKS again.. randy
byrdr1 06/14/16 06:40am Roads and Routes
RE: questions on I-40 going west from NC to OK

Ok made my first trip out and back. I have a review but can't get it tpost yet. Working on that NOW. As soon As I hear something I will post it. thanks for ALL the words of wisdom. randy
byrdr1 06/14/16 05:14am Roads and Routes
RE: questions on I-40 going west from NC to OK

Well the time has arrived this trip, it is 3 days away. holiday weekend travel I-40 1250 miles. GOT the days planned and will try to arrive by Monday around 12noon. BUT weather, traffic, etc will determine that more than anything. I had an interesting past few days. First we vacationed at the coast for 8 days the weather was iffy, rainy, windy, cloudy, maybe 2 days of good sunshine. We drove home this past Saturday 250 miles give or take, averaged probably 62-63 MPH, mostly 4 lanes road and some interstate driving. GOT to my neighborhood and turned off the main on to my road. we heard this gosh awful noise the windows were down due to nice cooler weather. the wife asked what is that? I am not sure! as we are traveling down my road going maybe 5mph my daughter and SIL are behind us and they call and say the back tire is wobbling.. OH cr*p. I knew it was wheel bearing. slowed down to a crawl, eased it to the road in front of my house by this time I can see in the mirrors the tire is coming off the axle. Holy batman this aint good. BUT we are out of the one lane of traffic lucky we live on loop and no one except neighbors drive our street. We get the jack out and jack it up and the tire comes off in my hands. I can see the wheel bearing is shot to cr*p. Spent the better part of Sunday looking for parts and then into monday. Got it backed into the driveway last night around 6pm. Great job!!! I had already called a local shop for them to look at it today and check the rest out. JUST in case. In pulling the tire off there was nail on the inside thread. That tire might be Ok but maybe not. So we cleaned everything we were taking out for this trip and moved to into the storage building. DID YOU know you an have a lot of cr*p over the 6 years of camping.. So I had some water in gallon jugs from the camping trip. I placed them on the kitchen counter, and forgot them until i was about half way to the garage this morning let me pullover and get them hoping they had not come off counter top. coming up on a loop road I can turn here and go right around, GUESS What I misjudged the turn and ran my camper through the ditch. IF it wasn't in the floor before it is now! OK we are stopped open the door two gallons of water all over the floor. lucky we have old towels in the linen closet for these things. 3-4 towels and 15 minutes later its all mopped up I am a little POed about my dumb mistake. BUT alas this story doesn't end here. I look back and see my curb side scissor jack bent straight back, CR*P, CR*P... BUT wait I have Steady-Fast stabilizers on my camper, guess what the straight down screw head thin with the giant wing nut is bent as far as the jack is. SO not only did I miss up the jack, I bent the cr*p out of the one thing that I had to weld onto my camper with I guess no way of straightening it up before Friday pm. So now I am beyond POed. I drive on to the repair shop the guy had told me where to back my camper and truck and I did but he wanted it closer to the building so I had to re-park it. NOW this is side street in our town that was a J O B. He comes out and looks and I tell him about nail in tire he can see it. MIGHT need to replace tire now too. plus I have all this bent to cr*p stuff to try and fix tonight... SO MY adventure begins.. add to this a copy of a piece of an email my daughter got yesterday from her job assignment: "We are in for some tornadic weather this week and possibly this weekend I will forward you some weather related information later in the week so that you can be aware of the weather when you arrive." As stated before this adventure begins.. Thanks for the vent and please keep me and my wife and youngest child in thoughts and prayers. as we travel these 1250 miles out with the camper, for traveling mercy's and our return trip home without my baby girl. then 10 weeks later do it again to hopefully bring my camper home 5000 miles worth of trips in ten weeks... OH yeah we are in two vehicles.. the tow rig and camper and my daughter has to drive and have her car too. thanks randy ps I hope spell check worked well, rb
byrdr1 05/24/16 09:52am Roads and Routes
RE: What do you use for a BBQ?

Baby Q for us. Is propane and works very well. Size fits in the bay so life is good. Same here in the pretty blue, BUT I do use the on board propane hookups and had to delete the regulator on the grill but I saw where someone had rigged the regulator with a easy quick connect to use and the little propane bottles too if the need be. That's my next project. I have enjoyed the baby "Q" it works well And cooks great. But as others have said charcoal makes it all taste right. randy
byrdr1 05/24/16 09:21am Beginning RVing
RE: self contained RVs???

JMHO, Self contained by My understanding is any camping unit that has the following: Onboard water, onboard bathroom (toilet) facitites, and a way to store same(grey and black water) holding it until it can be properly disposed of. NOT thing about power. You can survive without the 120v power. I had a popup that met these requirements, but I also had a generator for NASCAR races. Most modern RV's meet these requirements today. some of the old school PU's would not and some older TT's would not. randy
byrdr1 05/06/16 07:21am General RVing Issues
RE: Got new rear tires and now my truck sways on the highway

Byrdr no one ripped you off on tires. Being squirmy when new and adjusting pressure to suit is just normal. Glad you got it figured out nonetheless. Oh I know no one ripped me off, I screwed up by not getting things worked out on first set of tires. I had michelins when I put yoko's on. Just was so unhappy with them(yoko's) I did the changing of tires. I have kicked my behind ever since. $1800 in tire expenses and only recovered 500 of it. So i was upside down as they say. I got 25K on the michlins now and they ride great when pulling the 5er. BUT i could have had the same results for my original 750 investment with a better snow and mud tire.. Lesson in life, even at my age i still screw things up from time to time. randy
byrdr1 04/30/16 05:17am Truck Campers
RE: questions on I-40 going west from NC to OK

Look up Handgunlaw.us Good site with the basics for every state. Thanks, good info for me to use, I am good with what I have from NC. count down has begun. randy
byrdr1 04/30/16 05:02am Roads and Routes
RE: Got new rear tires and now my truck sways on the highway

First, make sure they are "E" tires. New rubber is often soft and squishy so may need to take a few heat cool cycles to finish the setting. Know some other folks are running the new KO2 without an issue though may be they just don't notice it. Sure hope it settles out quick as I was hoping to go the KO2 when the factory tires wore out. I had the same issue last year with new Yokohama's AT's.. some what progressive tread. I was so unhappy with them I took a big $$ hit, sold them and bought new M&S Michelin's. I was not happy with them either.. I went back to my tire dealer and told him something was wrong. He checked everything out and found no problems He checked air pressure and reduced the back from 80psi to 75psi and the front from 80psi to 70psi. He said as you drive the heat builds up the tire pressure causing the tire to kinda float on the new softer taller/thicker tread. Once we did this my truck drove much better. He has been in the business for 25 years one of the best tire guys in town. Should have bought from him first go round but tried to save a few dollars and it cost me in the end.two sets of tire in 2 months and then the Michelin's cost right at $1100 for four. the Yokohama's were like $750 a set and sold them for $500. So the $$ hit. Good luck randy
byrdr1 04/29/16 11:47am Truck Campers
RE: questions on I-40 going west from NC to OK

On a another note: We are still iffy with stopping with No reservations anywhere for this trip out. I do have my Champion 30amp genny(semi not to loud) set up in the truck and will have extra 5gal NON-ethanol fuel for it and an extra 5 gal of diesel. With it being a holiday weekend and me not knowing where we will be any moment at a stopping time. I figured this would be my best bet. Flying J's or where ever might be better than Wally World's I have several apps loaded on my phone and tablet and with 2 vehicles and camper...Stopping space becomes an issue. Any thoughts on this ?? side bar: Any one want to give me heads on Arkansas and Oklahoma CCW rules you can private message me. I am good in Tenn. but other states I cant get a clear picture. thanks randy
byrdr1 04/28/16 08:54am Roads and Routes
RE: questions on I-40 going west from NC to OK

My experience is that I40 sucks especially west of New Mexico. I once drove 1000 miles non-stop except for gas and eats. Took me 18 hours straight thru. Not fun but doable, I was pulling a 20 ft cargo trailer and on a mission. Dont know if I could do this these days. When I was younger we used to head for Daytona Beach and/or Orlando at 10pm while kids slept. Drover straight through that 500 or so miles NOT sure I could do that now. Sure know I cant drive pulling the 5er 1250 miles on Memorial Day weekend straight through. randy
byrdr1 04/28/16 08:53am Roads and Routes
RE: Ocean Lakes?? Site 2178 scoop

both of those site will be on busy on one side or the other of your camper. 4183 is on the main road and next to water fill up & USPS post office for campground homes. the 2178 site is right on the main road coming from the beach & along the beach, lots of golf cart traffic, foot traffic and beach traffic.IT will be very busy and on Friday and Saturday nights the gold cart parade will come right by that camp site. Just a heads up, whats your timing looking like. Dead of summer? fall? spring break week? this can and will help you with a larger site. Dead of summer you are pretty much locked in. Call them and ask for something different. Anything on 4000 section towards sites 4001 thru 4050 are larger sites and not all have concrete but most are larger and longer. the early 3000 sections are larger and longer sites up thru 3040 or so. anything along the wall by Myrtle beach resort are the longest and can be windy with the wind bouncing off the condo tower. hope this helps. randy
byrdr1 04/26/16 12:07pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Backing TT vs 5er in State Parks

All good advise here. A TT wil respond quicker and will travel backwards easier than a 5er. I have been popup, TT and now a 5er. The PU was easy like utility trailer. the TT was a learning curve, but once I had it, it was easy to back about anywhere as long as you had room on the front side of truck. BUT the 5er well lets says that almost 5 years later we still have a curve to learn. MY best advise is practice practice with either in a school parking lot with some traffic cones on the weekends. BUT I can get the 5er about anywhere i want but I have to say out loud.. SLOW and EASY.. I have to keep repeteing this statement o remind myself SLOW and EASY. small corrections move the 5er a lot. I back into my parking spot at home from the blind side as they say. SO I have mailbox at the road and a ditch on both sides and then I thread the needle to get it into a 14' wide parking spot. Sometimes I have to pull out and go around the block and try it again.. These are times i am tired from driving home from a trip and I get in a hurry, I forget the SLOW and EASY phrase and I get upset and try again. I will be honest I thought I would never get it. BUT each trip it seems to get easier but i still go SLOW and EASY backing it.. Last trip out I had to back into a camping spot as their drive thru's were filled up. I was worried the whole ride to the campground, then on the money first try. BUT again Slow and Easy backing... best of luck, JMHO, randy
byrdr1 04/20/16 08:17am Fifth-Wheels
RE: NC DMV Safety Inspection

I know this is a stretch, but I will try anyway. Anyone on this forum from the Raleigh/Garner NC area ever used Gregory Poole's Truck service center on Jones Sausage Rd. to do your annual NC DMV safety inspection? If not, where is a good place to get this inspection done for a Class A? Not a straight answer but Gregory Poole does our Diesel generator inspections and service work with their quarterly maintenance service. They have a service center in Mebane, NC. Seem to be first class from what I have had to deal with. They are a large vehicle, equipment business in and around NC. I think I would trust them. Another reason I guess I will keep my 5er. Never thought about this side of the deal always thinking extra tires and bigger engines. never gave NC yearly inspections a thought. randy
byrdr1 04/11/16 11:49am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Golf Cart Insurance

Lawnspecialties, I use Central Insurance out of GA for home, cars, camper and GC. My GC has the same liability as the cars and truck. It also has comp and collision. I pay around 120 a year for it and I keep it insured year round dont know why other than it just easy to pay monthly and not worry adding and taking it off every camping season(March til November)NOT sure what the savings would be taking off for 4-5 months. then the hassle of adding it back and then having to provide insurance papers every time we go to OLCG. The camper has replacement value plus additional for 4 awning and TV antenna. The 2008/10? EzGo GC and 2011 camper on their own policy then all 3 cars and my truck on another plus homeowners. We have an 2014 SUV, a 2006 sentra, My 2003 ford and MY youngest 2011 Escape insured. Central is purchased through and agent locally. she makes sure we have the best rates. but we have used Central since we left Nationwide. They were good on the camper and GC. Happy hunting for a policy. Randy
byrdr1 04/11/16 11:42am Toy Haulers
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