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RE: Overnight parking at Camping World in Fayetteville, NC?

I just spoke with Camping World. They don't have any overnight parking spots per say, but the woman that I spoke with said that they have service spots (with electric). If there are any open, I'm welcome to use one. She recommended that I call the day that I'm traveling to see what is open. Good to know, thanks for the info. randy
byrdr1 11/19/14 07:22am Roads and Routes
RE: James Island County Park, Charleston SC places to eat/see

NOT sure of many indoor spaces. I just know lots of outdoor things to do. We are headed that way for 2015 spring break. Hoping for great weather as it will be 8 camping families. randy
byrdr1 11/19/14 07:19am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: I know why Goodyear calls them Marathons

I've always just taken the TT wheels in to have the tires replaced - while the wheels are off I go through the bearings. Too much of a hassle to take the whole trailer in. same as I when I replaced my china bombs with maxxis in the last year all 4 tires. randy
byrdr1 11/19/14 07:17am Fifth-Wheels
RE: What Are You Building for a Thanksgiving Menu?

There are going to be 6 families that we share our Thanksgiving with, at a beach side campground. So we are having: oil-less fried(charbroil cooker)turkey, a turkey breast or two, spiral cut ham cooked in the crockpot with cranberry soda to keep it moist. then all the fixin's: mashed taters, sweet tater casserole, large egg noodles, deviled eggs, green beans, pinto beans, watergate salad, dressing, canned cranberry sauce, Crockpot mac & cheese, desserts lots of them and a few other items I can't think of right now.. So we will feed around 25+- folks and plenty of leftovers for another night. We usually get together and eat again on Saturday get rid of the leftovers from each campsite and have another community meal. Oh yeah this will be our 15th year we have done this together at a campground. We only missed one year due to death of one of our campers father and then we had a big get together pig pickin on that Saturday night. So really this makes it our 16th year together. Some folks come and go and we just keep it going with the main 4-6 families. Best times are spent camping with friends and having Thanksgiving dinner together makes it even more fun. randy
byrdr1 11/18/14 07:49am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: NASCAR Bristol August 2015

There is a church near the track that opens up for the race weekends. ITS donation and they use the money for their youth program. Some are full hookups others are not. Shuttle you to track on race days. We stayed there for $100 for the weekend nd then ate in the gym. They fix breakfast and supper race days. I cant find it now but I can post the name and number if interested. Greek run Restaurant right next door with good food(steak). We walked one day to the track and its a hike but worth it. We walked back after the day race to get out before the crowds left. randy
byrdr1 11/13/14 02:13pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Blue Beacon

My son worked for them. HE said they washed 1-2 RV's a day. They even washed the owner of Ron Jon's surf shop RV early summer this year. I have a picture of it somewhere. Pretty cool RV. He said he liked the RainX added on made the RV's look a little better and gave it protectant type covering. randy
byrdr1 11/07/14 06:58am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fifth Wheel Fishtailing

rozapaul, I had this early this year when I put new tires on my truck.. GOSh it was awful to drive, Worried me to death that I had screwed up front end. Took back to tire guy and he lowered the pressure down to 75psi per tire on the back and 70psi on the front. Told me I was good to go! really??? you know what he was right once I drove this set up the truck felt a lot better and handled like I was used to it. He told me the new tire depth allowed the tire to ride and flex on the thread tops making it squirrely feeling.. This past trip I pulled 200 miles one handed on the wheel until i got around others vehicles.The guy sells me all my tires and has for 20 years.. straight shooter when it comes to tires front end work, brakes and shocks, etc. JMHO randy
byrdr1 11/03/14 02:51pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Anybody consider a semi for a tow vehicle?

If you are truly interested in an HDT, the 2014 Rally is next week in Hutchinson, KS. A nice HDT can be had, singled out, and custom designed, for much less than a newer truck.That is a great idea for the OP. As for the 'much less', I think you'll find that as the price goes down, the looks and comforts do too. Full automatics can be found in Volvo tractors, which are the crème de la crème. It's doubful you'll pay bottom dollar for a newer, clean, automatic, singled, conversion truck. Those kind are in demand, and it might take a while to find one. Now, the older, ugly, stick shifts, which are still quite capable, are the real bargains. You can spend $30,000, or $100,000. Really depends on what you want. I just watched 3 utube video on the HDT rally in tenn. It was a cooler weather so it must have been a late winter or early fall deal but they showed each truck and how and what made it custom. Some carried their smart cars on the back behind the cabs. Motorcycles etc. I watched these with glee in my eyes. Pretty cool when you think about it. randy
byrdr1 10/20/14 07:19am Tow Vehicles
RE: Do I have 2 WFCO Converters?

was it wired into the control panel? if it was the original power converter might have died and this was the replacement. Just thinking out loud? On my 50 amp unit the converter box is behind the control/fuse panel. randy
byrdr1 10/18/14 04:50am Tech Issues
RE: Cabinetry re-do

NICE work watch your head in the bedroom cabinet. ask me How I know this one. randy
byrdr1 10/16/14 08:52am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: I 40 East Tennessee

Dial 511 and see where that takes you. its a national highway number used by most states not all but tenn and NC, SC are on it. randy
byrdr1 10/16/14 07:22am Roads and Routes
RE: No #2 Rule?

I am dieing laughing here on this one. I used to have that rule in the popup & the TT. USE the public toilets we are paying for you to use them. ONLY in extreme emergency could you do #2 in the camper. You had better be close to death to use #2 in my camper. Now I am getting older, wiser and using full hookups. If you gotta go, you gotta go! I still practice the daytime rule if I can walk to the johnnie house I will use it but if not the camper works for me. I use the black tank rinse all the time and If we are camped more than 3-4 days I will clean it out mid trip. The wife uses it like our house. BUT I really was laughing hard on this one.. Thanks for the laughs, Randy
byrdr1 10/13/14 02:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: Good and bad about Cougar Fifth Wheels

second Cougar first was TT, now a 327RES 5th wheel. I saw that floor plan this weekend online. Unless you have really long campsite you are going find it hard to set that patio door out. very little out of doors protection. If thats the floor plan you like go look at a 327RES. its basically the same except for the patio door thing. I dont see that patio door porch being around along time. IF its a garage(toyhauler) then yes i can see it but you have all that space with nothing in it when its closed. JMHO.. As far as Cougar goes some say its a entry level 5er. I found it to be more mid range. The new 2015's have a lot more going for them than my 2011. You will find issues with all campers and in the end you have to find what makes you and your spouse happy. OVer all I would buy another cougar as a matter of fact I really like the 2015 327res so much I want to go and look at one this weekend and I would consider trading if the numbers were to work out. randy
byrdr1 10/13/14 02:07pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Dog Crap

One of our favorite places to camp started this in january. We always pick up after our dogs. randy Pets are one of the big reasons that people camp and we consider them part of the family. We try to keep our policies simple and only modify them when necessary. Unfortunately, a modification is now a necessity to address one of our guests’ #1 complaints. There are a lot of good pet parents out there who do the right thing, and we appreciate it! But it’s time to alter our tactics to get the attention of those who refuse to clean up after their pet. We have debated how to do this for years, and our recent experience has proven that some people will not comply unless there is a literal cost associated with ignoring the policies and requests to be courteous to others. So, beginning on January 1, 2014 we will begin to enforce a $100 fine for guests who do not clean up after their pets. Rest assured that this is not a source of revenue. Every penny will be donated to our favorite animal charity. Our team relies on local pet care charities to help take care of injured animals found in our park, such as swans and ducks. There will be no DNA testing necessary. We have plenty of teammates and undercover eyewitnesses who are willing to help reduce pet pollution by reporting guests who refuse to “scoop the poop.” Pet waste is more than gross - it is detrimental to our environment and humans. Pet pollution is carried by storm water runoff that contributes to high bacteria levels in our waterways and beaches after it rains A plastic shopping bag works fine for collecting pet waste. Also, there are “Doggie Doo Stations” located throughout the campground (they are marked on our maps). Each station provides biodegradable bags for guests to use to clean up after their pet. These bags amount to quite an investment. So please take only what you need so there is enough for others (we aren't sure why some take an entire roll as they aren't so good for packing lunches).
byrdr1 10/13/14 01:55pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Ford 7.3 chipped mileage

03 7.3PSD CC SRW with a superchip in tow safe mode installed. average this year 10.5 MPG towing, around town I average 15 MPG, on the highway I can get towards 19-20MPG with average speeds. I haven't run it in factorymode in a while and I almost never run it in high mode. I also have 225,000 miles on the engine. So if you are getting those kind of reading you are very good. randy
byrdr1 10/13/14 09:59am Tow Vehicles
RE: Suggestions for repair of rear trailer wall please-

bobinyelm, good job with pictures to show us the damage and rebuild. I have friend who has a Wildcat and he paid to has rear wall and slide out were the back bedroom is rebuilt. He dropped over $8K. I am helping him tomorrow put trusses/rafters on his homebuilt RV garage. This is one big shop to hold his 5er and his outdoor equipment. He and another friend who had water damage on the back wall and slide out on a KZ are the reason I bought an RV PORT with closed on sides. thank for the updates, randy
byrdr1 10/10/14 07:24am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Blocking up a FW

I don't, but I've read on a tire mfgs. bulletin that tires should not be stored on concrete for prolonged periods. Always put wood (not treated) under them. Why not on treated boards? I ask because mine is stored on concrete but one side(2 tires) has treated boards under them to level the camper out. I saw one of the local restores has the recycled tire tuned into block looking tiles. About 2x2 in size and the price was good and I thought about buying four to put under my tires this winter. Thanks randy
byrdr1 10/10/14 07:12am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Dealing with the unpredicablity of life and your camper!

No Flaming from me! Life does get in the way sometimes. I grew up camping with my mom&dad. He was career US ARMY, camping was about all we could afford to do while I as growing up. Skip forward to 15 years ago. LIFE was hectic, kids doing things and having to run them here and there. Family emergencies, family deaths. LIFE just kept coming at us.. I need a break from all this. We need to start camping!, my wife was born and raised in the city, we had moved to the country to get away from the city life. nice to be in the country but still had all the family commitments and we are now 10 miles from town now. So she was not on board as far this camping thing went at first. You will see the progression over the last I said 15 years but it has been closer to 19 years now that look back over it. So why did I say all this.. You have to make time to camp, you have to make time to spend with your kids and family while camping. You have to assign it a priority in your life. Then you schedule the time and commit to it whether the weather is bad or not. YES being that close to home makes it easy to back out of a trip. BUT I have camped in in two northeastern's storms at the beach, several hurricanes that have blown by us while we camped. YES we were at North Myrtle Beach when Sandy came up the coast. Two hurricanes that came one right behind the other through central NC while at the lake. I cant count the rain storms, the cold fronts, the one time snow and ice storm caught us in the mountains. I have driven in winds that I do not wish to drive in again and WONT if I can help it. My priorities in life are my faith, my family, my job, my church, my friends, my recreation(camping). Everything else falls in here somewhere. We have made it so we spend so much time running and doing for our kids, family, friends and church that we don't take time for ourselves. NOT preaching just telling you how I do it. Do I go camping every month NO but I have a average of 40 nights a year since we first started in the Tent(once), the popup, the used TT, the new TT with bunks, and now the mom & pop 5th wheel. Take care and CampOn! randy
byrdr1 10/09/14 09:51am Beginning RVing
RE: RV Barns

I had one built and a put a concrete slab under it. Its 18x40. Its wide enough to open slides on both sides and tall enough for me to walk on the roof (bent over of course). I have a 30amp box put in so I can keep power on it. Its next to my shop so I have water to wash it and also ran a air line for topping off the tires before a trip. Nice RvPort mbrower, I too have a 30amp outlet and Water is on the house about 25 foot from the RVPort. I have a 14X8 concrete pad under the tires. I put that end for the first TT we owned and just never added to it. MAybe one day I can add a little here and there until is all Concrete under the Rvport. I haven't thought about AIR because I have a pancake compressor that I use but it would be nice to use my out buildings air compressor as it is the stand up type and would not cycle as much when using it. randy
byrdr1 10/02/14 06:39am Fifth-Wheels
RE: RV Barns

Do you mind if I ask what this cost you. and a good source to buy it from. Mine was right at $3600 with tax. I had to pay and extra $100.00 to the installers so that they would cut around the roof line of my carport. BUT because they had to borrow my 30foot ladder he added the extra 6 bracing arms that you can see on the rafters. Mine is NON-certified. Normally a NON certified would have only 6 braces(one at each end and the middle). Mine has 12. the 12 foot tall siding down the one side locks in the front to back movement(keeps it from moving in the wind). We have had wind this year too. Once I add the 3 foot down the carport side that will lock this thing in real good. They drove 3 foot rebar through base and into a my gravel driveway. Certified would have been the corkscrew style wind tie downs plus a brace at each rafter. The siding acts as those braces that would be placed on the bottom plate and the upright poles. I paid extra for the "A" frame style also. Hope this helps you. Oh yeah TNT Carports out of My Airy, NC same place Carolina Carports is located. Both are about the same around here because we are about 70 miles from them. randy
byrdr1 09/30/14 02:12pm Fifth-Wheels
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