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RE: FOUND!!!!!!!!!!! [Our travel trailer was stolen.]

Good to hear it was recovered. Darn thief, but part of me feels for a 10-11 year old; that part could be a sad story.
camperfamily 11/21/14 10:09pm Travel Trailers
RE: Opinions on new F350 Diesel

Traded our '02 Ford CCLB 7.3 for a '13 Ford 6.7 CCLB. Both SRW. There really is no comparison between the two. The '13 is quiet, smooth, better on fuel and has ridiculous power; the same grades that were 3 miles at WOT are now climbed at 70mph in 6th gear (it will drop to 5th if I have to slow and come back up to speed for traffic). The truck you describe sounds nice, but my gut says the asking price is a bit high for what is essentially as used vehicle. If you don't care about the creature comforts of the Platinum you could likely score a better deal on a brand new Lariat or XLT, with patience of course. The biggest change between the '14 and '15 IMHO is the improved exhaust/engine braking. One thing is for sure; these new trucks are expensive to fix if and when something fails outside warranty.
camperfamily 11/20/14 09:11pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2wd vs 4wd

Since my truck is a daily driver in NJ and I have to be at work no matter the weather, 4x4 required. For rving... I've gotten into/ out of spots I could not have with a 2WD. Been stuck 2x on muddy grass. Once 4x4 got me out. The other time the mud was too much and it was uphill. Got pulled out by a friend who's trucks was on the road. For where I live and the way we camp its a requirement. For others, its not. It's a personal choice that you have to decide on. Think about what you do now and plan to do. Then consider if those plans warrant a 4x4. Make a pro and con list if you want; sometimes they help clarify.
camperfamily 11/11/14 08:19pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Something fell down into the black water tank!

If your toilet sits right over the black tank, removing the toilet might allow better access. Usually a matter of the water line and a couple of nuts at the base. Have patience with this one. The suggestion of raising the rig to make the filter roll toward the opening a good one. Best of luck to you.
camperfamily 11/11/14 08:11pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Homemade Jack Stands

Sounds potentially dangerous. I'd start with either a professional fabricator or solid wood 6x6 blocks cribbed and with an angled "ramp" cut. 3 ties wide x however long for the ramp. All tied together with threaded rods/bolts, 2 per layer. They'd sure be heavy to move around though. Maybe a hand truck/dollie or add wheels to them so as when tipped up the wheels touch and allow them to be rolled around. You could get about 12" high this way with 3 layers. Not perfect but good... Add a 2x in somewhere to get closer to 14". Be careful, be safe. Consider the liability.
camperfamily 11/10/14 07:47pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Do you let your TV warm up before towing?

We had a 7.3 for and I don't recall experiencing any power loss like you describe, certainly not at those relatively warm temps. Under 20ºF it was a little less happy to start but did it. Does your truck start easely when cool/cold? Might have a glow plug problem. And as someone else mentioned, consider checking fuel filter if you have not already. The 7.3 is loud when its cold (well, honestly after owning a 6.7 Ford the old 7.3 was just loud all the time. I avoided unnecessary running out of consideration for the neighborhood. Ever run your 7.3 cold in a parking garage? Def loud. I just can't see power loss like that. Maybe its time for some new fluids, filters and check the glow plug/grid heater (known as the AIH on your 7.3). Are you running the correct weight/viscosity oil? The 7.3 fires the injectors using high pressure oil (think 3000psi). Happy Trails
camperfamily 10/22/14 09:39pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Do You Hang Lights From Your Awning?

Call me old fashioned, but no electric hookup and the trusty propane lantern on the post attached to the 20# tank. And the light source is away from the rv so guess where the bugs don't go. And the lantern can be bright enough to light the whole site or dim enough to just see to walk around.
camperfamily 10/22/14 09:29pm Travel Trailers
RE: DEF addative

DEF = Diesel Exhaust Fluid. It get injected into the exhaust upstream of emissions equipment. My truck doesn't even smell like a diesel when running. Or like a taser for that matter. Kinda has a sweet smell to it. Whatever you do don't put it in with the fuel. Bye bye fuel system in that case.
camperfamily 10/20/14 09:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: I have a TOW VEHICLE headache.

2011+ Ford 350. Gas 4.30 gears or diesel (diesel preferred) Single or dual. 3500 RAM with the 6.4 hemi, tall gears Any of the 3500 Chevy/GMC twins with the Duramax diesel Some of the older RAM/Cummins trucks a good, but finding a good one might be harder. For my money I'd rather a NEW gas truck over a older diesel. I know it's history and it has warranty. If the price isn't a issue, any of the new 350/3500 diesels trucks would be great. Have been seeing a lot of good comments about the new RAMs. Happy Trails
camperfamily 10/19/14 08:14pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Issues with my 2001 F-250 7.3L transmission continue...

Ford was offering a HD version, warrantied as mentioned. Worthy of consideration. BTS and JohnWoods are nice, but spending and you said that isn't in your near future. I'd be hesitant of a used trans. Soooo many variables. I'd go the Ford HD unit. Warrantied at any Ford dealer (or it was that way). Whatever you do add add the biggest additional trans cooler you can find. Many like the cooler from the 6.0 but there are others out there. Keep it fed with fresh fluid every 30k miles or so and keep it cool are the keys. I gave up my 7.3 for many reasons, one of which was a trans that was starting to show signs. I would have gone the ford HD route personally. Be persistent if you go that way; not all dealers even know it is available. The group over at ford-trucks.com in the 7.3 forum can help you out. Good luck!
camperfamily 10/14/14 09:02pm Tow Vehicles
RE: No #2 Rule?

Bombs away...
camperfamily 10/13/14 10:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: The results of a huge day of searching. Opinions welcome!

Jayco is reputed to build a good trailer. Surveyor - we camp with a family who just finished their first season in a new surveyor (albeit a LOT bigger) and seem happy. My choice would be the Nash, of if they have that floor plan available in the Arctic Fox line (same manu). Good luck.
camperfamily 10/08/14 09:03pm Travel Trailers
RE: 2012 F350 ford dually with 6.7 diesel

I have a 2013 SRW version of that truck. The idea of wanting more power towing I just don't understand. I can travel at whatever speed I choose and acellerate going up most any grade. But that wasn't the OP's question. It may be generating enough heat to cause the ECM to de-power the engine to prevent overheating. Of course dirty fuel filters don't help but I thought they would display a message about low fuel pressure also, not sure. Good luck.
camperfamily 10/04/14 07:54pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Hail! Trailer is a write off

FWIW my beater car was hit a number of years back. Totaled with just few hundred $ of damage. Took the insurance money, less salvage value and repaired it myself. Title never left my hands. YMMV. I'd likely keep the trailer, btw.
camperfamily 09/30/14 08:10pm Travel Trailers
RE: Superchip Flashpaq tuner for Ford F350?

I too had a DP Tuner F5 and gauges. That chip sure woke up the 7.3. I also got the decal or exhaust brake tune that closes the EBPV for added exhaust braking, very effective. Towing 10k on the 60 tow tune was awesome, but I had to really watch the pyro (exhaust gas temp). Get it too hot and things literally melt. Without a different exhaust I found I was limited to about the same speed on a given grade was without the tuner. Difference was running new WOT or part throttle but I think it was burning the same amount of fuel. The trans also shifted butter (firmer) with the DP Tuner as stated. But all the extra power seemed rough on the trans. I actually stopped using the tunes except for the exhaust brake. I was just afraid of tearing something up I didn't want to replace. You have the manual trans, so some less concern. But that also means (if my memory serves me right) that you have about 25 more hp than my '02 automatic did. Fuel economy, I saw now difference if hand calculated on paper. The lie-o-meter, if it were to be believed, showed well past 20 mpg at 70-75 solo on the highway and 14-15 towing. So some will disagree and even flame me but unless you want the exhaust brake feature I don't see that its worth it. And there are other options to get the exhaust brake that are FAR cheaper. Visit the 7.3 forum over at FTE (ford-trucks.com). The risk of damage from heat and power was too great for me. The truck moved my butt 110000 miles before I traded it for a new 6.7 Ford. (That new Ford is amazing BTW.) So, if you want to proceed you'll need the chip, gauges, and preferably 4" exhaust from the down-pipe back (lowers EGTs) and a intake (there are several options available). I think you'll find yourself in the neighborhood of $1000 invested. My personal advise would be to get the 20 tow tune, high idle and exhaust brake tunes. You'll get the benefits of some power, better shifting, engine braking and (MAYBE) a little bump in MPGs while minimizing your risk of braking something else like trans, rods, etc. I will say DP Tuner was great to work with and it help value; I was able to sell it on ebay separately from my truck. Hope that really long ramble helps your decision making.
camperfamily 09/24/14 09:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New Lodge Cast Iron

We use a CI waffle iron, a Griswald if I remember right. Get it hot and the heat set right - yum. And the waffles stick to it less than the modern non-stick electric version. CI griddle, 4 qt pot, 12" DO all ride along too.
camperfamily 09/22/14 08:36pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Apology to Wawaloam Campground

Bike helmets. A couple years back a boy flipped over the handlebars and landed on his head on the asphalt campground road. He was knocked unconscious for quite some time. Long enough for 911 call, police, ambulance and medics to arrive. That young man nearly got a helicopter ride that day, thankfully he regained consciousness. And no, he was not wearing a helmet. So, as a campground owner, parent or just a human, after seeing something like that how could you not want to see helmets in use. You don't need it until you need it. But when you do it may well save your life. Clearly I agree with the helmets. And the CG owner's insurance company may well agree with it also and require that rule. PS - Providing helmets just sounds nasty. Think sweaty, dirty heads or worse lice.
camperfamily 09/20/14 08:31pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Bicycle carrier front of truck or pin box. (Updated W/pics)

I use a pin box solution for the bikes. I can get 4 on there, two adult and two kids bikes. The front hitch gets the big T post for the canoe. At 17' the canoe goes from about 12" after of the rear of the cab to about 18" forward of the front T rack. Most in our group run pin box solutions. A couple have racks on the rear of the trailers. And a couple have enough bikes and yaks for 6 people onboard!
camperfamily 08/12/14 08:24pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: cars to one side, trucks/trailers to the other

When pulling into a truck slot I'm not sure if it is proper etiquette to pull all the way forward (creating that too short spot where someone has to back out) or stop so that the tail is even with the end of the slot. I usually stop with the tail at the end. I've been that guy to pull in only to find a compact car blocking the far end between two trucks. Just think'in...
camperfamily 08/12/14 05:03pm Beginning RVing
RE: Can I get from PA Turnpike NE Extension to I-78 Eastbound?

You don't say where your headed after passing the Tap, but if your going far enough north take 287 North to 87 North (NY State Thruway) up to Newburgh. Jump onto 84 there. Avoids the Tap ($$$ toll) and some real congested areas. BTW - if you don't know they are building a brand new bridge to replace the current span of the Tap. 84 will take you up to the Mass Pike if you go far enough with only Hartford CT to pass through as somewhat of a congested area. Fuel up in NJ - cheaper than both PA and NY. Now, if your not going so far both, ignore all that.
camperfamily 08/11/14 08:58pm Roads and Routes
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