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RE: Apology to Wawaloam Campground

Bike helmets. A couple years back a boy flipped over the handlebars and landed on his head on the asphalt campground road. He was knocked unconscious for quite some time. Long enough for 911 call, police, ambulance and medics to arrive. That young man nearly got a helicopter ride that day, thankfully he regained consciousness. And no, he was not wearing a helmet. So, as a campground owner, parent or just a human, after seeing something like that how could you not want to see helmets in use. You don't need it until you need it. But when you do it may well save your life. Clearly I agree with the helmets. And the CG owner's insurance company may well agree with it also and require that rule. PS - Providing helmets just sounds nasty. Think sweaty, dirty heads or worse lice.
camperfamily 09/20/14 08:31pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Bicycle carrier front of truck or pin box. (Updated W/pics)

I use a pin box solution for the bikes. I can get 4 on there, two adult and two kids bikes. The front hitch gets the big T post for the canoe. At 17' the canoe goes from about 12" after of the rear of the cab to about 18" forward of the front T rack. Most in our group run pin box solutions. A couple have racks on the rear of the trailers. And a couple have enough bikes and yaks for 6 people onboard!
camperfamily 08/12/14 08:24pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: cars to one side, trucks/trailers to the other

When pulling into a truck slot I'm not sure if it is proper etiquette to pull all the way forward (creating that too short spot where someone has to back out) or stop so that the tail is even with the end of the slot. I usually stop with the tail at the end. I've been that guy to pull in only to find a compact car blocking the far end between two trucks. Just think'in...
camperfamily 08/12/14 05:03pm Beginning RVing
RE: Can I get from PA Turnpike NE Extension to I-78 Eastbound?

You don't say where your headed after passing the Tap, but if your going far enough north take 287 North to 87 North (NY State Thruway) up to Newburgh. Jump onto 84 there. Avoids the Tap ($$$ toll) and some real congested areas. BTW - if you don't know they are building a brand new bridge to replace the current span of the Tap. 84 will take you up to the Mass Pike if you go far enough with only Hartford CT to pass through as somewhat of a congested area. Fuel up in NJ - cheaper than both PA and NY. Now, if your not going so far both, ignore all that.
camperfamily 08/11/14 08:58pm Roads and Routes
RE: Wildcat on Ram 3500 SRW

The trailer looks a little nose high. Raising the truck may make it more noticeable. A trip to the weigh station might be a good start to see where you stand. Could be the pin weight is high and the load needs to be moved around in the 5th.
camperfamily 08/10/14 08:18pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 1969 Hi Lo Bon Voyage 209 overhaul

Couldn't help but notice that it looks like you have square sheet metal wheel well boxes. If the outside area around the wheel is also square it's a worthwhile mod to add some curved metal in there. Saves a lot of damage in the event of a blown tire. Been there, done that on a older TrailManor.
camperfamily 08/09/14 10:04pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Parking level on a hill bad for suspension?

Hmm. My driveway is FAR steeper - my rear bumper touches and I can back my pickup under the pin box with inches of clearance to the closed tailgate. In fact if I raise it just a tad more the front axles lifts of the ground. Been that way since '08 and no ill effects that I can tell. BTW - I use HUGE chocks in front of the rear tires on the trailer.
camperfamily 08/06/14 08:48pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best way from Delaware to Mass WITHOUT the gw brdge/lower ct

With as far south as your coming from I'd consider taking I-81 up and avoiding the DC/Baltimore area. You can actually follow 81 all the way to I-84 in Pennsylvania. Then 84 past Newburgh NY as above through CT into Mass. to 90. You'll miss lots of urban congestion, tolls, traffic and headaches. The few extra miles are, IMHO, worth it. Traffic in the BC to NYC corridor can be horrendous not to mention those tolls really add up. I've never taken our rig on the GSP, but I'm told those few low bridges are low - to stay in the center lane for them. Happy Trails!
camperfamily 07/31/14 08:33pm Roads and Routes
RE: A little disappointed with GS for the first time

So GS couldn't find a provider, but you could. Sorry, GS - piss poor service there. Perhaps your payment rates are too low and providers don't find it profitable to work with GSRA? Hoping Marcus's Rapid Response Team will post some PUBLIC responses with some REAL answers here.
camperfamily 07/29/14 08:35pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: B&W Champanion Hitch

Have had the companion in both our '13 ford (had to install the turnover as no factory set-up) and previously in the '02 Ford. Solid hitch, great support. As good as everyone says!
camperfamily 07/29/14 08:32pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: How much difference between SD and HD

Well, in the RV we normally avoid the TV being on. We're out to get away from all the electronic distractions and spend quality time with our kids. Their electronic games are severely limited also. Laptop as needed for weather, planning/searching for a outing or (uhg) work. As for HD vs SD -- well the picture on the old 20" tube sure looks crappy. And SD on a 60" plasma is terrible. Quality HD 1080 signal is the only way to go. But then I'm in the camp where a 20MB internet connection is marginal; expect ions are high as I have to move large files regularly.
camperfamily 07/28/14 09:36pm Technology Corner
RE: I need advice on my totalled yet still beautiful baby.

Strange situation you have. I'd be seeking professional advice – second opinion on the RV and likely at least a consultation with legal council. Remember, if you decide to take the insurance co to court things change – and get drawn out. Were I in your shoes I'd be worried about being SOL and as I said looking for professional advice. BTW - you can hire independent adjusters to review your claim and help battle insurance companies. Of course professionals cost. I know it sux, but make sure you step back and realize when it is time to cut your losses. Legal cases can be very costly (as you likely know) to the point where its just not worth it. If the offer you a settlement consider it while looking at units you can afford, if thats even an option. Personally I'd rather be camping with my boys in a older, smaller but clean unit than not at all. Hope my rambling can help.
camperfamily 07/13/14 08:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: Stuck on road with very slow response time?

First time I called GSRA they took so long that the state police called in their town tow service to change the flat. Had GSRA on the phone when the LEO made they call and to their credit they paid for it. Second time it was under a hour, but honestly in densely populated northern NJ it should have been under 15 minutes. The driver came from almost 30 minutes away. Ridiculous! BUT they didn't tell him what truck I have - a CCLB diesel and he didn't bring a heavy enough flatbed. Hit road debris and had TWO flats. Got the spare and he was able to plug the other tire enough for me to get to new tires. So except for the LONG delays the service was great. BUT I do have HIGH service level expectations – things happen fast in my industry and waiting isn't a option.
camperfamily 07/01/14 10:25pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Back-powering 110V system while travelling..

Hmm. Enough about the back feeding. If you really want run the fridge why not just route a extension from the inverter to the fridge? Easy, inexpensive and safe. I didn't see mentioned that if you back feed a RV and don't remember to turn off the MAIN your male cord will be LIVE. Think of the possibilities...
camperfamily 06/26/14 08:05pm Tech Issues
RE: Daily Driving Tow Vehicles

My '13 Superduty is just year old and almost 19k miles on it. Its my DD at 55-70 miles a day (depends where I need to drop the kids off). I did the numbers on a commuter. Financially its a mess. Insurance here in NJ would cost me close to $1000/year. I get 15+ with my truck commuting. A car big enough to not be killed in, used at a somewhat reasonable cost, would only yield about 30mpg. No savings for me. Leasing would be pricy as I need at least 15k/ year. The other problem is that I can't fit another vehicle in my driveway. No chance. And I can't make it bigger - property line on one side w/retaining wall, and another wall on the other side with water/sewer/natural gas lines on the other. AND I can't park on the street overnight from Nov. 1 to April 1. Also. the added mass and probable crash survivability is priceless. I've seen some terrible crashes on my commute. Cars broadsided by semi trucks at highway speeds; cars t-boned and pushed against concrete barrier and then slammed again resulting in all doors being blocked, unconscious driver w/likely head injuries; serious rear-end chain reactions (loaded dump truck lost brakes on a hill, plowed into stopped traffic at a light at the bottom of a 1 mile 6% hill -- they have nowhere to go to crash but the cars -- and that happens at least 1x/year). I could go on. But feeling that my chances to returning home to my kids every night is priceless, to me. Plus, by the time I wear out a diesel truck drivetrain it would be time for a replacement anyways due to other factors like rust and age related failures.
camperfamily 06/21/14 10:49pm Tow Vehicles
RE: I'm leaving Dodge

Kampfirekid - Sorry to hear about your Ford. Mine is quiet and powerful. Sounds like you need another dealer or some help. I'd suggest visiting the 6.7 forum over at ford-truck.com. A Ford rep frequents there and can often push service issues up the chain and get results.
camperfamily 06/16/14 07:58pm Tow Vehicles
RE: The "Milky Way" test of a boondocking site

profdant139, its just my opinion but after nearly 20 years of using photoshop and editing images it looks like your forcing the image a bit too much. If you bring some of the dark back in I thnk your image would have greater depth and would appear sharper. In Photoshop you can adjust this using levels or curves, even down to each color channel if you want to remove a color. You can also make a adjustment layer to change a color and then mask that layer so the adjustment only applies to a portion of the image. Photoshop is a very powerful and fun tool but does have a learning curve. Fantastic images, I've enjoyed them!
camperfamily 06/09/14 08:59pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: How likely am I to need 30amp and/or water extensions?

Carry 25' 30amp extension, gets a good amount of use. Also a 20' 15amp extension, plus adapters. If I really need power I can put it all together and get power from a 15amp plug nearly 70' away. Carry almost 100' water hose. Rarely use more than 50'. Used it all, once. A member of the group didn't realize there was no water at the sites and parked. The next morning three of use combined water hoses and ran close to 300' through the woods to fill his tank. Talk about a happy camper! Carry about 50' of coax. It has been out of its storage spot for use 2x in 12 years. We rarely watch TV when we camp. Sewer hose is 2 17' sections. I really don't want to wrangle more than that, and so far have had enough.
camperfamily 06/09/14 08:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: children in Motorhome Update

NJ only requires lap belts on school busses. Now if I were to strap my 3 YO into my car using only a lap belt there would be all kinds of problems, outrage and possible police citations. Yet that is exactly what they can (AND DO) with tiny children on buses. My son was in a school bus accident (thankfully minor) this year and when it came up for my 3 YO daughter to ride w/o proper restraints we simply said no and either provide private transportation or she doesn't go. IMO there should be laws at the national level requiring ALL buses (school/motor coach/public/private) to provide for the same passenger restraints as in our personal automobiles. Anyone recall the high school children who were ejected from the bus (which also burned) in California recently? Seatbelts could have save lives there. So think and say what you want, but doesn't the lack of seat belts (and crash-worthy roll-over survivable vehicles) really come down to a matter of the almighty dollar? OK, off my soapbox. Hope its food for thought for someone.
camperfamily 05/29/14 08:42pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 5th wheel RV, needed to haul from Sulphur, LA to Houston

You can try places like Uship or just google RV transporter. Or seek out a friend with a truck who might bring it back home.
camperfamily 05/27/14 08:35pm Fifth-Wheels
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