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RE: Found a truck to replaced my wrecked truck.

The brochure for the 2009 Model Year doesn't seem to list side airbags. http://www.ford.com/services/assets/Brochure?make=Ford&model=SuperDuty&year=2010&postalCode=
camperfamily 03/05/15 09:25pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford F350: Which motor?

The V-10 is a great motor. I had a really hard time locating any for sale when I was in the market and ended up with a new 6.7 diesel. A friend pulls 15k with a v10 dually without problems. Strong motor, I'd buy one myself. As KDUPL said, I'd not take a 6.0. Well, maybe for free. The 6.4 turbo diesel (2008-10) is better but as far as repair history I'd personally go v10. Don't rule out the newer 6.2 V8 gas motors from Ford either... you might find they are within reach. Proving to be a solid power plant from what I see.
camperfamily 02/19/15 07:17pm Truck Campers
RE: pumping creek water

Amazing I'm still here after drinking (boiled) water from the headwaters of the Hudson River in NY as a teen! Sheesh.
camperfamily 02/17/15 07:06pm Travel Trailers
RE: CG Rules - New Trends?

I couldn't give a damn if the rules say to wear a helmet or not. There will be one on my and my kids heads. Last year my daughter was saved a nasty head injury thanks to her helmet. A cousin riding with a group took a spill; his helmet undoubtedly saved him a head injury or even worse at 20+ mph. And then there is the boy who flipped over his handlebars at a CG our group was at just before we arrived. No helmet, unconscious. Two paramedics in our group tended to him during the long wait for an ambulance. He nearly got to ride in a medical helicopter that day but he regained consciousness and was transported. So cry liability, personal opinion, insurance or whatever. I like my brains and my kids brains the way they are. How do you like your brains? It only takes an instant to scramble them. FWIW
camperfamily 02/05/15 09:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: towing question 1999 Ford Explorer V8 AWD

We pulled a TrailManor 3023 with a 1998 V-8 AWD Explorer for a year. Honestly, our 1999 Ranger with the 4.0L 160hp V6 performed better. The suspension was always soft and the 3.73 gears and the auto tranny just didn't put it into a good spot in the power band. We used a Equalizer hitch on both combinations. I'd suggest staying the the smallest trailer you can. No more than 21' preferably. Use a good WDH and keep your tires at max sidewall pressure. Add a trans cooler and keep on top of maintenance. Make sure to use a good brake controller, properly adjusted. If you choose according to your vehicles abilities it can be a capable tow vehicle. FWIW I'd consider replacing the rear springs on the Explorer. Even with minimal towing ours had weak springs, sagging on one side when we traded it last year. Remember you will likely need to run a charge wire and trailer brake wire from the front to the rear. Good luck.
camperfamily 01/30/15 08:46pm Beginning RVing
RE: Has anyone had a run in with any WILD animals?

Walked out of the store at Old Faithful after dark, got in the truck. The headlights illuminated the large bison we had just strolled within 30' of. Got our attention real fast; that thing was bigger than our truck at the time. But honestly we see more wildlife right at home most of the time. Black bear came right up to my wife in the yard huffing at her. Put my truck between a man and his dog and a black mamma bear with two cubs just a block from the house - he was almost ready to get in when the bears decided to leave - right towards the school where kids were outside – quick call to 911 got the school kids in and the building locked down real fast. Friend had a mountain lion in the tree in front of the house a few years back - tracks in the snow to prove it too. More sightings of deer, turkey, coyote, black bear, coon, skunk that I can remember. And we live (w/o traffic) less than 20 minutes outside Manhattan.
camperfamily 01/15/15 08:23pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Anyone familar with a RAID 1 array?...**Solved**

Forget the mac vs pc. thing. We run both mac and pc workstation AND servers at work. Guess what... both have experienced drive failures. Both have hot swappable drives. And both rebuilt the drive just as the array was set up to do. There is a real difference between consumer and enterprise grade drives. And not just the price tag. If your data is critical to you buy the best drive. A enterprise device is best, but there are other "server" drives that are still better than consumer stuff. Don't ask how I know this... I'm trying to forget that day and the mess we were left with.
camperfamily 01/10/15 07:36pm Technology Corner
RE: Ford 7.3 Powerstroke Under Valve Cover Wiring Harness

They do get brittle. Replaced on our old 7.3 also. Don't feel too bad.
camperfamily 01/04/15 08:46pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Pearl Harbor Day

My grandfather flew a B-24 in WWII based out of England, completed all his missions. Instead of returning home he stood up to fly supply runs for awhile. I think it was fuel. We still have his log book among a few other things. Seeing the many bombing runs over Berlin and other targets deep in enemy territory is humbling. I never did get to hear him talk about his experience, I don't think I was yet 10 when he passed. This year on Dec. 7 I was on USS New Jersey (BB62) with my scout pack. We spent the night, toured the ship, learned an awful lot. In the morning as part of the ceremonies that day they fired a powder charge from one of the 5" guns. Our boys sure got some experience, I hope they remember and understand it.
camperfamily 12/16/14 08:31pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: credit card limit

I only use my credit card for internet purchases. Most everything else is check. Cash for something's, like purchases under 20 bucks.You can actually drive around the US and write checks?I don't find that as amazing as the fact that someone will actually take them. I am frankly amazed that your able to pay by check away from home. My experience tells me different. Many places around here don't want to take checks unless you have their customer card, plus photo ID and sometimes even another form of ID such as a major CC. With credit cards and ATMs with national bank chains getting cash should be somewhat easy I would think. But then I use very, very little cash.
camperfamily 12/15/14 09:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: Auxiliary Gas Tank for Tow Vehicle

Only thing I can comment is that I've heard of the seals on the Titans allowing water to enter the tank if not installed correctly. Water in fuel is bad, and will potentially ruin your fuel system. I would personally use a good, qualified installer who stands behind his work. For my truck I'd go with a in-bed aux tank, likely RDS as seen on northern tool's site. But then I have a long bed.
camperfamily 11/30/14 09:31pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Other Uses for a Bottle Jack

How about pressing open a injection molding machine with failed hydraulics in order to remove to the mold to another machine to keep production going?
camperfamily 11/29/14 09:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: FOUND!!!!!!!!!!! [Our travel trailer was stolen.]

Good to hear it was recovered. Darn thief, but part of me feels for a 10-11 year old; that part could be a sad story.
camperfamily 11/21/14 10:09pm Travel Trailers
RE: Opinions on new F350 Diesel

Traded our '02 Ford CCLB 7.3 for a '13 Ford 6.7 CCLB. Both SRW. There really is no comparison between the two. The '13 is quiet, smooth, better on fuel and has ridiculous power; the same grades that were 3 miles at WOT are now climbed at 70mph in 6th gear (it will drop to 5th if I have to slow and come back up to speed for traffic). The truck you describe sounds nice, but my gut says the asking price is a bit high for what is essentially as used vehicle. If you don't care about the creature comforts of the Platinum you could likely score a better deal on a brand new Lariat or XLT, with patience of course. The biggest change between the '14 and '15 IMHO is the improved exhaust/engine braking. One thing is for sure; these new trucks are expensive to fix if and when something fails outside warranty.
camperfamily 11/20/14 09:11pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2wd vs 4wd

Since my truck is a daily driver in NJ and I have to be at work no matter the weather, 4x4 required. For rving... I've gotten into/ out of spots I could not have with a 2WD. Been stuck 2x on muddy grass. Once 4x4 got me out. The other time the mud was too much and it was uphill. Got pulled out by a friend who's trucks was on the road. For where I live and the way we camp its a requirement. For others, its not. It's a personal choice that you have to decide on. Think about what you do now and plan to do. Then consider if those plans warrant a 4x4. Make a pro and con list if you want; sometimes they help clarify.
camperfamily 11/11/14 08:19pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Something fell down into the black water tank!

If your toilet sits right over the black tank, removing the toilet might allow better access. Usually a matter of the water line and a couple of nuts at the base. Have patience with this one. The suggestion of raising the rig to make the filter roll toward the opening a good one. Best of luck to you.
camperfamily 11/11/14 08:11pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Homemade Jack Stands

Sounds potentially dangerous. I'd start with either a professional fabricator or solid wood 6x6 blocks cribbed and with an angled "ramp" cut. 3 ties wide x however long for the ramp. All tied together with threaded rods/bolts, 2 per layer. They'd sure be heavy to move around though. Maybe a hand truck/dollie or add wheels to them so as when tipped up the wheels touch and allow them to be rolled around. You could get about 12" high this way with 3 layers. Not perfect but good... Add a 2x in somewhere to get closer to 14". Be careful, be safe. Consider the liability.
camperfamily 11/10/14 07:47pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Do you let your TV warm up before towing?

We had a 7.3 for and I don't recall experiencing any power loss like you describe, certainly not at those relatively warm temps. Under 20ºF it was a little less happy to start but did it. Does your truck start easely when cool/cold? Might have a glow plug problem. And as someone else mentioned, consider checking fuel filter if you have not already. The 7.3 is loud when its cold (well, honestly after owning a 6.7 Ford the old 7.3 was just loud all the time. I avoided unnecessary running out of consideration for the neighborhood. Ever run your 7.3 cold in a parking garage? Def loud. I just can't see power loss like that. Maybe its time for some new fluids, filters and check the glow plug/grid heater (known as the AIH on your 7.3). Are you running the correct weight/viscosity oil? The 7.3 fires the injectors using high pressure oil (think 3000psi). Happy Trails
camperfamily 10/22/14 09:39pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Do You Hang Lights From Your Awning?

Call me old fashioned, but no electric hookup and the trusty propane lantern on the post attached to the 20# tank. And the light source is away from the rv so guess where the bugs don't go. And the lantern can be bright enough to light the whole site or dim enough to just see to walk around.
camperfamily 10/22/14 09:29pm Travel Trailers
RE: DEF addative

DEF = Diesel Exhaust Fluid. It get injected into the exhaust upstream of emissions equipment. My truck doesn't even smell like a diesel when running. Or like a taser for that matter. Kinda has a sweet smell to it. Whatever you do don't put it in with the fuel. Bye bye fuel system in that case.
camperfamily 10/20/14 09:13pm General RVing Issues
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