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RE: New to fivers - Bridge

Only once in 6 years have we had to detour. We MIGHT have fit, but someone would have had to gone on the roof to watch. We made a left and found another route around. It's really not a big deal, but I am aware of our height. Anything under 13' and the warning goes off in my mind. We're just about 12' 6".
camperfamily 04/19/14 08:16pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Older 7.3 diesel owners F350 - need advice

Hitch it up. Doubtful that you'll have a problem. If you feel it squats too much some airbags or maybe new springs will take care of it. Our previous truck was a '02 7.3 PSD, but a SRW. I think you'll be good to go.
camperfamily 04/02/14 08:05pm Tow Vehicles
RE: WD Hitch; 2" vs. 2.5" receiver; Ford 250 issue

Not on the hitch topic but you mention the short vs long bed. My 2¢ is get the long. More storage, more wheel base, maybe a better ride. And while your at it seriously consider stepping up to a F350 SRW for the added payload capacity. Your talking about a lot of tongue weight, plus passengers, cargo in the truck. It adds up way too fast for my personal comfort.
camperfamily 03/20/14 08:06pm Towing
RE: Is exhaust brake really needed?

Having had a 7.3 and grossing ~17500 I'd do the mod to use the EBPV again. Night and day when you turn it "on". Even with it there were some grades that required heavy brake application. Short, thankfully, but some with slopes in excess of 15%. Going up was 1st heat @2800 RPM. IMHO you won't regret the small investment for the addition. DP Tuner used to offer a tune for activating the brake. But there are other (cheaper) ways. I recall on that worked with the cruise switches to activate. I don't recall particulars or name though.
camperfamily 02/28/14 08:37pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: B&W Companion users

I run a companion. First truck had a sprayed in liner. Worked fine with the hitch. Present truck has a rubber mat. B&W's present day instructions says to cut the mat under where the hitch rests on the bed - two huge rectangles. I didn't cut the mat and it does squash down under the weight. The original instructions for my hitch said it could sit on top of a drop-in liner. I wouldn't have done it then, nor would I now. Too much weight/stress being put onto a piece of plastic. If I were in your shoes... a couple options. Sell the liner and get what you can towards spring in or mat. OR you could cut out the entire bottom of the liner and put a mat down on the bed of the truck. Up to you, but I would not trust the weights involved sitting upon a piece of corrugated plastic.
camperfamily 02/25/14 08:58pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: NC to NJ, 95 or 13?

We've driven from NJ to South Carolina, Virgina etc. Depending where I'm going I either take the Chesapeake Bay/Bridge Tunnel and go up the Delmarva or go the more inland route and take I-81 to I-78 into NJ. The roads and traffic around DC are something that I don't enjoy and avoid. This time of year watch the weather, 81 in the mountains can be interesting. If you take the bay/bridge just make sure your propane is OFF, they do have a pull-out area and will ask. There is a nice big rest stop at the northern end of the bridge where you can stop and turn it back on and rest if needed. I forget the exact details but some of the tunnels on 95 through DC doe NOT allow propane and you have to go around. Tolls and roads I found stressful. Drive safe!
camperfamily 02/16/14 07:56pm Family Camping
RE: Roadside Assistance Surprise/UPDATE

Its my understanding that GSRA will change out your mounted spare for you at no cost. Mounting a tire, or delivery of a tire cost more. I didn't think they offer tows for a single flat as part of that service. Now if you had two flats... well, I was there late last year.
camperfamily 02/04/14 09:33pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: 6.6 duramax vs 6.0 powertroke

Let's just say that my mechanic choose a gasser over a 6.0 Ford. And he LOVES the Ford 6.0 – so long as its not in his truck.
camperfamily 02/02/14 06:54pm Towing
RE: 5th Wheel Pin Weight on 2500HD Chevy HELP!!!

Since you have not yet bought - consider a 3500 SRW. A little more purchase cost and a little more reg fees (at least in NJ). But a lot more capacity/comfort over the 2500. You can load up with firewood, benny, tools etc without much concern. Our previous 2002 F350 had a GVWR of only 9900#. Even with our 9985 GMVW 5th we were real close to the GVMR on the truck. The 2013 moved up to 11,500# GVWR and we could go to a larger trailer and still be legal. Also have friends who tow a larger Montana (39' and ~13000#) with a 2500 Sierra. While they say it has the power it squats down good and he says its "squarely" at times. FWIW
camperfamily 02/02/14 06:10pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2008 Pilgrim 29PBHSE Review?

FWIW we have a 2007 Pilgrim which has given us good service with few problems from the "house". Biggest repair was replacing a front jack leg with a messed up gear inside somewhere. I'd consider it to be better than entry level but not far into the mid-level unit. We're happy with it.
camperfamily 01/31/14 09:20pm Travel Trailers
RE: Older 7.3 Deisel vs. Newer Ford Engines

Pass on the K&N - unless you want a dusted turbo. The difference between a 7.3 and a 6.7 is simply astounding. BUT I drive a 6.7 because the rest of the 7.3 truck was giving up. Rusted oil pan, rusted out bed, trans showing early signs, rust under cab, needed tires etc. The numbers didn't make sense to put into the old truck any longer. Don't drive a new truck - unless your ready to buy. FWIW the 6.2 gas is good too. Know a couple guys who haul around utility bodies loaded, plow, tow etc. Run over 30k/year. They're tickled with their 6.2 gassers after problematic 6.0 diesels.
camperfamily 01/21/14 09:17pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2WD vs 4WD

Wouldn't be without it. Gotten use out of some spots. Though once the mud from a overnight storm was too deep and it was slick clay. At idle all 4 tires just turned. A friend pulled us out from the pavement. Plus its my DD and I have to be at work rather its 80 and sunny or snowing like mad and 0.
camperfamily 01/16/14 07:49pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Special Adapter

Why not use a 30amp cord wired to a 50a Marinco. Keep using the existing plug. Essentially a super long 30 to 50 adapter. Seems much simpler. Just use whichever cord is appropriate.
camperfamily 01/11/14 09:34pm Tech Issues
RE: Before I shave 200#,s off...

FWIW, I had a Ranger some years back and my FIL still has one. Solid truck that I know I asked a lot of. Certainly overloaded it a few times (rear suspension nearly on stops). It always handled the loads and never had a problem. Pulled a Trailmanor 3023 plus a LOADED bed with a heavy fiberglass cap 7000 miles across the US w/o complaint and then on to other long trips. I never weighed it for that 7k trip, but strongly suspect I was over the GVWR. Now that all said, it wasn't a truck camper with the higher COG. Personally I would be aware of it and enjoy life. 200# isn't much really. Heck the fresh water on my 5ver adds nearly 500# when filled. If you Ranger doesn't have it, you could add a good rear sway bar and better shocks. How does the rig drive? Happy Trails!
camperfamily 12/26/13 09:58pm Truck Campers
RE: When Cat Pees Everywhere

Bye bye cat. Cats urinating can cause amazing damage. Saw a subfloor have to be torn out! Plus two+ rooms of carpet, baseboard etc.
camperfamily 12/10/13 08:41pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Moving from diesel to gas...

Had a 7.3 Powerstroke. It was time to replace it this year. After long deliberation we went diesel again. The 6.2 gas would have moved our current 10k 5ver ok, but we're a young family that is growing. We hope to move into a larger i.e. heavier trailer (13k)3 long before we are ready to get a different truck. The new 6.7 Powerstroke is amazingly quiet, and does not stink out the neighborhood any longer. The old 7.3 was so loud I felt bad for my neighbors if I had to back the trailer in late at night. And the new power is amazing after the 7.3. Now I we were only going to be towing 6000 or even 8000 there would likely be a 6.2 gasser sitting in our driveway.
camperfamily 12/10/13 07:45pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New Diesel vs. Older Models

The power stroke in the F550 is rated for LESS power than the pick-up bodies counterparts - at least for the 2011 and up. These trucks have copious amounts of power. I don't care to be fastest or first up the hill. But I can say that towing distances with our new 13 Ford is much more relaxing with more confidence than the 02 Ford 7.3 we had before. The 02 is gone solely because the truck rusted away around the engine.
camperfamily 12/07/13 07:39pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Follow Up: 4 Runner Towing Reality

For what its worth - I towed a Trailmanor 3023 for a few years with a 1999 Ford Ranger. The Ranger had a 4.0 V6 that provided 160hp and 220ft/lb torque (about) through a 5 speed auto trans and 4.10 rear end. Used a Equalizer hitch. That combination towed real well, level, decent power and nearly 12mpg @ 70mph. It was rated to tow 5660#. We took it over the Rockies from NJ, put o Maine and many places between. We also towed that same trailer with a 1998 Explorer with a 5.0 V8, AWD, 3.73 gears and a 4 speed auto. The Ranger outperformed it in every way despite the Explorer having the V8 power plant. FWIW. It sounds like your being realistic which is great. If you want to consider a lower profile unit (i.e. Trailmanor) it will help with towing because of the reduced frontal area. Doesn't sound like its quite time to give up. Consider how much you'll be using it, where, how far and how frequent your towing will be. With consideration and planning a smaller TV and trailer can be very satisfactory. One comment about your 4Runner. You mention it has 110,000 miles. Make sure your up on maintenance on things like brakes, trans service, rear axle fluid, battery, alternator. LT vs P rated tires will also make for a better towing experience (stiffer sidewall = more stable). Get good side mirrors. The last I knew McKesh was one of the best. A shaky mirror won't help you see all that well.
camperfamily 12/03/13 09:04pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Two Space Heaters on 30A FW

We can run 2 heaters off 30amp service, along with the ref rig, lights, etc. Turn 1 off for microwave or other high-draw appliance. We also can pull a cord through the slide seal for 1 heater to plug into the 20amp pedestal outlet freeing the 30amp for another heater, plus elec hot water OR microwave. Just pay attention to your electrical system. Check it for heat at connections/outlets. Ever open up a rv outlet? Freightening. rhagfo is right to mention fire danger.
camperfamily 11/26/13 08:58pm General RVing Issues
RE: Looking at 10 year old Komfort new to rubber roof

Don't let the rubber roof scare you too much. Sounds like its in good condition. I check ours 2x a year and reseal anything that even looks suspect. I'd say i spend less than 3 hours/ year on it. Now keeping the rest of the rig clean and running right won't change and is another topic of conversation.
camperfamily 11/15/13 09:38pm Travel Trailers
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