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RE: batwing replacement

If your existing Winegard antenna is working, the Jack is going to be a downgrade. Many stories of people replacing non-working or very old Winegard antennas with Jack's a getting great results. Well, of course they are! If you stay in close to town then the Jack will perform very well, it is a good antenna. However, it will not bring in NBC in Las Vegas as they are still broadcasting NBC 3 on VHF channel 2. The Rayzar Air will also not receive these channels. The Sensar's long arms are required to receive channels 2-6 and there are still multiple markets that use channels 2-6. If you do a search Batwing vs. Jack (or similar) you should be able to find the comparison done by JVCJeff (JCV?). It is an excellent report. Way too many variables for you to make such a blanket statement. Our last time in Moab, Utah, we were able to use our Jack antenna and pick up 26 channels with some being as far away as Salt Lake City, Utah. This was with a range, in the mountains, of over 120 miles. Over flat land out west, our range has been greater. There have been very very few instances where we could not pick up all three of the network channels, no matter where we are parked. I think Bill's point was that some stations are still broadcasting in VHF and the Jack and Rayzor antennae is designed for UHF. There are still 3 stations broadcasting in VHF here in Western Michigan. The Batwing was originally designed for VHF and added the Wingman for UHF. My experience is my batwing performs as good or better than my neighbors with Jack antenna. Good luck. Jack H
chili's trip 08/31/14 05:51am Class A Motorhomes
RE: FMCA Reunion in Redmond

Additionally at Redmond, FMCA's Governing Board approved FMCAssist for all members effective October 1, 2014 at no cost to the member. The web site may not include this very important member benefit as yet. For those that do not know what FMCAssist is, FMCAssist is medical evacuation insurance that is world wide and will return your motor home in Mexico, Canada and the US. Similar plans are available to purchase, but the cost is $69 to $500 per year. $50 for first year dues and $40 per year thereafter is well worth getting just this one benefit, but there are many more benefits. Sign up for 5 years and I think you get one year free. We have been members for about 20 years. That is a HUGE benefit !! I am glad to hear that. Thanks for sharing that information. X2!
chili's trip 08/23/14 11:50am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Weight limit of a slideout

chili's trip ... I guess there could be a difference in static weight limit(the limit when the slide is out) and the sliding limit(the limit to allow the slide to move in and out smoothly). I can't imagine my LV side with the couch and dinette having a 300 limit. With 2 adults on the couch and one in the dinette would push 600.O ? Obviously the wt limit refers to moving the slide in and out. I didn't make up the limit, it came from Fleetwood. I doubt any one would move the slide with people using the furniture. I just replaced the motor and gear box and don't care to repeat. When I moved into the rig 4 years ago I overloaded the compartments/cabinets and the slide wouldn't move. That's how I discovered the wt limit. Thanks. jack h
chili's trip 08/20/14 01:59pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Weight limit of a slideout

The total wt limit for my Bounder's big lv slide is #300. Good luck. Jack H
chili's trip 08/20/14 10:59am Class A Motorhomes
RE: A Propane Use Question

I turn on the water heater. I don't turn on the hotwater heater as it is already hot! :S Jack H
chili's trip 08/19/14 09:34am Class A Motorhomes
RE: A Propane Use Question

I run the heater for 15 to 25 minutes depending on ambient temp but just enough for a warm shower without mixing with cold. For all other uses I use a tea kettle. When boondocking conserving water and propane is important. Good luck. Jack H
chili's trip 08/18/14 01:53pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: which eternabond?

I have used eternal bond white roof seal 4" tape to successfully seal end cap seams. Also available in 6" width. Will stick to anything but silicone. Available from Amazon. Good luck. Jack H
chili's trip 08/18/14 01:26pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: TV Free air antenna

Last year in the desert at Q my batwing with sensar consistently performed better than the nearby rigs with Jack antennae. More Phoenix stations. Good luck. Jack H
chili's trip 08/13/14 12:46pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: RV Resorts/Parks in San Diego

El Cajon has 3 long term rv parks - all afilliated with Sunland. Good luck. Jack H
chili's trip 07/29/14 03:23pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2015 Honda Fit

We've been towing our Escape Hybrid with CVT for 6 years, so I'd disagree with the blanket statement that CVT's can't be towed. It seems to be a matter of design. You have to check the owners manual. ..You beat me to it. Indeed, Ford's eCVT transmission they use in their hybrids is flat towable, and has been for several years, without any known issues with it, ever. That was one of the main reasons we got our Ford Fusion hybrid 'bout a year ago. 'Twas one of the most simple, easiest automatic tranny vehicles for flat towing that we could find. No fuses to pull, no battery disconnect, no crazy procedures requiring you to stop and run the engine every so often, no crazy, unique shift pattern to go through before towing. None of that. Just hitch it up, put it in neutral and go, basically. Would not surprise me at all, if we start seeing more and more CVT transmissions instead of geared transmissions. CVT is soo much more smooth and efficient, IMO. Its unfortunate that us MH owners that want to flat tow are such a tiny percentage of the auto buying population, that fewer and fewer options are out there for us. It must be one of few Ford autos that hasn't had a transmission problem towing. As far as towing procedures, making a buying decision based on having to idle 3 minutes in neutral every 8 hours or "go" doesn't compute. The CVTs I have driven or read about are mush buckets like my Moped! Hopefully they have improved. Thanks. Jack H
chili's trip 07/02/14 07:33am Dinghy Towing
RE: 2015 Honda Fit

Expect more vehicles with CVTs to hit the market due to better fuel economy compared to traditional transmissions. Unfortunately, CVTs can't be towed. I have read that the 2015 Honda CRV will have a CVT. What a revolting development that will be to a lot of RVers. Thanks Jack H
chili's trip 06/30/14 07:21am Dinghy Towing
RE: 2015 Honda Fit

Chili's Trip: Have you had any issues towing your 2009 Fit? We tow a 2009 Fit Sport and have had no issues so far, although we haven't towed it a lot. We did meet a couple in Florida last winter who tow an '08 and had to have their transmission replaced. He said he performed the "pre-towing procedure" religiously. I have towed the car close to 30,000 miles and driven 65,000 with out a problem. I have changed the fluid every 25,000 as required for towed Fits and also have been very careful. Especially the warning about not shifting from reverse into neutral then towing. The car tows beautifully. This the first I have heard about a Fit with a auto trans problem. I love the car! Good luck.
chili's trip 06/30/14 07:17am Dinghy Towing
2015 Honda Fit

In case there was any doubt: from the 2015 Honda Fit owners manual. pg 309 automatic transmission(CVT)models Towing Your Vehicle Your vehicle is not designed to be towed behind a motorhome. What a disappointment! Jack H
chili's trip 06/29/14 08:08am Dinghy Towing
RE: Honda Fit Tires

I have towed my 2009 Honda Fit Sport over 27,000 miles and driven over 65,000. On my 3rd set of tires. Car came with Bridgestone tires but were hard to find so replaced with Dunlap's with low wear ratings. Lost 2 tires to pot holes. Fronts wear faster so important to rotate every 6k miles. Love the car! Good luck. Jack H
chili's trip 06/29/14 05:41am Class A Motorhomes
RE: oh rats! guess this was a mistake!

thanks all for the suggestions--all good. we had the roof repaired/replaced by country roads RV in yuma. i suspect they didn't really replace--i suspect they laid in what they thought was a seam remedy and covered it. we need to get back to the treasure valley and some warm weather to start drying out some of this carpet. the gasket replacement was not done by country roads but another dealer i believe by the former owner. the gasket is obviously sloppy and i believe became a funnel looking at the installation (i'll have to go back and look at that repair order). right now i have wet towels trying to soak up as much as possible and hear more rain coming in now. gees...enough already! Had roof replaced by CJ's RV repair in Yuma 2 years ago - great job and no problems. After a couple of leaks and repairs I learned to put the slides in during wind and rain. Good luck! Jack H
chili's trip 06/29/14 05:03am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Getting screwed by CoachNet

This story is very similar to several Coachnet horror stories published in MOTOR HOME and HIGHWAYS magazines owned by GOOD SAM. I have yet to see a bad review of the GS road side service in these publications. Thanks. Jack H
chili's trip 06/25/14 08:14am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fleetwood and Bounder Owners 2002 to 2008

timmac wrote: You have rebuilt the electric jacks 5 times, maybe they were just bad built, should get newer ones next time around. You need to read a little better replaced (warranty), then rebuild as brake goes bad, this is a problem Fleetwood said that why they don't use electric jacks anymore... I went back and read your post and yes you replaced but also said rebuild 5 times, that seems like a lot since 2007, maybe the electric are not so good for the heavier diesel models, but so far my electric jacks are doing fine, but my RV is lighter.. X2 Knock on wood!
chili's trip 06/15/14 09:47am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Michigan to California this December

No but it does go thru the Eisenhower Tunnel at 10,000 feet and a number of other steep climbs thereafter and a lot of snow overnight is not unusual in fact there are some great ski areas that count on it. Gorgeous area to come through in summer and wonderful area to ski in winter but I prefer my Jeep not moho I think you are talking about I-70? I-80 does not go through the arctic circle!
chili's trip 06/14/14 05:12pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Recommended RV Class A Insurance Company

Blue Sky out of Texas had the very best rate for us, check them out. The agency was based out of the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. X2 Blue Sky through PoliSeek. One claimed handled slowly. $3k claim raised rates! Good luck. Jack H
chili's trip 06/14/14 09:18am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fleetwood and Bounder Owners 2002 to 2008

Fogged windows, replaced main slide motor/gear box and step motor this year. Power surge toke out microwave, converter, refer circuit board last year. This coach does not own me anything. Good luck. Jack H
chili's trip 06/14/14 09:11am Class A Motorhomes
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