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Pocono Raceway Camping?

We've never been to a race and are contemplating bringing our two campers for the July race next summer. It's about a 4 hour drive from here. How do you reserve the sites at the track? I see they have a renewal option so I'm going to assume that you can reserve the same campsite year after year if you'd like. Is there any chance of getting the prime location sites? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
cm11599ps 10/28/16 04:14pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Can't Get DirecTV To Work in Trailer....

For what it's worth, I had no trouble adjusting the tripod that was suggested that I change. I already set the dish elevation and tilt settings at home before I leave for the trip so that I have one less thing to do when I get to the campground. First off, I open the tripod and I make sure the mast is pretty much in the center of all the screws. Basically, each screw gets screwed in the same amount all the way around. Next up I use the built in level on top of the mast to get the tripod as level as possible. I may have to prop up a leg on something to get it close to level. I'm not looking to get it perfectly level yet, just close enough. I'll then stake the legs into the ground to secure them. The tripod is basically level at this point. Now all I have to do is play with adjustment screws around the mast to really hone in on getting it level. I won't tighten the screws too much at this point though because I still want to spin the dish. I just make the screws tight enough to get the mast from moving but loose enough so that I can spin the mast. I then use the in line satellite finder to get the correct compass heading for the dish and then I tighten the screws down to keep the mast from spinning. That's it. It may sound like a lot of work but it's not bad. It probably takes me about 5 minutes from initial startup until all the hardware is positioned correctly and the dish is searching for a signal. I'm happy.
cm11599ps 10/20/16 03:45pm Technology Corner
RE: Winter Camping Close To New York?

Let's say we decided to go to otter lake in February during the kids wi get break from school. Would we be the only ones there or would we have company? We'd love to try winter camping but also don't want to be the only people there. Lol
cm11599ps 10/15/16 05:30pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Winter Camping Close To New York?

Our camping season usually ends by Halloween because the local parks shut the water off at the campsites and close the bathrooms. We are interested in trying a February trip when then kids are off for winter break. We do have the upgraded insulation and the heated, enclosed underbelly for the camper. Any suggestions on places to go in February that would be at most about 6 hours from NYC? Is any park going to have running water where we could at least fill up the camper? If not, does any park at least have heated bathrooms/showers that remain open in the winter?
cm11599ps 10/14/16 06:24pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Can't Get DirecTV To Work in Trailer....

ESPN, NBCSN and the rest of the sports channels I care about come in perfect. Even have hgtv for the ladies. I'm a happy man!
cm11599ps 10/03/16 07:31pm Technology Corner
RE: Can't Get DirecTV To Work in Trailer....

Ok, so I'm currently on my first trip since getting my dish and it's working perfectly. I'm only about 15-20 miles from home so all of the settings are pretty much the same as my house where I got it working last week. At the campground I obtained a reading of about 91 which is more than I got at home which was about 84. I can't say that every channel comes in because I haven't gone through it but I'm happy to say that every channel I wanted to watch comes in perfectly. I'm happy. :-)
cm11599ps 10/01/16 12:30pm Technology Corner
RE: Can't Get DirecTV To Work in Trailer....

OK, I finally got everything working. I finally had some time over the past two days to really sit down and get it together. Yesterday I was able to get a 74 signal on my TV. It was raining so I couldn't fiddle with things to much. Today was better weather and I was able to get an 84 signal. The TV screen was verifying the info and I was eventually faced with a screen that had 3 columns and two rows and all 6 of those boxes had red X's. I kept going with the process and eventually got a "setup complete" screen or something along those lines and then channel 2 began playing on my TV which is our local CBS channel! SUCCESS!! I went through some of the channels and I got a large number of channels but some of them just didn't come in at all. I'm guessing that's because I still only had a signal of about 84. I did get a lot of channels though and each channel displayed the program title and program description too. So I'm happy to report that things are finally working! I'm not going to continue playing with it now because I'm home. I'll be going on my last camping trip of the year in a few weeks so I'll be tweaking the settings when I get there but so far, so good! Thanks for the help! Oh, and I ran the dish right to the receiver to get things working. Once I got it working I plugged the dish into the cable/sat input connect on the side of the trailer and then used the camper wiring to connect to my receiver. Everything still works! :-)
cm11599ps 09/20/16 05:32pm Technology Corner
RE: Solar. What Can It Do?

How big is your battery bank, and how low does it drain overnight? Without knowing that, you can't know how much solar you would need to replace the charge. Genny hours end at 8 or 9pm and the batteries are full. We use the led fixtures VERY sparingly then. At about 1030pm or so we'll get ready for bed and this is when I'll turn the invertor on, turn the convertor off and fire up the cpap and charge phone/tablets. By about 730am the batteries usually read 1/3.
cm11599ps 09/19/16 08:19pm Tech Issues
Solar. What Can It Do?

We've got dual batteries on our camper and 90% of our trips are with electric sites. The other 10% of our trips are dry camping and we take along our Honda 2000. I've also got a 300W PSW inverter hooked directly to the batteries which the trailer plugs in to when not running the genny. We love making coffee in the AM with the genny but also need to recharge the batteries after running a CPAP at night. When the evening comes we'll have a light or two on in the camper and perhaps use the microwave with the genny. The inverter keeps us going overnight with the CPAP machine, charges our phones/tablets and provides juice for the television on the off chance we watch it when dry camping. What would a solar panel do for us? For arguments sake, let's say a 100W panel. What benefit is that? Would it keep our batteries at 100% when dry camping even when using lights, water pump, charging phones, the CPAP, etc?
cm11599ps 09/19/16 07:39pm Tech Issues
RE: Can't Get DirecTV To Work in Trailer....

Sometime next week I plan to sit down and really give everything a shot. I only attempted to get it working one evening last week and it was hot, humid and getting dark with the bugs coming out. Thanks for the help so far and I'll be back next week. :-)
cm11599ps 09/14/16 07:39pm Technology Corner
RE: Checklist For Buying New Camper?

Cancel that, I found a needle in a haystack. I was going through some old papers of random stuff and happened to find one of my blank sheets so I'm good to go!
cm11599ps 09/14/16 07:18pm General RVing Issues
Checklist For Buying New Camper?

We went to the HErshey RV show a few years ago in search of a new TT. Before we left I created a nice checklist where I could put some of the important features of each TT. It was a great way to keep track of everything we saw. I typed of a big sheet of paper with blank spaces so I could include make, model, types of rims, outside speakers, manual or power awning, dry weight, wet weight, shower or tub, etc...... Does anyone have a sheet like that and if so, could you post it cause I'm leaving for the show first thing in the morning. :-)
cm11599ps 09/14/16 06:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: Can't Get DirecTV To Work in Trailer....

I haven't had time to play with things since my initial try a few days ago. My TT has the cable input outside which is labeled as cable/sat input. I then have the following setup under the TV. http://i264.photobucket.com/albums/ii170/nylyon/Camping/2011-06-29_13-43-09_560.jpg I unplugged that short gray cable on the left side and ran a new coax directly from port A into my receiver. This was my initial test and it didn't work. Since this method didn't work I decided to run a coax directly from my dish to my receiver and it still didn't work. The directions for the dish say to set everything up properly and power up the receiver and that you should get an error message saying problems communicating with dish error 771. They say this is normal and to select the "more info" button to repeat sat setup to input the new hardware info. I don't get a 771 code, rather I get a 775 code which while it is a different code number, it displays the same error message. I do not get the "more info" button I only get a "troubleshoot" button which when clicked simply says to check to make sure everything is wired correctly and the fittings are tight. I never see the "more info" button where I can change settings. With this said, this receiver was never activated and was never setup before.
cm11599ps 09/11/16 09:13am Technology Corner
RE: Can't Get DirecTV To Work in Trailer....

Does the dish have to be in pretty much the exact proper position when attempting to setup the box? I was under the impression that I could position the dish close enough to begin with.
cm11599ps 09/09/16 06:25pm Technology Corner
Can't Get DirecTV To Work in Trailer....

So my sister has DirecTV but no one else in the family does. We decided to get our parents a DirecTV HD dish so they could watch TV when camping. So far I haven't been able to get it to work. I'm good with tech stuff but I have no experience with satellite TV. For starters, here is the HD tripod we got. HD Tripod My sister got the receiver box and the b band convertor straight from DirecTV. Even though this is an amazon link, this is the box we got. I just wanted to show you what model it was. Receiver Box The first thing I did was hook the dish up to the outside camper cable outlet and then disconnected the jumper camper under the TV and hooked everything up as instructed. I then went from the box to the TV with HDMI and when I plugged the box in I got DirectTV on the screen and it said something about step 1, searching for satellite. After a few minutes I got an error message 775 saying that the box could not connect to dish. I checked all the fittings, unplugged the box for a minute and then plugged it back in but got the same error message. At this point I unplugged the box and then got a new coax cable and went directly from the dish into the satellite finder box and bypassed the camper wiring completely. My connection went dish to satellite finder to b band box to receiver. Again I got the same message, 775. I unplugged the receiver, then I took off the satellite finder and went dish to b band box to receiver and I got the same 775 message. Last but not least, I took off the b band box and went dish directly to receiver and plugged the receiver back in. Again, I got the 775 error. Am I missing a part or something? For what it's worth, there were times I saw a light come on inside the satellite finder but I have no idea how that happened.
cm11599ps 09/09/16 05:19pm Technology Corner
DirecTV Help

We just bought our parents an HD dish for directv and it came with a compass, coax cable, signal meter and tripod. This will all be used solely for their camper. Directv just dropped off an additional receiver box for them but it's not activated yet because the new dish wasn't there when the guy came. Are we going to be able to just hook up the dish to the receiver to get this working? I've been reading about a converter box sometimes being needed. I believe the box they dropped off was an h24. Any guidance would be awesome! :-)
cm11599ps 08/26/16 01:33pm Technology Corner
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