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RE: Seafoam Test....

....... i usually run the engine long enough to get the Seafoam through the system, turn it off and let it sit overnight and it is cured. That's exactly what I'm doing right now. Got her stalled out around 11am. I then started her 2 hours later and then 2 hours after that just to get a fresh bath of Seafoam in there. I don't plan on starting her again until 4 or 5PM tomorrow.
cm11599ps 01/18/17 06:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: Seafoam Test....

Ethanol free gas isn't readily available here and as far as I know you can only buy it in prefilled cans at a cost of about $14 a gallon.
cm11599ps 01/18/17 03:10pm General RVing Issues
Seafoam Test....

I have a little 98cc Toro snowblower that likes to gum up all the time even with Stabil and running her empty. In the past all I've ever done was remove the nut under the float bowl, clean out the holes and I was good to go. Last week I did that but she still sputtered a bit choked and died instantly at half choke. This was the first time I ever put store bought 50:1 fuel in her. I know nothing about engines so everything I now know has been through tons of youtube videos and chat board threads in the past few days. My research leads me to believe that I need to remove the float on the carb, clean the needle and hit the tiny carb holes with carb cleaner and compressed air. Seafoam has also been a common suggestion so I finally got the liquid form and the aerosol form. My snowblower only has about a cup or two of fuel so I put in about a cup of Seafoam in the gas tank. She started right up but died a few seconds after mid choke which is progress because she used to die immediately at half choke. I started her up again and as soon as I got to half choke I hit the air intake with the aerosol Seafoam and she sputtered a bit but didn't shut off. I would stop spraying when she sputtered with a ton of white smoke and would spray again once she got back to normal. I did this a few times and then went wide open and continued the same process for about 20 seconds. I eventually continued to spray until she shut down completely and then I put her in the shed. In a few hours I plan to start her up again to get a fresh batch of fuel/seafoam in the lines. My initial report is that it works because it allowed me to take the choke off. I still have not cleaned the needle and other ports on the carb yet because I wanted to test out the Seafoam first. On the camping related side, our 2 Honda 2000 genny's have been suffering from the same condition with not running except when choked. In the next few weeks I'll look at cleaning out those carbs and adding some Seafoam to them too. So far, so good.
cm11599ps 01/18/17 09:56am General RVing Issues
RE: Tire Pressue Monitors - Onboard vs Hand Held

The gauge is more for filling my bike tires and camper tires as opposed to my truck tires. It especially holds true when we camp on the beach because we need to air down all tires to about 20 psi and then air back up when leaving the beach. The truck tires are easy due to the built in monitoring system. The trailer tires are air em up, test. Air em up, test, air em up test. ****, deflate a bit and test. lol
cm11599ps 01/14/17 06:34am General RVing Issues
Tire Pressue Monitors - Onboard vs Hand Held

My 2013 Ram 1500 has the built in tire pressure monitoring and I received a low pressure warning this week so I finally got around to airing them up. I had just purchased a digital inflator/gauge and was curious about using it. Gauge/inflator I pumped up the tires to the suggested 39 PSI on the gauge but when I went to look at the dashboard it read 40. Also, one of the tires read 41 on the dash. I kept fiddling with that tire but it would go from 39-41 and I couldn't make it hit 40 at all. This just got me wondering about which system to you think is more accurate?
cm11599ps 01/13/17 05:08am General RVing Issues
RE: Largest Used RV Dealers In Northeast?

Have you searched the web for Dealers in your area for their inventory? When looking for RVs we also see what is out there first before we go to the lot. There are many RV Dealerships in NJ. Our favorite Dealer in NJ is White Horse RV in Williamstown, NJ. They have a decent inventory of used equipment right now. There are other RV dealers further north in NJ that will be closer to you, but I can vouch for any of them. -Michael There's really nothing here. The best dealer here is a Jayco only place and if they have 10 new units in stock then that's a lot. They're a great place but they just don't have the inventory. No local place does.
cm11599ps 01/06/17 03:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: Largest Used RV Dealers In Northeast?

You need to look everywhere. Craigslist, RV trader, camping world etc. There is no ONE place. We purchased our new to us TT from CW in Kingston. Lot of listings on Craigslist locally and we sold our TT and TV on craigslist. The thing is that we are expanding our search area so CL isn't really worth it. Don't want to drive 150 miles away to check out a CL camper to find out I wasted my time. I'd much rather drive 150 miles and check out a bunch of used trailers in one or two spots.
cm11599ps 01/05/17 04:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: How do you level your RV?

Door and awning on the wrong side Not if you're in Australia which is probably where this camper is.
cm11599ps 01/03/17 09:33pm General RVing Issues
Largest Used RV Dealers In Northeast?

Hey everyone. My parents have a 2013 rear living Jayco and my brother just traded his 28' bunkhouse for a 2017 32' bunkhouse. Needless to say, both campers are in great shape. One thing that's great about living here on Long Island is the ability to take your camper on the ocean beaches. We've only done it once and you can probably imagine just how sandy the inside got. I'm interested in buying a lighter weight, older camper that would strictly be used for camping on the beach since we don't want to take the newer campers on the sand. Not only that, but we also like to do a fair amount of fishing so it's better to have the older camper for that. I'm not looking for anything fancy since this will probably be a guys only camper but I also don't' want it to be disgusting. :-) I'm thinking that I'd like to stay at least under 5,000 lbs but preferably closer to 4,000 since I don't want to put too much strain on the truck while pulling through the sand. I'm open to hybrids or travel trailers but no popups. There isn't a large selection locally so I'd probably have to look elsewhere. I'm thinking about a 2-3 hour max drive from NYC in any direction. What dealers in that range would have the best and largest selection?
cm11599ps 01/03/17 09:08pm General RVing Issues
New Jayco Build Timeline?

My brother just purchased a Jayco 32BHDS from a local dealer on December 15. They gave him an estimated timeline of 16 weeks which would put delivery around April 15. What have been your recent experiences with the Jayco build time?
cm11599ps 01/01/17 10:52am General RVing Issues
New Tires For Tow Vehicle...

I've got a 2013 Ram 1500 Big Horn 5.7 3.73 and pulling a 26' camper that's around 7,700 - 8,000 lbs. I still have the original tires on it with less than 19,000 miles on them. I'm interested in replacing the TV tires and am looking for suggestions.
cm11599ps 12/26/16 08:51am Tow Vehicles
Pocono Raceway Camping?

We've never been to a race and are contemplating bringing our two campers for the July race next summer. It's about a 4 hour drive from here. How do you reserve the sites at the track? I see they have a renewal option so I'm going to assume that you can reserve the same campsite year after year if you'd like. Is there any chance of getting the prime location sites? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
cm11599ps 10/28/16 04:14pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Can't Get DirecTV To Work in Trailer....

For what it's worth, I had no trouble adjusting the tripod that was suggested that I change. I already set the dish elevation and tilt settings at home before I leave for the trip so that I have one less thing to do when I get to the campground. First off, I open the tripod and I make sure the mast is pretty much in the center of all the screws. Basically, each screw gets screwed in the same amount all the way around. Next up I use the built in level on top of the mast to get the tripod as level as possible. I may have to prop up a leg on something to get it close to level. I'm not looking to get it perfectly level yet, just close enough. I'll then stake the legs into the ground to secure them. The tripod is basically level at this point. Now all I have to do is play with adjustment screws around the mast to really hone in on getting it level. I won't tighten the screws too much at this point though because I still want to spin the dish. I just make the screws tight enough to get the mast from moving but loose enough so that I can spin the mast. I then use the in line satellite finder to get the correct compass heading for the dish and then I tighten the screws down to keep the mast from spinning. That's it. It may sound like a lot of work but it's not bad. It probably takes me about 5 minutes from initial startup until all the hardware is positioned correctly and the dish is searching for a signal. I'm happy.
cm11599ps 10/20/16 03:45pm Technology Corner
RE: Winter Camping Close To New York?

Let's say we decided to go to otter lake in February during the kids wi get break from school. Would we be the only ones there or would we have company? We'd love to try winter camping but also don't want to be the only people there. Lol
cm11599ps 10/15/16 05:30pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Winter Camping Close To New York?

Our camping season usually ends by Halloween because the local parks shut the water off at the campsites and close the bathrooms. We are interested in trying a February trip when then kids are off for winter break. We do have the upgraded insulation and the heated, enclosed underbelly for the camper. Any suggestions on places to go in February that would be at most about 6 hours from NYC? Is any park going to have running water where we could at least fill up the camper? If not, does any park at least have heated bathrooms/showers that remain open in the winter?
cm11599ps 10/14/16 06:24pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Can't Get DirecTV To Work in Trailer....

ESPN, NBCSN and the rest of the sports channels I care about come in perfect. Even have hgtv for the ladies. I'm a happy man!
cm11599ps 10/03/16 07:31pm Technology Corner
RE: Can't Get DirecTV To Work in Trailer....

Ok, so I'm currently on my first trip since getting my dish and it's working perfectly. I'm only about 15-20 miles from home so all of the settings are pretty much the same as my house where I got it working last week. At the campground I obtained a reading of about 91 which is more than I got at home which was about 84. I can't say that every channel comes in because I haven't gone through it but I'm happy to say that every channel I wanted to watch comes in perfectly. I'm happy. :-)
cm11599ps 10/01/16 12:30pm Technology Corner
RE: Can't Get DirecTV To Work in Trailer....

OK, I finally got everything working. I finally had some time over the past two days to really sit down and get it together. Yesterday I was able to get a 74 signal on my TV. It was raining so I couldn't fiddle with things to much. Today was better weather and I was able to get an 84 signal. The TV screen was verifying the info and I was eventually faced with a screen that had 3 columns and two rows and all 6 of those boxes had red X's. I kept going with the process and eventually got a "setup complete" screen or something along those lines and then channel 2 began playing on my TV which is our local CBS channel! SUCCESS!! I went through some of the channels and I got a large number of channels but some of them just didn't come in at all. I'm guessing that's because I still only had a signal of about 84. I did get a lot of channels though and each channel displayed the program title and program description too. So I'm happy to report that things are finally working! I'm not going to continue playing with it now because I'm home. I'll be going on my last camping trip of the year in a few weeks so I'll be tweaking the settings when I get there but so far, so good! Thanks for the help! Oh, and I ran the dish right to the receiver to get things working. Once I got it working I plugged the dish into the cable/sat input connect on the side of the trailer and then used the camper wiring to connect to my receiver. Everything still works! :-)
cm11599ps 09/20/16 05:32pm Technology Corner
RE: Solar. What Can It Do?

How big is your battery bank, and how low does it drain overnight? Without knowing that, you can't know how much solar you would need to replace the charge. Genny hours end at 8 or 9pm and the batteries are full. We use the led fixtures VERY sparingly then. At about 1030pm or so we'll get ready for bed and this is when I'll turn the invertor on, turn the convertor off and fire up the cpap and charge phone/tablets. By about 730am the batteries usually read 1/3.
cm11599ps 09/19/16 08:19pm Tech Issues
Solar. What Can It Do?

We've got dual batteries on our camper and 90% of our trips are with electric sites. The other 10% of our trips are dry camping and we take along our Honda 2000. I've also got a 300W PSW inverter hooked directly to the batteries which the trailer plugs in to when not running the genny. We love making coffee in the AM with the genny but also need to recharge the batteries after running a CPAP at night. When the evening comes we'll have a light or two on in the camper and perhaps use the microwave with the genny. The inverter keeps us going overnight with the CPAP machine, charges our phones/tablets and provides juice for the television on the off chance we watch it when dry camping. What would a solar panel do for us? For arguments sake, let's say a 100W panel. What benefit is that? Would it keep our batteries at 100% when dry camping even when using lights, water pump, charging phones, the CPAP, etc?
cm11599ps 09/19/16 07:39pm Tech Issues
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