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RE: Normandy Farms Activities?

Do we stand any chance of getting a signal with my HD DirecTV dish or should I leave it at home? Most sites are pretty open to the sky, but, there is cable at most sites as well. Do you like hiking? Lots of great hiking in the area. I do but I don't think anyone else who is going would join me.
cm11599ps 08/09/17 04:30pm General RVing Issues
Buying Recreational Land Near NYC

I live on Long Island and love it but it's expensive and congested. I pay close to $9,000 a year on about 10,000 square feet of property. It's crazy. My girlfriend grew up hunting and fishing and loves the outdoors. Her dad even leases land somewhere north of NYC to go hunting and he's got a rustic camper there. He's getting older and this might be the last year he leases it. I was just curious to see if there were suggestions on what areas and what websites should I look at? I'd like to put a camper or have there be some sort of smaller cabin there. There should also be places to hunt, fish and quad on or near the property. I'm clueless about where to start. Any ideas?
cm11599ps 08/05/17 02:34pm Around the Campfire
RE: Normandy Farms Activities?

Do we stand any chance of getting a signal with my HD DirecTV dish or should I leave it at home?
cm11599ps 07/31/17 06:56am General RVing Issues
RE: Normandy Farms Activities?

When we were there years ago they had a camp host that ran a tour bus to Boston and all the sights Old Iron sides etc. I think she's being restored right now and isn't open to the public. :-(
cm11599ps 07/31/17 06:53am General RVing Issues
2013 Ram 1500 5.7 Oil Filter

I finally got around to doing my own oil change on my truck but I had a question about the oil filter. I accessed it from the passenger side wheel well with the tire still on. Is that the proper location to do it from or can you get it from below? My jackstands kind of prevented me from getting under there and it was getting dark with skeeters coming out so I didn't want to fudge with it too much. If this is the proper way then I assume removing the tire would help too.
cm11599ps 07/21/17 07:58pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Normandy Farms Activities?

Any other suggestions?
cm11599ps 07/21/17 07:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: Normandy Farms Activities?

Thanks for the info everyone! I just checked and we'll be there the week of one of the car shows so that's something I'd love to do!
cm11599ps 07/10/17 08:22pm General RVing Issues
RE: New Tires For Tow Vehicle...

So I started towing with the new tires at 40 back in April. Every trip I up them another 5 and I'm currently at 60 and it finally feels good again. I doesn't feel as good as the stock P tires but it definitely feels a LOT better than my initial tows with the new ones.
cm11599ps 07/08/17 04:57pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Normandy Farms Activities?

Thanks. We'll have plenty of vehicles. 2 pickups with two campers and 2 cars for everyone else. We already have 2 camper spots and one cabin booked for a week in August.
cm11599ps 07/06/17 08:44pm General RVing Issues
Normandy Farms Activities?

We are taking a big family vacation there this summer and are looking for area activities. We want to do some things together but we don't want to have to do EVERYTHING together. :-) It will be my parents who are late 60's and in fact my Dad will be turning 70 while we are there so we'd like to do something in the area to celebrate. 5 adults in their late 30's-mid 40's. A 14 year old girl and 4 boys who are 7,8,9 and 10.
cm11599ps 07/06/17 07:08pm General RVing Issues
2012 Ram 5.7 HEMI Oil?

My brother is using this truck to tow his 8,000# camper. It's used almost exclusively for towing to local campgrounds of about 25 miles away being the furthest. We are starting to get into doing our own oil changes and were wondering what we should use for oil and filter. Any suggestions?
cm11599ps 07/06/17 06:59pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Black Tank Fills Quickly......

I think there's a misunderstanding here so let me try again. We currently have a 32.5 gallon black tank and not a 22 gallon tank. I guess I still have our old camper in my profile. When we leave the campground we'll dump, we'll use the sewer flush, we'll close the dump valve to fill the tank with fresh water and dump again. We actually do this a few times. We have a clear connector so it's easy to see what's coming out of the black tank. Even after filling and dumping 2 tanks of fresh water you'll still see some tiny bits of debris coming out but the water is clear. We always try to keep our black tank as clean as possible and 4.5 years later everything still works well, including the tank meters. No issues there. Right after our last dump we'll put water into the black tank either by the sewer flush or the toilet itself for about 15 seconds and then drop in a tablet. That was when we leave the campground we only have a tiny bit of water in the tank along with a tablet. The next time we go camping a few weeks later we'll have three people in the the camper. After about 3-4 days our 33 gallon black tank will be full by looking at both the meter and by looking directly down the toilet so we'll dump, run the sewer flush for a few minutes with dump valve open, then close the dump valve for a few minutes with the sewer flush on and then open the dump valve with the sewer flush still running. Once you can tell that the only water coming out is from the sewer flush then we'll close the dump valve, leave the sewer flush running for 20 seconds to get some water in the tank and then shut the sewer flush off before dropping another tablet down the toilet. That means there's only 2-3 gallons of fresh water in the black tank and about 3 days later it will be full again. My gripe is not really about that. My gripe is about that last day when we really do a good cleaning of the black tank. We'll dump it but then it seems to take 15 minutes to fill up the black tank again whether it's by using the sewer flush or by simply standing on the foot pedal constantly. I understand that in daily use you are adding more stuff down the toilet but the numbers just don't' seem to add up. In reality, how much liquid is going down when you do a #1? 2 cups of liquid?
cm11599ps 05/22/17 12:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: Black Tank Fills Quickly......

Some RV's have the bathroom sink plumbed into the black tank. This is done to make sure that there is enough water getting into the black thank. Are you using your bathroom sink a lot ?? Interesting. I'll have to see.
cm11599ps 05/03/17 07:32pm General RVing Issues
Black Tank Fills Quickly......

There are usually 3 or 4 of us when we go camping. On a 7 day trip we will usually have to dump the black 1/2 way through the trip because it's near the bottom of the bowl. When we are leaving after 7 days the tank is almost full again but I'll step on the pedal to get some more water in the tank before dumping. Now here's my issue. We'll dump the black when we are packing up to go home and then run the black water flush line for a few minutes with the black valve open. This gets a lot the **** out. Then we'll close the black and shut the flush off. We really like to clean our tanks so we'll have someone stand on the toilet pedal for a few minutes to fill the black up with fresh water again. Filling up the tank this way takes FOREVER! I can't believe how long it takes, 10-15 minutes of standing on the foot pedal to get the black filled up again. Why does it take so long to fill up this way when it only takes 3 days to fill the tank up under normal use? Yes, I understand that more than just water is going down under normal use but the numbers just don't add up. Does anyone else experience this?
cm11599ps 05/03/17 07:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: Mail delivery

I'm a mailman by day and a camper by night. Yes, mail is supposed to only be held for 30 days at the post office. If you go down to the post office and speak with the postmaster then they might be able to work with you to extend that but that's a case by case basis and depends on the person.
cm11599ps 05/03/17 06:04pm RV Lifestyle
RE: No Lights When Running On Battery....

OK, here's the final outcome. I was off today so I just brought the trailer in to the dealer which is only 20 minutes away. I still have the extended warranty so I figured if it was anything major than it might be covered anyway. It took 3 guys about 30 minutes to solve the problem. While my 30A fuse by the battery was fine, the wires themselves were corroded under the wire nut. They ended up replacing the whole fuse setup and we were on our way free of charge. When I got home I checked the camper batteries and they were about 12.46 A few days ago they were only 12.31 but jumped to 12.35 when plugged in. Today they were finally 14.06 after I got home and plugged in. Saga over. :-)
cm11599ps 05/01/17 04:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: No Lights When Running On Battery....

I currently have the batteries disconnected and the camper unplugged from the house. I'd like to see if the batteries can hold the charge cause like I said, I think they're on their way out anyway. I'll play with things again in a few days when I get some time.
cm11599ps 04/27/17 07:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: No Lights When Running On Battery....

No, I don't have a battery disconnect.
cm11599ps 04/27/17 04:22pm General RVing Issues
No Lights When Running On Battery....

My deep cycle Interstate batteries have been giving me problems recently. They really haven't been holding a charge anywhere as near as long as they used to. They're over 4 years old now. You could be plugged in for days as as soon as you unplug then then battery gauge in the camper would read 2/3. I wasn't overly concerned because we rarely dry camp. Last week I was at a full hookup but as soon as I disconnected on the last day my battery gauge was at 1/3 so new batteries were in my future especially since I've got a dry camping trip coming up. 10 minutes later I was hooked up to the truck and leaving the campground. About an hour later I had the camper backed up in my driveway. I was not plugged in yet and I was not attached to my truck at all. I had no lights in the camper. The lights, alarm, radio, etc. were not working. At this point I thought new batteries were imminent. I plugged into my house and everything began working again and I've been plugged in ever since. I finally broke out my voltmeter today to test the batteries since this was the first day we've had when it's not raining. I was getting 12.33 on the batteries. My brother just purchased a new camper last week and has the same exact batteries which are stored in my garage since the camper is in storage. That battery gave me a 12.56 Same exact battery as mine but 4 years newer and basically not used yet. Now for more testing. I unplugged the camper from my house and all the lights in the camper stopped working instantly. The battery gauge in the camper was showing no signs of life. I then went to test the batteries and I was still getting 12.33 which is the same exact reading I was getting when the camper was plugged in. At this point I tested the light on my power tongue jack and that was working just fine, even though none of the other lights in the camper worked. What could be my issue? Everything works fine when plugged in but only the tongue jack (I assume since it's wired directly to the battery) works when I am not plugged in.
cm11599ps 04/27/17 03:47pm General RVing Issues
Getting Serious About Weight.....

I've got a 2013 Ram 1500 rated for 10,500 towing and a payload of 1,290. For the past 4+ years I've been towing a 2013 Jayco 26RLS with a sticker weight of 6,767 and a dry hitch weight of 820. The bed of the truck usually has the BBQ, a dog cage and other assorted items with a combined total of less than 100. In the bedroom we usually store the HD satellite dish, 2 zero gravity chairs and a bunch of cut up 4x6 blocks. Maybe a case of water too. We don't keep much weight in the back of the camper besides the plates and stuff like that which sit pretty much right over the axels. We do have a sliding back rack under the rear bumper of the camper that usually has about 8 pieces of firewood that we keep there for reserve. I've never had an issue with towing the rig and everything looked fairly level. On my most recent trip I ended up coming back with a lot more firewood than I originally brought out. We camped about 20 minutes from home so 1/2 way through the trip I stopped back to load the bed with more firewood which I never ended up burning anyway. On the way home with the rig I stopped at my local RV dealer for something and couldn't help but notice the rear of the truck was sagging a lot more than it ever did before. I'm sure all that additional firewood was the culprit since that was really the only thing that was added. Anyway, I just ordered a tongue weight scale to get a better idea of how much weight the camper is putting on my truck. The sticker weight on the camper is 6767 and I can only assume the actual weight is 7,500-8,000 since I've never weighed it. I'd love to know the actual tongue weight and I know I could probably do a much better job distributing the weight better in the camper.
cm11599ps 04/26/17 04:32pm General RVing Issues
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