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RE: Denver to Taos

There is a pretty steep climb through Cimarron Canyon to Eagles Nest and Angel Fire. From there there is another climb to about 9,000' before descending into Taos. Both sections have areas of 35MPH speed limits, narrow shoulders and lower speed turns. We didn't do the Cimarron-Angel Fire section, but glad we didn't go that way cuz we did drive the Angel Fire-Tao section a few times without the trailer. Pretty dang narrow as you said and very windy. It'd suck with a rig of any size...and other drivers are soo impatient! I'm going 5 over, its windy and all, and it wasn't fast enough for a bunch of folk...including a school bus! There are a few pull outs which some slow vehicles can hit (other folks were even slower than us) but there is no way to hit any pullouts with a rig. They are generally too sudden and always too small for anything of size. La Veta is a grind from the east. Keeps going and going and going. Definitely the best route to Tao from south Denver metro or eastern plains. Walsenberg was very windy both times we went through. I'm sure they have some nice days but we didn't experience them.
d-mac1 05/27/16 06:15pm Roads and Routes
RE: Denver to Taos

On a weekday...avoid rush hour...both ways but to Denver in the AM and to Springs in the PM is prolly worse. The speed limit is 70 and if you're running even 75 in the fast lane at rush hour, you better get over! Its a serious racetrack...until it jams up. I have heard that a lot of military people that work in Springs live in Pueblo and that drive might be getting worse, but I wouldn't think it would compare with Denver/Springs. If its not out of your way, take 83 to SE Denver metro (i.e. Parker). Nice n easy drive.
d-mac1 05/20/16 09:09pm Roads and Routes
RE: Denver to Taos

You could consider just taking US 285 all the way down, if you'd like a drive with lots of scenery, and pick up US 64 in to Taos at Tres Piedras. Avoids I-25 from Denver to the Springs, which more and more is bumper to bumper til you get south toward Pueblo. Thanks for the response...I totally agree about I-25...its terrible between the 2 cities. Came up it last Saturday afternoon. Were numerous stops out in the middle of nowhere. Both directions! I didn't tell ya the rest of the story tho...we live SE of Denver metro...we'll take take 83 to the springs...its cake!
d-mac1 05/19/16 09:06pm Roads and Routes
RE: Denver to Taos

Haven't driven US-64 between Raton and Cimarron, but haven driven from Cimarron to Taos many times. There is a pretty steep climb through Cimarron Canyon to Eagles Nest and Angel Fire. From there there is another climb to about 9,000' before descending into Taos. Both sections have areas of 35MPH speed limits, narrow shoulders and lower speed turns. Haven't driven all of the route from US-160 South, but NM-522 from the Colorado border to Taos is a pretty good road. Lots of ups and downs but no really steep sections with tight turns. Great info! Thanks!
d-mac1 05/19/16 06:16pm Roads and Routes
RE: Denver to Taos

Well...I think I have answered my own question. The GPS is taking the shortest/quickest route. Per Google maps, its 4 hrs 8 minutes/267 miles via 160/522 (the way the gps wants to go) and 4 hr 59 min/293 miles via the way I thought would be faster cuz you're on I-25 longer. Looking at the routes highlighted via Google maps, I can see why the one is shorter. Hard to see that on paper and impossible on GPS.
d-mac1 05/19/16 06:14pm Roads and Routes
Denver to Taos

My Garmin Nuvi 465 wants to take us south from Denver and turn west on 160 in Walsenburg through Fort Garland on CO 159 and continue in New Mexico on 522 to Taos. This route will work, but looking at a map, staying on I-25 south past the state line and turning west south of Raton NM on US-64 looks to be faster. Does anyone know why my Nuvi is insisting on going via 159/522? I can't get the nuvi to think I'm in Trinidad to see what it would do from there. I've added Trinidad as a stop, but the gps only shows the leg to there. I've looked on Allstay's app and I don't see any height/weight/width restrictions on US-64, nor do I see any on my trucker atlas, which is a few years old. We are 13'3" tall, 8'wide and have about 6k weight per axle, 22k combined gross (when we're maxed). Thanks.
d-mac1 05/19/16 05:18pm Roads and Routes
RE: Refrigerator & High Altitude

I think your dealer is speaking through his hat, but there is an air/fuel adjustment that may need to be opened up a bit at high altitude. you need to learn how to adjust it. Also a full PM run on the Fridge. Can you please clarify? How do I adjust it and what is a "PM run on the Fridge"?
d-mac1 05/13/16 03:47pm Tech Issues
RE: Refrigerator & High Altitude

Thanks for all the help guys! Cleaned everything out and found what looked like a small, thicker hair inside the jet, kinda stuck to the tapered portion. It was only about 1/4" long, but I used a pick to dislodge it and it fell out. Started to reinstall and noticed that, in order to have the opening of the gas line/jet assembly lined up with the opening that leads to the burner, it would be angled upwards. I was like hmmm. So I looked at the pics I took before disassembly and sure enough, thats how it was. I rectified the alignment and now it is aiming straight at the opening to the burner. Once I got the air out of the line (I previously installed my new regulator cuz I figured it couldn't hurt) it seems better than before! Its always had a bit of a struggle lighting. Now, it lights on first spark. I've tried it 3x....even after letting it sit for about 1/2 hour. Instant light! I don't know if I've fixed it or even improved it, but it seems like I've at least accomplished the latter.
d-mac1 05/09/16 06:21pm Tech Issues
RE: Refrigerator & High Altitude

Been thinking about this...I was camped there a couple years ago at virtually the same altitude and I didn't have any problems. Makes me wonder now if perhaps a spider didn't spin a web in the tube leading to the jet....or something like that. Gonna go see and will report back. The location of our camp was essentially at junction of Taylor River Road and Rocky Brook Road. A couple years ago, we were on east side of RBR...this time a little further west and just slightly higher. I'd be surprised if the difference was even 50'. If it was the jet's size, it wouldn't have worked right previously. My generator worked great...but the prevailing winds kept blowing the exhaust back onto the trailer and my CO detector kept going off. First time it did that was after I'd tried to go to sleep on 1st night there. It was one thing after another cuz microwave wouldn't work either....a wire got vibrated loose on the drive in. I was going a bit nuts!
d-mac1 05/09/16 03:10pm Tech Issues
RE: Refrigerator & High Altitude

I havent tried to clean out the jets. I could remove it to see if its plugged. What else should I try to clean? And I dont know what you mean about seeing at what point burner goes out. This fridge has no DC option and we're boondocking at that altitude so electric isnt a viable option. I bought a new regulator last Fall (after the trip) but havent tried it at 9750. Thats kinda part of the struggle...ie...I cant duplicate the problem nor test a fix without hauling it somewhere. The dealer said most fridges work at Taylor Park (the 9750 location).
d-mac1 05/09/16 02:16pm Tech Issues
Refrigerator & High Altitude

I've got a Dometic 2852RBX that works ok most of the time, but when I had it at 9,750' last year it kept going out and wouldn't relight. It would try, but I'd come back after being gone for awhile, or awaken in the morning, and the check light would be on. My dealer said its the orifice size that needs to be changed for high altitude and said to talk to Dometic technical support. I called and was not happy with the level of 'support' I was provided. Among some curt responses, I was told they aren't guaranteed to run at over 5,000'...NO further help! I live near Denver....EVERYTHING is above 5,000'!! I continued to try to get some information on what size orifice would make it work at altitude to no avail. Finally the unhelpful phone rep went to ask 'the boss' if it can even be changed on my fridge and when she came back on the phone she told me NO...I can't change the orifice in my unit. I just looked and yes it can be changed. It has a 53 in it now. Since the problem occurs at high altitude, less air pressure, I'm guessing (if this works like a carburetor) means I need less propane, thus a smaller orifice (or jet if you will). Does anyone know if I'm on the right track so that I can keep my fridge running next trip up there? If I could get the right sized orifice, my thoughts are to take it along on a trip and if problems, put it in until returning to lower altitude. In case you are wondering, I was at my dealer because I was guessing the problem was a faulty regulator, but they said thats not the problem if it works fine otherwise. Thanks.
d-mac1 05/09/16 01:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Yuma AZ to ?? Long Beach/San Diego area ?

Where did you end up Gottahaveit? We are headed to Long Beach area in early October and exploring options. We could boondock if there is anything worthwhile in the area. 36' fiver. Bolsa Chica looks nice (except for the beach crowd pic on their site) if we could get oceanside. Surf noise is a plus...vechicles not so much. San Diego is too far south...want to go to Catalina Island and wife wants to see Queen Mary. Thanks!
d-mac1 03/27/16 10:26am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Making the TT to FW Leap

This is what you need. That is what we use. You can adjust the position via a number of bolts. I suggest setting it as high as you can such that your trailer is level so you have max gap at bedrails. I actually lifted my trailer to get a bigger gap for off-road hauling.
d-mac1 03/27/16 08:49am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Dexter goes above and beyond

I have a 2012 Montana and put on a set of Towmax, bad tires. One wearing badly, one out of shape. Tires two years old. I put on a set of Sailun and I am making a trip to Mexico and back. if the Sailun's wear unevenly, I have an axle problem. I am in Washington State, will I have to go clear to Indiana for a fix? For about $150.-$200. you can go to a big truck suspension shop and have it aligned. Problem solved in just a couple hours..Can't buy the fuel to Indiana for that... B.O. I had some out of alignment axles that was causing my Towmax 'tires' to wear unevenly and did exactly that. Then I put on some nice new G614s and lotsa miles later they still look new. Great to hear the OP got some quality care. Seems pretty rare when it comes to RV issues.
d-mac1 11/26/15 08:21am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Install fresh water tank

Thanks okan-star. I've looked at how mine comes out and was afraid the cross members that it sits on would be welded in, fortunately, they're bolted in. They're bowed down from the weight, so seems like crappy design all the way around. Time to vent...pun somewhat intended...I am not in favor of more regulations, but it seems that the stuff the RV industry does is nearly criminal. Post after post after post of manufacturer issues. Imagine if when you bought a car, the first thing you had to do if you wanted to drive it was go buy new tires...and in my case, rims to handle the tires I wanted. Has anyone considered making a fuss with some regulatory body about what we are subjected to? Many thousands of dollars spent, and in some cases, on something barely north of junk. Probably need a separate thread for this vs buried here where only a few will see it. Thanks for allowing the vent. Dave
d-mac1 11/24/15 06:52pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Install fresh water tank

Where are you getting your tank from? If from the manufacturer of your trailer it may come with the fittings already installed. On the few I have worked on they have been already installed. Its like most things RV....they (the dealer) doesn't even know (and they say Forest River won't know) what tank they put in, so I need to take it in to dealer for them to pull it out. They allege they may have just put in whatever they had sitting around. Absolutely BS. Bottom line, they just want my $. I'm pretty sure that if I try to buy it from the dealer or Forest River, it will cost about 2x what it should. I actually started that direction, but learned what I mentioned above. So, my dealer gave me the name of a couple companies where they get tanks. Pelland Enterprises was one.
d-mac1 11/24/15 08:06am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Install fresh water tank

I had the same , or similar thing on my Hitchhiker water tank . Tank vent was at the side on top , and would be water logged , venting no air as tank would continue to blow up like a balloon with a huge air pocket in the top center It cracked at an inside corner at the top , because of the stress. I pulled it out and had a shop weld the cracks and put a gusset on it Also had them weld in a new fitting in the top center , which I tee`d into the existing vent line I don't fill the tank until the vent line pucks water , I stop when the panel says its full , all good now Sounds like same thing!! Yes...vent is near top but on side. Also, the routing of my vent line goes up and down along the bottom of my trailer to an opening up by the rest of my connections on the side of my trailer. When I got the trailer, the vent line hung underneath and it would siphon. Took it back and dealer 'fixed' to like this. How did they weld the cracks and what is the gusset? Is the latter essentially a strap around it to keep it from expanding? Who did you find to do the work? I dunno if there is a shop in the Denver area that would do it, but I like it better than buying a new tank for around $500. Of course, my dealer wants hundreds just to install and remove so I'm hoping to fix it myself and will prolly hafta stop the fill like you do....i.e. before its really full. I can hear my vent line go under water when filling...a vent at the top should be the only way to do things on a tank, but perhaps there is no space. I won't know until I really get in there. My tank is a 100 gallon flat rectangle the full width of my trailer between the frame. Why did you leave the side vent line on?
d-mac1 11/24/15 06:27am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Some of the oddest TV and 5ver combinations

Here is a fancy rig! http://i267.photobucket.com/albums/ii295/daveindenver/Misc/Toyhauler_zpsbpqcbwp7.jpg
d-mac1 11/23/15 05:42pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Keystone cap fading issue

Our trailer has gel coated front cap...its white as you can see in my sig. It is inside our garage when its not being used. I wax the rig with Meguiars once a year, but some are saying wax has no effect. Our gel cap looks like new...other than a few bug marks. Will the white start turning chalky too at some point or is it just an issue for non-white gel caps?
d-mac1 11/23/15 03:23pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Antifreeze in water pump

One of the benefits of running anti-freeze through the faucets is it gets anti-freeze into the traps...not prolly enough, but some. So, if you're just gonna blow out the lines like you are talking, don't forget to put anti-freeze in the traps after each trip. Obviously, drain the tanks first.
d-mac1 11/23/15 02:23pm Fifth-Wheels
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