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RE: Yuma AZ to ?? Long Beach/San Diego area ?

Where did you end up Gottahaveit? We are headed to Long Beach area in early October and exploring options. We could boondock if there is anything worthwhile in the area. 36' fiver. Bolsa Chica looks nice (except for the beach crowd pic on their site) if we could get oceanside. Surf noise is a plus...vechicles not so much. San Diego is too far south...want to go to Catalina Island and wife wants to see Queen Mary. Thanks!
d-mac1 03/27/16 10:26am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Making the TT to FW Leap

This is what you need. That is what we use. You can adjust the position via a number of bolts. I suggest setting it as high as you can such that your trailer is level so you have max gap at bedrails. I actually lifted my trailer to get a bigger gap for off-road hauling.
d-mac1 03/27/16 08:49am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Dexter goes above and beyond

I have a 2012 Montana and put on a set of Towmax, bad tires. One wearing badly, one out of shape. Tires two years old. I put on a set of Sailun and I am making a trip to Mexico and back. if the Sailun's wear unevenly, I have an axle problem. I am in Washington State, will I have to go clear to Indiana for a fix? For about $150.-$200. you can go to a big truck suspension shop and have it aligned. Problem solved in just a couple hours..Can't buy the fuel to Indiana for that... B.O. I had some out of alignment axles that was causing my Towmax 'tires' to wear unevenly and did exactly that. Then I put on some nice new G614s and lotsa miles later they still look new. Great to hear the OP got some quality care. Seems pretty rare when it comes to RV issues.
d-mac1 11/26/15 08:21am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Install fresh water tank

Thanks okan-star. I've looked at how mine comes out and was afraid the cross members that it sits on would be welded in, fortunately, they're bolted in. They're bowed down from the weight, so seems like crappy design all the way around. Time to vent...pun somewhat intended...I am not in favor of more regulations, but it seems that the stuff the RV industry does is nearly criminal. Post after post after post of manufacturer issues. Imagine if when you bought a car, the first thing you had to do if you wanted to drive it was go buy new tires...and in my case, rims to handle the tires I wanted. Has anyone considered making a fuss with some regulatory body about what we are subjected to? Many thousands of dollars spent, and in some cases, on something barely north of junk. Probably need a separate thread for this vs buried here where only a few will see it. Thanks for allowing the vent. Dave
d-mac1 11/24/15 06:52pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Install fresh water tank

Where are you getting your tank from? If from the manufacturer of your trailer it may come with the fittings already installed. On the few I have worked on they have been already installed. Its like most things RV....they (the dealer) doesn't even know (and they say Forest River won't know) what tank they put in, so I need to take it in to dealer for them to pull it out. They allege they may have just put in whatever they had sitting around. Absolutely BS. Bottom line, they just want my $. I'm pretty sure that if I try to buy it from the dealer or Forest River, it will cost about 2x what it should. I actually started that direction, but learned what I mentioned above. So, my dealer gave me the name of a couple companies where they get tanks. Pelland Enterprises was one.
d-mac1 11/24/15 08:06am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Install fresh water tank

I had the same , or similar thing on my Hitchhiker water tank . Tank vent was at the side on top , and would be water logged , venting no air as tank would continue to blow up like a balloon with a huge air pocket in the top center It cracked at an inside corner at the top , because of the stress. I pulled it out and had a shop weld the cracks and put a gusset on it Also had them weld in a new fitting in the top center , which I tee`d into the existing vent line I don't fill the tank until the vent line pucks water , I stop when the panel says its full , all good now Sounds like same thing!! Yes...vent is near top but on side. Also, the routing of my vent line goes up and down along the bottom of my trailer to an opening up by the rest of my connections on the side of my trailer. When I got the trailer, the vent line hung underneath and it would siphon. Took it back and dealer 'fixed' to like this. How did they weld the cracks and what is the gusset? Is the latter essentially a strap around it to keep it from expanding? Who did you find to do the work? I dunno if there is a shop in the Denver area that would do it, but I like it better than buying a new tank for around $500. Of course, my dealer wants hundreds just to install and remove so I'm hoping to fix it myself and will prolly hafta stop the fill like you do....i.e. before its really full. I can hear my vent line go under water when filling...a vent at the top should be the only way to do things on a tank, but perhaps there is no space. I won't know until I really get in there. My tank is a 100 gallon flat rectangle the full width of my trailer between the frame. Why did you leave the side vent line on?
d-mac1 11/24/15 06:27am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Some of the oddest TV and 5ver combinations

Here is a fancy rig! http://i267.photobucket.com/albums/ii295/daveindenver/Misc/Toyhauler_zpsbpqcbwp7.jpg
d-mac1 11/23/15 05:42pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Keystone cap fading issue

Our trailer has gel coated front cap...its white as you can see in my sig. It is inside our garage when its not being used. I wax the rig with Meguiars once a year, but some are saying wax has no effect. Our gel cap looks like new...other than a few bug marks. Will the white start turning chalky too at some point or is it just an issue for non-white gel caps?
d-mac1 11/23/15 03:23pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Antifreeze in water pump

One of the benefits of running anti-freeze through the faucets is it gets anti-freeze into the traps...not prolly enough, but some. So, if you're just gonna blow out the lines like you are talking, don't forget to put anti-freeze in the traps after each trip. Obviously, drain the tanks first.
d-mac1 11/23/15 02:23pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Weird electrical problem

Agree....there is a short...sounds like more than one. Disconnect power to your trailer, battery too, and rewire them. Get some wire and some wire nuts to make some temporary repairs. Once done, try it out. If all is good, make more permanent repairs via solder and wrap the connections real good. Shall we turn this into a tire thread?
d-mac1 11/23/15 01:45pm Fifth-Wheels
Install fresh water tank

I am contemplating installing a new fresh water tank in my trailer. Its a long story, but the short version is I've apparently got a couple hairline cracks in mine as a result of how the vent is installed (it goes under water and the tank expands until the pressure is enough to blow water out the vent line)...plus possibly some freezing at the pump line connection last winter. If I can find a tank that fits, which seems like I should be able to, can anyone tell me how to drill in the fittings for the fresh water fill, vent and pump line connections? From what I've been told, manufacturers don't use glue, but they spin em in and allow the heat generated to seal them. I dunno if thats right or not. Thanks.
d-mac1 11/23/15 01:39pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Question on B&W Companion

If you get a response from someone with the exact same truck and trailer, consider yourself lucky. Note....you didn't indicate truck year. I simply readjusted mine as needed after lifting my trailer. I'm adjusted for maximum clearance at the bed rails and so trailer is as level as possible when towing. If you go off road, you'll be surprised by how fast that clearance at bed rails disappears, but that varies dependent upon how far back the trailer's wheels are. Perhaps you can get close via tape measure and some calculations.
d-mac1 11/23/15 01:32pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Dirty Slide-out Seals

I would under no circumstance use WD40 on anything rubber. It has a petroleum base like kerosene which will degrade anything rubber. I use Camco Slide Seal lubricate. It goes on as a foam so you know where to spray it. When the foam dries it leave the rubber soft and supple. +1. I use the foam seal lubricant kinda as a cleaner when I wipe it on....but I'm only cleaning off a little light surface dirt, not trying to remove mold. I am pretty sure Home Depot has a product for mold eradication...you might check with them to see whats in it and what surfaces it is safe on. Or just use Dawn and some elbow grease, as previously described, and maybe keep an eye on the area.
d-mac1 11/11/15 07:45pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Any solutions for high altitude refrigerator issues?

Did you try a new regulator or test the propane pressure? I bought a new regulator yesterday but havent installed it yet. The problem for me is I wont be back to 9500' till probably next year, so I wont know if it fixes it for me.
d-mac1 09/24/15 07:20am Truck Campers
RE: Another tire question

I took a major plunge and got new wheels and some Goodyear G114s. They are AWESOME! Thousands of miles and they still look brand new! Retreadable too.
d-mac1 09/23/15 08:57am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Waxing 5th wheel

Just finished mine. Ugh....what a task. About 5 hours doing it all by myself...wax only....washed it Sunday. I use either Meguiars or Mothers....Mothers smells awesome! I avoid the graphics. Tough part for me is that its 13'3" tall. I gotta get the stuff for the roof in the spring, but my trailer sits inside if not in use, so not urgent.
d-mac1 09/22/15 07:27pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: High Altitude Fridge Problems

Dealer said a new regulator is about $50. He also said mine should be automatically switching to the other propane tank when the first is empty. Mine has NEVER done that. The tanks sit side by side and I always select the right tank for first use so the left is backup. When the right one runs out, I have to turn the selector to the left one. He said with selector set to right, when it runs out, it should automatically start drawing from left tank and that the selector is only used to switch to the full tank so that you can remove the empty one. Is this how everyone else's setup works? Like I said, mine hasn't ever worked like that, but he said they've been like he described for a long time. Mine has a little indicator that shows green when a tank has fuel, yellow if low, etc. My trailer is 2012. Thanks.
d-mac1 09/22/15 11:30am Fifth-Wheels
RE: High Altitude Fridge Problems

Thanks. I'll call my dealer and see what they say a new regulator would cost. I also need to get my microwave fixed....it wouldn't work upon arrival at campsite after a pretty rough road. Thats a possbile topic for another post. It runs, but won't heat anything. Will open it up and see if anything obvious. I understand they have high voltage, so will try to avoid electrocuting myself :-) I had an issue with my MW and called out a mobile tech. Turned out that a wire had come loose on a spade clip but wasn't =completely= off, just enough to lose contact. Was just a bit cheaper than a new MW, but 8 years later, it's still going strong. Lyle Thats the kinda thing I hope to find after a pretty rough road into camp.
d-mac1 09/22/15 11:24am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Any solutions for high altitude refrigerator issues?

Soos.....any solution? I have similar issue on a Dometic fridge. Works fine at low altitude and on the road. At 9500', it didn't want to light. Thanks.
d-mac1 09/22/15 10:40am Truck Campers
RE: LP shut off at high altitude

I had this problem with my fridge this summer in my new trailer. Turns out the igniter was not set to spec and was over twice the distance it was supposed to be from the gas flow. Frig lit fine around 5000 feet but get it around 8000 and it would light and die or not light at all. Once fixed it works just fine. Water heater had the same problem, it would light right up the first time and not light again. So much for a good dealer inspection on a new rig. Hi. Did you fix the piezo yourself? If so, how'd you get the spec and do it? Thanks
d-mac1 09/22/15 10:31am General RVing Issues
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