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RE: Furnace won't light

Glad you found your problem! I would locate the model and download the manual. It will help later if other problems arise. There should be a pats break down which will show the sail switch. Many times that can be an issue. Good tip. Thanks. Will do. I've got the install instructions, but it covers multiple models. After it fired up, I forgot to note the model. Thanks again guys! Dave
d-mac1 09/12/14 05:35pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Furnace won't light

It was low battery. Barely could start genny. I guess my battery tender wasn't keeping the batteries charged. Its a Battery Tender Plus. Perhaps it thinks the batteries are charged when in reality, because they are deep cycle batteries, they run way down before the tender thinks they need to be charged? I've noticed if I disconnect it and reconnect it, it will charge for days before it thinks they're fully charged. The trailer has been disconnected for a couple weeks on top of the tender not being in charge mode for a while.
d-mac1 09/12/14 10:18am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Furnace won't light

I'll try it with the genny running but I keep the battteries on a tender so they should be good. I havent used the trailer since spring but it stays in my garage and I run the genny periodically and then put the battery tender back on. What should voltage be at furnace and where check it?
d-mac1 09/12/14 09:28am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Furnace won't light

I would check the sail switch first. It could have a small speck of dirt preventing it from lighting. Blow furnace out with some canned air spraying around the sail switch good. I am guessing that the fan starts, is this correct? What is make and model of the furnace? Yes the fan runs. Whats the sail switch? Its a suburban I think. Model info will follow when I get home in about 30 minutes
d-mac1 09/12/14 08:53am Fifth-Wheels
Furnace won't light

The fridge will run on propane, but the furnace doesn't sound like its trying to light. Shouldn't the igniter click? The fridge is right next to it and it took a while to get propane to it, but usually I can get the furnace to light before the fridge. Is it possible a spider web or something is causing a problem with the furnace igniter? Thanks.
d-mac1 09/12/14 06:20am Fifth-Wheels
RE: summer-Time Sleep Mode

I too prop the fridge open and put a couple mouse traps in the trailer. I put one in living area and one in cargo space. Be sure to take all food out, clean the trailer and wash the bedding. I haven't gotten any bugs, but I think spraying the landing gear and such with bug killer is a good idea....mine sits in our garage when not being used, but still could get em. I've heard run the genny with a decent load once a month. Something about keeping the moisture out of it. I don't think its as big a deal here in Colorado as it would be in a humid climate like FL. A decent load would be your A/C, so run it too once a month. Daily would be overkill. I have a battery tender that I often hook ours up to in order to keep the batteries charged. Its not just a charger...its a Battery Tender. I flush our waste tanks before storage and put in a few gallons of water and the normal tank treatment. In the winter, I add RV antifreeze and of course I winterize the rig. I try to move mine a couple times each winter to hopefully help prevent tire problems.
d-mac1 08/17/14 08:20pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Type of truck

If only i could afford new:( Get an older but in good shape Dodge (e.g. with a 5.9 Cummins) and don't mess with all the pollution******on the new trucks.
d-mac1 08/16/14 05:52pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Reality check on new 5th wheel parking spot...

I concur that you'll get it in there but echo previous comments about spotters. I suggest 2 way radios for you and at least 1 spotter. I have a bit of a challenging path as well and it took lots of tries at first. Just don't lose patience and don't be afraid to come take a look for yourself. Even now that I can do it solo, sometimes I hit it right, other times not and never can I do it in one maneuver due to the angles involved. I've found that inexperienced spotters can't tell you when to start a turn...especially at first. Their main function is to stop you before you hit something. Once you're good at getting it into your parking spot, you'll be a master at most campground spots. Once your spotter and you kinda gets used to how it goes, I suggest you work out some language that can't be misunderstood. Stop is obvious. When backing, we like to provide directions off what to do with the rear of the trailer and we use the words 'driver' and 'passenger' as directions vs left and right. Example would be rear more driver. I also like measurements when approaching the end of the space. Example....10'. Once I'm close, I go check myself and I leave my truck door open so I can eyeball the ground and watch how much I've moved. Eventually, you'll get really good at it.
d-mac1 08/16/14 05:13pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Any clearance issues?

We're 13'3". Big rigs are 13'6". Dunno where all you like to go, but suggest you get a GPS so you can program in your height to help keep you off roads where you won't fit. In Denver, there are bridges on I-25 with low clearances on the edges and trucks gotta run the right 2 lanes. If you get off the beaten path, you gotta be careful. I downloaded an app called Allstays Camp and Rv. You can put in filters and they'll show up on the map for some pre-trip route planning. I even bought some abs piping and a couple joints and cut the assembled unit just a little taller than my rig. I don't trust bridges that are off the beaten path...especially on gravel or dirt roads.
d-mac1 08/11/14 09:50pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Front-end shimmy comming down the mountain

To the Op. I'd say you've got your answer. Perhaps deglaze the rotors but otherwise it sounds like you just need to go slower on the hills. Get over in the right lane and start down the hill close to the speed you intend to descend at and let it speed up a little, then get the exhaust brake going to hold that speed. I'm guessing you're starting down too fast and then have to slow down via the brakes. Downshift if you need to hold it back more. Sometimes I'll end up going too slow (e.g. from the tunnel to Silverthorn) and will give it fuel to speed up some vs upshift to another gear that will run too fast. I suggest you err on the slow side especially when you're a new driver. Watch the loaded trucks. Some of em just crawl down those slopes and they aren't touching their brakes. Then theres the fast ones who come down with brakes smoking. You don't wanna be them!
d-mac1 08/11/14 09:39pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Colorado Springs in winter ?

Thanks for the input. Most of the RV parks have winter rates. For some reason, I equate Colorado with 6' snow drifts etc...Sure it possible. I'll definitly insulate the underside if I go and get some tank and line heaters for good measure. Ed Sounds like you'll be set! If you have a choice of spots to park your rig, select one where the 'driveway' faces south and catches full sun. You won't hafta shovel anything compared to those with shady spots.
d-mac1 08/04/14 05:00pm Toy Haulers
RE: Love my Toy Hauler.....except one "small" thing.

Two 32 gallon tanks does seem kinda small when you have 100 gallons of fresh water available. Last time I checked it was still illegal to dump grey water on the ground, which is stupid, but with that said if you have 100 gallons of fresh and 64 gallons of grey/black then what are you supposed to do? Find a dump station so you can use the other 40 gallons of fresh water????? +1! Stupid design IMHO. Ours holds 100 fresh, 90 in waste tanks. I use grey to put out campfires or whatever. Our grey is simply a little dishwater or shower rinse. I boondock most of the time. Sounds like there needs to be a discussion next trip on economical use to the trailer's facilities including navy showers. Rhetorical question...I wonder how much TP you're going thru when the girls come? LoL I also wonder if your tanks's gauges are accurate. I agree with earlier post....likely you can't add bigger tanks.
d-mac1 08/04/14 10:27am Toy Haulers
RE: Colorado Springs in winter ?

I vist the springs every January for business for the vast 5 years, and every year we have had at least one day reach 70 degrees. A week later they get snow but the snow really is not that bad near the springs. Head up into the mountains and it's a different story. Weather seems to change frequently there. Yep...thats how it always is. Can predict an entire winter based on a one week experience for a couple years. Not exactly. The winters here aren't anywhere near as bad as, for example, the midwest, and there will be a number of clear days where its warm on the front range and snowing in the mountains, but that doesn't mean the OP can simply park his non-winterized rig and he'll be good. There will be periods of bitter, subzero cold and an uninsulated rig with an open underbelly will freeze up like a popsicle unless some special efforts are made to keep things thawed. By the way...the weather changes frequently and dramatically all along the front range and in the high country.
d-mac1 08/03/14 10:03pm Toy Haulers
RE: Trailer Friendly Gas Stations

I'm going up to Pismo Beach in a few months. Last time I was up there, I had a hard time finding gas stations I could get in and out of without doing an obstacle course. Is there anything between Santa Barbara and Pismo/SLO? Sign up for a gas card from Pacific "Pride". There are 2 stations disigned to had big trucks. Just go on line. Will they allow someone who doesn't have a trucking company get a card?
d-mac1 08/03/14 09:39pm Toy Haulers
RE: Another No Start Onan

Do you guys use Stabil or something in the gas? I'm going to guess they're gummed up from sitting with the el cheapo fuel they sell us nowadays. I put in Stabil most every time I fill the gas tank but if I'm going on a trip I'll give it a good dose of Seafoam to clean it out while we're using it.
d-mac1 08/03/14 05:48pm Tech Issues
RE: 17.5 tire question

215/75. About to do the same conversion. I'm not sure how many 235/75s you can find but I was told 215/75 is a common trailer tire and have some good tires to select from. Also, since the 235/75R17.5 tires are about .75" larger diameter that your STs, you'd have .75" less clearance between them. Lack of clearance between tires is one reason I'm not going to LT tires. http://www.tacomaworld.com/forum/tirecalc.php?tires=235-80r16-215-75r17.5 I intend to use my 235/80R16s as a spare too, but hopefully my roadside service would be able to help me so I wouldn't hafta limp along with them. Where did you get your wheels?
d-mac1 08/02/14 10:37pm Toy Haulers
RE: Deisel vs. Gasoline

Like the last poster commented, probably already got it figured out, but diesel is the only way to go. I couldn't imagine trying to pull 16k or so with a gas burner. You're on the right track with a Cummins for sure!! If you wanna go HDT, check the links below for all sorts of info, but it'll be pricey by the time you're done. Jack's site talks about a company that makes em custom. Single the tractor, put on a big sleeper, all sorts of stuff. I just marvel at the expense, but have no interest in a rig that big...or a Smart car as my transportation once I'm camped. http://www.rvnetwork.com/index.php?showforum=32 http://www.jackdanmayer.com/
d-mac1 08/02/14 09:08am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Axle flip for 22ft 5th wheel

To the OP. Go for it! If your step is an issue, simply put a small portable plastic step or something in the TV. My axles were already flipped and I too needed more clearance. I've got almost 8" now. I had ours lifted by our dealer. They fabbed a subframe out of 2" square tube steel with cross members for rigidity. Best $1k I ever spent. Woulda had a clearance problem leaving a campsite just a few months later. In addition to clearance, my trailer was running nose high, so I wanted to level it. Will yours run nose low after the flip? If so, lift your truck! I can't lift my truck or I'm back where I started, but I'd like to.
d-mac1 08/02/14 08:56am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Crap! Quite Litterally

A neighbor of ours used that to fix a hole in a plastic sink drain line in sticks and bricks house after they drilled into it. Held for a while (or they knew not to use upstairs BR sink). Unfortunately the new owners had a major problem and had to tear out a wall. Sooo. I would put in new tank. A 'weld' may work, but do you want to risk it failing while on a trip? I dunno what should be used to glue sewer line to tank. If its all abs tho I've used a glue made just for that from Home Depot. Its very fast acting so gotta connect right first time.
d-mac1 07/31/14 06:41pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Crap! Quite Litterally

Heres another theory....the forklift was under the pin while they raised the lift, but it didn't go up in sync with the lift and in the process they pinched the sewer line, causing a break. Clearly they did the damage if it didn't leak going in, but did coming out. Something else....I'd climb up top and see if you see anything up there. Its awfully close to the top of the garage door in that one pic and if they creased the top of your trailer, or broke something loose on the roof, you want to find it before you get lots of water damage from up there.
d-mac1 07/30/14 12:17pm Fifth-Wheels
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