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Odd cause for small squeak

Many trailers make lots of squeaks when moving and my trailer is no exception. But it has had one small squeak that could be heard when the trailer is parked. The squeak would occur when anyone was moving around in the trailer. Today I found the cause. I isolated the squeak to one wheel (Dexter axle, 12 x 2 brakes). I removed the drum and when I pulled off the drum it stuck about half way off. I pulled harder and it came off. I found a problem with a seal; the small spring in the lip of the seal had popped out and the spring caught on the end of the axle as I was pulling off the wheel. I replaced the seal, and now no more squeaking when the wheel moves a bit. I guess the out of place spring would occasionally scrape on the axle when the wheel rotated. What makes a spring pop out of a wheel seal?
daamac 01/21/15 01:48pm Tech Issues
RE: Tires for my travel trailer

Check the pressure rating of you rims as well as the weight specs. I'm not sure that a rim rated for 2600 lbs will be rated for 80PSI, which is the pressure you'd need for a load range "E" tire.
daamac 01/21/15 06:25am Travel Trailers
RE: how to turn off converter easily

Here's another thought: if you just plug in the trailer umbilical into the inverter and assuming you have typical RV appliances, you'll be supplying AC power to everything, including the microwave, the refrigerator AC heater, and the water heater AC heater.
daamac 01/10/15 08:59am Tech Issues
RE: Win 7,Firefox help

RGar974417, On my HP laptop, the up and down arrow keys share Page Up and Page Down. A key press of just the up or down key results in one line movement; if I hold down a special "fn" key and then press the up or down arrow key the result is a page movement. Could your issue result from something like this?
daamac 01/10/15 08:52am Technology Corner
RE: Texas Park Reservations question.

Yes. You'll only have to pay for one night when you reserve, and your coupon will be applied to the total bill when you pay the balance when you check in at the park.
daamac 01/03/15 08:31am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Other items to think about during roof replacement?

If you have any possible interest in having a 2nd AC (and don't have one) you could check the roof to make sure that framing is in place to support the 2nd AC and that electrical wiring is convenient. If you are interested in a skylight, consider getting one made out of Lexan - much more resistant to damage from hail than the cheapo skylights many manufacturers use.
daamac 12/25/14 09:07am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Charge Wizard light

... Question: the charge wizard ( no pendent) has a light and manual over ride button, with the gen running and the button pressed, I cannot get the light to show any flashing codes as the instructions suggest. ... I don't know if this is the problem or not, but the output voltages of the Charge Wizard are changed by holding in the button then letting off the button when the mode you want is displayed. Solid green light = 14.4 volts, fast blinking = 13.6 volts, very slow blinking = 13.2 volts.
daamac 12/22/14 09:15am Tech Issues
RE: Catalytic Heater Install

I will definitely have a shut off valve on the supply to the heater. On the quick connect fittings, my trailer has one on the outside for a grill. I'm queasy about the QC's, but it sure would be nice to have a heater that could be moved from living room to bathroom. So I need a hose. And the QC's would make it easier to remove the hose when not in use. Thus my question about quality propane QC's - anybody know? Thanks for the Sturgis link. We would need the catalytic heater at most for two or three weeks a year. Since the catalyst pad needs to be isolated from dust, I think a portable heater that can be completely stowed in a plastic bag would be best for us. Certainly I would not like to wake up when dead, as I don't like to eat brains. :E I think that the Platinum Cat is the best heater for permanent install, but I want mine portable. New question, if I tee off the 3/8" line going to my 30,000 BTU Atwood heater, would there be enough propane supply from the 3/8 inch line to supply the catalytic heater?
daamac 12/19/14 04:58pm Tech Issues
Catalytic Heater Install

I'm going to be installing a Wave 8 catalytic heater in my fifth wheel and am aware of concerns and cautions concerning oxygen depletion, moisture condensation, propane leaks, and the need to protect the catalyst pad from dust. The heater will be portable, that is not attached to a wall. I have questions in three areas: 1) I would supply propane to the heater via a flexible hose. I'd like to have a quick connect fitting at each end of the hose. Is there any reason this connection method is not a good idea? Is there one type or brand of quick connect fitting that is best - that is, more durable or less prone to leaking? Is there one type or brand of propane supply hose that is best - more flexible, resistant to damage? 2) Can the heater be moved when it is on? Is there a grab handle on it of some sort? 3) Any vital piece of information about catalytic heaters that I need to know? Thanks for all replies.
daamac 12/19/14 12:10pm Tech Issues
RE: Plastic skink, SS basket strainer, what to use to seal?

And I was just about to thank everyone for not commenting on my plastic skink. :)
daamac 12/14/14 07:18am Tech Issues
Plastic skink, SS basket strainer, what to use to seal?

I'm replacing the pot metal basket strainers in my RV sink because the sink stopper will no longer seal to hold water in the sink; the pot metal is corroded and grungy. I've ordered two stainless steel basket strainers. The sink is plastic. What do I use to seal between the lip of the basket strainer and the inside bottom of the sink? Plumber's putty? Butyl? RV seam putty? Silicone? Something else?
daamac 12/13/14 01:44pm Tech Issues
RE: Long box vs Short box

We went with a towed RV so we could use the tow vehicle for side trips - shopping, museum, various attractions, transport to a trail head, etc. Our Chevy 2500HD Crew Cab standard bed (ie, short) is VERY long to use in parking garages or other urban parking or on narrow roads with sketchy turn around locations. I would not want the truck to be any longer for those sorts of uses. We have a Pullrite Superglide hitch which solves the problem of using a fifth wheel in a standard bed truck.
daamac 11/29/14 09:10am Tow Vehicles
RE: Skylight Question

My question is why would you want to do this unless the cost of the replacement dome it too much? I had a mh where the po had done this and it did seem to collect more grunge than a domed one. Personally I wish they would make skylights in the bathroom optional but that would mean they need a bit more headroom. I'm looking for resistance to hail. Hail can crack or destroy an RV skylight and result in water damage. The interior dome above my shower could stay in place, so I wouldn't lose any headroom. I can see that a dome shape might shed more dirt than a flat sheet. However, the existing skylight on my trailer has turned from it's initial white color to a yellowish tan; I'm thinking that a non-yellowing clear polycarbonate with some dirt on it could transmit more light than a yellowed piece of acrylic. Besides, I do climb on the roof and wash it periodically.
daamac 11/14/14 08:22am Tech Issues
Skylight Question

I posted this question in another thread, but I want to ask it again and expand the question a bit. I think the skylight on my Jayco fifth wheel is just a formed piece of domed plastic with a flange. The flange is screwed to the roof, with lap sealant over the flange and screws. Is there some reason that a skylight needs to be a dome shape on the top of a trailer? If a dome skylight such as mine needs to be replaced, is there a problem with replacing it with a rectangle of flat plastic, installed on the roof in the same manner as the skylight? I can get a 17.5" x 25.5", 1/4" thick clear polycarbonate plastic sheet for $28.68; and an RV skylight of the same size for $72. I think the 1/4 inch polycarbonate plastic would be much more resistant to hail damage than the plastic of the RV skylight. The skylight in question is above the shower. The extra height in the shower that the interior skylight dome allows is nice. The interior dome is entirely within the roof, so it could remain in place with a flat sheet fastened to the roof. Any reasons not to do this?
daamac 11/14/14 06:54am Tech Issues
RE: skylight over shower

Instead of buying a replacement skylight, could the old skylight be replaced with a flat piece of plastic? Does the opening need to be covered for some reason with a domed skylight?
daamac 11/11/14 08:16am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Maggots in pipe that flushes into toilet...

Maybe you have sewer flies? And cute little baby sewer fly maggots?
daamac 10/30/14 11:38am Class C Motorhomes
Recycling in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a beautiful place that appears to have been designed by the best landscape architect ever. Although it is one of our older parks and the most visited, it is largely pristine. Visitors both enjoy and respect this national treasure. At the Cosby Campground dump station I saw an example of the care that visitors take - two pairs of used gloves tossed on the ground. Knowing that most RV'ers are interested in protecting fragile ecosystems I'm sure the gloves were left with the intent of recycling them. And whoever left the second pair saw the first and thought the ground near the dump was certainly an approved recycling location. I recovered the gloves; if whoever left them will send me a PM, I will gladly return the gloves to you. There were two pairs, one translucent vinyl and one black so be sure to state which pair is yours. Please state in your PM if you would like others to send their used gloves to you for recycling; I'd be glad to publicize your address.
daamac 10/14/14 08:14am General RVing Issues
RE: Questions Re: DirecTv Transponder Signals

Also, some of the transponders on 101 are spot beams so their readings will be location dependent. These transponders on 101 are: 4, 12, 18, 20, 26, 28.
daamac 09/20/14 11:37am Technology Corner
RE: Anybody had a Prodigy go bad?

After about 8 years the manual application lever on my P1 quit working; the company replaced it with a new one.
daamac 09/03/14 07:04am Towing
RE: WooHoo Jayco

My previous Jayco 19RD almost burned to the ground due to faulty wiring. No wire nuts or any other protective insulation on 12 volt wire connections in the walls. Cost me about $400 and they did not cover it. TT was about 6 months old. Local dealer re-wired my TT. I got to see how Jayco wies TTs I have a Jayco so I'm interested in this report. Do you mean that the 12 volt connections were just twisted together bare wire, without using any connector or wire nut? Just bare wire twisted together and not insulated with anything?
daamac 08/30/14 06:42am Toy Haulers
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