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245/75/16 E tires to 265/75/16 E tires

Is there any reason not to change from 245/75/16 E tires to 265/75/16 E tires? I'm considering doing so due to the increase in load capacity from 3042 pounds @80PSI for the 245 tire to 3415 pounds @80PSI for the 265 tire. I realize that the speedometer will read about 4% slower with the 265 than with the 245 tire.
daamac 04/28/15 12:59pm Towing
RE: 15" load range E tires

Maxxis, Goodyear, Carlisle, and others I don't know.
daamac 04/11/15 04:10pm General RVing Issues
MiFi 5510 & MAC address whitelist

Could someone who has a MiFi 5510 confirm for me if it has the capability to create a MAC address "whitelist"? That is, if you can create a list of MAC addresses which allows only devices with those MAC addresses to connect to the device?
daamac 04/10/15 08:46pm Technology Corner
RE: Adapter for 12 volt DC > 4 volt DC

I'm wondering about the safe voltage to supply to the Jetpack. I understand that USB voltage is 5 volts DC, but I wonder if the presence of the Jetpack battery in the circuit lowers that voltage some (the battery is marked 3.8 volts DC). So, if I use a USB power supply - at 5 volts nominal - and do not have a the Jetpack's battery installed - would I supply a harmful voltage to the Jetpack? My desire to run the Jetpack without an installed battery is that my original Jetpack battery swelled up. I have a replacement battery on order, but I noticed that the OEM batteries that I prefer are not in ready supply (not even from Verizon). So since I usually have the Jetpack connected to the RV DC system, I really don't need a Jetpack with a battery if I can connect it directly to the RV system; and thus eliminate any issue of over-charging the lithium battery.
daamac 04/08/15 09:33am Tech Issues
Adapter for 12 volt DC > 4 volt DC

We use a Jetpack (Verizon internet connection device)in the RV and usually leave it turned on all the time and being recharged by the RV 12 volt system. The Jetpack lithium battery (18 months old) swelled up and is now out of the Jetpack, which will not work without the battery even when connected through the charging port to the RV DC supply. I currently have the Jetpack powered by three AAA batteries and it works well. I'd like to find a 12 volt to 4 volt adapter that could provide fairly stable DC voltage of 3.8 volts (say 3.5 to 4.5 volts) from an input of 12 to 14.5 volts DC. Any suggestions as to where to find such an an adapter and what kind to get?
daamac 04/08/15 07:05am Tech Issues
RE: Need 2" pipe Slimline dish

I've heard that muffler shops have a 2" pipe they can sell; you could also get a 1 1/2" pipe from a home store, and shim it out to 2". If all else fails, here's a link: two inch mast
daamac 04/03/15 07:14pm Technology Corner
RE: Born Free Propane Door

Here's a link to a list of RV Salvage Yards.
daamac 03/28/15 06:46am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Headlight Lens covers

I bought a lens polishing kit by 3M and did my hazy truck headlight lenses. It worked so well that my wife decided to allow me to polish her Honda headlight lenses. It's really not very difficult.
daamac 03/26/15 12:25pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: neo angle skylight

This place will make a skylight to your exact specifications. I have bought from them and had no issues. Measure carefully, if it is wrong because of your measurements I don't think they would take it back. Their skylights come without any holes drilled.
daamac 03/22/15 05:07pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Electrical theory question...

Thanks to all for the information; it's answered my question well.
daamac 03/18/15 02:22pm Tech Issues
Electrical theory question...

Let's take as an example 50AMP RV service. A voltmeter between the two hots shows 240 volts, between one leg (or the other) and neutral shows 120 volts. My question concerns what happens when each hot is connected within different circuits to the neutral to provide 120 volts from each hot. The electrons in the neutral alternately flow in one direction from one hot and in the other direction from the other hot. Why don't those oppositely flowing electrons collide and go boom? Or cancel each other out? So, the bad news is that I don't understand something or a lot of stuff. The good news is that I don't do serious electrical wiring. Could someone explain how a neutral functions with differently phased hots?
daamac 03/18/15 09:36am Tech Issues
RE: Direct tv splitter

DirecTv satellite systems come in two types, SWM and non-SWM. SWM lines can use a splitter and send signals to several separate receivers for several TV's. Non-swm lines can not be split. The maximum number of tuners that one SWM line can serve is eight. A SWM LNB has one cable coming out of it; a non-SWM LNB has four cables coming out of it. A SWM splitter must pass special frequencies; here is one that is DTv approved: 2- way SWM splitter
daamac 03/18/15 07:15am Technology Corner
RE: SuperGlide Upkeep Seems Major

I've had a Superglide for years in a short bed pickup; it works perfectly. I've got at least 30,000 miles of towing using it. 1) I do not keep it covered. 2) My Superglide uses a graphite spray paint on the rails. The only maintenance done frequently is to spray a bit of that paint on the rails and that is usually at intervals of every two or three towing days. Takes five minutes max. 3) Other maintenance I do is annual and not difficult, just general cleaning, oiling, and an occasional adjustment. 4) There is no other hitch I'd rather have than my Superglide.
daamac 03/17/15 07:09am Towing
RE: west texas state parks

We've been to Lake Colorado City state park many times. It is ok, but not really a destination park for us. The lake has been severely low for several years. We stop there for one night only as it is halfway between home and a common destination. The park facilities and people are nice, it's just that the environment is not pretty. Never been to Abilene state park. Not to far away are Palo Duro State Park or Caprock Canyon state park. Those two parks are in an interesting geological area - lots of hiking- and could occupy someone for three or four days. Of the two, I like Palo Duro better, but both are nice. Maybe three days at each?
daamac 03/10/15 04:37pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Best place to buy replacement skylights?

I bought from http://www.rvskylight.com/rvskylights.htm and was pleased. Here's some things to keep in mind: 1) Each skylight is custom made; delivery is several weeks. 2) You have to drill your own holes. This is not a big deal, but you are supposed to use either a special plastic drill bit or a modified regular bit. 3) Polycarbonate plastic should have a special sealant; Dicor or Proflex not recommended. One of the special sealants is Surebond SB140. My install required two tubes. I put butyl under the skylight lip.
daamac 03/08/15 08:26am General RVing Issues
Consequences of reversed polarity

Today my EMS (Progressive Industries, 30 Amp, hard wired) detected a reversed polarity condition at the 30 amp outlet on a campground power pedestal. I plugged into the 50 amp plug using a 50 to 30 amp dogbone and all is well. However, I'm trying to understand the potential consequences of such a reversed polarity condition. One dangerous consequence would be if a neutral wire touched a metal piece, that piece would be energized with 120 volts. What are the other possible consequences of this condition? And yes, I reported the reversed polarity condition to the campground office so that some other person won't have an issue.
daamac 02/27/15 05:30pm Tech Issues
RE: North Padre National Seashore NP to Big Bend NP

Big Bend National Park is definitely worth the trip. Big Bend Ranch State Park is also. It is a fairly new park, and is not as well known. If anything, the hiking trails at BBRSP are more rugged than those in the national park; the scenery is similar, but different from the national park - generally much more rocky. There are no sites at BBRSP that are really "friendly" for RV's. There are several private RV parks in Laitas - near the border of BBRSP - that are nice. BBRSP is not as large as the National Park, but is still huge by most any definition. My favorite place in Lajitas to RV camp is Maverick Ranch.
daamac 02/03/15 12:36pm Roads and Routes
RE: Water too hot during Navy shower

As others did, I installed a check valve in the cold water line (as close as possible to the shower faucet) and completely eliminated the problem of scalding hot water at first when turning on the shower head valve.
daamac 02/02/15 05:47am Beginning RVing
RE: New Skylight: Dicor, or Eternabond, or both?

There seems to be a range of opinions. Thanks for all comments. If your new skylight is polycarbonate (Lexan?) do not use Dicor. There is a different caulk that is recommended, but I can't remember the name. I did some searches regarding polycarbonate skylight sealants and found mention of Surebond SB140 Skylight sealant... here's a link:SB-140. SB-140 specs state it is compatable with rubber - like my EPDM roof. So this is the correct sealant.... Right?
daamac 02/01/15 04:26pm Tech Issues
New Skylight: Dicor, or Eternabond, or both?

I'm putting a new skylight on my trailer. I have used Eternabond over all caulking on the roof. The new skylight will be installed using butyl caulk between the lip of the skylight and the roof membrane. Should I: 1) use Eternabond only over the screws and lip of the skylight 2) or should I first use Dicor, let the Dicor cure, and apply Eternabond over the Dicor?
daamac 02/01/15 10:36am Tech Issues
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