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RE: Bedbugs!

...They tend to stay on or in the bed. I honestly think this is, on the whole, a very easy problem to deal with... This is incorrect. If you've never dealt with a BB infestation, you have no idea what you're talking about. Going to bed, KNOWING that you WILL be bit, has a tremendous psychological impact. DO NOT take the presence of a single BB lightly. BB will travel to any area they can hide. Preferably, one that has a nearby food source (you). They are not slow walkers. Bed-side tables, picture frames, electric outlet covers, pillows, baseboards, headboards, box springs, clothing, etc. They bite you, and drink the blood from the wound. The brown spots that appear is their waste - your blood. Some people have very little reaction to the bites. Some people are highly sensitive and the itch is as bad, or worse, than Poison Ivy. If it's not dealt with, one bite will become five, then twenty, etc. BB should not be trivialized or taken lightly. Our exterminator also told us this about them hiding in electrical outlets, frames, baseboards etc. Marianne
dakasa47 08/31/15 06:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: Bedbugs!

Hello, Here is my experience with bedbugs. For about a year or so I was finding hard lumps on the back of my neck and also on the inside of my wrists. I had no idea what was happening and my husband just dismissed it as a bug bite.. I also kept finding dark blood stains on our sheets. These would eventually turn brown as I washed the sheets over time. One night my husband woke me up to show me a bug he had caught on his body. At the time I was sick with a severe case of vertigo AND bronchitis. I was barely able to reply to him and then fell back asleep. A few months after that he caught another one and saved it. We did some research and there on the screen was a bedbug looking exactly like the one we found. We took the bed apart. We vacuumed and cleaned etc. There was some reddish stuff on the baseboard. Scrubbed that. We also sprayed some bedbug stuff we got at a hardware store. Did nothing. We took the bed apart again and I noticed some black smears on the box spring. We threw it away and bought a new box spring. It did not help. Called Orkin who told us they couldn't come for 3 days. He also said bedbugs come out in the dark and are attracted to the carbon given off my human breath. They seemed to be coming from the top corner of the left hand side of the bed as that is where I found the reddish stuff and the black stuff. They came and sprayed and gave us mattress covers. A few months later more bites... more blood spots on the bed. Orkin came back as that was part of the package we bought....about nine hundred dollars. About 6 months later I found a dead bedbug in the hem of the bedspread. This time we called a local exterminator who had gotten rid of a skunk family living under our front porch. He sprayed again. No where near as expensive as Orkin. I don't remember who but one of them told us to put cups of mineral oil under each of the bed post.We are still doing that. As luck would have it they never got to the RV. Before Orkin guy came the first time we slept with the lights on as we were told they only come out in the dark. We have not had a problem since the 3rd spaying the the mineral oil in cups thing. This started about 4 years ago. We do travel and had stayed at hotels rooms and on cruise ships. Orkin guy we most likely picked them up in the carryon luggage area of an airplane. Anyway.....it was one of the most traumatic things I have ever gone through.I know compared to all the tragedies happen in the world today it was really nothing. But to me it was. I felt like I couldn't even go to bed at night without worry. The worry of them coming back which they did 2 times. Just the thought that there were bugs crawling in our bed and over us and biting us was awful. It is hard to explain how it effected us. I was teaching in an inner city school at the time and more than one of my students had bedbugs. Who knows? It could have been there although my coat was never hung with the students closet. Just wanted to pass along our experience. Both exterminators told us that they are extremely hard to get rid of. Thats why people living in tenements have a hard time getting rid of them. The landlord usually doesn't want to spend the money to get rid of them correctly. One of my students had bedbug bite all up and down her arms. She would constantly scratch. Her family was at the mercy of the landlord who did nothing. So from what I know if they are truly bedbugs all of the heat steam etc will not get rid of them. It took us three professional whole room sprays , mattress covers, pillow covers and mineral oil in cups to finally get rid of them. We still pull the bed apart periodically and check for signs of them. I wish you luck getting rid of them. Its something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy( not that I have any:) Marianne
dakasa47 08/31/15 06:07pm General RVing Issues
RE: Outer Banks or Virginia Beach?

Hello, We have been to VB with our RV many times. We always stay at First Landing State Park. The airplane noise can be loud at times but it wouldn't be a deciding factor for me in terms of staying there. We love FLSP. Love camping in the dunes. We also like the dedicated bike path that runs along the waterfront at Virginia Beach itself. We have only been once to the Outer Banks. It is beautiful there. We stayed at Camp Hatteras. It was in April so not crowded at all. We stayed on the bayside to watch the sunset each night. Have fun whichever you choose.
dakasa47 08/10/15 03:35pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Taconic State Parkway in NY

We have a pickup truck and a 21ft trailer. When we first started traveling in 2007 we ended up on the parkway and pulled over by police. I am under the impression that they only want cars and they also restrict propane. In March we were trying to get to a campground in Copake NY and we could not seem to find a way to get to it other than the parkway. We drove around and around for 2 hours. The Garmin kept sending us onto the parkway. We had stayed at the campground n the past and knew that we could get to it somehow. We did eventually figure it out... don't remember what we did but boy was that frustrating and such a waste of time and gas:( It is my understanding that in NY only cars are allowed on any road called a parkway. I don't know about class B's though.
dakasa47 08/09/15 06:46pm Roads and Routes
RE: Summer time campground for adults

Our favorite campground is adult orientated and have a spiring/ summer/fall schedule of activities. If you play golf they also have a 9 hole golf course there with many golfing activities. Its Lake Forest Rv Resort in East Wakefield NH.
dakasa47 08/09/15 06:30pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: First trip with my first RV

Hi, We are big fans of the Florida State Park campgrounds. Whenever we are heading to the Keys we always start at Anastasia State Park in St Augustine. Beautiful campground and beautiful beach.
dakasa47 07/03/15 06:29pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: looking for service center in Massachusetts (or Connecticut)

Hi, We bought our 2007 FunFinder at Campers Inn in Kingston NH. They have also serviced it for us over the years and we are very happy with the customer service there. It is on Rt 125 in NH not too far over the border from Haverhill MA.
dakasa47 07/03/15 06:24pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: The scammers will try anything....

Hi, I got the IRS one this past year. I knew it was a scam right away. Another time I was "phished" by a fake PayPal email. I knew that was fake because of the spelling mistakes! A few years ago I went to work and coworker asked me if I had been in Scotland over the weekend??????? Huh???? Turns out the email was sent to a bunch of people on my contacts list saying I was in Scotland for the weekend and lost my purse with money ID and passport in it. I would be contacted again with further info????? HUH???? As much as I want to see Scotland one day I can hardly afford to zip over on a 6 hours flight for the weekend:) The problem with that one ,though, was it did cause some difficulties with my email address but got it straightened out. This past year we have been getting calls from some energy company. My husband always answers it and asked them to take us off their list. I pick up and press answer and then immediately hang up. We were on the don't call list so I am not sure why we keep getting this call just about everyday.
dakasa47 06/26/15 05:54pm Around the Campfire
RE: Traffic around Chesapeake bay bridge tunnel?

Enjoy your stay at First Landing. We love it there and have stayed there many times. Its one of my all-time favorite campgrounds.
dakasa47 06/18/15 08:27pm Roads and Routes
RE: How did you get started?

I had always wanted to see the country in a car. My husband had been talking about camping/rving for years. I was not a camper and was not sure I would like it. My idea was to stay in resorts:) We decided to try seeing the country in an Rv. So we bought a 21ft FunFinder in 2007. The first trip was one night about 75 miles from home. In just that one night I realized that this was going to be FUN! Now I love it. We have traveled out to the west 4 times and have seen such beautiful and interesting places. We have driven down the eastern seaboard 7 or eight times now and again have seen beautiful and interesting places. We have also traveled all over New England returning many times to some of our favorite campgrounds. Although there is still so much more to see I feel so lucky to be able to have had these experiences. My only regret is waiting so long and not doing this when my daughters were kids. We have always been travelers but now we have our own little "house" on wheels which I love.
dakasa47 06/02/15 11:48am RV Lifestyle
RE: Looking for TT under 30 feet with 60x80 queen

Hello, We have a 2007 21ft FunFinder which has a full size 60x80 island queen. It was one of our top priorities when we decided to try the Rv lifestyle. Marianne
dakasa47 05/30/15 06:27pm Travel Trailers
RE: Cruiser RV/Fun Finder info

Hello, In 2006 we decided we wanted to see the country in 2007. I did a lot of research using the criteria we set for ourself i.e.: 60x80 island queen bed, no OSB, no slide out, and of course light enough for us to tow with 2008 Tundra. I found the Funfinder online and it seemed like it fit all our needs. We went to look at one and we both felt "at home" as soon as we stepped in. We bought a 2007 21ft trailer. We have had minor issues with it but nothing that could not be fixed. Now we pull it with a 2010 Tundra and have towed it all over the country and into lower parts of Canada. We have gone out west 4 times from Grand Canyon to Glacier NP and all over the Rockies. We have been down the eastern seaboard/Appalachian Mt to Keys 4 times and we are leaving for our 5th trip to the Keys tomorrow for 3 weeks of travel. Its also been all over New England for weekend or 3-4 day trips.It has certainly served us well. We have probably put at least 35-40 thousand miles on it. We go to RV shows and talk about getting something bigger and newer but neither one of us wants to get rid of it. Its our first trailer and first time camping anywhere and we have created sooooooooooo many happy travel memories with it. I hope that you enjoy yours as much as we love ours. I call it "our little FunFinder". Happy travels Marianne
dakasa47 04/17/15 07:53pm Travel Trailers
RE: wall separated from floor?

Thank you all. We have our camper back and will be on our way tomorrow. They fixed a few other minor problems while husband was there. All is good:)
dakasa47 04/17/15 07:06pm General RVing Issues
RE: wall separated from floor?

Thank you all for such quick replys. My husband brought it to Campers Inn early this morning and they told him it is an easy fix and could be done right then. So he is waiting there and will bring it home today and we can repack and be on the road tomorrow . Yeah! i don't know yet what caused it but will post it when I find out. Marianne
dakasa47 04/17/15 11:31am General RVing Issues
wall separated from floor?

Hello, We own a 2007 Funfinder that we bought new in 2006. We have taken it all over the country. 4 trips to the west 4 trips to the south and many many trips around the NE area. We have had some minor and not so minor issues over the years but all were resolved some while on the road but most at the place we bought it Campers Inn in Kingston NH.We have always taken care of any issues immediately and my husband would always insist on taking it to Campers Inn to be winterized and de-winterized every year. And at the same time had any minor issues looked at. This week was the first time he finally did it himself. We love our camper and as of right now have no real desire to buy another one. Our 4 week trip to the Keys in February with 7 nights at Long Key State Park in Florida was a no go as camper and truck was under 10 ft of snow for about a month. I lucked out getting reservations for the last week in April in Bahia Honda State Park due to a cancelation. As I was packing things this morning I looked down into the storage areas under the bench seats and was shocked to see the driveway through a 1" by 3ft gap between the wall and the floor. We are bringing it to Campers Inn tomorrow to have them look at it but it looks like this trip might be a no go also. Not the worst thing in the world and we can deal with it. I came here to find out if this has ever happened to anyone here...the wall pulling away from the floor and leaving a gap to the outside. Is this serious structural damage? The only thing we can think it might be is that over the years the bench on one side loosened up over the years and finally all the screws came completely out of the wall. We had it fixed in November. This was going to be our first trip for this year so it was today that I found it. Has anyone else had this issue? Was it able to be repaired or did you have to get rid of it and buy a new one? Campers Inn told us today that they are booked solid for the next 2 weeks. Sorry for the long story. I did do a search her and on FunFinder Forum but could find anything about this situation. We just had to get a new washing machine, a new garbage disposal and me new glasses this week! Thank You Marianne
dakasa47 04/16/15 07:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Bicycles-recommendations?

:)Hello, I have had different bikes since I was a kid. As an adult I bought a few from different stores that were around at the time like a Walmart. I bought a bike from a bike shop based on what it looked like. Then 13 years ago for my 50th birthday my husband David said he wanted to take me to a really good bike store and buy me a new bike. A year or so before I had rented a bike up in Bar Harbor ME. I loved it and made sure I wrote down the brand, which I had never heard of, for when I would buy a new bike. It was a Specialized and was the most comfortable bike I had ever ridden. So 13 years ago we are at a bike shop that ran the gamut from inexpensive to thousands of dollars expensive. The person who waited on me was so helpful and patient. I test rode a few bikes that were matched to my needs height size. What a difference. I had the name of the Specialized and tested that one. I was sold. It cost 500.00 at the time but I am still riding it. Its the BEST bike I have ever had. We have taken our bikes all over the county and we ride bike paths and safe side street, along beach, in the woods and my Specialized is still going strong. I have certainly gotten my moneys worth...or Davids money as it was a gift in the last 13 years.I recommend looking at Specialized.
dakasa47 03/13/15 06:47pm General RVing Issues
RE: Cape Cod

Hi, We have either stayed at Atlantic Oaks for its easy access to bike trail or at Sweetwater Forest for its great sites when we go to the Cape. No pool but both really nice places to stay.
dakasa47 02/27/15 05:34pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Favorite Camping Location

We have been to many of the places mentioned here. We have traveled from east to west 4 times, up north and around NE many times and down the eastern seaboard via the Appalachians 3 times. We have stayed at so many beautiful campgrounds. We especially love the National Parks and the Florida state parks. But my all time favorite will always be Lake Forest RV Resort in East Wakefield NH on the pristine Great East Lake and within drivable distance of the NH White MTs. We have stayed there so many times since we started in 2007 that it feels like home.
dakasa47 02/27/15 05:30pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Campground near Norfolk

Hi, My all time favorite campground is First Landing in Virginia Beach. Nothing like camping in the dunes:) Its a bit of a ride to Norfolk but not bad. It would be closer to Norfolk than staying at one of the campgrounds closer to downtown VB. You would also have to drive to downtown VB where the boardwalk is. If you like to bike the VB boardwalk is awesome. If you have time the botanical gardens in Norfolk are just beautiful. We have also done the boat tour of the aircraft carriers and the land tour although no one is allow to get off the bus. Another wonderful visit was to the Chrysler Museum. We wandered around for hours. We have also stayed in the national park in Assateauge. No hookups but worth staying at. We did have ponies wander through our site at night..saw evidence in the morning and saw them on the roadside and around the campground at peoples sites during the day. Another beautiful national park. Good luck in your search.
dakasa47 01/23/15 09:06pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Bahia Honda April 4th-10th (ish)

Hello, Don't give up hope. We have stayed at Bahia Honda, John Pennycamp, Curry Hammock and Long Key over the years. Many of those times I was only able to get reservations by checking and checking 5 or 6 times a day until I found a cancelation. And this was for the summertime. In October we were able to get a site at Long Key for the first time. We liked it so much we wanted to go back this February. Of course it was booked solid. I would see one or two night cancellations December or January. Nothing for February. Then one night about three weeks ago I went on to check for one last time for the day at about 10:00 pm. Was I ever shocked to see 14 nights in a row available. I immediately booked the first 7 nights. The next day the last 7 were long gone also. We love staying at Anastasia SP on our way to the Keys. Again nothing that was suitable for us. Either very short site even though we are only 21ft or tents sites only. And then OMG!!! I went on to check and there was a cancelation for a site that we would fit into. Booked it immediately for 4 nights. And the most amazing thing was we had one night we need to book between Anastasia and Long Key. I just couldn't believe it when I went on John Pennycamp one night and there 2 nights available one being the one night we needed!!!!!! I am retired (as of June 2014) so I do have a lot of time to check over and over. But I have been able to get sites in the Keys SP by just diligently checking. I had read about doing this here on the forum a few years back and it was a great suggestion that has worked well for me. Good luck in your search. The state parks in Florida are our favorite places to stay there.
dakasa47 01/23/15 08:44pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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