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RE: Canyonland Nationl Park

As 2gypsies said much of the good boondocking close to Moab/Canyonlands has been shut down due to overuse/abuse and I strongly suspect lobbying from campgrounds. There is some out Kane Creek road along with some first come primitive camps near the river a bit closer to town along the same road. All the good stuff south of town has been shut down, not sure about up north. We like Horsethief campground on the way out to Dead Horse Point for more "away from it" camping, if visiting Moab proper Ken's lake has some nice sites, early/mid May is prime time so I'd arrive mid week and look for a spot. The link 2gypsies gave you is the same one I was going to post. Good luck and have fun.
daveshan 02/28/14 05:38am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Pop Up Ads

You don't say which browser you're using but check the "add ons". My wife picked up an advertising add on called tidynetwork somehow. Just can't convince her not to say "yes" to free software. In this case removal was as easy as deleting the add on from Firefox. If you can ID which adware has infected you Googling "how to remove XXXXXXXX" generally will give you step by step instructions.
daveshan 02/18/14 05:54am Forum Technical Support
RE: Feedback needed.....

This has been an issue on almost every forum I've ever been on. There is usually a "core" of folks that do the discussion thing and help out and a lot of folks that just think it's a free information resource and don't think it's necessary to come back with what the solution was or a quick "thank you". It sure would help future folks if the OP would come back and at least let us know which of the posted possibilities was the correct solution.
daveshan 02/01/14 08:41am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Going down to 4 above on Monday

I understand the worries, first year I had the TC I only ran pink stuff through it trying to chase the water out with the pink stuff. Didn't feel good about it when it got real cold. Now I do both rigs by: Blow lines to clear out as much water as possible Run pink stuff through Blow lines again blowing pink stuff into traps/tanks Sleep real good with no worries. It reduced the pink stuff usage as I was having to run lots through to ensure it wasn't diluted and it makes getting it all out in the spring pretty easy. Just flush, then blow the water out and flush again, turn on the WH bypass and fill everything up, no taste or foam at all. Stay warm, heading down to single digits again here also. Dave
daveshan 01/04/14 09:17am Truck Campers
RE: Spell Check - a remedy

I spelled werd wrong....no red line...no spel chek Internet Explorer? Firefox has had this feature for years.
daveshan 01/03/14 07:32am General RVing Issues
RE: Roadmaster Even Break Changing Toad

We looked at the 2nd car kits when we couldn't decide which Cherokee to tow, lots of $$ for a little convenience. What I did was take some 3 pin connectors for the brake signal from the toad, 12V + and - and wire them into each toad and tuck the toad end under the center console, then wired one of the male ends onto the transmitter for the Even Brake. Now I just move the unit from one car to the next (the Wrangler got setup later) and plug in the 3-pin, situate and plug in the breakaway, install the "box" hook up the 7 pin mounted in the bumper run the test and go. I also use the same unit flat towing behind the truck and camper, the unit doesn't care where it is. Have fun Dave
daveshan 01/01/14 01:09pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Roadmaster Even Break Changing Toad

We bounce our Even Brake between 3 Jeeps, no need for the unit to re pair with the monitor, it's set from the factory and as long as you own it the 2 will work together. Anyone who can use a multimeter (This of course may well leave out Camping World installers) can check the charging and other circuits without the Brake unit, I did all the wiring on all 3 in the garage making sure all was right before ever plugging them in.
daveshan 01/01/14 10:16am Class A Motorhomes
RE: SE Utah in March?

Road Less Traveled mentioned ceramic heaters. Those obviously have an electric draw but am I correct to assume they wouldn't drain my batteries they way the furnace blower would? No, the ceramic heaters are ~1000-1500W at 120V, quick mental figuring at 1000w = 8 amps at 120v or 80amps at 12V, add in the loss for the inverter if boondocking and your batteries will be completely dead in a couple of hours. Furnace blower takes a couple of amps of 12v. Resistance heating and boondocking don't play well together. If plugged in it's a moot point of course, but then you're in a situation much like a commercial campground.
daveshan 12/27/13 08:45am Beginning RVing
RE: SE Utah in March?

I usually pop over to the Moab or Blanding area several times in March/April/May every year. By March the weather has changed to "Variable" to say the least. We've encountered snow/rain and sunny low 60s all in the same day. (1)Lows are usually in the 32-39ºF range and both the motor home and truck camper stay tosty warm with just the on-board furnace. Having a warm comforter allows you to drop the cabin temperature a bit to save on the furnace running the battery/batteries down. (2) No generator at night, not allowed in campgrounds and a good way to get a knock on the door late at night from annoyed neighbors when boondocking. (3) Solar panels are great for keeping battery banks charged without using a generator but I've never seen a solar array/battery bank large enough to run electric heat (very high current draw) at night. Sorry no experience with rentals. Welcome to our corner of the world, you'll love it. Dave
daveshan 12/27/13 07:21am Beginning RVing
RE: Slide Out Awning Replacement Fabric

We did ours last year with fabric from Tough Tops. Came quickly, very heavy good quality fabric. Install is a 2 person job for sure, DW fed fabric in, keeping it aligned and level while I stood on the slide and pulled. Tips: I went to Home Depot and bought a strap wrench, made unrolling the awning roller tension very easy. Be very careful where you spray whatever you use to lube the fabric/grooves. I got silicon on the fabric where I was trying to grip it and it made it very hard to pull. Also don't use a highly tempered pin to hold the roller, The tension snapped a small drift punch while a good old common nail held perfectly.
daveshan 11/11/13 06:18am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Where to retire!

Can't speak for the others but have lived in CA, AZ and CO you've got them nailed. Dave (no bikes, hate granola, no ponytail and all my hair)
daveshan 10/21/13 05:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: Land line wall plugs

There are still a lot of areas where Verizon doesn't work, Southern West Virginia comes to mind, (but then not many of the others work there either), Yellowstone is another, unless you stand in a certain spot, face north east, stand on your right foot, hold your left arm straight up & tilt your head back. Not so....We took the gkids to Yellowstone, and thought...good the phones won't work, so they will have to enjoy nature! Ha....were we wrong....We all had cell service everywhere we went and we spent a week exploring :) They thoroughly enjoyed nature, as well :) Verizon is far from a cure all, before we got the cell booster for the house AT&T had 1-2 bars in some parts of the house, 0 in most of it, Verizon didn't work anywhere in the house. It all depends on where the service thinks it's worthwhile to put towers. Not really surprised a major National Park would have good service with millions of people visiting annually. Now a rural area with homes on 5-15 acre lots, far from a major highway, or remote boondocking sites not so much.
daveshan 10/20/13 08:34am General RVing Issues
RE: Land line wall plugs

We prefer remote boondocking yet like to stay in touch via phone and internet when we want to. I took our Wilson DB Pro for large home or office out of the house, used a 1 1/2" x 4' piece of PVC pipe held in an old portable satellite tripod from a garage sale to hold the outside antenna on the roof. You can just see the antenna at the back of the coach in this pic. Wilson sells a 12v power supply so you don't have to run your inverter. http://i279.photobucket.com/albums/kk143/daveshan_2008/IMG-20130909-00002.jpg height=480 width=640 The antenna has 20', 30', and 100' cable so it can be mounted anywhere you can get a bar on the phone, it attaches to the park cable inlet and the booster uses the other end in the overhead. Or you can route the cable in through a window if you don't want to mess with the rat's nest of cables. Gave a full 5 bars (-70db) signal throughout the living area of the coach from 0-1 bar (-120 to -110db) and full speed on my 3G blackberry tethered to the laptop. Worked so well that we bought another setup so I don't have to climb on the roof of our stick and brick to get the antenna down each trip, and now when I'm in a more remote area with the truck camper I'll be able to keep in touch with DW back at the property.
daveshan 10/20/13 07:30am General RVing Issues
RE: Special generator discussion

I have a big, heavy 8000W constant load contractor generator that will run the house well pump and one of the water heaters, it gets used if we have an extended blackout, last one was 3 days. It will also run my Lincoln IdealArc 250 if I have a remote welding job. The Honda on the other hand will run the house frig, a small storage freezer and one TV/DVR/WiFi and some lights for shorter outages. It also goes boondocking with us in the 36' A, after the on board Onan QD puts the initial charge on the batteries the Honda purrs away at the end of a 85' 12GA cord off in the bushes to top them off. The Honda has also run. Small 120V MIG welder for smaller remote jobs. Electric Jackhammer Saws/corded drills for fence jobs Grinders/sanders/wire wheels/flap discs. Electric "Chainsaw on a stick" for remote pruning jobs and handles all charging for the Truck Camper. As with the MIG welder (bought for body work) the Honda has more than paid for itself in uses I never anticipated, pretty much just got it for the TC. BTW once you turn off the cap vent shutoff you can store it in a vehicle with no gas smell at all. Just as a test before transporting it the first time I left it in the truck's cab with the window up for 2 days. No gas smell. Try that with a contractor genny. EDIT: Last time I was up at Animas Ghost Town by Silverton there were some workmen renovating the buildings. Guess what was powering their tools, yep a couple of purring little Hondas.
daveshan 10/19/13 08:39am General RVing Issues
RE: I am selling my Outfitter Apex. Beware of scammers!

The most common theory about these types of responses is these "your item" replies are email harvesters. They try to get you to reply outside of craigslist's anonymous response sytem then they have a valid email to sell to spammers. Wow, that's an awful lot of work to go through for just ONE email address... Even if it's automated. What's an email worth to "legitimate" spammers, who will pay money for email addresses? A few cents? The hourly wage for harvesting emails through answering craigslist ads would be pathetic. You'd earn more working at McDonalds and the work is easier. FAR more likely is this person is looking for a "BIG SCORE" by working some angle. One way they like to do this is to send you a fake cashier's check for way more than your selling price, then ask you to forward the extra on to a third party, or refund it. By the time the check is identified as a fake, they're long gone and you're responsible for the money you sent. I get the feeling you're thinking of a guy sitting there tapping away on a keyboard, this is the computer age, very easy to setup a program to email "I'm interested in your item" emails. A few thousand proven email addy's is worth $$$$ to spammers.
daveshan 10/17/13 05:27pm Truck Campers
RE: I am selling my Outfitter Apex. Beware of scammers!

The most common theory about these types of responses is these "your item" replies are email harvesters. They try to get you to reply outside of craigslist's anonymous response sytem then they have a valid email to sell to spammers. I use craiglist fairly often to both buy and sell, I always put something in the listing about "emails without specifics about the item for sale will not be answered". Real buyers always understand and comply.
daveshan 10/15/13 12:19pm Truck Campers
RE: What type of camp chairs?

I've bought a bunch of different types over the years. Most comfortable small one is the folding chair I picked up at a Pick and Save on a whim, folds small and lightweight. Travels nicely on the overhead bed. Most comfortable overall is the "gravity chair" sold by a few different manufacturer/retailers but they don't fold to a point where they are really truck camper friendly. Bag chairs are the easiest to store but I've not found one that I really like, of course I refuse to spend the big bucks and all the ones I've got were < $20. I do keep a couple of the better ones up beside the bed for when friends show up around the campfire.
daveshan 10/15/13 09:19am Truck Campers
RE: 22.5 tires/air volume

As has been stated it takes a pretty good pressure differential to fill tires, trying to get to 100 with a 110psi compressor just won't cut it. Add to that most manufacturers lie through their teeth (well exaggerate a lot) to boot. I use my 140psi shop compressor at home and carry a CO2 tank with a fixed 150psi regulator for the road.
daveshan 10/05/13 05:18pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Eeven Brake eats car batteries

2 things, one already mentioned. Run a charge line. Numerous ways to do this, hit Google and pick the one that works best for you. Make sure your Even Brake doesn't have an air leak, mine was cycling every 5-6 minutes just sitting in the driveway. Never noticed it 'till I was doing some work nearby with the door open after hooking it up. Roadmaster replaced it under warranty but it took 45 days for them to ship me a reman box back. I've had issues with phantom braking with both boxes but since I already own the box I'll stick with it a while.
daveshan 10/03/13 08:25am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Arctic Fox 811 or Lance 855S

Personally I lust over an 855S but my F-250 (9800 GVWR) is within 200lbs of my max tire ratings (3195lbs each) when I have my 845 loaded and trailer/Jeep hooked up. The additional weight would put me over. As others have said, start with a 350/3500 then decide. I spent a lot of $$$ making my truck that I already had equipped to handle the weight, it handles very well now, but if starting from scratch I would have gotten more truck from the get-go.
daveshan 10/02/13 11:23am Truck Campers
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