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RE: How much is Motorhome Insurance?

Also forgot "Depends on the age and value of the motor home you buy." A $100,000 motor home will cost you a lot more than a $40,000 one. "Old Guy" hit the nail on the head. Check your local insurance agents. Dave
dbates 06/18/15 06:07am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 245/70-19.5 Hankook tires

I replaced Michelin with Hankook 245/70-19.5 on April 23, 2013 and now have 9,427 mile on them. I have no complaint with them. The ride is not much different that the Michelin and they seem to be wearing A-OK. I had no complaints with the Michelin but the price was sooo much better. Dave
dbates 06/15/15 09:03pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Voltage at the pedestal

The 16 amps you were reading is based on the electrical equipment that is drawing power at that particular moment. When the air conditioner compressor first starts it will draw higher amp then reduce some after it gets going. It's interesting to see how many amps different things draw i.e. the microwave, lights, AC, TV, etc. Dave
dbates 06/13/15 09:14pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Surge protector

I like mine where I can see it inside the coach. If the power goes off I can immediately check it to see what the problem is. I also like to be able to see how many amps the coach is using. Mine is mounted above the utensil draw in the galley faces the exterior door so I can check it when I go inside after hooking up. If you want the display outside you should call Progressive tech support at 919-267-6964 or email then at "tech@progressiveindustries.net" to see what they recommend. Dave
dbates 06/08/15 06:20am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Average fuel mileage on a 35' with the V10??

You don't say what year you're thinking about but here is what mine has averaged. It's a 30" 1998 Itasca over a 1999 V10. I pull a Vibe on a Demco KarKaddy dolly all of the time and generally run 62 MPH on interstates and 56 MPH on other roads. As you can see by the map below we've travel in all types of terrains. In the 10 years and 54,000 miles that I've had it the average mileage has been 8.14 MPG with a three tank average between 7 to 9 MPG. These include limited generator use. Dave
dbates 06/05/15 06:22am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Survey-How do you reserve?

On long trips we generally don't have a predefined schedule so we start calling ahead at about 2:00 or 3:00 PM. We use Microsoft Streets & Trip plus Sam's campground directory to find parks 1 to 2 hours ahead of our anticipated evening stop. In 10 years and 52,000 miles we only had one time that it appeared we might not be able to find an RV park to stay in. Then one of the parks we had contacted called back to advised they had a cancelation and now had room for us. Dave
dbates 05/28/15 02:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Surge-gaurd

I've had a Progressive Industries EMS-PT30C for over 10 years and have followed the different brand reports on this forum. Even before Progressive advertised their life time guarantee their customer service was exceptionally better than Surge Guard's plus the fact that Progressive's equipment is segmented so that parts can be replaced allowing you to repair a unit without two way shipping. As far as the need for such an item I consider it as important as carrying MH collision insurance. I've never had a surge but many on this forum have and it saved them thousands of dollars and repair time for electronic equipment damaged. I’ve had low voltage and reverse polarity power a few times and the unit protected me from potential damage. Dave
dbates 05/23/15 09:39am Tech Issues
RE: Flat Tire/Interesting Facts

So many people fail to understand that the cost of goods is nominal compared to all of the other expenses a business has. There is rent &/or loan payments, phone, heat, lights, taxes, INSURANCE, labor, advertising, accounting, legal fees, equipment initial cost plus maintenance thereafter, employer's share of Social Security, etc. etc. As a bank commercial loan officer for 40 years I had hundreds of people wanting to get in business for themselves thinking that their only real expense of doing business was the cost of the goods they plan to sell. Besides all of the above expenses that road side service had the additional expense of a truck with all of its equipment plus the driver that does not generate other income 24/7. Your mechanic friend did you a real favor I sure hope that you thanked him. Dave
dbates 05/22/15 06:43am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Progressive Surge Guard Recommendation

As Learjet says the EMS-LCHW50 has a readout on the basic unit in the electrical bay and the EMS-HW50C has a remote readout you can mount within the motorhome. The remote readout is very handy in that you can monitor the voltage, Amps, Hz and any past or current error codes that occur at a glance. Dave
dbates 05/20/15 01:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Hooking up and unhooking vehicle and tow dolly

I word maxed out my above response so here are a few other things to think about: I use to have my wife help me load the toad but it seemed that all she could do was shake or nod here head then we’d have words so I finally figured out the following. With the dolly hooked to the RV and set to load get your toad lined up where you think it will be in the center of the ramps. Now pull up just touching the ramp, get out and check to see if it's centered. If not, back up, try to compensate for the differences, pull up to the ramp again, get out and check it. When you’ve achieved center find a vertical alignment point on your toad (steering wheel, wiper spot) with a point on the dolly and use these in the future to achieve center. In the future you may still be out of alignment the 1st time but eventually you’ll usually hit it on the first try. Then load the toad as I suggested in my previous response. Loading & unloading only takes a very few minutes more than 4 down so its not a real reason to go 4 down. It’s is a little nerve racking if the ramps and tires are wet as the tires tend to slip on the ramps and you’ll need a little running start to get up the ramp. If you not real careful you can run right over the dolly stop and get caught. This happened to me once but I was at home, had two good jacks and cribbing to get the toad back up to stop level and pulled it back onto the dolly. I’ll turn 76 the 4th of June and can still move the dolly around on level ground but I got a “trailer dolly” from Harbor Freight and it makes it easy to move the dolly if the ground is rough or I have to push it up hill. I’m lucky that I have a bay large enough to hold it. I keep my toads for many years, like my Vibe to well (it can't be pulled 4 down) and can't afford to change to a 4 down toad so I'm happy with the dolly. If you normally keep an exclusive toad for several years, and can afford to buy a toad that can be pulled 4 down I'd suggest you go 4 down. The older I get the harder it gets to get down & up from knees. As mentioned above the Demco KarKaddy SS is a very find dolly. It’s a little more expensive but it’s well worth the price. It is fully galvanized so you’ll never have to worry about rust. It has rack & pinion steering just (link a car) so it follow you around very nicely. Its ramps fold up and its tongue folds back to reduce storage space almost 50%. It has surge brakes so you can use it with any vehicle as you don’t need a brake controller. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me through rv.net. Dave Bates
dbates 05/16/15 07:57pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Hooking up and unhooking vehicle and tow dolly

I’ve pulled a Demco KarKddy SS for the past 10 years and 52,000+ miles in all of the states marked below with no problems. Yes 4 down is a little faster and easier but I love my Vibe and it can’t be pulled 4 down. Some things to remember: 1. When I first started using the dolly I strapped the toad down as Demco recommended pulling it all the way forward to the front wheel stop then strapped it down but I found that the straps came loose & I even had one strap come all of the way off. I then realized that the straps didn’t slide over the wheel as they are tightened so they remain a little loose behind the wheels and when you started pulling the Toad slip back leaving the straps loose on both sides of the wheel. I now pull the toad all of the way forward then back up about one inch. I strap it down until the tires squish. As the straps tighten the wheels roll forward and the strap tension equalizes in both the front and rear of the wheel. Since I started doing this I’ve never had a problem with a loose strap. I still check them within 50 miles of start and again each time I stop (about every 2 to 3 hours) but I’ve never found a strap loose enough to cause a problem since. 2. If your dolly is a little wider than the RV watch those right curbs when parking. I ground the lettering off of the right dolly tire before I realized this. 3. Make sure that you allow plenty of front end room when parking along a curb. If you have to turn too sharply when pulling out the rear of the RV swings in the opposite direction pulling the dolly into the curb causing the dolly wheels to scrap or roll over the curb. 4. I’ve only had two times that I had to park the dolly elsewhere because the RV site was too small. If you back the dolly to the rear of your site, drop the tongue down and back the MH over the tongue it only extends about half dolly size behind the MH. 5. I’ll turn 76 in June and yes it is getting a little harder to move it around but it’s still doable. Dave
dbates 05/16/15 07:34pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: surge protector question

Google the Progressive model you decide you want and go with the best price. Dave
dbates 05/13/15 08:06pm Tech Issues
RE: essexcredit charges $459 loan fee

Under "truth in lending" federal law any fee for closing a consumer loan must be included in their annual percentage rate "APR" quote. They should give to two interest rates 1) the simple interest earning rate and 2) the APR which includes the earning interest plus any closing costs other than legal filing fees. The APR is what you should use to compare other creditors rates. If they are not quoting an APR they are in violation of federal law and I would not do any business with them. The only problem is that the APR is based on you loan paying out over the predetermined term. If you plan to pay the loan off quicker the APR would actually be higher. Dave
dbates 05/13/15 07:59pm General RVing Issues
RE: Mileage surprise

"Fill ups” can vary quite a bit due to MH tilt at the station, gas nozzle shutoff adjustments, how quick you want to get done, wind, etc. Multiple fillings are the only true test of MPG. In the 52,000 miles I’ve driven my 31 foot 1998 Itasca over a 1999 Ford F53 V10 (with 105,000 miles on it) its averaged 8.14 MPG with a per tank high of over 12 MPG and low of under 5 MPG. As you, my normal speeds are 63 MPH on interstates and 56 MPH on other roads. The overall average MPG has dropped over past 52,000 miles from 8.44 to my current 8.14. Dave
dbates 05/12/15 06:00am Class A Motorhomes
RE: tow dolly

I have a Demco KarKaddy SS with surge brakes; have pulled it for 10 years and over 50,000 mile in all kinds of terrain (see map below). It has work wonderfully and I can pull it with any other vehicle I want as it does not require a controller. Dave
dbates 05/11/15 06:47pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Why Coach Net or Good Sam for emergency road service.

I use to have State Farm ERS on both my toad (every day car) and MH. Over the years they did a very good job covering ERS for my toad but after reading their policy I questioned their coverage for the MH and the agent had to agree that it my not cover the full tow service cost to a qualified MH repair center. I then compared ERS coverage between State Farm, Progressive and Good Sam's. Progressive has much broader MH coverage and better ERS than State Farm for about the same overall premium. Progressive had about the same ERS coverage as Good Sam's but for much less cost. I switched all of my MH coverage to Progressive and have been very satisfied with them even after replacement of two windshields and substantial tornado damage claims with very small premium increases over the past five years. Based on many forum posts it appears that coverage from one area of the USA to another can make substantial differences in coverage and cost with any one insurer. So what is good in my area may not be as good in another area with the same insurer. Dave
dbates 05/08/15 11:15am Class A Motorhomes
RE: No propane flow

If you have an old tank there could be a problem with the valve. As my Lions Club concession chairperson we go through about 20+ refills per year using 2 tanks and after a few years the valves will not open when turned on. I've taken the canisters to our propane distributer and they can sometimes get the value to release by opening the valve and slamming the bottom of the canister on concrete but doesn’t always work and we have to replace the canister.
dbates 05/03/15 11:58am Class A Motorhomes
RE: New Sticky Thread?

So many posters don’t have any knowledge of the need or importance of weighing their RVs to determine proper tire pressure; therefore, they should download and read Michelin’s PDF booklet that includes all details about proper RV tire care. Dave
dbates 04/30/15 06:56am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tire Pressure

If you want a complete answer to your question download & read THIS for Michelin tire's PDF file. It explains the proper way to weigh your RV and what pressures to use accordingly. I switched to Hankook last year and Hankook advised their tire pressures are the same as Michelin but they don't have a downloadable PDF. Dave I called USA Hankook as the dealer didn't know for sure. Dave
dbates 04/23/15 09:31pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tire Pressure

If you want a complete answer to your question download & read THIS for Michelin tire's PDF file. It explains the proper way to weigh your RV and what pressures to use accordingly. I switched to Hankook last year and Hankook advised their tire pressures are the same as Michelin but they don't have a downloadable PDF. Dave
dbates 04/23/15 07:25am Class A Motorhomes
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