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RE: Using a tow dolly

We've been pulling our 2004 Vibe (can’t be pulled 4 down) with a Demco KarKaddy SS since we got our 1998 30' Itasca with a 99 Ford V-8 (now 10 years). I like my Vibe so well that I didn't want to & couldn't afford to replace it. A dolly is not as big of a problem as some say on this forum and we've been well pleased with it. I can load it by myself in less than 10 minutes and unload in less than 5 minutes. If strapped down correctly you'll never have a problem with the straps coming loose. It tracks the MH perfectly so you’ll never know it’s back there but you can't back up any better with it than you can 4 down. We’ve never had a problem storing the dolly at a CG and never had additional charges. At home the SS tongue folds back and the ramps fold up to reduce its storage space almost 50%. As said by others above it’s a little messier strapping down in bad weather or in the mud but a piece of plastic to put you knees on helps. All that said, it is according to how old you are and how good or bad your legs are. I’m going on 76 and it’s getting harder to get down then back up to hook up so I know 4 down may be better for me in the future but I still love my Vibe. Dave
dbates 03/12/15 07:01pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Surge Protector error--open ground

I've had my MH plugged in 24/7 for 10 years and occasionally my surge protector will show the "No Ground" error code but the MH has full power. You indicate that it has been plugged in for 2 months. Did it show "No Ground" when you 1st plugged it in? Is the error code showing "No Ground" but is the power to you RV on now? If both of the above are "yes" then there could have been a grid power outage sometime in the last 2 months caused by a lost ground which was corrected and your surge protector is just letting you know it happened. Dave
dbates 03/11/15 10:27am Tech Issues
RE: auxiliary lights with dolly?

Indiana doesn't require lights on the toad when using a dolly and as I understand it most all other states don't either. Since my Demco KarKaddy dolly has large LED tail lights I don't use auxiliary lights during the day but I have a set that I will put on if I ever have to drive late in the evening, at night or in heavy rain. I’ve been traveling this way for 10 years, 50,000 miles, in 41 of the states (see map below) and have never had a problem. Dave
dbates 03/07/15 05:40am Dinghy Towing
RE: Tow vehicle smells after towing

down home is right. We've noticed this problem for the past 50,000 miles pulling our Vibe on a dolly. It does help a lot to close the air conditioning vent & put it on recirculation. As said above rubber, oil, etc. from the road collects on the manifold, etc. while your towing and then burns off when you run the toad engine. Dave PS Thanks Scott
dbates 03/06/15 06:43am Dinghy Towing
RE: Tires...other than RV...

I've read that another thing to consider is usage. Generally RV tires set a lot in comparison to your auto therefore the oils and chemicals tends to pool allowing the rubber to dry out and crack quicker. If this is the case you might get more time usage out of your car tires than your RV. Another thing to consider is with 80 to 100+ pounds of air in an RV tire compared to 30+ pounds in an auto tire can cause substantially more damage to the RV if it blows. Dave
dbates 03/04/15 07:32am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Protect-A-Tow ?

X3 Good product that does the job. It also keep the rear end of the RV & camera clean when you have to drive in the rain. Do a search for it here and get a lot more positive comments. Dave
dbates 03/02/15 08:58pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Surge Guard Monitor

http://dbates.datapitstop.us/UPLOADS/FLD00003/00005387/Progressive%2DMonitor%2Ejpg I mounted my Progressive monitor right in front of the door so that after hooking up I can see the voltage, HZ, amps and if there are any error codes immediately. Dave
dbates 03/01/15 10:24pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: So, just how "hazardous" can a tank full of poo be?

I don’t imagine many of you are old enough to remember having to use an outhouse on an everyday basis but I do and still remember my father having to dump the outhouse over, shovel the waste into a trailer and hauling it away every few years. The RV systems we have now are GREAT and a heck of a lot cleaner than what was available back then. Plus with having seven kids (now all adults) it's a lot better than changing cloth diapers. In either case I just wash my hand when I’m done. Dave
dbates 03/01/15 10:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: tire pressure

Click Here for complete Michelin RV tire how to booklet for answers to all of your tire questions. Most other make RV tires are compatible with this booklet. Dave
dbates 03/01/15 09:49pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Surge Guard protection... Worth it?

For the past ten year I've had a Progressive HW30C on 24-7 and have had no problems with it. It's found reverse polarity & low voltage several times in CG. Based on many positive posts on this forum they have exceptional customer service also. I consider it the best inexpensive insurance for the many electronics in the MH. Dave
dbates 02/18/15 08:55pm Tech Issues
RE: Dolly towing with a 2013 Honda Accord

I can't say which dolly is the best as I've only had a Demco KarKaddy SS dolly for 50,000 miles & 10 years and I've been well pleased with it. It is a little more expensive but it's well built and when I've had questions their customer service has been excellent. Its wheels turn rather than the toad wheel plates. It’s totally galvanized so it should never have rust problems, the tongue folds back & the ramps fold up to reduce storage space by almost 50%, comes with surge brakes so you can use it with any pulling vehicle without the need of a brake controller. I bought mine new but have read here that many have found good used one at a substantially reduced price and they retail many places below the Demco’s suggested retail price. In any event after you get use to loading a dolly & if you strap it down right you’ll never have a problem with loose straps and find that dolly pulling isn’t the ordeal some on here suggest. Good luck with your decision. Dave
dbates 02/17/15 07:12am Dinghy Towing
RE: Guard for toad

Dutch, I have a 30' 1998 Itasca with mud flaps behind the rear wheels and pull with a Kar-Kaddy dolly. In dry weather I've never had a problem with toad stone chips but in wet weather I had problems with dirt accumulating on the MH rear and fogging up the rear view camera. I found that a Protect-A-Tow eliminated that problem. I still get some very fine gravel accumulating on the toad but in almost 50,000 miles have had no real damage to the toad. Dave
dbates 02/09/15 07:04am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Toad debris protector

For several years I've use a Protect-A-Tow especially in wet weather. It keeps the RV rear, the rearview camera and the toad very clean. In dry weather I generally don’t worry about it and I’ve never had any large stones hit the toad. I also have mud flaps behind the RV rear wheels though. Dave
dbates 02/08/15 09:42pm Dinghy Towing
RE: GPS for the Motor Home?

I've had a Garmin nuvi 755 for several years and in general it does a pretty good job. It does have the habit of sending me 10 miles north passed the logical interstate exit then back the to the exit it should have used but by putting a waypoint just after the proper turn off I can eliminate that. About a year ago I had to replace the battery as it as not working right. I'd suggest that you contact Garmin, explain what it's doing and maybe they can advise what the problem is. Dave
dbates 02/03/15 08:37am Class A Motorhomes
RE: If I install Air Tabs & Solid Aero Hubcaps will I get 10 mpg

Air Tabs have been discussed on this forum for many years. All that have installed them say that mileage improvement was negligible but handling improved significantly. Semi blow by, side wind, cleaner rear ends/cameras, etc. problems reduced substantially. Dave
dbates 01/27/15 06:34am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Holding tank issues

Product in question It looks very similar to the "Flush King" brand but it's much less expensive. I use my "Flush King" periodically with the GEO tank cleaning method and they seems to do a very good job of cleaning clinging debris but it’s according what your blockage consists of. If it’s manufacturing debris or very old dried body waste there is not much you can do without taking the valves off and getting inside the tank. Good luck Dave
dbates 01/26/15 08:07am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Quality Shore power cord

You need to look for a rubber coated cord. Most of those available are plastic. Rubber is more expensive but will coil fairly well in all kinds of weather. I guess I'm lucky as my 1998 Winnebago Itasca came with a rubber cord. I'd like to get and extension but just can't justify paying the price of a rubber one. Dave
dbates 01/23/15 11:04am Tech Issues
RE: How to Dolly Tow Unlockable Sterring Wheel Car

I have the same (but older) dolly you have but my Vibe's front wheels lock in place with the ignition off; therefore, I need the dolly wheels to swivel. Since your front wheels don't lock you may want the dolly wheels locked in place. In any case call Demco @ 800-543-3626 and they will tell you want to do. Their customer service is exceptionally good. Dave
dbates 01/20/15 10:03pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Protecting the toad

Search this forum &/or Google "Protect-a-tow" for highly recommended toad protection. Dave
dbates 01/16/15 07:18am Dinghy Towing
RE: Motor Home Windshield Install

A few years ago I had to have both of my 98 Itasca front windshields replaced. Our local auto glass shop said that they won't do RVs "too many problems" so we had to go 40 miles away. That shop does a lot of RV and they ordered the replacements but when they came in one was not right so they had to reorder. It took extra 2 days but they are both as good as the originals Dave
dbates 01/11/15 08:45pm Class A Motorhomes
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