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RE: GPS for the Motor Home?

I've had a Garmin nuvi 755 for several years and in general it does a pretty good job. It does have the habit of sending me 10 miles north passed the logical interstate exit then back the to the exit it should have used but by putting a waypoint just after the proper turn off I can eliminate that. About a year ago I had to replace the battery as it as not working right. I'd suggest that you contact Garmin, explain what it's doing and maybe they can advise what the problem is. Dave
dbates 02/03/15 08:37am Class A Motorhomes
RE: If I install Air Tabs & Solid Aero Hubcaps will I get 10 mpg

Air Tabs have been discussed on this forum for many years. All that have installed them say that mileage improvement was negligible but handling improved significantly. Semi blow by, side wind, cleaner rear ends/cameras, etc. problems reduced substantially. Dave
dbates 01/27/15 06:34am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Holding tank issues

Product in question It looks very similar to the "Flush King" brand but it's much less expensive. I use my "Flush King" periodically with the GEO tank cleaning method and they seems to do a very good job of cleaning clinging debris but it’s according what your blockage consists of. If it’s manufacturing debris or very old dried body waste there is not much you can do without taking the valves off and getting inside the tank. Good luck Dave
dbates 01/26/15 08:07am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Quality Shore power cord

You need to look for a rubber coated cord. Most of those available are plastic. Rubber is more expensive but will coil fairly well in all kinds of weather. I guess I'm lucky as my 1998 Winnebago Itasca came with a rubber cord. I'd like to get and extension but just can't justify paying the price of a rubber one. Dave
dbates 01/23/15 11:04am Tech Issues
RE: How to Dolly Tow Unlockable Sterring Wheel Car

I have the same (but older) dolly you have but my Vibe's front wheels lock in place with the ignition off; therefore, I need the dolly wheels to swivel. Since your front wheels don't lock you may want the dolly wheels locked in place. In any case call Demco @ 800-543-3626 and they will tell you want to do. Their customer service is exceptionally good. Dave
dbates 01/20/15 10:03pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Protecting the toad

Search this forum &/or Google "Protect-a-tow" for highly recommended toad protection. Dave
dbates 01/16/15 07:18am Dinghy Towing
RE: Motor Home Windshield Install

A few years ago I had to have both of my 98 Itasca front windshields replaced. Our local auto glass shop said that they won't do RVs "too many problems" so we had to go 40 miles away. That shop does a lot of RV and they ordered the replacements but when they came in one was not right so they had to reorder. It took extra 2 days but they are both as good as the originals Dave
dbates 01/11/15 08:45pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Winnebago roof blows off

In 2008 I was driving my 30’ 1998 Itasca through Nashville, TN on I65 heading for I40. The highway was rougher than a cob, traffic was heavy and there was a strong wind blowing. I heard the bang but couldn’t stop immediately. I was finally able to get off the interstate, stopped at a gas station and borrow a ladder. Sure enough the roof popped out of the of the aluminum track on driver’s side the full length of the motor home. I was able to pop it back in and continued to a nearby campground. The CG host suggested an RV repair shop, the next day I consulted them and they advised that they have seen this a few times but it would be several days before they could repair it. They suggested that I put a strip of Eternabond the full length with the bottom of it covering the aluminum strip. I did this and it is still holding A-OK. Since then I check the other side periodically, clean and caulk it as needed. Dave
dbates 01/09/15 06:28am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Have You Compared Photo Labs?

I've been using Snapfish for several years and have been well satisfied. It's costing me 9 cents per picture, quality is A-OK and turn-a-round time is not bad. Their shipping is a bit high (increases cost to less than 20 cents per picture) but that is still much cheaper than Wal-Mart or Walgreens. We usually upload 50 to 200 pictures at a time which spreads the shipping costs fairly well. They also have virtually unlimited free storage. If my DW just a few she either goes to Wal-Mart or Walgreens but if 3 or 4 are needed I do them on my computer. HP bought them out recently but so far quality & service have not changed. I'm not sure if they cater to professionals. Dave
dbates 01/07/15 09:52am Technology Corner
RE: Tolly Tow Vehicle

I agree that 4 down is better but if you’re toad can’t be pulled 4 down, you trade toads frequently or want to pull a variety of toads a dolly is not a bad alternative. You can’t back up much either way. My Demco Karkaddy SS has served me well for 10 years and customer service has been very good. The surge brakes work fine and the fully galvanized body will not rust. The fact that the tongue can be folded back and the wheel ramps folded up reduces home storage by almost 50%. As far as safer, if it’s hooked up properly it’s no less safe than 4 down and if the straps are hooked up as suggested above you’ll never have problems with a loose strap. Dave
dbates 12/29/14 09:05am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tolly Tow Vehicle

Sounds OK to me! I’ve been pulling a Vibe on a Demco KarKaddy SS with no real problems. At 75 it is getting a little harder to get down & up to hook everything up but still doable & it's easily stored behind the MH in the campground. Two things to remember when pulling with a dolly: 1. Loose tire straps are not a problem if you make 2 changes in your loading procedure: a. Don’t pull the toad all the way forward on the dolly. Leave about 1 inch between the front tires and the front wheel stops. b. Tighten the straps down until the tires squish. When you pull all the way forward the straps will not slide over the tire leaving them a little loose behind the tire. By allowing the 1 inch gap in front of the tire the wheels will roll forward tightening the straps on both sides of the tire. Since I started doing this, 10 years & 51,000 miles ago, I’ve never had a problem with a loose strap. I still check them after the first 50 miles and each time I take a rest stop (about every 2 to 3 hours) but rarely can tighten them any further. 2. A dolly is wider than the toad & in my case a little wider than the MH so watch when you park next to a curb that you don’t rube the lettering off of the curb side dolly tire. Also make sure that you have plenty of room to pull way from a curb. The sharper you turn away from the curb the more the dolly tongue will swing into the curb causing the dolly to jump the curb. Dave
dbates 12/28/14 04:20pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Foreclosure RV

We have a dealer just north of us in Wabash, IN who only sells repos. He travels the all over the US, inspects then chooses the best, repairs whatever is needed then sells them at substantially below suggested used retail. I would not be afraid to buy one from him. Otherwise, if you know someone that can really do a thorough inspection you shouldn't be any worse off than if you buy a new or used unit from a dealer. Dave
dbates 12/09/14 08:31am General RVing Issues
RE: Surge protector

Most of us understand that nothing will 100% protect your RV electronic from a very close lightening strike. A good Progressive or Surge Guard units will protect you from general power surges, high/low voltage, high/low HZ, reverse polarity, 240 volt improperly wired posts, etc. Based on the many posts on this forum both company's more expensive units will cover all of these problems; therefore, between the two, customer service after the sale is the variable you should seriously consider before buying. Dave
dbates 12/03/14 08:14am Tech Issues
RE: Surge protector

Click HERE for a comparison chart between Progressive & Surge Guard. Just remember that Progressive has a lifetime warranty and excellent customer service history (even before they had the lifetime warranty). Dave
dbates 12/02/14 08:24am Tech Issues
RE: Stand alone mapping software

I do the same thing BarneyS does. I've got Streets & Trips 2013 and will probably continue using it for my long trip planning. Where I will have problems is making multiple delivery routes for my Lions Club members to deliver the citrus and roses we sell. New streets within our city and county have been a problem in the past even with current software. Dave
dbates 11/30/14 05:50pm Technology Corner
RE: protection for car

I've been using a Protect-a-tow for several years over my dolly. The front attaches to the rear bumper of the MH and the rear uses two bungee cords attached to large S hooks mounted on each side of the dolly. See below: https://dbates.datapitstop.us/UPLOADS/FLD00003/00005387/Prot-A-Tow.JPG It does not fully reach the toad but is seems to keep most of the larger stones off the toad and really keeps the MH rear & camera clean. I think Protect-a-tow sells a longer model that might do an even better job but I’ve not needed to replace mine yet. I have a Demco KarKaddy and there were two holes on the wheel plates that the S hooks fit into. I don't know what king of dolly you have so I can't suggest how you would mount yours. Dave
dbates 11/30/14 05:38pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Which State Has the Best Drivers?

As you can see by the map below that we’ve been on most states and found that in general they all have good and bad drivers. My son lives in Virginia and the only thing he worries about is when there’s ice or snow on the roads. Being raised & learning to drive in Indiana he knows that you must slow down when those conditions are present but his fellow Virginians seem to feel that they can stop on a dime no matter what the road conditions are and continue to drive as usual. The only place I’d stay away from is I 45 between Dallas & Houston. It makes our Indy 500 drivers look like little old ladies. High speeds, cutting back & forth between lanes without warning and tailgating is the norm. Dave
dbates 11/26/14 07:50am General RVing Issues
RE: Surge protectors, for rv.

bumpy, Both Progressives hardwired 30 & 50 Amp units have bypasses. It appears that only SurgeGuard's 50 Amp unit has a bypass. Dave
dbates 11/20/14 01:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Surge protectors, for rv.

I'd 2x the motion for Progressive but figure out which unit you think you want then Google it. You can find the least expensive source for each model. It’s not unusual to be able to find prices below manufacturer’s suggested retail or dealer prices. Just remember to check shipping costs before you buy. Click HERE to see comparison charts for SurgeGuard and Progressive units plus remember that Progressive has an excellent reputation for customer service. Dave
dbates 11/20/14 06:46am General RVing Issues
RE: F 53 - 19.5 wheel lug nut size

If it weren't so cold today I'd get my sockets set and try them on my 1999 F53 but I think I'll stay in where it's warm today. Besides that I wouldn't worry about it. If any of my MH lug nuts need to be removed I'd let my road service or mechanic do it. As hard as they are torque down I’d have to get an air impact wrench to get them loose. Dave
dbates 11/19/14 11:55am Tech Issues
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