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RE: Eternabond vs MFM Peel&Seal

Eight years ago my Winnebago fiberglass roof popped out of the aluminum track on the full length of driver’s side. I had not realized that they required periodic reseal maintenance. I as able to re-insert the fiberglass into the track and an RV repair service suggested Eternabond. I installed a 4” wide strip of Eternabond the full length of the roof (30’), pressed it to the roof fiberglass and around the aluminum track. Since then the only thing that has happened to it is tornado damage that poked a couple holes in it and a few scrapes on its surface covering. If installed correctly it really does the job. Dave
dbates 01/14/16 09:32pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Looking for Michigan advice

The Island is GREAT but remember you can't drive there you have to take a ferry. Several years ago we camped at "Mackinaw Mill Creek CG" about 3 miles south east of Mackinaw City on US 23. Their facilities were very good and a current check of rates shows that they are still reasonable. Also I suggest that you visit "Old Mill Creek SP" just down the road. It has an operating water powered vertical saw mill, pit saw and a zip line. I assume that you're going south in "Upper Michigan then through Wisconsin. If so stop for a "fish boil" in Wisconsin. It's real good eating with white fish and potatoes. Dave
dbates 01/10/16 11:16am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Are you satisfied (repair cost wise) with your MH?

I don’t really know what too much or very little maintenance cost for a MH should be but my MH is a 30’ 1998 Winnebago Itasca over a 1999 Ford F53 V10 engine that I bought used in February 2005 and have driven it 58,000 miles. I try to keep up with preventative maintenance and have most if it done by professionals. I do keep detailed records of my maintenance and fuel costs though. Maintenance cost has been $828.68 per year (including $1800 for new tires 3 years ago). This does not include insurance costs or camping fees. Fuel costs have been $2,048 per year or 38 cents per mile. I do know that just like a summer cottage, boat, airplane, golfing, etc. if you play you pay. Dave
dbates 01/08/16 09:48am Class A Motorhomes
RE: RVing in 1937

Thanks for finding this. It brings back some old memories as I lived in one just like those shown for my first five years of life with Mom, Dad, older sister and the last year younger sister. We didn't move around with it but it was cheap living while my dad built our future home. It was 18'x 6', had a fuel oil stove, ice box, an outhouse out back and we had to carried water for daily drinking, cooking and washing. Some say those were the "good old days". As a kid I enjoyed them but I sure wouldn't want to go back to them now. Dave
dbates 01/08/16 08:07am General RVing Issues
RE: Dinghy tow dolly questions

You need to provide more information! 1. What are the specification of the MH you're planning to pull the dolly with? 2. Have you checked with the dolly manufacturer to see if the dolly can handle the Mazada properly? 3. Does the dolly have a braking system? 4. Is the hitch on the MH strong enough to handle the dolly and toad? Even though I've pulled my Vibe on a dolly for over 10 years and 50,000 mile I'll agree with jerseyjim that 4 down is better but it's getting harder to find toads that can be pulled 4 down and can you afford changing toads? Dave
dbates 01/07/16 07:19am Dinghy Towing
RE: Leaving a tow dolly outside the campground

If you do as "bukhrn & kalynzoo" suggested above you won't have a problem. In 11 years and 60,000 mile of pulling a dolly I've only had to park the dolly off campsite twice (both were at upscale CG). I will have to admit I don't camp in National or State parks very often but if you can get a larger space, park the dolly behind the MH and pulling the MH over the dolly tongue you seldom, if ever, will have a problem. If you have to park the dolly in an unsecure location be sure to lock the ball catch with a harden steel padlock. That way they can't just cut it with a hacksaw or bolt cutters but would have to use a cutting torch to get it off (that's I know from personal experience when I left it at a service center & forgot my dolly key). Dave
dbates 01/03/16 11:38am General RVing Issues
RE: computer to gps

I'm sorry but I have no suggestions for the website you're looking for and hope someone else can come up with an answer to your question. For years I've been using Microsoft Streets & Trips software for planning RV trips and delivery routes for my Lions Club citrus sales. In recent years I've been transferring that data to my Garmin using gpx files. It works quite will for the citrus routes (where the delivery points are close together) but not so good for long trips unless you put in a lot of extra waypoints in before uploading the gpx file. Garmin will reroute as it sees fit between waypoints which may or may not be the way you want to go. I can only assume that this would be the same with any other mapping software gpx uploaded to a Garmin. Since Microsoft last updated S&T was 2013 and there will be no more I’m like you and will have to find some other trip planning software also. Dave
dbates 12/29/15 09:38am Technology Corner
RE: Tank level sensors

I installed my SeeLevel II tank monitor system over nine years ago and although it's not perfect its soooo much better than the OEM system that came with the MH. Occasionally the black & gray tank readings get out of line but if I use the GEO method to clean them the gauges work fine again. Dave
dbates 12/29/15 07:27am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Ready to go

You would have to be extremely skilled to back up a dolly using the MH as “Dale.Traveling” suggested. But if you do you must reinsert the “locking pin” into the dolly first. Without that pin being in place you can back the dolly a very short distance and in a straight line only. In almost 11 years and 50,000 miles of traveling I’ve never had to unload the toad anyplace other than my campsite. We pull to the site, unload the toad, park it in a nearby empty space, disconnect the dolly, push it to the back of our campsite, park the MH over the dolly tongue and then park the toad in our campsite. If I have to move the dolly any distance or uphill I have a “trailer dolly” that I can hook onto the dolly tongue to move it around. I’m lucky in that my back bay can hold the trailer dolly. At 76 it’s getting a little harder to move the dolly around but still doable. Do you have any idea how old your KarKaddy is? Is it the SS model (folds in half for storage)? If it’s more than 10 years old it might not have the down hill tension spring that keeps the dolly brakes from being activated too much on steep down hill travel. Mine didn’t have this spring. Demco shipped me the spring with instructions and I installed it. If you don’t have a “operation manual" for the dolly I’d suggest that you Google “Demco KarKaddy SS” for a manual. Good Luck and Happy Camping Dave Bates
dbates 12/23/15 07:25am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Ownership Partner

If you have the right partner(s) it can work but you won't know if you have a bad partner until it's too late; therefore, during my 40 years as a commercial loan officer the advise I always gave individuals wanting to go into business was, "Partnerships at best are bad and family partnerships are even worse." Dave
dbates 12/22/15 10:22am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Car dolly

Indiana does not require tail lights on the toad if the dolly is well lighted. My Demco KarKaddy dolly has very bright LED lights but if I ever have to drive at night or in bad dark weather I hook up a set of magnetic light (which includes a license plate light) to the toad just for safety sake. Dave
dbates 12/17/15 07:45am Class A Motorhomes
RE: rv taxes

Yes! Thank goodness Indiana did away with the personal property tax on RV's, which was a real pain. Now it's just a normal registration (with excise tax) like any other vehicle. But, I'm pretty certain, if the vehicle sits unlicensed, and then you decide to license it, you have to pay for the back years it was unlicensed anyway! (Someone may correct me on this, but I'm pretty certain it's still that way). (I sure hope I'm wrong though). You're close to right. I just called the Indiana BMV and they advised that you have to pay a maximum of two prior year's excise taxes if after being in storage you want to start using it again. Dave
dbates 12/11/15 07:10am Tech Issues
RE: Need info on mid 90's p30 or 32 chassis

Click HERE for one of the best tire guides. It is Michelin specific but fairly well matches all other brands as it is based on tire size and MH wheel weight. It explains how to weigh your MH using different scale designs, to determine each wheels weight and then how to use those weights to determine tire pressure. It also suggests tire care and how to figure tire manufactured dates. Scales are available at grain elevators, stone quarries, truck stops, etc. Dave
dbates 11/29/15 11:26am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tow Dolly problems

I can’t speak about the type of straps that you or Master Tow uses. I have a Demco KarKaddy SS dolly that uses strap webbing that encloses most of the tire’s top. I found that even if I mounted the toad as Demco recommends (pulling the toad onto the dolly until the tire presses against the dolly’s wheel stop) that the straps can come loose. I noticed that when this is done the straps will not slide over the tire and will not fully tighten behind the wheel. I now leaving about one inch between the tires and wheel stops, then tightening down the straps until the tires squish. The one inch space in front of the wheel allows the tire to roll forward as the straps are tighten equalizes the tension on both sides of the tire. Since I started doing this (50,000 miles ago) I’ve never had to retighten a strap. Dave
dbates 11/28/15 07:49am Dinghy Towing
RE: Indiana Excise Tax

Jeffo is talking about excise not sales tax and BobGed's link to Indiana's Excise tax explains quite well how it's figured. In any event Indiana RV annual taxes are substantially less than they were a few years ago when they were considered personal property with taxes collected by the county. The excise tax is now collected by the BMV and then forwarded it to each county (after the state hangs on to it for a while to earn them selves some extra interest). Between the state's caps of 1% on home owner, 2% on landlord & farm) and 3% on business of assessed real estate value and the reduced RV tax all of our counties, cities, schools, etc. are having a real problem covering the cost of providing services to the tax payers. Dave
dbates 11/27/15 10:48am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Getting rid of an older motor home.

You might check with your local Public Radio or TV stations as many of them advertise that they will take donated cars, boats, etc. I'm not sure that included RVs but it's worth a try. Dave
dbates 11/15/15 12:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: Progressive Industries Electrical Management System

You won't notice the blinking light if you mount the monitor in the RV and if you loose power it's convenient to be able to see why from inside your RV. It's also nice to be able to see how many amps individual appliances draw and what voltage is available. I mounted the monitor above the galley drawers which is directly facing the MH door. This way I can walk around the MH, look in the door, see the monitor and know if there is a pedestal problem. Dave
dbates 11/14/15 07:24am Tech Issues
RE: Added Digital Volts/Current Meter (110vac)

Your profile does not indicate what you may have in your RV. If you have no AC-DC converter, air conditioner or sensitive electronics your inexpensive voltage and amp meter may be OK but if you have any of the above electrical items the unit SoundGuy suggested is what I’d consider a must. Progressive’s EMS may not save you from a direct or close lightening strike but it will provide the info you desired PLUS protect your electrical equipment from many pedestal problems and power line surges. Dave
dbates 11/13/15 08:23am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Reflective Caution Tape

There are already two contrasting color strips across the back of my MH but being a 1998 model they are starting to break down and don't look too good; therefore, I've been thinking of putting white/red hazard stripped over them. I'm now am thinking of adding it to my Christmas list for my kids. Dave
dbates 11/12/15 02:07pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: 50,000 mile purchase.

Very definitely have someone with good knowledge of motor homes check it out before buying. Also check the age of the tires. It is generally recommended that 7 to 8 year old tires need to be replaced especially of the MH has low mileage and the one you’re looking at would be considered low for its age. If you can find out who owned it before the dealer see if you can contact with them for maintenance records. I have a 1998 30’ Winnebago Itasca that has 111,117 miles on it. Of those in the 10 years I’ve owned it I’ve driven 58,000 miles. Up until two months ago I’ve only had routine maintenance (tires included). Dave
dbates 11/06/15 08:02am Class A Motorhomes
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