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Coolant overflow tank on 1999 F53 V10

I have a 1999 Ford F53 V10 under a 1998 Winnebago Itasca. Late Friday in Circle, North Dakota (in the middle of nowhere) my coolant over flow reserve tank sprang a leak. A local mechanic tried to seal the tank with epoxy but after leaving there the epoxy didn’t hold. I’ve ordered a new tank from Amazon.com for home delivery but for now I’m planning to try some “Eternabond” (I have with me) and hope it will hold until I get back to Indiana. The “Eternabond” says it’s good up to 200 degrees and I think the tank may get hotter than that. If it doesn’t hold does anyone have any another suggestion? Dave
dbates 09/26/15 09:59pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Transient Voltage Spike Protection Home Made Device

MEXICOWANDERER, if you're happy with your homemade surge protector that’s great. But I'm no electronic genius, can’t build my own and if I did it might not work right when it’s needed plus based on the hundreds of testimonials on this forum about how well Progressive Industries has protected them from multiple power problems I’m happy with the Progressive Industries’ 30 amp EMS I purchased over nine years ago. Good luck with yours. Dave
dbates 09/24/15 07:54pm Tech Issues
RE: Tow Dolly

The Demco KarKaddy SS has surge system that actuates hydraulic (fluid) brakes. It’s worked very good for 10 years, 54,000 miles and in all kinds of terrain. Dave
dbates 09/09/15 10:26am Dinghy Towing
RE: Tow Dolly

I've never used an electric brake system; therefore, can’t say if it’s better or not than surge brakes but I do have a Demco KarKaddy SS dolly that includes surge brakes and a break away system. I've driven over 50,000 miles with it, in all kinds of terrain (see map below) and am well pleased with it. A dolly with surge brakes can be safely pulled with any vehicle that meets the hitch and vehicle requirement for what you’re towing. Dave
dbates 08/31/15 10:42am Tech Issues
RE: Auto insurance vs good SAMs roadside in general

Several years ago I came to the same conclusion that George & Lesley's did and changed from State Farm Insurance to Progressive for my MH with very little change in premium. I still maintain my auto and home coverage with State Farm. I've been blessed that I've never had to use RV road serve but felt I wanted better coverage than State Farm provided and their agent had to agree. Since I changed to Progressive I’ve had two windshields replaced, substantial tornado damage claims that were handled very satisfactorily and my premiums have changed very little. Dave
dbates 08/21/15 07:13am General RVing Issues
RE: Why must wifi be so bad

Another problem for campgrounds is the "expert" that installs the systems. After 40 years in banking working with commercial accounts I've come to the conclusion that if any electronics person brags about being an "expert" tell him to go to that warm place and kick him out. We were at a campground a few years ago and they had paid several thousand dollars to an "expert" to setting up their WIFI system but after several months it still didn’t work. They gave up on him, and found a couple of kids that said they could fix it but wouldn’t take any pay until it worked right and in just a few days it was working A-OK. Dave
dbates 08/17/15 11:16am Technology Corner
RE: Why must wifi be so bad

Some of you people apparently live in big cities and have access to high speed internet. But not everyone is so lucky. My son needed good WIFI for his business and at first tried ATT’s DSL but the service got so bad (very old lines) it wasn’t worth the money. Next we tried wireless from a source about 5 miles away. Service wasn’t too bad in the winter but when the leaves came on in the summer it wasn’t very good. One of our neighbors tried HughesNet but between poor quality and high cost he was not happy. Finally my son had a 110’ tower built (to clear the trees) and now we have fairly good WIFI from the 5 mile away provider (still not what some consider high speed). Almost all of our neighbors now get their internet from our tower (which now has two company provider repeaters thereon). There are a lot of places in the country that still can’t get access to GOOD internet. Dave
dbates 08/17/15 06:19am Technology Corner
RE: Reservations or not

On long trips we usually plan to stop between 4 & 5:00 PM. At about 3:00 PM using either Streets & Trips software or a Good Sam's camp directory we’ll call ahead to campground in our anticipated area. Only once in about 700 days of camping have we called and all said that they were full but then one of them called back and advised that they had a cancelation. Other than on holidays or in high tourist area you’ll probably not have a problem if you’re stopping by 3:00 PM as a lot of unreserved campers call it a day after 4:00 PM. Dave
dbates 08/15/15 12:47pm Beginning RVing
RE: When towing with a tow dolly, overdrive on or off?

I can't answer for your chassis model but I've driven my 1999 Ford F53 V-10 for the past 54,000 miles with the overdrive always on (except on very long and high hills) while pulling my Vibe on a Demco KarKaddy dolly.
dbates 08/12/15 12:14pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: dollies in 2015

Indiana (where I live) and most state allow the dolly lights to take care of rear lighting (the KarKaddy has large LED tail lights) and I've never had it questioned in any state I've traveled in, but I try to never drive at night. When I have had to drive late I install a set of mag lights just to be safe. Dave
dbates 08/08/15 09:43pm Dinghy Towing
RE: dollies in 2015

I've been pulling my Vibe on a Demco KarKaddy SS for 10 years and over 50,000 miles with no complaints. The KarKaddy has surge brakes that work A-OK in all kinds of terrain (see map below). Its ramps fold up and the tongue folds back so it can be stored in about ½ its open area. It is 100% heavily galvanized so you’ll never have to worry about rust. Wheel bearings are permanently lubricated. They cost a little more but I’ve feel it’s been worth it. Since it sticks out behind a little further you need to watch two things: 1) it’s a little wider than the MH so watch out for the curb when parking. I rubbed the lettering off of the right dolly tire from getting too close to the curb. 1) Leave plenty of room in front so you don’t have to pull away from a curb too quickly as the dolly tongue will swing to the right pulling the dolly and toad over the curb. Otherwise the toad just follows you around and you have to look to know its there. Some people have complained about loosing the tire straps but if fastened down properly they will never come off. If you decide to go dolly and want to know how to properly strap it down just send me a “private message”. Dave
dbates 08/07/15 10:46pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Four Down or Tow Dolly

mowermoch covered the choices very well. I've been towing my Vibe on a Demco Karkaddy dolly for 10 years and 50,000+ miles with no problems what so ever. Since I can't afford a different toad I'll probably continue with the dolly but I'm the same age as steve407 and have to agree with him. It's getting harder to hook up and manually move the empty dolly around so if you can afford a 4 down toad and you plan to keep it for many years I'd suggest you go 4 down. Dave
dbates 08/05/15 12:52pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: warning lights after towing car. Help!! (pic)

Ava has a good question. I've pulled my Vibe on a dolly for over 50,000 and have never left the key in the ignition. Does your KIA or dolly manuals advise you to do this? Dave
dbates 07/29/15 10:11pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Turn in motorhome back to bank

Laws very from state to state with regard to deficiency balances, joint property liability, bankruptcy exempt obligations, etc. Find a good attorney but make sure that the first thing out of his mouth isn’t to file bankruptcy because filing bankruptcy is inexpensive for him but costly for you in attorney fee and future credit damage. The lender can garnish your wages if you fail to pay the deficiency but in Indiana if the MH loan is in your name only and other assets are held jointly with your spouse the lender cannot attach the jointly held assets. So you need to know how Texas law will affect you in the future whatever you do. Dave
dbates 07/29/15 09:59pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Has anyone had to change a Ford V-10 fan clutch

Gjac I really appreciate all of the responses I’ve gotten. I’ve never been much of a vehicle mechanic and at 76 I’m even less of a one. I've never allowed it to go into the red but it has gotten very close to the red on the dash temperature gauge. The 1st time it happened I pulled over, left the engine running, poured some cool water over the radiator and it cooled down. After that I’ve always turn on the dash heat to maximum and have been able to get to the top of the climb before it gets to the red. Several years ago we entered Yosemite from the east entrance and it has a very long steep climb. The temperature would rise a little bit then I’d hear the fan kick in and the temperature would immediately drop back to normal. I don’t hear the fan kicking in anymore. I've looked at the U Tubes but can't find any for V10 in a MH. Dave
dbates 07/25/15 09:11pm Class A Motorhomes
Has anyone had to change a Ford V-10 fan clutch

Has anyone had to replace the Ford V-10 fan clutch on a Winnebago? I have a 1999 Ford under a 1998 Itasca that the fan clutch appears to have bad. On long steep hills it overheats and I don't hear the fan kicking in. I've been able to get over the hills by turning on the heater therefore using the heater radiator for additional engine cooling but I need it fixed. If so, did the radiator have to be removed? I’ve been having a problem finding a mechanic that knows anything about it. Most figure that the radiator will need to be taken out and that substantially increases the repair cost. Any info will be greatly appreciated. Dave
dbates 07/25/15 06:04am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 50 amp Cord

RIGHT ON Johno02. But very few people understand this or will do it. I learned that years ago and it works great for long lower amp extensions and garden hoses too. Dave
dbates 07/23/15 09:38pm Tech Issues
RE: "Refurbished" (?) Laptops

About two years ago I bought two for our church from Wal-Mart and they have been A-OK. In both cases I purchased Wal-Mart 3 year warrantees which covers about everything and have yet to need them. Dave
dbates 07/20/15 10:01pm Technology Corner
RE: Why do People run AC with doors and windows open??

Some people just don’t care or know any better! A friend of mine use to rent two identical apartment complexes, one included heat and AC with the rent and the other rent plus heat and AC costs. It was not unusual to see those including rent, heat & AC with doors and windows open in the summer and winter. If it got too hot or cold rather than adjusting the thermostat they just open doors &/or windows. He finally changed the rent arrangements. As utility costs go up we could see more CGs separating the utility cost from their rent. Dave
dbates 07/14/15 06:28am Tech Issues
RE: Adding rear rock guard

Do a search using "Protect-A-Tow" on this forum. You'll find a lot of very good comments about it. My experience has been very good. Dave
dbates 07/10/15 07:19am Class A Motorhomes
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