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RE: DW's new PC - smokin'!

I also have a Dell with an i7-6700HQ processor. In the Dell lineup it's a 7559 and came with 16GB of RAM. However, what really makes it a screamer is that it has two hard drives, a 128MB SSD and a 1TB HDD. All programs, including Windows 10 are installed on the SSD so the boot process is amazingly fast. I strongly urge anyone who wants to turbocharge your computer to get an SSD to replace their boot drive. It's well worth it.
docj 05/22/16 03:26pm Technology Corner
RE: Using Directv HDDVR versus SDDVR

Op here, been a while since I did this setup and I have forgotten stuff (old age related ?). Ivylog said slimline, ok which selection ? 03:Slimline-3 doesn't seem to be working..... Help ? If you're using a SWM setup the correct selection would be SWM3, I believe.
docj 05/15/16 08:27pm Technology Corner
RE: Samsung Galaxy S4 Turning Off Auto Correct

Holy Heck!!!!! Thank you for this post!!! I just upgraded to the S6 and this stuff was driving me crazy. The auto replace was driving me nuts and not even remotely close to what I said or typed. It was very persistent in its suggestions too. I can now keep my sanity. For several years I've been using the Swiftykey keyboard both in my old S4 and now in my S7 rather than the Samsung one. Swiftkey is predictive like the standard one but the key difference is that it "learns" from things you have written so it knows not only the words you use, it even learns your phraseology. For example, if you are typing several messages to different people that are similar, it will suggest words from the ones you have already written. If you wanted a second email to be the same as the first it pretty much would offer you the words before you typed them.
docj 05/15/16 08:24pm Technology Corner
RE: LT won't recognize SSD?

Just bought an ASUS laptop - inside it has C: Samsung 500gb SSD drive, like normal, but also a second SSD as an internal storage drive. OS is Win7 Pro. It should show as D: drive ... and the CD as E: drive I can find the second SSD in Device manager, but no D: drive icon The D: drive on the menu shows it as the CD/DVD - internal Can anyone explain how to make the storage SSD drive a D: drive (or an E: drive?) and let me access it. Please, step x step as if one says "just activate it", I would have already done it if I knew how. I've been trying to get the place I bought it to respond, but it keeps resisting the question ... and pushing a run-around, sorta. I would be very careful what you do here. I have seen laptops that use the SSD to host the OS for performance reasons. If that were the case, you could easily brick your laptop. I have a Dell 7559 laptop that has a 128 GB SSD C: drive for the operating system and a 1 TB HDD D; drive for data, photos, etc. If you've ever had computer with two hard drives this is exactly the same configuration. There's nothing unusual about how it is setup. From Windows Setup you can control what sorts of files get stored on the D: drive. I could put program files on D: but there's no reason to do so at this time. There's no reason to worry about "bricking" this computer any more so than any other one.
docj 05/03/16 11:19am Technology Corner
RE: Direct Tv Auto Sat Ant & Rcvr recomendations?

From what you said you need a portable unit. Pros, you can move it anywhere that you have a clear view of the sky. Cons, if you what DirectTV and HD you need a expensive roof top unit. KC This simple comparison is highly misleading because it overlooks the fact that the portable systems can only receive one channel at a time unless both happen to coming from the same satellite. Therefore, they are fairly useless if you have a DVR and like to record one or more channels while watching another. This is true regardless of whether or not you have DirecTV or Dish. With the "expensive roof top unit" you are locked onto all three satellites at the same time (regardless if they are from DirecTV or Dish) and, therefore, you can receive all available channels simultaneously. Our Genie DVR has 5 tuners available for recording so we rarely have programming conflicts. It is a true statement that DirecTV HD cannot be received by a portable dish system, but it can be received by an inexpensive manually pointed dish on a tripod. You don't have to have an expensive automatic system. Furthermore, since DirecTV SD is broadcast from a single satellite (with the exception of some smaller market local channels), you can easily use a automatic portable dish if you are willing to settle for SD.
docj 04/17/16 10:55am Technology Corner
RE: Strange Computer Glitch

Same thing happened to my wife's laptop a couple of days ago. I know that the clock had been correct.
docj 04/05/16 05:15pm Technology Corner
RE: Plugged in, not charging

I had something like that happen to one of my Dell's a couple of years ago. Keep an eye on it because it may re-occur. What I eventually had to do with mine was replace the battery.
docj 03/19/16 11:09am Technology Corner
RE: WiFiRanger firmware update available

when a firmware update is available I don't have to go to a website to find out, it takes care of letting me know automatically and it's just a matter of pushing a button to get it done. Gosh, gee golly! That's exactly how I know that WiFiRanger updates are available and how I download them. Isn't it amazing that even my HP printer does the same thing, as does my wife's sewing machine? Will wonders never cease?
docj 02/15/16 04:08pm Technology Corner
RE: WiFiRanger firmware update available

There is always a WiFi Ranger firmware update. It's like the folks at MotoSAT trained the folks at WiFi Ranger on the principal of selling a product that needs updating over and over and over again to continue to operate properly. Best of luck to all you Ranger folks who have to deal with this company. Bill: To be precise, this is the first update since July, 2015 which doesn't represent nearly as frequent updates as I get for Itunes, Adobe Acrobat, Windows or my HP printer! In many previous threads, you have clearly established that you have a personal grudge against WiFiRanger and I have no intention of re-opening that wound. The purpose of my post was simply to inform our existing customer base of an available update and was not intended as a marketing effort to lure new customers. Joel
docj 02/14/16 08:53am Technology Corner
WiFiRanger firmware update available

This post is for existing WiFiRanger owners. A new firmware update is now available for all WiFiRanger products. The new release is labeled 7.0.3 and all Ranger owners are encouraged to upgrade their devices. The release is primarily a bug-fix and stability improvement upgrade. Technomadia has an article about the update here: WiFiRanger update
docj 02/13/16 03:52pm Technology Corner
RE: Windows 10 nightmare won't connect to Jefa Tech Repeater

I have three Windows 10 laptops (2 Dells and a Toshiba) all connecting to our repeater (not a Jefa) without any problems. In fact, my experience so far is that Windows 10 is more stable with respect to wifi than Windows 8.1 had been. My question to the OP is does his computer connect to other wifi sources without any problems? As far as the computer is concerned there's nothing special about the connection just because it is a repeater. WiFi is WiFi. IMO the chances are that the wifi driver in his computer is getting "hung up" during the connection process with the repeater. I had a similar problem getting my repeater to connect to a particular campground wifi even though it connected to everything else just fine and all the other devices connected to that same wifi without issue. In that case we did eventually solve the problem but it took changes to the repeater's internal firmware to make it work. In this case, since it's unlikely that the OP can change the computer's wifi driver, the only hope would be for Jefatech to be willing to spend the time to resolve the problem.
docj 02/10/16 03:44pm Technology Corner
RE: How bad is Verizon 3G?

The answer to the OP's question is that Verizon 3G is a lot faster than Verizon 1XrTT which is only slightly faster than dialup (remember that kind of connection?). People's definition of "is it usable" has changed dramatically over the past couple of years. Those of us who first learned to surf the internet at 29.9kbps rarely complain about connections as fast as 3G! Everything is in the user's perspective.
docj 02/07/16 02:53pm Technology Corner
RE: Have you ever been hacked on an open CG WiFi system?

If someone specifically seeks you out to be hacked, there is ample technology to out there to allow them to do so. HOWEVER, the odds of these criminals targeting campgrounds or McDonald's WIFI are infinitesimally small. The level of paranoia is astounding. If someone hacks your credit card, you are protect by the issuer. If someone hacks your gmail account, change the password or open a new account. Online banking is extremely safe, unless you are stupid when setting your password. If they get into my PC, they're going to get loads of picture of my dogs, grand-kids and not much else. Well said! We seem to live in a society overwhelmed by fear. Yes, it's sometimes possible to encounter wifi system designed to scam users but the chances of finding one at your local campground is next to zero. Any hacker worth his salt is going to want to get a reasonable return on his investment and that's unlikely to be by hacking the emails of a bunch of snowbirds.
docj 02/07/16 07:59am Technology Corner
RE: Camping in Banff

So the questions is....even though it is a really, really big campground, do you still have a certain amount space between sites and still retain a certain amount of outdoorsy/back to nature experience, or is it more like camping in a parking lot? I know this is a subjective question. Take a look at the pictures that you can bring up for each site on the Parks Canada website. The sites at Whistler are enormous and very private. There are tall trees everywhere. We love the place. But, if you haven't yet made reservations to stay there this summer, you better do so ASAP. Reservations started being taken last week and I nearly didn't get one because I was an hour late. There's virtually nothing left all the way through July.
docj 01/17/16 07:15am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Camping in Banff

can food be brought into the country, or does everything have to be bought there? Here's a link to the official Canadian statement of what foods you can bring into Canada from the US. Much of what's posted on these forums about the subject is often incorrect. What foods can I bring into Canada from the US?
docj 01/16/16 07:37pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Camping in Banff

I know things are expensive in Canada, but check what an how much you can take across the border (both directions), lots of regulations. Then you won't get suprised. With the current exchange rate of ~$1 US = $1.42 (C$) things really aren't expensive in Canada. We were there for 3 months last summer and are planning on going back this year. Even gasoline and diesel fuel aren't all that bad with that exchange rate. The current gas price in Jasper is 99.9 cents per liter. This sounds like a lot, but after you correct between the difference between 4 liters and 1 gallon (~7%) and the exchange rate, the price is only ~$2.63/gal which isn't all that awful. I just filled up today for $1.45 a gallon in Ft Worth Texas Sure, I'm not denying that gas is still less expensive in the US, but a year ago we would have thought that $2.63 was a pretty good price. All I'm saying is that on a relative basis it's a lot better than the effective ~$5/gal I paid in Canada three summers ago when the exchange rate was $1.08 the OTHER way. FWIW the exchange rate just went to $1.45 today and some analysts think it will go to ~$1.66 by the end of 2016. It makes trips to Canada far easier to afford.
docj 01/15/16 07:30pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Camping in Banff

I know things are expensive in Canada, but check what an how much you can take across the border (both directions), lots of regulations. Then you won't get suprised. With the current exchange rate of ~$1 US = $1.42 (C$) things really aren't expensive in Canada. We were there for 3 months last summer and are planning on going back this year. Even gasoline and diesel fuel aren't all that bad with that exchange rate. The current gas price in Jasper is 99.9 cents per liter. This sounds like a lot, but after you correct between the difference between 4 liters and 1 gallon (~7%) and the exchange rate, the price is only ~$2.63/gal which isn't all that awful.
docj 01/15/16 04:38pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Enough computer ?

Finally got new top level laptops from QVC and HSN with their easy purchase plans... It is a totally different computer experience now using the latest DELL laptops running Core I7 1.8Ghz CPUs with 8GB Ram and 1TB hard drives. Computers now boot up in less than one minute when first turned on and we get to downstream alot of HDTV now with no problems. I agree. If you really want to experience something spectacular try a new computer with a solid state hard drive (SSD). My new Dell Inspiron 7559 has a 128GB SSD plus a 1TB HDD. That along with 16GB RAM and a Core i7 at 2.6GHz makes for a incredible experience. My ADHD used to hate when I had to restart the computer because of a software change! Now restarting takes less time than it takes to refill my water glass!
docj 01/09/16 09:40am Technology Corner
RE: Amazon Prime TV

Prime Fire stick is also an easy way to rent movies. You will find that the commercials become more annoying after using a streaming service. Haven't seen any commercials using Netflix streaming. Quite honestly, I'd put up with them if all movies were available in HD as part of the membership. Want to get everything commercial free? Prepare to pony up some cash. Hulu is the only streaming service I'm aware of that has repeated commercials. And you can pay extra to avoid those if you wish.
docj 01/09/16 09:31am Technology Corner
RE: HDD backup software

Windows 8.1 and 10 have a file history feature that you can use to automatically make copies of your files anytime you make any changes in them. It works best if you have a network hard drive to save them on but other configurations are possible. What is nice is that you end up with multiple incremental copies of documents so if you're working on something and want to go back to a previous draft it's easily accessible. It doesn't replace true backups or images, but it does provide a different approach.
docj 12/23/15 07:06am Technology Corner
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