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RE: Directv on the road

We have the HR 44 Geni. The installer told us that we can watch recorded programs without the dish attached. Turn the system on, while it searches for the antenna, bring up the "list" and there ya go! I believe that if the system ends up rebooting 3 times without getting a satellite lock it will make it impossible to view the recorded programming because the guide data will have been erased. The recorded programs will still be there, but you won't be able to access them until you once again let the receiver have a satellite signal.
docj 05/22/15 04:36pm Technology Corner
RE: Does DirecTV Genie (HR34-700) work w/ Winegard Travler?

And, a related question, does the Genie Client box work for a second TV in an RV without requiring a Wi-Fi network? Does the Genie Client box connect to the Genie DVR wirelessly without need for WI-Fi? With either the HR34 or HR44 Genie's you can use the C41 (wired) or C41W (wireless) clients. The C41W doesn't use your existing wifi network, but it does set up a network of its own using the DirecTV Wireless Video Bridge (another ~$100 piece of hardware). The Bridge is connected to the Genie and the client receives the signal from it. Personally, I went through the trouble of running coax to the bedroom so that I could use the C41 rather than the C41W. DirecTV specifies separation distances between devices that are difficult to achieve in an RV and I didn't want to deal with them. I know that some people have ignored these separation recommendations, but I didn't want to buy the hardware and then have difficulty using it.
docj 05/20/15 05:18pm Technology Corner
RE: Directv on the road

Your HR44 Genie is a SWM-only device. Your old dish uses the older "multi-switch" system. The simplest thing to do is to convert your existing dish and LNB (assuming your LNB has two coax outputs) to SWM by adding a SWM8 switch and a PI-29 power inserter. You can get both of these on Amazon but I'm not sure if they would be available in a local store. Any DirecTV installer would have them if they will sell to you. To be very clear, if your LNB has two coax outputs you don't need to change your LNB just add the SWM8 and the PI29. If you have only one coax from the LNB you would need to change to a SWM3 LNB; in that case you would need a PI-21 power inserter and wouldn't need the SWM8 If you aren't familiar with setting up a SWM system, take a look at this guide posted by Winegard. You don't need to have a Winegard system to understand how the wiring should be set up; just use the basic principles. Using non-SWM hardware in a SWM system
docj 05/20/15 05:08pm Technology Corner
RE: Best site for campground reviews

Most of the resort-y type places seem to have fair amount of reviews on TripAdvisor these days. TripAdvisor doesn't verify its reviews. Not all that long ago it was fined by Italy for posting false reviews. TripAdvisor fined by Italy
docj 05/18/15 08:26pm Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Direct TV issues they will not hookup in my MH

Under Menu/Setup/Satellite Setup, you will need to set the Switch Type to Multiswitch and the Antenna Type to 18" round. Once you have done that, let the device go through all its tests.
docj 05/10/15 07:21pm Technology Corner
RE: Direct TV issues they will not hookup in my MH

Is our current reciver SD only (NOT HD) and the new one HD? In this case. You would need also to upgrade your antenna.. The rooftop antenna you have now is NOT compatible with the new receiver and the installer does not carry hardware for RVs These statements are not correct. Just because a DirecTV receiver is HD doesn't mean that the existing SD dish won't work with it. No, her dish won't receive HD signals but HD receivers provide SD outputs just fine. The real problem occurs if the HD receiver is has a model number of 25 or higher in which case it is SWM-only and the existing dish is not compatible with SWM, although many dishes can easily be made compatible with SWM. The OP says that her dish isn't finding the satellites, anyway, but she didn't state if the receiver she borrowed for testing was capable of multi-switch operation or if it was SWM-only. If it was the latter it would never work for her regardless of whether or not her dish finds the satellites.
docj 05/10/15 03:41pm Technology Corner
RE: Satellite Dish

My reason for not having a mounted unit is I camp host and I don't know how many times I have seen frustrated campers that can't get TV at all due to obstructions above their site. We're full-timers and we hardly ever find we can't get DirecTV because of trees using our rooftop Trav'ler. It depends on the places you go and the sites you get. In some parts of the US trees are rarely a problem, whereas in the northeast they can be a significant nuisance. Sometimes we have to live with SD signals from the 101 satellite and every once in a while we have to stream video if we can't get any signal at all.
docj 05/08/15 05:56am Technology Corner
RE: Netflix Buffering

alot of these tv's now have updates available, make sure you are doing the updates One nice thing about a Roku is that the software is automatically updated from "the cloud" without the user having to do anything.
docj 04/22/15 11:19am Technology Corner
RE: Netflix Buffering

Another vote for a Roku; we stream Netflix and Hulu all the time on a Verizon 4G connection and rarely have any buffering issues. IMHO Smart TV's are gimmicks for consumers who don't know that that they can get far better capability from a dumb TV and a Roku.
docj 04/22/15 06:58am Technology Corner
RE: CPU Speed vs Number of Cores?

I'm running a Toshiba Satellite with a 4th generation Core i7-4710HQ quad core processor clocked at 2.5GHz with turbo capability to 3.5GHz and 16GB of RAM under Windows 8.1. All I know is that this computer runs rings around the Dell my wife uses that has a third gen i7 processor and 8GB of RAM. My perception of performance improvement is based on a few available online benchmarks and things like how fast the computer boots from a cold start (both have equivalent SATA HDD drives). This isn't as quantitative as you all have been, but I think our perceptions are pretty accurate.
docj 04/14/15 06:53pm Technology Corner
RE: Can Win 8.1 make a "Smart TV" dumb?

IMHO Smart TV's are a huge rip-off. Last year I bought the least expensive Samsung in the size I wanted (39"). It was ~$100 cheaper than the Smart TV's of the same size. With my Roku connected to it, it has more "smarts" than any of the smart ones would have had and the Roku is continuously being updated to new channels, etc. Smart TVs are a gimmick for the unsophisticated consumer IMO.
docj 04/13/15 12:15pm Technology Corner
RE: DirecTV

Jim: We got an upgrade to SWM on our SK3005 when we ordered a Genie. We had an RV-friendly installer and he did it all for us at no cost. Because we didn't have a current contractual commitment, we got the Genie at no cost also. Depending on your circumstances you might want to try something like that. The upgrade itself is not a big deal $$ wise. You can buy all the necessary parts for <$75 on Amazon and elsewhere. Joel (AKA docj)
docj 04/05/15 05:13pm Technology Corner
RE: DirecTV

I have the Trav'lr SK3005, why does it need to be converted to SWM?...Mine still works fine picking up all channels... If you want to use a Genie (or any receiver/DVR with a model number of 25 or higher) then you need to convert to SWM since these are SWM-only models. Nothing requires you to convert, but the Genie's ability to record 5 different channels can be very nice. Also the ability use the very small miniGenie clients for other TVs can be handy where space is important. You can be sure that over time all DTV receivers will become SWM; it's only a matter of time before you will need to convert, although that's probably a number of years in the future.
docj 04/05/15 04:53pm Technology Corner
RE: DirecTV

BTW SK-3003 won't be shown, only dish types that DTV uses. This means that you will have to find what is equivalent. That's why I suggested calling Winegard but you could try the 18" round which I believe is Option 1. Now I am confused. SK-3003 is not for DTV? I was told the Winegard SK-3003 was for DTV, not Dish. The previous owners had DTV and when I bought the rig and DTV it worked last year after about 10 calls to DTV & Winegard. I just tried the 01: Round 18", multiswitch, single without B-Band converter and no luck. Guess I will have to wait until Tuesday when Winegard opens for business again. Thanks Chuck Although I'm jumping in here late, I think the correct dish type will be Slimline 3 with Multiswtich as the switch type. There will be no B-Band converters needed because, as has already been stated, those are for HD reception in non-SWM setups. Yes, the SK3003 is definitely for DTV, but DTV doesn't care who makes your dish, all their equipment wants to know is what kind of LNBs it has and what's it's shape. By telling it you have a Slimline 3 your are defining the type of "stuff" that your SK3003 has.
docj 04/05/15 03:36pm Technology Corner
RE: Home internet

I feel the the OP's pain. The last S&B we owned before we went full-timing had no DSL, cable or even cellular service (we were on the wrong side of a mountain from all the towers). We had Hughesnet satellite internet but the usage limits are so severe that no streaming is feasible (it's far worse than cellular limits). When we sold the house I breathed a sigh of relief when the buyers never asked about internet availability.
docj 03/01/15 07:02pm Technology Corner
RE: Direct TV Genie HR44 - Purchase or Lease?

Quite often DirecTV will offer existing customers free upgrades. We didn't pay a dime for our Genie HR44. Sure, there was a contract extension, but who cares? We need TV service so I'm unlikely to want to cancel anytime soon.
docj 02/15/15 05:58pm Technology Corner
RE: Winegard Trav'ler DirecTV Slimline

No mine just kept searching for any satellite if I remember correctly. Just kept spinning and tilting. After about 15 minutes I would turn it off and start over. I think it is very critical to level your unit before starting to search when moving long distances. Also be sure there is absolutely no movement. Like people walking around inside. I think the unit remembers the positions it was last at and tries to start there for quick setup. When that fails to get a signal it seems totally lost at how to find the signal. If you observe the dish while it is finding the satellites you can see quite clearly that it first returns to the position in which it last was pointed. This is helpful if you've decided, for example, to stow the dish because of a bad storm or if you wish to "tweak" the pointing after your RV has sat in one place for a while. If it can't find a satellite at its last position it begins a complete search. The search begins with the elevation set mid-way between max and min positions and involves the dish rotating through 360 degrees at each of several elevations. How long this takes depends on where you are located. For example when we are in Canada and the elevation is quite low, it takes a while because the system won't get to that elevation until it tries quite a few larger ones. As the system does its search it is constantly checking to see if the many satellites it sees are part of the DirecTV group. It ignores those that are not, but once it finds one of the DTV satellites it will optimize and then identify it. If the satellite found is not 101 it will next try to find 101. If 101 cannot be found the system will return to its search. If 101 is not found by the time the elevation min and max are reached, the system will return to its initial positions and begin the search again. If the system finds 101, my SK3005 will then try to find 110 and 119. I can't say how the SK-SWM3 system works, but I suspect it still tries to find those birds. Once my system has found either or both of these other satellites it then sets the skew and optimizes it. On occasion, if the system cannot find either 110 or 119 I have found it useful to put my system into manual mode so it can be made to point at only the 101 bird. The directions for manual pointing of the SK-3005 are clearly provided on page 4 of this user guide: SK3005 user guide I wouldn't be surprised if the instructions for doing this with a SK-SWM3 are similar.
docj 02/07/15 04:47pm Technology Corner
RE: AM21N TV Tuner works great

seems like I've used the AM21 during rain fade? Using the AM21 requires a satellite connection during setup so the receiver can download the local channels for wherever you are. I believe that once that list has been loaded it doesn't really matter what happens to the satellite signal. My complaint with the AM21 was that it required a satellite connection in the first place. I don't watch OTA TV unless we're in a place where we can't get satellite so I was forever having to disconnect the AM21 so I could directly connect the antenna to the TV. Another issue with it is that the list of local channels DTV provides through the device are not necessarily all the channels in your area, but you can't add to their list. We have DNS service and hardly ever watch local channels; if we want local news or weather we use the internet. Eventually, I decided the AM21 was a couple of pounds of stuff I could be rid of and I tossed it.
docj 01/17/15 08:54am Technology Corner
RE: DirecTV

Direct seems to charge $15 for "Advanced Receiver Service " , anybody know what this charge is for ? I believe that is the charge for having a DVR.
docj 12/31/14 10:54am Technology Corner
RE: DirecTV

DTV is changing installations. They no longer will mail equipment to a customer as there were to many calls, etc. In the Phoenix area they are replacing vendor installers with there own trained techs due is part because of to many call backs. A simple solution is just to buy the equipment from any authorized retailer. Installation isn't rocket science; there's plenty of info on the web about how to do it. When I wanted a mini-Genie C41 for my bedroom TV I bought the device on Amazon and had the cable installed where I wanted it. After everything was connected I called DirecTV to have it activated. No problems. You can buy all the DTV hardware, including Genies, online. There are "RV-friendly" DirecTV installers, but it is hit and miss finding them. Sometimes, if you ask an installer who won't do the job, he'll give you the name of one that will.
docj 12/30/14 09:50pm Technology Corner
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