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RE: Generator propane/Natural gas conversion big sale

Explain WHY you would want to convert a Gasoline APU to LP or natural gas???? LP costs more per gallon and USES more per gallon than Gasoline to produce the same energy. Natural Gas would mean a FIXED site to run the APU. Not convenient for a motorhome. Great for a home back up source of fuel. Doug
dougrainer 02/28/15 01:52pm Tech Issues
RE: Plugged new TT into 220v (wired wrong by electrician) HELP?!

... Dryer plugs are NOT the same as a 30 amp RV plug. ....The old dryer outlets like mine look very similar to the RV outlets. Some electricians don't bother to read and assume they are the same ...... sigh .... http://www.homedepot.com/catalog/productImages/300/2a/2a41737f-38cc-4cf2-95b5-853037ce3177_300.jpg RV 30 amp outlet http://www.kc7hxc.us/links/RV/RV%20Wiring/DSCN3917-30AmpSocket.jpg width=300 There is NO WAY to plug in a 30 amp RV male plug to a dryer 220 plug. LOOK at the Ground pin. You would have the modify (smash) the RV ROUND ground pin. IF you have to modify a male plug in any way to FIT the wall receptacle, that means something is WRONG. Doug
dougrainer 02/28/15 07:57am Tech Issues
RE: Plugged new TT into 220v (wired wrong by electrician) HELP?!

The electrician knew it was supposed to be 240v, Electrician wired by 120v 30amp outlet that I requested for our new TT as 220vPerhaps the electrician thought there was a dryer in the TT. So what? RV's have 120 dryers that have a washer and Dryer in them. The electrician should FOLLOW the sticker that all RV's have at the 30 or 50 amp plug compartment area. If he does NOT understand the sticker, then he is NOT qualified to be a licensed Electrician. Doug
dougrainer 02/27/15 12:42pm Tech Issues
RE: Black tank smell in coach

Doug, You always give good and experienced commentary, but in this one case I have to respectfully disagree with you. In my own coach, we would experience black tank odors in the coach if the potty were flushed while driving. I stopped up and blocked all the air admittance valves, and then on to blocking all vent fans. Still we would get the smell from time to time. It did seem to be related to windy conditions. A little more research and design understanding on my part showed that flushing the potty left an open path to the waste tank. If the pressure inside the coach was less than waste tank, then the odor would migrate into the coach. I spent the 50 bucks to install two of the wind vane ventilators on the two roof vent pipes. No more smell. You are correct. But the OP was NOT flushing the toilet in transit. I never stated that there would be NO odor if flushing in transit. There is no way that a gray tank odor could migrate thru the toilet when flushing it if EACH tank had its own separate vent pipe to the roof. Maybe possible IF they combined the 2 roof vent pipes to 1 vent on the roof. Not all RV's have a separate vent pipe for each tank on the roof. You do indeed have a natural lower pressure in the motorhome while in transit and can easily pull in outside smells. Doug
dougrainer 02/27/15 12:37pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: emergency exit windows in motorhomes

I don't think it is a Federal law requiring one. I suspect it is an RIAA requirement though and if your rig has a RIAA tag on it (and I believe Tiffin rigs do or should) You should have an emergency exit. Remember. this unit is used and is 11 years old. The original escape window may have been replaced by previous owner/s. Below is Tiffins reply. Doug I am being told it is a law to have one for the rear of the coach or one that is large enough to get out through it. This model usually had one designated on the driver side in the bedroom and had the option for one in the rear cap. Some of these had pull straps that released it and the glass could be pushed out and once used, it had to be replaced
dougrainer 02/27/15 12:31pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Plugged new TT into 220v (wired wrong by electrician) HELP?!

I hope you were specific in the writing of your work order. I noticed my dryer plug looks alot like my RV plug though the voltage is double. Can't really expect the electrician to know the requirements of your RV. It's all in the written instructions. Bummer either way. Sounds like an insurance issue. Have all thoroughally checked out for sure. Sorry, IF you want to be a Licensed Electrician and tell people you ARE, then, if you do not know how to wire a RV either 30 amp or 50 amp when the requirements are ON the tag next to the shore cord hole, you have no business being an electrician. Dryer plugs are NOT the same as a 30 amp RV plug. Round(RV) versus slot(dryer) on the ground of the plug. Doug
dougrainer 02/27/15 09:30am Tech Issues
RE: Electric step

This all happened since I replaced the controller.DOes this mean I have to replace the door switch to. I did use akwikee instead of coach step which was on the the step before. Kenny I put a Ford Part on a Chevy and now the car does not run right. THIS type of info would have been helpful in your first post. Please clarify. 1. You still have the SCS (Coach) step but are using a Kwikee Step module? If so, THAT is definitely your problem. The controller parameters are different for SCS and Kwikee. 2. The Door magnet switch is also different (Normally open versus normally closed). 3. WHY did you use a Kwikee instead of SCS module? 4. What year model RV? This is kwikee door switch guidelines White (Normally Closed) Used for all color controls manufactured prior to 2/99. Black (Normally Open) Used for "black" controls since 2/99 including controls This is SCS Coach step magnet guidelines. Steps are designed to extend when the door switch closes (magnet is removed) and the switch completes the ground
dougrainer 02/26/15 12:45pm Tech Issues
RE: emergency exit windows in motorhomes

Have you called Tiffin and asked them? If not, why not? Doug
dougrainer 02/26/15 12:28pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Atwood Levelers Control Relay

The same control problem came up when I was buying my 2007 Kountry Star. The dealer was unable to find the part or make any correction. It's not exactly an Atwood problem. The relay manufacturer went out of business. The final solution for my situation was a new HWH leveling system. That cost the dealer something like $10,000. I hope you can find a less expensive answer, but I really suspect the fat is really in the fire. Good Luck! Wil Atwood offers an upgrade program and has for 3 or 4 years. What that means is, Atwood will sell you a complete NEW system at a reduced price and you replace ALL the components including the main wire harness. ALL old parts are removed. You cannot use any of the old wire harness or parts. I still think the best bet is to contac, Fleetwood or Tiffin to see if they still have any Ford modules still in stock. BTW, installing HWH hydraulic jacks with air dump should not cost more than $5000. If he quoted $10,000, he was not truthfull. Doug
dougrainer 02/26/15 07:29am Tech Issues
RE: Atwood Levelers Control Relay

There is a relay pack on eBay, but it's for a Ford chassis. I'm not familiar at all with that system, but I suspect your has provisions for air suspension that the Ford one does not have. Diesels use the FORD control board. There is a provision on this board to program for air up and air dump after install. You do it from the dash key pad console. I would contac Tiffin motorhomes with the control board P/N. I will bet Tiffin has the boards. Doug
dougrainer 02/26/15 05:40am Tech Issues
RE: Bbq

I don't know what type of grill you looked at, but almost ALL Boat Marina docks require ONLY electric grills, NO LP or Charcoal, and the owner of our dealership has used Electric for years at his Boat dock at the Marina with no complaints. NOT on his boat, but on the Dock itself. Doug
dougrainer 02/26/15 05:33am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Slide out jammed

http://norcoind.com/bal/downloads/accuslide/accuslide_service-manual.pdf Doug
dougrainer 02/25/15 09:07am Tech Issues
RE: hydraulic leveling jacks will not extend

Thanks for input. I found operators manual and it is 225 series leveling system. I think it is lack of power to pump also. Now I have some scematics I should be able to check grounds and the inline fuses.That would be an easy inexpensive fix so I've got my fingers crossed. Thanks again! That click is indeed the solenoid on the pump. The solenoid is NOT closing. You will have 2 large cables on the solenoid. 1 is the battery feed, the other is to the electric pump motor. JUMP across those 2 terminals with a heavy screwdriver. The pump should activate. Stop when the pump activates. There are 2 other small wires on the solenoid. 1 will have constant 12 volt positive when the system is turned on and the other will have negative(ground) when you activate one of the jack levers. Have someone activate a jack lever and you be at the pump. See if that click is from that solenoid. If it is, then replace that solenoid if jumping the 2 large activates the motor. It is possible you have a bad motor, but jumping those 2 large will tell you that as long as the battery side has good 12 volt positive. Doug
dougrainer 02/25/15 05:12am Class A Motorhomes
RE: hydraulic leveling jacks will not extend

FIRST thing is to state the BRAND of Jacks. IF you have HWH and you hear that click, go the Pump assbly and that click is probably the solenoid that is bad on the pump. If not HWH then state the brand. Doug
dougrainer 02/24/15 03:44pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Propane leak

I have a propane leak...been lazy on getting it fixed.....I'm too busy/lazy to try to diagnose it myself.... Trade it in and buy a new RV. Or don't fix it and let the insurance by the new one :P Just leave a candle lit, That will flash any LP leakage inside. :S
dougrainer 02/23/15 07:57am Tech Issues
RE: Question about something in the Coach Battery Box

It is one of 2 things OR the same thing. 1. It is the battery disconnect solenoid(not likely due to the 2 large battery cables) 2. It is the Solenoid that closes to charge BOTH chassis and coach battery banks (99% correct) 3. It is the SAME solenoid that is the emergency start AND the dual charge solenoid. A LOT of Motorhomes use the same solenoid for this purpose. The BAD news is, IF it IS a Emergency start solenoid, it is not HEAVY(Large) enough for that job. THAT solenoid is rated at no more than 100 amps draw thru it. It probably does the job, but an emergency start solenoid really needs to be either a 150 or 200 amp rated solenoid, but few older motorhome makers put those in. 4. The fact that you have 2 large heavy battery cables point to a emergency start solenoid that probably does double duty as a charge solenoid also. Doug
dougrainer 02/23/15 07:55am Tech Issues
RE: Fridge won't stay burning in hot sun

Doug, I replaced the spark sensor wire a while back when I first got here. It had trouble lighting at times, sometimes going into failure mode after several tries. That fixed it now never fails to light,.....well after I got the gap adjusted right that is. This is a whole nother problem, and not a very serious one at that. And one it may have had since new Thanks. Long shot would be the Piezo ignitor tower on the control board is loose. I find this on 1200 models when the spark electrode spade is removed and you do NOT use a back up screwdriver to hold the piezo tower tight on the board to pull the spade terminal loose. If you pull the spade without securing the tower, you pull the tower solder pins loose. The fix is to either replace the board or pull the board and resolder the 4 solder pins on the tower on the board. This type problem will allow the Piezo to spark, but NOT allow the return AC flame signal to get to the board for processing that there is a flame. So, you may indeed need a new board. Doug
dougrainer 02/23/15 07:01am Tech Issues
RE: Family Owned MH Manufacturers

Thanks for all the great responses, these are what we need. We don't think private ownership means custom at all, just that if our name was on a product, we would want to build the best product we could, that was what I meant by flawed thinking, that is a bit " Pollyannaish", I'm sure. Years ago, we were looking at Motor homes and as we were stepping into the coach, the salesman asked, "Do you like to tinker?", having been into rving for lots of years we were quite aware. Knowing about the Tiffin roofs is good information, thanks. We used this forum extensively when researching our fifth wheel purchase, it is proving just as valuable in this instance. Thank you. The person that posted about Tiffin roofs has NO CLUE as to what he is posting. Tiffin has built tens of thousands of motorhomes with those "roofs" and there are no complaints. As a Tiffin dealer Tech (35 years), I NEVER and have NEVER heard of any complaint on the type roof problem that poster stated. Yes, Tiffin DID have a problem with the roll wrap from roof to sidewall a few years ago on some Motorhomes, but fixes them regardless of when the warranty went out. Tiffin does NOT have a female relative anywhere close to working at Tiffin. Where that poster got his info is strange. Bob has 3 Sons and THEY are/will be running the company when Bob retires. Newmar is run by former Fleetwood execs, not by the Miller family and has been that way for 10 years. Yes, it is family owned, but NOT run by the Millers. As to Entegra, Jayco makes a great Minihome and Towable, but Jayco CANNOT build a quality Class A Gas or Diesel. The Entegra is NOT Jayco, but the old Travel Supreme which Jayco purchased after TS went under. The Entegra is now built under Jayco engineering and production workers, and IMO not the same as Travel Supreme. Doug
dougrainer 02/23/15 06:54am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Kwikee Step

You have a 11 year old RV. The odds are ALL the linkages need Liquid wrench spray. Take the cotter key out of the extend/retract shaft and pull the pin. A CORRECTLY loose step, you can push to retract with 1 finger all the way, when you let go, it should fall down open quickly. The easiest way to get the lube to penetrate is to take it loose like I described, spray all the linkages and then manually force the step closed and open until the lube penetrates the linkages and then falls open and closes with that one finger. Then reinstall the linkage and pin and cotter pin. Doug
dougrainer 02/23/15 06:43am Class A Motorhomes
RE: hydraulic levelers

DOUGRAINER: The motor come off? Strange I didn't see that. OH, well....a day in the garage sure beats a day saying "yes dear". Seriously, I hope I don't have to do that job again. But if I do....I will certainly check where the motor comes off the reserviour. PG motors come off the top. They may "stick" at first due to rust. Doug
dougrainer 02/23/15 06:38am Class A Motorhomes
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