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RE: Dometric problems

The ONLY thing that will trip a breaker is a shorted Heat element OR the 2 wires from the control board to the Element. Regardless of which a 25 year old element needs replaced. The odds are you will NOT get it out of the sleeve. Just use the sleeve next to the existing element to install the new one. Doug
dougrainer 04/18/14 06:25am Tech Issues
RE: RG6 Coax for Tailgater

satallite will actually work rg-59 it just wont go very long distance, as others have posted probably an amp or something in the way 500 feet of RG 59 will transmit the Sat pulsed 13 to 18 volt signal. Years ago, I had a customer that was upset because his RV had RG 59 thru out and was told his tripod system would not work with RG 59. I had him set up his tripod and then connected the Cable/Antenna booster CORRECTLY(this was his problem) and he had reception. I then connected 2 rolls of 250 foot RG 59 between the RV and the Tripod and he STILL had signal and strength. RG 6 is BEST for any coax connection, but RG 59 will work for tripod type systems and the small portable Dome systems. RG 59 will be problematic for higher end roof top dome systems as they must use a special Coax(not just RG 6) for communication capability. Doug
dougrainer 04/18/14 06:22am Tech Issues
RE: Extended Warranties

1. They are NOT warranties 2. They are EXTENDED service contracts 3. They do NOT cover everything 4. READ and understand what the coverage is. THIS is the biggest problem with consumers. They do NOT read and comprehend what the ESC covers and does NOT cover. They hear it is a extended WARRANTY. IT IS NOT. The price will be dependent on what is covered. 1 YEAR ESC contracts rarely cover the things people want it to cover. People that understand what I have just posted are usually happy ESC contract owners. The ESC is betting you will NOT need them and you are betting you will. Doug
dougrainer 04/17/14 11:04am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Norcold 1200lrim Cools in back up

A defective Thermister will still OHM (test) correctly. Are you positive you replaced with the correct Thermister? There are 2 Thermisters for the 1200 series. Make sure you get the one for your Model/Serial number. Thermisters rarely fail. I would try one more thermistor and if the refer fails again then replace the Control board. What work has been done on the refer? Have you had the rear fans and fan tstat ever replaced? IF the fans are more than 4 years old, I would replace them and the fan tstat and run a jumper bypass from the fan tstat at this point. IF the fan tstat and/or the fans are not operating WHEN they should THAT will cause a NO CO. I have rarely had a thermistor cause a NO CO trip. Doug
dougrainer 04/17/14 05:58am Tech Issues
RE: 2000 monaco diplomat questions

Unless someone modified the system, there is NO hidden switch or any other switch that is stopping the roof AC's from operating. There MUST be 120 power to the Roof AC's. Are you positive there is 120 power thru out the RV on APU? The wall tstat is 12 volt controlled and will function without 120 power. It TAKES 120 power to run the Fan and Compressor. Doug
dougrainer 04/16/14 07:43pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: filling butane cylinder

Butane and Propane are the same thing. The difference is Butane is for warmer climates as its boiling temp is higher. Propane is for colder climates. Filling with Propane will not cause any problems in the USA. Doug
dougrainer 04/16/14 05:50am Tech Issues
RE: HDMI 4x4 Matrix

All the ones I have seen and worked on they are automatic. You just make sure it IS powered up and you just take each TV and set THAT TV to the HDMI that is connected. You should NOT have to do anything other than set each TV to the HDMI port that is connected. For instance. You have DVD and SAT HDMI boxes(1 for each). The Sat HDMI is connected to each TV's HDMI-1 and the DVD is connected to the TV's HDMI-2. All you do is set each TV to HDMI-1 to watch SAT and if you want to watch a DVD, you just change that TV to HDMI-2 from the TV remote. Doug
dougrainer 04/16/14 05:47am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 5th Propane 2-stage Regulator

To adjust you MUST have a LP pressure MONOMETER, connected to the LP system and you CANNOT connect it to a stove range burner. The LP pressure(NO LOAD) is set at 11.5 inches water column. You then turn on the furnace and water heater and see what the pressure drops to. It should NOT drop below 11 inches with a large 50% load. The rating of a LP regulator is about 200,000 BTU's. The furnace will pull anywhere from 20K to 45k depending on the model. The refer is minimal. The Stove range will be 5600 to 9000 for the burners and I believe the Oven is about 7000 btu. The precision temp is about 55,000 btu's. A standard water heater is about 9000 btu's. Doug
dougrainer 04/15/14 07:54pm Tech Issues
RE: Dometic fridge auto switch

"This would not bother me one bit if I could get to the fridge with the slides in but I can not. When we get home I have to slide all 3 slides out just to turn the fridge back on and this is not acceptable" OK, then your only recourse is to install, behind the refer (easily accessable) and ON/OFF 12 volt switch to just kill power to the refer. This will not affect the eyebrow on and off inside. OR, on the refer burner tube (hidden by the recall shield is a thermo switch with 2 wires. unhook one of those wires and the power to the refer is dead. reconnect to get power restored. The added switch is the BEST way to do what you need. Doug
dougrainer 04/15/14 10:30am Tech Issues
RE: Atwood water heater help

What you descibe is classic NO water in the tank. The time element points to that. Open the Pop off valve and see if water comes out. Also, you state the water does not seem as hot. Check and make sure the BYPASS valves are in the correct position. If not, you are not pulling hot water out of the tank and that also would be indicated by the short cycling. Doug
dougrainer 04/15/14 10:18am Tech Issues
RE: 5th Propane 2-stage Regulator

LP regulators last almost forever, at least 3 to 4 years or more. I rarely have to replace LP regulators and I am a tech at a large RV service center. I do have to replace the feed pigtails from the tanks to the auto switchover because THEY will leak at the hose crimps. Do the regulators fail and leak or you just "think" they are bad due to your Precision Temp water heater and your stove? If so, that is a BAD way to determine your LP regulator is bad. You need to have the LP pressure checked when you have appliances running and when no appliances running. LP regulators ARE adjustable if the pressure is not correct. If I were you, I would get rid of the On Demand and get a regular 120/LP water heater. On Demand RV water heaters are ALL problematic and as you found out, very finicky on operation. When you state the stove does not light on the first 2 try's. You mean the range top burners and you are turning the manual piezo knob to light? If so, THAT is normal. It can take multiple clicks on the Piezo to light range top burners. Doug
dougrainer 04/15/14 10:12am Tech Issues
RE: Dometic fridge auto switch

1. The refer if left ON will go to LP in the Auto mode and since the LP is OFF will burn off the LP in the line and go to check. 2. When you get to the CG, the refer will go to 120 if in Auto mode, but the CHECK will stay on to let you know that it did NOT light on Gas. You will then have to run numerous LP light cycles to purge the LP line and get LP to the refer 3. If only 10 miles to the CG, WHY turn the LP OFF????? The systems are designed for in transit use. 4. If you insist on turning the LP OFF, then turn the refer OFF before you turn the LP OFF and you will not have this problem. Doug
dougrainer 04/15/14 05:37am Tech Issues
RE: Propane gas refrig

Dometic, double side by side doors, ice maker. Haven't tried electric yet. Have no idea how to check if gas is lit. Thanks, Terry How long has it been running? Does the gas flame come on? Does it cool on electric? IF cools on electric OK...... Then need to check that flue baffle is correctly positioned...too high/low results in improper heat transfer Flue tube.......carbon build up will reduce heat transfer Dirty burner/orifice...improper flame What fridge do you have? It lights automatically. Did you do the Cooling unit or did someone else? You need to run it on 120 volts for 24 hours and see if it works. IF it does NOT light, the "Check" light should be ON on the inside eyebrow panel. There will be no indication if it fails to work on 120 volts other than no cooling.
dougrainer 04/14/14 02:59pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Running wires down the refer vent pipe

It is OK, but run the wires on the opposite side of the Burner chimney. The burner Chimney will be on your RIGHT (always) when standing outside staring in from the outside access door. That keeps the wires from having to worry about heat and melting. Doug
dougrainer 04/14/14 02:31pm Tech Issues
RE: Norcold frig

If in a rush, I can get my 4 door Norcold up to a usable temp in about 4 hours on the Propane gas setting. That setting seems to pre-cool much faster than 110v. It only gives you about a 15 minute quicker time than 120. In 15 minutes the 120 element will have the required BTU's thru out the flue as an equal to the LP flame. Doug
dougrainer 04/14/14 02:28pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Propane gas refrig

Dometic or Norcold refer or aftermarket? Dometic, you MUST transfer the burner flue baffle or the refer will not cool on LP. Norcold cooling units(OEM, not aftermarket) come with the baffle already installed. Regardless, if it does NOT cool on LP and the LP pressure is at least 11.5 inches, then the odds are the baffle is NOT installed. The baffle is only for LP operation. It is a swirl shape and distributes the LP flame in a circle to evenly heat the boilet flue. Doug
dougrainer 04/14/14 02:25pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Norcold frig

Cool down on a refer requires a MINIMUM of 24 hours. The Icemaker will NOT do anything until the freezer area is at or below 10 degrees. Once that happens the icemaker will cycle and allow water into the tray. The normal harvest time on a RV icemaker is 2 to 3 hours per dump. This is because the freezer temp does not get as cold as a residential freezer. Doug
dougrainer 04/14/14 06:05am Class A Motorhomes
RE: What is pulling down the battery?

From what you state here are the 2 things that draw a TRAILER battery down and dead. 1. The LP detector 2. The TV antenna boost is on. Out of sight and mind and very few remember to turn it off. Doug
dougrainer 04/13/14 01:44pm Tech Issues
RE: adding a 12 volt battery to a bank of 4 =6volt battery

You need to re-think and then ask the question of yourself again. You said "I have 4 six volt batteries" No, you do not You have two two piece 12 volt batteries. Now, The quesiton becomes I have 2 12 volt batteries in parallel, Can I add a 3rd, and the answer is: YES That is really sad when you have only 1 correct answer (above) out of all these !! Yes, in the REAL sense, you CAN add a 12 volt to a 6 volt bank. BUT, as I pointed out, it will NOT function correctly and at its optimum performance. Doug
dougrainer 04/13/14 07:23am Tech Issues
RE: Jayco firenza

15 years ago Jayco decided to design a Class A motorhome. The result (2002/03) was the Firenza and it was Jayco's Edsel. Jayco quickly dropped the motorhome. We sold them for 3 months (we have been a Jayco dealer for 25 years) and had Jayco buy back the 2 we had left in stock. They had a LOT of problems. You should be able to get a good deal on one, just check it over completely. Doug
dougrainer 04/13/14 07:21am Class A Motorhomes
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