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RE: Small crack in fiberglass - how serious?

It is a hybrid, a Jayco Jay Feather X23F, and this crack is in the front, not far from the corner of the bed. I looked again, and I can get to it through the front storage compartment, I just have to uncover it. I should have some time on Sunday afternoon, so I'll see what I can find. If replacing the whole front is really the right way to fix it, I'm not looking forward to making that phone call. If this is the top wall with the fold out bunk, Jayco will replace the FILON wall under warranty. They will not fix/patch it. Replacing the Filon wall panel is easy to do. I have probably done 10 of them over the years on Jayco's. It takes about 6 to 8 hours to do. NOT that difficult. It is NOT a rigid fiberglas cap but a Filon fiberglass panel. You will note it rolls around the top to the roof line. Doug https://www.rvpartsnation.com/exterior/rv-fiberglass-siding/arctic-white-rv-fiberglass-filon-siding/
dougrainer 09/22/17 07:43pm Tech Issues
RE: 2008 allegro bus changed out king dome for weigand t4

I guess you are trying to use the Coax cable from the KingDome for the WINEGARD T4 SAT ANTENNA. The KingDomes coax goes to a tuner box and ALL the tunerboxes and controls must be removed for your T4 to work. On Tiffin they installed the King Dome Tuners in 4 places depending on year and model 1. BEHIND the center overhead LCD TV above the dash. You must remove the TV for access to the Tuners and coax cables 2. BEHIND the overhead access cabinet in front of the drivers side Dash 3. BEHIND the Same type access Cabinet in front of the Pass seat 4. Beside the drivers chair the overhead cabinet had access panels where the Inverter and slide switches. Some models had them there. Doug
dougrainer 09/22/17 07:35pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Customer service lacking

parts availability is often dependent upon supplier and production constraints. Allow me to translate......While we do have sufficient numbers of the parts in question to maintain production, under no circumstances will we send your dealer those and jeopardize production. You can wait, we already have your money. You think that is a BAD decision? To STOP a million dollar a day production to ship a production part? Get real. Yes, they may not have the part in Stock. In some cases that part is NOT a common failed part and they order as needed. While it may not seem right, stopping millions of dollars in production is NOT going to happen. Has nothing to do with an attitude of we have your money and you can pound sand. Doug
dougrainer 09/22/17 03:28pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Customer service lacking

Lemon Laws vary, but most have a section on how long OUT OF SERVICE your Vehicle experianced, not just the repairs or how many times you had to have the same item repaired. That is why it may be a good idea to pay $500 or so for a Lawyer to generate a demand letter. THAT shows you mean business, because you actually paid a Lawyer. Doug
dougrainer 09/22/17 01:13pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Customer service lacking

John, You have a GOOD case for Lemon Law. BUT, your problem is this. It seems you live in Colorado. You Purchased in Florida. So, IF Florida has a lemon Law, you have to pursue the Lemon Law IN FLORIDA, not where you live. Now, if you are still in Florida, you need to get all the facts and Repair Orders together and start a Lemon Law proceeding if Florida has a lemon Law for RV Motorhomes. Also, the 5 year you purchased IS NOT a Bumper To Bumper WARRANTY. You purchased a 5 year EXTENDED SERVICE CONTRACT. BIG DIFFERENCE! That was purchased thru the Dealer and Winnebago has NO relationship with this type purchase. You can get a refund on the price and odds are you will get a total refund of the ESC purchase price based on how new the unit is. THIS needs to be addressed to the Finance Officer of the Dealership. NOBODY else at Winne. Sadly, unless you retain a Lawyer to file and send official paperwork/Demand to the Dealer AND Winnebago you will not get your Payments and storage fees covered. The only time I have seen an OEM do that was only after they were served by a Lawyers official demand letter. Once they receive a Lawyers demand letter, you would be amazed how fast they step up to resolve the issues. But, a Lawyer can slow down the process. Once a lawyer is involved, the OEM usually requires all communication go thru their lawyers and your lawyer. You can still take it in for warranty repairs and such, but any items involved in the Legal side will be addressed thru the lawyers. Once they get the Lawyers demand, they WILL expedite getting repairs and issues addressed. They do not just wait and see. Doug
dougrainer 09/22/17 11:07am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Small crack in fiberglass - how serious?

The BEST repair on this type crack is to have the Body Shop sand it down and then fiberglass the area sand it and then paint the complete area. Replacing a Cap either front or rear is not the best way to do it for this type of problem. The dealer can only do what the manufacturer of the RV will allow them to do. Doug
dougrainer 09/22/17 09:17am Tech Issues
RE: Dometic NDR 1292 No Cooling

Low 12 volt dc Voltage will not cause the Cooling unit to go "offline" or not cool. LOW dc voltage will cause the refer controls to NOT operate, but that threshold I usually below 10.5 volts. So, once your DC line voltage was over 12 volts that fixed any control problem but 11.4 the refer will operate as designed. The ONLY thing that may cause a problem is you added the ARP unit. THAT can possibly cause a 12 volt control shut down. You need to call ARP and tell them what you did from this post and ask if the ARP would affect your refer controls at 11.4 volts or lower. LP Gas and 120 Have the exact same Heating BTU's so LP will not work better/faster than 120. Doug
dougrainer 09/22/17 08:54am Tech Issues
RE: Furnace won't cycle after initial run

IF the furnace was running from the flood, that means the control board got wet and started the fan relay circuit. You need to remove the circuit board and completely check it for corrosion. There are 2 common things that prevent cycle after initial run. 1. Stuck hi limit switch(Most common) 2. BAD logic in Circuit board. Replace the board. IF the Board got wet, It needs replaced. Doug
dougrainer 09/22/17 06:50am Tech Issues
RE: 12 volt to 120 volt ground

There are some smart people on these forums. But to think sharing a GROUND between the systems would ever cause a problem is just crazy. Especially a VERY low volt draw from a map light. Doug
dougrainer 09/21/17 08:42pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Testing solenoid

Onans use a GROUND to energize the solenoid. Doug
dougrainer 09/21/17 06:22pm Tech Issues
RE: 12 volt to 120 volt ground

I would Not connect those two grounds together. For 12 volt ground I would use the chassis if you can not find the ground wire. Where do you think the 120 Ground circuit has its final ground? AT the chassis frame. What do you think could possibly be a problem with using the 120 ground for a 12 volt light? Nothing! Doug
dougrainer 09/21/17 06:20pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 12 volt to 120 volt ground

Are you POSITIVE that that light is not part of the Dash Map Light Circuit? That the Map light switch or part of the headlight switch does not have to be engaged for the ground circuit to be completed? Doug
dougrainer 09/21/17 06:18pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: how hydraulic slide

Well I replaced the solenoid and slide would move but motor just wont seem to stay running. I could get it to budge out a tad then stop. Tried the jacks. One rear jack came down, touch the ground and then go back up. After that tried the retract and very very slowly it moved enouf for me to get it back in the full retract position. baffled i am.. 20 year old system. Odds are the 12 volt pump motor is BAD. That is why the solenoid melted/burned(motor drawing excess 12 volt current). RETRACT on jacks has NOTHING to do with the solenoid you replaced or the Pump motor. In Retract, all the system does is electrically open as solenoid for that jack and the springs bring it up. I would replace BOTH solenoids(you have already replaced one so, just the other) and rebuild or replace the Pump Motor. Now, that may NOT be as easy as you think. HWH has changed the size and properties on the Pump motors in the past 20 years. You will need to get the AP number off of the Tank/reservoir, email HWH with that number and ask what motor they have or the correct replacement part. Odds are you will have to replace the Tank/Reservoir as a unit(which comes with the pump motor). If so, you can try taking the Motor off and have a local Starter rebuild shop rebuild it. Doug https://www.hwhcorp.com/mr30.html
dougrainer 09/20/17 07:59pm Tech Issues
RE: Refrigerator Recycling

I have power to the unit continuously. Works both on propane and 120 VAC May be the fan. When I open the fridge door, light comes on, humming sound quits (motor of some kind - fan?) Recycling - something turns on and off at nine-second intervals when the unit is on and the door is shut. Opening the freezer compartment has no affect. 1. The noise that stops when the door is opened is the REAR Cooling fans and that is NORMAL 2. The Freezer doors have NO affect as they have NO light or light switch 3. Except for the REAR Cooling fans, The refer has NO other mechanical equipment that would cause a noise. So, as Chris pointed out, your Rear Fan Temp switch is SHORT cycling due to being defective. 4. NO harm will come to the refer. BUT, if the outside temps are above 75 to 80 degrees and that Fan Temp switch finally FAILS, odds are the refer will NOT cool correctly. The 1200 series NEEDS those fans to cool correctly. Doug
dougrainer 09/20/17 07:51pm Tech Issues
RE: how hydraulic slide

HWH Auto systems use 2 relays and are DIFFERENT parameters. 1. The MASTER relay when you turn the system ON, supplies power to the SYSTEM and is built for continuous duty(HI AMP). 2. The 2nd relay is the PUMP MOTOR run relay and is designed for short duty just to run the Pump Motor. 3. DO NOT use any other relay other than the relay's that are designed for the system. Doug
dougrainer 09/18/17 05:54am Tech Issues
RE: XtraRide or USWC for Exclusionary Extended Warranty

Have not heard of or delt with USWC. Have delt with Xtraride. They are the BEST in terms of authorizing and Paying claims. I have a customer that purchased a used 1 year old Patriot Thunder(2008 10 years ago)for about 10K 7 year policy. Just at our dealership in the 7 years he had the Service policy, it paid just over 25k in covered repairs and never sent an adjuster or questioned the coverage. The few other customers we had with Xtraride we experienced the same type result. We do NOT sell Xtraride, but that is the policy company I would use if I wanted a ESC. VERY easy to deal with at our end. Doug
dougrainer 09/17/17 12:47pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: how hydraulic slide

The Jacks run off the same pump. Do they also run Slow? Doug
dougrainer 09/17/17 11:12am Tech Issues
RE: How to fix Dometic Comfort Control thermostat problems

I have a 2016 Grand Design Imagine. When I turn the furnace on, the air conditioner comes on also so both hot and cold air is blowing. Any suggestions? I doubt cold air is blowing. In the Tstat settings on a Dometic 12 button or Zone Control tstat. You MUST select AUTO for Fan speed selection to prevent the AC blower from coming ON. If the Fan is set to Lo-Med-Hi the AC blower will run when Furnace is ON. Doug
dougrainer 09/17/17 11:10am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Question on Battery Disconnect

MOST Rv's, the OEM does NOT kill power to the LP/CO detector and that will drain the batteries. How can you tell? Simple. You turn the disconnect OFF and then look at the Detector. If the lights are still on, there is your problem. Doug
dougrainer 09/16/17 10:15am Tech Issues
RE: xantrex Inverter problem?

UNPLUG 120 power to the RV. DISCONNECT the 12 volt POSITIVE cable to the Inverter for 10 minutes. Reconnect, the error should go away. Doug
dougrainer 09/16/17 10:13am Class A Motorhomes
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