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RE: Slide out awning cover

I always thought it was a pretty poor design. When you lower the arms to act as a window awning, the fabric lays right on top of the edge of the slide which subjects it to abrasion if there is any wind at all. Most of the time I did not lower the arms and just left them locked in the upright position. One of the reasons they dropped it. First they had a manual lock for transit, then a auto lock for transit and the fabric would get worn from the top slide flange. Too many design flaws. Doug
dougrainer 02/19/18 02:24pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Newbie - '90 Holiday Rambler Limited DP - HWH Jack System

Thanks all. They started out asking in mid/high #20s; now asking $15,500. Coach is VERY rust free everywhere for it's age, has very good condition Michelins, and shower wear but no abuse. We offered $14K, and they said no, so we're walking. We'll keep looking. Thanks again for all the great info. Jorge NOBODY can "look" at tires and determine condition. You need to research how to look at the DATE CODES on tires. If they are over 7 years old, they will have to be replaced. Doug
dougrainer 02/19/18 02:22pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Metal Smell and Taste From Water

I doubt you have a metal fresh tank. Those went out almost 40 years ago. Draining the Water Heater will not get rid of most of the mineral deposits. You need to drain and then make a small tube connected to the pressure water hose and stick it in the drain opening of the water heater to help break up the minerals and get them loose. Then try to inject about a 1/4 cup of bleach into the drain hole, install the drain plug, fill the water heater and then drain again and keep doing it until clean water comes out. Doug
dougrainer 02/19/18 05:56am Tech Issues
RE: Slide out awning cover

I got my awning spring off eBay but I got new fabric made by a local boat cover shop. They were able to duplicate my existing fabric and everything for around $150. They reused the plastic tube that goes in the cover to lock it into the aluminum portion of the cover. Luckily my awning arms were OK. What usually happens--- the spring locks or the customer forgets to unlock the awning and when the slide goes out, it destroys the arms and bends the metal slide flanges. Doug
dougrainer 02/19/18 05:52am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Slide out awning cover

My 2003 Monaco used the OmegaII slideout awning, which also pulled down over the window. If you also have the Carefree awning, springs are still available from Carefree, or on eBay. I found eBay was less expensive than Carefree. Carefree awning Sorry, I was thinking Fabric and the Arms. Most of the time, customers bring it in because they have destroyed the arms(bent them) and the fabric and arms no longer available from Carefree. You can have a custom fabric made. But, by the time you replace the spring and the custom longer fabric, it would be easier to replace the Slide cover and then install a window awning
dougrainer 02/18/18 04:00pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Slide out awning cover

You do not state what brand but Monaco used Carefree and IF you have the combo Slide cover and window awning(which Monaco used back then)---NO parts are available. You will have to remove the awning, patch the arm mount holes and install a new style Slide topper. ? if this is what the arms look like you have the discontinued awning and parts
dougrainer 02/18/18 12:54pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Air Dump

I finally found all 3 solenoids. I was getting no power to the dash switch. The dash switch is working. So I found a hot wire to get power to the switch. It popped the fuse. I disconnected all 3 solenoids and tried it again. This time it didn't pop the fuse. I'm thinking one or all solenoids is shorted out. All you have to do is put the fuse in, then just touch the hot wire to each solenoid. When the defective solenoid is found the fuse will blow. You have found your bad solenoid, then replace it. Doug PS, I use a 12 volt Circuit breaker so I do not have to replace the fuse when testing. You can buy a 12 volt plug in circuit breaker at most Auto part stores. Just buy the amp size you need.
dougrainer 02/18/18 12:51pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: power loss to appliances

1. ALL appliances listed EXCEPT the AC and Battery charger work from the Inverter. There is no way for you to run an extension cord to test the AC and the Charger function of the Inverter. 2. That means either the Inverter has a 120 breaker that tripped and the pass thru 120 power to those appliances is dead---Find the Inverter and reset the tripped breaker 3. BUT, A tripped breaker on the Inverter does NOT cause lack of charging on the Inverter. That points to the Interior SUB-Panel most OEM's install for Inverter power. You need to verify and turn off all 120 breakers and reset. They can trip and not look tripped. You also need to verify there is not another 120 sub panel that has 4 to 6 breakers that is dedicated to the output of the Inverter. 4. The fact you have wall receptacles still functioning points to the Inverter DOES have pass thru as usually 50 percent of the receptacles in an RV are powered thru the Inverter. Have you checked ALL the wall outlets to see if the all have 120 power? 5. The spark you had when connected to Shore Power is a normal reaction. AS you do, it is always best to kill power before connecting. Doug Unless you installed it, there is no built in surge protector to protect appliances. The Powerline system SEE's 50 amp service and if it see's power on BOTH legs, will then show connected to 50 amp service. Does your Powerline show 50 amp service? If so, odds are you need to find and reset the affected breakers. Hopefully the Powerline system has NOT failed to close the relay's that control the appliances you have listed. If the Powerline relay board has failed, then the appliances you listed are indeed controlled by it, except the Inverter/Charger. BUT, it would be extremely rare for a Powerline board to fail the relay's and still show 50 amp service or it is functioning to spec.
dougrainer 02/18/18 07:43am Tech Issues
RE: Air Dump

1. Loose ground will NOT cause a fuse to blow. 2. Monaco products(Roadmaster) the Air dump is indeed SLOW, that is a design function 3. I never paid attention to, if the system had more than 1 solenoid for manual dumping. I always heard the solenoid up front and did not know if there was one in the rear. What you need to do, since you found the front Air Solenoid is to verify it has 12 volts and ground when someone pushes the dash switch. If it DOES have 12 volts and ground then the solenoid is bad. 4. You can also get the system to dump by extending the Powergear Jacks. When the coach raises up the ride Height arms will move and dump the air until you can get the system fixed. Doug
dougrainer 02/18/18 07:29am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Gas Chassis battery

1. Do NOT buy a Deep Cycle battery for the chassis. 2. Les Schwab is just the western USA. Interstate is Nationwide. So, in an RV world, I would want a battery that could be serviced/warrantied Nationwide as I will be traveling. There are a LOT more Interstate Battery centers than Les Schwab centers. If you are traveling and are not near a Les Schwab center and you do have a problem, what good is a warranty if they are not where you are? Interstate has almost 200,000 dealers. We have sold Interstate for almost 30 years and ALL my vehicles have always had Interstate Batteries. NEVER had a problem during the expected life of the battery. My Dealership only puts Interstate batteries in motorhomes and trailers and we have excellent results. We do have a few that fail but odds are the customer caused the failure but Interstate has a 12/18 month no questions ask warranty. Interstate also will replace a complete battery bank if just one battery fails under warranty. Doug
dougrainer 02/17/18 03:10pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dometic 4 Door Refrigerator with Ice Maker & Water Filter

I really don't think one is better than the other. They both get a similar number of complaints here. There are 10 times the complaints on this forum for Norcold LARGE refers as Dometic LARGE refers. But, complaints do not really justify reality. You post a problem, with your Norcold 1200/1210 and at least 5 posters that have a red *** for Norcold will chime in their ill informed opinion. Norcold 1200/1210 probably has at least 75% of the large RV refer market versus Dometic. Doug
dougrainer 02/16/18 02:39pm Tech Issues
RE: Dometic 4 Door Refrigerator with Ice Maker & Water Filter

The Dometic was NOT as good as the Norcold 1200. There is NOTHING wrong with the Norcold 1200 in performance. The safety factor and recall have been blown completely out reason. IF I had a choice between a Dometic side by side or 4 door and a Norcold 1200/1210, I would opt for the 1200. The Dometic recall was for the exact same supposed problem and Dometic's was not as good and Dometic's covered ALL their RV refers, unlike Norcold, only covered the 1200 model. If you want residential and the unit is almost 10 years old, I would indeed install a Samsung. Doug
dougrainer 02/16/18 05:42am Tech Issues
RE: Opinions from other repair techs re: replacing rubber roof?

I was at Jayco 2 months ago for Training and their Service manager stated they will replace roofs both ways---Deck or NOT deck. I told him he was crazy. Tact, is not my specialty. We also had a tech from a Jayco dealership state they scrape and sand the old Luan instead of redecking. Even the Jayco Service manager told him he was crazy(in a nice way). Doug
dougrainer 02/15/18 06:46pm Tech Issues
RE: Opinions from other repair techs re: replacing rubber roof?

Even if you get 1 small tear in a EPDM roof, we have NEVER had an Insurance company request we eternabond or patch the damage, They always pay for a complete NEW/DECKED roof. Now, if the customer OWNS the unit, then we state to Patch and seal if that is what he wants to do. Of course, once the Insurance company pays for a new roof and the customer pockets the check and patches, they will never pay again for any roof damage. You must repair per the Insurance pay out to keep your policy in effect for that specific damage. Most customer's have the new roof installed, because their deductible is usually $500. Doug
dougrainer 02/15/18 06:41pm Tech Issues
RE: A/C problems

You just joined. You need to post a LOT more info for us to help you. 1. You do NOT have an AC? But a Heat Pump? A Heat Pump will only put out warm/hot air and an AC will not. 2. Actual complete Model number of AC unit 3. Type Thermostat control 4. Did YOU diagnosis the old unit and also install the new unit? 5. It has been 8 months, did the new unit blow cold all summer long and it just started to malfunction? 6. If not a Heat Pump, do you have the optional Heat Strip which will put out warm air. 7. Year/Make/Model of RV 8. There IS a optional wire that is used from the Wall tstat to activate the Heat Pump coil. 9. Did you have a Heat Pump originally and if NOT, did you upgrade to a Heat Pump on the new 48,000 model? If so, you have to install a NEW wall Tstat. You cannot use a Non Heat Pump tstat to run a Heat Pump. Doug
dougrainer 02/15/18 06:32pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Monthly rates at sun community park

I think you need to post the Cancellation policy. Think about it. Lets keep it simple. You pay for 6 months at $100 per month for your cost at $600. So, instead of paying that FULL $600 for your 6 months you only PAID $300 for your 6 months you stayed, because you still have 6 months to go. So, they are extending you free credit for 6 months. Now, IF you do not want to go there, you do not sign for the 12 months and do not go there for your normal 6 months, because you do not like their new policy. You go somewhere else. IF you will be there every year, it is a good deal. It all depends on their cancellation policy. I think they are trying to minimize the no shows and the cost of that when they turn people away due to reservations that are then cancelled. Doug
dougrainer 02/15/18 03:47pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Onan Generator

Also, I haven't had that problem. My problem with the Onan 5500 Marquis Gold onboard generator is that with the cover on and the latch closed, the generator runs for 20 minutes and then shuts off. After 30 minutes or longer, it will start back up and do the same thing, over and over again. It does this with a load or not and either plugged in to the 50 amp receptacle or not. Today I tried taking the cover off and leaving the hatch open and it has been running for 55 minutes at the time of this post without any problems (I have the front AC on, several lights turned on, and a box fan plugged in. Not really sure what the problem is now. At first I thought it may be a fuel issue. Maybe the fuel pump gone bad or a crack in a fuel line. But since it was ran now for twice the length it was before I purchased the motorhome (2 weeks ago), I am stumped. Any suggestions? I would check for overheating. Make sure the compartment mount plate has the required holes for the air flow to cool the engine. And the cool air can flow correctly in and out. Even tho the OEM's do not do this now, because the design of the Onan cooling system has changed, the access door on the RV used to be 1/2 screen to allow fresh air in. But, having that fresh air can help. Doug
dougrainer 02/15/18 03:38pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Opinions from other repair techs re: replacing rubber roof?

Well, This repair shop ALWAYS replaces the deck on all roof jobs. NEVER had any insurance company balk at this. Ask the Adjuster, IF you do not deck and the customer is upset(THIS WILL HAPPEN), when he sees all the debris and old glue causing small bumps and uneven rubber, will the Adjuster then auth a complete new roof WITH decking? I will bet you are dealing with Progressive or Geico. They give us the most trouble on damage estimates. Doug BTW, we will NOT do a roof job unless redecking is done. We had to eat a roof 12 years ago and we will not do another one without decking. STICK to your principles. Tell the customer you refuse to do a half *** job. I will bet once the customer talks to his Ins agent, the job will be approved. Agents have a LOT of power to get things done for their clients.
dougrainer 02/15/18 01:40pm Tech Issues
RE: Onan Generator

You are looking at about $5500 to buy a new onan. I would call a few independent Gen shops and ask what they would charge to either rebuild the engine or just short block the engine. Gensets have 2 sections. The ENGINE and the GEN part. Usually, a qualified shop can rebuild or replace just the engine for less than $2000. Saving you $3000. Onan Gensets are designed to be rebuilt, unlike the disposable ones you get at HD or Lowes or even Harbor Freight.
dougrainer 02/15/18 06:32am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Norcold to Samsung

Wow, I never heard of ANYBODY, that could state without Diagnosing, that a refer BECAUSE it was a 2002 and beeped was BAD. Now, you may have had a bad cooling unit which required replacing or installing the Samsung. But, if your only source of determining that the refer was BAD was exactly what you stated, then you spent thousands for something you did not need. Did someone come out and diagnosis it was indeed a bad cooling unit? Did you have the dreaded yellow stain at the rear? My point in this post is to make sure someone else does not read it and because his OLD refer beeps, it needs replaced when all it needs is repair. Doug
dougrainer 02/15/18 05:43am Class A Motorhomes
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