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RE: Suburban SW6-DE

You do NOT adjust a 2 stage or single stage 12 volt Gas valve. They are not safely serviceable. A COMPETENT Service Tech and Shop KNOWS this. If you have 11.5 inches at the gas valve and too low pressure at the orifice, you replace the Gas Valve. YOU can do what you want with your gas valve. But any knowledgeable Technician and shop know the liability of messing with LP gas valves and would replace which is what is required. Hopefully, Your future epitaph will not say, "I should have had a scab look at it". To the moderator, why is this poster allowed to denigrate RV Technicians by calling them scabs and you do not edit his post? Doug
dougrainer 07/31/14 06:17pm Tech Issues
RE: HWH leveling system 310

I close or counter clockwise them and they do not extend pump sounds under load, all 4 retract, the odds of 4 solenoids ALL leaking is astronomical. They CLOSE clockwise. Counter clockwise they open. OPEN them and see if all 4 jacks extend. IF they do, then all 4 solenoids are probably burnt out. BUT, you check for 12 volt power at each solenoid when either retracting or extending to verify the 4 fuses for the solenoids are not blown. What will burn out a HWH solenoid is IF it has power for more than 15 minutes. The solenoids are momentary (no more than 5 to 7 minutes at a time) coil solenoids. LONGER than that and they will burn up. A common reason to burn 1 or all 4 is when you try to retract and one jack does NOT fully retract but you can travel,so you leave it in STORE mode while traveling. After about 15 minutes all 4 solenoids will burn out IF 1 or more jack down lights stay ON. Once the last red down light goes out the retract timer shuts the system off. Doug
dougrainer 07/31/14 01:34pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Norcold Recall Need Help!

The clamp was over tigthen Lets play your game. The clamp was overtightened(NOT POSSIBLE). THAT would be the fault of the "RV tech" that installed it, NOT Norcold. BUT, you CANNOT tighten a Hose clamp too tight to break a steel weld and steel tube. The area where you had the leak is common when a cooling unit fails and leaks. Doug
dougrainer 07/31/14 06:10am Tech Issues
RE: Exterior labels / markings - Source?

Any good RV Service center can get the decals. They come on a LARGE sheet with all the decals you would ever need for an RV. It is NOT brand specific. Doug
dougrainer 07/31/14 06:06am Tech Issues
RE: AC not cooling.

ANY RV over 28 feet needs 2 Roof AC units. Your unit is to large for 1 AC. The largest roof AC is 15k. You either have a 13.5 or the 15k. If you have the 13.5 going to a 15k will not help at all. You need 2 roof AC units. Even if the existing one is working to spec, it will NOT cool your RV at all in temps higher than 80 degrees. Doug
dougrainer 07/31/14 06:03am Tech Issues
RE: Leveling system cracked windshield

The OP(2001 Newmar Diesel) has the HWH bi-axis system. But, IF his parking site was fairly level then the fact of jack did not come down should not have twisted the frame enough to crack the windshield. He probably had a small crack or rock chip already and the slight twist when leveling caused the windshield to fully crack. Doug
dougrainer 07/31/14 05:59am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Norcold trouble 1200

Thanks to all for the responses. The problem was the glass fuse. Yesterday I checked it while it was still on the board (I guess it was reading the circuit)and it read good after reading the post's I pulled it from the board and it was bad, replaced the fuse and it was good to go. So is this a possible sign that a heating element is going bad? Thanks again Robbie Yes, IF the fuse BLOWS it is a sign. If it does it again, replace BOTH heating elements, not just the defective one. Doug
dougrainer 07/30/14 05:29am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Atwood 8535-IV Series Furnace

Sorry, missed it. Then the other would be the sail switch. It may be sticking, OR the fan motor may not be turning to speed after that 14 minutes(slowing down) which would cause the sail switch to fail. He could also have a defective NEW limit switch. Brand new Furnaces have them fail also. This is why having a trained Tech that knows what to look for is important sometimes. He has already spent at least $150 and has not fixed it yet. Doug
dougrainer 07/29/14 05:28pm Tech Issues
RE: HWH leveling system 310

Here is the service manual. You should be able to figure it out from the manual. I agree with Doug. The shuttle valve or the plumbing in that area should be the problem. See the hydraulic schematic about halfway down the document. Richard The shuttle valve has nothing to do with his problem NOW. It was probably the cure for his previous problem. The T handle solenoids are on the hose side of the manifold. The shuttle valve is BEFORE the T handle solenoids. So, if all 4 jacks extend and then retract when he stops extending, then the T handle solenoids are the cause. I doubt all 4 solenoids are bad. Doug
dougrainer 07/29/14 03:19pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: HWH leveling system 310

I tried to level it up and as soon as I let go of the extend button the jacks retract. So I replaced the SHUTTLE value and that didn't fix it. Any help please , I called HWH and I was told that the Tech's were two weeks behind and put me on a list to be called You have NOT closed the T handles. That is the reason they retract as soon as you stop extending. Close them. Doug
dougrainer 07/29/14 12:45pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: RV appraisal service

Looks like you should be in the $100 - $120k range. http://www.nadaguides.com/RVs/2007/Allegro/M-40QSH-Caterpillar-350hp/3045991/Values NADA is NOT accurate at all. The problem is, NADA asks for options and equipment and then you ADD those prices to the RV. The RV price guides already take into account almost all those options as they were usually standard or on all models. You will be lucky to get over 100k for your RV. The actual price range is 85k to 95k (retail) for your clean RV. Doug
dougrainer 07/29/14 08:37am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Loose sewer vent pipe to roof vent

NO the roof vent caps need to be removable just in case you need to run a hose down vent line to clear a blockage, replace vent cap due to damage or age. The vent line should be secured to trailer wall/studs etc. so that the vent line doesn't move.........loose vent line can drop down into tank and become blocked off. Very few Vent pipes are installed in a rubber slip gasket on top the Tanks. MOST are glued to the top of the tank. So, dropping into the tank is extremely rare even on the ones with a rubber slip gasket. Most vent lines are NOT a straight pipe from top of tank to the roof. They usually have a "Y" or a sink drain pipe connected to them somewhere in the wall. That also keeps the pipe from slipping down IF it has a rubber slip fitting. Doug
dougrainer 07/29/14 05:57am Tech Issues
RE: See-level LP tank sensor

You won't be able to exchange it, only refill, and refill station might not be near when you need it. 85% of your propane goes to fridge, only 15% to LP stove. Get a smaller fridge or use a cooler. Most EXCHANGE stations ONLY accept 20lb tanks for exchange. In Texas, it is the law. Doug
dougrainer 07/29/14 05:53am Tech Issues
RE: ventless vs vented washer/dryer

The non vented NEVER completely dries the clothes. They are always slightly moist. Go Vented. Doug
dougrainer 07/29/14 05:51am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dometic Penguin 2 stops running after a few minutes

Well I opened up the automatic transfer switch yesterday to check connections, etc. All the connections were tight and there was no obvious evidence of a problem, although the contacts were pitted on the generator side of the relay. I ordered a new transfer switch, but I doubt that it was giving me any trouble, since it is on the power cord side that I am having issues when running my rear A/C unit. Doug, You seem to be pretty knowledgeable about the Penguin II. Can you tell me how I would be able to identify whether or not my unit has the 12 to 5 button conversion kit? I have the 5 button thermostat controlling both my original Penguin unit up front and my "new" Penguin II unit in the rear. One thing that may be a clue here, is that although I am able to select either unit 1 or unit 2 using the zone button, both number 1 and 2 are always visible on the display. I don't recall seeing both unit numbers displayed at the same time on the same style 5 button thermostat in my old Dutch Star, with the 2 Penguin units. Any thoughts? And thanks for all the assistance from all of you so far. Roland You will see both zones. The one that is "active" will flash. I made a mistake on my original post. IF you have a regular AC, no Heat Pump, you may not need the 12 to 5 conversion. The only ones I have done were Penguin 2 HP's. But, the 12 button regular board cannot communicate correctly with the 5 button system. ON the 12 button Board, you will see 2 soldered spade terminals to one side with the White neutral wire on one of them. There may be a white wire on both. The 5 button does NOT have those side by side Neutral spades on the board. According to Dometic, if you try to use a 12 button with a 5 button wall CCC you will get a "EE" error code. The 12 button ALL the low voltage quick connects are on the END of the board. The 5 button board these quick connects face straight up on the board. SO, if no EE code they installed the 12 to 5 board, but may have connected it incorrectly. Doug
dougrainer 07/29/14 05:48am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Norcold trouble 1200

The fuse's checked good. I did see some discoloration on the circuit board where the glass fuse holder (old style) attach's to the board. I'll check the contact on that fuse clip today. Thanks Robbie IF the fuse is GOOD and you have 120 ac on both sides of the fuse, and you still have the no AC code, then the control board is bad. Replace it. Doug
dougrainer 07/29/14 05:42am Class A Motorhomes
RE: your opinion on appliance age

The appliances(unless a fulltimer owned it) would have far less use than Home appliances. Appliances in an RV are no different than a Home appliance. The older they get, the more likely they may need replaced. But, 2010 is like new in the RV world. Can you find out and state what she thinks the problem may be? The price of a NEW motorhome and finding a nice used and then replacing the appliances on the nice used RV would be insignificant in cost. Doug
dougrainer 07/28/14 06:43pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Driver seat not working - questions

Yes, you have a Positive and a Negative on those wires. Usually, Power seat wiring at the seat is orange and black. The orange is the positive wire. Doug
dougrainer 07/28/14 06:39pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: See-level LP tank sensor

I just installed a see level 709 monitoring system in my trailer. I'm trying to find a 30lb propane tank with the electric level sensor in it. Everywhere I try is looking at me like I have 2 heads. Where are people sourcing their tanks from? The reason people look at you funny is simple. DOT tanks even ones with gauges are NOT accurate at all. That is why you have a hard time finding them. Doug
dougrainer 07/28/14 01:58pm Tech Issues
RE: Loose sewer vent pipe to roof vent

It is not glued, but should extend beyond the round slip of the Vent cap assbly. That ensures sewer gases do not have the chance to migrate backward inside the hole thru the roof cavity. The end of the ABS pipe should NOT touch the top vent cap cover to allow the gases to escape. Doug
dougrainer 07/28/14 01:56pm Tech Issues
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