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RE: Jack Shafts - maintenance while down

HWH and PG(powergear) and RVP hyd jack systems do NOT need any lube on the shafts. They do require you to extend and make sure the sliding piston is clean with no dirt or debris. PG hyd jacks in the past 10 years have grease Zircs at the bottom collar to inject lube into the collar to keep the bottom seal slick. ALL 3 systems the piston shaft is immersed in ATF when retracted and are basically self lubing. Doug
dougrainer 09/18/14 10:17am Class A Motorhomes
RE: problem with dealer noit getting work done--byers remorse

OK folks, READ HIS POST. He stated he was buying USED, that means NO warranty. According to a post a few days ago he is buying a 2005 model. A post on the 8th states he HAS purchased the 2005 Newmar KS. He also stated he was picking it up on the 15th. He ALSO states in this post he thinks he paid too much. Another reason he wants to back out. REALLY???? He has looked at other RV's according to older posts, so he did not jump into the first RV he looked at. Sorry, he has NO leverage and he needs to get on with his life and get the RV ASAP from the dealer. Doug
dougrainer 09/18/14 10:12am Class A Motorhomes
RE: problem with dealer noit getting work done--byers remorse

Explain what you mean by "sent the rig in for predelivery". I have never heard that phrase used before. The predelivery is JUST WHAT IT STATES, This is done before you sign the contract and pay for the RV. WHO is doing the Service work?????. The dealer does NOT have a service dept? He is using a 2nd party to service the RV? Once the RV is funded by whoever and the title(registration) is started, you OWN that vehicle. If you are concerned, then you need to contac a Lawyer, to see what rights you have. ONLY a Lawyer can answer your questions. Doug
dougrainer 09/17/14 08:00pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Is it Schwintek or the MH?

I have a 2014 Itasca Meridian 36M with Schwintek slides. The only issue I have had with the slides is a horrible squeak from the front motor on the full slide. This was remedied with a shot of Power-Lube. 1300 miles and not a sound from the slide. Love the coach, now lets talk about the HDMI 4x4 Matrix signal distribution system for the Directv system............. LCI(Schwintek) in the training sessions they have conducted at our dealership (3 out of the past 4 years), they ALWAYS stated to NOT use any lube on the system at all. Then I had a customer inform me in June that not only does LCI recommend lube in certain places, but LCI has a You Tube instructional video showing(posted Feb 2014) the where and why and the type lube they do recommend on the Schwintek system. SOoooo, we purchased the required lube and once you lube the nylon areas, it is amazing how much quieter the system is. I even called them in June and the phone support stated to NOT use any type lube. I called back and spoke to a supervisor and told him to have his people look at LCI's OWN training Video's they post on You Tube:B Doug
dougrainer 09/17/14 04:15pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: HWH jacks not leveling properly.

Frtliner chassis has nothing to do with the HWH system. 1. There are 3 different level sensors used by HWH. Yours is 11 years old. 2. The older is the silver mercury filled sensor 3. The one between the Silver and the current is a black sealed box about the size of a cigarette pack 4. The current is located in the Plexiglas cover at the HWH pump assbly. I am not positive when they went to the Plexiglass outside control assbly mounted on the pump assbly. But, it is easy to figure out. Go to the HWH pump and if you do NOT see the control mounted to it with a clear plexiglass cover you have the older system. The 2 older systems use 3 spring mounted screws to hold and adjust the sensor. The Plexiglass control has the sensor mounted inside that control box and is adjusted at the Plexiglas area on the side. No screws on this one. Doug
dougrainer 09/17/14 12:01pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: AC Causing Power Inturruption

HOW do you know the roof AC is causing this problem??? I have NEVER seen such a problem as you state and the fact that ALL 120 breakers are off while the power is restored and the Converter relay kicks back in points to your SHORE supply and/or Power Cord having a problem. There is NOTHING in the roof AC that will cause any type of power interruption, unless your supply voltage power is not above 110 volts. If the roof AC had a problem, it would trip the dedicated 20 amp breaker in your RV breaker panel for the AC. The Converter has nothing to do with the AC operation, it only supplies 12 volt power to the RV. Doug
dougrainer 09/17/14 09:47am Tech Issues
RE: Dometic RM1350MIMX no electric

The d+ status is ONLY if they connected to Ignition side of the chassis engine to auto lock the refer doors when the ignition is ON. Nothing else it does. Follow the 120 element wires (you have 2 elements connected together) to the control board. With the refer on Electric (auto), measure between the 2 spade terminals AT the control board for 120. The odds are you will NOT have 120 power there. Then check the fuse for the 120 on the board. IF you do have 120 at the Heater connections, then the elements are bad. Doug
dougrainer 09/17/14 05:52am Tech Issues
RE: Ducted/radiant-heated holding tanks

Ducted means they ran part of the furnace ducting over the holding tank area(usually the fresh tank. Radiant means they ran a 12 volt heat pad on the bottom of each holding tank. If you have exposed Holding tanks, look at the bottom of each tank and see if there is a flat pad with 2 wires glued to the bottom of each tank. There should be a 12 volt switch inside the bathroom area labeled Tank Heater. Usually lighted red in color. Doug
dougrainer 09/16/14 01:00pm Tech Issues
RE: How to adjust Electric RV Awning?

Tweaked around with the awning this morning. I couldn't get the awning to slide in the slot on the tube, nor at the wall. That might be doable, but I can see would prove difficult. At the top of the channels on the TT that the arms retract into, conveniently, there is a hole in each side, so I was able to attach a short bungee (approximately 8" long) that goes around the head on the front end of the awning. It may not be necessary, but adds some insurance and peace of mind about it staying there when on the road. I have added to my checklist when setting up and breaking down, to unhook / hook the bungee. I figure in 2-3 years I will have to replace this awning fabric, so this fix should be fine until then. Thanks to all for your helpful comments and suggestions! Much appreciated! You are worrying about nothing. The MOTOR keeps the awning locked tight and will not allow the awning to unfurl. Doug
dougrainer 09/16/14 06:04am Tech Issues
RE: DuoTherm 901 Series Furnace

mine does the same thing, since new, I think its a normal thing. its pre programed to clear air in the fire box for a sec or so. been doing good since new.now its all happy-camping You do NOT have the same model Furnace. ALL furnaces have the air chamber purge before ignition. Doug
dougrainer 09/16/14 05:59am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fridge Still Not Cold On Gas

"Doug (Please correct me if I'm wrong) - but I believe the heat source on AC/DC is against the boiler and it's a direct heat transfer whereas the Propane the heat rises, transfers the heat to the boiler "indirectly" hence the importance of the baffle to transfer the heat to the boiler". CORRECT. Doug
dougrainer 09/15/14 06:10am Tech Issues
RE: How to adjust Electric RV Awning?

There is NO adjustment on the electric awning or standard awning. Moving the fabric on this OP post will do NOTHING to fix his problem. Moving the fabric is IF the interlock of the arms hit metal to metal, which the OP states is not his problem. Doug
dougrainer 09/15/14 06:09am Tech Issues
RE: DuoTherm 901 Series Furnace

1. Duotherm took that model off the market after a few years, because they had the exact same problem you have 2. They will work on the bench but when installed they do just what you experience. We do NOT even work on them and there have been no parts available for over 20 years. If we have a trade in (rare to keep a unit this old for sale), in years past, we replaced the furnace because we KNEW you could not be positive that we could not guarantee that the unit would run correctly 3. The problem was the burner design and the static (case) pressure was the culprit. You could leave the inside access door OFF and the unit would fire and run, install the door to force the air thru the ducts and it would misfire or just quit heating. You can play with it all you want, but it will never work correctly. Doug
dougrainer 09/15/14 06:03am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fridge Still Not Cold On Gas

OK...but what I do know is that there was a part missing that prevented my fridge from working properly on LP, but it worked fine on electricity. It was a little plastic valve that snapped to the end of a tube. The ONLY way that would affect LP operation is IF the water was draining onto the LP burner area and disrupting the flame. Now, to the larger point. You stated "Electric works off a different system". Now, you had a condensation drain tube end cap installed and NOW, you state from THAT, that it is a different system???????? Doug
dougrainer 09/14/14 08:27am Tech Issues
RE: How to adjust Electric RV Awning?

If it was pulled tight new and you now have the SMALL gap on the front arm, the odds are the fabric has slightly stretched. There is NOTHING wrong with what you have. There is no problem or danger with it sticking out like that. Doug
dougrainer 09/14/14 08:21am Tech Issues
RE: Is it Schwintek or the MH?

Doug: Lippert manufactures the Schwintek slide out system that RV mfrs. install in their units. Just go to the Lippert web site and watch the video. As for Kwikee/power gear: "Elkhart-based Lippert Components Inc. has acquired a Mishawaka-based competitor, according to an announcement Monday, June 16 from Lippert’s parent company, Drew Industries Inc. Lippert has paid $35.5 million for Power Gear/Kwikee Products, a subsidiary of Menomonee Falls, Wisc.-based Actuant Corp., Drew Industries said in a press release. The buy was financed with available cash and a loan from Lippert’s $75 million line of credit with JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo." Lippert is becoming so big in the RV industry that soon no RV will be without some components made by Lippert. IMO most of their products are poorly made. It seems the products that are decent are those where they bought another company and continue to make those product with no changes. Moisheh Thanks for the PG info. The Website for PG and LCI do NOT reflect they are the same company now. I NEVER said LCI did not build the Schwintek system. I stated that the system was NOT designed by LCI, but purchased from the Inventor and now LCI owns the Schwintek system. As to LCI and Kwikee. LCI does have lousy customer service for both Dealers and retail customers. The LCI step is NOT (NOT) LCI design or build. LCI purchased SCS (Coach Step) years ago and closed down the plant in Ft Worth, Texas and moved it elsewhere. BUT, the design and function of the SCS Frigette Coach step is about the same for one LCI modification---They had the step control modules redesigned to prevent corrosion intrusion. THIS was a big problem with Coach steps before LCI purchased them. Corrosion burnt out the control modules. LCI steps still have a problem with their motors failing a lot more than Kwikee. This was also a problem before LCI purchased Coach Step. People can blame LCI, but a LOT of the Products LCI sells were NOT LCI design but another Manufacturer they purchased. IF the manufacturer was a GOOD product, then there are no problems now that LCI owns them. SOOOOO, PG and Kwikee will do just fine now that LCI owns them as they are good products. Getting help and phone support will probably be better for PG owners as PG would NOT talk to retail customers, only dealers and service centers. Doug
dougrainer 09/14/14 08:13am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Is it Schwintek or the MH?

Schwintek is made or marketed by Lippert. Almost everything that Lippert makes is substandard. If your unit has a Lippert step that is not a big problem. Simply replace with another brand. Moisheh What step brand do you suggest that owner replace their Kwikee steps (owned by Lippert) with? :S Customer service at Lippert is outstanding. Can't say the same about Power Gear (now owned by Lippert) or Kwikee (now owned by Lippert). :B Like many have said in the previous posts here and elsewhere, it was the box manufacturer that screwed up with the installation and slide opening with the Lippert slide system. It's a general consensus that Thor had slide openings in their Palazzo units that weren't square or had some undersized motor issues, and Thor installed this sytem on very large slides that weren't engineered by Lippert. It looks like these issues have been since remedied by Thor. I'm taking a chance on ordering a new Winnebago with the Lippert slides, as I believe the "bugs" of this new system have been ironed out in the late 2014 models and all the 2015 models. I'm confident that Winnebago, being the leader of the industry, wouldn't continue to use this mechanism on all their units if it wasn't a reliable and robust slide system. :B LCI does NOT own Kwikee. Powergear is NOT owned by LCI unless you have info from the last 30 days. So, the answer is---replace the LCI with a Kwikee step. LCI did NOT patent or develop the Scwintek system. They purchased it from the Inventor. As of Nov. 2013, last stats I am aware of, LCI shipped over 8000 slide mechanisms a month to OEM's. The ONLY full wall Schwintek slide I have had to work on was on a Jayco 5th wheel about 2 years ago(we are a Jayco dealer). I could NOT fix it regardless of the parts they sent and technical help they gave me. The unit was purchased back by Jayco and shipped off to Jayco. I have NOT seen another Jayco with a full wall slide using the Schwintek system. None of the other Brands we sell use the Schwintek on the full wall slides. IMO, full wall slides are just to long and heavy for the Scwintek system. Doug
dougrainer 09/13/14 11:55am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Is it Schwintek or the MH?

Winnebago is using these for all their models and have had very little problems, which really only involved a handful of the 2013 and early 2014 models that used the smaller motors (which were replaced with the larger motors under warranty). I haven't heard of any later model 2014 or any 2015 Winnebago models having schwintek slide issues since the motor line production change implemented around January 2014. :) The reason Winnebago uses the Schwintek slide system is there are no bars below the slide to take up basement storage space, and the system employs a weight reduction over the Power Gear slide system. It's not a cost saving issue. It IS Weight and COST, not just the weight. Doug
dougrainer 09/12/14 01:52pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: ARP Refrigerator Fire Safety Device

If 350 is the normal operating temps where is that measured from? Inside the boiler? in the flue area above the burner? For those that have the ARP it would be interesting to post how much off level would cause the temps to rise (1/2 bubble,or x degrees). It is measured about 4 inches above the flame and right next to the 2 120 elements. Doug
dougrainer 09/12/14 10:19am Tech Issues
RE: Carbon monoxide danger. A sense of perspective

"When hemoglobin combines with CO, it forms a very bright red compound called carboxyhemoglobin, which may cause the skin of CO poisoning victims to appear pink in death, instead of white or blue" I guess he is upset when officials(leaders?) state they do not know the cause of death and they should know the Pink/White/Blue color of Death?????? OR, which is MORE disturbing, he wants the Government(leaders) MORE involved in a free society and to dictate all facets of our lives. You cannot Save or Help or Legislate all Illiterate/Ignorant/ or just plain dump people to save them from themselves and their Ignorance. Which if TRUE, he lives in a country(Mexico) that could care less about the welfare of its own people. Doug
dougrainer 09/12/14 10:16am Tech Issues
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