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RE: Need a permanent solution to my TV issues

Since you have a single LNB Dish and that means you CANNOT get Direct HD channels, get a older Direct TV receiver(non HD) that has coax out to TV. Then just use the RV's coax cable to power each TV. Since NO HD , there is no reason to use HDMI cables. Doug I contacted Direct and they do not have a receiver with the coax outputs. All of theirs have the HDMI outputs and the coax inputs. You purchase an older receiver on E bay that has the coax. If the Direct receiver has the Yellow/Red/White RCA output, then do this- http://www.amazon.com/Philips-SWS2103W-17-Discontinued-Manufacturer/dp/B001UYUNSE
dougrainer 10/21/14 09:41am Tech Issues
RE: Need a permanent solution to my TV issues

Since you have a single LNB Dish and that means you CANNOT get Direct HD channels, get a older Direct TV receiver(non HD) that has coax out to TV. Then just use the RV's coax cable to power each TV. Since NO HD , there is no reason to use HDMI cables. Doug
dougrainer 10/21/14 05:32am Tech Issues
RE: Roof top airconditioner

A new upper control board for the model wall tstat AND the wall tstat and then you run the tstat wire harness(6 or 8 wire tstat wire). Your AC should have a tstat already, but I guess you have roof mount controls(knobs) and want the Fan to shut off when the compressor shuts off. The roof top multiplug will fit the RVP control board. Doug
dougrainer 10/20/14 07:28pm Tech Issues
RE: 100% electrical conversion?

Thank you all for your advice, your experiences and/or opinions - it has all giving me a lot to think about. I do have a generator and I have NO plans of ever getting rid of it or never using it. The main thing is I don't like is just having a lp gas tank in my rv. I wanted to see if getting rid of it is doable and worth it or am I just going to have to get rid of my hang ups and press on with it. How are you going to run the Refer? What are you going to do when you need the heat that only a furnace can supply? Going 100% electric is a noble idea, but why would you want to remove the LP system? It does not take up that much room and could be used as a back up if needed. Doug
dougrainer 10/20/14 02:45pm Tech Issues
RE: Dometic refrigerator issues

ANY smell of ammonia indicates you have a leaking cooling unit. Doug
dougrainer 10/20/14 12:24pm Tech Issues
RE: Kwikee Steps stopped working

While someone opens and closes the door to activate the door switch, HIT the existing motor with a hammer. After a few whacks the motor will activate to extend. IF you have 12 volt power to the control box, you will see the underside step amber light go on and off when you open and close the door. Doug
dougrainer 10/20/14 12:23pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: leveler down lite came on

Or You may have a weak Spring? If it happens again stop and look to see if one of the jacks appears to have slipped down. The control panel on My HWH Jacks indicates which Jack has deployed. The springs are inexpensive and easily replaced! Weak/Old springs will not cause a jack to extend enough to cause the down light to come on. Doug
dougrainer 10/18/14 09:47pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: leveler down lite came on

Winne usually had HWH your year. IF you have the NON automatic touch pad(300 series), then what you experienced is normal. The operating instructions for the 300 series requires you to ALWAYS push the store button every time you start the engine to travel. If you have this model HWH, respond and I will explain why. Doug
dougrainer 10/18/14 04:03pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Monaco Recalls

Just purchased a 2007 Monaco Dynasty Countess III. While it is beautiful, I wonder if there have been any recalls over the years and if they were adequately addressed or if any are still outstanding. Is there any way of finding this information? We have owned our '08 Dynasty since April of 2007 and have never received a recall notice to date. MM. Because, the OLD Monaco went out of business 3/5/2009. Doug You can still get a list of any recalls for your Model and year.
dougrainer 10/18/14 10:28am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Monaco Recalls

2007 was pre bankruptcy. ANY RECALL is void and not covered after Monaco went out of business. You can get a list of recalls for your specific RV, but IF it was a Roadmaster/Monaco/HR built part and recall, YOU will have to buy the recall parts and pay to have them installed. Once Monaco went out of business, ALL recalls and TSB's were voided. Monaco went under 3/5/2009. The NEW Monaco, is not responsible for the OLD Monaco problems or recalls. Doug
dougrainer 10/18/14 10:27am Class A Motorhomes
RE: extended service plans

If they are so great why does Consumers Reports highly recommend you stay away from them? Because they DO NOT ! Please POST WHERE you get this information. :S:S Be sure to specify where they "HIGHLY RECOMMEND" you stay away from RV, MOTOR HOME, TRAILER etc. service policies. Thank you....Dennis As 20 year subscriber to CR, they have NEVER recommended ANY type ESC for any product. The have stated to NOT purchase any type ESC. They have never reviewed an RV at all. As a 35 YEAR RV TECH, I would purchase a ESC for my new motorhome or trailer. Just like Auto's over the past 20 years, there are a LOT more complicated expensive items that can break down and cost a lot of money to fix. The main thing is, the PRICE, just like negotiating the price of your new RV, is negotiable also. If you have the money in the bank to pay for your problems, then don't buy, but very few people have that level of money in the bank. You must READ and UNDERSTAND what is covered and NOT covered in any ESC. They are NOT a warranty, they only cover what is in the contract, and a LOT of people do not understand that. Doug
dougrainer 10/18/14 10:21am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Do I have 2 WFCO Converters?

You will notice the built in WFCO converter, the 12 volt power wires are connected to the fuse panel. IF the stand alone had NO wires connected to the Red and Black lugs, then either 1. They installed a complete Breaker/Converter panel as a replacement instead of just replacing the stand alone or 2. They purchased the Stand Alone as a back up in case the built in failed. Doug
dougrainer 10/18/14 06:46am Tech Issues
RE: Duo Therm Penguin 15K heat pump

The upper control board has a relay that supplies power to the Compressor. Then the Start Capacitor kicks in. I doubt your control board is the problem. Either the compressor is locked up or the Start Capacitor is bad. You do NOT have to purchase a NEW tstat if you buy a new Penguin. You just purchase a 12 button to 5 button change kit to install on the new Penguin to operate with your existing Tstat. This is best if you have 2 roof top units because you will have to replace the 2nd unit completely if you buy the new Penguin and the new 12 button tstat. 12 and 5 button control boards are not compatible. If you do NOT have 2 roof top units and just the One unit, then buy the new 12 button tstat as the change out kit and the new Tstat are about the same price. Doug
dougrainer 10/17/14 05:51am Tech Issues
RE: xantrex echo charge

1. Mount it in the next sealed bay and just run the wires thru a bulkhead hole to the batteries 2. The Echo charger is usually used for just the CHASSIS batteries. IF you have an Inverter/Charger, that keeps the coach batteries fully charged and If you have just a CONVERTER, that also keeps the coach batteries fully charged.
dougrainer 10/16/14 10:54am Class A Motorhomes
RE: extended service plans

Get a copy of the Good Sam 1 year ESC and read it. SEE if what you had fixed was a covered component. The 1 year ESC's are very restrictive on what they cover. They usually do NOT cover the same complete items a multiyear contract covers. Doug
dougrainer 10/16/14 09:10am Class A Motorhomes
RE: atwood ac/heat pumps

Are you POSITIVE it is an Atwood???? The only AC/HP builders 10 years ago were RVP and Dometic. Is this a Basement unit or Roof Top unit? Doug
dougrainer 10/16/14 05:57am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Leveling a Fridge while on the Road

FWIW, we can't stand to camp in our rig out of level enough to affect our absorption refrigerator. We are far more picky on levelness than the refrigerator. At home in storage, the RV is also kept very level during times we run the refrigerator. Norcold Customer Service told me out-of-level running for short periods had no effect on long term reliability of our refrigerator. What I DID NOTICE on the rare times we parked for a bit too far out of level was that the refrigerator could not maintain it's temperature ... the interior temperature would start to rise. Get Norcold to put that statement in WRITING. As always, statements are subject to FACTS. What determines Short periods???? Some may think a few hours(bad), while Norcold meant a few minutes(less than 30 minutes). ANYTIME an Absorbsion refer is run out of spec level, it WILL cause a very very small problem. It accumulates over years. You never notice the affects of the times you went off level until it builds up and then one day the refer does not perform to expectations. Then you wonder why. The reason your refer started to rise was because the coolant was not circulating correctly and was starting the very small blockage. IF you parked long enough to notice a temp rise, you were NOT parked for a "short Period" of time. Doug
dougrainer 10/15/14 06:00am Tech Issues
RE: Trying to locate door pull source.

General Motors cars from 1976 to about 1985. Doug
dougrainer 10/14/14 12:19pm Tech Issues
RE: Fridge question regarding leveling

RV absorbsion units must be level within the criteria the OEM of the refer states, usually within 3 degrees. AND, it makes no difference on LP or 120. they must be level. What happens when ascending or descending an 4° to 8° grade??? -Tom Motion in transit negates the level factor! Doug
dougrainer 10/14/14 06:12am Tech Issues
RE: Fridge question regarding leveling

I think with the rental units the problem is accumulative and they are betting the refrigerators will last till there sold. Then it becomes the buyers problem. Possibly, BUT, lets say the renter goes home or someplace that has a good incline(driveway) and lets it sit for a few days, The CU will be history and the Rental company will be on the hook. The plain fact is, rental companies have certain employee's that either are NOT trained to deliver or they just don't care. Doug
dougrainer 10/14/14 06:10am Tech Issues
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