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RE: Class A Diesel Idling

Newer diesels are tuned totally different and may only need five minutes warm up in cold weather. Our Cat takes a few minutes , the colder the longer, to get it rolling. They talk about cylinder wash down if let idle too long. We use cruise control to idle about100 rpm and for at least five minutes usually ten if cold especially. During that time power cord is disconnect as well as sewer and water, Awning in jacks up and pads stored. Sometimes takes 15 minutes. We are usually in no rush so we don't start out at 0 dark thirty. We try to ensure our neighbors are up and about usually gone when we prepare to leave. We have tried to leave with the engine and transmission stone cold. It doesn't want to go anywhere.
down home 05/21/18 10:40am General RVing Issues
RE: Rattle Snakes

State brought in a lot of rattle snakes to the county to the west. They generally don't survive our environment. We have no problem with rats or anything else. Just thee Enviros that spend half of hunting and fishing license money etc but don't contribute a dime. This part of Tn historically, Cotton Mouths, can't exist. Rattle Snakes only in small pockets, and on the mountains to our west in small areas. even to the east the other side of the ridge line there are very few. Historically this large wedge of land into Ky, Cattle etc would not live and deer due to deadly milk sickness except on ridges and the sides and some pockets. So these Enviros decided we needed some Rattle Snakes. I've only seen three since 1970 and all three in the same few feet. Picked up one as a child at Grand Ma's near back door and chased my Uncle with it. I was not four yet. Ha a hard time letting go of it. Uncle Jim, the Sheriff, shot it's head off while I held it. Grand Ma and Mam like to have had a hissy fit. Didn't know that a Rattle Snake was supposed to be dangerous.
down home 05/21/18 10:28am General RVing Issues
RE: Registration Fees!

We only have two contested races this year, I think. Lots of rite ins but a waste. Reason is Neighbors with family and community values are in office. One running against our Sheriff haasn't got a chance. Can't get anyone to run for our small town offices so the Guy that is in there and doesn't really care to be there is still in. Our problems with taxes was last county mayor who raised our property taxes 30% just because they were the lowest, in the state....and to help a Developer who stole 30,000,000.00 from us. State is where problems are we now have the highest fuel taxes in the Country or pretty close. Our Governor has friends too and offered a carrot or stick to get them passed. They took the money.
down home 05/21/18 10:15am General RVing Issues
RE: Registration Fees!

GLAD I live in Tennessee. No state income taxes and we have a balanced state budget...with a surplus. Granted we have a high sales tax but I can control what I purchase. 74 bucks for renewal registration for what ever vehicle, and that used to be 25 until 2 years ago. What county are you registering in? We aid only 22.00 for the mh or the cars this year.
down home 05/19/18 07:45pm General RVing Issues
RE: Where did all this stuff come from?

I have seen a U haul backed up to Mh so you are doing exceptionally well in keeping the excess at a minimum.
down home 01/21/18 05:34pm General RVing Issues

down home 12/21/17 08:33am General RVing Issues
RE: Storage of sewer hose connector

We bought early on a plastic storage box from CW that a Rhino hose will fit in nicely and the end fittings too in the middle. We bought another not specifically designed storage box that is a bit larger for a second section of hose and fittings, since some sights require a longer run. They are not much taller than the hose and not much bigger than the curled hose. So they both fit into a compartment nicely and a couple o hoses on top. We always, flush the hoses, and tanks black tank first and nothing but soapy water with a bit of softener sometimes, though the hoses of course. The liquid shower soap, washer detergent, and softener and dandruff shampoo leave the hoses smelling good with no dandruff. :) We lay them on the grass and rinse of the outsides and let them dry. No smells at all since the boxes are pretty tight and the hoses clean.
down home 12/21/17 07:24am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: How do you lock/secure your generator?

Quite some time ago I designed in my head a cage for generators. Design a box of stainless that your unit will fit in, and a removable to from lower flat section, Shield top from rain, hoes in sides or ventilation and access without unbolting to fuel fill and of course starting. A Metal shop will probably charge in the neighborhood of 200.00 250.00. or not. Design the bolting system to your rv bumper or whatever with a bit of consideration. Otherwise vent a compartment and install a fan and put it inside. Or jsut make sure the door is open and fan is running when generator is running. Closed up no one is the wiser unless they are cruising through picking targets, which seems to be the case in most instances. Some hard mount them in pickup beds with and use long cables. harder to manuver around fifth wheel hitch and unbolt something like that, but this is not perhaps the best choice. Some Fifth Wheels and Trailers could be optioned with a generator, perhaps purchasing and installing that unit in the compartment, would be the best of ideas. Cost is perhaps the important first consideration, but replacing a stolen generator will at least double that cost.
down home 12/21/17 07:15am General RVing Issues
RE: RV Loan Interest Deduction yes or no?

New limits on value of mortgage deductions total is 750,000.00. Right now it is 1,100,000.00, I think. So the Big Prevosts and others will see a lot less interest deduction on new purchases or on home and RV together. Current assets Grand fathered. Someone confirm this. I haven't finished my first cup of coffee.
down home 12/21/17 07:03am General RVing Issues
RE: Cheap Handling Fix - Bolt Missing

Find some stainless steel grade 5 bolts with nylock nuts, and washers o the right diameter, and length. It sounds like the bolts are backing out from stress. If they are shearing grade five is called for. Grade eight is stronger but a bit more brittle. It is for strength longitudionally. realistically either grade should wok quit well. If it is backing out after the nylocks or instead use blue loctite red tube. Red locktite, it will never back out but you will have to use a torch to loosen them again. I used some on a Holley in my hot rod years, and when I finally got the little bolt out metal from the carb came with it. You've got some extreme flexing force there. I might suggest inquiry into heavier rod and mounts and check bushings possibly replacing with urethane. Your frame may be flexing a lot, and need to look into inspecting body to frame mounts and the whole works. might even be missing bolts or broken bolts elsewhere.
down home 12/21/17 06:58am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Security check

Something is still going on with a lot of Folks Computers. The Hacks are monitoring keystrokes. Wife paid a bill online and the next day we get a notice "from the bank" to verify our security password or cards would not work. Yeh right. Forwarded it to bank but they can't do anything. There is a whole bunch or Hackers including our govt agencies. I closed D port whatever. I'l have to locate the information and see if it is open again. I'm not anywhere near as sharp as several years ago when tracking all these Hackers down was fun.
down home 12/18/17 10:46pm Around the Campfire
RE: Green Gasoline

We are fortunate to have four stations maybe five, the that sell no ethanol gas. Only one sells mid grade no ethanol and two no ethanol regular. I use mid grade 89 octane about 2.59 a gallon, and 93 octane for the Merc about 2.89 a gallon, way to high but I have a bunch of yard equipment ruined by ethanol. I'll stick to the pure stuff. I add some Chevron fuel additive if it sits over winter, but full tanks.
down home 12/18/17 10:39pm Tech Issues
Security check

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 29509691
down home 12/18/17 01:58pm Class A Motorhomes
Security check

Replied just a bit ago to a thread. Had to do capcha or something security check. Not seen that before. Someone has hacked all our computers and spent most of yesterday cleaning. Understood it was China. Seems likely since they stole every iota of our info two years ago. This computer keeps opening the tray wanting me to load a disc. however is is secure now.
down home 12/18/17 01:58pm Around the Campfire
RE: Freezin our butts off!!

If they are talking about the Cheap Heat system it IS 5000 watts and requires 50 amp service as it does draw somewhere close to 40 amps. Nothing cheap about that if you have to pay the electric bill. If you don’t know what you are talking about, you should stay out of the discussion! #1. It DOESN'T require a 50 amp service to operate, on the 1,800 watt setting it works on a 30 amp service, through a 20 amp breaker. #2. On the 5,000 watt setting, yes a 50 amp 208 volt service is required, but the system runs on a 30 amp 208 volt breaker. We have a 32’ 5er the we heated to 70 degrees easily with outside temperatures in the low forty’s on the 1,800 watt setting on a 30 amp service used other electrical device without issues. Currently on a 50 amp service, and the 5,000 watt setting and will heat us down in to the teens. I am seriously considering the new add on box that auto detects the voltage 120/208 and switches to the correct wattage for the service one is connected to. I can manually change over in about 20 minutes, but having it do it automatically would be nice. It doesn’t make any difference if use cheap heat or electric space heaters, you are still using electricity so the bill will be the same. My furnace doesn’t run continuously cycles just like using gas. Thanks for the kind thoughts! Also, thanks for confirming that you are going to need 50 amp service if you plan to use the 5000W option. There is NO 208 V service available with 30 amp service. Don't you hate it when that happens! Yep, sure do!!:S I looked in to this closely before deciding to install. Several emails to the developer. Once I realized that the package was one set of components, just wired differently, I decided to buy. As I have stated I have wiring for both 30 amp 120 volt and 50 amp 240 volt installed, and it takes about 20 minutes of work to switch. RV Comfort Systems now offer an auto switch device for $119, which I am seriously thinking of installing to save the time and effort. I am still impressed with how well it works, I had done the watts to BTU previous to buying, I knew my gas furnace rated at 30,000 BTU INPUT, was only rated at 23,700 BTU OUTPUT. That is still better than the 17,060 BTU on 5,000 watt setting, so far it does the job of keeping us warm. One of the nicer features is that heat is almost instant, there is no 15 second purge, the element gets power the same time the fan starts, the only cool air you feel is what is in the duct. My personal reason,for buying was mainly SAFETY, I am the son of a Firefighter, he disliked winter, too many fires caused by space heaters and from time to time death. Secondary to that is my heater doesn't take up any floor or counter space. This is important because you don't want to destroy your mh electric by plugging into a 240 volt pug as quite a few have. We don't have 50 amp 240 volt service. You have two 50 amp legs and a common ground. 100 amps total but on two legs unless you have a Prevost or other with two fifty amp cables and 100 amp service. Don't hit your mh with 240 Volts. It might burn up but will msot certainly be expensive if the breakers can't handle it.
down home 12/18/17 01:52pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Field Mice and Replacement Hoses

Mice. Rats will chew their way through even thin metals. Certainly plugging up holes with foam from Lowes etc that rats and mice don't like at all. Mice can get in a hole about as small as a pencil, and if need be enlarging it. Most effective way is an animal. Ferrets, cats. Ferrets like to make nest of fabric and so on too though. In enclosed storage they make a lot of sense, outside, of the rv but you do have to take care of them to an extent, like even barn cats. The cat is perhaps the better choice in most weather. A rat snake or other type will work but most people are not in tune with them. Farmers know, and won't harm the snakes in the barn except the poisonous ones. Baited Traps might get most or even all but not necessarily. I have two of the plug in whatchamacallits, in our huge basement at home. So far no rats but one snake did crawl in while I was doing some cleaning with door open. Poisons work well but we don't want them in the walls when they die. Those with Warfrin do not harm humans and most others. The mice and rats go looking for water. So have some water, nearby, but not in the rv. Warfrin is a blood thinner, prescribed for humans.
down home 12/17/17 02:53pm General RVing Issues
RE: Mercedes ditching diesels in North America

EPA is the reason. Our regs are tougher than Europe's. A long time ago EPA appointed and elected officials declared a goal of eliminating diesels from the road. B20 has less energy but higher lubricity. It attracts water more easily and microbes love it, pus in cold weather (it wants to separate, with any hint off water and goes down hill from there.) I will have to check to reafirm this point.) We wouldn't have it despite the EPA's war on Fossil fuels,and Bio Diesel as well as Ethanol Corporate Farms and their lobbies spending billions to get it mandated in fuel and subsidize their production too. Legislating Profits is what they have done. Our taxes and higher prices, and problems with fuel and expensive engines be damned. Welfare for Alternative Fuel Billionares, and hugely increased cost for Engiens and fuel systems and maintenance or Americans.
down home 12/14/17 11:38am Tech Issues
RE: Are All Undercoats Created Equal?

Lizard skin came into my knowledge when I watched or read an account of building Mustangs with 427 engines and larger, Eleanor, very high dollar cars. Metal they use today is more resistant tor rust but..... Traditional asphalt undercoating, as noted by others, does let moisture get through and comes apart and falls off from it, and grit and rocks and so on.
down home 12/13/17 08:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: Bears

I think I've only seen two wild bears near Townsend Tn. However, son saw one three or our years ago near RxR tracks. Others have seen one or two over the years. A 150 to 175 lb Cougar, according to TWRA, with a cub was sighted now over ten years ago up the hill above our home. Kids played near the spring and in the field. Lots of deer and some turkey or food for them. When I hear of reports of either one in the area I carry a .44 Revolver while mowing. The Bambi syndrome is responsible or a lot of People getting killed by wildlife. Two coyotes denning near the house, came or my Son In Law and two pups he was walking. He called and Mama and Dad A Chocolate Lab and a Australian Shepard came running. They chased the coyotes a bit before he called them back. One game trail goes right behind the house, muddy and deep in parts. The coyotes chased the cat up it and he ran into the house. Wild animals look cute and cuddly but they live by not letting a chance for food escape. Bears Cats and Wolves and Coyotes are predators and you may get away with approaching them a time or two then you may become dinner. Pepper spray and little bells have no reality in a serious world.
down home 12/13/17 07:57pm General RVing Issues
RE: Are All Undercoats Created Equal?

Check with the better paint and auto supply shops. On they were using some time ago was called Lizard skin. It not only protected the metal it deadened sound a bit. I think it was urethane. On dry metal once on water can't get to it. The old tar like undercoatings invariably came off the very area attacked the worse by slat, grit and slush. Of course anywhere near an ocean metal rust very very quickly. I would think the truck bed coatings would be outstanding. Prep of the surface is vital. One reason to do any coating right o the showroom floor or before any moisture or dirt gets to it.
down home 12/11/17 08:15pm General RVing Issues
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