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RE: Retired husband

Hehehehe. Always get a kick out of that joke. I bet some have tried similar things. I get suckered into going somewhere with her all the time. Nothing like 2 hours or more waiting. At least these places could put in some benches and maybe a tv for the Husbands. May have to find ways to relieve the bordedom. Maybe try on some dresses and ask others their opinion.
down home 09/20/14 07:58pm Around the Campfire
RE: Looking for info on Trojan BT-105 Batteries

I can't wrap my head around being only .05 lbs lighter but having only 210 amp as opposed to regular T105s. Sixty nine dollars sound like a bargain. Don't wait until your sitting at Tuscon's Caterpillar shop, a very good one and they have to get them from a Golf Cart Supplier. He quoted them one price until he found out it was for MH and upped the price about 15.00 per, I think. 640.00 for four T105's installed late on a Friday. The Cat dealer was simply outstanding.
down home 09/19/14 08:34pm Tech Issues
RE: tires out of round because of bent wheels

I had new tires put on my motorhome about 4 months ago, noticed a bad bouncing on front tires, took it back to dealer, was told I had 5 bent wheels on the unit, and now must buy new wheels and tires, as the tires are out of round because of the bent wheels. Could this be true, and why was I not told of the bent wheels when they put the new tires on. Uh....no! Your wheels may have been bent when they installed the tires but I suspect you got bad tires. They manhandled those expensive rims, at the last place we had them balanced and nicked the inside of one of the rims.To them a MH Rims is a semi rim and don't care. The big tools they use on these rims can easily bend them jsut as some Tire Dealers mess up a lot, of Customers rims with the tools and don't give a damn treatment. Go to a different Dealer. Let us know if they are bent and what that dealer says did it.
down home 09/19/14 08:11pm General RVing Issues
RE: Starbucks intimidates me

A lot of People like Starbucks judging by the lines at their drive through. I don't care for the aroma from them or some other trendy "Coffee Shops." Nothing like the smell, of fresh coffee beans or ground coffee. I remember the Grocery Stores had a grinder you could set for the grind best suited to your coffee maker. Smelled delicious. hard to find now. Starbucks smells like burning hs as do others. I like some coffee and make it plenty strong and it smells good brewing. The Kureg makes decent coffee but I'm getting around to a grinder and fresh beans, and get the coffee maker back from under the counter. I don't believe I want coffee that is a fashion statement and smells bad.
down home 09/19/14 08:00pm Around the Campfire
RE: Questions about Tractor Supply

Tractor Supply prices according to competition. They are generally higher than anyone else if no one else is close unless it is to get the business. Once competition is gone the prices go up. The catalog doesn't have prices. Different stores have different stores. For instance a 50 lb bag, of feed corn is around 12.00 there and 8.00 at the co-op. That was last year prices. Depends on prices of local competition.
down home 09/17/14 10:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: Pay it forward

Help all those we can! Occasionally, in life, there appears a situation before us, little or great. To do other wise leave....... Most Folks do that.
down home 09/17/14 09:57pm Around the Campfire
RE: Dog food-are these ingredients necessary?

Dogs have evolved as carnivores all along the way. They eat berries and some low growing fruits too. I guess some biologist put the receipt together but most of the stuff seems like bowel irritants and fillers. They say not to feed them table scraps but they survived living with people, for a long time. Of course some things like little chicken bones; and onions and garlic are dangerous in any quantity over time. They eat rodents and whatever carrion they can find and it causes them no problems. I don't thin a diet of wheat, corn, soy and their husks are going to go well with thei systems though.
down home 09/16/14 05:45pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Dreaming Dog

I live on the outskirts of town in Arizona. I routinely see coyotes in our neighborhood. One morning while driving to work, there was a woman walking her beagle down the road. I saw a coyote dash out of the brush and grab the beagle by the rear leg. I jumped out of the truck and threw a rock at the coyote to drive it off. The poor beagle had a nasty puncture wound on it's leg and had to take a trip to the vet. Just west of you a Highway Patrolman hit a pack or family of coyotes crossing the Interstate. I don't remember if he survived or not. I hope so. I saw a coyote in front of Kids house in Red Rock, the evening we left. how he got through all the fencing is beyond me. Saw quite a few west of there near the state park. Any child alone would be in serious danger.
down home 09/16/14 05:38pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Lipstick:::::

Someone I know, used to work at the old Carlisle Float mfg company. She was just a teenager and didn't know some things. she thought she would clean the few coffee cups in the lunch room. She used a little mop that was just perfect for the job: the johnny mop. Nobody wanted to drink coffee that day.
down home 09/16/14 08:41am Around the Campfire
RE: Dreaming Dog

A couple months ago my Son In Law was walking his pups, in the woods above us. They stumbled upon a blow down where a pack or family, of coyotes, were denning. The growled and came after he and the pups. He called and the Australian Shepperd Mother and the Big Lab came in hot pursuit. We've had the coyotes practically on our rear porch. The Turkeys have fled. They use to fill the yard. We've only seen a few deer this spring and summer. The game trail is well defined and muddy, in spots, thanks to the coyotes, I think. I haven't been able to go after them so it seems logical to sit on the front porch and play a predator call, in the little cove. Problem is everyone driving by on the road 200 yards away will think we are the Beverly Hillbillies and want to call the Sheriff.
down home 09/16/14 08:28am RV Pet Stop
RE: Diverticulosis

down home 09/16/14 07:48am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Prayers for Jake, please

Prayer on the way. A scratch behind his ears for me.
down home 09/15/14 11:09pm RV Pet Stop
Dreaming Dog

Watching Tv, tonight. No sleep possible. Dakota, sleeping near me, on his bed. He kinda chortled, laughed or something, his paws and forelegs were flexing. Perhaps he is chasing a rabbit or maybe he is running away. It caused him to wake after couple minutes. I may have noted it before but I picked up a .22 the other evening because the coyotes seemed closer. The sight of it made him tremble. I put it away quickly but he continued to shake. He laid down next to my wife's chair and refused to leave her side or mine the rest of the evening. Someone we knew shot him and a bulldog because they trespassed on his vacant field across, from us, several years ago with a.410. I think he still has a few pellets, in his left foreleg. he limps a bit sometimes. Saying all that to say animals,or at least dogs have memories. The sight, of any gun makes him tremble. No amount of reassuring works to take away the fear. Doesn't matter if it is a pellet gun or whatever. We rubbed his ears and chin and petted him. Finally late that evening he got up from beside our bed and went to sleep on his. He knows what a gun is and can do. Not afraid. of us but guns. Makes me take pause about possibly shooting the coyotes. They have scared the deer and turkeys to other fields apparently. Dakota has gone back to sleep. Another thing I've learned is that he much prefers to be petted than to be praised. He loves us and will come by and lick us because he has no hands. I do wish he could learn to brush his teeth.
down home 09/15/14 11:07pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Football: College vs nfl

High School! 2x
down home 09/13/14 09:27pm Around the Campfire

Found out I had Diverticulosis Tuesday. Actually found out I had it in 2010, when I went to hospital with impossible to believe cramping. They had a Surgeon standing by to cut me open, if they couldn't get the tube down my throat. Four miserable days and a 3 hour circular, if that is the term, Cat Scan. They said I was eat up with Diverticulosis. VA Doctors put a scope down my throat and said I did not have it and could eat anything I wanted. Well almost continual diarhea for 20 years has not been fun. I still am packing quite a bit of weight from 2010 til now too. Tuesday evening VA ER told me I had it and elevatedd white blood count of 16 I think. IV antibiotics and prescription for short term oral antibiotics. It hasn't done one bit of good. I just read part of what is posted on Internet and now they say eat pretty much anything including seeds. Something can't be right there. Anyway, what do any of you Folks do to or what does your Dr do to treat it?
down home 09/13/14 08:35pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Ethanol in small engines

My experiences with ethanol gas has cost me money and a lot of agrivation. I've had to replace several yard tools because of it and rebuild carbs etc on lawn mowers including metal gas tanks. I don't trust stations selling 10% ethanol. Two weeks ago we droe to nashville in the Merc. It was pinging and sounded and ran horrible. Wee had filled up at a BP signed mkt with 93 Octane Ethanol blend, or so it said. We took it to the Dealer. the Tech said it was not premium gas in the tank. The computer pulls back timing if you put junk gas in but not far enough apparently. Risking a small fortune or big fortune, in a nengine to save a few pennies with Ethanol won't happen again. We buy gas at one station, now that sell No Ethanol Gasoline. Our 07 Saturn we had for towed got gasoline in Indiana both times, Shell, that caused the injectors to be replaced twice. It amazes me that some people will argue with sound observation, physics, chemistry. Ethanol in gasoline is a headache, financially, and every other way. Now you ask a Midwest Corn Farmer banking a million a year or more after the banks get's its due and you know what you will get. I sat around the campfire and listened to good people who farm corn up there. I just grit my teeth and ge a headache. If I'm making a lot of money off ethanol corn, I'd be proclaiming it's snake oil cure for everything too....not
down home 09/06/14 06:50pm Tech Issues
RE: Camper burgularized in driveway !!

These gangs will headquarter, if that is the word in places like Atlanta. They now have Google view and others to plan their raids. They go out as far as a hundred miles or more or less and using the "intelligence" they have gathered drive through neighborhoods looking for likely targets, which include those which they have information, are gone on vacation etc. As the number, of gangs and drug cartel, grows from Illegals swarming across our border it will get worse. Nice neighborhoods of all economic strata will be where the bounty is. This is why, in Brazil the wealthy wall themselves off from the rest of the population and the reason South Florida we see the same thing but to a lesser degree. This is why our Police stop suspicious traffic, to them, in neighborhoods. They have to make some judgement calls yet they still only deter a fraction. It was always said the same 2% did 98%, of the crimes but the 2% is growing but not by 2% but a higher number. Isolated, however relative, homes, in the country, are more at risk too. Probably more so.
down home 09/05/14 05:00pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Hey Little(?) Cobra

i believe in personal freedom to do whatever you want, that want harm others. The People who owned this Cobra are in the same category as those in Florida that released the Boas and Anacondas and Monitors, Snake Head Fish and a lot of others. They got to where they didn't want them and let them go. The Everglades and surrounding area will never be the same. There are some Professionals who think they will spread north as far as Tn, NC and so on. I know many many years ago, whileon the wy to hunt squirrels, in a State Forest I saw a monster of a snake cross the road. It wass as large as my leg in diameter. It went into the reeds and the water of a small pond. I never got a chance to shoot it. I hope cold weather killed it. this was in eastern Tn. They caught a Boa at an Illinois Burger King, in the parking lot. Legislators must make it a criminal offense to let these things go and a bond sufficient for the number of people to immediately go after them, when they get free, however long it takes. These snakes are dangerous to humans and pets and all wildlife. Instead of caputring them it should be mandatory to destroy them. They are vermin because of what they can do to our Country. Just look at Florida. Why Florida and the Feds too, haven't instituted a 100.00 bounty dead, on these things in Florida amazes me. Everyone would be hunting them or at least a great many. A no license no limit open season year round would still offer a chance at control, for relative peanuts compared to a whole lot, of Citizens hard earned tax dollar wasted on stupid stuff.
down home 09/05/14 10:20am Around the Campfire
RE: Bubblling Toilet Followup - and a Suprise...

This is why we use the fill and flush method with the Sani flush valve every time we empty the black tank. Fill the remaining volume of the tank with water and switch vale to gray tank and ffill to full volume or vice verse. Then pressure back to black tank and open valve slowly and let the tank get cleaned. When water starts to come out clear let it run five minutes more. Switch to gray tank and turn on the water and open sewerr valve slowly. let drain and let flush five minutes longer after water clears. Snesors are clean as well as tank. Put about five gallons back in black tank with chemicals, and some amout perhaps a gallon in gray tank and chemicals. last flush for storage don't put any water back in unless you plan pn using it again in a reasonable time. The chemicals keep the bugs from developing. Calgonite will help clean sensors and tanks when it shoshes around going down the road with the five gallons or with sewage in it. Flushing is really important to keep as many problems away as possible on our rigs.
down home 09/05/14 02:21am General RVing Issues
RE: Waldo Florida Spped Trap

The point is that if the police officers are told to ticket X number of people per hour or get fired, if there aren't enough speeders, they are going to start ticketing people who aren't speeding. And that is not fair. When I drive Waldo, I drive five under, with cruise control, speed verified by GPS. And i have gotten sick enough of it, I take a different route. This happened to my sister in McMinneville Tn, School treasurer and fill in teacher, Pastor's wife, active in the community. She got a ticket for going through a stop sign. She was stopped at the stop sign comming from the other direction. She doesn't take any gruff. He said it doesn't matter you didn' stop sometime and wrote her the ticket. Her Boss took the side of the Officer, It was political in this case. We can no longer blindly trust those we put in positions of trust.
down home 09/05/14 02:10am General RVing Issues
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