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RE: ? TV Rodent Repellant LEDs?

Kinda like the porch lights. The deer like to feed there where they can see. Even come up on the porch to look in the window. But then, that's enough. If peopel say it works well, it does, I guess. Testimonials?
down home 12/08/16 09:38pm General RVing Issues
RE: Bill in Congress to increase Senior park pass to $80

I'll add my voice in opposition. We pay taxes for them to administer our Parks and Forests, not to turn them into profit makers or to privatize them. They are not reducing taxes in any place I can find. They are just adding cost to those that use them, under the theory that we can afford to go we should pay. Kind of like punishment and example of Socialist thought. A lot of people don't go because the extra twenty, fifty or whatever just makes it unaffordable. I know from where I speak. We were dirt poor as kids. Charge Alien Visitors if they want but not Citizens.
down home 12/08/16 09:35pm General RVing Issues
Ho ho ho

Probably a foot or two, of snow or more, of where I'm thinking. Anyone bought a lot or bit of land near or on where you want to spend some time each year, not a RV Park or such and no crowded stuff? I'm still thinking of a couple acres north of Superior, on the water, if I can rob a bank. Put in a concrete or other pad, well, and pump and septic.Put the well pump and cap inside a small building, along with other things. A connection, for the generator, in the Motor home, for the pump. When we go up for the year, Park hook up sewer and water. Pull the switch when needed to fill tank and tank on Mh. And....then fish until I have to come in, for water or something, go antiquing. Maybe make the pad and drive big enough for two, less mowing. Generous patio and so on. And in off season Santa can use it as rest stop on his way south. :)
down home 12/08/16 09:17pm Class A Motorhomes
He knows whether you have been naughty or nice

Who has their tree up and decorations all around? Got the cookies made and waiting? Fruitcake? Pies and cakes? Stockings filled for the kids? Let's see some photos. I can't send any bah humbug. Starting tomorrow, honest. :)
down home 12/08/16 08:50pm Around the Campfire
RE: update on DW's cancer

Prayer on its way.
down home 12/08/16 08:46pm Around the Campfire
RE: freezing weather

I would put a 100 watt, if available bulb in a drop cor with metal housing. Suspend it away from walls etc. It should keep the wet bay from freezing by a good margin. The furnaces will heat the bays and pipes and some into the wet bay, at least on ours. Just disconnect the hose to fresh water when below freezing unless it is a heated hose. I've been ssying for ages we need to buy one of the heated hoses, wil right after it is needed, I guess.
down home 12/05/16 10:45pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Safety in camping in public areas.

I don't answer my door armed, and I don't believe very many, if any really do. Again, just because one is prepared while on the road, or at home, does not mean they are entering the saloon with their gun on their hip. Mike There are some places like that, where there are cultures of crime. People should move out if you fear enough to go to the door armed, unless there is perp in the neighborhood,etc.
down home 12/05/16 10:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: In Defense of Fahrenheit

I don't care for the metric system. In Canada they have a fear of large numbers or kilometers. Maddening to drive with you foot on the brake, at 25kph on divided major road. Inches and pounds serve fine. The move during Carter era to make the globe, metric was part, of the Globalist equation. Choosing whether to wear long sleeves or short,or sweater or jacket is bit, of bother, as the same temp Centigrade covers several degrees F.
down home 12/05/16 10:08pm Around the Campfire
RE: Fires in the Appalachians

Anyone notice a word of chastisement, in my post? I doubt the Folks we helped the last two days, will even consider it, this time. Won't know about it to consider it. Perhaps Insurance companies will drop a word to those rebuilding. Insurance rates in areas with no fire service are very high. Those building log cabins, the rates re outrageous and prevent many from building their ideal retirement retreat, in the woods.
down home 11/30/16 02:41pm Around the Campfire
Fires in the Appalachians

Sometime, way in the past this came up before. Protecting our homes within woodlands. lot of people laughed when I proposed sprinkler systems, permanently installed and secure from fire damage, on roofs. I noticed someone took my idea, in one of the Country life magazines, out west.It saved their home when others burned, and has been adapted by others and pushed by the fire departments. Brother has his propane tanks and lines buried, and uses well water, as most real rural Folks do. Integrated right into th home they are not noticeable, and, with high flow and 50 to 80 lb pressure, your own generator and deep well(s), fires stand little chance. Just keep tree fall lines beyond the house by 30 ft for so. All those Folks in the Smoky Mountain area in Tn and NC, you can bet your britches had no such protection, except maybe one or two.
down home 11/30/16 10:42am Around the Campfire
RE: tanks

We have left both open in the past....but then there was the time sewer gasses came back at us. then in Mississippi, I saw several large slugs coming up the pipe. I just laid our pipe outside and recapped it. When we emptied and flushed the black and then the gray next morning, after connecting, we gave them a good bath. When we are using the washer we leave it connected. one shower each and one load, of clothes, and maybe some dishes, the tank is full. our Gray tank is 100 gallons same as potable water. We have had a bit of water in the shower. Instructions say to and we do have it connected and open when we wash clothes and some other times. Many times we check gauges before showering, if parked a while and open, then. Closed night before to fill with as much soapy water, as possible to flus the system.
down home 11/29/16 01:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: Defective Ultra Leather on Flexsteel Furniture

There is/are other threads on the Ultra Leather and Flex steel years back. The original Ultra Leather is good stuff. Our is 11 years old and in great shape. At some point they started using the cheaper version. I cannot remember if the company, that made Ultra Leather was bought out and the new stuff didn't perform or what. I cannot find the threads. Perhaps someone here can.
down home 11/29/16 01:28pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Why spotlights on older Class A'?

Could use one on our mh. Can't read road signs at night. Try holing a flash light out door while going 5 mph.
down home 11/29/16 01:22pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Post that do not stick to subject

There is a big lake nearby
down home 11/19/16 08:54pm Around the Campfire
RE: Sleeping Overnight at Flying J's

We stayed one night at a Flyin J in southern Ky. There are still five or six parking places expressly for RVs out front. It was our first time out and we asked. We missed our exit for our reservation and it was late and getting cold. The noise of ever minute or so, of Driver or Ticket number such and such, your shower is available, drove us nuts and we didn't get a whole lot of sleep. used the furnaces and were toasty. No one would have even taken notice if we had run the generator and heat pumps. The only downside was the noise and lights. We left the slides in because the spaces were not that great in width. We did open them in the am and shower.
down home 11/14/16 01:20pm General RVing Issues
RE: Sleeping Overnight at Flying J's

We stayed one night at a Flyin J in southern Ky. There are still five or six parking places expressly for RVs out front. It was our first time out and we asked. We missed our exit for our reservation and it was late and getting cold. The noise of ever minute or so, of Driver or Ticket number such and such, your shower is available, drove us nuts and we didn't get a whole lot of sleep. used the furnaces and were toasty. No one would have even taken notice if we had run the generator and heat pumps. The only downside was the noise and lights.
down home 11/14/16 01:19pm General RVing Issues
RE: Leaf spring add-on

I'm relying on my former Neighbors experiences and a few trips in air bag equipped F350s. The air bags were used in towing a three axle Fifth wheel. The F350 and especially the GM Chevy One tons are very firm already. Extra Springs can be configured to come into play only when the load compresses the original pack a good ways. The air bags can be inflated or deflated, and the Fifth Wheel rides level, and not as much extra pounding on passengers in the Truck. Ride quality is a lot better with bags, from what I've experienced and testimony, of Friends who have went both ways in the past.
down home 11/14/16 01:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: torn between two toads

Everyone has their own set of priorities or requirements. Little cars to easy and cheap on fuel. I loved the Saturn we had. My priorities now, include being able to put a boat or canoe on a rack and towing a trailer, if our antique hunting finds some things we want again. Plus rough country used or state, national forest and National Parks. A four wheel drive F50 or Chevy, Dodge or other, will fit the bill and a V8 will last a lot longer with fewer problems, imo. Trucks are heavier and thus fuel consumption will be higher while towing and in use but can't seem to have both low fuel consumption and much higher capabilities.
down home 11/14/16 01:04pm Dinghy Towing
RE: 2014 Ford Edge FWD

We have a 2013 Edge Limited and had a 2010. The problems, we have encountered, in dead batteries, has always been in not following the instructions. There is always the instinct, to push in, the brake pedal. Don't, while in Neutral, after stopping engine, push in the start button, with foot off the brake, until it says accessory mode. Of course, before stopping the engine put a/c in recirculate and turn it off, even though you don't have to turn off the ac,then turn off the radio and the headlights. Don't leave the lights on, as the headlights will come on. The taillights and turn and marker lights run off the charge wire from the coach. Every eight hours or so many miles you are supposed to start then engine and run it through the gears, so many minutes per gear. Don't forget the procedure to put it back into accessory mode. Don't leave an interior lights, on by accident. On the 2010 it used a key and once or twice wife forgot to turn the key all the way back. If it does die I have a long set of jumper cords plus I carry a battery pack, tire inflator. I have to be careful to not let it stay plugged in the Dc plug in rear too long after being charged. :) We put a new higher caapacityLifeline maintenance free battery in the car this May, so if we do leave the lights on etc perhaps, it won't matter. First time out, this year, we drove from Tn, to NC and to Myrtle Beach,S C, at night, for a long portion, and did not lose the charge.
down home 11/14/16 12:50pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Coffee

We have the Keurig and while handy just not anywhere near the perfect cup. Going to the store by myself and see if I can figure out the highest volume seller, in beans. Then get me a good grinder, that won't break within a month.
down home 11/14/16 12:39pm Around the Campfire
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