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RE: I am Now Qualfiied as an "Old Man"

Good that you've qualified. You can have my spot. I'm not liking it as well as the thirties. Think I'll go back.
down home 04/24/15 08:47pm Around the Campfire
RE: 'Another' Class A Fire from blown tire?

I'm still amazed that RV Manufacturers don't design a steel or other wheel well or can. Once they have the basic design all they have to do is incorporate it with design software into the next units. Not rocket science and not expensive. Two to three hundred dollars and no more worries about Customers coaches being destroyed and possibly lost lives and a positive selling point. I'm sure with more effort on an Individual's part, like me, if I were younger, cut design and install wheel wells just like we made larger cans for slicks on drag cars. Two hundred more pounds of steel or possibly plastics would not labor a diesel.
down home 04/24/15 08:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: How to Get the Stink Out of Bathroom

I agree with not using the vent fan when flushing. In addition to that, we use a clear fitting at the black tank valve and can actually see when the water runs clear. It usually takes 3 times to completely dump/refill the tank before the water finally runs clear. Ninety percent of the time a vent fan is pulling air out of the coach somewhere. Turn it off or if reversible pull air into the coach when using the john. ::
down home 04/24/15 08:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: Look twice before just pulling on through !

See all kinds of offensive behaviors. For years, now the cellphone, has been number one ingredient in many hwy collisions, cut offs and so on. Increasingly, it seems, Semi Drivers weaving and up and down on the pedal, as you get past them yo use the cellphone snugged against their ear. They paid better attention with the CB, for some reason. Women and men change lanes and up and down on the pedal, don't use their mirrors, block traffic at ten under, nearly sideswipe you or others, and drive aggressively with the cell next to their ear or on the or near the steering wheel texting.. I try to keep a long interval between cars in front and back and side if I can but invariably some little Honda etc will jump right in and ride the car in front and I back off and again and again. doesn't matter what speed I'm at they will fly up and cut your off left or right lane and slow down. It's not the Mercs or BMWs or Porches usually but little Celicas etc with women driving with the cellphone stuck on their ear. I bet I could keep this up the rest of the night and not cover half the stuff. :)
down home 04/24/15 08:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: Watch that bridge!!!

We've used the Truck option on the Garmin and Rand Mcnutty both. Neither of them have all the bridges and underpasses. Co Pilot keeps careful watch in towns for these things and elsewhere. In Indiana Truck bypass on small town on 31 nearly caught us. In Indiana just over the river from Louisville a park is located with one route under a lo overpass and no here to trun around,, at that time. I think they ere working on the road. A friendly guy, from the park drove over and helped keep traffic clear so we could turn around and make a circuit loop to the park. There is ancient RxR underpass that has caught thousands of truckers and Mhs over the years. Police are regularily there to stop traffic and help them back up. The major hwy north and south the Dixie Hwy is it and no trucks got caught until 30 years ago when they started making them so large. I'm thinking of buying a Goodyear, I think, Trucker's GPS. It has to be more accurate as any Trucker depending on it would have to file a tremendous claim on bad info.
down home 04/23/15 12:04am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Look twice before just pulling on through !

It takes all kinds. With his mirrors he should have seen all the vehicles beside him. You hear Truckers all the time i signal and many don't not to let me in but that I'm coming over. We've nearly been killed by these types. The guy going into the car wash didn't take all considerations or forgot he had things on top of the mh. We've not noticed drivers door, awning being out, after both, of us, walked around it and other things I take the fifth on. :)
down home 04/22/15 11:51pm General RVing Issues
Patriots Day

April 19, 1775 Lexington and Concord. First shots of the Revolution. Official day of recognition Monday April 20. National Parks Service a recognition and ceremony in Mass and elsewhere. I gather it used to be widely celebrated in the early years. I hadn't even though about it until I stumbled across it on the net. I didn't have any Ancestors in the opening shots but wife may have had. Have several that were at Kings Mountain and a couple earlier, one on Mama's side we just found a year or so ago and rest on Dad's. Several Native Ancestors were on the Kings side because the British were keeping the Yanques out of their lands..
down home 04/19/15 09:16pm Around the Campfire
RE: 6 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of Supermarkets

My son is a retail meat cutter, both he and the store are very precise about dated product. Seafood, hamburger, and aged beef are always discarded, daily. A food Market chain now long bought out had a store near here. One day I was in shopping near the sea food case. I watched and heard as the Mgr apparently. told an Employee to take plastic bag filled half way with water and add some measure of bleach, I have forgotten how much and put a big hunk of tuna, in it, that as in the case, for some time, in it overnight a few hours or whatever. It was several years ago. Didn't buy any moree fish from them.
down home 04/19/15 12:24pm Around the Campfire
Turkeys back

After a long hiatus, some Turkeys are showing up around the house. There is one jake, that spent much, of morning before yesterday, in the pouring rain, in the field feeding sometimes and other times just sitting there with head tucked under his wings, in foot high grass near as I could tell from front window. Is this normal of have we got a sick bird on our or nature's hands. I learned, year before last, that scattering corn, for them, can lead to mini fields, of corn with, all the rain we have been getting, the last several years. Anyone use a deer feeder for them without making a sizable mess in the lawn/field?
down home 04/19/15 12:14am Around the Campfire
RE: shower cleaning

We use liquid bath soaps etc. Bar soaps leave a film that can become hard to remove. We wipe the shower down while wet with the bath towels we used. We have Dow Foaming Bath Clear or Bubbles or something on board but haven't used it. Also have window cleaner without ammonia. Water is all very filtered that gets into the tank or water lines. So far it looks pristine.
down home 04/18/15 06:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: How long before you're considered a resident of a state?

More dumb questions from the new guy. My dream is to work temp jobs for Robert Half or similar. They usually have temp jobs that last anywhere from 3 to 6 months. I'd like to work a job in a particular area and then move on to another area of the country and work there. These would be computer consulting jobs. But for those who have worked while full-timing, how long can I stay and work in a state before they consider me a resident of that state and start demanding I pay their income tax and register my vehicles there? If you reside in Tn for ten days you are expected to change your Drivers license etc. So tat makes yo ua Resident I guess. If you show you are transient and stay less than six months I understand you are not a Resident. It is intent, I guess. Never been an issue between savannah and here. Someone could stir us some trouble and have to return to Tn for a short period. Look at Florida everyone stays as long as they want aand goes home and seldom does Florida hassle them because they stayed too long Snowbird community pays for a lot of Florida govt and business. Canadian have to pay attention sometimes. I have heard of some hassles at the borders.
down home 04/10/15 11:28am Full-time RVing
RE: CoachNet changes??

Time for someone with some money to invest to step up and give us a great road side assistance plan with a no fuss no muss plan like we want and had. All they have to do is charge a fair price and contract with providers across the country to furnish services and pay them a couple dollars more than the others seeking to maximize profits, at the expense of happy Customers who didn't get what they understood was overage and what they paid for. About two season investment and advertising progam in MH and Trailer Magazines and on line would be a ll it would take. RVers love to spread goo news that help the RVing community. Make a few unhappy with bad or no service and the entire community will switch in a short time.
down home 04/10/15 11:22am Class A Motorhomes
RE: What about the "other" truck stops

We stopped at Petro in West Memphis a few years ago, now. They a huge smoked inch plus thick pork chop that was simply great and more than I could eat. We ate at one in Arizona that had southwest type fare. It was good but basic no epiucrian experiene. This was the reason most Drivers stopped there, some of the said. Look for where the Independent Truckers with new rigs eat. They make over 6 figure incomes and new trucks every year or so. If the ycan find a spot they go where the best steaks etc are served. They spend their lives on the road and eating good is part of it. It is not suffering bad food until they get home. To some they are home on the road.
down home 04/10/15 11:09am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Radiator bug / debris protection

This is more of a product I can link to. The chrome or stainless metal wire grill comes made for some truck grills and cars. I think it is jaguar and I've seen others with a not too coarse weave or grid openings. Perhaps a supplier for trucks or custom trucks might have a size that would work. The chrome or stainless wire grid/grill looks nice and fends off rocks and birds sticks etc. maybe someone here knows a source for a stock size that could be cut to fit.
down home 04/09/15 05:07pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Oil Prices

In Etowah, Tn, I think the other day they had diesel for 2.09 but the Edge won't burn it.
down home 04/09/15 04:56pm Tech Issues
RE: best friend

Sorry for your loss. (:
down home 04/09/15 04:49pm Around the Campfire
RE: Has anyone had a run in with any WILD animals?

Not 30 minutes ago I was basking in the sun with a great cup of coffee, when a 7" blue skink had the audacity to crawl atop my bare foot and stay there staring up at me for several minutes. Only when I wiggled a toe did he/she move on. Does this constitute an encounter with a wild animal? What do I win? Means you have a blue thumb or toe. Can attract blue birds and skinks. Can you raise tomatoes? :)
down home 04/09/15 04:47pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Cracker Barrels in North Georgia

Tomman58 why do you feel you need a reason in Ga to use a camp ground.I suspect you need one in your state as bad as you do in Ga.Without checking the stats our crime rate and shooting is lower than Mi.My two cents worth.Everyone here a ren neck I guess??
down home 04/09/15 04:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: My sewer hose got stolen...

down home 04/09/15 04:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: Would this bother you?

Not so much complaining but wanting what you paid for. So many times I've rolled over trying to be the bigger person and thinking they will grasp what they are doing finally. Doesn't work many times. So, yes, call the Lot Owner/Mgr.
down home 04/09/15 04:30pm General RVing Issues
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