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RE: No eclipse traffic nightmare for us

They have signs all along our Interstates not to park on the shoulders or ramps for the eclipse. I24 from Monteagle to Nashville, in Franklin and Coffee counties especially and up I 75 from Chattanooga to past Cleveland. Nashville west and east on I40 and north and south on I65. I must be about 40 miles fro the exact line of the crossing. Should be pretty good view. Was going to do some mowing. Maybe it can wait and I will go to the top of the mountain and see if the world is going to freeze up. Maybe take a coat. :) I have prescription very dark aviator glasses from Nam. About as dark as a welding helmet. Recon they will be safe?
down home 08/21/17 09:21am General RVing Issues
RE: Water pump replacement

Thirteen years on Aqua Flow, Replaced last year with same model 55psi and 5.5 gal per minute. Seems all on them run on up to 10 amps, and the pumps carry cautions on mounting and for cooling air, and they can get hot if run continously or a very long time.
down home 08/21/17 12:00am Tech Issues
New use for Cortisone, not reccomeended

Do you know that Cortisone cream comes in a white tube with a red stripe down the tube, that looks like a certain bran of toothpaste and Cortisone written in the strip? If your wife uses the cream, tell her not to leave it on your counter, near the toothpaste. I also suggest you not brush your teeth until after at least one cup of coffee and you are full awake. Yech.
down home 08/20/17 05:54pm Around the Campfire
RE: Wasp nest in a/c unit, how would you deal with it?

When cool, no sun on cover, use a car wash attachment, soap dispenser sprayer with a bit of bug spray in the mix. From the ladder spray good though the little vents. Maybe from both sides. Wait a few minutes after not seeing any more wasp perhaps tap the cover with pole. Rinse out with the hose so no soap or anything else is going to possibly damage anything in the sun. Tap shroud a couple of times to make sure no more wasps. Some may have been out while you were spraying and return during or after. It will be a mess to clean out of the shroud. I like the CO2 fire extingusiher idea if it wouldn't make the shroud, and anything brittle or something. Anyone know?
down home 08/19/17 03:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: Heat pump or propane

We have heat pumps but the furnaces kick in automatically first, until the temp is us to thermostat setting then the heat pumps kick in. That way you have warm floors and entire coach quickly. That's on electric heat setting. But many times we have wakened up with chill in the air and the heat pump up front frozen over apparently and always cold floors. Hopefully we have the switching problem resolved. When we go to bed if it is real cold furnaces are selected and we have toasty warm floors. Sometimes from front register it felt like you could fry bacon. ha a hole under shower letting lots of air in going down road. In Florida Disney World Feb 2010, it was freezing and maybe below we felt more comfortable with the furnaces. Up during the day the hat pumps were plenty but switched automatically to furnaces some time during the nights. Those little heaters, we carry two and they work but don't spread throughout the Whole coach and the floors are still cold. We get another Mh it will have basement heat pumps, and furnaces and heated floors.
down home 08/19/17 11:56am Class A Motorhomes
RE: BEWARE Sportys To Go Tire/Auto Service I-15 Beaver UT

This is the first instance I've read of this scam, in a long time. Needles California, a Shell did this for over a decade to car Drivers. We went out of our way to see this. Sure enough they tried it on us in our 95 Ford Thunderbird with new tires on it. A few other accounts here over the years but been so long since I read one I have forgotten it. If it wasn't so much trouble I would talk to the Sheriff about them as well as the Consumer Agency.
down home 08/13/17 07:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: Not liked by neighbor

down home 08/13/17 12:03am General RVing Issues
War of The Worlds

I saw mention of War of The Worlds this evening on tv. I have been trying to remember what Grand Ma had to say about it. Mama was only 12 in 1938. Them, living out beyond the sticks,news was slow to get to them. I do remember she gave lambasting to someone about it. I don't know if they had a radio then or not. One she had when I was a child looked old enough.It used a battery with five separate cells to plug the radio into and the antenna was a silk or linen wrapped copper wire strung around the ceiling of living room. Anyone here remember the broadcast and lived maybe in the sticks? Of course the sticks was 10 mils out of tow back then.
down home 08/12/17 11:54pm Around the Campfire
RE: Been a while since I have seen this

On those old trucks the little recess for floor light dimmers with go filled u p with gravel etc and sometimes they didn't work. Hardly any paved roads, except for state highways. Tweren't enough cars or trucks on the road to worry about them anyway. Many times we stopped or encountered Folks stopped reviewing the weather or crops or something. They would move out of the way or if we knew them, and who didn't know everyone, in the county, we stopped and all caught up on the news, and it was talked about around the supper table. I remember someone sometime somewhere go upset we used the signals instead of our arm and hand.
down home 08/09/17 04:59pm Around the Campfire
RE: Replacing carpet

I've only seen it done at the American Coach Service Center. They have the equipment to remove the slide and with ore than one person working move or remove chairs etc same in the slide. They then remove the carpet and prepare the surface and adhesive padding etc and,in a pretty straight forward fashion do the job. I don't know exactly how long but less than a shift as they have it down having done it many. If one of their coaches they can give you the price to the dollar once the carpet you want is known without any foreseeable problems showing up.
down home 08/09/17 04:08pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Been a while since I have seen this

In 64 when I took the driving test it was required. Some cars had the add on signal light activator on the left side of the column. It might not have been until the mid fifties they put turn signals on from the factory. I don't know though. Simplier times, happier times.
down home 08/08/17 03:41pm Around the Campfire
RE: Glen Campbell, dead at 81

I wish I had been to his final appearances. Alzeimers is a terrible disease. Prayers for his Family and Friends.
down home 08/08/17 03:37pm Around the Campfire
RE: Costco vs Sams

We've noticed several things. The cakes are dryer and older at Sams. same as bread. I'm not sure where the stocks come from but often it taste of mold etc first day. Dates on the packages don't mean anything. Sara Lee Artisn Bread from everywhere else is a better bread, than Sams. Costco cakes arrive frozen too but seem fresher and better quality. Same goes for all the pasteries, dry and frostings etc a smattering and not good. Shipped from far away and dry to keep from spoileage, at both Sams and Costco. Tires at Saams are cheaper and better guarantee but had problem with them taking our credit card for some reason. Took an hour to find anyone to help us. No place to sit while they change the tires. Sams and Costco no longer carries the variety of goods when they first started. Sams does not care about quality only price point. They quit carrying a variety of fresh pasteries from local bakeries, that wife took to Telephone Company. The Company producing some of them told her they could not produce in good conscience the low quality what Sams demanded at the price point they demanded. Neither one wants our Mhs at their fuel pumps or for us to park to shop there. We can mange to park at Sams but Costco has islands etc so that you cannot. Costco is the only one selling diesel here. There is plenty of room for someone to come along and eat their lunch that cares more about quality, freshness ,low price and Customer Service without the huge Membership costs.
down home 08/08/17 01:03pm Around the Campfire
RE: Traveling to view the Eclipse ?

........However , Tn state Parks are still first come first serve.......... Not true. I currently have reservations at a TN state Park. I don't know about all of them but all the ones I've camped at offer reservations. There are some sites that are first come first serve but you can make reservations at TN state parks. I'm not "calling you out", I just didn't want misleading information to be taken as fact. https://tnstateparks.itinio.com/?_ga=2.50885356.499478824.1502024352-181543769.1502024352 Things change. Thanks
down home 08/06/17 11:43am Class A Motorhomes
RE: I am so MEAN! :(

You have been tried here, and found innocent of fore knowledge of the little critter, or intent to do harm. You are therefore found not guilty but the baliff will give you book on kindness to critters and vegetables. It is there fore the wishes, of this court, that you go forward enjoying life and sleep late on week ends with dreams of sugar plums dancing in your head. Case dismissed :)
down home 08/05/17 09:17pm Around the Campfire
RE: Just another scary reminder

See so many of these because of wrong size ball for hitch, unlubed and now corroded ball causing seizure and unscrewing of the ball. I have seen that twice. Improperly torqued and no lock washer or enough to imbed the little balls on bottom of the ball into the mount. Lots of stress on that ball. most people don't even think of cleaning them and replacing a corroded ball, or cleaning the hitch on the trailer and lubing the ball. Then the screw down and little wing to hold the nut in place, not tightened because it is rusty etc Some don't seem to think the chains necessary or know to cross the and make sure they won't come unhooked. On trailers with I bet half have a dead battery for the break away safety or is even hooked up. When Retailers sell a ball mount or trailer, at least they could inform them and give them a booklet or something, if they would read it.
down home 08/05/17 09:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: Road Construction

Sirus seems pretty good but may not cover the entire route from one spot. Our Rand McNally has alerts, if it is updated and speed cameras. Rand Mc Nally Internet link, we haven't tried it. Just now considering it we probably can link up our Rand McNally GPS and Internet and not have to contend with the laptop in our laps, with MIFI. Off hand the Sirus link seems the most easily accessed and possible accurat.
down home 08/05/17 08:58pm General RVing Issues
RE: Traveling to view the Eclipse ?

I would look at long range weather forecast before picking spot. We have missed a lot or meteor showers and other events due to clouds or over cast in the Southeast. One you gamble on a forecast, then pick convenient spot to park your MH for the two hours or so with perhaps another two hours lead. Maybe a Walmart as a Shopper. From what I hear but haven't checked myself, everything is heavily booked,including camping spots with people fro the EU Northeast, Canada, Southwest here and I imagine all along the line the eclipse will follow. However , Tn state Parks are still first come first serve and Crossville has an excellent sites but lots of leaves. Between now and then find the weather forecast and quick stop or park perhaps as everything is booked. Maybe shop CW in Nashville around that time if you find any place to park your rig. There are so many opportunities not knowing what is already reserved.
down home 08/05/17 08:54pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Senior Pass Price Hike

It is privatization creep. I have and probably many here have heard why should Tax Payers pay for our Parks. Let those who use them pay. I don't remember the year I first heard it.Also I may later rem ember specific quotes but our Governor thinks Gun permit charges or Poll Tax and pay for access and everything is the right idea. I wish I remembered thee correct statements. It is now over 146.00 to hunt and fish in Tn including one deer stamp and trout stamp and other charges for state hunt area permits and so on. And registering even canoes. Paddle a log you better have sticker and py the tax and safe boating course and fee or tax. The intention is to make everything private and an income producer for Operators, eventually Owners and so on. Only way to kill it, the schemes are so far along is for outraqe to the Highest Level. There is a couple of very large well funded organizations lobbying for private operations and private operations of parks and so on one I remember was a couple who operated an ATV rental in Ohio trying to force Bis South Fork to let them take over a campground and rent ATVs to tear the place up ruining it fore everyone. they already had to reign in a bunch tearing it up with ATVs. Horse Riding outfits took over one campground for all practical purposes and decimated the campground and trails with too many along with large group of Individuals and Clubs. The problem is the Industry is growing and well funded Lobbyists are constantly applying money in Washington and States. We don't have the time and most the money to fight to retain our Rights as Taxpayers and Owners.
down home 08/05/17 02:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: Anyone here usiing 12 volt UV Water filter

I don't have UV system.They can be installed after already existing filters or before. They do work and the bulbs do need to be replaced. From looking into it on the net a few years ago some systems use a convenient and not too expensive to replace bulb. If you have good electric with no surges etc they should last a long time. Vibration may have a signifigant impact on filament life, Perhaps. On our last trip we had to change filters several times as I only used one filter. Next trip will be with two with the expensive good blue filter from CW and then a five micron after it. The one micron stopped up too many times by itself. I haven't done it yet but like the old whole house filter we hada on our well, it killed all the nasties and caught most sediment from already very clean water. Uses a very big 10 inch filter only 25icros though. On line a confusion of filters as to which is best. If I can find a five micron in that big filter, won't have to change the filter for a long time. The GE version has a remote sensor to let you know when it needs changing but you can't see the filter. Finding a place to mount it in the Mh being so large seems problem for me. Perhaps I can figure it out before long. And then the UV would be a great investment in health after it.
down home 08/04/17 11:52pm Tech Issues
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