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RE: RV Fuel Issues & Prices - Post 'Em Here!

In Shawnee we saw gas for $1.79nd diesel for $1.95. On the Interstate the biggies were sticking at $2.32 especially toward Oklahoma City. Saw one or two stations at $2.29. The big companies are trying to set the price and small stations nearby on the Interstat4e stay the same or a bit lower. We bout gas at Sallisaw for $2.77. and Put in almost 100 gallons of diesel at the Wal Mart. $1.89-.03 for using their gift card for $1.86 a gallon. W were disconnected and went early or we could not have gotten the coach around it,possibly. Saved right at $48.00. Everything near the Arkansas line, was high again with the exception we found. Probably down the road it is cheaper. Certainly cheaper than the Interstate exit stations, especially the big two. In Ft Smith didn't find any cheaper prices but Locals may know of some. Trying to use Gas Buddy and finding it not as friendly for shopping an area.
down home 06/25/17 08:35pm General RVing Issues
ReplacingAc/DC/propane Fridge/freezer with100% AC

This has been covered few times, but I've slept some since then. I had our old unit repaired two or three years ago. I'm thinking now I should have replaced it with 100AC unit like home, and as others have done. The space won't handle something the size of our home Samsung uni,t for sure. The intake for one of the furnaces is under it, now. It's four door freezer and refrigerator like most. Someone here switched his out. He reports the all AC unit only uses one amp. The one we have now uses 12 amps. He still only has four deep cell batteries. Would you have to leave the Inverter on all the time, like going down the road, or would you install a smaller independent inverter? What units have secure doors that won't fly open on a big curve with a big bump? Is there a specially designed unit(s) for MHs?
down home 06/23/17 05:35pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Coleman Mach 3 coils freezing

We have in the past had the coils ice up when run on low fan speed and high moisture. Recently we had one unit quit. Fan had to be replaced. Checking the vents inside it was discovered a lot of the cooled air was going right back to be cooled again due to no gasket or sealing around the intake, just pieces of fiberglass board loosely fitted. They taped it up with metal tape and no leaking back to the cooling side and early shut off, and a lot of lost cool air elsewhere. I going over that with the thought that, because I think it contributed greatly to the icing up under slow fan speed and high humidity, since the units were designed to function under such conditions.
down home 06/23/17 03:15pm Tech Issues
RE: My A/C went out

It sounds like the start run capacitor as others have proposed. Sometimes when it is burning up you can smell burning rubber as it gets juice. I would bet on the capacitor being bad when the fan runs but not the compressor.
down home 06/23/17 03:08pm Tech Issues
RE: Senior pass increase

The thing I noticed long ago was in Canada access to the Great Lakes and other areas was unfetted. 9/11 changed that some. As far as Rving they have a socialist view and don't want larger RVs of Americans and Canadians on public sites. The cost is now huge where we once stayed for free, even where we could hook up on the shore of Superior. Lot less people then. A certain lobby thinks camping is just that with tents, composting toilets and so on.Wait until those people get to 65 or so. They come to the USA to RV.
down home 06/23/17 02:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: Pretty Toasty Here in Tucson

In 2011 we were in La. It had been in the region of 115 for days. We wet to supper at a Cracker Barrel. Sun was set when we cam out. I thought it was going to rain it was so cool. Looked at thermometer. It was 103. 110 to 118 and beyond was not unusual in Nam. Only NCOs and Officers had air conditioning. I got use to it, had no choice. Took martial arts training from a ROK Officer, in a hanger. Must have been 20 degrees hotter inside. One trooper I knew was overweight. He lost must have been twenty five pounds in a week. He dropped out as did most but he lasted longer than most. There was a typhoon in North Viet Nam and China. It cooled the weather off in II Corps too. It got into the seventies for a week. Liked to have froze to death. Same when I cam home. It was in the seventies and I shivered. We have gotten soft. I cut wood, dug a well, and out houses, it near that hot. No air conditioning, not even fans,no electricity. A cool dipper full of water was very welcomed. We didn't complain. We were not fat at all. We have just gotten use to and expect the air conditioned world. Man has thrived in worse since the beginning.
down home 06/22/17 12:47pm Around the Campfire
RE: A/C and Arizona Heat Wave

Suggest maybe a Hughes Autoformer, or another. I haven't shopped one in a while but suspect prices on the net are better than what most paid. When I had the time I would run a heavier cable 4/0 and a separate box for breaker for fifty amp RV plug really 100 amp/ two legs of fifty amp and a neutral.
down home 06/21/17 03:38pm Tech Issues
It's a dry heat

Don't know how many times I've heard that from you Folks in and within a 600 miles of Death Valley. My Uncle's family lived for a while in toast Az without air conditioning. Told of taking a cakes out of the oven, or off a rock and right into the refrigerator before they dried out. Well it is a balmy 96 today here. So some advice for my Relatives and other Folks in the Southwest. Don't put lotion on and go into the 125 degree heat to roof a house. looks good on fried chicken but not so much on humans. Don't need to dry the clothes, just walk outside and fling them around a bit or wear them for a few minutes, really. Let's see....uh oh I've misplaced my list. Carry on.
down home 06/20/17 05:22pm General RVing Issues
RE: Ac/heat pumps

I have another problem now. There's a colony, of lost penguins, knocking on the door, wanting in. Thermostat was turned up to 75 but the little thermometer, we keep in the fridge,says it is 63. Wife is wrapped up in a blanket and I'm shivering so much, I can but hardly type. Just now rear unit cut off. Probably frosted up. I'll have to find someone to find and fix the sensors, tomorrow.
down home 06/19/17 08:45pm Class A Motorhomes
Ac/heat pumps

A few days ago I responded to someone that our ACs were 13 years old and no problems. Actually they are 115 years old. Th last few days our rear air was making noises. Last night it seized up. Te capacitor tried to start it but couldn't. I was making plans for about 1800.00 to replace it. Colman, today puled it apart. The fan had slid down the shaft and bound it up. They replaced the fan and put an extra screw in the shaft. I won't slide down again. Now or the other half. Didn't think enough air was coming through the registers and not cold enough. Pulled the filter housing and the metal plate and a blast of very cold air hit me. They showed me that no gasket was installed, between the unit up top and the discharge,just some pieces of ill fitting fiber glass board. Some of the air was just going back through the cooling circuit and some elsewhere. The used metal tape to seal up both ACs or heat pumps. Put the filters back up and we have cold air not seen n this coach from the time it was built. So when you think yours has seized up, just check on the fan first. and check your hear pump/ac seal to the register duct. When we get home I'm going to check the registers,where the air comes out, for seal. They are only supposed to check the ac units but there are many here at the Rally experiencing similar problems and on Coleman's list. I had read of the problem of unsealed duct work before, here on the forums, but had been assured by someone mine were fine. It is right at 92 outside and I'm cold. So I'm getting up frm the table to adjust the thermostat.
down home 06/19/17 05:57pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: How much water is in your fuel?

The last Cummins I had in a Dodge 2500 had water issues many times. Fortunately the drain for the separator was easy to get to. I carried additive with me o long trips. It seemed that after a third the fuel fill ups I had problems with water in fuel, especially in winter and rainy weather. The Ford F350s never gave me a problem with water, that I remember.
down home 06/19/17 09:56am General RVing Issues
RE: Class A tires

Check out Loves with the Michelin FMCA program.
down home 06/19/17 09:46am Class A Motorhomes
RE: How safe is the dealer with your stuff?

down home 06/17/17 08:40pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Worried about "break ins"

Ask any LEO, the best deterrent to local crime is a nosy neighbor (or 2). I only law enforcement officers I know are a dog catcher and a building code inspector, neither knows much about burglars. The deer and squirrels don't care. The Turkeys might take umberage, on my behalf, if I feed them little more cracked corn.
down home 06/16/17 08:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: Back to Denton's Ferry

update. She wouldn't let me near the skillet. Don't matter weren't no skeeters on the water. She heated though. She smelled good and attracted more fish. She caught a nice 17 in brown but minimum is 24 inches. Caught and released and lost scads of rainbows. Some really nice. I kept two rainbows of about 14 inches and three more close to that. We kept our limit of five each Rainbows since Brown Trotu minimum is 24 inches. Had a lot of fun. I am weak as water. She is ready to paint the town. Howe do women keep so much energy. May stop by on way east again and find the Mad Quail Farmer ho knows the ways of big Brown. The Brown I caught in 05 is on the wall of His Place store. The colors are dull in comparison to when I caught it. We saw two deer with 30 ft on shore just passing time. The female was chewing her cud. The Buck was just hanging out. Took their photos. He got up and sauntered up the hill. She just didn't take notice of anything. Had Bald Eagle fly over us, looking for fish, no doubt. At the dock a female mink walked from below the store down the dock and ducked behind a barrel. She was waiting for our guide to throw the innards, of the fish, he was cleaning, on the edge of the ramp and for him to leave. Several families of mink right around here. After he camp up the ramp she stopped raised herself high as she could making sure he wasn't still in the boat and walked down and grabbed some fish and to the other side of the ramp and beyond. Did that twice, carrying fish to some young still not on their own, yet, in holes in the bank. Directly a larger male mink appeared from the water and sauntered down the bank to where she apparently left fish for the young. Back ot the edge of the ramp and under not to be seen again. The female came back down the dock grabbed some more fish and back the way she came and down through a hole in the dock. Guide said they used to take fish as they were cleaning them from the boat. A very good experience and what RVing is about. Only way to experience much of America.
down home 06/16/17 08:04pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Worried about "break ins"

I'm thinking of getting pet bear or watch bear.
down home 06/15/17 08:36pm General RVing Issues
Back to Denton's Ferry

2005or 6 we spent a couple days at Denton's Ferry. Hadn't been ope but a few days or weeks and lots of gravel. Backed up to the river with the fifth wheel. Thoughts of fishing from shore or wading were quickly given up when it was pointed out what looked like six inches to a foot of water was about six to ten feet and very fast flowing at that. Went out the next day with a guide who was a Quail Farmer. Wife caught scads of Rainbows of about two-three pounds or so. I landed a Brown Trout, a gorgeous fish, of none pounds 14 ounces. I didn't have it mounted and they put it in the freezer. I hope it is on someone's wall. Saw some photos of other large Browns caught from here. One looked like my fish but it wasn't me holding it. Wife called to get a fishing trip tomorrow or thought she did. So tonight, we may have a fishing trip in the am or pm or no tomorrow. The place has vastly improved with lots of grass ad good sized spaces. No Tv and the water, well you'll have to wait awhile to get wet. Lots of skeeters and warm. Last week in Michigan most of the days were in the seventies and nights in the fifties and no skeeters. Have to rub some bacon on the wife so I can catch another good fish, in peace and without welts.
down home 06/15/17 08:34pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Thingy for getting watermelon out easy

Got some duuhickeys but don't know how they might work with the seeds and all, you know. Even have a few thingamamobbs.(probably misspelled) I'll have to try a thingy. Do you think it works as well as a whatchamacallit? Got one herebouts,somewhere.
down home 06/12/17 09:25pm Around the Campfire
RE: Turkeyville Campground Marshall, Michigan

No. Just thought I would pass along info on this park that others might be looking for.
down home 06/12/17 09:17pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Turkeyville Campground Marshall, Michigan

I'm not going to print their brochure. This is purely personal experience and accurate. Some things not included here. Clean is the description here. DroppedCigaretbutts=$25.00fine. www.Campturkeyville.com I can't find the receipt pr brochure right now. We paid 280.00 for week with Good Sam discount. $45.00-$50.00 a night by the day. Been here since Tuesday. Nice and quiet because of space and no major highways within earshot. Very open and spacious. Pet barn, turkeys and other farm animals. Three domestic turkeys greeted us. Power stayed in the middle of the green on 50 amp. Very nice pools and patio and small store and firewood available, also swings etc and a laundrymat, community building. Hiking trail. Open, use to be fields, surrounded by trees. Lots of space for ball games, or to run wild....with supervision. Golf carts to rent. Hardstand road surface and wide. Lots of grass, at sites and everywhere but no rain in a while so turning. Fire ring and small concrete patio. Pull through sites all face the wrong way. Full sun and strong wind so can't leave awnings open and sun still swings east to west under the awning. Nice sunsets though. Wifi is good when park is not full, which it as Friday through yesterday, still better tna a whole lot we have been at. Several local stations for TV. Water when we arrived super saturated with chlorine, when we arrived, Filter wouldn't handle it. Replaced it with new carbon bloc/ceramic filter. Water smelled like mud this am. Pulled filter. It was completely encased in brown sediment. Water pressure is horrible, at this site at least. Can't shower and flush at the same time. Thought it was better by a hair when we checked in. Golf course quarter mile up the road opposite. Restaurant. All turkey.Dinner theater $80.00 for two if staying here though June 17. Sites are Good place to sit around in the shade or campfire in ring. Sky still had some light at 11:00 now, at this latitude. The back in sites, at the tree line, would be the best possibly. Side with awning would be out of the wind and direct sun and grass area appears a bit larger. note: to bring a couple of filters at least, and to use your tank for shower etc and fill from the pitiful water flow here.
down home 06/12/17 09:54am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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