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Nuu Hampshure weather

Crowe. Since you moved to the woods of Nuu Hanshure what preperations you making this year for tens of feet of snow and ....?
down home 08/27/15 10:22pm Around the Campfire
RE: Ford Superduty battery and charging issue

Yesterday, I had my small utility trailer on the hitch of my 2003 F-250. I had dropped the trailer off and then put it back on the ball. Since it was near nightfall, I checked for running lights on the trailer. No luck. I messed with the 4X connector for a bit and finally gave up, choosing to leave the trailer until daylight. On the way home, the battery indicator and ABS indicator lit up on the dash display. I stopped the truck to inspect and barely got it restarted. I made it another two miles and the truck would not run. This morning, I went back to truck with a fully charged battery, installed it, and made the 5 mile drive to home. All indicator lamps are now off but measuring across battery posts with engine running, I'm seeing 12.3V. All symptoms point toward a failed alternator but this charging system has been flawless for 11 years. Is it possible that I blew a fusible link or some other circuit interruption instead of a failed alternator? Anyone have any diagnostic tips for me? Every Ford Alternator we've had on Mustnags, Cougars, 2 wheel drive and four wheel drive dualie diesees with twin alternaorts and twin heavy duty batteries went out in the 50 to 60,000 mile range. The diesels spin a little lower so the alternator lasted a little longer. The same on my 05 F150 It was replaced at about 60,000 miles and is past due by experience at 191,000 unless wife had it changed and dididn't tell or I just forgot.
down home 08/27/15 10:16pm Tech Issues
RE: Leaves are chaning and falling

I've been sitting out on the hill watching the turkeys and deer today, with just shorts on soaking up the ray in preparation. Lady bug landed on my leg. Guess they are headed this way. We usually have millions, of them, first warm period after first cold, to stay the winter. 58 this morning.
down home 08/27/15 10:08pm Around the Campfire
RE: So you are sitting by the fire, and you hear

We've got a pack up the hill, that has been there for three years. I estimate they are at times no more than 400 ft. They have been within fifty feet, of back porch. Most, of the deer and turkeys have been scared off or eaten. Last year, early, SIL and two pups came across some in a blow down while out walking. The coyotes came for them. he whistled and the Mother Australian Shepared and Pop a big La came running and chased them for a while until he called them back. They seem to have scattered the last few days. Guess they ate every thing including two cats. I emptied a 30 round magazine into the middle for them several weeks ago. Saw their eyes and estiamte there were 6 of them, right then. didn't hit any.
down home 08/26/15 08:45pm General RVing Issues
RE: Bad Gramer

I do a lot of it. Bounced keys, fingers on left hand don't work too well and lazy thinking. I have forgotten how, apparently, to spell simple words used all my life. Just too lazy to write. That's bad. Spell check doesn't work on this site.
down home 08/26/15 08:37pm Around the Campfire
Leaves are chaning and falling

Some of them anyway. They started shedding about two weeks ago. Some of the gums and sumacs. I'm not up on exact species. It must be genetic memory of history when cold hit Tn a lot earlier, or I've always considered anyway. The last three weeks or so the nights have been cooler and the days a bit cooler. High yesterday, her on the porch was 78. Nights have been in mid sixties. Get up too late to read the thermometer early. Squirrel season opened last Saturday. It is till summer for another month officially but a change, of seasons is underway. Bright moon tonight and cool, enough for a long ****. Moon lit up the whole house through the west window last night and it was only a half moon. Simply some of the best days this year.
down home 08/26/15 08:34pm Around the Campfire
RE: Drinking glass holders?

We have some very tall glasses for iced tea etc. We use the kind tacky but very soft shelf lining and turn them upside down in the cabinet, close together. We have had a minor jumble with them a time or two but nothing broken. I envision a divider or rack sized, for glasses,stored upside down, on the shelf, to keep them from moving sideways, maybe with padded vinyl etc on the edges for those with a few tools and time.
down home 08/26/15 02:16pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: What to do with water filters between trips?

The whole house filter is left to drain in sink and then stored, in plastic bag not completely closed in the refrigerator. Bacteria can grow in the media it is trapped in. The filter filters with silver in the media kill pretty much all the bacteria over a reasonable time. The little screw on in line blue filters get tossed. They won't filter much water and are done after a day in many many campgrounds.
down home 08/26/15 02:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: Family of bears have a pool party

Kids just wanna have fun and play in the pool.. :) Mam must be eating good to have four cubs at once, so I hear. If i see any of the ones that others say they have seen around here, I won't tell anyone except neighbors, Some People can't stand to see anything wild. You have to respect them, as persons, or individuals, more correctly. I doubt they want to be petted any more than I would by a bear. Wouldn't want small ones in the yard with them either or cattle.
down home 08/21/15 07:35pm Around the Campfire
RE: Why so many rude and irrelevant comments

While being new to the Open Roads Forum I am not new to RV camping. I have been doing it for about 25 years. I joined this forum because I thought it would be a good source of information and it has in many respects. However, several times when I have posted a topic or question, I get all these unrelated and often insulting comments. Seriously folks, is it necessary to jump to conclusions and respond with answers that reek of playground "bullyisms" and immature verbal shoulder checking? I'm not even going to get into why individuals respond in such ways. I joined because I thought RVers where mostly reasonable and kind people and I still think a lot of them are. In a recent post I asked a specific question about waxing your TT and if anyone had any experience or stories about improved fuel mileage as a result. In four pages of responses I found just a handful that where relevant to the question being asked. The vast majority were off the subject and some of them rather insulting. I was raised old school. My father always taught us that the only stupid or dumb question is the one not asked. Well... I'll get off of my soap box and head on down the road. Just thankful that this forum uses words and not sticks and stones. Pm me if I ever step on your toes. I apoligize if I get rowdy or whatever.
down home 08/21/15 07:30pm Around the Campfire
RE: Riding Mower

Most of the good mowers, zero turn, heavier made, professional models run from right at 6,000.00 for the Bad Boy 60 in 27 hp Vanguard engine, electric lift deck or 5,000.00 for the 54 in with smaller tires.A quarter inch welded steel plate deck weighs a lot. The 04 Snapper we bought was one of the last real Snappers, for residential use. The PTO has to be worked on after 11 years. I can't remember OPs comments some time ago about lot size. I may recommend too much mower or really more than needed. I had to have a suspended seat with my very bad back, otherwise I would have bought a Husky. I don't like several of them because they have the seat attached to a hinged plate with two small spring in the back, for some cushion. This is the same feature as Cub Cadet we first bought and rejected. The plate bent and the seat was not stable. The Dixie Chopper we ended up with is 72 in cut with manual with foot assist to raise it. The steering is quick too quick for close trimming if you don't watch it..... but it has a suspended seat and springer forks for front wheels. It is just about shorter than it is wide so it can turn tight...as you can with a 6ft deck. Blades spin at 18,000 rpm?? and the blade shafts are near two inches thick it seems. There are small fans on the top of the axle shafts to help cool and throw any grass etc away. The hydraulic motors are about a thousand dollars each but I doubt they will ever wear out. The deck is not as thick as they use to be but is substantial. The cleated tires are huge and I don't get stuck in springs. I'm going to buy a set of turf tiresand wheel and try them too. The Kawasaki engine is 35 hp and sucks gas. It has twin 7 gallon tanks or fourteen gallons. Needs a fuel gauge as getting off to look is not the best idea. The Husky has an excellent gauge. They have one model longer than others that is 27 hp I think heavy steel plate every where. Sides around engine and electric and above hydraulic motors and over every component makes any service child's play. It still has the Cub Cadet style seat on plate and two small springs. it is about 10,000.00 as are the Ferris models and John Deer commercial or professional models, which on the 60 in deck 27 hp model has a full heavy steel cage and sun shade or top. Most of the larger one's have at least the roll over hoop and most will do around 15 mph. The twin 27 hp engined Dixie Chopper is the one that would do 45 mph. Several, of them would do burn outs. Govt made them cut back on that. Cut grass on Friday race on Saturday. Mine will do around 15 mph.I've seen several Gravley, and Kabota etc do much more than that. I wish I had gotten the fifty hp 72 inch deck with electric lift. Doubt that Cat Diesel would ever wear out.... but 15-17,000.00. The 4x4 I first bought still sitting at the dealer. Originally 18,000+ probably for 9,000.00. Built like a tank but not the best for me. Love the Generac 34 hp engine though. Will never wear out and smooth. The Toros look real good bu haven't checked them out. You can buy suspended seats that will fit msot for about 3-400.00.
down home 08/21/15 07:28pm Around the Campfire
RE: Riding Mower

I cannot recommend the Cub Cadet. It is not the same as 20 years ago. Ferris makes one with a great front suspension in a Zero turn. Huskvaran has several good models with1/4 in thick decks and made to last. You might want a suspended seat especially if you have a bad back. Dixie Chopper offers them in some of the larger models. Grasshopper with front deck that raises by power is a great one and offers a suspended seat. Husky I think, at my dealer, has a zero turn that the sides swing out around the engine etc for service. Everything is spacious and easily servicable and large turf tires. The Dixie Chopper has springer front wheel suspension and suspended seat, on some models. The larger decks don't give the same cut as my 04 Snapper 50 in zero turn with high lift blades. If you don't have a bagger these things through everything on the ground way out and on you. The Generac engine On the Dixie Chopper 4x4 I bought, first is internally balanced and designed for very long life running generators etc. Dixie chopper quit using them when they were bought out because of cost. The Kawsaski shakes like a model A. The Briggs and Straton Vulcan or whatever on my 04 Snapper is smooth and must be balanced. Neighbor has a John Deer Commercial mower the only real John Deer. I pay him to mow sometimes. He doesn't have to run it on full throttle. He's had to replace blades and belts in 6 years is all. Toro makes a good one. The thing now is Husky, John Deer, Dixie Chopper use Kawasaki and other common name components but add their own numbers and maybe a wire and charge double for repair parts. I'm not sure how much you mow and these I talk about are all zero turn and commercial mowers. The Cub Cadet is about like Murray now is the rreason I didn't recommend it. At Tractor Supply they have a Bad Boy in 50 and 60 in decks of 1/4 in steel as is everything else with power lift deck you can change on the fly, like some Dixie choppers. The bigger one has large turf ties which I like. The price is less than six thousand. All the others are going be more some case much more. I don't have a lot to do so I go to Lowes, Home Depot, Tractor Supply and my Lawnmower Dealer and Tractor places to recreae and by some just got ahave its.
down home 08/20/15 09:27am Around the Campfire
RE: 3/4 vs 1 ton .

I had dualies and srws. The dualie tracks like on rails. If you pick up a nail or something you can still get to someplace to change it. I had a 3/4 inch bolt in inner drivers side dual when I went to have them balanced. If it had been srw I would have noticed it right away. So you have to check them. Handling and traction are reasons for drw. If you tow a sizeable boat it helps a lot to get it off a slimy launch ramp but you really need four wheel drive too. Soft or muddy campgrounds dualie makes a big difference expecially if you have four wheel drive.
down home 08/19/15 12:01am Tow Vehicles
RE: Crows under attack

I live in the woods. Cattle are next door. The deer don't eat leaves except as last resort usually, though they do like my little apple tree. Got some pear trees and American Chestnut, on the hill. feed them or not the come for the grass, plantain, dock, dandelions, an assortment of wild things and jut to play.
down home 08/18/15 11:47pm RV Pet Stop
RE: AC Loud, Inside, Whats the Difference?

We can turn Top Gun on buckle up and start the rear ac. Sounds like an F14 spooling up.
down home 08/18/15 05:19pm General RVing Issues
RE: Air Conditioner not cooling

If the servicemen did their job and cleaned the coils and fins and it still is not cooling, did they check the charge? Does it smell maybe musty and is it dam inside when it is running and sound like it is kinda quiet but making humming noises? If you are running it on low in high humidity or not even in high humidity it may be frozen up. If you check and see ice and water dripping especially when you cut it off it is frozen up. Let it warm and defrost and then run it on high. The expansion valve may be freezing up, but surely they checked that? Have someone else check it while looking over his shoulder and ask him questions. If he finds nothing might need to change the unit out for a 15000, btu unit or add a second unit. One other thing if it is ducted check the ducts and make sure they are all connected and clear and no insulation or rat;s nest in them. Probably first thing checked was the foam filter on the intake side. I've seen those things stopped up completely, especially if cooking french fires etc and hot oil. Sometimes the things don't get looked at until they aren't getting cool air.
down home 08/17/15 11:42pm Tech Issues
RE: Anti-Theft Ideas for RV Flagpoles?

isolate the flagpole from the rest of the coach with some pieces of rubber between or around the mounts. Run a hot wire to a solar powered fence charger on top. That will keep the crows from sitting on it. :) Maybe not.
down home 08/17/15 11:33pm General RVing Issues
RE: What is the odds ?

There's another Vet at the VA with the same last name and last same numbers on SS. he is a month older than me. I'm sure some of the confusion, I've had there was because of it. he had an appointment apparently the same hour or so as I did. I showed up and was told I had already been there. Nice fellow.
down home 08/17/15 11:26pm General RVing Issues

We really enjoy many of the fairs around the Country or use to. We've missed most, of them the last few years, including this year. The Wilson Country Fair in Tn. is on in Tn and it a bigger draw than the State fair. It's on this week but rain is forecast with a break maybe Rriday the last day I think. The Madison County Fair in Michigan was a really good fair for a number of years but has dwindled down. Putnam county Fair in Tn was good in several events. The Horse Pull was entertaining to me. Seeing some of those horses get down on their knees trying to pull the heavier sleds was awesome. Saw a few folks with broken arms, in years past from the horses, so eager to go they yanked the harness before they were hooked up. Real Competitors. I've wanted to see a big tractor pull but haven't found one to attend since our schedules is fragmented. Haven't been anywhere this year. The shows in Tn will be running through early next month, I think, without checking schedules and then south. Another thing I though might be interesting. before WWII they haled corn huskings, I think that is the word. where Individual Farmers, and a team of judges and a wagon for the corn would see who could pick and husk and throw the most corn into the wagon in 90 minutes. The event one year drew more Spectators, than Indy that year. something like 133 thousand. The champion husked 45 and part of another bushel in 90 minutes. I bet he was a little tuckered out. They still hold the contest. It may be in Iowa this year, I'm not sure, and the event is only 30 minutes. I would like to take that in. I'll have to find the magazien and the date Where are some, of the better shows, going to be next month that you have been? We haven;t taken the coach to any but figure if we do find a good show we can park for a week and just maybe get to take it all in, if there is a RV Park nearby.
down home 08/17/15 11:20pm Around the Campfire
RE: Crows under attack

You shouldn't be feeding wild animals, it only gets them killed. Generally I agree with not encouraging wildlife to be dependent on us. Deer are becoming somewhat semi domesticated especially where not hunted. Life in the wild is usually about 4 to 6 years I understand. They feed on crops. the new GMOs with bred in poisons not only keep corn worms out but the deer from eating it, so I'm told. I've not noticed any deer feeding in the fields in a while. It is legal to feed the deer and turkeys as long as you don't hunt them over corn, here. Everybody puts out salt and corn. Might as well as they eat what is put out for the cows. I haven't been able to get about and put out much this last year. Everyone enjoys seeing the deer and turkeys and they are not tame. Except perhaps the one tom that came towards the car last year. The coyotes seem to have gotten them or driven them off. The turkeys likd grubs and bugs so having them around helps out a lot.
down home 08/17/15 09:50pm RV Pet Stop
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