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RE: Moles

Thing that worked for us was fungacide. We had several years of ot and wet summers and black mold on the grass and slime mold on rocks. I put granular, I think fungacide on the grass. Next thing I know, after rain, sometime, wqs squealing. I eventually saw the moles, on top of the ground running around squealing very loudly, for a mole, I suppose. The fungacide didn't agree with them. I caught one. daughter took it to school for show and tell. kept it several day, feeding it crickets and worms. Never had mole problems after that. They make or ddi mole traps. They have two long legs that you push down, at the end of a mole run. When they come back through the ground they raise as they go, lifts the trip pan and drives three or four spring loaded long spears down through the ground and mole.
down home 08/26/14 08:44pm Around the Campfire
RE: Never changed the oil.

Five thousand miles but over that length of time, flush the engine with fresh oil . First drain and change filter and put new oil in it and run it until warm/hot. No sense tanking chances with an investment. The engine flushes they sell may damage valve seals etc. After the first oil change after running for a while, see what the oil and oil filter looks like. Over that length of time moisture and burned fuel residues have made some acids and sludge.
down home 08/26/14 08:24pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: toilet paper

Some of the reasoning for using easier dissolved paper is traceable to the forced indtorcution of low waater use toilets. They clog up with just hint of using more than one square of paper. Back when they started it one of the guys, in the officce put a sticier on the stalls "be paper conscious use both sides."
down home 08/26/14 04:57pm General RVing Issues
RE: Black Tank Readings Not Possible

You want about five gallons, of water, per our mfg, in the black tank, after flushing, of clean water. Our gauges all work well. Maybe because we always flush the tanks and keep them clean in storage. Just dumping can lead to deposits building up. Should not be any lights showing even with five gallons, unless it is a real small tank. Then perhaps 2 gallons, of clean into the empty tank. If you don't have a flushing system they are available, also those connectors for sewer connections, with a hose hookup to flush that way. If the tank show empty with nothing even residual water in it then the sensor is working but maybe still needs cleaning or moving. Calgon water softener, in the black tank and gray tank will help with keeping deposits from forming. Then again none of this may apply.
down home 08/25/14 11:32am Tech Issues
RE: "The beach was too sandy."

Ah, come on! Robin Williams isn't here any longer. Are you applying for his job? :) I was just being silly of course. Several years ago, now, we heard a lady, ask, to no one in particular, at Old Faithful "when do they turn on the water."
down home 08/25/14 11:22am Around the Campfire
RE: Attempted Fuel Theft

Lots of stories about this stuff. A friend had them steal the gas from the bed, of his truck. I told him to take an old container, and put diesel in it instead of gas. Sure enough they came back some time later. Don't know what it did for their gas engine but it must have not been favorable. A day or two later they knocked everybody's mail boxes down with a baseball bat or something. Our Policeman caught them. I'm not sure what the penalty is for destroying mailboxes but I bet its' more than for stealing gasoline. I had thought of leaving a gas can full of something near the end of our drive, to help discourage them but conscience said no.
down home 08/23/14 11:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: Walking (crawling) on the roof

Our Dealer told us the ladder wasn't strong enough for us to climb on the roof, of our Fifth Wheel. It was just for looks. So therefore the roof is not strong enough to walk on either. Better let the Dealer Do it. They did with a straight face so it has to be true. Dealer has speshul light weight Folks to do it.
down home 08/23/14 10:58pm General RVing Issues
RE: External Speakers, do you really want them ?

Well I fess up. We had the outside TV and stereo speakers on when they had the Olympics in 12 I think. A whole bunch of Folks were gathered around to watch. I had forgotten about using them. They didn't leak any water though. I got a tube of silcon somewhere if they do. :)
down home 08/23/14 10:53pm General RVing Issues
RE: Hongry?

Just curious, what is the "stink zone"? You haven't been to Amarillo? Miles before you get to the stockyard you smell it. I've been around a lot of cattle but nothing like that. I would gag a maggot.
down home 08/22/14 09:55am Around the Campfire
RE: Progressive Insurance

It is not just the manufacturer, of the bay doors you might have problems parts from. Our Mh was just two years old when the slide stopped working. The dealer hot wired the old motor and it was not the right motor either. It took a few weeks to get it. Fleetwood at the time now American Coach called the mfg and they took time to build the motor. No one stocks parts any more. It might be good for inventory taxes but it is terrible for Customers and Customers remember the next time they buy. Same with Son's Soltice. they had to make the door as all the doors they were getting were going to the car production line. Somehow someone interveined and they pulled one from the line.
down home 08/21/14 10:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Hongry?

Shrimp in boot camp??? :? Did you have white linen table cloths and napkins also? Whose military are you talking about :@ No but we had four seat tables and table cloths. I though nothing unusual about it. Had steak when we gave blood. First steak I ever had, I think. Most, of the Guys went to aviation units or officer training. Three, of us, had to build the jungle gym, that we all had to go through, to the chow line. I keep hoping I'll bump into some, of the Guys. I have the Class book with all our photos and names etc but no addresses. The units were small. The mess hall was small, for each company or maybe two or three companies. I've gone back and looked, for the old buildings but can't spot what was our barracks. Most have been long gone.
down home 08/20/14 06:54pm Around the Campfire
RE: rear axle tire wear

Showed up all at once? Don't know how old or total towing mileage you have but it could be the eye of the spring bushing cracked or worn out or you could have caught a curb bad with that axle and the bushing or hanger or bent axle. My vote is in the hanger area because that axle, if used much has more stress, from jacking it around, to back in and sharp turns forward. That tire also gets more stress on belts. Check the tires first then the hangers and bushings and springs and then axles.
down home 08/20/14 06:29pm Tech Issues
RE: Black tank odor in RV when dumping

Yep! RVs are pretty tight units and a little vacuum will draw sewer gasses from sewer system if open and no water in traps or the shower. flush the toilet and it comes right in big time.
down home 08/20/14 06:21pm Tech Issues
RE: Water Still Foamy…even Effervescent like Alka-Seltzer!

I didn't read all the posts but we've had that before. It was some antifreeze still in the system. had to drain water and water heater tanks and flush lines again. if it has any sulfur smells it is bacteria. Drain sanitize and refill with filtered water. Add some drinking water chlorine to the tank, like sold at CW and Wal Mart. Don't use clothes washing bleach as it adds terrible taste to water.
down home 08/20/14 06:17pm Tech Issues
RE: Bedroom Air Conditioner . . . . Worth It??

If it is a Cedar Creek it is probably fifty amp. A second air conditioner, is practically mandatory in an RV. You probably have a cutout and wiring and duct already set up for one...then maybe not. It is just the ones I've seen. Just the question of worth a second air conditioner and the other issues aside yes.
down home 08/20/14 06:11pm Tech Issues
RE: Would Roof Carpet to Cool RV?

It might make it quieter and warmer during winter but it is a half thought in progress. I would have one of the roof coatings put on the outside. i don't remember names. It would reflect heat and you wouldn't possibly have to worry with resealing seams every two years.
down home 08/20/14 06:05pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Wilderness Withdrawal

I know the feeling. I was born three hundred years too late. One trip to Canada, we were returning home. Approaching Wawa from the north just about the end of Superior, we started to see "homes", trash, and road signs and all manner of signs of "civilization." We could see the weather turning to the south as we came off the plateau. Couldn't stand it. Went into the Su and got some more money and went back north for two more weeks. Now you have to go a lot further north to get out of "civilization."
down home 08/20/14 06:02pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Battery Equalization

I've done it one time and ruined the batteries. The on board system is supposed to shut off or go to trickle charge when complete but I dunno. Someone may have run it twice. I would be close by during the process.
down home 08/20/14 05:05pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Am I special or what?

..... Decided I didn't want to go there.
down home 08/20/14 04:41pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: External Speakers, do you really want them ?

I've decided the only reason they installed them on ours is for the yet to happen occasion when some one has Iron Butterfly rattling the glass at 2:30 am. I might accompany them with Flight of the Bumblebee. :)
down home 08/20/14 03:29pm General RVing Issues
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