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RE: Yukon gold TV shows... What is the real reality?

What worries me about these kinds of shows, is that if you get enough people digging/dredging for gold - the impact on nearby waterways just HAS to be negative??I would think the equipment and fuel cost would eliminate most people other then maybe hobbest gold panning. Look at all the people that have tried before and went broke. A bunch, of get rich city boys tore up parts around Coker Creek, I believe and other areas, really bad, after watching the show, with heavy equipment. Haven't heard anything in a good while. I hope they finally got them out of there. All that is allowed is panning.
down home 02/26/15 10:59pm Around the Campfire
RE: Interstates versus secondary roads

That's the 1:00 am pain medication to stop feet and legs and back and arms and hands, from hurting waiting on sleep, half awake, protest, rant, to everyone shouting rules rules, rules, you must follow my rules. I don't drive that fast. Really I don't....... My proposition is set the speed limit at 100 mph, all those accidents from going to slow below 100 will go away. All those accidents that happen over 100 mph will go away. Through the use of magical numbers no more accidents.
down home 02/25/15 10:56pm General RVing Issues
RE: The Fishing Thread

I like all kinds of fishing. I like catching stripes below the dam. Tear you arm out of socket when they hit. Catfish give me plenty of fight in currents. Trout with spinning tackle. Can't handle the fly rod until or if they fix the disc. Crappie fishing. Nothing better than a mess of Crappie and hush puppies and fried taters and some tomatoes and... Casting bubble and poppers for Bream, Shell crackers, Bass, everything else wading the weed beds. Most fun right now is trout with spinning tackle. Don't care if I catch anything or not. The singing of the water and dappled shade of trees. I may not even cast, jsut sit and take it all in. Watch the trout mid stream and far side jump and a few Herons and Canada geese some times. Might even see an Otter and others have seen bears but I don't ant them in my lap.
down home 02/25/15 09:31pm Around the Campfire
RE: Interesting Article About Snow...

down home 02/25/15 09:21pm Around the Campfire
RE: Interesting Article About Snow...

down home 02/25/15 07:46pm Around the Campfire
RE: Interstates versus secondary roads

You all ain't never seed a little black car, in Utah, on an empty road at 180 or so passed by a Veyron at 230 maybe, have you. Ever seen A Mercury Cyclone 427 in Montana at 200before Georgie and Gerald came along with the magic of 55? Haven't seen a new Porshee with wheels bigger than my mh and a little black car screaming up the mountain at 160 or better? Louder than any siren. Been on I85 trying to keep up with the everything else? Wife finally carboned up the spark plugs and valves by driving like a taxi. Darneed difficult to find a long vacant straight to burn it out. You know you can stop from 155 to 7 seconds or some such. When I drive Sadie Im thinking of renameing her Newman after Paul. Maybe it would stop her from carboning up the engine. When I drive I won't ride next to another car I want the road clear to the right and a long interval before me and hopefully along interval behind me. I alays seek to be out the way of any potential road conflict. One beforeeh ave got to see those Halon or or whatever lights, and there's a switch to turn the rear lamps on bright for thoe might not see a bright a new dime car in black in ron of them. Stay safe alt all times except when some whipersnapper flys by in a hopped up To Yota, cutting in and out and closing up my interval of at minimu 6 cars. I'm hoping the new Weistec tune will deliver the promised 622 to 670 hp. Then bigger coolers for engine, thansmission, differential and carbon ceramic brakes and carbon hood. Just thin 670hp at 7400 rpm in a 3400 lb car. Somehow I'll get bigger Continental 5Ps on 19 in rims under her or him. Sweeter sounding than LaFarrari and darned near as fast and ah eck of a lot roomier. At 4.5 lb per hp it ought to do 240. You will never know the car was there. I drive slowly. No matter how far the tach swings it just registers 55. So you older Codgers than me stay in Ohio and Michigan it aint safe on the road with all those RVs unless we're in ours.
down home 02/24/15 11:55pm General RVing Issues
RE: Interesting Article About Snow...

down home 02/24/15 11:28pm Around the Campfire
RE: Does anyone watch the Academy Awards...

Nope! When does Baseball start?
down home 02/24/15 07:13pm Around the Campfire
RE: I'm going to side with the birds today

I hope you have a boat up there in Boston, if warms even a little bit fast From that amount of snow and more to come it will be the end of July before it is gone. Are you digging a tunnel like some up there Crowe? Might ought to get in on selling hunks of snow to Arizona etc. :)
down home 02/24/15 07:10pm Around the Campfire
RE: Camping World Quality

Germany, and other similar places in the world, may not be where U.S. chartered companies think they should go to get their branded products manufactured ... but maybe it's in the kind of world manufacturing environments similar to Germany where customers should consider going to get high quality products. That is, until good old U.S. chartered companies begin to get the quality message again. Notice I said "U.S. chartered companies" instead of "U.S. companies". Many U.S. companies no longer perform like good U.S. citizens ... they appear to be U.S. companies in name (and charter) only. Under our legal system a company chartered in the U.S. is considered to be "a person", hence they should act like a good U.S. citizen-person if they're want to be called a U.S. company. IMHO, U.S. companies have at least one other top priority besides maximizing return for it's owners and executives ... that other priority is doing what's best for the long term existence and viability of the cultural system in which it is chartered. This other priority encompasses hiring the bulk of their workers from that cultural system, creating within those workers pride in the manufacture of it's products, and paying those workers maybe enough to someday buy some of the top quality products it's workers are putting together. I prefer my products to come from companies that at least slightly resemble what I describe above. It's now becoming more and more difficult to find products coming from U.S. chartered companies that do. Some other countries still have companies - that started within those countries - that resemble what I describe. Would I buy a top quality product from a China chartered company when I could not find an equivalent U.S. chartered company version of it ... yes ... just like I do now with top quality products from, say, Germany. But buying a less-than-top-quality version of a product from a U.S. chartered company that has it built in China instead of a top quality version of it built here .... is something else. I agree with most of what you think a good company should be. However in the reality of todays world if you are a CEO you have definite bosses. When the Wall Street analysts and bankers get you on the conference call and TELL you that your share price is too low and you MUST change things..(Read: Save money) or the banks are not going to continue to loan you money at good rates or at all...then you must do something. This is the reality that many CEO's face everyday. Is it farsighted? Maybe not. Is it what we want from our corporations? Probably not. But it is the CEO's job to do what it takes to keep the company competitive and viable. There are only two ways to increase profit (and thus share price) Lower Costs or Raise Prices. Which are you going to do in the hyper sensitive, cost conscious Markets of today? Your thoughts on corporations are laudable but unrealistic for most in todays marketplace. ......
down home 02/24/15 11:15am General RVing Issues
RE: washing detergent

Wife does the washing, mostly but liquid detergents and not the unscented Tide. I hate that smell it has a stink. Powder detergents leave a residue.
down home 02/21/15 02:04pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Surge Guard protection... Worth it?

The Surge Guard has saved us from two spikes large enough to trip a breaker. It saved us from an incorrectly wired pedestal, in Missouri. A brown out would require something like the a Hughes Auto Former to bring voltage up. Fortunately we've not had a brown out since we sold our Fifth Wheel, in Manysnowda. Have seen in a very large RV Park everyone flip on a switch about the same time and trip the breakers. An Auto Former is on our list.
down home 02/20/15 12:24am Tech Issues
RE: Sales tax on purchases internet verses shop

Tennessee doesn't have state income tax, but they want you to file a sales tax form and pay up. Right!! Every state with a sales tax "requires" that. We're supposed to take our receipts and pay the difference in tax from the state we bought whatever in. On larger items like lawn mowers the seller is supposed to report it to your state ie Tn. The Retailer reports it to your state or is supposed to. Some opt to not pay sales tax, in say GA and take their receipt, to county court house, in whatever state and pay the 9.75% or whatever the tax is, in that county and city. We don't have a sales tax. We have a Buyer's Tax. Though very young I remember when it was 1%. They said it was going to be temporary. People believed them.
down home 02/20/15 12:13am General RVing Issues
RE: Camping World Quality

We bought Craftsman tools from 50s on. They didn't operate in the red. All of the power tools table saws, etc Uncles bought were Craftsman because they were quality and repairable. When they started losing money is when they started playing games, such as not repairing ratchets but replacing them with Chinese of inferior quality and no lifetime guarantee. Same for Lawnmowers and so on. They started whittling down lines and products for only those with the big margins. They put themselves out of business. We bought firearms,including handguns, ammunition, boats, motors, a wide variety, of camping goods, clothes and all manner of goods for around home and farm. When the sold the new owners and no the this Owner run it like Slumlords and into the ground with cheap cheap Chinese junk and only a limited number of lines. Nothing I want to go to Sears for these days.
down home 02/19/15 06:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: Interstates versus secondary roads

Interstates around here are slower than side rads at peak times and some times all day. It depend on knowledge of the road whether we take a side road with the Mh. I prefer the side roads if there is not a stop light or sign or little town every five miles. So many semis and governed to 65 impeding traffic with their games have really slowed down the Interstates and caused a lot of wrecks.
down home 02/19/15 05:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: I am sorry.

Tn ran out of salt etc and called the national guard in to scrape the roads. Middle Tn had a lot of ice. I don't mind the cold, as long as I'm clothed for it. However I'm not going swimming, in Lake Superior, in August, even.
down home 02/19/15 05:43pm Around the Campfire
RE: idiot people

Two evenings ago a woman locked down the left lane keeping at a varying constant interval speed with car just behind her, in the right lane. Speeds stayed around 65 mph Flashing the headlights did nothing. It was starting to get dark but it looked like she was on her cell phone. Long line of traffic wanting to get by.
down home 02/18/15 08:33pm Around the Campfire
RE: Should people over 85 be allowed to drive ?

Perhaps Canadians need a lot of supervision. Down here in Land of the Free, or something I know a gentleman of 93 who drove every day until he passed two years ago. I know several, in Church, in their late seventies and eighties. They do just fine. Most people are capable of running their own lives and will know when to hang up the keys or Family will.
down home 02/18/15 08:28pm Around the Campfire
RE: Freee Fishing Days

A lot of us have tried to communicate with our Federal and State Legislators about that. Invariably State Officials reject it. The Heads of most Fish and Game or now Wildlife Agencies thanks to Bird Watchers are law Enforcement Officers. Everything has to be permitted or licensed. License Fees are exorbitant. Some local sentiments want to keep out of staters from fishing and hunting in their states. however the biggest drivers is revenue. A hunting and fishing license all species and all fish used to be 7.00 and 10.00, I think out of state. It is now over 125.in state with all the stamps etc. Out of state is, without looking, double that. Under 16 and on your own land you didn't need a license. then the creep started and the Birdwatchers took over. We pay the freight for their enjoyment. You cannot paddle a log across a stream without a boating education course and registration on the log here now. You cannot park to fish or hike a trail without paying from 3.00 to 10.00. It generates a lot of money from fees and fines. More fees and fines generate a lot more money for more Enforcement Officers who write more tickets and the circle grows. ironic that our taxes pay for our national Forest and BLM Lands but we can't fish or hunt without paying anywhere from hundreds of dollars up. Our tax dollars go for Federal Fish Hatcheries and wildlife management fees but we are denied the use without huge dollars from our pockets for the individual states. A lot of people says that is not much money why are you protesting etc. A few hundred dollars is in addition to budgets not the only items. Those, of us making less than seven figures, many of us, anyway, it hurts. and then it is about equability. So we have to keep after our federal Legislators, as if it does any good. You would thin at least Disabled Veterans or all Veterans would be granted the ability to fish and hunt in other states. After all their sacrifices and suffering was for all the states.
down home 02/16/15 12:58pm General RVing Issues
RE: Camping World Quality

we'll buy some things at CW that are, let's say, unique, to camping and RVing. but things like hangers...good, sturdy wooden hangers...can be found anywhere. a lot of the junk being sold today is from china. most shoppers care about price instead of value and until that changes we'll continue to be a dumping ground for the chinese reds. I really wanted to ignore your comment but this thoughtless China Bashing is off target. Assuming you are an intelligent person I decided to give a try to increasing your understanding of Chinese manufacturing. China makes many of the highest quality products you use in your home and office everyday. Almost all Hi-Def flat screens for TV's and computers are made in China Including Sony's(about 95%) Many of the computer chips that run your Laptop or computer are made in China. All Apple I pods, I pads and much of their computers are made in China and these are recognized as some of the highest quality products built anywhere. The Chinese workforce is well educated, literate and motivated. Does China make a lot of really cheap stuff...of course...but it's what has been ordered from the SELLER. They set the specs. They decide what they want to pay...and they get the product they pay for. Blaming the Chinese is like shooting the messenger, they are making what companies are ordering. The "Reds" as you call them are without a doubt at this point THE BIGGEST CAPITALIST country on the planet. And I know this because I have worked in China, traveled from one end to the other of that country and bought many of these products and been in many Chinese factories on behalf of my own business and others. I have imported (to SE ASIA) many really high quality products from there) And in the end we dont know where the products came from in the post above. It is just as likely that the Mat came from the Philippines, the gauge from Indonesia or Singapore etc. The bad quality is coming from the BUYER not the Manufacturer. Well then wherever they buy them how bout buying quality instead of looking to maximize profitability with the junk designed for consumerism. Back in the seventies the buying trips to Wetvaco or whoever and others, we routinely rejected the junk they import now. When Sam Walton died and the new CEO took over America started spiraling for the dumpster. The cry was you got to buy this stuff to make your margins. At some stores the rejects and returns used to fill several dumpsters. Pricing structures allow for a lot, of broken and non working junk. If they sold good products, durable goods, instead and American made we would have a lot more people producing or jobs and the economy would be ticking up.
down home 02/16/15 12:40pm General RVing Issues
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