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RE: Gas challenged?

Don't have a gas motor home but find similar problems with diesel. I know of only one Wall Mart that we can get our motor home in, Decatur Ind, when they don't put thee piles of fertilizer etc too close to the fuel station. We saved 35.00 last time over the rest of the stations in the area and on up into Michigan. Costco sells diesel and propane and is set up to fuel a mh but they have strategically placed islands etc so it is not possible for our mh to get to it nor into the fuel lanes where on occasion they have reasonable diesel prices. Kinda odd since RVers when we do stop there end up spending usually a few hundred dollars in groceries, supplies like tp, water softener, black tank and gray tank aids and assorted things for an RV and gottahaveits.They don't want our business. We saw diesel for 2.23 in Southern Indiana near Clarksville, but they have now configured the station so only pickups and the like can get in. We had fueled up there many times before. FJ has two lanes usually but at every one you have to pull close to the building to get in or out of the tight lanes with big bolsters with lots of scars from trying to maneuever. If you get too close at one in Ky you can't open the door to get out to fuel up. If there are cars and especially vans or pickups parked at the building with our toad at 68 ft we have to wait until they come out and leave meanwhile RVs are backed up into the road wanting to get into the pumps. Some stations /truck stops do have gas at their truck islands but I don't have a list. Next Exit provides a lot of info on what is at the next exit. Perhaps it list gas at truck islands and so on. I don't know.
down home 06/26/16 10:12am General RVing Issues
RE: Onboard converter amps output for battery charging

I can't give a qualified answer. Check the literature with the AGM bateries. Our Load center or whatever the term has settings for the charger and converter for AGM. AGMs charge at different rates than Lead acid. Check the manual for AGM batteries or if manual setup get the specs from mfg and set according to that.
down home 06/25/16 07:27pm Tech Issues
RE: Explain why I can't patch a tire.

One thing no one has mentioned is that on the interior sidewall, the impression of the cords is obvious. In order to prep that area they use an extremely hard wire brush to grind it flat for proper seal. Easy on the tread wall, it's 3/8"+ thick and the cords are buried deep. If you were to use that proceedure on a sidewall, you are absolutely weakening the area, probably 2x2" (or whatever the size of the grind area would be) by doing that. So Yes, the patch does make it weaker. If it's REALLY coming through the sidewall, you have a tire that's probably allot more dangerous than you think. Like you have said it would cut some cords. The patch no matter how you glue it to the inside it will not flex with the easy flexing sidewall. It will leak rather rapidly and could explode if it depressurizes at a fast speed. Put a set or new expensive performance tires on a car. A few miles down the road a board or something with a big nail put a hole in the sidewall right next to the tread. I tired to repair it myself since the tire dealer would not repair it. It failed within a mile.
down home 06/25/16 06:31pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Batteries

Could be the charge controller it set way too high on charge or float to long before going to float. Read your manual a couple of times on it. Batteries may be cooked. I somehow let the desulfation cycle run too long and cooked the batteries. Every time something new happens or malfunctions it is do we panic time. I'm one that who thinks I don't need assembly instructions. If not for the advise o quite a few I would have foundered. Wasn't quite sure what to do when plug on water heater blew.Now, I'm prepared to to fix the thing and carry lot of spare plugs and threading tool and so on.
down home 06/25/16 05:46pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Air compressor will it work?

Based on my experience NO! Our on board air compressor is set at 125 psi. It works well to fill onbaord air tanks. However in Shawnee, Oklahoma our left front tire was going down. The core was loose and only the cap saved us. I cranked up the mh and with a chuck that latches onto the valve and it did not leak it would not bring the tire up to 110psi. Could not find a station with high pressure air compressor or any. A friendly semi Driver pulled along side and connected his 125 psi compressor up to the tire. He even revved his engine and it did no good. We could not get the tire to over 95 or 100 lbs. Over time I've forgotten exactly how much. We eventually found a truck stop down the raoad and they aired it up almost immediately. Air Doublers such as used on Newells and Newmars and possible others cut the amount of air but double the pressure. I haven't found one yet but when I do it will be installed. I only run 100 lbs in the Michelins now. An extra air compressor filling up precious space just doesn't add up. An air doubler sound like the most logical solution. But....if I buy one to take along it will need to put out 150 psi. Many units you buy can put it out but for some reason NHTSA or EPA or someone won't let them operate or contain in the tank over 125 psi unless it is build so heavy as to make it an insane proposition it seems.
down home 06/25/16 05:44pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Enormous Bugs and Where to Avoid Them

I note the giant of 5 inches preying mantis. In eastern Hamilton County Tn several years ago a Client and I were looking at the lot next to his. On the ground near some vines was a preying mantis of over a ft long. A giant. I thought I would try to catch it. It wwas facing away. Whne I got near it turned and bit me on the web between thumb aand forefinger, and flew off several feet in time to quick to measure. The wound ws small but bled and hurt like the dickens. Iv'e seen others near as large but not quite. Most are just a few inches but five inches would be rather common.
down home 06/25/16 10:33am Around the Campfire
Caster wedge and improving handling in wind and ba roads

I've been considering a Steer Safe. We have a straight axle, on our Freightliner chassis, Revolution. I rad a bit about Hendersons' and increasing caster which is great idea on many vehicles for stability and tracking. Our little black car has 10degrees caster where most come close to zero to "improve mpg." Hendersons say they use a steel caster wedge. Has anyone has this done to their coach and how was improvement in handling and was there any increase in tire wear? Also did you use the "Steer Safe" or is there brand with different approaches. the plated steel coil springs are a concern as far as corossion etc and staying in place??? Finally costs? I always want an idea on wht I'm getting into before making a lot of phone calls and driving half way across country.
down home 06/24/16 08:21pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Leaving camper unoccupied - help

I assume you're talking about a State or County Park. They should have a Camp Host and some Rangers. Notify them. If there is Neighbor there ask them to keep an eye open. The parks we've been in never felt the concern but there are plenty of accounts on the forums and elsewhere, especially of drive throughs looking for easy targets , of things lying around. In Tn the Rangers make freqquent rounds and are very effective in keeping the riff raff at bay and gone.
down home 06/23/16 04:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: stainless steel gauge?

1 inch is 1gauge. A 1/10inch thickness is ten gauge. A 1/18inch thickness is 18 gauge. A /24 inch thickness is 24 gauge. In shotguns a 1 gauge is the diameter a 1 one pound lead ball. A 12 gauge is the bore diameter of 12 equal size lead balls totaling one pound A 10 gauge is the bore diameter of 10 equal diameter lead balls totaling one pund. A .410 shotgun is the diameter, of a lead ball that would weigh... well I can't do the math right now but about 3 pounds plus. A .410 is not a .410 gauge. It .410 caliber.0r .41 caliber
down home 06/22/16 06:02pm Around the Campfire
RE: How do you avoid Bio Diesel (over B5) while on the road?

It is all politics of money and no use in getting upset about all this again. Just that everyone here, with a little fire, left in them, needs to run for office and displace all the yahoos, in Government, doing this to us.I wonder if folks felt the same way when tetraethyl lead was forcibly removed from gasoline by the government. The lead caused massive environmental and health problems, but it also kept valve guides from wearing out. Millions of engines suffered premature wear without lead. Modern engines don't need it anymore. We're way better off now, but I imagine a lot of folks were upset about the "government interference" at the time. Apples and oranges. Biodiesel is a child of Agra Businessmen under the green washing that raising fuel will save the planet, but all it does is fatten their wallets and we support it with taxes in subsidy and in higher prices at the pump. Exactly the same with ethanol where the Industry/Corn Growers spend millions telling us how gret it is and stuffing the bank accounts with subsidies and money from Consumers forced to buy it. It is crooked and corrupt and immoral and we have some defend it. Using the Law to mandate pofits
down home 06/21/16 01:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: "Don't Scare The Tourists"

Cattle are more deadly to humans than gators, sharks, bears, bison, I'll second that! I've had a cow fall on me and have been around the gators, bears and bison with no issue! My thing up here is wet leaves. They get very slick and people don't realize it. Of course, the biggest threat to mankind here is our drivers! :B In the 1850s I think, in Arizona Territory, a herd of wold cattle took on a company of Army Rangers. They destroyed several wagons and horses and injured some Soldiers.
down home 06/21/16 01:35pm Around the Campfire
RE: names

I like names of descriptive character such as, an First American, Touch The Sky. Iron Eyes Cody, Ocnastota or Ground Hog Sausage, or The Dragging Canoe, or old world Ulrich The Unready. They earned or were awarded their names Daughters Name is Katherine. Michael is son's. Dad's family can trace back several generations, by first son named after Grand Fathers. Dad was William Robert, from both Grandfathers and the same with the women. Da'ds first Ancestor in America was a William. For some reason I was named by a French Nun according to the signs. By the signs was the way in much of Appalachians and before in northern Europe too. Dads kin inlcuds hundreds of Williams. Makes it easier to trace them back to the first William in America and to know who is kin. My first Grandson by blood will be named Ocanstata and William in some version and I have misspelled it, to link him to our first known American Ancestors.
down home 06/20/16 10:07pm Around the Campfire
RE: How do you avoid Bio Diesel (over B5) while on the road?

Biodiesel does not like rubber. B20 won't affect your hoes and o rings lift pumps etc as fast as straight biodiesel and B5 will take a lot longer but it will affect thme eventually. BioDiesel is essentially soybean oil or corn oil, **** seed oil with the glycerin washed out. Older engines pre 07 like our Cat it is pure murder on the rubber. Newer engines after 07 the rubber components ar not as succeptible. I'm not read up on what the new compounds and how much lnger they resist Biodiesel. Biodiesel has a much higher lubricity than the green ultra low sulfur diesel we have to use, unless your run farm equipment. I don't want but a few gallons of B5 in the tank B20 is a no no. Cat quoted me something over 16,000.00, I think, to replace crank seals, lift pump seals, and hoses and o rings and so on. I fill up before I cross state lines where they force you use Biodiesel. In parts of Arizona it was all we could find in many locations. It is all politics of money and no use in getting upset about all this again. Just that everyone here, with a little fire, left in them, needs to run for office and displace all the yahoos, in Government, doing this to us.
down home 06/20/16 09:46pm General RVing Issues
Dum de dum dum Wanted Alive

I want a wall clock crystal lens, with day and date but not numeric, like grand father clocks, sorta, Atomic timed and if there is such a critter one that changes time whne you enter a different time zone. I want it for the MH. So far, all mostly I have found, is wal mart grade, chinese plastic, in the same four or five designs everywhere. i have found a couple that are crystal lens but no day date nor lighted but atomic radio timed. As a reward, I will dance at your next wedding.
down home 06/20/16 09:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: slide out stopped sliding

I couldn't tell, from profile if your slide is electric or hydraulic operated. Suspect it is electric. You didn't mention noise. It may be a breaker or fuse. Look in manual for fuse or breaker location. If it was still making noise it could have sheared a pin on the gear that moves ths slide on the geared rail. I don't think it is hydraulic operated. For any electric issue get a small case with fuse puller, for the several sizes, most usually 2,5,10,15,20 amp auto type fuses. They have them at auto stores or did pretty cheap. Failing fuse or breaker, and pin which you won't have get a mobile tech to come check it out, if convenient. He will tell you what it is and may be able to fix it right there. If it is the motor it will probably have to be ordered but if itis a common occurence, for your RV he may find one quickly.
down home 06/05/16 09:13pm Tech Issues
RE: Another Incident at Yellowstone

Wildlife has moods and don't like being pestered and fear men and most critters. I've gotten hurt most by cows and horses. I ain't about to walk up to a deer or Elk especially. People that raise them know they are onery and you a re smaller than they are. Buffalo well you bother him more than he likes he is going to bite you kick you or grind you into the ground around breeding time. I've had buffalo, deer, and everything else practically crawl in my lap but not by invitation.Next time I might get gored or stomped. Those tourist especially from Asia where wildlife is a bird, have got to quit watching those TV show on how livign Gently ben is or willy coyote or wolves or buffalo and so on.
down home 06/04/16 03:38pm General RVing Issues
RE: Keep your stuff locked up, folks.

The good neighborhoods are where the goodies and money are. There are the criminals that specialize in cruising the good sub divisions and rural homes where the more expensive homes are. They even use satellite to select areas and homes to "shop." Then there are the local druggies. They hit five homes, in a row a few miles from here everybody was 30 miles away, at work. Our dog saved us from home invasion last year and scared off more than one shopper. If we get to the situation I want a tall iron fence and gate with electronic operation. In back I'm sticking in hollies close spaced with sharp spines in the already pretty heavy woods. A good trained dog, so nobody get bit that shouldn't be an alar system I guess. Home already wired just object to a 100.00+ month fees. Always some one here and when they weren't a neighbor who more or lesss house sat.
down home 06/04/16 08:19am General RVing Issues
Water pressure

For about as long as I remember we've been told to set pressure regulators at 40 psi. If I wanted a good shower I turned on the pump because inlet water was not enough. Well,we had to change out the water pump. It's an Aqua flow with 5.3 gallons per minute at 65psi, at ten amps. It can be set to 75 lb according to the website unless it is referring to the 115 volt version. Motor is good just need to rebuild the pump section. Haven't heard from the factory if they sell rebuild kits. Put in a box and in the bay for a spare. It has lasted 12 years, with a lot more use than the 3900 miles on the odometer.
down home 06/03/16 10:38pm General RVing Issues
RE: Step down warning alarm

you can wire the trans selector switch and install a door switch with two positions. Door open steps out close steps in. Switch off with door open and the steps stay down. Two wires to trans selectors witch, to door switch and from step motor, two circuits with shared hot. You put the trans in gear, it automatically pulls in steps regardless of switch at the door or wherever you place it. When we first had ours I was alarmed that I had left the steps extended. But I hadn't when we put the coach in gear the steps came in regardless of the door switch position. A safety feature, I though all coaches now had.
down home 06/02/16 11:37am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Fishing on the Road while staying in a RV (help)

Going to the White River end of June. First trip ever. Not taking 5ver this trip. Staying at Stetsons. Looking forward to it. Cotter, Arkansas on white river. Little campground store etc. Used guide as water too fast and deep. Caught countless rainbows. Caught on gorgeous Brown trout. Nine lb and fourteen ounces.
down home 06/01/16 05:16pm RV Lifestyle
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