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RE: Harvesting tails from road kill critters

Be very carefulll if it is a Bobtail. Cousin was going to take the whole critter. Critter was just zonked a little, very little from being hit. He came up going to eat what did it to him. Tore his jacket up he had around his arm, his hand face, chest and legs, got em all including part of his hair and some blood. Danced of jumped down the road hissing all the way to the fence. Sounded like he wanted to come back and finish up. I've heard, of dead deer stomping and cutting up some people too
down home 10/31/14 12:22am Around the Campfire
RE: Lady Birds

Last of our humming birds have gone. Grasshoppers have been thick I got nutin except coyotees. Scattered half a sack of corn Sat. Only thing eating any are the crows. Danged dogs in the pen scare them off and the coyotes plus I think someone was poaching some on the hill a few days ago. You can have your choice. Three handsome Australian Shpered Choclate Lab mix. Both parents registered both places Or.. two cute, as bug, little kittens half Siamese and part Garfield. Free Take them all and get 20 dollars off that and I'll ship them. That's a heck of a deal. One time only. Going our business sale. Offer never to be repeated. Act soon or lose. I might even through in some Ginshoe knives. What a deal. :)
down home 10/31/14 12:17am Around the Campfire
RE: old school observation.... tire whacker

have ours beside the passenger seat and wall. Never thought it would be a problem with anyone. Didn't think that some though RVers were pulling up at Wally World and beating up the carts or someone with it. Maybe put a long chain on it attached to a key for the bay doors, like some gas stations use to do with broom handles tires etc.
down home 10/30/14 07:22pm General RVing Issues
RE: Anyone replace their tank sensors?

Ours are in an 05 Mh. Always worked. May have to change tommorrow, who knows. It is impractical to try to judge, if the shower is going to overflow by shaking the coach or maybe a long dipstick. We use water Calgon softener, once in a while in black tank and gray tank. Probably not much need. When we empty we follow mfg instructions. The flush system cleans the tank thoroughly including sensors. I has a little container for chlorine tablets but never been able to find them outside the two that came with ll the manuals.
down home 10/30/14 07:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: Travel trailer and 5ers wheel bearings

Becauuuuse, they put the cheapest bearings they can get in them from Chine. Jacking the trailer or Fifth Wheel getting it in and out, of spots and hard corners is bad on not only tire belts and sidewalls but the bearings. I think most Towables could use higher capacity bearings too. On our vehicles The casset bearings they have been putting on new vehicles are not lasting as long. I had to put new bearings in front on our F150. Only time I ever had to put bearings in my old Fords or Dodges was when we took them through water many times. Of course we repacked them just about every time we changed brakes. Can't do it on these and they are weaker bearings. I haven't looked lately but 3/4 and 1 tons sstill have heavy duty bearings?
down home 10/30/14 07:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: Windshield washer fluid in low temps?

Buy winter windshield washing fluid. It is cheap. Don't trust what Wally World and others put, in your car either, at oil changes. It is more water down south here and I've had it frees up. I had it frees, in the motor home, one year. The tank, is below the Driver and no heat there. Might want to drain it and put, in winter windshield washer. The fluid ,in it, has likely, been there since dinsaurisuses pulled carts. The thing holds near two gallons.
down home 10/30/14 06:47pm General RVing Issues
Lady Birds

The Lady Bugs have come and gone. Last year we had millions, on the west porch and walls and the south side, of house. Quite a lot got inside too. They showed up Tuesday when it got warm after a few days of cool/cold. We swept spider webs and washed down house days before. Some time Tuesday, noticed, lots of new spider webs. What a mess. Then about 11:00 her come Lady Bugs flying from west to the house. Spiders must have been readying to trap some, of them? I sprayed, with Home Defense around exterior window jams etc. There must be a few small places where they got in last year. I caught three, in our bathroom. I noticed one on the ceiling above entry. Have to vacuum, a few dead ones around garage doors. They may come back if it warms, in a few days or so. I don't know. Sure a lot better than last year, so far. Some heavy snow, to the east Sat so it won't warm much, probably here either.
down home 10/30/14 06:40pm Around the Campfire
RE: DST ends on Nov 2nd

Body doesn't know about this clock and DST. Yes it disrupts the body's rythm. Any kid will tell you, if he thinks about it. It was conceived by business to increase the number ,of shopping hours etc. Later they touted safety for school kids, as justification. Tn put a stop to the nonsense this year. I find that retired we are going to have to force our schedules and get back to normal. For a number of years, when wife was still working, I stayed up to 2 am many nights waiting on her. Just the way we are. Going to bed when the body says to and getting up when it says too, you feel better. At least wit the DST gone it will be easier, for working people and kids and everybody else that is regulated by modern clock. Before 1850 something the railroads changed time every few miles. People didn't move a hundred miles in a day and noon was noon. Inconvenient for global business owners profits but I really doubt it but people count too. Turn the TV off at ten and the computer too. Remember when TV went off air at ten? It waas because people went to bed to rest for the next day. Keeping the production clock ticking 24 hours a day has messed up society and people. perhaps it is one reason Washington is so dishonest. :) whacky time whacky mind. :)
down home 10/30/14 06:30pm Around the Campfire
RE: Dishes for the motorhome

We have a set, of 4 or 6 good plates and a set, of Corelle, or something and a whole lot, of disposable plastic plates. We use the plastic or paper most, of the time. We have company, use the good stuff and Corelle or something. I want a big set, of the blue farm and country scene stuff. I can't think, of the name right now. What we need are platters, I think, for steak and potato and peas bread,etc. Glasses are plastic, unless she has some glasses hid in the cabinet and plastic throw-aways.
down home 10/29/14 10:32pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Dishes for the motorhome

We have a set, of 4 or 6 good plates and a set, of Corelle, or something and a whole lot, of disposable plastic plates. We use the plastic or paper most, of the time. We have company, use the good stuff and Corelle or something. I want a big set, of the blue farm and country scene stuff. I can't think, of the name right now. What we need are platters, I think, for steak and potato and peas bread,etc. Glasses are plastic, unless she has some glasses hid in the cabinet and plastic throw-aways.
down home 10/29/14 10:27pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: CB Radio - needed?

Get one of the Generals. Not cheap but with SWTR settings and power settings and so on the radio. Get ten meter but use it only on CB bands. You go to Mexico and South America you can turn it full power. I would get a stainless full wave antenna. It will have to be ground plan or maybe they can make it work with a small piece of metal. It doesn't have to stand straight up but it helps. It can be clipped down on the long end closer to the body. You have to watch CB shops at Truck stops. Most of those kids know how to blot one on and tune it on a truck but are pretty much clueless about Mhs. Use the net and ask around for one that can get it performing well. There's been a great many times we/ve needed the CB approaching cities or traffic off in the distance. The new problem is Truckers don't keep them on as much as before so not as much active reporting on the road ahead. A good whip antenna up high like that with full five watts or 10 watts or 100 watts will reach way out there and amplify signals coming in so you can hear most of them. Five watts out is the limit legally though and all I run on my 35 year old Teaberry.
down home 10/29/14 01:07am Full-time RVing
RE: BAd driver

2012, at the rally in Goshen, Indiana we had our toad hit a service station, right rear. Damaged wheel and fender and quarter panel or really the whole rear quarter from windshield back. Called State Farm and they called a Ford Dealer for us. The Ford Dealer got us a rental and got started on the Edge right away. The guy that hit us had his brakes fail and came upon the sidewalk and on down the rampt to the station. Nod DLand no insurance. The car's Owner did. Subregated to Ford and they handled everything. Had to go get Sheriff's report since the idiot would not give it to us. Said we were ugly to him. Got everything taken care of in a week, including the extra space rent for our Mh. We could have had a motel room also. Only thing is we did not go after the other Car's Owner for loss of value, until we were ready to sell the car. Problem there our Dealer didn't want to put on paper the loss, of value, In our state no such allowance available, tn. There is in Indiana though. Their fault but we lost about 5,000.00. Won't let that happen again. Can't think of the Dealer's name or I would give him a plug. He did a great job and took the time. Met his family. Really sweet shy little girl. That's the way it is in small town America. We also got loss of vacation time. Believe me my wife made big bucks.
down home 10/29/14 12:47am Class A Motorhomes
Witching Time

Ok, Kiddies, its Halloween time. I've got some true storied, couldn't make this up if I tried but I'm daresome to tell more. Some, of you have got to have experienced things since some are older than me.
down home 10/28/14 08:14pm Around the Campfire

When I was kid and later I enjoyed a good fruitcake. It is a hallmark of Christmas. I heard all the jokes about bricks and so forth. The problem evolved by people not wanting to use the right ingredients and wanting ti done too fast. Who's first with state fare ribbon, no alcohol, Fruit Cake Receipt. No short cuts or substituions allowed of moder freez and ship stuff.
down home 10/27/14 08:40pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
Tis The Season for good pie crusts

GrandMa and Mama made great pies big pies. They were a major part of most summer dinners and especially Thanksgiving, and Christmas. My wife has got into the habbit for a very ling time of buying pet Ritz pie shells. I can tell the quality, the taaste have gone way down from what I rmemember but could never stand to the hihg are of pie crusta and pies of Mama's and Grand Ma's and I bet Great Graand Ma on her side. She Dutch. Somewhere we have a Betty Crocker Cookbook where everything is made from scratch from the 30s. It was mama's home ed book. Green bound in tan and about four inches thick 11x14. When I wass a teenager I baked bread and things out of it when there was no school, no one else around and schools closed. So I nned the high art of pie pasty shells and tops to perfection. Good enough won;t cut it this year. God any state fair winnders?
down home 10/27/14 08:25pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: TKR ???????

I had the left knee don't June 12. I get around pretty good but not 100% yet. Pain is just about all gone. More of a presence, now. Knee still pops. Very little swelling on outside of knee when I walk much. I am being cautious on amount, of walking along with other problems. Therapy is a must. If they hadn't forced the exercises and walking though pain the first several days, I might not be walking now. The scar tissue forms if you don't move it. What has to be has to be. I would have much rather been fishing. Now they tell me my left hip has to be replaced and it was perhaps the cause of the deterioration of my left knee. The Dos knew it long ago but didn't tell me so I could have done something about it and perhaps saved knee replacement. Just stoke her up with magazines, a tv and visit her often, play cards etc.
down home 10/27/14 12:06pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Calgon in potable water tanks

There are whole house filters out there that will take out iron, sulfur magnesium and so on. Calcium won't be taken out, except the stuff that is suspended. As it gathers on the filters it will take some of the dissolved calcium out too. The filters will take the arsenic too. Our last home had well water, good well water, except it was loaded with calcium and sometimes some sediment. It got the sediment and other things that might have been in it and some, of the calcium. I've experienced Texas water and a whole house filter will help a lot. You may have to change filters more often than some other places but at least you will be able to drink the water. I even watered my lawn through it. the level of stuff, in you water might load it up quicker though.
down home 10/27/14 11:39am Tech Issues
RE: Getting expensive

sleep post
down home 10/26/14 11:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: B29

I had my bombers wrong. I looked on the internet for photos. It had to be a B17. The rear wings were in the same position as shown on the net. It was different all over from a B29. Sorry bout that.
down home 10/26/14 12:00pm Around the Campfire
RE: B29

It was flying from Middle Tn, perhaps Huntsville, Al area. The only airport close would be over in Chattanooga Tn except for small local airports somewhere. It appeared light blue/gray but as it got closer, due to lighting I guess it looked darker. I couldn't see any markings at all, even with it being so close or appearing to be so close. I knew of the Confederate Air Force having several WWII planes but couldn't figure out why it was here or where it was heading.
down home 10/26/14 08:56am Around the Campfire
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