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RE: Spring has Sprung!

Grass really is springing up.
down home 03/20/17 06:44pm Around the Campfire
RE: Lots of bugs to come

We've had a few turkeys though the back yard. The numbers are down so I'm going to blame it on the coyotes and day time hunting. Last time it was three adults and three young ones. They come up the game trail from across the road, stop and look at the chickens and behind the house and up the hill. Tomorrow I'm putting out some corn for them. I keep wandering if agricultural poisons are a culprit. Deer everyone else in the family has sen them but me. I do see two to threeat a time crossing below the cemetery. Neighbor hit one destroying the front of his pickup. I've got something clawing the tree stump where I out salt blocks and killing squirrels and eating head first leaving the rear quarters. I'll put out some cracked corn and give some turkey calls. I haven't been listening but the Turkeys are probably still roosting in the tall trees south of the house and across near the cemetery. I sat on the west porch a bit this evening watching the sun go over the mountain to the west. Maybe 72 degrees just a hint of wind stirring. Would put me to sleep in a few minutes. the birds in the garage got nice nest going. I opened both doors when I came home and hope they flew out. They are little wrens. No water inside or food so they wouldn't survive. Little white splatters everywhere. A neighbor tells of someone not far away raising turkeys until the natives come around and them all wonder off together. Wild Turkey eggs ready to hatch are 3.00 each plus 3.00 each to ship. so twenty of them would be an investment. I hope to see the birds, the kids have seen, smaller than a turkey brown or bronze and lighter head and necks. I have forgotten what color they said the head and neck were. In this part of the Country People released Asian deer, a variety of game birds, Elk and so on. Maybe some of the birds still survive from the early 1900s.
down home 03/20/17 06:31pm Around the Campfire
RE: Cap Concrete Block RV Pad

Those cap blocks crumble pretty easily. They are porous just like cinder blocks. They adsorb a lot of moisture and will freeze and crumble and break. They have little strength and can be broke with modest impact or pressures. Someone may make concrete blocks however. Depending on the part of the Country you are in you may be able to get thick slabs of stone from a quarry. I say that on my Uncle in the fifties using that for a walkway and patio. They were six inches or so thick and very heavy, of course. A firm base down at least to frost line and top six inches of the new mix that is rock and concrete dust or dry concrete leveled and tamped down you can put just about any pavers including paving brick on it and remove broken ones over time if any develop.
down home 03/19/17 04:16pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Another criminal idiot in the National Parks

We should've jailed the settlers that left wagon ruts On the Oregon trail. Those can still be seen too! Some of my Ancestors would agree with that wholeheartedly. Seems we still don't count even though we gave or had taken out lands, way of life and millions who lost their lives to more ruthless invaders. however some of my Ancestors are on the other side of the coin too.
down home 03/19/17 04:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: Uncle Sam strikes again

I love states like TN. Pay sales tax when you buy it and you're done. Doesn't matter where you keep it, insure it our use it. And it's a one time tax and not an ongoing year after year thing. Annual tags are like $29/year. I don't know why folks live in places that tax everything on and on and then have all kinds of stupid regulations telling you what you can do with it. Only thing is dislike more is HOA's. Why anyone would ever live with one of those is beyond me. As a Tennesseean, I agree, we have a great tax system. In the city, we are at about $106 per car/truck/motorhome regardless of value and in the county, $60ish (can't remember exactly) for tags. I disagree on one thing, I like HOA's (we have two, TN and CA, that are gated and guarded). Keeps the neighborhood clean, safe, orderly and I don't have to worry about anything. Safe travels, MM. Why on earth ar you paying all that on vehicles. City tag tax? It's 24.00 to the Sate per year and that's is it.
down home 03/18/17 11:44pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Uncle Sam strikes again

I love states like TN. Pay sales tax when you buy it and you're done. Doesn't matter where you keep it, insure it our use it. And it's a one time tax and not an ongoing year after year thing. Annual tags are like $29/year. I don't know why folks live in places that tax everything on and on and then have all kinds of stupid regulations telling you what you can do with it. Only thing is dislike more is HOA's. Why anyone would ever live with one of those is beyond me. Shush! We're being overcrowded. Don't tell everybody or our taxes will go up. :)
down home 03/18/17 11:42pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Another criminal idiot in the National Parks

What percent of Maryland is owned by the Federal Government, darned little is my guess. You don't even have a major park, not that there is room for one. Some western states are over 80 percent Fed and they have a real cause for unhappiness. I think you answered your own question. How much room is left in any of the states east of the Mississippi? Would you really want the land out west to be one giant suburb like my home state of NJ? Or, are you really ok with a few select wealthy individuals owning what's left of Utah, and letting them do with it as they see fit since it would be "their" land? Just think if the gov't had "sold" Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon. There would probably be every fast food franchise in existence in them along with strip malls, etc. I have a number of firearms and reloading equipment and no place, really to shoot or hunt any more. Access to trout waters is getting very limited. Some State Forest Lands were encircled Developers and no no access, their own exclusive untaxed hunting and fishing property, unless you have a helicopter and can repel. Every time I and others bring it up we get the same old arguments of needing to increase the tax base and sling off State and Federal Lands But to who? Their business contributors. Right now they are trying to privatize a very popular large state park for a group of Concessionaires, out of Ohio, I think I understood. The transfer of already public lands into another classification that might permanently preserve their status for American Citizens is a good move in my book. I intend this next year to spend some time with Friends up there and hopefully keep the lobbyists away and see if we can gain some real ground for hunters, fishermen, RVers and everyone needing a break and relaxation from the ant colony
down home 03/18/17 11:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: Another criminal idiot in the National Parks

"Serious question because I'm seeking to understand, are you against national wildlife refuges and recreation areas?" ------------------------------------------------------------ Why would I be? I haven't said I was against any type of parkland. Tho the locals in Utah certainly have objections to a couple of the recent NM. My only objection to to the park formation situation is that I do not think the President should be able to seize vast tracts of land by fiat. I think that power should be returned to the congress. I think many of us don't think that the NPS does a good job of managing the parklands it controls tho. He just changed the status of already Federal Lands. While I won't be traveling to those most likely, others will and hopefully their kids and grand kids and many generations to follow. Herein the East we now have dearth of open accessable lands or public lands. Friends in the Legislature always wanted to increase the tax base, and never to increase or preserve existing outdoor opportunities. We lost 30,000 acres for a bargain of 3,000.00 in the Eighties because Governor didn't want it off the tax rolls even though the taxes at that time on that type of land was miniscule. A Developer and a Timber company wanted access to it. In the end the kids sold it off in pieces for less and everyone is locked out. In Utah, Nevada, and the other states they want the land for their associates and contributors, such as the piece China wants to buy for uranium mining, and those with range permits and some private lands within resisted and well.... This is not partisan politics or politics this is about why our land is wanted to be converted to others pockets.
down home 03/18/17 11:25pm General RVing Issues
RE: Electrical mystery

Those little colored fuses are supposed to be easy to detect when blown. It may be discolored or the strip of metal inside shown as broken. I've noticed and done it too, pulling everyone of them just about until I found the bad one when all that might be required is to look at them good.
down home 03/16/17 03:29pm Tech Issues
Lots of bugs to come

Birds are building nest in anything that doesn't move often. Wife opened the garage to put the car back in and two birds came in with straws in their beaks. Had a bit of a time getting them out. Trucks exhaust pipe has straw in it. It was driven yesterday. Are we supposed to have another Circada hatch this year?
down home 03/16/17 03:21pm Around the Campfire
RE: Mexwanderer in accident

It is safe if you know which areas are currently safe if you know how to hold your fist up, or are traveling in a military convoy, or have information on when that road is hopefully safe and so on. So Mexico is safe. huuuum Why not just go to the Darien Gap for holiday.
down home 03/15/17 12:00pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: How to stop neighboring campers from

On Fish limits in Tn we now have limits in everything including Bream or Sun Fish,Blue Gills or whatever they are called in different parts of the Country. There are so many of them they are now stunting. I have caught over one hundred at a time and gave them to elderly clients. Went back to the same weed bed and caught as many and more every time. Standing in the water barelegged they swarm your legs pulling out the hairs. That is why I have such pretty legs now. Seems social justice strict enforcement type has taken over TWRA.
down home 03/13/17 03:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: Class A RV driver's seat

I forgot to add that with the adjustable pedals wife can easily position the seat for maximum comfort, however...she cannot put her feet on the floor. Thus she goes through what I consider uncomfortable. I've been looking at and seeing if I can put a raised section or maybe just a block would do her so she can fest her foot or feet. It would have to be easily. removable. I didn't go back and reread but if you don't have adjustable Pedals the chassis manufacturer most likely has them and would be and easy install just taking a bit of time and power source. I qualify that by saying a Freightliner chassis, has easily installed power adjustable pedal set ups, as I understand it. I haven't had to do such an install. The steering wheel is power adjustable up and down and in and out. Wife ends up with it almost touching her stomach. So adjusting the seat may work but pedal contact and floor contact available at the same time seems the problem. Perhaps a block of wood or section of wood in a well though out design would be a better option unless you don't want to see out the windshield. I sure would be familiar with it before starting down the road.
down home 03/12/17 05:18pm Class A Motorhomes

With the now ubiquitous busing I observe that in winter the kids go to school in the dark and get home in the dark. Before we had Daylight Savings, I walked to school about a mile in the first grade. School started at seven and we were out at three the same as Dads Firs Shift at3M and everywhere else. We got home and supper was on the table before four. Light dark rain snow made no difference. We shed water and snow and can see in dim light pretty good or maybe that was just us old geezers.
down home 03/12/17 12:12pm Around the Campfire

It may be the Native Ancestry but trying to go with the time switching, when I was working really affected me. My body did not want to adjust and still doesn't. A State Rep, a friend tried to get it stopped several years ago and ran into all kinds of opposition from CC and Retailers. When I was a kid we didn't use a clock on the mountain except for the chime from the school tower across the mountain for dinner, that's supper to you yanks. Mn got up before dawn and to work and home about the same time most days, just in time for supper. Come to think of it Grand Ma did not have a clock.
down home 03/11/17 07:11pm Around the Campfire
RE: March 13 & 14 , 1993 snowstorm coming in 2017 !

It is snowing lightly now. This am my sister texted photos of snow coming down quite heavily near Crossville. They sprayed brine solution on the road up the mountain yesterday and it crystal blue and 60 degrees. Last time we were scheduled to take the Boy Scout Troop to the Smokies, when District canceled it. We had from 25 inches to over thirty inches of snow. Car on the carport had snow up to the windshield. It was dry powdery snow. Stopped to help someone out of a ditch a week later. I fell over five feet down into piled up snow in the ditch. It looked like level ground. Power was out and we cooked on a bbq grill on car port and heated with fireplace. Luckily we had a large accumulation tank in our well house. We had enough water with careful use.
down home 03/11/17 07:04pm Around the Campfire
RE: Thor's expanding.

The problem with quality control is from the top down. Any High School kid can design and build one of these things with a bit of training. For small wages and instructions to get it out the door as first priority we have what we see. This continued attack on American Workers does not come from America's Workers. It comes from elites with careless disregard of where they fling their arrows and from lack of knowledge.Still at ten dollars an hour and benefits Workers bend over to do what they are told. Like I said they are doing what they are told. In this day an age. A Worker trying to do the better job will be shown the door. they want speed and cheap build to maximize their profitabilty. Their view is quality and warranty does not make them money. Once they wring out all they can and the brand is declining they will sell it off. They are Investors/Hedge Funds looking for shot to intermediate gain before selling,or bankrupting and liquidating, taaking that money and reinvesting in the next investment. No commitment to quality and their reputation and repeat Customers, or their Employees. This is the reason whole categories of goods and durable goods are no longer availabl eand our jobs and our economy is now China's
down home 03/11/17 06:55pm General RVing Issues
RE: Thor's expanding.

They will come from the hills of Tennessee & Kentucky, like allways. Bud! The Folks from Tn and Ky are quite a few rungs up on intelligence and able to learn, than the Folks I see from your neighborhood. All we see from up there are carpetbaggers who come to take advantage and bring their politics. Do you know your a ABCs yet.
down home 03/11/17 06:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: Class A RV driver's seat

Wife has the same problem. She is about your height. We have adjustable pedals but even so she tilts the sat a bit forward, to be comfortable. The seats are large and deeply cushioned. Her her knees want to bend before the end of the seat. She uses another cushion behind her too. Sometime in the past I was told the pedestal could be moved. We didn't do it. She said she didn't wan to. I would check with the manufacturer first.
down home 03/11/17 06:39pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Gas station pet peeves

Mst RVers get along and enjoy meeting new to them RVers. I don't think there has been a time we didn't make a new friend or two. Unfortunately we aren't RVign as much as we want and have lost association these last four years. We made more than one long term family friends though. If I step on anyone's toes tell me, I'll make it right.
down home 03/07/17 08:58pm General RVing Issues
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