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RE: Ohio & Indiana Toll Roads prices

US 12 or old Chicago road in Michigan is just mile or two north of the Ind toll road, Don't remember quick accesses from Toll road in Ohio but should not be far. Once past Coldwater it is mostly open rural country. There are some small towns but only one, and Sturgis has about three lights. A long way into Illinois before too much congestion.
down home 10/20/16 04:10pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: After camping 60+ years, finally ran into the ultimate ....

I do everything I can to avoid this kind of thing. For some reason no one wants to get in my face. Thank goodness.
down home 10/20/16 04:03pm General RVing Issues
Being Prepaired

Another forum, someone asked about Air Condition quitting. After a while, you encounter a lot, of these, house problems. A first timeer might panic when facing this huge complicated RV. First thing buy a spare water pump and physically find wher it is installed and look at how it is connected, at your leisure. That will solve a lot aggravation on the road. Buy spare capacitors, American made, and yes they still make them, for your air conditioner(s) and sail switches or whole thermostats for you environmental controls. Third, and the Manufacturers should provide a starter kit of these, two or three, minimum, of the 12 volt fuses, each size, and a fuse puller. You you will more than likely appreciate having one, and divided box to keep them in and two breakers, of each size, in the RV. A spare or two ground fault receptables. Tool set of 1/4,3/8,1/2 ratchet and extensions and adapters Screw driver set Two pairs, of piers, because you will lose one or loan one or bury one. Circuit tester a good one, and read the manual, and use it a time or two....and wire cutters and wire nut and splice set, with heat shrink tubing. Three or four or five, and special size socket for, Nylon or other Water Heater Plugs, and teflon tape. Two good tire pressure gauges, cause you can't find one when you need it., And the biggie. I wish I had obtained the Fellow RVers name, one year at American Coach. He had a large size divided drawer system,, for these tools and extras, situated on a slide. Just like, at home everything you need. He repaired a light for us in about a minute after finding the problem. I forgot to mention two or three bulbs, of every size and screws that the sizes correspond to reak light hosuing and others sizes I haven't found the too chest that ill fit our slide yet so, if I can't find the tool or widget or bulb I end up calling a Mobile Tech and that can get expensive. What did I forget.
down home 10/20/16 03:45pm General RVing Issues
RE: Aaaaa...Now the main A/C is out....

If it was operating and then stopped especially on low and air smells musty and damp perhaps water dripping from it, it frozen up. If it keeps running trying to cool bu not quite getting the job done ice will form around the condenser. It should be set on auto or high and if the problem persist the unit may need a good cleaning. If you smell burning rubber whe you try to start it and hear a humm or the fan tries to start or runs but the compressor doesn't, check the run start capacitor. Most shops have them in stock and different kinds can work. Try not to buy a Chinese unit. They do make American condensers too. Run maybe up to ten bucks more but they last longer. If you can sometimes get the unit to start by turning off the switch at the thermostat it may be the sail switch, of the thermostat. They plug in easily. Most RV and RV mobile Techs have them all. If you are in a large or maybe even small RVing community you may have everal RV Mobile Techs around. They have seen it all and can get it fixed in a minute or two. That is experienced Techs.
down home 10/20/16 03:21pm Tech Issues
RE: Post that do not stick to subject

Ice cream sticks.I built a bowl and a cabin one time out, of them. Didn't get the ice cream though.
down home 10/20/16 03:08pm Around the Campfire
RE: DW has cancer

Prayer and best wishes for you both.
down home 10/20/16 03:06pm Around the Campfire
RE: How Long Have You Been Licensed to Drive?

52 years 5 months. First car was 56 Ford Fairlane 292 with 2 sped auto
down home 10/18/16 06:41pm Around the Campfire
RE: Onan carburetor float has fuel inside of float

The plastic ones, over time deteoriate, especially if alcohol, is in the fuel. Perhaps floats of the last few years are better. Onan has been around a while perhaps one of their dealers has a kit with brass float. Alcohol will attack it too but less than old plastics. Onan doesn't make it's carbs. It buys from a supplier, I would think. Perhaps you can find a number on it and find a float or kit with brass float,on the Internet. Don't lose sleep trying to find one though.
down home 09/29/16 12:26pm Tech Issues
RE: GFCI Has no power.

If the GFI has a little led on it and it is flashing then it needs resetting, if it is flashing and warm there is a possible problem needing investigating. If no light there is no power to the break and thus the other plug ins. That is dependent on the maker of the GFI outlet. I have a GFI outlet that has a light on when it is functional. My sister has a GFI outlet that has a light that comes on then the GFI trips. (That caused me grief while installing it. I couldn't understand why I wasn't getting power from the outlet since the light was on. I finally broke down and RTFM.) I have never seen a GFI outlet that has a light that flashes, though I don't doubt it exists. The one on rear porch is flashing and warm. I've got to get someone that is able to get don on their stomach and replace it and see if it still trips. I don't know the brand. It controls the other five plug ins along the rear porch. Fortunately all the GFIs are labeled in the breaker box. I hope some squirrel hasn't shorted things out as it would be a tough job to get to the wiring.
down home 09/29/16 12:20pm Tech Issues
RE: GFCI Has no power.

If the GFI has a little led on it and it is flashing then it needs resetting, if it is flashing and warm there is a possible problem needing investigating. If no light there is no power to the break and thus the other plug ins. Check the breakers and fuses. I say fuses but most RV, fuses are no just for 12 volt except the big fuses if you have any.d Most new GFI have no light making it somewhat difficult to fin problem sometimes. I have been looking for some with the lights for the home. RVs have two GFIs; one usually in bath area, and one in kitchen area. I know you already know it though.
down home 09/29/16 12:08pm Tech Issues
RE: IRS is getting impatient

Give them your wife's number. The same number as state Criminal Investigations Div. Sometimes the will just say hello.
down home 09/29/16 11:53am Around the Campfire
RE: Here comes the Judge

Sounds fair and balanced to me.:)
down home 09/29/16 11:43am Around the Campfire
RE: Another ABRUPT Braking Situation

Day afore Yesterday, we had a semi pass a car behind us and intended to pass us on three lane interstate. He saw he had to turn into an inspection station and locked up his brakes coming from the left lane in front of us to the right lane and into the lane to the check station. We stood on the brakes and just missed going under the semi trailer and being rolled over by its rear tires. This is the reason when I drive I keep up a good interval using brakes and accelerator and making defensive moves long before they get right up to us. She was driving and like most women waits til the last moment and insist on a certain speed regardless, of traffic around her, most of the time. I might not have been able to do any better this instance though. Hard to believe that Semi Driver did what he did. He was not making sound decisions.
down home 09/29/16 11:39am General RVing Issues
RE: Do you stand for the National Anthem?

I thought I sad I stand and salute but must be mistaken.
down home 09/25/16 07:38pm Around the Campfire
RE: Low Life On The Prowl

Several, of the motion security lights are out, Replacing two later this week. Cameras are a good idea with two monitors for my and SIL's bedroom. House is wired for AT&T switches etc on all windows and doors. But....200.00 a month has kept us from doing it. Dog will chew, on them, if they get in, but he's 14 years old and sleeps sound, now. Policeman quits at midnight. Sheriff and THP is though all the time though. Driveway is 400 something feet long, woods around and in back, they would have to very determined and carry a lot of bandaids and splints, for some distance. Or they could stop on the road and across the stream and up the hill, but security lights only reveal deer and raccoons on that end. Best bet so I'll see about some real prickly holly planted dense on the hillside, and let the poison ivy alone.
down home 09/25/16 07:35pm Around the Campfire
RE: Post that do not stick to subject

Reds are coming?
down home 09/24/16 11:28pm Around the Campfire
Low Life On The Prowl

Surgeries comming up so e've been sitting at home for a while. Three weeks ago wife went shopping and lefft one garage door open, after all I was home. A bit later, I jumped ,ein the little black car and went about a mile down the road to the small community store and bought a soft dink, and wasted few minutes. That was a Saturday. Wednesday decided I would go up the road to the lake and see if anything was biting. My fishing vest, and my 40 year old tackle box and a large fish net and a trout net were gone. They had been sitting right beside the garage door on a chair. Apaprently someone saw me at the store, or someone on a 4x4 as up the hill on our access road and came do to see what they could take. Perhaps Dakota awakened and raised cain or SILs dog in the pen did, and scared them off or they saw me returning but I don't see anyone. A few days later and about 15 miles away they broke into Son's In Laws tearing the door from the frame and ripping the bolted, to frame tv from the wall, including about four feet of wall and framing, and other things and trashed the house. Another such incident the next eek. Tonight I was watching TV in our bedroom and Daughter heard someone, apparently, tapping on the windows at the rear deck. They turned on lights but didn't see anything. AND they didn't tell me for 20 minutes. So I don't think call our Sheriff is a great idea. I'm sitting here with gun at hand on the puter seeing if anyone has any more ideas. The wall is all windows so they had to see my wife and daughter. It was black outside so they didn't see anything. Just testing the waters or telling us they will be back and maybe while we are asleep, I don't know. Good night, I'm keeping watch.
down home 09/24/16 11:26pm Around the Campfire
RE: O'Reilly's Auto Parts.

O'Reillys give a discount to Military and Veterans with ID too. I've had several refreshing experience with them, and not just one store. Always been helpful.
down home 09/24/16 11:12pm Around the Campfire
RE: Toad hit three times

We've had semis come over on us behind the door, on passenger side. Hadn't been for brakes on mh and toad we might not be here. We towed a Saturn Ion, best little car we ever had. The 2.4 motor ould run away from most. We towed it about 20,000 miles and never had anyone hit us or the two Edges since then. We keep up with the traffic and the rear camera on and have avoided some bad situations, in the nick of time. Perhaps we run the left lane more than the right because the semis, in the Midwest run slower, as well as most occasions everywhere else. I'm not going to tell you to adjust your self defense driving but perhaps slight alteration might help. Some places it is like combat driving, and all we can do is drink coffee and be alert as possible, along with the co pilot. Good luck, stay safe.
down home 09/24/16 10:59pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Installed ceiling fan

How tall are ya? Did you get the big box of bandaids? Kidding. I've seen many with them but even being just 5'10" or so I have bumped into some of the early ones. Reach the t shelf fro wife and turn and bring you hand down and whap.
down home 09/08/16 02:48pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
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