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RE: Who Drives? The Man or the Woman?

Wife drives Mh most of the time. I'm diabetic and wee are apprehensive about the effects of it while driving. I drive when I feel like it. She refuses or rather I let her refuse to let me drive when we are together. She drives like a taxi cab driver charging by the hour. In our little black car, she infuriates me, the way she drives. I have to drive it afterwards to blow the soot out of it.
down home 02/22/17 05:39pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Disgruntled Millennials on the Road

Haven't noticed any, really. have noticed a bunch of them trying to run us off the road in the Ford for the most part and the the little black car. They don't like Disabled Vet plates or stickers. I'm not kidding.It happened about a dozen times just today between here and Nashville and back. Slow land or middle or right lane running 10 over. Wife driving. One of these times they will just nick the front end corner and they will spend and a lot of people may die, including us.
down home 02/21/17 09:05pm Full-time RVing
RE: Gas station pet peeves

If it is cold or thee air is running because it is ungodly hot I'm not shutting off the gen either. Diesel does not explode or vaporize easily, and there are no sparks if someone is spewing gas all over the ground. You might be surprised how much of a spark can be generated by that big electromagnetic clutch on your a/c compressor. You know, the one right behind that big belt-driven fan that's sucking all those gas fumes in? BTW, the law actually says it's illegal to have your "ignition on" it doesn't specify gas or diesel for exactly that above reason. Ac compressors are on the roof. If the ac clutch on a truck is putting out sparks you got troubles.
down home 02/21/17 08:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: Gas station pet peeves

"This whole thing is about establishing control over society." And what about those black helicopters? I lined my trucker cap with tin foil, but I think they can still see me.... Well maybe you have a reason for tinfoil hat?:) You really must keep up with the events of the last 30years. This has nothing to do with gas stations. The "Black Helicopters" came about when the Feds, Local and state and Military formed OCDEF. To fight dope growers and other crimes. They painted their Hueys and Rangers and fixed wing black. In one event they hovered ove.r a chicken house in Alabama scaring all the chickens to flap about trying to fly and killed a great lot of them. They though the heat from the lamps in the chicken house were grow lamps apparently. The Farmer shot the helicopter forcing it down doing some damage. He was charged and had to fight in court. He won. They started the black military type uniforms about then too. Alienated a lot of People. Some departments still wear them with horrible uncomfortable lace up type jump boots. No war but they wanted to play war perhaps. We had one of the smaller copters referedot as LOACH in Nam the little bubble type compartment with four blades at high rpm and 350 hp from a 325 pound power plant, I think land on a road right here. Turned out I knew one of the pilots. A lot of people did have them hover over homes and out buildings and chicken houses, anywhere their the new heat detection equipment picked up a "suspicious" heat signature, and also over woods and fields looking for dope. About that time there was a huge number of cattle mutilations around the Country. I'm certain they had nothing to do with it but they got dragged into the paranoia and space alien pop culture scene. Other agencies now use some of heir methods, but I haven't noticed a "Black Helicopter" in a while. Just plain old space aliens, scaring the chickens and turkeys and occasional Russian spy plane and silent copters. :)
down home 02/21/17 08:52pm General RVing Issues
RE: So what are your plans for 2017?

Mow the grass,spread grass seed, fertilize the grass, trim the grass,rinse and repeat and get away for maybe a month provided I can find someone to taake caare of the grass, or and wash the house.
down home 02/19/17 04:24pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Gas station pet peeves

I let mine idle 5 minutes. I'm not going to cook the turbo bearings, an coke the oil passages for some political agenda. The new diesels are supposedly so clean you can breathe the exhaust also. If it is cold or thee air is running because it is ungodly hot I'm not shutting off the gen either. Diesel does not explode or vaporize easily, and there are no sparks if someone is spewing gas all over the ground. In that case we will move fast. Stores with fuel pumps, got a better insurance rate than other businesses, because of the safety hardware etc and their record of fewer fires. And people idled their cars and trucks all the time at the pumps. In the sixties and seventies when air conditioning became more wide spread in vehicles no one cut them off while the Attendant filled the tank, washed the windshield. They wanted the oil checked they did. This whole thing is about establishing control over society. Smoking a cigarette over a gas tank is stupid though running or not.
down home 02/19/17 04:21pm General RVing Issues
RE: What does 10 TRILLION gallons of water even equate to?

Drought and flood and every other weather condition runs in cycles. NOAA "Scientists" have been caught cooking thee books, to gt their agenda accepted. Their agenda was revealed last month some time by one of their own. It was to gain traction and control for Global Governance. Don't move to deserts, and flood plains and on the oceans edge and force everyone to stave off nature for a time or rebuild your sea shore mansion.. You are not going to stop the normal cycles of the earth by imposing electric motors and solar both proven to consume more than they produce. Live like you want on your dime and move when it floods or drys up.
down home 02/19/17 04:11pm General RVing Issues
RE: GOT the odor of gas smell.

We had the horrible sulfurous smell. Seemed just like propane. It was the left front axle sea or wheel seal. Gar oil was getting on the brakes and other places. Had it towed to Freighliner before bearings went dry. Replaced seal and brakes and machined the drum. It seemed strongest around the propane tank bay too. Where we store it called and said we had a lot of oil under the front of the coach and down the wheel. He was checking for the leak too asyou don't want propane floating around in an enclosed storage with several millions of dollars worth of coaches. That would be one heck of an insurance loss.
down home 02/18/17 11:36pm Tech Issues
RE: Why you should not leave your grey valve open - Sewer Rats

Well at last it wasn't a python.
down home 02/18/17 11:29pm Tech Issues
RE: GOT the odor of gas smell.

Check the front wheel bearings or rather the seals.
down home 02/17/17 05:25pm Tech Issues
RE: 2017 Last year for gas smart car in USA and Canada.

I have considered the Smart car. Could have gotten a gas model for 11,000.00, in 2010. The electric does not have the range nor capacity we really want/need nor the others in capacity. Sometimes when we park the Mh we may range several hundred miles driving antiquing, sing relatives,fishing and seeing sites. We have even left the RV and returned home to take care of something. The diesel version, I didn't try. They are good very small cars but don't relish the idea of driving in traffic with semi's all around. The cost of the all electric is prohibitive unless you are making a electric enviro statement. If I could afford a Prevosts I might have a compartment constructed to carry and charge one with lift. What's the point?
down home 02/17/17 05:10pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Is PA "warning" Rvers. (license).

No need of a special license to operate MH. Like any vehicle it requires getting use to is all. You learn to steer from the middle, and from just before the rear tires too. We've been driving ours when it moves for only 11 years though. And of course we have air brakes no special skills set or training needed. I've had semi drivers question that. I've driven flat bed in Nam and nothing special needed.
down home 02/17/17 05:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: Revolution tail lights

These? http://cdn.rvt.com/photos2/2928/7222928/s_main.jpg Here's a thread from a few years back with some info. I can't see the photo. It's 2005 Revolution with fie lights each side one each side being clear back up.
down home 02/17/17 04:46pm Class A Motorhomes
Revolution tail lights

I replaced the back up light on left side last year. Over 300.00. You cannot buy just the lens from factory. Who makes them and who sells them? I've spent a lot of time over the months and longer perusing the Internet with no success.
down home 02/16/17 07:26pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Coachnet not available in Maryland anymore:-(

You can still use it. Evidently Maryland has som stiffer requirements than the new Coachnet wants to comply with. Certainly not more permissive or they would still be there. Anyone from Maryland know what the story is.
down home 02/16/17 10:15am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tire Manufacturers and Ride

Tires designed for Mhs such as the GY670 and some Michelins and others do not have the ultra stiff sidewall necessary for a 1100,000.00 lb semi. As such the MH designated design tires will ride softer. Some the big Coaches call for a heavier tire perhaps, and even for annual replacement of the steer tires. The Michelins in the Mh tires are softer sidewalls than the G670s. We got some of th first of the new design and the molds were new. Only took an ounce on one rim and none on th other on steer axle, on a road force balancer. As molds get older they distort from heat and use. Just somehing else we can't do much about. At this point I would have to reccomend the Michelins for the steer axl and G670s for rear axles. Reason the G670s still want to river on steer axle. The G70s they pulled off our rear after 13 years wre as soft and pliable and devoid of wear, I kick myself for replacing them. The Goodyears have/had more uv protectant in the rubber but are stiffer than the Michelins in same ply tire.
down home 02/16/17 10:11am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Moss removal

If it is heavy enough I would go to the trouble of removing it manually with perhaps the aid of plastic scrapers. Don't damage the roofing with pressure washing or a hose from the ground that would get up under the shingles. One off I would from the top of the roof use a house wash that will gt rid of mold etc. I can't think of the name I want, right now. You'll have to get rid of some of or all of the deep shade along with moisture is letting it grow. I wouldn't want trees with the cabin in the fall line anyway but it does help keep things cool. So you might consider just some trimming or remvoal of clost trees.
down home 02/16/17 09:58am General RVing Issues
RE: Gas station pet peeves

There have been some tickets issued to Semi Drivers and perhaps some to RVers, in the regressive socialist areas. That is the reason they have onboard generators and heaters. Seems like they would have diesel fired aux haters.
down home 02/16/17 09:52am General RVing Issues
Coachnet cost

I don't know what happened to my previous post. Thanks for the replies. Wife called, I should have, and they said because t had been two year s we had to pay full price. I would have said fine I'll keep Good Sam, which we will anyway. 279.00 is very high. I hope I don't have to use it. I see there is an other thread on Coachnet reliability or some such. I liked it when our warranty and road side assistance, with more complete coverage under CW Care then Freedom Care which included what is now Coachnet. Complete phone support and only a 100.00 deductible if outside of CW Service center which there are very few in the expanse of America and none in Canada.
down home 02/16/17 09:45am General RVing Issues
RE: Stuck in the mud, any tips?

Afraid I wasn't much or any help. Thinking about it you have a sturdy frame. Use big boards, and hydraulic jacks. raise the jacks out of the mud, might require shoring and jacking a second time. Fill the holes with gravel. You can buy it in bags many places. Probably two or three bags per side. You should be able to clean off the jacks or more to the point the rams. If they won't raise clear the problem with fuses or switches. If they are just glued up or not spray lube them with silicone and clean. Put some wood blocks under the jacks with the switch in the rtract position. Put boards over the gravel and ground. Let the coach down and the jacks should retract enough or all the way up. Drive off the wood blocks under the jacks. However this advise is worth what you paid. :)
down home 02/15/17 04:49pm Class A Motorhomes
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