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RE: DR field & brush mower

If you guys read the OP's question, he doesn't want to mow all 50 acres. He just wants to clear the fence line. But a 50 acre long fence line is still a lot to do with this walk behind DR mower. DR does make a brush mower that you can tow being a ATV or a UTV. That would work better than the walk behind, but not as good as a tractor. Correct. I don't plan on keeping all 50 acres mowed, mainly the fence line, the road and the immediate area around where I envision building as well as a few walking paths. Maybe at the most 5-10 acres to start with. I can definitely see the advantages of a tractor based platform by being able to take advantage of the PTO for things such as digging post holes, box blades and the brush hog. Ideally, I'd like to get some $$ together to buy the other 56 acres from my uncle and put up a good solid fence and get some kind of grazing animal like buffalo to put on the land to help keep the rest of the area manageable and eventually start making money off of. At this point, a tractor would be a necessity. The two roadblocks so far are time and money. We are mostly rural and occassionaly, our Ford Dealer will take in used tractors even full sets of implements. A Compact with blade and backhoe and mower sold or 3,000.00 two years ago. I have seen some real deals on used equipment, by happenstance. A John Deer Tracked tractor sold for 7500.00 and was freshly reconditioned, for show, apparently. Looking online you can find some deals. New Dealers will group a heavy trailer, to haul it all on, tractor 2, or 4 wheel drive, my preference, in different sizes, with blade, back hoe and mower, for a good price. 20,000.00-25,000.00. 35,000 for the larger seems about what I saw, for a larger tractor, with the whole set up. I'm not sure what the grouping of these tractors would be, but you would want to pull a gang plow that turns an acre every two minutes. The bigger the tractor etc, of course, the more they sell for usually. This is the time of year some start selling their used equipment. I would prefer older equipment that I can work on and not be saddled with so many electronics, that you can't touch. When I'm not looking I see good outfits everywhere. There is at least one Farmer on here or used to be and might point you to convenient Dealer or some private sale.
down home 10/20/17 05:05pm Around the Campfire
RE: Pilot and Flying Js

The two I can think of, south of Atlanta, are very tight to get into. The first one going south near the intersection with the Lawrencville hwy, and old 41 I think, has two very tight rv lanes out front and the truck lanes in back. You literally have to squeeze between the coach and pumps. No way will we pull in without one of us doing some guiding,Taht is how tight it is and the post show it, at the entry to and exit from the lanes This is the one where they swiped our Debit/Credit card info in 2011. We have stopped there twice in the past just because we wanted a full tank heading south uncertain of what was available and tank approaching 1/2 at that point.
down home 10/20/17 04:47pm General RVing Issues
RE: NRA, BLM, NFS...Lack of Courtesy or Free Range Cattle?

It is hard to say without being there, from what the OP said. I won't get out of shape if someone comes near my site, unless they are being obnoxious and so on. Perhaps they wanted to check out a nice rig or the handsome gentleman sitting there. When we RV we usually make several friends, unless I'm under the weather, in which case it is just my wife. A lot of new friends then stop by and we have supper and cards go antiquing together, fishing, shooting skeet, fishing etc. Imagine if I had gritted my teeth at them when they came by, at first encounter.
down home 10/20/17 04:35pm General RVing Issues
RE: NRA, BLM, NFS...Lack of Courtesy or Free Range Cattle?

I think you mean NFS - National Forest Service that includes grasslands. NRA is the Nonsensical Rifle Addiction. Unless you are placing objects around the site to injure the people passing, you are not responsible. You do not own the property so you have no control about safety issues resulting from the land. That means things like tripping over roots, rocks, etc. If you string up a clothesline and they get caught up in it, you are liable. If you dig a hole, and they trip in it and break their leg you are liable. Most if not all the "popular" cases that are brought up to scare people about liability skip over the intent of the property owner when determining liability. The guy who had been burglared 3 times and set up a remote triggured gun that shot and killed the neighbor kid as he broke in was sentenced for murder because he made a pre-dedtermined decision to kill the burglar and could not claim self defense as he wasn't anywhere near the garage where the burglaries took place. Common sense and reasonable actions will keep you out of trouble. Don't set up your gear to hurt or trip others. Do set it up to block their access while leaving them a safe alternative route (i.e., don't leave the only paasage through a rattlesnake den). I do wonder from these posts if people do this because they want to see the RVs. Maybe a simple "do you want to see it" turn it into a positive thing. If they do, then you could explain to them that walking that close is considered rude and if they want to see one, to just approach the owner and ask. Point out that RVers treasure their privacy but are also RV proud and happy to wax poetic. I'm the NRA and your insult is not taken kindly. Currently the NRA is about the only ones defending not only our 2A but the 1st Amendment and others. You don't like firearms fine, leave decent Americans alone.
down home 10/20/17 04:29pm General RVing Issues
RE: DR field & brush mower

The DR Brush mower, will be junk by the time you finish ten acres. It is just not built or years of wild growth and five inch trees. A brush cutter or brush hog, not a mower, is what is needed. Talk to your farm equipment store about your needs. It's been so long I wouldn't recommend anything. If your intention is to clear it one time and keep it clear by mowing you might get away with hiring it done. However 50 acres you'll need a tractor. I would not get a compact but a larger one. It would take a larger one to handle, big post hole digger, brush cutter, gang mowers, blades, and backhoe. Compacts are alright for yards and lots with light duty.
down home 10/19/17 06:02pm Around the Campfire
RE: New A/C's cheaper from sites other than camping world...

My awning still sticks up and level is as low as it goes and it is mounted above the rail. Talking to Nashville CW or email the Owner over the last three years, has been fools errand. Not to mention the saga and to find last year that when Chattanooga wrecked it they put on a shallow steel pan and an 07 emissions muffler/cat and pipe. Thousands per year and it will never be right
down home 10/19/17 05:50pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Need help with STINK BUGS

I read of releasing them into the wild? They are alien species and destructive. Do not release them. Our coach is tight but we use home defense at openings in water bay the only possible site for them to come in now, except the dash air intake. I have been trying to find someone to devise a filter housing etc to take care of that, primarily to stop dust and bugs while on the road. I see bug traps mentioned on the net for stink bugs. Might take several, but I don't know. They made it this far a long time ago, but they just disappeared after a season or two. I don't know why. Only occassionally do we see a domestic counterprat.
down home 10/16/17 12:56pm General RVing Issues
RE: Someone wet the bed in our camper -Help!

If they are foam mattresses get rid of them. The many many tiny surfaces of the foam will continue to hold and release stink and microbes. Even if you get it completely dry damp air or just perspiration etc will renew stink, if it ever went away to being with. Foam mattresses, are terrible things that can make you sweat orbs moisture and odors, and retains odors. And in a short time you will notice the foam turning orange/yellow/brown and crumbles etc at the edges and forms breaks etc as the foam it self breaks down.
down home 10/16/17 12:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: Warren Buffett buys large stake in Pilot Flying J

I expect it has something to do with the Haslam family getting out of the business. The governor of Tennessee, Bill Haslam, is going to run for the US Senate in 2018. The Haslam family says there is no connection in this article but.... cash on hand is always good. The Haslam family will still own 50.1% but will decrease that to 20% by 2023, and Berkshire-Hathaway becoming the majority stockholder at that point. Haslam announced yesterday he won't run. He realized after his tenure as Governor he ha no chance of being elected. Instead Tn House Speaker Diane Blackburn will run instead. She will lose also.
down home 10/06/17 09:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tenn Corp camp grounds

Our Walnuts are under threat. I'm doing all I can to encourage Woodpeckers to hang around. This next year I plan on talking with the Forester and see I there are any traps available. They have not hit the property yet but to the east they have, I understand. I don't remember the name of the invasive species right at the moment. If we don't stop the importation, of alien species, animal and plant, in not too many years Blue and Black Locust and Elodea might be the entire landscape and monster snakes and lizards in the understory and fire ants and crazy ants in all the fields and in our homes.
down home 10/06/17 09:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: A rant about common courtesy to your neighboring campers

I really DO WISH diesel owners everywhere would get over this obsession they have with idling. Do they not understand they are wasting fuel? There should be a big sticker on the dash---DO NOT IDLE! A diesel at least ours, a before, the ammonia injectors, will no start out with engine stone cold. In cool or cold weather it is idled about five to 10 minutes are so before pulling out. We don't start out a dark minus thirty. Some early risers don't bother us. Our exhaust or engine noise, I haven't measured the decibels. Newer ones are even quieter. Yes it is necessary to idle. The kokos of California and EPA, howling about wasting diesel, at fast idle of about 1100 rpm, or five or ten minutes and diesel generators. their moto if you have them don't use them, we won't allow it, as he jets to China burning 25000, gallons of fuel round trip. Now to People who don't consider their Neighbors well we have seen few in the Parks and Resorts we frequent. Not noticeable at all in the bedroom unless their exhaust is right up next to us. RVs parkins that close, are not RVing they are packed in an overnight stop at lying J or elsewhere.
down home 09/27/17 08:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: Collapsible fresh water hose

I still have several white hoses in one off the bays and use a short one or two when the good hose is too long. Problem with white hoses, they are not lined. They let sunlight in and if they sit long enough you will see brown and green growth on the inside. They were/probably still are made hoses that were lined with silver in the lining of the hose. I found one finally on the internet but never ordered. We have two black lined, blue reinforced hoses with the safe for drinking water labels with stainless ends. Chlorine, might kill the algae if you let it sit in the hose but the water taste like .... The white hoses we find now are just white and thin and stamped hose ends. And when water sits in the sun the vinyl bleeds into the water and you get a dose when you open the spigot. The little silver label or seal for safe drinking water, are the ones to buy but still they let light and then algae bloom, even with some chlorine, we've experienced. Some people wisely put the hose in or under half of a 4 inch pipe to shield from the sun and birds. Ants like to crawl up under them too. You would think it would be simple to buy what the Customer demands or wants. It seems cost and profit margin is the only concern most everywhere though, as everyone else carries the same thing, mostly. So you have to hunt before they are bought out and now sell only **** too.
down home 09/11/17 04:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: Oman 7500 Diesel Generator Issues

Just once, I would like to read someone has the same things as we do, and have had it 50 years, change the oil and filter regularily and it runs better today than when new. :) I guess we can blame the China syndrome. Buy something and guess if it will still work when you get it home or for how long when you do, and always buy two to start out.
down home 09/09/17 02:14pm Tech Issues
RE: Pulling ethanol out of gas

I'm glad some Folks have had luck with it. I've got several pieces of yard equipment in yard equipment garage that are ruined from it. The carburators or the most part but also other ruined parts. Some equipment the parts are no longer made for. Alcohol burns hotter but less power. My weed eaters and Brush cutters say not to use E5. They also prefere 93 octane no alcohol when run at full speed. Big mower says E5 is allowed as does all equipment now. EPA demands the label. But I won't risk it in 18,000.00 mower to make EPA happy Corn Farmers rich. Where they work on my small engines has a room full of small engine equipment destroyed by Ethanol, parts no longer available etc so the Customers just leave them. Perhpas, up north, the winter freeze removes all,of the moisture from the air but it won't stop hydrogen emnbrittlement.
down home 09/09/17 01:56pm Tech Issues
RE: Finding gas stops - any tricks?

We Have Next Stop and Truckers Atlas and a couple other sources. Our Rand McNally GPS has them if you keep it updated or connected to laptop, plus traffic. We never activated the Sirius link on the radio. Perhaps should. It will have fuel stops and prices, if our radio in the coach had a screen. It does in the car. Those with GPS or screen linked to Sirius will have that and road conditions, wrecks construction etc ahead. It can show show problems with a short range or construction areas way up the road, closed roads and so on.
down home 09/09/17 01:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: Electric Brake Issues on TT

On our Fifth Wheel I checked the wiring several times. I found wires to right side damaged and no braking going on once and just like things to be perfect, I made sure all the connections were not corroded, tight and covered with dielectric compound and a sleeve. I thought about replacing the wires as I thought they were marginal in size but didn't. Had one wheel with magnet bad. I adjusted them before every long trip, a pain but I was skinnier and younger. Changing them to stainless rotors with no lube bearing assemblies would solve all that, but like me, by the time I got it done I would trade it.
down home 09/04/17 01:35pm Tech Issues
RE: grease in brakes on trailer axle, new shoes?

Yes! The grease under heat and pressure or just by itself gets into the shoes and will glaze them. Standard practice is to machine the drums too. The very hot grease gets into the cast iron and if over long enough time you will have to replace the drum. If disc they are cast iron too. Don't try to save the pads.
down home 09/04/17 01:25pm Tech Issues
RE: Removing Streaks

I found out the hard way not to use wash and wax. The streaks, I had to use a magic eraser, black streak remover, fantastic, and whatever elsse I found at the time and lots of time, then polish the finish back. Seems like there should bee a way to stop the rubber material from degrading and washing over and inbedding or mixing with the finish, short or replacing the top with fiberglass or aluminum.
down home 09/04/17 01:21pm General RVing Issues
RE: Ford Brakes, how hot is to hot?

Ford Brakes are notorious for being too small and warping second trip down a hill so to speak. It would help,if they were re heat treated before machining. The Big F350s, I don't know about 250s were some better but I replaced the rotors with chill tempered drilled rotors and matching pads. Don't want to hard of a pad with a soft rotor or the reverse. I got them from Breembo, I seem to remember. That was 23 years ago.
down home 09/04/17 01:15pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Keeping Mice Out

I'm not sure you can stop them if the underbelly is just coroplast, unless it taste bad to mice. They can Rats can chew through thin aluminum, and a lot of things. They don't like the foam we plug holes and gap with, at all. An opening not much larger than pencil and they can get in or chew it out big enough so they can. Treated plywood maybe. Maybe seal thee bottom up with the coroplast and then spray it with a epoxy coating with fungicide, sold at paint stores mixed in it. They use to sell insecticide to ix in paint also and may still but I haven't seen in a while. White pain on ceiling of car port at last home never had bugs or webs on it. Might be possible to mix a rodenticide in it too or something they can't stand.
down home 09/03/17 06:35pm General RVing Issues
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