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.44-40 or 45 Colt

I asked Roscoe P Coletrane, my wife, for a new ElPaso rig for Christmas. Carved and in a polished redish mahogany finish. I've got a new, still in the box Vaquero form about 1996. A stainless .45. Almost afraid to shoot it as it might lose some value, 20 years down the road, when I'm gone. I've seen several nice even engraved single action Colt copies. I'm thinking ,of one, of them, to actually shoot. Is .44-40 a better performer than the .45 Colt? Which is the most popular round?
down home 07/24/14 10:42pm Around the Campfire
RE: Hot in Phoenix Today

It's always in phoenix. The only place I felt sympathy for my tires. Considered pouring ice water over them at stops. But between there and Casa Grande and other points the natives are out there with big sombreros working on roofs, gardens and you name it. Reminds me when I came home from Nam. It was May. It was near eighty first day home. I though I was going to freeze. when I left Nha Trang it was in the upper nineties and cool weather. :)
down home 07/24/14 10:34pm Around the Campfire
RE: cost of storing your RV

down home 07/24/14 01:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: Carrying an extra propane tank

Those feet for holding a propane tand securely on flat floor are about 5 to ten dollars. CW and most places have them A strap down into the corner and good to go. The milk crate seems better it will fit. As fast as 20 lb cylindes use up the propane with holding 80% or less I might consider a spare 30lb cylinder if you can tie it down securely. Tat;s what we put in our new BBQ grill fits a little tight but fits in the compartment under the grill.
down home 07/23/14 10:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: 454 Running Hot

First thing to check is radiator and air conditioner,and clean out with low pressure pressure washer and soap while warm. Second you may have a thermostat stuck part way closed. Install a new normal open, when hot, then flush cooling system and check for collapsing hoses and fresh antifreeze. Look around the head surface engine block joint and wipe with cloth and see if there is antifreeze. Check engine oil for level and smell and color and foam of oil or oil like substance floating when you take the cap off, cold. Check the plugs for one or two for signs of antifreeze or oil. Run a compression test and watch for bubble in top of the radiator. Engine noise possibly? Did you use 93 octane or 87 octane. High loads, even in low octane spec engines can raise temp and even detonate. 93 octane may be required. I'm betting on clogged fins and possible stuck thermostat or clutch fan not operating soon enough. Let us know please
down home 07/23/14 10:39pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Broken plastic Atwood hot water heater drain plug

We actually the Gentleman, that helped used my new very expensive pocket knife to cut the very hard and hard t oreach piece of plug that was left and then a screwdriver. The Atwood Rep was at the Rally and the next am he chased the threads with a brass pipe fitting and all was good. He gave me that piece of brass and four or five plugs. Anytime that plastic get a it much torque it will make for a weak shear area, you could see as a line and it's gonna let go. If you have a large brace an bit, I thought the part that fits in the brace would be excellent for lodging in the plastic and screwing it out.Might be a square drive could be tapped into it and then turned out. I'm sure there's something at Lowes or Atwood has something since your's is not the first and is quite common ocurance. I asked them at storage to use a new plug and teflon every time they drain the tank fro clean out or whatever. Let us know what tool you found for this purpose. I want one.
down home 07/23/14 10:27pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Very Scary Tow Car Breakaway

We have Camping World install both our tow setups because they do quite a few of them. Excellent trim work in grill on the 010 grill. I tipped the guy but had to come back two months later to get charge wire installed and reverse the air brake mount under Driver's seat. they left our pins that held on grill and light housing though Wiring was good .This 13 Edge wiring was excellent. I double checked every thing and it was lock washered. I prefere blue Loctite or even red Experience counts. The same guy that did the first has now done several and every thing is right this time. You didn't say whose setup you had on your coach and jeep. I have heard of many Blue Ox baseplates eperating on jeeps but others. Sometimes rivets were involved I think. These reports over time, was the reason we went back to the more expensive Roadmaster this time too. The Blue Ox is a neater installation and I bet it ratteles a lot less but...
down home 07/23/14 10:17pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Did ya' ever notice?

I've noticed piles of water hoses, and some sewer hoses, in the dumpster or outside it after a weekend and especially holidays, Good chairs and broken, tables, and several bbqs and string lights. I guess it was easier to get rid of the grungy one and just buy another. It happens. Lots of people view two or three hundred dollar good items as throw aways. Before this last economic circus we did some of the same things.
down home 07/23/14 10:06pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Traveling with our medications

down home 07/23/14 10:02pm Around the Campfire
RE: low water pressure at CG

You have to use filters, especially for sediments and nasties to protect your plumbing. Many many times we find ourselves, especially at holidays, with parks jammed, low water pressure. We fill the tank at night and use the water pump for regular use. You can just turn the pump on on ours while connected but you later have to flip the valve to refill the tank.
down home 07/23/14 05:22pm General RVing Issues
RE: 7 Pin Connector corrosion issue

I have a spray can of electrical contact cleaner. Might have bought it at Cw or probably Lowes. Too much spray tends to leave a film that requires inserting the plug a few times to get through it for good contact.
down home 07/22/14 08:11pm Tech Issues
RE: 7 Pin Connector corrosion issue

I have a spray can of electrical contact cleaner. Might have bought it at Cw or probably Lowes. Too much spray tends to leave a film that requires inserting the plug a few times to get through it for good contact.
down home 07/22/14 08:10pm Tech Issues
RE: Getting Some Heat Out of the RV Storage Barn?

A lot of barns, were open, at the bottom and the gable ends up top. Cool air comes, in the bottom and exits as hot up high. Cousin's Grand Father, in Indiana, had hinged doors or whatever on the bottom. I imagine rodents can come in too but there is screening
down home 07/22/14 08:08pm Tech Issues
Traveling with our medications

I had never given this subject a though until just a few minutes ago. Nothing on TV and was channel surfing. Watched a few minutes about Ky justice. They arrested someone for having several pills outside of a medication bottle, in a bag, among other things. seems it is against the Law in Ky to travel with medications outside the prescription bottle. Recently wife started putting my meds in one of those pill organization compartment trays. She keeps her in one also. Possible heading to family reunion , in not to distant future through Ky. Rather doubtful they would stop to check medications or do so for any reason but you never know. How many states, is it illegal to have medications out of their bottle during transit?
down home 07/22/14 07:57pm Around the Campfire
RE: Pastry Vandalism???

Donuts, pastry? I bet the Cops will be right on it. Wonder what the rules, for protecting the evidence are? Don't suppose one, of them went on a diet and has gone rogue do ya? :) Just kidding any LEOs reading. Just kidding
down home 07/22/14 06:23pm Around the Campfire
RE: Beans: to salt or not to salt?

de gassing the beans. I read about this and tried it and it seems to work pretty good. bring the beans to a boil, add a heaping TBSP baking soda...it will foam up... let it boil about a half minute or minute, drain, rinse the beans good and start them again in cold water. Then cook them the way you cook your beans. Much less gas for us. I think it works too.
down home 07/21/14 08:30pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Am I becoming a little girl ??

Wife would still stay in a tent if I would. Someone appropriated our four man tent. Didn't mind freezing weather. Had a large foam pad under the entire tent. She is a human stove kept me plenty warm. If I had Butler to put up the tent, fix the fire and cook we might still do it. :)Provided the back roads and paths had the bumps taken out of them.
down home 07/21/14 01:09pm Around the Campfire
RE: James Garner passes away.

Like everyone, I liked him very much. He was not a personality. He had personality. Reminded me of an Uncle, every time I saw him. All of these Folks we grew up with are just about gone now. God Speed Mr Garner
down home 07/21/14 01:02pm Around the Campfire
RE: Cannot run A/C while at highway speeds

It's also possible at higher speeds a vacuum condition develops around the generators reducing the air required for cooling. The generators may be shutting down from high (over) heat limits. Just a guess, but it's very possible. I think this is most likely. Our MH has a great vacuum, at the rear, so much so that a leak from oil fill tube sent oil flying up to the top of roof, on the rear. Probably starved the generators for cooling air. Operated at slower speeds but 65 the vacuum was too great, perhaps.
down home 07/19/14 11:11pm Tech Issues
RE: Glue, Tape or ? to attach a light weight solar panel?

As others said. Some kind of mechanical restraint, perhaps removable. Glues and tapes have come a long way and are used in attaching panels to the wing of jets but....
down home 07/19/14 11:07pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
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