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RE: .....

I had them take back the 4x4 and got a 3572hp. Cleated tires and very wide cuts a 6ft width. Heavy so I have to watch turns and the edges of the deck are way out there. The 4x4 was dangerous. Built like a tank with a balanced Generac engine like they use of standby generators. Always smooth. On a hill it really wanted to dig. and trees complicated things with the steering wheels down or just the huge treated tires. This one will tow up to 2,000lbs and provide enough power for electrical application pump. Got to add a rack on rollover bars so I can hang a weed eater. To much walking and bad back too. A 20 cu ft f wheel trailer is needed too. Son cut the big field in about 15 minutes. He was whizzing along. The suspended seat that is adjustable makes ll the world in difference of rid along with springer front forks. I've use it three times, don't know the hours on it. Checked it two days ago before using and the oil was like it was poured in. no sign of dirt of any kind. Unusual in any engine but an air cooled kawaski 35 hp twin cylinder?
down home 05/22/15 11:24pm Around the Campfire
RE: Costco Is Now Carrying Diesel

The way Costco is laid out here intentionally it seems no way a large MH could get in or out. They have propane at good prices and hose for vehicles but you cannot maneuver a Mh to it they way it is laid out. If the lot was semi empty it might be possible but I would have to look at it again. Cabelas next door has parking for RVS.
down home 05/20/15 10:47pm General RVing Issues
RE: Moore’s Law: the little known paradigm of our lives

In 5th and 6th and junior high I set type for school paper etc. Somewhere along there we had mimeograph. the last and greatest feature was printing a substantial piece of plastic for use in the mimeograph. In elementary we had class photos taken with one of the big cameras with canvas that the photographer would view through. he used flash powder in a long type outfit that resembled a squeegie for cleaning glass from a distance. Perhaps in the Fourth grade the photographer used too much powder and he did get blackened somewhat and perhaps burned. We were taught caligraphy, and I had a pretty good hand until I started working and now it looks like chicken scratch. Teacher brough turkey feathers and taught us how to make quill pens and....we used our pocket knives an shared with those that didn't have one. She helped some. yes some cut their thumb but she put iodine or something on it and a band aid. No Parents were alarmed. Yes, at one time I could spell. Remember the science movies and setting up the projector and replacing bulbs and reeling up a pile, of film? Remember ink pens and everyone with a blue or black stain on their shirt pocket? The round bottles, of ink, that fit, in the desk top and the square bottles of ink? Remember ball pint pens that lasted a year maybe? Remember abacus and a small black slate with wood frame for doing math etc instead of wasting paper? First computer I had to do anything with was a room full of reels. Thirteen Young Ladies worked all day long putting inventory in and so on and changing reels. They were starting to use some in Saigon when I was doing man hour reports. Thank goodness I left before such things got to us. First computer I had was in a brief case and used a roll or paper and plug in chip for all memory. It was nothing more than hassle in a case. Still have the first or second computer. A Sony and it still works great except windows insist on trying to update it and we have to work to get it back to working.
down home 05/20/15 08:27pm Around the Campfire
RE: Strange electrical problem

Low voltage. First check the power from the pedestal. The hair dryer might work better because it doe not demand as much power. When you gen kicks in you are getting full power. Check the switch and wiring , brain freeze, that switches between shore and gen and trace wiring if necessary to fuse or breakers, then to where microwave is plugged in. Doubt it is plug as you have full power with gen.
down home 05/20/15 08:05pm Tech Issues
RE: Flying J RV Islands

down home 05/20/15 07:57pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: The Scoville Scale

I love the flavors of hot peppers. Unfortunately or fortunately you can't get one without the other. scraping out the seeds and white veins will get some of the hot. There is list a mile long of all the different peppers. Growing hot peppers and Bel peppers near each other will boost the heat and flavors of Bell peppers. I don't know enough about pollination and crossing peppers to discuss it. Dad grew some little red pepper similar to Jalepenos that had a great flavor but were hot. don't know their name. I remember the first and some other times picking baskets of them and weaving the stems and hanging them. touched my eyes even after washing and some, of my favorite parts and burned for days. Can't wash the stuff out of your skin. I would love to have some chili without the bitter spices and weird spices originally used to keep bugs off, and lots of beef and those flavorful and hot, but not too hot peppers again.
down home 05/17/15 10:39pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Do I really need a toad?

As I read, some make it sounds like you cannot use the RV to go out the campsite. I did without a toad for the pass 40 years! I use to have a truck camper and when needed to go out, I would not unload the camper, I just disconnected and drive out the campsite. But I normally stay no more than a week at one place. I think a toad is nice to have when you are parked for long period because disconnecting every time you need bread and milk would be a bit frustrating. I do have a scooter and like it as a second vehicle to get around, it is nice to have but not a nessessity for short stay, like under a week or so. I was thinking at a toad but I am really concerne about the thing in the back like a pain in the ....back. When I travel, I like to be free, stop and go on a quick decision. Just wondering if you've ever towed for any length of time and don't understand why you'd see it as a pain in the back or elsewhere. On a different twist, you hear so much about wanting a smaller coach so that you can go more places. We've found this to be unfounded as well and no matter what size you have, the biggest pain is for disconnecting everything for getting underway and much like you've stated. So towing is easy then? I am concerned about gas stations and about doing this myself. I don't want to get in over my head, but I do like to camp in the boonies and like the idea of a toad to go to n from in. A scooter wont work as I'm traveling with kids. I'd do golf cart, but they cant go on main roads. Basically I need to know if it's too difficult to drive the RV and hook/unhook the toad while doing it solo? Wife has hooked up the towed by herself when I wasn't able to bend or even stand. It is not hard it is getting used to it. It is sometimes dirty, or at least on ours. I wash the hitch and tow bar when we park it. Gets a lot of road grime etc on it. As far as driving with it you have to just get use to it and not forget it is there and drive it like the towed was left, at home, around curbs, merging and so on. Planning fuel stops and getting out, of the station. One of us, that is not driving helps a lot. Stopping, at stations you know are RV friendly like Flying J or a big truck stop eases that issue. Until you get a lot of practice Campground hosts and most other RVers will help guide you on backing in, if a pull through is not your site. Good luck :)
down home 05/17/15 10:17pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Do I really need a toad?

Depends on what you want to do at destination. I've seen one campground, with a rental car. Rentals in cities will rent you a car but it is a lot more expense. When we get to a destination, we spend very little time, as a rule at the coach. We roam maybe a hundred miles away or further, to fairs, antiquing, fishing, visiting friends and relatives. Sometimes I wish I had a van or truck towed instead of the Edge. You can out a canoe or small boat on racks on trucks and some vans or larger SUVs like Suburbans and can take all those gotta have its inside for the trip home.
down home 05/17/15 05:03pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: essexcredit charges $459 loan fee

down home 05/15/15 08:29pm General RVing Issues
RE: More about drinking water safety

WOW 5 pages (on mine) I just want to ask a question pertaining to what the title is. More about drinking water safety Just for folks that drink from your water tank How long do you think my water would be good if I filled up with city water. Tank is of course vented so air could get in. In the event of a disaster, we about everything covered except one gallon per day per person. Just for folks that drink from your water tank Thanks We carry the drinking water chlorine from Wal Mart or Camping World. the tank has been cleaned with bleach and flushed. It is usually exchanged several times on a trip so not much chance, of contamination. I would add some drinking water chlorine after two weeks but his doesn't answer your question.It all depends, kinda thing, maybe. On properly cleaned tank, connections, pipes etc and clean filtered water no pathogens it should go a long time. Any water going into it is filtered. Some have water softeners.
down home 05/15/15 08:17pm General RVing Issues

i still remember the little Brama Bull that tried it's best to be my friend. It licked my shoes and hands and nuzzled me. I've encountered numerous cows and horses of course and pretty much any animal like that. It would take some expense for a rail fence and a small barn or shelter but I've been considering a small not midget cow. I don't remember the two types I've read about but they are not any bigger than a large dog. Maybe two, of them and maybe a small donkey, like a Neighbor down the roar raises. The Grand Kids would go nuts. Ground is soft with a spring I need to put a long drain in otherwise I think larger animals would tear up the field. Maybe I should just get some domesticated tagged deer. Anyone have small stock or deer like this for Pets?
down home 05/15/15 04:02pm RV Pet Stop
RE: More about drinking water safety

We had well water, at last home for 34 years. It has some lime in . Put a whole house filter on it and sediment anything else was filtered out. The little lime in contributed to flavor. The filter helped to gather some of the lime. We use to take gallons of it to Mom and Dad an their neighbors in town. We filled the Mh with it many times. Here we have awful "city water." There's a spring and when time lets me I'm going to have county check a sample. Must be good it has been used for a thousand years. Either I'm going to use it or have a well, nearer the house, drilled. It'll have a little lime I'm sure.Community sources, from the ,are now not the best thing to be in our systems. We drink, water, tea etc through the filter in our refrigerator for now. If I can find a large enough whole house filter using the newer half micron filter media with silver etc will probably go with it for a while. Still going to see if someone will annalyze what is in it. Filters may not get it. Wife buys some bottled water, in the small bottle for the fridge. It waste space storing them in cabinets or bays. We carry some, when we are away from the coach. It saves a lot of money over Desanti etc from a quick stop kinda place. It's learned behavior. Need to find a good non plastic container or something we already have to take with us. Canteens look like you're on an expedition and don't stay cold. The bottled water taste like plastic right from the store almost all the time and certainly after a day or tow of heat in storage in cabinets etc. Makes no sense to buy water costing twice or three times the price of beer.
down home 05/15/15 03:47pm General RVing Issues
RE: Beware the Danger Zone!

Easy to let your guard down. The coach is in park when we are hooking up and we both stand off to the side when backing up. Those radios are nice but it takes a second when you key the mike. Using the cellphones next time for that. I hope she gets well quickly.
down home 05/13/15 07:54pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Cairo, Illinois

Flooding I think was prime motivator for lots of people moving. lat time we were through there we were on our way to the White river, in Ark. If I remember correctly they have a big flood control embankments and doors to be lowered on the roads or some, of them. Doubt they saved them from the big floods resulting from huge snow melts into the Mississippi years ago. Only activity we saw were some tractors and a co-op or or feed supply store. If we had time to look around might have some bits of history. Cairo has been there a long time.
down home 05/13/15 07:30pm Around the Campfire
RE: Peachy Keen

No peaches but we picked some strawberries this morning. Pretty good but still not Tennessee Beauties. going to have to find some and be patient for a year. Planted one, from seed,Braburn Apple tree. Have to plant another variety. And a couple of good peach trees such as Georgia Bell not Belle of Georgia. We had one form seed that the peaches were melt, in your mouth, gorgeous and sweet. Didn't have bug problems either. We travel some distance to get Peaches from South Carolina. Don't remember the name but simply great. May plant one of those or two. Sixty dollars a bushel over the mountain at an orchard last year. didn't buy them. there are a lot, of varieties but few of the old ones that are lower yield and demand more attention and are the best eating.
down home 05/13/15 05:26pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs

What has happened to Cinnamon? I can't eat sweet stuff but once in a great while I have a hankering for a cinnamon roll. Apple sauce, from good apples, cinnamon and spice cake with apple sauce and cinnamon frosting served cold and strong with Cinnamon flavor was a favorite when growing up. It's been a while since wife made one but it still lacked the cinnamon zing. She uses a lot of modernized? receipts from magazines and cookbooks, evidently with taste buds killed with alcohol and cigarets or something so maybe that is some of the answer. We buy expensive Saigon Cinnamon. Can't find Ceylon Cinnamon. The high dollar Cinnamon Rolls they used to sell outside PX, were fairly good as in sweet but still weak in the Cinnamon flavor. We buy Saigon Cinnamon sticks too, so hard they would wreck a blender, and still weak. Where do you get, good, really good cinnamon and other spices and what is their proper labeling or names??
down home 05/13/15 05:19pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: I would like your opinion on replacing tires.

Drifting off course but what ever happened to the inner ties etc they used to sell? If you had a blow out it kept form losing control and rolled right along until you could stop.
down home 05/13/15 01:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: Rv'ing with large dog. Leave alone in RV?

Like Children, it depends on how mature they behave. Takes a good bit of time to get them to be "adult." Friends have a dog that started the generator up. We told him to not leave the keys where she could get them.
down home 05/11/15 09:50pm RV Pet Stop

Sassie was laying under the rocker. She doesn't do anything unless it is her idea and I got to wonder how it would have went if Lassie was a cat or if Rin Tin Tin was?
down home 05/11/15 09:48pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Florida cracking down on out of State plates ?

down home 05/11/15 04:31pm Class A Motorhomes
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