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RE: Cataract?????

I've got to have my cataracks removed. I read online about drops, of a common compound that just dissolves them. maybe thy will approve it in a few months....probably not.
down home 10/03/15 08:02pm Around the Campfire
RE: Cataract?????

Both eyes done here, my husband had both eyes done. No needle. I would advise you to see another dr who is more up to date. I love mine, but I, as you will, have to use glasses for reading. My biggest issue , I have to constantly hunt for my reading glasses. I have several pair that I leave in various areas of the house. BTW, my dr said to just buy drugstore reading glasses. I did for a long time, but after my eyes stabilized I looked on amazon and found ones that last longer. no more $22 a pair ones from CVS. Amazon ones last longer and cost less. Just look on picnic tables at RV parks across America. I have left them everywhere. Send me he ones with the silver frames, if you don't mind. :)
down home 10/03/15 07:59pm Around the Campfire
RE: New to RV,when traveling how do you know what areas to avoid

We never get out of the familiar circle I guess. If we go by happenstance or error into someplace, that doesn't feel or look right, we leave. Trust your instincts. Planning involves areas we presume are safe or other RVers,friends or family recommend. I'm not finding the words, I want. As a Retired LEO, you should have pretty good instincts on the subject.
down home 09/30/15 09:21pm General RVing Issues
RE: When your in a park that won't let you wash

Usually, they won't let you wash because of dirt sites, or the most common, they have an arrangement with service to wash the coach for you and a piece of the price, or thy have someone hired to do it and a larger piece of the price. In Californe of course a water shortage. If the price is reasonable or if they let you wash t for a small fee then it gets done. Dirt/grit being rubbed around with a rag with or without cleaners really messaes with the paint. Rinsing with some pressure first gets that off, except for wht is stuck to the paint wit clay or road dirt. A pressure, washer, which I was opposed to for a while, under moderate or light presure and not near windows and sealed seams will get the rest. A wash with no spot car wash and filtered water, rinsing the mop or brush, if you have too, between loading with fresh car wash from the bucket, will get it about as clean as can be without damaging the paint. It cost a bundle to have some with a polishing pad on a buffer go over a cleaned coach to get the paint back to the shine you expect and no spider webbing. Preventing having to do it saves a ton of money.
down home 09/25/15 06:44pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Home repair cost?

In my case, the guy just thought I was filthy rich. he wanted to put steel gutter screens on aluminum gutters at about three times the cost of aluminum. I could see his eyes. He thought he had a live one. Wife and Ilaughed about him for ten minutes after he left.
down home 09/24/15 06:04pm Around the Campfire
RE: What is the trick to make bugs removeable from a vehicle?

I use Mequires synthetic spray wax. Best of the quick waxes. Just put it on a clean windshield and use a micro fiber to remove it. I generally do it twice. I use it on all the glass,on the Mercedes. Bugs and stuff come off easier. I just spray them off. I'm not saying bugs still won't make a mess but they come off easier as does dust.
down home 09/19/15 01:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: How tall is too tall?

The minimum interstate clearance is supposed to be 14 foot but many repaved roads may be less than that. The state laws for vehicle heigth generally state 13 foot 6 inches. 13'6" is the maximum height.
down home 09/19/15 01:25pm General RVing Issues
RE: Hard Water Spots-- What to do ?

Calcium in suspension will be taken out by a good filter. Dissolved won't but the stuff the filter catches that is in suspension will gather some of the dissolved. A good filter helps a lot, particuarly with, iron magnesium and sulfur and other things that make for the real bad spotting. Use the car wash that says no spotting or fights spotting. Some use dishwasher water spot remover like Jet Dry in the bucket but it must be after washing the first round. I think I would try first the good filter and no spot car wash. It has something, like Jet Dry, in it, I'm told and wash one side rinse and dry quickly then the other side, after doing the roof first. It helps to wash real early when dew is on the coach and dry before sun does.
down home 09/19/15 12:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: Damage to RV while in storage by Rodents

I'm waiting, not, for critters to start chewing the tires. The Michelins have orange oil in the rubber, probably some soy something or other too.
down home 09/19/15 12:02pm General RVing Issues
How to stop dog fom chasing deer and turkeys

Haven't seen turkeys in the yard since spring. hear them in the trees around though, in evening. Whenever we let Dahkota out he can spot them in second. He chased a deer that was about fifty feet from the house the other morning. In times past he has brought parts of deer to the old home. Don't know if he found them or if he brought down one. Even though he is old he might try. I like having the deer and turkeys around the yard. Hopefully the grouse that Kids spotted this spring might even make it into view. How can I stop him from chasing them?
down home 09/16/15 09:26pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Lubricating U-joints/drive shaft

Greased at every service or once a year. One thing I have them do and some places object is wipe excess grease that oozes out of u joints or others. It gets throw everywhere including the exhaust and even the radiator. Some ends up on towed. Helps a whole lot.
down home 09/16/15 06:21pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Anyone Tried Norcold Door Hinge Reinforcement Kit?

The door fell off our four door Norcold, not long after we bought it. I put it back on properly. So far so good but when went west on 2012 the road was so bad on I59 that screws fell out of cabinets, there was white plastic on the door gaskets and very easily seen abrasion marks on the plastic. Rubbed some talc on the gaskets. So we cut the inflation down to recommended by mfg, not tire mfg, and stay off those kind of roads. Probably should have replaced it with a residential unit and will next tiem around.
down home 09/16/15 04:39pm Tech Issues
RE: Home repair cost?

Emergency plumbing job Router Router. 400.00 for fixing one piece, of pipe and tightening three flanges on rest of upstairs toilets. Their service was supposed to send someone to fix drywall. They wanted 500.00. the piece needing replacing was about a fit by 8 inches and paint. We'll get someone else. Had someone come to clean out gutters and install gutter screens 220 ft total. He wanted 1200.00. I was too mad to give him my answer at the moment. So we called later and politely declined. Got it done right for 400.00.
down home 09/16/15 04:23pm Around the Campfire
RE: Those darn hard plastic/anti steal bags

Once in a while Clerks, like at Cosco will open them with a pair of scissors for us. I ruined a pair of wife's scissors on one pkg. I've cut my hand more than once, on the plastic of knife. It is tough to get knife started but once you do it will go slicing off on it's own tangent. I've cut some open and whatever was inside was encapsualted with more plastic and it took some detailed knife work to get it free, from the outside package. You can bet, that many kids have hurt themselves trying to open these type, of packages.
down home 09/16/15 04:12pm Around the Campfire
Christmas is a comming

Only 18 more Fridays til Christmas. First 10 is for buying us stuff we need like new shotguns,RV, car,a trip to Ireland.
down home 09/16/15 12:15am Around the Campfire
RE: Front End Alignment

Also be sure to leave the shop with a printout that says the front caster is at 4-1/2 degrees or a little more. They may try and talk you out of that, but be insistent. Caster adds a lot of stability. The Merc had 110degrees from factory. It made for a little more wear. I had 4 new tires installed and they insisted on a new alignment. On a car capable as it is stability is appreciated. You could guide it with one finger at triple digit speeds. New specs took a lot of caster out. And it handled like front was on top of a ball. I had to have them realign it three times. Seems EPA thinks no caster or very little is good for fuel mileage, or so I was told.
down home 09/15/15 07:57pm Class A Motorhomes

I found about ten pounds of Muscadines. Some of them are large as hal dollar plus some. Now if I can find some crab apples we're going to make some outrageously good jelly. What is the best time and conditions to plan the seeds in the woods?
down home 09/15/15 07:42pm Around the Campfire
Man and his best Friend

I've had several or rather we have had several dogs and cats. Our current dog has lived 11 or 12 years according to my wife. I think he is 14. He is always there when I need a friend. I've been though a lot since 05. It has changed me and I trying to get back. I don't know who exactly or the why. I could still write a book, maybe. Whenever I need a friend he will be right there licking my knee or hand and wanting to snuggle or a scratch behind the ear. he doesn't like riding, in the truck with me as much since I hit the brakes and he hit the dash a few years ago. Ill have to turn him around. I'm not going fishing without someone with me and I'm determined to get out of here and go. He's kinda scardy since a neighbor hit him with some bird shot for no reason. I get any gun out and he cowers in fear and for a long time too. He'll hide in the closet etc until the gun is not in sight. I hate that because I don't want to go squirrel hunting or dove hunting alone. Maybe he won't be scared by a slingshot. Anyway he's sound asleep on his bed. Tomorrow hell beg for me to go out with him and I'll see how far I can walk. If nothing else we will sit in the sun and scratch his ear.
down home 09/14/15 10:30pm RV Pet Stop
Maybe Cats do love us

Irish Central an online Irish newspaper carries a story ,from California, of a Child on a two wheel scooter or bike. A Chow Lab mix, of 8 months charged the child from behind and grabbed his leg and drug him off and around. The Cat jumped on the dog and chased him around the car and away. The child had some serious bite wounds by looks in the video. I can't attach links.
down home 09/14/15 08:06pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Here is a topic for you.

Yeeewwwww! That is one ugly image, in my mind. I better not park where they have cell service. :)
down home 09/13/15 04:42pm General RVing Issues
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