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RE: Maintaining Dinghy Battery

Batteries and some big breakers are usually at the rear corner. I would ask factory, even though we haven't, but we didn't do our own. They should have info on best take off, as almost all RVers tow a vehicle. There may even be a wire or fuse specified for it on later ones. Someone here know? The plug has seven pins and most seem to use a 7 pin round to four pin round cable and plug for the little four pin round receptacle. Seems there are three wires available for something. It would seem you could wire from battery or fuse on towed to a five pin? receptacle, and a 7 pin to five pin cable and adapter plug. Be simpler than fishing the single wire out from the grill on your knees and pluging into the dangling wire from the coach. Maybe the three extra wires are for electric brakes, I don't know. We use air brakes.
down home 07/30/16 07:25pm Dinghy Towing
RE: RV tires best buy

Loves does the FMCA program and their prices for mounting and balancing and getting rid of old tires are several hundred dollars cheaper than the one we choose. They had more up to date equipment too. The Loves was only three years old. We were charged over a hundred dollars per tire plus exhorbitant fees for this and that And they did not do as we discussed, prior, clean some salt off inside rims. Said they didn't even have water out there or hoses.
down home 07/30/16 07:19pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Post that do not stick to subject

I never tried whipping stitches. Bet that hurts.
down home 07/28/16 03:10pm Around the Campfire
RE: DIY Tip: Stainless is not always stainless

Bought an expensive Kimber handgun. Advertised as Stainless, so naturally you would take it that is was stainless steel. The Salesman said it says stainless steel right there. Barrel and slide are carbon steel and fram aluminum all covered in a nickle teflon coating like Mossberg. So simply because it says stainless does not mean it is stainless steel.
down home 07/28/16 03:02pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Portable Generator Security

I thought of this afore, so I went looking for the item and found same but can't find the band or name. A cable like they use at various stores for bicycles and other things wth a tendency to walk off. Current is cut by cable being cut or lock opened or anything and an alarm goes off. Plugs into an ac outlet which most RVs have or the pedestal. Run it through available holes or handles and lock and connect to power or whatever the procedure is. Hook to very loud alarms or horns.
down home 07/28/16 02:56pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Questions about traveling with grandkids

We took our steped Grand Kids, with us for the first time a couple months ago. We got bacck a live but barely. Kids think the wurld revolves around them because Grand Pa and Grand Ma, let the littel darlings do and have whatever they want. They're spoilt. So, en route, be sure to stop often, in large areas and let them run tile they drop. Don't eveer feed them sugar in any form. Keep them busie or rather let them keep you busy. Parks zoos, fishing swimming away from al stores, and no tv , nor computers, and put them to bed by ten o clock and up @ seven. It's a choir but they will be better for it and you may lose a few pounds.
down home 07/28/16 02:51pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Knock It OFF!

Space the last frontier, the only frontier actually. Too many people, to close together, limits the freedom, of everyone. I hate the ant colony. If he was fifty feet farther away or certainly two hundred feet, you wouldn't have noticed. Also a tightly regulated RV Resort everyone is pretty much in tune with everyone else and goes quiet at the appointed time. This was brought home last time at a Military RV Park on the Reservation. Taps and every one's lights out. It was like being back in service. Find more amenable digs. Also space and quiet is your friend.
down home 07/28/16 02:39pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Help. Cant Reach

Wife bought a cherry wood, step stool, of maybe twelve inches, height. It tucks under the diet table. Under way under the side of the bed or one or the large cabinets beside the closet. Can't tel you where she bought it. It has been around probably six or seven years. Look on the internet, maybe. It has a narrow hand hold slot, in the middle, of top, to pick it up. Don't have to reach all the way down to the legs.
down home 07/28/16 02:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: RV door will not close tightly

Our Coach a Revolution, the door viberates at speed, the top 1/3. The reason is the design. The hinge stop where the door takes an angle. You can watch it and hear it sometimes. Eventually it will wear out the door gasket, which can be replaced. I hope the glass does not come out. Haven't heard of any losing it though.I don't know what they have done or haven't since our 05 model was produced. None of the other models follow that design and are probably reinforced inside the door. The wind goes by and sucks it out as it tries to suck adjacent areas too. Perhapssome aero tabs or something might stop the airplane wing effect.
down home 07/26/16 09:44pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fords that can be flat towed

Didn't know it was job. A Fellow RVer askedd and some replied with help. If we ask the time, would you say go find a clock?
down home 07/20/16 09:37pm Dinghy Towing
RE: moles

I used a fungacide one year. We had a lot of rain and heat and mold on rocks etc. The first or second evening after a shower got the fungacide into the soil good, I heard squeeking out on the lawn. Moles were running around making all the racket. They couldn't tolerate the fungacide. I caaught one an put in a small pet cage or something.Daughter took it too school and fed it worms and crickets for a considerable time. however we had many brown rough earth snakes about ft long at most and big around as a pencil. Brown to pinkis yellow to yellowish yellow on belly. bullet shaped heads with big beady black eyes. hey eat the same things as the moles but don't mess up the lawn. I'm afraid the fungacide ran them off. Have seen a couple here nad hope they multiply. I've picke many up and one left a faint mout impression on a finger of blood but generally they can't even bite a pinky and are docile.
down home 07/20/16 09:33pm Around the Campfire

Twenty two or twenty four dollars, no matter if is a high end Prevost or small camper and no income tax.
down home 07/20/16 09:20pm General RVing Issues
RE: AC Needing Reset?

I reread the post. Sail switch in thermostat if it happens again, needs to be checked. Failures start of intermittent and then completely. They are like a set of points in an old condenser ignition if a car. Some people up try to run the ac's on low instead of auto. They freeze up from lack of air volume through the ac. It freezes up and won't do anything sometimes. Sometimes it will kick the breaker. Other times after all the ice is gone but it may be balky and take a while. AC in some campgrounds up there we found very low voltage. Sometimes it would start out showing normal voltage and after a fe minutes of high load from several campers or ac's the corroded wiring would heat up and switches would pop or not and low voltage might burn up motors and electronics. If it showing low volts , run your generator instead.
down home 07/20/16 09:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: Routing App with "No Interstate" option?

We have an old Rand McNally Trip planner for windows 32. There is nothing like it now.Going to try to reload windows 32 on the old Sony to use it. It will plan a custom rout to anywhere. New roads have been added over the last 15 years. It never did print out a map that went through fields, lakes, or around the neighborhood etc. If we find an old Laptop perhaps we can load the discs on it.
down home 07/20/16 08:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Post that do not stick to subject

wait a minute.
down home 07/16/16 06:32pm Around the Campfire
RE: having children

Better be a nice one or I she might not get that new car for her birthday. Maybe tomorrow I'll crank up the little black car and cruise the malls. Old an uglier than a chewed tire but..... no Church in the morning and maybe some fishing later. The step gran kids are about all I can handle but they weren't broke in by me.
down home 07/16/16 04:42pm Around the Campfire
having children

I have lamented to my wife that wish we had more children. She says you're to old to have kids. Grand Pa was in his late sixties when my last Uncle was born. Well I was reading the news this morning to my wife, as she cooked. I said Mike Jagger is having a baby at 72. Turned around to finish the story to my wife and she was headed into the garage. Where you going, "Shopping." You reckon she though I was going to suggest we have another child?
down home 07/16/16 09:08am Around the Campfire
RE: What does the future hold??

I've got a little sticker. It says be paper conscious, use both sides. Doing my part for conservation. Restricted sale to Greenies and California only.
down home 07/15/16 06:56pm Around the Campfire
RE: Hose reel can't be shipped, really?

Caliefornie is afraid you might use it to wash your car or water your lawn? :)
down home 07/15/16 06:50pm Around the Campfire
RE: Post that do not stick to subject

I could identify a chestnut.
down home 07/15/16 06:46pm Around the Campfire
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