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RE: UL's View Of Aluminum Electrical Components

In early seventies, we wound some generators, for Mexico, with silver wire. They had a lot, of it and not much copper, it wasn't that costly then. Kept the wire, in a locked cage we constructed though. Provided someone doesn't steal the generators they will likely be around the next century.
down home 11/26/15 09:09pm Tech Issues
RE: Towing a towed and a boat behind mh

I thought it a difficult proposition. Tank is large enough for over 600 miles. 700 if driven slower. Not sure we want to drive white knuckled all the time either, neither, nither, nor. We would have to keep the Edge or something sizable to get around and especially launch a boat. A stack trailer that would handle the Edge and a somewhat sizable boat other than a Pontoon, on its own trailer seems the only practical solution. Got some months to do some shopping or not. lake Huron western shore was what I was thinking about. No boats available including charters except in Port Huron and one other location. There is on County Park right on the water, if any of the local ever took their Fifth Wheels home, i would especially like to spend some time at and do some fishing.
down home 11/25/15 07:52pm General RVing Issues
RE: Vehicle shopping

Dangerous question to answer for someone. My preferences may not be yours. You have the cash and if you want that kind of vehicle, I would have Mercedes Dealer locate an 10 or 11 SL63. Probably depending on equipment 60,000.00. I saw one a few days ago red with white leather, just like it came off the showroom floor new. Most people that buy them take better care of them. they are offering 100,000 mile warranties, on certified used ones. That's the only way to go. Oil changes come at around 10,000-13,000 miles but cost 150 or so. Make sure brakes are in good shape and electronics as well as everything else. You want it for enjoyment and you will. The hardtop convertible is hard to beat and the performance is touch the pedal and walk away from everything else. Of if you have the urge you can get a Dealer to locate a Shelby GT500 for 65,000 or so. A little later on it will take a hundred to get one. You don't have to drive it like NASCAR to appreciate it.
down home 11/25/15 07:26pm Around the Campfire
RE: Question for diabetics (or those familiar with one)

Stress will definately increase glucose levels. It has to do with fight and flight response. Type II Diabetics generally start, with good numbers but over time they may get worse. Activity generally lowers my glucose levels. I've been taking Insulins for a long time. Recently they have put me on Byetta. it has about four hour presence in body, it seems. I still take long duration Lantus. Many Diabetics can get by with just medications like Byetta that lowers the resistance to insulin alone. Rosaglitizone and piaglitizone, misspelled, I'm sure, and others lower the body's resistance, to Insulin and help keep from taxing the Pancreas to produce more and more Insulin and may prevent, I say, may prevent, having to use insulin down the line. This is just general and certainly not any advice or information from a Doctor. Talk to a good Endocrinologist, if you don't already.
down home 11/25/15 06:33pm Around the Campfire
RE: Open question to everyone...

Forum has guidelines on what subjects can be discussed and religion, politics and guns. Some don't like. Guns in particular have to watch not to touch politics which is nigh impossible given the reason we need to discuss them. Some Forums like military.com won't let you touch Illegal Aliens nor Muslim subjects in relation to any military or otherwise subject. This is a recent thing. Some gun forums have gotten that way. Faceboox is bad about censoring. Anything controversial or not and some group or person complains and free speech goes out the window. Same situation with twitter. Some newspapers and news agencies are no longer able to connect to unless first rout to one server then another. Some stories appear and then are gone in minutes to hours, not just in foreign press agency site either.
down home 11/24/15 02:04am General RVing Issues
Towing a towed and a boat behind mh

This general subject has been tossed around from time to time. Thinking seriously this will be the only way to take a boat with us when RVing. the Motorhome 40ft total, towed about 22 ft including hitch and tow bars then and perhaps the pontoon boat and trailer I want 28 ft total. I would be towing, in the east to Alabama coast, from Tn, an d from Tn to Michigan and out west I'm not certain where except Oklahoma near the Cherokee Nation. Is towing two vehicles with total length 80-90ft length legal? still anywhere? Air brakes on coach and towed and surge brakes on boat trailer, or should I convert trailer to air brakes?
down home 11/24/15 01:56am General RVing Issues
Campfire stories

This evening thumbing through the channels, I stumbled upon one of those Ghost buster type programs. They never find anything but make plenty of noises use lots of green lights and try calling "ghosts." More like snipe hunts by bunch of old kids. Well, they were fooling around with fire this time. They were "trying" to get the Bell Witch to show herself, at the cave. Lots of Grand Mother's Ancestors from Middle Tn, but well south of Adams, were familiar with the subject, according to Dad. Even Andrew Jackson got the bejebers scared out of him, at the Bell home. We went to tour the cave several years ago, now a popular tourist attraction. We passed a place, on the way there, a grove of trees, that I nearly came out of my skin. Mind you this was on the road. The cave..., well we decided not to go in. I don't think the Witch is there, now, maybe. But something frightened, me when we went by that grove. I have a good "sixth sense". I can't qualify it except I know when something is amiss around me. Lots of People say there is no other realm and there are no such things as spirits. I've told two or three stories, here in the past, and they were not made up. I'm not as hard, as the iron, of my Dad's family, back then. Dad did not believe in fables, never told a lie, as any of the family or anyone else will attest to. A mans word and reputation was all he had to deal with. The world is nothing but deception, these days. Dad knew, of the witch. I'm not sure what I experienced. Those TV crews may stumble into the pit, one day, if they aren't careful. I didn't watch the show, it's all hokum. If anything had happened, I'm sure it would have been big news, or would it?
down home 11/23/15 10:47pm Around the Campfire
RE: ZZZZZZZZ...every time!!

Exactly what I did when we had our fifth wheel and Motorhome, at our last home. went in to clean or whatever and turned on tv and got something out of the fridge and plopped on the sofa. Kinda like RVing but not leaving the yard. :)
down home 11/23/15 10:32am RV Lifestyle
RE: Hunting and Fishing

One of the reasons I agreed to purchasing our RV was the ability to fish further away from home and palaces we wouldn't ordinarily be able to go. Wife didn't want a pick up for toed so the idea, of a small boat on a rack, out the window. Towing a boat and trailer behind our motor home would make it 80 some feet. Some around here were or do tow a motorcycle trailer or boat and trailer behind fifth wheels, through Alabama where it was or is legal and some other states but I'm not up for towing a whipping snake. So it is boat rental, the few places that have them. The rates can rung from 200.00 a day and up. That takes the fun out of it. I guess what I will pursue and should have five yeas a go is a Hummer with a rack for a towed. A trailer for towed and a second electrically operated elevated rack for a boat and trailer, which I've seen would be good but, in our case, I'm waiting on the lottery.
down home 11/23/15 10:29am RV Lifestyle
RE: Generators stolen --- UPDATE pg 4

The security cables similar to those at stores to alarm lawn mowers bikes etc carry current and are locked together at a block.If the cable is unplugged or cut, the block is hooked to whatever alarms you want. Air horns and sirens and flashing light com come to mind, as well as a very loud recording warning warning that RV is lot such and such is be robbed.
down home 11/22/15 11:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: Motorhome driver sentenced in fatal accident

Negligent or exigent cirumstaances. I think circumstances got out of control that he could not adjust to or stop in time. He certainly had no intention nor any intention of operating recklessly. Families, of those, injured and killed, feel they have to have blood or get even and see opportunities for money. Negligence, anyone operate like a robot day in day out every minute of the day? Was he negligent trying to decide which factors to adjust and control and was not able to do in time? It was an accident and nothing shows he contributed to it negligently except redefined or judge made laws. It was an accident. Anyway it is not good to be an armchair judge about these things. The Court did what it did and what the Laws say. Too many times I read, of accidents, where people lose their freedom and go to jail for it.
down home 11/22/15 11:27pm General RVing Issues
RE: Lady bug problem

They came in the thousands, this year. Right after the first time it tuned cool and warmed back up. I don't know how they got in. Laast year and before we had lot of them get in the house.This year I sprayed Home Defense around the windows outside and the doors. I noticed one or two coming in through a small space between bottom of door. on the hinge side. We have air tight seals but apparently it wasn't run til the end or shrunk. I sprayed along the bottom siding on porch and around the garage doors which have good tight seals but,thousands were on the surface of the sun warmed doors. Wife swept tons of them off the porch. We had maybe a dozen that got in this year. We had only a few on the siding and west porch Friday and Saturday. Turned cold Sat night and that will be the last of them, unless it gets drastically warm. They're under rocks and logs and maybe under leaves now. They never bother the east porch or walls etc. They generally fly in from the west and when it is warm about mid day. The east porch is cooler by then and much in shade. The Home Defense really does work. They walk on it or touch and they will die. The basement garage door and side had some on it early in the day. Next season new garage door seal and door seal and they can't get in, or can they. I'll spray the door seals, there, which I didn't do this year. If you have them spray the around the doors in the gaps and around the windows and other openings early before they fly up out of the leaves or from the woods. Spray, while they are there, but be prepared to get them out, of your hair, and off of your cloths, ears etc. I had one last year, in our bed. It bit me behind ear. It hurt and stung for a long time. So they do bite. I hadn't ever heard of them getting animals mouths. Better tell SIL to check his dogs tomorrow.
down home 11/22/15 11:14pm Around the Campfire

has anyone solved this aging riddle? If a woodchuck could chuck wood, how much wood would a woodchuck chuck? When you figure it out how many plan on shopping on Thanksgiving? Happy happy happy Thanksgiving! :)
down home 11/20/15 10:01pm Around the Campfire
RE: Romantic wife

Goodern. :)
down home 11/20/15 09:56pm Around the Campfire
RE: Don't drink...coffee and drive

Western Morning News say a Harvard study says the way to lengthen life is 3 to 4 cups of coffee a day. The Regulators are trying to shorten our life. :)
down home 11/18/15 11:27pm General RVing Issues
RE: Leaving this forum, I've seen enough.

If I step on your toes it will be due to ineptness. Jut pm me and I will apologize or do it on the forums. I often wish I hadn't said things, as I realize, the ,I hit the button it set the wrong tone. If I sound uppity or know it all just say so.
down home 11/17/15 06:35pm Around the Campfire
RE: Opinions on Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

I used magic erasers on our Fifth Wheel. Use of wash and wax and all the stuff that runs off the top left ugly black streaks and gray paint. I used them, wet with soap and water, after thorough washing, to get dirt and dust off. I had used all the black streak cleaners with very little effect. it took a long time but I got it clean.....but....then I had to olsih out millions of minute scratches, worse than spider webbing. I washed that RV every time before taking it out and when it was brought in and if sitting once a month or more depending if weather was bad. Once I got it off and quit using wash and wax, I applied McQuires spray on synthetic wax. Still had to once a wash once month, and maybe twice every three months more wax. It shined and was slick. New paints don't require waxing they say and black streaks and so on are not such a problem, I hear.
down home 11/17/15 06:28pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Washing full body paint

I have used the brush and still do but a pad on an extension is preferred. I rinse the brush and pad between use and dipping back, in the bucket of suds. The brush mostly on windows and windshield. Rinse it thoroughly before even starting. I use to decry pressure washers but on moderate and away from window seals and doors it will dislodge almost all grit and dust. it or a high pressure water hose is a must around lower edge and wheels. Newmar is right. I polished my coach once, never again, to get rid of spider webbing and worse. I will have to do the rear though.
down home 11/17/15 06:17pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Congratulate me

We've seen more than one airing out the sewer hose on the Interstate. :) Saw quite a few lawn folding lawn chairs, ladders. And apparently lots of people like to watch on air tv going down the road.
down home 11/17/15 06:12pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: pistol for left handed shooter

Randall was the only one that made a left handed 1911. Gun Brokers might have one but doubtful and pricey. Cabot Guns produces left handed 1911s. They have ambedextrous safeties and slide release too, that is controls that can be installed on 1911s Several grip makers make left hand grips, for semi autos, that have thumb rest for lefties. However the standard grips on them do just fine. Same for some Hi Powers. Sorry I don't remember brands. I typed in left hand 1911's and come up with the Randall info. Some shops specialize in converting pistols to left hand or ambedextious. Looks like on the net a few hours will turn up some options.
down home 11/17/15 05:55pm Around the Campfire
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