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RE: You may want to wait on LED's - incandescents might be back!

I've replaced a couple of CFL floods in Living room and kitchen with LEDs but at about ten dollars apiece, time over a one hundred that is just too rich for my blood. Twenty bucks a week or so for two or three is still too much in my book. I do have one yellow bug light CFL that has been in service, since 012 every night. Sometimes these CFLs you can watch them start up and burn in from one end of the curl to the other then blow. Most, of what we have take a few minutes to reach full brightness some five minutes.
down home 04/28/16 11:50am General RVing Issues
Canadian Military RV Parks

I posted here instead of Campground etc because of a possible broader audience.has any Military Retired, Active etc checked into staying at Canadian Military RV Parks or campgrounds. I researched a few years ago but didn't find a whole lot. Military here are welcomed at Canadian Military Resorts similar to our MWR program and they are welcomed here. Anyone Military here stayed at a Canadian Military RV Park or Campground or used their facilities? Formalities, protocol, expense, what is available etc?
down home 04/28/16 11:43am General RVing Issues
RE: You may want to wait on LED's - incandescents might be back!

Every week, I have to go around the house and replace two or three CFLs. They are not popular, just about all we can get. I thought these things were supposed to last for years.
down home 04/27/16 08:57pm General RVing Issues
RE: Question for Veterans

I have a couple of Boonies from Nam. Don't wear them much since, I'm saving them for kids. Wear it. you can cheap Indiana Jones type hats at Loves for 9.95 that are crushable and washable made with wool. I have a couple of Resistol and H&H Cowboy hats, I wear in serious sun, but not working. Don't want to ruin them with sweat and dirt. Ever go west for informal or formal look into a 4 1/4 inch or wider brim silver belly Stetson/Resistol or whatever suits you. Look nice and keeps the sun off of head and neck and ears an some shoulder.
down home 04/27/16 08:46pm Around the Campfire
RE: Purified Water

Carbon filters will remove synthetic flouride added to water. They will not take out naturally occuring flouride. On the net you cn find carbon filters with .5 micron filtering and silver etc additives, for the standard 10 inch whole house filter housing. The list of contaminents, they remove is depending on the filter extensive. The blue one at Camping world, for use in the Culligan, I believe, housing at 32.00 or so is 25 micron but get several contaminents. Charcoal Half micron or even 1 micro should get chlorine, iron, sulfides,sulfur, suspended calcium and gather some dissolved calcium. The best one I've found on line is about 29.00. The filter Store.
down home 04/25/16 09:00pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Big Tom

Sorry about the cat. Yes, I believe there is a cat heaven. For those that love them I believe they bring the same joy as dogs. Sorry, no bear up for adoption! Aw shucks! I wanted a big cuddly ole Griz.
down home 04/25/16 02:24pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Pets and Florida Heat

wrong post
down home 04/25/16 10:13am RV Pet Stop
RE: I am a grandpa!

Congradulations Grand Pa. You got to wait a few months before you can spoil him. Don't tickel his toes too much. :)
down home 04/25/16 10:05am Around the Campfire
RE: Cicadas invasion

When was it 2011, we had five different hatches(not the right word) including the 17 year. For over a month maybe two,it was loud everywhere. The first hatches were loud enough but then they all overlapped. I am not exaggerating one bit. We could not hear traffic or conversation outside. The train was a half mile a way. We could not her the trains. I could not hear the riding lawn mower. I wear hearing protectin but I can still hear the mower real well. All Spring and before there were swarms of birds not usually seen. They were building nests everywhere. The mailbox didn't get closed and it had a nest the next day, removed it and the mail box wasn't closed and there was another one building. They built nest in the grills, of the truck an the car. The Paper Delivery Guy said he had to empty every box to put papers in, every day. There were hordes of young Squirrels, and rabbits. They knew the hatches were coming. I saw on one occasion Robins stuffed with so many bugs they couldn't fly. One had one in his mouth and he was so stuffed if he had swallowed it he would have burst. The Resident Squirrels were fat a butterballs. the deer were stuffing themselves on them too as were Racoon and opossums and foxes, as I heard. neighbors cattle were feasting on them too. Woods surround everyone here. Of course it was the talk on the media and everyone had recipes and just swore they were good eating. While some hatches ended, still had to mow and after the yall ended mowing was real chore. All those huge trees the Cicadas deposited their eggs at the unctions of leaf clusters. The yards and field including ours was ankl e deep in leaves or more. Our Neighbor had a big lawn much and vac towed by conventional riding mower. If it hadn't been for him we may have never go the yard cleaned up. All, of you northeast, of us a bout 300 miles are in for a time. Turn you radios up and learn to talk real loud.
down home 04/23/16 04:07pm General RVing Issues
RE: Dandelions

I like Dandelions, Young leaves in wilted salad. Some eat the flowers bu they are bitter to me. In a filed not a bother but it sure messes up a carpet like lawn; them an chickweed. Last three years winds from southwest are bringing billions of tiny seeds. I' m going to have to get a tow behind boom sprayer, to spray liquid wed and feed. One container at Tractor Supply,or others I can't remember the size, but over gallon, for thirty five bucks will cover near an acre. It is something you will just have to keep after. If you consistently right after rains , at about three inches, in the spring and four inches during summer on fescue might keep them down. But some thrive in the thick shade of high grass. I'm going to try ti work in sections of Zoysia starting next month. A pallet about 2500 lbs will cover well....um I've got brain freeze right now. 257.00 a pallet here. I should choke out everything else including all weeds, if it does like Bermuda.
down home 04/23/16 03:39pm Around the Campfire
Big Tom

After a long hiatus the Turkeys are back, or at least three. One big Tom set up his parade ground in three places in front yard yesterday. he had only one young hen to perform for, that I could see. he puffed himself up big spread that fan wide and gobbled loud enough to be heard in the next county. She was having none of it. She stayed a good fifty feet from him in every direction. Working the grass for corn and bugs. Cars coming up the drive didn't faze them. Finally SILs dogs barked and that scared her around the drive and up the hill a bit with Tom in slow pursuit. Seen him and maybe another tom or big hen, that is big for wild turkeys. yesterday evening and today. Not too skittish at all. Took Grand Kids around the little corn with strict instructions to be quiet, as the Turkeys were among some oaks about fifty feet up watching us waiting for some fresh vittles, no doubt. Haven't sen the deer, in the light the last several days. They sure tor up the ground around the salt block on the stump. Look liked the came running in and locked front feet and skidded or something. They tore up patches of moss in deep shade, apparently rooting for something. Lots of Ginsing around the edge, I noticed. Got to get someone with some youth to take care of those coyotes and maybe the deer and turkeys will settle down and I can get some sleep too. Sassy our cat of 18 years lost control off her hind quarters, something took out her spine. She was contrary but some due to pain but nothing could be done for her, or she wouldn't let anyone. She save my life a few years ago by jumping on my chest and licking my face. I had quit breathing. There may not be a Heaven for Cats but I said several word of rememberence and asked for blessing and a few toys and a couple of kids to play with up there. She deserves it. SIl took her to the Vet. I was ready to do it, just waiting on a word from Daughter. Her decision. Glad he did. So no, if there is to be another one it will be Manx. Had a fine one til some one poisoned it. Would get a Bob cat but not allowed in Tn. I can get a Bear though. Go figure. have to get a cross breed. I can handle one. Anyone got one up for adoption?
down home 04/23/16 03:27pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Slobber britches

I'm too rough on him I guess. He's actually pretty old but still rambunctious at times. He will respond to no but takes it hard like a kid being denied a hug. He sneaks up on me and I don't expect it. I tell him to lick my wife's knee but he won't, yet when he is sick he rushes to find her and lay down by her side. Vet won't do him any more good. I may lay down on the floor and sleep with him. He would climb in the bed with us but that's a no no. He keeps us awake as it is with coughing and gagging. Got a growth between his lungs on spine and on hip. Sometimes change pants twice a day.
down home 04/13/16 10:18pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Slobber britches

He's disobedient teenager. I intercept him but when I'm sitting down he will come around and catch me off guard and lick my left knee usually wanting his ears scratched. he likes to grab with the teeth that hang outside tenderly of course and if I would wrestle me. I tell him no and he sneaks back and does it. He knows what he is doing. Like playing ball, he plays keep away.
down home 04/12/16 02:37pm RV Pet Stop
Slobber britches

Dakota, not the way my daughter spells his name, constantly comes around and licks me on the knee. It's his sign of affection but I on't like wearing slobber britches all day. What do you do put an apron on or what?
down home 04/12/16 11:46am RV Pet Stop
RE: Why are so many rest stops closed?

I wouldn't know since I was involved, in trying, to stop the rascals two times.
down home 04/12/16 11:41am General RVing Issues
RE: CDN's to US for more than 120 days

No such problems for Mexicans.
down home 04/11/16 04:19pm General RVing Issues
RE: Is it just me?

Apparently I've never smelled it.
down home 04/11/16 04:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: Warning Triangles

We have the warning triangles still boxed. Heavy suckers. No flares.
down home 04/11/16 04:08pm Class A Motorhomes
Day out and gathering places for men

We have Lowes, Tractor Supply, Home Depot. Now add Northern Tool and Equipment. Only problem is they don't have any sofas and don't serve coffee and soft drinks. Another suggestion all these places our wives drag us to, we would be more apt to go if they would put in some sofas and a coffee machine and a big screen TV with all the soaps and game shows, and shopping networks locked out, same for all of the above. All the places like the Doctors offices all have those confounded Soaps and game show on and you can never change them
down home 04/11/16 04:04pm Around the Campfire
RE: Mouse moat for RV's in storage

I dunno! Lots, of trouble. A couple of good mousers, that will sleep under the coach would be the better idea, perhaps.
down home 04/11/16 12:21am General RVing Issues
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