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RE: Dropping Sams Club after 20+ years

Apparently I had nothing to say.
down home 01/31/15 12:17am Around the Campfire

Oil Industry may be hit but the general economy is reflecting the price decrease in energy. More furniture, cars,food and lots and homes further out from the city are being bought. I'm sure everyone has noticed the signifigant uptickin vvehicles, on the road. People have an extra 20 to 100.00 to spend on other things. The roads are more crowded first as an effect of cheaper fuel but then in reaction to a probably self fulfilling projected increase in price. They want to travel while fuel is cheap. Meanwhile Commodity Traders, Hedge Funds and Others are filling tankers and running them in circles, in the oceans. There appears to be coordination to drive prices back up starting with cutting crude production. It matters not that they put the People out of work. They are still making money however they want to drive prices back up. This is one reason I would prefer to see a National Company chartered and Keystone refined in the US for US and Canada and not adsorbed by Global Oil Cabal of Tradrs, hedge Funds, OPEC, and the new Seven Sisters. Remember Sohio?
down home 01/30/15 09:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: Has anyone had a run in with any WILD animals?

In the mid seventies we were on old Hwy 42 above the Tn River. Not much traffic then. We came upon some turtles crossing the road. I stopped and they ran under the car. It was a 74 Plymouth Grand Fury. They sounded like horses clopping on the pavement. They were the shape of an old army helmet or half of the old watermelons and just as green. The largest one was in lead and the five or six behind her, probably, were in descending size. We little Daughter and I got out and looked under the car. We figured we should shoo them out so we wouldn't run over them. They would always position themselves behind the far wheel from us. We moved and they moved, fast, sounding just like horses clopping on the pavement. The largest one was guesstimate foot across. I had never seen any turtles like them before or since. Finally they ran not eased for the side of the road from where they came. I've never seen turtles like them ever. I've never seen any turtles move that fast nor have I ever heard turtles clop. Perhaps the sides of their shells were hitting the pavement. The largest one I'm sure didn't clear the undercarriage of the car by more than a half inch. I hope they stil lsurvive.
down home 01/30/15 09:27pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Has anyone had a run in with any WILD animals?

In 2001 we were going up the Hy past Lake Louise. A herd or bunch of sheep came onto the road in front of us. We stopped, couldn't do much else. They proceeded to try to pick the rock out of the pavement or something with their teeth. We got out and were within two or three feet of them. Some had small horns but not the big curls. A Motorhome stopped from the other direction and was out filming. Guess they don't like cameras. They wondered off in a minute or two. On Going to sun Road. We rounded a corner and there was a Billie at eye level with the truck on the bank and about 5 ft away. He looked like he had been washed and groomed for the camera.
down home 01/29/15 04:00pm RV Lifestyle
RE: America’s Miracle Meat: The Story of Spam (+ 3 Recipes)

We buy some cans of Spam when we go to the Commissary. they have some that is supposed to be more bacon and some with less fat. I never really got a hankering for Spam. There were two or three similar products in the fifties and sixties, and still may be that I like a bit better. It doesn't have enough firmness like you expect of meat. Boney samiches were just about every day for lunch at school. Gotta have some good tomato and lettuce with some mayonaise on the veg side and some mustard on the meat side. Bread was better that she used and thicker. One of my favorites was boney and cheese and pear preserves. Lettuce and mater on one side and the preserves next to the cheese on thick sliced bread. Up noth out, in the farm country they don't know what country ham is and city ham is fried boney. Back to Spam, i just got a craving. Might have some peach preserves andAmerican cheese to go with it.
down home 01/27/15 11:46pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Has anyone had a run in with any WILD animals?

We had a few last year near enough to share their perfume. Haven't smelled any in a while, now. I have wondered if the coyotes have taken them.
down home 01/26/15 08:11pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Florida Cell Phone Taxes/Charges

I heard, on the radio, this evening, that Tn Residents will have to pay an extra 1.16 per line 911 tax including cell starting this next month. Already pay some amount. This will be another appx 6 dollars for land line and cells. There is a whole litney, of taxes and fees on cell bill and land line that weren't there even 10 years ago. I haven't looked at it in a while. It is a bit ridiculous. That 20 to 30 dollars is not insignifigant.
down home 01/26/15 08:07pm General RVing Issues
RE: Propane compartment help

I didn't know they left them open until I looked at a Winnebago, in Texas two years ago. It was mounted on a piece of plywood. Our is enclosed and a seal to keep water out of the bay. It has vent up high forward. May be another I haven't seen. It get a good airflow but no rocks nor heavy grit just dust. I wash the compartment out whenever I can. Only complaint is need to be a midget to open door and fill with propane. They really hate it where they have a curb and the tank higher than the drive, at stations.
down home 01/26/15 07:59pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Inside a dog food processing plant?

Don't know about the plants but I've seen large hairs etc in dog dry food. Sometimes it makes the dog sick and throws it up. We have switched brands supposedly premium brands but seems to all be about the same except some sya they have lots of different vegetables.
down home 01/26/15 11:33am RV Pet Stop
Firewood transport bans

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 28168577
down home 01/25/15 11:43pm Around the Campfire
Firewood transport bans

Looking around on line I stumbled on a notice from Tn Forestry. Walnut trees in some East Tn Counties are being killed by the Walnut Beetle and Walnut Canker Diseases. So no walnut wood can be transported from one county to the next around Knoxville etc. I can't attach a link or reference one other than Tn Forestry. They say it was brought here from the southwest by human transport. What nut would bring walnut from the Southwest to Tn where the dominant tree is Walnut in most places, now? Nothing can be done about it now. Our place will be denuded, practically, if we have to cut all the Walnut Trees. While I'm here anyone know anything about getting the rot and wood ants out of big oak trees? I got one I really need to save, at the bend in the drive? I know no one is an Aborist just talking.
down home 01/25/15 11:43pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Caught an ugly cat

I found a full grown skunk in a Havaheart trap one morning and knew I was the one who had to free him. I walked slowly to the trap while talking in a non-threatening tone. He showed no signs of agitation so I opened the door and he walked out. On the way to the shed where I guess he lived he stopped to get a drink from a pan of water I leave for wildlife. Animals aren't dumb so they know our intentions. They understand they need help and if they sense a human is going to set them free I doubt they would bite. Of course that's my opinion and I take no responsibility if someone needs to get a rabies shot. ;) Too bad men are not born with ability to recognize these things or are they. We had a terrific cat that would catch mice and leave them on the doorstep. She caught a Chipmunk and let it go to catch it again. It ran up my pant leg to be rescued. I set it down too soon. It was in shock and wandered off and I'm sure died soon. I should have put it in my pocket and kept it warm.
down home 01/24/15 11:27pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Caught an ugly cat

The Kids wanted to keep it. Didn't seem ugly to them. Probably less than a year old. Wife refused to cook it. She covered the trap over night to keep it warm. Took it about a mile from here and let it go. We'll see how long it takes to get back here. They do eat bugs a lot, of bugs, particularily roaches out ,of the woods and the little scorpions.
down home 01/24/15 07:24pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Leaving seat while driving

We get up and make sandwiches, get drinks or go to the bathroom all the time. There are plenty of handholds. In heavy traffic, like Atlanta etc we stay seated. When I get up I just put the coach on cruise.
down home 01/24/15 02:52pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Do you flash people?

We do in the coach. The cars have really bright lights and no switch like the Trucks and Motor Home for flashing the headlights or tail lights. They don't like flashing the Mercs high beams. Only other option is to cut the switch off and on on the dash. Not good on these high output lights.
down home 01/24/15 02:49pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: lucky to be alive

Glad you are still with us. Get out there and enjoy life now. Mother's last Brother passed Jan15. Brother rushed him to hospital before Thanksgiving. Bowels exploded. Had to rush back and get wife to sign for surgery. Stroke and or poisoning paralized his arms and legs and everything else except he could speak if they could get him off the ventilator. he had some bowel problems for a little while. In 2010 I rushed to ER. Dr standing by to cut me open if they couldn't get the tube down my nose. Had a time and lost a bunch of blood. Four days under sedation and pain killers. When these things happen it weakens the bowels in areas. Aging does the same and the weak sections are the pockets,Diverticulosis and Divertiulitis that cause so many problems. Anyway wath your diet and junk foods. HFCS among other things causes a lot of diarhea and these problems and lots of others for everyone and especially Diabetics. Good thing to talk to a Gastroenterologist after a colon exam not one that will say they didn't see any polyps etc.
down home 01/24/15 02:43pm Around the Campfire
RE: Any Ford enthusiasts here????

Everyone is hanging on to their pickups. The EPA and NHTSA are making them so expensive to buy new. A used 1,000.00 car is 1,000.00 A used 1,000.00 Pick up is 2,000.00. Very rare to see one on a used vehicle lot.
down home 01/24/15 02:27pm Around the Campfire
RE: Has anyone had a run in with any WILD animals?

Lots of encounters but little concerns. I don't know if I have told this before but. Several years ago, I was hunting under a power line. her come one doe almost into my lap. then came another and as I was about to draw the bow back here came a wolf in hot pursuit, then another. I switched my attention to them. They paid me no mind and continued after the second doe. Really didn't have time to get a shot at them and then maybe one or both would have come after me. They were within 20 ft or so. Don't let anyone tell you there are or were no wolves in Tn. A second time I stumbled across one while hunting squirrels. I whistled and he turned and growled and came toward me. I emptied the .22 into him. I was hunting deer another time and I was approaching noon. Deer that feed early lay down about 10 or 11 unless hunted hard. A covey of quail emerged from the woods and walked on my left side and slightly ahead. One in particular would turn and call. They kept pace on the dirt road for quite a while until I turned off. Really quite sociable. Don't think I could hunt them now. Went hunting, and it was cold as blazes. I laid down near a small water fall and fell asleep in the bright sunshine. Woke up and a Grouse was in a tree above me. I called to him or she and it nodded around. I started walking back toward the old mine and it followed me in the trees to my left and above. It followed me past the mine and nearly to the truck, about 3 miles. Got a Opossum in the trap right now. It was eating the cat's food. That will be an encounter when I try to loose it without being bitten. I didn't finish about the two does and two wolves. The first doe ran right behind me and laid down in some brush along the clear cut right of way. I turned toward the direction the does and wolves were running and she stood up gave me a look and ran off. At least she escaped that day. I could have taken her right then but oh well. In deer season 1975, I remember the date because the next July two thieves broke in our home and stole all my firearms. I was using a deer call and sitting in a small copse of trees with a frequently traveled lane right into my lap. After a bit I see something bobbing aways off. When it got closer I saw that it was a coyote. He was lopping right toward me moving his head side to side checking the understory. I gathered myself to ether tensed up thumb on hammer of the .30-30 and brought the gun up when he was about 50 ft away. Before I could get the gun to my shoulder and the hammer back he turned and was flying back the way he came and I was real quick about it but not as quick as him. I have wondered if he would have run into my lap if I had let him because he didn't see me until I moved.
down home 01/23/15 11:42pm RV Lifestyle
Caught an ugly cat

Well I caught what was eating our cat's food. It's a really ugly cat with a long snout and lots of teeth. It is black and white and scragley and it must have skinned all the hair off it's tail in the trap or something. It hisses something awful. I haven't figured out how to open the trap without getting bit. Anyone want it? I'm sure it is a unique breed.
down home 01/23/15 11:19pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Performance Chip

Haven't owned a Duramax but...our 02 Ford 7.4 Diesle Dualie we had a Superchips programmer. It had three settings, tow, and something and performance. I left it in the first setting. It ran like a sports car empty. No figures on output imrprovement but it was huge. When towing our Fifth Wheel it sometimes set the check engine light. The reason was it would cause the torque converter clutches to unlock under heavy acceleration. I was told not worry about it but had the programmer turned down a bit. Didn't like it and had it turned back up. The Engine then didn't make the output they quote now by the three automakers. But it would out pull any of them stock from my seat of pants with the tuner. Mileage actually improved, as is common with diesels but I can't remember how much. Just don't exceed reasonable driving practices. I didn't do it for a hot rod just to improve pulling performance a bit. If they had kept the 7.4 and put the next generation trans behind it, would have kept them top of the heap.
down home 01/23/15 08:31pm General RVing Issues
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