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RE: Does anyone have any good bologna (baloney) recipes?

Bolobna was a staple. Without it might not have made it here. Fried with eggs on in a sandwich. Uncooked, on a sandwich. Either cooked or not with big hot onion slice, good zingy tomatoes the thicker the better with a little salt and anything from what we kids called weeds, or dandelions and spinach or leaf lettuce and it is good eats. Add some peach or pear preserves and a slice of cheese..... oh my. got to have good big homemade thick bread slices and some mayonaise to keep the tomatoes from melting the bread. Don't dare use ketsup and mustard only near the tomatoes or not at all.
down home 07/31/14 11:35pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Perfect sunny side up eggs

Ypou all are making me hungry and its still a bit til breakfast. Add a small glass of good buttermilk not made from powder or whatever to any of these. Sipping buttermilk with any of what I see here would be a delight. I may start breakfast four or five hours early. And it is all of yourn's fault.
down home 07/31/14 11:29pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Spam - no, not the post from yesterday

Mmmm pickled herring for breakfast ja Ole I tink dats da best Grand Ma's Mother was from the Sweedish colony in Gruetli Loger, Tn or probably from even before. Sardines and saltine crackers was a treat to here. I got to kinda liking them myself. You cannot find the same Sardines as she use to buy and we bought for her later on. I like them with the oil drained off good with onions and tomatoes on a samich. Add peach or especially pear preserves or cinnamon pear preserves and cheese and tomato and leaf lettuce, or dandelion or any of the wild greens and you are in for a treat. the pears in the prserves retain a certain texture and the taste accents everything. I've thought of putting some on grilled meats. First we have to make it. No one seems to sell it.
down home 07/31/14 11:24pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Spam - no, not the post from yesterday

Now put grilled onions peppers tomato and enjoy Put some onions, cheese, peach or pear preserves on it and tomato and you got yourself a samich.
down home 07/31/14 11:20pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Squash.....Puppies

I didn't see this post when I posted my question on cooking squash just now. I'm printing it and giving to wife. Sound great.
down home 07/31/14 11:18pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs

I've always liked the looks of a variety of squash, in gardens . Grand Ma cooked some squash dishes but not Mom. My wife breads and fries slices of crooked neck, I think, squash. Very tasty. My Kids won't touch it and my wife isn't inclined to investigate cooking of various squash. Most of the country life type, including Grit magazines carry a variety of receipts including squash. What are some recommendations for good squash cooked whole without seeds and strings or casseroles etc or any squash dishes? I remember eating some simply outstanding memorable squash casseroles at one of the family reunions but never got a receipt and don't remember who brought it. In addition, I thought I would plant the trinity of corn beans and squash next year in part of the little cove. It fed the Inidans well maybe we will get some benefit from it. Grand Ma planted the trinity on about a half acre, when I was small. She alwaysy had a full cellar.
down home 07/31/14 11:16pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Roadschooling?

We've run across a couple/few families home schooling, on the road. last one of memory was a family from California. We still have their info somewhere. Haven't heard from them in long while. They were traveling and schooling their junior high and high school two kids. Sister home schooled our Nephew. Last year or so was a challenge but somehow he played sports etc. He turned out better balanced and more highly educated than the current county wide factories. he is now a Teacher himself and wife. Doing a bang up job. You have to do lesson planning and set goals. The children learn more when it is one on one than when it is one one thirty and it takes less time and they concentrate better. No bullying, no drugs, no social indoctrination, wasted time on things outside, of the three Rs etc, and a happy knowledgeable kid with a better outlook on life. They get to see the Country and learn from the settings and the people, like First America, and where history was made.
down home 07/31/14 10:26pm Full-time RVing
RE: How do you hang your bath towels?

We hang them over the top of the shower door after drying the shower of course. The washcloths on the outside towel rack. Once in a while we have more than two big towels but rarely. Then it goes on the rack and the cloths folded double on it too. The air conditioners are running and they dry going down the road or while we are out at the RV Parks. If not running the air and it isn't raining the power vent in the shower area will get them dry in little time too. In winter the same vents put out warm air and it might take a little longer unless running the heat pumps which will still take moisture out. We've got a dehumidifer, now, to take along in cold weather to handle the moisture buildup.
down home 07/31/14 10:16pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Rain, Rain, Rain, Rain

Would you please send some rain here to southern Arizona! Sure. It's free but the container cost a bundle. How much you want?
down home 07/31/14 04:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: What do you have in your tool box

I've got every tool conceivable but the one I need at the moment. Someone with experience needs to list peculiar tools needed for MHs and Towables. Perhaps not peculiar but ones you would not think of until needed.
down home 07/31/14 04:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: New Firearm Law in Tenn

My only issue with this law is that it requires people to leave their gun in their car. All it takes is some mope to break a window and search the car and find a gun. Then you have another mope on the street with a gun. If you are going to pass a law like this, allow the citizens to concealed carry (unless you are a prohibited person). I say this as a cop. I am pro 2nd amendment (within reason). I carry my weapon off duty, I don't understand why an otherwise competent and law abiding citizen isn't allowed the same right as I am. Mandate minimum yearly training to include marksmanship and law update and allow them to get a simple and affordable carry permit. I have objections to being forced to get a CCW. I went and took the course way back in 90 or 92. The whole time the Lord was sitting on my shoulder saying don't do it. I did it but never went to get my certificate and pay the 100.00 for the CCW. I'm not sure why he wanted me not to but glad I didn't because immediately you became a target for some groups as they got a list and then there was the records for Drivers License and so forth. I exercised my Second Amendment Right as necessary. Carrying large sums, of cash, in circumstances I was required to. I don't need one as I'm authorized anyway. I seldom need to carry but you never know when you may be blindsided and unable to resist because you haven't got a weapon to resist with. When I was a kid and as young adult this subject never came up. The Politicians made it illegal and no one new and carried anyway. usually a shotgun, in the pickup, loaded or a rifle or carbine and a handgun in a hip pocket. Sheriff didn't care except for the 2% that the law was designed for,supposedly, but has no effect.
down home 07/31/14 03:57pm General RVing Issues
RE: Walmart and other over night stays.

If it is late, next time, I'm thingki nof not going through the hassle of fining a campground and stopping at a Wall Mart, for the night. I've found when we do stop there it cost us over a hundred to a couple hundred or more by the time we leave on groceries and supplies. So why not just finish staying the night. We have everything we need on board. I do want to get proxmity alarm to put one on the car and on the sides of rv. We have an on board or what is left of it from the Delaers destruction alarm system. I've got to find someone to sort it out.
down home 07/31/14 10:32am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Blown Engine, 8.1l

No way it should cost 15,000.00 for a crate motor and install, even including reconnecting all the wiring and hoses. You can spend 15,000.00 and more on crate motors built to the hilt buta 454 or 502 most i would pay is about 8500.00 shop for a parts house that resells GM. We have one in a nearby town that sells Ford stuff at halft the cost or less than the outlandish Ford prices.
down home 07/31/14 10:22am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Going over the Insurance Mileage Limit...?

Don't know if they want to charge by mileage eventually but State Farm sent us a letter about attaching a GMS. It would save us money if we were good kids and nt go past the speed limit accidentally. I bet rating by mileage is in the equation too. Said no thanks. It's over a hundred miles each way to DRs. Been every day this week except today. Posponed them because it's my birthday and didn't want another jab or my eyes expanded.
down home 07/31/14 10:17am General RVing Issues
RE: Bees in your A/C?

A good size CO2 extinguisher would have gotten them too and safer from close up at night. If you had had the time a call to a fire house might have gotten you a beekeeper or connection to one. Bess are having a hard time surviving GMOs and Nicatoids on crops and pesticides on lawns. A Bee Keeper would gladly came out and collected taken them off your hands. Bees are a valuable commodity. He would have located the queen and put her in a box and all the other bees would have followed. He may have left the box there for a time to make sure any out rambling came back.
down home 07/31/14 10:11am General RVing Issues
RE: Leveling system cracked windshield

I've heard from and of several who had factory weld a reinforcement beam across the front right and left beams of the coach. The reason they went to only three jacks, with one in the middle front, was cheapening the frame and encountering twisting forces to crack a windshield. I have purposed to have the channel welded in and put in another jack. Already have the control and sensors. That will solve a lot of bouncy floor, I hope.
down home 07/31/14 01:07am Class A Motorhomes
RE: New Firearm Law in Tenn

Tn was on line to get open carry for everyone, a couple months before this Haslam had it killed, trough his State Safety Director, who went before the House with a lie and a lot of bs and give them blood in the streets. The One who proposed it said well they had the votes to kill it. They won fair and square. Get a carry permit and go on license plate data base across the states thanks to HS and you Drivers license, and various other databases. Remember the Florida CCW gun owner who got stopped by a Brown shirt in Maryland.
down home 07/31/14 01:02am General RVing Issues
RE: Free Wi-Fi??

Only source we have here is MIFI. three phones, low use and Internet is over 200.00 a month, usually a lot more. That is ridiculous. Looked at Hughes and another mifi type provider. Doesn't seem to be any way to save except to turn them off. fine with me and go to Mc Donalds but......
down home 07/29/14 08:31pm General RVing Issues
RE: Insects..... Do you pick them up at RV parks?

At Poverty Point in La the fire ants were everywhere. Call the Ranger and he would bring around some ant poison. We certainly don't want those things in our RVs. Walking across the grass was inviting a dozen bites. First time we had the problem to this extreme so.. Next time out we will have fire ant poison and perhaps inset spray on board. Well actually I think I already put it in one of the bays. With the campground's permission I will make sure the site is safe before we back in. That's one reason I like large concrete pads. Fewer bugs or none.
down home 07/29/14 08:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: Rain, Rain, Rain, Rain

Had the lawn mowed the other day. Hadn't been mowed in two weeks. One of the pontoons had a hole in it. Should have bailed it for hay. :) Trying to get son to find a wife who already as two or three boys. Could save a bundle on mowing. Want to pave road on side, of property. Every time I pick up the phone to give them the go ahead it rains. It was 72 degrees at four. Be cold tonight probably with snow the way it has been going. :)
down home 07/29/14 08:18pm General RVing Issues
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