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RE: I am starting to get sick of the snow...

I could use some fresh snow. Cover this grass, so I wouldn't need to mow. Send some this way.
down home 05/28/16 12:29pm General RVing Issues
RE: Memorial Day

1967. Cousin came by making his round before entering the Marine Corps. Never thought it would be the last time. Graduated High School and on to the Marines. Got the call that summer. He was new Sgt E5. Was killed by either an RPG or a tube detonation of a mortar he was manning. Shocked the whole extended family. I went in in Aug 1968. After I was out of the Army I kept seeing my Cousin, every time I looked up in the store I waas manging. Not him of course but, I kept hope it was mistaken identity and he would show up one day. I swear I saw him several times.
down home 05/28/16 12:22pm Around the Campfire
RE: How to get rid of bats

Just be careful. Barney Fife said bats can fly and get into your hair. Then they lay their eggs and you go crazy. Just saying. Goolleee Gomer! Doncha remember that time at the cave around dark? Did they lay eggs in yoru eyeborws of something. Shazam! Hey to you and yourns.
down home 05/28/16 12:16pm Around the Campfire
RE: Zero G hose for drinking water?

Our Drinking water hose has a small label on one end from some safety council as an approved drinking water hose. It's at the coach so I can't read it. those without that approval are questionable. May not get sick from drinking pvc and polymides and synthetic female hormondes but I prefer not to gamble. I hate the water hose taste. Have you smelled some of the Chinese rubber hoses or plastic hoses? Reminds me of raw rubber and the treatment they used on army tents and every thing else. I don't drink out of mud puddles any more either. What is a synthetic female hormondes ?? :p The name and acronmyms escapes right now but they were developed as synthetic female hormones but did not perform as they wished. They have been used to line jsut about all cans and palstic bottles and hoes linings for water. They were found to harden the linings and to keep liquids in and gasses like CO2 from escaping porous plastic bottles. Canad and much of the world has banned them. In the U they are only banned from baby bottles, if that now. They do bleed into whatever is in the container, from water to beer and they do invade the body and serve the function they were originally designed for to an extent.It has been proven that they are taken up by the body and become part of the makeup of the endocryn natural output. In other words they are passed along to our children. Maybe this is the reason American men seem so docile and whiney these days and girls reach puberty much younger and are much more developed and logic and judgement is twisted. For the life of me i do not understand why FDA contiues to let them be used.
down home 05/27/16 09:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: How to get rid of bats

Bats are fascinating little creatures.When I was very young I had very good hearing I mean above 20,000hertz. When I joined the army they administered the hearing test three times because the line ziged and zaged above the chart line. I sat on the porch acroso from the Grammar school as the exited. I could hear them and called to them. The gap between my teeth helped. The oudn is not as high as some tv shows seem to indicate. We had many bats visit our last hoem on the way to the caves, I think. I found several at times in the bushes. They always awakened at the same time, regardless of light. We ha one on the gap of trunk of the car, and rear window of a Mustang. It was smaller than a quarter and beautiful color of reddish brown. Watched and about time before dark she awoke. She had three little babies with her. They were all folded up, inside her wings. Amazing how big she became when she unfolded yet still tiny. She flew off toward the cave with them clinging under her, leaving one behind. or it fell off. I picked it up and hung it from low limb of an oak. It was gone in the morning. I hope something didn't get it. I've had the things sweep down and grab mosquitoes or something, when we played ball near dark and on get in my hair. It was larger and gray. I sit on the west porch and watch them catch bugs, of the evening, and occassionally one comes a bit close.
down home 05/27/16 09:04pm Around the Campfire
RE: How to get rid of bats

Snakes do a good job.
down home 05/27/16 09:22am Around the Campfire
Memorial Day

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 28893403
down home 05/27/16 09:20am General RVing Issues
Memorial Day

As I join everyone here in remembering all those who have gone on to the other side, from WWII and all other Wars to defend this Nation,
down home 05/27/16 09:20am Around the Campfire
RE: Hypothetical Social Security Question

Didn't read all replies so sorry if I cover same ground. You die first, your wife can go to SS and get it changed where she will draw your higher amount. She dies first you continue to draw yours. Would be no advantage to switch to hers. The rule should be altered so that surviving spouse can receive some or all of deceased spouse's SS income. SS income is anything but generous and it taks both incomes most times to just get along. Many many Americans find themselves having to sell their home and move into welfare apts or with the kids. Bear in mind, I'm not talking all and mostly not this audience.
down home 05/26/16 12:27pm Around the Campfire
RE: Zero G hose for drinking water?

Our Drinking water hose has a small label on one end from some safety council as an approved drinking water hose. It's at the coach so I can't read it. those without that approval are questionable. May not get sick from drinking pvc and polymides and synthetic female hormondes but I prefer not to gamble. I hate the water hose taste. Have you smelled some of the Chinese rubber hoses or plastic hoses? Reminds me of raw rubber and the treatment they used on army tents and every thing else. I don't drink out of mud puddles any more either.
down home 05/26/16 12:22pm General RVing Issues
RE: Lot of water from A/C

Went through a waterspout/mini tornado last Friday, week. Water poured in through rear air. Just had gasket replaced two years ago, probably a little loose. will have to check it this week. Seems some cam in the refrigerator vent or furnace vent too. how do you seal the refrigerator vent?
down home 05/21/16 09:16pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Expensive rookie mistake

KEEP HER AWAY FROM COSCO. They're selling caskets now. :)
down home 05/21/16 09:11pm General RVing Issues
RE: How many use HAM vs C/B for rig to rig etc?

All we have s GMRS radios and the range in a city is a bit over a mile. Not acceptable. Have hand held CB and Teaberry, in coach. Handheld is next to worthless. I have been considering a couple of handheld 2 meter radios, initially and a base unit later with patch to telephone. Use to be along time ago in a far distant galaxy Radio Shack was the go to place for Ham equipment. Nothing today. That's the problem finding a store that is knowledgeable and has Ham equipment. I have found some small concerns with one or two 2 meter radios and fire and rescue stuff with prices of two grand, for tow handhelds. What I need is, if I ever go hunting again a unit with a 40 mile range with not much probability of repeaters, around here. Cell phones don't work a quarter mile beyond here, at RxR tracks. Perhaps a 2 meter with VHF for Canada, and or ten meter. How much power can be hand in a handheld? Is there a catalog or store that handles Ham equipment with information on what is needed and does not cost a few thousand to get into?
down home 05/18/16 09:22pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Could 10 year tires really be safe?

We had the four rears changed out a couple weeks ago. They were GY670s, 13 years old. They looked perfect except a bit of shoulder wear on one. they were soft and supple and hand no cracks or crazing or anything. Looked on the inside, after they were dismounted, and looked perfect. We store ours inside too. I got the feeling of being a sucker and tires could have gone another decade. Our Mhs don't , or most much over 30,00 lbs and the tires generally are designed for the punishment of 80,000 lbs+ semi rigs. Pur tires never got hot. The one inside tire near exhaust ran about ten degrees warmer than the others. In Az in over one hundred degree heat the ties never got over 125 region. Would they actually last another decade: maybe/perhaps/probably/maybe not. I don't know. I don't think they would sell many tires if they would self destruct when they got to five years/ten years/or thirteen years old. Michelin Dealer Salesman said the Michelins are guaranteed for 7 years but ht Mgr chimed in that tires have no set life span. Even with checks etc the tires may be good for a long time. Depends on their review apparently. If I had sturdy wheel cans, which coaches should have but most don't, I would have made the choice to keep the old tires on a lot longer. Dollars to donuts I bet some semi driver got some free tires or some farmer did and the GY670s will be rolling for some time to come. They can't sell them if over 5 years old. I do know the two taken off the steer axle three years ago are running around on anot for hire rig in Indiana. They are 13 years old, now, too. I made the safest choice based on current opinions. Perhaps there is some outfit that can look at the tires with instruments,x ray,gas chromagraphs, molecula makeup or some such and say safe r unsafe. I bet there is some such equipment as Tire Companies, would be foolish to produce questionable tires or tires they don't know how long they will function, for the purposes sold for and the huge sums involved, in liability. It is to their advantage to leave Customers guessing and gambling on the safe side and buying more tires. It is not to their advantage to produce tires that are a gamble however. Of course they do it with rethreads, all the time, as do China bombs, and marginal, get the rigs out the door,as cheap as possible tires, of some towables, or did. Analytically I believe I could have gotten a lot more usage out of the old tires, but like I said, I made the right decision based on opinions,in the absence of a knowledgeable analysis, of the tire structure and materials in current state.
down home 05/18/16 07:53pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Cash price on fuel

Wife has a card that gains points for purchases at various places including Exxon. In South Carolina near Columbia we filled up, 92 gallons, for 40.31. Filled up the car later for a little over four dollars. Plenty card or some such. At one station we paid 1.83 gal on Sunday northern part of SC. We have the .03 discount card from Flyin J/Pilot but on a hundred gallons that's only 3.00 and generally a higher starting price. I never did get a Pentagon Fed credit card with five percent rebate on all purchases. Paid off the last of credit cards two weeks ago and don't intend to put anything on another. got three or four empty and will cancel them when it won't hurt credit rating. Yes it hurts credit rating to cancel them. Debit/Credit Cards we have too but only use debit. It pays to buy with cash. Found we could by fish off dock for ten perent less among other things.
down home 05/18/16 07:41pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: First time rifle purchase...?

On the used market a Remington 700 ADL or BDL is very good choice and may be had for the 500.00 figure +-. New guns you are rather limited to the Savage in black plastic stock and matte or blasted finish. Of course this is with exceptions and me not currently looking. New Remington Products are cheap and coarse including Marlins etc and SS&W all owned by Soros and other invesstors from Europe. CZ makes some good guns but a bit higher. I would definately look at the used gun market, for good old bolt a ctions in Remington, Winchester(pre64)that is. Ruger makes some fine guns with good fit and finish but higher price than 500.00. I don't care for platic magaazines is the only detraction. Wood and Steel is my rule.
down home 05/18/16 07:19pm Around the Campfire
RE: Why I'm glad I own an RV - Dirty Hotel Rooms

We stayed in a Motel, in Ft Walton Beach, where many Military stay, in 09 or 010. it was mess but we were too tired to go elsewhere. We both got Staph infections. Wife had to go to the Doctor several times for it and several medications. i got it under my watch band area of arm and my ears. Damaged my hearing even more. Took months and tubes in ears and antibiotics and followup every four months now. We stayed at Motel in Nashville for an event ayear ago or two. Upper scale and expensive. I watched the Cleaning Lady wipe down glass glasses with a cloth. I'm not sure it was the same one she used in the bathroom. I had gone back to the room to get cord for laptop or I wouldn't have seen this. On edit, I almost didn't post this in a pc world of today. They had been taking Somali Immigrants or some other as guests, apparently fresh off the boat.
down home 05/17/16 03:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: I am starting to get sick of the snow...

We are trying to keep all you Yanques down south this year. We like your money. So far the snow dances seem to be working pretty good.
down home 05/17/16 02:44pm General RVing Issues
RE: Black water tank flush

Ours has the flusher, with an attachment, to put chlorine tablets in and sanitize the tank as it flushes. It has a ball valve that leaks. It is plastic. The back flow preventer is nearer the tank. Water still dribbles out from the little plastic quick connect, when you disconnect the flushing attachment or hose. Aggravating but clean water. Watch the tanks levels as you fill them to flush. A moment's inattention and you will be swelling tanks and bit more you may have water up into the shower or the toilet flange give up. Our gaauges are in the coach os it is connect the hose go into the coah and watch the level as the black tank fills go out swith to gray tank go in the coah and wait until it shows full. Go out open the blaacck tank and turn the handle to have clean water enter the tank and stir things around. As the tank empties you will hear it burp.Let it run for fie minutes, the manual says more. Close th valve and put a few gallons like two to five into the black tank. Turn the fill valve to gray water tank and open that valve. It will take a little longer as it is larger. After it drains let it fulsh a minute or two close drain valve and let a couple gallons in. Cut off water, cut the little ball valve off, remove the hose, after turning off spigot, slowly, and unplug the flush gadget. We use the Rhino hose which takes the considerable pressure of a full tank draining better and it has a opaque elbow end where it connects to the sewer, so you can see when clean water is finally going through. I have had a couple of the thin sewer hoses burst. Not pleasant and birds etc peck holes or chew holes in them, or step on them with gravel under then and develop leaks and geysers when flushing. Had one of the red shot extensions, similar to the Rhino material burst in one of the pleats last trip.
down home 05/17/16 02:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: Dump Valve Lubricant

......wrong post
down home 05/05/16 03:34pm Tech Issues
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