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RE: Recommend resturants in Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg/Chattanooga

Ruth Chrisp Steak House in Chattanooga, just off I75 turn toward Hamilton Place Mall, off Shallowford Rd. Wath light turn left at the light instead of going into the Mall. Up Gun barrel is standard assortment of fast food and sit down chain restaurants and inside the outside loop of mall. Then there's the Chattanoga Golf and Country Club. They use to seat other than Members. Call firs and get directions, I would confuse you. There use to be the Mount Vernon Restaurant, at the foot of lookout Mtn on Broad Street. It was great, but haven't been there in a long time. Call first. There are seeral others but they are scattered and not a three star or better. As you get off the Shallowford Rd exit, turn right go one block turn right and Shoneys and O Charlies and Cracker Barrel. Turn right on the Shallowford, but instead of turning right, turn left and Texas Road House and a Mexican restaurant and a couple of others.
down home 02/13/16 12:14am General RVing Issues
RE: Ideas to Address RV Parking

Taxes eat you up in Michigan and Indiana, unless it is farm land. Buy the spot, you would like, to have a home in, and have a home built. I know it cost some up there to get a foundation below the frost line but generally you can have a home built, for a third, of what you will pay, for a home, already built and it is probably not up to your standards. Yo uwill save a lot on taxes outside of towns, if you have fire service. Many places do have fire service and water service beyond town or city limits. You could save more than enough to have the motor home garage with hookups and even heat. Be sure to put in an auxilary generator and tank for when the power lines go down.
down home 02/13/16 12:04am General RVing Issues
RE: Bank Rant

Leave the bank out of it. I seldom use the cards, just for gas and occassionally when I have to because of the size of the purchase. Carry cahs, but requires larger bills today, and you know what you have to spend and you won't overspend and incur any charges.
down home 02/12/16 11:53pm Around the Campfire
Which boat?

provided the wife doesn't buy me a casket first, I hope to finally get a boat to tow behind coach. There is a variety of waters calling for different craft across the County. I like the Rivers and Lakes around here but a bass boat, I don't thini si suitable for some protected waters, of the Great Lakes. A three pontoon boat might work but is for long distance towing perhaps not the best option. All your Folks that travel and fish our southern waters, bays and inlets of Fla, and Great Lakes, and Rivers and so on. What has been your experience of type of boat for twoing and for fishing the variety of waters??
down home 02/12/16 11:42pm Around the Campfire
RE: Bank Rant

The banks make a living off these fees. They will process the largest check first, causing a string of bounced checks if, the bookkeeping is off.
down home 02/11/16 12:08am Around the Campfire
RE: Propane..unlawful to have fridge on while moving

Nothing wrong with being extra safe, in our mind. The fill for our tanks and most are 25 ft from the refrigerator or 30 ft from the water heater. We use diesel and it's not going to explode, if you sprayed it back there which no one is going to do. When they fill the propane tank they turn off the supply to the appliances. There is a release of propane as they hook up and unhook especially, but unless there is a very big release and a wind and a window open it wouldn't reach a spark. Turning off the propane won't stop the spark anyway, right? You would have to flip breakers. As per tunnels a propane leak in a somewhat confined space wouldn't be good. I hope no one is running down the road or parked with a leak.
down home 02/10/16 11:55pm General RVing Issues
RE: Babyboomer RV'ers Have Experienced it All!

We had opportunity and space. Few Regulations and no interference. The bigger the crowd the less the opportunities, the less resources available to everyone. Did not understand how fortunate we were. Mom and Dad had it rough and I spent a lot of time in the mountains with Grandmother. It was so quiet it hurt you ears. The only sound was the school bell at morning noon and evening. It was several miles away but it was about the only sound. No airplanes flew over, and a car on the dirt road was rare as hen's teeth. No money but neither did anyone else. Grand Ma and Mom worked hard, the routine would absolutely frighten a young person today, to death, and they would refuse to do it. Walked to store a mile or so away with a rifle on my arm at age 6 or so to buy .22 shorts with a quarter and four cents,it seems. Longs or Long Rifles when they came along. No sales tax. i remember the first sales tax. Went to the corner store in town. all of a sudden if you spent more than a dime you had to pay eleven cents. So I bought a dimes worth and no more. It was supposed to be temporary. i was maybe 6 or o even then but more aware of money, when it concerned what I could raise or get from Mom or Dad. You bought cars by weight, or the standard seemed to be. You had a lot of money your car was bigger and heavier. Drove a Model T, sorta, as a kid. Walked to town by myself on the mountain. Walked to school a mile away second day, at age 6 by myself. Talked to the Policeman who manipulated the stop light on the main road I had to cross. Was always fascinated by his revolver. I still remember him. Went to school the same time Dad walked to work. got home about the same time. In high school worked after school and bought my own cars. Kids won't make that relative kind of money today. Anyone anted a job there was at least two waiting somewhere. Army was a rite of passage to manhood. Even in the seventies, jobs were everywhere. Your wife didn't work, in our world. There was no such thing as unwed mothers or teen pregencies, in that world either. People that just graduated Eighth grade, had more knowledge and better able to function than high school and even college kids today. Matter, of fact most, money, I've known didn't finish high school., They didn't need to or want to learn how to manipulate. They learned, to think to learn, and to earn. Everyone said yes Mam and no Mam. No one feared walking to town or school we left our doors unlocked on the mountain and in town. Everyone went to Church and knew right from wrong. you didn't go to Church you were shunned or didn't do business with you. There is wisdom there for today. They would never elect someone, that didn't, at least, appear, to everyone as moral and devoted to his Country and Fellow Citizens. People didn't go on words, of politicians but the actions they heard. Sure they got fooled, sometimes but not anywhere like it is today. People know they are lying, but vote, based on the best show, it seems. In school we carried pocket knives, even the girls. We made quill pens one year from turkey feathers using our pocket knives, carefully instructed by our Teacher, Mrs Parish, in the Fourth Grade. We wore dress shirts and polished shoes to school every day come rain or shine. To go to School was the same as going to Church or any one's house or town, or Doctor. You were brought up to put your best face forward, every time and to live by the standard. I could go on and on as all the older Folks and hopefully all the younger ones here. Even Dad, before I was though of, as a Sharecropper was dressed, as fine as they could afford and went everywhere with best face forward. Even as a poor Sharecropper and I mean poor, he was Deacon in Church. I don't know how we can put American back in order but we owe it to our children and our Republic to try. I'll quite now, as I've diverged and just noisy.
down home 02/07/16 08:56pm General RVing Issues
RE: Towing on the Blue Ridge Parkway?

Its not a fun filled drive with a motorhome. People are not always happy when you take up two lanes to clear the middle of the tunnel. It is boring if you are just driving from point a to point b, partiuclarly north of Asheville where what you see is lots of condos, and dumps a mile off the route. I would park and drive parts of it. There are soem museums, one about minerals, off the route and there, is a lake on the Blue Ridge where you can rent a canoe, or take your own and fish for trout and several other features. Even at springtime, you will find too much traffic on weekends, north of Asheville. the few rest stops will be crowded and the one larger on on the west side will have all the dumpsters and rest rooms full and kids running through the stream etc. There is Lineville Falls and Cave and there is Mt Mitchell etc where you can get your hat blown away and aired out, real chilly. Down through the Smokies is, I think one of the better stretches but you will want to park somewhere, off the route and take a car and hike some of the trails, enjoy a lunch watching the hills, Rotendendron, which will be blooming There's in some altitudes in March. There's Clingman's Dome and hundred other places. You will have to make your entertainment. There is a lot of trout fishing est of the rout in NC and some west of it. When we were younger we enjoyed the long stretches or endured them more. Get a little grouch after a while now. Of course you can go a bit further east and run the Tail of the Dragon but definately not in the MH. The park map does not mention the thins off the route very often. We don't like detailed planning now but to get the most of it you will want to plan stops often.
down home 02/07/16 02:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: Hydraulic Leveler Not Retracting All the Way

Ours don't act well when they have been through dust while parked. Winds move dust that you may not see around at ground level. When we were in La we had high winds much of the time. When we tried to retract the jacks they squeaked jerked and squawked and didn't want to come up. That and the awnings and everything else were misbehaving. Crawled underneath and using silicone spray sprayed them down real well and wiped around the seal area with silicone soaked paper towels and then dry towels. Waited a bit to make sure it all evaporated to retract and all was well. The manual confuses me. It said not to use grease, which makes sense but there are jerks at the seal area. Where we keep it greases them well now and wipes away any excess grease anywhere.
down home 02/07/16 02:33pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Gas Prices in Canada for US travellers

Because of a high State fuel tax, we pay more in Washington State than many US states. Our local Safeway is around $1.80 and Costco about $1.73. It's only about 55 miles to the Canadian border from the Burlington Costco. We see scores of Canadian-registered cars in the parking lot, people loading many gallon cartons of milk then going to the Costco gas station. Unfortunately for some, Costco does not sell diesel. Some Costco's are now selling Diesel, Burlington is not one of them. I will vacation in Canada when I don't have to find a babysitter for my firearms while up there. Same applies to us my friend. Canadians are not allowed to travel in the US with our firearms either. Your laws forbid it. Hunting trips are allowed on both sides. I can't imagine not going to a country because they won't let me bring my rifles but, hey, to each his own. So you can't leave home because of the firearms you bought to protect your freedom..... I'm not up on the firearm regs for Canadians down here , right at this particular moment. I do know that many Canadians have firearms down here, legally....and that Canadian Border Patrol will know if you buy one down here and make sure you don't take it back with paperwork and taxes and taxes. I do remember vaugely comments from some Canadians about bringing their firearms.
down home 02/05/16 11:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Eating Out

When RVing we eat out once a day or twice usually. Reason is we are away from the coach, sight seeing or Antique hunting etc, or meeting Relatives and Friends to eat out. Lot less trouble eating out. However I've come to realize I have less digestive problems, eating at the coach, our own food of know quality and prepared right. Always, in the RV Park, we try to invite a couple, or two, to eat dinner, with us, when we are there. At Rallys everyone in groups go to Restaurants to eat out. Not many have four Michelin Stars though. We found a good Amish Restaurant outside Hutchinson, Kansas, another in northwest Missouri, Can't think of the names in the middle of Amish and Mennonite communities. It would rank 3 stars at leas on food,hot food, service and absolutely great prices. Decor was not much but who cared. There's a town in Michigan, that I will remember the name right after I quit typing that had a great restaurant. All the RVers from the west coast drove that far to eat there.
down home 02/05/16 11:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: Let's talk trash

The better places, for lack, of a better term, have trash pickup every morning and some places throughout the day.
down home 02/05/16 11:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: Rest Stop Shenanigans

Seen way too much of these types and it will get worse. Gotten to where I don't trust anyone. I could write a book from the causes of that. We always looking out for these people. Told more than one to take a hike. Any indication these people are around I walk with the wife to the restroom. Even though there is one on board we have to stretch our legs once in a while.
down home 02/05/16 11:20pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: New Tires

Had several sets of Michelin LTX and got great mileage out of them. Still have a set on the F150 with probably 80,000 on them Had to replace one that was punctured. Always got good round tires that took only a little to balance. Everyone is getting away from durability. I hope the new one's aren;t designed to wear out faster so they can sell more.
down home 02/04/16 02:44pm Around the Campfire
RE: Cleaning AC filter

The reason it appears that lint is stuck on the filter is because of grease. it nd dust are stuck on it. It tries to roll up if you should try to wipe it. To prevent it we seldom cook with oil in the coach certainly t high temperatures. water vapor in whatever is being deep fried and the grease combine to coat everything. We put paper towels over the stove vent on the convection/microwave above the stove and splatter screen on top of the pot or skillet and turn the vent fan on, nearest kitchen. It sometimes suffers a build up and I have to take it apart to get the screen out to clean it. Some newer ones the vent screen pops out without having to take whatevr I have to take off to get to the screen. Don't have to do it often enough so that I remember what. Just throw away the filter and cut a piece from the cheapies at WaL Mart. Just make sure the filter media is thick enough and the stiffer he better. The edges of the plastic trim hold it in place. They also have some with carbon something or other in them. I don't know if they would restrict airflow too much or not, given that on low settings, in high humidity some ACs freeze up.
down home 02/04/16 02:25pm General RVing Issues
RE: Gas Prices in Canada for US travellers

Yeah, well if they let us bring our food. Been reading, of huge prices for produce up thar.
down home 02/03/16 03:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: Wiper blade replacement

I'm a little confused on this. Our blades are just 28 in. I bought the blades from CW and pulled the old ones out of the frame. Inserted the little metal strips and back into the frames. The bracket is attached to the arm with two little screws. The coach is not here for me to look at. Is there a different bracket or another way to just buy an auto type entire blade assembly and detach th old one and clip on the new one, just like an auto. If there is I really need 32 in assemblies.
down home 02/03/16 03:10pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Moles in the lawn!

We lived then and now next an in the woods. Moles everywhere. A trap etc might get one or two but there are plenty to take their place. The Fungacides before a rain and grub poisons do two or three task at once. I don't have good hearing now, but if it is quiet, and you have them you may hear them squeaking as they rung about on top of the ground after the fungacide has affected them. I don't know whether they all left or died bu caught two, I think. Daughter took one to school for show and tell for a week. Let it go in the woods away from us. Don't let the bugger bite you. I can't remember specifics, right now but some of them pack a poison punch, I think I remember but don't wuote me. Might just make your finger sore but. The one she took to school, had big enough mouth to get a finger tip. Fed it crickets and earthworms. Another thing, We had a lot of what I think are called rough brown snakes. tthey live in the turf and under it and next to buildings etc. They are maximum of maybe or 8 inches long, maybe longer, bullet shaped heads and beady black eyes. They won't hurt a thing. They eat grubs and bugs and worms. If you have the the fungacides and grub poisons may kill them, in turn. I caught quite a few of them. They might grab a bit of the tip of your pinkie but they never bit me or the kids. We had a few here, I hope they stay. They may get some of the little black scorpions, I hope.
down home 02/03/16 02:52pm Around the Campfire
RE: Idling an engine

I saw a few minutes of a car show the other day, Wheeler Dealer, I think. They had a gas engine, of course, RX7 with twin turbos. It has, a thermostatic controlled, switch, on the console, that kept the engine running, after cutting, off the ignition, until the thermostat, from the pyrometer said the turbos had cooled down enough. I don't know who sells them but is an excellent idea for all those Mercedes, and everything else now with turbo engines.
down home 01/30/16 03:16pm Tech Issues
RE: Idling an engine

On gas engines with turbos, I will let it idle five minutes too. Don't care what pc says. I burned up the bearings, by using semi synthetic oil and shutting off engine on a really cranked up turbo engine years ago. Are you saying you would idle a F150 eco for 5 minutes before shutting down? Perhaps the better idea would be an oil temp gauge right after the turbo and a pryometer. Otherwise it is just guessing as to time and a safe idea to idle it a minute or so. I haven't hear or read anything about failuers of the turbos on the F150 other than initially they had a design life of 150,000 miles.
down home 01/30/16 10:37am Tech Issues
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