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RE: People who Abuse Handicap Parking

I'm not going to visit my ailments on you. I use the Handicap spot more now than a few years ago. Sometimes I feel guilty when there is someone apparently worse off drive up while I'm there. I have moved my car a tie or two. I've seen many healthy Folks use the Disabled Parking lanes for just convenience. One day at Sams Club I go indignated and called the cops. One showed up and drove behind the vehicles and then just drove on. Maybe he got a call, I dunno. Go and tell the Service Desk, they will not call. afraid they might lose that Customer. The Handicap Parking signs are losing their effect as they are no enforced around here. In our Rural Area they say they have to few Officers and a lot of area to cover.
down home 04/24/17 05:30pm Around the Campfire
RE: Registration......Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!

You know... if you set your cruise control for the speed limit you don't have to use a radar detector to get out of paying a fine for speeding. :) Yeah but last time I was in Canadia, speed limit was 100. I set the cruise for 100 and got pulled over for doing 60 over??? D@mn Canadians fleecing the tourists.....lol Btw don't tell customs your booze is for a friend......it can only be for personal consumption apparently. Some border Barnie enjoyed my 5th of Pendleton that night.... :):) Went to Canada never used the Metric system. 100 in mph even is sure slow when it take five minutes to pass a big big barn and two thousand acre field.
down home 04/24/17 03:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: Drivers unaware you are pulling a Toad

I have heard of this and experienced this among other things. Now I'll be worrying about our next trip. Anyone come up with ideas to alert the phone users we are present and a toad behind us? Maybe a siren? :)
down home 04/20/17 05:48pm Dinghy Towing
Good Morning

Late but still morning for a few minutes. Great blue bird sky. Everything is a deep green and a foot high and too wet to mow. Thinking, now, where to attach pontoons or at least two sets of wheels and tires. Deer feeding near front door yesterday at noon. Still in winter coat. Gave a little look and a high kick trot, that would put a Tennessee Walker to shame. to the rod. Stopped canted her ears every which way looked right and left and. She has been around a while or the little fawn that was curious last year, is showing her intelligence. Eleven turkeys so far. One big jake. Trying to figure out how to bring water up to the level so they can drinking without going into the woods to where the spring comes out. Figure we will be in Shawnee in June. Trying to find something to do out there.
down home 04/20/17 10:27am Around the Campfire
RE: Boxelder bugs!

Box Elder Bugs are referred to as good bugs. They want bother us but might cover us. They live on Female Box Elders and some times Maples, which the Box Elder is part of the family. Mom had several huge Box Elders and the things covered the side of the house and garage. I sprayed them every insecticide I could buy and then straight alcohol, on the trees and gasoline. I might have killed a few but I couldn't tell it. Only solution is to get rid of Box Elders with forked trunks, the females.
down home 04/19/17 06:58pm General RVing Issues
RE: Boycott Walmart in Seguin TX

I'm not going to attempt to colorize the Gentleman's plight. As an RVer we have seen way too much o what was created by Global Economics or Trickle Down economic. Early forced Retirements,fired laid off, no prospects too old, despite prohibitions on age as a consideration for employment. Too many stories to lump them together. Wal Mart says you need to move. Move to somewhere else. I'm not sure where you might fit your skills and willingness to work. Perhaps at an RV Park. No pay but be a host for rent electricity and so on. Looking for Employment is a job just like going to a job every day for. On the Internet and newspapers every days setting appointments for next day or later for interviews. The best method is to make you resume and go to companies where you want to work, not ones that are advertising. Everyone wants you to apply on line. However I would see how it works shoing up at HR looking for a job. May not be the best today, I don't know about this today's impersonal world They tell you not to call to check on your application. I'm not sold on that even though I'm told I'm wrong. If someone wants the position enough to be persistent I may give him first look. Attitude and Presentation and Personal Appearance with intelligence and abilities to do the job works. Turn job hunting into a job of regular routine, in the am looking for positions and making on line applications. Try to set up interviews as many as you can, for the next day and beyond. Quit at evening and take the load off by doing things you enjoy such as fishing. Anyone ask what your job is say looking for a position. Wash rinse repeat every day. Keep your attitude an d outlook up.
down home 04/14/17 12:07pm General RVing Issues
RE: Too many batteries?

Th old tech Lithium Ions from 2012 I battery replaced four 6v Ttrojans. The new tech safer Litium Ion, I don't know, but should take just four to replace 16. Cost was 4,000 then for one roughly $16,000.00 or so. 16 6v Trojans at 160.00 or less,$2,500.00 region. 6V Trojans seem a bargain, if my math is right. Starting battery in ours is 12v and as big as the four 6vs. Don't know what that might cost nor weight.
down home 04/13/17 06:40pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: New tires on a class a motor home

Our Michelins required no weight on one front tire and a quarter ounce on the other, or some small amount. That is unusual, I think for such large tires. Used a road force balancer too. Had the new rears balanced too and all is good. First tires on front were out of balance and you could tell it. In the rear, some say don't balance it don't matter but any amount of shaking is not good with the cupboard full of dishes and groceries or anything else. That big old engine mutes vibes some but my own peace of mind they were balanced.
down home 04/12/17 11:22pm Tech Issues
RE: Unknown stone pit.

Could be a sump for a pump to expel water from the basement when flooded.
down home 04/12/17 09:03pm Around the Campfire
RE: Are the Doctors In

Did I mentions she was purdy woman? It was unusual to say the least.
down home 04/12/17 09:01pm Around the Campfire
RE: Motorhome Washing with Deionizer or Water Softner

The no spot car washes do work. If you have bad bad water like Decatur Indiana, the only solution is a water softener. Wash with their water and it will look like heavy salt deposits around crew heads crevices and on windows etc. Around here we have lime in the water but not bad. I wash early of the morning, fast, and into the garage to towel dry. Not able to do the Mh. They wash it inside though. I am going to put a whole house filter on the faucet where the hose connects though. We now have city water, the worse. If I find the where with all I'll put in a pump. Or grvity system since there are springs everywhere.
down home 04/12/17 12:32pm Class A Motorhomes
Are the Doctors In

Had a dream last night. Went to my old Offices for some reason. The Receptionist was Maryland Monroe's better looking Sister. She was sitting on a narrow shelf in water circling the buiding feet dangling. She was writing as I spoke.l Batman was in the water looking up and cutting the shelf off with a handsaw. He was giggling and laughing as he looked up form time to time. then here was this Mollie or Ocean Sun fish swimming toward us. along with others. Then a bunch, of people, were scared and trying to get out of the water. Apparently Batman had cut through the slab and the Secretary was drifting down as she continued to write. Somehow I retrieved her and we were porposing across the sand in the MH as we were being chased by Batman. We must have got away. Next scene I was ordering a new Glucose meter. I pulled out a bunch of numbers instead of one, and people were taking one at a time of the strip. Finally to the desk she had to have my old one to give me a new one. My watch was wrong. Looked at the clock and I didn't have enough time to get home and back before closing. Ran to the car and my Glucose meter had plugged itself into a post holding up an overhead. I told him to come on we were late. He was fusing with me he hadn't fully recharged I said you have enough for today He yanked thee cable free and it retracted as he continued yammering. Into the car, a hot red Ferrari, I think, and we were off. I woke up laughing. My glucose level was 176 a bit high. Splain it to me Lucy. :) :)
down home 04/12/17 11:10am Around the Campfire
RE: 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

I looked at the Challenger. They now have three coats of paint one color two clear and no orange peel. Mercedes has four coats. It has the same electric adjustable steering column as the Mercedes and sensor. wipers. The exhaust is brash unlike the AMG. The rear axles is still solid and with that much power needs to be independent except at the drag strip. I almost bought it but I'm too mature possibly as in old. If I had about twenty five thousand to splurge I would turn the AMG over to Weistec for essentially the same spec in power train except the AMG 6.2 engine is four valve and way underrated already. This Challenger is about 1.5 seconds and 12 miles faster in the quarter but it doesn't have the radio and carpet etc to want to ride down the road. The one I looked at was the regular Hellcat. With Leather and a few other things it would have been about 77,000.00. The salesman was prepared to cut the price substantially. Sales manger saw the Mercedes and backed off saying he would cut 500.00 off the price. yeh right.
down home 04/12/17 10:56am Around the Campfire
RE: California adds 12 cent gas tax and 20 cent diesel tax

I was too young to understand many things but understood when the temporary sales tax came along. The only taxes I remember in the early fifties was small income tax, which most never had to pay, and about three dollars a year on however many acres Grand Mother had. Of course someone said they had a fishing license of .50 a year nd hunting and fishing was 3.00 a year. Now if you hunt deer and fish for trout it is over a hundred forty dollars a year. Have to have boating safety certificate for however much, including canoe sand logs, hunter safety certificate and so on. If you forget to pay a tax you could lose your property,drivers license, rifle etc, fishing gear, car, freedom and so on. Several have run the figures and illustrated that over half our income goes to taxes let aloen fees and fines and such. And don't pay any and lose your stuff. We do work for Governments. How do we change it since the once benefiting have perpetuated their positions in Governments and Organizations who spend a lot to keep their income from taxation coming?
down home 04/11/17 05:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: Toad

I don't think I posted here before. I may change my mind but we have a 2013 Edge and had a 2010 and a Saturn Ion before that. Like the Saturn a lot. maintained for pennies. I stared to buy a HumVee but wife liked the Edge. I may still buy a HumVee for the fact that it has a rack and a canoe or something can go on top. Practicality we will probably a F150 because the cabin is roomy, it will tow a boat etc easily,and with a cover handle a lot of antiques maybe. Not interested in saving a few pennies in fuel in exchange for practicality. Unless I can find another Ion in top shape, which will still leave a large hole in what is needed or desired.
down home 04/10/17 02:43pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Not a good day Saturday

We had Goodyear Wrangler LT tires on our Fifth Wheel. Within a year they all failed. Used Armor All, a no no. Could see tons of checks in them. On our F150 Lt tires but Michelin,we have new ones since Jan. The last st had over 00,000 miles and four or five years and no problems. Tires not degraded at all. I perceive that from statements by tire people and here and my own observations that most towables tires from the factory are on the edge of load range and such. They incur more heat and stress then they should and along with uv they break down easier. ST tires are all designated for lower speeds I understand but don't know. They cost more but have more uv protection.Lower speeds liek 40mph is impractical. One up on size and load range and heavier duty aluminum wheels might solve most of the tire problems with towables.
down home 04/10/17 01:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: California adds 12 cent gas tax and 20 cent diesel tax

Lot of money for a few Riders. The idea of cross country trains sound goo but how are you going to get the demand to match the capacity? However if it will pay for itself then do it. Forcing the whole of Citizenry to pay for the benefit of the few will not work with those numbers. A whole lot of Californians will be leaving along with more businesses. They will be stuck supporting one quarter of Mexico's population and expecting us and the few remaining to pay for it. Washington and us refuse to pay for Gov Moonbeam's Dope Smoking Marxist Utopia. he looks and acts exactly like Venezuela's Dictator.
down home 04/09/17 08:11pm General RVing Issues
RE: Rest Areas Closing in Many States

This started under Alexander I beleive. The associations of motels etc felt that Travelers stopping for a few hours or overnight were taking away business from them, So close them and don't worry about policing and so forth. I wish I had had an interest in recording these things over the years. People use to travel and overnight or catch a few hours in the car and even packed lunches etc. We had roadside tables on state highways. I think all of them are gone now. however of 840 parkway nearer I40 I think there is a nice picnic area, maybe a couple. If the Governor didn't close them down.
down home 04/07/17 11:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: California adds 12 cent gas tax and 20 cent diesel tax

California is not Europe. Most people cannot avail themselves of the single line they have now. Many dive fifty even one hundred miles each day to and from work. There is not enough room or available housing on top of where they work. And unlike Europe they don't get six weeks or ore vacation which take a load off transit. Talk of mass transit is essentially nosnes for most people. Some will get to use but everyone pays for it. The essntial problem is they are trying to engineer a vehicle less society, and in socialist system where those that work, who will and are outnumbered by those that aren't working in California get the same level of income. Those engineering and managing this scheme live above it and crack the whip. Moonbeam Brown's utopia or socialist paradise where everyone smokes dope, wears hair shirts, and lives in huts, and rides bikes and spend their hours at corner coffee houses being enlightened, by readings of Marks etc is the height of delusion and foolishness. They think they can mange our lives for our benefit better than we can. What they mean is they can run the train around the track and build the railroad to suit them and we are forced to pay and abide.
down home 04/07/17 11:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: Bird nest in heater

I've heard of it and may have had it happen. When we first bought ours the smoke alarm went off when the gas came on. Found plastic and wood and also straw in the front furnace. You may have to sit til the eggs hatch. :) A strong we dry vac should be able to suck out the nest later. Be sure to not let any straw etc stay in ther.
down home 04/07/17 05:38pm General RVing Issues
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