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RE: pedestal receptacle

Like someone else mentioned use an electrical contact cleaner. We carry a can in a bay and use it quite a bit on grody connections at campgrounds. Sometimes someone has unplugged without tripping the breakers. I always check to see, that they are off. 90% of the time our generator is running,in ssummer, when we back into the site. I make sure the breakers are off, plug in cut on breakers and after 90 seconds or so the surge protector lets power, to the coach and circuits automatically switch. Sometimes we see a hot pedestal,m as in heat. I will try cleaning the receptacle again. That don't work call the Host. If I had the time and wnated to I would pull it apart but not hot. I don't think they would want me working on it. We've had one 50 amp cord melt at the end, with our Fifth Wheel. Our most frequent destination, in Michigan, I've noticed they have Inspectors come around checking the electrical pedestals etc. They are not Campground's Folks. Must be County or Electrical Supplier. I imagine one of the Prevost etc with five airs running might cause a definate breaker problem and pop some around the campground, especially with two cords and 100 amp service, plugging into a pedestal, that the breaker is on, and everything in the coach running.
down home 12/17/14 11:07pm Tech Issues
RE: Grumpy's Garage

I remember when I was stationed at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island an "old salt" petty officer was being smart-alecky, and told a newby to go get 5 gallons of Prop Wash. The young airman left on his assigned mission, and was gone for three days. when he came back, he had 5 gallons of Prop Wash. It turned out he was prior service; Air Force; worked in the Prop Shop! He knew the Air Force had a special solvent for Hamilton Standard Hydramatic Full feathering reversible propellers that was know as PROP WASH. So, he went and got some. Since he was following a legal order from a petty officer, there was nothing that could be done to him for being gone for three days! Be careful about your jokes. They just might be reality! Back then, I was an ADR, Navy helicopter school graduate, working on Sikorski HRS-3 (S-55) helicopters. Yes, they had a Jesus nut, and yes, I did use a tracking flag to track the main rotor blades. Supply Sgts don't have much of a sense of humor do they?
down home 12/17/14 10:49pm Around the Campfire
RE: Building Permit Cost per State and City for New Home

My current home is on 5 acres on the outskirts of the Salt Lake Valley and I pay about $3,300 in annual taxes. I can't imagine paying $10,000 in taxes, wow. That was only a figure. Near here though, a small town increased their property taxes. If you pay 3,000 county taxes you pay another 3,000 to city. On a 300,000 home that's a lot to me. We live in one of the lowest property tax states and until recently lowest property tax, here in the state. County raised it 30% citing that. A Developer played a part. From what I read and hear, in California etc 10,000 is probably low.
down home 12/17/14 12:45am Around the Campfire
RE: Reseal Roof myself?

Yeah do it yourself and save some money. Be sure to study up on how to remove the old the right way and clean it and seal everything including marker lights or replace. At the factory they had 5 people, with monkey straps to keep from falling The one thing is don't get absent minded. Three aquaintences fell, off their roofs over a few years. One broke his hip and several ribs.
down home 12/16/14 11:53pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Christmas gifts

down home 12/16/14 11:47pm Workamping Forum
RE: Anti-fragility ...

down home 12/16/14 11:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: Building Permit Cost per State and City for New Home

Not near major cities, that I know but some areas do not have building codes, yet. good if you build your home but you need a good inspection if buying. I helped writ our building codes right before we adopted, Southern Standard Building codes and then here come International Building Code, which allows "Builders" to construct crap. Locate where you want to live ideally, which is, on the edge of small town and rural area. However you may like living in the big urban setting. The difference in taxes of 10,000.00 a year on a 350,000 home or 2,000.00 a year or less in some areas buys a lot of gas.
down home 12/16/14 11:20pm Around the Campfire
RE: Corn fritters

I love good corn fritters. Good with bean and greens and so many other dishes. Gotta use lard and butter and maybe some pepper flakes. Other side flapjacks hot with butter and syrup, or sorgum, for breakfast. Make the batter with lots of bacon drippings, in corn stick pans. Add some pepper flakes if you want. Very few left after dinner but what are are preferred over potato chips. great snack anytime. Gotta be a little salty with crunchy crust.
down home 12/16/14 12:02am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Why don't you read?

Too old/not enough time. Since not working I've gotten lazy. Don't get up until ten. Read only the essentials or none at all and have forgotten how to spell, it's been so long. So there. :) Not really I usually read half, of a post anyway.
down home 12/15/14 10:41pm General RVing Issues

down home 12/15/14 10:22pm Around the Campfire
RE: credit card limit

down home 12/15/14 05:47pm General RVing Issues
RE: Less fuel stops

Our former Neighbor built his own tank. 100gal I think, could have been more. He was a welder for forty years. Aluminum plate and plenty of baffles and a pump and regulator. It's in an F350 long bed. I'm going to try to quote but he went to the Rockies and through the Rockies over a summer and home and never filled up and had some fuel left. He may have ordered larger tanks underneath too. I don't remember. I saw diesel for 2.36 a gallon somewhere, Missouri, Oklahoma etc area.Two hundred gallons at somewhere around 1.70 savings a gallon, from last year. That would 340.00 savings. About to redo the bed of the F150 and install a two chamber tank. One side gas one side diesel. Pain to drive tractor to town to fill it up. and if we were to take the Ford on a long trip, flip a switch to feed from, that pump, in that tank. 129 gallons of gas at 16mpg will take us north and back again and never fill. the tank in the land of high taxes. One station about a mile from her is selling unleaded for 2.04, this evening. Pure gas is way higher though. Some places are selling gas in the 1.86range. I think saw one location 1.67. If I can afford the tanks, I would bury a couple of 500 gallon tanks.One for pure gas and one for reed dye diesel. Shouldn't be that much unless Uncle Barry doesn't want us too and I have to pay high priced licensed installer and test wells. That would be so neat, so cool, to not have to go to service stations and since I could choose to fill when fuel is the cheapest , I could save bunch of money. It takes ten gallons of gas to mow the yard every week and then some sometimes.
down home 12/14/14 11:55pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Why you shouldn't try to outrun a bear

Nope meant 375H&H ...I'd rather have a pistol than a pebble but for all but the most expert of the experts handguns are a joke for bear protection hey hey hey. I can hit a barn door. Won't sling the gun, at a bear though. :)
down home 12/14/14 09:20pm Around the Campfire
RE: How best to fix leaky Galvanized pipes in my stick house

If I had my druthers, whathever druthers are, and money I would use 1 inch stainless similar to what the Swedes use in the million dollar 1500 sq ft homes. We have all copper but the line in is plastic. I haven't gotten around tuit yet. Bu i am putting a larger whole house filter, than we had at our old home. I'm going to wrap the pipes too. It take forever for hot water to make it to the kitchen or far bathroom. The noting about corrosion, of copper serves to push me to do it sooner. Thanks. Our city water will leave pink or reddish residue but not green or blue around the drains. A million gallon tank wit not too far away but I only have 50lbs pressure so I got to clear that up too with a bigger regulator and getting rid of something reducing the flow. I want about 80 lbs pressure. If I was younger, I'd replace the copper, a little at a times, as I could afford it with inch stainless, if I could find it.
down home 12/14/14 09:17pm Around the Campfire
RE: Air bags and tire ware

I'm going to go with severely or not so severely, out of balanced tires. Both of my Ford Dualies came without balancing on the inner rims. I can't remember if the outside rims were balanced or not. After getting new tires, after hitting a big bolt, and finding them cupped, I had them all balanced. big improvement in ride. The rears still wear pretty fast. Air bags? My Neighbor built a custom cross member and had air bags in addition on his F350 Dualie. His Fifth wheel was really heavy though. Shocks on rear do take a beating with 14,000 lbs and more on the rear. An air ride hitch helps a lot and keeps things on the shelves in the fifth wheel too.
down home 12/13/14 04:01pm Tech Issues
RE: More lack of control in Chinese goods

What trade with China has gotten us is fewer jobs, fewer jobs with benefits, fewer good jobs,less quality in what is offered for sale, higher cost as most must be replaced as warranties are worthless and product does not meet advertising or expectation. Big boxes now only carry things they force to be produced at the maximum profit margin. Therefore there is very little variety and few to none quality products offered. Shelves are full but all of one or two items. Nothing we want just what we can get. Doesn't matter a hoot what Buick and Ford makes in China. It does not benefit Americans or the value of our dollar. I was involved in buying trips early on, in the seventies of items offered from china, Taiwan and so on but not poor copies of American quality goods. Laws protecting American manufacturing, jobs and our interest were struck down When foreign money and Influence now called Globalists came after our wealth. Americans are not allowed to protect American jobs/production. American companies and corporations are a thing of the past. Globalist bought them stripped out the equity and drove them into the ground sold the scraps and got junk made in China and their trademark labels slapped on it. You can buy Black and Decker or a hundred other tools and they are all the same except for color or some small items and label and price. What is happening to Sears is exactly the point and K Mart nad a thousand others. No amount of talking to that jerk that owns it will get him to manage it for sustainability, jobs and profits. he made his percentage and is running it into the ground.
down home 12/13/14 11:59am General RVing Issues
RE: Most over rated attractions

I hate big cities, just more of what we want to get away from. I like finding small towns that are stiff functioning. Unfortunately they mostly have been found and turned into tourist traps, like Fredricksberg, Tx . Still like going there but the things we hope to find are reproductions from China and all hat and no cattle.
down home 12/13/14 11:45am Around the Campfire
RE: How best to fix leaky Galvanized pipes in my stick house

Easiest, in the long run is to rip it out underneath and replace with copper. I know plastic is the in thing and cheap but water sitting in plastic just does not taste good. imo.
down home 12/12/14 10:16pm Around the Campfire
RE: I hate to fly

Too much like abuse to fly. Lat time I flew was early 2001 to Chicago. One small bag. The overhead was jammed. Finally found a small space across the aisle overhead. Even then had to take off shoes, belt and open bag. Seats so tight I had to ask the Fellow, in front of me to upright his chair back some. It was right at my chin. I couldn't move my feet. The young lady sitting next to me was in in misery too. No place for elbows so I folded them and scrunched shoulders. Asked for a drink of water and the "Stewardess" said something about kicking me off the plane. I kid you not. I can't imagine how it is now, in smaller spaces and more intrusive TSA.Prior to that flew several times. Seats were spacious and was served meals on longer flights. Stewardess were courteous and not crazy.
down home 12/12/14 10:14pm Around the Campfire
RE: Replacing 4 6 volt batteries

Trojans will cost you more than 80.00 usually. Check the dates on their mfg. We paid about 160.00 each two years ago, which is way too much. they knew we needed them and they were the only game in town and charged CAT in Tuccson 20.00 more each for them. Don't put back less capacity. The AGMs is what many put in new coaches but cost is high. A new company with lower prices sounds good. Be sure your charger/inverter can handle or reset to the proper charging cycle for an AGM.
down home 12/10/14 04:04pm Class A Motorhomes
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