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RE: Happy 4th

Didn't buy any fireworks so I guess I'll get the big boomers out tomorrow. Not terrible big but the .45s and .44s and Wby and the600 in .308 is plenty loud and a substantial fire show.
down home 07/04/15 12:15am Around the Campfire
RE: Scary New Credit Card

None of my cards are chipped including my Mil card. They sent me one but i opted out. More and more I think about it money is the right answer for us. Instead of getting a wallet full of 20s I may have to get a different wallet for just cash and fill with hundreds and fifties. It causes me some concern with all the Civil Forfeitures we read about and it would not go well with me. I would not go along with that program at all. My wife would be looking for one of you for a new husband or a banker.
down home 07/04/15 12:12am Around the Campfire
RE: Do you carry extra fuel

Lots of Fifth Wheeler have tanks in their pick up beds. I remember in 79 nearly running out of fuel from Russel Arkansas into Missouri. It was 200+ miles to next fuel by signs. Most rural stations, that fr out, then, didn't stay open late either. Haven't run out in the Mh but with roughly 600 mile range not likely. Still we fill it up when the gauge is near half and there are stations around. It's long way between places, in Big Ben and rural Texas and up through Colorado, Utah and so on.
down home 06/30/15 06:06pm General RVing Issues
RE: Leaking Duracells

The new red colored Duracells have ruined a flashlight and a Zenith Transoceanic Radio I bought a Px in Nam. Not a cheap radio now days. Kinda upset about it but nothing I can do. I nearly forgot a wall thermostat too. They must have been importing cheapies from China, with their label. The copper tops are doing fine.
down home 06/30/15 05:58pm Tech Issues
RE: All time record high June temps in the Northwest !

Hear you all up thar and over yonder complaining. Here we've had some few days in mid nineties. Last several have been low eighties and high seventies with some nights in mid 60s. Some small summer rain showers but thunderstorm watches. We can take this weather all the time. Sat on the porch last two nights listening to the Whiporwills, bugs and tree frogs singing. Light intermittent cool breezes. Almost got up to get a long shirt. Can't take too much of it before drifting off to sleep.
down home 06/30/15 05:52pm Around the Campfire
RE: Desert heat

I have wondered if anyone, parked long term has constructed a light frame that covers most of the roof area and about 6 or 8 inches from the air conditioners skylights etc. Not sure schedule 80 3/4 pvc would not warp from heat but several little standoffs along the length might work. Some aluminum sheet secured with ties, after sizing to frame would reflect a lot of heat through the roof, much like a mini poll building. Secure it with bungees or something. Then again with winds maybe not such a good ideas unless a lot of refinement. perhaps someone has ideas that are more practical for transport apperrcne etc. thing that would make the most sense is ordering RVs with cold weather package, meaning a lot more insulation. If it can keep out the cold it can keep out the heat. I noticed in Big Bend area some RVs parked for a long time went with a semi pole barn roof with porch area covered too. Brain dead now for better description. It could be tastefully done. A thousand dollars for the summer or less?
down home 06/28/15 09:29pm General RVing Issues
RE: Flashlight for camping needed

Wal Mart I understand now has the Coast 550 in some of its stores. It's 1000 lumens. It has a cartridge that hold 9!! batteries operating at 13.5 volts. using a 3 watt Cree bulb, I bleive It has hard aluminum and adjustable from spread to concentrated beam. It is very bright. Brighter than my 3 and 4 cell Mag lights. Not sure how much battery life is right now but I change them when it seems to be a little dull.
down home 06/28/15 09:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: Why do we need such a big windshield???

Drive Hummer if you like small windshields. Nothing wrong, with the big windshield but it does need some metal film, in the middle to reflect heat and light. Mercedes has someone they work with to put a ceramic film, if I understood correctly, that won't scratch, inside cars. Might be a good shop that can do our windshields.
down home 06/24/15 09:45pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Head Light Upgrades ?

We have the Freightliner lights and they aren't worth a Tinkers dam. neither are the big driving lights. They amount to no more than fire flies. We've had to stop and open the door and use a flashlight to read signs. Can't see thirty feet, out front, on hi beams with the driving lights. Oncoming traffic doesn't seem to even notice high beams but they notice the fire fly driving lights and flash but not because the light blinds them. Perhaps there is a kit available to replace the NHTSA reflector no lights and wires? I'm too old and so on to get under there and try to rewire. It's ah cek of a reach from the ground up to the lights
down home 06/24/15 09:41pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Leaving kids unattended in RV all day?

I would not report them unless there was danger evident. Sounds like the Mother is doing what she can to provide a living. Sometimes some Parents don't make good decisions. Sometimes Parents make decisions necessary, for the family to just survive. If it was a Neighbor we would see if we could help with the children. Bringing in Child Protective services does not always secure a good outcome and many families have been broken up. Sometimes it was the best for the family. I'm not about to call the shots from here. There are so many out there that need help. It is good if we can help some of them. yesterday we saw a man in distress. Don't know what it was but he was just sitting there taking in the scenery. He had driven quite a ways. He was tearing. He was escaping some situation. I had determined to talk with him but he went to his car and left quickly as we pulled in. I bet the mgt, of the campground, knows something of the situation. Be careful, in any steps, you might take, in consideration, of the children. Make sure they are safe.
down home 06/24/15 09:31pm General RVing Issues

There are some photos of the aurora, from the strong storms on the sun, as far south as Virginia, red in color. A fourth ejection is supposed to hit tonight. How far south has anyone seen them. We've been to the Up and Canada several times but there always seemed to be thunderstorms of just clouds. Never have seen them.
down home 06/24/15 09:20pm Around the Campfire
RE: Anyone have a wife who overpacks motorhome?

Yep! I bet with just a bit of a nudge she would take the kitchen sink. We intend to head early but it will be late afternoon before we get everything loaded and toad hitched up. Shes very detailed oriented and every thing will be done in order and no fork left in the sink before we are out the door.
down home 06/23/15 11:21pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Amazing things some folks do

Grey water on grass etc is just fine except if it is loaded with grease and rotten food from the sink. Our gray water smells like body wash, shampoo and, clothes washing detergent. Be the freshest site around. We have the flush system on ours. After black rinse the gray tank really washes it clean. Our sewer hoses don't stink. :)
down home 06/22/15 08:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: Prescription drugs on the road.

I notice one reply about lesser effective drugs for chronic or long term pain problems. Say what? I don't like taking them. At times I feel great for a few minutes. hydrocordone is nothing more than Tyenol in strength as far as I'm concerned. When in the hospital I receive oxycotin and oxycodone. The oxycotin knocked extreme pain down over a long time. They won't or don't want to prescribe it because why? DEA thinks patients abuse it? sell it? Then there are others that think you an only knock the edge off pain so to speak. You can endure it.
down home 06/22/15 07:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Desert heat

Thirty two ft and 15,000 btu means it will be quite warm inside. If yours has 50 amp it may be wired for a second air conditioner already and have place under the roof liner already to install one with usual things. If not, if convenient for you have one installed anyway. Run it with a second 30 amp cord or fifty amp cord and do the conversion later. Our Holiday Rambler came with one but was set up for two and it was 50 amp. Our MH runs two big ACs on thirty amp, when we have to but use the microwave too and it sheds one ac. Good shop will fix it right up and maybe not too expensively.
down home 06/22/15 03:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: Securing tow bar on motor home

A locking pin like others say. We bought one at CW but auto stores and others some times have them. It goes through the receiver and hitch and has a keyed lock on the end. Our has been on there 9 years. I may have to drill it to get it off. Would take someone a while. difficult place and angle for someone to try to pick it or use tools on it.
down home 06/22/15 03:33pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Bleach for Stinky Water

Once you have the tank and lines and faucets cleaned don't admit any contaminated water back into the system. Just because you don't drink it bad water can drastically affect your health. Staph and a lot of other nasties can infect cuts and ears and even uninjured skin. Put a good whole house filter on the incoming line. Use fresh water chlorine like sold at CW and Wal Mart, that won't taste like laundry bleach, in the tank. Change the water, if not used every so often. City water is not clean in most cases. It is filtered etc and filled with a whole lot,of chlorine, to hopefully kill the nasties. It is tested to keep it at accepted levels, or so we hear but some city water, taste like.... and even discolored and they add floride and such too it. Filter it and put back drinking water chlorine.
down home 06/21/15 08:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: Who treats their diesel fuel?

We had a CAT Fact Rep tell us to run lubricity additive and biocide. This was when the EPA making us change to ULSD. The EPA official line is it won't affect engines nor will Bio Diesel. Both have been shown to be official lies. Cat and others were ordered to not buck EPA policy to public. When they stripped almost all sulfur out of diesel it took out the lubricity provided by sulfur. The sulfur is also a strong biocide. I put biocide in our tank when going into storage. I put no more than gallons of biodiesel in the tank for lubricity capabilites of biodiesel. Bio diesel doesn't like the polymers and rubber, in lift pump seals, and hoses etc of older and even newer diesel engines. Newer engines cope with it better because of changes in materials to cope with it. I carry Cat lubricity agent, a bit over thirty dollars for a bottle, with us. I have forgotten how many gallons it treats, without looking. EPA doesn't care about our pocketbooks nor is it familiar with the truth. The political agenda is their only morality.
down home 06/21/15 08:43pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Using ethanol free gas.

Ethanol is pure crony capitalism. Payback to Big Ag contributors. It is a net increase in use of resources and has caused billions of dollars in equipment damages There are lots that repeat the pr campaigning points, of the media attesting to its benefits, when science and honest reporting shows it is costing society and our pocket books big time, in all areas including most prominently food costs and avilability. Lots more corn and soybeans and a lot less in food crops and variety.
down home 06/21/15 08:20pm General RVing Issues
RE: Prescription drugs on the road.

They messed with Vets and Drs too. Someone got the idea that to show they were doing something about illegal drugs they would go after Vets and others and Drs, that were doing absolutely nothign wrong. It hasn't affected illegal drugs from Mexico or anything. It was just to say we are doing something to justify their budgets. Very few instances of Drs running pill mills or ill patients abusing drugs or selling them. Last thin anyone wants is to have to take necessary medications for pain. I endure a lot of pain so as to not suffer side effects of the stuff. But now they have made Patients worry about this issue and being able to get necessary refills. Getting a refill may involve hundreds, of dollars in extra travel and take time away from patients needing to see a Doctor now. Drs and health care is becoming rationed in effect as Drs are driven out of practice by the hassle and lower incomes and Patients suffer needlessly and endure greater levels of stress, affecting health, dealing with it too.
down home 06/21/15 08:14pm General RVing Issues
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