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RE: Mercedes ditching diesels in North America

EPA is the reason. Our regs are tougher than Europe's. A long time ago EPA appointed and elected officials declared a goal of eliminating diesels from the road. B20 has less energy but higher lubricity. It attracts water more easily and microbes love it, pus in cold weather (it wants to separate, with any hint off water and goes down hill from there.) I will have to check to reafirm this point.) We wouldn't have it despite the EPA's war on Fossil fuels,and Bio Diesel as well as Ethanol Corporate Farms and their lobbies spending billions to get it mandated in fuel and subsidize their production too. Legislating Profits is what they have done. Our taxes and higher prices, and problems with fuel and expensive engines be damned. Welfare for Alternative Fuel Billionares, and hugely increased cost for Engiens and fuel systems and maintenance or Americans.
down home 12/14/17 11:38am Tech Issues
RE: Are All Undercoats Created Equal?

Lizard skin came into my knowledge when I watched or read an account of building Mustangs with 427 engines and larger, Eleanor, very high dollar cars. Metal they use today is more resistant tor rust but..... Traditional asphalt undercoating, as noted by others, does let moisture get through and comes apart and falls off from it, and grit and rocks and so on.
down home 12/13/17 08:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: Bears

I think I've only seen two wild bears near Townsend Tn. However, son saw one three or our years ago near RxR tracks. Others have seen one or two over the years. A 150 to 175 lb Cougar, according to TWRA, with a cub was sighted now over ten years ago up the hill above our home. Kids played near the spring and in the field. Lots of deer and some turkey or food for them. When I hear of reports of either one in the area I carry a .44 Revolver while mowing. The Bambi syndrome is responsible or a lot of People getting killed by wildlife. Two coyotes denning near the house, came or my Son In Law and two pups he was walking. He called and Mama and Dad A Chocolate Lab and a Australian Shepard came running. They chased the coyotes a bit before he called them back. One game trail goes right behind the house, muddy and deep in parts. The coyotes chased the cat up it and he ran into the house. Wild animals look cute and cuddly but they live by not letting a chance for food escape. Bears Cats and Wolves and Coyotes are predators and you may get away with approaching them a time or two then you may become dinner. Pepper spray and little bells have no reality in a serious world.
down home 12/13/17 07:57pm General RVing Issues
RE: Are All Undercoats Created Equal?

Check with the better paint and auto supply shops. On they were using some time ago was called Lizard skin. It not only protected the metal it deadened sound a bit. I think it was urethane. On dry metal once on water can't get to it. The old tar like undercoatings invariably came off the very area attacked the worse by slat, grit and slush. Of course anywhere near an ocean metal rust very very quickly. I would think the truck bed coatings would be outstanding. Prep of the surface is vital. One reason to do any coating right o the showroom floor or before any moisture or dirt gets to it.
down home 12/11/17 08:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: Diesel Fuel Additive During Winter Storage

I use the CAT brand biocide additive when I can get it. I use another brand, that I don't remember the name of from a local diesel shop. They are both about 32-39.00 bottle of 32 oz. One oz per ten gallons, I think but don't quote me. It is a terrific idea, today, when there is no sulfur, to amount to anything in diesel. If you use BioDiesel it is absolutely a necessity. Basically cooking oil the microbes really like it with a bit of moisture or not. Power Service etc I cannot see anything in the ingredients about any real biocide in it. I look anytime we stop for a bit for what they have on the shelves of Loves, or Fyin J etc. Nothing worth my money. EPA doesn't want us using it.
down home 12/11/17 08:03pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Who Stores Their Rig Indoors Over the Winter?

We do. Too much invested to let it weather. Been storing indoors for many years now.
down home 12/10/17 02:45pm General RVing Issues
RE: Water heater plug

I favor replacing the plug instead of reuse. Nylon or whatever it is gives out or did for us. Had a leaky plug tried to tighten it with very modest force and it broke. Without some he I would have never got it out. Atwood tech let me a tap and tool to extract broken plug. I carry several with us now.
down home 12/09/17 05:42pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Brake systems- Motohome Magazine

I caan't quote chapter and verse but if over 4,000lbs the trailer or toad orr towed has to have an ax brake system. We have always had one even on the light Saturn. We have the Roadmster air brake system. Next one I think will be the Air Force1. It should be cheaper and won't have to install and uninstall the cylinder each time. In the sudden panic stops that we have had to make such as when a semi came over on us, the braking on our towed Edge 4200 lbs or so made a difference. Also coming down mountains the the engine brakeisn't enough sometimes. Often have to press the brakes. I recommend, personally, ax brakes on all toweds except maybe the Smart Car. Even towing a trailer behind my F150 weighing perhaps 1500 lbs I can well tell the difference. Just think of the terrific force of a towed without brakes on tow bar and hitch and especially hitch pin, of four thousand pounds, or less or more in a panic stop or just stopping, from Interstate speeds, and the heating up and burning, of brakes on a mh going down a long mountain grade without and the difference with braking on the towed.
down home 12/06/17 01:20pm Dinghy Towing
RE: What is the strangest thing I've "hit"

We hit an owl who lodged in the grill of a rented Buick. Wife hit some very large bird, that let out a terrible noise, right before the impact, according to my wife. Destroyed the windshield. Managed to avoid quite few. Stopped in time, after a car, in front ran over a new 30 ft aluminum ladder, that fell out, of a pickup. He hit it perfectly square crosswise, in the middle. Little red SLK I picked up cigarette butts, feathers, birds,and a mouse, that was running across thee road ,and a bunch, of other stuff. Grill was only a few inches from road. Wife hit a few deer. I hit one, but manged to almost stop. She got up and gave a look and on across the road, left some hair, behind the rubber bumper strip, on 90 S10 Blazer. We met a nice couple, who hit an Elk, in their new Mh in Colorado, at the factory many years ago. It took out all the front cap below windshield cracked windshield, and everything several inches back from the front cap.
down home 12/06/17 01:11pm Around the Campfire
RE: Favourite Christmas music...

It would be a shorter list if I listed the Christmas music I don't like. I can't think of an entry right now. Silent Night, and The Dance and Opera, of the Sugar Plum Fairy. Love big orchestrations, of Christmas music, the bright sounds of the brass, the, woodwinds, the, violins and all of them.
down home 12/06/17 12:52pm Around the Campfire
RE: Check thoroughly - Elder guardianship regs in your state

People that prey on our Seniors areas bad as pedophiles. They essentially are taking life from them and any inheritance from the children. I think they should sentence the culprits to live in one of those nursing homes. When I recognize I'm getting that bad I remember the ancient traces and trails deep in the mountains. I'll spend my final days, sleeping under overhangs where ancestors slept and make it until I can't. Pass in peace, among the trees and scampering squirrels, and singing, of the springs and small streams.
down home 12/06/17 12:46pm Around the Campfire
RE: My CD Radio has got gremlins

Wee had our outside unit on at a low volume and couldn't find the source or a while. Found a small remote in the coach, and shut her down. I have though of turning it on when they are blaring rocky hunky dunky funk, or whatever, next door around the fire, some nights, at sufficent volume playing Moon River, or my cd of soothing sounds with a Thunderstorm on it.
down home 12/06/17 12:36pm Tech Issues
RE: Sewage elimination by exhaust heat...

Let me know which route you are going to take so I won't get that perfume in the coach. There was a reason S--- Burning detail was given to those that were the worse a--h---s. It was intended, that sewage treatment plants would burn the sewage after drying, in very high temp incenerators. Would have been no smell when they were done and our rivers and streams would be polluted by various medications, sludge and bacteria and the like. The Enviros said no because of CO2. Trees burn CO2, you know.
down home 12/06/17 12:29pm General RVing Issues
RE: How big before 2 A/Cs are a must?

None of the RVs had enough insulation. New ones I hope have that remedied that. Ours has the front and end caps unisulated. An they really heat up. The double pane windows make little sense with that scenerio. I haven't found anyone to insulate the caps thus far. We had, in extreme heat, hot enough that the fresh water tank was so hot didn't need a water heater. The 2 acs struggled. When Coleman repaired our one ac or rather heat pump last year they helped that tremendously by sealing duct work that was not properly installed or sealed. The Acs cycle now in extreme heat where they ran continiuosly before. Our coach is only 39 ft inside. I would get 2 Heat Pumps. I like it 72 degrees inside not 80 when it is 117, like three years ago, in La, and enough moisture in the air, that your clothes would not dry. A paper box became soft as tissue within three minutes.
down home 12/05/17 03:35pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Coffee Storage

In army, I was first on the flight line. at home I did not ever drink coffee. Th Amish are hippies in comparison to Mom and Dad. Never made coffee. I guess since I knew everything else I could. A big old huge tin perculator with a basket in the top, that would probably hold a five pound can, of army coffee and chickory. I used only half, up to the line. After about a half hour a Flt line Sgt came in asking if coffee was ready. It was just barely spitting some up into the glass at the top. After an hour still not ready or near. Asked again said didn't think so. Came back in in five minutes, "Well I've got to have some anyway" got a cup and in a minute or two I hear coughing and sputtering out in the hanger. He came back in wanting to know how much coffee I put in the percultor. I said I filled it to the line. It was just about syrup I guess. He took some to the Major. He near died it was so strong. I never lived it down and didn't have to make coffee anymore. If I go to a reunion I'm sure I'll get roasted.
down home 12/04/17 04:47pm Around the Campfire
RE: High Pressure salesmen!

They don't sell they don't get paid or keep the job. Whatever they have to do to get the rv sold. Someone else will deal with all the problems and fibs. It gets to the sales manager, his job is to take care of them, refuse to acknowledge they exist, or you knew it when you bought it. When they get the units in they make list of things that need repair or replacement etc and send it to the factory which sends them a check to cover it. When it is sold to you they fix them or they don't,then, and you have to invest time and so forth to get it fixed. Next time I will arrange for factory pickup and have it gone through and hopefully done. You could go to the factory and get it spec'd like you want and then call the Dealer or find a Dealer and negotiate a price. Should be the best deal you could make since the Dealer doesn't have anything invested in it. Just a call from you offering money. What a deal. Of course get the extended warranty,that the factory will accept. They don't like fooling with Good Sams as it may take a looong time to get paid and other things. Take it to the factory for repairs. Cost may be higher or not and under ffactory warranty, none.
down home 12/04/17 04:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: Temporary exhaust patch

Stainless steel tape. I still have some from Military surplus. Of course i the heat is high enough the glue will not last long. It is tough stuff and suitable for where you describe. A couple of clamps, one on each end, and it will stay in place. Just clean the rest of the pipe around the area good. I believe the stuff I have is about four inches wide.
down home 12/04/17 04:04pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: FMCA to allow Towables Owners to join

Those that need Michelin tires will remain as members since the discount for the tires more than covers the cost of FMCA membership. :BIronically, that "discount" is available through the Michelin retailer most of the time. On another forum I just read that the poster purchased the tires with the FMCA discount and he specifically said it was $150 discount for the total bill..... not for each tire. $150 discount can be had by many places. We bought our Michilins in Oregon with no sales tax at a discount. The discount is more than $150.00 but I don't remember the details at the moment. Problem is the Dealer we bought from swindled us out of the discount. I heard the conversation with his asst. "We have to make our margin." he is no longer on the FMCA list of Dealers. The over four hundred o my money he pocketed cost him a whole lot of RV business. He still sells Michelins because, I didn't get around to sending details to Michelin. Loves had a better price to begin with and new equipment and clean. And..they would do the Michelin program. We had to be in South Carolina, in three days, and they did could not have the tires we needed until the day after we left.
down home 12/04/17 02:50pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: FMCA to allow Towables Owners to join

Local chapters sponsor the rallies and the factory or others chip in at ACA. I imagine it is the same at FMCA. I don't remember. I wish we could participate more. One thing in summer we don't much care for rallies in Arizona but that is where th larger chapters seem to be. In summer I want to be in the UP on or near the water, in Canada, and maybe Minnesota and west. Making them convenient or more is the idea however, but a lot do no want to deal with extreme heat.
down home 12/03/17 12:36pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: FMCA to allow Towables Owners to join

The Ralliesabout are a good thing FMCA. We didn't make one this year but instead American Coach rally in Oklahoma. Only about 125 coaches this time. I don't know how many or if any new coaches were sold but at other Rallies FMCA and American Coach as many as ten coaches sold. We had our heat pump repaired not cost by Coleman, that seized up while there. At others a water heater problem helped with. Oil changes and transmission fluid changes, while no money was saved done on Rally Goers Schedule while they enjoy the doings. Use to be lots more vendors but they don't want to show unless 150-200coaches, or so I was told. I had hoped to have Roadmaster service our tow bar, since camping World is unreliable and very expensive. they have quit showing up, however Blue Ox dealer was there and sold and serviced some tow bars etc. Participants are aging out, it is that simply. While a lot of new Rvers are showing up, not as many as the cost, of Rigs is now higher and horror stories of service avaialble is reaching way beyond the RV community. The economy and economic freedom, are keeping more people at home or closer to home. Down the road it may, probably will improve, but the bulk of Participants are Retirees etc and though I have met several in their nineties, even Widows and Widowers off that age there is a cycle undetermined as to when the majority get into it, live it, and settle down, at last, in Florida etc. The Industry makes or made a lot of money at these Rallies as showcases, for everything RV including coaches, and created a lot of good will with some services, like American Coach and Coleman and Freightliner, with free fixes, clinics and the big feeds or the party, that put money, in their cash register, in the short term and over the long haul. Everyone does business within the family. However, now, Wall Street is acquiring the RV industry and demanding the maximization of their returns and service, and customer support, and being part of the RV Community doesn't make them enough money in their book. They are cutting their own throats. I understand sales are up so there is some disparity here I can't explain, as it shows scant presence elsewhere.
down home 12/03/17 11:44am Class A Motorhomes
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