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RE: Post that do not stick to subject

Brother had a sixth toe but haven't seen anyone with three feet.
down home 08/28/16 07:46pm Around the Campfire
RE: Factory to Dealer Transport

Fleetwood now American Coach offered and perhaps still does offer Factory Delivery. Law for some years has prevented Factories from selling the vehicles. Remember when you could save by picking up your car in Dearborn?Buy from whatever Dealer andmake arrangements for the new unit to be picked up aat the factory and be assured things are fixed and a walk through with someone that knows everything about the unit or has Tech in the shop who will be right on the phone or out there with you. Only thing is Decateur Indiana is nice not a whole lot to do. RVers there usually got together and found things to do.
down home 08/28/16 07:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: COSTCO no longer wants motorhomes in gas lines?

We've studied the nearest Costco for getting in and out for diesel. If it is very early it might be possible. They have constructed their fueling facilities such, on purpose, to keep RVers out. Can't even see how we could park there. We had intention of stocking up on food etc since it was right off the Interstate. They sell propane too and you can see the nozzle for filling vehicles as well as tanks. I have seen on small Class C there quite some time ago. Caabela's, next door invites RVers to park and has a large area for us. They know if an RVer takes the time to manuever their rig into their lot, they will buy something and typically a lot more than most in a car. If they would just put in pumps. WalMart is the same. Some few, you can get your larger RVs in and out but far and few between. At least we can park on the outskirts, of moat Wall marts to buy supplies. Bass Pro has/had a large area for out sized vehicles, in Nashville. We parked there more than once on the way north for fishing gear and some clothing. Now it is blocked off with large concrete barriers. Yet inside they want to sell you RV Resort and other time shares. In shopping areas in South Carolina and most places they are configuring little islands, so that it is near impossible, to get your RV into to shop or take advantage of cheap diesel at various retailers of fuel, in them. They are cutting their own throats. When we are able to stop for food fuel etc at one time we spend a lot more money. I imagine the typical RVer spends a grand or more, when fueling and buying provisions, and maybe eating at a restaurant, where it is possible.
down home 08/28/16 07:35pm General RVing Issues
RE: NHTSA& EPA want to limit speedof vehicles over 26,000 lbs

Higher raates of speed clear the roadways quicker, or if you like allow the roads to carry a greater traffic load. Problem is disparity in speeds. Most people drive according to the speed of the traffic despite or in spite of what is posted. Speeds are still lower, than pre Gerald Ford or Nixon's 55mph. In Tn the limit was 75 and was going to 85 before that. All the semis on the road is a problem for everyone else, and the reason they are there is Free Trade. They are hauling everything from ports and distribution centers. The only logical solution, which doesn't seem to be in their intellect, is same speed for both trucks and cars, and mandate trucks stick to right lanes. Everyone who runs I69 In Indiana knows the problem of Truckers playing games, micro passing etc at their limit, of what is it now, 65, while everyone else on the road is doing a slow burn trying to get around them. They will run side by side talking on cbs or phones for miles on end. The various companies do set their rigs to 65,67,68, and a few 70. And they all create problems like a rolling roadblock.
down home 08/28/16 04:55pm Class A Motorhomes
NHTSA& EPA want to limit speedof vehicles over 26,000 lbs

The Detroit Free Press and others reported yesterday that NHTSA and EPA want to limit speeds of multi passenger vehicles over 26,000 lbs. They were talking of 60,65,68mph but said other speeds would be discussed. I new it was just a matter of time. Trucks Busses and RVS even though not specified then all other vehicles will be governed.
down home 08/27/16 08:28pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: class A license for a class A RV?

But apples are in in ga.
down home 08/26/16 06:17pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Refrigerator and fueling?

The refrigerator is 30 back from the fuel doors on either side and it's diesel. It won't explode, even if you spray the fuel way back there to the refrigerator is. Might get a fire started, very doubtful, but who in their right mind would do it. The only time we cut the refrigerator off is when they fill the propane tank. Propane can possible get back that far if there is a strong wind, and the window is open, which can't be done.
down home 08/22/16 03:57pm General RVing Issues
RE: Yeti coolers?

I too saw the hype in ads. Large sturdy and thick but as it turns out there are otherss who hold the cold like the Yeti is supposed to, or at leas t approach it and cheaper. There was a link to a comparison tests, here, on the forums, I believe some time ago. For as much as they want for the larger coolers in particualr I've seen samll freezer/refrigerators for sale, the kind you would want to put in a bay, of the coach. Been some time though.
down home 08/22/16 03:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: White bread!

We bought some excellentwhite breat at Coscos, in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Don't remember the brand but larg old size, and thick and hearty consistency. We don't have a lot of time, to do these things so we have a bread maker. Hodgdon white wheat, 1 1/2 lb loaf it says but turns out two pounds or better, and is a hearty consistency. Two slices @3/4 in thick and whatever you put between it will feed you all day. I have to watch it and add more water than it calls for. If not it whips the machine around the counter. One thing that works great is to let it set for fiv minuets or so after ingredients are in before staarting it. I always add five tablespoons of sugar. It doesn't turn out sweet either.
down home 08/21/16 05:50pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Fair Time cooking

Wife is reading the suggestions. She bought a new blender this evening, so I can go buy a new rifle...yeaah that's the ticket. I've heard others talk of using liquor in the crust. Last years State Fair Winner used Jack Daniels. My suggestion to wife was to set a bottle of Jack Blacknext to her pies and let them add their own or a shot and a bite. She threw something at me. Too fast to tell what. We were brought up Puritanical, and I mean it. She refuses to even talk about liquor let alone have any in the house. I may have to help her out when she's not looking. Bought Honey Crisp and Johnathans, at a n Orchard not ripe to me. Be a couple weeks, and almost too late for Delicious and Winesaps not til mid next month. Have to drive to Ga to get some ripe, I suppose. 40.00 a bushel but 198 a lb in Walmart The half bushel of Honey crisp felt about 30 lbs. At 20.00 she saved 40.00 and more than that at other Supermarkets. along the way at various stands, Ripe heirloom tomatoes five pounds or so 1.50. Next week, several bushels of green beans.
down home 08/21/16 05:41pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
Fair Time cooking

Wife has been trying several recipes for pie crust for apple and so forth. Been a great two weeks so far sampling and suprisingly My glucose levels are good.Lot of exercise lifting that heavy fork. She's been using the cookbook I obtained for her from Opie431. She's used lard, yes real lard and she has been using a butter we can only find at the commissaries. Still not flaky enough. Grandma is gone now unto 50 years or I'd ask her. Everything she made was from scratch. Lard or Butter or both? What flours work best? Do you shoot, for flaky crust, on the bottom too? Where do you find the rolling pins, with the wheels or shoulders, so you can get thee crusts just the right thickness. Glass or aluminum or cast iron pans? And last, of all what is the best apple, for pies? And what type of cinnamon, and do you some cinnamon oil for extra spicenesss, I've tasted in some pies? She's going to enter her cracker type cookie too. Won first many years ago and is printed or was on someone's flour bag. Now if I could just find some muscadines and crab apples.
down home 08/19/16 10:38pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Toilet Ball Seal -- Winter Care?

Ours is kept indoors but it occasionally gets cold. We make sure a little water and a bit of chemicals of ant feeze on top. I haven't studied what RV tank valve sealant is and if it might swell seals or deteriorate them over longer periods. They turn the big heaters on if it's really cold.
down home 08/17/16 01:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: Has anyone ever has a Surge Guard or Portable EMS stolen?

We read accounts of things stolen, here on the forums every once in a while. We had something disappear from a picnic table, but don't even remember what it was. We have Friends who go to Arizona every year they've had things disappear. An they stole everything, we had, in our truck, in Phoenix in 01, but we weren't RVing.
down home 08/16/16 10:59pm Tech Issues
RE: In general, when do schools start classes?

They got out first week of June here and they went back last week. When I went to school at least the first 6 grades school was out May til September Same in Indiana where everyone was a Farmer last of April and warm weather til the first or second week, of September, and a lot of them one room school houses. Everyone had to help plow and get the crops out and at least start bringing them in. Everyone studied Meterology, and the types, of clouds, temperatures at morning and at at night, and rainfall. Everyone had a rainfall gauge. An read the Almanac. They learned more. They went to school and concentrated on learning. Didn't wast extra hours on things they teach today. They went home and had, the upper classes maybe an hour's homework, and everyone did it because nothing became drudgery nor boring or aggravating.
down home 08/16/16 10:44pm General RVing Issues
RE: I'm I the oneyone?

My little AMG runs expensive Continental super car tires. Front tires last a while, but two years ago, they put on two year old tires and they have dry rot on them. So this week I'm ' talking to them about replacing them at their expense. Maybe they figure everyone runs Leguna Seca or somewhere and it doesn't matter and will be changed in a week. They just make tires to last long enough to get out the door, so to speak. But...theG670s, 13 years old, looked like new and felt like new, inside and out, when they pulled them off, in May. Michelins on my F150 are about 7 years old except one, I think. At any rate pretty old. still look good at 209,000 miles. So maybe we have to buy American and rely onr ecomendations, of trusted friends and family.
down home 08/16/16 10:25pm General RVing Issues
RE: I'm I the oneyone?

What has happened to the tire industry? China. don't blame China, blame the american company that imports them,they set the specs. NAFTA Sorry but it's the truth 2x
down home 08/16/16 10:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: Bugs on windshield

We bought an expensive con job for glass protection.Diamond Shield or something It did help shed bugs though. I've tried a number of things but thorought cleaning in early morning when dew has softened them up, wash with spot free car wash and dry quickly with micro fiber. I use Mequires synthetic spray wax(Ultimate Quick Wax) and wipe off thoroughly, with microfiber towel. I do the windows ad windshield in the Mercedes too. No hard water spots at all but better glazed glass and it is kept inside. The bugs do come off a lot easier. It does wear off though so each time it is washed it is redone.
down home 08/16/16 10:13pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Why not paint tires for UV protection??

We bought some coating, years ago, atCW Sun something or other. A mess to put on. I guess it worked pretty well how many of the washings it survived I don't know, but every time you touched the tire you got black, for a long time. Paint or most/all coatings will flex and crack unlike the rubber. The tires came off the rear this year after 13 years and as sound as the day they were installed. I kick myself for changing them. They were GY670s which have a horrible wear problem on most front axles but the rubber has a lot of uv in it as motor home tires do. The Michelins are supposed to be good for two recappings so maybe they will last too under a lot less load and stored inside and rubber washed and caared for. No petroleum coatings or cleaners
down home 08/12/16 01:28pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Need advice diesel leak

If it happens as you go down the road and then stop or stop and go.... Fuel fill hose clamps, most likely. If you can get to them with a screwdriver or nut driver won't take a minute.
down home 08/12/16 12:56pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Solution for damage from flat tires - thoughts?

I have thought, for a long time, that steel cans or inner fenders may save lives and damage. It would take cad/cam or sharp pencil, and just a bit, to draw up plans, for them and attachment points anchoring them to reinfor,ced area, around fender opening, of the coach body, leaving plenty of room for axe and tire movement and to shield body and engine, exhaust, wires and lines etc. Made of 3/8 inch high strength steel or neoalloy, it would weight maybe 120 lbs to 140 lbs each. Sure an exploding tire might or probably will ding it, pretty badly, but not the expensive coach, maybe. On the front, there is all kinds, of room. Extra cost for the steel and forming and mounting etc, but should not be more than 200.00 per axle side. 800.00 and maybe some lives saved, and destruction, of the coach. Not quite as simple as I say but it would be a great selling point especially to Rrepeat RV Buyers, who have witnessed or experienced a blowout.
down home 08/09/16 07:19pm General RVing Issues
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