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RE: Norcold, Just got the bad news

In discussing, I should have replaced our fridge with a residential type. I was told they would have to take out the windshield. Nuuuuh huh. Glad I had an Amish unit put in. It looks totally different, in the outside compartment. Thing gets real hot too. Turned it on last evening after sitting a very long time. This am it was 0 degrees in freezer and 30 in the refrigerator. It is set on nine so I guess it'll have to go down to 8. If the windshield has to be replaced,some time, a residential unit may be going in. Only problem with last unit was we saw the yellow stain, in the outside compartment on a tube, and it quit cooling.8 years since factory install. One thing put a little talcum powder on the door gaskets. The bouncy bouncy trip two years ago caused white plastic to come off on the rubber seal.
down home 04/23/14 05:13pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2004 6 liter ford problem

I don't know any Mechanics, in Kingman. If you can do it yourself, a head gasket, head and injectors is still going to be expensive. I would call Ford Customer Relations and ask if they can help. If you always buy Ford perhaps... Sad to say the 6.0 has been a problem for many. I had an 05 6.0 and no problems but Neighbor had several. Traded it and let them fix it and deduct the repair from the value his broken truck, in the trade in. Sound like you may be in the market for a new diesel. There is a diesel forum and a Ford diesel forum, on the net, I use to subscribe to. I don't know which brand is best.
down home 04/22/14 11:23pm Tech Issues
RE: 2004 6 liter ford problem

down home 04/22/14 11:13pm Tech Issues
RE: Rain leaking into trailer via AC bolt

Perhaps you need to change the flange gasket or whatever the gasket is called under the air conditioner. Over time the bolts or screws loosen and have to be checked, once in a while. The gasket shrinks. Three years ago we got caught in a driving rain and water came in the front air conditioner. It wouldn't come in sitting still. The gasket was shrunken or over compressed. We don't have bolts down through the roof. They are just screws, through the roof, from inside, into the air conditioner. I haven't looked at it but this is what I've been told where they fixed it, best I remember. They take very good car, of the unit.
down home 04/22/14 11:10pm Tech Issues
RE: toilet paper ....

Wife has been buying the stuff advertised for RVs. As near as I can tell it doesn't matter unless you use the stuff, that is like wax paper or whatever. Would like to find some, proper sized rolls, with the small tube or yore. The new stuff has less, on a roll and the roll won't stay on the toilet paper hanger or bracket or whatmacalit.
down home 04/22/14 11:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: Sell it then promise to fix it....seriously

....... Every time I read about this stuff the nightmares return. Still got a lot of money to spend. I could not sleep, at night, conducting business, that way.
down home 04/22/14 10:00am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Musty smell from dash vents

Dealers have an probably auto parts stores a spray foam, to spray down the outside cowl vent, to kill and clean mold,pollen and other stuff out. I think it turn to liquid and drains out the drain hole/line. Ask the Mh mfg about using it perhaps. I had to have it done twice on some auto I had back whenever.
down home 04/21/14 05:02pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fish line in day/night shades

Mono over some short but undefined time will get brittle and break etc from UV. However I gave my Cousin, her late Father's old fishing reel with some black Dacron, on it, now sixty years old. It wasn't exposed to much sun though or any.
down home 04/21/14 04:56pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 50 amp plug hitting power panel lip

Everyone has the same problem with the Camco deal with the molded on handle. Sound like a good idea until it won't work on anyone pedestal or most anyways.
down home 04/20/14 10:45pm Tech Issues
RE: I built a clear black tank and tested the Sewer Solution

I will NEVER understand the obsession that many people have re: the relative "cleanliness" of their RV sewage systems. Seriously? We have been 24/7, 365 RV'ers for 13 years in 2 different rigs. We have followed the same weekly routine for nearly all of that time. Black tank stays closed for the week. Grey tank(s) closed 2 days before the end of the week. On D day, black tank goes 1st followed by the grey. Entire procedure takes about 5 minutes unless we have to go to a dump station. Never a clog. Never a backup. Never the seemingly dreaded "pyramid o' poop". Never any odors inside the rig. When we disconnect it, does our hose smell like lilacs and roses? No, because it's a freakin' SEWER hose! The stink will make it's way around to where you are. If you don't have a flushing system then leave the fresh water connected to thee plumbing and open the faucets in the kitchen sink and bathroom basin. Let it fill the gray tank and add some lemony fresh gray water stuff from CW. Pull the gray valve again and whalla or something, it will clean out the sewer hose. :) Takes a bit
down home 04/20/14 10:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: Quick Fill Fresh Water Tank

It sounds like you fill valve is leaking, in the bypass side. In one position it sends water directly to you plumbing and does not fill your tank. The other position send it to you tank. You should have a monitor that tells you when your tank is full, in the coach. They need to put one in the wet bay so you can tell without having to go into the coach. If you let it fill to the point it flows out the gravity water fill port, it is too full and will slop out going down the road. If it get that full just run some into the gray tank, at the sink. Your gray/black tank switch, if you have a flushing or rinsing system, sends water to either you gray or your black tank. Fill your gray tank then fill your black tank. after connecting the sewer hose pull the black tank handle with the fresh water still entering the tank. After it is empty continue to let it run for about five minutes. close the drain valve and let a few gallons go into the black tank. Pull the gray tank valve and switch the fresh water flow into the gray tank. After emptying let it run for about five minutes. Close the valve and let a couple gallons go into the gray tank. Turn water off and disconnect. Sorry if this doesn't fit but from you description this should cover it.
down home 04/20/14 10:32pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Good Friday

Back in early seventies, I was a store manager. I was ordered to keep the store open except, for the cafeteria and hard lines etc. They were bucking blue laws, and there was some concern that I might be arrested. No one wanted to work Sundays or holidays. When our Company joined the American Stock Exchange, the new stock holders, or the CEOs, expected us to operate 7 days a week and holidays. Then it was one inventory and when the Company joined the Ny stock exchange it was two inventories. Basically ownership went from private to being owned by Wall Street.
down home 04/20/14 12:22am Around the Campfire
RE: filling butane cylinder

deleted ,as my post almost duplicated a couple others.
down home 04/20/14 12:08am Tech Issues
Handicap Parking

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 27660717
down home 04/19/14 12:47am General RVing Issues
Handicap Parking

On another forum they were "discussing" abuse of disabled parking placards. I have grow somewhat sensitive about it. Wife has a placard but doesn't use it as our vehicles carry a Disabled Veteran plate. Many times I don't park in a disabled slot, when I feel I can walk the distance without too much pain. Wife does the same but because of a foot injury from when she was employed, she more and more uses disabled parking. When we go to RV rallys etc, we request disabled parking. More than a few times we have been challenged as not needing the placards. I too have been judgemental. On one occasion a non placared truck parked, in on oe the disabled spots. He proceeded to almost crawl, into the restaurant. Seem he feel from a roof and permanently damaged his spine, but he works every day. I feel very subconscious about it at times and don't park, in handicapped zones and sometimes I do very well. But not others. Some do take advantage of just getting the Dr to give them a note. See it all the time. How can we be certain?
down home 04/19/14 12:47am Around the Campfire
RE: Gray water dump

Wouldn't dream of dumping it. It is all soap and whatever is washed off the dishes however, never any grease. One way, I saw to help loosen clay ground and help grass is to spray a solution of baby shampoo, in a hose end sprayer, on the ground. Let it set and then water it in good with a hose. Repeated treatments loosen the clay. Might be one reason GrandMa's place didn't have tight soil anywhere. Wash the dishes or baths and it got thrown into some of the garden area. :) I'm not sure how strong the dish soap, clothes washer, shower soap concentration would be in our gray tank. Would help the grass, it seems, but I wouldn't want to set up camp, in a pool, of soapy water nor smell the stuff. If you do please, use a lot of gray water deodorizer and, don't use that stinky shampoo, my wife uses and let me know so I can go somewhere else.
down home 04/18/14 07:34pm Class A Motorhomes
Good Friday

The small town, where Mama was born, or near it anyway, everything was closed today, except a corner mkt/gas station was closed. Around here everything was moving along without notice, including the credit union and banks. How things seem to have changed.
down home 04/18/14 06:22pm Around the Campfire
RE: Tips on keeping mud daubers at bay!

Getting a bunch of mud daubers wanting to make my RV their home. Any tips on keeping them out of my rig? Fire ants!
down home 04/17/14 08:24pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: firewood - emerald ash borer

I've been to CGs that prohibit outside wood yet they don't sell it. I've been to CGs that prohibit outside wood so they can charge 3-4 times what you'd pay for it anywhere else. I've been to CGs that sell kindling that they refer to as firewood. I've been to CGs that have fire wood somewhere on the property but they don't deliver it. I've been to CGs that have run out of wood well before sunset. Not that I condone bringing your own firewood, but I can see why it happens. I've noted in Michigan, where a lot of trees have been destroyed by bugs, they ban wood from out of the area. they sell the bugwood for camp fires, that would make a walnut tree blush.
down home 04/17/14 08:20pm General RVing Issues
RE: oil question????

I had a quart, of oil, an auto store brand, that was perhaps bought in 2000. I poured it, in my truck, about a half quart in, perhaps, it started coming out as a thick gunk. this was last year. I can't remember the auto store name, until I see it next time. It was synthetic blend. I changed the engine oil the next day to get the stuff out. I had never considered shelf life, of oil before that. Yes oil does indeed have a shelf life.
down home 04/17/14 08:08pm Around the Campfire
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