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RE: Snobbish RV resorts with ownerships

So we are about 5 years or so away from retirement. We have discussed possible buying a RV lot eventually, probably down in Florida. We have camped here in Michigan at a RV (ownership) resort that rents unsold or not used lots. Now the place is gorgeous and kept clean. The mostly older owners ( probably mostly retired folk ) who are full-timers which many seem very snobby. They watch you like a hawk. Now we have two dogs and we fully abide by the rules for pets. On a 6 foot leash, picked up after, don't bark, kept off others properties. They funny thing is these owners don't follow the rules they expect you to and let their dogs on those expanding leashes run all over everyone's property taking a leak. Seems like a double standard. But I get it - I'm not a owner and have no foot to stand on, as they pay a condo fee and taxes, etc. All that being said, the one that that got me laughing was this couple across the pond in front of our RV. Now the grass must have been cut on our site after it was a bit high and wet as there were clumps of dried grass all over out site. Our dogs kept picking them up and eating them getting sick. So after about a day or so I was sitting outside watching TV under the awning. I see out of the corner of my eye that my wife finally had it with pulling the grass out of our dogs mouths and was throwing the clumps downhill trying to get somewhat of a clump free spot. I hear someone yelling at her and she asked me to come over. This couple was sitting in the site across the big pond on their lounge chairs yelling at her to pick it up. I yell back its grass, do you really think my wife would pick up dog dung with her bare hands? No apology, nothing. These two sat out there every evening watching all that went on around them. My wife went to the office to inquire about something. While there she overheard a couple older men ( owners) complaining about the free candy at the desk to the woman working. Something about for all they pay you would think they would have better candy. Really? Is this what we have to look forward to? Are all these ownership parks the same? You must be talking about Traverse Bay Rv resort. My wife and i were up there in out cheap old junky 2014 Tiffin gas job, and I left my 8 ft step ladder in front of the coach while washing the wind shield. We sat down for a short time to have a glass ice tea. This dude shows up and says the people across the pond are complaining about my ladder and I needed to lay it down when not using. We stayed there and had an enjoyable time. Had the rig washed and waxed @13.00 a ft. Did horrible job and broke part of trim. I went after them the day of washing and cleaned under awnings etc they missed. As we ere about to leave a young squirt accuses us of trying to cheat them. The coach has always been the same length. I'm afraid I cam unglued at being accused of something wrong. The Owner was a nice Gentleman. The other Owners and Renters were all nice. Some much above our league as per income. The ducks were a hoot. They would come up and pull the hairs out, of your leg, looking for s****s. They would pull at your trousers and bit at you toes too but not hard. The crews were constantly gardening and the place was ship shape top to bottom. The sites were well laid out and spacious. Only annoyance was traffic a couple miles away.
down home 07/28/15 12:16am Class A Motorhomes
RE: My dad has passed

Sorry for your loss.
down home 07/26/15 10:09pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Teaching a dog to "talk"

I haven't tried. Inatentive student but Dakhota tries to make a sound in his throat to say hungry. When I was young Grand Mother"s neighbor down the road a had a Rat Terrier. I have forgotten the Lady's name but her Husband's was Henry. She would tell him to get Henry for supper. He went to the garden, and yelped or spoke Henry supper. I can't imitate the sound or clearly remember it over these many years. Every one would come by to hear him. They would tell him Rat and he would tear the place apart trying to find it. When they would work in the kitchen garden he was right there with them picking up stones in his mouth and carrying them to the edge.
down home 07/22/15 06:51pm RV Pet Stop
RE: What do you tell your dog (s) ....

Mostly I tell Dahkota get out of the way. He wants to walk in front of me or get in front and stop. He likes to run by me or through my legs going into the door nearly tripping me. If i caan find a set of rear view mirrors for a dog, he's going to get a set.
down home 07/21/15 07:00pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Good news on diesel prices.

gas here is high compared to state wide. We put gaas in two days ago at Sams club for 2.25 It is 209 in some locations east of here. Diesel was 2.39, I think but in Athens about forty miles up the road it was 2.19
down home 07/21/15 04:18pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dining table stablizing

I don't have a clear picture of your dining table. Is it free standing or attached to the wall? In our Fifth wheel it was free standing and the center table leg was level and square. It and chairs were held down in transit with web belts and buckles, to d rings in the floor. On the MH the table is on a bracket, detachable from its mate on the wall. A whole lot of weight on the wall attachment. It did come loose from the all one time. The bracket is not perfectly square with the table bracket probably due to weight and having to swing it up and detach or attach it at factory or dealer. It has center leg but still wobbles a bit and moves under weight on one end to a little extent. Only thing I can suggest is to make sure the bracket is firmly glued and attached in the wall. If you have some other arrangement I appologize for answer that won't work. Sonn as I find time in life and energy the booth is ut and fee standing is in.
down home 07/20/15 02:18pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Why you should have a filtration system on your RV..

Am I wasting my $$ with this? http://i.imgur.com/cGV5Yqzl.jpg I replace it once a year. I had used several of them until I kept noticing the water wasn't clean. Every time we turned on the faucet, after a bit the filter would purge right into the line. They don't have enough capacity and they filter just sediment, while they work, and some chlorine. last time I used one was a pre filter to keep the big filter clean at a campground in Michigan. They use well water and when there are few in the huge campground it is pretty good but still has sediment in it. We wash our clothes in the mh and bath and cook of course. In two days or so the filter was full and the big whole house canister was full of mud you could see through the clear canister. The have 100 micron filtration, or very little filtration. The whole house ones, at least some, will get all the little nasties at .9 or .5 microns and silver and all the rust, lead, phosphates, sulfur, and others depending on what the label says. I'm not a know it all. I'm a know it very little. I just been looking for the better filters for RVing as we go along.
down home 07/20/15 01:21pm General RVing Issues
RE: Air conditioner struggling

If you have the unit set on low and the air smells feels damp it is frozen up. You will have to cut it off and just run the fan until it thaws. You most likely have a 13,000btu unit. You could change it to a 15,000. Some newer units perform better than what we are used to in the 13,000 and the 15,000units. I've never seen nor heard of a 13K BTU roof mounted A/C unit and the OP's trailer being a conventional 30' travel trailer almost certainly has a 13.5K BTU unit. Being a 2015 model that A/C unit will almost certainly be either the latest version of Coleman or DuoTherm Brisk II with as much efficiency as one can expect from these units. Could it have frozen up? ... sure it could, just as any of these units could freeze up, but 31 Celcius is hardly an extreme condition, not anything like 110F in Texas during the summer, so though not impossible it's unlikely this is the OP's problem. hate to tell you this but you don't have enough cooling capacity. In a 30' unit that's certainly possible if it's a 13.5K BTU unit, especially if it's ducted (which it almost certainly is) but the OP hasn't provided any information at all as to exactly which unit he has nor it's specifications so any speculation at this point is just that - speculation. Easily fixed but not inexpensive at a good Dealer and install another unit and maybe upgrading to 50 amp. Sure, upgrading a 13.5K BTU unit to a 15K BTU unit can easily be done, though costly, but upgrading any rig wired with 30 amp main service to 50 amp main service just isn't practical at all, not to mention the cost as it would mean major changes to the coach's electrical system. Remember, 50 amp service is not 50 amps across a single leg as 30 amp service is 30 amps across one leg, it's 50 amps each across two legs, or a total of 100 amp service ... entirely different. Aside from that, the OP is here in Ontario and from what I understand frequently camps in the Ontario provincial park system where 50 amp service is quite rare in most parks, in which case there would be little advantage anyway in upgrading any coach wired with 30 amp service to 50 amp service - just makes no sense at all. Being from Toronto I would think you have a cold weather package which should help with cooling as well as heating but apparently not that much Good grief, I see the old image of Canadians living in igloos still prevails. :S There's no more reason for any recreational vehicle sold or used here to be equipped with a cold weather package than anywhere else in N America. The rigs we buy are the same as those sold stateside, the only differences being any units imported into Canada must meet Canadian standards in terms of the electrical and gas systems. Bottom line - this is a 2015 30' trailer with the latest version of what is likely a 13.5K BTU A/C which is doing it's darndest to cool this rig which is sitting in full sun on the hottest weekend we've had so far this year here in S Ontario. If the OP is camped at an Ontario provincial park where the run to the campsite power post may be quite long he may be experiencing a significant voltage drop which in turn will prevent his A/C unit from performing to maximum efficiency. My bet is just what I said earlier - under these conditions he's probably expecting too much from his A/C unit. You got me 13k should have been 13.5k. I didn't see the age of his unit. The few I have talked with from Canada about their units did have a cold weather package. Doesn't matter. Changing to a 15k unit isn't cheap but in the long run cheaper than a new camper with two units. Installing a second unit shouldn't cost much more than changing out to a 15000k unit. As far as going to fifty. All the equipment inside sees one twenty voltstwenty amp except washer dryer and some water heaters and ACs. Installing a 50 amp system isn't cheap, for the equipment but you wire one ac to one side and one to the other or divide one end or side of the camper to each leg. Additionally some use both ACs on a 30 amp just not with the washer dryer and microwave/ convection unit too. Ours is fifty but we have connected as many have to 30 amp at campgrounds. Both ACs will run fine. they don't start together though. If we turn on the micro wave/convection it will cut out the rear AC unit. His 30 amp may have load sheading feature. It would make sense since from one campground to another can find widely variable power supply. I don't, of course have any figures on the 50 amp inverter,charger/converter cost or a new breaker panel or additional beaker panel. Probably a couple thousand dollars, including a fifty amp cord. It isn't rocket science. Seems I read, of at least, a couple Folks here, somewhere, doing this stuff and they are a lot, more intelligent, than me, on the subject. I wasn't trying to be condescending and know it all. I apologize if I came across that way. The washer dryer has to run on fifty it uses that much power.
down home 07/19/15 01:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: Why you should have a filtration system on your RV..

Rust, iron, sulfur, phosphates,dirt and fertilizers in farming regions are not good for your health. mixed in with those are microbes. City water has chlorine put in it along with floride to try to kill some microbes and algae and slime. Our well at last home had great water clean, except for lime. There were some algae from some source, most likely human interference in the chain. I had a whole house filter in the well house. It got any dirt an other things. The silver in the media killed any microbes. The spring here is clean with a trace of lime. I'm going to get someone to runa line and maybe a pump run by the flow to bring it to the house. I will still filter it. In the RV we've seen a lot of sulfur and iron in south Ga ,Fla and La and out west all kinds of stuff making the water too horrible to drink. If your system tells you it taste bad don't drink it. It is a primal defense system to keep you from hurting your body. yourself. I book marked a couple, of sites, others had posted here, of 10 inch, half micron whole house filters. If you get any 10 inch whole house canister you can use just about any 10 inch filter. Ten inches in length is what it means. They also make 20 inch models. That stuff in Ga and Fla La and especially out west I wouldn't water my garden with it or wash the coach with it let alone drink it. A good filter at the hose bib and one in the coach or just in the coach will save you a lot of agrrivation, maybe skin irritations, even infections, and give you good coffee an clothes without yellowing and rust stains and other things. Cheap ten minutes max probably closer to three minutes to replace a filter after you have your house lines and tank clean. Save enough money on bottled water to buy many six packs or a steak dinner a week. Fill your own bottles and have better than the stuff you buy from LA's water system.
down home 07/19/15 12:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tie me kangeroo down mate

I'm thinking of buying and supply, of snow shovels and sleds this year. Might make a pretty penny. Up noth especially noth east I bet they are starting to have sales on winter gear already. When I was young sleds and such were commonly available in the Tn Valley. last many years been kinda rare. Everything runs in cycles. By twenty twenty we may have snow machines down here, the waY they talk. :)
down home 07/19/15 12:35pm Around the Campfire
RE: Air conditioner struggling

I'm stuck here! 50% say nothing wrong. 50% say something wrong, Why can't it ever be easy. Lol Btw. It's night now. Almost the same temp but the unit is now cooling 75 and counting If you have the unit set on low and the air smells feels damp it is frozen up. You will have to cut it off and just run the fan until it thaws. You most likely have a 13,000btu unit. You could change it to a 15,000. Some newer units perform better than what we are used to in the 13,000 and the 15,000units. hate to tell you this but you don't have enough cooling capacity. Easily fixed but not inexpensive at a good Dealer and install another unit and maybe upgrading to 50 amp. Being from Toronto I would think you have a cold weather package which should help with cooling as well as heating but apparently not that much
down home 07/18/15 11:33pm General RVing Issues
value of urban wildlife

A bit back I read a piece on line about the value of urban wildlife. There are so many people, in the choice environments these days, if we don't allow for it, wildlife will dissapear. They cited deer, foxes, badgers etc so of course it was in Britain. Wouldn't want an eager North American Badger under the steps. Recently we trapped two Opossums and let them loose some distance away. Should have left them alone, after thinking about it. The sure clean up bugs on the patio driveway etc. We've got a racoon now trying to find a way around the foundation. I'll keep an eye and ear out for him. Heard him banging on and under the decks a few times. SIL thought I had fallen one time and wife thought someone was trying to get in the house and Dakhota, apparently thought so too. No signs of damage yet. Don't mind them being around really. Mother had one in a small tree, several years ago taking bread from her. Don't advise it of course. This was in the city. Deer are frequent at late night here. About killed the apple tree I've been trying to get to grow. haven't seen many in daylight of late nor turkeys due to coyotes. They hopefully have moved on. One night/morning last week they were out around the dog pen. I fired a magazine full of 5.56 into the hillside. Haven't heard them sing since. We have a large grouse, here or did, last winter anyway. I'm not familiar with all the wildlife. SIl and Daughter described it as large brown with lighter head but no turkeys. Foxes, haven's seen one in a while. Coyotes probably. Nor have seen feral cats including the two semi tame who were here for two years. I do wish I could see one the bears seen infrequently and maybe even the cougar, if tales are true. We don't mind living among them. Even have some rather large falcons or hawks that are apparently keeping the rodent population down and tied to catch some crows on the ground. First time I've seen that. Crows are not that small. I'm going to start putting out more corn to get the deer out and turkeys and these grouse. Legal if we are not hunting them. There are really only a few wildlife species around these days. I can't imagine what it was like 300 years ago when buffalo and elk were tame almost. That would require some adjustment in attitudes and getting long with wildlife. a 2000 lb buffalo on the porch or won't let you mow or elk eating the garden. Most certainly bears, cougars and wolves were frequent through what is our front yard/field to the spring. We/I can adjust. I don't desire to shoot every wild thing that wants to set up housekeeping around here.Might have to set some boundries with the bears and cats. They have really big ranges, that is the cats, so wouldn't be a problem. might have to put cow catchers on the vehicles.
down home 07/18/15 08:52pm Around the Campfire
RE: Deer crossing

About a mile from the house in the early nineties I had some deer run across the road in front of me. I stood on the brakes but still hit one. Knocked her down. She stood up wobbled a bit looked at me dirty like and ran off. I called my neighbor, that lived there later to see if he found a dead deer. She made it. It was a 90 S10 Blazer. It left a tuft of hair between the rubber bumper strip and bumper and that was all.
down home 07/18/15 12:08pm Around the Campfire
RE: #Chattanooga

double post somehow
down home 07/17/15 04:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: #Chattanooga

Didn't drive by the Coast Guard station where the Young Troops lost their lives. The Recruiting center had several people placing flowers and flags near the entrance to the little shopping center. Everyone in the entire area is grieving for the Marines. Hooah! Marines. Thank you for your sacarafice
down home 07/17/15 04:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: Newer diesel engines

Starting o5 year model they put cats and raised operating temps, cut timing etc. 07 they cut compression and to compensate somewhat enlarged engine size or some of them did. that is when they started the urea injection. It is corrosive. It's been a bit since I've read the Ford and Cummins diesel engine forums but after awhile they have had some problems with corrosion sensors etc from the urea. All this added as much as ten thousand dollars, depending on who you quote. They had to retrofit engines on trucks even fork lifts in California. Up to 500hp hp required one unit anything over required two units. Most trucks were running 550hp so guess what. It's been a while since the conversations but it was 15,000.00 or more per unit, I remember. The new diesels are cleaner. You don't smell them. It is day light to dark behind an older diesel semi and the new ones.
down home 07/16/15 10:28pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 1992 454 7.4 liter oil

I vote for the Delo. It has or had more zinc which cams from the era and other parts need in abundance. It is real slick for sliding surfaces. You can buy the zinc additive too. Real Synthetics are really slick, that is the ones made from Esters, and may not need the zinc but I am not a lubricant engineer or chemist. The clearances in older engines are greater than new ones, I understand, so same grades as were originally recommended. Who ever sells whatever, remember, they have the right stuff you need, so check it out yourself. Until then I would run Delo. jmo
down home 07/16/15 10:15pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Eva Dry dehumidifier units

There are a few with different brand labels. I never did find a table top unti. We bought a small one at Lowes for a bit over 200.00. It does shut off when the one gallon tank get full. It stays off while you empty it and turns on when you insert the tank again. It should have/may have a connection for a standard hose end so it can be left running until it reaches set humidity level. Some dehumidifers have been recalled due to fires. This unit runs all the time, in the basement, when we are home now. Have to buy another for the coach. I would place it on a board, of which I can't thing of the name right now, designed for small stoves to be put on and in the middle of the coach, just for peace of mind from being away from the coach for a long time. It should be fine. In two years, continous use, this unit has given no problems. It does have an air filter that should be checked or changed once in a while. Ours needs to be cleaned after two years, probably.
down home 07/15/15 03:47am General RVing Issues
RE: Tent Thoughts

I still have the frame of our four man tent. Somewhere the rest of it got misplaced in the move. It was only a couple hundred dollars in 1975. Probably 350.00 or more now. We put a ground cloth down and a half inch foam pad we bought somewhere, a little larger than the tent( mice liked to chew on the foam, all around the tent)with a rain fly on back and another larger fly for the front. On top of the frame a tarp with bungies to the ground. Formed an air space and the tent did not get too hot and stayed dry. Sent many nights, while hunting, with wife and first child. I'm trying to remember the name as I've been typing this but... It was oiled, meaning waxed cotton type material. It was and still may be the leading brand. You could actually sleep maybe 6 in it. The three of us had lots of room. If I had someone to set it up I might use it now. A guest would be well accomodated with that foam pad. I read a while back about a small air conditioner designed for them.
down home 07/15/15 03:37am General RVing Issues
RE: Other RV'ing falacies

Cubes of ice dumped in the toilet will break up the "black pyramid" as you drive around. There is a U--tube video of a guy that built a clear tank in his truck to see, and no it doesn't work. He didn't let his wife drive it. Curbs and medians and instant braking etc.
down home 07/15/15 03:16am General RVing Issues
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