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RE: Over Priced Used Motorhomes.

Have been looking for a Used Class A motor home and have come to the conclusion that Nada and Kelly Blue book are misleading with pricing of used RV's. Most people selling a used RV look at these ratings to get an idea of what they should sell there RV for and go with the highest price figuring that they will come down to a lower price when the bartering begins. When talking to an owner of a class A from 1999 to 2001 that are 14 years old and seeing the shape of these RV's, (faded siding, total rust underneath,rubber roof that have had no care, never leaked so why care for it, old tires but still work just fine, no brake work at all, worn interior, etc.etc.)with prices from $24,000 to $20,000 I feel that they are really fooling themselves if they think it will ever sell. Most Rv's have been for sale all summer and now into the fall and still have not sold. I really can't blame the owners, they are only looking to see what other Rv's like there's are selling for and price accordingly. Even tho none of the others have ever sold. Am I way off my rocker and lost too many marbles or do others see this too? I realize RV's are expensive period, but anything 14 years old is rusting and falling apart. Would love to hear what you have to say. Thanks. NADA has two books. One for Dealers and one for everyone else. I assume Kelly does too, or perhaps it is just Internet today. They are not geared to realism but to making money for Dealers. A RV is worth whatever you feel it is or the better price you can find one for. No way would we sell our RV at NADA book values. We know who and how it is maintained. It is far better than what the Dealer would pay. We've seen some really nice older MHs better constructed, originally and in much better than many, new, on the lots, at RV Parks. The People live in them or sue them gently and are always doing something to/for them. I don't remember brands but a 99 Fleetwood built one at the Factory for some minor repair was as clean as a barracks after a GI party. Saw one at a RV Park near Goshen that he war doing some repairs on the door glass. The construction was real quality and the fiberglass/paint had been maintained really good. New tires and everything. Of course it didn't have slides, I think but the thing looked like it was built like a tank. It was for sale and for around 30,000.00 two years ago. It was forty feet and had a Detroit diesel, that looked like new. Sometimes you just run a croos RVs for sale that bear closer examination and you may get a real value.
down home 10/21/14 10:37pm Class A Motorhomes
not a really bright idea

I walked part, of the yard this evening. I can count on three fingers the number of times I've seen bear tracks including maybe this evening. There's a bit of a wallow near the spring too. This time the last few years and again in the spring someone spots a bear, apparently traveling through the area. I would like to see one. I've seen two or maybe three near Townsend, Tn many years ago. There is nothing here a bear could hurt usually. They feed mostly on berries and such and the carcases along the RxR apparently since most seem to follow it. Anyone ever tried to keep one near? I don't mean walk up to it and feed it hamburger, not that it would stand there. I scatter some corn for Turkeys and Deer. It's legal as long as they aren't hunted here, or so I understand. Would an extra pile, of corn work and be legal? If not I ain't about to do it.
down home 10/21/14 10:21pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Never Enough Time

As a kid the impact was hard but at our age I believe it is harder. Thanks for the prose.
down home 10/21/14 10:13pm RV Pet Stop
RE: water pressure

Look at the pump. Water still goes through it. Might be two lines one to hot water and one for cold water side. Pump might have more pressure and force it to the faucet. Unscrew the aerator and see if it comes out. Might have to take the valve out at that water point. There is an obstruction, in the cold water side, pipes, since you took off the filter. If you can squeeze the pex pipes you might giggle it down stream whatever it is and then maybe not. Any RV Plumbers here? Just for the heck ,of it check the fill valve selector. It would seem both sides would be affected if it was only partially in position.
down home 10/21/14 06:29pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Anyone has taken their turbo apart to clean it? 2003 Cummins

When I had the turbo 79 Mustang the turbo was rebuilt. I haven't see a shop, for that ,in a long time but they are out there. Custom compressor sides and so on. I had been using a blend of true synthetic and dino oil. The dino oil turned into what looked like brown or caramalized sugar granules and did a number on the shaft and bearings. The cost of essentially new turbo was about half. They did not cost anything like what they do today with variable vanes, more than one compressor stage etc. They can be rebuilt obviously but I would want to do it on a junk yard unit first and then still maybe buy it from the pros.
down home 10/21/14 06:16pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Alabama-Tennessee game Sat. Oct. 25th

post didn't make it apparently. I'm wearing my Tn tie, to Church, tommorie night. Tn is gonna take those Alabama boys.
down home 10/21/14 05:52pm Around the Campfire
RE: Saving $5.00 Bills

down home 10/21/14 05:00pm Around the Campfire
RE: 20% Bio Fuel at Flying J/Pilot

The stuff makes rubber and plastic hoses and seals and sealing compounds swell and deteriorate. They changed the compounds of the rubber and seals, in newer models, is what I ran across, on this forum or other and sites on Internet at some time. I sure hope we can avoid the 20% stuff or biodiesel all together. I had put in a little to add lubricity and when it was all that was available, in parts of Az etc.I don't look forward to the possibility of replacing a lift pump etc for many thousands of dollars.
down home 10/20/14 04:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: Bugs

I used a bunch of them to clean black streaks off our fifth wheel back when. I washed with everything CW and everyone else had. I had been washing with wash and wax, Meguries I think and it apparently glued down the black stuff. It took some scrubbing with the pads and then I had to polish the paint which took me about two weeks.
down home 10/20/14 04:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Invasion ~~

Someone mentioned Home Defense. Good stuff. I found it killed some of my fescue grass, around the house though. We go back to La we will take some. It was a twice a day battle, with powder, the Ranger provided. If it rained they spread even more Home Defense keeps them away and will kill them when they walk over or touch it. I've got a larger sprayer that puts out good volume in a fan pattern. I'll dump the home defense into it. The little spritzer with home defense isn't adequate to spray the pad and lawn if there is one.
down home 10/20/14 12:16am General RVing Issues
RE: Whoo oooh My storage place now has el hookups!!

Ours styes hooked up and inside. They check the batteries,every two weeks or more often if something suggest they should, which the controller has on trickle charge. Could probably cut them off. You can't put it away and not check things like the batteries hooked up or not. I like it hooked up because it is ready to go when we arrange to get there. Food is in the refrigerator or at least some and ready to go. If it should get too cold the heat pumps would kick in. No water in the tanks though unless we are expecting to leave soon. Stored unplugged,if you have auto gen start, the batteries get low, the generator will kick on and charge things up, if batteries are in condition. Stored inside they wouldn't want too many generators running.
down home 10/20/14 12:10am General RVing Issues
RE: Waldo Fl. speed trap update

Seen some comments on fuel mileage vs speed. I paid a sin tax for the C63 because it was rated 18mpg, on hwy. The computer consistently says 22-23 mpg up grade down grad, at 75, on Interstate, on cruise or just watching the pedal. I don't know what it delivers at 100 or whatever. At 55 it is like a troubled child and stays, in fourth and fifth gear or sometimes 6th and it starts, in second gear and never hits seventh. Fuel mileage is about 16mpg. It has torque and can take the legs, of long gears and speed. The Mh at about 62 delivers the best mileage as did both our Duallies. It seems somebody is designing commonality, of drive train gearing etc engine efficiency peaks. The Edge on a good day will get 21 mg, nothing like the EPA sticker and sucks big time, for performance. Fifty five is nervous in it. 70mph is just fine. It doesn't really car for higher speeds nor do I in it. The Pickup is a 5.4 with 177,000 miles and gets 16 mpg at 70 and maybe 17 at 55. It weight a bunch though and you can haul stuff in it much more than you can the Edge and is more comfortable. I'll pay the difference, in fuel for the quietness performance and roominess. It likes 70 to 90. but idles around at 55 comfortably and only four speeds. So 55 doesn't save much or any fuel, if that is the justifications for 55 mph. Before Gerald got the bright idea of 55 speed limit was 75 in Tn. Dumb nannies won't let it be raised in Nashville.
down home 10/19/14 11:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: Snowbirds heading south?

Last several days or couple of weeks there has been a lot of RVs on Interstates around here, and down the spine of the mountain and everywhere generally headed south or south west.
down home 10/19/14 11:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: Furcamper going blind. Your $0.02 to help next trip?

I'm not making judgements or suggestions. My Mother gave my Nephew a dog 15 years ago. he is now near blind and you have to watch movements near him or he will get your hand etc. His rear legs are arthritic and it is pitiful to see him try to sit or lie down. he is dearly loved and he loves the family but he is suffering a lot. They can't tell us how bad it is. last I saw him he pressed his body as tight as he could to me and I scratched his ears and chin until I was tired out.
down home 10/19/14 11:12pm RV Pet Stop
RE: vet bill

We have been taking our Dog and cat to two different Vets. One about thirty miles east is cheaper and more in tune with dogs. The other one thirty miles south is cheaper on cats. On heart worm treatment, initial, and stay in his kennel and meds he was a third of the guy south of us and about the same margin as the fellow who grew up next door to us. All fine Vets but there is a spread in treatment prices of a lot. One across the mountain just got a big mobile hospital, or whatever, for horses and cattle and a smaller vehicle for maybe all animals. I bet he has a loan office inside.
down home 10/19/14 11:05pm RV Pet Stop
Dogs and wildlife

Well we haven't had the RV out of the garage since May. Maybe the end of next month. Wife saw something unusual yesterday morning. A coyote in the bright sunshine right along the pen of Kids dogs. They weren't barking. Seemed to be making nice. She called me just in time to see part of the fur disappear up the hill. Not ten feet away two big squirrels made their way along the dog pen, on side nearest patio and up a hickory. Guess they figured the dogs couldn't get out and the coyote was oblivious. Darned coyotes must have stuck a deer trail just about ten seconds ago. I'm growing tired of it. Very few deer, in the yard this year and only one flock of turkeys. Son saw them. I didn't get the chance. Putting out some corn on our bedroom side of house and down the hill and besides the spring, on the other side of driveway. Sure any of you don't want some fine dogs? :)
down home 10/19/14 11:01pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Going back to cash

Several credit cards, I don't know why. Two debit/credit cards. We've had one credit card compromised once. Our one debit card once the other one twice. Last time was Pilot below Atlanta. They bought gas from there up Lawrenceville hwy and then on to Nashville. The ones that ended us with the numbers were Hispanic. They were caught in Nashville. One time someone used computer to get a bunch of numbers. Tried to buy a lot, of computer equipment in Japan, from Washington state 3000 miles from us. First time Credit Union called also and told us it had been compromised. I don't think I ever found out details. New card in a week. The only monetary concern was the theft at the Pilot. It took a few days to get the money back in our account. Had to take print out and identify purchases that were not ours. Wife caught it this time. She checks balances daily. After that we have to call, if going out far out, of state or they might not let charge go through, until we call, for our protection.
down home 10/19/14 11:15am Around the Campfire
RE: tire rotation

My tires are the same size. they have direction of rotation, not rotating tires, on the steers. If you have six or eight aluminum you could rotate them. I was taken aback when I saw that they did/do put all the wheels in aluminum.
down home 10/17/14 04:47pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Lower Gas Prices...Are you RVing More?

Last week we paid 2.71 for as at a Wally world with gas card. We saw some diesel signs in the 2.64 range. I haven't looked at Gas buddy in a bit but hear of gas in the 2.40 range. Everyone is waiting on November elections anticipating gas prices to rise. Hopefully they will go don more.
down home 10/17/14 04:42pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Cost of staying connected.......

We have paid near 500.00 for Internet Verizon and three phones, two months ago, a little less last month via MIFI only game in town here. AT&T is about 100.00. Direct TV about 150.00. Looked at Hughes and another Satellite for Internet both slower and more costly. A quarter mile away we could get Charter cable Internet and TV for about 150.00 in real life. Large cities etc get rates half that. Considering giving up TV and just going to a hotspot for Internet. If we were on the road Full timing. TV would be free unless we continued Direct and Internet largely free. Might save enough, if I crunched actual numbers to pay a good part of RV park fees or all of them. If I come across a fair deal ,for tower I may just use over the air TV. Twenty years ago and less only cost we had was about 30.00 per month for AT&T with three lines including ISDN. Through eighties only cost was about 7.00 a month for telephone and only had to dial five numbers for local. It seems foolish to spend this much on TV and Internet.
down home 10/17/14 04:37pm General RVing Issues
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