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RE: Wi Fi

Well bought the Starighttalk card, got it inserted, logged in and clouldn't set up the APN (?). Talked to a couple of broken english "techs", chatted on with customer service and another tech rep. Conclusion is that my tablet was a Verizon tablet with a locked GSM (?) and can not be changed, since I had service through Verizon. Finally got hold of a human, again with broken english and was pretty much at my limit after 2 plus hours of phone & internet frustration, as I found out the card could not be returned once opened. If you don't open it how do you know it works. Salesman said it would. It doesn't! This rep apologized and asked if I want the "Refund Dept"? Refund Dept? Heck Yes! It became the principle of the thing. Took a while, but got things straight, as I kept yelling about misrepresentation of function product. Packed it up and off to the Post Office for my refund. Went to Best Buy and bought an ATT Go Hot Spot, pay as you go. Unit is $100, and a 1gig card is $25 for a month. No activation fee. buy what you need, stop when you run out and start when you want. The really plus is can use with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and the DW's laptop. We use the Tab when on the road (driving) and the laptop when camped. Besides buying out of frustration, seems the best route for us. Now if works in the remote locations. We'll see in a couple of weeks.
garmp1 11/22/14 03:20pm Around the Campfire
RE: How to cut data usage

Here is a way to cut your data use by 1/3 or so. This works best for newspapers, blogs, etc that you read on a frequent basis. When you are on a favorite web page, right click on your mouse, you will see a box that lists various options, click on "view page info" -- a screen will pop up which lists several options, click on "Permissions" -- scroll down on this page to "Load images" -- click on the "block" button and exit the popup. This will disable outside pictures and links and save you a bunch of data usage. You only have to do this once as your cookies will remember. You will need to do this on all websites you frequent. It doesn't help when just browsing around to new sites. Just thought I would pass this along. Paul.... PS: This is on a Firefox browser with Windows 8.1. * This post was edited 11/17/14 03:58pm by Paul G. * Is there something for android tablets to trim data usage as well? thanks?
garmp1 11/20/14 03:22pm Technology Corner
RE: St. Andrews SP to St Marks, Fl

Any seafood market near St Andrews SP better than another (quality, availability,price)? Gotta get some shrimp to cook on the barbie and either amber jack, trigger fish or some other firm fish to grill also. Will there be seasonal issues of availability on any fresh catch? Want local catch if at all possible.
garmp1 11/18/14 03:19pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
St. Andrews SP to St Marks, Fl

Thinking of spending a couple of days at St Andrews SP in Panama City and taking a day trip to St Marks to see San Marcos de Apalache Historic State Park. The plan is to take the 2 to 3 hour trip along the coast and sight see, have lunch at the Riverside Cafe, visit the Fort and return to camp with a stop for fresh seafood to grill for supper and another stop at the Panama City Elk's Lodge for an adult beverage or two. None of this is cast in stone and we're very flexible. So: Is the Fort worth the trip? Is the Cafe worth the trip? A better eatery available? Is there something better along the way? Or reroute? Open for all thoughts and suggestions. Help is always appreciated. Seems no matter how much we plan, plot, study and research we always deviate. But it is great to have the options. And that's what retirement is all about! Thanks
garmp1 11/17/14 03:30pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Arizona?

As a retired couple with an pretty open schedule and from the mid-west, what's the best time to visit Arizona. Want take in the sights, local culture, and cuisine. When's best for weather, crowds and general camping conditions/availability? Know nothing about the state, but always wanted to see Sedona, as a fine arts major and amateur history buff. Thanks
garmp1 11/15/14 03:47pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Michigan/Wisconsin/Minnesota best time

How are the WI SPs on the way to the UP that time of the year? Open on the same time frame? And are the crowd about the same?
garmp1 11/13/14 03:34pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Volcano Grill

Well, it arrived today! Ya Ho!!! Haven't even unpacked it yet, headed right to the internet and recipes. And then to the weather forcast sites to search for warmer weather (than StL presently) and plot the outing. I know the grill can work at home, but that's not the purpose. Gotta be on the road. Thanks again ya'all
garmp1 11/13/14 03:22pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Michigan/Wisconsin/Minnesota best time

Thinking of starting in upper Minnesota working over and down Michigan then midway up Wisconsin then heading west across Wisconsin then heading South. Like the OP we are also thinking about such a trip. Being from St. Louis, we'd like to travel up thru Wisconsin, the Straights and down thru Michigan taking many stops, before returning to StL. We were looking at a 2+/- week trip about mid to late May. But as many, not fond of bugs nor cold. With all these crazy weather patterns it is a******shoot, but generally this does sound workable? Drove thru the Straights in 1969 upon my return home from the service with my fiancee (DW now) and would like to revisit and explore some on Michigan's, and especially the UP, State/COE Parks. Are reservations recommended for the state/COE parks that time of the year? (these are our preferences). And is fresh fish seasonal or readily available? One park better than another? Sorry to hijack a post, but really interested and didn't want to double post. thanks
garmp1 11/11/14 03:41pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Veterans Day

As a vet, I want to thank all of our veterans that ever served in any capacity. As the strength of any wheel relies on the smallest cog. No military person is unimportant regardless of his/her capacity. I also want to thank the American people for their open out pouring of well deserved and over due appreciation for our military men and women. They all deserve our highest praise and admiration. As a Viet Nam vet I recall being spit upon and called baby killers and worse upon arriving home. Duty requires many sacrifices and some scares never heal. Agree or not with our political leaders, our military personnel need support. They follow orders and keep us free. Words can hurt and even maim. Thank you all for your support.
garmp1 11/11/14 03:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: Volcano Grill

Super Dave: thanks for the heads up. Don't know why I didn't think of that before. Just called Volcano and explained my error and what I wanted. The kind lady said she'd waive the shipping charges and mail it out to me separately as my order already shipped. Nice folks, but there again I went from a grill for under $100 to an order over $200. Guess that's two foot-itise as it's best. Thanks again.
garmp1 11/11/14 10:21am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Volcano Grill

Ya'all did it! I ordered one yesterday. Got the package of propane, cover & cookbook, case, etc. But the one thing I forgot to double check is that it will take the small propane canister versus the 20lb tank or both. B's only got so much room! Guess I'll find out and if need be I'll make something work. But it should. Can't wait!!! Thinking about heading out for a couple of weeks first of Dec and we'll put it to the test. Thanks a bunch.
garmp1 11/10/14 03:00pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Gulf Coast Early Dec

The carved trees run from I think Biloxi to Pass Christian. They are in the median between the EB and WB lanes. (The ones we have seen) If you didn't know about them, you could drive thru and not even notice them as you are usually looking the other way towards the water. This is along Hwy 90 I take it. Is there any place to pull over for a photo or two? Or I guess that varies according to location/area. Any other interesting sites and/or eateries along that route heading west to Fontainebleau State Park? Thanks again
garmp1 11/06/14 03:21pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Volcano Grill

Well that's it! I NEED a volcano. But do I really need the 3 fuel system. We haven't used propane in years, but that's not all bad. Just can't see carrying additional supplies. (We're B campers and space is premo!) As long as the assembly/dis-assembly is painless and storage space is not large, there could be good sides to propane. The frying in a pan has the DW's interest peaked and the smoking adventure, mine. Thanks! Now let's find a deal.
garmp1 11/05/14 03:35pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Gulf Coast Early Dec

tatest: Florida's Natures Coast sounds great, but what is really there in the way of state or federal parks, which we prefer? By the way, Panacea, FL has/had THE best fresh sea food market we've found. Like that area much, but there isn't much in the way of camping that we've found, but that's why we're asking on this forum. We feel that we gotta head west to see Louisiana, just north of New Orleans, Fontainebleau, Fairview Riverside, & Tickfaw State Parks. This was our original early spring agenda prior to the onset of our medical set backs. Sure we like the serenity of the beach & breaking waves, but don't plan to swim or wade at all. Walk about, cook & eat fresh sea food and enjoy the great outdoors. See unfamiliar sites and consume the local fare and culture. Also has anyone any info on the carvings of the trees along HWY 90 that were destroyed in Katrina around the Biloxi/Gulf Port area? That's also on out list. Thanks for all the great info, but if snow sets in early we'll have to gut it out and hunker down with the ole keyboard and plot another trip come the thaw.
garmp1 11/05/14 03:24pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Volcano Grill

I have had a Volcano for 3 years and will buy another when this one wears out. It gets almost daily use when camping and it is the 3 fuel model with the Kevlar cover. I love the folding aspect making it very easy to store and so it takes up little room. I have grilled, slow smoked, and cooked with a DO and used the propane to cooked skillet items outside or for a fast grilling when time is short. Do you use the propane feature with the DO? If so is there a huge learning/adjusting heat curve? (I'm just beginning and don't need too many challenges to start with.) And when you don't use it is it hard to remove and convert back to charcoal? Does the cover work adequately when you slow smoke (my other joy to do)? Thanks for the info.
garmp1 11/04/14 03:54pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
Volcano Grill

Anyone have any experience with the Volcano Grill? clicky Pretty interested in getting one, but a bit concerned about the price versus the capabilities. Don't want the 3 with the propane, just the 2 and maybe the cover/lid. (we are getting into dutch oven cooking). Warranty pretty good? Quality? Where's the best deal? Company says Good Sam carries them, but can't find any info on their site. What's the major flaws/downsides? Thanks
garmp1 11/03/14 03:48pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Fish Stew from Maine

Boy I sure don't, but if you do, please post it the info. Sounds great! Wouldn't mind trying some.
garmp1 11/03/14 03:39pm Around the Campfire
Gulf Coast Early Dec

Looking for info about the weather and outdoor activity possibilities while camping from Grayton Beach SP, FL west to possibly Tickfaw SP, LA before heading back to St. Louis. My question is we are B campers and like to "camp". We prefer and are equipped to pend the majority of our time outside our B. I guess we are basically tent campers who do longer like to sleep on the ground. Our RV is basically a bed, a microwave and a place to stand. We cook, eat and relax outside the RV only driven inside by nasty weather and bed time. We carry a small electric heater which does a fair job, but is not a furnace. On a break between medical therapy and given the OK to travel we want to head south for some warmth and just plain get away before resuming therapy the end of December. Our window of escape would be the first two weeks in December, tentatively. Been to Florida, but never to the Mississippi/Louisiana area. Gotta stop at Natchez, MS, & Mammy's Cupboard on the way home After this long intro, my questions are: Should I/we start researching for cabins (which we rather not) or take our chances on the state, federal, corp, etc parks? We rather "camp", but don't want to drive two days to shiver in the cold, nasty weather and then find that most attractions or sites are closed for the season. Is one area better than another for availability? Which parks have the easiest access/better beaches. Which parks have the better campgrounds? We prefer tree covered parks, would this be bad for this time of year due to the lack of sunshine? Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
garmp1 11/03/14 03:33pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: What's the best deal you've gotten on a campground?

I stand corrected. Vets are free if only disabled (100%, I'm told). Thanks
garmp1 11/02/14 02:01pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: What's the best deal you've gotten on a campground?

I believe the Geezer pass is free to veterans.
garmp1 11/02/14 07:25am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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