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RE: AT&T Unlimited LTE Hotspot $20 without AT&T phones

Well the Mobility is no longer available or very limited closes one to me is a Best Buy 150 miles down the road. ATT has non in stock. I plan to buy one but was waiting to see if they would update the firmware to operate under motion or detect something on one of the OBDII pins besides ground and power. Right now you can change the time out so no big deal.
garry1p 03/18/17 08:27pm Technology Corner
RE: SCD receptacle replacement

Everything you need to know to install/deinstall. http://www.hubbell-wirecon.com/literature/InstallationGuide.pdf
garry1p 03/15/17 09:08pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Sea Foam vs STAY-BIL?

Sta-bil for long term storage (+4 mo). Sea Foam 1st tank after removing from storage.
garry1p 03/10/17 08:48pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Windy conditions

On the road and winds over 40 I head for a campground. We have been in winds over 60 in campground lots of rocking even with the jacks down. More than once set through tornado warnings can't outrun them so head to bathhouse or just hunker down and pray. Never worried but do know it can get dangerous from really bad storms with creeks flooding, lighting, trees blowing over, high winds.
garry1p 03/05/17 02:02pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: restoring 1987 holaday Rambler

What I have found most of the parts will match to a P30 VAN. Also the parts guy/gal will try to sell you 1 ton pick-up parts but they do not match up.
garry1p 03/04/17 07:46pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Limit bandwidth for Win 10 updates?

Gdetrailer wrote - As far as the OPs concern goes, no, no way to "limit" the bandwidth, but do check to make sure MS is NOT USING YOUR PC CONNECTION FOR UPDATING OTHER PEOPLES PCs. The default for Win10 is to allow MS to use your PC to help distribute their updates, using YOUR Internet connection and YOUR PC instead of theirs.. I'd appreciate hearing more about this - What setting do I look at and How do I change it. Only had Win10 for a month so many things about it are new. Thanks. This makes no sense to me I set here with my WIFI set on low power I doubt my neighbors could use it if they had my passcode. I can see theirs but with out their network being OPEN (very unlikely) how is this possible ??????
garry1p 03/01/17 11:09am Technology Corner
RE: PhotoBucket lost all my pics.

Still doesn't make sense PB didn't have a back-up I'm sure they run raid systems and mirror all drives.
garry1p 02/26/17 09:33pm Technology Corner
RE: Lights on sig

On many vehicles headlights are numbered for left side right side. Example 9007 goes on passenger side 9004 goes on drivers side. If you have 9007s on booth sides you will have one side bright beam and the other on low beam. When you switch from hi to low the lights will also reverse one side hi beam one side low beam.
garry1p 02/26/17 08:42pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: GPS route using "No Left Turn" algorithm?

As she said "Turn right here"...."Left".
garry1p 02/13/17 10:48am Technology Corner
RE: Getting older MH road ready

Agree more info on year make and as others say how long it has been setting. Be careful using starting fluid and only use it after trying to start and have a starting problem. The fluid if overused will dry the cylinder walls and lock up the engine.
garry1p 02/13/17 10:30am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Bitdefender Free Antivirus

I used it for years and just upgraded to Bitdefender AV Plus mainly because it has ransom ware protection. Same virus protection as the free but more options you can't go wrong I also have Malwarebytes installed and the two programs get along just fine. Windows 10 64 bit. Added this post... BD Plus has a secure browser feature for using on a public WIFI you might be interested in.
garry1p 02/12/17 01:39pm Technology Corner
RE: Old coach smells

X2 on mice they give off a musty type order and you smell it as soon as you open the door (ask me how I know}. We put in a large bouquet of eucalyptus and that took the mice smell out until they found a way beck in. Dryer sheets work short time. When all else fails ozone generator works great but you should not occupy the RV while the ozone generator is running.
garry1p 02/07/17 03:33pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: ANY have comments on SAFE T Plus Steering control

I have the Safe T Plus and it does help. I have no steering problem from the unit but it will not FIX the problem just make it drive better and less wander in the wind. A rear track bar "and" the Safe T Plus will make a big difference and that would be my recommendation. Really noticeable improvement when big rigs pass you. Even so when the wind gust is above 35 I start looking for a campground.
garry1p 02/02/17 08:25pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Equalizer Headphones That Do Not Cost A Small Fortune?

I bought a pair of these at a thrift store $10 and they do for me what you are looking for. There is another one on ebay but I did not see the 120V ac power supply mine had both 120Vac or 12Vdc in package. head phones
garry1p 01/28/17 05:33pm Technology Corner
RE: restoring 1987 holaday Rambler

Guess I'm missing something why not use a double or 3 gaskets?
garry1p 01/21/17 04:08pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: inverter/converter problems?

The fact the wires get warm/hot to touch in such a short time tell me the batteries may not be connected correctly or there is a short to ground in the cable going to the batteries. Where are you checking the battery voltage? The fuse is there to protect the wiring and sounds like it is doing its job.
garry1p 01/12/17 07:23pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: No power from shore or generator, ok on inverter, need help

If you bought an inverter without the charge function then you could buy a 60 amp CONVERTER for about the same price as a good battery charger. Your 20 amp charger is really not sufficient for an RV.
garry1p 01/12/17 07:04pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Remote computer access

DYDNS provides the service you are looking for. They do have a free version but no tech support my service is less than $50 a year. No worry about dynamic or static IP since DYDNS takes care of it for you. You will have to set up port forwarding but they can help you with that.
garry1p 01/03/17 06:35pm Technology Corner
RE: C B Radio Help

SWR is the "standing wave ratio" you might want to look it up in Google. Your CB is limited to 5 watts output power A high SWR could reflected as high as 4 Watts of that output power "back into" the CB so a poorly tuned antenna may very well damage your output transistor. So until you figure out the problem limit you transmit time to a few seconds at a time. A high SWR while not good on the receiver side will only lead to somewhat poorer reception and not damage the CB. To tune the antenna for best performance you change the physical length of the antenna on most automobile CB antennas there is a set screw near the base that lets you move the antenna up or down by a half inch or more. They are usually very close where they should be the SWR meter lets you fine tune the antenna. Read the manual some units tell you how you can adjust for best performance using the signal meter on the unit. I agree with others sounds as if the problem is in the coax line or a bad CB. SWR tuning instructions
garry1p 01/03/17 06:02pm Technology Corner
RE: Hydroboost and break power steering problem

When replacing the power steering pump you can bleed the system by turning the steering wheel (engine running) "all" the way to the left then back and all the way to the right. Do this a couple of times. When the brake hose to the wheel cylinders go bad the brakes do not release after you apply the brakes causing that wheel to lock up. RV brakes require a lot more foot pressure than an automobile are you sure you have NO brakes?
garry1p 01/01/17 04:32pm Class A Motorhomes
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