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RE: Davis CA Stealth Camping

k6dcp..I went for a Google drive in the area and I see a lot of no overnight parking/limited to 3 hours signs. I am thinking that if you can scoop an Amtrak spot, I'd shoot for that. It is obviously going to take some pretty clever stealth road craft to find a spot. If you are a member of a church that has a property in the area, you might score a spot. You could approach a church and ask, too, ensuring that you'd be off the parking area by an early hour and not be ON it till after dark, etc. Gary Haupt
garyhaupt 08/21/14 08:05pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Oregon Trip - Will this work?

Eastern Oregon is a big piece of real estate...can you be more specific? The better the weather, the quicker the SP's fill up. Lots of us retired folk head for the coast day after Labour Day. I would think that actually getting a spot will not be big deal, but it might not be the 'best spot'. You are going north to south, I hope. That coastal highway is a hazard if pulling left out of pull-offs to get back into traffic. Everyone accelerates when they see an RV trying to cross back over..mind you, being from Alberta, you'd fit right in. :B The eating is fabulous...the views more fabulous. If you get as far a Brookings, book into the city owned site down by Coast Guard and pay the extra to get a front row spot. Gary Haupt
garyhaupt 08/21/14 12:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: A new two-stage furnace?

I have an Atwood...what model I have no idea. The one I bought is the Atwood Excalibur 23/34, part number 791831, if anyone is interested. And that's the digital stat and all bits and pieces. If you are going to look for one, maybe talk to the poster from NV..although sales are not Forum allowed, so you'll need to move queeeek. You need to know what model his is and if it would work in your application. And I am not installing nuthin...I have troubles just tying my boots. Marty? At Park RV will have the joy. He figures a couple hours. Seemed like a nice gent on the phone, too. Gary Haupt
garyhaupt 08/21/14 12:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: A new two-stage furnace?

Done...ordered to an RV centre in Cody, Wy. Have it installed the 18th. Gary Haupt
garyhaupt 08/21/14 11:31am General RVing Issues
RE: A new two-stage furnace?

Here you go Charlie.. http://rvecafe.com/heat.html Gary Haupt
garyhaupt 08/21/14 11:14am General RVing Issues
RE: A new two-stage furnace?

I am not looking at power conservation somuch, although that never hurts. It was to get a nice flow of warm air, not that blast to the pre-set, then shut-off till it's cold, then back on again..that and quieter. I had an earlier an earlier C and changed to to a digital thermostat for the same reason with no difference, so I wouldn't looking to another digital to improve the situation. Looks like I am just going to have it sent to an RV centre in Cody, Wy and have them do the install. I could have it sent home, but the cost runs the same, after shipping and border fees. Gary Haupt
garyhaupt 08/21/14 10:58am General RVing Issues
RE: A new two-stage furnace?

Hi Gary, Money to burn, eh? (btw it is Don not Ron LOL) Sorry Don...I knew Don, but all wired up, checking this thing, Don. Gary Haupt
garyhaupt 08/21/14 09:51am General RVing Issues
RE: A new two-stage furnace?

Hi Gary, I'd look at a different thermostat. Preferably one with an adjustable anticipator. That way you could adjust the overshoot. Another "fix" is a fan blowing on the thermostat so it will measure the average heat in the RV rather than the "spot" it is at. How much solar do you have? If it is huge, I'd be tempted to add some twelve volt resistance heat to even things out during the day with a diversion load charge controller. Now that I've found an inexpensive charge controller I'm back on track to do a large upgrade to my panels. But Ron...I want to buy this...hhahaha...for $960, on Amazon.com for 620...to my door, is back to the 960. And for 1,400 on Amazon.ca. Are you kidding me? Gary Haupt
garyhaupt 08/21/14 09:37am General RVing Issues
RE: A new two-stage furnace?

Hi Gary, Find out the btu output to the RV. Check the two speed unit and see if it is a match. I'd not trade longer run time for electricity when boondocking (unless you have solar) is a scarce resource. I think you may be a candidate for a Platinum Cat. They are thermostatically controlled and do have a chimney (read, totally safe to use when sleeping). The power vent fan just sips electricity compared to a furnace fan, and you would have the furnace to pick up the load if there is a sudden freeze. Cost would be less than a two speed furnace. If I ever get one I'll locate it in the bedroom as there is already propane plumbed in to just below with a quick disconnect. If your OEM furnace is shot--then by all means upgrade to a two speed unit. Hey Ron...The output is 23,00-34,000. I have solar..lots of it. The thing is always about that HI heat, then off till it gets nice and cold...then back on HI heat again. And no, my OEM runs fine, but this is sucha cool upgrade. Gary Haupt
garyhaupt 08/21/14 09:19am General RVing Issues
RE: A new two-stage furnace?

Atwood is no longer producing the two stage furnaces. The RV manufacturers didn't want to spend the extra $, and chose instead to continue with what they have been using. I have contacted Stag, a supplier and they have some and now I am on the hunt for an RV dealer in Montana or Wyoming, to see what the actual costs would be. ( I am off to Mt and Wy in the next couple weeks, for three weeks.) If anyone wants to suggest a good service centre in either Mt or Wy., I am all eyes... Gary Haupt
garyhaupt 08/21/14 09:01am General RVing Issues
RE: A new two-stage furnace?

Yeah, Golden..all mine is boondocking too..never campgrounds, although for the next three weeks, that is going to change, anyway..back to the furnace...so, you don't think that a two stage would keep your unit warm? I am presuming that the temp would fall back, but perhaps not rapidly? I gotta call Atwood. Gary Haupt
garyhaupt 08/21/14 08:28am General RVing Issues
A new two-stage furnace?

Over in the C Forum, there is a question posed about what to order on a new rig. One of the suggestions was for a two-stage propane furnace. I see that Atwood makes one for RV's (http://www.atwoodmobile.com/furnaces/excalibur-8500-iv-series.asp. The Excalibur models. Does anyone have one of these and if so....yes/no? I am thinking of being able to lower the power consumption? And with a two stage, maybe be rid of that off and on thing, but have a more constant low heat output, low noise fan, too. Any thoughts? Gary Haupt
garyhaupt 08/21/14 08:17am General RVing Issues
RE: Camping world thief

Real simple, folks. It's called "Care, Custody and Control". That basically means they are responsible, no matter what kind of written or implied disclaimer they try to hide behind. You would not leave an item if you knew it was going to be damaged or stolen. They would not have any customers if everyone knew their items would be damaged or stolen. So, by the very fact that they allowed you to leave your property, they implied a reasonable level of security. If they could not provide adequate security, they should have told you not to leave your property or provided a higher level of security. Yes, they do have responsibility for your property! I'd say....read this....and I think the author is correct. The thing is..CW and any other shop is just not going to own up to their responsibility. You are going to have to file some paperwork. Where I live, we have Small Claims....and it is expected that there be no lawyers. It's for the little guy and there are limits to the amount you can sue for. Gary Haupt
garyhaupt 08/21/14 08:11am General RVing Issues
RE: What extras should I insist on in a new Class C

Of all the stuff you folks have listed..the one that really gets me thinking is a two-speed propane furnace. Now I have to go shopping! Gary Haupt
garyhaupt 08/21/14 08:02am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Late Fall boondocking?

- Consider use of a replenishable desiccant stack to absorb moisture continuoulsy inside the RV while camping in cold weather. Okay. No more suggestions Phil..I just bought two off of Amazon. I am about to be off for 6-8 weeks into the fall wilds of BC, Alberta, Montana and Wyoming. Gary Haupt Gary, You did see that they are for 100 cubic FEET (that's a whole 2.8 cubic Meters for those using the SI system). Steve Yeah, Steve, I saw that. I had read reviews and saw gun safe and closet usages. I haven't had an issue to date but just thought I'd toss one in a linen closet and one in the overhead area. I am in the open 2 windows crowd, wear a pair of sox and a T shirt. The more layers of clothing, the more sweat created, more moisture..and so on. During our fall and spring camping, the temps are almost always well below crispy at night and with my bald head and an open window I start out with a toque on. I seem to loose it somehow. Now..our Triple E has Thermo windows and great insulation, so that contributes to a very easily warmed and controlled environment. Gary Haupt
garyhaupt 08/20/14 02:35pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: thieves at Rondeau

From my experience at Shuswap Prov Park over two summers, it sort of runs in cycles. We'd go for a couple weeks then all hell would break lose. Even during the day. In two years we never caught anyone and that wasn't from lack of trying. We'd lie doggo out in the weeds and nothing...go have lunch one day and the radio would just take off, with reports of mad campers, coming back from the beach to no beer, no dinner steaks. And the economics of having the police spending much in the way of resources just doesn't make sense. A cooler is anywhere from 20-100 bux. Some beer or food...a few more dollars vs $100,000 a year for a patrol officer doing that rather than their regular work. I know..it sucks, but there it is. Gary Haupt
garyhaupt 08/20/14 02:21pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: WiFi available, Canada

Wifi is everywhere...Timmy Hos', MickieDees, many food stores. I might suggest getting a USB type plug in antenna. Boosts the available signals and allows you to access the wifi from your rv. Poncho..and any other CDN's heading south. I bought a T-Mobile phone and card at Wal-Mart this past spring. $50.00 a month for unlimited International talk and text. The coverage was spotty, but I still had it when I decided I needed it to call home. I am more of a free wifi fan, but we had renovations going on and I needed to be reachable easily. Gary Haupt
garyhaupt 08/20/14 01:17pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Need some common sense.

With boats it's called 2 foot-itis.The need/desire to go buy something bigger or newer. Your husband has the bug and despite all of the input here and common sense, he will push for a B. It's cooler. Newer, etc. Unless of course it is you that has the bug. Nonetheless, a B for a 6 month trip? That is long time to live in a closet, no matter how cool. Having a proper bed, a full shower, a decent galley and eating area...or not. Gary Haupt
garyhaupt 08/20/14 11:02am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Late Fall boondocking?

- Consider use of a replenishable desiccant stack to absorb moisture continuoulsy inside the RV while camping in cold weather. Okay. No more suggestions Phil..I just bought two off of Amazon. I am about to be off for 6-8 weeks into the fall wilds of BC, Alberta, Montana and Wyoming. Gary Haupt
garyhaupt 08/20/14 10:20am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Late Fall boondocking?

I too am liking the idea of a desiccant stack....would this work? I figure two of them..one fore the other aft. http://www.midwayusa.com/product/141736/stack-on-wireless-rechargeable-silica-gel-desiccant-dehumidifier-protects-100-cubic-feet-white Or http://www.amazon.com/Stack-On-SPAD-100-Wireless-Rechargeable-Dehumidifier/dp/B001F0IH22 Gary Haupt
garyhaupt 08/20/14 10:06am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
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