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RE: RV travel to Canada

Are any and all guns not allowed? Like an O/U shotgun or lever action rifle? How about prescription meds? Do NOT accept anecdotal information on this subject. Go the Canadian Border Services website and if you are not sure after that, then call them and ask. If you show up with a prohibited weapon they won't just give you a stare. And God help the traveler that figures on 'forgetting' about a piece of kit in the back somewhere. Gary Haupt
garyhaupt 01/25/15 03:18pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: B.C. Parks fee increase

It appears to me that most of the parks are run by contractors, not BC Parks employees. To my knowledge, that is the case in all of BC Parks. Gary Haupt
garyhaupt 01/25/15 02:09pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: 52yo guy solo c?

You don't say where you are. Could you do that? Reason is that there are places where people gather that might provide you with good opportunities. For other suggestions...if you have a dog? walking a dog is a sure fire way to meet people. Same goes for cycling. I have traveled solo often..and will be again for 6 weeks come mid-March, and yes, it can be hard. There are some dating sites...Plenty-of-Fish, for one, that also shows meeting times and places...people gather someplace, have conversation and on their way. You don't gotta be looking for a date..it just gives one a chance to meet people and chat. Gary Haupt
garyhaupt 01/25/15 12:10pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: B.C. Parks fee increase

Hi, Our governments in Canada seem to enjoy taking the camp out of camping. I much prefer small town RV parks where the fee is low.i prefer bc forest service rec sites where the fee is 0 and the fishings good. i haven't paid to camp in a very long time.rving in provincial parks costs money.camping is free. hush Gary Haupt
garyhaupt 01/25/15 09:09am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: RV travel to Canada

Believe me, people don't get hassled just because the agent is having a bad day. Yeah, they do. You've just been lucky so far, Gary. Okay...fair enough. Let me re-phrase...I have never been hassled because an agent had a bad day. I have had some pretty intense searches, too...and I have food taken..damned garlic and onions...but, it's just part of what happens. Gary Haupt
garyhaupt 01/20/15 07:55am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: RV travel to Canada

This border crossing stuff gets people so tangled and worried. Of the hundreds of thousands of crossing every month, few have issues and most of those are because they contravened a Canadian or American law. Believe me, people don't get hassled just because the agent is having a bad day. There was a reason. Now, it is entirely possible that in fact, nothing is wrong, and it doesn't take long to get cleared. Do your homework, call the border services of the country you are going into and ask questions. If you are going to carry a weapon, call and ask if what you carry is permitted. If you have a criminal record, call and see if you are good to enter or not. Foods and booze are always issues for people. Go to websites and "go learn". And...don't rely on anecdotal information from anyone. Ask the right people. Gary Haupt
garyhaupt 01/19/15 07:35pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Evidence of water - deal breaker?

yeah...as was said above, unless they have opened up the ceiling and walls and have the pictures to prove that and will sign an affidavit to that effect, all they are doing is stopping more water, not repairing the damage and the damage is about rot and mold. That mold can/will make a person really sick and is just plain dangerous. Gary Haupt
garyhaupt 01/19/15 12:05pm Class C Motorhomes
With fuel prices dropping....

What better time to do that trip to Alaska, eh? Gary Haupt
garyhaupt 01/19/15 12:01pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Oregon Coast Trip

You really can't make a mistake doing the Oregon coast at any time. Fall is likely best, but for those that cannot go then...it's probably like the eastern seaboard....no really bad time. There are chains like Mo's that find favour..and then there are the small mom/pop joints that just about make your hair stand on end for good food and happy people. If you are into oysters and beer...you could be eating fresh oysters and quaffing a cold one first thing in the morning with the locals..and I happen to think that that is one of lifes blessings. Lots of craft beers to be tasted. If you enjoy wines, Oregon has a famous industry. And if it is raining...you put on your wet-skins and go walking on the beaches, hang out on the bridge in Depot Bay and try to avoid the breakers/wind combo, watching the USCG training boats out on the break. There are several cheesy places...Tillamook and Bandon. Almost every small city-town along the road has a beach view. There are lots of breakwaters that give safe passage for the small boats that access the sea. Plus the surfers that inhabit those same areas. The best suggestion is to take your time. The cool stuff is around every turn. Get off the 101 at every opportunity and go exploring. you can quite easily invest a week...7 days...if you can just kick back and cruise around. Oh..and take an electric heater with you. If it's a wet trip, you'll need to dry your stuff and so on. http://youtu.be/zs4uQ_HBfXc Gary Haupt
garyhaupt 01/19/15 11:08am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Oregon Coast Trip

Whale watching...you may not find a cg with viewing of that, but...looking at this Google map, just north of a place called Manzanita is a great pull off for watching and they have a Volunteer stationed there to help you locate and then tell you lots. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Manzanita,+OR,+USA/@45.720563,-123.9408869,3a,75y,90t/data=!3m6!1e2!3m4!1s4061119!2e1!3e10!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x5494b61a5fb38495:0x9b94c876e8acf657!6m1!1e1 Just south of Manzanita is a fab State cg...Nehalem..and you can walk up onto the grassy dunes hills and stroll for miles. Gary Haupt
garyhaupt 01/18/15 12:36pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: CB use in Canada

CB's are almost a waste. Unless you are traveling in tandem with other units, then you can yak back/forth. But..for that, one might as well just have a set of FRS radios. Then you can carry them around to help with the spotting-yelling fun. I see you are in Alaska...? but asking about radio use in Canada. You may want to be very careful about this. In Canada, a VHF can be used by people to communicate..ie: truckers, logging truck or mining operations, too, without a license. There are three common freqs in Canada known as LADD 1, 2 and 3. Those same freqs are used by Emergency/First Responders in the US and for sure, no-one should be using them for any talking. You really need to do some research and determine where you are going to be using any VHF radios. To answer your question tho, about $$'s. You can buy a hand-held VHF that will have about 80 preset channels for about $500.00. This will include the 3 LADD channels. Unless things have changed, a license IS required for a VHF set that allows a person to select channels themselves. Then you can get into HAM radios and that might be more to your needs. Gary Haupt
garyhaupt 01/17/15 03:34pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
CDN snowbird advisory....

The rule about how long we can stay in the US hasn't changed but the tracking information sharing has. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/canadians-going-to-u-s-for-long-stays-need-to-be-mindful-of-changes-says-mp-1.2912096 Gary Haupt
garyhaupt 01/17/15 11:16am General RVing Issues
RE: Oregon Coast Trip

You will see that there are no complaints about the Oregon coast trip you are planning. Only great tips. The only thing I want to add....is plan to go to the coast at the north end of the state. That will have the water and views on your right as you drive down. Going the other way, has you having to cross the highway often...like every 2 or 3 miles...to go look and that is a tough bit of pavement. Getting off the highway is not so bad but getting back into traffic is bad...even dangerous because people see an RV as an obstacle to NOT allow in. Even other RV'rs will accelerate to get in front of you as you are trying to pull out thru traffic and into the north-bound traffic flow. I kid you not and have done the drive many many times. Yes..reservations in State parks. They are truly the best. There will be no boondocking to be found. (there are a coupe of beaches where there is parking lot camping and a couple of highway rest areas but as was said..August? ha... Book as soon as you can to avoid the camp ground grind. (That's driving in and out of every campground looking for a vacancy.) There are only a few cg's at the beach, so do your research now. http://www.oregonstateparks.org/index.cfm?do=visit.dsp_find Gary Haupt
garyhaupt 01/17/15 09:47am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Slabs and other sorrows

I am on several Facebook pages for the Slabs, and no, no raid. Sorry to disappoint you. There was a death of well known lady the other day. She was on a form of life support and that was terminated. That would explain the authorities. Gary Haupt
garyhaupt 01/16/15 03:26pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Quartzsite snowbirds not here..Update They have arrived.

I wonder what the effect of the CDN loonie dive against the US greenback is having? Has to be having some negative impact. Gary Haupt
garyhaupt 01/14/15 10:45am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Camping with PTSD

I have met and camped with people that have had issues and the thing that seemed to work for them, was telling those that are closest to them about the concerns. That way, if things go side-ways, then someone has a handle on what is happening and can play a vital role in keeping everyone else in check. You may not be comfortable in sharing the info, and I wouldn't suggest you say anything to anyone if you are. It was just my experience, is all. Gary Haupt
garyhaupt 01/11/15 08:53pm General RVing Issues
RE: Route to Alaska all the way through Canada?

Operating an RV and spending a bunch of time arguing about how to save a few bucks on fuel is a wee bit of a conundrum, no? Take the route you haven't before. See stuff you haven't seen before. Meet people you wouldn't have even said hello to. Or not, but man...there is so much to see in this world, if you just stick to the same old routes, same scenery and same people....well, I just think that that is such a lost opportunity. Gary Haupt
garyhaupt 01/07/15 10:51am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: How much should I expect to pay for fuel pump?

Manufacturer shop prices. That just sucks. I see that your state has a fairly active consumer complaint office. You might consider launching a formal compliant with them. Gary Haupt
garyhaupt 01/07/15 07:39am Class C Motorhomes
RE: How much should I expect to pay for fuel pump?

Thanks for all the reply's. And to answer the question of how much gas is in the tank..... We've only driven about 50 miles since a full tank top off... Does that all get dumped? Or will they put it back in? Thanks again! They put it all back. They'll just drain it out out into 5 gallon type plastic fuel jugs, then pour it back in. Gary Haupt
garyhaupt 01/04/15 06:45pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: How much should I expect to pay for fuel pump?

The only consolation, is that because it'll be done at a Ford shop, should there be any 'issues', you have that covered. A local shop can be fine, but not when you are far from home and something goes sideways. Gary Haupt
garyhaupt 01/03/15 10:14am Class C Motorhomes
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