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RE: Bucket List

I checked on google maps and it shows the road is called townhill Rd going East from Masset. It did not show the rv park at the end. At the end of the road there was a small RV park where you backup to the beach. Great place to go, and they were catching crabs with some hip waders right at the beach there. I would go back there anytime. I was driving a 28ft motorhome and would not go with anything too much larger than that. Have a great bucket list trip... It is a provincial campground..and is as you describe. Small-ish. His 25ftr will be just fine. The beach is known as Agate Beach...bring buckets for the things to be kept. As for crabbing...I know some folks and can ask the question. It may be somewhat restricted..Haida fishing laws. Have checked and yes...there are restrictions for non-Haida. Gary
garyhaupt 06/04/18 07:23pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Bucket List

as I said "taking the Ferry from Prince Rupert to Skidegate" If you have Rv'd on Haida Gwaii I would love to hear what you have to say. Yep... in the RV. What do you want to know about? One good tip...on the ferry over, you are traveling at night. A sleeping cabin is $100.00...a very sound investment. Coming back is daytime..not so necessary. It is going to cost you $1000.00 for the ferry. Gary
garyhaupt 06/04/18 07:01pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Bucket List

As you said...from Prince Rupert.... Been there twice...if I can be of any help, let me know. Gary Haupt
garyhaupt 06/04/18 05:22pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Peachland, Summerland, and Penticton BC

I am hesitant to add this...it is already a crazy weekend...but, it is THE best weekend for adults of a certain vintage. June 20-22nd...The Beach Cruise. Hundreds..and I do mean hundreds of vintage cars here for the weekend. Cruisin, paradin, hangin out. They park a bunch of them on the Okanagan Lake shore line and people just spend hours..admiring the great restoration jobs. All weekend end long..impromptu cruising all over the place. Then..just to fill in any gaps, there is the Elvis Festival. And if you need to ask? You are either too young or dead. The problem is, as always, here..is finding places to camp. Lots of folks boondock anyway..all summer long. Wal-Mart, Safeway. If you get jammed up? I have a long curb. Gimme a shout. hauptgw@gmail.com Gary Haupt
garyhaupt 06/04/18 10:50am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Rubber seal?

The house is a Dolphin...the vrooom vrooom part is a Ford or GM. Take it to an auto glass shop. They have miles of rubber seals...have to use that when fixing vehicle windows. Gary Haupt
garyhaupt 05/20/18 07:38am General RVing Issues
RE: My Anger Meltdown over Service Dept.

To answer your real question? Yes...men in shops often act in a very rude and condescending manner towards women. Gary Haupt She stated that the service manager was a woman. Right you are...thanks for pointing that out. I shall re-word my post. Gary
garyhaupt 05/16/18 10:07am General RVing Issues
RE: My Anger Meltdown over Service Dept.

To answer your real question? Yes...men in shops often act in a very rude and condescending manner towards women. I am correcting my wording here..I had said "men" and in her case, was a woman. People that work at the desk of shops..."often act in a very rude and condescending manner towards women." Gary Haupt
garyhaupt 05/15/18 07:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: Little or no mechanical knowledge or capability

If you are someone who purchased a motor home and don't have much of a capability to do the maintenance yourself I would like to hear what you have to say. Does your motor home have a factory warranty? How has that worked out for you? How much of an inconvenience is it to take it in to the dealer for work to be done? If not a factory warranty do you have an extended service agreement that you paid for? What does it cover? How has that worked out for you? Are you able to have the work done anywhere while on the road? {If you buy new, you get two warranties. Your vroom vroom part..and 'the house'. Vroom is easy...unless you live in a small-ish place where maybe they don't have a building big enough to handle your truck RV. There are just a bunch of good and bad stories about 'house' warranty issues. Good luck with that. Getting emergency repairs done to the house is usually a 'good experience'. It's when you are home and needing big time work that things seem to go sideways. Keep ALL your documentation. Take lots of pictures. Make notes when you are talking on the phone to a rep. Try to do it on E mail...keep THAT.} If no warranty or service agreement, where you have to pay for anything that goes wrong yourself, how has that worked out for you? Where do you take your motor home for maintenance/repair both at home and on the road. {If you get an extended warranty...again..lots of good/bad stories. If you do a Google search on reviews, you will find the biggest reason Warranty companies decline is oil changes. Get them done at a shop that is accredited and get them often. DIY guys get beat on this..they change their own oil..have a warranty claim that has NOTHING to do with oil changes. Warrant company asks for docs on oil changes. No docs? No Warranty.} Do you ever utilize a mobile repair outfit that comes to your home? How has that worked out for you? {Yep..and loved it. Came to me. Most..not all, but so many, problems are electrical in nature. Mobile tech has meter..does the trouble shooting..orders new part that you pay for, right then and there...mobile tech comes with part and installs.} Do you have a roadside assistance agreement on your motor home and is that covered by your your factory warranty, extended service agreement, or do you pay for it separately? {A dealer may say it is included...there is NO FREE LUNCH. You bought that when you bought the RV. There are only a few Roadside Assistance companies and really? They are all good. The problems arise when there is no service centre close by. It can take forever to get a tow truck. But..it is the same tow truck no matter which company you have. Some tow people are great..some not so much.} If you buy privately buy the Roadside Plan with whomever you choose. But have one. One service call will more that pay for the year. Gary Haupt
garyhaupt 05/15/18 04:17pm General RVing Issues
RE: Little or no mechanical knowledge or capability

"If your car taillight goes out, do you take it to the shop or do you replace the bulb yourself?" Good question....have you changed out a taillight in a new car lately? Have to pretty much take the inside rear apart..and find and disassemble the wiring. No longer a simple replace light. A front light? Ha... Gary Haupt
garyhaupt 05/15/18 02:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: Little or no mechanical knowledge or capability

Most of these macho types that claim to fix their own...then have to have it towed to get actually repaired. I am in your category. I have velcro on my shoes...I can hardly tie a lace. So..there are some truths talked about here...having an RV can be expensive, no question. As is a boat or a wife/husband. Take a pet to the vet? Oh man..now we are talkin big bucks. The trick I have found is...remembering that there are two distinct components. The living part..the actual RV..and the vroom vroom part..that which makes the RV go somewhere. RV repair shops are $$. One of the ways to mitigate that is go on-line shopping for the busted 'thing'..fridge, hot water tank, furnace, etc. By all means...do your counter shopping too..then find a shop that will install what you show up with. They won't warranty the item..just their work, but you will be shocked what the $ difference is. For the vroom vroom part...your local wrencher can handle it. Besides, unless you have the very $ scanner, you can't even determine what's wrong, let alone fix it. I do carry a cheap scanner so when I get a code? I can a) have some idea what it is..and b) cancel it, for the time being. Until I get home for the wrencher to do his magic. Don't be fooled into thinking you can change a tire on the road. Have a GOOD emergency road service contract. The biggest key to keeping it on the road? When something quits or gets bent...fix it, ASAP. The longer you wait..the more that needs attention..and pretty soon you aren't taking care of it because the bottom line...welll, lets say, just fix it sooner than later. Do NOT lend it out...or rent it. Not ever. Gary Haupt
garyhaupt 05/15/18 11:02am General RVing Issues
RE: Glacier National Park....

Howdy Phil...I have driven that highway in my '72 VW van..the orange one, and in a C..but not my 4x4, no. Since I moved to warmer climes, the truck doesn't get the work-out it used to. Gary
garyhaupt 05/14/18 09:51pm General RVing Issues
Glacier National Park....

Operators view...clearing the Going To The Sun Highway https://www.facebook.com/GlacierNPS/videos/10155783513194912/ Gary Haupt
garyhaupt 05/13/18 10:44am General RVing Issues
RE: Calling All Canadians in BC - Legal Address - Help!?

Right off...this is on the wrong Forum. You want to talk to CDN's, then post in the CDN Forum. eh. Gary Haupt
garyhaupt 05/06/18 07:22pm General RVing Issues
RE: Porteau Cove Prov. Pk.

Fill yer boots... http://www.env.gov.bc.ca/bcparks/explore/parkpgs/porteau/ What is not mentioned..there is a pretty busy rail line right at the backdoor. As long as everyone likes trains, all is good. It's a really pretty spot. Looks out over Howe Sound. Gary Haupt
garyhaupt 05/01/18 09:07am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Video TR: Utah's West Desert - wild horses & Pony Express

Oh yeah baby!!....Been into Utah many times but not out in the weeds like this. Very cool. Gary Haupt questions sent in pm.
garyhaupt 04/25/18 05:00pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: New York Boondocking

In fact..yes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0mXtEjjtW4 Skip to 4:08 Gary Haupt
garyhaupt 04/17/18 12:17pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: What to Buy in US (Everett WA) Before Crossing into Canada

I see nothing open in Dawson in the way of a truck stop. I see a Canadian Tire...go there. The washrooms will be in-store and open. Get some water jugs and some rubber hose...fill them in the washroom...tell staff you are in trouble, etc and will clean up a wet floor. Toss some RV antifreeze down the sink and toilet...get some into the tanks...right? Gary Haupt
garyhaupt 04/17/18 09:54am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Convert to tankless?

I appreciate everyone telling me that basically my wife needs to "tough it out" and deal with navy showers, but I'm saying that if that's the case we are not going on any trips and we are selling the RV. My wife isn't the "roughing it" kind of woman, she has long hair and takes time with her appearance. One of the reasons we got a motor home instead of a trailer is that it makes the trip easier. I don't view installing a tankless system as being a big problem, if it makes her ok with the RV then it is well worth it. That being said, I will investigate that the system is working properly before switching over. I shower just fine without shutting hot water off at all! And you are not alone. My partner, she of long red hair and a lady that has to do her 'face' before anything else, is a case in point. The thing is, for us, is that she loves being out in the RV, so making it work, was a great motivator. The Navy shower thing she decided if that was had to happen? She would do that. Hair...well, that is truly a 'red-line' for us. We boondock all..ALL.. the time, so this is our deal. If we are off in the weeds, she will go three days without doing her hair. Then..it's hair day, she still does the Navy shower thing, to ensure hot water. (At home..let her try the hot water on steady and see where it ends.) And then we are off to replenish the water tank. Wouldn't be the first time I was dumping and refilling..showering and hair and then refilling all in the same spot, too (moving out of the way off course). Gary Haupt
garyhaupt 04/17/18 09:47am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Convert to tankless?

There is only one way to maintain a steady supply of hot water...water on to wet then off..soap up...water back on to rinse. That is what is called a Navy shower. If she has long hair? That's a whole 'nother joy, right there. You don't have to actually turn water right off at the head...just turn it down to dribble. The pump noise will drive you nuts tho. Gary Haupt
garyhaupt 04/16/18 09:40am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Ever want to go to London?

All I wanted to do was firstly, ask for tips as I was on my way to London. And, secondly now...to offer those that want to, a peek at my London pictures. Gary
garyhaupt 04/13/18 11:36am General RVing Issues
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