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RE: Post your pics of F250 with 2000 lb pin weight

you wont need them with the gas engine in the 250. its when you get the heavy diesel engine it eats up alot of your payload capacity. Say what? Heavy diesel is on front axle. Heavy pin weight is on rear axle. Airbags do not change payload, they level sagging trucks. Chris I get what he is implying though... take two otherwise-identical trucks, one gasser and one diesel, and in f250 form, the gvwr will be 10k for both vehicles. The extra weight of the diesel will eat into the available payload, despite the weight being over the front axle.
gijoecam 04/20/14 04:46pm Tow Vehicles
RE: emergency brake cable

On some Fords (and I don't know if yours is one offhand) you can pull the excess cable from the pedal mechanism, then insert a pin into a hole on the pedal assembly (I was able to use a small screwdriver) to hold that spring tension off the front end of the cable. THen, if you can manage to disconnect any of the clips, you can separate any cable you want. (I was replacing the front cable on mine, and couldn't separate the clip without a hammer, punch, and solid board to whack it on)
gijoecam 03/20/14 01:06pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Post your pics of F250 with 2000 lb pin weight

It's gonna squat. Period. If it doesn't, something is wrong. The squat on some of the trucks is going to look extreme. I have a crew cab short bed with the plow prep package, 6000lb axles under both ends and a V-10 instead of a diesel. Also, the front and rear wheel openings are shaped differently. It's barely 'level' unloaded, and a bit nose-high with the trailer connected. It looks like it squats a country-mile when I hook up, and returns almost to level when I engage the WD bars. When I measured the squat at the wheel wells while hitching, it was less than an inch. Does it matter? Not at all. I'm over it.
gijoecam 03/20/14 12:31pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2015 Ford F-150 unveiled

I'm not too concerned about the aluminum... I mean, GM made cars by Rubbermade for decades!
gijoecam 01/19/14 07:32pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2015 Ford F-150 unveiled

The lifespan of LED lights is MUCH longer than conventional halogens. Is it worth the investment? Probably not... In my 98 Explorer, I've replaced the halogens twice. It would take a lot to convince me that I need $700 worth of headlamps when I can get by with $30 in replacement bulbs. I don't see the aluminum repairs being tha tmuch worse than the steel they are replacing. They've been using aluminum for the hoods on the half-ton Fords since '97. Does it cost more to paint them than it does a steel one? Not to my knowledge...
gijoecam 01/19/14 05:37pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Making sense of Tow #'s

Also look at the HD option this push's the F150 closer to a F250 in towing ability Umm, yeah, no... Not really. There is one particular combination of F150 that can tow about a hundred pounds more than the least capable F250, but that's about the only overlap. Every other F250 is more capable on paper, and, quite frankly, the experience is night-and-day. For towing trailers in the weight range the OP is considering, he's well into 3/4 ton territory.
gijoecam 01/19/14 05:05pm Towing
RE: F250 Towing Question

Hi Guys: We have chosen a TT that weights 8,000 lbs. and now that we know an F150 5.4L V8 won't be enough, will a 2003 F250 5.4L V8 pull it without a problem? I'm asking because it's an older F250 but with only 95K on it. Thanks! The engine produces the same HP unless it's an older 2v 5.4L The 250 is just a heavy chassis and running gear. That being said is the TT 8000lbs GVW or 8000lbs empty? If it is GVW and your F-150 is 2wd in good shape I would drop in lower rear end gear. Ford puts 3.55 and 3.73 gears for the fuel mileage but they suck for heavy towing. An 8k lb travel trailer with be north of the limit for the F150 regardless of which gears it has. The GVWR will be right at the limit, if not over, the tongue weight will undoubtedly be over the limit as well, which will likely ush the rear GAWR over its limit too. All around, 8k is F250 territory (for that generation of F150). Having pulled our 6k travel trailer with my F150 (extended cab, 5.4 4x4) its performance was marginal at best. Now, add an extra 2000lbs of trailer and an extra 1500lbs of truck, and while it will be capable on paper, its performance will be anemic at best. It'll get you there, but it'll be huffin' and puffin' to do it. V-10 on the other hand, will drag it around all day long. (It's what we went with when we upgraded two summers ago)
gijoecam 01/19/14 04:56pm Towing
RE: Which tires on Triple Axle to put tire chains on?

Clearance and legal issues aside for a moment, just thinking from a purely physics standpoint for a second... Here's my opinion: If you have torsion axles, it won't make a difference in terms of grip function. If, however, you have conventional leaf springs with an equalizer, I would recommend the rear-most axle. Why? The brakes exert a moment around the axle. Essentially, the brakes want to force the axle to rotate in the direction of travel. In theory, if only the rear axle is gripping the the ground, it will tend to force the front of the rear spring down. Because of the equalizer, that downward force on the rear will result in an upward force of the front, thereby removing some force from the front axle. That force will get transferred to the rear axle, which should further aid in tractive ability. If, however, you install the chains on the front axle, the resulting braking force will tend to force the rear of the front spring upward, which till force the front of the rear spring downward. That motion would tend to lever weight off the front axle and apply it to the rear, which is the exact opposite of what I think one would want in the at situation...
gijoecam 12/21/13 07:25pm Towing
RE: F-150s selling as fast as they can make them

The F series Ford has been the best selling truck for over 25 years,and tonight they reported on the news,they are selling at a rate of one every 42 seconds! Man that's a lot of trucks! My son works for Ford and indicates the problem is the are coming off the assembly line at a rate of 1 per minute. Hmmmm.... I also work for Ford. You must have missed my post where I pointed out the obvious: They make the F150 in two plants and the Super Duties in a third. Even if a truck only comes off the line once a minute in each plant, that's still three trucks a minute, or once every 20 seconds.
gijoecam 12/19/13 10:54am Tow Vehicles
RE: F-150s selling as fast as they can make them

The F series Ford has been the best selling truck for over 25 years,and tonight they reported on the news,they are selling at a rate of one every 42 seconds! Man that's a lot of trucks! I don't understand manufacturing or supply side information. It certainly takes a heck of a lot longer to build one than 42 seconds. If they sell one unit every 42 seconds. Ford must have made a lot of trucks before sales even started, or they would quickly sell out existing inventory. I took my family to see the Ford Rouge assembly plant this past August. We were happy to take the tour of the F150 assembly plant. In August, this facility had 1000 plant workers covering two ten hour shifts. A new F150 was coming off the line every sixty seconds. This was an amazing tour to see. This plant produces every F150 trim line that Ford offers, from basic single cab trucks to the Raptors on the same line. We were told that it takes twenty four hours to complete a truck from start to finish. Actually DAP only makes crew cabs and standard cabs. They are capable of the extended cabs, but don't generally build them there.
gijoecam 12/18/13 07:05am Tow Vehicles
RE: F-150s selling as fast as they can make them

The whole 25 year best selling is not in comparison to CHEVY and GMC together. GM trucks have outsold ford trucks many years over the last 15 they have switched off leads back and fourth. This is not my opinion, this is FACT !!. Check into it all u want. Ford thinks they can claim 25 years #1 sales because they put only against chevy, and any real truck guy will tell u GM trucks include CHEVY and GMC. Still happy for ford, and as I am a GM guy glad to see all three companys doing good. And for many of those last 15 years, Ford outsold the combined Chevy and gmc badges too. Iirc, last year was close at just over 60,000 trucks...
gijoecam 12/18/13 07:03am Tow Vehicles
RE: F-150s selling as fast as they can make them

How? Ford produces an f series truck every 45 seconds in three different plants. That's how. You sell more than 60,000 trucks a month for seven straight months. That helps. :)
gijoecam 12/17/13 11:11am Tow Vehicles
RE: F-150s selling as fast as they can make them

Fords Claycomo Plant (Kansas City) is running 3 shifts to keep up with the demand. My Son sure likes the OT. I'll be down there this Friday to oversee some inspections on the presses in their new stamping plant! Small world!
gijoecam 12/17/13 08:05am Tow Vehicles
RE: WD hitch on while backing up?

We recently upgraded from a hybrid to a full TT. At the dealership, the salesmen made sure to reminded me NOT to back up with the WD hitch installed. I have been towing with a WD hitch for 4 years and have never removed the WD hitch prior to backing up. Mainly because I forget and there have been no adverse effects. If there would have been consequences then I would have remembered! Now that my camper is heavier and since the salesman reminded me again, I have to ask WHY? Are the physics different going backward then they are forward? I need help understanding. Do I need to remove my WD hitch bars prior to backing up? If it is needed, I have a inexpensive Curtis WD hitch with Torsion bars and chains. rwoods61 Your first mistake is listening to anything the dealer told you with regards to towing. It amazes me how someone who sells travel trailers for a living can be so clueless as to the function of the hitch. When I was told this once in a campground, I asked two questions: 1) How does the hitch know which direction I'm travelling? 2) What damage could occur if I don't? No, the afore-mentioned sway control interference can be a concern depending on your particular rig. If the sway control was not installed properly, or if the trailer tongue has a protrusion for the safety chains that can contact the sway control at certain angles, then yes, it may be possible to damage the sway control, but that can happen in reverse, or while going forward because, again, the hitch components have no idea which direction they are traveling.
gijoecam 12/17/13 07:55am Towing
RE: V10 gas towing fuel economy

7-10. Size won't make much of a difference.
gijoecam 12/17/13 07:46am Towing
RE: 2011 Ford F150 and Travel Trailer

1/3 of the TW does not get transferred to the trailer, show me your weight tickets. Typically it is more like 15-20%. There are numerous examples of three scale weightings on this forum and I have never seen 1/3. It is usually less than 20%. For comparison, my WDh transfers 180lbs to the trailer axle. The tongue weight is 780lbs. That's about 23% if my math is right... But that's not a significant value to focus on as it's not tongue weight that is being transferred, it's weight from the rear axle. The two are not the same...
gijoecam 10/12/13 06:21pm Towing
RE: 2011 Ford F150 and Travel Trailer

First pass: WDH Activated Steer Axle: 4340 Rear Axle: 4280 Trailer: 5560 Gross Combined: 14180 Second pass: Spring Bars removed Steer Axle: 3980 Rear axle: 4820 Trailer Axle: 5380 Gross Combined: 14180 Third Pass: Tow vehicle only Steer Axle: 4380 Rear Axle: 3720 Gross Combined: 8020 I'll save you the math since my spreadsheet already did it all for me: Weight Distributing Hitch Effect Weight levered off the rear axle: 540 Weight transferred to the steer axle: 360 Weight transferred to trailer axle: 180 By my calculations, that's exactly a 1/3 - 2/3 distribution of the weight it levers off. And point to note: That's NOT the same thing as distributing 1/3 of the tongue weight... 780lbs of tongue weight transfers an additional 320lbs off the front axle to the rear axle, increasing the rear axle load by 1100lbs. The WDH transfers 540lbs off the rear axle, and distributes 1/3 of that to the trailer, and 2/3 of that to the front axle. Make sense?
gijoecam 10/12/13 06:17pm Towing
RE: 2011 Ford F150 and Travel Trailer

1/3 of the TW does not get transferred to the trailer, show me your weight tickets. Typically it is more like 15-20%. There are numerous examples of three scale weightings on this forum and I have never seen 1/3. It is usually less than 20%. It's a function of geometry. If the distance from the ball to the trailer axles is twice as long as the wheelbase of the tow vehicle, it will result in approximately a 1/3 - 2/3 proportioning of the weight that the hitch removes from the rear of the tow vehicle. I'd show you my numbers, but can't get to to the spreadsheet from my phone. With our Super Duty and a 30 foot travel trailer, the weight distribution works out to almost exactly 1/3 put back on the trailer. I'd be happy to show you the numbers when I can get back to a proper computer.
gijoecam 10/12/13 05:28pm Towing
RE: Power Tongue jack and rear door clearance problem- Need help

The head can be rotated, the whole unit can be rotated, or you can get a longer hitch drawbar. All three will work just fine.
gijoecam 10/11/13 08:45am Tow Vehicles
RE: Question regarding security relearn.....

Depends on the vehicle. It also depends on the terminology the MFGR is using. Sometimes 'ON meand 'Run' and sometimes 'ON means 'Accessory'. Some vehicles you turn the key beck from the LOCK position to turn on the accessories, some you turn it forward. It all depends... Some are (from most CCW to CW) OFF-ACC-Run-Start others are ACC-OFF-Run-Start What would they suggest for a push-button start? LOL
gijoecam 10/11/13 07:59am Tow Vehicles
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