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RE: securing a travel trailer

The old story comes to mind: Two guys are walking in the woods, and they encounter a bear. One says to the other, "On the count of three, start running." The other says, "You can't out-run a bear!" to which the first replies, "I don't have to out-run the bear. I just have to out-run YOU!" What's my point? Stay with me... Thefts of campers, while exceedingly rare, do occur. The key is to make your camper harder to haul away than the rest of the targets. A wheel lock, coupler lock, etc. don't make your RV theft-proof, and they don't have to. They just need to make it a little tougher to steal than the one in the next site. If a thief really wants your particular camper, they are going to get it one way or another. But in my opinion, thieves are just looking for the easy steal, hence the reason they're stealing one in the first place! Personally, I use a 2-5/16" stainless steel ball that gets latched and locked into the coupler when I unhook the truck. Between the slide-out being out, stabilizers down, and coupler locked, the odds of them grabbing it and going are pretty slim. Yeah, they could always just wrap the safety chains up around the tongue and drag it off, and nothing I can do short of my physical presence will stop them. I take what I feel are reasonable precautions, secure it as best I can, and make sure I pay the insurance bill every summer. Beyond that, I'm not going to worry about it. If someone wants it, have at it! It'll be my excuse to buy a newer/bigger/nicer one the next time!
gijoecam 11/24/14 12:03pm Travel Trailers
RE: Does sideways excite you?

Hmm, nice look... It shortens the maximum length of any single panel! No full length panels! That's why they did it. Howzzat? No sure I understand what you're saying... How does orienting the panels at an angle reduce their length?
gijoecam 11/24/14 11:11am Travel Trailers
RE: Speakers to Lights

CLICKY That should be easy to install and would cover the hole and look good too! Just need to figure out where to mount the switch, somewhere by the stereo would be easy. Just tap into the 12v feed for the stereo and it's done. Great idea, thanks! Would I be safer using the speaker wires as a pull string to get different wires to the lights or just stick with the factory speaker wires? Depends on the size of the wire they ran from the factory, and how they routed it. Won't really be able to make that call until you get in there and see what they ran, and determine if using them as a pull is even possible (likely not if they are stapled anywhere along their length)
gijoecam 11/24/14 10:53am Travel Trailers
RE: Safety brackets

I wouldn't lower the roof onto any supports to take the load off as this could result in one of the cables coming off the pulley and getting wedged, which would be a whole different disaster to deal with! On the Coleman/Fleetwood whiffle-tree setups, each corner is drawn up individually. It would take a catastrophic failure of the whiffle tree or brake assembly for the roof system to let the roof drop, and even then, the door will hold it up. Trust me... It will not let you lower the roof with the door in place. (Everyone tries this once by accident at some point in their ownership!) In the event the brake refused to hold, you could always secure the handle to the bumper in a pinch. :)
gijoecam 11/12/14 08:41am Folding Trailers
RE: For the Ford lovers

Does anyone know if the Super Duty's will also have this new aluminum body? Yes. The next-generation Super-Duty will assuredly have an all-aluminum body.
gijoecam 11/12/14 05:34am Tow Vehicles
RE: For the Ford lovers

Does anyone know if the Super Duty's will also have this new aluminum body? I think you will see the aluminum body Super Duty's in 2016 or 17. What I don't understand is why here in KC we are still making 2014's and will until we go down for Christmas vacation. Seem's odd to me that Dearborn in making 2015's at the same time we are making 14's. JMHO They are doing a staggered launch to maintain inventory and, therefore, maximize sales volume during the transition. They did a similar staggered launch over 18 months back in 96 (for the '97 model year) when they were still running then at three different plants. Trying to launch two plants simultaneously is a massive undertaking and requires twice as many of each resource-- engineers, suppliers, materials, equipment, etc. This is a much more efficient way to do it! ETA: I suspect, though I'm not 100% sure, that the '15 model year trucks will not be sold until after January 1st, and they will probably be making the '15 models into 2016. I heard a blurb on NPR this morning that the '15s won't be sold until after January 1st. The only practical reason for that is that a specific 'model year' vehicle cannot be sold across more than one January 1st. If they wait until January 1st 2015 to start selling them, they can sell the 2015 models until the end of 2016, in theory. Ford did this with the '96 and '97 model year F150s, and again with the 2003/2004 model year F150s. From what I understand, it helps maintain inventory of the outgoing truck, and lets them build some inventory of the new truck before beginning to sell them. Seems strange to me, but if demand for the old one is still high, I say keep buildin' 'em as long as you can!! I mean, heck, look how long they continued to build the Econoline vans!
gijoecam 11/12/14 02:49am Tow Vehicles
RE: For the Ford lovers

I cannot see repairing a damaged aluminum frame. I see a lot of either total losses or frame replacement. Aluminum isn't going to be as easily repaired/straightened as a steel frame would as it would lose a lot more structural integrity. Good thing the frames are steel then!
gijoecam 11/11/14 03:42pm Tow Vehicles
RE: For the Ford lovers

The first 2015 F150 rolled off the assembly line this morning. Except they've been rolling off the assembly line in Dearborn now for roughly 9 months or so in smaller spurts... But today was the first day of full-on production for it. Scrap is not really a concern.... Not sure what they're talking about. You are off a bit ,plant went down end of aug. 8 weeks to retool here Didn't read the link, but, wrong. The body shop went down to retool (I was working next door at stamping... they literally piled all the old automation outside and heaped it into roll-off dumpsters) but they have been running the bodies through paint and final assembly for months.
gijoecam 11/11/14 03:40pm Tow Vehicles
RE: For the Ford lovers

The first 2015 F150 rolled off the assembly line this morning. Except they've been rolling off the assembly line in Dearborn now for roughly 9 months or so in smaller spurts... But today was the first day of full-on production for it. Scrap is not really a concern.... Not sure what they're talking about.
gijoecam 11/11/14 01:07pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Backing up tip

Personally I find it much easier to back in over the passenger side. I'm able to pivot around in the seat and see that side just fine, rather than trying to squint into a mirror. I have a lot more practice backing to that side as that's the only way I can jack-knife it into my current driveway, and despite how narrow it is, I usually manage it on the first shot these days. But the key regardless of which way you go, is practice. Again and again and again. Every site will be different, every situation will present its own set of challenges. Every one will teach you something about handling your rig. :)
gijoecam 08/07/14 02:18pm Towing
RE: Too Much Truck???

For starters, a 9k trailer will have a tongue weight in the 1000-1300lb range. Air up the bags if you think it will help, just readjust the hitch to compensate for it with a lower drop to level the trailer back out.
gijoecam 08/07/14 02:13pm Towing
RE: Another Expy question

Here's another option for you: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ford-E-Series-Van-Handycab-12-Passa-Bus-7-3-Powerstroke-Turbo-Diesel-01-ford-e-350-handycap-12-/131258658959?forcerrptr=true&hash=item1e8fa0308f&item=131258658959&pt=US_Cars_Trucks THen send it over to Quigley for a 4x4 conversion, and you should be golden! ;) But seriously, you could pick up a used e-series with a diesel for under $20, then send it over to Quigley for a 4x4 conversion, and be good to go! More space then you could possibly use, 4wd, and camper-pulling would never be an issue!
gijoecam 08/07/14 02:10pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Another Expy question

If I had 40K to put into a vehicle that had to seat six large (or tall) people, had to have 4WD, and needed to be able to capably tow a decent size trailer, I'd be looking at a van. But not any van... www.quigley4x4.com http://www.quadvan.com/ Both come with full Factory support, and can be serviced or repaired at ANY Ford dealer nationwide. They use mostly off-the-shelf components from Ford. They're not cheap new, but used ones in good shape can be had in that price range easily. It's about a $13k option on a new one, but they can't be beat! There's a 2007 on ebay now with a v-109 and nder 30K on it right now! (Just thinking... Not sure if you can still order them or not as they are being phased-out for the Transit... :( ) ETA: I'm forgetting that they both convert other non-Ford vans into 4x4 as well... I'm a little biased towards the blue oval product myself...
gijoecam 08/07/14 02:03pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2014 Ford Explorer

Haven't towed with it, but I've put about 15k on my company's work vehicle in the last year, a 2014 Explorer Sport. The ride is a little stiff, and I am old enough that I prefer the cushier seats in the Limited over the boards in the Sport. That being said, I love the fact that the EcoBoost makes that tank of an Explorer go like stink! 12PSI of forced induction makes a night-and-day difference compared to the naturally aspirated motor that was in the limited I had a couple months back as a loaner while my truck was in the shop. I would think that towing-wise, it would do about as well as the last-gen Explorers in terms of stability.
gijoecam 08/01/14 03:42pm Towing
RE: 2010 Superduty Cap Wiring Question

A buddy at work suggested something I hadn't thought of: replace the light with one from a camper. It would have a switch built on which I could replace with an spdt on-on switch, feeding one from the some circuit and one from a hot circuit protected by the battery saver relay. A bit more complex than originally planned, but should work well.
gijoecam 06/18/14 03:28pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2010 Superduty Cap Wiring Question

Should be a power wire in the trailer wiring bundle I considered using the switched charge life at the trailer connector as a last resort, but that would also require a switch the light itself does not have one.
gijoecam 06/17/14 04:04pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Hand signal: "You have a flat tire"

I think a universal 'honk-and-point' usually communicates the issue well enough. I've been on both ends of it and never been confused by it.
gijoecam 06/17/14 12:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: Multiple switches for water pump

As Chris previously mentioned, the Intellitec Monoplexer is the easy way to accomplish what you want to do. Richard Good. Have been trying to figure out how to use the shower without running to kitchen and back after I've opened the faucet. Pump switch is in the kitchen and there is no pressure switch in my pump. The pump manual says not to run it against closed faucet. Don't want to add a pressure switch either - it's scary when it suddenly comes on like a thunder. What pump do you have? I haven't seen an RV water pump that didn't utilize a built-in pressure switch to regulate the on/off cycling of the pump.
gijoecam 06/17/14 11:25am Tech Issues
RE: Repair of laundry spigot hook up

Ditto. You could probably get them out, and might be able to disassemble them to the point of being able to get the washer out, and if you're really lucky, find a replacement washer that will work... I'd replace 'em though... It's really not worth the effort.
gijoecam 06/17/14 11:19am Tech Issues
RE: 2010 Superduty Cap Wiring Question

That's certainly the circuit I want to use, but I'm not sure where a good place to catch it and run the wires might be... Unfortunately the schematics don't show anything blunt-cut for that purpose. :(
gijoecam 06/17/14 11:04am Tow Vehicles
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