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RE: Which 5er for double tow?

The combined GVW for an HT is 9,950 pounds. Dry weight is around 7,200 pounds with about 2,700 pounds of additional weight. That's for my 26.5 RLS, but I believe all the others are around that weight limit.
jalichty 10/08/15 05:49pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Black tank

Actually the instructions say to have the drain valve open with using the flushing mechanism, it's right there by where a person attaches the water hose to the flushing mechanism. Hard to miss.
jalichty 10/08/15 09:03am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Which 5er for double tow?

We have double-towed for 22 years now and have been lucky enough to not have any problems and have yet to need to back up. Make sure the hitch is professionally installed and that the I-beams are reinforced from the rear up toward the axles. The welder reinforced ours about six feet forward on our HT. When we bought our HT in 2012, Jayco's owners' manual said that adding a hitch to the FW would void the warranty, I suppose on the frame. However, we went ahead and did it with no problems. Outside of warranty period now, so not a big deal. I see that, now, the HTs can be configured with a rear hitch, but with somewhat limited capacity.
jalichty 10/08/15 09:01am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Route into Yellowstone

A little easier to follow is to go to Rawlins on I-80, turn north at the first entrance and take the right at the stop light. When you get to the end of the by-pass, turn right and go to Three Forks and take a left to Lander. About eight miles from Lander is a Junction, take a right and go to Lander and through on Main Street, drive to Dubois, turns are well-marked, up over Togwotee pass and down to Moran Junction, about 53 miles from Dubois. Enter Grand Teton at the South Entrance and, if you don't want to take a look at some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, just keep going to the South Entrance to Yellowstone, about 45-50 miles away. We have been doing this trip through Lander for about 50 years and I get lost when trying to figure out the highway numbers. Whatever you do, enjoy your trip and do take some time in Grand Teton, it's much prettier than Yellowstone but doesn't have near as many features.
jalichty 10/05/15 07:06pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Hearing aid advice

pkunk, I just replace them when one or the other goes out. If one goes out during the day, I just dispose of both of them that night and put new ones in in the morning. That way, I don't have to figure out whether it's Sunday or not. Just went on a cruise and the only way we could figure out which day it was was to step into the elevator and look at the rug which was changed daily to designate which day it was. Comes with being retired when every day is Saturday except Sunday.
jalichty 09/29/15 08:36am Around the Campfire
RE: Keystone Cougar Bumper Falls Off (almost)

I didn't get a hitch installed by the dealer, but did get one installed by a professional welder. In addition to the hitch, he also put in various support pieces and the hitch snugs right up to the bumper, thereby making it very solid. I have no doubt the spare tire holder will never cause the bumper to fall off the FW.
jalichty 09/26/15 08:04am Tech Issues
RE: New diesel shopping

Sounds like a plan, even if you were to prefer the Chevy, $18,000 buys a lot of fuel and DEF. Hope it works out for you. This coming from a person who has never had a Ford pickup, ever.
jalichty 09/26/15 08:02am Tow Vehicles
RE: Hot water heater question

I generally shut the hot water off when we leave the trailer in the morning to go fishing or sightseeing and then turn it back on when we get back so we'll have hot water to do dishes, etc. I then shut it off when we go to bed as I don't feel hot water serves a purpose when we are sleeping. It's not a matter of saving money, I just turn it off when it's not needed. We did a 3,800 trip last spring, always in campgrounds with electricity but never used the electric side of the water heater, just used the propane as I didn't really need the faster recovery time of using electric and gas at the same time. As said above, if you have to worry about the cost of propane versus electricity, you might be a bit over your pocketbook.
jalichty 09/24/15 08:41am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Hearing aid advice

Not as clinical as some of the posts, but when you get your hearing aids, if you do, I would suggest you go to Amazon and look at Power One hearing aid batteries. They are less than $.30 per battery and work as well as any of the higher priced, major brands I have used over the years, 15 or more, that I have had hearing aids. We recently took a trip, put new batteries in the aids on the day we left on the 28th of August. Replaced two sets on our trip and just put in the third replacements today. From the 28th of August to the 21st of September, 25 days on three sets of batteries or around 8 days for each set. As good or better than any other battery I have used over the years.
jalichty 09/22/15 12:47pm Around the Campfire
RE: generator storage

We put our two Honda 2000s in the passenger side storage space of our FW, make sure the little on/off selectors are turned to off and have not had any "smell" issues. We don't full-time so we don't use that storage space for anything else, other than the Lynx levelers and a couple of chocks. Seems to work ok for us, other than having to lift the generator up over the lip of the storage space. I find that, as I get older, the generators seem to get heavier.
jalichty 09/21/15 07:44am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Da Broncos!

Am I the only person the world who thinks that a team can use the passing game to set up the run game? I, for years, have been saying that and nobody listens. Well, last year the Bronco's running game was pretty good when Maning got into a rhythm with his passing and was pretty good the year before. Looks like teams are blitzing him more and more this year, especially when he has to backpeddle from the center. Doesn't seem to give him enough time to get rid of the ball quickly and results in sacks all too often.
jalichty 09/19/15 08:17am Around the Campfire
RE: Adding a rear hitch...

We have double-towed since 1993 when we put a hitch on our first FW and towed boats weighing anywhere from about 2,000 pounds on the trailer to 5,000 pounds on the trailer. Bought a new FW in 2012 and first thing I did was have a hitch fabricated for the rear of the FW so I could tow my Crestliner Super Hawk 1900. I would recommend you get a hitch put on that is fabricated and welded and not a bolt-on hitch. Might cost a bit more, but well worth the piece of mind. By the way, Jayco said that putting a hitch on my 2012 FW would void the warranty but due to the very professional job by the welder, there have been no frame problems. Just be careful and don't get into spots where you might have to back up, that would be a real bear of a problem, one we have been lucky enough to escape so far. If you get a fabricated, welded hitch, make sure the welder reinforces the frame from the rear toward the axle, ours reinforced the frame about six feet from the rear forward. Go for it, with the FW you have, there should be no frame problems with a hitch properly installed. I have some pictures of my installation, but have been unable to put them on this site. If you wish, send me a private message and I'll send them to you. However, we are leaving for three weeks tomorrow so, if you don't do it quickly, it will be a while.
jalichty 08/27/15 08:30am Fifth-Wheels
RE: How bad is the smoke in Grand Teton/Jackson Hole area?

The fire in Yellowstone is very small and is being allowed to burn as there is minimal area for it to affect and no structures. Some campground spots are closed for now. Looks like the smoke started clearing out around here, three hours away from Grand Teton, and it's pretty clear right now, at least compared to earlier this week.
jalichty 08/26/15 08:26am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: How bad is the smoke in Grand Teton/Jackson Hole area?

We were in Grand Teton last week through Monday. Until Sunday morning, the views were great with almost no haze. Sunday morning you could barely see Mt. Moran from Colter Bay. Same down here in Lander, about three hours away on the eastern side of the Wind River Mountains. It has steadily gotten worse this week to the point where we can't see the mountains about two miles away, or less. A friend of my wife's said they were in Jackson today and didn't get to see the Tetons. However, 10 days is a lot of time and they may clear up before you get there. Probably will be some eye discomfort and you may be able to smell the smoke, we certainly can here. But, there are so many other things to do in Grand Teton other than looking at the Tetons, that I would urge you to go anyway and just enjoy yourself in one of the prettiest parts of our country, even if it's smoky.
jalichty 08/22/15 04:46pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Another tire question - one going bald on side

Thanks for the replies. I was thinking something might be wrong with the axle. I had the bearings repacked last fall and before that there was no uneven wear. So, when I do this, I'll have the axle looked at as well as the bearings. I just might go with the spare and worry about replacing all of them in year or two when they get five or six years old, assuming I don't have any problems needing replacement before then.
jalichty 08/18/15 04:44pm Towing
Another tire question - one going bald on side

Folks, I have a Jayco HT 26.5 RLS that we purchased in Jan. 2012 and have used the last four summers with no tire problems. We took a 3,500 mile trip last spring as well as going to Zion and up to and back from Grand Teton National Park 12 times. However, when hooking up at the Park on Monday I noticed that the inside tread in going bald on the driver side rear tire. All the other tires look fine. The tires are Marathons, OEM on this trailer, 225 75R 15 Load Range D. I don't really want to replace all four tires so was considering buying two new Marathons and replacing the two rear tires. I haven't looked at the production dates, but they don't seem to be showing any signs of cracking or other problems associated with "old" tires. I looked at Maxxis tires, but the prices kind of scare me off, as well, we don't have any dealers for Maxis around here in the middle of Wyoming. What do you think about the idea of buying two tires and simply replacing both the rear tires at this time? Or, taking the spare off the back and buying one tire and using the balding one as the spare?
jalichty 08/18/15 12:56pm Towing
RE: Yellowstone/GTNP: move or stay put?

Signal is a pretty campground but has pretty severe limits on the length of the RV, I think 25 or 26', so if you look at Signal, make sure your RV will be accepted. Gros Ventre is a fairly nice campground with some electric for access pass type people, but we stayed there last spring and felt it was not as convenient to most of GTNP as is Colter Bay. Colter Bay also has some electric in the campground for access pass type folks, but does allow some of them to be rented out to non-access pass folks at times.
jalichty 08/11/15 07:45am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Cant get hitched-Trying to leave

ChopperBill, I didn't say that the jaws have to be closed, I just said that that was the way I did it to be able to see the handle move indicating that the jaws had come open and then closed. Thanks to azjeffh for the note from the Reese manual. I don't remember reading this, just started doing this in 1993 when we bought our first FW and have done it ever since.
jalichty 08/10/15 08:40am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Light 5th Wheels

We have a Jayco Super Lite 26.5 RLS that we bought in 2012 and pull it with a GMC 2500HD D/A crew cab short-bed. We have now used it for three summers, including taking it on a 3,500 mile trip last spring. Tows beautifully and if very nice for the two of us, and guests when we have them. Only downside I can talk about is the shortage of space at the rear between the back wall and the slide which causes us to have to move one of the swivel chairs out of the way. It's a very small inconvenience with this trailer and perhaps the 27.5 RLS they are now selling rectifies that. When we drop the FW onto the truck the truck "squats" 1", period. I haven't checked the pin weight since there is almost no reason to do so. I would say that your truck could probably take quite a bit more pin weight if you want to go that way. We went with the Jayco for a couple of reasons. One was that we had a Jayco for 18 years and were quite happy with it, the other is that when pricing and warranty were taken into consideration, Jayco was pretty much on top of the heap. Only real downside that I can see is a little lack of fresh water capacity with only 48 gallons, but that usually gets my wife and I through most of a week, unless we take showers in the FW, then we have to get a little more. Good luck on your search.
jalichty 08/10/15 08:37am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Cant get hitched-Trying to leave

Usually, almost always, we leave the jaws of our Reese closed when hitching up. Then, while backing in you can see the release bar move out and then click back in to signify that the hitch has latched onto the pin. I can even hear it inside my pickup while it's running. Have you tried that?
jalichty 08/08/15 01:39pm Fifth-Wheels
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