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RE: Jayco 5th Wheels Questions

The $11,000 difference is probably worth it, if you want a 37' FW as opposed to a 31' one. When we bought our 2102 HT 26.5 RLS, we didn't want a trailer that was 37' long due to where we store it next to our house and the capacity of the Ram 2500 six-speed manual that we had. After nine months, we traded for a GMC D/A combo crew cab that probably would have carried the Eagle you are looking at. For us, with just the two of us, the 26.5 works great and we have no desire to upgrade to a heavier, longer FW. As far as quality, I think that, as said above, at each price point, you will probably find that Jayco quality is at least equal to anything else out there. And, the 18 gal equivalent is, I think, a six gallon water heater with the ability to throughput 18 gallons of hot water an hour using both gas and electric. Our water heater is six gallon but is rated at a greater equivalent then that.
jalichty 06/20/16 08:57am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Yellowstone National Park, Buffalo Jams

ORbiker, where did you have to be in such a hurry that you didn't have the time to enjoy what the Parks have to offer? There should be a special place for people who drive as fast as they can to get through a Park so they can say they've "seen" the Park. "Seeing" a Park is not the same as experiencing it. We were in Yellowstone about 2 1/2 years ago in October and ran into three Bison jams in one afternoon. No one was in a hurry to get anywhere and, as far as I can tell, everyone enjoyed seeing a magnificent animal pretty close up.
jalichty 06/16/16 07:48am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Need Jayco Fifth Wheel Feedback

We have a 2012 HT 26.5 RLS and enjoy it very much. Had a problem with the cap cracking the first year, but Jayco stepped up and replaced it with no comments. I cracked it the next year and replaced it with insurance and am a bit concerned because the cap appears to be fading somewhat. Had a couple of small things wrong that were fixed by the dealer under warranty and that's it. I put a hitch on the rear, attached to the frame which was reinforced towards the axles and have towed our boat for five seasons with no problems. We really have enjoyed it a great deal and there is more than enough storage space for kitchen stuff. True, there is only "one" drawer "in" the kitchen, but right around the corner are two deep drawers where we keep most of our heavy cooking utensils and other kitchen stuff. Also, we do keep some stuff under the sink with the garbage can. Only thing I will change one day is the pantry. It has only one divider and both areas are very tall, too tall in my opinion. I will, some day, put in sliding drawers of some type so that I can more easily access the stuff in the pantry and, as well, stack stuff up without the worry of it falling over when the trailer is moving. Also, the one poster above is correct about the bedroom. The literature says there is 6'2" of head space, but that really is only at the end of the bed. It's not really a big deal, unless a person is unable to bend just a little when going to the head of the bed. As for clothes storage, there is a little closet on either side of the bed and a four-door closet on the bedroom slide-out that holds a great deal of stuff. When we go fishing for a week, I get all the clothes I need in the closet on buy side of the bed, including my shoes, etc. We took a 20-day trip two springs ago and there was more than enough storage. If you find that the 26.5 RLS is a little too big for you, Jayco also makes a 23.5 rear kitchen that might be good for you. I don't believe that Jaycos are more prone to bad workmanship than any other brand based on the comments that I see on this site about other brands. Everybody can get a lemon at one time or another. Good luck with your search.
jalichty 06/13/16 03:45pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Man seen falling into Yellowstone geyser presumed dead

Crowe, why not go back? The things that have happened happened because of stupid people, not the Park itself. There are signs posted everywhere warning people not to get off the walkways, not to approach the "wild" animals, not to get too close to them, etc. It's really not the Park's fault when someone disregards the rules and signs and thoughtlessly goes out of their way to get hurt or dies.
jalichty 06/08/16 11:00pm Around the Campfire
RE: Need help with old trailer

Thanks for the help you guys. I know this is an old trailer and most of the manuals are very generic as to the whole line. Just have to keep searching. Ozlander, thanks for the link. I'll take a look at it.
jalichty 05/27/16 10:04am Travel Trailers
RE: Cannot find a new TOW vehicle with 373 gears

You might also take a look at Dave Smith Motors in Idaho. I don't have a link, but they are, I believe, the largest Ram seller in the country. Or, take a look, as noted above, at the GM line. All their diesels come with a 3.73 rear end and a Allison automatic.
jalichty 05/27/16 08:52am Tow Vehicles
RE: Need recommendations please

As well as length, you probably want to take a look at the room inside. alloy, above mentioned opposing slides and that would be one thing I would want in a rig I would be spending a lot of time in since they open up the FW tremendously. I think, that with a little research, you would be able to find a FW less than35-36' with at least three slides, two opposing in the living area and one in the bedroom. However, every slide that goes into a FW increases the weight of the FW, so you would have to factor that into the tow vehicle that you will have to buy as well. Good luck on your search.
jalichty 05/27/16 08:45am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Need help with old trailer

The one he has is "very" general and pretty much useless for what we are looking for. I doubt there is a separate manual for the water pump and the electrical system for this trailer. And, since it's not longer in business, I really need some help from someone who may own one of these or has owned one.
jalichty 05/26/16 11:31pm Travel Trailers
Need help with old trailer

Friend of mine bought a used, old, trailer called Trail Ease by Trail Lite. We are looking for an owner's manual to try and find some stuff on the trailer. Does anybody on here have this trailer or know of someone who does? It appears the company is out of business so this might be fruitless, but really need some help. Thanks to anybody who can point me in some direction.
jalichty 05/26/16 06:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: Trip Planning: The Perfect Family Trip 2016!

Renting would be silly, if you are going to have it for more than a week. Even the Walmart in Riverton, Wyoming sells bear spray as well as a couple of stores here in Lander, Wyoming. The closer you get to the Parks, the more expensive it is, at least around here in our part of the world. And, if you can't get it until you get to Grand Teton, the general store at Colter Bay has a large display of bear spray.
jalichty 05/25/16 08:15am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: A little walk around Jackson, Wyo.

rancherville, Grow Ventre does not take reservations but it should be pretty easy to get in if you show up sometime between 9:30 and 11:00 am. Checkout time is 11:00 and people start leaving around 9:00 or so and if you get there after a bunch of them have left, you'll have plenty of choice of spots. And, usually, there aren't any lines, as this is a pretty big campground, over 300 sites. If you are lucky, you might have a moose or two wander through your campground as we did two years ago. Have a great trip and enjoy the Park.
jalichty 05/18/16 08:28am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Yellowstone Itinerary

If you are going to hike, please remember to take bear spray. You might already know this, but just thought I would add my $.02. Are you dry-camping in Grand Teton? If so, get there around 9:30 to 11:00 as that is when everybody, who are leaving, is checking out and you can pretty much get your choice of spots. Lots to do in Grand Teton, not as much as Yellowstone, but still plenty. Cruise boats on Jackson Lake, lunch and dinner cruises as well. Go over to Jenny Lake and either hike or cruise to Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point, then over to Moose and the Moose-Wilson road to the Laurence Rockefeller Reserve with a very gentle hike to Phelps Lake, the site of the Rockefeller compound in this, the newest, part of Grand Teton. Also you can go to the Gros Ventre area and see one of the largest landslides in the continental United States that formed a lake. Also Two Ocean Lake with hiking and the wilderness area. There aren't as many sites to see in Grand Teton as there are in Yellowstone, but they are majestic, especially the Tetons, Mt. Moran, from the deck of a boat on the lake right at the base of it looking almost straight up about 6,000 or so feet. Enjoy your trip and you will never forget it.
jalichty 05/14/16 09:57am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Trip Planning: The Perfect Family Trip 2016!

The Buffalo museum actually is five or six museums in one building and is fantastic. However, it's a bit of a trip from GTNP to get there as you have to go through YNP to the east entrance over Sylvan Pass. Depending on where you stay in YNP, it's not too bad a trip but it's not just a hop, skip and a jump to get there. However, it will well worth it. Groceries and gas are less expensive in Jackson, Cody or anywhere else outside the parks then they are inside the parks. Having said that, if we run low while at Colter Bay, the general store there is pretty well stocked and their prices are "reasonable" for the location. Just don't stock up for the rest of the trip while in there. If you want to pics, just pm me and with your email and I'll get some over to you.
jalichty 05/10/16 08:06am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Trip Planning: The Perfect Family Trip 2016!

jalichty 05/09/16 05:59pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Trip Planning: The Perfect Family Trip 2016!

tragusa3, sounds like a great trip. I would take exception to the post about seeing Grand Teton in one day. Sure, you can drive by the Tetons and take a look, but there is so much more in GTNP. Jackson Lake, (Colter Bay Campground) is a great place to park your RV, if you are dry-camping, and then the fun begins. You can hike around part of the lake, come back to the Marina and take a cruise, lunch or dinner if you like, and get right up to the base of Mt. Moran rating about 6,000 feet straight up. Then go over to Jenny Lake, hike to Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point or take a cruise boat over there. Then to the Moose entrance and Craing Thomas Visitor Center and then go over to Gros Ventre and get back to Slide Lake, site of one of the largest landslides in the whole USA. Then back to Moose Entrance and over the the Laurence Rockefeller Reserve, the newest part of GTNP, and a great, easy hike to Phelps Lake, the site of the Rockefeller Compound prior to being given to the GTNP and at least 30 building were razed and taken out. You can see Death Canyon from the lake as well. While you are doing this, you can also drive around and go over to Two Ocean Lake just a ways from the South Entrance to GTNP, there's also wilderness around there as well. All this time will also have you driving around and sightseeing, looking for wildlife. It's wonder when you do spot some. By the way, we will probably be at Colter Bay the first week in June, around the 10th of July for a week or so and then in August. We usually go up to the Lake around the 5th or 6th of July and stay for a week, celebrating our anniversary on the 10th with pizza and beer on the deck at Leek's Marina Pizza. One of the best spots in the world to finish up the day. We have, at times, simply hopped in our boat at Colter Bay, run down to Leeks, tie up the boat at the docks and walked up to the pizza place and had a great time. If you are planning on staying at Colter Bay Campground, the best time to get there to get your choice of spots would be between 9:30 and 11:00 am as the checkout time is 11:00 and a lot of people are trying to get to someplace else so they leave pretty early. Hope you have a great trip, and if you are in GTNP around the time we are, would love to meet you and your family. Send me a PM and I'll send you some pictures to wet your appetite for GTNP.
jalichty 05/08/16 03:08pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Calling Duramax owners 1st trip with camper bad fuel mileage

We have a 2012 GMC with which we pull a Jayco HT 26.5 RLS and a 19' Crestliner and get about 12 mpg on all of our trips to the lake to fish and relax, about 150 miles away up over a pass and then back down to the lake, and reverse on the way back. Took our FW only on a 3,800 trip two springs ago and got 12 mpg, hand-measured for the whole trip. You might have and injector problem because I even got that mileage with my 2003 GMC. Not so good with the 2011 Ram diesel that I had for about nine months.
jalichty 05/05/16 02:20pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Colter Bay and Gros Ventre

We have been going to Jackson Lake for about 50 years, the last 10 or so we get up there an average of three weeks a year, June, July and August usually for a week at a time. We couldn't get into Colter Bay one year as they had the sites for larger models shut down for water main work. Went to Gros Ventre and didn't like it as much as Colter Bay. The views of the Tetons are pretty majestic, but not as close as Colter Bay and to get to Jackson Lake is about a 45 minute drive from Gros Ventre. Since we fish most of the time while there, this was a major inconvenience. Colter Bay has a check-out time of 11:00 in the morning and we have found if we show up around 9:30 to 10:00 we almost always are able to get the site(s) we want, even though we can't reserve. As far as trees, unless you spend all your time in the trailer, you get to see some of the most spectacular views in the world just outside the campground. Colter Bay also has two places to dump and get water for your trailer as well. And you are 45 minutes closer to Yellowstone in Colter Bay than in Gros Ventre. In addition, Colter Bay has a pretty good general store and two restaurants along with a visitor center and a marina where you can catch a cruise boat for some time on the lake. However, I will say that I have never seen moose in the Colter Bay campground, ever. We saw two one day in the Gros Ventre campground and they came within five feet of the entrance door to our trailer, what an experience. Probably won't see that in Colter Bay, in 50 years or so, we never have, although we have seen a lot of deer and some foxes, etc. As you can see, I am a big fan of Colter Bay but Gros Ventre is pretty good, just not my cup of tea.
jalichty 05/03/16 11:50pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Bed liner for my new GMC, what to get.......

We put a spray-in liner in our GMC in 2012 named Full Metal Jacket and it has performed quite well for us. No deterioration in the color and no tears either. Had a Rhino Liner in our last GMC and was very satisfied with it as well. Besides, it's a pickup, things will happen to mess the liner up, no liner is bulletproof.
jalichty 04/29/16 09:13am Tow Vehicles
RE: Dometic Super Hybrid Refrigerator

I would think the freezer only using ac or battery would draw down your battery quite quickly when out boon docking. Don't know if that makes sense.
jalichty 04/28/16 08:17am Tech Issues
RE: Double-towing and the livin's easy

Nice set-up. We have been double-towing since 1993, well before retirement. Towed double from 1993 through 2011 with a Jayco 215SD FW and now with a Jayco HT 26.5 RLS. Have only double towed in Wyoming where they have a, I think, 75' length restriction. Measured mine and I'm about 70' give or take. Only other requirement is that each trailer have brakes and we have that with our boat having surge brakes. Enjoy your set-up, great to be able to take your boat and your home with you when going to the lake.
jalichty 04/28/16 08:11am Fifth-Wheels
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