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RE: pulling jon boat in campground

You could also buy / make a light weight pintle hook arrangement with the ring on the front of the boat. Drop it over the ball and off you go. I have seen several that were aluminum.... more for show, but would be light weight for this job.
jims1 08/11/16 04:21pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: How much truck do I need for a 23K 5th wheel?

It can be done with a very late model diesel 1-ton dually with low axle ratio. I would rather do it with something bigger, a small Freightliner (M2, FL60) or International (4000 series). The bigger trucks are built to haul and pull those heavy weights under continuous duty and do it problem free for years and years. The pickups are not rated for that. They have the power all cranked up and are taxing everything to max to get those big numbers in their ratings.Let's go back to this statement right here, because it appears my statement set off the whole arguement. Now, if you read the first line, what does it say? "It can be done with a very late model diesel 1-ton dually with low axle ratio." Then I went on to say what I would rather tow it with, which is a bigger truck, and gave my reasons why. Now, for those of you jumping on me because you like your pickups and like to pull big trailers with them, where did I ever say your late model diesel pickups couldn't pull the trailer? And where did I ever say that a bigger truck HAS to be used? That's right, I never said those things. I gave my opinion on what I would rather tow it with. So, it appears to me, that it is the pickup guys that are being the gestapo here, jumping on anyone who prefers an MDT or HDT over a pickup... And it happens on every forum where someone asks what they need to pull a heavy 5th'er. As soon as someone pony's up the $70,000 for the Ram, I'll buy it, but until then my lil' ole $19000 truck is good for us.
jims1 08/11/16 04:18pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2017 F-450 Super Ike Gaunlet

I would like to see a 5th wheel at 20000lbs behind it. Something with 60-70sqft of frontal area. Not knocking it, but test it for the RV user.
jims1 07/31/16 10:25am Tow Vehicles
RE: Routing App with "No Interstate" option?

Most states have a scenic route, or historic routes as well. Usually a search will bring them up.
jims1 07/22/16 08:01pm General RVing Issues

Once you hit the Continental Coach weight range, a true MDT will be needed. The CC coaches are in the 25K+ range. Friends of our have a CC that weighs 27k with empty tanks. For most DRV's and lower brands, you can go with a $70k pickup if you want. We went with a fully loaded 610 Volvo for $19k already converted with 443000 miles on it. So you've now moved the weight from 23K,(OP) and went to 25-27K plus..guess you'll get to where you need to justify a semi tractor rig....We were at 23K...It only takes common sense and simple math to figure at what 5er GVW that one would need a semi to tow it...You hit it..though your example is not that of the original post..re-read.. Well, got admit I paid about 63K for my fully loaded 2016 3500...full warranty and extremely comfortable and I can pull it into my carport, take it to drive thru ATM, Micky Dee drive thru, park at grocery store in regular parking places and use it as my daily driver to and from work..I can tow with it and park in church parking lot on Sunday..I can use the bed to haul a load of wood or whatever. use it all the time for any and everything...don't need a semi tractor no matter the price WAAY to big and not very practical in every day life to most...If they're so popular, one would think you would observe piles of them towing 5er's on the highway...I haven't seen it...A select few towing heavy 5er's that can now be towed by a 350/3500 and will argue till they're blue in the face that they're right, everyone else is wrong..Main reason I rarely frequent the escapees forum..extremely rude people ganging up on those that believe the way I do in today's world..The times, they are a changing. You sprout that mess on every forum you can.... The OP asked about what is available to pull the heavier 5'ths. The Ford and Dodge can to an extent. But you don't know what the pin weights are on the custom RV's. Most CC's if over 40ft, will have 6000lb or more pin. Many go above 7500lbs. You can put that on a dually if you want, but it's not going to last long. Also, read the fine print, most tow ratings are based on a gooseneck flatbed trailer like they show in all the commercials. You were invited to the recent East Coast HDT rally. You elected not to attend. So before you trash talk us anymore, maybe you should learn a little more about this option. It may not be for you, but it may be for others.
jims1 07/22/16 07:50pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tire choice

Several friends are running the Saliun's. No issue's yet. When we time out our Goodyears, I'm going with them as well.
jims1 07/22/16 07:39pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Realistic Grand Design Pricing

We were offered $68k on a fully optioned 397Th at Dixie RV in Hammond RV. That was their first offer. Ultimately we decided to pass on the deal for other reasons.
jims1 07/17/16 03:53pm Toy Haulers
RE: Morryde Pinbox with Pullrite or Demco Hijacker Hitch

The blocks keep the side to side movement contained, but the dampening for chucking fore and aft is still maintained. I had a Superglide and MorRyde setup when I had a dually.
jims1 07/10/16 04:26pm Towing
RE: What would you buy...

DRV Fullhouse, or make a huge down payment on a New Horizon MotoMover. But I wouldn't pull either to the desert or too far off road... They are HEAVY at 24k+ You will need a class 4+ truck for those.
jims1 06/26/16 06:10pm Toy Haulers
RE: MORryde

$1800 was just for the lift, not for the whole assembly.
jims1 05/21/16 02:59pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: We've been living on the wrong side of the tracks

But the sign doesn't say per axle, per tire, single vehicle etc. Drv is nice, and we have considered their FullHouse for our next rolling home. It's either that or build a custom unit.
jims1 05/18/16 03:18pm Toy Haulers
RE: Comfort ride Hitch

Trailer Saver is another option. I believe the BD-3 is the right model. Comfort Ride is designed by the same gy as the original Trailersaver before Hensley bought them. Dave moved on and started the Comfort Ride. Either hitch is worth the price.
jims1 05/09/16 02:59pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Can CCC be increased by making alterations to a Cameo 5er?

Carriage made their frames in house. They have a 2x6 box frame stacked- 12' tall. The limiting factor is the 7k axles. Upgrade the axles and tires to 8k and your fine. Our Carrilite is the same, heavy as hell with little-carrying capacity. We upgraded axles and tires and have had zero issue.
jims1 05/07/16 01:13pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Flying J Indianapolis Fire

Gotta think about all those fuel additives and corn chips in there... plenty of fuel sources!
jims1 03/23/16 06:17pm General RVing Issues
RE: Have any of you traded in Class A Motorhomes for Toyhaulers?

You need to look at the DRV FullHouse. It has the most luxury feel but still has a garage. Most toyhaulers seem to be setup for the younger weekend crowd.
jims1 03/05/16 05:10pm Toy Haulers
RE: Trailer Saver hitch

We have a TSLB2H as well. Combined with a MorRyde pinbox the trailer rides smooth.
jims1 02/02/16 06:15pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Removal of SuperGlide Capture Plate from Morryde Pin Box

I put a pair of visegrips on the rod to keep it from turning. Remove the 2 front bolts, 2 rear bolts and the plate drops off. Then remove the 4 white plastic bushings that are on the side of the hitch. 2 on each side. They allow the MorRyde hitch head to move more side to side. With the Pullrite, they limit the movement so it doesn't affect the hitch.
jims1 01/24/16 12:50pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: disk brake conversion

Send your info here for a quote info@stopyourtrailer.com Or go to Stopyourtrailer.com and see what they have. They came in cheaper than me ordering the parts and doing the conversion myself.
jims1 01/23/16 07:43pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: New 3500 DRW

Useless for towing anything over 4-5000lbs. The lifted suspension is softer and will make the rear sag and the headlights aim for the stars..
jims1 01/19/16 10:11am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tailgate - Advice needed

When I had my Dodge, I used this one- http://www.autoanything.com/hitch-bed-accessories/61A2419A0A0.aspx I prepped and painted it to match the truck, 2006 Patriot blue. It worked well, was well built, I walked on it, sat on it, used it as a tool bench, etc.
jims1 01/19/16 10:05am Fifth-Wheels
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