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RE: Wrong unit..

Its this a good price for a Jayco 32BHDS MSRP is $35,000 he is will to sell for $31,000 including tax and prep fees hitch and electric brakes for tow vehicle? Sorry for the previous post that was wrong.. What options are on the unit? Elite package, fiberglass, thermal package, etc? This is an Elite package and Thermal package..
kennyd63 04/28/15 10:24am Travel Trailers
Wrong unit..

Its this a good price for a Jayco 32BHDS MSRP is $35,000 he is will to sell for $31,000 including tax and prep fees hitch and electric brakes for tow vehicle? Sorry for the previous post that was wrong..
kennyd63 04/28/15 09:44am Travel Trailers
Price on Trailer.

Good morning - Is this a good price to pay for a brand new 2015 Jayco 31KQBTS? The MSRP is 35,000 the dealer its giving it for 31,000 including tax plates and the hitch with the brake control. what is your opinion?:@ Thank you in advance to all..
kennyd63 04/28/15 08:41am Travel Trailers
RE: New travel trailer for my daughter..

I will really appreciate any input form you folks. Start with their tow vehicle details ... kinda pointless for others to make suggestions when they have no idea as to what their TV is capable of towing. :@The OP asked for suggestions on what would sleep 9, is a senior member, and been on this forum for over 3 years. Why do you want to think no one knows what they are doing? Seems to me it is pointless to post something that doesn't answer the question that was asked. Maybe once the find a trailer they like that sleeps 9 they'll figure out what they need for a tow vehicle. That's the way I would do it. Um, Senior Member is just based on number of posts. It doesn't indicate any level of expertise. In fact, the OP seems quite comfortable asking for input on a variety of subjects. So I'm with Sound Guy on believing it is smart to get info about the daughter's TV before making TT suggestions. With 9 people to transport, even a 350 series full sized van is likely to run out of payload capacity. BubbaChris - You are totally right. Senior Member is based on # of post. And yes, I do not know it all. That is why I am asking the good folks in this forum for advise because I am not an expert.
kennyd63 04/15/15 10:10am Travel Trailers
RE: New travel trailer for my daughter..

There are at least 20 brands offering a variation of this floorplan that could work: http://www.primetimerv.com/ImageHandler.ashx?ImageID=15306 width=640 What does your daughter plan to tow this RV with? I believe she called the dealer to find out what was her towing limit? She has a 12 passenger Chevy van I don't recall the size of the engine. But the dealer told her that the van it's rated at 10,000 lbs for towing.
kennyd63 04/14/15 06:04pm Travel Trailers
New travel trailer for my daughter..

Top of the morning all- My daughter and husband are looking at buying a travel trailer with bunks for their 7 kids. Does anyone knows what brand name light T.T. that sleeps 9? Her husband likes the Jayco brand. She does NOT care for Jayco,she thinks the interior colors are dark and it is depressing. I will really appreciate any input form you folks. Thank you in advance..:R
kennyd63 04/14/15 09:05am Travel Trailers
RE: Here we go again!! >>

If I read correctly earlier that you had a white wire to the positive on the battery. You absolutely need to investigate that first before you do anything else. White wires are usually ground and the breaker or fuses will trip with a direct short like that. Grab each wire in your hand and trace it from the battery to see where it goes. If it goes to the frame it's a ground wire and belongs on the negative battery post. If it goes int the trailer or into a box or circuit breaker it's a positive wire. If you were mi-swired, fix that connection first. Then check the green 40amp reverse polarity fuses in the breaker panel. The easiest way to check the circuit breaker pictured above is with a multi-meter. Check from each post to a good ground. You should have battery voltage at both posts. If no meter try something low tech. Turn on a 12v accessory like a ceiling or the porch light. Then hook the two posts together somehow. (clamp from jumper cables, screwdriver blade across terminals etc.) and see if the light comes on. opnspaces- Since I did not had a meter, I tried the low tech method. And it worked. I was able to find out that the 30amp fuse that is located on the frame was bad. So I went to my local RV center. And bought it for $7.95 including tax. I again would like to thank every member of this wonderful forum for your input and helping me solve this issue I actually saved $93.00 dollars because that would of have been my deductible to have the dealer fix it.:B Thank you all- Yours truly, Kennedy
kennyd63 04/02/15 06:23pm Travel Trailers
RE: Here we go again!! >>

How are you estimating that the battery is fully charged? Westend, I kept the battery on a trickle charger thru out the winter. But I will try to double check everything all over. Assuming your trickle charger is good and that it sounds like you are being involved with the care of your trailer, my best WAG is that the circuit breaker or fuse from the battery to your distribution center is tripped/blown. Best practices dictate that it should be within 18" of the battery but that is often stretched in the RV world so that it can be located on the frame, underneath and behind the tongue. The fact that you have no 12V devices working unless connected to shore power indicates the battery is out of the loop and the converter is providing adequate power when powered from the AC cord, as it should. The battery should also be receiving a charge when connected to shore power. Do you have a hand-held meter? No,I guess I better buy a hand held meter... Thank you, I will keep you folks up to date on this issue...
kennyd63 04/02/15 03:08pm Travel Trailers
RE: Here we go again!! >>

I had a similar issue with my TT last year. Turns out this little "breaker" was bad. When it tripped, it cut off the battery supply. Changed battery, checked all inside breakers and finally called a pro. He found this little bugger behind the battery mounted under the TT on the mail steel beam. Replaced ($10) and it was back to normal. http://i.imgur.com/w5npSE7l.jpg Rthomas61- I have 2 of those on the steel frame. How do I know which one I should replace? Thank you, Respectfully Kennedy.
kennyd63 04/02/15 05:38am Travel Trailers
RE: Here we go again!! >>

How are you estimating that the battery is fully charged? Westend, I kept the battery on a trickle charger thru out the winter. But I will try to double check everything all over.
kennyd63 04/01/15 03:59pm Travel Trailers
RE: Here we go again!! >>

Why did you REMOVE the battery in the first place..:h There may be an in line fuse a short distance from the battery. Look for a 10/12 ga wire on the positive post then trace it away from the battery. It should be within 12-24" of the battery. Your trailer is designed to be self sufficient. Everything should work without external power....Dennis Executive- I had to remove it so I could store it the my basement for winter..
kennyd63 04/01/15 03:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: Here we go again!! >>

Possibilities; 1. Bad battery 2. Poor battery connection 3. Improper battery connection 4. Blown fuses (see #3) 5. Battery disconnect switch is engaged Ok I will check the fuse..
kennyd63 04/01/15 06:21am Travel Trailers
RE: Here we go again!! >>

Is there a battery disconnect switch? X 2 No disconnect switch...:(
kennyd63 04/01/15 06:18am Travel Trailers
RE: Here we go again!! >>

You didn't hook up the battery backwards did you? If so then you blew the reverse polarity fuses. The colors of rv battery cables can be the opposite of what we're used to. You may want to trace the ground wire from the battery back to the frame to make sure all is wired right. ScottG- I have one red cable and 2 white cables. Is one of this white cables should be on the positive side? Manual does not talk about this issue. Thank you,
kennyd63 04/01/15 06:17am Travel Trailers
Here we go again!! >>

I have a 2014 Minnie Winnie T.T. I could of swear that I did NOT had to have electric power hook up to the T.T. to open the slides. Well this past weekend I placed the fully charged battery in and try to open the slides, no power to the slides ,and no power to any of the interior lights or outside light. I checked my manual and does not mention anything about using electric from the house in order to operate the slides. Checked the fuses and reset the circuit breaker. After a while I was already loosing my short fuse. So I decided to run the extension cord from the house ,and sure enough lights were on and the slides came out. Can someone tell me what in the world is going on here?:M Thank you to all in advance.
kennyd63 03/31/15 07:06pm Travel Trailers
RE: New to the site, new to "real" TT's!

Hi all, new to the site! I wanted to find a specific forum for Fleetwood owners, but this will do! My wife and I a couple years ago restored a 1971 Shasta Compact and used it last year for all of our camping needs. Needless to say, we outgrew it pretty quick. We had one large pooch at the time and it was pretty tight, and now we have two doggies so the Shasta had to go. We sold it for a great price so we hunted down a new TT on Craigslist and got lucky! TT's around here go for WAY more than book and go FAST. We were lucky to find this guy's posting first and drove and hour right away to see it. We are now proud owners of a 2002 Fleetwood Prowler NW Edition. This thing is great! So much room for activities! There are a few things I need to do before she's camping ready (new water heater and re-sealing the roof). We are heading just a few minutes from our house to Cherry Creek reservoir in Colorado for the maiden voyage just to make sure everything works. There are so many mods that I want to try that a lot of you have posted and I am super excited about! I am adding a few pictures of our old rig as well as the new! Hope to see you out there! Old http://i.imgur.com/YvCaVwW.jpg http://i.imgur.com/rK26qzH.jpg http://i.imgur.com/LWjzK4O.jpg New http://i.imgur.com/7W6HOUX.jpg http://i.imgur.com/5X1PREi.jpg http://i.imgur.com/Nf6TnLX.jpg http://i.imgur.com/qrFIJv1.jpg http://i.imgur.com/RM945LP.jpg http://i.imgur.com/A7RcWg0.jpg http://i.imgur.com/XaZbyDr.jpg http://i.imgur.com/3mybZIK.jpg Welcome to the forum Jdizzle- Wow that is an awesome job that you did with that T.T. Enjoy that baby .. Happy camping.. Kennedy >>>>
kennyd63 03/31/15 06:56pm Travel Trailers

Top of the morning- Question , is it normal for your T.T. battery to not keep charge while been is storage? I do have several batteries raging from tractors to my other T.T. and I use a trickle charger to keep them up to snuff. But this T.T. battery seems to take longer to charge. It eventually does take charge but it does not holds it as long like the other ones.:M Thank you in advance..
kennyd63 03/18/15 07:58am Travel Trailers
RE: On to our second trailer!

When we first started camping as a family, we made a few tent trips. We quickly discovered that our aging bodies along with the extra work of having kids, was too much for us to still be "enjoying ourselves". So 3 years ago we decided to dabble in travel trailers. We bought a 15BH model. Yes, it was small, but our intentions were not to bring the luxuries of home, but to be an upgrade from a tent. As well, we didn't want to invest too much without knowing how committed we would be as a family. We made the memories of a lifetime in that little camper. It was everything we wanted it to be and more! However, it had been on our mind that something larger would be on the horizon. We listed the 15BH and it sold in a week (testimate to taking care of things). It was heartbreaking to all of us to watch it roll off down the driveway. We spent this winter researching and shopping. After an exhausting process, we are excited to introduce to you the new family trailer! A Forest River Surveyor 24BHS. http://i.imgur.com/YymglZ6l.jpg We've had it home about 2 weeks now and have been pouring over every inch of it. It is a 24.5' box, 5300lbs dry, 7700lbs GVW. We're towing with our Max Tow, F150 Ecoboost (7700). If the drive home is an indication, I can't tell the difference between this trailer and the last, other than being nervous all over again. We didn't have WDH with the last trailer, but I have one now. Installing it this weekend. It is a 1000/10000, so I may have over bought a little. Hope that works out okay. Here's a list of the features we're most excited to have that are new to us! -SPACE -dual axle with some payload -Residential Queen walk around that is NOT also the dinette. -Slide (see above) -Full size bunks -Storage! -Power Tongue jack -Outdoor kitchen -Larger fridge, sink -oven -19' power awning -factory bike rack designed into the frame - walkable roof -ducted air and heat -electric/propane water heater with electric ignition! -larger tanks I'll stop there, the list could go on and on... All of the above are new luxuries to us. Sorry I don't have better pictures. None of these were posed, just random stuff we had taken while shopping. http://i.imgur.com/3O53yyUl.jpg http://i.imgur.com/2SU3ICdl.jpg http://i.imgur.com/kBDu19pl.jpg http://i.imgur.com/nzLVgCBl.jpg Here's to many, many more adventures! Congrats on your new T.T. It is a beauty.. Enjoy it, and happy camping!!
kennyd63 03/14/15 04:25pm Travel Trailers
Using T.T. ith out the battery..

Good morning- Can someone tell me if I can plug my T.T. to 110 from the house with out having the battery hooked up? Will this damage the inverter/charger?:S Thank you to all in advance..
kennyd63 03/01/15 07:15am Travel Trailers
Rear kitchen.

Top of the morning- Hello folks, Does anyone know if Jayco, or any other manufacture makes a T.T. with a rear kitchen? I have seen some, however they are too long and heavy for my T.V. which is a 2009 F-150 4.6 engine.:h Thank you in advance to all.
kennyd63 02/25/15 06:36am Travel Trailers
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