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Rear kitchen.

Top of the morning- Hello folks, Does anyone know if Jayco, or any other manufacture makes a T.T. with a rear kitchen? I have seen some, however they are too long and heavy for my T.V. which is a 2009 F-150 4.6 engine.:h Thank you in advance to all.
kennyd63 02/25/15 06:36am Travel Trailers
RE: Not the problem I was expecting to have

Yesterday, I took my 2011 Lincoln Navigator L (rated to tow 8700 lbs) in to have a WD hitch with sway control installed so I could pick up my Outback Terrain 299TBH. Now, to be clear, trading this TV for a truck has always been an option if the Lincoln doesn't do well. I've read thread after thread about sway, loading correctly, etc. Even with the TT being empty, I couldn't get the Navigator much above 50 mph on a flat highway. Should I have expected this problem with this setup or could there be something else going on? Trying to decide if I made a spectacularly bad choice or if it should go back to the dealer on Monday. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Pwac1968 A dealer will tell you anything to make sure they sell a unit to you. A real good dealer will know exactly what your vehicle can and can not tow. I hope you do not have to buy a new T.V. Good luck, and keep us posted. Kennedy>>:)
kennyd63 02/24/15 07:49am Travel Trailers
RE: Do they make such-a-thing?

We are looking to buy a new, medium size travel trailer and was wondering about two things. Why do most have 2 entry doors and do they make a trailer that you can sit on the couch and watch the TV looking straight ahead. I don't see the need for a second door and most have the TV at weird angles for watching. So, does anyone make this model? 24'-32'Blue Ridge 2 We try to make lemonade out of lemons. In our case what we do is my wife and I seat in the same side of the u shape dinette. And we get a straight shot of the T.V. Plus when we want to watch the news at night before bed time we can swivel the T.V.into the bedroom. Good luck with your search. .:W
kennyd63 02/15/15 09:46am Travel Trailers
RE: cable tv exterior hookup

We have recently purchased an '09 Corsair Ecella 30RLS. Today we tried to fins the exterior hook up for the cable TV and gotta stumped. Can anyone share it's where abouts? please please pleaseBLIND WILLIE- We are fortunate that we do not have that problem in our T.T. At least we make the best of it if you will. What we do is, my wife and I seat on the side of the u shape dinette that faces the T.V. and we get a straight view of the T.V. Plus the T.V. can be flip over into the master bedroom to watch the T.V. at night before bed.;) Sorry wrong person.:o
kennyd63 02/15/15 09:38am Travel Trailers
RE: cable tv exterior hookup

We have recently purchased an '09 Corsair Ecella 30RLS. Today we tried to fins the exterior hook up for the cable TV and gotta stumped. Can anyone share it's where abouts? please please pleaseBLIND WILLIE- We are fortunate that we do not have that problem in our T.T. At least we make the best of it if you will. What we do is, my wife and I seat on the side of the u shape dinette that faces the T.V. and we get a straight view of the T.V. Plus the T.V. can be flip over into the master bedroom to watch the T.V. at night before bed.;)
kennyd63 02/15/15 09:33am Travel Trailers
RE: Travel Trailer Tires

I've not seen any "blown out" Maxxiss tires. I'm sure it has happened to someone but they are the best ST tire out there by a WIDE margin. ...and what makes you say that? Not doubting you, just wonder where the proof is or is this just an opinion? Maxxis ST8008 do seem popular on this web and not so popular on other trailering websites. However there has been twenty three RV.net member with Maxxis tire complaints...mostly tread separations. Some websites runs even more complaints. Maxxis doesn't use the nylon cap under the tread on all ST tire sizes and load ranges which may have some bearing on reliability on certain sizes. The OP says he has a 4091 lb trailer. Now that could mean 2045 lbs per tire on a single axle trailer....... or just 1022 lb per tire on a tandem axle trailer. Either way thats a very lite trailer. And if he has ran his current tires for 12 years I would get another set just like them. The Kumho is a 65 psi rated tire and will be serious over kill for a 4091 lb tandem axle trailer. Or a good choice if the trailer is a single axle unit. The spare ?? I would replace it also. Bigbird65, NOT to get off the topic, but that is a nice Minnie Winne you have there. We love ours..
kennyd63 02/08/15 07:24am Travel Trailers
RE: Purchased a used Jay Featther

We purchased a 2006 Jayfeather travel trailer. The ceiling was wavy and was told it does not leak. One side of air conditioner ceiling is kind of soft. We took it to a dealer to get the inside ceiling fixed and was told it is not possible. Jayco has a all in one roof ceiling. Not worth fixing,it would cost more than it is worth. Since we just bought it and it is now ours, does anyone have any suggestions? I do not know if it leaks as it is winter. HELP!!! No sign of water damage except wavy and soft ceiling in one spot. Did you buy it from a dealer or private party? either way, like they say ( As is) Sorry you are out of luck. I really feel bad for you, see if you can trade it in and get yourself a NEW one. Wish you luck.
kennyd63 02/07/15 03:48pm Travel Trailers

They will tell you what you want to hear, as long as they get the sale that they are looking for. After you buy it, good luck when your engine and transmission on your TW start giving you trouble:S
kennyd63 01/26/15 09:42am Travel Trailers
RE: Anyone see anything wrong with this pic?

half ton Where is the pic?? :h
kennyd63 01/13/15 08:03am Travel Trailers
RE: Backing the TT into the Space

Well, today we took our TT to the empty college parking lot to practice backing into a "campsite". John took first at the wheel and I spotted, then we switched and I took the wheel and he spotted. Two hours later neither of us was very successful at getting our little 21' TT into the "campsite" :E I tried the "scoop" several times but just could not get it right. We both continued to jackknife and then couldn't figure out how to get the TT into the site without doing so. Frustrated, but laughing, we agreed it's going to take practice, practice, practice! Without someone to teach us the right way, or to tell us what we're doing wrong, we figure we'll be practicing for a LONG time :R After a bit of discussion on the way home, we concluded that we think we're turning the steering wheel too much. I just finished watching several you tube videos, but bottom line, I believe it's just going to take DOING IT until we get it right. We have reservations next week at a state park not too far from where we are in FL, but John is thinking we should cancel them until we get this backing up thing down. I'm thinking we should go and use that experience as part of our practicing. We're still working on the best option for easy access into the trailer for John. Yes it is true the shorter the trailer the harder it is to back it in. And keep in mind to turn the steering wheel slowly, as for me, I sometimes have problems, sometimes I get it in in one shot and sometimes not. Practice, practice, practice.. I am still learning with every trip that we make. Good luck and enjoy your camping days!! Kennedy>>>
kennyd63 01/12/15 07:46am Travel Trailers
RE: Finally got a new TT!

Congrats on your new T.T. you will have so much fun with that baby:B Kennedy>>>
kennyd63 12/24/14 08:23am Travel Trailers
Leveling Travel Trailer >>>

Good evening--- I have a question regarding leveling your travel trailer when you arrive at your campsite. Do I need to have my slides out before I try leveling my T.T. side to side? Or it does not matter? I hear other people doing it with the slides in, and others do it with the slides out. Is there is a right way and a wrong way?:h Thank you in advance!!
kennyd63 12/17/14 07:09pm Travel Trailers

Are you trying to connect an antenna on your travel trailer to a TV in your house or your house antenna to a TV in your travel trailer? No Tom I am trying to buy a travel trailer antenna, hook it up to the house , and then connect it to my house T.V.:@
kennyd63 11/30/14 11:29am Travel Trailers

Good day!!! The D.W. would like me to hook up an H.D. antenna to our house using a travel trailer antenna. is this is possible, or will this work? I am trying not to run a cable from the existing antenna from the house. I believe this will cost more money down the road. All feed back will be appreciated..:S Thank you, in advance...
kennyd63 11/30/14 08:04am Travel Trailers
RE: Have you been there??

I have not stayed there, but I have seen it. It is very open and no trees to speak of. It will generally be windy. Thank you for your input wthibeaux!!
kennyd63 11/04/14 07:45am Travel Trailers
Have you been there??

Good Day.. Has anyone stayed at San Luis Pass county Park in Texas? Is in Freeport Texas..:@ Thank you all- Kennedy >>>
kennyd63 11/03/14 11:00am Travel Trailers
RE: Airstream>>

So, IIRC, the original post had to do with trading again. First thing I would say is that y'all are taking a beating on the dollars doing this so often. Why do you want to change and why does she love it? Maybe you need to sit down and list separately the things you each like/dislike about this one and maybe a second list of what your "ideal" trailer would have. Seems like there is a lack of communication here. Consider the kind of camping/traveling you do, how many people, other things that could effect a choice. Are you also having to change tow vehicles? What is your current tow vehicle and would you have to change to find what you like or do you really prefer a MH? Strongly suggest neither of you budge on this until you can come to an agreement ahead of time on your wants and needs. My cousin and his DW started maybe 10 years ago with something like a 27' Outback. Pretty soon he felt the urge to move up to a Class A. Almost before it needed to be washed, he felt the need to move to a different Class A. I believe they're on #4 now and seeing it, you'd expect a country singer to step out. It's gorgeous! But his DW is miserable with it, they truly cannot get into virtually any "campgrounds" and end up at a KOA or similar. The campgrounds that have sites plenty long enough are either on a little narrow road with overhanging trees that they can't clear or the campground itself doesn't have room to navigate the road to get to the site. They take it out maybe 3 or 4 times a year. They don't "camp", which was their original objective....they use it to get from Point A to Point B and it's their living space while they're there. But with their group, they have the biggest and the best. Certainly not saying this applies in your case, but my dear cousin has issues and having something new and different makes him happy for a very short time and then it's time to move on. Just think you need some communication on what you really want and your objective and go from there. Good luck and happy camping. I think it boils down to expense. I have to admit that I am always looking for something different and AS is something that it calls my attention. We did owned a Motor home before and she did not like it. Why? Well she seen it as a money pit tires, this and that and so on everything was money. I still like the motorhomes. Well like they say happy wife happy life , maybe for her as for me maybe some day I will buy an AS before I pass on.
kennyd63 10/21/14 11:55am Travel Trailers
RE: Airstream>>

She claims that she loves our current T.T. End of debate. ;) You are right, end of debate. Wife is always right. No matter what I point out to her about the AS she feels that is not worth the expense. And some one else asked how often we go camping? We go to other states like 2 or 3 times max per season. Because we have another T.T. which is a P/T up in Michigan we go up there 98.9% of the entire season. And is only her and I 3 Yorkshires, and a Labradoodle. End of story maybe some day I be able to own one maybe not. Thank you all for your input in this topic. Kennedy >>>
kennyd63 10/21/14 09:29am Travel Trailers
RE: Airstream>>

Thank goodness for fiberglass and rubber roofs. Are you kidding? I would much rather not have fiberglass sides and rubber roofs. That is one beauty of an Airstream.... no rubber roof to wear out or sidewall delam. Torsion axles are another. Proven longevity another. Aluminum Airstreams will outlast (outside of damage and anything can get damaged even rubber and fiberglass) any other trailer; on a life cycle cost basis is perhaps the least expensive trailer available for it's size and quality proven by real world experience with two thirds of all Airstreams ever made since the 1930's still in use; and with the timeless design wont go out of style in a couple years nor do they have gaudy graphics that seem to be the norm for so many modern trailers today. Give me that Airstream any day. At least it will last longer than the payments.JMtandem, How well the AS stands to hail damage. I had a guy that told he owns an AS and the downsize to it is when it hail what is your opinion on this ?
kennyd63 10/19/14 08:57am Travel Trailers
RE: Airstream>>

Make sure you can stand up in the Airstream. I cannot especially with the rounded roof line.I am 5'5" so I should be ok..
kennyd63 10/19/14 08:51am Travel Trailers
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