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From class A to T. T.

How many of you have change from class A to T.T? And be honest why?:h Thank you,
kennyd63 07/06/14 05:45pm Travel Trailers
RE: Toilet seal>>.

According to my records, that was old-biscuitYou keep records??? Sorry 2oldman, I do not keep records. However thank you for reminding me who it was. I will send old-biscuit a message to thank him again.:W
kennyd63 06/30/14 05:43am Travel Trailers
Toilet seal>>.

I would like to take this time to thank the gentleman that suggested to use plumbers grease in my leaky toilet seal. It took 3 applications with it but now the rubber seal is back to new condition, no more empty toilet bowl. You really save me time by not having to take the toilet apart, and money with your tip. Again thank you so much. Yours truly Kennedy>>>>>:B
kennyd63 06/29/14 05:29pm Travel Trailers
Roof sealant!!!

Ok, I know that you folks have heard this topic many times. The question is after washing the rubber roof, do I need to remove the old sealant, even if the cracks are very fine, before I apply new self leveling sealant over the old one?:h
kennyd63 06/15/14 09:21pm Travel Trailers
What is the maximum water pressure ?

What is the maximum water pressure that any T.T. hot or cold water pipes will take when hook up to city water? I know use a pressure regulator. Which I do. Thank you all-:@
kennyd63 06/02/14 08:30am Travel Trailers
No water to T.T. Follow up!!!

I had posted this back in May 25 2014, regarding no water in T.T. Well let me tell you what was the problem. (They need it to replace the city water hookup ( Wow six weeks to take care of this issue? ) Enough of that what, matters now is that I got my baby back and I am happy:)
kennyd63 06/02/14 06:13am Travel Trailers
RE: Give them somewhat of a break

I am posting this here because it is one of the few forums I look at. I see a lot of critical reviews of people and their choice of trailer or TV and the research they do. I only ask that we give them a break. I did a little experiment and went to two different Dodge dealerships and spoke with a multitude of people. Neither of which gave me the correct information. I positioned myself as a CURRENT truck owner who was curious about it's capabilities, so no one can say they were just trying to make a sale. Either way of all the people I spoke to, I got 90% incorrect information. The last guy even told me that tongue weight does not decrease from the payload. I saw calculators, papers, pamphlets...everything...they all really went out of their way to help, just didn't get much right. I spurned a lot of conversations in offices between sales guys, managers and service dept while I was there. Still, not a lot of correct information. Even on this forum, there was a recent conversation on the ratings which caused confusion. So, when people say research things, it isn't always that easy. Some people expect "experts" to be able to give them accurate information. If I were a consumer, I believe that I did everything right by going to two different dealers, going to the trailer dealer, looking on websites..etc. It still doesn't mean that you will get a proper hook up. Even I was mis-lead somewhat and will be towing a bit over weight this summer, until next year when I can afford a new truck (I ain't made of money). So for now, I drive careful, kept the trips short this year and will be just fine. So I guess the point is, we should give those people a bit of a break, after all, we are here to "help" each other right? I couldn't said it better my self. Thank you for the post.:)
kennyd63 05/29/14 10:13am Travel Trailers
RE: should sliders stay in or out???

We leave ours out all summer long, do to the fact that we go to our place every weekend thru out the summer. Plus ours get some shade so I don't worry about the seals getting dry. And as for the critters, I only have the mice problem during winter when the slides are close figure that one out. Good luck on whatever you decide to do.;)
kennyd63 05/29/14 08:38am Travel Trailers
RE: Best Truck for Pulling

I am with the above. There is so little difference in the big 3 that the best truck for towing for YOU is the truck that fits YOU the best. Try all three and get the one that YOU like best. And yes, I do have a Ford. I agree with BB TX, and yes I also have a ford.:W
kennyd63 05/28/14 09:56am Travel Trailers
RE: What is taking so long? Follow up

I'd go get my trailer. Did the water work when you bought it? Yes it did.
kennyd63 05/27/14 05:44am Travel Trailers
What is taking so long? Follow up

Top of the morning- Has anyone had their T.T. service while under warranty and it takes a long time for them to get to it so they can work on the issue? When we first bought it they told us, since you bought it here you will be one of the first one to get taken care of. Wow never the less its been a month an the unit still hasn't been looked at. Perhaps is because they are taking care of the new buyers first, so they can seal the deal on the sale? While mine it still sitting there collecting dust! Memorial day no T.T. So I call 2 weeks ago to get an update, they told me there is 5 more people ahead of you. OK... Now you must be wondering what is wrong with the unit? Well I just can't get water to go into the T.T. from the W.T or city hook up.:M Happy memorial day to all. Be safe.. I had posted this back in May 25 2014. Someone asked me to let them know what was the problem on why I did not had water in T.T. once the shop go it fixed. after almost 6 weeks in the shop and many calls, and an email finally got it back this past Saturday. The problem was that it need it the city water fill replace. ( City water hook up )Wow six week for this? Ok enough of that I got my baby back and I'm happy:)
kennyd63 05/25/14 06:20am Travel Trailers
RE: Starved Rock State park IL.

I'm going to a wedding and am thinking about camping at the campground at Starved Rock. I haven't stayed there for a long time, (when I had a pop up),I now have a 28 with a small slide. I remember the sites small and very tight. Has anyone stayed there lately? any recommendations or site # suggestions? I need to book soon its for Labor Day Weekend. Thanks. Joepuma- We did not stay there. However we did stayed at the KOA near there, we had a blast it was our first time using our T.T. and visited the park.:B
kennyd63 05/15/14 01:33pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Cleaning rubber roof ?

Good morning- Quick question, what is better to clean the top of your roof? should I get the one step which is cleaner and conditioner in one. Or the cleaner by it self, and then the conditioner?:@ Thank you folks...
kennyd63 05/15/14 07:32am Travel Trailers
Water pump

My water pump is making a funny noise. While using the water I understand that the pump will make noise, however just when is about to shut off it makes a tap tap tap tap,and finally stops. I clean the small filter which is attached to the pump. and still is making that noise. Is this an indication the pump is about to die? This is a shurflow pump for a Saleem 2010 (P.T.):h Thank you all>>>
kennyd63 05/14/14 10:01am Travel Trailers
A/C cover???

Hello Folks- Can someone tell me why a lot of manufactures are changing the colors of the A/C roof top unit cover on T.T. and M.H to black ?Wouldn't this make the unit run hotter? Or maybe this is another way for the dealers to make more money when the unit burns out do to over heating? Maybe I am wrong. Any explanation to this change will be greatly welcome.:h Thank you all>>>>
kennyd63 05/12/14 08:01am Travel Trailers
Vent covers...

Hi there- I have a Saleem P.T. in our property up in Michigan. Its 43 feet long. so we do not move it , it's stay there all year around. My question is there a way to prevent your vent covers on the roof from getting brittle do the exposure to the elements? This is the second one I change in 2 years the unit is a 2010 and its been sitting there since 2009 I don't know if hail did the damage or a branch fell on it. I don't see any branch on top of the roof.:M All tips, and help are well come.. Thank you,
kennyd63 05/12/14 06:56am Travel Trailers
RE: Can propane be on

I am new to the travel trailer having downgraded from a Class A w/Generator. I was wondering if it is safe and legal to pull the travel trailer with the gas on to keep the refrigerator cold. I do not have a generator. Its perfectly fine. I do it all the time my self, and so far so good. Welcome to Travel trailer, and Happy Camping!!!:B P.S. I also downgraded from a Class A with a generator .>>>:W Thank You Gene
kennyd63 05/05/14 07:16am Travel Trailers
RE: HELP! I'm building a custom travel trailer.

Hi everyone, My name is Darla and I’m going to be building a small custom RV later this year to travel solo full time throughout the United States. Yup, I’m doin it! I would love to share my RV plans with you and hopefully get your feedback on them. I would greatly appreciate any thoughts, comments or suggestions based on your RV experience. (i.e. my floor plan design, equipment, decor, structural design, sustainability, etc.) It’s even okay to tell me I am crazy! :–) I put my plans online at: http://myrvplans.blogspot.com/ Thank you so much for your time and for your input. - Darla Darla- I'm happy that you are thinking of building your own T.T. this is a very nice unit. One thing I now the wife will one is a window by the kitchen sink, however this is not for me, is too much work. But this will be very special for the individual that builds it and can say this was built by me.. Good luck with you project and your journey.. Post pics while your camping.. God bless.:)
kennyd63 05/04/14 07:03am Travel Trailers
RE: What's with the change of the forum????

Finally got rid of it. It appears it came in piggyback on a fake install when I was updating Adobe Flash player. Man,they can get you any way they want today. It really looked for real. I am now going thru my control panel to find things that shouldn't be there. I have found 6 new programs downloaded today that I never downloaded.They're all gone. I am glad you took care of that annoying problem...Happy Camping!!:W
kennyd63 05/04/14 06:42am General RVing Issues
RE: New rig ! Done deal!

Put a deposit down today on our new 2014 Outdoors rv Creekside 27 bh. Trading in our 2004 jayco 27 bh. Will pull new rig with 2013 Suburban 2500. Picking up the new rig next Saturday. Had ten trouble free years with the Jayco and hoping for the same from the new Creekside. Will be sad to see the old one go but excited for new adventures in the new Creekside. Congrats on your new Creekside, Happy Camping:B
kennyd63 05/04/14 06:34am Travel Trailers
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