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RE: Fuzion Toy Hauler Pin weight

Having the garage loaded and full water will help. The water tank is directly under the garage. That is at least a counterweight of 800-900 pounds, plus whatever is in the garage. I will say that I have a 342 that I pull with the 3500 in my signature. That 342 is heavy, it settles my DRW more so than did the 322 that I had before. If your 331 weighs up like my 342 (they are much the same trailer I think, you will be overweight. You certainly will want to use Timbrens or airbags to level it. That wont solve the weight issue however as I am sure that you will still be heavy. You could run it empty and weigh it and then load it up and see what the difference is. I would be interested myself in seeing what the difference is. The 3500 SRW also has larger tires.
ksss 04/14/14 11:34am Toy Haulers
RE: Are there no experts that sell trucks?

I have the best luck speaking to the Commercial truck sales guy or gal. They typically know the product. These are the people that submit bids for Government vehicle requirements and deal with the vehicle specs everyday. If there is anyone in the dealership that will know the pickup truck product it is these people.
ksss 04/13/14 12:41pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 1st reports on the new 2015 GM p/u's

All you have to do is look at the gas SD/HD empty and towing comparisons and you will see that there still is no real "standout" in performance or mileage, regardless of advertised #'s. Just a slight variation in gear ratios will make one or the other have a slight advantage in a particular situation. It's nothing like the difference between the ecoboost and base V8's where it just dominates in towing performance and more importantly desirable towing characteristics. That is exactly right. When the Ford 6.2 came out I was expecting something more. I just thought since it was the newest gas motor in quite a while that it would somehow raise the bar. It did not take long to realize that the 6.2 did not appear to be significantly better than the 6.0. Now that the earlier reports of the Ram 6.4 are out, it appears to be much the same. Certainly powerful as its specs would indicate, but it is not setting any mpg records. I doubt there are any Ram fans that will trade their Cummins in for one. I think since the DI addition to the gas engines, the low hanging fruit is gone. I doubt there is really much more that can be gained without some radical changes to the gas engine. I am hoping that GM puts a HD quality 6.2 in their HD pickups, but I am not holding out for it to be a game changer in a real way, except perhaps a little more "go".
ksss 04/10/14 06:37pm Tow Vehicles
RE: my GMC 2500 tow vehicle ..

I don't know that I would go as far as 4.56 gears, I don't think you would need to, as even with a 6 speed tranny you will lose some drivability. I do agree that an independent shop can change out the gear ratio for a much better price.
ksss 04/10/14 07:47am Tow Vehicles
RE: Is a longer camp site needed for back ramp

Out here there is a lot of older BLM and FS campgrounds, and State Parks. Most of these especially the BLM and FS campgrounds are smaller at least here. They also like to park large boulders at the end of the gravel or asphalt parking pad. Like others we plan accordingly, but these camp sites certainly were not built with a toyhauler in mind and certainly not 40' toyhaulers.
ksss 04/08/14 10:43pm Toy Haulers
RE: Diesel Gas Mileage and Reliability???

If a Toyota is in mix than you don't need a much of a pickup. So if whatever your towing is half ton towable, I would use a gas pickup over any diesel. I have had 5 Duramax trucks my 08 Duramax has never missed a day of work in just under 100K miles. They are almost in my view totally dependable and powerful. A head gasket in my 5500 is the most I have ever spent in a million Duramax miles and that was due to a dumbassed employee. Yet I would still buy a gas (I would get a 2500HD if it were me) over a diesel for your purpose. If your pulling real heavy than it is a no brainer, but if gas is an option at the weight your pulling at, than gas is a better choice in my view. I never thought that way until I bought my 2012 2500HD with a 6.0 liter.
ksss 04/07/14 07:31pm Tow Vehicles
RE: May have just destroyed my TV engine :-(

I was not aware that the result could be so bad. If it is can anyone tell me why the filler necks are adjacent to one another. Hopefully you can fix it without the big price tag. The idea is that both Diesel fuel and DEF are both required 'fuels' to move the truck down the road. And don't think for even a second that you can't put the wrong fluid in the wrong place just because it's underhood. I've seen brake fluid in crank cases, antifreeze in washer fluid, etc. Anyone can make a mistake, some just are more costly than others. I know that mistakes happen, I have had a guy put diesel in the hyd. tank of an excavator. I am not sure that DEF and Diesel are the same as other fluid mistakes that can happen under the hood of a vehicle. Considering how often you add DEF and Diesel to a vehicle, the opportunities to make a mistake are considerably higher when the filler caps are right next to each other. I have yet to add brake fluid or antifreeze on my 2012 2500HD after 43K miles. If it were a DEF diesel truck I would have filled with diesel countless times and DEF at least 5 times.
ksss 03/31/14 09:09am Tow Vehicles
RE: May have just destroyed my TV engine :-(

The Ford dealer is going to have to replace (or perhaps rinse in the case of the fuel tank) everything that the DEF is suspected to have touched, regardless of actual exposure. They have to maintain the warranty status and the only way to ensure there wont be issues later on (which would be FORD's problem then)is to replace everything right now (under your dime). Personally I would try as Ricatic suggested and see how far the DEF actually got. You can always have the entire system replaced. You have only this opportunity to keep the costs to minimum, but perhaps at this point you would prefer everything be replaced (hopefully with the help of insurance). I know that if insurance was not an option, I would be trying everything to avoid a 12K hit to my checking account.
ksss 03/31/14 09:00am Tow Vehicles
RE: May have just destroyed my TV engine :-(

Hopefully the filter caught all of the DEF. Man I feel sorry for you. If the worst has happened, it appears that some have had success filling an insurance claim. Might be a long shot, but it would certainly be worth looking into if it comes to that. Keep us updated. The topic of having both the fuel and DEF next each other comes up every so often. Usually with some stating that it is nearly impossible to put DEF in the fuel tank even though they are side by side (considering how many of these you read and hear about, it's apparently more common than one would think). I don't have a pickup that needs DEF, but I do have employees. I really would be ok with having to open the hood to add DEF.
ksss 03/30/14 11:43pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Fresh Water Tank Sagging

My story is likely in the archives, my Fuzion 322 did the same thing. Its an easy fix really but certainly should not be necessary. I noticed that the drain was a weird angle one day. I pulled the underbody covering down and noticed that the straps were bent and pulling out. Hard to believe an engineer thought this method of securing 800 plus pounds of water in a vehicle meant to go off road would be sufficient. It is not sufficient as many have found out.
ksss 03/23/14 08:18pm Toy Haulers
RE: Never thought I'd be asking this question ... but?

GM is running on an aging design and won't have the new body style until 2015 models. Ford must be due for redesign in the next couple of years. Ram is very new and has probably the nicest and Roomiest interior on the market today. They also have the highest towing ratings out there for 3500 dually But any of them will be a decent towing platform. I suggest you go out, drive all of them hopefully all on the same day and over similar roads. Then using that information, pick the one you like the best and can get the best price on. The new body style is already hitting the lots. The chassis and powertrains were upgraded in 2011 at which point it was pickup truck of the year, and won nearly every pull off competition that I saw published, and that was with the 5 year old body and interior. I agree drive them all and see what works best, but there is nothing aging about the design.
ksss 03/23/14 10:53am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tires What Make

I have the same Kook tire on my 2500HD. I am really happy with them for what I do with the truck. Offroad traction has been acceptable, wear has been excellent (40K on them), snow traction is decent, and traction on ice has been good. On a side note I had dizzy female back into my rear tire on my 2500HD yesterday. She smashed her bumper in on her Camary but left me unharmed.
ksss 03/22/14 07:07pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Getting started

It is windy here. Just in case I forget, I look to the foothills and see a sea of red blinking lights indicating each windmill tower. I pull a 28 foot Desert Fox with a 2500HD for work. It is a handful in the wind. Be sure to watch your speed.
ksss 03/19/14 09:47pm Toy Haulers
RE: 2015 powerstroke 440hp/860tq

OK you win, it is a piece of shiitt as well. I refuse to be cornered into standing up for FORD.
ksss 03/17/14 04:12pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2015 powerstroke 440hp/860tq

MY DISCLAIMER (I think the 6.7 is a much better product than either the 6.0 or 6.4 but looks like it still has some teething issues but not nearly the horror show the other two diesels engines have been). 10-12K to rebuild the fuel system on your own dime I would say is a horror story. Chris I would agree it is if it happens to you, however I don't think that the overall failure rate of the 6.7 is equal to either the 6.0 or 6.4. I could be wrong, I obviously don't have any data. It is just a seat of the pants feel for what I see and hear about the 6.7. There was no doubt the 6.0 was ****, I heard about the failures immediately and it never stopped, not so much with the 6.7.
ksss 03/17/14 03:46pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2014 silverado 3500 6.0 question

Actually having issue with the 6.0 isn't as surprising to me as finding that the 5.7 Hemi was found to perform better. I have never heard anyone say that before. Generally the 5.7 at least out here is not well thought of, no doubt why we see the 6.4 now. Obviously Zogg thought enough of the 5.7 to take the $$$ buttkicking to make the trade happen. I believe the man, I just have never heard it happening before.
ksss 03/17/14 11:35am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2015 powerstroke 440hp/860tq

I'm beginning to figure out how they sell these trucks and who they sell them too. :B LOL Boy that really puts a fine point on the discussion....had coffee coming out of my nose when I read that! LOL!!! Definitely in the "It's only funny because it's true" category... Think about it, the 6.0 came out in 2003, so Ford is now 10 years later still trying to market a reliable diesel. All motors and vehicles need repairs, but some of the repair bills on these Fords are off the charts!! Combined with the V-10 sparkplug FUBAR, their powertrain engineering team needs a re-org.... The powertrain team at Ford may have dropped the ball since 03. However the Ford marketing group has more than made up for the their pickup's short comings. I would guess the peak of the diesel pickup market started around 1999 give or take. The Ford PS 7.3 was an exceptional powerplant. Even going back to the NA 6.9 and 7.3, they were strong motors for their time. They created a lot of good will during the glory years (thanks to poor offerings from GM and Dodge). Ford since has largely failed to produce a pickup that was equal to the completion since the 6.0. Yet Ford marketing has been successful in creating incredible brand loyalty even though they built the worst product on the market. Anyone know why Ford has been so ignorant on their warranty claims for the 6.7? It's because they can! They have built arguably the worse diesel engine line in the last 10 years and yet they still own the diesel pickup market. GM I am sure does not want to cover those claims over the fuel injection systems but they do, they cant afford not to. GM and Dodge could not have released the product that Ford has over the last 10 years and survive. No way in hell. Ford excels because they have built a level of brand loyalty with their customers that defies even the worst of products. I would put Ford's customer loyalty right there with John Deere Ag equipment and CAT heavy equipment for brand loyalty. I have read and know guys that threw good money after bad into their 6.0 and 6.4 engines and thanked FORD for their due diligence by buying a 6.7. While some have left the flock, enough stay the course to keep Ford on top of the marketshare leader board. Regardless if your a Ford fan or not, it is impressive. GM or Ram certainly would love to have the same type of product loyalty. MY DISCLAIMER (I think the 6.7 is a much better product than either the 6.0 or 6.4 but looks like it still has some teething issues but not nearly the horror show the other two diesels engines have been).
ksss 03/17/14 11:21am Tow Vehicles
RE: Bed clearance between truck & fifth wheel

My last two Fuzions have come with the pin box in the middle holes. Allowing for me to drop the box to the last holes, it buys a couple more inches. I have about 8" of clearance. I have put 235/85/16's on the trailer which buys me some more trailer height to level it out. That correct track looks like a good option as well. When I had my 322 I was going over some rough ground and hit my box on the trailer. I tore off the trim on the bottom edge of the trailer. That was with about 6" of clearance. Personally I think 8-9" is about right if you go off road, still have to be careful, some of those BLM and FS campground access areas are in real poor shape, at least out here.
ksss 03/16/14 12:16pm Toy Haulers
RE: Fuzion 404

That may be the best advice.
ksss 03/16/14 11:02am Toy Haulers
Fuzion 404

Walked through a Fuzion 404 today. I started getting buyers remorse over pulling the trigger on the 342 I bought last year. I liked many things about the layout. However there is zero storage in the garage and seems some of the storage areas that we have gotten used to in our other Fuzion's seems to be lacking in this model. Anyone have one of these trailers and what are the thoughts on it?
ksss 03/15/14 10:26pm Toy Haulers
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