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RE: Ram 6.4 Gas Mileage

If I get on top of Teton Pass and drive into Victor,Idaho I would probably get like 50 mpg (I have no idea what it would be, except very high). I am not going to then claim that I get 50 mpg, it is misleading and ridiculous. I could take a video of that and it would look good though. The vast majority (minus one 18.1 mpg claim on Fuelly) all are south of 15 mpg. That is still nothing to be ashamed of, big horses have to be fed. There is no value to anyone else when you cherry pick the most optimal driving conditions and claim the resulting mpg as your "mileage". Now if you want to qualify the statement with "when the stars aligns (going downhill with a tailwind), I can see 18 mpg" that puts your statement in a context that we can all relate to. Either way, you have a very nice pickup with big power, it is not necessary to be misleading on its mpg, it is what it is.
ksss 02/28/15 10:54am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram 6.4 Gas Mileage

Nobody is trolling. When you post mileage that is 4-5 mpg above 90% of what every one else seems to get, you can expect to get challenged on it. I am sure that the 6.4 guys (heck I am even interested) that are getting the mpg norm would like to take lessons on how to drive so that they also can achieve 18 mpg. May I suggest an informative Utube video. It might make ya famous!;)
ksss 02/28/15 08:56am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram 6.4 Gas Mileage

Some guys seeing 18 mpg in a 6.4 and some guys seeing 12-14ish (which is on par with the 6.2 and 6.0 gas from Ford and Chevy). Ram needs to find out what they did right when they made the 18 mpg trucks and replicate it so all of their 6.4s can share in that kind of mileage.
ksss 02/27/15 11:43pm Tow Vehicles
RE: All Terrain Tires vs Hiway Tires for Towing

I had Hankook ATMs on my last 2500HD great wear, decent traction considering the tread. I think they are a really good tire. I put NITTO EXO Grapplers on my 3500HD. I wanted more traction than what the ATMs could provide and did not want their mud tire. The EXO Grappler seems to be a good aggressive AT tire. So far I really like it. Most of the driving has been snow/ice and they grip very well. They bite well in the mud and clean out well. So far as good as they perform if I can get 45K out of them or better, I will buy again.
ksss 02/26/15 06:26pm Tow Vehicles
RE: fifth wheel toy haulers with 14 garage.

Fuzion just released a new model with a large garage. Looks cool.
ksss 02/26/15 12:19pm Toy Haulers
RE: Diesel 911

It is pretty commonly used here, especially if the machine is already gelled up.
ksss 02/22/15 04:44pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford F-350 PS DRW Towing

I would try and stay with a 2011 (or newer) PS and stay away from the 6.4 PS.
ksss 02/22/15 02:30pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Chevy Silverado Custom

We can call that even.
ksss 02/19/15 03:48pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Chevy Silverado Custom

That is a poor marketing ploy. Ford has long offered it's XL trim package for those looking for a basic truck without the fluff which can be optioned up to fit your specific needs and beat the next trim level price. The issue is if you add too many things you will exceed the price of an XLT model. As with any major purchase a potential buyer must be educated and do their homework to make an informed purchase. This appears to be aimed at a younger demographic are are neither informed or possess the experience level to make a good decision. Say what? If you think a younger person spending money on their first new truck is not going be informed, I think your kidding yourself. Young does not mean dumb. GM has the LS trim which is the equivalent of the XL trim package. Also while the first time buyer is a part of their target audience, there are a lot of people that are minimalist. They can likely afford more, but chose not to spend money on more of a vehicles than they actually need. Here is one that looks good, better than an LS, but has basic features inside. I doubt they will kill the market with them, especially since a loaded Canyon can be bought for the same money, but again there are buyers who will be attracted to a pickup like this. Reading the post on the UTube video is painful, a lot stupid. The name Custom derives itself from the Custom Deluxe pickups of the 70's which were the equivalent of these trucks, very minimalistic. GM is not trying to pass this off as a "custom" pickup.
ksss 02/19/15 09:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2011 Ram 3500 DRW Fuel Mileage When not Towing

I get an honest 16 mpg out of my LBZ 3500 DRW and never any better than that at Interstate speed unloaded. Pulling my Fuzion, I get 9 mpg at 65 mph.
ksss 02/16/15 05:34pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Hemi 6.4 Ram vs Ford 6.2 (gas)

Pulling 10K with a fifth wheel certainly makes a gas engine a viable option. If your looking to keep somewhat of a cap on expenses, the gas engines are cheaper to work on and not as particular as the new diesels are. The towing experience will not be as effortless and you wont likely pass many fuel stations. However when you factor in the cost of diesel verse gas in most places, the differences are not as far off as it might first appear. Something to remember when you complain about 7-8 mpg with the gasser verse the 10-11 with a diesel (towing). I pull half again as much with my gas HD and it works, I slay a few dinosaurs but I didn't spend the 8-9K for the Dmax either, that buys a lot gas. Lastly I just traded a '12 for a '15 with 60K on it (bought new) and it cost me .18 cents a mile in depreciation. It worked well enough for me that I bought another HD gas. Granted the HD gas truck is not my sole TV, but at 15K or less it works well. I would say that I don't think problems with the new diesels are anywhere near epidemic, chances are better than not you would wont have any serious problems. However given your retired status, I can see why it is a risk you don't want to take.
ksss 02/16/15 11:05am Tow Vehicles
RE: Buddy is now driving a ticking time bomb

I am not sure that collecting pint jars of fuel makes any sense. Basically if you have proof you bought fuel there (credit card receipt or statement)you have already collected a "sample" in your pickup. If there is an issue you will know before you blow through the tank, and even if you didn't, I am not sure that your "pint jar" will really stand up to any type of judicial scrutiny anyway. What is to say you didn't "make your own" sample of contaminated fuel. When these fuel stations have issues, there are many people impacted, and the word spreads as made apparent by this thread. The station is going to have a hard time refuting numerous bad fuel claims. They will dip their storage tanks and it is what it is. Regardless of where or not you have your own sample in a jar. The incident in Jamestown, ND sounded pretty straight forward, they got water in the diesel somehow and the damage claims started rolling in. I assume they have insurance for such things.
ksss 02/16/15 10:40am Tow Vehicles
RE: Patio Option on TH

I had one on our 2010 Fuzion Touring Edition II, we set it up twice mostly just a PINTA. We did not get one on the 2013, it was better but not great. However I see the latest Fuzion's have a pretty slick set up with the railing that folds up in one piece. Looks to be a much more efficient set up. The next time we upgrade we will absolutely check that box.
ksss 02/15/15 12:33pm Toy Haulers
RE: Buddy is now driving a ticking time bomb

A similar incident happened to a friend in North Dakota with a 6.7 Ford. Trashed the injection system. The Fueling station picked up the tab, he traded the truck off anyway. Jamestown area by chance?????? Also similar happened, according to this forum here, to a fellow in Mitchell, South Dakota some time back. But I believe that one was totally water in the diesel fuel at truck stop that had the Pilot sign up but was actually no longer associated with that chain. Pilot sign is gone now at least. :B It was Jamestown and it was water. Must have been the same incident.
ksss 02/15/15 12:06pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Buddy is now driving a ticking time bomb

A similar incident happened to a friend in North Dakota with a 6.7 Ford. Trashed the injection system. The Fueling station picked up the tab, he traded the truck off anyway.
ksss 02/14/15 12:11pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Leveling kit for my tow vehicle???

I put leveling kits on my GM trucks and pull equipment trailers with high tongue weight and I don't have an issue with headlight aiming. I don't care for the steep rake that they have new, so I put a leveling kit on to make it look better.
ksss 02/14/15 11:44am Tow Vehicles
RE: Chevy 2004 6.0 vs. 2015 6.0

I started towing with my '15 3500 6.0. I was happy with the way the '12 pulled with 3.73's even with running larger tires. The 4.10 with the larger tires, seems to be much closer to ideal. I can see why they removed the 3.73's from the option list (perhaps you could special order them but it not listed as an option). I appear to get the same MPG with this as I did with the '12, but it pulls even stronger, especially from a stop with heavy loads.
ksss 02/12/15 09:12pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Left over 2014 purchase?

Dealing with the commercial or fleet sales guys is a much better experience. They know the specs, and they wont waste your time on dickering back and forth on price. Whether its Chevy or GMC I can speak to either commercial sales guy (different dealerships) and get a best number pricing without the BS.
ksss 02/11/15 08:00pm Tow Vehicles
RE: purpose of roof lights?

Makes me feel like I'm driving a Mac Truck! If that's the case you need a Bull Dog on the hood and a in-line Six oil burner......:B Do you know the difference between a gold Bull Dog and a Chrome Bull Dog on the hood of a Mack? There is a difference. :) The chrome Mack signifies the truck does not have all Mack components. The Gold Mack bulldog uses all Mack components. My Mack is chrome. The tranny is an 18 speed Eaton, everything else is Mack.
ksss 02/09/15 09:46am Tow Vehicles
RE: F350 srw vs chevy 3500 srw rear sag?

It is correct that the leaf count alone is not everything but it is a factor. I ordered my 2015 3500 with the 10,800 option (SRW). It has a pretty substantial leaf stack with a substantial overload. I am still braking it in but will soon be pulling trailers with high hitch loads, I anxious to see how well it works.
ksss 02/08/15 11:46am Tow Vehicles
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