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RE: New Truck Search

Unless Chevy has changed recently, its website tells you where your model or a close copy is located. Can't believe Ford doesn't do that too. You can put in the zip code and it will search the area. I would just put in the zips to the areas I was willing to drive to. Bought two pickups and my ZL1 using that search feature.
ksss 05/04/17 11:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: PUTC 3/4-Ton Premium Truck for 2017 Challenge

Any of the big three would be a solid choice for a truck. The Nissan would be a good choice for someone wanting to start an artificial reef. OK, that is pretty funny!
ksss 05/01/17 11:05pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Fuzion 369 with 2015 Chevy 2500HD Duramax

Those trailers are really nice, but pulling that with a 2500HD would not be a good combo. The 2017 GM trucks have a cool hood scoop and a bunch more power find 3500 drw and get the trailer.
ksss 05/01/17 09:00am Toy Haulers
RE: Newer Chevy 2500HD rear diff ratios and engine differences?

I have had a 2011 6.0 2500 with 3.73 and a 2015 6.0 3500 with 4.10's. The 3.73 was fine but the 4.10 does match up with the motor very well. I pulled 30K (combined) plus with both trucks and was always impressed with the power of that gas motor. I agree if you can get into the 2015 I would do it, the interiors are much nicer.
ksss 04/08/17 12:24pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Toyo AT2 or Terra Grappler G2 or Cooper AT3 or ???

I have the G2 on my wife's 1500. They were really good through the Winter, seem to be wearing well so far although still early to say for certain. The reviews I saw on the tire were very good in the wear department. I have a set of NITTO EXO Grapplers and I really like that tire, more aggressive than the ones you have listed. The Nitto's are good tires.
ksss 03/15/17 04:27pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Survey - who has had a citation for RV overweight?

As I understand the weight laws, one can not be jailed per say for being overweight. Marty That is potentially not true. When you are overweight by a small portion (cant remember the amount) it is an infraction-a fine. However if you are over the infraction amount, it becomes a misdemeanor which can absolutely get you booked into jail and in the process handcuffed. Officer discretion and department policy would likely have much to do with whether or not that actually occurred.
ksss 02/26/17 05:29pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New Tires For Tow Vehicle...

I currently am running Cooper SST Maxx on a 3500 DRW. Have not had them on long enough to have an opinion on wear, but they have proven good in deep snow and icy roads and extremely good in mud. Very impressed with the off road capability of the tires. I have a set of NITTO EXO Grapplers on the 3500 that I drive everyday. Second set I have put on. A really good all around tire, traction is very good, they wear very well, very tough tire. NITTO is made by TOYO. Michelins do wear well for most guys, unfortunately they suck off road and in the Winter. Probably the least popular OEM tire in this area for that reason.
ksss 02/22/17 11:56pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Looking for a boondocking rig

The Desert Fox trailers do hold up very well. They are popular in Idaho for that reason. Like you, many boondock and the goat trails leading back to everyone's favorite spots are never smooth. Also because they are built close, the freight is less for dealers, so that can save you some money if you buy new. As far as the pickup goes, I am a "more is better kind of guy" like many are here. I only own 3500 series trucks (in fairness that is partially driven by business needs, but I doubt it would change my buying habits). However your situation is a bit different. The needs and specification you have laid out will keep you in a smaller trailer. A well speced half ton will pull the size trailer your interested in. If you go HD, in your situation I would buy whatever you happened to get the best deal on (2500 Vs 3500). Both are more truck than you need, but overkill is just about right.
ksss 02/22/17 11:46pm Toy Haulers
RE: Brush Guard Advice Wanted...(Pics are a bonus!)

I have had numerous RH Legend style bumpers. I have yet to have a deer hit, surprising, but I have been hit and run with no damage to me except for paint transfer.
ksss 02/19/17 04:32pm Tow Vehicles
RE: DRW in snow, off road, etc.

I have both 3500 DRW and SRW. I live in Idaho about 90 miles from Yellowstone to give you a geographical context to my experience. I have traveled many miles in the snow with DRW including working on the top of the Big Sky ski resort during the Winter. I would have to chain up to get heavy equipment to the top of the hill. I chained the back outside tires and fronts. I have always run an aggressive tire on the these trucks (Cooper SST, Kelly TSR and Kelly MSR). If you chain up they are not bad pushing deep snow but not as good as SRW. When the DRW really sucks is when the roads are rutted and iced over, they throw you around as the duals try to find a home in the ruts. The SRW 3500s clearly are superior in the Winter but DRW is workable just not as pleasant. Loaded they are better in the Winter than when they are unloaded. During the Summer off road with a DRW my issue is the fenders suffer from brush scrapes that SRW are not exposed to. The other issue is the DRW beds are made of composite plastic that when cold are brittle. They shatter when hit. I prefer the SRW for most everything. The DRW's are great for going down the road at max GVW and outside of that I don't find them that agreeable. If you "need" the weight carrying capacity, than go DRW. If you are considering going to DRW for added capacity but it is really not necessary I would go SRW. The new trucks are rock solid in SRW. The tires are better, the suspensions are better than they were 10 years ago.
ksss 01/31/17 08:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Crummy fuel economy

YEP...... Jamestown ND to Dickinson ND roughly 200 miles. Towing 5th wheel and was sweating whether or not would make it to Dickinson. 6 mpg or less...could see fuel gauge changing. 36 gal fuel tank Course I was bucking a 35+ mph headwind I can see 6 pulling some mountain passes. Wind resistance is a big deal. I pulled my 26' enclosed car trailer which is tall to Salt Lake with a car in it with no serious wind and got 9 mpg. The trailer and car weigh about 8k together. I get 9 mpg pulling my Fuzion TH that weighs 15K. Takes fuel to pull big air catching objects down the road, this has a much bigger effect than does the actual weight of what your pulling in my experience. Jamestown, ND heading West is always bad. Just like Columbus, MT to Bozeman is bad maybe even worse for fighting wind.
ksss 01/29/17 03:16pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Super Duty #1 stolen truck

I put a Ravelco antitheft system in my ZL1 Camaro. According to the company they have never been defeated. Pretty simple and they work on most any vehicle. I have never put anything like it in my pickups, but I take the Camaro into California sometimes and that is dangerous territory for a ZL1.
ksss 01/18/17 08:52pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Should 2 Wheel Drive Low Range be a option??

I remember years ago that was an option. I had an 84 3500 SRW with a 6.2L in it. There were times when I needed the lower gear ration, not necessarily 4 X4 low. I could just not lock in the front hubs and have access to the lower gear ratio without being in 4X4. However now days with all the power these newer pickups have I don't think it is necessary.
ksss 01/08/17 09:22pm Tow Vehicles
RE: All GM trucks combined sell more than Ford.

You can sell as much junk as you want, in the end all that's left is a bunch of junk on the road! Or............................ You can buy a Ford! Were your kids playing on the computer or is this nonsense really you?
ksss 01/08/17 01:26pm Tow Vehicles
RE: All GM trucks combined sell more than Ford.

Calling a Colorado a truck is like calling health care affordable. Ha! Well it has larger payload capacity than a lot of half tons and it has a real frame. The Ranger, I have read will likely be a Unibody. Now that is not a truck, but yet it will be marketed as one.
ksss 01/07/17 12:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2017 GMC/Chevy DEF tank!

Just yesterday I was sitting at a light in my Prius work truck WHen did a Prius truck become available? When my bride told me I was spending $7-800 a month in gas for the F250 using it for work. I joked with her that I was going to buy a Prius and she could drive the F250 for her short commute. She found one she liked, a charcoal 2013 Prius Xsp. She's been driving the F250 for over two years and I loaded all my parts and tools from the F250 into the Prius and went from 11-14mpg to 53~mpg on my 100~mile a day route. Other than the jokes and stigma, it's not a bad car to drive. But do you find it difficult to drive with a bag over head? If you turn your head real fast, do you lose your eye holes? Sorry......couldn't help myself. Your a better man than me, I couldn't do it.
ksss 01/07/17 11:52am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2017 GMC/Chevy DEF tank!

Haven't had an issue with my 2012 or the 2016 with the def tank location- I agree it's not the most aesthetically pleasing but the AMP steps and the aftermarket guard I have completely hide it. I have 34k miles on my 10 month old 2016 and am getting at least 5k miles between def fill ups- which is what I got with the 2012. Most of those miles are towing. (I grabbed 10,000 #'s of steel pipe for the ranch this morning which was a 600 mile round trip...) I agree it could be done better but it certainly won't hold me back from buying another GM truck... If it's a deal breaker for someone then they likely didn't want a GM truck to begin with... I agree. I have 34K on my 2015 3500HD. I am off road a lot. Being an excavation contractor in Idaho, necessitates being off road. I have had no issues in this pickup or any GM pickup that I have had with smashing that location. I agree it could happen. I also wish that they would come up with something else, but like mentioned, it wont stop from buying another. I pretty happy with these pickups.
ksss 01/06/17 06:19pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Who says that we need cheap pickups?

I like them highly loaded as well. Yes the buy in is higher. However the resale is higher so you get the cool options and you get at least half your upfit costs back when you trade in. One of the greatest features on the not necessary but **** nice to have is the heated steering wheel. When it is subzero outside that heated steering wheel is sooo nice.
ksss 12/24/16 11:53am Tow Vehicles
RE: Electric refrigerator in toy hauler...Dry camping experience

Initially a lot of the Fuzions were coming with the residential fridge, looks like they are now going the other way or at least offering the propane/electric as well. A residential fridge and a tow hauler would seem to be at opposite ends of the plausibility spectrum. As far as batteries, I think the two six volt batteries in series is the least you want to go. Out here, my dealer doesn't sell them any other way. I bought a Fuzion from Holmans in 2010 that had a single 12V. After one camping trip, I was in buying two sixes. The nights are cold here even in the Summer, heater runs all night long.
ksss 12/18/16 02:54pm Toy Haulers
RE: LT265 vs LT275

I have 2012 3500 SRW and run the original 265 70 R18 most of the year. But I also have 275 70 R18 winter tires. My 275's rub the plastic wheel well behind the front tires if I turn sharply. My winter tires are studded Coopers. Hope this helps. Bummer....I have the same truck only a 2500. I was planning on switching to the 275 size because of the greater selection of available tires. Is yours a 4wheel drive? Hard to understand how a increase of only a 1/4" radius - 1/2" in diameter would rub. Anyone else having clearance issues on the 275 size on the GMs? I put a Cognito Leveling kit on my 2012 2500HD and I never rubbed with 275 Nitto EXO Grapplers. I don't rub with the same leveling kit on 2015 3500 gas or Deisel.
ksss 12/17/16 02:30pm Tow Vehicles
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