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RE: One ton pickup challenge.. (New Aug 14)

I have three comments.. First is GM is to me..Obama Motors, I will never buy a GM product. If that was all that was available, I'll ride my bicycle. GM sucks. Secondly, real world driveability and dyno (static tests) are phooey anyway. Lastly, I'm not about to pay 65 grand for anything that does nothing but depreciate. Poor way to invest money, especially if it comes with a payment book. My last 1 ton, I paid CASH. I am getting bids now for a new GM 3500 D/A, LB, SRW. I am going to buy it in your honor. Real money is looking to be about $64,500, practically a steal.
ksss 08/14/17 06:40pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Best type/brand/size tire on your tow vehicle??

I will say this for the G2. My wife reports to me every time her pickup slips, she keeps it in the auto trac function during the Winter, but we had a hellva Winter last year and twice she said she broke loose. The block design of the tread I think provides numerous biting edges that grip in icy conditions. It does really well in the Winter, never had it off-road, but I doubt it would clean real well but a good all around do many things well type tire.
ksss 08/07/17 09:52pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Firestone Transforce GT tires

Yep you are the only one I have seen that has had any issues with the Transforce tires. Wish they had can stock on my truck. As for the Coopers had a set of them for one month and had Discount remove them. Zero wet traction at all! Don Folks happy with Transforce HT or AT tires are awfully few and far between in my neck of the woods. You can get them as takeoffs for next to nothing on Craigslist. Junk. I buy them as trailer tires for a 24K gooseneck trailer, they work fine for that. I would never put them on the pickup.
ksss 08/06/17 07:54pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Anyone running BFG All Terrain KO2's on their truck?

I have been running these tires on one pickup for 10 years now. Never noticed excessive noise, excessive wear yes, but not noise. I would look at it like this, while I think they are a really good tire when they are new, they wear wear fast. You likely wont need to put up with it very long. The other option is as long as they have decent tread left, they have value to someone used. You could at least get half way to a new set of something else if you sold them or traded them into the tire store.
ksss 08/06/17 07:44pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Good Deal or Walk? 2007 GMC 3500 dually

I know GM trucks have great resale value but that price in ridiculous. 07 Duramax LBZ was the last year prior to all the emissions being added, so its a sought after engine. Obviously, all vehicles condition is relative to previous maintenance, so get them checked out by someone you trust. What is your budget? You should be able to find a truck with 150k ish in the lower 20's. It depends, if it is an 07 Classic it is an LBZ, if not it would be an LMM (new body style GMT900). I have an 06 LBZ and an 08 LMM and both are very solid. The LMM has yet to miss a day of work with a 130K on it for any reason. The LMM is a little harder on fuel, the DPF in the truck to this point anyway has been a nonissue however and it spends a lot of time driving in town.
ksss 08/06/17 07:37pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Best type/brand/size tire on your tow vehicle??

It's complicated. My next tires will be: "All Terrain". IOW something between Highway and Mud tires. Had Michelin LTX MS2s on my last truck and they were a great highway tire, long lasting and good mileage, but as soon as I got off the pavement they sucked. And Mud tires, although cool looking, are noisy, not as long lasting and with poorer mileage. "All Weather". We travel to Florida in November and return in late March and on several occasions have run into snow and ice in the Appalachians. An "All Weather" tire is not a dedicated winter tire but does have Triple Peak Mountain and Snowflake. This means special rubber compounds and sipes which usually means increased treadwear (and reduced mileage). But lately Nokian, Cooper and Yokohama have come out with AT tires with that symbol AND with decent tread wear warranties. Think it was Nokian that introduced the "All Weather" term , and they are very popular around here in S. Ontario as you don't have to swap tires every spring and fall. Not as good as dedicated winter tires, but good enough for many around here. The AT tires with the winter symbol AND a treadwear warranty that I've found so far are : Yokohama Geolander A/T GO15, 80K kms treadwear waranty for LT Nokian Rotiva AT Plus, 65K kms for LT Cooper Discoverer A/TW, 80K kms for LT My favourite so far is the Yokohama based on looks, availability and local price. There are a lot of other AT tires with the winter symbol but no tread wear warranty: BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 Toyo OpenCountry C/T Nitto EXO Grappler AWT Nitto HD Grappler Kumho Road Venture AT51 Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac But I suspect they will not last as long as those with the warranty. I can speak to a couple of tires on your list. The BFG AT/KO2 is probably the best tire I have run on icy roads. When they are new, they simply cannot be beat. I have been running BFG AT and then the AT/KO2 since those came out on an 08 Chevy 2500 D/A. My biggest issue with these tires is The first 50% of the tire is really good except in deep snow or mud. After the first 50% the tire is essentially a good looking highway tire. I would replace these after 24K miles on them, which is about every 18 months. I have been running my second set of the Nitto EXO Grappler on a 2015 3500. Loaded heavy the majority of the time. Really good off road, Winter driving is good, as it is good on ice and in deep snow, not as good a new BFG AT but I will take the trade off, especially last Winter. After these tires get down to 50% I have been sipping them for improved Winter ice traction. I really like this tire. I got 50K out of my first set, and could have gotten more except I was going into Winter had I been going into Spring or Summer I could have pulled another 10K out of them. My Wife has a set of Nitto G2 on her 2016 GMC 1500. Really a good all around tire, close in Winter traction to the BFG AT. Seem to be wearing well so far at 20K. I have a set of Cooper SST's on a 2006 GMC 3500 DRW. Really good traction, and they are wearing very well for an aggressive tire. This tire is probably the most common AT tire I see in Eastern Idaho, seems they are every where.
ksss 08/06/17 07:20pm Tow Vehicles
RE: F250 Fails at Ike Gauntlet

Must be the season for such things. Had my fan separate from the fan clutch on a 3.9T Cummins in my Case CX 160 Excavator. $3000 in damage to radiator and assorted components, to say nothing of the repair time cost. Sucks.
ksss 08/06/17 04:56pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 6.4 Dodge???

I towed 30K combined with my 2015 6.0 3500 at 8K feet routinely. Effortless, certainly not, but it would grab the appropriate gear and sing its tune at about 4K rpm and it just pulled. I never tried that weight going over Teton Pass but it would do it with the smaller passes without pause.
ksss 06/19/17 08:50pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Front Shocks for 07 3500 GMC DRW DIESEL

I have the adjustable Rancho 9000 on my 06. I like them, I have had them on for four years now.
ksss 06/18/17 04:21pm Tow Vehicles
RE: RAM 6.4 Ike Gauntlet

There is a lot more than just engine specs that dictate the fastest time up the hill. Power never hurts of course of which the Ram has plenty of, but due to gearing, perhaps more parasitic loss, shift points and so on the Ram does not get up the hill very fast. The Duramax was much the same, lagged behind the other two on the spec sheet (prior to 17) but more than held its own under actual towing conditions. If Ram would "let the horses run" it would dominate the other two, but clearly they are not making all that power available to use. The only place it succeeds in beating the other two gas trucks is in the advertising arena with a powerful spec sheet. It makes no sense, but clearly they have a reason for keeping the power inaccessible.
ksss 06/18/17 04:18pm Tow Vehicles
RE: RAM 6.4 Ike Gauntlet

I think they do it right. Put it in gear and drive it up the hill and let the pickup manage itself. The more input from the driver the less meaning the test has. It becomes too subjective at that point. I agree manually shifting yields better performance, I notice that my tranny temps are much lower when I control the shift points. I had a 2015 3500 6.0 and it pulled some crazy heavy loads up some serious grades. I knew it was a strong motor but until I owned one, I never knew what they could actually do. No different than the gas engines from others I am sure. They are very capable engines often overshadowed by the diesels, but still very capable.
ksss 06/14/17 09:30pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 3500 single axle or 2500? Any difference?

I bought an early 2015 3500HD SRW 6.0 that I had built for me. It had an option for different GVW's. It maxed at 10,500 if I recall which was what I ordered. Maybe the axles are different depending on how it is speced. I never cared to investigate it at the time.
ksss 06/10/17 04:27pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Filling DEF tank GMC

While DEF is DEF. It is important that it is fresh. Heat can make it go bad, improper storage in general can make it go bad. I prefer to use truck stops since they go through a lot DEF. I don't have issue with the fill location. I would prefer the tank didn't extend so far, but I have not had issue with it and I bounce around on jobsites every day.
ksss 06/03/17 09:06pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New Truck Search

Unless Chevy has changed recently, its website tells you where your model or a close copy is located. Can't believe Ford doesn't do that too. You can put in the zip code and it will search the area. I would just put in the zips to the areas I was willing to drive to. Bought two pickups and my ZL1 using that search feature.
ksss 05/04/17 11:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: PUTC 3/4-Ton Premium Truck for 2017 Challenge

Any of the big three would be a solid choice for a truck. The Nissan would be a good choice for someone wanting to start an artificial reef. OK, that is pretty funny!
ksss 05/01/17 11:05pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Fuzion 369 with 2015 Chevy 2500HD Duramax

Those trailers are really nice, but pulling that with a 2500HD would not be a good combo. The 2017 GM trucks have a cool hood scoop and a bunch more power find 3500 drw and get the trailer.
ksss 05/01/17 09:00am Toy Haulers
RE: Newer Chevy 2500HD rear diff ratios and engine differences?

I have had a 2011 6.0 2500 with 3.73 and a 2015 6.0 3500 with 4.10's. The 3.73 was fine but the 4.10 does match up with the motor very well. I pulled 30K (combined) plus with both trucks and was always impressed with the power of that gas motor. I agree if you can get into the 2015 I would do it, the interiors are much nicer.
ksss 04/08/17 12:24pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Toyo AT2 or Terra Grappler G2 or Cooper AT3 or ???

I have the G2 on my wife's 1500. They were really good through the Winter, seem to be wearing well so far although still early to say for certain. The reviews I saw on the tire were very good in the wear department. I have a set of NITTO EXO Grapplers and I really like that tire, more aggressive than the ones you have listed. The Nitto's are good tires.
ksss 03/15/17 04:27pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Survey - who has had a citation for RV overweight?

As I understand the weight laws, one can not be jailed per say for being overweight. Marty That is potentially not true. When you are overweight by a small portion (cant remember the amount) it is an infraction-a fine. However if you are over the infraction amount, it becomes a misdemeanor which can absolutely get you booked into jail and in the process handcuffed. Officer discretion and department policy would likely have much to do with whether or not that actually occurred.
ksss 02/26/17 05:29pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New Tires For Tow Vehicle...

I currently am running Cooper SST Maxx on a 3500 DRW. Have not had them on long enough to have an opinion on wear, but they have proven good in deep snow and icy roads and extremely good in mud. Very impressed with the off road capability of the tires. I have a set of NITTO EXO Grapplers on the 3500 that I drive everyday. Second set I have put on. A really good all around tire, traction is very good, they wear very well, very tough tire. NITTO is made by TOYO. Michelins do wear well for most guys, unfortunately they suck off road and in the Winter. Probably the least popular OEM tire in this area for that reason.
ksss 02/22/17 11:56pm Tow Vehicles
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