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RE: GMs new 4 and 5 class with navistar.

GM's MD trucks will (MO) be based off a current IH platform w/ GM badging. Yes there will be some tweaks to make them different. Take IH's ProStar and CAT's trucks. CAT's trucks are rebadged IH's trucks and CAT is ceasing it's venture w/ IH in a year or so and will be making their own truck in TEXAS. IH is in Mexico. For the past several years, IH has had one foot in the grave. Other truck brands have kicked their butts in all segments once lead by IH. Gone thru many CEO's. Lawsuits, etc. Years ago, I told my Dad he ought to look into buying some IH (Navistar) stock as it was doing quite well. Now, it's not so well and lossed a good chunk of change. Frankly, I wouldn't own anything from IH at this point in time. I am curious to see what they come up with as to a design. I agree that IH is not looking that great right now. Ever since the fiasco with forgoing SCR in favor of cooled EGR, they have been in shambles. They cant seem to get out of their own way. Hopefully this agreement can be helpful to both companies. GM needs a medium duty truck in the worst way.
ksss 02/07/16 03:45pm Tow Vehicles
RE: RAM passes FORD in HD sales.

Good on Ram. Would the Cummins be a big reason? GM's number are really small. Remember that GM does not currently offer a class 4 or 5. So the numbers you see are only the 3500. Still smaller than they should be, but they cant sell what they don't currently make. The GM/IH agreement should produce a good medium duty truck (I hope). I liked the Kodiak and never understood why they dropped it..X2 X3 I just traded a 5500 crew cab 4X4 that I bought new in 05. I liked many things about it. Very heavy duty truck, high ground clearance, great off road. Very solid when working at max capacity, so solid that it could easily give you the confidence to overload it. The things I didn't like were the worst ride I have every experienced on anything south of some old IH dump trucks I used to own. It needed to be carrying 4K on the flatbed to feel even close to comfortable. The interior was extremely cheap for a medium duty truck. Just not construction duty quality. It would throw codes every so often, some electrical issues came up. It sucked that only a medium duty dealer could work on them (officially). Given all of that it was a great work truck for us. I took the seat out of the back and built a storage rack. It was workhorse for 10 years. This Fall I get a call from my employees that the 5500 is in limp mode pulling an excavator on the highway. They got it home and we pulled it into the dealer. We found that 7 out of 8 injectors were bad and worst of all, one of the cylinders had washed out and lost compression. I ran the repair numbers and traded it on the stump. I am now making do with two 3500's (06 and 15)until they release the new 5500. GM needed to update the truck, obviously with the bankruptcy they dropped those trucks all together. I think if the truck could have been been refined some more it could have been excellent.
ksss 02/07/16 03:25pm Tow Vehicles
RE: RAM passes FORD in HD sales.

Good on Ram. Would the Cummins be a big reason? GM's number are really small. Remember that GM does not currently offer a class 4 or 5. So the numbers you see are only the 3500. Still smaller than they should be, but they cant sell what they don't currently make. The GM/IH agreement should produce a good medium duty truck (I hope).
ksss 02/06/16 05:40pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Jan sales figures

Tough month for Ford. Great numbers for the rest. Good to see Ram rebounded after their December numbers. Maybe the Ford customers are realizing they would be better off waiting for a truck from this century. The 2017's will no doubt put the 99-16's to shame as they should. Two negatives IMHO are the narrow puck spacing for 5th wheel hitch attachment and the Mexican Made Diesel engine. The rest will no doubt be class leading. Spin it any way you want to (This is an election year after all) but Ford is still in 1st place. They sell a few more one month and a few less the next month and at the end of the year, they will be in first place - again. Obviously more people like their offerings then what comes from GM or Ram. Figures do not lie. I really like mine and would buy the same truck if I had to do it all over again. GM sold more pickup trucks than did Ford by a wide margin in 2015. Obviously more people like their offerings than what comes from FORD. Remember, the "figures don't lie".
ksss 02/05/16 03:12pm Tow Vehicles
RE: TV performance and elevation

I have traveled thousands of miles at 6-10K elevations and have never noticed a degradation. I think it is over hyped. I was really worried about it on my first trip across Colorado several years ago. Didn't notice a thing and haven't worried about it since. Well I notice you didn't say you were towing. Perhaps that would explain your inability to notice a lack of power at 10k. It certainly isn't because it doesn't happen.
ksss 02/01/16 03:17pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Who Daily Drivers their diesel TV?

If you are going to stay with a half ton, I think your best options are the heavy spec GM 6.2 and Ford Ecoboost. The GM will tow around 12K which is about 2K more than the Toyota. The pull off that was just posted on this forum is here somewhere, you may want to look at it. The Toyota did poorly compared to either the GM or Ford. These two options would give you more towing capacity and the sport truck feel it looks like you desire. I don't have personal experience with the Ford but the GM 6.2 is a fantastic motor. You cant argue with it's spec sheet, nothing else can touch it. As to the diesel, a lot of pluses and some negatives. Personally, I think if your running a pickup with a heavy load all the time, it is the easy decision. It gets a lot more subjective when you just like running them, regardless of what makes the most economical sense. You may have to do some traveling apparently to get a variety to test drive and see what gives you the performance your looking for. I would guess that will be a Ford or GM since the V-8 diesels are a "faster" feeling truck than the I-6 Cummins in my opinion. Know that these HD trucks are going to have a much different ride than the soft sprung Toyota you are used to. I am not sure that your going to find exactly what your seeking in a HD pickup. You may have to adjust your personal requirements somewhat for you to be happy in a HD. Regardless of what you buy (either heavy half or HD, gas or diesel), it will be better than what you have for towing. Heavy duty gas trucks to me don't feel fast when empty, but when you are pulling they get it done regardless of OEM, they all perform about the same (according to test results). That is why the 6.2 appears like the most logical choice assuming you can stay at or under 12K and since your considering SC your Toyota that seems to be the case. They can pull and they are a fun engine to drive empty. Not as fun as the SC 6.2 in my ZL1 but fun for a pickup.
ksss 02/01/16 11:40am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2016 Nissan Titan XD Cummins Payload

It will be interesting to see how these go over. I still think they needed to be about 10K cheaper than they are. If your buying a diesel pickup why would you pay this much when you can get a much stronger diesel for about the same money? I don't think you can compare it to the gas half tons as clearly as some would like to make it. I think see the gas and diesel trucks getting cross shopped that often. Also consider that Nissan has almost zero presence in the fullsize truck market given their monthly sales numbers. There is not a pent up base of loyal customers like there are for other pickups. So largely these pickups are going to have to sell on their merits, not product loyalty. This means buyers will be comparing numbers, and this pickup doesn't deliver on any of them, not in MPG, Price, or Payload. Will they sell some? Sure they will, big splash? Not very likely.
ksss 01/31/16 08:12pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2016 Nissan Titan XD Cummins Payload

I think it was predictable. I think I wrote that I could easily see a 1200 payload, I may have missed it by a couple hundred depending on how they are loaded, but the results were predetermined. Giving a half ton, 550 foot pounds of torque takes a substantial running gear to hold up to that power. Having to outsource all the key components doesn't allow them to save a lot of money. The MPG looks like it misses the mark and at 58K for a loaded pickup, the price is out of reality for what it can do. The answer maybe for Nissan is to increase the payload and sell it as a 2500. At least then it can find purpose. This heavy half ton idea has been tried and dropped by others. I looked at one today that 58K as well. Nicely loaded, some cool ideas, but not at that price and not with those specs.
ksss 01/27/16 08:19pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Looking for feedback on a new toy hauler

If you don't mind coming a couple hours into Idaho. I have been very happy with Smith RV in Idaho Falls. The support is terrific. They sell Fuzion THers.
ksss 01/27/16 08:03pm Toy Haulers
RE: Upcoming half-ton truck challenge

It finished as one could have predicted. Sounds like GM is getting the shift timing down on the transmissions. That is good to see. The 6.2 I think is just an insane engine. Considering how close the mpg is to the 5.3 it really begs the question as to why the 5.3 needs to exist. The answer to that is I think GM is trying to extract every dollar they can out of the popularity and ability of that engine. By only offering it on the high end pickups they have kept the transaction prices at there highest. I think that is a mistake, but not my circus. The Ecoboost continues to do well, not far behind the 6.2 and at a cheaper price than the 6.2 which is why GM should reconsider their marketing strategy. Ram is not serious about fielding a half ton that has any ability to pull or carry anything other than suitcases. That is not to say there isn't a market for that, many will put ride quality over towing/payload ability. Like it mentions in the article. There are many using these pickups as alternatives to SUVs. Toyota is in the same position.
ksss 01/26/16 11:15am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2011 chevy hd 6.0 3.73 rear end

Great time for your post. I have 8,500 lb loaded travel trailer. Box is 32 and 36 overall. Currently pulling and have been for one year now, with a 2013 Silverado 1500, with 5.3 and 6 speed. I live in Florida and 5 of our trips were in state, the other two were at stone mountain in Georgia. We are planning to buy a 1 ton this year. Was leaving only to diesel power until the last couple of weeks. I have started to think about the extra cost and whether or not I can justify it. Right now I usually lock it in 4th manually and put it in tow haul mode. Anything steeper than a quick standard over pass and its down shifting to 3rd to hold 63-65 on cruise. Going to Georgia I spend a good amount of time in 3rd. Seems like from reading this thread that I might be alright in a 6.0 Gasser Silverado. What could I expect upgrading to the 6.0 in my Florida travels and the smokies that we plan to hit this fall. Thanks I would hold off for a couple months. I keep hearing these rumors of a HD 6.2 being offered in the HD GM trucks. This is supposedly coming for 2017. If that is true I think we should start seeing whether that is in fact what is coming soon. Normally the new model year trucks start production in July. The 6.0 is a great motor, likely one of the best gas engines built. I think the HD version of the 6.2 could be every bit as good with considerably more power than the 6.0 I would like to see a confirmation on this from GM, have not seen that yet.
ksss 01/25/16 12:06pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2011 chevy hd 6.0 3.73 rear end

It wont be an issue. Pulled twice that at higher elevations than Yellowstone with the same setup. Gas is cheap, excepted in West Yellowstone.
ksss 01/24/16 06:11pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Upcoming half-ton truck challenge

I think it is great info to have. It is hard for the average buyer to pull with a new truck before you buy. This offers you more info to make a decision. I imagine it will be the GM 6.2 and the Ford Ecoboost right behind it. If they are doing some big elevation climbs the Ecoboost will likely win take top honors.
ksss 01/24/16 06:08pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Dually as a daily driver

If you need the capacity of a DRW to pull your trailer than absolutely get one. If you don't need the extra capacity of a DRW then why get one? Two more tires to buy, and being a gas I think it will impact MPG more than the same combo would in a diesel. I have both 3500 DRW and 3500 SRW and I prefer the SRW for everyday driving. The DRW shines when it is hooked to a heavy trailer. However the capacities of todays SRW pickups with improved suspension, and tire/axle combos have in my view closed the gap considerably.
ksss 01/23/16 01:31pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New 3500 DRW

What's the purpose of doing a lift on a new truck. Just for looks or is there some tangible benefit to jacking the truck up ? Someone once told me if you have to justify every purchase you'll never buy anything and live a boring life. Don't always need it, sometimes you just wanna have it!!! Basically the same reason all my buddies ask me why I bought a diesel to tow 9000lbs. :D Sweet truck OP Very true! No one NEEDS an RV but obviously we all here have one. If the man wants to lift his new 3500, so be it, surprising that someone talks of vanity on this forum. Like there isn't a certain amount of vanity in pulling a $70K trailer with a $70K pickup, no one here mentions that. Ah the 1st World problems we have to contend with.
ksss 01/23/16 01:13pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New 3500 DRW

Looks nice!!! One concern I would have is your rear tires are past your mudflaps. A AzzMonkey cop may use that as an excuse to pull you over and possibly write a ticket for that and??? Anyway have fun with it! White is nice, I like a little Gold on mine. Funny you mention that... I recently saw a new white Chevy truck with a similar lift as fly boy's but in a SRW, and had a gold/adobe painted bottom part that looked good. I don't know why GM doesn't offer a two tone anymore. I don't know why they don't do two tone. They haven't for a long time. They should bring it back.
ksss 01/22/16 04:12pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Fuzion AC Design

My Fuzion 342 has the same set up. It does not get near as hot here in Idaho as it does in other places but the system works well. I sooo want that 401. Great floor plan. It will be my next trailer.
ksss 01/16/16 12:46pm Toy Haulers
RE: 2017 Ford Raptor

That is pretty bad ass. They are running a Raptor specific frame. Now all those meatheads you see on Utube will have to work a little harder to taco their $70K Raptors, pretending to be Baja 1000 contestants. It is an outrageous pickup. Still amazed at how many of these you see around considering what they cost. I cant wait to see what these 2017 versions cost.
ksss 01/11/16 11:20pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Nissan Titan XD and the Ike Gauntlet

There is nothing wrong with it being IFS, and I personally don't believe that the current version of the CP4 is the issue the first versions were, however it is the cost vs capacity equation, which is a loser. If it got 26 mpg maybe that would help balance things out, but it doesn't so it is what is. It has limited payload as I suspected it would. I don't see this pickup setting any sales records, not really sure who is going to buy it given the other options available.
ksss 01/09/16 04:54pm Tow Vehicles
RE: GM trucks take top spot for the year !

I did not make that statement to say anything about Ford but I see all the Ford haters took it that way. To me its like combining VW, Audi, and Porsche to beat another brand. :S Why would they not take it that way? It is the way you meant it. I don't get why you cant wrap your head around this GMC trucks + Chevy trucks = GM trucks. Pretty simple. If customer A buys a GMC and Customer B buys a Chevy the money goes to General Motors. Pretty simple concept. The trucks are the same minus minor visual differences. However even if they were radically different, it would not matter, the number of vehicles sold under the GM umbrella goes to GM. Should GM create another line of pickups under Hummer or some other line, the sales would be credited to GM truck numbers. Just for the record, I am not a Ford hater or a Ram hater, I don't buy their products but I have nothing against them. You on the other hand have serious issues with not being able to deal with the fact that for THIS YEAR, GM out sold FORD in pickup trucks. Personally while it makes me happy to see that, I don't really care that much. Ford has outsold GM in pickup trucks in others years so pay back is.....what it is. So let it go.
ksss 01/07/16 07:41pm Tow Vehicles
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