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RE: Innsurance Preimum TRIPLED for one ticket.

Many things go into rating a policy holder besides citations and chargeable collisions. Your age, credit rating, principal address, and the record(s) of other drives in the household also count. In Washington State, the state legislators passed a law the insurance companies could only consider the last 36 months history to underwrite your policy. So, being a policy holder in good standing for 20+ years doesn't mean squat anymore. Age is 71, spouse 69. Credit rating 800+, CA resident, spouse has 0 tickets. CA might have a little to do with it as it always seems to be a little higher than other states. But given all the other criteria, I just can't believe a $4000 per year increase that is triple what I paid last year. Unbelievable! Ron
lanerd 01/29/15 06:07pm Good Sam Insurance
Innsurance Preimum TRIPLED for one ticket.

While in Oregon last summer, I inadvertently got caught in a red light situation. Please keep in mind this is my first ticket in over 30 years. I fully expected my insurance to increase somewhat, but for it triple, for an additional $4000 per year is just absolutely incredible!! :h This is just not right. I guess being a good driver all these years means absolutely nothing to Good Sam...not to mention my many years of membership in the club. Obviously, I'm looking for another insurance provider. Ron
lanerd 01/29/15 04:16pm Good Sam Insurance
RE: Old Toad/New Experience

Guys... the OP is looking for someone with experiences with toad towing on a dolly...not whether he should.:S I've never used a dolly, so can't really comment one way or another. I have "heard" that some dollys are difficult to hook up the tire straps and others have mentioned about lights on the toad, and others have indicated that finding a spot to store it when at an rv park can be difficult. So, those of you who "do" have experiences with a dolly...sing out!:p Ron
lanerd 01/27/15 03:00pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: has any one towed 04 Avalanche?

I have one that i would like to tow but how do i wire tail light:? You buy a tail light wiring kit...select one of THESE. Personally, I just used the diode kit on my toad and all the previous toads I've had. Good luck Ron ps.. you wouldn't happen to have a younger brother by the name of Bill?
lanerd 01/26/15 12:33pm Dinghy Towing
RE: towing advice

With a 7500 hitch weight, you should be fine. First Class C I've seen with a 7500 hitch weight. Great news. Ron
lanerd 01/25/15 06:16pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: towing advice

Yeah, if this is a one shot deal, a dolly seems the way to go. However, you really need to know what your Class C's tow limit is. Many are only 3500 lbs and a Sebring/dolly will be much more than that. Most other Class C's are rated for 5000 lbs. Only Class C rated above that is a Super C. good luck Ron
lanerd 01/25/15 04:26pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Another House Battery Question

Dave, I would suspect that you either don't have a 3-stage charger or if you do, it's not working correctly. Sounds like the charger is over charging your battery causing it to boil. Once the battery is charged (by the charger), it should read about 13.2 13.4 volts....if it is still reading over 14 volts..that's your problem. As for your question, some systems will work without the battery connected, some won't. Try it and see what happens...either it will work or it won't. Good luck with that new storm moving in...you guys sure have been catching it this winter. Ron
lanerd 01/25/15 04:20pm General RVing Issues
RE: Bakersfield to Chula Visa

Actually I-5 doesn't "switch" to the 805. I-5 is the main interstate highway that goes uninterrupted from the US/Mexico boarder to the US/Canadian border. 805 is a state/county/city highway that just gives you another route through the San Diego area. I would say where ever your destination in Chula Vista is, would be the deciding factor on whether to stay on I-5 or switch over to the 805. Was that your initial question?? Ron
lanerd 01/25/15 04:11pm Roads and Routes
RE: Bakersfield to Chula Visa

Hummm... You mean the 210, don't you? In any case, both go through the LA basin...lots and lots of traffic. If you really want to do that, taking the 210 off of I5 and go over to I-15 and then south is better than the I-5 all the way down. If you want to skirt LA you can take 58 out of Bakersfield over to 395 south and then south on I-15. Good luck Ron
lanerd 01/24/15 04:58pm Roads and Routes
RE: winegard Traveler slimline sat dish, how much wind?

I doubt it would take a 50 mph winds unless it's securely attached to the ground. Fred Fred, the Trav'ler is a roof mounted antenna. Supercub...why take a chance of the mounting screws being pulled out....just stow the antenna and watch recorded programs. We always have at least a dozen movies or other programs recorded just for such an occasion. good luck Ron
lanerd 01/24/15 11:29am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Blew a fuse I cannot find... Bum,bum,bum.

HAH! Last time I was out in Yuba I had two tire blow-outs one after another. First one took my spare, then once back on the road with no spare left, the next blow out came swiftly. Pretty hot asphalt! I'll never forget that spot! Typically, what happens here when one tire blows out, all the weight that was designed to be handled by two tires is now all on the remaining tire...obviously overloading it. Hence, blows out the 2nd tire. Other contributing factors would be overloading the rv in the first place and/or under inflation of the tires. The third possibility would be aged tires. Of course, it could be all three... Glad you got your electrical problem figured out. As others have mentioned.... be aware of what electrical items are 120v and what are 12v. Really helps when something goes out. For the record, taking one fuse out to use as a test for other fuses is really a bad idea as the fuses come in different amperage ratings. If you put a too large of amperage fuse in a socket designed for much less amperage, you could cause wires and other items to get hot and catch on fire. Your best bet is to get a digital multimeter (set on ohms) and put the probes on the top of each fuse where you see small metal section. If fuse is good, meter will read 1..if bad, it will read 0. Good luck Ron
lanerd 01/24/15 10:51am Beginning RVing
RE: Satellite TV

I am getting ready to buy a satelliteThat's gonna be pretty expensive. for my fifth wheel and need some advice/comments. First, you'll need a Titan V booster rocket to getit into space.I am looking at the Tailgater or Wineguard Pathway X2. My fifth wheel is wired for satellite, can I buy two receivers Just get a single dual receiver and watch TV in both the bedroom and living room with just the one cable running to the satellite or do I have to run another cable. Am new to this so any advise would be appreciated. Just kidding!:B You'll need to let us know who your provider is....DISH...DIRECTV...?? I can only speak of DISH, so if you want two tv's that you can be viewed separately from each other, you can run one cable from the antenna dish (not the satellite;)) and then use a dual receiver that will require you to use a splitter on the single cable to each receiver input. Since it is a dual receiver, it had two receivers in the same unit. Previously, I used a DISH 722 dual receiver and it provides me with HD on the 1st receiver output and then SD on the 2nd receiver output. But I can use each tv totally separate from the other. I really wanted HD on both tv's so I got another 722 and ran a 2nd cable from my antenna and split it into the two new inputs. Now I not only have HD on both tv's, I also have a separate recording receiver for each tv. If you don't have DISH...well, just forget everything I said above. Good Luck Ron
lanerd 01/22/15 09:39am Tech Issues
RE: Rt. 93 Kingman Az. to Vegas

We just made this a round trip two weeks ago. Perfect road...little boring, but nice highway...plus you get to go over the new bridge at Hoover Dam. Ron
lanerd 01/21/15 04:03pm Roads and Routes
RE: Good Sam ESP doesn't come through

I know. If you check out the magazines: Good Sam, Motor Home, Trailer Life....that all have sections where you can write in for help with a problem you might have with an individual company....almost always, when the mag writes to the offending company, the company will pay up. It's just a shame that a person has to go through all the misery just to get compensated for something that should have been taken care of in the first place. Customer service is pretty much a thing in the past...now it's all about how much profit a company can make and will do just about anything to keep from having to spend a dime more than they have to. Extended Service Plans are one of the biggest offenders. They cost an huge amount and then will pay out only when they absolutely have to. The fine print contains exceptions that boggles the mind. I have only dealt with a very few companies that stand behind their product...even when it is out of warranty. Fantastic Fan was one...not sure if it still is since it was bought out. Ron
lanerd 01/19/15 05:55pm Good Sam Extended Service Plan
RE: Towing Capacity

As Ron G. points out, you are maxing out most of your ratings, but he does not point out your payload capacity problem. By your own figures in the first post, you only have 800 lbs of payload capacity left over for the trailer's tongue weight. In the first "assumed" set up, you will be over the payload capacity and in the second, just under the payload capacity. So obviously, the 2nd set up would be a better choice. However, you are very close to maxing out just about every rating of the tow vehicle. Don't you think that it will definitely have a long term negative effect on the tow vehicle...not to mention the driver (you?). Now I realize that Ron G. is one of our expert seniors here who regularly posts facts rather than possibilities and can back them up with math....however, I never have been a real proponent of the 25% of the tongue weight being transferred back to the trailer as I never found that to be true when I had my TT with the Dual Cam system and also the Hensley Arrow. Maybe I just didn't have it adjusted corectly. I know it does transfers some (maybe 25%..I don't know) to the front tires of the tow vehicle, but 25% back to the trailer? I will defer to his expert knowledge, but will keep my doubts. In any case, I still propose that you go with something that is lighter and not exceed 80% of the max ratings. It only makes good sense. Good luck Ron L.
lanerd 01/19/15 04:32pm Towing
RE: Necessity of a spare?

With today's internet availability, calling around to find the right size replacement tire, is fairly easy. Once you find the tire, then call your ERS and tell them where the tire is and its price. The ERS contractor will get the tire and bring it to you to mount on your rim. No need to rely on the ERS contractor to find the right tire and charge you an arm and a leg for it. Ron
lanerd 01/19/15 11:37am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2011 Coachman Freelander 21QB (3500 Express Chassie)

Ok, sorry....didn't realize it was a mh. There are steering stabilizers available that might help you out. Tire pressure is very important...having too much air in the front tires can sometimes cause problems as well as having a large overhang behind the rear tires. Do a search here on rv.net on this subject. You'll find a whole bunch of info. good luck Ron
lanerd 01/19/15 11:32am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Max towing for 2014 V6 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Tow ratings are a figment of the mfg'ers imagination. It is a sales gimmick as each mfg makes up it's own determination of what a tow rating constitutes. The rating the OP should be more aware of is the RAWR and the Payload capacity. Those will be exceed long before any imaginary tow rating is met Ron
lanerd 01/19/15 11:22am Tow Vehicles
RE: Are Slide Lock Bars Necessary?

I would say that if the unit came with a slide lock, then use it. If the mfg deemed it necessary to include one, there must be a reason. As mentioned, there are ways to remind you that the lock is in place. Ron
lanerd 01/19/15 11:14am Class C Motorhomes
RE: 2011 Coachman Freelander 21QB (3500 Express Chassie)

I seriously doubt if it is a problem with your trailer's suspension. More than likely, your tongue weight is too low. Typically, you need about 12 to 13 percent of the trailer's total weight on the tongue. Also, do you have an integrated weight distribution/sway control device? Is it adjusted correctly? Tires on the trailer and the tow vehicle can cause sway problem also. You need to fill us in with more info. Ron PS...it's a Coachmen...not Coachman. Just saying ;)
lanerd 01/19/15 11:10am Class C Motorhomes
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