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RE: Have a class A, thinking of going to 5th wheel, any regrets?

No regrets. The living space in the fifth is far superior. Really.... far superior? Care to explain? Ron
lanerd 02/22/17 06:20pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Jake Brake

Actually Bill, Jacobs makes an exhaust brake also.... so it "could" be called a "Jake" brake too. I know, I know, everybody considers the engine brake as being the Jake brake. Just thought I'd throw that out there. For a newbie, it could be confusing. And DG, I don't think I've ever heard of a MH that had both. Ron
lanerd 02/22/17 06:17pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Jake Brake

I'm assuming your 425hp Cummins is an ILS which has an "engine" brake (commonly referred to as a Jake brake) as opposed to an "exhaust" brake (which can also be referred to as a Jake brake). Engine brake has two positions (Hi and Lo as you indicated) whereas an exhaust brake only has one position (on or off) and is commonly found in the Cummins ISB and ISC engines. It sounds like you have a separate on/off switch and then a secondary switch to determine which position. Does the position switch have a "neutral" position??? If yes, then turning on the first switch will not cause the engine brake to activate....only if the position switch is in the Hi or Lo position. As mentioned above, when you turn on the engine brake and have the position switch in either Hi or Lo, the transmission gear indicator should go from 6th to 2nd and will cause the transmission to down shift at certain rpms until it gets to 2nd gear. Once in 2nd gear and the coach continues to slow, at a certain rpm, the engine brake will disengage and allow the coach to coast. Not sure if this answers your question or not, but it should help you understand the function and operation of the engine brake. Ron
lanerd 02/22/17 04:33pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Have a class A, thinking of going to 5th wheel, any regrets?

The mh is easier to drive and back up. Easier to go at a moments notice. I like the fact that I do not pay insurance and liscense for a very expense vechile that does not get used much. The truck is my daily driver and gives pretty good gas mileage. I like the fact that when we get somewhere , I have a truck to go sightseeing with. Unlike when I had the motorhome I had to disconnect everthing and drive a behemoth to the grocery store or laundrymat. Still miss the old girl though. That's why God invented toads.
lanerd 02/22/17 11:19am Fifth-Wheels
RE: New to RV world, I have a few questions

"IF" your car is 4-down towable, be aware that you will need several items to purchase and install to accomplish that. Without going into details, if you do the install yourself, the cost will run around $2000....if you have someone do it, the cost will run around $3000. If it is not 4-down towable and is a front wheel drive (FWD) vehicle, you can get a 2-wheel dolly to tow it. Or you can purchase a transmission lube pump If it is rear wheel drive (RWD) and is not 4-down towable, you can get a driveshaft disconnect system. In either case, you can add another $1000 to the equation. Good luck in whatever you decide. Ron
lanerd 02/16/17 06:29pm Travel Trailers
RE: Gas station pet peeves

I think my pet peee at gas stations is that there is no one way lanes.... such as you see at Costco or Sam's Club. People come in from different directions and makes it almost impossible for some one with a trailer to get to an open pump. About the time one does open up, someone zips in from the other direction. Grrrrrr Ron
lanerd 02/13/17 05:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: Propane bottle exchange, a target for thieves?

Never use the store exchange. You can go to most any service station and get yours refilled for half the price. Don't understand why people use the exchange. Ron
lanerd 02/13/17 05:33pm General RVing Issues
RE: Lost...What do you guys think

You know just giving model numbers indicates you're only wanting answers from those of us who actually are first hand familiar with those models. I think the responsive replies will be very small indeed. I suggest that in order to get a better overall accounting of what you're looking for, that you might provide the weight specs for each of those models including pin weights, gvwr, and axle ratings. Also, know what the payload capacity of your truck is will help also. Have you weighed your truck? If not, know the "actual" weight of it would be very helpful. Ron
lanerd 02/07/17 06:02pm Toy Haulers
RE: poop tube

Rhino. While you're buying, look for the coupler to hook two of them together and buy it. You can always find another Rhino hose, but sometimes the coupler to hook two together is hard to find right when need one. Bill Bill, actually with the Rhino Flex you can buy (as mentioned above) either a 10' or 15' extension that already has the appropriate connectors. No need to purchase a separate coupler. Ron
lanerd 02/07/17 04:38pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Belts replacement

Does it have belt tensioners? If yes, just remove old belts and install new ones. The tensioner will move to allow removal and reinstall. If no, then you'll have to find the accessory that has an adjustable mounting arm (alternator, AC compressor, etc) and loosen the bolt to slide the accessory item inward to release the tension on the belt. Then remove and replace and re-tension the accessory so the belt has about a 1" play in the center. If you can get to them, it's not a difficult job. However, typically that available room to work is very limited and this makes the job harder.
lanerd 02/07/17 04:34pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: releasing wdh setup after parking...

Hello, he pulls the pin holding the hitch to the receiver on the truck, pulls forward and is done. Then, when he's ready to leave he "simply" backs the truck up, aligns it to the hitch and re-inserts it into the receiver. To me it sounds pretty dangerous. Jim Dangerous is right. With the tension on those bars, just pulling the pin and driving off..... just where do you think all that tension is going to go? Plus, with the tension on the drawbar, I seriously doubt if you could even pull that pin out!! Hensleys do take some practice in hitching back up. The draw bar has to be perfectly aligned and even then, you sometimes have to use the adjustable tension bars to get exactly the right height and angle configuration of the draw bar. However, once you do it a few times, it becomes much easier. Ron
lanerd 02/07/17 12:48pm Towing
RE: "Upgrading" from popup to TT and need info on TT culture.

As mentioned, the physical size of the TT will limit you to where you can go boon docking. There are TTs that are raised to give a lot more ground clearance, but we found the height of the trailer to be the main drawback. That said, there are many state campgrounds that are well off the beaten track and easily accessible by just about any rv including medium sized motorhomes. The more popular federal campgrounds..ie: yellowstone, yosemite, etc...are extremely popular and plans to visit have to be done months in advance...sometimes years. Our three girls all loved camping, hiking and two out of three...fishing. They accompanied us up until they graduated from high school and went out on their own....and sometimes even after that. Camping is a GREAT way for families to interact with each other and allowing us (the parents) to participate in their every day life. I commend you for wanting to provide this experience with your kids. Your trial run with a rental will help you to answer most of your questions and help you to decide if this is the way you want to go or not. That size TT is perfect for your Tundra...just keep in mind that it's not the "towing capacity" that is meaningful, its the "payload capacity" that is the kicker for 1/2 ton pickups. Also, if this is the way you decide to go, research weight distribution and sway control devices. Good luck in your quest.. Ron
lanerd 02/07/17 12:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: Entegra or newmar

I am also a fan of both. However, we did compare them to Tiffin motorhomes, and actually came away with a tag axle Phaeton w/bath and a half. The Phaeton had just as much (if not more) to offer than the comparable offerings of Newmar and Entegra for a lesser price. Don't get me wrong, the Newmar and Entrega brands are excellent coaches and you can't go wrong with any of these three. Have you looked at Tiffin models? Ron
lanerd 02/07/17 12:16pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: To tow or not to tow?

Got me confused too. I thought he was talking about Alberta.
lanerd 02/06/17 10:35am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Point of interest between Sacramento, OR, WA, Vancouver BC

I 2nd exactly what CA Traveler said. I also recommend you filling out your signature that will allow us to further make recommendations for you based upon your size and type of rv. Ron
lanerd 02/05/17 10:00am Roads and Routes
RE: To tow or not to tow?

We have been to Alberta several times and while it's true that most places have sufficient room to park a large mh, you will still have need to do short trips...supplies, visiting, exploring, etc. I guess I don't understand. If you are towing a toad all during your previous travels in the US, why would you not continue while in Canada? Personally, we don't take our mh anywhere without the toad following faithfully behind. Ron
lanerd 02/05/17 09:46am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: motor home mpg

You know this question is asked often and usually by a 1st poster person who never returns to offer any other conversation to the replies. When it is so obvious that this is the case (look at all the replies above and still no return of the OP) why do so many participate? :h
lanerd 02/01/17 01:48pm Beginning RVing
RE: Road side assistance

This has been my experience with both Good Sam ERS and Coach Net ERS. The quality of service provided by either is very dependent upon the person you talk to on your initial call-in. If you don't get the results you think you should be getting.... HANG UP.... and call again to get a different person. Chances are, you will get someone (hopefully) more experience and can provide you with the service you need. As here, the OP's initial call was thwarted by an inexperienced person and then the reply here contradicts what that person said and gives the correct info. Ron
lanerd 01/30/17 01:36pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Anyone have Nevada as their domicile?

I never thought about the insurance angle. Am I correct to assume that what ever state your domicile, vehicle registration and driver's license is.... that you also have to have insurance from that state? I have a friend who lives in MO but spends his time mostly in California as a camp host and will be selling his house in MO and looking to SD for his domicile, registration and license. Ron
lanerd 01/29/17 11:26am Full-time RVing
RE: TPMS recommendations needed

Brand new quality made tires can be subjected to the same road hazard problems that an old tire can. TST TireTracker Pressure Pro are just a few of the many brands. As Rob said, use the search function and you'll find gobs of info on them. That said, I can only add to make sure that whatever brand you choose, insure that it will monitor the tires while stationary. Ron
lanerd 01/28/17 04:58pm Towing
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