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lanerd 09/18/14 10:50am Folding Trailers
RE: Traveling through Las Vegas

Exit 54...isn't that a Petro truck stop? We use it also...much better than Pilot/Flying J down the road. Ron
lanerd 09/18/14 10:39am Roads and Routes
RE: Alaska Trip

Re: visa credit card. Be aware that some banks (if not most) will charge you an out of country fee on every purchase you make in Canada. Check with your credit card company and if they do have this fee, find one that doesn't. Also, phone and internet service can be very spotty in Canada when not in close vicinity of large towns/cities. We found Verizon to have the best coverage, but even that was troublesome. Good luck and happy trails... Ron
lanerd 09/18/14 10:33am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Alaska Trip

I suggest you go to Calgary then over to Banff and up to Jasper and then over to Edmonton and north to Dawson Creek and the Alcan Highway. It's much shorter to go straight from Calgary to Edmonton and skip the two parks, but you'll miss some of the most beautiful country in North America. Another great publication is Mike and Terri Church's book "Guide to Alaskan Camping". We used it much more than the Milepost, but both are very informative. Ron
lanerd 09/17/14 05:40pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: F150 and a Camper

You're kidding us...right?:E
lanerd 09/16/14 10:51am Truck Campers
RE: Equinox vs captiva for tow vehicle

How do I move this? Contact the moderator...he will move it for you. So, it seems you are actually looking at one of these for a "towed" vehicle....or what is commonly called a Dinghy or a Toad. Don't know about the Captiva (actually, I don't even know what it is), but the Equinox is a very good 4-down toad as is its cousin the GMC Terrain (see my signature). Both have a couple of requirements..ie: you must pull a fuse (or insert a manual switch in place of it) and keep the vehicle under 65 mph and start it every 300 miles. I put a switch in mine and since I don't drive my motor home over 65 nor do I travel more than 300 miles at one stretch (or day for that matter), I don't worry about these requirements at all. Hope this helps Ron
lanerd 09/15/14 03:00pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Equinox vs captiva for tow vehicle

Since you posted in the tow vehicle forum, I assume your are looking for a small vehicle to tow with. So, what are you planning on towing with either one of these vehicles? I think that would need to be answered first. I think both have a tow limit of 3500 lbs....or less. Not much of a tow vehicle in my opinion. Ron
lanerd 09/15/14 09:59am Dinghy Towing
RE: WD hitch

lanerd 09/15/14 09:55am Travel Trailers
RE: Other than a Jeep or CR-V

Other than a Jeep and Honda CR-V is there any other new SUV type vehicles with automatic transmissions that can be flat towed behind a Class A DP? Needing to lock something in before I get my DP next year. There are lots of them...just gotta do a little research. Note my signature for ours. Also, the sister to mine is the Chevy Equinox which also is 4 down towable. Most GM vehicles can be towed 4 down as also many Ford models. The foreign (Asian and European) models are a little scarce for this application, but there are some. Hope this helps Ron
lanerd 09/15/14 09:53am Dinghy Towing
RE: Dollie tow Jeep wangler unlimited

NO Neither the 2WD or 4WD Wrangler can be towed on a dolly. But the 4WD model can be towed 4 wheel down very easily. Why the dolly? I guess I don't understand. If you can tow a 4WD 4-down very easily....why can't you tow it on a dolly? Doesn't compute! Ron
lanerd 09/14/14 04:31pm Travel Trailers
RE: Best choice for aftermarkey TPMS?

There are many different brands available that are mounted on the tire air stem...no need to dismount the tire. Your best bet is to do a search on TPMS...you'll find more info than you can read in a whole day. Not all that sure of which is the "best", but any of them is better than none at all. FWIW... I use pressure pro. Ron
lanerd 09/14/14 04:00pm Technology Corner
RE: Car towing question..

An Equinox, like any other toad, requires the installation of a base plate that is typically mounted directly to the frame of the car that is used to connect the tow bar to. A lighting system that consists of wires to activate the tail, brake, turn signals, and emergency flashers of the toad from the towing vehicle (motor home). And, a braking (not breaking) device that activates the car's brakes when the motor home brakes are activated and that also has a break away device that will activate the car's brakes if the car should become disconnected from the motor home during travel. I can't speak for the Equinox, but I imagine that it is much like our Terrain. The front fascia has to come off (which is much easier that you would think) and the base plate will replace the front horizontal steel bar that connects the two lateral frame pieces. The base plate will have two points that stick out to the front of the fascia for the tow bar to connect to. The lighting system typically just consists of a four wire flat cable that has a connector on one end that is mounted to the front of the car that the umbilical cable from the motor home connects to. The flat cable is directed to the rear of the car and each wire is connected via a diode to the car's tail/brake/signal lights. The brake (again, not break) system can be as simple as a box that sets in the front floor in front of the driver's seat and has an arm connected to the car's brake pedal..or it can be a little more elaborate system that is actually connected to the car's power brake system via a special vacuum pump...or it can be a part of the tow bar. It will also have a small cable connected to the back of the motor home to a connector on the front of the car. It is part of the braking system and upon disconnect of the car during travel, the cable will pull a pin from the connector on the front of the car allowing the car's brakes to be activated stopping the car....hopefully without coming into contact with other cars or stationary things. Hope this helps Ron
lanerd 09/13/14 11:45am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Sunseeker House Batteries not charging

Ok, I finally found the manual and it seems that this converter/charger is working normally. The "absorb" voltage of 13.6 is, according to the manual, normal for this situation. 13.2 volts is the "float" charge and the manual indicated that the charger will probably stay at the absorb level unless there is absolutely no load at all on the batteries. Since the unit is hooked to shore power and the owner is not here (has been gone for a couple of weeks now), the minute amperage draw on the batteries from all the items requiring 12v to stay active (fridge and such), the converter/charger will stay at 13.6v. So it seems I had no worry after all. Unit is working normally. Thanks to all for some excellent advice/recommendations. Ron
lanerd 09/12/14 04:59pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Car towing question..

Hello all. We have been really struggling with the motorhome vs 5th wheel decision and will be heading to Hershey this weekend to help with that decision. We thought we were leaning toward motorhome until we started to look into the car towing situation With that said, I have a car towing question. We would pretty much always have to tow a car since we never just hang in the campground. The problem is trying to decide if towing is an option. So... My question is, is there such a thing as a 4 wheel tow bar that does not require cutting and can be installed on a leased vehicle, and easily removed? I have an equinox AWD company vehicle. The company vehicle plan allows us to use the car as a personal vehicle as well. I was excited to see that the equinox is an approved 4 down tow vehicle until I watched a video of the installation and saw the cutting and drilling involved. That wont work with a company car. Are there any tow bars or vehicles that are easier to install? Jeeps maybe? Dolly apparently is not an option with this AWD car according to the owners manual. Any recomendations? Thanks! Talk to your company and see if you can buy the car at the end of the lease. That way you can install the baseplate and wiring harness so you can tow 4 down. Otherwise I would buy a car to tow. You do have a POV don't you? Bill X2... Also, if they wont sell it to you, maybe you can just leave everything on it after the lease is up. You would lose the cost of the base plate/lighting...but since you don't pay for the car anyway, it's a small price. Our Terrain (sister to the Equinox) had no modification to the front fascia, but did have some parts removed and holes drilled to install our Roadmaster base plate. However, once everything is installed and the fascia back on, the tow bar mounts can only be seen by getting down on your knees and looking through the small horizontal slot. Normally, you would never know it's there. Ron
lanerd 09/12/14 11:25am Class A Motorhomes
RE: CAT experts?

Listen to Brett...he knows exactly what he is talking about.
lanerd 09/12/14 11:13am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Good Sam ESP--A rip off

But, it got me to thinking. If I blew a tire and hit a tree, would I have done that to myself? And not been covered? If I backed into a tree and ripped my roof. Would that have been covered? Both of these instances would be taken care of by your auto insurance...not your ESP. I had GS ESP on my last coach and they took good care of me in my time of trouble. I had one of those notorious Monaco RR4R chassis that had defective trailing arms. They paid the total bill to replace both of mine.
lanerd 09/12/14 11:07am Good Sam Extended Service Plan
RE: Sunseeker House Batteries not charging

Ok, I've had the charger on for four hours now, and when first turned on, the voltage went up to 13.6... guess what it is now? Yep, still 13.6. There is a little bit of bubbling, but not much. Not sure what to think about that. On my coach, the float charge is around 13.2v and the high charge is over 14. I will let it run for the rest of the day and see what happens.
lanerd 09/11/14 03:55pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Can't Connect to Campground WiFi

I've run across that occasionally. I normally use Firefox and when that happens, I just close it and open Internet Explorer...then the window comes up asking for the password. Once connected, I go back to Firefox. Try that and see what happens. Ron
lanerd 09/11/14 09:35am Technology Corner
RE: Sunseeker House Batteries not charging

If you could tell us the brand and model of the converter perhaps someone could tell you what to expect from the converter. Sorry, don't know the brand/model. RV is not mine and the owner is not available and is also a newbie who, I'm sure, has no idea even what a converter is. Posted By: smkettner on 09/10/14 06:33pm Sounds like my failed 55 amp WFCO converter stuck in boost mode. Anyway post the converter model for best answers. Could be a bad cell in one of the batteries. Do they hold 12.5+ volts for a few days after charging and disconnected? I am going to turn on the disconnect for a few hours today and see what happens. Posted By: CA Traveler on 09/10/14 07:02pm Load test the batteries as water overfilling and removal of acid will effect performance. As mentioned, I'll turn everything back on today and wait and see what happens. Thanks guys... appreciate it. Ron
lanerd 09/11/14 09:16am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Hidden Camera's in campgrounds

lanerd 09/10/14 06:39pm General RVing Issues
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