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RE: 30 Amp Confusion

I couldn't get it to post with tinypic.com, but here is a clicky to the picture the OP made. Clicky
lanerd 04/19/14 05:17pm Tech Issues
RE: Tehachapi pass

Just to be clear... when others say it is only a two lane road.... what they are referring to is two lanes going each way. Speed limit is 65 (55 for towing) and there are a couple of 55 mph curves. And actually, Tehachapi is just under 4000'. Ron
lanerd 04/19/14 10:43am Roads and Routes
RE: How About California?

California can be awesome but everything is very expensive (lived there for 50 years). The state parks are almost all $35 a night and they only discount geezers $2. Gas is the highest in the lower 48 and the cost of everything else, like groceries is much higher than here in Arizona (not sure about the rest of the country). :C do they even discount for non-resident geezers? bumpy Yep, took my $2 discount and invested wisely. :B What about the Golden Age Passport?
lanerd 04/19/14 09:41am Snowbirds
RE: Made the Step Up to a Pusher

Welcome to the wonderful world of Phaetons.... congratulations! When you come down the Oregon coast, be sure to stop at Pacific Shores in Newport and say hi. There is a northwest Tiffin club that you might be interested in joining....lots of small rallies with other Tiffin owners who are wonderful people to spend some time with. If interested, let me know. Ron
lanerd 04/19/14 09:31am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Have you ever seen someone checking tire pressures?

Yep, count me in as one who uses my TPMS to check my tires each morning and about every 1/2 hour while on the road. No TPMS? Then checking air pressure first thing in the morning before you head out is a good thing.....but....it does nothing for a slow leak when you pick up a nail or something while on the road. Ron
lanerd 04/19/14 09:26am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tehachapi pass

It's not too bad. It's just like any other mountain pass. Don't let your rig overheat. Gear down and pull at a speed your truck likes. Stay in the slow lane unless it's absolutely necessary to pass a really slow vehicle. If you do need to pass, make sure you have plenty of room if you are going at a slower speed. Some of the cars pull the pass at 75-80 mph, so you won't give them a lot of time to react if you change lanes at a slow speed. Hundreds of RVs and big rigs make the climb daily, and you shouldn't have a problem at all. Jim....the OP is going North, not South. Going from the high desert to Tehachapi is just a minor climb. OP, From Tehachapi to the valley floor is almost 95% down hill with a couple of short 6% grades. Typically shifting down one or two gears is more than enough to keep your speed down. As mentioned, 126 to 101 is a good alternative. Hope this helps Ron
lanerd 04/18/14 06:53pm Roads and Routes
RE: Best equalizer anti sway hitch

My problem is SWAY, what hitch would you long time campers recommend. I know you all won't agree on one type only, but if we can narrow it down to two or three it would be appreciated. I have read about the Andersen no-sway hitch, and the Equal-i-zer anti-sway hitch. Both are more in my price range, the Hensley hitch sounds great but is too expensive for my blood Thanks so much, Gary I went from a husky WD with one friction anti-sway bar to two anti-sway bars to a Reese Dual Cam and finally a Hensley. If I had gone with the Hensley first, it would have saved me the $$ i spent on the Husky, anti-sway bars, DC unit and replacement parts for the DC unit and would have paid for almost the full price of my Hensley. I found a used Hensley on eBay for about half the cost of a new one and used it for seven years before selling my TT. The difference in performance is night and day and made our trips so much more pleasant. Not only did the Hensley totally eliminate all sway problems, it is also very quiet and once you get use to it, much more easy to hook up and remove. Being friction devices, Dual Cam, Equal-izer only help to control sway, the Hensley eliminates it. You just spent thousands on your new Catalina, I can't believe that you would quibble over another couple thousand that would not only give you the absolute best system available but also increase your traveling safety. Think about it. Just how much is your families safety worth to you? Good luck in whatever you decide. Ron
lanerd 04/18/14 06:46pm Towing
RE: spare tire

If you have three different sizes, I suspect that you also have at least three different date codes. Making a big, long trip, you definitely want a good set of tires.....guessing they are ok is just taking a big chance. I think if it was me, I would purchase a complete new set and if you have sufficient storage, keep the best tire (of the same size as the new ones) for a spare. Most large MH's don't have spares due to the fact that the average person is not physically able to handle not only the weight of the tire/wheel, but also the capability to remove the lug nuts or to torque them down to 450 ftlbs. I would bet that 95% of large mh owners just have an emergency roadside assistance insurance (Good Sam, Coach Net, etc) and just have them bring a new tire (at your expense) to you when you have a blow out. In addition to having good tires, a TPMS is almost a necessity. Good luck Ron
lanerd 04/18/14 06:23pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: waxing

That's a good option for older rigs with very dull fiberglass. It's floor polish that has developed a big following with fiberglass rigs. Wouldn't use it on a new rig though. Why not?
lanerd 04/17/14 06:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: waxing

I use it on my roof (1 piece fiberglass) but haven't really tested it out yet as the mh has been in its garage all winter. We spend 5 months on the Oregon coast, so this summer will be a real test for it. Ron
lanerd 04/17/14 03:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: tow vehicle

I've notice that every once in a while, I get that same smell from my toad. Not sure what it could be. I always make sure my supplemental brake system is functioning correctly and I even have it adjusted a little loose. Sorry, can't help you. Ron ps.. You might get a better response in the "Dinghy" forum rather than the "class c". By the way, a "tow vehicle" is one doing the towing, i.e.: your motorhome.
lanerd 04/17/14 03:34pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Is Top of the World Hwy paved

It is paved from end to end. I remember there being a small rock wall on the low side that may stop a majority of vehicles from accessing unpaved ground. I think you're referring to "Going to the Sun Highway" in Glacier Park Mt. Top of the World Highway is from Dawson City Yukon to Chicken Alaska. To answer the OP's question...at one time the road was sorta paved on the Yukon side but once you get into Alaska, the road is all gravel and no, there are not many (if any) barriers on the side to keep you from going over. When we went on this highway (?) in 08, the Canadian side had a LOT of gravel parts with some pavement under the gravel.....no pavement on the U.S. side at all. The road is built up with gravel such that there basically (in many parts) no shoulder at all, in fact, the closer you get to the shoulder, the more unstable the gravel is...especially with a very heavy rig like a large DP. In addition, the road is used by logging and other large trucks that typically travel down the middle of the road at a higher rate of speed than I felt was safe. When a truck approached us, I would get over as far as I dared (usually about three or four feet from the edge) and stop and let the truck go by. Sometimes there wasn't much distance between our mirrors and was surprised we made it to Chicken with the mirrors intact. It's only about a 100 miles, but it will take about 6 hours to travel it, more if you like to pull out and sight see. We stayed overnight at Chicken (did a little panning and checking out the dredge) and then drove on to Tok the next day. The road from Chicken to Tok starts out gravel but within a few miles turns into pavement. Once we got to Tok, our mh and toad was tan or a dirty brown color. Took two hours to wash all the mud and dirt off of them. Tok RV Park has a wash area for rv's. My DW says she'll never go over that road again, but I felt it wasn't all that bad. Take it slow and easy and enjoy the sights. Ron
lanerd 04/16/14 03:04pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: There are x's it's unfortunate I can't bring a sis 4 Calvin

:h huh?
lanerd 04/16/14 11:36am RV Pet Stop
RE: Great Camping World Customer Service!

Yes, some people do go overboard in their problem reporting...and I think it's mainly because they really don't think that GS will be getting back to them on their problem and just want to vent their anger and frustration. They are usually very surprised when they realize that GS does indeed read these messages and will do whatever they can to fix the problem. However, regardless of the reason, these "ask Marcus" forums are the best way to get GS's attention to a person's negative experience. You just don't see this customer service in other large corporations very often. Especially when the CEO himself contacts the individual. Almost unheard of. Ron
lanerd 04/16/14 11:32am Camping World Accessories
RE: Great Camping World Customer Service!

Now for the Details, I ordered a 4000/3500 Watt Generator online. For some Reason the System did not recognize my Good Sam Membership Number and I was charged Shipping when I should not have been. One email was all it took to solve the Problem. One thing I see on here that I do not agree with is this. Some People get on here and post a Complaint. I do not see the Reason for this. why would I want to go out of my Way to give the Company a black Eye? I think it is far better to handle it the Way I did. Then if the Problem is not solved is the Time to make a public post, not before they have had a Chance to fix it. Actually, GS/CW encourage people who have problems to post them on this website. However, I think it is grand that when a positive action occurs (such as yours) that it also is posted.....not enough people do that. Ron
lanerd 04/16/14 09:24am Camping World Accessories
RE: Tornado Flips RV's in Gautier, MS

Seems to me it would be a simple mater to determine if straight line winds or a tornado. With straight line winds, everything would be blown in the direction the wind was blowing.....with a tornado, stuff would be blown in all directions. What am I missing?:h
lanerd 04/15/14 08:48am General RVing Issues
RE: RV/Car Insurance

Mike, I have used the Good Sam (was GMAC now National General) for about six or seven years now. Every year I go through the researching process to see if I can find better (cheaper) insurance. In every case, I've found insurance companies that will have cheaper rv insurance but when I add my autos (4 of them), it is more than my Good Sam....also I've found companies that have cheaper auto insurance but when I add my MH, it is more. Since we spend 6 months in CA during the winter and 6 months in OR during the summer, one of the benefits that I've found with Good Sam is that I can reduce my premium in the summer by eliminating all auto insurance (with the exception of my toad) and in the winter by eliminating the insurance (with the exception of comprehensive) on the MH. This reduces my annual insurance cost by several hundred $$. Hope this helps Ron
lanerd 04/14/14 12:24pm Beginning RVing
RE: 266w from NV95 and CA168 to Big Pine CA

Most all roads in Nevada are two lane highways with the exception of the interstates. These you are looking at are all 2 lanes (95 has some 4-lane portions) but typically kept in good condition by the state. I've been on that route once, about 20 years ago and it was a good road, but curvy and steep in a few places. Have to go over the White mountains at a pretty high elevation but if your 350 is the diesel, you shouldn't have any problems...I don't think I would do it with the V10 normal aspirated engine. Going on up to Hwy 6 is an easier drive, longer and pretty boring. Ron
lanerd 04/14/14 12:08pm Roads and Routes
RE: Trade-in advice

Working on consignment is fine for those who have their rv paid for, but for those who don't, it's tough making two payments at the same time. Plus there is the problem of insurance. Most consignment dealers will not insure your rv while on their lot or being test driven, and most insurance companies will not insure it either when not in your possession. Not sure what the OPs situation is however. Ron
lanerd 04/14/14 11:52am General RVing Issues
RE: TPM 4 vs 10 opinions plz

For those of you who have dual tires and no TPMS on them, can you tell (when driving down the highway) if one of the tires is losing air? Not trying to be obstinate here, just wondering if say an inner dual losing air would be noticeable prior to it going flat and disintegrating? I've seen what damage one of these tires can do to fiberglass, wiring, brake lines, etc. For that reason, I put monitors on all tires. No help with detecting a blowout, but it will tell you immediately that you have one. Be safe, for the extra $50 a sensor, it's cheap insurance and much less $$ than it would cost to repair all the damage. Ron
lanerd 04/13/14 05:28pm Fifth-Wheels
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