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RE: RV insurance!!

He said "Sam's Club" not "Good Sam". Which is it? 1 hour later I got a call from CW / Sams club telling me I didn't complete the application. I think it's pretty obvious he is referring to Good Sam.
lanerd 10/23/17 11:37am Good Sam Insurance
RE: Got Hopper up and running in the MH!

Ok, thanks to all... really appreciate it. However, I didn't really explain myself very well. Actually where I have 4 TVs is at home....motorhome only has two. So it looks like using a single hopper/joey/solo node would work ok in the motor home, it would not at home where it would be best if I had two hoppers and two joeys. The only reason I am thinking about this is that with my two 722's, and in my motorhome, they are located in the same cabinet behind the bedroom tv and it gets quite warm in there. I purchase two lap-top coolers that set under each 722 and that helps a little. The cabinet does not have a fan, nor is there an available space to put one. So I thought a single hopper would be a lot cooler than the two 722's, but it looks like going this way will not work for me when the hopper is in my home. Looks like I'll just stick with the 722's until they burn up. Thanks again... really, really appreciate it. Ron
lanerd 10/22/17 09:47am Technology Corner
RE: Dolly tow fwd Acadia

The FWD Acadia is dolly towable without any problems. it's also 4-down towable if you're not aware.
lanerd 10/21/17 09:52am Dinghy Towing
RE: 2018 2.0L Turbo Terrain

I know there is a person on here who has the 2018 1.5T engine (6 speed) and he tows it four down. Was just wondering if the 2.0 (9 speed) could be also. evidently not.
lanerd 10/20/17 10:49am Dinghy Towing
2018 2.0L Turbo Terrain

Is the new 2018 GMC Terrain with the 2.0L Turbo 4cyl, 9-speed towable? I tried Remco, but they only go up to 2017 and I tried Motorhome Mag, and just says come back later. Ron
lanerd 10/19/17 03:34pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Got Hopper up and running in the MH!

We have been thinking of swapping our our two 722 DVRs for a Hopper and three joeys. So, if I understand correctly, to use the Hopper in the motor home for two TVs, all I need to do is get a solo node and connect it to the Trav'lers #1 cable and then connect the solo node to the Hopper's input. Then to get separate programming for each of the TV's I would have to dis-connect the current HDMI cable that goes to the front TV and connect that to a Joey and then connect the Joey to the TV. For the rear TV (where the Hopper will reside) I can connect directly from the Hopper to the TV. Is this correct? Ron
lanerd 10/19/17 03:24pm Technology Corner
RE: OK, Washer and Dryer in your RV...Do you use them?

So most New and roomier Rv's come with a Washer and Dryer or the option. "Most"? Hardly, more like "a few". For those who full time or head out for an extended period I can see the advantage but for the vast majority for whom this sport is recreational camping for a few days or even a couple of weeks a W&D is IMO only further complication one doesn't need. Thankfully manufacturers recognize this and restrict washers & dryers to just a few select models. I think you need to add a disclaimer in your statement. I agree with you when the "rv" is a travel trailer and/or small 5'ers.....but hardly for large 5'ers and motor homes (especially Class A's). I would definitely say "most" large 5'vers and Class A's come from the factory with, at least, a combo washer/dryer, and stacked washer/dryer is becoming more and more popular. We had a combo in our 35' DP motorhome and when we were looking for a larger DP, the stacked washer/dryer was a must have. We don't "camp"... we RV, which means lots of travel and sometimes staying for an extended time at one place. Laundry mats are notorious for having dirty and expensive washer/dryers. I can understand those who do a lot of camping for a few days or a week or two not wanting to have a washer/dryer, but for those of us who use our rv's for rving, a washer/dryer is definitely a plus. Ron
lanerd 10/17/17 10:51am General RVing Issues
RE: Overnight along I-5 btwn Stockton and Bakersfield, CA

We have stayed HERE a couple of times. Nice overnight park. Ron
lanerd 10/15/17 03:36pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: US gear towing brake beeping

Years ago (still use the same system) ours did the same thing. A faulty connection to the toad's umbilical connection was the culprit. Replaced both connectors (toad and mh) and replaced the umbilical cable. No more beeping. Ron
lanerd 09/29/17 12:11pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Towing full size P/U with Class C or gas A

Almost all Class C motor homes have a 5000 lbs towing limit. However it may be even less as the limit is determined by subtracting the actual weight (after loaded with equipment, food, clothing, people, animals) from the max gross weight of the motor home. In many, many cases the towing limit will be less than 5000 lbs. Some Super C motor homes will have more than a 5000 lb limit. Some gas Class A's will fall into the same category. I think all diesel Class A's have a 10,000 lbs (or more) towing limit....again can be less depending upon the "actual" loaded weight. Ron
lanerd 09/27/17 12:55pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Transfer Switch Questions

There are two large electro/mechanical relays that have a printed circuit control board. The two relays are interchangeable/replaceable.
lanerd 09/27/17 12:46pm Tech Issues
RE: coach batteries went dead

No shore power and you didn't disconnect the batteries... shame. If you parked in it June, those batteries would have been drawn down to almost nothing within one to two weeks. Go down to Costco or Same Club and buy new 6v golf cart batteries. Ron Why. If his batteries set from June to September without being charged and a constant load being applied, you can almost assuredly consider them shotI would recharge slowly and once fully charged check with hydrometer. Completely discharged batteries are not necessarily ruined. AlsoI prefer Trojan deep cycle batteries. The big clubs batteries are no better than anyone else's, after all there are few battery manufacturers left. Then again the big club's batteries are no "worse" than anyone else and usually costs much less. The cheaper they are are the cheaper they are. Low cost batteries have less lead plates and less capacity . Hence less cost to the consumer.Not necessarily. Do you have some factual info to uphold your statement?
lanerd 09/27/17 12:37pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: tow bar UNinstallation

I didn't see anything that looks like the base plate would restrict the removal of the oil pan. As far as the drip from the oil pan, maybe just a new oil pan drain plug gasket is needed. Ron
lanerd 09/26/17 12:20pm Tech Issues
RE: How can we clean our tanks while driving?

We use a bag of ice (for roughage) and water and Dawn dish soap to slosh the black tank while driving. Check this out for the truth about ice cubes in rv tanks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iH6acEmqvcw
lanerd 09/26/17 12:16pm Beginning RVing
RE: How can we clean our tanks while driving?

So, here are the questions: Should we fill them about half full, 20 gallons, or a third, 12 gallons, or what is recommended?I usually put about 5 gallons in my tanks (60 gal cap). What should we add to the mixture? Soap, what kind, water conditioner? Softener? Any thing else?I put in a cup full of Oxy-Clean and a cap full of Calgon water softener. Any suggestions for this process would be appreciated. Typically it's more of the sloshing around of the water (much like a washing machine) that does most of the work. Soap will help soften harden "stuff" on the walls and sensors. The water softener will leave the walls of the tank slippery that will make stuff sticking more difficult.
lanerd 09/26/17 12:14pm Beginning RVing
RE: emptying tanks ?

Many town parks have a dump site, plus just about all Pilot/Flying J truck stops have them.
lanerd 09/22/17 04:49pm Beginning RVing
RE: Favorite Class A RV That is not over the top

So I asked what Y'alls top 6 picks were, when it comes to best Class A's.(But you did ask for "best"....and those are the "best".) I got some good replies, but I was also somewhat disappointed because I'm being lead to believe that the only Great Class A's out there are the ones that are (subjective) Over the Top. Newell, prevost, liberty, Are top, I get it. But what if I DON'T Need/Want 43-45 feet of Bus? (you should have initially indicated what size you were looking for)What if I don't want marble floors and Bellaggio Type Coffered ceilings? (believe me If I want the Bellaggio Vegas 5 star experience I'll go to Vegas) If I'm going by the lake or River or Nat'l park, I don't want a "Caesars Palace" looking RV interior.(Again, you didn't elaborate) I know, to each their own. God Bless. So Pls, I still want a Great RV with a Great Motor and amenities and under 40 feet, that requires minimal maintenance, like newells or prevost. If I'm dreaming, let me know. If I'm not, just jot down 3 or 4 brands you may know about. thanks You really need to go to dealers, rallies, rv shows...etc and look, look, look until you find what will really suit your needs. Gas, diesel....how many slides, king/queen bed, combo or stacked washer/dryer, one or two bath, tag axle or not..... there are so many options available that it will make your head spin. Do you want to pay cash or payments? I assume you are prepared to put a large down payment; willing to purchase something for big bucks that you will never be able to recoup; ready to put up with all the things that can go wrong; able to fix them yourself; have a car that can be towed; have the bucks to equip that car for towing; prepared to pay lots of money for insurance, extended warranties and emergency roadside service. Personally, when we were looking, I pretty much zeroed in on Newmar, Tiffin, and Entegra. Those three seemed to provide the best motorhome for the buck. Y'all really need to provide more info for us. Ron
lanerd 09/18/17 12:36pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Best RV insurance?

I think you're a little confused. RV insurance is for damage to your coach either by accident or nature. It does not cover any item that may fail. What you need there is an "extended service plan" (ESP) ...some callout it a warrantee....that will cover failed parts. Two different things. Ron
lanerd 09/18/17 12:12pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: coach batteries went dead

No shore power and you didn't disconnect the batteries... shame. If you parked in it June, those batteries would have been drawn down to almost nothing within one to two weeks. Go down to Costco or Same Club and buy new 6v golf cart batteries. Ron
lanerd 09/13/17 05:29pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Winchester Bay, Oregon smoky ?

Lots of smoke up here in Newport.
lanerd 09/04/17 01:27pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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