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RE: Coachmen 246 RKS vs. Cougar24SABWE vs. Surveyor 264RKS

We had tongue weight problems with our Coachmen RKS. Always had to fill or partially fill the fresh water tank under the bed to provide sufficient amount of weight on the tongue. If we loaded too much weight in the kitchen area, sometimes even a full fresh water tank would still not allow enough tongue weight and sway issues would be present. We finally decided that it was just inherently a bad set up and bought a used Hensley Arrow to take care of the sway problem. Other than that, the trailer was our mainstay for camping as the size was just perfect for state and forest compgrounds. Ron
lanerd 03/29/15 01:10pm Travel Trailers
RE: Brake light help

First thing I would do is replace the diodes. Ron
lanerd 03/29/15 01:01pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Toyota Tacoma 4 cylinder

We used our 86 toyota p/u with the 2.4 4cyl to pull our small pop-up that weighed around 2500 lbs for years and years. Yes on grades, we had to gear down and run about 4000 - 4500 rpms at sometimes 35mph. We still have that truck and used it for a toad behind our mh for several years....and it still runs like a top with over 275000 miles on it. You're no gonna hurt the truck. I'm sure you can expect close to the same. You will be slower than the rest of the traffic and probably will be holding up those behind you. However, that's what pull outs are for. Ron
lanerd 03/29/15 09:17am Tow Vehicles
RE: utah vacation

I don't think you realize how large Utah is... the parks are scattered over a very large portion of the state, and staying at one town to see them all is probably impossible. We take the mh to different towns (rv parks) to visit "each" of the national parks as each park requires multiple days to explore all of it, so there is no time to be driving from one town to see a park in another part of the state. Use Google Maps to locate the nearest town to each of the parks and then locate an rv park in that particular town. Since the parks are heavily visited by rv'ers, there is no shortage of rv parks to stay at. Good luck Ron
lanerd 03/27/15 10:53am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: brakes for dinghy tow

Most states either have law requiring one or have laws that require a certain stopping distance. And probably there are some that don't have either. And probably most require some sort of breakaway system. In any case, as mentioned above, your stopping distance under an emergency situation will be shorter with a toad supplemental braking system installed than the coach would without or even by itself. Yes, they can be pricey, but what price do you put on your safety and those with you or the ones you run into? There is almost a "daily" post on this subject. Just put in "toad braking" in the search area and you'll find many post that probably will provide you with the answer you are looking for. Personally, I will not pull my toad without one. See my signature for what I use. Ron
lanerd 03/25/15 03:20pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Typical Size MH With Washer/Dryer

Are you looking for a "washer AND dryer" or will a combo be sufficient? Ron
lanerd 03/25/15 03:09pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: bleeding air breaks

we aren't all Rhodes Scholars, nor are our typing skills and spell checkers all top-notch and evidently "giving someone a break (not brake)" has died along the side of the road somewhere. I don't think you need to be a Rhodes scholar to know the difference between break and brake...maybe a 6th grade graduate. But I do agree, we all knew what the OP meant by "breaks", just like we all know when someone missuses "there, their, and they're"....or to and too..or many other homophones as the English language is full of them. Hope the OP got his answer. Ron
lanerd 03/25/15 09:52am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Chevy Equinox fuse bypass

I've had my by-pass switch in my Terrain (2011) since new and have never had a problem with the ignition. However, the complexity of the current ECM equipped vehicle continues to baffle me. It would not surprise me in the slightest that adding this switch would have some other electronic/electrical reaction down the line. I can only add that mine seems to work just fine. Ron
lanerd 03/24/15 05:50pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Ready Brute Elite in action

I'm in the process of purchasing and installing this system in a friend's 04 Wrangler. I've looked at the installation brochure and it looks pretty straight forward. Everyone I've talked to about this unit seems to like it and have no problems with it after thousands of miles. Ron
lanerd 03/24/15 10:26am Class A Motorhomes
RE: (Stupid) Diesel Questions

With our previous 35' mh and now with our 43' mh, I ALWAYS use the truck stops and truck lanes. I also have the P/FJ charge card and can pay at the pump and be in and gone in just a few minutes. As far as the "dedicated" rv lanes out in front, those are usually being used and as previously mentioned, will have a vehicle (not necessarily a rv) camped out there while the owner is inside shopping or using the restroom. Normally, you will almost always find a truck lane open or just one vehicle to wait. Truckers are very good about pulling forward if they have to go in and pay so that you can pull in and start your fill up. If you have to go in to pay, be sure to follow suit and move forward for the next guy. Be aware that typically, the truck stops will advertise (big lighted bill board) the cost of diesel fuel at the lower commercial rate that they charge the truckers. Private coaches like ours will be levied an additional tax per gallon so the price will always be higher. Having the P/FJ charge card can give you a few cents discount that helps. Hope this helps Ron
lanerd 03/23/15 08:53pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tow capasity

When a dealer (or saleman) opens his/her mouth, they are only trying to sell you something and will tell you whatever is needed to sell you on their stuff. As mentioned above, you need to be much more concerned with the Tahoe's "payload" capacity. It will be the first thing that will be exceeded. Good luck Ron
lanerd 03/23/15 08:23pm Travel Trailers
RE: Oregon highway 34 from Bend, OR to US101

I agree, that is also a good way to go...a little out of the way...but better highway than the 20. Ron
lanerd 03/23/15 08:13pm Roads and Routes
RE: Oregon highway 34 from Bend, OR to US101

Ed...central Oregon coast? Newport? Ron
lanerd 03/23/15 04:18pm Roads and Routes
RE: Saline Valley Road

I would say yes, if your truck is 4x4. There was a very interesting post here a couple of weeks ago that the poster provided a long list of photos on this very road and he had a 4x4 truck with camper. If 2x4, I think I would shy away. We did this in our Jeep many years ago, and while I never really needed the 4wd, it make the trip a lot easier. Good luck Ron
lanerd 03/23/15 10:03am Truck Campers
RE: Dometic toilet issue

yep, I'm sure that's the problem.... the pipe doesn't go straight down into the black tank but rather has a bend in the pipe and the paper is hanging up. I suggest that you do multiple flushes....once for the solids, then again for the paper. If more than normal paper is required, do multiple flushes with the paper. An old friend of mine who had motor homes before I did, cautioned me when I was looking to purchase a new mh....he said the first thing I needed to do is look down the toilet and see if it goes straight into the black tank. If it doesn't, walk away and find another mh. I have followed his advice...for the most part. Our current mh's half bath's toilet does indeed go straight into the black tank, but the rear toilet is a macerator toilet and I hope it never clogs up!! Good luck in your future flushes... Ron
lanerd 03/23/15 09:54am Travel Trailers
RE: Tow bar

Roadmaster tow bar, Unified brake system by U.S. Gear. As mentioned, this is like which is better...Ford or Chevy. All depends upon what the replier is using. Personally, I don't think you can go wrong with either Roadmaster, Demco, or Blue Ox. They are all equally efficient and all cost about the same. Best to buy the same brand tow bar as the brand of your base plates. As for brake systems, there are many different types, so you'll need to do some research and decide which "type" is best for you. Then you can research the "type" you chose and pick the one of that type that suits your needs. Good luck Ron
lanerd 03/22/15 07:35pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Oregon highway 34 from Bend, OR to US101

34 does get a little narrow between Philomath and Waldport. I would recommend that in Philomath, instead of turning off onto 34, go straight on Hwy 20 to Newport. I make this trip probably 20 times a year (4 to 6 times in our MH) and you won't have any problems with 20. Once in Newport, just go south on 101 to Waldport. However, having taken 20/22 out of Sisters going west, I would recommend taking 22 at the 20/22 split and go over to Salem then hwy 18 over to the coast. A little longer, but a much better highway. 20 has a 12 - 13 mile 6% downgrade on the west side of the mountains with several 15mph curves and a lot of 35mph curves. I have to pull over and let the traffic go by three or four times before i can get to Sweet Home. It's definitely doable, but very slow and you have to really watch what you are doing. Good luck Ron
lanerd 03/22/15 07:17pm Roads and Routes
RE: Dometic toilet issue

sorry, duplicate post. removed by lanerd.
lanerd 03/22/15 06:28pm Travel Trailers
RE: Dometic toilet issue

Thanks for your responses. I've not had any trouble before with my old camper. I googled dometic series 300 and appears there might be a design flaw. I will call dometic tommorow. I do think its got something to do with the connection of the toilet. Ok, I see. You are talking about the actual toilet (like you said, sorry). When you say "bottom of toilet", are you referring to above or below the flush ball? So if you hold the flush ball open, the toilet paper won't go down the pipe? Isn't this a gravity fed toilet and as long as you hold the valve open, everything should go down the pipe! What is the paper hanging up on? I just don't see how it can be a design flaw unless the paper is hanging up on something "below" the flush ball and that could be something not installed correctly or something someone has stuck down there. Have an little kids using this toilet? Ron
lanerd 03/22/15 06:26pm Travel Trailers
RE: Upgraded TT From 19 to 27 feet

About storage theft. Not much you can do there except keep your insurance paid up to date. You can move your propane tanks and battery off the camper, bring them home with your, or maybe store them inside the camper. (out of site, out of mind). Solves all problems... Ron
lanerd 03/22/15 01:11pm Travel Trailers
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