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RE: Electric Entry Step motor...Problem discovered!...with pics

Isn't there a recall on "coach-step" electric steps? Contact the company and see if yours falls into the recall category. Ron
lanerd 05/20/16 09:35am Class C Motorhomes
RE: National General Ins.

Well, I can tell my story once more. I had GMAC and then Nat Gen for my motor home and four autos for several years. Had a claim for windshield in both the motor home and one of my autos....no change in the premium. However....... a couple of years ago, I got a ticket for running a red light in my toad in a small town in Oregon. This was my first ticket in over 20 years. When i received my notice for renewal, I was shocked to discover that Nat Gen had almost TRIPLED my premium...TRIPLED! Obviously, I researched other companies and switched to GEICO for less $$ than my Nat Gen premium was prior to the ticket. FWIW....I am a long standing member of GS club and also have their ERS. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Ron ps... by the way, who were you referring to that had a bad experience with Nat Gen...also you don't need to have multiple posts on the same subject. Best to just use one to keep the subject matter and replies together.
lanerd 05/19/16 08:50am Good Sam Insurance
RE: Home DVR players in 5ers

Before I get back to him, I think he just wants to take the DVR from the house and put in 5er and hook up to his tv. No connection to any kind of antenna or dish. From what I'm seeing for replies is that the DVR from his house which is fed via a satellite needs to have the same kind of set-up on his 5er in order for him to watch whatever he's recorded. All he wants to do is watch what's on his DVR and not worry about being hooked up to the dish. Can he do just that though? No, not with Dish. If you take the External HD from the 211 or 722 you must have the Dish Network satellite box to connect to because of the format that was recorded. Now I have moved the External HD from my 211 to my 722 and even my Hopper and was able to watch what was recorded. But No, you cannot just plug usb external hd into TV and watch, you must have the Dish box to plug into and watch thru that. You do not need a satellite dish as I have watched what was on the external HD thru my 211 without sat dish connected. He didn't mention anything about an "external HD"...he's talking only about a DVR. I think you are not realizing that a DVR is a "Dish Network satellite box". Ron
lanerd 05/19/16 08:37am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Home DVR players in 5ers

All he wants to do is watch what's on his DVR and not worry about being hooked up to the dish. Can he do just that though? Yes, he can. If the recordings are on a DVR (not external hard drive), he can connect the DVR to a TV and watch all the programs that has been previously recorded on the DVR. No antenna required. When we have DiSH blackouts (no signal)... i can still watch any of my recorded programs. Same thing as having no antenna at all. Ron
lanerd 05/19/16 08:34am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Home DVR players in 5ers

Nope doesn't happen to our DISH DVRs. We take both of our 722 DVRs and put them in the motor home that has a DISH equipped Wineguard Trav'ler. All the programs that we have recorded at home stay on the DVR and we continue to watch them at our leisure in the motor home. When we get to Oregon, I delete all the set recordings for the local channels at home (LA stations) and then go through the program listing and then set up the recording of the same programs but from the Portland local channels. I keep all the non-local channels that I have set up for recording as the channels don't change. Works for us. Ron
lanerd 05/18/16 06:16pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Home DVR players in 5ers

Had a buddy ask me this question as he just bought a '14 TH 5er. Came w/ a DVR player but wanted to know if he could take the DVR player from his house (it's Dish or Direct satellite), put in his 5er and watch it instead of the one that's in the 5er? Told him I'd ask as I didn't know and we hardly watch movies as it is in camper wether it's a VHS or DVD. News, NASCAR or perhaps a tv show--that's it. Yes, "if" the sat antenna (either on the roof or a portable one) is compatible with the DVR. The antennas are brand specific, but some can be "reconfigured". So if his DVR is a DISH DVR and the antenna on the rv is DISH, then the answer is YES. But if the antenna is DIRECT and the DVR is DISH, then NO. Ron
lanerd 05/18/16 11:16am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Shower Drain Clogged

With the zip-it, you have to be very careful if your shower drain is equipped with a duck-bill one way valve instead of a p-trap. The zip-it can damage the duck-bill and then tank odors will come out of the drain. not good! Ron
lanerd 05/18/16 11:11am RV Lifestyle
RE: Tankless Water Heater - does it waste water?

We have one in our coach (not sure of the brand). It is located at the far rear of the coach. For some reason, Tiffin located the manifold for all water connections (hot and cold) under the mid bath area. Our shower is also located at the far rear of the coach, so when we turn on the hot water, it is generated at the heater and then has to travel all the way to the mid area of the coach to the manifold and then return back to the rear of the coach to the shower. I estimate that at least a gallon of water is wasted prior to the shower getting hot. Fortunately, we always have full hookups (never boondock) so it's not a problem for us. So, my point is, it all depends on where the heater is located and where the outlet is located. Those who say only a cup is wasted probably has the heater directly under the faucet...those who use two gallons are probably much further away than even mine is. Ron
lanerd 05/17/16 11:23am General RVing Issues
RE: Carson city RV park???

We've stayed at Sparks Marina a couple of times in our old 35' coach. Even with it, we found it difficult to make the turn off of McCarran onto Lincoln. I would not attempt this turn in our 44' coach. If I ever return there, I would get off on Sparks Blvd and then make my way (very carefully) through the two round-a-bouts on Lincoln. Even this way is not preferable to me. So, we have changed out stop for the day at Silver City RV park in Carson city. Plus being able to get fuel there so easily, is a huge plus. I do agree, it's a very nice park, but the pull throughs are not long enough to keep your toad attached. They did allow us to do just that, but they had to put orange cones around the rear of the toad sticking out into the drive way. Also, last time we were there was during spring time and the front of the coach was covered with suicidal bugs. I was washing them off (with hose and squeegee and promptly got chewed out by management. Said no washing of coaches was allowed....even the windshield if using a water hose. Ron
lanerd 05/16/16 10:57am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Carson city RV park???

I stand corrected...sort of. ;) Silver City RV Resort indeed has a Minden address and is closer to Carson...6.9 miles South. Looks like a nice place and maybe a good choice for the OP being out of the City of Carson. It's 6.9 miles from the "center" of Carson City....not the southern edge! Ron
lanerd 05/15/16 04:27pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Carson city RV park???

Actually Silver City RV Park is in Minden...about 10 mile S. of Carson. Actually, it's not.:R While it does indeed have a Minden address, it is much closer to Carson City than Minden. It can't be more than a mile from the southern city limit line of Carson City to the turn off on 395 to the "resort". Check it out on mapquest or any other location app. Ron
lanerd 05/15/16 12:58pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Carson city RV park???

Carson City is our normal overnight stop when we head north to Oregon. We recommend Silver City RV park that is just south of Carson City (about a 1/2 mile). It is nothing special, but it does have diesel/gas pumps right out front where it is super simple to fuel up. Sites are of sufficient (but not spacious) size and fairly easy to maneuver into/out of even with our 44 foot mh plus toad. We always ask for a "far end" side....easiest to access. Price was/is $42. They actually call it a "resort", but don't be fooled by that. It is anything but a resort. Hope this helps Ron
lanerd 05/15/16 11:11am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Fueling a DP

We just started using the 'cash equivalent' fuel card that we can use at Love's. Actually, the company that we went through gave us two cards, one for Love's and one for everywhere else. We start the pump with the card, punch in two secret numbers, then fuel up. I take a picture of the pump (receipt) with my i-phone and off we go. The funds are removed from my checking acct. at the end of the next business day with an email receipt. We get 10 cents off the cash price at Love's and 7 cents off the cash price (I think) at all the other stations. I was reluctant to give my checking acct. number after all these years but finally decided to get into the 25th century. :p MM. Very interesting... can you provide more info on this card? I went to the Love's web site and all I could find was "My Rewards Card" and it didn't sound anything like the one you described above. thanks, Ron
lanerd 05/14/16 12:30pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: RV lot ownership or seasonal rental

We own a lot at Pacific Shores Motorcoach Resort in Newport Oregon. We typically stay there for the cool and wonderful summer weather from May through October and use it as a base camp to venture out and explore the beautiful Northwest. However, we have an RV garage at home and therefore never leave our mh at the resort as we have too much $$ invested to let it set unattended for 6 to 7 months, plus the Oregon coast "winter" weather leaves a lot to be desired. We do love having our own site that we can stay at when ever we want and we're able fix up to our desires and even rent out if we wish (but never do). Being an HOA owned resort, we do have a few political and personality differences and it does, on occasion, create some harsh feelings....but that is typical and we just go with the flow. Hope this helps Ron
lanerd 05/14/16 12:13pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: First trip bust

When you pick it up, have them show you where the cable adjustments are and how to do it. Good luck Ron
lanerd 05/13/16 11:13am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Time for a new Laptop

I'm also looking to replace my old Win 7 laptop (HP)...but am thinking more on the line of an Apple product like a MacBook Pro. Anybody use one of these? Ron
lanerd 05/13/16 09:42am Technology Corner
RE: First trip bust

our previous coach (Safari) had a cable driven slide in the bedroom I found out that the cable tension had to be re-adjusted a couple of times a year to keep the cables at the correct tension. Once I learned how, it wasn't difficult and the slide worked perfectly for many years. Ron
lanerd 05/13/16 09:39am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Push button gearshifts

When I was a kid, we had a 1958 Rambler station wagon with push button shift. My Dad's 62 Rambler station wagon had it too. And now, my Phaeton has one. Ron
lanerd 05/13/16 09:32am Tow Vehicles
RE: Flat Towing

currently own a car that I'm reading can be towed - Isuzu Ascender 2005. Kathy Need to know manual or auto, RWD or AWD, which engine? To set up a car for towing (if it is indeed towable) you'll need a base plate that mounts to the front of the car (usually to the frame and behind the front fascia), tow bar assembly, electrical cable, tail/brake/signal light wiring, and an auxiliary braking system for the car that includes a breakaway system. All of this is not cheap...and you can figure around $3K, maybe a little more depending upon labor costs. Auxiliary braking systems come in different configurations. Some, like the Brake Buddy, is a unit that sits in the front floor (driver's side) and attaches to the brake pedal. Typically works ok, but you have to install it every time you travel and remove it every time you get to your destination and then store it. Other systems can be mounted permanently in the car and you only have to connect an electrical cable (usually part of the main umbilical cable) and the breakaway cable. This type usually requires an "expert" to install it; hence, additional labor charge....but it's a one time cost. Hope this helps Ron
lanerd 05/13/16 09:25am Dinghy Towing
RE: Cleaning Holding Tank Sensors

My approach is somewhere along the line of the Geo Method (Google it). Prior to traveling, I empty the black tank and flush it out with the grey tank along with the fresh water from the internal tank rinser. When empty, I add back in about 5 gallons of fresh water, add a cap full of Calgon liquid water softener and a cap full of liquid laundry soap (I use Oxy Clean). I also do the same with the gray tank. Traveling with this solution in the tanks has (in the past) kept my sensors working properly. However, we normally sit in one rv park for most of the summer and along the end of our stay, the sensors start acting up. Once we start traveling home and using this solution, the sensors will clean up and start working again. This also has a side benefit of eliminating any odors from the tanks. Hope this helps Ron
lanerd 05/13/16 09:09am Tech Issues
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