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RE: Geo Method question

Just go to Walmart and buy black tank chemical in a bottle and be done with it. No mixing, no mess, no fuss. If you do a little research here on this forum, you'll find that: Black tank chemical in a bottle does nothing but mask the odor if (or when) you have a malfunctioning system and the odor of the black tank seeps into the rv. It does not clean the tank of residue left over after draining, it does not promote any type of resistance to future residue and will not do anything more than what plain old water will do. The laundry detergent used with several gallons of water during traveling will indeed wash out the inside of the tank and insure all solids will be flushed out during draining. The water softener has two fold results. First it will soften the solids making it easer to drain and secondly, it will coat the inside of the tank making it slippery so that solids and tp won't stick to it. Black tank chemicals are just waste (no pun intended) of $$. Ron
lanerd 10/25/16 01:49pm Tech Issues
RE: Satellite Antennas

Does it have to be a portable? Why not get a permanently installed Traveler. Ron
lanerd 10/24/16 09:48am Technology Corner
RE: Storing with slide out?

We have our own rv garage, so we store our mh with jacks down and slides out. If it was out in the weather, I would definitely store with jacks up and slides in. Ron
lanerd 10/24/16 09:46am Travel Trailers
RE: Geo Method question

I use the liquid Calgon which I get cheaply from Wally World. I order on line and pick up at the store. Very inexpensive. Plus I use powdered laundry detergent with very good results. YMMV. If you use liquid Calgon, why don't you use liquid laundry detergent also? I personally use liquid Oxy-Clean along with the liquid Calgon. Note to others who use different brands of water softener..... please note that not all water softeners are the same and will not have the same results. No need to go cheap, the price difference isn't that much and you can be assured that using the correct water softener will provide you with the results you're looking for. Ron
lanerd 10/23/16 11:22am Tech Issues
RE: 331 Photo Speed Trap

As mentioned, the simple answer is regardless of your opinion of the posted speed limits.... they are the law and you only have to obey them. People need to slow down. Case in point, I'm listening to TV news right how and there is a terrible accident on I-10 down by Palm Springs a tour bus plowed into the rear of a big rig. Reports are that the bus was in much excess of the 70 mph speed limit. Right now...13 DEAD and 31 injured. The speed limits are there for our protection...obey them. Ron
lanerd 10/23/16 11:06am Roads and Routes
RE: Tow Advice F150 1/2 ton

Max case, you could have around 1150 lbs of tongue weight. What is the payload capacity of your F150? How many passengers will you have and what do they weigh. How much stuff are you going to put in the back of the truck and how much does it weight. Don't forget that your hitch and weight distribution unit will add another 100 lbs to the sum of all those. Forget the "tow capacity"... just a mfg sales gimmick. Payload capacity, RAWR, and GVWR will be the figure you need to be concerned with. Good luck Ron ps... you're looking for advice....not advise.
lanerd 10/23/16 10:54am Travel Trailers
RE: Tire Pressure Loss

One word.... TPMS Now you gotta buy two tires......that I'm sure will cost a LOT more than a TPMS device. Ron
lanerd 10/21/16 03:22pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Ashland Oregon

Instead of Burgerville, I suggest you stop in Medford and feast on an In-N-Out burger. Ron
lanerd 10/21/16 10:40am Roads and Routes
RE: tow system

$1800 if you get the ReadyBrute Elite tow bar the has a built in brake system. This includes the tow bar, base plate, cables/chains, electrical hookup. Any of the other tow bars that do not have it, will cost you another $1000 for a separate brake system. This is only if you do the installation. If you have someone else do it, you can probably add another grand. Not cheap! Ron
lanerd 10/17/16 10:51am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Miserable

I too suggest that you volenteer to dog set for the guy. Be a nice guy. Ron
lanerd 10/17/16 10:45am RV Pet Stop
RE: Strange new DEF refill problem

Our rig has Fuel Fill on both sides. DEF is only on the driver side. I so far, have just bought jugs. I intend to keep one jug in the rig full just in case. better that than running out. I may just refill a jug when filling. Use the can, top off the tank and refill the jug. But I am new at Diesel so maybe I am missing something, no your not missing anything the OP is because he only has one filler opening which as I have said 3 times is hard to believe but it is what it is so he has to fill on the right but PP fill is on the left or vice versa The OP is talking about filling his DEF tank....not his diesel tank. He did mention (in error) that he had to fill the container with "diesel" and take to the other side.....but he really meant fill the container with DEF. I'm sure he has dual fills for his fuel tanks, but I have never seen dual fills for the DEF tank. Hope this clears the confusion. Ron
lanerd 10/16/16 03:04pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Strange new DEF refill problem

The problem is that I have a 2.5-gallon white jerry can that I use to transport the bulkdiesel from the pump to the back and other side of my motorhome. But when I return to the pump to fill the can again, the pump has timed out and makes me re-swipe my fuel / pump start card. I'm sure you meant DEF, not diesel. I think what Donn was referring to was for you to pull in to, say lane #3 and then use the DEF pump/nozzle from lane #4. I've done this a couple of times when there wasn't a truck or other vehicles in lane #4. However, I now just buy the 2 1/2 gallons containers from Walmart. Not quite as cheap as it is at the truck stops, but since I only add once or twice a year, it's not a real problem for me. Ron
lanerd 10/16/16 12:06pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Topper while pulling TT help MPG?

We gave up on "good mileage" when towing...not going to happen. We have a topper because it protects the stuff in the bed of our truck, like the bikes, etc. Best answer. Ron
lanerd 10/16/16 11:56am Beginning RVing
RE: Rain on slide toppers

We do much the same as Doug above. One of our front slide toppers collects water during a rain. The other three drain the water as it happens. So, after the rain, we will bring in the one slide in increments, starting and stopping, allowing the rain water to run off one end or the other until the slide is about 6 inches from closing when most of the water has drained off.' Works for us. Ron
lanerd 10/16/16 11:52am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Hot Shower

When looking for you next rv, look for one that has an endless hot water device. No tank, and as long as you have water and propane, you can take as long as you like...especially if you can open your gray tank to the park sewer. Ron
lanerd 10/16/16 11:46am Tech Issues
RE: Good Sam ERS Surprise

$95 to fix a flat !!!!! :E Outrageous. A tubeless tire should have just been plugged & re-inflated, 20 min tops. Unless it was other than a simple puncture. Should have just taken the tire to a local gas station, around here, they'll fix a tire for $10, (which is also too much) but, times have changed. If GS paid to change the tire with the spare, did they in fact repair the original tire & put it back on?From the OP all they did was put the spare on. Total rip off!! I just re-read the original post. He does say that they REPAIRED the tire in addition to putting the spare on. I do agree that $95 is too much for the repair. Hmmmmm... we must be reading two different posts. He stated: It didn’t take long for the service to take off the flat and put on his spare tire. However the service guy said: The road service tech explained that Good Sam pays for the service call and the mileage to drive to the site but not the labor tofix the flat. So, the OP says all he did was to remove flat tire and install spare. I guess the service tech considers this fixing the tire. Ron
lanerd 10/14/16 12:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: Years of Classic Bronco on F100 Chassis

There are a few things, well a couple, that I like to see in profile as well as head on. You got me there partner.
lanerd 10/13/16 09:28am General RVing Issues
RE: Tankless Water heater

Ours was installed from the factory. I have used it with 30 amp hook up with no problems. I have not experiences low volume/pressure problems to make it work. It is set at a temp that is right at scalding temps, so with a slight adjustment of the handle, I get perfect water temps for as long as I want to stand there. My only complaint with it is that I waste a lot of water waiting for the hot water to travel the distance from the heater to the manifold and then back to the shower. I usually turn on the water in the shower and then take off my clothes. By the time I get in the shower, the water is hot. Highly recommend it. Ron
lanerd 10/10/16 03:02pm Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Years of Classic Bronco on F100 Chassis

Really? Who looks at a grill from the side? Besides you, that is. ;)
lanerd 10/07/16 04:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: dinghy or trailer

Did you not see the OP's post that he is talking about a Super C? Ron
lanerd 10/07/16 04:12pm Dinghy Towing
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