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RE: Oregon Coast vacation

Personally, I would go up 101 and stay at Harris Beach (Brookings), Beverly Beach (Newport) and Fort Stevens (Warrington). And yes, in May there will be rain so prepare for it...it will happen. FWIW, most (if not all) of the pull-outs on the Oregon 101 coast highway are on the west side. When traveling north, it can be problematic pulling into the pull-outs and then getting back on the highway. Much better if you can start at Fort Stevens and then go south down to Beverly Beach and Harris Beach. You will have to either spend a couple of days going up or coming back down...so why not go up I5 and then cut over to the coast on Hwy 30 and start out at Ft Stevens? We spend our summers (May thru Oct) at Newport. We have traveled most of the US and have found the Oregon coast our preferred area to stay and visit. Have a great trip. Ron
lanerd 03/24/17 06:26pm Roads and Routes
RE: Towing - Stay in RWD or change to 4WD?

Just stay in 2wd unless you get off road and into sand, mud, snow or anything else where you might lose traction. Never run in 4wd on a hard surface....bad...bad... bad.
lanerd 03/24/17 05:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: Tire Pressure Monitor Systems

I like TPMS and have used them in times past. I don't anymore, not because they are bad, but because there are so many complications to the RV anyway. Here's what I do. Before I trip I check my pressures. If it is a 2-3 day trip, I do it once. That's it. If it is a long cross country trip, I check them before I go. Then after my destination is reached, I check them before I come back. I have a 12V tire pump to add pressure if needed. I do think it's a good method. That's all fine and dandy...but what about you're traveling down the road and you pick up a nail and the tire develops a moderate leak and five miles down the road, it gets so hot, due to low pressure, that it comes apart with chunks of tread flying off taking out hunks of fiberglass, fender skirts, wire bundles, brake lines, hydraulic lines, fuel lines and what ever else that happens to be in the path of the tire chunks causing hundreds (maybe thousands) of $$ damage? No problem tho, you checked the pressure three days ago and it was just fine.
lanerd 03/24/17 05:50pm Beginning RVing

Yesterday, while my DW was 100 miles from home, I received a frantic call from her saying the car wouldn't start. After trying a few tests, I determined that the battery needed a jump. Told her to call GS ERS. She did so and 15 minutes later a tow truck pulled up from A&D Towing in Lancaster CA. He jumped the battery and the car fired up instantly. I told her to just drive the car on home without stopping and under no circumstances should she turn the engine off until she got home. She made it home with no further problems. Once again GS ERS came through with flying colors and I want to thank them and A&D towing for a job well done.:C Ron
lanerd 03/24/17 09:14am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: need assistance

Personally, I have never heard of DMV not allowing the person to take the test even when it was obvious that he drove/pulled the rv to the DMV. When I took my Class B NCDL test, I drove my over 40' motor home to the DMV and after the test was over, the inspector told me that "now you can drive it legally". Ron
lanerd 03/23/17 10:50am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tire Pressure Monitor Systems

My friend sold his Class A and offered his TPMS to me. His Class A had huge tires, but my TT has much smaller ones. I asked him if the weight of the sensors require me to rebalance the tires. He said he had not thought of that. But the web pages I reviewed suggest adding a half ounce weight to the side of the wheel opposite the sensor. So I declined them. It is not that much of a hassle but I declined anyway. You do realize that normally if you have a low pressure tire, it will eventually get hot or break the bead on the tire and it will come apart....taking large chucks of your trailer's wheel well and siding along with it causing hundreds of dollars worth of damage? The same with a blow out. Most never know they have a tire problem until someone comes along side of them and gets their attention. Not having a TPMS system is just plain silly. If you're worried about the sensors causing your tires to become un-balanced, why don't you just take them down to the local tire shop and have them rebalanced with the sensors on them? The cost would be much, much less than the repair costs if you have a tire problem. Simple and cheap. Ron
lanerd 03/23/17 10:16am Beginning RVing
RE: Dinghy Towing SUV versus small vehicle

If you like your Acadia, you might want to look at the GMC Terrain. Smaller, but still lots of room inside. Ours is right at 4000 lbs. Ron
lanerd 03/22/17 10:30am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Tire Pressure Monitor Systems

While I agree with you that many, if not most, tire failures are due to slowly losing air and being destroyed by low inflation, there are also tires that simply blow out instantaneously. A TPMS can prevent tire loss and damage due to the first, but not the second. This is true. However in the case of a tire blowing on a trailer or toad, without a TPMS, you probably won't have any idea until a passer-by honks and waves you down to get your attention. There are posts here weekly of someone who pulled a trailer or toad for miles and miles not knowing a tire had blown and is tearing up the sheet metal (fiberglass) wiring, plumbing as he blissfully drives down the highway. Ron
lanerd 03/22/17 10:25am Beginning RVing
RE: Northern California in late May

Maybe also consider taking your time on 395 -- the Eastern Sierra is truly amazing. There is a lot to do and see in the Mammoth area. If you like to hike, there are many weeks worth of good trails. Couldn't agree more, May will be beautiful in the Eastern Sierra this year. The OP did say they weren't looking for hiking areas... however, the Eastern Sierra's offer a lot more than just hiking. Ron
lanerd 03/21/17 03:50pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Sewer Intake Extension

I wouldn't use the hard pipe from the mh to the inlet....you don't want a horizontal length more than a few inches...gravity is your friend. When I find a sewer hookup that does not allow me to screw in my stinky slinky adaptor due to the hose hitting another object, I just disconnect the hose from the adaptor...screw in the adaptor first then connect the hose. I have the Rhino stinky slinky and all connects are removable. Ron
lanerd 03/21/17 03:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: Oregon campgrounds where dogs can't hear fireworks?

For the 4th... I would look for a private rv park located as deep in the forest that you can find. My guess is that all state parks will already be totally reserved for the 4th. We had a Lhasa Apso that would go nuts with fear with fireworks. She (and us) would be totally miserable. Good luck Ron
lanerd 03/21/17 10:50am RV Pet Stop
RE: Luxury vs. Mid-level Pushers

I think you need to do some additional researching. Those motorhomes are FAR from being mid level or luxury and are, at best as Blackdiamond mentioned, entry level. Try to take in an rv show and shop around. The shows also always have pre-owned motor homes that are like new for much lower price. You will find several different levels other than entry, mid, and luxury as every mfg'er has anywhere from 3 to 5 mid level and a couple that we call upper level. These will range (new) from 300K to 900K. Luxury motor homes are up and over the million dollar range. Good luck in your quest. Ron
lanerd 03/21/17 10:43am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Electrical upgrades

50 amp is not 220 VAC. It's 2 30 amp 120 VAC circuits What!!:h Where in the world did you get this from?
lanerd 03/19/17 11:05am Tech Issues
RE: Coach batteries

Since you do a lot of boon docking (no power hookups), look in your battery box and see if there is room for 4 batteries or even six. The more 6v golf cart batteries you can get in there the better off you will be. We have six 6v Interstate golf cart batteries that I purchased at Costco for about $85 each. I would NOT go with multiple 12v batteries...even deep cycle. Stick with the 6v golf cart type.
lanerd 03/18/17 04:16pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Beginner sewer question.

Question I have is when hooked up to the sewer for the duration of the trip, do you guys keep your black tank open the entire time so it runs right out immediately after use Let's think about this a minute. At home a typical toilet will have at least 1-1/2 gallons of water to flush the solids and tp and keep it flowing down the sewer pipe. With your rv, you will have at a maximum a quart of water to do the same thing. Do you think that quart of water will run the solids and tp from one end of the black tank to the other end and out the hose? What will actually happen is that the quart of water will spread out along the bottom of the tank and maybe down the hose....but guess what... the solids and tp will just stop where it comes out of the toilet pipe into the tank. Then along comes the DW and her's will do exactly the same thing. Before you know it, you will have a pile of xxxx and we all know what happens to it after some time has elapsed....it will harden! This is what is commonly know in the rv world as a poop pyramid and you'll play he!! getting it out. So to counter-act this problem you first, after emptying the tank, add several gallons of water back into the tank so that the bottom of the tank is covered with a couple of inches of water. This will cause the solids and tp to spread out and not pile up. A good procedure is when using the toilet you first add additional water to the toilet bowl prior to using it and then flush the solids first then add more water to the toilet and then flush a second time for the tp. And as an added bit of info, adverse to what Alabama said and as previously mentioned by Bird Freak, chemicals are NOT needed. Plain old water will do just fine. Another little trick is when you are traveling, start out with an empty tank and add a cup of liquid laundry detergent and about two or three gallons of water. The sloshing while driving will clean out the tank of any left over residue from dumping. If you find out you are getting an odor inside the rv, you have a seal/gasket/vent problem or a procedure that you need to correct. Never use the overhead fan in the bathroom when flushing, and it's best to flush it when you are sitting on it. Hope this provides you with the "why". Oh, and congratulations on your new toy. Hope you have many happy days and miles with it. Ron
lanerd 03/12/17 04:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: 2017 towable list

Most rv connectors have a provision for running a extra 12vdc line from the rv to the toad which will eliminate the need for disconnecting the toad's battery. Also, it sounds like you're speaking of the legality of towing with or without aux toad brakes...ie; brake buddy. The law differs from state to state with some not even having this law. Some are regulated to weight of toad, some are regulated to how far it takes you to stop from a certain speed. The most important aspect is all about safety. It's a proven fact that in an emergency situation, you will stop quicker and in less distance if your toad is equipped with an aux braking system as oppose to not having one. In addition you have to take into consideration that if you are traveling in a state that has this requirement and you are involved in an accident, you more than likely will not only receive a citation but also your insurance will refuse your claim. So, it's your choice.' Ron
lanerd 03/12/17 02:18pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Roadside service

This is pretty much at least a weekly subject, probably more often than that. If you do a search, you'll find gobs of replies. Personally, I would rate them pretty much equal as they both use the same service companies in the different locations. Ron
lanerd 03/11/17 05:27pm Travel Trailers
RE: Oregon travel

Be aware that the Gorge is very hot during the summer months, and the trains are running almost constantly. We made the mistake of staying there a few summers ago....never again. I would find a park out of the Gorge and then use your truck to visit the sites along the river. As for the coast....yep, i would think getting a spot at one of the state parks would probably be very difficult without a reservation and you'll probably be restricted to private parks. Good luck. Ron
lanerd 03/11/17 05:23pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Important Travel Trailer Question

Is there such thing as a mobile RV TV TIRE service? I'm in the Pasedena, area Thanks!! Sure there is. Look up just about any tire shop and give'm a call. Ron
lanerd 03/10/17 11:06am Travel Trailers
RE: Payload

Yes Sort of. If by payload your refering to GCWR, then no. Stuff you add to either the TV or trailer all add up to the load. If your asking about the trailers GVWR and tongue weight, then yes.' Don, he's talking about payload of his tv. You're really confusing the issue. It's a simple question with a simple answer. Ron
lanerd 03/10/17 10:40am Towing
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