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RE: Inverter Power Generators

Just in these responses and the reviews I've done in the past couple of hours, I've decided to go ahead and get the Honda inverter models. Now I can't decide on the 3000W model or just go ahead and plop down a ton of money on the 6500W model and have something better to run the house when the power goes down.
lawnspecialties 02/10/14 04:38am Toy Haulers
Inverter Power Generators

Since we've dumped the Cyclone, this year we're going to do our races with just a good, common sense race trailer. But to keep things nice, I did order it with AC and multiple outlets throughout. I think its even 50A versus 30A but not 100% sure. We plan to take at least a microwave, television, and keep a heater with us on those cold nights if we decided to sleep in the trailer. Considering what we'll have in there, is an inverter generator really that necessary? No computers at all but I'm sure we'll probably plug the phone chargers or tablet charger into a wall outlet from time to time. If I really need an inverter generator, I'll do it. But its crazy how much more power I can get for the money if I don't have to have the inverter models. Thanks :)
lawnspecialties 02/10/14 03:07am Toy Haulers
RE: Staying in your state?

I have lived within 25 miles of Raleigh my entire 47 years. That being said, I'd only move if I could really afford to. Sounds odd but this area is changing. LOTS of folks from up north moving here every day. They move here because of our way of life but do everything they can to change things to how it was where they came from. Not a slam on anyone. Just an opinion from someone who sees his homeplace changing everyday. I have a home, business, and family here. But if I won the lottery or something ridiculous like that, I'd probably move.
lawnspecialties 01/19/14 10:03am Around the Campfire
RE: 2013 F350

I sold my '11 F450 just recently. But that was because we sold the Cyclone as well and I really didn't need a dually anymore. The guy wanted both truck and camper so who am I to stop him. :B But that being said, I was more than pleased with my 6.7. Had it over two years and 20,000 miles and it was perfect. I also had an auxiliary tank which some say invites water into the fuel. Never an issue. Some extra notes though. I always had my Ford dealer service the vehicle, used PM-22 at every tankful, and always bought fuel at popular outlets where the fuel stayed fresh. When its time to buy another diesel, it'll be at the top of my list. My opinion is the whole HPFP thing is not as big as it is made out to be on forums. Best of luck.
lawnspecialties 11/27/13 09:41am Tow Vehicles
RE: Cyclone 4000 Elite vs Voltage 3970 for fulltiming?

Warranty, what there is of it goes away if dealer finds out your full timing in one or at least that's what I was told. Only one I know of that's warranted for full timing is the Excel Wild Cargo which also has 2 year bumper to bumper warranty. Howdy! We stopped in and looked a a Cyclone 4000 elite yesterday. It was a 2013 model when we advised the salesman that we were fulltimers he stated no problems that fulltiming in it did not void the warranty. I liked the unit it just did not had the options we wanted. One of the thing that struck me was that it had two 3" dumps, one for the gray water and one for the black wateer. "Happy Trails" Chiefneon He "semi-lied". The Heartland Owners Manual states full-timing voids parts of your warranty because the unit was not built for full-time use. Our Cyclone was not built very well for camping trips. If we had been full-timing, I estimate it would have been too expensive to maintain within a year. Get the Excel. If not, go Voltage.
lawnspecialties 11/08/13 01:06pm Toy Haulers
RE: Keystone does it again!!!!

Keystone knows two things really well. 1.)Sell bling and sizzle. 2.)Build at the lowest possible cost where quality be damned. Sooner or later the RV buyers are going to recognize it. How is that different than many other manufactures out there? X2 X3. I'd throw Heartland right in the mix with them.
lawnspecialties 11/06/13 01:27pm Toy Haulers
RE: Raptor 3110

We came within inches of buying one before we got an unexpected larger tax refund a few years ago. So we went new 5er. Being a triple-axle TT, its gonna be a little on the heavy side. The 5.4L will definitely know its back there. :) The garage is only 10'. If that works for you, great.
lawnspecialties 11/06/13 01:19pm Toy Haulers
RE: Vengeance TH

I like the Vengeance haulers. One of our fellow racers has one. Biggest difference I noticed was I believe they are wood framed. That's not as bad as it sounds. Wood framed campers are generally better insulated against harsh temperatures; especially the cold. We keep our camper under a shelter 100% of the time unless we're actually camping. So wood framed would be absolutely fine with us. I'd definitely consider a Vengeance for my next purchase. I've had nothing but great success with the two Forest River campers we've had in the past. 100 times better than what we had this last go round.
lawnspecialties 11/06/13 01:03pm Toy Haulers
RE: Only ford in the lot

Thank goodness. Another thread to bash and compare trucks. Getting to be more and more like a bunch of children. Grow up guys.
lawnspecialties 10/03/13 12:29pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Bought a Elevation, bought a problem

Sounds quite similar to our "former" Cyclone. Unfortunately, it was repairs, repairs, repairs for almost two years. Once it got it to where it seemed to be working fairly decent, somebody bought it. I have grown to have zero confidence in Heartland, Keystone, Dutchmen, Crossroads, etc. when it comes to these toy haulers. I can spend the money but their product just doesn't appear to be worth it. Life was so much simpler when we had a TT. 1/3 the cost and virtually zero problems.
lawnspecialties 10/02/13 05:50am Toy Haulers
RE: Fifth wheel in near future, and need some suggestions!

These fifth wheels mentioned aren't toy haulers. Does the OP want a toy hauler? This is the toy hauler section of the forum.
lawnspecialties 09/24/13 04:56am Toy Haulers
RE: More "one-upmanship"?

1. For all the "non_ford" guys, give it a rest. You wouldn't be picking so much if you didn't feel so inadequate. 2. As a Ford 6.7 owner, I'm already bored with this announcement. Catfish put it quite well. Give it a rest people.
lawnspecialties 09/20/13 07:38pm Tow Vehicles
RE: You're on your own.

My Cyclone had the same $500 a trip problem and no help from Heartland. Ditto.
lawnspecialties 09/13/13 05:21am Toy Haulers
RE: bad winter coming

I saw a wooly bear caterpillar today. My first this summer. As cool as this summer has been, one stands to reason a cold winter. I hope so. We don't get much snow or ice here in NC but when we do, I make a ton of money putting out ice melt and snow plowing.
lawnspecialties 09/11/13 09:36pm Around the Campfire
RE: The worlds greatest drag race returns.

I always enjoy watching that but this year's line-up is more odd than ever. Why not the best of: Ford Mustang Chevy Corvette Chevy Camaro Dodge Viper Dodge Challenger Nissan GTR Lexus LFA Subaru WRX I'm sure there are other similars. Go ahead and throw in some of them European models.
lawnspecialties 09/11/13 07:57pm General RVing Issues
RE: Looking for tractor advice

I'm on my second New Holland right now. Great tractors. Of the ones you're considering, all are great and should do you well. For the most "bang for your buck", the Kioti would be the winner there.
lawnspecialties 09/11/13 11:57am Around the Campfire
Brake Replacements

Took the Cyclone in today to have the bearings serviced. A good friend owns a shop so I know he'll take care of me. He called me with good and bad news. The good news: The bearings were looking great. No shavings or any signs of problems. The bad news. He said the first wheel they removed, the brake shoes were totally worn down and starting to grind into the drum (metal to metal). So they stopped the servicing since we might have to do a brake job anyway. It is too late for them to start a brake job right now on a Friday afternoon. So I called my RV dealership and asked the service manager (another friend) what he thought. The first friend who is doing the repairs said this is very unusual for the amount of time on the camper and considering the condition of the bearings, these pads should never have gotten down this low in this amount of time. The service manager said I could try to call Dexter but he thinks they're going to use the "wearable item" reasoning and I'm pretty much on my own. That may be the case but we'll see. But here's a big question. Typically when the metal to metal contact has begun, the drum is getting grooved and one would normally replace the shoes and the drums. That's gonna be quite expensive for six wheels. But the service manager said at my dealership that they rarely ever replace the drums. He said unless the drums have warped or are severely grooved, they would recommend just replacing the shoes and go with that. They do a TON of service work and he said he guesses they've only replaced drums maybe four times in his career. I like that thought. If Dexter does turn me down, this is gonna get expensive. But if I don't replace the drums, that'll save me a ton of money. Has anyone had any similar experience?
lawnspecialties 09/06/13 01:55pm Toy Haulers
RE: oil for2 cycle power tools

I have some string trimmers and blowers that are 6 or 7 years old. They still run great (every day) and have never had a thing done to them except adding fuel and an occasional air filter. I have used the name brand 2 stroke oils at 50:1 and now I use the Opti-2 oil. The Opti-2 is similar to the Amsoil in that its 100:1. Almost all 2-stroke oils already contain fuel stabilizer in there so adding Sta-Bil is a waste in my opinion.
lawnspecialties 09/06/13 01:37pm Around the Campfire
RE: Gas in Toy Hauler Tank

My generator gets run quite often throughout the year. I also use Lucas Ethanol Treatment with each tankful. As for long periods of time, there are excellent products for keeping fuel fresh and fighting the negatives of ethanol. All my lawn care equipment is stored with StaBil. This week, I pulled out my aerators. They get used one month per year. At the end of the season last year, I filled each tank with fuel and StaBil. The first crank, they've taken no more than three pulls to start and run like the gas is brand new.
lawnspecialties 09/06/13 05:06am Toy Haulers
RE: Pics of totalled car

Using photobucket, click on the picture in your photobucket account and copy the IMG link. Put that in your post. Never mind. You got it. Poor car.
lawnspecialties 09/05/13 07:08pm Around the Campfire
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