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RE: Don't Do This....

I see the damage in your signature. Wow. You must have left the sprinkler on for quite awhile.
lawnspecialties 07/05/15 07:41am General RVing Issues
RE: Selling your Rv yourself

I've sold three on craigslist. Each took just 2-3 weeks. The cheapest was our old Puma for $12,900. The most expensive was our Cyclone for $48,000.
lawnspecialties 07/04/15 09:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: What is the current state of big 3 diesels?

Simple. They are all good. X 3. I'm a Ford man more than anything but I'd be happy with any of them.
lawnspecialties 07/03/15 07:59pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tire Pressure

I guess my tires have around 7500-8000 miles put on them in their first year. I keep them between 75-80 psi always. I keep a cover on them when they're at home. They still look like new. Probably at least 80%-90% tread still.
lawnspecialties 07/03/15 07:20pm Toy Haulers
RE: Test drove some Rams over the weekend

Not to sway off topic here but since its been mentioned a couple of times. What's a realistic price difference between a 3500 and an F350; both with diesels? I've always had Fords and been pleased. But I've had my 6.2L for almost two years and although its great around town pulling my equipment trailers, I sorely miss the diesel power on the interstates pulling the camper. But is there really that big of a difference between these two brands on the window sticker?
lawnspecialties 06/30/15 04:55pm Tow Vehicles
RE: add an air conditioner

At my dealer, we had an extra AC added to our former Cyclone. the wiring was already in place. $1000 for everything.
lawnspecialties 06/30/15 02:31pm General RVing Issues
RE: tire issues on the?

With all due respect to your husband, tire scrub on the middle tire being an excuse is just silly. Its so minimal. It reminds me of people who cancel a camping vacation because gas prices go up. Because they have to spend an extra $50-$100, they cancel an entire trip. Your tires will easily last tens of thousands of miles and more if properly maintained.
lawnspecialties 06/28/15 04:54am Toy Haulers
RE: Where to buy a used RV

lawnspecialties 06/28/15 04:47am General RVing Issues
RE: NC / SC beaches

Millions of swimmers on the beaches divided by six shark attacks. This is unusual but more of a media explosion than anything. When considering the numbers, I'd think you're still far more at danger of getting hit by a teenager texting while driving on your way to the beach versus getting bit by a shark. But nobody says they're gonna keep their toes off the roads this week. :D
lawnspecialties 06/28/15 04:46am General RVing Issues
RE: Ice in the A/C

Don't you hate it when someone starts a thread and never resolves it? Well not here my friends. :) Our last race of the first half of the season was June 14. But instead of ice or cold air, the AC was blowing only a mediocre cool breeze. We already had an appointment at the dealership after that race so I wasn't too mad. They said they were just going to replace our unit. Well, sure enough, when they tested it today, it was extremely low on freon. Somewhere, somehow, this sealed unit had a minor leak and that was the source of our problems. I ran the new unit today for almost an hour when we got home. Nice and cool, no ice, or anything. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions. But I wanted to follow up in case anyone else goes through a similar problem. :)
lawnspecialties 06/24/15 04:55pm General RVing Issues
RE: Electrical question(s)

I have a 15A plug in my house garage that we use to keep power to the camper when we're loading up for a trip while it sits in the driveway. If everything is off, it will actually run the AC. But if anything else of value turns on, it will trip the breaker.
lawnspecialties 06/21/15 04:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: We Need Some Shade

When I built the barn, I had an RV spot in mind. Our lot slightly drops to that side so that brick wall in the back ground, the rest of the barn is up that high. But from the front, its ground level. Having the lot slope was a great help because now I have over 13' underneath. When we had our Cyclone, it fit just fine as well. The plan was to have something that would fit a class A if we ever go that route one day. Yes, I can drive through. Its 60' long with openings on both ends. I have a friend who does carpentry work coming next week with a few deck boards so we can get a rough idea of what it would look like if I go that route. I'll update this thread as we go along.
lawnspecialties 06/21/15 07:02am General RVing Issues
RE: We Need Some Shade

When I first started reading your post the first thing I thought of was the 5/4" decking louvered.. Then I see you mention it further down.. I try not span more than 5' so the boards don't twist .. Joe Exactly. The posts now are 10' OC. I could run another smaller post between them to support the louvered boards.
lawnspecialties 06/19/15 10:40am General RVing Issues
We Need Some Shade

Where our camper parks, the western sun bakes the side. That side of the camper sits due west. Each trip we take, I alternate which way its parked to even out the time each side sits in the sun. I don't mind getting a cover but during our racing season, we head out every other weekend. That's a lot of hassle and I know I'll probably not cover some times just because I'm too busy and don't feel like fooling with it. Any ideas? If I do a screen, I'm afraid the first good storm will ruin that. The only idea that even pops into my head is using treated deck boards and making a louvered side. That would eventually match the boards of the barn but still give it a natural look. Louvers would keep it shaded but allow a breeze to flow through. Plus I just think it would look nice. As far as we're concerned, we'll have an RV for the rest of our lives. So I see this as a reasonable expense for me; especially since so many RVs now are coming in colored sides. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v357/lawnspecialties/WorkampPlay002_zps862cd6dc.jpg
lawnspecialties 06/19/15 09:23am General RVing Issues
Spark Knocking

2013 F350 with the 6.2L. Around 44,000 miles. Pulling the Work & Play, I guess we're around 15,000 lbs. total. I've been noticing lately some detonation; especially on hills. I've read before that some detonation is OK and expected when towing big loads. But I tow with this truck a lot. Should I be concerned? Should I go ahead and bump up to 89 octane?
lawnspecialties 06/01/15 06:02pm Tow Vehicles
Ice in the A/C

Any idea what causes this? We have a Dometic on our Work & Play. It has to work pretty hard to keep it cool at our races. The first time it happened, the ice got so bad it stopped the A/C and caused the 30A power cord to overheat and slightly melt at the connection to the camper. That was late last year and we had no issues again but rarely used the A/C. Then recently, it iced up again. It didn't get so bad to stop the motor but when we turned off the A/C and then restarted it later, the ice had melted enough to get blown out the vent onto the floor. Some pieces were big enough you could use in a drink. I pulled the cover on the unit and everything looks great. No wasp nests or mouse houses or anything. In fact, everything looks almost new. It has that styrofoam shell over the majority of the parts and everything is really clean and the cooling radiators are in great shape. The camper is still under warranty but the dealer is 100 miles away and I wouldn't have time until late June at least.
lawnspecialties 05/15/15 05:18am General RVing Issues
RE: Fuel mileage with/without cruise.

I'd never use the cruise in hilly areas. But when we had our F450, cruise would increase my mpg's on typical interstates.
lawnspecialties 10/17/14 02:38pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Shine On Polish for your Rv

Never used that brand, and there's tons of good specialty polishes out there. I use NuFinish. Cheap and lasts a long time. Never heard of Shine On. But I have a bottle of NuFinish I just bought for the Work & Play. For those who've used NuFinish, is it safe to go over the decals as well?
lawnspecialties 10/17/14 02:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: Toy Hauler vs. Regular Travel Trailer

Are toy haulers built better than regular travel trailers, or are they more pr less the the same build quality? Does their metal skin make them more leak resistant, or is there no difference? We had two TTs before we bought a Cyclone. The two TTs (2004 Puma, 2010 Sabre) were FAR better and more reliable campers than our Cyclone was. We now have a Work & Play. Although not as fancy as the normal toy haulers, I love the build quality. Metal roof and tough as nails. Taking it to the tracks every other week has been no worries for this thing so far.
lawnspecialties 10/14/14 02:42pm Toy Haulers
RE: Stupid People:::::

Bad Spellers Untie!
lawnspecialties 10/08/14 06:25pm Around the Campfire
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