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RE: Equalizer Hitch - Love it when a plan comes together!

We recently sold our W&P toy hauler and went back to a 5er. But I used Equalizers on both the W&P and the Sabre TT long before that. When set up properly, it is truly a great hitch.
lawnspecialties 04/30/16 05:35am Towing
RE: Differential fluid thoughts/recommendations...

Is there any reason why switching to 75W-140 would not be advised versus 75W-90? I'm not wondering if its necessary. Just if its not advisable.
lawnspecialties 04/29/16 07:45am Tow Vehicles
RE: OEM tires-Toy Haulers

Our former 2014 Work & Play 30WRS had Westlakes. I kept them at 75-80 psi and when parked at home, they were always kept in the shade with tire covers. After 1.5 years and probably 8000 miles, they looked almost new. That being said, I still went with G614s on the new Vengeance. But that was because I did it as part of the deal. If G614s were out of my budget, I'd jump on the Sailuns in a heartbeat. My Towmax blowout and camper damage from four years ago keeps me from being too confident on any E rated tire on a heavy fifth wheel toy hauler.
lawnspecialties 04/29/16 07:32am Toy Haulers
RE: Valve Stems

:R No offense in any way meant to the original poster or, anyone who has posted since then. I don't believe that the aluminum rim posted in the picture should be able or, allowed, to withstand 110psi Steel !! Maybe this combination of issues are part of today's tire problems. Sorry for interrupting. Have a nice Day This is a 3 axle 5th wheel. I'm sure the wheels are fine The wheels have stamped on the back a maximum of 110 psi. By the way. I just recently heard back from my dealer. They said they only charged me what the tire dealership charged them for the mounting of the tires. The fact that I emailed them beforehand about making sure the correct stems were on the wheels, did not get mentioned. Then he said they'd never use that tire dealer again. I don't care. It doesn't help me any and somebody has my $300 for a shoddy job. Its all good. I'm totally happy with everything about the camper except this fiasco with the incorrect stems and the screwed up Equa-Flex. But we're good to go now and we have plenty of camping trips coming up this year including Ocean Lakes, possibly Willow Tree, some more of our favorite state parks, and the finale' at Fort Wilderness in mid-December.
lawnspecialties 04/28/16 05:19pm General RVing Issues
RE: Montana High Country vs Heartland Big Horn

Big Horn is a couple levels above. The High Country is a lower end Montana, built to weigh less. The Big Horn would compare to the full on Montana line...Build quality might be close but nobody will beat Heartland customer service! B.O. Great to hear you've had good customer service. My opinion is they're the worst RV manufacturer today. Miserable customer service and for me and our recent 5er shopping, multiple dealers told me they'd been having quality issues a lot lately. Everybody has an opinion so continue to do your research. But I personally wouldn't have a Big Horn.
lawnspecialties 04/27/16 05:06am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Time for a new Truck

You definitely need a DRW. Instigator
lawnspecialties 04/26/16 11:56am Tow Vehicles
RE: Are you plugged in all of the time?

Plugged in all the time at home. I have never checked the water level in a battery and never had a problem. Five campers in 12 years. Longest we had one was four years.
lawnspecialties 04/26/16 11:52am Toy Haulers
RE: Time for a new Truck

.... and that's when the fights started.
lawnspecialties 04/25/16 08:12pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ocean Lakes?? Site 2178 scoop

We have 2136 in August. When I reserved online, I put in a length of 43' I believe. 2136 is what it offered us. Yes, its a different line than 2178 is but its in the same block.
lawnspecialties 04/25/16 04:57pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Got half lucky!

God a couple of you are real azzholes aren't you. flagypsy yes I have a friggin spare,but I am not about to head home with out it being repaired. and cruiserjs MB is the universally recognized abbreviation for Myrtle Beach any place outside of Canada, at least according to all those circular black and white bumper stickers I am seeing all over the East coast. for those that did offer advice or encouragement thank you. I did end up at Blacks tire. I gave them the choice repair or replace. they repaired with an inside patch. Twnety minutes in and out. $16.00 American cash in case fla gypsy needs more clarifaction. three $5.00 bills and one $1.00 bill. I'm spelling it out so folks won't think I'm lazy!!! Awesome you got it fixed. That could have put a huge damper on the trip. I have plugged so many landscape trailer tires, its ridiculous. But I'd much rather have a patch on my camper tires. As for the abbreviations, I'm actually with the azzholes I guess. You're wanting some help so make it easy on everyone to understand. Some of your post reads a little odd.
lawnspecialties 04/25/16 03:31pm General RVing Issues
RE: KZ Inferno

Although never owned one, I have always liked the Infernos. I think KZ makes a nice RV from what I've heard and like you, I've heard more good than bad. If it checks out OK and you really like it, I wouldn't hesitate buying.
lawnspecialties 04/22/16 10:16am Toy Haulers
RE: Awesome Tool

My torque sticks just arrived. I ordered them last night around 8:00 and paid $10 for same day delivery. The guy just delivered them about an hour ago. Wow. I will use them for pretty much any and all tire changes I have as long as the ft./lbs. equals what the specs call for.
lawnspecialties 04/20/16 04:58pm General RVing Issues
RE: Dennis Dillion Dodge

Googling Dennis Dillon, I see a Dennis Dillon Dodge in Idaho. Do you live in SC and go to Idaho to get a good deal?
lawnspecialties 04/20/16 03:19pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Drain master hose

Our new Vengeance came with it. I like it so far. Easy to hook up the hose, the entire hose assembly fits in a box mounted right beside the drain underneath the camper, and its easy to drain the tanks with far less risk of making a stinky mess. Nothing like watching the brown water go through the little window. :E
lawnspecialties 04/20/16 07:17am General RVing Issues
RE: Awesome Tool

If torque sticks are so great, why don't they use them on cylinder head bolts, rod cap bolts, main bearing cap bolts, etc. Why were we not allowed to use them on aircraft wheel tie bolts? How about aircraft engine mount bolts? Would YOU be willing to fly on an aircraft that had been assembled using torque sticks on all the bolts? Sorry, but if you are going to work on my tires and wheels, you WILL use a torque wrench, or I will not be back for any further services from your shop! Good Lord...Of course the torque sticks don't have the precision for all of those items you list but for a wheel lug nut, they are fine. I bet most lug nuts tightened based on number of "bubba grunts" and have no issues. Exactly. I take some of the posts on this thread with a grain of salt. Some people insist on torquing their lug nuts to the exact pressure with a digital torque wrench. Some insist on tightening them by hand until the nuts make that hard grinding sound. I'm in the middle. Torque sticks sound like a fantastic tool to have and I will keep them in the truck beside my cordless impact wrench.
lawnspecialties 04/20/16 07:13am General RVing Issues
RE: 7 Pin Problem

I bought one of these to help troubleshoot connection problems. http://www.amazon.com/Tekonsha-6562-Trailer-Emulator-Display/dp/B004BCA9B8/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1461111153&sr=8-2&keywords=trailer+tester+7+pin I just ordered this from Amazon. Same Day Delivery for $10. Will be here tomorrow. Wow.
lawnspecialties 04/19/16 07:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: Awesome Tool

Close is good with me; especially out on the road somewhere. I just ordered this set. SAME DAY DELIVERY for $10. Will be here tomorrow. :) Torque Stick Set
lawnspecialties 04/19/16 07:32pm General RVing Issues
7 Pin Problem

2013 F350 XL with integrated brake controller. I use it to pull my equipment trailers in my landscape business. The past two days, I have picked up an annoying issue. While driving down the road, the instrument panel will intermittently pop up "trailer disconnected". When this happens on the road, almost everything else still works. The brakes on the trailer work, I can engage them manually with the sliding knob in the truck, the trailer lights work, including the brake lights, and the trailer battery is getting a charge. The only thing I can't do is adjust the setting number for the brake controller. After a little while, it will say "trailer connected" and then I can adjust the setting. But after awhile, the whole process will start all over again. I can swap out trailers but I just haven't had time. I can also use my other F350 on this trailer but again, no time. That should help me figure out whether its the truck or the trailer. But before I do that, any ideas or has anyone had this issue before? If its the 7-pin, everything seems to be working just fine. I sprayed some lubricant into both connections but that made no difference.
lawnspecialties 04/19/16 06:00pm General RVing Issues
Awesome Tool

While getting my cheap valve stems replaced today, I noticed the tire shop wasn't too knowledgeable about the torque recommendations. So I intervened to make sure they weren't going too tight. I told the guy 100 lbs. and he said, no problem, and went to get an extension. He didn't make any adjustments to the compressor or the impact gun. He just threw the extension on. He went back to get another one of my tires that was ready so while he was gone, I looked at the extension. It has written on the side "100 lb. ft". But it looked like any other extension as far as I could tell. So obviously, I had to ask when he returned. He said it was a torque stick extension. My obvious response was "huh?". He then explained what they were and how they worked. Way smarter than I am on how they work but I don't care. I'm ordering a set today. Should work perfectly with my DeWalt Cordless Impact Wrench. Torque Sticks
lawnspecialties 04/19/16 05:47pm General RVing Issues
RE: Valve Stems

Finally got some free time today and ran the Vengeance up to Snider Tire here in Raleigh. They're a heavy truck tire shop and some really good guys I've dealt with before with our city fire trucks. Upon pulling into the bay, they were quite certain my stems were not the full 110 psi stems. At 90 psi, you could take your finger and push the stem sideways and it would start leaking. Looking at them closely, it seriously looked like they were about to bust through the wheel. They are TR801HP stems. That's 100 psi rated. But as I said, 90 psi was giving them fits. The shop pulled all six wheels and installed new 150 psi stems. They look great and I love overkill when it comes to issues like this. Then they only charged me $6.50/tire to install the new stems. That was the price of the stem. They wouldn't charge me the dismount and mount fee of $25/tire because they never had to dismount the tires to install the new stems. I told the guy I felt I was cheating them. Headed to a state park this weekend for a little getaway with the wife. A tire problem is definitely not a big concern for me now. I have emailed my dealership and explained what all happened and how disappointed I am; especially since I was charged $50/tire to have the G614s mounted before buying the camper. That's $50/tire for improper valve stems, only 70-80 psi in each tire, and the Equa-Flex hangers screwed up when they put the wheels back on the camper. Fortunately, I have fixed all the dealer screw ups I know of. At least the camper itself has been awesome!
lawnspecialties 04/19/16 03:58pm General RVing Issues
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